Panchayat S1E6 Script

Bahot Hua Samman (2020)

Face down.

Lower. Lower.

That's too low.


More. More...


Very good. One more.


Show me how it looks.

Take a look.

First one's better.

Okay fine, I'll make that one.

Are you applying for the bank clerk's job?

It's for the CAT exam.

Common exam for MBA.

I see... Good.

You can collect it tomorrow at 11 am. I'm not rufusing you to sit.

What do you want to do about it asshole?

I am being so polite and yet you don't understand.

No asshole, I don't.

Stop abusing me.

Don't point fingers at me.

If you want to sit then do so properly.

I've no objection. But if you want to sit, then do it properly.

Are you going to teach me how to sit on a motorcycle?

What happened? Come, sir.

These guys were sitting on your motorcycle.

I only said the bike's parked on a single stand.

If you put too much weight on it, it will topple.

If you want to sit, park the bike on the double stand first.

And he got furious. I see...

If we want to sit on someone's motorcycle..

..we'll have to park it on the double stand first.

Then don't sit. Don't sit.

Lower your voice, understand.

You sat on my bike and now you're misbehaving.

What did you say?

You're calling me mannerless?

What else should I call you?

Wait here, son. Give me 10 minutes.

I will show you what misbehaving means. Wait.

You don't know what you said.

Should we call Pradhan sir?

Brother Mukesh. This is Bablu.

Send some boys to Sunil's shop right now.


Wait just 10 minutes. I'll show you.

Why should I wait 10 minutes? Don't I have anything better to do?

Move. What?

I said move.

Hop on, Vikas.

Brother Sunil, what time will he come tomorrow to collect his pictures?

11 o'clock.

See you tomorrow at 11 o'clock son, I'll show you misbehaving.

What's the matter now? Are you scared of us now? Is that all the zing you had?

We're not scared.

Get lost. I said stop abusing.

Get lost.

I said get lost.

You get lost. Get lost.

You get lost. Get lost.

You get lost.

Come on. Hit me. Hit me.

Hit me. Come. Vikas, let's go.

Wait just 10 minutes. Why are you running now assholes?

You get lost. Get lost.

You get lost. - See you tomorrow at 11 o'clock son. I'll show you.

Are you crazy, Vikas? Why are you getting involved in these things?

This is about our self-respect, sir.

They are messing with you.

Let's not lock horn with these people.

Let's go there tomorrow at 11 o'clock and teach them a lesson.

Who are you calling? Pradhan sir.

Are you mad? Let's not make thing worse than they already are.

They openly threatened us, sir. We must take some action.

There is no need to take any action.

Why is your ego hurt so much?

Are you some don? No, I am not a don.

But I don't know why you are so scared?

I am not scared.

Then what is it, sir?

Exams are around the corner.

Should I focus on my studies or get into unnecessary fights.

Why should I take this stress?

You don't need to take any stress.

Pradhan sir will handle everything.

I don't want to get involved in these things. Don't you get it?

What if you go there tomorrow at 11 o'clock..

..and they beat the lights out of you?

What will you do then?

I'll think of something. I'll avoid them.

In fact, I won't go at 11 o'clock.

I'll go at 2 o'clock instead. Great sir.

You go at 2 o'clock. Better. Prepare for your MBA. Even better.

But sir..

..there's something called self-respect.

People who work as a secretary don't have any self-respect.

My pictures, please.

That was a good idea.

Just give me my pictures.

The pictures...


You see, Bablu and Dablu hail from my village.

How does that make any difference?

Oh, it does.

Since they are from my village and you had a tiff with them... that means you had a tiff with me as well.

What nonsense is this?

You don't get it.

In this battle, I am on their side. That's what I am saying.

Since this concerns my village, I can't be a traitor.

What nonsense is this? Just give me my photo.

You were supposed to show up at 11 o'clock, but you didn't... on Bablu and Dablu's orders I had to delete the photos.

To hell with you and those Bablu-Dablu.

There are other places in Fakauli Market. I'll get my picture taken there.

As you wish.


You'll be in the market, won't you?

Bablu-Dablu said that I should inform them when you get here.

Will you be staying in the market or leaving?

Listen... Tell me. Listen!

I guess he's running.

Did you get your photos?

Bring white bedsheets tomorrow while coming to office.

White bedsheets for what?

As a background.

I'll get my picture taken in the office tomorrow.

In the office?

Those rascals got my pictures deleted.

Take my advice and let's tell Pradhan sir. He will handle everything.

If your blood still isn't boiling, then your blood thinner than water.



Asshole... Talk to him.

Who is this?

I head that you came to collect your photos at 2 o'clock.

Why are you bothering me? What do you want?

We were thinking that we show you what misbehaviour is.

You already did. What else do you want to show now?

That was not a proper demonstration, asshole.

Come to Fakauli Market again, and we'll show you properly.

You are unbelievable. I am not saying anything and you're taking this too far.

Can you even lay a finger on me even if I do?

Mind your tongue.

Or else...will you come down to Fakauli and beat us?

Yes, I will.

Then come there. We are waiting for you.

What's the matter? Don't have the courage?

Are you shit scared?

I did hear something.

How long do you think you can hide in Phulera?

Someday you'll have to come to Fakauli Market.

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

Tell me when and where.

I see...

You know what, come to the ground behind Fakauli market.

3 o'clock. I'll show you.

I'll make you dance nude, or else my name isn't Abhishek.

Now you're saying too much.

Come, son. We'll show you.

Get lost.

Yes, I will handle it.

Right, Prahlad. Exactly. We're not scared of anyone.

Didn't I tell you, sir?

Will we need more men?

I'll carry a rifle with me. We won't need anyone else.


Shall we take an axe as well?

No, Rifle will be a bit too much.

We can opt for something else. Like a belt, stick...

You know what, do you have a leather jacket.

Yes, I do.

Great. Then wear that and come see me at 2:30.

Leather jackets absorb most of the beatings.

I'll clean my rifle.

Pradhan sir, I think a couple of bullets will do the job.

This is too much.

Pradhan sir, give the rifle to me. I'll carry it.

He's taking a long time. Call him up.

Where are these two?

Don't know. They were right behind us.

Either they are crazy or very brave.

They showed up all alone. Asshole.

Let's take a look.

Wait a minute. More of our men are coming.

Why are you calling backup now?

Who is he calling?

Doesn't matter even if he's calling Rambo. We'll deal with him.

Yes, let him call anyone.


Mr. Secretary.

Hello. Speaker. Speaker.


Pradhan sir, where are you?

Don't worry, we're on the way.

The bike's got a flat tire. So Prahlad is pushing it.

It's just a flat tire, Pradhan sir. It's not like you've run out of petrol.

Mr. Secretary, the flat tire was due to a nail.

If we ride the bike now, it will tear the tube.

And then it will become a costly affair because we'll have to change the tube.

Pradhan sir, come soon. They are already here.

They are waiting for us.

There's still five minutes left to 3 pm.

I didn't know they are so punctual. They are here now. Come soon.

What assholes?

So eager to fight. Give me rifle.

Hop on. Hop on. Coming, Secretary sir.

We'll teach those assholes...

Yes, yes... They are coming.

How much time?

They are coming.

Brother Bablu, let's beat the crap out of them and go home.

You know what, give me your belt.

My pant is loose, use your own.

My belt's made of rexine. It won't hurt too much.

I spent a fortune on this belt. Give it to me.

Give me your belt them. You know my pants are loose.

Hurry up.

Asshole, you have a small waist. Takes less than a minute to take off your belt.

Wear this belt first otherwise your pants will come down.

Brother, wait...

There are some rules in a fight.

At least let them come.

Surround them. Surround them.

Brother. Surround them.

Some more man is coming. You'll make me dance nude.

Now I'll make you dance nude.

What are you guys doing?

Take your clothes off.

Am I talking to you? Mind your tongue.

I am being polite. I am talking to him. Show some manners.

Mr. Manners take your clothes off...

...or else I'll beat you to a pulp with this belt.

Some of our men are coming. Let them get here.

Son... We're explaining you politely.

You have only one choice.

Take your clothes off and dance.

And leave quietly. Understand.

You're a hot-headed man.

Beat them. You're wasting time talking to them.

Beat them. Beat them. Remove it fast..

What are you doing? This is a piece of cloth as well.

No, no...

Beat them. Start now.

Why is he standing quietly? Start stripping, son.

Take your clothes.

I didn't mean it when I said I'll make you dance nude. No one does that.

A man says things in a fit of rage, but you don't need to take it seriously.

Start stripping or else I will start ripping you off. Take it off.

Give him a hand. Come on. No, I'll do it myself.

Look at him, taking his watch and belt off.

No, no, Brother...

Do I need to tell you separately?

Brother Bablu, shall we play a song while making the dance.

Play "KajraRe"

Great choice.

Your phones keep ringing off the hook.

Yes, Pradhan sir, where are you?

We're already here.

Where? We're right here.

We're standing next to the temple.

Take a right from the temple and come to the ground at the back.

Tell them to take a left, that's a shortcut. Tell them to hurry up.

Take a left, that's a shortcut. Come soon, they are making me strip dance.

Strip dance? Why are they making you strip?

I don't know. Come soon. Let's go.

Don't take your clothes off.

They'll take a video and spread it. Continue.

We're taking it off. We're taking it off.

Don't talk too much.

Did you get it? Come on.

You guys can't escape now.

Wear them. Wear your clothes.

Pradhan sir, they are making us strip our clothes.

Wait. Move back.

Move back.

I'll shoot you through your ass.

Are you shit scared now? Come ahead now.

Brother Bablu, I think that gun's a fake.

It has no bolt. The barrel's narrow.

It's only good for shooting birds.

Listen, green t-shirt, this is a real gun.

Balls green t-shirt.

If it's real, then shoot. Yes, shoot.

Come on shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

Yes, shoot.

Shoot. Shoot.

I'll make you two take off your underwear as well.


Who is Bablu?

I am Bablu. You are Bablu.

What is your father's name? Jagmohan.

And which village?

Why? Do you want to make my Aadhar card?

No son, I'll teach you a lesson with one slap.

The old man has a death wish.

Uncle, don't mess with young boys at this age.

Otherwise I will hit you also.

Understand. Move aside.

Uncle's been yapping for a long time.

What are you looking at?

Help uncle stand up. Yeah, time for his funeral.

What are you staring at?

You can't even lay a finger on us.

He's Rambo, isn't he? Really!

What are you staring at?

Look at him...

And with a fake gun...

He's a real asshole.

Hey! Move back.

I'll show you how to kill with a fake gun.

He'll die.

Rascals! Hit him. Hit him.

Take your belt out, brother Bablu. What the fuck are you doing?

He is gone crazy.

Come on, take your belt out. Take it out.

Come on.

Beat him. Beat him.

You go.

Hey, don't hit.

Someone save brother Bablu.

Are you crazy? He's lost his mind.

I will hit you. Run...!

Run! Trying to bully us.

Trying to bully us.

Trying to bully us. Run!

The guy at the back. Get him.

You'll hit me with a brick.

Wait there.

Come here. Come here.

Hit them!

I will hit you with the belt. Stop!

Are you mad?

I will die. Stop yelling from here. Go help him.

He's doing fine. Listen, listen.

I will hit you. How dare you hit Pradhan sir?

Shall I hit? Bablu, hit him.

Shall I hit? No, no, don't hit me.

Trying to bully us. No, no, no...

Trying to bully us. No, no, no...

How dare you hit?

How dare you hit Pradhan sir?

Sorry, it was a mistake. Handle him.

To hell with CAT, I will break his...

No, no... Stop!

Leave me. You will kill him.

You will make us strip. Leave him.

You will make us strip. Leave him.

Don't let him go. He's an animal.

Who did you call an animal?

Who did you call an animal? Go from here.

Let them go. These boys have no future, sir.

Let them go.

He's lost it.

Get lost.

Leave him.

Take your glasses.

We told you not to sit on the bike! And that hurt his ego.

It was parked on a single stand.

If you had fallen, you would've broken a tooth.

You think I am an asshole. Never sat on a bike before.

How could I fall? How? I'll show you how.

I'll show this asshole how he could've fallen.

Let it be. I'll show you how.

No, let me show him. You'll break a bone.

He's a mad man.

Complete animal.

Get lost you guys before he gets up. Come on.

Get lost.

Fake gun!


What is that red oozing from his forehead?

You said you'll get your picture taken someplace else.

I mean it's a good thing you came here.

This is your shop too.

Look down.

I mean there's no pressure.

You can look down if you want to, otherwise, it's okay.

What's wrong? Why are you behaving like this?

No, it's okay.

Forgive me for deleting your picture.

Fine, now take my picture.

First, forgive me.

Come on... No, please. I'm clicking your picture.

I'm clicking.