Panna zazracnica (1967) Script

Tristan! Where have you got to?

A night like this is for the devil, not for man.

Ah, mere words.

Terrible thirst.


Flood me, waterfalls, I'll drink all the fountains dry.

You don't feel like going off to the slaughterhouse.

Farewell, darling!

Just waiting again. One hundred and thirteen minutes.

But you aren't waiting?

No. But when I'm drinking with my friends, I stray here.

Who knows why.

Perhaps I'm really waiting. But what for?

In one hundred and thirteen minutes this family will turn into a stalagmite.

No, I'm not waiting.

I draw, I paint, I fabricate.

Professor, tell me, how am I to express emptiness?

Cousin Anabella, over here!

M cik, chief clerk.

Anabella Citovsk ?

This one, or that one, all cows are black in the night.

You're not really Anabella, my distant cousin?

So you're not that one?

Do you need documents?

If not, then not.

Can I give you a lift?

To the Women's Refuge or to dinner?

Anabella, it really is you, after all.

Cousin distant, beautiful and so on.

Taxi? Bearer? What are your commands?

I am Tristan, a wonderful artist I will be.

A bit drunk, but you don't mind or do you?

To the refuge!

Fresh air.

Private refuge, at your service.

Another suitor?

The bride has no time to spare.

The wedding night awaits her.

We have sought and found it.

It is quiet here.

So quiet.

Did she come here to see you?



What a lot of pretty ones I've already arranged.

And this one is only one step away from us.

Here you are!

You frightened me to death. I thought that.

Never mind, it's just my nerves.

Come with me.

I look awful, don't l?

Lie down here. Don't be shy.

Pretty face.

She jumped.

Catfish treated her terribly.

But that didn't have to happen.

Dear girl, who was it hurt you?

I'll punish him on your behalf.

I'll make a mask and send it to everyone who offended you.

To the ambitious parents. Oh, no!

They were the best people in the world.

So there is someone to punish for your sadness.


But your punishment probably doesn't become them.

It does.

Death becomes everyone.

I feel fine, dear girl that you're here,

that you're alive.

Now I know it for sure.

To get the death mask from the one that we've hurt, must be a devilish punishment.

I try to remember you.

And who are you?

A jester.

I'm the old candle woman, Anabella.

I am Raven, the stonemason.

As you see, the orderly too.

If a woman married you and left you right away, you wouldn't survive, would you?

But she won't leave me.

The one who marries me will not leave me.

Why should she?

Maybe she needs documents.

Even though she was born here, she's a foreigner to this state.

She's not allowed to live or breathe here without documents.

And she can get them only by marriage.

Did he frighten you?

Poor guy.

He was supposed to be a good sculptor.

Has she left? You see yourself.

What did you tell her? Nothing.

I'll find her. Perhaps she needs me.

Women only need you for this task now.

And you don't have to chase after them, they are delivered to us.

Who's calling?

A jester.

who's feeling lonesome.

Well, have you done the mask? Show me!

Poor thing. Wasn't she already decomposing?

Is the minister to carry his personal tragedy under his arms?

That's better!

That's how it should be.

That's it. I'll call him right away.

And remind him of the fountain.

They've got a water tank there like a trough for oxen.

He can arrange it, his daughter is lying there.

Your Excellency, this is Rafaj.

It's finished.

It's a pious matter, I dare not bring it before you.

The heartbroken mother your wife.

A monument important to the state is about to be finished here.

And your view of it, the opinion of a statesman like you, would be a lesson, a resource for the culture of the nation.

Oh, an undeserved honour.

Raven, sprinkle it with water and sweep!

The minister in person.

Good morning.

Announce me to the director, please.

Miss Anabella!

You're not even here yet and you already have visitors.

From the chief clerk.

Miss Citovsk !

Pleased to meet you.

You want to enrol in the university.

You will have everything necessary for your studies.

I don't want to remind you of your grief, but I see that you're wearing black.

Have you had a death in the family?

I'm sorry, I really did not want to.

You need peace, quiet.

We'll put you in the tower room.

Thank you.

I'm not home yet to anyone.

No, don't. The clerk is a gentleman.

More than a gentleman. He is a lord.

Los, los!

Father, mother, it's all in the past for you two, but I'm alone. So alone.

My dear girl, my swallow, hang on.

You have to hang on.

Good, you've buttered him up.

And what about the fountain?

There hasn't been a chance, yet.

No, thank you.

I understand.

Everyone bears his own altar of pain.

We've done it in a dignified manner.

If you could, just a word about the monument.

The concept of your monument is monumental.

Maestro, don't you think that the gesture is a bit like that of a preacher?

And how should it be, minister?

A leader's, a thinker's gesture!

To tell you the truth, l didn't quite care for it either.

And the tilt of the head? Like a saint. No!

Let it stand like a beacon for eternity!

We will definitely erect it.

That is the greatest help to creation.

Let the statesman decide on the statesman, whether he is to stand on a pedestal in a tailcoat or in a toga like the Emperor Augustus.

You've forgotten the hairs in the nose.

Well, that should be it.

We'll modify it a bit, just to keep up appearances.

You didn't mention the fountain!

You saw it yourself.

What did you get for the mask? Nothing?

You just repaid him a debt with my work, isn't that so?

We'd better get even, because I loathe this whole thing!

Careful, you'll be treating your nerves in an asylum again.

Then you will come again: Rafaj, let me at least wield some clay.

Here you are, just to keep you happy.

I have a different opinion on everythng.

What opinion? You heard him.

Only the municipality, the state and the church have enough money for a statue like that, made of metal.

Who will let a sculptor with opinions earn some money?

You're crazy.

A monument is not wagons filled with bronze!

A mountain used to stand here.

A tree stump crushed my father here.

I walked all these places as a boy.

Even though we are far away and getting lost in the world or in our dreams, there are places that emerge from this country.

We know or sense that these are our sacred places, this is where our common fate moves us.

The hill before you is the grave of our ancestors, a prehist ric settlement.

Peasants have ploughed up urns of ashes from time immemorial.

And who are you?

Raven, someone like you.

I will make a lookout in this place.

You will stop here and say:

This is our country and this is us.

I am at home here, I don't feel like that anywhere else.

What do you want here?

Well? Have you not found her yet?

What's with the ladder?

Come on boy, recite!

I am a warm beam of nudity A cemetary with memorials of lovers A maternity ward of laughter A windmill for tears A bag of wild flowers Kept in the cellar for winter.

Tristan, where are you?

Where are the drawings for the almanac?

He's distilling dread and horror.

He's been playing tricks on us quite long enough.

Maybe he hasn't got them. He has, I saw them.

He's probably not happy with them.

Fetch him.

Either we're a group and stick together or we're not.

His drawings mustn't go missing.

What am I to give you, if I have nothing?

That's not it!

I am Tristan, a wonderful artist.

A bit drunk, but you don't mind or do you?

Friends, leave me alone.

I'll deliver them later.

At times of love, even game is protected.

Who have you got there?

Open up!

Just shove the drawings under the door!

He's got Lola in there.

Tristan, you're being enigmatic.

You haven't shown up for a long time.

Just say you don't care about us, we'll not go crazy without you, if you think you can do without us.

Good gracious!

So you really mean to dump us?

You won't go through with it so easily!

Show it to me!

This is Lola? Are you blind?

Inspection of personal documents!

Your documents!

Your documents please!

Anabella, it's me Raven.

The one who wanted to make you a mask.

I keep on thinking of you.

Now I know what you need.

Don't cry, I'll call you right away.

Do you live in a tower?

Great, my dream is coming true.

Transmit for me, you are my transmitter.

Whenever you see a flying ra

This is Raven, from the cemetery.

Here I am, high above the city.

Upland, oaks Maybe you can see it from your window.

I've figured it out.

Don't worry about documents.

If you don't find anyone better, I'll get them for you.

I wanted you to know.

I should send you to fetch death! He's not locked after all.

But he was. Say, was he locked?

And not alone, we have evidence.

Guys, we are pursuing him like executors.

She was here!

He's got a lover.

He's fornicated all the way to the antipodes.

And he gives a damn for our joint stuff.

But where is he? Search!

Tristan didn't mention that he's got a shop full of curios here.

Artificial paradise!

Boys, we were hit by a bomb.

We're dead. We've perished!

God, how you spoil the taste of people!

You exhibit such kitsch with such glory.

Ah, Gn dige, all the world talks about the divine Helena!

Young man, the heavens are sending you.

Drown him please.

I drown only myself.

My heart I won't survive another scare

and he will stay here alone.

Do this favour for me.

Favour? For you or for him?

I told you for him.

He doesn't need any favour from you, he'll find a solution himself.

Enslaving love drove the tomcat to suicide!

Bravo, Helena!

Look, Tristan.

After him! He won't escape this time.

Surround him!

Boys, I begged you to leave me alone!

Are you a friend? Why are you hiding?

Lola is sad.

Wouldn't it be better to jump into my bed?

Father made you a cake. He's never managed a more beautiful one.

So I'm an "outdated view" for you?

But no one would jump into the Danube with an outdated view.

And what drowned you, boy?

What's that supposed to mean?

You die and don't deliver the drawings?

And who were you locked up with?

Did he say anything? Nope.

Our Lola.

When we got to school, Walrus told us:

Boys, we have no model.

Tristan and I brought Lola. The whole school went wild.

Walrus clucked.

Boys, that's Renoir.

Her skin is a gritty beach in paradise.

We should pay her that sugar.

She's sucking my blood. Who's sucking your blood?

She is. Who is she?

Anabella. She took all my strength from me.


Some clerk is calling.

I'm not at home. Are you going to the faculty?

No, it's no fun there.

To hell with everything.

You've got enough time for that, but don't put off the enrolment.

I'll wait for you.

Hello? She's not here.

The documents are all right.

Have you got all the documents? All of them.

All the documents? Yes.

Sociability, vital cycle, do you understand?

Good afternoon, professor. Ah, Miss Veronika!

Here you are. Is your father healthy?

Yes, he is, thank you.

Do you wish to enrol? Please be so kind.

Come along, dear child.

Associate professor.

I am assistant Gallo.

I want to tell you something.

She comes, she sucks you up with her gaze, and wants something from you.

But what?

Does she want to kiss you? Would she mind sleeping with you?

Sure. But try it!

She's a hands-off, touch-me-not, lipstick, the aftertaste of lipstick.

I don't have state citizenship. You will bring it tomorrow.

I won't.

I don't have it.

You can understand my excitement.

I knew it was Tristan's Anabella from her enrolment form.

Perhaps Tristan knew it, because he already jumped, but I felt that I have to do something big.

Just imagine if l fell in love with you and lost my head, my heart my tongue, everything.

And I jumped.

Should I jump?

You embrace her, kiss her, you think of her, listen to her, but you won't get through to her. It's crazy.

Tristan realized it right away.

He chose to jump. Before she sucks up every single ideia of his.

Anabella wears mourning. It suits her.

I know about psychoanalysis, I know about women and I know that it's just a shell that's supposed to provoke, that hides something.

I've never heard him prattle on like that before.

But what do I have Freud for?

I will break through that shell of hers by analysis.

Tristan is right.

Lunatics have the greatest fun, they don't stop to think, they jump.

Just laugh,

but I feel I'll do something big.

I'll jump once.

Miss Anabella, there is someone for you in the lobby.

My angel, show yourself!

You don't eat properly.

You'll soon pick up at home.

I brought you a cake with almonds.

Aunt Fanny said that it's very tasty.

And she hardly ever praises anything.

It must be special if aunt Fanny likes it.

You rogue, what have you done this time?

Do I always have to listen to complaints?

You will herd goats! Don't beat him!

He hasn't done anything. He just really needs to invent things.

Anabella, we are going to play.

Close your eyes.

I'll figure out a country for you.

Got it!

I'm glad to see you alive.

All around just gossip. "He jumped and shouted out."

I had to shout something; they wouldn't have pulled me out otherwise.

You keep on inventing things.

That's all we can do, right?

You're a classy girl.

Giddyup, brother!

Anabella, are you there? Can you hear me?

I'm not so sad any more.

I want to make a monument to our country.

When you see a raven flying, send me a message:

Raven, come on, you'll definitely manage to do it.

Ah, you raven, you want to be the bird of love, but you wear the colour of death.

Anabella, we liked each other from the very first moment, right?

He's already waiting for us.


The sun horse.

He came for us from a fairy tale.

He's got the sun on his forehead.

You have to be able to imagine it.

Imagination is the light of the world.

Go to that tree and caress its bark.

It's a magic tree, electrical.

It gives off sparks.

The truth does not bleed.

I didn't know it was so sharp.

If I could somehow secure you for me, I would propose eternal friendship to you.

But that's bollocks! I can't secure you.

I feel that you'll disappear again.

Our erotic centre.

Take a seat. My friends would like to introduce themselves.


Behave yourselves, orphans!

On the ground!

Breathe together!

One, two, three!

Dream on, you'll rid yourself of the sadness.

The zodiac will determine your sign.

Can you hear the surf? A fish hears a droning in its ears.

Welcome among us!

Introduce yourselves, orphans!

Our group. Painters, professors, poets.


Now come and have a look at our paintings.

What, can you not get it off?

Are these yours?

Lola Lola.

Which are yours? I'm a poet.

Give me back my distances, give me back my laughter, Mother Earth's skeleton changes by night to burrows and graves Necrotic limbs can't be surprised anymore Someone is coming from the depths into the darkness.

What's this?

A dead poet.

It was great, boys, but I've got to go.

What? We're off to the wine cellar.

Come along with us.

Once the exhibition is open.

Then I'll see you home.

What? I was chosen as her sign.

That was only the chair, it got stuck. We'll toss a coin.

Tristan, you're first. I'm not taking part in that.

Heads? Tails.


Me too.

Heads. It's heads.

Anabella, only heads, You're a wonder-maid!

Don't squeeze into Nioba's, our mother's, bosom, orphans.

Don't hide under Earth's gracious breast.

Here a rock burns, Here the grandfather decayed before his grandson, his seed.

The horrible nostalgia of death is coming over us, it makes the hands turn backwards.

It was like when we weren't alive.

Oh, it was like, when we weren't.

We are opening our exhibition.

Everyone who sits here will experience the horrors of the world, so as not to be surprised by them, when they actually occur.

Professor, a tragedy. Didn't they call you?

What's going on?

Tristan has drowned, he's lying in the morgue.

You scoundrel, you arsehole!

What's he done? Why?

Such a gift from God.

He left a note: No one understands me. I'm leaving.

Nothing else? Nothing else.

We're collecting for a wreath.

He didn't like my paintings or me, I think, either.

He called me "outdated view".

I should go.

To the cemetery? No, to the wine cellar.

Those rogues are capable of anything.

You're good, the old guy declared you're a gift from God.

He mourned you.

We are boozing away Tristan's funeral wreath.

Tristan, to your tristesse!

Tristan, what have you seen there?

Hell is decorated with Walrus's paintings and sinners endure torments when they have to look at them.

Boys, can I play something for the beautiful girl?

How do you know that she's beautiful?

I heard her voice.

I can tell by the voice.

What else did you hear?

That she is sad.

Maybe she's lonely like me.

You have half an hour to see her home, to and fro.

Anabella, come to my place.

Have you got the keys?

Do you breed geese, hens?

Just for a short moment.

Mother hears everything, knows everything right away.

Mother is omniscient. She knows everything.


Mother, you are beautiful.

No woman has ever been here before.

Can you hear it murmur?

Mother sees everything.

She will come into the room now and you will say:

Mother, this is my bride.

Don't torment me.

Mother will bring you coffee and find me here.

So what?

I'd like to sleep. It's late.

You've got your mother, all this, your poetry, you can make things up, you've got your sorrows and your friends.

Don't you? I don't.

I'll give you a shell.

You don't want it.

Then I'll destroy it!

I'll destroy, burn everything!

Stay, I'll write poetry for you.

Chants, lullabies for adults.

Stay for another while or for eternity, which I will spend burning in front of you with a clear flame.

Raven, what are you doing?

Building a monument to this country.

A monument to the benevolent genius of the country.

It's late, you should go to bed.

What'll your nerves say to that?

To hell with nerves!

I don't rule the world, I don't have any bronze, I won't even push a boulder up to the upland on my own.

But I have got an ideia.

A design for a monument to the genius of this country.

I'm making a model of a mountain range.

Whoever sees it will say:

Why just build monuments to rulers?

A monument.

Anabella, come to me.

Enter this horrible mayhem, that I've got in my head.

Are you here?

And now I will eat you!

That's not it!

No, man doesn't devour his dreams, quite the opposite.

Anabella, you are sweet,

even the thought of you is sweet.

Don't look at the pictures!

That's all the outdated views.

Nothing from my inner self.

I'm not doing so well now.

I'm not doing well at anything.

I'm hopeless!

I tested passion with a flame.

Tristan, I recommend it.

And your friend, the assistant? He's at the faculty.

I have to talk to him.

You dare go out with them?

You surprise me.

She will fall in the sewer.

The documents are all right.

Sr. Assistant.

We're not going to talk about it here.

Did you see how she laughed at Gallo?

Such a coquette!

From the birth certificate, you see I was born here.

They won't find out right away that I am a foreigner.

I understand, sure.

Marry me and you won't be a foreigner.

You are my libido!


Miss, tomorrow we leave for Constanza, come with me!

What do you care about her? Come!

She won't jump in the water like you, don't worry.

She'll flirt even with death.

She's cunning, but she pretends she's naive.

I told her: "You are my libido." So what?

I wouldn't tell her that now. She's frigid.

She didn't want to sleep with you like Lola, right?

We've really missed that one here!

Dear girl, they chased you to death.

But there's no need to die.

I did offer you a death mask.

I'll send it to all those who offended you.

Don't be afraid that I'll scratch you, burn you with wax.

My fingers remember you, forever.

Even though I'm crazy, l have the power to punish.

Gallo, that self-important guy from the university, and the leader too.

I will model the leader truly, as required.

But everyone will remember forever that there is only one thing big about him.

The hairs I will make in his nose.

I will punish everyone.

They will whine.

They will smash their bemused heads on a rock, because they lost you.

Greetings from a dead woman.

Giddyup, Cilka!

Anabella, don't torture me.

I know that you've gone, that I lost you, but don't put on this mask.

It's so conventional.

Anabella, open your eyes!

Here, here you are!

Eat it, you brute, psychoanalyst, fine authority on Freud!

Devour her, your libido!

Why don't you start! Devour her!

Why don't you start! Devour her! with plaster until Judgment Day, you won't make up for the fact that you hurt Anabella.

I called you a coquette and often thought even worse of you, a terribly crazy thing. That you're a virgin slut.

Forgive me.

You told me my poems were chants, lullabies for adults.

And then I cursed every night from the terrace before going to bed.

Anabella, mother, sleep!

Fiery birds should not circle above you!

You should've listened to me with your eyes for another while.

I'm suffocating too.

Anabella, breathe with me!

Who are you talking to, son?

Are you hiding away from me?

Dear mother, leave us alone now.

Later I'll tell you everything.

Open up! You're not bringing any sluts in here!

Open up immediately!

No slut will ever come under your roof again.

It's plaster, tasteless powder.

Nothing! No Anabella, neither virgin, nor slut.

Anabella, what are you doing here?

Upland, oaks, you can see it from your window.

Do you still wear black under your nails?

Do you know what you promised me?

Documents. A mask!

I know.

Those jealous guys offended you terribly, those animals from the zodiac.

But you have to lie without motion for quite a long time.

Gladly. Not just for a time, for ever.

That's exactly what I want.

To lie with closed eyes, not to think.

My father and mother were killed.

I managed to escape here.

Dear girl, haven't you noticed,

that all those who touched you have already received death's blessings?

I sent your mask to everyone.

I made it by heart. I remember you.

I kept one for myself.

No need to worry about documents.

You don't even need to go there and swear loyalty.

I'll arrange it on my own.

Your documents will be alright.

You'll be free.

You are a really good man, understanding.

A poor guy knows what has to be done.

The less power one has, the more he understands.

Anabella, come and have a look.

Do you see that hill at the front?

That is eternity, the lookout, a place for silent thoughts, where you can sit and contemplate, where you can sit and contemplate, And if I tell you that this hill is made from potters' kilns and human bones, you'll say that this place is silent, good, sacred.

At least for us.

I'll place some boulders here.

That will be me.

Us, the bones of this country.

Who's ever going to think of us if we don't?

I just talk and talk, and you must certainly be weary.

Lie down here, don't be shy.

Do you know what I'm afraid of?

That when I fall asleep, I'll wake up on the day of judgment.

You're brooding, right, orphans?

Anabella didn't die, she just left.

One is ashamed.

But one can't be more ashamed than his self-confidence can stand.


Blood rushes to a man's head and he's a brute beast on the instant.