Pancharaaksharam (2019) Script

In the 11th century, while the Cholas were busy expending...

...their borders and taking over the southern region,...

...the people who lived happily in a small and beautiful village... the hill was not aware of this mighty power.

One man in the village who chose to see... in a different perspective,...

...wanted to know the true meaning of life.

He decided to travel and learn about life.

He fought all challenges that came his way boldly...

...and continued his journey. During his travel,...

...he saw many historic events take place.

He headed to a land flanked by the sea.

He was amazed to see mountain ranges that went on and on...

...with no end or beginning. As he was heading towards them,...

...he fainted due to hunger. A sage who came that way,...

...gave him protection and taught him everything,...

...from the beginning of time to the end,...

...beyond language and creed.

Upon learning what he was looking for,...

...he travelled to many nations and continents,...

...he learnt their languages and skills,...

...he understood the believes of many groups of people.

He read many books in various languages...

...and understood the truth about this life.

He realised that the epics that took place could happen again.

He decided to return to the place where he first started.

With the power of the five elements,...

...he predicted the future in his time.

He then wrote a book he believed would act as the wheel of time.

When he realised his time on Earth was coming to an end,...

...he gave the book to a common man and said,...

..."The page you turn to will point to you the direction of your life."

Upon giving him the book, he went seeking for liberation.

Many years later,...

...a king who realised the power of the book,... hold of it and read the first line in the book.

The king who did not have a child for a long time had a son.

He realised how powerful the book was.

One night, he had a bad dream. He took the book and read it.

He realised from the book that a catastrophic event...

...was about to happen. As he read further,...

...something else caught his eye.

The king realised the catastrophe that was about to happen...

...could be prevented with the help of the 5 elements.

He picked 5 bright men from his court...

...and found strategies that could help him win the war.

When the people found out about it, they got worried.

They thought the book was evil and tried to destroy it.

Just as the king anticipated, war loomed ahead of them.

The king who wanted to preserve the book even after his time,...

...gave the book to his wife and son and sent them out...

...through a secret passage in his castle.

The book's journey continued.

A beautiful dawn...

Bright yellow flowers...

Flowers that whispered timidly...

Kite that lost its string...

A vast green forest that blows a kiss...

Birds whispering down yonder...

No, chirping away...

Rise as a wave, spread across like a field...

Deep blue sea...

Everything before me...

Breathtaking views...

Hey Jojo, which direction shall we head to?

So, it's Bangalore Let's find a partner for you, Jojo.


You know who is missing it. Again, once more from the top.

One, two, three, four!

Did you go through the music sheet?

I'm asking you if you did!

Yes. -What's the beat?

One, two, three, four.

Can't you maintain this?

Again. -One, two, three, four!


Where did you get him? -Get off his back.

This is the 6th time, dude. And you want a studio!

What happened to you? Aidhan!

Are you a psycho? Why are you yelling like this?

What's your problem now?

It's not even 11. You're going to kill yourself if you keep boozing!

If you booze and yell this way, no one will come.

Can't you play without boozing? -Say anything you want about me.

But if you talk about my music, I'll break your face.

Won't you listen to anyone?

Okay, the guys are waiting. Say a few nice words to them.

They are very upset.

Hey, did you speak to Jeevika? -Who is she?

The volunteer. She spoke to us about the charity show.

I'll speak to her.

Happy birthday to you. -Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to Jeevika.

God bless you.

Help yourself. -Thank you, uncle.

Don't get me wrong for asking. Won't you get a gift...

...for your friend when you come for her birthday?

Uncle, your daughter took the cash we kept for her gift to do charity.

All this while, she only donated what she had in her pocket.

Has she started taking money from people to donate?


Dad, that's enough. How much will you eat?

I asked for Rs50,000 to go to Bangalore, right?

What happened? -Why Rs50,000?

Here, you can have Rs100,0000. But on one condition.

What is it? -People donate on their birthday.

Spend this money on yourself for your birthday.

Okay, dad. I'll booze and party all night long.

Hey! Why are you going to Bangalore all of a sudden?

I told you there's a concert. Have you forgotten?

Does my girl go for concerts too? -That's for charity too.

I thought as much!

So, the Rs100,000? -That's it!

Do you know who I had to speak to? The commissioner.

I was given pressure because of the news you published.

I had to beg people. -What did I do, sir?

Sameera, the news you published is so sensitive.

And you published it in our company's official website.

But we took the pain to gather the news for the public, sir.

Do you know how tough it is to run a Tamil daily in a different state?

That much of political pressure.

When we became journalists, we knew we'll face these problems.

Our society is slowly getting destroyed by this dark web.

Human trafficking, drugs, they do all the wrong things there.

People must know about this, sir. -Sameera, don't be over dramatic.

Try to understand. This is present day journalism.

That is why I decided I don't want to be part of this journalism.

No matter where you work, you must abide by the term...

...'conditions apply'.

An independent writer will not have any terms to comply, sir.

What do you mean?

Yes, I'm working on a book. It's a surprise.

Once I finish the book, I'll come and see you with the first copy.

It's a charity concert. Please come.

Your music will not end...

Your memory will remain in my heart...

I am not myself anymore...

Because of you, my love...

In the depth of your tear...

The wound in your eyes...

Under the stars...

I will see you...

In a country that we have not seen...

In a distance that you will not hear...

Even if you go there, my love...

I'll come looking for you...

I'll remain within your sight...

My day will not dawn without you looking at me...

You're the girl who won my heart...

The girl with my life is attacking me...

The girl with my life...

In my world...

My burden is increasing...

On my shoulder...

Wounds of loneliness...

The days that I lost are coming back to me...

Love that wilted is blooming again...

Shed feathers are back in place...

The doors to all the directions are open and inviting me again...

Your relationship will not end...

The feeling in my heart is alive...

Sky which is not blue...

It is not there, my love...

I'll remain within your sight...

My day will not dawn without you looking at me...

You're the girl who won my heart...

The girl with my life is attacking me...

The girl with my life...

The girl with my life...

Brilliant! Amazing!

Great, right? -Out of the world.

What's his name? -Aidhan, from Chennai.

Do you want to meet him? -Do you know him?

I'm the organiser. -Can you arrange a meeting...

... with him? -So, can you fill this up?

Hi! I'm Jeevika. -Hi! I'm Sameera.

The show was really good. -Do you want to meet him too?

Sure, why not? -Can you also fill this up?

It's for charity, guys. Thanks.

Hi! -Hi!

Who? -They wanted to meet you.

Hi! -Hi!

You were really good. -Thank you.

That was really deep. Hard to find genuine emotions.

Did you write the lines yourself? -Yes.

You've been through enough I guess. I can empathise with you.

One song and you know me already? -No, I didn't mean to offend you.

It takes one to know one. Someone who has really seen pain?

And you are? -Sameera.

Can't you speak Tamil?

No, we are Tamilan. -I'm from Chennai.

Then why the show? Praise the man in Tamil.

Brother! I can still hear your song.

Give me your hand! No!

Are you in a meeting? Did I disturb you guys?

No! -I don't care if I'm disturbing.

I'm Dharna. You are? -Dushyanth.

Okay. You? -I'm Jeevika.

The organiser of this event. -So?

You? -Nothing much to say about me.

Aidhan, let's go. -I'm enjoying my father's money.

What do you do? -I'm a traveller.

Do you have a tourist agency? -Travel. Travelling.

Do you speed? -No, not racing, just travelling.

What's the difference between the two?

You only look at the road when you drive.

Okay. -We look at the world around us.

Our whole travel is a destination.

Fantastic, brother! Give me your hand.

Are you also sponsored by your father?

No, I write my travelogue on the Internet.

I go places where people seldom go,...

...I take photos, give a description and publish them.

I get more support from the people now.

What name do you use to write your travelogue?

”To Sky and Beyond. ” ”-You wrote an article...”

...on the Himalayas, right? -Yes.

It was great. The details were intricate.

You're good. -Thanks.

What do you do? -I'm a writer.

Not yet. I just quit, I'm preparing to write my first book.

What sort of books?

Mostly intense, psychological thriller.

I have content. I'm looking for a way to turn it into a novel.

Sounds interesting. -Great. Are you guys serious?

A writer, traveller, musician and loafer.

Hello! Excuse me! -The toughest is being a loafer.

Well said. -I wanted to meet...

...different characters like you. And to do so on my birthday.....

Happy birthday. -Happy birthday.

Thank you. -What about a treat?

Okay, I'm leaving. I'm very tired. -Where are you escaping?

No, that's not true. I'm just a little tired.

You'll go home and booze. Drink with us today.

My treat. My daddy will pay for it, brother.

The concert is over. Let's go.

Okay. -Where are we going?

I know a place.

Guys, it was a wonderful evening. Totally unexpected.

We should keep in touch. Okay? I'll make a move.

Yeah, even I'll make a move. -What? You're leaving so soon?

We just met and became friends. Why are you leaving so soon?

What work do you have?

You've resigned. You're going to ride all your life.

It's fine to hang out one day.

Why are you leaving as if you work in an IT firm?

Sit. Brother, give me your number.

I don't use a mobile. -I bet it is somewhere here.

Give it to me. -I'm not joking.

It has been 8 years since I had a mobile.

What? No mobile for 8 years?

What if you get lost somewhere? -Then I'll find something new.

It's brilliant. You're like a bird.

Completely free. I want to live like that too.

But how is that possible? -What's stopping you?

Go after what you like.

Not everyone has the privilege of getting lost.

There are lots to do in life.

Brother, how do we contact you? -Why do you need to contact me?

Aren't we going to meet again? -We will meet again.

I have faith in that. -Where, when and how?

If we really want to meet, we will.

This is too much to bear. -Fine.

Are you planning to get lost again or do you have a plan?

I have a plan. It was like 6 years back,...

...I don't remember exactly.

A lane meant for one to walk.

A 1000 feet ravine on either side. Clouds floating all around us.

And I'm walking on it. -Wow!

It's like floating in the air.

When you stand there and watch the sun set, what a feeling!

I can say, that's the closest to heaven on earth that I've seen.

It's a great feeling. -It'll be great to booze there.

Shall we buy booze here or can we get it there?

There's a liquor shop near the tree.

Drink as much as you want. Guys, I'm in.

I'll come too.

Excuse me, I didn't say I'll take you along.

I never go anywhere without my Bullet.

You can ride ahead of us, we'll come behind you in our car.

Then it's fine.

Guys, are you serious? -Yes.

No, I have a concert in a month. I can't, I'm sorry.

We got together because of your concert.

How can you not come? You must come.

You must come too. -I'm going to the restroom.

Will you? -No, I don't want to go.

I'm sure you do. Come.

Are you joking? You just met them. And you want to go out with them.

Are you really that stupid? Or just acting like one?

Hello! I'm not stupid, okay! I know people.

And I believe in my intuition.

I haven't been out with strangers either.

But somehow, I trust them. You said you're a writer.

Why think so cheaply? -There are many types of people.

You can't judge anyone when you meet them first time.

One should not judge negatively like you.

Just look at them. I find them genuine. Don't you?

I just want you to be careful. -If you really care about me,...

...come with me then. At least take care of me.

I've never done anything like this before.

Don't think too much. Please come with me.

Okay. -Do you want to use the loo?

No. -Okay, let's go then.

She is also in. -That's great.

The bird's cooing has become music...

The sky will shower upon this beautiful land...

The river flows alongside life...

The moon in the sky will be our companion...

Silence is our language...

Silence is our understanding...

Beyond language, we understand the heart...

Bonds are established...

The river makes the land happy...

The flower that has bloomed will jive with you, love...

We stood like cloud in the wind...

We live upon changes...

We live secretly as the mind wants...

The colours of life sing...

The heart will fly away...

Silence is our language...

Silence is our understanding...

Beyond language, we understand the heart...

Bonds are established...

The river makes the land happy, love...

The flower that has bloomed will jive with you, love...

The bird's cooing has become music...

The sky will shower upon this beautiful land...

Silence is our language...

Silence is our understanding...

Silence is our language...


Sameera, it's fine to quit.

But you could have written the book while being a reporter.

I'm writing the book for a reason, but I didn't quit for that.

We took a sensitive statistic.

But we were told not to publish it in the papers.

That is the reason. -What's the sensitive news?

The number of girls abducted and how many are rescued... the police, we had the data for the whole state.

They said we couldn't publish it. -And?

I published it on their official page.

That's great!

You're the best! -What do you mean?

Can anyone idle around?

Tell us the truth. What's your passion?

I thought about it, brother. There is nothing like that.

I'm sure there is something. What do you like?

Cars mean the world to me. I just love cars.

When I floor the gas pedal, adrenaline rushes inside me.

There is an eternal feel. Nothing can match it.

My mother thinks negatively about me and worries a lot.

What about your father? -He's a multi millionaire.

He doesn't think much about me.

He's so confident that whatever I do is a waste.

So I don't think much about it, I just roam freely.

I am myself only when I drive.

You're so passionate about it, why didn't you pursue it?

There is no need for me to prove to anyone.

Brother, I was like that too.

But someone very close to me once said...

...we have a passion. All of us do.

We must find it, identify it and make it happen. That's our duty.

I'm not as passionate as you.

Don't keep teasing me. Leave me alone.

Aidhan, you are after something with a vengeance.

We can't decide everything we want in life.

Take it easy, it will lead us to it.

I didn't expect to be here today.

Did you expect to be here? -No.

It's destiny.

Where did you go, brother? Okay!

Okay, I'm going to sleep. I'm very tired.

Where are you going now? -Aren't you guys sleepy?

What do you plan to do? -Let's play something.

What? -Truth or dare?

So sweet! Truth or dare? Crazy girl!

Then you suggest something.

What she suggested is better!

Sameera, suggest an interesting game.

I used to play it when I was small.

It's really interesting. But you must believe in it,...

...only then you can play it. Anything can happen because of it.

It sounds interesting. What game is this...

...that I don't know? -Be quiet! It sounds interesting.

Tell us about it.

Okay. Let's take a random book from the bookshelf.

It can be of any genre. Humour, horror, history... can be anything. We must read a line from it.

You must believe it will happen to you when you read it.

That's the game.

There are a million possible outcomes.

Come on, let's play, guys. -Sounds interesting.

Don't keep talking, let's play. Okay, I'll get a book.

Hey, you sit. You may get a comic.

Sameera, get a book. -Okay.

This one? -That book over there!

That one!

Oh my God!


I'll go first.

”Pancharaaksharam. ” ”Yes, please.”

"Caught in a big problem,... faced many challenges.

Like calm after a storm, you got out of the mess.

You will find peace. And when you hear a bird chip,...'ll know it's not the end,...'ll realise it's the start of a catastrophe."

Sounds like a scary riddle, right?

Don't you understand? -No.

I don't understand either. -Really interesting.

What do you mean? You're always saying something after you booze.

Give that to me.

"An unsaddled horse won't know... is time for it to pull the chariot for the rest of its life."

What? Make me pull?

It's my father. Something says so to me.

My father is planning to fix me.

Serves you right. Must make you pull the chariot!

"The commander who brought many victories to the king...

...will die a mysterious death,...

...the king will assume the role of a commander...

...and meet his enemy on the battlefield."

Can we stop playing this game? -Why?

Can you relate to something?

No, nothing like that. The content is too negative.

The book doesn't seem like it has a single story.

It has a collection of stories.

It's just a game, right? Why think so much about it?

Let's go for another round.

"When the pet dog dies at home,...

...parents didn't want their child to feel sad,... and dad buried the dog in the garden...

...and lied the dog ran away."

So, my Rio didn't run away. Is it dead?

How long has it been since your dog died?

12 years and 6 months ago. -Even if the dog had run away,... would be dead by now. Crazy! -Hey, come on! It's a game.

"Birds that fly in all directions and over boundaries,...

...won't know its wings will break and it will end up in a cage."

No matter what happens, I won't stop travelling.

That's the attitude! We'll deal with it later.

This game is so nice! Let's play, come on.

"Wherever Devaki goes, a black cat follows her.

Each time she looks at it, her heart tells her,..

...something bad is about to happen."

Devaki must be crazy. -Who'd be afraid of a black cat?

But it will be scary when you look at it at night.

Sameera doesn't look like she'll be afraid.

"A kind Chinese princess was taken by a dragon that spits fire...

...into a cave." -Where did the dragon come from?

Is this fantasy or fiction?

"The sins that she did will keep her awake...

...and turn her life into hell.

You will experience the same nightmare in real life."

Why have you become serious? -No.

"A man who wanted to touch the peak that was never scaled,...

...climbed in fear of falling. Just before he places his last...

...foot forward, his fear came through.

Enough of scaling mountain. We'll climb down tomorrow.

I'm very afraid.

"The one who only met kind souls will also meet...

...a demon among mankind.

She will start to believe that it's a world controlled by evil."

What are they trying to say? I'm scared.

You wanted to play, right? That's what you will get.

"A man who dedicated himself to art...

...will be destroyed by his art."

This is the only one which is perfect.

For the amount I drink.....

Don't look so shocked.

Read one last time and end the game please.

What happened? Tell us what you read.

It said I'll meet a child with satan's face.

What? Satan?

Brother, this has gone too much. It sounds dangerous.

We don't need this book. I'm going to get rid of it.

Hey! -Okay, bye, good night.

Where are you taking it? Don't.

Stop him! -Stop.

Dharna, stop. -Stop him.

Listen to me.

Didn't you think about the game we played last night?

Game? What game?

Fool! Have you forgotten everything after boozing last night?

I won't remember anything on normal days.

I was pissed drunk last night. -You're great, brother.

Are you sure you don't remember? -Stop!

I swear, I don't remember. -Dog!

What happened?

It's dead. -Dead? Don't you have sense?

I told you to go slow.

Hey! Relax! He didn't do it on purpose.

It's only a dog, right? -So what if it is a dog?

Is this how you drive? Not a least bit remorseful!

Guy, I kept signaling to you, but you did not see me.

She's very upset. -Someone else ran over it.

So, it's a roadkill? Sorry.

Okay, what should we do now?

What we read in the book yesterday is happening.

What did you play yesterday?

If we look at it that way, it has happened to you in the past.

Why connect this with that? Just don't overthink, okay?

Good job, guys! -Thank you.

You guys were rocking.

All the tunes I heard so far are genuine and superb.

You guys were doing a great job. Keep it up.

Aidhan, I've got good news for you.

Just as you wanted, next month in Coke Studio,...

...I've fixed an important gig for you.

Great, dude!

Okay, keep rocking. All the best.

Yes! -Great, dude.

Brother, the manager just gave us good news.

What are you thinking? -Nothing, dude.

My head is aching. This whole side hurts.

I can't play properly. I can't get the chords right.

I'm scared. -It's nothing.

We've been practising too hard for the past 2 days.

Go home and rest. Okay?

We'll take it from here tomorrow? -Okay.

Okay, dude -Go home.

”Yes, Aidhan?” ”-Sameera, I'm Dushyanth. ” Why are you calling from Aidhan's number?

”Sameera, it's an emergency. ” ”I'll tell you in person. ” Come to the Broken Bridge this evening.

”We'll come there. ” ”-Okay.”

What game did we play?

Was the book about black magic? -What?

I told you something bad will happen after we hit the dog.

I don't know what is going on. Can you tell me what happened?

Sameera, it's getting serious It's not only happening to me.

It has happened to everyone. Including you, right?

You saw the black cat, right? Why are these things happening?

Please explain to us. -I don't know why you're asking me.

Seeing the black cat was a coincidence.

I shared with you guys just for fun.

Please tell me what happened.

Dad has given me a week to assume responsibility or leave the house.

So what about it? -What?

Why is he asking now all of a sudden?

Do you know that his best friend, bass guitarist, had a major stroke?

He is almost paralysed.

He was supposed to be the lead guitarist in the upcoming concert.

What has your friend got to do with the game we played?

Have you forgotten? The commander who brought success to the king...

...died of a mysterious illness.

The king had to assume the role of the commander...

...and meet his enemy on the battlefield. Get me?

He was my only friend, Sameera. I don't know if he'll play again.

Sameera, I'm really scared. What the hell is happening?

All the things we got in the third round were negative events.

Guys, think calmly.

What if all of them were destined to happen in our lives?

Why do you think it is happening because of the book?

If everything is happening according to the book,...

...I would be limping with a fractured leg.

Nothing like that happened. -No!

I seriously think this book is cursed.

The content of the book were dark.

Did you notice that, Sameera? -Yes, I noticed.

So, I wanted to read the book. But he threw it away.

What if everything happens as we read them?

I'm very scared.

What you're speaking is like watching a horror.

Just shut up, Jeevika!

Did you think about something? We played a month ago.

But only after Sameera wrote in the group that she saw ...

...a black cat 4 days ago, all these started happening.

Did you guy think about that?

Guys, I get it. It's all in our mind.

That is why all of this is happening.

Can you explain clearly? -Okay, I'll explain.

We only started thinking about it after I sent the message to you.

So, I think we made it happen. -Are you kidding me?

What are you saying? -Will you listen to me?

To put it simply, each of us is our own life's architect.

Have you heard about the law of attraction?

A book called Secret.

It's the only book that was translated and sold widely.

People found truth in it, right?

A spiritual man looks for God.

A man who thinks about money looks for money.

A man after his passion will achieve what he likes.

They will become what they like.

Our thoughts shape our lives.

That's universal law. Take us for instance.

You have always wanted to be a traveller, right?

You wanted to serve the people. You wanted to be a great musician.

I've always wanted to be a writer. -I wanted to be a racer.

It's something I'd die for. Why didn't I become one?

Don't get me wrong. If you keep dreaming at home,...

...nothing will happen. You need to work hard for it.

Then our thought process will become positive.

Or our doubtfulness will kill it.

That is why the word 'think positive' is so powerful.

Going to our destination safely is our thought process.

Hoping for the best that nothing bad should happen to us,... another thought process.

Both seem positive, right? But no.

The man who doesn't want to be caught in an accident,...

...will meet with an accident.

We would have gone to a fake astrologer.

He would have predicted everything wrong,...

...but a few things he says will come true. Why?

Because he put those ideas in our head,...

...we would have made it happen.


I don't remember anything. I didn't even think about it.

Then why are they happening? -Your thoughts alone...

...won't decide your life. The people you like,...

...the people around you, their thoughts will affect your life too.

Why are you telling such a deep psychological concept?

How can we not think about it?

Aidhan, just keep yourself engaged. Think positive.

How can you say that so simply?

Jeevika, stop thinking about the dead dog.

It is in my mind. -Saw that?

I'm also thinking about the things that we read.

They more we try to forget it, the more we'll think about it.

It's practically impossible, guys. -Okay.

Are you wondering why nothing happened to me?

Did you guys think?

I didn't read the message that Sameera sent.

I didn't think about that. So, nothing happened to me.

We are the ones who create these thoughts.

You can say it's a group effect.

We thought about the same thing, so all of this happened.

True. When I think about you, I think more about the game.

So, it's not enough if only one of us stop thinking about it.

All of us have to stop thinking about it.

The only way, we must stop meeting each other.

Can we stop thinking about this if we do not meet each other?

What do you mean? -It will be hard at first.

But with time, it will be fine.

First of all, we should erase our phone numbers and social contacts.

For some time, do what you love.

I've planned a big trip.

Let's distract our mind for some time.

Guys, are you serious? Are we really splitting up?

I was just feeling happy to have amazing friends.

Jeevika, there is no other way. You know how serious this is.

Guys, we can set a time limit. 6 months to a year?

If we decide to split, when are we going to meet again?

If we set a time limit, we will think about it more.

We will think about it if we don't set a time limit.

No, guys, I can't. -Jeevika, we have no choice.

We have to do this.

Calm down, guys. I'm confident we will meet again.

I strongly believe in destiny. We will definitely meet again.

For the time being, it's best we split up.

Let fate decide how to unite us.

And I think it is time, okay.

How can we refrain from these thoughts?

”The more we try to forget it, ” ”the more we think about it. ”

So, it's not enough if one person forgets about it.

We must all forget it.

For some time, let's distract our mind.

I dream of being a racer.

”You can say it's my craze. ” ”-Then why didn't you become one? ” If you sit at home and dream about it, nothing will happen.

You have to work for it.

Hello, Preethi?

Oh no! I'm coming. I'm coming!

What is it? What happened?

Jeevika, what happened? -A bus met with an accident...

...near Sriperumbudur. There were many kids in the bus, dad.

Jeevika, wait. Listen to me.

Dad! -It's nothing. Don't panic.

You wait here. I'll book a taxi for you.



Brother, can you go faster? -Okay.

”You're a guitarist too, right? ” ”Can't you do it? ” Sir, I'm a rhythm guitarist, he's the main guitarist.

”The concert is nearing. ” ”What should we do now? ”

Brother, stop, someone is hurt there!

Boy, why are you standing alone here?

Hey, hit him and take everything from him!

Drive faster, please. Do you want some water?

Don't go! Don't!

Where are you taking me? Let me go!

Please let me go! -Hey!

Please let me go!

I'm telling you to keep quiet, right?

What do you want? Tell me.

Quiet! I said keep quiet!



Help me!

Help me, sir!


Who are you?


Don't hurt him, sir. We will inform the police.

Hey, that's a check post.

The police are here. Stop the vehicle. Stop I say!

Oh God!

Nothing to worry. It's just a minor injury.

He passed out because of the trauma.

He will be fine in no time. -Thank you, doctor.

Don't. Lie down, son.

Who are you trying to prove yourself to?

I've done everything for you.

Your zodiac chart says you will meet with an accident.

Every time you take the car, your mom gets worried.

I kept quiet because you wanted it.....

”Because they planted ” ”the idea in our head,... ”

...we must have made it happen.

Now I understand. Did I receive any call, dad?

No. -Pass me my phone, dad.

Why? -Please, dad.

Sameera, this is Dharna. -Dharna, where are you?

Aidhan met with an accident. -What?

Okay, I'll come immediately. -What's wrong? What happened?

My friend met with an accident. He is admitted in Agada Hospital.

You're in the same hospital. You're in Agada Hospital.

Which room is Aidhan in? -MICU, miss.


Did the doctor say anything?

His body is paralysed due to the high voltage...

...that ran through his body. His pulse rate is low too.

He is completely on ventilator.

You can't say anything now. It'll take 2-3 days.

I don't know why all this is happening to us.

Did anyone call Jeevika? -No.

I tried, but her phone was switched off.

I tried calling her too, I did not get her.

She won't switch her phone off.

I'm scared. Can we go and check?

You stay here and rest. Take care of Aidhan too.

We will go.

No, Inspector. -Don't worry, sir.

We will find her. -What happened, uncle?

Come! I wanted to contact you.

When was the last time you spoke to Jeevi?

No, uncle. -Did you see her?

Oh God!

She went to Sriperumbudur because of an accident.

She called me along the way.

When I called her later, her phone was switched off.

Then I lodged a report with the Inspector.

He is saying things, I'm very scared.

Can you ask him what it is? -What happened, sir?

Come with me.

Wait here, sir. Let me talk to them.

We found the taxi the girl took and the driver's body.

To be honest, there have been many deaths on that highway.

We are also looking for the serial killer.

No, you're saying it happened before. I don't understand.

Till now, 4 girls were kidnapped on that highway.

Are you sure this is a serial killer?

All 4 girls are dead. -4 girls?

Why are you so cool about it? -What is he saying?

Nothing, uncle. -What's the issue, sir?

We will handle it, uncle. -No problem, uncle.

Don't be scared. -Come.

I'm the devil you heard in your childhood stories.

I'm the devil no one wants to have even in their dream.

Your soft heart.....

I am the animal that will poison it.

I will end your priceless happiness.

Why did you kidnap me?

You are one of the purest souls I have seen.

What do you want to do to me?

I want to change your faith.

I want to show you another face of yours.

I'm going to show you the darkest side of humanity.


I swear I can't believe this.

A lot has happened, right? Like a fictional story.

I never thought I'd meet you again.

We haven't received any news from Jeevika.

The police are still looking for her.

There's no point trusting anyone. We should find her ourselves.

We can look for her. I'm ready.

But where do we look? She got lost in the middle...

...of the highway. She could have been brought anywhere from there.

We are all responsible for Jeevika.

No, brother. It's because of that book.

For her, it said she'll see th darkest side of humanity, right?

That book is something else.

Beyond that book, everything that happened...

...are things that we were afraid of.

So, we can alter anything if we want to, including fate.

It's not completely about the book. -No, guys.

The other day, during the final round of the game,...

...I didn't tell you what I got.

You will see Satan in the form of a child.

And when you see him, you will lose a new bond.

I think this book is beyond our imagination.

And it has all the answers.

I feel the ending to all of this is in that book as well.

So, let's look for the book at once.


I have the book.

How did the book end up with you?

Explain, Sameera.

When I found the book, I felt something odd about it.

I couldn't just leave the book there.

I was just curious. -You could have told us...

...when we met on the Broken Bridge!

You were all so scared at the time.

I didn't want to say this and scare you more.

Now I understand.

All of this happened because the book is with us.

You would have surely read what's in the book.

Tell us what you read.

I read it. Random events, thoughts and concepts.

Each paragraph was taken from every book in the world.

I think the book was made to design our destiny this way.

How did that book end up with us the moment we decided to play?

This was fated to happen to us.

Let's think what we can do with the book.

What happened until now is what is in the book.

Let's ask the book what will happen next.

Are you serious? Are you saying you want to play again?

There is no other way. -What if it is negative again?

Not everything in the book is negative.

Negative and positive are equal.

The book shows us what our heart is looking for.

Usually negative thoughts are always more powerful.

For example, an astrologer may say 10 good things.

But we will always think about the one bad thing that he says.

Whether good things happen or not, the bad ones always do.

We must play with confidence and without any doubt.

This book will definitely take us to Jeevika.

Who are you?

Hey, don't be scared. Don't cry.

He doesn't like it when we cry. Listen to me.

How long have you been in here?

We have forgotten how many days it has been.

We've been here for months. -In here? For months?

It has been years. How can we keep count?

It has been so long since I've seen sunlight.

I don't remember when was the last time I stood up straight.

What is he doing locking you in here like this?

What else?

He kidnaps us, tortures us slowly...

...and then kill us. He killed many girls after I came.

So, will he kill us all? Isn't there a way out from here?

Let's start.

"Friends who thought there were no differences in their thoughts...

...make a decision to reach their goal.

However, the secrets in their heart...

...will be the obstacle to reach their goals.

They realise this, forget their differences,...

...reveal their secrets and move towards their goal."

Why is everyone so quiet? Do you have any secrets?

I wanted to tell you something. It's not a big secret.

There was never a good time to tell you.

I saw my Harini for the first 6 years ago.

When I met her, I saw my whole life in her eyes.

She was the one who first found music in me.

She was the one who pushed me to be a musician.

It was like a dream, just too surreal to believe.

All dreams will vanish one day.

2 years ago, we found out she had cancer.

She only wanted one thing from me.

She wanted to die as my wife.

If I fulfilled her wish, I was scared she would leave me.

I kept putting it off every day as I was afraid.

I only wanted her to live one more day with me.

Before I could fulfill her wish, she left me.

But I sent her away after making her my wife.

Now her breath is the music in me.

It's the only reason I'm still alive.

As long as music stays with you, Harini will always be with you.

Your love is something eternal. I know the pain of losing someone.

I never thought I would share this with anyone.

I had everything in my life. One day, everything flipped.

I started seeing the dark days of my life.

My friends and everyone left me.

Drugs showed me a world no one else showed me.

Our world was different.

One day, due to overdose, our friend left us.

That was my breaking point.

I started travelling since then.

The good thing that happened in my life after that,...

...was meeting you guys.

I'm sorry, brother. I'm really sorry to hear that.

That's okay. Let's go for the next round.

Sameera, do you have anything to say?

I think she has nothing to tell us.

I'm an orphan. But it was not determined by fate.

I lost my father when I was really young.

It was just me and my mom thereafter.

We had no financial problem.

But losing my dad changed my mother slowly.

I saw her transcend from a happiest mother to the darkest woman.

She was suffering from intense schizophrenic depression.


The world she saw was very different.

I slowly understood her.

The doctor gave me 2 choices.

Let her live in the hell she created.

Or give her freedom in the form of death.

No matter what happened, I wanted to keep her with me.

But I couldn't.

Upon seeing her struggling every day,...

...I decided that death was the only happiness I could give her.

You have to let it go, Sameera.

Guys, this book was not an accident.

It was me who left it there.

Are you crazy?

Today, Jeevika is not here with us because of you.

What were you thinking when you did that?

Did you know what you were doing? -Do you know what you've done?

Have you decided to kill us like you killed your mother?

Stop it. Don't talk as you wish.

I swear, I never thought any of this would happen.

If you feel that way, I will go away from here.

After doing everything, you want to leave now?

Where did you get this book from?

One day, I went to the library to get inspiration for my novel.

I found this book there.

The last person who read this book, left a note for the next reader.

To predict the future based on the past,...

...a great man produced this book.

The book changed hands several times, from king to writers.

This book almost got destroyed, he translated it to modern Tamil.

They hid this book from those who wanted to destroy it,...

...they hid it in the library.

So, it was all just curiosity, right?

You could have told us earlier.

She would have told us if she had accepted us as friends.

Even if you had told us, we would have still played.

Are you saying she did the right thing?

If we found this book, we would have done the same too.

It's my fault.

I should not have done it without informing you.

You are the most important people in my life.

I'm sorry.

What shall we do now?

Is there anyone here?

Don't hurt her, please.


She's beautiful, right?

For the cat, there's no difference between you and I, Jeevika.

It came to me because there is something good in me.

Like how there is good in me, there has to be some evil in you.

No one is ever born as a villain in this world.

No one dies as an angel either, including you.

Do you feel confused?

You are your daddy's little princess, right?

Since birth, you lived comfortably.

You're like an apple in the fridge.

All those who live...

...without facing any problem are good people, Jeevika.

If you see what I had seen, would you be like this?

Hypothetical question, right? Fine, let's make it real.

I slog to help people who are mentally affected like you.

Are you doing it for them or for yourself?

They don't need your help, Jeevika.

I'm going to show the world...

...the purest of soul can come at the darkest of crimes.

Right now, 200,000 eyes are watching you.

There are many eyes here. You're an instant hit, Jeevika.

You have no idea the amount of darkness that surrounds you.

No, I will not believe you.

Who is watching? What are you saying?

There can't be anyone like you.

Have you ever heard about the deep dark web?

It's a stage to broadcast the nasty secrets of human,... is called Dark Web.

It's another face of the Internet that you have not seen.

It's a place where unimaginable torture takes place.

To put it in simple terms so that you understand,...'s like Facebook and Twitter that you use.

But here, what people watch,... live murders, rape and child abuse.

Not only that, international weapon dealings,...

...drug mafia, human trafficking,...

...this is the only platform for every illegal activity.

Where do you think I found you?

What you are holding in your hands? Those are my eyes.

I've been watching you for a while now, Jeevika.

Soon, the whole world is going to change.

Do you think you're changing the world with the small...

...good deeds that you do? No, the dirt in people's heart...

...and their unfulfilled desires,...

...they are slowly turning us into monsters.

The world you are going to see now is going to be very different.

It's time. Let's start the game.

In the 9th century B.C., Vijayalaya Chola...

...was a small country. For them to invade Tanjavur,...

...they went to war with Varaguna Pandian.

At the end of the war, on the 4th day, the army lost heavily.

To help Vijayala Chola, a big group...

...rushed towards south where the battle was happening.

I think we have a direction. -It happened a thousand years ago.

Are we going to travel based on this?

If you have no faith, don't do this.

At least don't spoil our faith.

We need to head south. Let's start with ECR.

Between dusk and dawn...

Who will reveal their secrets...

In a game between lie and truth...

Who sees this miracle...

Starts at one point and where will it end...

Between life and death...

The effort to understand something, all went to waste...

To get to the war zone, the eagles that were...

...looking for carcasses on the battlefield...

...will be your compass.

When eagles are resting, the army pushed forward... the battleground with high spirits.

In the vast world...

You and I are small dots...

If you listen with an open heart...

The universe will whisper to you...

Look at Pancharaaksharam that is empowering the universe...

What you wish for will happen to you, just watch...

We are monkeys who try to defeat fate...

We become senseless people who do spells with mantras...


How far do we have to go?

I don't know where we are going and what we are doing.

I have no faith in this at all.

Why do you keep saying things without faith?

But, guys, believe me, magic does happen.

I'm thinking where Jeevika would be and what she would be doing.

Guys, don't fight. If we fight, nothing will happen.

Have you thought about it? Did you get a clue from this?

Nothing happened because you have no faith in it.

We must all believe in it, only then it will happen.

When we were scared, everything happened.

Likewise, believe that good things will happen too.

Eagle! Look, there is an eagle on the car.

Look at that car. -Where?

There's a clue on it. Look at its sticker.

Go! Follow that car!

Dushyanth, follow us!

Faster, friend! Go faster!

Guys, I think it's a clue. -Just go for it.

Drive faster! Don't lose him! Go fast!

What happened, brother?

This car always gives problems. You carry on, I'll handle it.

Hey, what happened? -He is fine.

What are we going to do now?

When eagles rest,...

...the army moves forward with high spirits.

I think they have given us a secret code in the form of numbers.

We may forget these numbers. Sameera, take a picture.

Okay. -We'll discuss it along the way.

Petrol is low in the car. We'll fill up along the way.

Hey, just go back. Show that again.

The number on the speedometer...

...and the number on this clue matches.

What? -Yes.

Yes. 5 numbers have matched. The sixth number will match... the next kilometer. -Great!

So, the remaining 5 numbers?


Where is 13628?

The number on the milestone is 137.

So, the next number on the next milestone will be 136.

Yes! Go on!

Do you want to inform Dushyanth? -Go on!

Let's pass the milestone first. Then we'll inform him.

Here it is, 136!

Stop the car!

All the numbers have matched.

The number in the clue and the speedometer number matches.

There are only two numbers missing. -What are the last two numbers?



Why are we looking here? Could be 28 degrees or 28 km.

There was a clue about shadows, right?

It will move forward and follow behind.

It will move forward and follow behind.

When the time approaches, it will be in front of you...

...and much bigger. -Where are the shadows?

If you turn and look at the opposite direction,...

...the answer will appear.

If the shadows are here, this is the opposite direction.

This direction.

Hey, 28! -Yes.

Let's see if there are any clues.

It consists of water, earth, fire, sky and air.

Where are you looking? -No, we already found the number.

I'm looking for a clue. -Clue.

It's so hot, there's no air at all.

What did you say? -There's no air, brother.


Earth, fire, water, sky and air.

I feel all these elements are connected.

Temples of Lord Shiva symbolize them.

Following the order, Thiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram,...

...Srikalahasti, Chidambaram and Thiruvanaikaval.

These temples were built using straight lines.

Five temples of Lord Shiva. I see a temple over there.

Sameera, phone.

It's like the centre of earth where the right leg of Lord Shiva...

...rests inside Nadaraja Temple in Chidambaram.

Guys, we're standing directly above the same line...

...dotted by the five temples. -What? Are you serious?

Yes. -Yes.

This was built on the same line like in the clue.

We have to go in this direction. -Is there a way to get there?


We're in the middle of the line. Which direction should we head?

North or south? -What we decided first.

Let's go south. -Yes.

Let's start, guys. -Let's go.

Why are you doing this? Let her go.

You can't watch her suffer, right? Do you really want to save her?

Okay, I'll give you a chance.

It's all in your hands. -In my hands?

I don't understand. Tell me, what should I do?

Is this girl, a stranger to you, more important...

...than this innocent cat?

You have to decide.

What decision? -Simple, Jeevika.

Strangle the cat and kill it.

The faster you kill it, the faster you can save her.

Let's see how much pain she can endure.


Stop it!

Come on, Jeevika! -No!

Time is running out. It's all in your hands.

Please stop it!

What are you doing? Please!

She is dying, Jeevika. Come on, do something.

Kill it!

Kill it, Jeevika. Yes! You can do it!

Yes, Jeevika.

You've killed the girl.

How does it feel, Jeevika?

Feels good, right? Welcome to the club.

Guys, which side do we follow?

Let's go right. -Does this look like a road?

Let's go this way. -I think Dushyanth is right.


Someone would see life divided into two separate roads.

Confusingly, he chooses one path and continues his journey.

He constantly thinks about what was on the other path.

He won't get what he is looking for.

Guys? -Okay. After picking a path...

...and thinking about the other path,...

...what we want will be in the other path.

So, I feel we should go in both directions.

Let's go in both directions. Let's split up, guys.

Dharna, start the car.

What are you doing?

We found a blade a week ago. We are cutting it bit by bit.

If someone escapes, she can get help for us, right?

If we cut this chain, how can we escape from here?

Just a minute, I'll show you.

Will this path lead us out? -No one has ever escaped before.

I'm confident it will take us out.

Dharna, wait a minute. Wait!

I think we chose the wrong path. -How do you know?

I don't know, I have a hunch. -Call and ask them where they are.


I can't reach them. Okay, turn around.


In any incident that happens...

The dice that gets thrown...

Doesn't fall by itself...

It doesn't matter if you get snakes and ladders...

You fall on your own...

We can't cut this. -He may come back, cut it fast.

I have an idea.

Be careful.

How do you know? -I read it in the book.

”Did you see anything else?” ”-Vikramaditya went looking... ”

...for the ghost using the jungle path.

The lives he went looking for were locked in an old building...

...behind a fig tree.

Shall we go this way and look? -Yes.

Brother, stop the bike.

Why? What happened?

How much further do you want to go? We are circling in the same area.

This path doesn't look like it's going to end.

Try calling them.

Stop! Stop, sir!

Can't you be careful?

Are you okay, brother?

How do we get to the main road from here?

Where do you want to go? -30 to 40 km from here,... a place called Solaiyur. We came with our friends,...

...but we got separated. We don't know how to get there.

How do we get to the main road from here?

If you go 12 km this way, you will get to the main road.

A dragon that spits fire carried her to the cave.

Where did the dragon appear from?

What are you doing here at this time?

There's someone there.....

Calm down, speak calmly.

A man kidnapped 5 girls like me over there.

He kidnapped 5 girls?

Get into the car, I'll handle it.

He is very dangerous, sir. -I'll handle him.

Don't be afraid. Get into the jeep. Get in!

Is this the place you read in the book?

I'm not sure, but it said there's an old building behind a fig tree.

Could Jeevika be in here?

Maybe. She could be here.

Even if there's a one percent chance for Jeevika to be inside,...

...we will go in. Come on.

Hey, wait. -What?

I can hear a car coming. -What? Here?

Let me go and check. You go on.

Go on, I say!

Sir! -Is it him?

Thank God you came, sir. -Who are you?

Listen to me, sir. -Is there anyone else with you?

It's not him, sir. -How do you know?

He may be working with him. What are you doing here... this time? Is there anyone else?

I came alone, sir. -Do you know the way to go inside?

Who are you? -Please listen up.

I came looking for my friend who is missing.

I'm doubtful of you. Get inside!

The two of you, get inside. I told you to get in, right?

Go. -I'm scared, sir.




Sameera! -Jeevika?

Hang on, I'm coming. -Sameera, I'm here.

How long do you want to look? Do you know the way?

It's right here, sir. Let's look for it.

She is looking. Why yell and make her scared?

Are you teaching me? Okay, why are you getting angry?

Looking at things, I am doubtful of you.

Don't simply accuse me, sir.

He doesn't know anything, sir. -Go!

Why push the girl.... -Kneel down.

Kneel down! -Sir!

I told you to kneel. -He doesn't know anything, sir.

What are you looking?

How do you know this place? -Sir! It's not him, sir!

Hey, be quiet! -He doesn't know anything, sir.

If you don't tell me who you are.....

I'm telling you, right? You must die first!


Who are you? What do you have to do with this?


Is he alone or did anyone follow him?

A girl who escaped from here.

Go and catch her. -Okay.

Sir, please!

Come! -Sir!

You said it was just him. Tie her up!

Hey! -Tie her up!

Let me go!

I know where Jeevika is. She's here, in an underground room.

You are hitting a woman! -Hey, who are you?

You keep coming one by one. I saw two people along the way.

Your friends, right?

Let them come. I will handle them.

Let him go! -She is the only one...

...who escaped from me. -Let her go!

Leave her! -Shut up!

Leave her! Leave her alone!

Let her go! Hey!

If your friends come, this will be their fate too.

Are you wondering why I'm telling you this?

You will not be alive to see it happening.

Let go!

There is a police vehicle here.

Sameera's car.

I think they went that way.

You go that way.

Go! -Hey!

You will all die today!

Where are you?

Throw your weapon down!

You go on. I will handle him.


Run! -Save Jeevika.

Are you sure? -I'll handle it.

Okay. -Okay.

Sameera, run! -Hey! Move!

Run, Sameera! Go and save Jeevika!

Kill me and go if you have to.

Kill me! -Die!

Shoot me!

Do you want to die first? -Look behind you.

For 6 years, a mysterious man had been abducting women.

He tortured these women and killed them...

...and the torture was podcasted on Dark Web.

The mysterious man was killed today.

With help from Cyber Crime Unit, the police are looking...

...for all the admins of the web site.

Besides their friend, 4 people risked their lives...

...and saved all the victims.

DIG Rajkumar of Tamil Nadu commended their effort.

Because such crimes are on the rise,...

...the fate of women remain uncertain.

I got the story I was looking for after so many years.

But they are the biggest gift I received.

What no book taught me all these years,...

...they taught me.

The incident that happened changed all of us.

A man who was running, stopped and looked his life for a second.

He realised.

A man who was passionate about music,...

...came out of his anger and pain bottled inside him,...

...he realised small things could also give happiness.

Those eyes saw many things.

Despite everything that happened, he continued travelling.

He made a beast realise that one can sacrifice for another.

We thought she was a baby. She taught us so much!

Despite seeing the dark side of men,... one could take away the humanity in her.

Did all these things happen because of the book...

...or because I was in depression?

If we keep a negative thought in mind,...

...I realised that you have to answer for it one day.

It's natural to have negative thoughts.

But don't think about it too much,...

...forgetting it will lead you to the path of happiness.

So, what I started, we decided to end it together.

We don't know what this world has in store for us.

We also don't know how the people who come into our lives...

...will change our path.

The only super power we have in our hands is our faith.

With faith, we can change a stone to God.

Can't we use the same faith to change life the way we want?

Caught in a big problem,... faced many challenges.

Like calm after a storm, you got out of the mess.

You will find peace. And when you hear a bird chip,...'ll know it's not the end.

You will realise it's the start of a catastrophe.