Pacific Rim (2013) Script

When I was a kid, whenever I 'd feel small or lonely...

...I'd look up at the stars.

Wondered if there was life up there.

Turns out I was looking in the wrong direction.

When alien life entered our world it was from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean.

A fissure between two tectonic plates.

A portal between dimensions.

The Breach.

I was 15 when the first Kaiju made land in San Francisco.

By the time tanks, jets and missiles took it down...

...six days and 35 miles later...

...three cities...

...were destroyed.

Tens of thousands...

...of lives were lost.

We mourned...

...our dead...

...memorialized the attack...

...and moved on.

And then, only six months later...

...the second attack...

...hit Manila.

The acid factor of the Kaiju blood...

...creates a toxic phenomenon named Kaiju Blue.

And then the third one hit Cabo.

And then the fourth.

And then we learned...

...this was not gonna stop.

This was just the beginning.

We needed...

...a new weapon.

The world came together...

...pooling its resources and throwing aside...

...old rivalries...

...for the sake of the greater good.

To fight monsters...

...we created monsters of our own.

The Jaeger program...

...was born.

There were setbacks at first.

The neural load to interface...

...with a Jaeger proved too much for a single pilot.

A two-pilot system was implemented.

Left-hemisphere, right-hemisphere pilot control.

We started winning.

Jaegers stopping Kaijus everywhere.

But the Jaegers were only as good as their pilots.

So Jaeger pilots...

...turned into rock stars.


...turned into propaganda.


...into toys.

We got really good at it.



Then it all...


Gipsy Danger report to Bay 08, level A-42.

Kaiju. Code name: Knifehead. Category 3. 8700 metric tons.

Yo, Yancy, wake up! Movement... the Breach.

Hey, come on! We're being deployed. Great.

Good morning. Morning.

Kaiju's a Category 3, biggest one yet.

Code name: Knifehead.

What time is it? Two.



What do you say? Fifth notch on the belt?

Come on, Baskets.

Time for the drop.

Hey, kid.


Don't get cocky.

Years before... wouldn't have picked my brother Yancy and I for heroes.

No chance.

All right, let's suit up and kick some ass!

We were never star athletes.

Never at the head of the class.

But we could hold our own in a fight.

And it turned out we had...

...a unique skill:

We were Drift compatible.

Data on helmet.

Data relay gel dispersing in circuitry suit.

Good morning, Becket boys!

Tendo, what's happening, my man? How'd that date with Alison...

...go last night, Mr. Choi?

Oh, she loved me. Her boyfriend? Not so much.

You're gonna get your ass kicked.

Ha, ha. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, brother.

Engage drop, Mr. Choi.

Engaging drop, sir.

Marshal Pentecost on deck.

Securing the Conn Pod.

Getting ready to drop.

Conn Pod door lock secure.

Release for drop. Gipsy Danger...

...ready for the big drop.

Here we go. Yeah!

Here we go!

Coupling confirmed, sir.

Engage pilot-to-pilot protocol.

Engaging now. - Pilot to-pilot connection...

...protocol sequence.

Gipsy launch, Bay 6.

Gipsy Danger...

...ready and aligned, sir. Rangers, this is Marshal...

...Stacker Pentecost. Prepare for neural handshake.

Starting in 15 seconds.



...twelve, eleven, ten.

Ready to step into my head, kid?

Please, after you. Age...

...before beauty, old man. - Pilot-to-pilot connection...

...protocol sequence.

Neural handshake initiated.

The Drift.

Jaeger tech.

Based on DARPA jet fighter neural systems.

Two pilots, mind-melding through memories...

...with the body of a giant machine.

The deeper the bond...

...the better you fight.

Neural handshake...

...strong and holding.

Right hemisphere is calibrating.

Left hemisphere...



...and transmitting.

Gentlemen, your orders...

...are to hold the miracle mile off Anchorage. Copy?

Copy that, sir.

Sir, there's still a civilian vessel in the Gulf...

You're protecting a city of two million people.

You will not risk those lives for a boat that holds ten.

- Am I clear? Yes...

...sir. Man, that's cold.

You know what I'm thinking.

I'm in your brain.

I know. Then let's go fishing.

Here we go!

Come on, bro! Put some muscle to it!

Worry about yourself, kiddo!

There are things you can't fight, acts of God.

You see a hurricane coming... have to get out of the way.

But when you're in a Jaeger, suddenly... can fight the hurricane.

You can win.

Get them tied down...

...and go down below! Now!

How far to the mainland?

Seven miles off Anchorage, sir.

But we won't even make it past the shallows.

No, we won't!

What about that island three miles east?

No! It's two miles, sir.

One mile, sir!

It's getting closer.

How the hell...

...can it be getting closer?


Harder starboard!

Turn her around!


Oh, God! What the hell?

Hang on!

Ship secure.

Adjust the torque! I'm on it.

Torque locked.

Get him. Come on.

- Shoot him. I'm on it! I'm on it!

Discharge reading, sir.

Plasma cannon in the shallow shelves... miles off the coastal line. Gipsy...

- ...what the hell is going on? Job's done, sir.

Lit it up twice. Bagged our fifth kill.

You disobeyed a direct order! - Respectfully, sir...

...we intercepted a Kaiju...

...and saved everyone...

...on that boat. Get back to your post. Now!

Yes, sir.

Kaiju signature rising!

That thing's still alive, sir.


We're still getting a signature!

That Kaiju is still alive!

Grab the boat and get out of there.

You copy?

Grab the boat and get out of there now!

Take it, Raleigh!

I got this!

Loccent, we're hit!

Left arm's...

...gone cold, sir.

The hull! It went through the hull!

Raleigh, listen to me!

You need... Aah!




Second discharge fried all the comms, sir. I'm not getting any signals.

No signatures, sir.

What do we do now, sir?

Now, I want you to keep your eye on that gauge there.

Now, you know what I'd like to find?

I'd like to find a whole ship. That's what I'd like to find.

Wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait!

Right there, right there! Dig!

Hey, what is it?

It's just an old toy.

We never find anything good.


Oh, my God.

Stay here!


Can I help?



Run! Get help, fast!

It's gonna be all right.

The Kaiju are learning our defenses.

They're adapting. Evolving.

And we're losing Jaegers faster than we can build them.




Category 4 Kaijus...

...are now coming through the Breach.

I think even you can see, marshal, this is no longer...

...a sound strategy.

The frequency of the attacks has increased.

The Jaegers are not the most viable line of defense anymore.

I am aware.

Those are my rangers that die...

...every time a Jaeger falls...

...which is why I'm asking you...

...for one last chance. - Excuse me, marshal.

One final assault with everything we've got.

The Jaeger program is dead, marshal.

On the other hand, the coastal wall...

...program is a promising option.

The world appreciates all that you and your men have done...

...but it's over.

We will authorize you to take all remaining Jaegers... the last battle station: Hong Kong.

We're prepared to fund you...

...for the next eight months while the coastal wall... completed.

After that, you will receive no further support.

You have your answer, marshal.

So that's it?

It's over?

Suits and ties, flashy smiles.

That's all they are, Stacker.

We don't need them.

Eight hundred more beams.

Ration cards, guys! Come on, come on!

Let's go!

Now, I got good news and I got bad news, fellas. Which one... wanna hear first? Bad news!

Bad news:

Three guys died yesterday working the top of the wall.

What's the good news? The good news is...

...I got three new job openings.

Top of the wall.

Okay, who wants to work? Who wants to eat?

Come on!

I am here in Sydney, where earlier today...

...yet another Kaiju attack took place.

The Kaiju, an enormous Category 4...

...broke through the coastal wall... less than an hour.

The Wall of Life had been deemed unbreachable by its builders.

Why the hell...

...are we even building this thing?

That thing went through the wall like it was nothing.

Ironically, it was...

...the recently decommissioned Jaeger, Striker Eureka...

...piloted by Herc...

...and Chuck Hansen that finally...

...took the beast down.

Look, they decommissioned the Jaeger program...

...because of mediocre pilots. It's that simple.

That's Striker Eureka's tenth kill to date. It's a new record.

And you're still going to Hong Kong, even at a time like this?

Well, orders are orders. What else am I supposed to do?

Chuck Hansen, one of the pilots...

...of Striker Eureka...

...the Jaeger that took down the Kaiju.

Mr. Becket.


Looking sharp.

Long time.

Five years, four months.

Can I have a word?

Step into my office, marshal.

Took me a while to find you.

Anchorage, Sheldon Point, Nome...

Yeah, a man in my position...

...travels with the wall, chasing shifts to make a living.

What do you want?

I've spent the last six months activating everything I can get my hands on.

There's an old Jaeger, a Mark 3.

You may know it. It needs a pilot.

I'm guessing I wasn't your first choice.

You are my first choice.

All the other Mark 3 pilots are dead.


...I can't have anyone else in my head again.

I'm done.

I was still connected to my brother when he died.

I can't go through that again, man, I'm sorry.

Haven't you heard, Mr. Becket?

The world is coming to an end.

So where would you...

...rather die?

Here, or in a Jaeger?

Mr. Becket...

...this is Mako Mori.

One of our brightest.

Also in charge of the Mark 3 restoration program.

She personally handpicked your copilot candidates.


At ease.

We will tour the facility first...

...and then Miss Mori will show you to your Jaeger, Mr. Becket.

Wait for us, please! Hold the door...

...please! Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Stay back. Kaiju specimens are extremely rare... look but don't touch, please.

Mr. Becket, this is our research team.

Dr. Gottlieb and Dr. Geiszler.

Oh, no, call me Newt.

Only my mother calls me Doctor.

Hermann, these are human beings. Why don't you say hello?

I have asked you not to refer to me by my first name around others.

I am a doctor with over 10 years of decorated experience...

Ten years! I'm very sorry.

Oh, please. Who is that...


Oh, this little Kaiju? Yeah, you got a good eye.

My brother and I took him down in 2017.

You know he was one of the biggest Category 3s ever?

He was 2500 tons of awesome.

Or awful. You know, whatever you wanna call it.

Please excuse him. He's a Kaiju groupie. He loves them.

Shut up, Hermann, I don't love them, okay? I study them.

And unlike most people, I wanna see one alive and up close one day.

Trust me... don't want to.

So that's your Research Division?

Things have changed.

We're not an army anymore, Mr. Becket.

We're the resistance.

Welcome to the Shatterdome.

War clock. We reset it after every Kaiju attack. Keeps everyone focused.

The frequency of attacks is accelerating.

How long till the next reset?

A week, if we're lucky.

My experts believe there'll be a Kaiju attack...

...even before that.

This complex used to lodge...

...30 Jaegers in five bays just like this one.

Now we only have four Jaegers left.

I didn't know it was this bad.

It is that bad.

Crimson Typhoon, China. One of the greatest.

Assembled in Changzhou. Full titanium core, no alloys.

Fifty diesel engines per muscle strand.

Deadly, precise fighter.

She's piloted by the Wei Tang brothers. Triplets.

Local lads.

They've successfully defended Hong Kong port seven times.

They use the Thundercloud formation.

Hell, yeah. Triple-arm technique.

Very effective.

That tank, last of the T-90s. Chemo Alpha.

First generation Mark 1. The heaviest and oldest Jaeger in the service.

But make no mistake, Mr. Becket, it's a brutal war machine.

And those two:

Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky.

Yeah, I've heard of them. Perimeter patrol, Siberian wall.

On their watch it stayed unbreached for six years. Six years.

Herc! Chuck!

Gentlemen, welcome to Hong Kong!

Wait here.

Max! Come here!

Remember me? Don't drool...

...over Miss Mori. Sees a pretty girl...

...and he gets all wound up.

Raleigh, this is Hercules Hansen, an old friend from the Mark 1 glory days.

I know you, mate. We rode together before.

We did, sir. Six years ago. My brother and I.

It was a three Jaeger team drop. That's right. Manila.

Sorry about your brother.

Thank you, sir.

Herc and his son Chuck'll be running point using Striker Eureka.

Fastest Jaeger... the world. First and last of the Mark 5s.

Australia decommissioned it a day before the Sydney attack.

Yeah, it was lucky we were still around. Yep.

Now it's running point for us. Wait, running point on what?

You haven't told me what I'm doing here yet.

We're going for the Breach, Mr. Becket.

We're gonna strap a 2400 pound thermonuclear warhead to Striker's back.

Detonate an equivalent of 1.2...

...million tons of TNT.

And you and two other Jaegers...

...will be running defense for them. Thought we were the resistance.

Where'd you get something that big?

See the Russians back there? They can get us anything.

Herc, shall we?

Good to have you back. Thank you, sir.

I'll show you to your Jaeger now. Miss Mori...

...will you give me a minute?


Sir, we've hit the Breach before. It doesn't work. Nothing goes through.

What's changed?

I've got a plan. I need you ready. That's all.

Let's go, Herc!

Max, come here!

Crew 17...

...please report to the fifth floor.

Zero minus two.

XY minus two. R-E-Q...

In the beginning, the Kaiju attacks were spaced by 24 weeks.

Then twelve, then six, then every two weeks.

The last one in Sydney was a week.

In four days...

...we could be seeing a Kaiju every eight hours...

...until they are coming every four minutes.

Marshal, we should witness a double event within seven days.

Mr. Gottlieb, I'm to drop a 2400 pound thermonuclear bomb...

...I need more than...

...a prediction. Well, uh...

...that's a problem, then...

...because see, he actually can't give you anything more than a prediction.

No Kaiju entrails over my side of the room. You know the rules.

Every bloody day. It's incessant. Gents! On point.

Numbers do not lie.

Politics and poetry, promises, these are lies.

Numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of God.

What? Would you give me a moment?

There will be a double event.

And then, shortly thereafter, three. And then four...

And then we're dead.

I get it. Alas.

This is where the good news comes.

Here is our universe...

...and here is theirs.

And this is what we call "The Throat," the passage between the Breach and us.

We know that it's atomic in nature.

I predict that the increased traffic...

...will force the Breach to stabilize...

...and remain open long enough... get the device through...

...and collapse its structure.

Yeah, and that's...

...where I gotta chime in because, really...

...I wouldn't wanna go in there with that limited amount of information.

Newton, don't embarrass yourself.

Just hear me out for a second. Give me a second.


Why do we judge the Kaiju on a category system?

It's because each one... completely different from the next, right?

You see what I'm saying? Like, one looks like a shark and one looks like a fish...

Dr. Geiszler. Just get to the point.

Yes. The point is...

...I don't think they're all completely different after all.

These are some samples I collected, all right?

Now, this one here was harvested in Sydney.

And this was harvested in Manila.

Six years ago.

They have the same exact DNA.

They're clones.

And this is...

...the point where he goes completely crazy.

NEWT: There's so much more to the Kaiju than we understand.

And we've really only scratched the surface.

This is a piece of a Kaiju's brain.

Now, unfortunately, it's damaged. It's a little bit weak.

But it's still alive. Now, I think...

...I can tap into it...

...using the same technology that allows the two Jaeger pilots... share a neural bridge.

Now, think about that.

I could tell you exactly... to get through the Breach yourselves.

You're suggesting that we initiate a Drift with a Kaiju?

No, no. No, no. Not like a whole Kaiju, you know, just a tiny piece of its brain.

The neural surge would be too much...

...for the human brain. I agree.

I don't agree. Gottlieb...

...I'd like your data on my desk ASAP.


No, but his is so... Thank you, Newt.

Guys, now, this is the most amazing thing...

Newton, I know that you're desperate to be right... you've not wasted your life being a Kaiju groupie...

...but it's not going to work.

It is going to work, Hermann. And I'll tell you...

...something else.

Fortune favors the brave, dude. You heard them.

They won't give you the equipment and even if they did...'d kill yourself.

Or I'd be a rock star.

There she is.

Oh, my God.

Look at her.

Gipsy Danger.

God, it's so beautiful.

She looks like new.

Better than new.

She has a double-core nuclear reactor.

She's one of a kind now.

She always was.

How do you like your ride, Becket boy?

Solid iron hull, no alloys. Forty engine blocks per muscle strand.

Hyper-torque driver for every limb and a new fluid...

...synapse system.

Come here.

Tendo. It's good to see you, buddy.

It's good to see you too, brother. It's just like old times.

So, what's your story?

Restoring old Jaegers, showing has-beans like me around.

That can't be it.

You a pilot?

No. Not yet.

But I wanna be one...

...more than anything.

What's your simulator score?

Fifty-one drops, 51 kills.

Wow, that's amazing.

But you're not one of the candidates tomorrow?

I am not.

The marshal has his reasons.

Yeah, he always does, doesn't he?

But with 51 kills, I can't imagine what they could be.

I hope you approve of my choices.

I've studied your fighting techniques and strategy.

Even Alaska.

And what do you think?

I think you're unpredictable.

You have a habit of deviating from standard combat techniques.

You take risks that endanger yourself and your crew.

I don't think you're the right man for this mission.


Thank you for your honesty. You might be right.

But one day, when you're a pilot, you're gonna see that in combat... make decisions.

And you have to live with the consequences.

That's what I'm trying to do.

The candidates are ready.

We will commence the trials immediately, sir.

Good. But there is one thing.

Mako, we have talked about this.

We will not be talking about it again.

You promised me.


Vengeance is like an open wound.

You cannot take that level of emotion into the Drift.

For my family, I need...


Come sit with us.

Oh, I'm okay, thank you.

Ah, come on, there's plenty of room at our table.

I haven't seen bread in a while.

Hong Kong.

Beauty of an open port, no rationing.

We've got potatoes, peas, sweet beans, decent meat loaf.

Pass the potatoes.

Raleigh, this is my son...

...Chuck. He's my copilot now.

He's more my copilot.

Right, Dad?

So you're the guy, eh?

You're the guy who's gonna run defense for me... that old rust bucket of yours? That's the plan.


So when was the last time you jockeyed, Ray?

About five years ago.

What have you been doing for five years? Something pretty important, I reckon.

I was in construction.

Oh, wow, that's great.

I mean, that's really useful.

We get into a fight, you can build our way out of it, eh, Ray?

It's Raleigh.


Look, you're Pentecost's bright idea.

And my old man, he seems to like you.

But it's guys like you who brought down the Jaeger program. To me...'re dead weight.

You slow me down...

...I'm gonna drop you like a sack of Kaiju shit.

I'll see you around, Raleigh. Come on, Max.

You can blame me for that one. I've raised him on my own.

He's a smart kid, but I never knew whether to give him a hug...

...or a kick in the ass.

With respect, sir...

...I'm pretty sure which one he needs.

Four points to 0.

Four points to 1.

Four points... 2.

Okay, what?

You don't like them?

I thought you selected them...


Excuse me?

Every time a match ends you make this little gesture... you're critical of their performance.

It's not their performance, it's yours. Your gambit.

You could have taken...

...all of them two moves earlier.

You think so?

I know so.

Can we change this up?

How about we give...

...her a shot.

No. We stick to the cadet list we have, ranger.

Only candidates with Drift compatibility...

Which I have, marshal.

Mako, this is not only about a neural connection.

It's also about a physical compatibility.

What's the matter, marshal?

Don't think your brightest can cut it in the ring with me?


Four strikes marks a win.

Remember, it's about compatibility.

It's a dialogue, not a fight.

But I'm not gonna dial down my moves.


Then neither will I.



Two-one. Concentrate.


Better watch it.




I've seen what I need to see.

Me too.

She's my copilot.

That's not going to work.

Why not?

Because I said so, Mr. Becket.

I made my decision. Report to...

...the Shatterdome in two hours and find out who your copilot will be.


What was all that about?

I mean...

...I'm not crazy. You felt it, right?

We are Drift compatible.

Thank you for standing up for me.

But there is nothing to talk about.

That's my room.

Excuse me.

I mean, come on. I thought you wanted to be a pilot.


...this is worth fighting for.

We don't have to just obey him.

It's not obedience, Mr. Becket.

It's respect.

Would you at least tell me...

...what his problem is?

In the wake...

...of the Sydney incident which showed the ineffective nature...

...of the Wall of Life program, many are questioning...

...the government's motives and wondering why...

...the Jaeger program has been discontinued.

Riots have erupted along the coastlines of several...

...Pan Pacific...


We have now relocated millions of civilians and supplies...

...300 miles inland to the safe zones.

Safe zones? For the rich and powerful? What about the rest of us?

Yeah, answer the question.

I believe the Wall of Life is still our best option at this time.

And that's all I'm gonna say on the matter. Thank you.


...Drift experiment, take one.

The, uh...

The brain segment is the frontal lobe.

Um, chances are...

...the segment's far too damaged to Drift with.

Unscientific aside:

Hermann, if you're listening to this...

...well, I'm either alive and I've proven what I've just done works... which case, ha, ha, I won...

...or I'm dead and I'd like you to know that it's all your fault.

It really is. You know, you drove me to this.

In which case...

...ha, I also won.

Sort of.

I'm going in in three...


Newton. Newton!

What have you done?

Gipsy Danger neural test commencing... 20 minutes.

Gipsy Danger...

...neural test commencing... 20 minutes.

Gipsy Danger neural test...

May I come in, Mako?

A long time ago...

...I made you a promise.

These transmitters are non-operative. I need them replaced.

Setting harness for test mode.

Waiting for second pilot.

Two pilots on board.

I'm gonna take this side if you don't mind. My left arm's kind of shot.


Are you gonna say anything?

No point. In five minutes you're gonna be...

...inside my head.

You look good.

Pilots on board and ready to connect.

Prepare for neural handshake. Initiating...

...neural handshake.

Okay. We're not in the simulator now, Mako.

Remember, don't chase the rabbit.

Random Access Brain Impulse Triggers. Memories.

Just let them flow, don't latch on.

Tune them out. Stay in the Drift.

The Drift is silence.

Neural interface Drift initiated.



Raleigh, listen to me! Raleigh, listen to me!

Right hemisphere calibrated.

Left hemisphere calibrated.

Ready to activate...

...the Jaeger.

Okay, Gipsy. Lining up nicely.

Better get ready.

Pilot to Jaeger connection complete.

Marshal! Marshal!

I need to talk to you.

Not now, Mr. Gottlieb.

I'm sure you can appreciate how important this moment is to me.

Newton created a neural bridge from garbage and Drifted with a Kaiju.

I found him prone...

...and he's sort of dazed.

I don't exactly know what to do.

I told you it would work.

Yes, you did. Well, what'd you see?

It was only a fragment of a brain, so really all I was able to get was, like...

...a series of, uh, images...

...or impressions.

Like when you blink your eyes over and over and over again all you really see...

...are, like, frames. It was emotion.

Newton, Newton.

Okay, Newton. Newton, look at me.

Now I want you to take your time and be very specific.

Okay. Okay.

Well, I don't feel like they're just following some sort of animalistic urge... know, just hunting and gathering.

And I think they're attacking us under orders.

That's impossible.

Is that impossible? It's impossible.

Why don't you...

...Drift with a Kaiju?

You! Shut up!

You, keep talking.

These beings, these masters, they're colonists.

They overtake worlds. They just consume them...

...and then they move on to the next.

And they've been here before in sort of a trial run.

It was the dinosaurs.

But the atmosphere wasn't conducive, right?

So they waited it out. And they waited it out.

And now with ozone depletion, and carbon monoxide, polluted waters...

...well, we've practically terraformed it for them.

Because now they're coming back, and it's perfect.

See, the first wave, that was just the hounds.

Categories 1 through 4, it was nothing.

Their sole purpose was to aim for the populated areas...

...and to take out the vermin: Us!

The second wave, that is the exterminators.

And they will finish the job. And then...

...the new tenants...

...will take possession.

See, the reason that I found the identical DNA in the two separate Kaiju organs... because they are grown!

Newton, I need you to do it again.

I need more information.

I can't do it again.

I mean, not unless you have a fresh Kaiju brain...

...lying around.

Do you?

Pretty impressive.

Yeah, he remembers how to turn it on.

Oi, show some respect.

When his brother died, he got the Jaeger back to shore on his own.

I've known one other pilot that's been able to do that.

Now, there are certain individuals whose business is the preservation...

...and exploitation of Kaiju remains.

Uh, yeah, right, um, black market dealers, right?

Yep. They're in and out in a matter of hours.

They neutralize the acidic factor of the blood...

...and they harvest what they need.

Now, this guy, this is Hannibal Chau.

He runs the Kaiju black market... in Asia. When our funding ran out...

...we turned to him for help and in return...

...I gave him exclusive rights to all Kaiju remains in the region.

You did that?

Last days of war, gentlemen.

Go to the corner of Pong...

...and Tull. Show them that card.

Look for that symbol.

And a word to the wise, do not trust him.



The hull! Went through the hull!

Raleigh, listen to me! You need...


...out of alignment.

Both out of alignment. Both of them?

Both of them.

Gipsy, Gipsy! You're out of alignment!

- You are both out of alignment. I'm okay. Just let me control it.

- Out of alignment. Code red: TENDO. You're stabilizing. But Mako is way out.

She's starting to chase the rabbit!

Mako, don't get stuck in a memory.

Stay with me. Stay in the now.

Don't engage in a memory.


Mako! Listen to me.





This is just a memory.

None of this is real.

Weapons system engaged.

Plasma cannon powering up.

Oh, no.

Weapon system engaged!

Go to fail-safe!

Fail-safe not responding. There's a problem with the neural blocker!

Her connection's way too strong!

- Fully charged. Mako!

Mako, listen to me. This is just a memory. None of it is real.

The power line! The power line!

Get the main power line!

Take them offline!

Take them offline!

I just did.

Weapon system disengaged.


Neural bridge exercise...


It's okay. It's okay.

Drift sequence terminated.

Would you like... try again?



Pss, pss.

You looking for some Kaiju...

...bone powder? Some...? Some bone...?

Some bone powder?

Uh, no, why would I want that?

Male potency.

I take it myself.

I see. Uh, no, thank you.

I'm looking...

...for Hannibal Chau.


You want Chau, huh?

Good luck.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God, this place is heaven!

That's a lymph gland from a Category 2! And what are you working on here?

Is this a cuticle? In mint condition?

Is that a Kaiju skin parasite? I've never seen them alive before!

They usually die as soon as the Kaiju falls!

I thought you couldn't keep them alive! You can if you soak them in ammonia.

What do you want?

I'm looking for Hannibal Chau. I was told...

...he was here.

Who wants to know?

I really can't say.

Stacker Pentecost sent me!

Oh, that's great. That's real great.

So I take it you're Hannibal Chau, right?

You like the name? I took it...

...from my favorite historical character...

...and my second-favorite Szechuan restaurant in Brooklyn.

Now tell me what you want...

...before I gut you like a pig and feed you to the skin louse.

She can't control...

- ...her Drift, and he went out of phase first! We all know what happened.

We can't afford mistakes. The Kaiju keep evolving, they keep kicking our asses!

He's a has-been, she's a rookie.

I don't want them protecting my bomb run, sir.

You need to watch your tone, Mr. Hansen.

Hey, stay there.

Give me a moment.

You two are a goddamn disgrace.

You're gonna get us all killed, and here's the thing, Raleigh:

I want to come back from this mission...

...because I quite like my life.

So why don't you just do us all a favor and disappear?

It's the only thing you're good at.

Stop! Now!

Yeah, that's right.

You just hold back your little girlfriend.

One of you bitches needs a leash.

Apologize to her.

Screw you.

I said apologize to her.

Hey, hey! Enough!

What's going on?

On your feet, both of you!


...Mori, into my office. No, we aren't finished!

This is over!

You're a ranger, for chrissake. Why don't you start acting... one?

I went out of phase first.

It was my mistake. No.

It was my mistake.

I should have never let you two in the same machine.

So, what...'re grounding us?

Not you.

Permission to be dismissed, sir.

Permission granted, Miss Mori.


Sir, what are you doing?

She is the strongest candidate by far.

What other options do we have? Huh? Tell me!

Do not let my calm demeanor fool you...

. . ranger!

Now is not a good moment...

...for your insubordination!

Mako is too inexperienced to rein in her memories during combat.

That's not why... grounded her.

I was in her memories. I saw everything.

I don't care what you think you saw.

I know what she means to you. I saw it!

Hey! Hey!

This conversation is over.

Marshal. Marshal, can we just talk about this...

...for one second?

You rescued her.

You raised her.

You're not protecting her now.

You are holding her back.


Don't you ever touch me again.


Don't you ever touch me again.

Now, you have no idea who the hell I am or where I've come from...

...and I'm not about to tell you my whole life story.

All I need to be to you and everybody on this dome... a fixed point.

The last man standing.

I do not need your sympathy or your admiration.

All I need is your compliance and your fighting skills.

And if I can't get that...

...then you can go back to the wall that I found you crawling on.

Do I make myself clear?

Yes, sir.


I'm sorry.

I should've warned you.

First Drifts are rough.

But you weren't just tapping into my memories... were tapping into my brother's...


When Yancy was taken, we were still connected.

I felt his fear, his pain, his helplessness...

...and then...

...he was gone.

I felt it. I know.

You know, you live in someone else's head for so long...

...the hardest part to deal with is the silence.

To let someone else in, to really connect... have to trust them.

And today the Drift was strong.

Her heart.

When's the last time you saw it?

Not in a long time.

Movement in the Breach.

Double event.

Two signatures.

Dilation indicator, Category 4.

Excuse me. Breach was exposed... 2300 hours.

We have two signatures...

...both Category 4s.

Code names: Otachi and Leatherback.

They'll reach Hong Kong within the hour.

Evacuate the city. Shut down the bridges.

I want every single civilian in a refuge right now.

Crimson Typhoon...

Chemo Alpha...

...I want you to frontline the harbor.

Stay on the miracle mile.

Striker, I want you to stay back, look after the coastline.

We cannot afford to lose you, so only engage as a final option.

Yes, sir!

You two.

You stay put.

Let's go!

Loccent, Striker's got the ball...

...and we're on the roll.


...near positions...

...and awaiting your orders.

Remain in the miracle mile. Engage at your discretion.

Guys, keep your eyes open.

These Category 4s are the biggest we've ever seen, both in size and weight.

Chemo Alpha reaching target zone.

Disengaging transport.

Chemo Alpha in position. Miracle mile.

Chemo Alpha holding the coastline.

Beacon is on.

Look at them.

They believe the Kaiju were sent from heaven.

That the gods are expressing their displeasure with our behavior.

The silly bastards.

And what do you believe?


...I believe that Kaiju bone powder is 500 bucks a pound.

What do you want? I need to access...

...a Kaiju brain. Completely intact.

No, no. The skull plate is so dense that by the time you drill into it...

The brain's rotted away. But I'm talking...

...about the secondary brain.

Now we both know that the Kaiju are so large...

...they need two brains to move around, like a dinosaur.

I want to get my hands on that.

Mm. What the hell do you want a secondary brain for, anyway?

I mean, every part of the Kaiju sells.

Cartilage, spleen, liver.

Even the crap!

One cubic meter of crap has enough phosphorous in it... fertilize a whole field!

But the brain...

Too much ammonia.

So, what's the deal, little fella?

Well, that's classified.

So I couldn't tell you. Even if I wanted to.

Mm. But it is pretty cool.

So I might tell you.

I'm gonna tell you.

I figured out how to Drift with a Kaiju.

Are you funning me, son?

It's fascinating how their minds work.

Every single Kaiju...

...his mind's connected.

The species has, like...

Like a hive mind.

Holy jeez.

You've gone and done it, haven't you?

I did it a little bit, yeah.

You goddamn moron.

Loccent! Typhoon...

...and Alpha are in trouble.

We're moving in!

You are to hold your ground. Do not engage.

We need you to carry that bomb.

Do you copy?

Jesus, we can't just sit here...

...and watch them die. Come on!

Screw this.

Loccent, we're moving in...!

Chemo Alpha, we've been hit with some type of acid!

Come on! Hull has been compromised.

We need backup immediately!

Just hold on, Chemo!

We're on our way!

Our power move! Yeah!

We just lost Chemo, sir.


...air missiles!

What's going on? What happened?

The blast. It jumbled all the Jaegers' electrical circuits.

What the hell was that?

I've never seen that before.

Loccent! They're adapting.

This isn't a defense mechanism, it's a weapon!

Get me Striker.

Nothing, sir. The Mark 5's digital's fried.

It'll take me two hours to reroute the auxiliary. All the Jaegers, they're digital!

Not all of them, marshal.

Gipsy's analog. Nuclear.

We got two Kaijus. We gotta get out. This way.

Hang on a second. Excuse me. What's going on?

There are two goddamn Kaiju headed straight for Hong Kong City.

No, that's not possible.

There's never been two before.

Well, maybe that's because nobody ever Drifted with one before, eh? Genius!

When Jaeger pilots Drift, it's a two-way street.

A bridge, right? It sets up a connection.

Both ways!

"A hive mentality," you said!

Maybe those Kaiju are trying to find you.

What're we gonna do?

I'm gonna wait out this shitstorm in my own private Kaiju bunker.

But you are going to a public refuge.

I tried it once.


Now get the hell out of here.

Move! Move! I'm a doctor! I'm a doctor!

Okay, hold on. Let me in.

Okay, I'm a doctor. Okay, let me in, I'm a doctor.

There's no emergency power. We gotta bail.

I'm gonna try something else. No!

Don't disengage!

My arm!

Come on! Get on your feet, old man!

Don't call me that!

He's right outside. We gotta get out of here now!

We're not going anywhere!

Now you and I are the only thing standing between that ugly bastard...

...and a city of 10 million people.

Now we have a choice here. We either sit and wait...

...or we take these flare guns and do something really stupid.

How's your arm? Ah, just give me the gun.

Hey, you!

I think we just pissed it off!

All right, Mako.

Get ready, this is for real!

Yeah! Come on, Gipsy!

Kick his ass!

Come on!

Let's do this! Together!

Elbow rocket!

Elbow rocket...



Hang on, Mako!

Plasma cannon, now!

Plasma cannon engaged.

Empty the clip!

Empty the clip!


I think this guy's dead.

But let's check for a pulse.


No pulse.

He stopped right above us.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. This isn't a refuge.

This is a buffet line!

He knows I'm here.

He knows I'm here! Shh. He knows we're all here.

No, you don't understand, he's trying to get me! He knows I'm here!

What was she saying? I gotta get out of here!

Let me out of here!

Oh, come on!

Those were expensive glasses.

This is the worst.



I can't pinpoint it.

It's moving quick. Keep your eyes open.

Choppers, do you have a visual? Over.

Come on!

I'll hold it!

Vent the coolant on the left flank! Coolant venting.

Venting coolant.

Atmosphere loss in progress.

Temperature's dropping!

We're losing oxygen!

Both plasma...

...cannons are shot.

We're out of options, Mako.

Sword deployment.

Altitude actuation off-balance.

50,000 feet to ground contact.

Look, there!

Altitude loss...


40,000 feet.

Gipsy, listen to me!

Loosen all the shock absorbers, use your gyroscope... balance and ball up!

It's your only chance!

20, 000...


Fuel purge!


Impact alert.

We're coming in too fast.

We're coming in too fast! Brace for it, Mako!

Mako, talk to me.

Mako, you okay?



Go to Dr. Geiszler now! Yes, sir!

I want the two remaining Jaegers back to 100 percent functionality.

Yes, sir!

We're gonna harvest...

...the skin, the talons and the wing.

Germans are gonna go nuts for that stuff.

Let me see that map.

Here is where the Kaiju fell, here's where we concentrate our efforts.

We'll get it, boss. Right.



Guess who's back, you one-eyed bitch?

And you owe me a Kaiju brain.


My kid'd never admit it...

...but he's grateful.

We both are.

Mr. Becket!

Miss Mori!

In all of my years fighting...

...I've never...

...seen anything like that.

Well done.

Proud of you.

Proud of us all.

But... harsh as it sounds...

...there is no time to celebrate.

We lost two crews.

No time to grieve.

Reset that clock.

Reset the clock.

I still can't believe what you did to me. I mean, I could have been eaten.

Well, that was definitely the plan.

Lucky for you, that didn't become necessary, huh?

Thank you so much, you're so kind. I really appreciate all of this.

But now do you mind telling me exactly what is taking so long...

...for your workers to get that brain?

Well, they pump the cavity full of CO2...

...just like in any other laparoscopic surgery.

Okay, yes, obviously.

The CO2's gonna delay the acidic reaction, yes.

And it allows us to harvest.

But our boys need oxygen pumped into their suits.

They move slow.

What's going on in there, boys?

We've reach...

...the upper pelvic area. Uh.

Moving to the 25th vertebra.


Even through the suit, boss, it smells like dead catfish in here.


The secondary brain...

- damage. Aw.

- It's ruin. Bitch!

How could they screw that up?

Wait. Wait.

What was that?

Did he say "wait"? Why wait?

Do you hear that?

It's like a heartbeat.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God, this can't be. Hold on a second.

Hey! Let me have that!

Shh, shh! Listen, listen!

Listen to this.

It's pregnant.

No, no! Please.

I knew it. Uh.


His lungs weren't fully formed.

Umbilical cord tied around his neck.

No way he could survive outside the womb for more than a minute.

One look, that's all I needed. I knew he wouldn't make it.

Ugly little bastard.

Anyway, I would...

How sick are you?

And why didn't you tell me?


What's to tell?

You know, them Mark 1s, we scraped them bad boys together in 14 months.

Last thing we were thinking about was radiation shielding.

I ran nearly a dozen missions.

I stayed under the medical radar for a while...

...but the last time I jockeyed was in Tokyo.

I finished the fight solo...

...but for three hours...

...I burned.

They warned me if I ever stepped foot...

...into a Jaeger again, the toll would be too much.

You and I are the only two that ever ran solo combat.

That's why I brought you here.

What is it? - Sir, it's happening.

I just got two signatures with unprecedented dilation, 40-meter spikes.

What category?

Checking the ratios, Category 4.

Where're they headed?

That's the thing, they're not heading anywhere. They're hovering...

...just above the Breach. It's like they're protecting it...

- ...or something. All right, Gipsy, Striker on deck.

Sir, Herc cannot ride. His arm...

You heard me.

Two signatures. Two?

There are two Kaiju signatures in the Breach, not three like I predicted!

Hermann! I haven't exactly had a very good day, okay?

I got about 5 minutes...

Should be three Kaijus.

...before brain death occurs here! I don't wanna spend it talking...

...about your theories! This is all wrong!

There should be three Kaijus coming through, not two!

There should be three and there's two? I'm sorry, it hurts to be wrong.

I am not wrong, but there is something here we don't understand.

Hopefully we can argue about any mistakes you made... your predictive model in the future! But in the meantime, the neural interface... way off the charts! If you want to help, help with that!

Newton, I am not wrong.

There is only one way to make sure...

...and that is to do this...


I'll go with you.

That's what the Jaeger pilots do, share the neural load.

You're serious?

You would do that for me?

Or you would do that with me?

Well, with worldwide destruction a certain alternative... I really have a choice?

Then say it with me, my man: "We're gonna own...

...this bad boy!"

By Jove, we are going to own this thing for sure!

Oi, Tendo. Tendo!

You're not suited up.

Yeah, I'm aware of that, Elvis. I need to know what's going on.

He said suit up, so suit up.

Tendo, I can't pilot Striker on my own, now, can I?

Dad's hurt, so who's gonna be my copilot?

I don't remember it being so tight.

Getting back into that Jaeger will kill you.

Not getting into one would kill us all.

Listen... are a brave girl.

I'm so lucky to have seen you grow.

But if I'm going to do this...

...I need you to protect me.

Can you do that?



...listen up!

Today... the edge of our hope... the end of our time...

...we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other.

Today there's not...

...a man nor woman in here that shall stand alone.

Not today.

Today we face the monsters that are at our door...

...and bring the fight to them!

Today we are canceling the apocalypse!

Hey, marshal!

You know, that was a great speech...

...but how exactly are you and I supposed to match up... there?

I carry nothing into the Drift.

No memories, no fear.

No rank.

And as for you...

...well, you're easy.

You're an egotistical jerk...

...with daddy issues.

A simple puzzle I solved on day one.

But you are your father's son... we'll Drift just fine.

Works for me.

Hey, now.

When you Drift with someone... feel like there's nothing to talk about.

I just don't want to regret...

...all the things that I never said out loud. Don't.

You don't need to.

I know them all.

I always have.

Hey. Hey, handsome.

Oh, I'm gonna miss you.

You look after him for me.


That's my son you got there.

My son.

You know, Mako, all those years I spent living in the past...

...I never really thought about the future.

Until now.

I never did have very good timing.

You ready for this?

Oh, yes, yes. Initiating neural handshake in five...




Are you okay?

Yes, of course.

I'm completely fine.

The Drift. You saw it? Yeah.

Did you? Listen, we have to warn them.

The Jaegers... The Breach... The plan...

It's not going to work.

Disengaging transport.

Loccent, all ports sealed. Ready to submerge.

All ports sealed.

Ready to submerge.

Both neural handshakes at 100 percent.

Neural handshake confirmed, sir.

Two actives still in circle formation in the Guam quadrant.

Code names: Scunner, Raiju. Both Category 4.

Roger that.

Half a mile to the ocean cliff...

...we jump!

It's 3000 meters to the Breach.

Half a mile? I can't even see...

...a damn inch ahead!

How are we supposed to deliver the bomb?

Visibility's zero.

Switching to instruments now.


Gipsy, you have movement on your right. Three o'clock! Three o'clock!

100-feet radius...

- ...clear. Right flank's clear.

I got nothing.

Left now! And moving fast! Fastest Kaiju on record!

I don't see anything. It's moving too fast!

Eyes on the prize, Gipsy. 600 meters from the drop.

400 meters and closing.

Bogeys are stopping.

Striker! Bogeys are stopping. One o'clock.

Marshal, what are you doing?

They're stopping.

Why the hell are they stopping? I don't give a damn, sir!

We're 300 meters from the jump!

Something's not right! Striker...

...the bogeys aren't following.

Take the leap now.

Don't do it! Don't do it!

It's not gonna work!

Move, you fascist! Blowing up the Breach, it's not gonna work!

What do you mean? What's not gonna work?

Just because the Breach is open does not mean you're able to get a bomb through.

The Breach genetically reads the Kaiju... a barcode at the supermarket and then lets them pass.

You're gonna have to fool the Breach into thinking that you have the same code!

And how are we supposed to do that? - By making it think... are a Kaiju.

You have to lock onto the Kaiju, ride it into the Breach.

The Throat will then read...

...the Kaiju's genetic code...

- ...and let you pass. - If you don't do it...

...the bomb will deflect off the Breach... it always has...

...and the mission will fail.

All right.

Now that you've heard all that, Striker, take the leap!

Sir! I have a third signature...

...emerging from the Breach! Third signature...

...emerging from the Breach.

It's a triple event.

Oh, God, I was right.

How big is it?

- What category? Category 5 Striker...'s a Category 5.

The first ever.

Striker, we see him. We're right behind you...

...about 100 meters.

We're gonna come around your 3 o'clock, try to flank him.

Standard two-team formation.

Just keep him busy for a few...

Brace for impact!

Chain sword...


Let's get this son of a bitch!

Gipsy, coming up...

...on your 12 o'clock!

Full speed!

Get out of the way!

The release is jammed! We can't deliver...

...the payload, sir!

We're still armed.

But the hull is compromised!

Half our systems are offline, sir.

We need to override the...

Both Kaijus...

...converging on Striker fast!

Hang on, Striker!

- We're coming to you! No!

Gipsy! Do not come to our aid!

Do you copy?

- Hang on! Stay as far back as you can!

We can still reach you. We're coming for you.

No, Raleigh, listen to me.

You know exactly what you have to do!

Gipsy is nuclear!

Take her to the Breach!

I hear you, sir.

Heading for the Breach.

- Structural damage... Now.

- ...eighty percent. Uh.



You can finish this.

I'll always be here for you.

You can always find me in the Drift.

We're a walking...

...nuclear reactor.

We can destroy the Breach.

What can we do, sir?

We can clear a path!

For the lady!

They're gonna detonate the payload.

Well, my father always said:

If you have the shot, you take it!

So let's do this!

It was a pleasure, sir.

All systems critical. Fluid loss.

Systems are critical!

Fuel is leaking!

Our right leg's crippled!

Code red.

Let's finish this. - All systems critical.

What are they doing?

Finishing the mission.

Loccent. We have...

...the Kaiju carcass.

We're heading for the Breach.

You guys better be right.

Because one way or another...

...we're getting this thing done.

On my count, rear jets!




Hold on.

Mako's oxygen is down. Half capacity!

Can you reroute it? I'm trying, sir.

Hold on, Mako.

- Heat shaft purge. I'm gonna burn...

...this son of a bitch.

They're in.

They're in! It worked.

Oxygen main...

...left hemisphere, critical levels.

Operating at...

...fifteen percent capacity.

Ten percent capacity.

Five percent.

He's giving her his oxygen.

It's okay now, Mako.

We did it.

I can finish this alone.

All I have to do is fall.

Anyone can fall.


...your oxygen levels...

...are critical now. You don't have much time.

Start the core meltdown and get out of there. Do you hear me?

Get out of there now!

One pod is ejected. No detonation, sir.

Loccent, if you can still hear me...

...I'm initiating...

...reactor override now.

Manual activation...


What's going on?

Trigger's offline! He has to do it by hand.

He's out of time. He has to self-destruct now.

Manual activation required.


Manual override initiated.

Core meltdown in T-minus 60.

Reactor meltdown in 55 seconds.

Fifty seconds.

E-vac pod engaged.


...four, three...

...two, one.

Reactor meltdown.

Direct hit! The Breach has collapsed!

To the choppers! To the choppers now!

Visuals on first pod.

Tracking solid. Vital signs are good.

Okay, where's the second pod?

I'm tracking it, but I'm getting no vital signs.

I can't find his pulse.

I don't think he's breathing.

Can you read his pulse? Does he have a pulse?


Mako, listen to me.

It could be the sensors are not working.

We can't be sure.


No. Don't go.

Please. Mako.

Don't go.



Don't go. Please.

You're squeezing me too tight.

I couldn't breathe.

This is Marshal Hercules Hansen.

The Breach is sealed.

Stop the clock!

Mako, Raleigh.

We have your position. The choppers are on their way.

Just hang on.

Are you okay?

Do you copy?

Uh, guys?

Where is my goddamn shoe?