Paper Planes (2014) Script

...test cricket, and the first ball the day from Gillies.






See ya later.

Hey, Dylan. Nice phone.

You expecting a call from 1997?

Make it stop! Make it stop! Seriously?

Good morning, everybody. You know the drill. It's sombrero time.

All devices in the Sombrero of Joy. Ay-kay-kay-kay-kay-kay!

Thank you, seƱoras.

Are you well this morning, everybody? Everyone well, are they?

Thank you very much.

Kevin. Payload, please. Thank you, Kevin.

Wait. Here we go.

Yeah. Thank you. Anything else?

I thought there might be. Yeah.

Game Boy. That's old-school. And that.

There's probably a couple more. Oh, sorry. Got one more.

One more phone. Everyone needs two.

Are we done? At least you're reading your books, which is...

Thank you very much. Everybody...

This morning, we shall start with a pop quiz.

Psyched! We're actually gonna have some fun today.

I have a student teacher from Melbourne. Please, everyone, say hello to Jethro.

Hi, Jethro. Hi, kids.

We're gonna head to the hall. Everyone out of your chairs. We'll make our way quietly.

Today, I'm going to teach you how to make the perfect paper plane.

Alright, so, first time, we're gonna make it however you want.

You can do it your own design, whatever you like.

We'll just pass these around. Pass those around. There you go.

And then I'll teach you some tips a bit later.

So who's gonna make the best paper plane? I'm gonna make the best paper plane.

Not me. Not you? Come on!

Where's your confidence?

So how far do people think they can get their planes?

10 metres? 5 metres? 50.

50? You're dreaming.

The distance world record for a paper plane is 69.13 metres.

That's a long way.

To even qualify for the junior championship, you need to hit at least 25 metres, which would mean it'd have to go over that wall and halfway down the veranda.

Does anyone reckon they could do that? We could do that.

You reckon you can get it past that wall? We can do that. We can do that.

You reckon you can do that? We'll see. I know how we'll do it.

Alright. If you're finished, hold up your paper plane.

Oh, there's some good ones in there. Pretty good. Alright! Get up. Let's do it.

Everyone up. Let's go, people. Come on.

Come on. Move the chairs. We're gonna see who can go the furthest.

Alright, let me see your planes. Good. Good. Oh, that's good. Interesting. Nice.

Nice. All ready? Ready to launch? On my count.

One, two, three!

Guys, come on!

That's incredible.

What's your name, mate? Dylan Webber.

Thought about making a career out of this?

Making paper planes? Yeah.


Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.

Guess what. What?

If I can make a paper plane fly 25 metres in the state competition on Sunday, I can make it to the Aussie junior championships in Sydney.

It'll be really fun, and we can practise on the weekends.

I've already got a bit of a... I'm sorry, what...? What?

What? You didn't go to work today, did you?

You've just gotta lift.

Okay. I know. Yeah.


Now. Tell me more about your paper plane.

Tell me about the 25 metres.

If I can make a paper plane fly 25 metres.

Yeah? I might just get a chance to compete in the Aussie junior championships in Sydney.

Will it? Oh, it already did.

This was, of course, before the landing, which was a bit...

You think?

Personally, I think it's the way that you fold the paper.

Pinching it, just... to make that crease. How do you know all this?

Like, the... the creases and the folding and the...

Mum taught me.

What are we gonna have for dinner? I don't know. What do you want?

I don't mind. Oh.

How does this sound for a plan?

Your favourite.

Nine, eight. We can't wait.

Seven, six. Dylan's got tricks.

Five, four. Fly through the door!

Three, two, one. Okay. Let's get this party started.

Yep. Rocking is about to commence. Great.

Alright. Here we go.

Well, that was embarrassing. Again.





You've got no idea how irritating that 'again' thing is, by the way.


What do I do? You figure it out.

That's not really helpful advice from a teacher.

Well, as your teacher, I'm telling you to use your brain and figure it out.

I'm about to rub out section three. Are we finished it?

Yes. Brilliant!

This is how I make a piece of paper fly 25 metres.

Try not to be annoying your whole life, Kevin. Back on your chair, mate.

Right. Where were we?

So lovely to see you again. Thank you. My pleasure.

Grandpa! Hi.

Hello. Dylan!

How you going, mate?

Who was that lady, Grandpa?

She's just an old friend, that's all. I was just... just helping her out.

Well, must have done a fine job, because she looks pretty happy.

It's important to have pride in your work.

So my plane flew over 50 metres first time.

It didn't go anywhere close the next.

You... you were a... you were a pilot. Do you have... any ideas?

Well, maybe we can fashion some sort of a small engine and fix it to the airframe.

You know, I'm actually pretty sure you can't do that.

We could make it very small so's... so no one'd notice.

I believe they call that... cheating.

Course, I only had experience, you know, flying powered aircraft.

That was during the war. So... There's only one thing for it, mate.

You'll have to put your thinking cap on.

Right. Well, that's what my teacher said as well.

Anyway. This is me, then.

Hello, Beryl. Hello.

You gonna... help her out too?

Thanks for dropping by, kiddo.

Wake up! What? What, what, what?

Come on. Come on! What? What? What?

What? What? What? I've got an idea.

You know, I can transfer those to a DVD or a... a flash drive.

What, you gonna try and drag me into the 21st century?

Or the 20th.

Got it. Come here. Come on!

This is Australia's greatest sporting moment.

Everyone remembers it because... this was the... first time we won.

'Australia II' picked up an amazing one minute and 18 seconds and with that, slid into the lead with one leg to sail.

And this was what won it for 'Australia II'.

- The bulbous winged keel... There.

...that made the West Australian 12-metre so competitive.

You see it? There. That. That's the winged keel. Alright, now...

They kept it a secret, and the reason was 'cause Ben Lexcen, the designer, he knew better than anyone how a boat went through the water.

Keels used to be like this. He made his like this.

So, what's your winged keel?

Well, I don't have a winged keel. Well, then, you gotta find it.

That is what everyone says.

Grandpa, my teacher.

And now you.

Okay. Here's some advice.

Study everything that flies.


Oh, I should go back to bed.


Yeah? Yeah.

Thanks, Dad.

Hey, your grandad had some... some toys in the shed, yeah?

Maybe some of them could fly, you know?




Who needs that many shoes?

You having fun playing with your little toys?

I'm not playing, Einstein. It's research.

That's research?

Look, if you're gonna come up here and cause a problem, can you go, 'cause I want to...

Okay, but... My dad used to have one of those.

I know how to set it up.



Sorry. It's really old? That's fine.

Sorry. That's fine.

Better stand back. Yeah, come on.

That is so cool! Awesome!

What happens now? I don't know.

Okay, go! Run!

Get to the fence! The fence! Run!

Dive, quick!

Doesn't get much closer than that.

Sorry about... you know, making fun of your lame phone and throwing the paper at you.

That's alright.

Just don't be a bully. I can't stand bullies.

Well, bullies and... getting needles.



I've never had one of those before.

Just a heads-up... we've gotta get going pretty early if we want to make it to the state competition tomorrow. Alright?

I'm there.

You're there?

Yeah. I'm there.

I'm counting on you.

Hey. Hey, hey! Oi, oi, oi.

Wake it up. Get up, get up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I'm coming.

Come on!




See you later!

Okay, be careful not to go over the line. We're aiming for 25 metres, okay?

Are you ready? Three, two, one, throw!

Oh, very good throws.

Grab your planes.

Okay, next group up to the line, please.

There you are, Dylan.


Excuse me. Do you mind if my son has a photo with you?

No, not at all.

Got it? Thank you very much.

All the best today, Alex. Thank you.

Hi, Patrick. Can I get your autograph? Yeah, sure.

Thank you. Thank you.

You know, when Muhammad Ali was my age, he'd already started boxing.

He once caught a kid stealing his bike and wanted to learn how to beat him up.

You do realise Muhammad Ali ended up with Parkinson's disease, unable to talk, right? That's not the point, Patrick.

Hey, stop calling me that. I'm your father.

The point is, he started somewhere, okay?

My journey to become a champion starts here, today.

Being champion shouldn't be the goal anyway.

You're saying it doesn't matter if you win or lose?

No. I'm saying it's how you play the game that counts.

You know the only people who say that are the ones who've already lost.

Winners celebrate winning.

Hi. What was your name?

Dylan Webber. Jason Jones.


Very good. Now, go grab your planes.

Right, next group up to the line.

Can I get the next group up to the line, please?

Right, be careful not to step over, 'cause if you do, that's a foot foul.

Now, we're aiming for over 25 metres.

If you throw over 25 metres today, you qualify for the national junior paper plane championships in Sydney.

We're gonna count down from three to one, and when the flag drops, make sure it's your best throw.

Are you ready?

Three, two, one, fly!

Yeah! Almost 30 metres!

Congratulations. Very good.

Hi. I'm Dylan.


Hey, I gotta go.

Yeah, well done, Jase. That was terrific.

Thanks. You happy?

Yeah, I guess.

Excuse me, Mr. Jones. My dad's too shy to ask for a photo with you.

So he told me I had to do it. That's fine, mate.

Come in, daddy-o. Thanks.

That putt you sank to win the British Open... I mean, that was just...

Thanks. Cheers. You see?

Winners do celebrate winning, even 20 years later.

I think you're missing the point, mate.

Am I, Patrick? Am I?

Where have you been?

At the paper plane competition.

Which was today.

Maybe I should have put it on one of the old videos that you're always watching.

Had to go on my own, and I almost missed the bus, alright?

I tried to wake you, but...


But what?

You just decided to take money from my wallet?

Yeah, to buy a bus ticket. Alright. Well, you're grounded.


I did it 'cause you wouldn't wake up. One week.

I made it through to the finals, if you're interested.

Great. They're next week, in Sydney.


What are you doing here?

I've been thinking about this plane of yours.

How did you get out?

Get out? I'm not a prisoner of war, boy.

I know you need written permission to leave.

Nah, nah. That's just red tape.

Hey, hey, hey. Grandpa. Did you... Did you borrow that ambulance?

I prefer 'stole'.

This is the way to travel, kiddo.

Let's have a bit of excitement.

We should do this more often, kiddo.

Grandpa, how many laws have you broken today?



Here, boys, doesn't this bring back some memories?

Great! I was hoping it was still here.

Come on, son.

And... put this on.

I'm too old for this, Pa.

Quite the contrary. I'm too old for this. But just put it on.

But when they arrest us, I don't want to look like an idiot.

Just put it on and get up here.


Are you right? Yep.

Buckle yourself in, son. This is gonna be one hell of a flight.


Engine ignites. And we're racing across the runway.

Grandpa, what are you doing? And we lift off!

Enemy fighters at 12 o'clock!

Hang on!

They're on us, Grandpa! They're on us!

They're coming in hard!

Look out!

We're hit!

The controls are dead! I'll take the controls.

The flaps, kiddo!

Raise the flaps!

You can do it!

Hello, George.

Is that right? Yes, yes.

But what you want to do is try throwing with the flaps up.


Give that a go.

You've gotta be kidding.

Hey, it was fun getting arrested with you, Grandpa.

Cautioned. Not arrested, cautioned.

Alright. Well...

You know, you really rock, for someone so old.

See you on the flip side, kiddo. Not if I see you first!

Dylan! Wake up!

Wake up, Dylan. I know you're in there!

Wake up! Dylan!

Come on, Dylan. Get out here with your clothes on!

Dylan! Get out of that stinking bed of yours!


I'm helping you make paper planes for Sydney.

I'm being supportive. That's what mates do.

Right. Thanks, man.

Now, hurry up and get up here. Alright.

Well, that blew chunks.

Hey, stewardess. Is there a movie on this flight?

Hurry up! Get up here!

Hurry up!

Get those paper planes up here!


Do you think the car will make it to Sydney?

Thanks for doing this, Dad.

Yeah? Yeah.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the junior paper plane competition here in Sydney.

I'm Maureen Prescott, 1985 junior champion of Australia!

We love you, Maureen!

You've all been chosen because you have a great gift... the ability to turn this...

into this.

In 1999, this plane took me to compete in Cape Town, South Africa.

What? It's such a lame plane. I thought it was a joke.

Boo yourself.


Today, let me introduce a guest from Japan... Kimi Muroyama.

Kimi is Japan's current paper plane junior champion.

Australia is home to my favourite bird, the emu, a bird that cannot fly.

I'm so excited to be here, because I get to meet you and to see your planes.

Let's go!

Dad! Yeah.

The competition starts today. Yeah?

And... parents are invited.

So... maybe you can come this time.

Hey. Stand here. Just stand here.

Alright, yeah. Ready?

Did you get it? Hey, I gotta make a call.


Who you making a call to? It's just a girl.

A girl? Yeah.

Well... I'll give you some privacy.


I just wanted to ask for a room number for Kimi Muroyama.

1612. Awesome. Thank you.

1612. 1612.

"Do emus dream of flying?"

You are quite the wordsmith.

How did you get that? You threw it into my room, idiot.

Our poor Japanese visitor has only been here for one day, one day, and you've already managed to embarrass her with a weird love letter.

What's he talking about?

Look. Just give it back. Or what?

Or we'll have a problem. Really?

Yeah. And what would that be?

Don't know, but I guess you're about to find out.

Is that so?

Oops. Sorry.

He's not worth it.

Yeah. Yeah.

"Do emus dream of flying?"

Too much? It's beautiful.

So, you are the chosen finalists from all around Australia.

Today, you're going to compete in a series of challenges.

The winners will get to go to the world junior paper plane championships in Tokyo, Japan!

Okay, everyone, form into your teams, and good luck!

On your mark, get set, go!

Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One. And stop.

Take your positions.


Three, two, one. Go!

Beat that. That's what I'm talking about.


That was awesome. That was really incredible.

Thank you.

What are you doing to that poor plane?

It's a whale.


My father always said to look at the natural world for answers to life's challenges.

And you're sure that that works?



Wouldn't it be great if it was about more than whose plane flies the furthest?

If it was about making something beautiful or surprising?

That's the competition I want to win.

You're mad. Absolutely mad.

This is it... the final challenge.

If you succeed, you will get to represent Australia at the world championships in Tokyo.

The goal is to reach the end of the 50-metre pool without using a run-up.

Your plane must touch the far end of the pool.

If you don't touch the end of the pool, you won't be going to Tokyo.

Okay, time to throw. Let's start from this end.

And go!



Officials, please, could you help her?

Right. And go!

And... go.

Come on!

And go!

Yes! These are our winners!

Dylan and Jason are our winners!

Our Australian representatives going to Tokyo!

Representing Australia!

Dad? Dad, Dad, Dad. Dad, Dad.

Second in Australia. That's great.

Yeah, that's great. I've got to work on my distance.

That's gonna win me the finals. I reckon we should start practising on the weekend so we can find my winged keel. Imagine how good it'll be then.

Well, the finals are in Japan. So?

Can I go?


Japan is expensive. I know.

But I thought that if, A, you start working and, B, I get an after-school job, I could at least make it there and back.

Yeah, maybe.

"Yeah, maybe"?

What does that mean? Does that mean that you're gonna start working?

Can I get an after-school job? I can't...

It's so...

Oh, it's Japan.

It's an after-school job.

It's ridiculous.

It's not gonna happen.

It's not gonna happen. I'm sorry.

You're sorry? No, you're not.

You are not sorry. Oh, come on.

We're in Sydney. You've been in here the whole time.

You didn't even come to the competition, which is the reason that we're here.

Look. Look at this.

There's a world out there, alright?

You don't... You just don't get it.

I don't get it? You don't get it, Dad! You don't get it. I'm 12 and I get it.

She's dead. She's not gonna come back.

Ever. We're never gonna see her again.

Well done. Thanks.

Great job, Dylan. Congratulations! Thanks.

Hi. Hi.

You know, I'd love to stay in contact. That'd be great.

I was thinking Skype?


What? Sorry.

Ready for that lift to the airport? The officials have organised it with my dad.

What? Yeah. We're leaving now. Come on.

Okay. Didn't know that.

'Bye, Dylan. 'Bye...'bye, Kimi.

Skype address.

Dropped ball!


So? Came second.

Got into the world champs.

Tokyo. That's in China, right?

Dylan, my boy. Congratulations. Excellent work, my friend.

Inside. Here we go. You know the drill.

Sombrero time, people. Sombrero time.

Stop, Clive.

How do you do it, Clive?

How do you stay up there for so long?

Hi. Hello.

How are you? I'm good. I'm good. This is...

This is me.

This is where I live.

Hi! Hello.

Hi. Hey. Sorry. That was my mum.

Hi. You were right.

The answer is in the natural world.

I found out that with the bird of prey, it's their wingspan that keeps them in the air for so long. So imagine this is the bird... it kind of... changes its wingspan.

It changes it as it glides. And that just keeps it up.

Get some paper. I'll show you something.

If you like birds, you'll like this.

Follow me. Grab this corner. And pull it through the fold like this.

Now, this is called the valley line.

Like this? That's right.

And now, the tricky bit. See?

It's called the diamond shape.

This? Yes.

Now, the pinch for the neck and beak.

And voila! See? You can turn paper into anything.

It's great.

Thanks, Kimi.

Tell us about the kids who are going to Tokyo. Dylan and Jason.

Dylan and Jason, Dylan and Jason. They are amazing.

They have two very different planes. Two very different techniques.

Dad, Dad, Dad! I'm on TV! I'm on TV! Come on, come on, come on. Come here.

Jason and Dylan, our world champions.

I got, I got it. Okay. It's recording.

- How does that feel? This is the other guy.

I'm very... I'm thrilled, actually. A different event, which is terrific.

- He has his own thing. Patrick.

You're very skilled at making paper planes. What's your trick?

Well, you see, the trick to making the perfect paper plane is to study its flight path in a space with absolutely no movement of air.

And that opportunity was provided for Jason today in Sydney.

That is correct. I have been studying how my plane works.

It is truly amazing. I was amazed at...

That's a bit unfair. And it will be amazing. Trust me.

We can't even afford my flights. In other news...

Come with me.

Come on. Now?

Come on!

Come on! Where are we going?

Where are we going?

Come on!

What do you reckon?

Buy up, people. Buy up big.

Anything you see on the table. You want?

It's too much.

Hello, Mabel. Anything?

Nothing. You've sold nothing?!

Mr. Hickenlooper?

How are we going money-wise? Maybe... half of what you need.

Sorry, mate.

But, hey, day's not done yet. Chin up.





So where do we set it up?

Look at this. Cakes! Cake!

How are you, mate? Very well indeed.

Ladies. Ladies. Ladies.

How much for the piano?

That's not for sale. Come on, mate. Everything's for sale.

I could do with the money, but it's...

No, it's just not for sale. Two grand.

It's worth a lot more than that, mate. Okay, okay. Look... 2-5.

No, I'm sorry. It has sentimental value.

There's nothing more sentimental than a roll of cash, mate.

Okay. Three grand. Not a penny more. It belongs to my wife.

You'd better get her down here, mate. She might be able to talk some sense into you.

She's clearly not using it.



Yeah, I'm sorry. I... I... I just want it for my daughter.

She's... just starting out. You know, she's good.

She's really talented. But...


If you change your mind, give me a call.

Quite a few sales? Yeah, it's okay.

Do you want to just pop it here? Oh, yep.

Thanks, mate.

Okay. I've got the total from today's event.

Oh, yeah.




Those old ladies with the scones? They moved a lot of units.

And that, Dylan, is enough to get one of you to Japan.

Mr. Hickenlooper.

And you're... you're certain you counted it up correctly?

Dylan. I'm your maths teacher.

Everyone! I'm going to Japan!

Terrific! Oh, wonderful!

Good on ya! Nice one, Dylan!

Thank you, Mr. Hickenlooper. That's alright, mate.

I don't have to get any vaccination to go to Japan, do I?

No, mate, not for Japan. That's alright.

I just cannot stand needles.

Go and tell your dad?

Hey. We...

Splash Daddy. Splash Daddy!

Splash Daddy.

Say "Hi, Daddy."

"Hi, Daddy!"

You gonna go in the water?

Just come to the airport, Dad, please? You'll be fine.

I know I'll be fine, but...

I can't leave you like this. I'll be fine.

Alright. Then I'm not gonna go. Yes, you are.

I'm not going.

You're gonna go and have a great time.

'Cause you love it, yeah? Yeah.

Love your paper planes. I love it.

Why do you love it so much?

Because... for those few moments that the plane is flying...

I can forget.

Forget what?


I... thought you might like something to remind you of home, if you're missing us.

Oh, you're still my favourite living fossil.

So you go forth and partake in this grand adventure, little man.

I will.

Can you check up on Dad?

Just keep an eye on him?

Will do.

You are having fun? Yeah.

Ladies and gentlemen, our ceremony is about to commence.

Please take your seats.


You made it. Hey!

Don't you want to go and meet some of these people?

You know I've got no time for that, Patrick.

Stop calling me Patrick. I'm your father.

How are you? Better now you're here.

You look cool. Yeah.

This is fun. This is exciting.

That's the thing. You need to do better, you know?

You need to be focused on me. They're the enemy.

No, they're not. They're a pleasant people who make paper aeroplanes as a hobby.

Maureen Prescott, please come to the stage.

We can't be friends with them, okay?

They're competitors, alright? Competitors.

Do you want me to go home a loser? I think that's a simplistic question.

Oh, yes, it is. Do you want me to go home a loser?

Well, no, but... Good. Now prove it.

Please come to the stage.

Welcome, everyone, to the imperial garden in Tokyo.

The five steps in the traditional process of making paper is here in the garden today.

Before you fold paper, you have to understand and appreciate how to make paper.

Arigato. Thank you.

Hey, stop it!

What are you afraid of? It's just paper.

Hey, mate.

What do you think you're doing?

Besides embarrassing 20 million Australians.

Pull your head in. What did you just say?

You heard. What did you just say?

Jump ahead a few minutes.

How do you think this is gonna work out for you?


You gonna go and cry to your dad when you come last in the finals later?

Back off, Jason. You're doing a great job to make sure you don't have any friends.

Maybe I am.

But at least my father's here to see me win.

Right. White trash.


It seems like you have sprained your wrist.

It will take a week to recover. A week?

This is... this is my throwing wrist. I need to use it tomorrow.

Lucky you have another wrist.

What happened? What happened?

I tripped.

You tripped? Yeah, I tripped. Really, it's fine.


Get some rest. You've got a big day tomorrow.

By the looks of it, it doesn't seem like I'm doing anything tomorrow.

There might be one thing we could do. Yeah? What... what?

Do you really want this wrist to get better?

Yes. Anything. Anything.

Not to worry. Only 12 more.

It's not that bad.

How is it feeling? Not great.

May I have a look?

Well, it's...

Friends don't keep secrets.


That's my mum.

Oh. She's beautiful.

She... she died five months ago.

She was a piano teacher.

What happened?

A car accident.

Oh. That sucks.

Yeah. Badly.

So your dad didn't come because of work?

Well, my... my dad hasn't done a lot of work since the accident.

Yeah, well... well, he hasn't really done a lot of anything.

At all.

Thank you. That's amazing.

I should have just let it be. I sh...

I shouldn't have said anything to Jason.

That guy's a bully. You did the right thing.

Yeah, but is it... is it worth losing for?

Winning and losing doesn't matter. Come on.

It doesn't. It's about making something beautiful, and surprising.

Like your book.

Look, I know what you're saying, but you still want to win, right?

If you have to ask me, then you haven't been listening and don't know me at all.


You're going?


What happened?

Dear Mother, it's been so long Since I had to say goodbye They say time flies but I must say Sometimes it just crawled by I still think about you every day I hope that comes as no surprise How I would love to see you now What I wouldn't give

But life did not bend to my wishes And so I had to learn to live...


It's Dylan, right? Yeah. Yeah.

Think you're gonna win tomorrow?

I don't know. But I really, really want to.

Yeah? Why is that?

Well... You know, everyone loves a winner. Right?

And if... if I go home a winner, maybe my dad... might want to hang out with me.

Well, you know what? He's family, mate.

And sometimes... sometimes they take a little while to come good.

But, if you stick with them, they will, eventually.

Well, I hope you're right.

Thanks, Mr. Jones.

Dear Mother, I know I'm not the only one Who had someone taken away too young Still, that doesn't make it feel alright To not have had you then and still not have you now I still think about you every day I hope that comes as no surprise...

Hi, Dad. How's everything going?

Hopefully good.

Tokyo's great. Well, in fact, it's amazing.

Today, I learnt all about making paper in the ancient gardens.

That was pretty cool.

Well, the finals start tomorrow. Pretty nervous. Been working on my planes.

Yeah, everything's great.

Oh. I sprained my wrist, which is... bit of a bummer.

But it's feeling better thanks to the help of acupuncture, which was pretty good, but...

Yep. I've been having the most amazing time.

It's really fun. Hopefully, we come back here some day. And...

I wanted... I wanted to say to you that I'm...

I'm going to stick with you... for as... for as long as it takes.


Hope you got that.

Yeah. Well, I'll... see you soon. Wish me luck.

Love you, Dad. 'Bye.

Welcome to the eight finalists of this year's world junior paper plane championships!

Today's competition is being watched across the world!


Dylan! Dylan! Dylan! Dylan!

Would the finalists please move to the competition area?

Good luck. I don't need any luck.

I hope you get a really bad paper cut.

Good luck, Kimi.

Go, Dylan!

The rules remain the same.

You will have 90 seconds to complete your plane.

This time, we will electronically measure the distance.


Are you ready?

You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!

45 seconds left!

10 more seconds. Let's count down.

Stop there!

Please take your positions.

Please get ready.

Come on, come on, come on. You're almost there.

I did it! Yeah!



It's amazing.

Dad! Dad!

It's beautiful.

Yeah. I found my winged keel. It was Clive.

Clive? Yeah. Clive.


Thanks, Dad. Good on ya, mate.

You'll stick by me, yeah?


For as long as it takes.

I promise.

We have the winners!

Third place...

Jason Jones!

Come on. Go and cheer on your mates, mate.

Second place...

Kimi Muroyama!

First place...

Dylan Webber!



Thanks, mate.

There is beauty in the world So much beauty in the world Always beauty in the world So much beauty in the world Shake your booty, boys and girls For the beauty in the world Pick your diamond, pick your pearl There is beauty in the world When I look around I see blue skies I see butterflies for us Listen to the sound And lose it, it's sweet music And dance with me, and dance with me There is beauty in the world So much beauty in the world Pick your diamond, pick your pearl There is beauty in the world Heya Throw your hands up and holler heya Throw your hands up and holler When you don't know what to do Don't know if you'll make it through Remember, God has given you Beauty in the world, oh, Lord Beauty in the world Beauty in the world Yeah, love, oh, Lord Beauty in the world, beauty in the world Beauty in the world Shake your booty, boys and girls Oh, the beauty in the world There is hope for love There is beauty in the world Dylan! Wake up! I know you're in there!