Padmaavat (2018) Script

Look at our Commander!

Seems like he's travelled all the way from Delhi to Gazni only to eat and sleep!

Shareef Pasha, he has come here to get us...

...his intentions are that we attack Delhi together.

Oh Lord, so now the Commander wants to become the Sultan of Delhi!

Revolt against the Sultanate? !

-This is not a rebellion...'s all about our desires.


How long will we serve the Sultanate?

Now I desire to be the Sultan!


Who is this insolent fool?


Alauddin! What have you brought?

Uncle, you asked me to get it! !

When did I ask you to get an ostrich?

I do not remember.

But Alauddin never forgets.

I respect you so much. You asked for a feather, I got you an ostrich instead.

Feather? Oh yes! Now I remember...

Now you remember!

For my beloved Mehru!

Yes, for Mehru!




Yes, Father?

Look what I got for you as a gift.

Allah! An Ostrich!

I really love you a lot, Father!

Me too.

I'd like to reward you for fulfilling my daughter's wish.

What do you want?

I risked my life to fulfil your wish.

Now, I want your life in return!

I want your daughter Mehrunisa to be my wife.

Aren't you clever? For one precious gift you want another in return.

Everything precious belongs only to Alauddin.

Says who?


Mehrunisa, daughter of Jalaluddin Khilji... you accept Alauddin Khilji as your husband?

She accepts!

Shareef Pasha, where is the groom?

Tell him that I've called him.

I'll get him right away.



What are you doing? It's your wedding night!

If the Commander finds out, he will have you beheaded.

Who will tell him?


You won't tell him. You are my childhood friend!

My confidante.

You will never tell him.




Alauddin's greed to possess everything precious, made Mehru and the skies above shudder with fear.

He believed that anything precious was rightfully his...

... But was unaware, that thousands of miles away across the oceans...

...lived the most precious beauty on earth...

...the Princess of Singhal.

Your arrow hit it's mark! !

-Is anybody out there?

Is anybody out there?


What are you doing here at this hour?

Our state guest, King Ratan Singh of Mewarhad set out on a hunt.

It seems he has lost his way in the jungle.

The King has given orders to search for him.

Inform the King, the guest is safe and is resting in the caves.

I shall.

Everyone back to the Palace!

-Do you know what those pearls meant to me?

-You could've gifted him a few villages instead.

Why did you have to give him that necklace?

What are you trying to say?

I want that necklace back.

-It was gifted to you on our wedding and you gave it away!

Do not worry, i'll have a similar necklace made for you.

Would you cross the ocean for those pearls?

-Those pearls were especially brought from Singhal.

-Neither can anyone bring those pearls back...

...nor will I ever get that necklace again.

Have you come to apologize?

Your aim is remarkable.

You wounded this hunter instead of the deer. First with your arrow and now with your eyes!

Our meeting was a coincidence but sometimes coincidences are beautiful...

...just like this place of yours!

Everything here is so mesmerising.

I have been talking for a while, but we know nothing about each other.

You are Ratan Singh, the King of Mewar.

How do you know?

Because you are our guest.

And that's how you welcome your guest.

What brings you to Singhal?

I'm here to buy pearls.

Here, you don't buy pearls. You find them if you're lucky.

Just like I found you.

So tell me about yourself. Who are you?

What is your name?

Every leaf here knows my name.

I'm sure you'll find out.

She is the Princess of Singhal...


She has been looking after you for the past two days.


My apologies, King Ratan Singh.

Before you could enjoy our hospitality, you got injured.

My daughter made a grave mistake.

It was not Padmavati's fault, king Gandharvasen.

I glanced upon her during my hunt.

I followed her and the arrow hit me.

I have come to take you back.

Please return to the Palace.

I have stayed in palaces all my life.

I like the tranquillity of the forest.

If you don't mind, i'd like to stay here for a few days more.

King Ratan Singh, you came here as our state guest...

... But now you're more like family.

I would like you take pearls back from Singhal and not the wound.

-Pearls from Singhal.

Aren't these the ones you were looking for?

What are you thinking?

Now that you've got what you wanted, you'll return to Mewar?

I must go back.

You can't leave.

Your wound hasn't healed yet.

Would you come with me to Mewar, Padmavati?

As my wife!

With the blessings of her father, king Gandharvasen...

Princess Padmavati got married to King Ratan Singh and left for Chittor.

-All rise!

-King Ratan Singh is arriving in the court.

All hail Queen Padmavati!

All hail King Ratan Singh!

While Chittor celebrated the arrival of it's new Queen...

Jalaluddin revolted against the Delhi Sultanate and established the Khilji dynasty.

He declared himself the new Sultan of Delhi.

Sultan of Delhi, Jalaluddin Khilji...

Glory to him!

But Alauddin had his eyes set on the precious throne of Delhi too.

The throne looks beautiful from afar, but don't be deceived.

Along with it comes it's fair share of troubles.

We are surrounded by enemies but the most immediate threat is from the Mongols.

Sultan, defeating the Mongols in battle is impossible.

Our army is half their strength.

But our courage is far greater than theirs.

So, will you fight the Mongols?

For the sake of Khiljis I can even fight God.

Well said!

Keep your ambitions in check, lest you get buried under their weight.

Pardon me, but there's nothing that can come in the way of Alauddin's ambitions.

I don't want your tall claims, only victory!

I will fight the Mongols.

Sultan, your belief in me is my victory.


Alauddin defeated the Mongols and won Delhi over.

Meanwhile, Queen Padmavati was winning hearts in Chittor.

Careful Suraj Baisa. Your days of doing Ghoomar are long gone.

You might hurt your back.

Now the new Queen will perform Ghoomar.

My Queen, you must put up a grand performance.

It sure will Suraj Baisa, because I will play the drums.

Greetings, My Queen.

Kunwar Baisa, your talkative son has spoken out of turn again.

Leave alone playing the drums Badal... man except the King can be present during the Queen's performance.

Son, you can beat the drums all you want at your wedding.

-All rise for King Ratan Singh.

Are they troubling you, My Queen?

The Royal Guru is expecting you at the temple.

Shall we?

Welcome, My Lord!

Padmavati, meet the Royal Guru and my mentor, Raghav Chetan.

He's the answer to all our questions.

Please take his blessings.

Your beauty is divine!

Not just beauty, but she's also blessed with great intelligence.


So what is more important to the new Queen? Beauty or skill?

Careful My Queen, you're being tested!

Please answer his question.


And beauty?

That lies in the eye of the beholder.

Please explain.

Some see God in every object, while some see God as another object.


Describe life in three words.

Spirituality, love and sacrifice.

What is love?

A tear of joy falling from God's eye.

What are tears?

The thin line between sorrow and happiness.

What is happiness?

An illusion.

I hear you're well versed in the art of warfare.


What is the greatest weapon in the battlefield? -Courage.

Which is the most difficult moment in life?

Awaiting results after examination.

And the biggest gift?


Come, My Queen.

To grace this occasion...

The Queen is arriving.

To play a round of Ghoomar...

We welcome you our Queen.

Join us in a round of Ghoomar.

Spin around as we play the Ghoomar.

Your beloved is waiting for you too.

You blush in a new bride's glow.

Your heart skips a beat.

Your anklets tinkle as you walk.

Come, My Queen...

...let's play a round of Ghoomar!

Adorning the veil of love...

...she spins in the dance of Ghoomar.

Without a care in the world...

...she spins in the dance of Ghoomar.

Her beloved is the most special.

She spins in the dance of Ghoomar.

I am lucky indeed...

I went to Singhal looking for pearls and found you.

I am lucky too...

I was hunting for a deer and found a lion instead.

I want to give you every happiness that you enjoyed in Singhal...

... But I can't give you this one thing...

I cannot give you the ocean in this desert.

Your eyes are deeper than the ocean.

Mewar seems to be growing on you.

Mewar has found a place in my heart.

What happened?

Is someone watching us?

Must be the moon, envious of all your extols.

Who could it be?

I smell sandalwood.

And there is only one person in Chittor who uses this fragrance.

Why have I been summoned at this hour, My Lord?

An offender needs to be punished.

Is that all?

This could have waited till morning.

The crime is serious, the verdict must be given now.

Who is the culprit?


The one whose piousness Mewar vouches for, is a culprit?

The one who taught you to be the King you are today, is a culprit?

What is my crime, My Lord?

You dared to pry upon the King when alone with his Queen.

This is a lie. What proof do you have?

Sujaan Singh.- Yes, My Lord.

That wound is from my dagger. And your blood is all the proof one needs.

I thought you were my mentor, I believed in you.

I thought you were pious, but you turned out to be a wolf in sheep's guise.

I can sentence you to death right now...

... But killing a Brahmin is against my principles.

Imprison him. The darkness of the dungeon might teach him some decency.

-Pardon me, My King. But I would like to say something.

When one's piousness is tainted, he should be distanced from the land.

There's only one punishment for his crime.


I agree with the Queen.

You question my piousness?

There, I have swallowed this humiliation.

But this fire raging in my heart will reduce Chittor to ashes.

Before I leave, won't you touch my feet and take my blessings?

Sujaan Singh.-Yes, My Lord.

I am going far away from this land.

But if I don't bring Mewar down to it knees...

...then you may assume, that Raghav Chetan never existed.

He was a mere thought that disappeared in thin air.

Uncle, since you gave the dominion of Kara to Uncle Alauddin, his attitude has completely changed.

He attacked Deogiri without your permission...

... And instead of returning to Delhi with the loot, he rode straight to Kara.

I agree with Itaat.

He may one day revolt against you.

While Alauddin wields his sword for the Sultanate, My dear...

...we sit here and make idle talk.

But Uncle, you should be wary of him...

Alauddin is just a tool to fill the coffers of Delhi. And that's it.

I will set sail for Kara tomorrow.

And bring back what is rightfully mine.

-Glory be to God!

Your beauty is so enchanting, it has turned these shackles to gold.

You will be very happy in my harem, Chitai.

You're a slave, not a King.

You can never make the Princess of Deogiri happy.

Well said!

Such arrogance in spite of all these atrocities!

You have won my heart.

Chief! -Hmm...

Your plan has succeeded.


You wanted the Sultan to come to Kara, and he has.

Long live the Khiljis!

-Long live!

Alauddin welcomes the Sultan of Delhi.

Stay blessed!

I am elated, as well as surprised.

What brings you to Kara without prior notice?

That's exactly my question to you.

Why have you come to Kara instead of returning to Delhi with the loot?

So the Sultan doesn't trust me anymore?

I've won all these treasures only for you.

And this stone?

It's precious.

A gift I gave myself.

Glory be to God!

This precious gem belongs in the Sultan's crown.

But don't be disheartened Alauddin.

I've brought a precious gift for you too.

This slave!

Especially bought for you.

He has the guile of a wolf and the agility of a cheetah.

He will serve you in every way possible.

You can put him to test.


What's the name?

Malik Kafur, Sire.

Not yours. The perfume you're wearing.


What can you do for me?


I can give my life for you.

Can you take a life for me?

Yes, Sire.-Hmm.

Then kill these men.

Kill them?

They are my ministers!

Jokes apart. I want you to march South with your army.

Anything else, Sire?

What have you done?

You wanted me to put him to test.

Uncle, I am really pleased with your gift.

But don't be disheartened. I have a gift for you too.


My dearest Uncle!

Long live the Khiljis! !

Long live!

So finally you did revolt against the Sultanate?

History will never forgive you for murdering my Uncle.

What will history say Amir Khusrau?

History will term it the need of the hour.

You're absolutely right.

Itaat, my boy...

...the Sultanate needs fresh blood to expand it’s frontiers and to keep it's people happy.

And that is why I have seized the throne.

And now, Jalaluddin Khilji should be buried in a manner befitting a Sultan.

Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji...

Long live!

Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji...

Long live!

I am the new Sultan!

This is the precious stone which your father took from me...

... And today I took away his throne.

It's the tradition of every Sultanate.

There's one more tradition, to bow before the Sultan.


Stand up.

May the Sultan's glory prevail.

Why do you look upset?

You're now the Empress of India!

And your husband...


See what?

This crown?

I've seen it many a times before, on my father's head.

This crown is unfaithful.

Always changing heads.

From your father's head to mine. And now on yours!

On this joyous occasion, make unabashed love to your Sultan.



Malik Kafur!

Yes, Sire!

Yes, Sire?

Can you hear these strains of flute, or is it just me?

I do hear it.

Who is playing the flute at this hour?

Should I silence him for good?

No. His notes are precious. Bring him to me tomorrow.

Yes, Sire.

Any other service?



I can conquer everything precious, except for your talent.

What did you say your name was? Raghav Chetan.

Whoever you are. Wherever you've come from... on you will be the pride of my court.

What are you looking at?

Your past!

Ostrich feathers smeared with blood.

A red stone studded crown.

A crown that will rule the world!

Alexander the Great!

You will be the next Alexander!

But this is only possible when she is with you.


She's an illusion!

A creation of God. Her face glows like moonlight.

Her luminous beauty radiates far and beyond.

She is the essence of life.

A mere glimpse of her shadow would make you desire her.

Such beauty can exist only in dreams.

I assure you. One look at her and you’ll never be able to get her off your mind.

She will change your destiny.

If you win her over...

... Mewar will be yours!

India will be yours!

The world will be at your feet, even paradise!

Without her, you'll have nothing.

Whatever she touches, turns to gold!

She will make you immortal!

She is the most precious. But just as impossible to possess.

What's the name of Alauddin's destiny?

The Queen of Chittor, Padmavati.


Greetings to King Ratan Singh of Mewar from the Sultan of Delhi.

I send this invitation to you on the occasion of my birthday.

Please grace the event along with your family.

Share a meal and enjoy our hospitality.

So that like other kings... and Mewar stay protected under the sovereignty of Sikandar-e-Sani.

Your well-wisher, the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji.

Read it once again.

Greetings from the Sultan...

Please inform your Sultan, we have more steel in our nerves than in his entire armoury.

We're safe without his refuge.

Long live the Khiljis.-Hmm.

Sultan, The King of Chittor has declined your invitation.

Then summon the troops and declare war.

You should fear God, Sultan.

Padmavati is someone's wife.

Malik Kafur, ask the Empress what will she serve for dinner.

Venison, Kabuli pulao, korma, aloo bukhara, shahi...

With a feast like that I’ve no appetite left for fear.


It's hard to believe, sikandar-e-Sani will wage war for a woman.

I am done extending my boundaries. It's time to extend my arms.

A war in the name of beauty!

What's the matter Tejveer?

Why have you rushed to the fort from the frontier?

I have a message.

Sultan Alauddin Khilji and his army are on their way to attack Chittor.

The Khilji army will reach Chittor soon, My Lord.

I know. We will welcome them in true Rajput manner.

Alert the troops and fill the granaries with supplies.

But the people are scared.-There is nothing to fear.

Gather all women and children from the villages and bring them inside the fort.

Send a message to all the neighbouring Kingdoms...

...that if we all unite, Alauddin can be defeated.

Otherwise, he will annihilate us one by one.

Yes, My Lord!

My Lord?


Malik! Now this war is justified.

Absolutely, Sultan.

Commander Ulugh Khan, what is your opinion? Should we send some of our troops?

Certainly, Sire.

But Ulugh Khan, it's impossible to scale the walls of Chittor.

Whoever tried, has only faced defeat.

Khiljis have never accepted defeat.

Send some troops before sunset.

Let's gauge the ability of these Rajputs.

I don't understand their tactic of sending a handful of soldiers, My Lord.

With your permission, should we engage them?

Let them come.

You summoned me, Sultan?

It's time to kill you!

Our decision to attack was not correct.

I had warned Ulugh Khan...

Let the universe be warned, the Rajput Sun will soon be eclipsed by the Khilji Crescent.

Pardon me, Sultan.

But passion isn't enough to break down the walls of Chittor.

This passion is what helped me conquer half of India.

The walls of Chittor cannot stop me.

But the real question is...

...if Padmavati doesn't turn out to be as precious then...

...the number of soldiers that have died today...

I'll cut you into the same number of pieces!

The Sultan is getting hungry. Bring me food.

-Looks like Alauddin has set upall of Delhi here, My Lord!

This is his strategy. Show your might and shatter the enemy's morale.

When is Diwali?

Next week, My Lord.

This year's Diwali celebrations will be so grand...

...that they will lose half the battle watching us rejoice.

Yes, My Lord.

Queen, why are you sitting here all alone?

All of Chittor is celebrating Diwali. Everyone's looking for you.

They have lost their minds!

The enemy has us surrounded and we're celebrating Diwali!

Why do you think of them as our enemy?

Think of them as the new guards of Chittor.

They can't leave, or come inside, but can only stand guard.

Long live the Khiljis! -Hmm.

Sultan, if you're busy we'll come back later.

No, these are some historical records.

I was burning the ones that don't mention my name.

Some of these are written by you too Khusrau.

But Sire...

I want history to remember only me!

Ulugh Khan, have you cut off all supplies of food and water to Chittor?

Yes, Sire.

Did you block their secret tunnels? -Yes.

And plundered the neighbouring villages? -Yes, Sire.

Now send a message to all the Rajput kings that helping Mewar will invite the Sultan's wrath.

Yes, Sire.


Sultan, it's been days since any combat. The soldiers are getting restless.

But the war is on!

Between their hunger and our patience.

But we must motivate our soldiers. Keep them entertained.


Announce a wrestling bout.

I will also fight tomorrow.

Let's wrestle!


Hunting games in the morning, wrestling in the evening...

Music and debauchery at night!

It's a unique way to keep the army's spirits up.

But you must consider, Sultan...

It's been two months since we’ve been away from Delhi.

But we're getting closer to Padmavati.

Like the beauties of Egypt...'s a celestial beauty too whose heart beats for you.

In the land where beauty lies, beats a heart that yearns for love.

I feel a deep burning desire within.

What news have you brought Sujaan Singh?

When are the troops of other Kingdoms arriving?

Every Kingdom has refused to support us.

No one wants enmity with Alauddin.

What should we do now Gora Singh?

Declare war.

My Lord, please reconsider.

The decision is made. Chittor will fight it's own battle.



Wake up, Sultan!

The Rajputs have set all our camps on fire!

Then put out the fire. Wake me up when it is done.

Let's go, Sultan...-You fool, my birds!

They are precious! They shouldn't be harmed.

Stop joking...

Here are your cages!

Long live the Khiljis.

The troops are growing restless, Sultan.

Our camps, food and other reserves have burnt to ashes.

The troops are dying of thirst.

I have a request to make, Sire. If you could meet with the troops once.

Your army is on the verge of mutiny.

We won't stay here any longer.

We will go back to Delhi!

Whoever wants to go back, step forward.

Embrace your Sultan and return to Delhi.

Ulugh Khan?

We Khiljis saw a dream together.

That one day our flag will soar all over the world.

We swore to stand by each other, come what may.

And during these troubled times, you want to give up!

Then forget our dream!

Long live the Khiljis.-Long live!

Sikandar-e-Sani... -Long live!

My Lord, Greetings on Holi!

Wish you the same.

I am just returning from the granary.

We only have a few days' supply left.

But this should remain only between us.

Our people shouldn't know.

Our difficulties are growing, My Lord.

Difficulties will also grow for our enemy.

This scorching heat will force Alauddin to retreat.

Just a few more days.

Please enjoy Holi. I'll go and wish the new Queen on her first Holi here.

Please don't ignore the reality, My Lord.

This is a matter of grave concern.

You seem to have forgotten, Gora Singh.

One who braves any situation, is a Rajput.

One who dares to walk on burning embers, is a Rajput.

One who accepts all challenges and emerges victorious, is a Rajput.

The one who fights the enemy till his last breath, is a Rajput.


These people have lost their minds!

They celebrate despite the siege. I see colours flying from the fort!

-Colours are bound to fly in Chittor. Today is Holi!

People colour each other and express their love.

And even embrace their enemies?

Yes, Sire.

Then let me play with the enemy too!

With colours or blood?

Before this weather turns against us, send a message of truce to the fort.

Truce with Chittor?

Why did your face turn pale? -Absolutely not!

I will deliver this message...

Not you, Malik Kafur will go.

As you wish.

So today is Holi!

Someone colour me too.

The Festival of Colours is here.

I will play Holi with my beloved.

And colour him with my love.

Chief, look!

Should I knock him down?

Let him come, Badal.

This is Malik Kafur, My Lord.

Alauddin's most trusted. Some even call him his consort.

Greetings to King Ratan Singh from the Sultan of Delhi.

I've understood that the Rajputs of Mewar don't bow their heads or swords.

Your determination is truly commendable.

I would like to extend my hand in friendship towards you.

Before returning to Delhi, I would like to experience Chittor's hospitality.

I hope you will accept my message of truce.

I will definitely meet Alauddin.

Marvellous! The Sultan will be very pleased!

But before we meet, I have certain conditions.

We accept all your conditions.

At least listen to the conditions.

This proposition could be a conspiracy.

Could be.

Then why invite the Sultan to the fort?

I accepted his proposal and rejected it as well.

How is that? -I proposed two conditions.

First, his army must return to Delhi.

Second, if he would like to meet me, he must come to the fort alone and unarmed.

What if he accepts your conditions?

A man who came all the way from Delhi and spent six months in the scorching heat...

...would definitely accept your conditions.

I don't think so.

Lord Ram too never thought that Raavan will come disguised as a sage.

Greetings, My Lord. Pardon me for my untimely interruption.

What is it Gora Singh?

The Sultan has sent a message.

He has accepted both our conditions.

Let him come.

Prayer chants...

Is the army ready to return to Delhi?

Is the Sultan really sending the army away from Chittor?

Away from Chittor's sight but not from their land!

Pardon me, Sultan.

But entering the enemy's fort unarmed can be dangerous.


I accept!

Every danger that takes Alauddin closer to Padmavati.

I accept.

I accept.

By the way Sultan, delhi's throne is in danger too.

Itaat Khan!

His eyes are full of hatred for you and greed for the throne.

He wants to be the next Sultan.

Every star wants to be the moon but never succeeds.

Like I am so close to you, but can never take Padmavati's place.

Queen Padmavati!

Welcome to the fort, Sultan.

King Ratan Singh!

Pardon me, but I am the Commander of Mewar's army.

Gora Singh.

So where is your King Ratan Singh hiding?

He's waiting for you inside.

I feel elated today!

I feel on top of the world today!


Pardon me, but I am overwhelmed to see you.

After months of waiting, we finally meet!

Now that you're here, how would you like to be welcomed?

Like a dear friend!

I've got you a precious gift!

You're gifting a sword to a friend?

It was one of your conditions, wasn't it? To come alone and unarmed.

Here. Now I am unarmed.

I've heard it's very beautiful...

...the Fort of Chittor!

God has truly blessed Rajputs with abundance.

Abundant skills! Such grandeur!

And an unmatched enemy too!

Shall we?

Prayer before meal.

-Your move.



Careful King. Your Queen is in danger!


I saved my Queen.


What are you looking at?

It's almost sundown.

I guess Chittor and Delhi will have to reconcile in this game as well!

Well then, allow me to take your leave.

As you please.

But before I leave you must introduce me to your family.

I've introduced you to everyone. This is my family.

Yes, of course they are.

But I was referring to the pride of Chittor...

Queen Padmavati.

What's wrong? Was my request unreasonable?

That was a disgraceful thing to say Alauddin.

We treat our guests like God in Chittor, otherwise you would be beheaded right away!

Now the King is in danger too!


Reconsider your decision, My Queen.

I will never agree to this. This is wrong.

My decision is right for Mewar, Kunwar Baisa.

But, the King...

Which decision of yours is right?

-I am aware...-You may be the Queen of Mewar but... have no right to take political decisions.

It is my right!

Especially, if I am the reason for Chittor to go to war.

So let there be a war! We will fight them in the battlefield.

But never make the mistake of taking these decisions yourself.

Never, My Queen.

You made a mistake too.

When you drew your sword, you should've beheaded him.

You had your opportunity to change history.

What are you saying, My Queen?

You know that I could've never struck an unarmed guest in the fort.

Even if it's the Devil himself.

History can turn its page but Rajputs don't budge from their principles.

Then take your sword and behead me.

Rajput principles and honour will remain intact.

No one will ever understand your decision of showing him your face.

Future generations will hold you accountable.

So let them.

If I can save even one life by showing my face, then I accept this humiliation.

Let me fulfil my duties as the Queen.

Wait here. The King shall join you shortly.


Lord Shiva drank poison to save the world.

Today you're taking this difficult decision for Mewar.

Keep this with you, My Queen.

This holy smoke will protect you from the Sultan's evil-eye.

King Ratan Singh!

A thought crossed my mind while waiting...

Gora Singh...

Yes, My Lord.

You may leave, Alauddin.

Yes, I can.

But before I return to Delhi, allow me to show you my hospitality as well.


I'll be waiting.

Keep your sword with you.

I've been invited for a meal, not for battle.

A storm is expected outside. Think about this again.

Do you have to go?

Would you like history to remember that Alauddin Khilji came to Chittor unarmed...

... But King Ratan Singh was too scared to venture out.

I understand your concern.

But he is all alone. His army has gone back.

But it can come back too.

I shall be back before the moon rises.




Welcome, my friend!

I thought you might not show up in this storm.

Storms like these can never stop me.

Of course!

Take a seat.



Today is my last day in Chittor. I am overwhelmed.


I have so many memories of this place.

Many of my soldiers died here, right before my eyes.

Do you remember?

The day you stood watching from the fort.

Poor men!

Poor Dilnawaz! !

My precious little bird!

The day you burnt our tents, he too perished in that fire.

Had he been alive, you would have heard his screams in this storm.


I feel a strange connection to this soil.

I want to take it back with me...

... And you too!

So this is the Khilji hospitality?

Your principles?

I made a mistake of trusting you again Alauddin.

Even God doesn't trust Alauddin!

You broke my trust too!

You dropped the curtains so quick that I couldn't even see the Queen's face.

Now please don't refuse to come with me.

Because you're the bait that will draw Queen Padmavati to Delhi.

And if that doesn't happen, I will take Chittor away from you.

You will take away Chittor?

You can take me away from Chittor, but not my pride.

You can steal a diamond, but not it's sparkle.

Imprison him.

You may imprison me, but can you contain the storm rising from Chittor?

-Long live the Khiljis!

Long live!

Greetings, My Lord!

My Queen, please return to the Palace.

A storm is gathering outside.

And do not worry. God's blessings are with the King.

He will return safe and sound.

No, Kunwar Baisa.

I will wait here until the moon rises.

But the moon won't rise, My Queen. Tonight is a new moon!

My Lord!

Gora Singh, are you looking for your King?

The storm blew him away to Delhi.

He's been banished from his own kingdom!

So you're the one who brought Alauddin to Chittor!


If you even lay a finger on me, your King will lose his life.

There's a message for Queen Padmavati.

If she wishes to see her King alive, she must come there!

O Motherland! Give us the strength; to defend the pride of Rajputs.

The hills of Mewar; uphold our honour now.

Hurry! The Queen has called us.

Queen Nagmati has asked all the women...

What's this?

Why are you smearing mud on the mirrors?

Until the King returns, I won't see my face in the mirror.

But, My Queen...-What is it?

Queen Nagmati has called all the women.

And you too.

Why have you called us?

Go away!

Queen, did you call me?

At least let me grieve in peace!

If you hadn't banished the Royal Guru, he wouldn't have joined hands with Alauddin.

And Chittor would not be under threat!

Today our King is in the enemy's clutches and it's entirely your fault!

Your beauty is to be blamed!

What about the beholder?

And his sinful gaze?

They too are at fault. And Mewar is paying the price for that.

But you should face punishment too!

How to punish someone who is not at fault?

Poison her? Throw her in the well? Or imprison her?

We should accept the Sultan's condition and send Padmavati there.

My Queen! How can you say that being a woman yourself?

Send her there?

Hand her over to the Sultan? Impossible!

If we don't comply, neither our King nor Mewar will survive!

-My Queen!

If the time comes for such desperate measures...

...then every woman in Chittor will jump into the fire to protect her dignity.

We'll perform Jauhar!

But we will never let our Queen set foot out of this fort.

How do I explain my grief to you all?

I shall go.

What are you saying, My Queen?

Even the Goddess had to descend from her abode to slay the demons.

Who am I? A mere mortal. I will only cross the threshold of Chittor.

And you forget, My Queen.

Rajput women are just as much warriors as their men.

-My Lord!

I had told you! I will bring Mewar down to its knees.

I can feel your pain. That's why I play the flute.

Raag Yaman!

Did it alleviate some of your sorrows?

It can't.

Your music once felt like sandalwood.

And now?

It stinks!

Stinks of treason.

You've lost your crown, but not your pride.

Not until I have the enemy's head at my feet.

That's impossible!

Raghav Chetan's fury has turned your stars unfavourable for you.

You will have to bow before the Sultan.

Play on! Yaman.

Greetings, My Queen.

This sword had sworn to protect Mewari pride.

But you've decided to go there.

You have embarrassed us.

Take this sword and behead me.

This is the only way to bring our King back.

Don't you trust our ability to bring our King back?

I do!

But not every war is won with might. This time we'll have to use a different strategy.

Our swords...-Send a message to the Sultan.

I don't agree with your decision.

As your brother...

This is not a request from a sister, but an order of the Queen of Mewar!

For the sake of King of Mewar's safety, queen Padmavati has agreed to come here.

Congratulations Sultan! Your wish has come true.

Keep reading...-Yes.

But she has few conditions.

The Queen will bring eight hundred maids along.


They will stay at the women's chamber, where no men can go.


Upon her arrival, she will meet the King first. And meet the Sultan only after the King is released.


And her last condition...

This is not possible, Sultan.

What does she want?

That palanquins won't leave Chittor until Raghav Chetan's severed head is delivered to her.


This is unfair, Sultan.

Don't forget that Queen Padmavati will soon be yours only because of me...


Greetings, My Queen.

What happened, Gora Singh?

Khiljis have sent a reply to your message.

Alauddin has accepted all your conditions.

And has also sent a gift for you.

Forgive me, My Queen. We doubted your acumen.

You eliminated our enemy sitting here in Chittor.

And now it's the Sultan's turn.

But it's an impossible task without your support.

We swear on the Almighty. Every Rajput sword will now obey your command.

Then take out the palanquins. We will leave tomorrow.

As you say, My Queen.

I haven't seen the King's face in a long time.

My heart is aloof from the world!

My heart is aloof from the world!

Well said!

Ever since I'm consumed by love!

Well said! Very nice!

Now pay attention, Khusrau.

All my heart strings are tugged.

I've lost all slumber and peace.

My eyes are clouded with dreams!

Well said! Marvellous!

Did you notice?

Our most renowned poet, amir Khusrau praised my poetry.

But it seems Itaat Khan didn't quite like it.

Sultan, I don't understand such poetry.

Because you don't understand love!

You're not a poet, you're a coward!

There's no reason to feel offended by the Sultan's words.

That was no joke, it was an insult Ashfaq. I cannot tolerate this anymore.

Now either the Sultan will live or me.

What do you want to say?

The court will celebrate tonight. It's the right time to seize the throne!

My heart is soaring in the skies!

My heart is soaring in the skies!

My beloved!

Ever since I'm consumed by love!

My heart is aloof from the world!

May Allah accept our prayers.-Amen.


How is the Sultan doing?

He is still unconscious.


The arrows were poisoned. But by Allah's grace he's still breathing.

Prayer chants...

Uncle, I am here to inquire about your health.

You killed my Uncle for the throne. And I killed you, Uncle!

Now Itaat Khan will be the new Sultan.

To become the Sultan, you need strong ambition and a stronger will!

Praise be to Allah!

The Sultan is conscious again!

Praise be to Allah!

Long live the Sultan!

Long live!

Greetings, My Queen.

The palanquins are ready to leave.

By tonight we must...-Tomorrow morning.

We will reach when the Khilji army is busy praying.

It will be easier to get to the King.

What are you doing, My Queen?

The map of Khilji's fort.

When Rajputs don the saffron colour, they bathe their enemy in blood.



You fool! Mind the wounds.

There's good news!

The palanquins from Chittor have reached our borders.

Queen Padmavati will reach by tomorrow morning.

Glory be to God!

Glory be to God!

She's arriving at a time when I am not in a condition to welcome her personally.

Don't worry Sultan. I will personally escort her to you, with great fanfare!

I will welcome her in the Sultan's absence. Not you!

If the Sultan wishes so.

Even I don't want any man to go near Queen Padmavati.

Her decision is apt.

As you wish, Sire!

The Empress of India will welcome the Queen of Chittor.


Islamic call to Prayer...

Inform the Queen of Chittor that Mehrunisa, empress of India, is here to welcome her.

You're truly a miracle of God!

Such beauty can even make angels have a change of heart.

The Sultan is only human.

And a culprit too.

As per my conditions, I will first meet the King.

And until he is set free, gora and Sujaan Singh will be by my side.

Please come this way.

All maids, step out of the palanquins.


Yes, Sire?

Can you see any wound other than my bleeding heart?


Remember, no guard should be around, when the Queen arrives.

Be rest assured, Sire. Your solitude will not be interrupted.

Islamic Prayer...

Greetings, Your Highness.

My King!

Has Mewar bowed down to the enemy?


Have you accepted the Sultan's conditions?


Then why are you here?

I am here to set you free.

Mewar needs you.

Empress, now that I have arrived. Please release him.

Most certainly.

Hajuriya, please inform the Sultan that I will bring the Queen to him shortly.


Now listen to me carefully. We don't have much time.

I will take you both to the secret tunnel.

It will get you across our borders.

Why are you helping us?

I am doing this for myself.

I am saving my Sultan from committing a heinous crime.

-The prayers will soon be over. We need to hurry!

You need to leave before the guards are back.

Wait, My Queen.

I won't leave without meeting Alauddin.

That could be dangerous for you.

Your life could be in danger too.

Allah is my protector.

For God's sake you must forsake this thought.

Empress Mehrunisa, I am a Rajput. We never leave with our backs turned.


King Ratan Singh! How did you get to my court?

I had warned you. You won't be able to stop the storm rising from Chittor.

I am so unfortunate. Each time I dream of meeting Queen Padmavati, you interrupt me.

And you're so unfortunate that I cannot show you my hospitality today.

You were never worthy of being a host.

Now you are not even worth being my enemy.

But you're still worthy, aren't you?


Today is your opportunity. Pick up this sword and sever my head.

Because if you leave me alive today, you'll regret it forever.

You're lucky your enemy is a Rajput.

We don't attack the wounded and helpless.

You are so nice! And so are your ethics!

You should learn some ethics too Alauddin.

They will make you into a human being.

My dear, there are no rules in love and war.

Without rules, your battle will be remembered as a blemish in history.

I will set that page in history on fire.

History isn't just written on paper which you can burn.

The day you're able to lift that sword we shall meet in the battlefield.

I am leaving with my pride, my Queen, from your fort and right in front of your eyes.

These wounds will take time to heal.

Until then my sword hangs over your head.

Ulugh Khan!

Ulugh Khan!

The Sultan has issued orders. Troops will be here any moment.

Please leave immediately through the tunnel.

Gora Singh, let's go.

You proceed, My Lord.

I'll stop the enemy's army from following you.

We shall meet at Chittor.

Hail Almighty!

Hail Almighty!



Dilawar! Seal the gates!

What happened Commander?

We've been deceived. The enemy is within the fort.




War Cry!

Bad news, Sultan.

The Empress has foiled our plans.

Queen Padmavati and Ratan Singh have escaped.

Is love written in my destiny?

Can you write it for me?


The glorious warriors who wielded their swords.

The brave-hearts who fought valiantly.

We salute the fearless Gora and Badal...

Who guarded the honour of Mewar.


Now what should we call her?

Empress or a traitor?

My own people have deceived me.

Itaat's arrows have injured me all over.

But your disloyalty broke my heart.

I loved you immensely but you betrayed me.

You took away my life's biggest dream.

Now I shall take away your identity...

...your imperial title, the joy out of your life.

Before I leave for Chittor, my last wish for you.

As I loved you immensely.

May you stay happy, prosperous...

... And blessed always.


Yes, Sire.

Before my rage buries her alive...

...take her to the dungeons.

As you say.

Before I leave, I'll make a wish for you too.

May all your dreams realise.

But your dream of getting Padmavati shall never come true.

-All hail Queen Padmavati!

All hail King Ratan Singh!

-My Queen...

The King and Queen Padmavati have entered the fort.

Everyone's making preparations to welcome them.

When everyone's busy welcoming them.

Then what should I do?

Welcome them. What else?

Queen Padmavati achieved what she set out for.

That is no ordinary feat.

So I'd suggest that you come along and welcome them too!

You're not going anywhere, Kesar.

Go and get me a needle and thread.

I will. But first I must touch Queen Padmavati's feet.

My Lord, we have all heard the legend of Savitri.

Who fought the Lord of Death and brought her husband back to life.

Today I've started believing in that tale.

All hail Queen Padmavati!

Welcome back, My Queen!

Today you must not cheer for us...

But those martyrs, who laid down their lives for Mewar.

Those who sacrificed their lives to save ours.

As long as Chittor exists...

... Gora and Badal's names will be remembered.

All hail the late Commander, Gora Singh!

All hail the brave Badal Singh!

Congratulations, My Queen.

You brought our King back.

You can look in the mirror again.

Now everyone will worship you like a Goddess...

We couldn't save Badal!

The Rajputs who lay down their lives in the battlefield never die.

They become immortal!

It was my son's duty to fight for Mewar.

He attained martyrdom.

Shedding tears for him...

I finally realised why Rajputs are called brave-hearts...

... Because they have such brave mothers.

This evening has come after a long time.

You must look your best when you meet the King.

Khusrau, the river of love, runs in strange directions.

Whoever takes a plunge, drowns, and those who drown, find a shore.


You're fortunate that you can narrate your pain...

...while I feel suffocated.

I cannot bear this failure anymore.

Sultan, what can I do to ease your pain?

As soon as we reach Chittor, write a message.

Maybe you can narrate my emotions with your poetic touch.

What do I write, Sultan?


I will only wait for one more night.

Fulfil the Sultan's wish, or else...

... Be ready to face his wrath.

-There you are!

What I feared has come true. Alauddin has returned.

This time with an even bigger army!

You rubbed salt on his wounds.

This was bound to happen.

Be patient Sultan. They will reply soon.

Give the Rajputs some time to think.

How much more time do they want?

They'll have no option but to present Queen Padmavati to you by tomorrow morning.

I will wait from now on...

Under the scorching heat?

I don't want to miss the moment when the doors of the fort open and she comes out.

I want to be the first one to see her.

Sanskrit Prayer chants...

Hail the Goddess!

What happened?

My sword looks stunning in your hands.

The sword is the most precious jewel of warriors.

It's our pride.

If it's our pride, then why are your eyes moist?

Do you fear that I might not return from this war?

Padmavati has never feared anything in her life.

Can I ask you for something tonight?

There's nothing more you can ask for except for my heart.

I can.

The right of Jauhar.

I cannot even die without your permission.

One heart.

One life.

I shall sacrifice for you.

There's me.

And my faith.

I shall sacrifice for you.

One heart.


What is this? I've never seen a weapon like this before!

It's time for me to leave.


It's the right time to move our army forward, Sultan.

Not yet.

The walls of the fort are crumbling.

Soon they will have no choice but to face us in the battlefield.

My Lord, the army is waiting for your orders to attack.

No, Sujaan Singh.

I will go alone.

But My Lord...

This battle is between Alauddin and me.

Sire, why is he riding alone?

To fight the Sultan, what else?

Shall I go...?


Only a diamond can cut diamond.

In every age, a war for righteousness is fought between good and evil.

Like the one between Lord Ram and Raavan, between the Pandavas and Kauravas and now between the Rajputs and Khiljis.

And each time, the good triumphs.

Today, thousands of Rajputs have set out to protect our dignity.

Chittor's walls have always shielded us. But today our soldiers stand guard.

For us, they are no less than God.

-When a Rajput fights for his motherland, the echo of his sword resonates through the ages.

-Whenever darkness engulfs the earth, -Rajputs sacrifice their lives to spread light and uphold truth and freedom.

No, Malik Kafur. This is against the rules of warfare.

All is fair for the Sultan's victory.

You could've at least fought this battle with integrity.

There's only one rule in the battlefield...




-If our brave-hearts attain martyrdom today, the enemy would still not be victorious.

Chittor will witness another war, one that is unseen and unheard of.

And that war will be fought by us women!

Our enemies shall watch how we turn our agony into victory.

It is time to reignite the holy fire that stood witness to our oath, that only death will do us apart.

We shall offer ourselves to the holy fire and perform Jauhar!

Those who lust for our body, would not even get their hands on our shadows!

Our bodies will be reduced to ashes, but our pride and honour will remain immortal.

And that will be the biggest defeat of Alauddin's life!

My Queen...

Our King is no more!

The time has come to don the veil of fire.

Shut the gates of the fort.

Shut the gates!



Hail the Goddess!

Queen Padmavati's Jauhar was the biggest defeat of Alauddin's life.

And Chittor's greatest victory.

Centuries later, the tale of her valour and sacrifice echoes in the heart of India.

To this day, she is worshipped as the Goddess Queen, the destroyer of evil.