Panchayat S1E7 Script

Ladka Tez Hai Lekin.. (2020)

[song playing on radio]

Pradhan sir, tea.

Haven't put much sugar.

That's good. It's always good to cut down on sugar.

Sir. We ran out of tea leaves so I borrowed some of yours.

So Pradhan sir, any update about the boy in Malkopur?

They all demand very high dowry.

I said Mr. Pandey, your son might be an engineer..

..but my daughter's a graduate too.

You must lower your demands.

So did he comply. Not at all.

He said if your daughter was a science graduate..

..I would've settled for 1.5 million.

But she's an Arts Graduate..

..and she completed her education through correspondence.

So nothing short of 2 million.

I am telling you Pradhan sir, that family is very greedy.

Can't help it even if they are.

By the way, how much does their son earn?

They claim he earns around 100,000 a month.

But that thing called CTC..

Do you know what's CTC? Yes..

After all the deductions he gets 80,000 in hand.

You mean he's demanding 2 million as dowry..

..because his son earns 80,000 as salary.


Oh God!

Secretary sir, are they trying to fool Pradhan sir?

Don't know.

If you were getting paid a salary of 80,000.

Let's assume. How much dowry would you have demanded?

I won't take dowry.

You won't get too much even if you ask for it.

What good is 20,000 salary?

At the most, they will give 500,000 in dowry and a two-wheeler.

He already has a two-wheeler.

I suggest you take cash instead, Secretary sir.

That's what I did.

What is 20,000 worth?

My salary is 20,000 now.

After completing IIM, starting salary is 100,000.

Even if I get it, I won't take dowry.

[Indistinct Murmuring]

Brother Deenbandhu, All well. Great.

Look at him.

His face's turned red with the joy of becoming a father.

That's not it. I came to submit his birth certificate form.

Give it to me. Pull up that chair and take a seat.

Name of child's father, Deenbandhu Pathak.

Name of child's mother, Sushma Devi.

My wife.

Child's name.

Child's name?

What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?


You're calling your son Aatmaram?

Yes. My wife has decided this name. She really likes that name.

Anything wrong?

Doesn't it sound too old-fashioned?


Sounds more like you're taking revenge on him.

Really? Exactly.


Secretary sir.

He just had a son.

Why don't you suggest to him some up-to-date name?

Aatmaram is a nice name. What's the problem?

Sir, would you call your son Aatmaram?

Why don't you suggest something modern?

Something latest.

You suggest me something, sir.

Tell him, sir.

What do you like? Call him Rehan.

But Rehan.. It has to start with A..



Call him Aarav. Aarav is trending these days. - Aarav.

Aarav is good.

Sounds modern too. Sounds good too.

It's also the name of Akshay Kumar's son.


Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar's son's name is Aarav.

That's great.

Abhishek sir, what does Aarav mean?

Who cares what it means. It's the name of Akshay Kumar's son.


Give me the form. Give it.

I'll go talk to my wife.

This is great.

Thank you very much, Mr. Secretary.

We might even go down to Akshay Kumar's home and ask him to bless our child.

He's so happy. You suggested him a great name.

Why do you get me involved in these things?

Don't get me involved in these stupid matters.

Rinky's mom, answer this question.

If some guy hails from a good family..

..and doesn't demand dowry. What does that mean?

That means something's wrong with the boy.

He's absolutely hale and hearty. There is no problem.

What guy are you talking about?

The Secretary.

Would he be a good match for Rinky?

He's from our caste.

What's the problem with the guy from Malkopur?

He's bald and demands 2 million in dowry.

Your Secretary doesn't look like Mithun Chakraborty either.

I know he doesn't look like Mithun Chakraborty.

But he's not greedy for dowry either.

His salary is 20,000.

Lives in our Panchayat office.

And you want marry our daughter to him.

20,000 is his current salary.

And if he manages to crack the competitive exam he's preparing for..

..then he'll get a salary of 100,000 rupees.

And everyone who appears for this exam gets through.

Why wouldn't he?

He studies day and night. He's working very hard. Why wouldn't he?

Even you worked hard to become the MLA.

But did you?

Hard work isn't everything.

A man should have a sharp brain.

How do I find out whether he has a sharp brain or not?



So many spelling mistakes.

You've written "Band Pump" instead of "Hand Pump".

Oh! I see.

You see, it was a typing error..

You may leave. We're done for the day.

So soon.

The exams are in two weeks. I've to prepare.

Have faith in God. Everything will be fine.

Keep your mind relaxed.

I've relaxed a lot in life.

That's why I am here.

And don't want to relax anymore.

You are amazingly dedicated, sir.

You'll tear up the paper.

Exams are conducted online.

You'll tear up the internet then.

Would you like some noodles? I'll take your leave, sir.

My wife will be happy to see me home early.

Okay, sir.

Is the Secretary still in the office?


I want to know whether the Secretary still in the office or not?





You'll trip and fall. Even the closest hospital is 10 kilometres away.

Sushma, wait..

Let's talk this over and we'll find a solution.


So you are Mr. Abhishek.

If your name is same as some movie star's son..

..does everyone needs to have the same name as the movie star's son.

What's the matter?

If you like keeping names, then have a dozen babies yourself.

And you can call them Aarav or whatever.

Sushma. Be quiet.

It took me 10 days to think of a name.


I've told all our relatives.

And auntie, she's stitching "Aatmaram" on the sweater.

And you are trying to change his name.

I spoke with auntie. She has only written "A" on the sweater.

And A is for Aarav as well.

Not to mention its such a small name. Won't need too much wool as well.

Enough with your "save wool".

Some tom, dick, or harry says something to you and you readily agree.

Aarav is such a nice name. I mean think about it.

What sounds better?

Aarav's mother or Aatmaram's mother.

Aatmaram's mother.


You want to be known as Aatmaram's mother, don't you?

Then I want to be known as Aarav's father.

Being known as Aarav's father won't make you Akshay Kumar.

And being known as Aatmaram's mother, won't make you..

The mother of Aatma's Ram.

You're insisting on Aarav, but do you know what it means?

Yes, I do. Tell me.

I'll tell you..

Aarav means..

Akshay Kumar's son.

Mr. Secretary, what spell have you cast on him?

What did I do?

He asked me for a modern name and I did.

Do I look like someone who casts a spell?

You did the right thing, Mr. Secretary.

Now do one thing. Give me a new form..

..I'll change his name right now and give you.

Give me a form as well.

I can't write, so you'll have to fill it for me.

Give me. Have you lost your mind?

You can't submit two forms for the same child. Here you go.

Go home and fight.

And come back when you two decide on the name.


Go home.

First, you create a rift in my family and busy hogging noodles .

Let's go. Don't argue with him.

Mr. Secretary has never failed any of the exams.

And your blabbering nonsense.

You can't even spell correctly..

Did anything happen, sir?

Go away.

If you have a sharp mind, then answer within one minute.

Fire breaks out in three places in a single night.

Temple, School, and Hospital.

Tell me which fire will the ambulance extinguish first?

Let me study.


Mr. Secretary, I sent you a question.

And you've seen it.

Because I can see the blue tick on my screen.

I was about to call you Pradhan sir, but you called first.

But you had only one minute to reply.

And I am calling after one minute.


I'll give you extra time.

So tell me Temple, School, or Hospital.

Did you hear Temple, School, or Hospital?

Which fire will the ambulance extinguish first?

Who are you trying to fool?

Since when did ambulance start extinguishing fire?

Tell me.

The ambulance doesn't extinguish the fire.

No, no, this is wrong.

You overheard the answer.

It's not my fault if I overheard the answer, Pradhan sir.

That's right. So can I send you another question?

Pradhan sir, I am busy at the moment.

No, no, now you're trying to avoid the question.

Is this how you'll complete your MBA?

Pradhan sir, they don't ask whatsApp forwards.

I'm hanging up now.

Pradhan sir.

What questions do they ask in the MBA ask?

Quant, Verbal, DI, this is what they normally ask.

I see.. I see..

Do you understand all of it?


Why? What's wrong?

Nothing is wrong.

I just came to ask as an elder.

Your father isn't around here.

But I am.

Isn't that right?


So are you concentrating on all the subjects?

Yes, I am doing quant.

I mean maths.

Yes, of course. I got it.

Go ahead. Go ahead.

I am just going to sit here.

Mr. Secretary.. didn't put a tick on this question.


I was a little confused about that question.. I skipped it.


This means difficult questions get you confused.

No, that's not right. I am doing the easy ones first.

This is more difficult, so I'll solve that later.

If this one's more difficult, then solve it now.

Come on.

I won't be able to finish the rest of the syllabus.

I'm focusing on the rest.

If you ignore this question now, you'll never come back to it.

And the thing about exams is, they always ask questions that you have ignored.

Come on. Do it.

Do it. I said do it. I'll solve it later.

Do it now.

You have three minutes.

Exams have time limits, don't they?

They do.

So..your time starts now. Come on.

What happened?

I am thinking.

Are you still thinking?

Do you get this much time to think during exams?

If you keep quiet then I'll think Pradhan sir.

Okay, fine. I'll keep quiet.








The answer is given on the back.

You can check it.

The right answer is 24/75.


Yes, 24/75.

Take a look. 24/75.

See..I was joking.

Absolutely right answer. Put a tick on it.

Come on.

You'll ace your MBA.

I am assured now.




Who is fighting?

I told you she is Aatmaram's grandma.

Then that's it.

And I said she's Aarav's grandma. And that's it.

Aatmaram's grandma. Aarav's grandma.

Aatmaram's grandma. Aarav's grandma.

Calm down. Calm down.

Sit down. Sit.. Calm down.

Sit down.

Aatmaram's grandma. Aarav's grandma.

I said sit down.

We'll find a solution. Don't just..

Tell me auntie, which name do you like better?

Doesn't matter to me, whatever you call him.

But first, cook some food.

I am famished.

And if I die, then doesn't matter you call me Aarav's grandma or Aatmaram's.

That's true.

Then let's vote.

All you can think about are votes.

There is no other solution to it. Tell me.

You know what, why don't you ask the child?

You are discussing his name after all.

Are you drunk, Mr. Secretary?

How can a 10-day-old child decide his own name?

It will take at least a couple of years before he can speak.

And it won't be right to wait until then.

Not a couple of years..

Keep two fingers in front of the child.

One for Aatmaram and the other for Aarav.

Whichever finger the child holds first will be his name. End of story.


But the index finger will be Aatmaram.

That's not fair.

The index finger is the longest one. The child will definitely go for that.

Then bend your finger a little, Deenbandhu..

..and both fingers will be equal.

See, don't they look equal now.


Mr. Secretary has given a great suggestion.

Thus ends this quarrel.

Rinky's mother, let's go.

Come on, let's go.

You too Mr. Secretary, go and finish your studies.

Will someone cook some food now?

What do you want to eat?

Cook some chicken and rice.

Mr. Secretary has a very sharp mind.

He comes up with solutions in a jiffy.

And do you know, this is what happens in MBA exams as well?

They ask questions, and people need to solve them in a jiffy.

I see.. Yes.

So you mean to say that in MBA exams they ask questions like.. to first cause a rift between husband and wife..

..and how to solve it later.

No, they don't ask that.

They ask for quant amongst other things.

You're taunting me, aren't you?

Go to Malkopur and give them Rinky's picture, that's it.

Rinky's mother, he really has a sharp mind.

I asked him a really difficult question that would've baffled anyone else.

But he seemed least bothered.

He solved the question with 5 seconds to spare.

So tell me..why won't a sharp mind like him ace his MBA?

Let's assume that he does, but he'll have to study further.

How long can we keep Rinky at home?


We'll get them married as soon as he clears his exams.

And perform the remaining rituals when he finishes his studies.

You're coming up with so many weird ideas just to save dowry.

So tell me..

..shall we talk to him.

When you've already made up your mind, then why ask me.

I know I've decided, but what's on your mind?

The boy from Malkopur is ready.

If you talk to them, then Rinky might get married this year.

I have a neutral idea.

Let's ask Rinky who should we talk to.

After all, she has to get married. You have lost your mind.

You'll only embarrass Rinky by asking her.

She won't tell you anything.

Then how can I ask without embarrassing her?


Don't cry. Don't cry.

Now hold one finger, son.

Hold it. Hold it.


Hold one finger, will you?

What is it?

My dear son.


What happened?

In your service..

The Head of village.

Is that Mr. Secretary?

No, it's someone else.

He'll be here soon. Is it something important?

No, it's nothing.

He's here. He's here. Secretary sir has arrived.

So Mr. Secretary, how was your exam?

Are you getting that high paying job?

Mr. Secretary.

Mr. Secretary, what happened?

Pradhan sir, I think he didn't do too well in his exams.

How do you know his exams didn't go well?

Did he tell you?

Didn't you see how he was sulking when he came in?

Seems like it didn't go well at all.

What happened, Pradhan sir?

Pradhan sir?


Secretary sir.

Don't be so sad.

Happiness and sorrows are part of life.

Where is the Secretary?

Where is he?

What happened? He's inside.

Look at this.

After making the wrong certificate, he's hiding in there.

Come out. Mr. Secretary, come out.

What happened? What happened?

See what name got printed on the certificate instead of Aarav Pathak.

What name got printed? Show me.

Awara Pathak.

It's a small mistake. Just a little mistype in the machine.

Pradhan sir, what's happening in your office?

Vikas, deal with them. I've to leave.

Where are you going?

Taking Ricky's picture to Malkopur.

What happened to Mr. Secretary?

He didn't do well in his exams.


He had worked really hard.

He spent his nights studying under the candle light.

Yes. I heard so.

He studied hard but what can you do?

Everyone has a destiny.

Yes. That's true.

He's locked himself in.

I hope he doesn't harm himself.