Paperhouse (1988) Script

Put that away.

Well done.

Not as good as last time, but good. Colleen ...

Don't forget, those of you who haven't completed your tally charts.



Anna Madden, out! But it wasn't me.

Out! Sharon took my exercise book.

Liar! Out now or you're on detention.

But it was Sharon. Out!


Right, I'll see you after school.

And wait where I can see you.

Nigel, did I tell you to stand up? No, so get back in your seat.

Now, we all know how many degress there are in a circle, don't we Nigel.

Quit! The next person to laugh joins her.

Right, we're starting something new today. Another way of showing basic statistics.

Pie charts.

Now a pie chart is just another way of showing information.

Take for example the information we took last week.

Now what was the most common number of letters in all your surnames?


About half of you have seven letters in your surnames. So ... what portion of the pie do those people have?


180-degree slice of the pie.

Now I'm going to make up a different pie chart with a different set of information.

How we spend our day.

I'll do an example for you based on my average weekday then I want you to make up a pie chart based on your average Saturday.

First, I write down my information.

What are the things I do?

Getting dressed and undressed.




Meeting friends.


I feel dizzy. She's lying!

I want to go home. She's lying, Miss!

I'm not! -Well you don't sound ill to me.

If you disturb us again you're going straight to Mr. Murphy. Understand?

But it's my birthday.

Well you should have thought of that before.


And you can wipe that look off your face, Sharon Davis.

Where were we?

Sleeping. Right.

I spend one hour dressing and undressing.

About two and a half hours eating.

About 8 hours at school.

She passed out.

Is she gonna die? Trisham, go get matron.



How are you feeling?

Terrible, mum. That bad, eh?


Oh, but I'm sure it's nothing serious. I wish they hadn't called you.

I could have gone home by myself. Don't worry.

Things were so busy at work that it was really nice to get out of there.

Listen, this'll cheer you up.

It came after you left. Guess who it's from?

Dad. Yeah.

Happy 11th birthday. Lots of love, Dad.

Well, that's not all. There's something very special fixed up for you.

What? No, it's a surprise.

Riding lessons?

Yeah, some surprise.

Where's Mogadishu? -I think it's a port on the east coast of Africa.

Well they spelled my name wrong. -Did they?

Oh ... it's just a mistake.

Maybe I could send a reply. That's a nice idea.

I wish dad was here. So do I.

When's he coming back? Soon.

How are you feeling now?

No worse. When is the riding lesson? It was meant to be after school today.

Meant to be?

Let's see what Dr. Nicols says first.

Do we have to? I'm sure if I just lay down in front of the telly I'll be OK.

Doctor first. No arguing, okay?

Stop! Stop it!

I was pretending. Pretending?

Sharon Davis stole my book.

Then I pushed her off the chair and Miss Vanstone put me on detention.

I can't be on detention on my birthday, can I? So I faked it.

You faked it?

So you're not ill?

Where are we going? Back.

I can't go back. Oh, you're going back.

I'll look stupid. Well you do already.

Stupid cow.

Just because it's your birthday don't think you can talk to me like that.

You should be pleased there's nothing wrong with me.

You're telling too many lies, Anna, and it is going to stop.

What about my riding lesson? Oh, don't ask.

We'll see.

What does that mean? It means we'll see.

I hate you.


Come here.

I was wondering where you got to. Shh ...

Got the afternoon off.

I'm having a really miserable birthday.

You been using the sunlamp again? No, my skin just tans very fast ... naturally.

I don't get brown; I get sunstroke.

Last year I fell asleep in a deck chair on my dad's oil rig, and when I woke up I was burnt to a frazzle.

Why's your mum so angry with you? 'Cause she's a cow.

What was Gary's party like then?

Lots of snogging. Not much else I can remember, really.

You had a nice time then? I suppose you could call it that.

First I was upstairs with Nigel, then on the sofa with Ronnie ... then Vaughn Hancock, pissed out of his head, got me on the thick pile.

You're lucky you haven't started that yet.

What's snogging like then?

Well, like kissing a vacuum cleaner.

This looks a real skill place to play hide-and-seek.

I'm too old for that kind of thing. Bet you 50p you can't find me.

A quid. You're on.

Close your eyes, count to 100, and don't peek.

1, 2, 3, 4 ...

86, 87, 88 ...

99, 100. I'm coming!

Is anybody there?


It's her.


Don't ever do that to me again. Never! What has got into you?

Mum, I don't feel very well.

Now open wide.

My throat hurts ... like I've swallowed dust.

Gritty ... and it aches, but that's all.

You sure that's all?

No fainting fits? No dizziness?

And this ache, is it just in your throat?

You've obviously had quite an eventful birthday.

I suppose you could call it that. Sorry to drag you out like this ... but I was worried.

I don't blame you.

Look, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

She should have a couple of days rest.

What I don't understand is what happened in the tunnel?


What happened in the tunnel?

Fell asleep and lost track of time. You know....

That doesn't sound like you. I'll have that throat swab analyzed.

And you're obviously running quite a temperature.

And I think a day or two in bed ... When it goes down can I go riding?

You must rest for a couple of days. I'm not staying in bed.


Well, think of it this way: if you rest now you'll get better sooner. You rush around, who knows how long it might take.

How long exactly do I have to stay in bed?

I'll come and see you again at the end of the week.

The end of the week? Count yourself lucky.

I've got a patient a little bit older than you whose been in bed for a year.

I'd rather die than that.

You and he would get on well.

No we wouldn't: I hate boys.

I'll see you on Friday then. Goodnight Sarah Here Sarah, I'll show you out.

Is there someone who can come and look after Anna whilst you're at work?


I'll have to take some time off. You okay?

Yeah. I could do with a break, that's all.



It's always difficult when John's away, and I just ...

I don't know....

Too sad.

Is anybody there?

Is anybody there?

Can I come in?

I can't hear you.

I said go away. No, you let me in, then I'll go away.

I can't do that. Why not?

'Cause there aren't any stairs.

How did you get up there then? I don't know. I'm just here.

Can't you tell someone else to let me in? -There isn't anyone else.

Look, just stop mucking around and let me in.

Go away, don't you understand, it's dangerous around here, dangerous.

It's real.

There are stairs.

You were wrong about the stairs. Must have come since.

Since I drew them.

You shouldn't be here.

I knew I should've made you more cheerful.

I drew you, this house, the stairs, everything.

Come and have a look, come on.

I can't walk.

Of course, I didn't draw you any legs.

I'm not a drawing!

I'm sorry, I just drew someone at the window, that's all.

It's alright.

My name's Mark, what's yours?



And one, and two, and three...

Mum? What?

Mum? Go away please.

What's wrong mum?

Nothing, I just don't want you ruining this print.

Feeling better? No, worse.

What photo are you doing?

The one you took on the beach last summer.

I'm having dreams mum, but they're real, I know they are.

Dreams can't be real sweetie.

It's dad!

They might frighten you but they can never hurt you.

How do you know? - Because if they could they wouldn't be dreams.

No, leave it, I like the clouds dark. - Alright, darling.

Oh that's too much.

Come on, we're gonna get you to bed.

No, i'll be alright if I stay awake. No, come on, come on right now.

On the other side of the hill is the sea.

It shines out for miles and miles and everyone can see it.

It looks like glandular fever.

I lied to you about the fainting, it's happened several times.

I guessed you weren't telling the truth.

That's all though, you didn't need to come.

I'm getting much better. Your mother was right to call me.

Is it bad? - Well, it'll knock you out for a few weeks.

Your pulse is right up.

So are these glands.

What have you been upto in here? Nothing.

When did you last faint. After I saw you, yesterday.

I see.


You know this boy you see? Yes.

When's he going to be able to get up?

Well, he can get up, he just doesn't want to most of the time, that's all.

He's getting better though?

You're really interested in my other patients Anna?

Doesn't he want to get better? Well of course he does.

Then why doesn't he get out of bed?

As long as he gets enough books to read he's content to stay in bed.

That's terrible, I can't stand staying in bed.

If you told me I could get up tomorrow i'd be up.

Well it isn't just a question of getting up, it's just that...

Exercise is too much bother and pain for Mark.

Mark, can't walk? No.

What wrong Anna?

We're just opposites me and him, aren't we?

He's got to do exercise and doesn't want to... and i've got to stay in bed and I don't want to.

It's a pity you can't mix us up a bit.

Well I dare say you two are each better off as you are.

I'll have a word with Kate on my way out.

Bye Anna.

Now he'll walk.




Oh, no cones.


Whoever left this should've left some instructions.

It seems to be based on the Apple design, it's a bit crude.

I'll fix that tomorrow.

I suppose you'll tell me you drew it, that would explain why it's so mental.

You've been moving things around.

My name's Anna.

I drew you walking but it went wrong. I don't undertstand you.

You like reading don't you? Yeah.

Then you are Mark? Well i'm not a drawing, I know that.

I've got the same doctor as you, Dr Nichols.

Not me.

I mean... when you're not here. Look, i'm always here.

They left me here. Who left you here?

It's great, isn't it?

Do you want some fruit? It's really good for you.


Behind you!

Very funny.

Very funny, I could've broken my leg, you're so stupid.

There was this boy... about my age... he had a bike, a blue one... it was in perfect nick.

Although he loved this bike, he couldn't ride it.

He'd just watch it every day and having it there made all the difference.

But one day he'd ride it and that was all that ever mattered to him.

Why are you here Mark?

I did something wrong, I expect that's why you're here too.

I haven't done anything wrong. Oh I bet!

But I haven't done anything wrong.

Maybe all this stuff's here for you and you're to stay here like me.

No chance, this is a dream.

That's what I thought.

Do you think whoever brought you here will come back again?

I hope not.

If my dad was here he could carry you... and you could run away with us, then you'd be safe.

And you wouldn't be afraid any more.

He looks like a madman.

Hello darling.

What's that? A radio.

It doesn't look like a radio, it's too big. - It's a radio.

Who's that?

That's dad, that's good.

I think he looks drunk, I hate it when he's drunk.

He stopped drinking years ago.

He was drunk when I took that picture.

Why don't you have your soup. He was, wasn't he?

Let me see.

Well, a bit, maybe.

You could rub it out and try again.

I can't. It's almost right, it's just...

His head's a bit too big and he looks sort of angry.

What is it?

Why don't you go back to work, I don't like you hanging around here.

I'll be alright. - Listen, it's good, it's really good.

It's total rubbish! It's only a drawing Anna, come on.

That's right, it's only a drawing.

I think it's good, I really do.

It's just that i'm having those dreams again... and i'm frightened dad's going to come into those dreams looking like that.

Listen, if dad came into your dreams that would be nice.

And no drawing is going to make any difference.

Have I done anything wrong? Do you ever do anything right?

I must've done something really bad.

It's nothing you've done, that's silly, don't think that.

Then why don't you believe me? Believe what?

That my dreams are frightening me.

I do believe you. No you don't.


I know it's hard for you with dad away all the time but...

It's hard for me too, we've got to try to get on better.

Will you promise me something? What?

You've got to be honest with me about when you pass out and when you... see things that maybe I don't see, you understand?

It's really important Anna, you have to promise.

I always tell you the truth.

A nice hot bath and then to bed.



I don't feel well. - I know, I know, you try and get some sleep, ok?

My head hurts. - I know but I have to dry your hair.

There, just a bit more.


Will you set my alarm for me? - Why, are you going somewhere special tomorrow?

Set it for 7. Ok.

I'll just get your teddy.

Stay with me until I get to sleep, I don't wanna be on my own.


I'll just be a second, I just have to get something from my room.

No dreams.

That was quick. I'm late.

Is something the matter?

I'm very busy this morning, I should be at the hospital.

Well perhaps I should've got worse yesterday.

Is anything wrong? No.

You're miserable today. - Well even doctors get miserable sometimes Anna.

Is it something I did? Don't think so.

Bye. Bye.

I've given you some mild sleeping pills... keep a very close eye on her temperature... and let me know immediately if she seems delirious.

It's not very likely, she seems stable now.

Sarah, are you sure you're alright, you look worried.

It's just a young boy I thought was ok had a relapse yesterday.

What's wrong with him?

He has muscular dystrophy, he's got a chest infection.

Oh no. It's dangerous.

Anna, what are you doing?

Mum, last night you cleared up my bedroom...

I threw something away, where's the rubbish?

I've got to find it.

I leave you alone for 5 minutes and you work yourself up into a frenzy.

But I threw something away and i've got to find it.

What is it. A drawing.

A drawing? Can't you do another one? No!

Alright, i'll go and look, but only if you promise to take 2 of these pills.


Yes, yes, just find it. - Ok, ok, here, stop it, stop, here, Anna!

God, well if it's not there there's nothing I can do, ok?

No that's not ok. Well, i'll find it alright.


Wait! Don't!

Anna! Anna!

Come back! Anna!

Wait! Anna!


Come on love, out of the way.

No, I have to find something, I threw it away by mistake.

To bed now, come on! No!

You're going to be sick, really sick unless you calm down.

You've gotta help me find it mum, please.

Can you help? What type of bag was it?


Ok boys, we're looking for a black bag!

Please, let me check them.

Open them mum, open them.

You missed one. I'm doing my best.

It could be any of these.

Look, you've lost the drawing Anna, just accept it. - No!

That's your lot. You didn't check that one.

If we checked every one we'd be here all day.

It's no good Anna, stop it now.


You're going to be alright now darling, you must sleep.



Fooled you!

Your face.

Sorry Anna.

How you feeling? Fine.

You did all this then, eh?

I don't understand you.

Mark, do you remember anything about the real world?

But this is the real world.

I suppose so.

When i'm not here I know where I am... and you're there too.

What's wrong with me? You're in hospital.

I wish you weren't, sorry.

Well you're right about one thing... I am ill.

I'm tired, like i've just run a marathon but all the time.

And the big joke is I have to crawl to move from this lump of wood.

That must be really uncomfortable. And cold.

Instead of making a mess out of this place... why don't you help me?

I think I should wake up now.

I can't wake up. I told you so.

They've come for us. Who?

It's dad! No, don't let him in.

Rubbish, i'll go and fetch him. No!



Dad, come in, it's getting dark.

Anna, is that you? Yes.

I'm blind!

No locks.

Anna, he's moving, he's got a hammer.

Anna! Go away.


Are you ok?

Let me in Anna.

Behind the hills is a sea, we have to go there. - You go.

Listen, we can ride the bike. How can I ride a bike, be realistic.

You ride and i'll push.

You're mad. Anna!

Please Mark, you have to try.

Anna, i'm not going away so you might aswell let me in.

Let me in Anna! Open this door now!

You'll never get me up on this. - Try.


Don't leave me. Of course I won't.

Don't leave me. Of course I won't leave you.

I'm scared. Don't be scared.


You've had a really bad fever darling but I think this is the worst of it.

When you're better we'll go to the seaside.

You like the sea.

We'll go there, all 3 of us, and we'll have a big, long rest, ok.

To the sea, to the sea, to the beautiful sea.

Let me see, let me see it.

You're temperature's going down, it's normal, you're getting better.

Don't. What.

Who are you? Anna?

I don't talk to strangers, go away.

Go away. It's mummy, you're alright now.

Go away!


What are you doing? Darling?

Anna! Look at me, look at me!

Anna, please, don't!

Anna, please, don't!





He must've taken him.






You're going to be alright.

Just stay where you are.

Daddy's here.


Alright... if you want to play games...

One, two, three... four, five, six... seven, eight, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen...

It's you he's after not me, you should've never come back.

I thought that he'd taken you.

Listen. it won't take him long to find us...

You've gotta wake up and change your stupid drawing, get rid of him.

I've tried.

No, rip him out of the paper, it's the only way.

I drew a lighthouse, we can go there then we'll be safe. - Ok.

Look, just wake up, we're not going to get anywhere with him around.

I can't.

Wake up! - I can't.

Thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three...

Thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six...

I've got an idea.

Lie down like you're in bed... do it!

Reach out to where the drawing is.

Pick up the drawing Anna.


Dad's on the left, by the rocks. Put your finger on him.

Eighty-seven, eighty-eight, eighty-nine...

Now rip him out!

Ninety-nine, one hundred.

I'm coming.

Run Anna, leave me.


Mark, Mark!


Get off me!

Who are you?

What is your name? Please, dad, please.

Do you know me?

Do you recognise me?

The sea.


Anna. It's alright love, it's just the tube.

There's a brave girl.

You'll be alright, you'll be alright.


It hurts when I breathe.

That's just your ribs, they're a bit bruised.

The ambulance man had to give you a heart massage.

He saved your life. I know but it still hurts.

You'll be out of here in a few days.

I've been here long enough.

How's Mark?

How's Mark? He's ok.

Don't lie to me.

We sent him home, he'll be more comfortable there.

He's dying isn't he?

They've stopped. What's stopped.

My dreams.

If I tell you something, will you keep it a secret?

I know Mark, I know him from my dreams. - Anna...

I drew a house on paper, Mark's there too.

It was me who made Mark ill and me who helped him get better again.

Then we had to escape and we did but now I can't even dream.

You have to believe me.

When you're ill the mind plays funny tricks.

It's not a trick... Mark's eyes are blue...

His left leg is stronger than his right...

He's got a bicycle, a blue one, he just looks at it.

How do you know all this? It's true isn't it?

You have to get me my pencils and drawings, you have to.

But... Just do it!

And as soon as you're better...

I'm going to take us all down to Devon for a little holiday.

Hey, are you listening to me?

Look at me darling.

That's better, I was beginning to think I was invisible.

You don't have to be invisible to disappear, dad.

Anna, you said you wanted to go to the seaside, no?

Sounds wonderful mum.

Hey and don't forget your riding lessons.

I've taken time off, we can go together if you like.

And then you'll go away again.

I don't know what you want these for but here they are.

She shouldn't have told you, I told Sarah to keep it a secret.

Can I see? No.

I wouldn't want to live if he died.

Now if there's anything we need we'll be alright.

Mark, Mark.


Wait there.

How's that then eh?

I thought you weren't ever coming back.

Come on, there's lots to show you...

You've really kitted out the place good this time.

Hey, what's the matter? Nothing, just pleased to see you.

Come on, let's walk along the cliffs.

Here, I want to show you something.

Can you do rollovers? Yeah.

You haven't done them properly until you've done them here, my way.

What do you mean "your way"?

Sit in front of me.

Keep your head well in and imagine you're half of a wheel.

Now pull me.


How am I getting on in your world?

You're recovering but not as fast as here.

So i'm different here? Don't know.

I don't care what happens to me there, as long as I can be here with you.

You see, your world doesn't matter any more, we can live here.

Have you ever kissed anyone?

Me neither.

Is this snogging?

I've walked as far as I can along these cliffs but there's no way down.

We should draw a ladder then. There's not one long enough...

And even if there was I wouldn't go down there, would you?

I know i'm getting better but that's just stupidity.

You suggest something then? Helicopter?

I don't think I can draw that. I can.

I brought it with me this time. You draw the helicopter.

Are you sure? Positive.

Do you think it'll work for me? Don't know.

Where are you going? I'm going back to draw.


You can't go yet.

Well you wait down here and keep a look out for it.

I can see better from up there.

To be honest i'd rather draw by myself, I don't like people watching me.

And I never saw you draw did I? I suppose not.

You wait down here then. Ok.

Don't go without me.

Please don't go without me.

I've got some good news...

They've given me a job at head office so I don't have to go away anymore.

That's good isn't it?

We can all be together like a proper family.

Things aren't the same between you and me since I got back, are they?

I missed you when I was away but now I feel as if i'm missing you even more.

I'm worried.

I went to see your doctor. Why?

Mum said you were having bad dreams about me, is that true?

Do you want to see someone about the dreams?

I don't have them anymore. Maybe because i'm back.

No, it's nothing to do with you.

What did Dr Nichols say?

She said you knew a patient of hers who died.

What's the matter?

Mark's dead.

Didn't you know?

I'm sorry. No, don't be sorry...

I knew, it's just when I last saw him I sort of hoped he'd get better.

Was he a close friend?

Dr Nichols didn't tell me the whole story. - Obviously.

Mark would hate anybody being sorry.

Come on Anna.

Did you seen those boats there?

Good morning. Good morning, Mr Madden.

Hello, is everything ok?

That's good.

After lunch we'll go for a walk down to the front.

Here. Thanks.

Don't lose it.


I'm sorry.

What on earth for? Being so miserable.

Don't be stupid.

It was the illness, when I was ill I thought I saw funny things.

I want to go to the pier... to get Karen some rock.

Well we'll go after we've eaten. Good.

Shall I open your curtains. Whatever you like.

Be careful you don't get sunstroke.

Mark, i'm back.


Mark, let me in.



Mark, let me in.

Let me in.

I don't want to go without you but the helicopter's been hovering all day.

I think i'm meant to go.

Wait for me here, i'll come back for you, love Mark.

Mark, Mark, Mark!


Move back from the edge, it's dangerous.

I can't reach.

Move back from the edge Anna, it's dangerous.

Anna, move away! I can't reach.

Mark, I can't reach, don't leave me.

Anna, it's dangerous. I can't reach.

Move away from the edge. Don't leave me.

Bye Anna. No!

He's alright now mum, I know he is.