Panchayat S1E3 Script

Chakke Wali Kursi (2020)

That plastic chair which you sit on..

If you sit on it too long, your backside heats up.

But the thing with cushioned seats is..

You want to sit for an hour..

..but you don't want to get up for a couple of hours.

It's great for your studies as well.

Great.. Mr. Secretary, new chair, huh.

Yes, the plastic chairs are not too comfortable to sit on for too long.


And I've to study as well.

Great. Great.


This one's got wheels as well.

Sir, your chair doesn't have wheels, does it?

This is too high.

Adjust it. How do I adjust the height?

The button must be somewhere down there.


That's too low.

Yes. Now, this is perfect.

This one's got wheels too. Check if they are working properly.


Sir, take the plastic off. Doesn't look nice at all.

No, no, I won't take the plastic off.

It's so dusty around here. The chair will get dirty in a week.

You're right.

How do bend backwards?

You look like some big boss.

Let's get some work done now, shall we?


Pradhan Sir.

Parmeshwar. What happened? Anything wrong.

I needed one small favour.

What do I tell you, Pradhan sir?

Don't drink water after you've had tea or else you will catch a cold.

I already did now.

Doesn't matter.

The wedding is tomorrow..

..and today they say that the groom wants..

..a separate room for waiting.


What is his problem in waiting at the school with the rest of the guests?

He's being stubborn, what else?


You had to choose a stubborn son-in-law for yourself.

It didn't say on his face.

Don't worry, I'll think of something.

Who does he think he is?

Secretary. Yes, sir.

You know Parmeshwar.

Parmeshwar who?

His daughter's getting married tomorrow.


He sitting right here and looks stressed.

The groom's demanding a separate room to stay.

He won't stay with the rest of the guests.

He's very stressed how to find a room in one day.

So I wondering if you could adjust for one day..

One day.. Just one day, isn't it?

If you could adjust for a day, that would be great.

And I've said that he can stay at the Panchayat office for a day.




No network? Huh..

Check for network. Yes.

Check for network. There's just one bar.

Try there.. Yes. It came.

Hello. Hello.

Why don't you make him stay someplace else..

..otherwise it will become uncomfortable for me.

I've to study at night.

I'll get disturbed.

He's very stressed. Where else can we let him stay?

Please, sir.

He's saying please.

Doesn't matter. I understand.

Thank you, sir.

Did he say no?

He didn't say no.

He said he has a problem.

Well then, what should I do?

Well then..

Let's make some other arrangement.

Don't feel bad, but can I say something?

Go ahead. Why would I feel bad?

You're losing your control over the Panchayat office now.


And all this because of that cushioned chair.

Anyone who sits on it thinks of himself as the boss.

No, that's not it.

But it looks like this, sir.

Why else would a secretary refuse to follow the Pradhan's order?


[Indistinct chatter]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Indistinct chatter]

Let this be.

What's wrong with Pradhan sir?

Nothing is wrong with him, sir.

Pradhan sir is our leader of sorts.

He helps people in need to keep his influence..

Then let him work himself for that.

Why did he have to tell that Parmeshwar that I've no work..

..and can get this job done.

You see, sir, in villages..

..whenever there is a wedding, function, or funeral..

..everyone comes together to lend a hand.

Look at me for instance, I am helping out too.

This is the tradition, the culture of the village.

You're free to follow their tradition.

I am not their relative to work for them.

Bantu, keep an eye on the cook. He's a thief.

Starts eating the food while making them.

I apologise for this inconvenience, Mr. Secretary.

It's not a problem, Mr. Parmeshwar.

Vikas. Yes.

Once you're done here..

..go check on the arrangements at the school. - Okay.

The quilts have to be laid out. Okay? Okay.

You're free too, aren't you?

No, he has to go to Fakauli market.

Are you going now?

I was just leaving.

Is it an emergency?

Yes, there is.

There is an emergency.

He has to sell this emergency light.

So it's a bit of an emergency.

Since solar light's been installed outside..

..there is no need for two emergency lights.

So I'll sell one.

He's a moody guy. Sells anything when he wants to.

Vikas, get my helmet. Yes.

Here you go, sir.

Fakauli Market?

Couldn't you think of a better excuse?

What will I do in Fakauli market now?

Sir, I saved you from work.

You should be thanking me for this, but instead, you're yelling at me.

I see, saved me from work.

By giving me this other stupid job.

Oh, yes..

I have an idea, sir.

Why don't you go to the garden outside the village?

You can rest there for the rest of the afternoon.

And come back when the sun sets, and the guests arrive.

If you stay here, they will ask you to do something or other.

Yeah, right..

You know what, get my Verbal Ability book.

Which book?

The blue book that's inside. Go get it.

Verbal Ability. Verbal Ability.

Verbal Ability. Verbal Ability.

Verbal Ability. Verbal Ability..

Verbal Ability.

Where are you taking this book?

Secretary sir asked for it.

But he's on his way to the market.

Why does he need a book there?

He wants to sell this too.

Just one?

No. He's going to sell all of them.

He's going to sell these books too.

But why is he selling the books?

Don't know.

He was saying that these books are of not much use.

That's why?

I see. Yes.

Can I leave, uncle? Yes, go.


He really is a moody guy.

Sells anything he wants.

Yeah, Bantu. What's wrong?

What? We've run out of clarified butter?

Then send someone to Fakauli market and get more.

Wait a minute.

Mr. Secretary, wait.

What is it now? May he wants something.

Are you blind? Move.

Mr. Secretary, you're going to Fakauli market, aren't you?


I need a small favour.

Get a 15-litre canister of clarified butter from Babloo Sahu's shop.

He'll charge it to my account. No, it's not the money.

How can I carry 15-litre alone? Yes, there's no place.

No, no, it's got a handle.

You can hang it over here.

But I've already hung the emergency light over here.

But you're going to sell that, aren't you?

You can hang the canister once there's place.


Yes, hello. Anything else?



No, no. Later.

Don't bring the canister here.

Take it to my home.

There are little things around the house that need to be done.

Did you get it?

Hurry up.

Lay the quilts here.

[regional folk song]

[regional folk song]

[regional folk song]

[regional folk song]

Where is the cook?

Where is the cook?

Where is the cook? I've to give this clarified butter.

Look, Vikas! Yes.

Give separate boxes to the guests and villagers.


Seven sweets for the guests, and only five for the villagers.

Yes, sir. Okay.

Use this.

Keep swatting the flies, will you?

No. Go serve it to them.

Mr. Secretary is here too.


You did a great job.

Keep it there. Okay.


Take the clarified butter.

Very good, Mr. Secretary. Amazing.

What? Are you tired?

Did you sell the emergency light?

Not really? He wasn't offering a good price for it.

Give me the office keys.

You're going to the office, aren't you?

I need a small favour.

[regional folk song]

Sir, I was thinking.. tube light on this side, one on this side and one here.

It will make you feel like you're entering a house of tube lights.

Put it.

Sir, do I use white tube lights or green.

Use whatever you like. Use green.

Don't you think white will look better?

Fine, I'll use the green ones.

I guess you had the green ones on your mind for a long time.

One more thing, sir.

The sequence of the series light should be blinking..

..or doesn't have to be like an on-off-on-off sequence.

Will you do anything on your own? Should I install the lights?

Put it however you want it. This is not my sister's wedding.

Just put it on. Any way you want it.

I'll let it blink then.

Didn't you hear I said blinking?

No one understands the latest trend.

Which number is he calling from now?

Hello. Mr. Secretary.

Parmeshwar, speaking.

I needed one small favour.

Not, again!

Prahlad. Yes.

Do you believe that sitting on the cushioned chair makes a man powerful?

Honestly, sir, I don't think the secretary thinks anything like that.

I know.

But people do.

That they do.

I have an idea. Why don't you buy a chair for yourself?

What good will that do?

That will make us equal.

And equal is one thing we're not.

A Pradhan is a Pradhan after all.


We'll have to think of something to get rid of his chair forever.

With your permission shall we..

No, no, no violent means.

Sir, pass me the phone.

Rascal, answer it yourself.

Yes. You think you can order me around. Answer it yourself.

Who is it?

Yes, brother Parmeshwar.


They are here.

Let's go. Let's go. They are here.

Let's go. The wedding procession is here.

Dab some on me as well. Here you go.

Here as well. I did, I already did..

Let's go. Come on, let's go..

Should I give 51 rupees or 101?

Give whatever you have. Doesn't matter whether it's 51 or 101.

Is brother Parmeshwar's daughter's name Twinkle or Kareena?

Please. No..

Thank you. I've had enough.

Take some more. Have another glass.

Go on Vikas, pour him another glass.

This is not fair. Don't be shy, brother.

Please, have it. You'll feel relaxed.

Parmeshwar. Yes.

Are you going to serve only juice? Bring some snacks.

Mr. Secretary has gone to get the snacks.

He has still not returned.

Since, when you are saying it! Son, his glass is empty.

Put it. Speak of the devil and he's here.

He is here. Serve the snacks to everyone. Come on.

Give it. Vikas.

Tell them, we'll have snacks later.

We'll have snacks after some time.


We'll have snacks after some time.

They must be tired. Carrying all that ammunition, you know.

Of course, son. Get some rest. Take your time.

Sure, sure. - You've to go home after a couple of hours.

Of course.

So we'll go to the school where the guests are waiting.

That's where the elders are. Let's go there.

Yeah, sure. Oh, yes, Son. He's the Secretary.

He will be here.

If you need anything, just tell him.

Think of him the bride's older brother.

He's a very decent man. Very nice.

Let's go. Let's go. Okay, let's go.

We're leaving.

Where are you going? The snacks are right here.

The wedding venue.

So tonight's the night..

Not tonight. Then?

Tomorrow night.

I am sitting inside. Call me if you need anything.

Of course.

I don't see your sisters-in-law around.

No father, I am not worried.

Just a little stressed about work.

Listen. Can you serve the snacks?

Just a minute. I'll be right there.

No, it was just some guy.

I'll take care of that.

This is humiliating.

Who makes the groom wait for the snacks?

Let him come.

I'll deal with him.

Keep the chairs outside.

We'll have the snacks outside.


What's taking so long for the chairs?

Don't know will it come now or in next year?

Here he comes.

Come on.

Wait, wait..

What is this?


There are only five sweets.

Five in mine too. Five in mine too.

Five here.

There were seven sweets in all the boxes..

..that were distributed at the school.

But there's only five in mine.

And the main sweet with the silver layer is missing.

I see.. Wait. I'll be back in two minutes.

Two minutes again?

Mr. Parmeshwar, I didn't know..

..that there are separate boxes for the guests and the villagers.

I took whatever I saw in the storeroom.

I am not coming over now.

Tell someone to send it over. Someone must be free.

Fine. And hurry up or they will start sulking.

The groom and his friends, who else.

The arrangements are pathetic.

I just had a word. They are sending the other boxes.

You just have to wait for a while.

What is this?

Mr. Abhishek!

If we had to wait the least you could do was give us a better chair to sit.

I noticed they have a nice cushioned chair inside.

If you have a better chair inside..

..why did you give the groom this plastic chair to sit on?


Is this a joke? Tell me.

Does seem like a joke.

Kamlesh. Tear the plastic.

Don't take off the plastic.

What do you mean don't tear the plastic?

It's very uncomfortable. What uncomfortable?

Don't start it again. The sound it's making is annoying.

So what if it's making a sound.

I said don't tear the plastic. Don't you get it?

Such a pain in the neck.

This isn't some prop from your wedding, this is personal.

If you like tearing the plastic then do it..

..with the things you'll get in the dowry.



What did he call me?

Sounded like an asshole.

Check on your mobile.



Asshole means poop hole.

Call my father.

Uncle be careful.

If you didn't want this wedding to take place.. could've intimated us earlier.

How can anyone call the groom home and call him an asshole?

Does my son look like an asshole?

Tell me.

That's not what I meant.

You should check the meaning first.

It also means stupid.

That's what that Secretary meant.

He was just calling him stupid.

But why call the groom stupid as well?

I admit that it's wrong.

But the Secretary is pretty brazen.

He even called me stupid once.

When? Shut up.

And what did you do?

I called him stupid as well.

Fine. Then Ganesh will call him stupid as well.

Go on, son.

Say it, son. Come on, say it. Come on, say it. Come on..

Come on, say it to him. Come on son, say it. Come on.

Come on, say it son. Come on, say it.

No, father.

I won't call him stupid. I will call him an asshole.

Doesn't matter. Go ahead.

Yes, go on. Come on. Yes. Come on, say it.

Don't be shy. Come on, say it. Say it out loud.

Say it. Come on. Say it.

Say it. Say it.

Say it. Say it out loud.

Say it out loud. Come on. Say it.

Say it. Come on, say it.


Abhishek is an asshole.

He's a complete asshole.

He is an asshole. Asshole..

Now be happy.. Asshole..

Happy.. Come on, son. Come on.

Okay. Everyone is happy now. Let's go. Let's go.

We're running out of auspicious time.

Mr. Raghunath, come on. Let's go. Please, come.. Please..

Fine, let's go.

Wait, father.

I'll go.

But, I want his chair as well.

This one?


Mr. Secretary, you upset the groom.

It's the least you have to do to cajole him.

I'll have to go to the market again and get a new chair.

Mr. Secretary, I am not so cruel.

You won't have to buy a new chair.

You can take my chair. It's perfectly cushioned.

But sir.. You're taking my chair, final.

Then where will you sit?

I will sit.. Don't worry about him.

He will buy a new chair for himself.

He is very rich.

150 hectares of land, cows, imagine.

Yes. Okay, Mr. Secretary. End of the story then.

See, they are coming.

Every chair has a lifespan.

It arrives seated on your head.

Later it lets you sit on it..

..or even leads to bloodshed. See.

Mr. Secretary, we've cold beers. Come on.

What's Mr. Secretary doing here?

Sir, that chair looks exactly like yours.

Isn't it?

Continue counting the bricks.

70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76..