Panchayat S1E1 Script

Gram Panchayat Phulera (2020)

Ticket. Ticket.

Bibipur. Bibipur.

Keep moving towards the gate.

Keep your leg inside, uncle.

Bones don't mend easily at your age.

Ticket. Ticket.

Ticket. Ticket.

Conductor, how much longer to Phulera?

Ticket. Ticket.

Don't scratch the seats.

Keep moving. Keep moving.

Ticket. Ticket.

Conductor, how much longer to Phulera?

You're asking for the 18th time.

I'll let you know when we get there. We won't abduct you.

Ticket. Ticket.

If you have a problem with this job..

..then why apply for it in the first place?

What other choice did I have?

You know the reality of my college placement.

I thought I'll apply for it just to be safe. The job seemed easy to crack.

I'll have a job to show during my graduation year.

Unfortunately, that's all I have now.

Anyway, something is better than nothing.

Something should be something good.

Look, frankly speaking, it doesn't sound too bad to me.

20,000 salary.

I've been posted in some village called Phulera.

Which part do you like?

I should have worked hard in college.

I could've gone to a better college..

..and had a salary of 1.2 million rupees.

1.2 million is my CTC.

I'll get around 80,000 rupees a month.

Do you realise that my salary will be equal to the tax that you'll pay?

You're only highlighting the negatives. Focus on the positives as well.

Imagine what an interesting job profile you will have.

What interesting?

It's an interesting job.

You're going to be the Secretary to the Village Panchayat.

You'll be developing the villages along with the Pradhan..

..deputy Pradhan and other bodies.'ll dig sewers, install hand pumps, build roads.

This is your chance to be like 'Mohan Bhargav' of 'Swades'!

And you want to quit your chance of being the son of the soil..

..and be part of this corporate rat race like me.

If you like my job so much, then why don't you apply as well.

You apply too.

Don't be irritated College just got over.

You have a government job in your pocket.

Don't give up before trying.

Later you can think about what to do next.

This is the time.

This is your chance. Go for this adventure.

Get a first-hand experience. Rural India.

The real India.

I want a simple life. I don't any adventure.

I don't want to see rural India.

It's better than being jobless.

Don't spoil your mood. I'll get you a striped shirt.

No, thank you. That's all you ever buy for me.

Come on.

Phulera. Phulera.

Wake up, mister. We've arrived in Phulera.

All the time you kept asking about Phulera.

Anything else.

There's another luggage on top.

Gram Panchayat Phulera welcomes you.

He said he'll be here in 20 minutes.


He'll know that there were four pieces of sweet and someone took one.

How will he find out?

Guests are never served three pieces.

They are either given four or two.

Get lost.

I guess that's him.

It's him. It's him.

It's the Secretary.

Hold this.


Let me.

Thank you.

This is my job, Abhishek sir.

My name's Vikas. Your office assistant.

So you're the one I spoke with over the phone. - Yes.

That's the Deputy Pradhan of Phulera Panchayat.

Mr. Prahlad Pandey.

I sent his picture to you on WhatsApp.

Hello. Hello. Hello.

I hope you had a pleasant journey.

Yes, of course.

Keep the bag up. Yes..

Is this the office?

This is our office.

Consists of three rooms.. of which belongs to the Pradhan.

The rest sit in the hall.

And we've set you up in the third room which was vacant.

We've kept a pillow and mattress for you.

All that needs to be done is get this bed inside.

It's a large bed. You can check yourself whether you fit in or not.

Of course, I'll fit in.

There's no harm in trying. I'll get it adjusted to your requirement.


I'll definitely fit in. Where's the key?

The keys with the Pradhan. He's on his way.

On his way?

Isn't the Pradhan a 'she'?

The Pradhan's on his way?

Manju Devi is a male?

No. Pradhan Manju Devi is a female.

She wears a sari.

We're talking about Manju Devi's husband Brij Bhushan Dubey.

You didn't understand?

In the previous elections, the government reserved this seat for females.

But Brij Bhushan is a wise man.

He made his wife run for elections and won as well.

What we mean is Manju Devi is the official Pradhan.

And Brij Bhushan is her husband.

He's the one who handles everything around here.

So we call him the Pradhan.


There he comes.

Hello, sir. Hello.

Hello, Pradhan sir.

Hello. Hello.

Are you Abhishek?

Yes. I see..

Let me wash my hands first.

Vikas, help me out here.

I went towards the fields.

To check on the work.

And then I thought why don't I get done with this as well.

And I did.

Don't be mistaken that I don't have a bathroom.

I have two bathrooms in my home.

But you see..

I always head out towards the fields, it's good for exercise..

..and good for digestion as well.

Have you ever the fields.

No, I..

I've never been to a village before.

Since you haven't, then I'll take you someday for a stroll.


You should take him every day.

I will take him every day.

I won't give up on him so easily.

Now that he's here, we'll take full advantage.

And I'll take you along as well.

You've piled on so much weight.

Now shake hands.

Come on.

What is this?

You had only two?

Don't you like sweets?


I just love them.

I don't smoke.

So whenever I feel the urge, I just pop one.

Sir, the keys, please. So we can keep his luggage inside.

Oh yes, the keys.

Take the keys.

I said get the keys, not keep the jug in my pocket. Keep the jug down.

Where is it? It's not in here.

Then it must be in the other pocket. Check here.


Don't keep it there.

No, it's not in here either.

Hold this.

Where is the key?

Check at the hand pump.


It's not at the hand pump either.

Did you drop it?

That bloody Prahlad doesn't want to walk an inch.

You must have dropped it in the fields.

Which field was it?

It was one of your fields, across.

Then that's where you must have dropped.

Everyone keep your eyes peeled.

I must have dropped it somewhere on the way.

Yes, sir.

Such big holes..

What if I dropped it in one of the holes?

Then again, not possible.

Mr. Secretary.

That field that you see..

That belongs to me as well.


Come, I'll show you more.

I took a diversion from here.

This field belonged to Vikas's uncle.


The poor guy sold this field for his daughter's wedding.

And I bought it.

How much further, sir?

We're almost there. Its close-by.

Mr. Secretary. That field that you see belongs to me as well.

Careful of the water jet.

It can make you deaf.

Poor Deen Dayal lost his hearing due to an accident with the water jet.

But he still has one ear intact. He can hear from that.

And whose field is this?


Just asked.

Even the court couldn't decide that. How can I?

Belongs to two brothers.

They have a dispute over this land.

There's been enough bloodshed between the two.

And one of them suffered a broken skull.

He had to get 19 stitches.

Thank God we got him to the hospital in time..

..otherwise this field would've gone to his brother automatically.

Come on.

And don't get into property disputes.

Just look for the key.

Because if we don't get the Panchayat office open..

..then you can get in big trouble, and so will I.

Walk faster.

A poisonous snake was spotted here.

Mr. Secretary.

These waterholes that you see..

..was built by the Panchayat office.

We'll use this to our advantage in the next elections.

We'll raise this matter. Yes, come on.

How much further, sir?

Keep walking. We're almost there.

Why is he looking around the entire field?

He must have sat at multiple spots.

You see, sir, when you sit in one place..

..slowly it starts piling up.. Stop. Stop.

Did you find it?

Not yet.

Must be here..somewhere.

Did you lose it?

What else do you expect when you tie it to your waist.

Get up.

I said get up.

And go sit there.

I am out of breath.

I went looking for the key and you're out of breath.

Out of breath even when you're lying around.


Run to the market, and get the locksmith.

But how can I run 15 kilometres?

Take the Secretary's motorcycle.

Give me the keys.

Give him the keys.

How long will it take?

Normally it takes an hour.

The locksmiths normally rest in the afternoon.

So it can take more than an hour.

Let's just break the lock, sir.


No, we can't break the lock.


The lock belongs to his wife Manju Devi.

She got it from her parents.

If we break it..

No, we can't break it.

We'll get a new one. That's not a problem.

Try to understand my problem. We cannot break it.

Give me the keys.

Give him the keys.

And hurry up.. hurry up.

Do you know how to ride?

What about the gears?

Backwards. Backwards, okay.

Hail to the Lord.

And hurry up!


He'll be back soon. Don't be upset.

I am not upset.

Yes, you are.

Until Vikas comes back, you can take a look around the village.

It's a wonderful village.. beautiful scenery.

There's a well.

And beautiful homes.

Patwari just built a new home.

See that water tank.

The view of the village from up there is so breathtaking..

..that you will fall in love with the place.

I swear. Do you want to try?

Do you?

Right now.



Who told you that the key's gone missing?



Let's go home for a cup of tea.

Spare me. I'll go have a peaceful cup of tea at my own home.

How many times have I said keep the key tied to your waist.

Tied to your waist.

But no..

You like to show off.

You have to keep the key in your pocket.

Serves you right.

I've sent Vikas to get the locksmith.

We won't have to break the lock.

And I won't let you either.


I was thinking about inviting the Secretary over for dinner.

Yes, of course.

Call the Secretary, then Prahlad, and Vikas.

Also a dozen other guys you meet on the way.

Let's throw a feast.

Don't overreact.

This way you can meet him as well.

What's the point of meeting him?

You're the Pradhan of this village.

Why do you keep forgetting it?

I am not the Pradhan.

Poor guy must be hungry. He hasn't eaten a morsel since morning..

..except for two pieces of sweet.

Why should I care if he hasn't eaten since morning?

I am not responsible for him.

Or to feed him.

Is there a shop nearby..

..where I can buy biscuits or something?

Where are you from?

The Panchayat. I am the new Secretary.

Follow this lane.

This way. Yes.

How far? Not too far.

Uncle, I don't sell oil separately.

You'll have to buy a bottle at least.

But I don't have the money to pay for an entire bottle.

Then bring me some paddy and take oil in exchange.

I don't have any paddy either.

One cream biscuit.

Where are you from?

I am the new Panchayat Secretary Sir, are you the new Panchayat Secretary?


The Panchayat owes me 525 rupees.

The Pradhan said that the new Secretary will clear all the dues, so..

Money for what?

For building irrigation canals under the MGNREGA Act.

From Mahender's fields to Nagina's fields.

And I worked as labour for three days, sir.

The office is closed right now. Come see me when once the office is open.


There's no cooking oil in my home.

And no money either.

For the past four days, we've been cooking food without oil.

Uncle, what's the point of buying oil?

The rich are cutting down their oil intake..

..and you want oil.

Return the change.

I can manage, but..the children don't.

I am a poor man.

Help me.

As I said come see me tomorrow when the office is open.


Where's the locksmith?

And how did the indicator break?


Sir..what should I tell you first?

The locksmith or how did I break the indicator?

Where's the locksmith?

I was bringing the locksmith with me when suddenly his phone rang.

His wife was expecting..

..and she was experiencing labour pains.

On humanitarian grounds, I had to turn the motorcycle around.

Since it was an emergency I was speeding.

But suddenly a buffalo came out of nowhere.

By the time I braked it was already too late.

I survived, but the locksmith and his wife were admitted to the same hospital.

Abhishek sir, don't worry. I'll think of something.

First of all, my name's Abhishek.

And not Abhisek..

And there's nothing left to do. Let's break this lock.

Abhisek sir.

That's Abhishek.


Abhishek sir, we cannot break the lock.

Call the Pradhan. We'll have to break the lock.

Call Pradhan sir. We'll have to break the lock.

Bring a hammer or something.

Pradhan sir, hello.

I was bringing the locksmith with me when suddenly his phone rang.

Come to the point. Come straight to the point.

The locksmith won't come for at least a couple of days.

We'll have to break the lock.

You can't break the lock, come what may.

If we don't break the lock, then the office will stay closed.

Then let it stay closed.

And anyway, there's not much work that gets done around there.

You're right, but where will the Secretary stay till that time.

I don't care where he stays.

Let him stay in our home then.

We have a daughter.

And you'll let a stranger stay in the house.

He's not a stranger. He's the Secretary.

And the best thing is he's from our caste.

Then let's get our daughter married to him.

No, his salary is too low.

Pathetic. What happened?

You zip off like a rocket.


I lost the key.

So I'll have to arrange a place for him to stay.

We won't let him come face-to-face with Rinki.

We'll give him a spare pillow..

..and he can lie out here in the courtyard.

28-years-ago when you came to my house first..

..even you slept outside in the courtyard.

He cannot stay here.

You can break the lock.

And invite him to dinner. I'll make one dish for him.

Don't expect me to cook a feast.

[Indistinct chatter]

Where's the Pradhan's home?

I am the new Panchayat Secretary.

I see.. Take the next left.

Pradhan sir.

Pradhan sir.

Welcome. Welcome.

Are you going to keep your motorcycle outside?

Yes. Did you take the keys out?

It's okay, come.

Is Vikas breaking the lock?

Yes, he is. That's great.


Those are mine. Do you want to take a look?

No. Come on.

I already saw the fields today.

Let's go then.


The situation inside is pretty delicate.

So think before you say anything. Okay.

You know what, best not say anything.

Come on.

The food's really delicious, sir.

The Secretary is saying that the food is delicious.

I've been making it for the last 35 years.

What else did you expect?

No, thank you. I am done.

You just said that the food is delicious.

Give me one.

One for this poor soul as well.

One doesn't mean just one.

Mom, is the dinner ready?

Stay up there.

I'll bring your dinner to your room.




It's broken.

It's broken?

It's broken.

It's broken!

Who told you to break the door?

I was breaking the lock.


The lock turned out to be sturdier than the door.

Come on.

Let's go, come on.

Seems like you rammed it with a bulldozer.

Come in.

Take a look.

Is it nice?

We'll fix it up.

Is everything okay?

Don't worry, I'll get the door fixed tomorrow.


I'll fix up your bed.

It doesn't matter now.

I'll see you then.

And you see after I go out.. can prop up the door with this, using this hammer.

So it doesn't fall down when it's too windy. Here you go.

Prop up the door and get a good night sleep.

Let's go.

No. Taking a metro to CP is very uncomfortable.

Let's take a cab instead.

Hey, Mohan Bhargav. How is Swades?

Did you join?



I want out of here.

What's wrong? Are you okay?

I can't stay here.

Are you resigning?

I don't know.

I can't just quit and sit at home. I don't know what to do.

I know you're looking for a high profile job..

..and now you have only one option.

You'll have to clear CAT.

There's no way I can clear CAT.

And why not?

My father never stops saying that you're a sharper mind compared to me.

You're just afraid of hard work.

What should I do?

Quit my job and start preparing?

No, why will you quit?

Work experience comes pretty handy in MBA.

What's the point of this work experience?

By the way, I just realized.. as the Panchayat Secretary will be handling the entire village body, right?

Yes, so?

So in IIM interviews they always look for candidates from diverse fields.

Imagine you'll be the guy whose seen real India at the grass-root level.

Why do you keep ranting about real India?

There is no real India.

The village is filled with idiots.

Its a village of idiots actually.

Trust me..this job experience will definitely help you in your IIM interview.

Tell me practically.. long does it take to prepare for CAT.

That depends on how desperately you want to get out of there.


Then you have only one option.

Every day after office..'ll have to dedicate at least 4 hours for preparations.

Do me a favour.

Mail me the CAT material.

Yes, definitely.

I'll send you the best books.

Just give me your address.

Note it down.

Abhishek Tripathi.

Panchayat office.

Gram+Post; Phulera.

V. Kh. Fakauli What?

Vikas Khand. What?

Just write whatever I am saying.


V. Kh. Fakauli Sounds a little naughty.


District Baliya, Uttar Pradesh.

District Baliya, Uttar Pradesh. Noted.

Send it tomorrow, it will take a couple of days to get here.

I'll have to find out how it gets here.

Fine, I'll send you the best books.

Thanks, man.

Enough of the formality.

Remember you study every night for at least 3-4 hours.


What happened?

Nothing. Power cut.

Does it happen every night?

Yes, every night for four hours.