Panchayat S1E8 Script

Jab Jaago Tabhi Savera (2020)

Secretary sir, would you like some tea?


Maybe a chilled beer.

It's been two months since you appeared for your exams.

How much longer are you going to gloat?

Take your books and start preparing again.

I guarantee you will pass this time.

I will?

I will?

The percentage required to enrol in a top IIM college is 99 percentile.

Even if I had scored 90, there would've been some hope for next year.

What was my score?

82.. Eighty-two percentile.

There's a fat chance I can jump from 82 to 99 in this lifetime.

Because I am an asshole.

My mind's a bigger asshole.

So there's no way I can clear CAT exam.

I'll keep doing these mediocre jobs for the rest of my life.

It's my destiny to be, Abhishek Tripathi, Panchayat Secretary, village Phulera.

Putting up banners for 26th January.

You call that a job.

Go on. Get the banners.

I'll put it up.

I said get the banner!

Sorry, I got carried away.

It's alright sir.

You've been keeping it to yourself for the last months.

It's a good thing you vented your anger.

You must be feeling unburdened now.

Greetings, Pradhan sir.


The banner looks nice.

I can hardly see anything from here.

You're not an eagle to see from this distance.

Pradhan sir, your picture is pretty big.

Everyone can see it.

But mine looks so small. One can hardly make out.

Looks small? Yes.

Can hardly make out?

You're too much, Prahlad.

Vikas. Yes.

Do you have another banner left?

There is one more left.

Put it up here on the date tree.

Yes, Pradhan sir.

Do it right away.

Okay. Right.

Let's go.

Make sure it's done before I come back.

Okay, Pradhan sir. See you.

Where are these guys going?

The flag hoisting ceremony is on 26th January.

They must be going to Fakauli Market to buy new clothes.

Manju Devi doesn't even hoist the flag?


Pradhan sir hoists the flag.

As he did on the 15th of August.

Last time you went home on holiday.

If you had been around, then you would've seen who hoists the flag.

Technically Manju Devi should be hoisting the flag.

She is the official Pradhan.

Technically she should be hoisting the flag.

But she isn't concerned about these things.

Did you get Manju Devi's thumb impression on the CC Road papers?

Bring it, I'll get it done.

I am putting my thumb impression without reading the document.

I am trusting you.

Yes tell me.

It's done.

I heard you failed your exam.

I didn't exactly fail, I just got low marks.

You mean you won't get admission where you wanted to.


Then that's as good as fail.

Don't be sad.

Everyone has their own capability.

Some manage to do it, some can't.

I heard that you don't hoist the flag on 26th January.

No, Rinky's papa does all that.

Even our neighbouring village Gopalpur has a female Pradhan.

And she hoists the flag.

And yes, she also goes to the office.

Looks after all the work.

Even signs the documents.

Everyone has their own capability.

You missed one spot. Put your thumb impression here.

Is Pradhan sir at home?

What is it?

Isn't Pradhan sir at home?

I am the Pradhan. What do you want?

I'll come back later.

Don't I look like the Pradhan?

What does he think of himself.

Now you can be seen too.

Pradhan sir, I was thinking let's put up this banner on the main road.

If others see, it will only add to our glory.

You always beg and plead like this to get your work done.

Pradhan sir, my banner's never been put up on the main road.

Main road.

I swear.

Never. Do you want me to put up one?


Yes Pradhan sir.

Where are you?


Choose a nice spot and put up this banner on the main road.

Yes, Pradhan sir.

Are you happy?

Yes. Now it's the main road.

Soon you'll say put it up on my chest.

These things are important in politics, Pradhan sir.

When people see, they will know.

How is it looking?


Atleast take a look before commenting.


What happened?

I guess I should've bought a saree for you too.

What will I do with the saree?

It's not like I've to hoist the flag.

Then you hoist the flag.

It's no big deal.

Go ahead.



I'll hoist the flag.

I was only joking. How can you hoist the flag?

Why not? I am the Pradhan.

What's wrong with you?


How can you hoist the flag?

Why? Is the flag's rope too heavy?

I do all the chores around the house. I can handle this too.

It's not just about hoisting the flag?

One has to sing the National Anthem after that too.

I can sing.

Don't I sing at weddings and marriages? I can sing here too.

Do you know what the National Anthem is?

Whatever it is, I'll sing.

How can you sing?

You must remember it first.

I'll memorise it.

How will you memorise it and who is going to help you?

Rinky's visiting her grandma.

And I've to go to Malkopur for two days with Rinky's picture.

I won't return before tomorrow evening.

And 26th January is the day after that.

Who is going to help you memorise it? I won't be around.

You go to Malkopur.

But remember to bring a new saree for me on the way back.

And as for who will help me memorise it..

I know someone.

Who is going to help her?

Vande Mataram!

Vande Mataram!

Yes..what you're singing is our National Song.

The National Anthem is Jana Gana Mana.

I see I see, I've heard that in the movie hall..

..when Rinky's papa and I went to Benares.

Yes, exactly.

I see. You've to hoist the flag and sing that.

I see.

So do you remember anything?

I remember the first three words?

Jana Gana Mana..

Let's do it.

You will learn.

You teach me.

I will learn.


It's "Adhinayak" and not "Vinayak".

"Adhinayak" Yes.

Sing it again.

There's a lot to remember, shall we sit?

You cannot sing it sitting down.

But I am not singing, just memorising it.

These things can only be memorised standing up and not sitting down.

Let's do it.

"Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaya He.."

That's great. Continue.

"Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaya He.."


"Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaya Ho.."

It's not "jaya ho" it's "Jaya He"

"Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaya He.."


"Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaya He.."

Yes, Pradhan sir.

No Secretary sir hasn't returned yet.

Yes, it's been a couple of hours since he left.


How would I know if she's memorised it or not?

Yes, I'll know once he comes back.

Okay, fine.

Punjab then Sindh... Gujarat, Maratha... after that?

Ma'am Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, Maratha, Dravida, Utkala, Banga.

I just taught you.

"Jaya He. Jaya He. Jaya He."

"Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya He"

Three times Jaya He..

Then four times "Jaya" and then "He" in the end.

Do you understand? Again from the beginning.

Let's do it.


"Jana Gana Mana Vinayak Jaya He.."


You're making the same mistake again.

It's "Adhinayak" and not "Vinayak". How many times do I've to tell you, ma'am?

We must have revised this at least two dozen times.

We've been doing this for four hours.

It's "Adhinayak Jaya He" and not "Vinayak"

Adhinayak. I must have explained to you at least two dozen times.

You see, ma'am, I've explained in the best way I could.

Now you see how you're going to manage this. I am leaving.

Mr. Secretary.

If you leave then who is going to help me memorise?

Look here.

Press this and it will start playing.

And press it again to stop.


You've until tomorrow.

Hear it as much as you can.

Maybe you'll remember some part of it.

I'll leave now.

Mr. Secretary..

Do we have to stand while listening to it as well?


Try it.

"Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaya He.."

"Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaya He.."

Rinky's mother.

Rinky's mother.

Are you listening?

All well?

Here you go.

Your saree.

So you've memorised Jana Gana Mana.

Did you memorise all of it?

What is this?

If you're going to wear it tomorrow, then why keep it in the box?


I don't know, I can't memorise it.

What happened?

No need for this fake sympathy.

You must be very happy.

Go and hoist the flag.

That's not it.

Then I'll sing whatever I remember.

No, if you sing it wrong..

..someone will make a video of it and make it viral on the internet.

What? Viral.

What is this?

How did you break the mobile's screen?

I checked it on the ground because I couldn't memorise it.

Chucked it.

Mr. Secretary. Yes, madam.

Did you memorise it yet?

No Mr. Secretary, I couldn't memorise it yet.

You must be happy too.

No, I was just asking.

So I know who is going to hoist the flag tomorrow.

Don't worry. Pradhan sir will be hoisting the flag tomorrow.


Yeah, I know you all think it's okay now.

Hang up.

I couldn't hoist the flag, and also broke my phone.

What should I make for dinner?

You can come along to the office tomorrow as well.

No, let it be.

I would rather stay at home and watch the Prime Minister..

..hoist the flag on television.

The President hoists the flag on 26th January, and not the Prime Minister.

Are you going to tell me what you want for dinner?

Everyone's trying to be a wise guy.

Let's go.

Pradhan sir, do you have one more of that?

This one?

Prahlad, you're a small kid.

One more!


Take two.

Put one on left and on right.

Let's go.

Pradhan sir. Let's ask madam once.

I know she won't hoist the flag..

..but it would be nice if she shows up.

I asked her yesterday but she clearly refused.

Why don't you ask her instead?

I'll inform her once.

You stand here only.

I guess I took two extra.

Welcome, Pradhan sir.

Driver, stop the car.

Back the car.

Take the car towards the village.

Turn here.

What is keeping her?

Let's wait a little longer.

What did she say over the phone?

She said I'll see.

"See" she will never make up her mind and we'll waste our time.

Let's go. Let's hoist the flag.

Attention everyone.

So you are Pradhan's husband Brij Bhushan Dubey.


I see..but the government hasn't created any such post yet.

Well..I just..

Just like that..

Creating some imaginary post for your own whims and fancies.

Handling the office in place of the real Pradhan.

Even hoisting the flag in her place.

Is this a joke?

And where is Pradhan Manju Devi?

She must be on her way. She is at home.

Get out. I said get out.


Out of the office campus.

Get out.

Stay outside the boundary.

Who is the office Secretary?

I am the deputy Pradhan.


Ma'am, I am.

You are. Yes.

What is this drama going on here?

Don't you know this is wrong?

The government is trying to eradicate the Pradhan's husband culture.

Doesn't that make a difference to you?

What can I do, ma'am? Shut up.

What can I do?

There's a lot you could do.

Why didn't you lodge a complaint..

..that Manju Devi's husband is handing the office instead of her.

Take the banner off first.

Madhav. Yes, sir.

Note down his name. We're going to suspend him.

Sorry. What is your name?

Manju Devi is on her way.

Your name.

Abhishek Tripathi.

Note down his name. Yes, ma'am.

Sorry, ma'am.

Mr. Secretary.

What's going on here?

What's going on here?

Who are you?

Who are you?

She is DM madam.

She is Manju Devi. Our official Pradhan.

Rinky's father, why are you standing out there?

Come here.

Not a problem. I am fine.

No, come here.

And Mr. Secretary, come here.

Madam, who are they?

I thought I shouldn't go alone, and brought them along too.

They are the real ward members.

Their husbands work in the office instead of them.

I am sure you have met them.

What is going on there?

Is that any way to talk to the People's Representative?

Tell me.

Pradhan sir was hoisting the flag..

DM madam is talking about suspending me.


Why are you suspending him?

Because your husband was going to..

..hoist the flag instead of you in his presence.

Who told you that he was going to hoist the flag?

I was going to hoist the flag.

I see..then what was keeping you?

Women take time to get ready.

I am sure you know.

So you hoist the flag every year.

Yes, I do. You can ask them if you want.

Fine. Then hoist the flag.

Are you going to stand here and watch?

Yes. I'll stand here and watch.

Go ahead.

Go on, hoist the flag.


Pull the other thread.

The second one.

Come on, now sing the National Anthem.

What's the matter?

You always hoist the flag, don't you?

I am sure you remember.

No one else will sing with her.

Just her.

Come on, start.

[National Anthem]

[National Anthem]

[National Anthem]

[National Anthem]

[National Anthem]

[National Anthem]

[National Anthem]

Now that's the job of a Pradhan's husband.

If there's something she doesn't know..

..then it's your job to educate and explain her.


And not start taking decisions in her place instead.

And yes, the confidence you showed in talking to me.. should show the same confidence in learning the office work.

I am not as educated as you are, but still, I will try.

Just like I tried learning Jana Gana Mana.

In the beginning, I thought, I won't learn in this lifetime.

But I tried.

But even after your efforts, you couldn't learn it properly.

Well, much could I memorise in two days?

But next time when you visit on 26th January or 15th August..'ll see how well I'll memorise it.

Because neither I lose hope easily nor do I shy away from hard work.

Ma'am what about his suspension?

DM madam, please let him off the hook.

He's the one who helped her memorise Jana Gana Mana.

He's a very nice man.

Yes, he's a nice man. Very nice man.

Let it be.

Sir, I've got that sweets and savouries. And everyone's here too.

Come on let's go.

Pradhan sir, I don't understand how did DM madam come here.

She came in her car. How else. Didn't you see?

"I know I am happy."

"I know I am happy."

"I know I am happy."

I am thinking about preparing again this year.

I didn't get enough time this year.

A couple of months is not enough to prepare properly.

Exactly. I've been trying to explain to you for two months.

But you didn't understand.

The situation was different then.

How did you suddenly have a change of heart?

Well, whatever changed your mind..'s for the good.

Stop sounding so down, and be happy.

Happy about what?

I'll have to stay in the village for one more year.

Exactly, you've to stay there for one full year.

So better start enjoying the journey, man.

Why do you start giving lectures?

Am I wrong?

This is all anyone says in every Ted Talk with a twist.

You should love what you're doing.

Okay, sir.

And you know what, do something to fall in love with the village.

That's too much.

It's hard to fall in love with this village.


Abhishek Tripathi?

Let's see how beautiful it is.

Ever since they've been recommending to climb the tanker.

What nonsense!

Doesn't look beautiful at all. It looks the same.

"Fall in love with the village."

What a waste of time.

Who is it?

I'm Rinky.

Pradhan sir's daughter.