Paranormal Activity (2007) Script

Hey, babe, what's up?

What is that? Hello, baby.


Is that what I think it is? Yes.

I don't know what you think it is, but whatever it is, it's sweet.

I think it's a giant-ass camera. What happened to the little handheld?

Easy to move around, versatile?

Are you gonna park the car or you gonna stand there looking at me?

This is... big and impressive.

And it has a really bright light on it.

Kiss the camera, please. I'm not kissing the camera.

How much did this cost you?

How much did...? I'll kiss you, not the camera.

Turn that thing...

What are you doing? Yeah, see.

You think this'll work?

I think we're gonna have a very interesting time, capturing whatever paranormal phenomena is occurring or not occurring.

Seriously, what'd you throw down for that?

Well, about half as much as I made today.

Good thing you're cute. Dinner?

Just keep going up the stairs. Oh, my God.

All right, I'll make dinner. Good.

No. We're just gonna film whatever happens to us, and then when any weird shit goes on, we will be in a perfect position to capture it for posterity.

Oh, so we can always, like, look back and remember fondly?

Well, you know, hopefully, once we get it on camera, we can figure out what's going on. OK.

Once we know what's going on, we can react appropriately.

And... Take it from there.

Take care of it, whatever it is. If it's one of those neighbors, one of those kids who's obsessed with you and is trying to peep through a window or something at night, that will take care of them.

Unless that kid has been following me since I was eight years old.

Something pretty creepy. I don't think that's the thing.

You're telling me.

You know, I realize that you're... Are you all right? Are you OK?

Are you doing OK?

Are you talking to the...? Are you happy?

Do you have enough batteries?

You're supposed to be in love with me, not the machine.

We are gonna be sleeping with this camera.

We're gonna what? Put it in the bedroom.

All night?

You're cute.


That was shy. You looked away.

Dinny time.

Test, audio test. This is the last test, right?

Yeah. Can you just please talk, please?

Hello, Micah. You're the best boyfriend in the whole world, except for your strange fascination Video's good. with electronics. Katie, say something.

What do you want me to say? Something really quiet.

What do you want me to say?

Whisper. I am whispering.

Can you hear me? Whisper.

I am whispering. You're not whispering.

I am whispering now.

That's a whisper, and I think we caught it on camera.

All right, sweet, this microphone is worth the cash.

All right, we're operational, babe.


Do you know of any tricks to make this stuff happen?

I don't wanna make... them, it, whatever...

I don't want it to happen at all.

So I don't wanna force it to happen.

You know, if it catches something, great, but I'm not gonna like...

OK. I mean, I'm just saying 'cause you know, have it on camera would be pretty cool for a lot of reasons, sweetie.

It would... I know.

...substantiate your claims. You believe me, right?

Yeah, of course.


What is that?

Let's investigate it.

We're hearing a weird sound.

You hear it?

Is it the fridge?

It's the icemaker.

Damn it!

It will only come out when we sleep here.

I'd like to take this moment to illustrate the beauty of this fine instrument.

I meant her. This is just my guitar.

You're sweet.

What is this? I just like your feet. They're sexy.

I need to repaint my toenails.

You shouldn't film my feet.

Sex type thing. Can I get a little striptease?

Please? Just a half of one.

Just bra and panties.

No. All right. I'll do anything you want.



Yeah, the Venus. Hey, go back in your Venus pose.

No. So where are we gonna put it?

You've got the bathroom or the hallway.

I think it should point down the hall, that's where we heard its footsteps.

It's kinda dark.

You can't see me here?

Not at all. What if I turn this one on?

Yeah, that's good.

That's cool? Need more light? No, I think you're fine.

All right. Come check it out.

What happened with putting the camera out here?

We could get... It's gotta get old, right?

Careful. You're about to run into the shower.

We could get extracurricular with this.

I mentioned it before.

We could... but no. OK.

Nice try, though.

I just want you to know I'm crying inside.

I'm putting this thing back.

OK, now hook up the FireWire. Going off.

Is it working? It is, or isn't?

Yeah, I think it's good.

Oh, God.

How am I supposed to sleep with that?

It'll be fine.

It's looking at me.

This is what Katie looks like in the morning.

She is so pretty.

What do you want for breakfast? Whatever. What the hell...

"Whatever" isn't an answer. How about scrambled eggs?

Sounds pretty good. Yeah? Good.

Hey, babe? What?

Did you drop my keys on the floor?

Hold on.

My keys are in the middle of the floor.

I just... Look where I found my keys.

Where did you leave them? I left them on the counter.

Are you sure?

Yes. I always leave them in the same spot, next to your wallet.

Obviously, this is incontrovertible evidence that evil forces came from beyond the grave to move your keys.

Make your breakfast.

That would be a 3.0 on the splash scale.

What are you doing up there? I'm filming you.

Yeah? Yeah.

Very, very mature. I think that's my...

I got a big one!

I think that's my favorite quality in you, it's your maturity.

Big day. It's the day of the psychic, he's coming.

He should be here within the hour.

We're gonna go find Micah and see how he's feeling about it.

My guess? Very excited.

All right, tell me how excited you are to meet our psychic.

Who will be here within the hour. The doctor will be here? Great.

So excited, I can't contain myself.

Can't contain yourself? Let it all out. Don't be shy.

I got something quite appropriate for your psychic, though, I think.

What? I just, you know, stumbled upon it.

Show me.

Maybe I'll play this when he gets here. I think it'll make him feel at home.

You are totally not taking this seriously, are you?

Don't you wanna make him feel at home and welcome in his own environment?

I mean, this way...

This is not gonna make him feel at home. This is gonna make him leave.

We're not gonna insult... You, not me. You.

Don't you smile like you're so happy with yourself.

How 'bout less music?

That was good.

Is the psychic gonna give me some stock tips while he's here?

Haven't bet on the horses in awhile.

Maybe if you're good. An opinion on the hundred-to-one shot?

Stock? I'm done with you.

So you'd think a psychic would be on time.

You know, like he could foretell if the traffic was gonna be bad?

You're clever.

Wait, let me get my music.

Don't you even think about turning that on.

Hi. Dr. Fredrichs? Yes. Hi.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Come on in.

This is Micah. Oh, hi. Micah.

I'm sorry for the camera.

So can you see ahead of, like, that kind of thing?

Like know when traffic's gonna be bad? Cut.

Oh, usually it depends on the day of the week, or the time of the day.

You know. Like all of us.

I never hesitate when somebody says, "Will you come to San Diego?"

I'm always ready to do that.

I'm certainly glad you could make the trip today. We really do appreciate it.

I'd like to spend time getting to know you, getting a bit more information than what we shared over the phone.

Getting to know both of you, what's your life like, what's your relationship like...

It's good.

It's good? That's one good step. Straight to the point there.

How long have the two of you been together?

Three years. Three years?

We're engaged to be engaged after she graduates.

And your jobs? Both your jobs? I'm a student.

I'm an English major, hoping to be a teacher soon.

I don't know where yet. Micah is a day trader.

Yeah. How about your health?

We're in good health. And no medications involved?

No. OK.

More often than not, things that you've shared with me can be explained away by simple things, like squeaky houses or rattling pipes or you know, some normal thing that's going on that has people more freaked because they're under a high degree of stress.

So... So this... let's call it a haunting, has happened to you before moving into this house.

Yes. It started when I was eight.

I, you know, I lived with my family, of course, and shared a room with my younger sister, Christi. She was five.

And at that time we both, you know, experienced whatever it was.

We had... I would feel the breathing and it would wake me up, and I would wake her up. And I would see the...

I guess you'd call it like the, like just a mass, like the shadowy figure that would be at the foot of my bed.

It was always at the foot of my bed, never at the foot of her bed.

But she did see it. She saw it also?

Absolutely. And we were both absolutely terrified.

OK. I mean, you know, couldn't even move.

You know, you just... It was just... It was horrifying.

And we would just pray. Please, please let it just go away.

And then, eventually, it would.

So this happened for a while in our first house.

And then we... There was a fire. We managed...

Everyone got out, no one was hurt, thank God... Thank goodness.

But we lost everything. So we moved.

Was it ever determined what caused the fire?

No. OK.

And I... You know, I'm not saying it had to do with the haunting stuff.

I'm not saying that at all. I don't know what it was.

Did the fire department do any investigation of the causes of the fire?

I don't know if there was a criminal investigation, but I know that they tried to figure out what was the cause, and they couldn't.

OK. It wasn't electrical or anything, you know, simple like that.

So then, from the time you were eight years old until now, have you experienced this periodically over the ensuing years?

Yes. From 13 on it's happened, it's happened periodically.

Over the past few weeks things have started happening again.

So when you tell me that it's moved from where you were living when you were eight, again when you were living someplace else when you were 13, and now here, it seems to me that's what we're dealing with.

Something that's basically connected to you.

These lights have been flickering, these ones that are in the ceiling.

We've had water from the faucets turn on and off unexplainably.

OK. Or we'll come down.

Not turn on and off, but we'll come down and it'll be on.

We've heard banging on the walls, scratching sounds, like, you know, like dragging down the wall kind of scratches.

Most of the activity is in here, isn't it?

Yes. The vast majority of it.

I've heard whispering.

Sometimes I can't understand it, sometimes it's saying my name.

Oh, so it specifically calls to your name?

It has before. You've heard this too, Micah?

Well, I've heard weird noises.

I haven't really heard anyone say Katie's name, except for me.

That might've been me in my sleep.

I can tell the difference between you saying "Katie" from over there in bed and something right here whispering distinctly in my ear.

Yeah, so, look. And I got like a FireWire going into my laptop, you know, we can record all night what... You want to take this?

Got the tripod, wide angle lens, get the whole room EVP recorder, just to catch any sounds.

So you'll go to bed and have the light on and have the camera going as you're going to bed.

Is this, do you do this all the time? We've just started with the camera.

Our extra bathroom right there.

Guest bedrooms. Lights flickering in here.

Is there something we can do to make the stuff happen?

To get it on tape? I've told him I don't want to mess with that. I didn't want him to get the camera.

These hauntings, they feed off of negative energy.

So if there is something negative going on here, it will help spur on the haunting.

You know the entity may feed off of that.

You shouldn't let your mother come over anymore. She's really mean.

Stop joking, Micah.

My area of expertise is dealing with ghosts.

That's what I've built my career on, helping people get in touch with people who have died.

Communicating with ghosts.

The spirits of dead human beings.

A demon is something different.

That's an entity that relates to something that is non-human.


A lot of debate and discussion about what that could be, but it's not a person.


Dealing with demons is not my area.

I'm very uncomfortable with it, and I'll tell you, quite frankly, I sense there's something going on in this house.

You cannot run from this. It'll follow you.

It may lay dormant for years.

Something may trigger it to get... become more active, and it will, over time, reach out to communicate with you.

OK, I want to give you the name of Dr. Johann Averies.

He's a colleague. He's a demonologist, he specializes in this sort of thing.

He's in Los Angeles. OK.

All right, check this out. What if we just get this Ouija board, right?

We find out what it wants, then we give it what it wants and then... gone.

Because what it probably wants is Katie.

And if you do pick up a board and try to play games with it, the entity will sense that you're trying to communicate with it, and that's opening the door, inviting it in.

Do you understand me? Yeah, I'm with you.

I hope so. You're gonna be fine. OK?

Glad to hear you say that.

Thank you so much for coming.

I will definitely give Dr. Averies a call.

Have a very safe trip back. I will. Bye-bye, both of you.

Nice to meet you, bye. Later. What a fruit!

Do you think you could try not to be completely rude to him?

I feel like it was good information, like I'm not nuts.

I feel like at least we're doing something.

I'm gonna call that guy tomorrow.

What guy?

Dr. Johann Averies? That demon guy?

Don't laugh at him. No, don't.

Seriously, don't call the guy, OK? That's insane.

He said to call him tomorrow. Babe. Don't call the guy.

No, promise me you're not gonna call that guy. Please?

Want me to promise? I talked with the one dude, I'm not putting up with like a team, a legion of...

OK. ...Jesus freaks.

If it gets worse I'm gonna call him. All right.

Yeah. You sound way better when you're brushing your teeth.

Have a little extracurricular activity with this camera?

Not with this camera on us, no.

OK, taking the camera off for ten minutes.

Ten minutes, huh?

That's all I need. I don't know about you.

Let's go to bed. Turn it off.

All right. I'll set up in the bedroom.

Turn it off! Katie is in the bathroom.

Turn it off. Turn it off! Hi, Katie.

I want to pee! Turn it off.

Dr. Johann. I am Dr. Johann.

OK, I'm about to pee. I'm a demonologist.

Go away. I can't hear you, can't hear you.

I'm here to save you from the demons.

Come to bed.

I will! Just let me turn this off... Play time?


Excuse me. What?

The camera's not off. It's off. That's the standby light.

That's not the standby light. That's the record light.

Don't lie to me. All right.

I think that probably was illegal in Kentucky and another 12 states.

This girl is a wild animal.

What time you getting up?

Don't know, six o'clock or so.

Did you set your alarm?

Sleep good?

Is that the video?

I was looking at the footage from last night.

Check it out. This is about 2:1 0 in the morning.

The doors... A minute.

You got it?

The doors and windows all over the house are closed. I just checked them.

The flowers are not moving. But something else is.

The door's fricking moving by itself. Oh, my God.

And it's not over. Check it out. It moves again.

Oh, Micah, that is... That's impossible.

I told you this was a good idea. Wow.

You think you can get that ghost back?

Think I can do what? Get the ghost back.

Get us some more interesting... you know.

I'm not interested in that. I just want him to go away.

Oh, Micah! Oh, my God.

What are you doing? Come here! Come here right now!


It's right there. It's right there! Get it!

Get rid of it. Please.

You scream like that for a spider?

Oh, God. Jesus.

Did you go get the camera first? Yeah.

I thought it was a ghost or something like real scary...

I'm nearly losing my mind and you grab the camera.

Hey, little friend! What's your name?

Can I turn the camera off? OK. I need to not be around you.

All right. We're going. Straight outside. OK.

Hey, you out here?

Hey, tell me what the point of this was.

Was part of your master plan just to move the door?

Or are you just doing random shit?

Well. Basically, it could be two things:

It could be a ghost, or it could be a demon.

Dr. Fredrichs said that it wasn't a ghost.

And whatever it is... I'm going by the evidence.

I'm doing my research and I'm gonna find out what it is.

Well, whatever it is that's following me, it doesn't feel...

It doesn't feel human.

It feels like a monster. I mean, like it wants to hurt me.

Well, that sounds actually like a demon.

Yeah, that's what he said. Ghosts are spirits of human beings.

Yeah. It's definitely not human.

Then maybe you're right, which is bad, 'cause demons suck!

Basically, they're these malevolent, evil spirits that only exist to cause pain and commit evil for their own amusement.

It's pretty creepy. I mean, they stalk people for years, like decades.

They're sometimes really intelligent in the way they do things to freak you out.

So this could be a really rare phenomenon, and it's cool we got it on tape.

I'm surprisingly not as excited as you, considering I'm the one that's being terrified.

It's all good. We'll take care of it.

I understand that this stuff is new to you, and exciting in some ways, so I get your whole filming thing.

But it isn't new to me, and I think this thing could be very dangerous.

So I just... I just want you to know that as things get...

...things progress or get worse in any way, I don't want to mess with the camera. Don't want to make it mad.

I understand where you're coming from, just remember you didn't exactly warn me about this stuff before we moved in together. I know.

So I think I have a little bit of say in what we do.

I get that, honestly. But what was I supposed to say?

On our first date, "There's a demon that has been foll..."

No, but maybe on our 1 5th date or our 30th date or when we decided to live together, that might've been a good thing to bring up.


All right. The windows are locked, doors are locked, alarm is on.

Anything gets in here, we're gonna know about it.

I don't think it cares about alarms and locked doors.

It can go wherever it wants, it can do whatever it wants.

How do you know?

Whatever's happening, it's already here.

All right.

What is this?

What's the matter?

I just... I just had a nightmare.

I'm sorry, did I scare you?

It's all right, don't worry about it.

Oh, my God. You OK?

Yeah. You sure?

My head.

Did you hear that?

I'm going down. No, no, no, Micah!

Micah, no!

Micah, don't leave me here.

Don't leave me here.

Take this.

Where do you think that came from?

Micah! Is anyone down here?

This all you got? Oh, Micah, stop!

Please don't do that. Oh, baby, come on.

You OK, baby?

I'm OK.

You sure? I'm still creeped out.

Hey, girls? No, but you know what?

If you can just show me... Hello! Excuse me!

I know it's bead time, but I have a little something I want to show you guys.

Can it wait? We're having very intense girl time right now, and we cannot be interrupted by Micah and his camera.

Thank you, OK. I understand. I need a little break from...

What the fuck! I'm trying to show you guys something.

Hey! You be sweet.

All right. This is the tape from the digital audio recorder I set up in the bedroom.

This is the tape from about ten seconds before we woke up.

What the hell was that?

I listened to it 50 times. It's not saying anything.

It's not a language that I recognize, it's not a dog, it's not, like, noise from the street, it's not any kind of electrical interference that I recognize, so...

Oh, God! What I figure it is...

I think the thing is right in the bedroom.

This thing wants to communicate.

So, I figure I'm gonna go out and get a Ouija board...


I don't want to know what this thing has to say.

I want it to leave us alone. Trust me. Bad idea.

He specifically said, "Don't do anything to antagonize or..."

Whatever it is. Sorry I told you about it.

You're going to use a Ouija board and invite whatever it is in, and it's not going to go away. Let me do my thing.

The camera is your thing. You do a Ouija board, there's no more.

Nothing. Promise me. Micah, promise me, please!

Fine! I promise you I won't buy a Ouija board.

OK? Thank you.

Hey, Micah, smile.

Hey, we haven't had anything interesting happen in a while!

Micah? You scared?

What you got?

Put the camera away, we're going to bed.

Go back to sleep. Come on.

Hey! Don't antagonize... What you got? I'm calling you out!

Hey! Hey, that's enough! Micah! Come on.

Your demon's worthless. You're worthless!

You got nothing.

Put the camera away. OK.

What's up?

I just thought I heard something.

What? What'd you hear?

Just a thud.

A thud? Where? Maybe downstairs.


Where are you going? Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Micah, wait, wait, wait, please.

Where'd you go?

I'm right here. I'm over here, babe. I'm over here. Over here.

Oh, my God.

Hear that?

Oh, God.

You OK, baby? Yeah.

Oh, God.

It looks like it's gone now, whatever it was.

OK, come on.

That's video proof of that noise, though.

Do you hear that?

Hold on.

You hear that?

Yeah, I do. I don't know what that is.

This is really good stuff, Katie.

I'm telling you. This is, this is the...

I hope that guy... it, whatever, shows us a little more action.

This is grade-A shit. I don't think we should be messing with this. This is why it scares me, you don't take it seriously.

I take it seriously. I think it's pretty...

You have a camera in my face in the bathroom.

You look beautiful in the morning, by the way.

Maybe we shouldn't have the camera.

Hello. This is really golden shit. Come on.

Not an option, at this point, with all that cool stuff going on.

Cool? Or disturbing.

Are you not scared? It's... it's a little bizarre.

But we have it documented, it's gonna be fine, OK?

Sounded like it was, like, sounds coming from the wall or ceiling or something.

Or the floor. Floor? Y'think?

Well, whatever it was... Oh, God!

Like if someone were to drop something really, really big and heavy.

Like what? Like someone picked the couch up or something?

You know, that kind of stuff didn't happen to me before the camera.

Before what? Before the camera.

That has nothing to do with it. It's getting worse.

It wasn't that bad. It was like a little loud.

That was my inner child being scared.

I'm fine, thanks. All right?

EVP Experiment Number One.

Is there anyone here?

Where did you come from?

You have something to say? In English, this time?

Would you be happier talking with the Ouija board?

What is your quest? What is your favorite color?

Where did you come from?

You have something to say? In English, this time?

It's got nothing to say, huh?

Would you be happier talking with the Ouija board?

Whoa, what the hell.

Is that you grunting?

Was it like one for "Yes", two for "No"?

Yeah? Nice.

Yeah. Let's watch a movie. I don't want to go to sleep yet.

Why not? 'Cause I'm scared.

Yeah. Come on, put the camera off.



You down here? Babe?




What are you doing out here?

Hey. Hey. What?

It's freezing out here. What are you doing with no clothes on?

I'm fine. Come on.

No. I don't want to go in.

Just leave me alone.

Are you OK, baby? I'm fine.

Come on. No.

You just want to sit out here in the swing in the middle of the night, while it's freezing? Yes. Go away.

I'll stay out here with you. I'm gonna get some blankets, OK?

Jesus Christ. What the fuck is going on?


Sitting out in the cold.

Fuck is that?

Hey! Who's there?

Katie, come inside!

What the fuck is going on? Come out!


What are you doing? What am I doing?

What the fuck are you doing? What do you mean?

I just heard noises up here and I came in to get a blanket

'cause you're on the swing... What?

...for some reason. There's all this stomping up here...

Come back to bed. You woke me up. And the TV is on.

Jesus. I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore.

I'm cold. Why are you crazy like this?

So you don't remember any of this?

No. I mean...

You don't remember getting out of bed?

You don't remember standing there like a total weirdo?


I'm saying, like...

Oh, my goodness. And this? You don't...

Were you sleepwalking?

What was going through your mind? I don't know! I wasn't... I...

Oh, my gosh. Yeah.

What do you remember from this?

Were you dreaming? I don't remember anything.

I remember standing in the doorway and you pointing a camera at me.

And you were all freaked out. I don't, I don't remember standing here.

You went downstairs, sat in the swing.

I went to get you a blanket 'cause you refused to come back.

Fast forward it to where I go downstairs.

I'm freaking leaving the room. Where...

You went outside and sat on the swing.

And I went inside to bring you a blanket

'cause you refused to leave in this catatonic, weird state you were in.

I don't know... Wait, wait. Did I talk to you?

I wouldn't call it talking.

But I come upstairs and there's like footsteps, and the TV's on.

So that's...

Well, maybe this kind of thing's been happening for a long time and you just never knew about it.

I don't remember anything. I know that I had nightmares all night and that...


I didn't want to talk about it.

They were gruesome. Let's leave it at that.

It's trying to scare us. It scared you and me...

It's working! I'm scared! Just got to stay strong.

And not let it get to you, not let it get to us.

Look, bringing in somebody else, some exorcist or whatever, lot of times it just gets worse. You don't want it to get worse.

No, I don't. No. Me neither.

Yeah, all right, you little fucker.

Got something to say? Now's your chance.

Katie! Where are you?

I'll be down. Hang on a second.

I can't wait to get out of this house, go out and hang out with my boyfriend.

All right, we got, like, ten minutes.

What in the hell are you doing, Micah?

Come on, help me. What are you doing?

I'm gonna talk to it. Look at me!

I told you I was...

You promised me you weren't gonna...

Don't you look at me like that. You promised me you weren't gonna mess with that.

No! I promised you I wasn't gonna buy a Ouija board.

I didn't buy a Ouija board.

You knew exactly what I meant!

I borrowed a Ouija board.

How dare you? You knew exactly what I meant!

I said don't mess with that because it scared me, and what do you do? You go out and get the best looking fucking Ouija board I've ever seen, and you put it in the middle of our living room?

Explain that to me! I borrowed it.

You know, I don't care what you did.

You're gonna throw it away. We're gonna leave.

Katie... There's no more camera, there's no more nothing. I don't want to hear it.

I don't even want to hear it. Katie.

No, don't "Katie" me. I'm leaving and you're either coming with me or you're not.

Chill it, babe! I don't want to hear it.

Take your shoes off and go to bed...


What'd you do? What'd you do, Micah?

Look at me! What'd you do?

I didn't do shit, babe. Look...

I cannot fucking believe you, Micah.

I am finished. No more fucking camera, nothing.

I'll take care of this.

If you're not gonna do it, then I will.

Looks like someone drew something on it.

I don't know. Hey, Katie?


Can you come down here and help me figure this out, please?


I think this thing left a message. On the Ouija board.

I don't give a fuck what that thing says on the Ouija board!


Katie! Look...

Kate. Hello. Hey. Micah, get the fuck out!

I don't want to look at that! Chill!

Look, this is not the time for this. Get out!

Get out!

I think she's pissed. That's not good.

Hey, Katie? Katie? Hello?

Look, I know you're pissed, but... Do we have any lemon?

What do I have to do? Just tell me what I have to do.

You have to turn off the fucking camera.

The camera's... Fuck. Forget the camera, OK?

I swear to abide by Katie's rules and regulations of camera use...

...and other things. Whatever.

Is that good enough for you?

I think it needs to be a little more sincere.


I swear to abide by Katie's rules and regulations of camera use and to not offend this entity, or whatever it is, in any way, shape, or form, so help me God.

And I promise not to betray Katie's trust.

And I promise not to betray Katie's trust.

Is there anything else? That'll be it.



Can I at least get a kiss for that? Please?


Katie. Do you want to know what happened to the Ouija board?

I saw the tape, you know.

I just want to forget about it, OK?

Let's go to sleep.

I think I found something pretty cool, and I'd like you to help me figure it out.

So, sit down. No? Or stand up.

I caught on camera everything that happened after we left.

When the cursor was moving by itself. OK.

I'm trying to figure out what it said.

I couldn't figure out exactly what it said, but there's a lot of possibilities.

Do you know anyone named Edina or Diane?

Could be Nadine, without two N's... No.

No. All right. Well, I'll work on it.

You know, it may...

It could be this thing's fucking with us and it doesn't mean anything.

Or it could be... so many possibilities, I mean, I could be wrong.

I don't know.

I don't really... I don't really care what it means.

You're done playing with it. I want it out of the house.

We haven't gone a week without something happening.

That's crazy. I can't...

What're you guys talking about? I'm at my... Just everything.

Come stay with me. You remember, it's not the house.

It's me. You know, wherever I go, it goes.

What am I gonna do, go to your house, mess things up for you?

I got a plan. Don't worry about it. Micah, what's your plan?

I got a plan. What? What're you gonna do?

You know what... Don't worry about it, OK?

All right? So. OK, here's the compromise...


You can have your powder, you can do your little experiment.

If it doesn't work, if it doesn't help us, I'm calling the demonologist and we're getting this taken care of.

Yeah. Deal. Can you look at me and not the camera?

No. Deal. All right, so.

Happy, yeah? Yeah.

Deal. All right.

Is that thing on?

Yes. And exactly what is this gonna prove?

Well, if anything walks through here, it's gonna leave a pretty good footprint.

OK. I think we've pretty much established something's happening.

All right. So tomorrow, I'm making the call.

You can have your powder. You can clean it up tomorrow.

Take a deep breath, pop a pill, it's fine.

Excuse me? Figure out what we're dealing with.

Micah! OK?

Then we can go crazy. Pop a pill, my ass.

Does that look good to you?

It looks like our floor is covered with powder, yes.

I'll clean it up. All right.

That's a thing of beauty.

Hey. Yeah.

I've been doing my research. I'm taking care of this.

Nobody comes in my house, fucks with my girlfriend, gets away with it. Here.

What do you want to do about it?

Want to call in the demon guy?

Yes! Exactly! Call an exorcist?

I want to take care of this!

Get a quack to tell us what to do?

This is my house, you're my girlfriend.

I'm gonna fucking solve the problem.


Babe. Just have a little faith, huh?

This is it.

What's it?

The powder is the last. The last thing.

Tomorrow I'm gonna make the call.

Too cute to be talking.

Did you hear that?

Oh, shit!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

You know what?

There's footsteps in, but there's no footsteps out.

Oh, God!

Don't leave me in here. Turn on the light, baby.

Let's just get out and go downstairs.

It's still here. Let's go!

It finally can't run. Where is it?


The prints stop over here.

Micah, this could be a trap. Please, let's go!

Oh, my God!

Did you do that?

You didn't... You didn't, did you? Tell me you opened that.

Of course not. What the hell is that?

You're not going up... You're not going up there.

Oh, you're not going up there.

I'm not going in there. Just gonna...

Just gonna look. No, you're not!

I gotta go check it out. I'm getting the ladder.

OK. It's all set up.

Micah, I really don't want you to go up there. Please.

I'm not going in there. I'm just gonna look.

You have no idea what's up there. You've no idea!

I know.

Oh, Micah.

Give me the camera. Yeah.

Be careful. All right, if something goes wrong, I'm gonna throw you the camera and jump out, OK?

Do you see anything?

Micah, I don't want to be down here by myself.

I'll be right back.

What the fuck is that?

There's something over there stuck in the stuff.

Oh, my God, Micah, come back down! Come on.

Micah, please, come on.

Now this...

Hold on. Here.

What? Just take the camera.

OK. Come on.

I'll hold the ladder. Come down. Something up there, I got to look.

Micah! Oh, God.

Micah, please be careful.

Are you OK?

Micah, answer me! Micah. Micah!

I'm fine. I'm com... Ah, thank God.


I found this up there.

No. No, no, no, no. Let me see that.

What're you talking about? This is our old house.

What in the hell is this doing in the attic?

I thought all that stuff burned down.

There's no way. There is no way you found that in our attic!

There is no way that that even exists!

I haven't seen that picture in 1 5 years.

That makes no sense. That makes no sense at all.

You OK, babe?

Would you turn the light off, please.


Where was it when you found it?

It was over our bed.

I'm gonna go clean up that stuff. OK.

I don't have any idea if I'm gonna get to class today.

Oh, God, I'm so tired.

Why are you filming me? I'm just making coffee.

I'm actually sick of this.

I think we could both use a little more sleep.

I think I could use a new life. I'm so tired of this.

Take a look at this. Take a look at what?

I lightened up the footage from last night.

You can see the footsteps.

Oh, my God.

So? What?

What are you gonna do?

I don't know yet.

Well, I do. We're calling Dr. Averies.

You've had your camera work, your powder on the floor, and it's just gotten worse, OK?

We should've done this two weeks ago. We're calling him. Today.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Let's talk about this first.

Now, I'm in control, think I'm making progress.

No, you haven't been having progress and you're not in control!

It is in control. If you think you're in control, you're an idiot! Hey! Stay cool.

Not a single thing you've done has helped.

And I'm sorry, I don't mean to burst your bubble, but the camera hasn't helped, the footprints haven't helped.

Think that thing would've left footprints if it didn't want to?

No! It did it because it wanted to. It wanted you to find my photo.

It can be anywhere. It hears what we're saying now.

Hey! How the fuck do you know? You are absolutely powerless!

That's not true at all and you know it.

Well, get over it!

Well, I called Dr. Averies and he's gone.

Didn't know what else to do, so I called Dr. Fredrichs.

I know you don't love him, but I did.

And he's coming back tomorrow. That was as soon as he could get here.

So maybe if we make it till then, we could hold off...

We'll make it till then! I'm just saying that we could just...

"Make it till then." God! We could hold out, we'll be OK, and maybe tomorrow he'll help us. Fucking people! Ridiculous.


What happened?

What're you doing? Micah.

What're you doing? What'd you hear?

Something out there.

Fuck! Oh, God.

Goddamn it!

Baby, come here. Please don't go...

Please, just stay, please. Don't go.

I'm going out there and see...

Wait, Micah, don't go. Don't, please.

Please. Please don't open it.

Micah, come on. Come on.

Right now. Come on. Micah.

Who's there?

Baby, come on! You gonna fuck with us?

Micah, don't. Come on. Let's go.

Show yourself!

Come on, Micah. Let's go. We've got to get out.

Got a problem? Stop!

All right, hon, I'm sorry.


Please let go of it.

Oh, it's scaring us.


Not gonna make a difference. I'm not going in that bedroom.

Look... I'm not going in that bedroom.

Oh, please, please... Baby, look, if it comes back...

No, downstairs. Let's just... Please.

Babe. It's not gonna make a difference.

I can't... Come on.

I don't wanna be in here. I don't wanna be even downstairs.

Please, please... Please, please. Please.

All right.

What the hell is in here now?

I don't know if down here is gonna be much better.

Micah. I don't want to be here.

I think we should go upstairs. Again. Come here.



You know, gotta get some sleep once in a while.

I'm just scared.

I couldn't be in that room anymore.

I understand.

I can't even be in this house, Micah.

We can't even be in our house.

What the fuck is that?

I'll check the mirrors.

Our picture!

What picture? That one, look!

Fuck! What the hell?

How come my face is scratched and yours isn't?

Something's here.

This is bullshit. It's here.

What's here? What? What're you talking about?

I don't know. I feel it. I feel it breathing on me.

Micah, come on! Come on! Please!

Fuckin'-A, man.


Babe. Come downstairs. Jesus Christ.

Come on.

Has this shit happened in the daytime before?

It's getting worse.


Hey, baby, stop pacing, please. I'm sorry.

It's making me nervous. Well, I'm nervous.

Katie, hi.

Hi, come in, please. Thank you so much for coming back.

Oh, we've gotta follow up. Micah, hi.

Yeah. We called Dr. Averies, but he's gone.

Yes, he's out of the country. He'll be back. He'll be... Wow.

We need your help. This is overpowering.

It's worse. Yes. It doesn't like that I'm here.

I cannot help you. What?

I've got to get out of here. This thing is aggravated by the fact that I'm here.

You can't leave us alone here.

Everybody calm down. We need your help.

Well, I've got to tell you, I am not the person to help you in this situation.

This is not my area of expertise.

Now, I think I'm doing more harm being here than any good.

What? Yes, I have got to leave.

Dr. Averies will be back in a few days.

When he gets here he'll take care of your problems.

What should we do? Should we leave?

Leaving won't help at all.

Let me see what I can do. But I've got to leave this room now.

This is no joke. I will help you.

But I can't do this now. No, no, no, no!

You serious?

We'll take care of this ourselves, OK?



I'm so fucking tired of this.

I know you are.

I don't want it to be like this.

Micah! Micah, wake up. What's the matter?

I just... I just felt him breathing.

Right there. He was right there, I felt him breathing.

What are you doing?

Where're you going? Micah, come back!

I'm not going anywhere.

Chill. There's nothing happening.

I know, I'm telling you. I'm telling you.

I... Please.

OK, OK. I won't leave you.

Don't you feel it?

I feel it, he's still here.

Something, something's wrong.

Take a deep breath, OK?

I can feel it watching me.

Right now.

Fuck. You're freaking me out, babe.

We have to do something. What?

I don't know. We've got to figure something out.

We have to... OK. OK, OK.

I'll figure something out.

I'll do some research. There's gotta be some other options.


Jesus. This is creepy.

I knew something happened last night.

Ah, shit.

We've got to do something. I can feel something's wrong.

So I was doing some research, just trying to figure out our options.

Right. I found this website.

This chick, Diane, one of the possibilities from the board?


All the same things happened to her in the 60's that's happened to you.

Wait. What do you mean she has the same things?

Like everything. You're eight years old and like you had a house burning down, seeing shadows and whatever. God knows. And she called an exorcist.

Is that her?

You're telling me there's some girl from the 60's who had the exact same things happen to her.

Yeah. Down to a T. You say... Maybe this thing is the same thing.

It just jumped to you instead. And that's just its m.o., or whatever.

And he's trying to warn us, with this Ouija board, trying to tell us to find this woman so we know...

Wait. So what happened to her? Is she OK?

They tried to get rid of it, sometimes that just pisses it off more.

Before the exorcist got there, she wasn't like this.

She was just hearing voices and having bad dreams.

I'm trying to find some kind of reason this thing would pick you after haunting her.

I can't find anything.

From what I've been reading, these things are totally random.

There's just no reason. Like... How did she die?

She's pretty.

Now she is. I think this thing's trying to warn us not to fuck with it. I don't want to take a chance.

Oh, God!

There's no way that we're doing this.

It's gone away on its own before.

This is not worth the risk.

I'm gonna go lie down.

Hey, Katie, I got a idea about what we can do.

Some more stuff. In fact...

Would you please get away from me with that camera? I'm trying to study.

All right. I kinda want to talk to you about this thing.

Micah, please. Will you give me five minutes?

Go! Please!

Hey, chill out! All right? I'm trying to help this situation here.

I have ideas I want to talk to you about.

OK, you and your stupid camera are the problem.

What the fuck?! Just leave me alone.

Will you stop following me with the camera!

I'm trying to solve the problem. I didn't bring that thing to the house.

Well, don't do me any favors. You did!

Thank you, Micah. Thank you so much.

Well, hang out with your friend upstairs. I'll be down here.

Shut up! Whatever.


I'm sorry. You didn't do anything wrong.

You didn't do anything wrong.

It's not your fault. Now listen to me, it's not your fault.

You haven't done anything wrong.


Micah. Micah! Micah!

Micah! Micah!

Katie! Micah!

Let her go!

Micah! Micah!

Micah, make it stop!

I don't care, I just want to go. I just want to go.

I can't... I can't, I can't be here. I can't.

Just, let's go. Please, let's go.

Let's just go right now. Let's get in the car and let's go.

Yeah. All right, we're leaving. I'll get us a hotel.

We'll stay there tonight, until we figure out what we're doing.

We're not staying here another night.

Here, let me get a shot of that thing it made on your back.

OK? Is that OK?

Oh, Jesus!

Sorry. Looks like something bit you! I know.

Let's go.

Hey! Baby, you ready to go?

Car's packed. Let's go. Hey, babe?

Babe, hey!

Babe. Let go of this thing. Hey! Let go.

Jesus Christ.

Babe? Oh my God!

Hey. Katie! Katie! Wake up.

Jesus. I've had it with this shit!

Babe! Come on, let's go.

Let's get you up. Come on. Hey. Come on. Come on.

Let's get to the couch.

Come on. I've had it with this shit.

I'm taking care of this right now!

Fuck this shit, I'm done!

Katie. Ready to go? Let's get out of here.


I packed the car. Let's go.

I don't want to go.

What're you talking about, you don't want to go?

Let's get the fuck outta this house, now!

I don't want to leave. Will you stay with me?

What the fuck are you talking about? I think it'd be better if we stay.

Please. Just...

I don't want to go. I don't want to leave. Just trust me.

You wanna stay here and sleep in this fucking bed and be dragged down the hall? I don't think so.

We'll be OK. We'll be OK. It's better if we stay.

You fucking...

I don't know what the hell's going on, but this is insane. Fuck!

I think we'll be OK now.

Micah! Katie!

What's the matter, honey?

Oh, my God!