Palasa 1978 (2020) Script







I beg you, please leave me...

....i dont know anything.


You are the only one to know about Vasu..

...tell me ...where is he ?

Which street is he performing at?

Please don't hit me...

He said he will perform in Udayapuram and Purushottapuram too.. *shrieks*


*playing drums*

*women screaming*

(indistinct chatter)

It's been quite long since i performed....

Do you think i can do it without panting?

No one from the surroundings can potray Goddess Durga's role as good as sure you can do it.


(engine revving)

( people screaming)


"Which village are you from Dear Lady...Which village are you from ?"

"Which village are you from?"

"I am from Palasa, Sri Kakulam District .."

"Do you want to visit Palasa, my Village?"

"What are the strengths of your village ? Show me the pride of your village?"

"Look at me and tell me about your village. Let me know all about it ."

"Which village are you from Dear Lady...Which village are you from ?"

"Which village are you from ?"

"Which village are you from Dear Lady...Which village are you from ?"


"Let me tell you greatness of my village.."


"Let me tell you greatness of my village.."

"Shall i play our famous instrument or..."

"Shall i show our beautiful hills around."

"Do you want to see the lush green lands with fully grown Cashew crops"

"on the other end of the lake which looks prosperous?"

"Do you want me to show the beautiful red lake with Cranes dancing around?"


"When someone says Cashew all we remember is"

"Palasa's greatness"

"This is considered as the White Gold, which"

"is much more valuable than yellow gold..."

"This makes a difference to any kind of dish when added"

"No matter who it is, they turn slave for the taste of this"

"Cashews and our hardwork all are offered to our dear godesss Manikinamma"

"All they know is to lift heavy weights and work hard"

"Unlike others who are about all materialistic things"

♪♪ *Crickets chirping*

(dog barking distantly)

Dandaasi, you fool !! Don't drink to your death.

Since the time he saw Ganapavaasu getting killed and his head taken away by some guy , he isn't normal.

Ganapavaasu warned everyone either to vacate the village or face severe consequences....

He is not a good guy, someone from the village must have got fucked up with his deeds and beheaded him.

He made Ambusoli village people suffer a lot... he got paid for his deeds.

(glass clanks)

(knocks on door)

He always used to brag how he always accompanied goons in his childhood and watched people being killed in gruesome ways, but today after watching Ganapavaasu being killed he is dumbstruck like this.

Is Vaasu dead ?? When ??

Just now, did you not hear ? *cries loudly*

(omnious music)

Mohan Rao has come back ...

He killed Vaasu and took away his head.

Is Mohan Rao alive ??

Only Mohan Rao can kill someone like this in one attempt.


Ask me what you wanted to know ??

Is he your friend? I heard he is dead.

I heard they never found his dead body.



"You are the guiding light for our ignorant souls...."

"You are the guiding light for our ignorant souls...."

"You are the equity to question the injustice."

Be careful, Take care.


*Drags Harmonium*

"Deep within....."

"Deep within..."

Our work is to load Cashews into the train without paying taxes to the government.

People from our colony are assigned to do this illegal job.

Pedda Shaavukaaru is our boss.

Dandaasi, why are we taking this long route leaving the route which we take everyday ?

Yesterday Police caught the Cashews in the station...

Mallesh came and took away the officer.

Rumour is it that Mallesh has killed the officer.

The route which we used to take is all chaos now.

Poor fellow, i am sure Bhairagi must have killed him by now.

You keep poking in everything....Your day is incomplete without remembering Bhairagi atleast once..isn't it ?

Bhairagi is very strong...we all should become like him.

♪♪ Whatever it is, even Police are scared of Bharagi and our boss.

Bhairagi is the force behind our boss.

I don't understand his love towards Bhairagi.

Oh really, why don't you lift that Bhairagi stone and show us your strength ?

Everyone can...

You think i can't lift it ??

Let's go, i will lift it and show you now.

This is the Bhairagi one know how it came here.

Bhairagi was the first one from Palasa village to lift this stone Since then none of them were able to lift it up.

Bhairagi is like the monster of Palasa...

It has been Mohan Rao's dream since childhood to lift this stone.

Bhairagi is from our caste but a strong person.

Though he is from a lower caste , our boss has been good to him just because he is strong.

Though he potrays to the world that he runs Cashews business...his illegal liquor business is taken care by Bhairagi.

(door squeaks) When something goes wrong, our boss used to get frustuated.

(omnious music)

(suspenseful music)

This fish tastes delicious.

Where is the one which you caught ?


If everything was good, you would have been sitting with us and having this delicious fish curry.

We would have been happily enjoying this meal.

What was the need for you to inform those Naxals about by Liquor business ?

Your brother is the one who made me do this.

I would have let you go if you revolted and told them.....just because you said my brother made you do this....i can't let you live anymore Satyam.

What shall we do with him Sir ?

He has left us with no choice...Kill him.

(omnious music)

Take him to Bhairagi.

Listen Mallesh...this time my brother should receive such a strong message that he should turn cold inspite of being next to his mistress.

(omnious music)

He is chinna Shaavukaaru, Gurumurthy...they have property disputes. Both of them wait for a chance to destroy each other.


Who the hell is that ?

Sir ... Yes, am coming.

What is it ?

Your brother caught Satyam.

Where is he now ?

They might have taken him to Bhairagi by now.

Take this money.

Should i check with Satyam once ?

What is left to check with a dead body ?

Leave the village and go away for few days.

You can come back once things are fine.

My brother will not leave this matter so easily.

(dogs howling and barking)

What is this?

(omnious music)

This is what happens when Shaavukaaru gets angry.

I heard Chinna Shaavukaaru fled away to some camp Brother, did you ever see Bhairagi ?

Why do always get excited about Bhairagi?

Are you singing in the competition tomorrow ?



That day was a singing competition for all the singers in the mandal.

It was also the most unforgettable day in Mohan Rao's life This was the same day Singer Mohan rao turned to be a goon Mohan rao.

I can still hear the song Mohan rao sang on that day Next singer is Mohan Rao from Ambusoli .

"Dear son-in-law do you want me to cook sweet dish or hot dish for you ?"

"Dear son-in-law do you want me to cook sweet dish or hot dish for you ?"

"Hot dish tastes delicious and sweet dish taste awesome...."

"Hot dish tastes delicious and sweet dish taste awesome...."

"Dear son-in-law should i make you chicken or mutton?"

"Dear son-in-law should i make you chicken or mutton?"

*Cheers& Applauds*

Sir wait...Why are you giving him marks? First, second and third places are to be given only for the wealthy kids.

What is the need to conduct the competition then?

Don't you know he is from the untouchable community?

So what Madam? I am also from that community.

That was the day we realised not just our community but our song is also untouchable ...Mohan rao wasn't given the prize that day.

Don't get disheartened for losing dear....You sang well amongst all.

wait a second..

You deserve the first prize.

Just because of coming from a lower caste, you will not win...don't stop singing.

Music and dance are in our lives...

It's in our blood..

Our songs are required only for Churches, gatherings, Birth and Death. sir... yes When he sang so well, why is not given the first Prize ?

The way people were cheering when he was singing, is the biggest prize.

The same day when Mohan rao took the insult to his heart, something else happened the same evening.

We couldn't take water from our well because of the dead body found in it, so we all went to the well where the higher caste kids took a get some water for drinking.

That was the day when Peddha Shaavukaru heard about Mohan rao.

(omnious music)

What is the matter ? All of you are carrying buckets here ?

We found a dead body in our community well... we don't have water for drinking , after you finish bathing we will take few buckets of water.

You want to take water from this well ? All the water will become untouchable once you touch them.

How will the water become untouchable sir? We have kids at home and no water to atleast cook food.

Stop eating food ...if we allow you now, you would get habituated and soon after we have to take bath in these water which you have touched and pissed in.

When we work in your factories and in your crops, why did you forget we are untouchables? I know how many untouchable women you have slept with.

Stop talking you and get the fuck out of here.

Is that the way you talk to women sir ? isn't it wrong ?

Dont you dare tell me what is right and what is bastard.


(suspenseful music)

Mohanrao had beaten the shit out of Naidu's son that day.

Mohan Rao listen to me...don't fight him... you don't know dad....

Don't hit him Mohan rao...don't do it leave him... get away from me

(pushes him)

-He deserves it. But he is from higher caste.

From today on, this well belongs to us....Tell this to your father. If anyone opposes this i will kill them you bastards.

How dare those untouchable who stay in outskirts of our village hit my son for our water ?

I got to know they work for you.

(Ominous music plays)

Whatever happened has happened..

Don't make a scene out of this.

If i talk to them about this, my business would be affected.

I will tell my people to dig a new water well can leave now.

Take care of your son.

(birds chirping) (suspenseful music)

Take care of your son.

Listen Naidu...

I am telling you guys again...don't make this an issue. I know when and how to react, get it ?

(water splashes)

Why did you talk to them like that , Dad ?

If we leave them like that, someday they will start attacking us too

(ominous music)

(dog barks)Stop barking...If hungry, this will not wait a second till i give it food

(Dog barks) (Suspenseful music)

Just because your mom is feeding the dog doesn't mean it is equal to us It's job is to safeguard us and our duty is to feed it

Beauty of power is knowing how and where to use it, you shouldn't be using it, just because you have it.

Now they will start using that water from that well...

Now the workers will work much harder thinking their boss did not say anything inspite of them doing this grave mistake

We will get a new well dug up, seeing this Palasa people will think i am such a nice person.

This is being smart.

Always remember we are from a community who makes a mess and they are from a community who clears...

(birds chirping)

(ominous music)

If my brother comes to know that i am coming here everyday at this time, he will start suspecting me.

Your brother is just jealous that i keep getting more programs than him.

If you weren't there, he wouldn't be fit to sing atleast at bhajans or in any gatherings.


You wouldn't sleep without criticising my brother atleast once in a day.

(romantic music)

Do we just keep talking always or....

....can't we do something else?


We would help Mohan rao and Lakshmi to meet everynight , while they were busy romancing i used to try my chance with Kanakamma.

I liked her a lot...

I don't know how but lakshmi's brother Muthyalu got suspicious about her affair with Mohan rao. sit don't need to give me respect in that situation too sit down You idiot....why are you roaming where women come to attend nature's call?

Did you see his sister and Jaggamma around ?

Did he come here to wipe her ass ? Can't she do it by herself ? come, lets move from here...If we stay here for a minute they might throw away those dirty water on us Be careful, there are snakes around everywhere Mutyalu, now a days i don't hear you guys singing....

All i hear is Mohan Rao singing.

We are singing around orissa.

We have a very good name in Orissa now a days Stop giving yourself fake credit, i always see you either sitting here or near that shop.

Fact is Mohan rao is a very good singer than you .

He creates a magic when he sings.

(sarcastic laugh)

He creates magic when he does something else. can he sing like my sister ?

They are coming only to see Gaajula Gowri dancing around... otherwise no one would go to watch brothers perform.

They are i will teach them a lesson.

(folk song playing) lakshmi yeah we are going towards the lake, do you want to join us ? yes, i will join you Hey...come here

(tense music)

Why do you need my sister to accompany you for nature's call ??

We thought maybe ..she also wanted to go ... she will go if she wants go ahead



Are you going to attend nature's call ? yes brother Why are you getting ready to attend nature's call ?

You don't even bother to get ready when we are performing.

I am just going to accompany Jaggamma...

How come all three of you want to attend nature's call at same time....of all Mohan rao and Dandaasi also attend the call at same time.

You think i can't see what's happening? Dont make me kill you both.

(crickets chirping)

Mohan rao, i can see my girl coming but not your's....what do you think has happened ? why are you walking like a catwalk model Kanaka?

Her brother got to know about you guys.

She will not come from now on.....infact neither of us will come.

(Splashes water)

What shall we do now, Mohan rao ?

If my aunt would have been alive, i would have got married to her by now.

Let's go and knock the door directly and check what muthyalu can do


We got to know that you are connected to Vaasu, who got killed today . SI has asked you to come to station now.

(ominous music)

(footsteps approaching)

Call those related to Ambusoli murder case .

Ok sir Hey, you from Ambusoli village, come here...Sir is calling you

(Tense music)

(footsteps approaching)

Who was there when Ganapavaasu was beheaded ?

I was there Sir, i was playing drums at that time We got to know your friend Mohan rao killed him Is it true ?

Sir, we were playing drums on the other side ...we did not see who killed and took away the head Mohan rao was dead long ago Sir How are you related to Mohan Rao ?

I am his sister-in-law If you are hiding the truth , you will get into trouble later If Mohan rao visits you or if you see him anywhere, you have to come here and inform us Okay Sir Let's go Gowri, why did you come here ?

How are you ?

Yes, i am good What is the matter Dandaasi ?

Sir has asked for us, so we are here..we will leave right now ok, go ahead come, lets go Greetings Sir!!

I am Satyanarayana, retired head constable I got to know you wanted to meet me please sit okay

It's just a week since i joined, i haven't settled down yet and...

Last night MLA Candidate Ganapavaasi has been murdered.

It's rumoured that old criminal Mohan Rao has killed him.

I heard you were working here at that time...i want some information.

Do you know those people who just left ? i know them sir She is Gauri, when she was young all the upper caste men used to eye her.

That guy's name is Dandaasi, he used to work at the cashew factory and also play drums.

Can you tell me about Mohan rao and his family ?

I know Mohan rao, his brother Ranga rao and his father Sundar rao .

I was the one who took up Mohan rao's first case.

Our SI Kondal rao left him without filing a case..

(phone rings)

...that was a small fight.

(phone ringing)

That was the first time i saw him

Why did you hit these guys ?

When we were playing run and catch, these guys came and said they wanted to play cricket We requested them to wait for few minutes as were playing the last game This guy Aachari, threw away all our belongings and abused us saying what are lower caste guys doing in this ground ?

We got frustated and hit them Sir Aren't you ashamed to play run and catch being an adult ? You guys will become normal when i give you police treatment Sorry sir, we did a mistake...but they abused our mothers and sisters too, so we raised our hands Satyanarayana, lock them up for 2 days and make sure they don't get food or water Sir, sir..please leave us...we have to perform at Jagannadh temple in the evening Yes sir, they are Poet Sundar rao's sons..very good singers Sir, please leave us was a mistake sir

(rings bell)

Okay ! you guys can leave now

So what kind of songs do you guys sing ?

We sing our Srikakulam songs sir, very energetic songs written by our elders Okay then, sing a song for me...if you sing well, i will leave you guys Dandaasi, let him sing...

Sir, can i use this as drums ? okay Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

Can you search around you, the necklace i have lost ?

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

(whistles & cheers)

♫♫♫ Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?


Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?



The time when your dear lover comes with beautiful flowers...

The time when your dear lover comes with beautiful flowers The time when your brother-in-law comes with flowers..

The time when your brother-in-law comes with flowers..

When your uncle comes with beautiful flowers...

When your uncle comes with beautiful flowers... my... my...

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?



When i get anklets for you...when i get ear rings for you....

When i get anklets for you...when i get ear rings for you.... the time when i get you jewelry and when i see you wearing that jewelry the time when you get me a new saree and the time when i wear that saree and come...

The time when i get a new saree for you and when i seee you wearing it ...

The time when you get me a saree and the time when i wear it...

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

Hey girl, can you search around you ,the necklace i have lost ?

(machines cluttering)

(pleasant music)

Listen Sister-in-law , it was all good before..atleast your sister used to talk to me, now a days she has even stopped looking at me One more time you call us sisters..i will not even respond to you Listen dear Caterpillar, don't forget... some day we both will have to become daughter-in-laws to the same house I will never step into the house where you live Did you forget roaming all around the village and romancing him ?

Her foolish brother, who works as a right hand for peddha shaavukaaru might have told her to stay away from me Anyway , this dear sister is very obedient to her brother, isn't it?

Man proposes and god disposes is what happened in Mohan rao's case this year Peddha Shaavukaru got scared of Naxals, left his Liquor business and got into movie hall business They opened the movie hall with the movie Bobbili puli That was the time when actor N.T.Rama rao established his political party and has been campaigning in every village This was the same time when Mohan rao and Ranga rao became murderers and Bhairagi heard about them

(distant chatter)

-I could get one ticket about you ? -I got one too

How many did you get ?

What is this ?

They gave only 3 tickets oh no..just 3 tickets ? how will they come ? let's go and check

(crowd chattering)


Are you Ambusoli Gauri ?

You are the one called as Gajula Gauri, isn't it ?

Yes sir, i work as a labour in your uncle's Cashew factory What's the matter ?

We are four , when we stand for tickets in that line we are getting squeezed by the crowd..can you give us four tickets please ?

You look so nice , i feel like ...i will give you the tickets for free...what will you give me in return?

We don't need it for free sir, we will pay you for that There is a room inside...will you come there after watching the movie ?

(ominous music)

Come, let's go Answer me, will you come ?

All the tickets are sold out itseems

(ominous music)

What happened ?


I asked him to help with the tickets and he is talking rubbish He is asking to come to the room if we want tickets He is asking Gauri to sleep with him

Sir, is that the way you speak to women ?

Lower caste women aren't prostitues..

How come you can sleep with an untouchable women ?

You untouchable.... (slaps)

All your women are born to sleep with me....what the hell can you do ?

Next time if i see you in my factory, i will kill you.... i will make sure you will not get work in any other factory

Here take this...

I expected you to come and hit him These are our community women...

Don't you know how much i like Gauri?

I did not expect this from you...

Didn't you see how we got insulted ?

(street announcement)

I am not a fool to leave the guy who hit you

He slapped you in front of so many people.. you are able to get up and walk... people should start talking about how badly have we hit him..

He shouldn't be in a position to wake up


Mohan rao did not forget how his brother and sister-in-law were insulted The same day when N.T.Rama rao campaigned in Palasa, both the brothers attacked Tarakesh with the sticks used in campaign

(motor whirring)

What do you want ? nothing sir.... you just wait get away ....

Break his leg first Don't you know how to talk to women...

(shrieks) leave him...he might die You Bastard, you think lower caste people are not humans... let me break your bones

Ranga it's enough..leave him.. let's leave now

(ominous music)


Bloody asshole..... enough...let's go now

Peddha Shaavukaaru got to know people from Ambusoli , who were afraid to enter his compound , attacked his son and hit him badly..this infuriated him He sent a word to Bhairagi

Will he survive or not ?

It will take time for him to recover from injuries and walk normally Nothing major but send him to Vizag, he needs physiotheraphy * weeping *

*loud wails *

Who did this and how many were there ?

They are from your Ambusoli keep quiet They had a fight about tickets near the Movie hall other day itseems....they broke my son's hands and legs


If people come to know that Peddha Shaavukaaru's son has been attacked, they will not be afraid of us anymore The only way to fill fear in Palasa people is to attack them both....break their legs On that note, my dear people....

Today's story is going to be narrated by the beautiful...gorgeous dear sister...


Let me tell you my dear brothers and sisters...these folk songs gives peace to the tired souls...

Hey brother.... yes tell me sisters....

You should talk less and sing more... start singing dear brother Oh, stop judging sister is the only one who can sing

(crowd cheers)

Just now 3 well versed singers have arrived....shut their mouths with your song sister


My dear lover has come..just look how handsome he looks

My dear lover has come..just look how handsome he looks


My dear lover has come..just look how handsome he looks My dear lover has come..just look how handsome he looks

He told me to come in a satin saree with flowers in my hair...

He told me to come in a satin saree with flowers in my hair...

When i got ready and went to meet him, he left me and ran away He asked to come in a nice saree and by the time i went ,he already left he came...he came...

My dear lover has come..just look how handsome he looks My dear lover has come..just look how handsome he looks

-hey brother... -tell me...

-do you want to hear something? -what ? there is nothing left to say...only few lines to sing..let me sing He put on a red shoe onto his left leg and black shoe onto right leg...

He put on a red shoe onto his left leg and black shoe onto right leg...

He asked me to come to an isolated place..when i went there he was in deep sleep He asked me to come to an isolated place..when i went there he was in deep sleep he came..he came...

My dear lover has come..just look how handsome he looks My dear lover has come..just look how handsome he looks My dear lover has come..just look how handsome he looks My dear lover has come..just look how handsome he looks


(laughs teasingly)

(cheers and applauses)

(Dogs howling distantly)

(dog barks)

(tense music)

Kill him

(birds chirping)

Mallesh got killed by Mohan rao Bhairagi got furious...he instructed all his followers to kill Mohan rao Mohan rao was arrested in that case Mohan rao who was in jail got bail.... Lawyer KaruNaidu gave him bail He was sent by Peddha Shaavukaaru

Mohan rao, sign this

sign here.

Isn't it funny .... inspite of this guy killing his man, Shaavukaaru has given him bail

Before hitting someone you should realise who he is are too young for all these...take care

Run away to Vizag or Kakinada...they bailed you to just kill you

Are you okay ?

Sundar Rao, Bhairagi is from your community,isn't it ?

Go and beg him to not kill your son To be on a safer side, meet Shaavukaru and beg him as well.

Anyways, in this situation getting out of Palasa is a big task

...make sure you don't get caught by their men...take care

(tense music)

(waves uproar)

Fearing Bhairagi, both Mohan rao and Ranga rao disguised themselves as women and escaped to Akkupalli

After 2 days Sundar rao met Bhairagi and pleaded him Bhairagi told him to get both Mohan and Ranga

Listen to me, apologise to Bhairagi and tell him you would never repeat it Ranga, he listens to you...why don't you tell him atleast ?

I will take go home okay

Let's go What happened ? Are you scared just by imagining Bhairagi ?

**Bhairagi stone**

(footsteps approaching)

Mohana, what is this ?

Do you realise what are you doing ?




(tense music)

Since childhood, i always dreamt about becoming like you Everyday i used to lift this rock and today i have brought it till here I do not have any enemity with Shaavukaru's son He insulted Ambusoli women, when my brother went to talk about it, he slapped my brother in front of everyone This made me angry and i hit him Mallesh tried to kill me I attacked him to defend myself and he died

This will never be repeated Please forgive us...this will never be repeated I am like your son..

If you want hit us...

Have some mercy on us, we are from the same community You think you can become goon of Palasa by lifting the stone i have

Rowdism doesn't mean being means being courageous


I promised Shaavukaaru that i will kill you both i can't leave you now do one thing...

Go straight to Palasa village, go around each and every street of the village announce infront of every house that it was a mistake to fight with Bhairagi's men and you would never do it.. understood ?

Until then....

--till then..he will be here, get lost now.

Wasn't it enough insult for us ?

Should we get insulted in Palasa too ?

Please leave us Bhairagi In that case i will bury you both here Get lost

(tense music)


When you can lift Bharagi stone....don't you think you can lift him too ?



See this...this is your stone...Bhairagi's stone

There is no more Bhairagi in Palasa.

Palasa will have only Mohan Rao. (shouts)

Go and tell your Landlord Bhairagi is dead If he tries to get me or my brother.... tell him, i will kill him too


With Bhairagi's death, Peddha Shaavukaru lost his power...

Mohan rao and Ranga rao went to police station and surrendered That is when Chinna Shaavukaaru understood how to bring his brother down

They work for me.....Because of some old grudge they killed Bhairagi...

Whatever it might be, murder is a murder..

I scolded them and brought them here saying it was a mistake...

Register it as an accident and close the case Sundar rao's sons came and surrendered saying they killed Bhairagi...


I am competing for coperative president this time...

KaruNaidu will be the MLA candidate....i need men

...there is so much of work to handle..

If i win , we both need each other

(suspenseful music)

Out of gratitude Mohan rao and Ranga rao started working for Gurumurthy who bailed them It was election's time Gurumurthy visited every house for campaigning Every polling booth was taken care by Mohan and Ranga Gurumurthy became co-operative president KaruNaidu who left Peddha Shaavukaru joined Gurumurthy and became MLA

Namaste Sir.

Sit down


Padma, get some tea.


I have decided to make our candidates list to contest for Panchayat elections Do you have any objections ?

When you and your brother are funding for your respective parties, why would we have any objection ?


From Baddu kottur, Sunnallakoru, Saasanam Dr.Dora from Kamma caste,will be contesting From Goppili , Kantragada, Renti kotagiri ...Kapu member Peenigatla Krishna Rao will be contesting From Tekkalipatnam, Rajagopala puram , Veerabadhrapuram...

Velama Caste member Yengili Naidu will be contesting From Ambasoli....

From Ambasoli, Taalapadra and Neelapuram

i have decided our padma will contest Padma has been with me...

I should do something for her Sir....

Don't worry Padma will take care of your Panchayat That's not the matter sir...Me and my brother know those villages very well...So it would be nice if either one of us will contest from those villages What the hell Ranga rao, don't you know what to speak ?

You and your brother already started eyeing on Politics,is it ?

How long do you want us to be like this Lawyer Sir ? We used to stick posters for your became MLA too We too have dreams sir You thought just by killing Bhairagi, you could get into politics ?

What did you guys achieve ?

Just because of your brother's support, you are able to stand infront of us like this Calm down Listen Ranga....we all need to talk something, you go out and wait Sir, this lawyer was with your brother...

You gained popularity after we joined you ...this guy came to you after us and became MLA too

When you have future plans for your mistress...

...why can't you do something for us ?

How dare you ?

If it wasn't for and your brother would have been rotting in jail You think you did a favour to us ? Din't we help you out ?

We made this lawyer win twice in elections Did you forget what all we brothers did for you ?

We killed people for you... we did rigging...

Are we not humans or don't we have dreams ?

How dare you talk to me like this ??

You untouchable dare you ??

Who the hell are you ? should be standing outside of our house... allowing you inside the house was more than enough...get out of here I will get you arrested by evening

(ominous music)

Okay, let's see.....

I will contest in elections this time.....from Ambusoli village Stop me if you can.


Did you fight with Shaavukaaru?

What happened ?

What is the necessity for him to get into politics now?

Do you think Shaavukaaru will keep quiet after the way you spoke to him ?

He will get you arrested.

Why are you quiet ? Answer me.

If we get arrested...Shaavukaaru also will be arrested.

Answer to my question first...

Go and beg him to forgive you.

How many times should we keep begging people ?

I spoke to him so that we can stop depending on people.

Why shouldn't we get into politics or shouldn't we win the elections ?

Did you forget that we are just rowdies ?

We are artists...not rowdies.

We became rowdies for them.

They became leaders with our help.

You have become oversmart....Let us go and ask him to forgive us. get up...

I know what to just leave me alone.

Stop acting crazy and let's go.

What the hell is your problem ?

Mohan rao..Ranga..stop..

Mohan rao..Ranga...

Mohan rao...Rangaaaa... *slaps*

* women sobs *

What the hell did i do ?

We are scared of our lives every second.

I asked him so that we could stop all this and settle down in life by getting married and having kids..i want to have peace.

I didn't ask only for myself...i want him to be happy too.


Be with that landlord.

You raised your hand on me, isn't it? You just wait and watch.

Don't go Ranga...Ranga....


I will take care of may leave.

Namaste Sir.

He fought with his brother, so ..we came to talk to you about it. sit down.

I wanted to get these brothers killed by hiring men from Kolkata, when they killed Bhairagi.

They made my son physically handicapped, I accept what he did was not correct..he shouldn't have spoken to women like that.

Bhairagi is a closed chapter.

Muthyalu has been working for us since his childhood...i can't say no to him.

You are the right candidate to represent our party from Ambusoli.

Am sure you will win.

You should do rigging, tampering and all but don't get your relationships in these.

Understood ?

Though you left my brother's group...he will not leave you.

No sir..i will not let my relationships come inbetween.

It doesn't look genuine if brothers representing different parties are staying in same house...leave that house and stay in my Cashew farms.

No sir...his father will not allow him to do this.

Whatever differences they might have ..both brothers should be staying in the same house...his father is very adamant about this.

All they have left is their father.

Politics is not a joke.... Nothing should go wrong.

I should regain my popularity.

When my brother comes to know that you have stepped into my house, he should be scared for his life

I will be there to support you...

Will you make me proud ?? tell me..can you do it ?

Yes sir...i will do whatever you want me to do.

You want to get those jerks who made my only son bound to wheel chair and keep them in this house ??

Me and my brother worked as street vendors selling sweets in this village.

My father once told us...he who can sell sweet to a diabetic patient, is the one who has succeeded in his business.

Labours work hard in our crops but it is we who enjoy the yield

..they get peanuts for the hardwork but we get paid by doing nothing.

Just because we have a knife in the house we can't go around killing our enemies...we have to find someone who can do it for us.

All you have to do to get your work done is, throw some treats at them...

Once the work is done you have to retreat him..understood ?

I will make sure these brothers and my brother kill each other .

Once they are dead i will make my son rule this place.

Pedda Shaavukaaru lived up to his word by supporting Ranga rao in opposing Mohan rao and Gurumurthy in Panchayat elections.

However Ranga rao couldn't withstand power and money of Mohan rao and Gurumurthy which resulted in him losing the elections.

Just because Pedda Shaavukaaru helped him in his low times..Ranga rao stayed back with him out of gratitude.

Muthyalu and Ranga rao used to take care of all the businesses owned by Pedda Shaavukaaru.

The day Tekkali Padma won the elections

...Mohan rao and Lakshmi got married.

Can you get up once ?

Where did you come from ?

Why did you come here ? Who asked you to come here ?

One more time you ask me this question..i will hit you hard.

Which village ?

Harishchandra puram, it's little far away from might not have heard about me...I am Mohan rao.

The day she was born, our parents decided to get us married to each other.

Had my aunt been alive...we would have had 2 kids by now.

Don't you know how we roamed around the village and how much we love each other?

Brother, please don't mind but it's just that we did not get married officially.... we are no less that wife and husband..try to understand what am i saying.

You just get out of here... you please sit down...

You guys are not going to understand this way, we both had sex almost around 1000 you still want to sit down?

Why are you staring at me as if i am dancing around naked ?

I am hungry ... serve me some food.

I used to feed you both from same plate since childhood..

*sighs* people used to say i have 2 sons who are there for each other always.

After they heard you performing they used to say, one got your voice and other got your skill.

There is not a single day passed by without me crying about your hatred towards each other.

Stop lecturing...nothing has gone wrong... have food.

You both have become enemies because of those Shaavukaaru.

You both are brothers... not enemies.

Leave all those aside and get back together.

Please sing and dance like before..i will be very happy.

Election committee has finalised dates for legislative assembly elections All the parties have fastened up their representative candidates selection.

Both the parties have got their Manifesto for Public welfare ready and are waiting to take it to public .

Along with leaders from Telangana, Rayalaseema and both Godavari districts Vizag and Srikakulam are also gearing up to prove themselves in this elections...

Get another plate.

You all go have lunch and come back. stay back.

Come and sit here.

Have you lunch here for today. ??

Yes, here.

-It is elections time.. -yes sir It will take time for Tarakesh to come back here from Vizag even after coming back... he cannot compete in elections.

I don't have dream to contest..all i want to do is support the contestants.

I spent so much money on Kamma and Kapu communities and made them powerful.. what's the use ??

That spineless fellow Karu naidu, who has zero guts has become MLA.

Padma, my brother's mistress has become a powerful lady.

Rumour is it that...Karu naidu is contesting as MP and Padma as MLA from that party.

I am planning to choose Dhora as MP candidate.

We have enough money..

All we need is a trust worthy person to be our MLA Candidate.

I couldn't help you out in Panchayat elections.. which is why i have chosen you as the MLA Candidate to represent my party.

That is a huge responsibility sir..i don't think i can live up to it.

Long ago Karu naidu came to me requesting for a loan of 20 rs.

You think he was born to become MLA ?

As you sow, so shall you reap.

You just contest...i will take care of the rest.

There is a small risk here.... until your brother is with my brother...we cannot defeat him.

Opportunity doesn't knock your door always you have to utilise it when it knocks..

It's time for you to make use of the opportunity if you want to grab this opportunity..your brother shouldn't be alive.

It's natural to think twice when you have to kill your own brother..

However if it's for our growth..then it isn't wrong.

Think about it....don't you want to get married and be happy with a family of your own?

One in a million gets an opportunity like this to become an MLA..think about it.

You think he would do it ?

All the wars on this earth happened either for power or for women.

This world is filled with Leaders who kill their own kids for power.. killing brother isn't a big deal.

Will you come to the lakeside ? I need to talk to you.

Today afternoon..i had lunch with Pedda Shaavukaaru in his house..along with him.

He is planning to make me his MLA candidate in these elections.

He asked me to do something if i want to become MLA.

You shouldn't be alive.... ...if i have to win.

He told me to kill you.

What did you decide ?



I have decided to kill.

what's the matter ? you are here so early ??

Did you come to buy fish ?

I thought about it sir....

Oh ! about that .. we will talk about it later There is nothing left to talk about sir...

If i just keep thinking without taking a decision... will hire some Kolkata guy


(ominous music)

Pedda Shaavukaaru's son Tarakesh came back to village from Vizag Karu naidu's plan made Mohan rao and Ranga rao go back to Gurumurthy Both the brothers have killed your brother and absconded It's time for elections....

I got to know that Dhora is contesting from our opponent party, who will be contesting from our party ?

What did you think about it Chinna Shaavukaru?

What's left to think about ?

My brother wasn't a God or something....

It was his destiny to be killed by them Whom all do we have in our party ?

Ranga rao, Mohan rao and their people.

Do you think Ranga rao will come back and join us after all that has happened?

Their caste might be low but not their self respect If Ranga rao doesn't join us..Mohan rao will not join us, which will cost us a fortune.

If either one of them contests as an Independent will cost us more than a fortune.

That doesn't mean we should allow them to be with us... it is like inviting our own death.


They killed him in a fit of anger... they don't have a place to hide.

If we help them in this situation...they will be grateful to us forever.

Do you think it's safe for us ?

You should call them.

I got know today morning that SI Kondal Rao has been suspended for not able to maintain Law and Order in Palasa.

Authorities thought it would be justified if new SI is from the same community and transferred a guy here.

I heard that he is very adamant and doesn't bend to political power...

...this time it is going to be a strict patroling at Polling booths.

New SI ?? What's his name ?

He is a...Sebastian

(suspenseful music)

(engine revving)

(church bells ringing)

Good morning Sir, we have been waiting for you at the station ground.

Satyanarayana...before i take the up my position, i want to go around and see the village.

By the time i come back to station, i want all the accused in the records to be gathered at the station.

Also get a whip..the one used for animals..let us treat them today.

( motor starts)

The first thing Sebastian did after taking charge was, feeding all the rowdies in Palasa....People never saw such a strange SI in Palasa.

I don't know on whose orders and why you did rowdyism in Palasa till now...

Everyone has a case filed against you... it would be great if you all work in some Cashew factories around...

I will mind my work.

Every 3 months,i will be inviting for this kind of lunch.

It would be great if the count of people gathering here is going down... you can take me as your new are all my new friends it's difficult to remember all of you.

You will have your hair grown in 3 months.. it's your call if you want to get it shaved like this or to maintain a new hairstyle.

Just because you are a Police we are quiet inspite of you getting our head shaved. This is Palasa careful.


Sir..Sir..please don't hit me...Sir..

Sir..please...please don't hit me..

I don't care if you belong to Palasa..remember i am Sebastian.

*Bell rings*

(footsteps approaching)

What is the status of the Lingamurthy murder case that happened in the market ?

Accused Ranga rao and Mohan rao are happily roaming around in the village sir.

Why were they not arrested ?

Pedda Shaavukaaru's son and wife have filed a case sir....

..but no one is stepping forward as witness related that murder.

Fear is stronger than anything else...

If that fear is erased one will hesitate to come forward and give witness in Pedda Shaavukaaru's case.

(water splashes)

(engine running)


(water splashes)

Fresh fish....Fresh fish Surmai..pomfret...Salmon Live fish at throw away prices

What's the price of these ?

15r Rs. per kg sir Do you have koyna ?

No sir..tell me if you want anything else ?

Will you give witness ?

What witness sir ?

All you have to say is you saw the guys who killed Pedda Shaavukaaru in the market....i will protect your life.

I did not see anything and i will not say anything sir.

What if something like this happens with you or your family ..will you just let go ?

You have to trust us.

-I will not say sir... -Sir...

I will say it....they might not trust you but i will....

I am willing to come and give my statement wherever you want me to give.

Sir, this is about the murder that took place in Palasa market on Feb 14th 1989 A Landlord called Lingamurthy was brutally killed by these two.

Are there any witness to prove that they killed him?

Case has been reopened only after we got hold of witness sir.

Witness is here today.

Tell the court about yourself.

My name is Jutthi neelakantham sir.

Did you see the murder of Pedda Shaavukaaru alias Lingamurthy ?

No sir

(tense music)

Huh..So,we are back to square one.

These cases will never be solved....we saw so many cases like these...let's proceed.

Police said that you saw the murder.

Inspector asked me if i knew Mohan rao and Ranga rao ...

I know 2 guys with same name from the shores sir...i thought he was asking about them...i have never seen these guys sir.

But you told us you saw these guys killing...

Do you have any other witness?

When they threatened to kill the wife of the guy who came to give witness...will he tell the truth?

Judge has ruled out the case because of lack of evidence....Both the brothers came out clean.












♪♪♪ Tarakesh, isn't your blood boil listening to the parade happening outside ?

Those guys who killed your father are roaming in the streets like Heroes

Your father used to sit here and do finance business...He was like a king of liquor business.

No one succeeded more than him in Cashew business in Palasa.

They brutally killed such a man in the streets and beheaded him.

Did you come from Vizag to smoke weed and sleep with prostitues?

Do you know what people are saying?

Are you your father's blood or did i sleep with....




To play chess all you need to know is how to play the game, you don't need to be smart.

I know how to play and how to be smart in the play.

I am Pedda Shaavukaaru's son..every wish of yours will be fulfilled...don't worry.

(motor running)

(ominous music)

(motor stops)

I was planning to come and meet you Inspector sir.

I am contesting in elections this time.

You should personally take care of the election security and help me win peacefully.

Elections will not stop for anyone..all i doubt is

....if you will be contetsing this time or not?

You have a very good sense of humor sir.

I have information from higher authorities that i will get my ticket confirmed by today or tomorrow.

I got information from my authorities too..a good news and bad news.

Your brother's son filed a petition addressing collector that a murderer should not be contesting in the elections.

Collector wrote a report to the government which made my head authority give me a strict rule that not a single drop of blood should be shed in Palasa elections.

If these both are seen in this will not be getting your ticket If i see them in this village , i will do an encounter stating they were disturbing peace and security of the village.... it's very easy for me to get an order for this.

You think we are your pet dogs you can kill....

Don't show your rowdyism with me.

I can beat the shit out of you and legalise my act.

I can give 100 reasons to justify my act..try raising your hand on me

-I will shoot you right here and leave. -Stop it Mohan.

What do you want me to do now ?

You just mind your cashew business..these both shouldn't be seen in this village.

If you do might get your ticket...This is the good news, If not, you wouldn't get your ticket and these both will not survive..this is the bad news.

My name is Sebastian, i will not repeat it....Mind you.

SI's words created fear in Gurumurthy.

He convinced Mohan rao and Ranga rao to leave Palasa for few days and come back after it's settled down.

(leaves rustling)

Once our boss wins, I will have to look into the eyes of the SI and tell him that his gun is useless to atleast scratch my back.

Shut up He is a Policeman and he hates us to death, which is justified.

Sundar rao was worried that his sons turned out to be rowdies and died out of depression.

Tarakesh was the one who planned to kill Ranga rao and Mohan rao.

He perfectly mastered in creating a rift between enemies and utilising the situation to his favour.

This time Muthyalu was Tarakesh's bait to his enemies.

See,I don't want to beat around the bush.

You have been working with us since my father's time, I know how honest you are.

I know he eloped with your sister, your sister ditched you and you lost your programs.

He is very happy under the protection of my uncle.

take this.

You deserve to be happy..

I don't have any one who is strong enough to support me.

My uncle got scared about what the SI told him and sent them away from Palasa.

It's time for me to plan and take revenge on people who killed my father.

If he dies, your sister will become a widow... it's my responsibility to get her married again.

I got few men from Burma camp.

All you have to do is win the trust of those brothers and bring in your it?

Here..take this.

If he isn't alive..i will make you the king of palasa.

If that doesn't happen then...

♪♪♪ Leave everything..we will stay back here. Let us get your brother and Gauri married. We all can form a group and start performing in programs again.

I can't sing anymore.... all those are outdated now.

It's all about record dances now, we don't know about them. My father has left Poetry

...we stopped dancing and started killing.

We should perform on what public wants to see... look at Dandaasi and your brother, how hard they have been trying to try those kind of dances.

Even if we learn ..we cannot play in those streets anymore Lakshmi.

We are in deep mess..

It's not easy to get out of this mess.

We never know when, how and by whom we will be killed.

I might look tough outside but i am scared for my life within.

All i want is... to leave this behind, perform like previous times, eat the food cooked by you and be happy.

It's not late...listen to me and leave all these.

You are an artist..our lives have been ruined by those Shaavukaru brothers.

They need our strength to lift their Cashew bags, they need us to sing in their gatherings, weddings and deaths.

We have to kill for them.... we did all they wanted us to do...they are happy..are we happy ?

It isn't the mistake of the one who made the sword...'s the mistake of the one who misused it.

I am not smart enough to think all these...all i know is to listen to what Shaavukaru says in the morning and sleep next to you in the night.

You have think about it...i will listen to whatever you say.

Do you think the one who is coming will listen to you?

Who is coming ?

We are going to have a baby.

You think you can become Heroes by dancing like this ?

Stop staring at me. Don't you have the courtesy to call me inside?

Mohan Rao, your brother-in-law is here.

If my parents were alive, they would have given her all that she needed.

I don't have anyone to tell me about rituals...i am all alone.

Whatever has happened has happened...I have to give you both new clothes in Mankinamma temple and offer a hen to the goddess. Shall we plan it for tomorrow ?

You think you will you be done just by giving us new clothes?

Get ready with some silver jewelry within 6-7 months.

You have so much to do as an uncle to the baby.

-Is it true, sister ? -yes.

Please take care of my sister.

"When you de-skin the feathers of the hen"

"all it keeps telling you is, how it has flown"

"all the way through the village to come to you..."

"..all it does is trying to escape..oh dear hen"

(hens clucking)

(birds chirping)


Mohan rao..take care Finish it off quickly

(birds chirping)

Though Muthyalu was an idiot, he was smart and a good human being.

He ditched Tarakesh and saved his sister & brother-in-law.

Tarakesh never knew what happened to the Burma camp guys.

Everyone thought Mohan rao has tore them to pieces.

I couldn't do anything mom, I couldn't take revenge on those who killed dad.

I am a loser mom...

I don't have enough strength, i don't know what do to.


I want to die mom.

Am unable to do anything to them with my limp..i just want to die.

You are the son of Pedda Shaavukaaru Think what would your father do in this situation.

Shall i tell you your mistake ?

You hired killers who kill for money.

Get up...

All you need is the one who can share your revenge, search for someone like that.

Your father calmed down after Bhairagi was killed.

After Bhairagi was killed, no one knew where his son has been.

I heard it from your father once that he joined Naxals.

After his father's death, Bhairagi's son Ganapavaasu alias Vaasu brother alias younger Bhairagi felt directionless.

He left the village and joined Naxals without any knowledge of revolt.

Younger Bhairagi thought it is good to be with Tarakesh rather than being with Naxals. He went and surrendered infront of District SP.

All the procedure was taken care by Tarakesh.

Inspector Sebastian was the only one who knew why he surrendered.

I heard you wanted to see me

I will come straight to the point.

Send some tea.

If you came here to change yourself well and good... i know din't come for that.

I don't want blood and Violence in this village.

I have an idea whom you are going to work for.

If you start working for that..i will start working on what i have to do.


What is this sir?

All i planned is to work in the Cashew factory and lead my life.

You called me to the station and are talking irrelevantly.

Vaasu, i know whose factory you are to going to work at.

Just remember this...

It doesn't matter if i shoot in Palasa or the forest... it is still called an encounter. Don't push me to that extent.

I will take your leave Sir. Take care.

Namaste Sir.


You both roamed around the village so many times and you are suddenly feeling shy.

Keep quiet.

Gajula Gauri feeling shy is like a miracle and we have been waiting to see it....don't you dare to spoil it.

Just shut up you guys.

Oh My god ...Ranga got angry, let her get married to you, she will screw your happiness.

Stop joking about such an auspicious occasion.

Looks like you both have become close to each other.

Look at them Stop playing around and get up everyone.

Ganapvaasu who was in the forests, has come back and joined Tarakesh.

There is something fishy happening in the village.

I feel Tarakesh , Ganapavaasu and Inspector have joined hands.

What are you saying?

When i went to tell the inspector about the reason for us coming into the village..i saw Ganapavaasu leaving the station after meeting the inspector.

Wedding is in 4 days. After that we are going to kill them.

We should kill them even before they plan anything against us.

This has been made in Barampur...we can't rely on it completely.

This is from Nepal, It's on a higer price, but will not miss the target.

I have ordered for four.

These are perfect.

You don't need to go near the person but can kill him without any hassle.

-Understood. -Yes.

Did you find out where they are ?

I have hired men to find out.

We are approaching towards elections.

Sir, Doctor Mandasa sir has come to meet you.

You can leave now.

I have called the doctor to talk to him about representing our party in the elections.

Will call you after am done talking to him.

Just because Ganapavaasu is with us, will we win the elections?

Your uncle's ticket is confirmed. Mohan rao and Ranga rao will be coming back to the village in a day or two...all these will not work out sir.

You don't need to spend a single penny doctor, I know that we can't win this elections but my uncle should know that we still have power within us.

Entire Palasa should talk about how i bounced back.

Which means this is like a lifeless marriage. I can't contest inspite of knowing that i will loose sir.

Trust me, Mohan rao and Ranga rao will not work for this elections.

What are you saying Sir ?

They are not just plant saplings to remove and throw them away..they are huge trees with roots buried deep inside. It's not as easy as you say sir.

Anyway i will not win and i will get into bad books of your uncle for contesting. Why should i go through all these? Please leave me.

Please sit down.

Just give it a thought.

For those who killed your father, its' not difficult for them to kill me if you uncle instructs them. Please leave me.

Inspite of working your ass off in the business and spoiling your health you are sitting here and begging these idiots.

You will spend our money, make someonelse sit on the throne and be happy.

Your father did the same mistake...

He kept all the low class fellows on his head and they beheaded him.

You don't know anything..just go inside.


Did i give birth to you or is it the other way around ?

I have been seeing all these since the day i stepped into this house as a daughter-in-law. I know them much better than you do.

Stop begging all those people. Go and plead your uncle.

Why not ? He is your father's own brother.

Tomorrow when he are the one who has to perform his last rites.

All of you wait outside... i have to talk to my brother-in-law.

Look at this fellow. Just like you and your brother did, he wants to feed money to useless people and make them sit on the throne.

He plans to make someone as your opponent.

Enough of the fights that happened between you siblings.

Didn't i take care of you like a son, when i stepped into this house ?

Did you forget those days when you used to keep chanting my name Gurumurthy ?

You both are the only ones left in our dynasty.

One day when you are still with your mistress and die

...he is the one to perform your last rites.

He is your family's blood.

He will make someone contest and you will kill him after that he will come to kill you...

I can't take anymore of these, which is why i have brought him here.

Kill him right here and also do me the favour of giving some poison and kill me.

I don't have patience to see all these anymore.




Hello Sir, This is Gurumurthy speaking.

Just a small change ...In these elections i will not be contesting representing our party.

My son will be contesting sir, Namaste Sir.

Padma, serve food to my sister-in-law and my nephew

Dear people of Palasa..

Hail Chinna Shaavukaru Hail Tarakesh Sir..

I will talk to the MRO tomorrow and take care of it...You can leave now.

This time there is no competition, Independent candidates who are contesting hardly get any votes.

This time we shouldn't be doing rigging. Sebastian will not tolerate it.

We need a favour's...

It's in your hands.

Just like Bhairagi was to my father..Vaasu is for us Uncle.

We are ready to do whatever you say, Uncle But there is one unfinished task we have to do.

They will never come back to Palasa again.

We are close to elections, don't do anything foolish.

What if those who killed my father and his father step into this house ?

Should i mingle with them as if nothing happened ? what do you want me to do ?

Elder one is getting married..

While they are busy preparing for the wedding..

...we should silently finish the task.

Tell me sir....

Are you having a soft corner becasue they are your men ?

You are my man now.

I don't have any affection towards them neither do i hate them.

Okay as you wish.

Be careful..

Both the brothers should be killed at once.

It would be very difficult if either one of them survives...just remember this.

What will you do ?

How many men do you need ?

We got the pistol from Barampur, that will take care.

We need 4 Pondur khaadi Lungis.

How is this ?

You look good in any color.

You take Gauri and your sister are going for a movie.

What about both of us ?

You can go with my brother.

Where is he ? He said he will come but he din't turn up.

He said he will distribute wedding cards in Bairpally, Gangavaada and head home.

Okay..come home early.

We are coming after a long time and you are making me watch this old movie ?

There is only one movie hall in this village unlike in our Village Palasa.

Even thought it's an old movie,it feels good if i watch it with you..keep watching

( we spent a lot on your studies , god will never forgive you )

Distributing so many wedding invitations for your wedding has become so painful for me.

Are you so exhausted ?

You are as heavy as a rice bag... my legs are almost swollen by cycling especially with you sitting behind me.

Take care of your legs, your brother has arranged for your first night on your wedding day itseems We will be done by tomorrow after distributing cards in Goppili and Garbandha.

Stop here..i need to pee, my bladder is about to burst.

( crickets chirping )

"my mother-in-law told me to go for swimming"

"and when i went she said don't swim..."

"her daughter is like a beautiful lilly"

(ominous music)

Ranga run

( screams)

(i warned you before, look what happened now)

(what a pain this is)

(i don't know why am i still dealing with all these)

(we are not worth as she says, we should leave the house*cries*)

(don't worry , just believe in god)

(*crying*, dont cry )

(i heard the baby crying, went up to take care of him )

*lights up the bomb*

(i din't expect this would happen)

(please don't get mad at me)

(don't take out this anger on.....)

(you are his new found love..i don't have any say in all these) *instant screaming*

*gun shots* *people screaming*

*lakshmi shrieks* Lakshmi... lakshmi..... *women screams* lakshmi.....lakshmi.....lakshmi..... *people screaming*

*panting* *gasps* i beg you..please leave me

*man shrieks* leave me


*heavy breathing* leave me

i beg you..please leave me..leave me lakshmi...get up lakshmi...get up

(resentful music)


*everyone cries*

They killed our Ranga.

They waited for us on the road and chopped him into pieces.


*cries* Ranga... Ranga.... lakshmi....... *cries*

*cries* *woman wails*


You missed the one who should have been killed.

You said you were an expert in shooting ?

You boasted so much about yourself...

Do you think he will leave us now ?

He might have got to know about the entire plan by now.

He will make sure he will kill all three of you.

The crowd present there started shouting, so....i had to run away from there.

Run away to some other place just like you ran away from there you don't have enough guts.

Just shut up.

No one needs to run away.... as i say.

Send our team to the theatre. Mohan rao will meet them.

I will meet you there. *hangs the phone*

Thinking that it will be late by the time you receive this..i have personally brought it.

What is this ?

Shoot at sight order.

Shoot the person as soon as you see him...

Government got information that a criminal called Mohan rao is planning to kill me and my uncle, based on that they have sent you this order.

What is the need for this order, when he isn't staying in Palasa ?

That idiot has developed grudge on us thinking we have killed his wife and his brother.

Please protect us from him, get hold of him and kill him.

It's an order from the goverment and i should follow it.

You wanted to shoot them long is the time...Thank you.

(resentful music)

*cries loudly*


Lakshmi...please get up You wanted me to leave all these...i will leave all these.

We will start singing again. *cries*


Brother who will play drums for me?

Look Gauri is crying..


Your wedding is in 4 days and you are sleeping like this....

Get up brother... *cries*

*cries loudly*

Lakshmi, whom are you carrying in your womb ?

How can you leave me without showing if it's a boy or a girl ?


Brother see...they killed my wife.

Get up brother..let's go to the Shaavukaaru. *sobs*

You still want to go to Shaavukaru??

Both Uncle and nephew has joined hands together.

Your dearest Shaavukaru is the one who sent them to kill you both.

They don't need you both...

*panting* *sobs*

Mohan rao.. became all alone.

There are men roaming around to kill you.

Complete the rituals first.

*cries* *panting*

Rituals will happen only after i kill those three.

( Breathing heavily)


Muthyalu....get up...



*cries* get up..

*cries* *panting*

Are you hiding here? Bloody bastards. *gasps*

I left this village only half alive..

Now you killed me completely.

You killed my entire family.

Did we get into your houses or slept in your rooms ?

We even started living somewhere else...what was our mistake ?

Will you not let us live ? Mohan rao...

*Gun shot* *Shrieks*

Kill this bastard sir...

You wanted to kill us ? see what happens now.

You also have an order..Kill this ass hole right here...kill him I am a government servant not your personal servant to do whatever you say. We have our own procedure.

Come on, move.

(engine revving)

Long ago, you said you will kill me..kill me now.

We haven't come far from there. Leave me for an hour I will kill all three of them and will come to you for surrendering.

You think i am an idiot to trust a goon like you.

Rowdies like you should die in such unfortunate ways.

(tyres screeching) (engine stops)

*Gun shot*

(sir, we have been receiving reports of trees falling down because of storm.....)

How did Ganapavaasu become so powerful that he became a MLA ?

I heard Gurumurthy and Tarakesh are powerful men in Palasa.

What happened after Mohan rao was killed ?

Rumor in Palasa was that...they made sure Mohan rao's dead body couldn't be traced.

After Mohan rao was killed, SI sebastian did not keep quiet.

Devadas, who was an eye witness in Ranga's murder turned in favour of Landlord for money.

Dandaasi and Gauri did not receive any justice.

After few visits to courts regarding the case..SI Sebastian got transferred.

*Breathes heavily*

Palasa changed a lot after that.

Gurumurthy became very powerful in Politics, Tekkali Padma became a MP.

Tarakesh used to represent the ruling party,contest from Tekkali or Palasa and become an MLA.

They became powerful Financially and Socially but Ambusoli was destroyed.

An year ago Pollution Control Board brought in a G.O Gurumurthy gave his word to rest of Landlords that he will get them land allocated near Palasa for constructing Cashew factories.

Everyone knew that Gurumurthy will be receiving crores of rupees for this.

Uncle, we don't have so much land here We have Ambusoli. Ambusoli ?

Why would they vacate it and give it to us ?

Do you think they would allow us there?

We will not go there. We will send Vaasu to that place.

Vaasu is their man, he is from their caste You don't worry. There is no one now in Ambusoli to oppose us.

How do we deal with Vaasu ?

We will make him MLA.

You think they wouldn't be happy if someone from their caste will become an MLA. We will nominate him from SC Quota to contest from Palasa It is our responsibility to make him win.

Once he wins, it is his responsibilty to get entire Ambusoli vacated.

Vaasu warned Ambusoli villagers to vacate the place in 6 months.

He decided to submit nomination from SC Quota Those landlords celebrated as they were getting land at cheap cost of Cashew factories Ganapavaasu had a long pending desire to perform and potrayed Goddess Durga in the celebrations inbetween all these he got murdered.

Sebastian killed Mohan rao but he is alive. Which statement is correct ?


You are watching breaking news...

Titli storm has taken a dangerous turn in bay of bengal It is travelling at a speed of 300 km/hr towards Kalingapatnam Meterological department has warned that districts of Orissa, North Andhra pradesh will see heavy rainfall and severe loss might occur It's been 12 hours but Police couldn't find a single clue in the brutal murder case of MLA Ganapavaasu of Palasa, Srikakulam District.

Old criminal Mohan rao...

You are sitting here leisurely and having a chat with retired policeman?

Who is the new SI ? Are you the one ?

Mohan rao is the one who killed Ganapavaasu and kidnapped my uncle See, they are telecasting in the news too.

Will you arrest him or not ?

We are investigating on that.

People say Mohan rao was killed in encounter. You are saying he is alive.

He is not dead. There is an eye witness.

Devadas, who was hit by him is still in the hospital, you can go and enquire him.

Within an hour my uncle should be back at home.

Remember...i don't care if Police catches him or my men,i will kill him This news has come out very lately...details say that a girl from Vizayanagaram, belonging to an upper caste....

(Thunder storms)

Someone light the candles.

( Thunder storms)

I don't get it. You keep saying Mohan rao is dead, he says he is alive.

Where should i go and whom should i catch ?

(Mohan Rao)You don't need to go anywhere or catch anyone.


(raining heavily)

(ominous music playing)

This is the Chinna Shaavukaru....

This is Ganapavaasu.

Mohan rao, is that you ?

Are you alive ? what people are saying about you ?

I was telling him your story all this while.

It feels good to hear my story from you Sir In your story Mohan Rao was dead..fact is i have been dead long ago That day was like rebirth to me and death to Mohan rao


Our birth is termed unfortunate and now our death should also be unfortunate ?

We were not killers by birth...

...we were born in a caste who performs dances infront of dieties.

We were not allowed into temples...

We were seated seperately in school...

We should neither enter their vicinity nor ask them for some water.

We lost hopes and that is when we realised we can survive only if we scare them.

Every person has a story , a struggle. Did everyone who struggled in life turn out to be like you ?

The struggle you are talking about is not comparable to the struggle what we go through.

Visit the homes of untouchables who are restricted only to outskirts and hear their stories, you would then understand our stories and struggle.

I also come from a similar background...

...we had many more restrictions than you.

I was born into a family who used to clean shit of rich people My parents were hired to clean the shit... but my father joined me in school saying i would become strong if i study.

When i was sitting outside of the class instead of sitting inside and studying i realised our food, water everything is different. I understood we don't have basic rights a human deserves.

I felt bad..i used to cry, i felt like killing everyone.

My father used to show me the statue at the junction and said he was also born in our caste. He faced more struggles than us One hand of the statue had a book and other pointed towards a direction.

He used to tell me that only way to reach the destination he shows is by studying.

I felt he is our god because no god was born in our caste to listen and understand our struggle.

I studied taking him as inspiration.

Government gave me this job.

(engine revving)

No matter which caste the criminal belongs to, i have the power of going to his house and arresting him.

This is the power education has given me.

This is the kind of power to get equal with them.

What did you do with the power you got ?

You came to shoot me obeying their orders they are the ones who made that case who is going to shoot them ?


Do you think this problem will be solved if either of us kill them ?

Since ages, this has been written as our fate with our blood and their hands. Will this be erased ?

4 years ago, 6 of them were killed in Karamchedu

30 houses were burnt 2 years ago...

An year ago, here in Vizayanagaram..they all united and killed a man from our caste One from us is killed everyday in this country citing reasons like he sat infront of them or he stood infront of them.

Did people from the familes of dead started taking revenge ?

I don't care about all those...leave me I will kill them or kill me It's not them who should be killed their thoughts should be killed.

They want us to be like this.

The mark they have put on us saying we are untouchables and are less than them should be erased.

What about my revenge ?

I can't live with this grudge.

I will take care of your revenge.

As per Law, i will make sure they are behind the bars With this grudge and thoughts about how my wife and family's killers are alive ....i cannot be live ( Cries).


You are are dead as Mohan rao Now start living like a human.

What is Mohan rao left with ?

He has no programs , no money and no family left you are dead as Mohan rao.

There are so many Mohan rao's like you in this country listen to their struggle.

Make warriors who will raise their voice against those who divided humans on basis of caste , who made us fight within our people , who made us deprived of education and money so that we will be their slaves forever.

This is not just your revenge, it is the revenge of all the them who has been struggling with this caste disorder This is the revenge which is legal and also justified.

If needed all the higher castes in the village become united, when they can do it why can't we unite.

You and me are the same..i will leave you As a guy from your caste, i promise i will not rest till i get them behind the bars .

Incase if i lose , i will inform you wherever you can come and take your revenge.

Mohan rao....

Remember, you are not Mohan rao. From this second you are one amongst those who have been cheated by them start living like a human, search for people like you, remind them about our art and skill.

Do your bit in uniting our caste people who have been divided by higher castes for their benefits.

Study till you understand all these things.

Go...i hope you will not make me call for you again

(gun shots)

(Mohan Rao)With a heavy heart and soul filled with revenge.. without knowing my destination, i roamed the country.

♪♪ I visited Sunduru ,Kambhalapalli,Muthangi, Bihar,Rajasthan People from lower caste were harassed all over.

Finally, i reached a place where i found people like me.

That's where i found my passion again.

I started singing again.



I studied...

I studied for my people, I studied for my community.

25 years later, I received a call one day.

I lost it Mohan rao. You are my ray of hope which is why i called you.

You made a person like me can you loose sir ?

To keep up my promise to you, i have been visiting the court for 25 years.

They used money, power and their men to make sure evidences were buried.

They killed few witnesses.

Nothing has changed there.

The kind of change i expected never took place... neither the violence stopped nor the humiliation.

By the time i filed a case there were many cases against them..none of them got justice.

They reached heights in terms of money and power.

They were capable of buying anyone and anything. I lost the case .

Court has finalised they were innocent.

I retired from my services.

The system i believed in, did not stand with me.

(engine stops)


..You have been roaming around for this case since 25 yrs. What did you achieve ?

Do you think you could win against our caste?

They are always like dogs infront of our houses, the only difference is... they are like those street dogs and policemen like you are like our pet dogs.

You have lost the only case against us...what will you do now ?

Do one thing...

Come to Palasa. We are vacating Ambusoli,the place where your community people stay and setting up Cashew factories in their lands. File a case on that and you can pass your time till death roaming for that case.


...You are destined only to clean our garbage, drainage and our shit.

That is how we stay clean and that's how you survive Understood ??

What are you going to do now ?

Look at that....i have named it after you. It's called drive the car.

Go kill him and take revenge.

As a police and a person who has huge respect on this constitution i can't do it Only Mohan rao can do this.

Law and order couldn't have done anything Nothing has changed, i accept. It will take hundreds of years to change I have a hope that it will change sir.

We both will not be alive till then. There has to be a voice to question them.

We need our people to be that voice, we will have our people only when we have our land.

I will kill them to show that we will not keep quiet if they take away our land and set up factories there I will kill them so that they can hear our voice Where are they now ?

Vaasu is completing his Vow in Manginamma temple.

Chinna Shaavukaru is enjoying with prostitutes.

You take care of Vaasu, i will get Gurumurthy.

( Drums playing)

( devotees shouting)

( whistles and drums playing )

(crickets chirping)


( distressed breathing )

(ominous music playing)

If i was old Mohan rao, i would have beheaded Tarakesh too and got the third head here.

I did not kill them for revenge, i killed them for my people.

I killed for protecting our lands, for raising our voice They should live and also should we .

Mohan rao's like me will not be formed when my people can study without committing suicides in Universities, when they don't kill our children for marrying their children and leave them alone..

When you realise that you and us are Human beings When you understand the discrimination in not creating god to stick Ekalavya's finger back to his hand and creating a god to stick Lord Vinayaka's head, When that equality is achieved, people like Mohan Rao will never arise.