Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) Script

DANIEL: You'll be spending a lot of time in here.

This is gonna be your room.

There's some kind of animal being de-liced or something.

Compression chamber. That's your crib.

It's hermetically sealed.

And this is your paint color.

What color is that, hon? KRISTI: Jamaica Bay Blue.

Jamaica! And there you are.

Hi. Yes, hi.

And there's your dad, who's playing with his new toy instead of helping me paint.

Sorry. I can help. (SCOFFS)

Yeah? Come on. (CHUCKLES) If I wasn't...

If I wasn't filming I would help.

Go and get the other ladder.

Yeah, you should have a real ladder. That's... You know.

(DOORBELL RINGS) All right, that's a...

Who's that? Oh, it's my sister.

She's here to check out the nursery.

Oh, Daniel, this is gorgeous. DANIEL: Yeah?

This is so gorgeous. I love it. I love the blue.

I'm glad y'all went with that. It's much better than the green.

How are you feeling? All right.

You know, I think I'm okay.

How is he? Oh, he's doing so good.

He's kicking and, like, swimming.

I feel like he's swimming. Hey, little fella!

What did you say? DANIEL: It's Hunter.

No! Tyler. It's Tyler. I like that.

It's Tyler Hunter. It's... (LAUGHS)

I like... I like both. I don't wanna choose.

I'm not gonna get into this. You have to. Come on.

In preparation for the big move, I have a couple of boxes in my car that I would love to throw in your basement.


KATIE: This is the last box. DANIEL: Really?

KATIE: Probably.


DANIEL: So, a little bit nervous?

No, I'm excited.

I spend all my time over at Micah's anyway.

DANIEL: VHS? That is old school.

Do we have a VCR? DANIEL: Uh...

I didn't even know you had this much stuff.

Somehow I ended up with it after Grandma Lois died.

I haven't even gone through it.

How come you got it? I don't know. You can have it.

Nobody ever gives me anything.

DANIEL: So who's gonna get the top bunk?


DANIEL: We can get a VCR for free.

KRISTI: You know, I don't remember these at all.

DANIEL: You guys didn't go Beta, huh?


DANIEL: That's fine, okay? I'm just gonna tape over an old one.

Can you get Abby out of here, please?

She's gonna get cut on the glass!

We just got back and the whole place is pretty much destroyed.

Nothing seems to be actually missing.

It's just, everything's really...

That's what she's telling me.

Just make sure we document everything.

Don't touch anything.

DANIEL: This is our basement.

I don't see anything really broken.

(SIGHS) I don't see that box of tapes that Katie brought over.

Looks like that's the only thing that's missing.


DENNIS: All right and there she is.

The mother of the birthday girl, my girlfriend...

JULIE: Chocolate, chocolate, rainbow stuff.

That is a good-looking cake. Which is exactly what she wanted.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. And you're beautiful. I don't know how you do it.


Watch your backs!

JULIE: Whoa! Watch your hair. Good job.


DENNIS: All right, and here's the birthday girl.

Oh, I found some.

DENNIS: She looks pretty unhappy. Something's going on.

We got the young one. Under the trampoline.

LOIS: Twenty bites and that's about all. KATIE: Twenty bites?

That's what my mother used to make me do.

JULIE: That's a lot of cake on that plate.

DENNIS: Hey, Julie. Go get Kristi.


DENNIS: Say hi, Kristi!



DENNIS: Kristi's a little shy.

Oh, that's cute. They love each other.

It's Grandma. Happy, happy, happy birthday.


Never forget the day you were born. I held you in my arms and you made me laugh and cry at the same time. You were so cute.

Serious piece of equipment, so be careful.

LOIS: How do you shoot those weddings with this thing?

It must hurt your back. Uh, it's something, uh...

You have to work certain parts of your...

I've only been here for a few months, um...

But thank you for welcoming me into your family.

Um, I...

I just... I love you, and I love... Dennis, my shoulder. so much. Happy birthday.

LOIS: Okay, take this thing now. All right.

DENNIS: Whoa! BOY: Oh, my God!


DENNIS: Katie, take it easy. Take it easy. It's dead.

You're a little monster.

DENNIS: All right, all right, I got my camera.

Here, let me help you, 'cause I don't...

I want to see the tooth full throttle. Okay, all right.

This thing's coming out today.

Is it okay if I push it a little? No, no, don't push it.

DENNIS: Lower lip. JULIE: Want some juice, babe?

DENNIS: Down. JULIE: Here.

DENNIS: Now... Oooh!

JULIE: You want some of this? KATIE: Yeah, orange juice.

DENNIS: Oh! That is... That is a good one!

DENNIS: All right. Let's see this. Open up.

Don't push it with your tongue. Let's see.

"Ah!" DENNIS: Ooh, it's ready.

I think it might be... DENNIS: It's ready.

You're gonna get a newjob as a dentist.

JULIE: Oh, thank you. You think I'm good?

Wrap it in a tissue, put it in your pocket, and bring it home for...

The Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy, that's right.

And we'll put it under your pillow, tonight.

DENNIS: Wow. You like the Tooth Fairy, right?

We love the Tooth Fairy.

DENNIS: Why does he need a bowl?

Because he wants to eat.

DENNIS: He's hungry? Mmm-hmm.

Kristi, Toby isn't real.

JULIE: Hey. It doesn't matter. Yes, he is.


My assistant Randy is currently 43 minutes late.

And this isn't the first time, he's always late.

So, today we're gonna play a little prank and see if we can teach him a lesson.


Come on around the front door.

RANDY: Come on, just open the garage.

Randy, I need your help, man. Come around the front door.

RANDY: Okay, okay.

Hey. Whoa. Hey, man.

Where were you? What happened? Sorry I'm late. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Hey. I got blocked in.

I'm really sorry. That's all right, man.

I had a leak in the house. I was hoping you'd get here sooner.

I had a leak in the ceiling here.

Really? Yeah. Here, push this up here.

RANDY: It didn't rain last night.

Hold this for a second. I need your help.

It's been going like crazy. And I don't know what to do, so I got that pole there. Why is it white?

What? Why is it white?

I don't know. I think it's maybe something with the paint on this.

Anyway, I gotta get some spackle. I'll be back.

Wait, you just want me to... Hang on.

You want me to wait here and hold it? Thanks, Randy.

Wait, Dennis. I'm just supposed to wait here? Dennis.


Hey. DENNIS: Okay, girls, that's far enough.

Hey. No. Why don't you come on in and hand me that ladder?

KATIE: No. KRISTI: Mmm-mmm.

Are you serious? KATIE: I'm serious.

You know you don't have to listen to him. He's not even your real dad.

Who wants to go jump on the trampoline?

GIRLS: I do! Oh, come on.

KATIE: I have a new trick to show you. DENNIS: Okay.

Guys, come on.

Hurry, hurry, hurry. DENNIS: Ready for a surprise?

It better be a ladder.

We were playing outside. What did we find, guys?

GIRLS: A spider. Dennis.

We've got a cute little spider. Dennis!

Come on, man. Okay. Yeah?

GIRLS: Do it, do it, do it, do it! All right.




KATIE: It wasn't even a spider. RANDY: That really hurt.

That really hurt.


Hi. DENNIS: Big day today, right?

Yep. What's today?

Picture day. Picture day!

Dennis, you're still in. DENNIS: Sorry.

KATIE: I was finishing my hair! This picture's for Grandma.



DENNIS: All right!

Okay... Kristi, come on!

DENNIS: Here it goes.

All right.



MAN: Thanks, sweetheart. WOMAN: No, no, no. Seriously, like...

Randy? Yeah.

Where did you find this girl?

I don't know. I didn't see her at all throughout any of the wedding...


That's because I'm so happy... "So happy for you."

I love my job, man.

I should've got her number. Probably could've.

Randy, this is great stuff. I can't use any of this, but it's great.







There it goes again.

DENNIS: Hello?




TEDDY: I like this song!

Not bad.

Mmm, that's pretty good.

Teddy? Did you fall down?



DENNIS: What was that?



Hey. Hey.

What you doing?

Nothing. I was just looking around.

What... What... You guys just get home?

Yeah. Oh.

It was girls' day. I know. How was it?

Was it fun? Great.

(CHUCKLES) You just really snuck up on me there.


DENNIS: All right. It's time.

Don't film this. Why not?

It's illegal.

(DENNIS LAUGHS) Don't laugh.

We haven't even started smoking it, and you're already paranoid.

It's illegal. What if my kids find me? I'm a mother.

Now relax. Seriously, Dennis.

Seriously, Julie.

(MOCKING) Let's get really serious. Seriously.

Shut up. Let's be serious.

All right. Real, real, real big, big...

Whoa. That was big.


Julie, do the voice.



This voice?

Dennis, I can't believe you're filming me smoke marijuana.


DENNIS: (WHISPERING) God, you're so beautiful.

Shut up.

I want to film us having sex.

Is that perverted?

Is that weird? I don't know.

Was that a yes?


Really? Yeah.

Hey, there, pretty lady. (CHUCKLES)

Oh, stop. I don't know.

You sure... You sure you're up for this?


You know what? Don't answer that.

Hurry up, before I change my mind.

Oh, okay, sorry.

(CHUCKLES) All right.


What are you doing? What was that?

It's porno music. (LAUGHS)

Great. Classy.

Mmm. Good start.

Good, right?

All right. I don't know.




Relax. Just relax.

Don't worry about it.


Yeah. I'm okay. Relax.


Yeah, what is that? I don't know.



It's an earthquake.

Holy shit! Dennis, it's an earthquake!

The girls. The girls!

Come on! Dennis!


JULIE: Dennis. Oh, my God, I look so fat.

DENNIS: You don't look fat.

Look at the size of me on top of you. You look beautiful.

You look like you can't breathe 'cause I'm sitting on top of you.

I want another shot at doing one of these.

Watch this. Dennis, you have to erase this.

Julie, watch, watch, watch.

See that? What?

Did you see that in the corner?

Yeah, I see, like, dust.

Dirt falling. No, Julie.

There's something there.

You are crazy. There was something there.

Wait, you can see something there.

It's very cute, but you're going a little crazy.

You're like one of those people that see things, like in their food.

Like when people think they see the Virgin Mary in their toast.

That's you right now. Oh, that's hilarious.

This has to be erased and this has to be erased.

I'm sorry. Or we're never having sex again.

I'm late. I got to go. Thanks for erasing both of them.

You know, you're going to regret saying that.

Doubt it.

I don't think you can go a day without having sex, personally.

(IN SING-SONG) Don't dare me.

Erase it. I'm not going to erase it.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Hey.

Dude, what are you doing, man? You're always so late.

I know, it's my car!

I got the earthquake.

Did you really? On tape.

It's scary, right? Is that Julie?

It's nothing, it's nothing.

We're going to... Is that a sex tape?

Yeah. I got... This weird thing happened after...

She let you make a sex tape?

Yeah, but it got interrupted by the earthquake.

I wouldn't have let anything interrupt that.

Relax, man, just relax. Would you just stop?

Let me slow-mo shuttle forward. Just shut up.

DENNIS: Check this out. Ready?

All right, let me tweak the contrast here.


I'm gonna take the color out.

It looks like dust is falling on something.

It looks like a figure, right?

You see that? Yeah.

Did you catch that?

Yeah, it moved. Did you see the dust move?

It moved, right? What was that?

I don't know. Check it out.

It's weird, right? It's kind of weird.

You know, I've been hearing these noises in the girls' room lately.

I don't know. I feel like it's...

Something weird's going on.

DENNIS: Julie? Yeah, I'm back here.

Hey, um, I wanted to talk to you...

(SHRIEKS) Dennis!

Oh, sorry! Sorry.

Oh, my God!

(LAUGHS) Sorry.

You mind if I set up a couple cameras around the house?

I'm not going to talk to you right now.

Okay, I'll... I'll take that as a yes?

I hate you! Okay. Love you, too.

KATIE: How long do the tapes last?

DENNIS: About six hours each.

So you have to change them every six hours?

Mmm, yes.

Katie, can you hop out of the frame?

Okay. Is that good? Yeah, so I can...

Keep going.

KATIE: Can I see it? Sure.

Here. Come here. See it?


Pretty cool, right? Mmm-hmm.

So, what are you trying to see?

Uh, anything unusual or strange.

Oh, no, it's not that. Don't touch the camera.

Kristi? Yeah?

Don't touch the camera or anything.

Katie, just leave it alone.


Dennis. What?


Don't you think you're overreacting a little?

This is a new house.

It shouldn't be making these noises.

Not just in here. It's in the girls' room, too.


This is not gonna work here.

Like, what do you think you're gonna catch?

Whatever's in our house.

Oh, right, 'cause there's something here watching us.

Well, there's definitely something.

I... I feel it. I feel something, I'm telling you.

JULIE: Yeah, I feel something, too. I'm not gonna lie.

I feel a camera.

The earthquake, and all those...

I don't know, stuff that's been happening and...

I don't know, I just...

No, it's totally normal.


Bye, camera.

Good night, camera.





Yeah, probably.

In their bedroom.

Be quiet, so we don't wake Katie up.

(WHISPERING) It's okay.



Yeah, kind of.

He's very sweet.

Yeah, I saw that.

I watched some of the tapes on the camera and I saw you talking to somebody late last night.

If you saw me talking to somebody, it would be Toby.

(CHUCKLES) Toby's your friend?

Yes. He's my friend.

Yeah, what do you guys talk about?

Mmm, secrets.

He's big? Mmm-hmm.

So, is he old, like Grandma, or is he young, like you?

He's old, like Grandma.

And what does he look like?

Is he tall? Is he fat?

He's tall. He's tall.

Don't call him fat.

Kristi, when you say that if you tell one of your secrets that you'll be in trouble with Toby, what does that mean?

Well, I won't be safe.

He's gonna... Did he say he's gonna hurt you?


But I won't be safe.

That means, I will be, like...

Be in very, very big trouble.

Big trouble.

DENNIS: You saw her. JULIE: That's how it is.

It was like he was actually there, right?

I know.

Because that's how active kids' imaginations are.

It's crazy.

I mean, imagination is one thing.

She got up in the middle of the night.

I mean, it's a little odd that she got up in the middle...

You haven't been around kids for that long. They do weird things.

They... Katie used to get up in the middle of the night and she used to sleep on the toilet.


Okay? I'm serious.


Yes. Toby is a phase and he's going to be gone in a couple weeks.

I know it.

RANDY: How many hours of footage do you have?

This is the job, man. I got two cameras, six hours each. Twelve hours.

Twelve hours of footage? Yeah. Got to do it, man.

I'm seriously gonna review it. ...of footage every day.

Yes. Now, please, I'm trying to concentrate.

That's so stupid. There's only 24 hours in a day, Dennis.

RANDY: Hey, Julie. ...going?

DENNIS: Um... Good.

You want to step into my office and do some work with me or...

No. You find anything?

RANDY: Yes, actually. We did find something.

We found that your family sleeps all night. Oh!

Very funny, Randy.

Keep up the good work. DENNIS: Okay.

I love you with all of my heart and soul.

I love you, too.

It should either be called Back to the Past...

RANDY: Present. Back to the Present.

No, no. End of story.

That doesn't make any sense. It makes total sense.

Let's Get Back to the Present, maybe.

But Back to the Past...

Back to the Present. (SIGHING)


You hear that? Yeah.


Was that... That's it. What the hell?

It's happening again.

Come on.



Did you hear that? Yeah.


RANDY: (WHISPERING) It's in your closet.


(WHISPERING) Are you getting that? Open it.

Are you getting it? Yeah, I'm gettin' it.


RANDY: Holy shit!


Holy shit! That's not funny.


RANDY: Oh, my God. You're both crazy. I got you guys so bad.

Oh, oh, I got you. RANDY: You're both crazy.

I got you good. I got you, too. Are you okay?

Just go ahead and take your crap right there, 'cause I nearly crapped my pants.

Holy fuck! You almost gave me a heart attack.

Oh, my God, get away! (LAUGHING)

Get away from me. Are you okay?

Get away. I hate you.


DENNIS: Wow. Look at that tent.

Gosh. I like this tent.

KATIE: "...and disguised his voice to sound like Little Red Riding Hood.

"The poor old woman, before she could even scream, the wolf gobbled her up."

Hello. Shh. Hey, guys.

How you doing? Good.

DENNIS: Good. That's a little bright.

I'm sorry.

Guys? I got you a little...

Mmm! KATIE: Give it to me.

Hey, guys. Don't tell Mom, okay?

BOTH: Okay. All right.

What are you guys doing?

KATIE: You'll see. We've got a little surprise for you.

One, two, three! ...two, three!

Oh! Ow! Come here. (BOTH LAUGHING)

Here, tickle torture, tickle torture, tickle torture!


That's enough. You guys are locked in the dungeon.

All right. Good night, girls. I love you.

BOTH: Love you, Dennis. Love you.








Dennis. Dennis.

What? Listen.

What? Shh!

I think the girls came inside.

I'll go check on them. I got it.






(GASPS) Don't do that to me.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. You scared me.

Did you check on them?

Why is this door locked? Did you lock this?

What's the matter?

JULIE: We're just checking on you guys.

Move that light.

We're gonna move inside, okay?

I want to stay here. Why?

I'm sorry. It's gonna be fun inside, too, though.

Come on. Get your stuff. We're gonna camp inside.

Mommy. Why? What?

KATIE: Dennis, will you film me?

DENNIS: Yep. I wanna show you something.

You know Spud Webb? One, two, three, slam dunk!

Whoo! Very impressive. Very good.

Thank you. Thank you.

Katie, are you sure you didn't sneak into the house last night?

My gosh, I pinky swear, I did not go into the house. Okay.

You wanna do me a favor? Can you tell your mom that?

LOIS: Where's Dennis?

Uh, he's out, buying more tapes.

With your credit card?


He doesn't have any money.

That is not true.

The girls love him.

I mean, they just about think he's the coolest guy ever.

I mean, I really, really do like him. I mean that.

It's just that the girls miss their father.

I don't know.

I wish he were a little more financially secure.

He is financially secure, Mom. He has a job.

He shoots wedding videos. No. That's... No.

He has his own business. (SIGHS)

You know? It's a whole different thing.

My God, Mom. I just told you, I don't want to have any more kids.

I'm not gonna get pregnant.

You always said you wanted a big family.

I changed my mind, okay? I have two beautiful girls.

You always wanted a son. (SIGHS)

I'm happy with the way things are. Let's go.


DENNIS: What the...



DENNIS: Oh, this is great. Hang on.

That's great! Katie, that's great. You're doing really good.

Thank you. Let her go, Jule.

RANDY: Dennis, I totally believe in this shit.

DENNIS: Randy, watch the language.

All right, nice and slow.

My brother saw one once.

DENNIS: Really? Yeah.

What's Bloody Mary?

You don't know what Bloody Mary is?

It's, uh, where you go in the bathroom and you say "Bloody Mary" three times in the mirror and then you see a ghost.

KATIE: Dennis, I wanna play Bloody Mary.

DENNIS: Nothing, don't worry. Shh! It's okay.

You say Bloody Mary three times.

Ooh, I want to play! I want to see a ghost.

I'm just saying you're missing half of the stuff in the house without cameras down there.

DENNIS: I know. You don't have to tell me.

Like put it up in the corner, like, rack it up in the corner or something?

It just doesn't work. It just...

It's not a wide enough angle.

And I don't even... They don't even make lenses that wide.

Mirrors. Hmm?

You could use mirrors.

RANDY: This thing is so cool. Pretty cool, right?

It's awesome. Wow!

Look, you got it balanced out and everything, too.

(CREAKING) Whoa. What is that?

I got to work out some kinks.

(CHUCKLING) Oh, man.


JULIE: Hi. Hey.

What is that?

Check it out.

My new thing.

It's pretty cool, right? Yeah.

What... What is it? I took your fan...

And basically, took apart...

Basically, the oscillator on your fan allows me to see both in the living room and in the kitchen.

Cool. Wait, what? You broke my fan?

I can put it back together.

Okay, MacGyver.

It's cool, right? Mmm-hmm.

This way I can...







Kristi, what are you doing?

Nothing. Go back to bed. It's really late.

Hey, babe, what are you doing up here?


Don't you want to play outside?

Not really.

How about your friend Toby? Do you still talk to him?


Did he wake you up?

Mmm, no.

Did he tell you to come downstairs?


You know you can tell me, right?

He told me not to talk about it.

Why don't you just ask him yourself?

He's standing right next to you.

I don't see him.

He's there.

DENNIS: Hey, thanks for getting these, man.

RANDY: Yeah, of course.

This is good stuff. Thanks.

Randy... Yeah?

Did you check this out?

No, I don't have a library card.

You stole these?

I didn't steal them, Dennis.

You told me to get the books, I got you the books.

It's what a library is. It's for borrowing.

That's what "library" means in Spanish...

It means, "Borrow book store."

Malevolent Entities. What is this one?

Uh, I don't know. I looked through it for a second.

It had some creepy pictures...

This stuff is creepy.

Oh, hey.

It's your sister and her friends.

Is that a joke? What, was that supposed to be funny?

Playing field hockey.

Says, "Kids are susceptible to spiritual contact."

Okay. And?

Well, the whole thing with Kristi and her imaginary friend.

Remember, I was telling you the crazy stuff started happening only when she started talking to her imaginary friend.

I mean, it must want something. That's what...

You know, that's what the book says.

They don't just stick around for no reason. It wants something.

What does it want?

Well, the book says it feeds off of your fear.

KATIE: Hey, Kristi.

Kristi. Yeah?

Wanna play a game? Sure.

Here. What are you doing?

Playing with my soccer ball? Yeah.

Kristi, that's mine. Kristi!

Kristi, come on. Kristi, come help me.

What are we doing?

We're gonna play Bloody Mary. Why?

Because I wanna try to catch the ghost.

Okay. I think it's on.

So, how you play is you say "Bloody Mary" three times into the mirror and then her dead body's supposed to appear in the mirror and try to kill you. Stop! Stop!

Stop, Katie.

KRISTI: So, now what do we do?

Shh. We have to say "Bloody Mary".

Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary.

Kristi, I said three times, not four. Sorry.

I'm scared, Katie. Shh! We have to be quiet.


JULIE: Guys...

(GASPS) My gosh, Mom! You scared me.

What are you doing? Nothing. We're just playing a game.

Okay. Grandma just got here. Go say hi.

You moved his camera? Yeah.

Is it taping? I'll pick it up, I promise.

Yeah. We gotta move it before he comes home

'cause he's gonna be mad.

You guys wanna go to the pool? GIRLS: Yeah.

JULIE: You wanna go to the pool, Grandma?





JULIE: God damn it.


KATIE: Mom? Oh, my God.

DENNIS: Are you okay? Holy shit.

KATIE: Mommy, what happened?

Stay upstairs. Stay upstairs. What happened?

Don't come down here.

There's glass on the floor. Stay there. KATIE: Are you hurt?


JULIE: (STUTTERING) I have no idea, I have no idea.

JULIE: Looks fine, right? It didn't even break.

That's good.

DENNIS: What happened? It just fell. I didn't...

What do you mean, what happened? I was in there.

DENNIS: Hi, Kristi. Hey.

Say hi to the camera. Hey.

Can I join you guys? Sure.

Oh, I can? Yeah.

Okay, great.

I'm gonna set my camera here, okay?

Okay. Just keep it out of the way.

Wait. Why are you filming this?

Um, it's just like, I'm testing out my, like, new camera and, you know, no reason.

Don't sit there. That's Toby's spot.

Oh, sorry. Is Toby sitting there right now?

Okay. Sorry.

Sorry, Toby.


Does Teddy need help with his tea? He looks thirsty.

Yeah. Here you go, Teddy.

Here. He can't reach 'em.


Wow. He was thirsty. See, I told you.


And she keeps falling.


So, Kristi, what was the last thing that Toby said to you?

Oh, like...

Anything? Yeah.

No? Secrets.

Secrets. Regular stuff. Oh, in her sink?

Yeah. Sorry.

Oh, that... Did you, uh... Did you...

Did he say something just now?

No, I just put my hand on him.


And he didn't like that.

He doesn't like that, when you...

No. Oh.

Sorry, Toby. It was a mistake, right?


What? Nothing.

What? Never mind.

What were you gonna say? Nothing.

It's okay, you can tell me.

KATIE: Kristi, why is Dennis's camera here?

Because me and Toby were having a little tea party and he was filming us.

I'm not! Yes, you are, Kristi.

Only babies have imaginary friends.

He is real.

(IN SING-SONG) Hey, Kristi! Kristi's such a baby! Baby!

Katie, stop it!

Well, you're being a baby!

Only babies have imaginary friends.

No, I'm not! He's right in there.

In there? Toby, come out!

Toby, come out!


Okay, I'm gonna go in.

Katie, you shouldn't do that.

Katie! Don't go in there.


You shouldn't do that. Well, I am.

Toby, come out.



Kristi! What are you doing?

Open the door! (BANGING)

(CONTINUES BANGING) You shouldn't do that.

Kristi, open this door!

It's not me! Kristi!

JULIE: Girls! Open the door!

What is this yelling? What is going on? I'm not doing that.

JULIE: Stop fighting right this second.

Why's Dennis's camera on the floor?

She locked me in there.

Katie, you can't touch his stuff. Kristi, why...

Stop fighting right this second.

Mom, she locked me in there! I don't want to hear it.

Come on, come on. KATIE: Then who locked me in there?

KRISTI: Toby did.

Oh, yeah, like Toby locked me in there.

KATIE: She's gonna be here any minute.

(DOORBELL RINGING) See? There she is.

Mommy, Lisa's here!

JULIE: Okay!

KATIE: Hi, Lisa. LISA: Hi! How are you?

KATIE: Good.

KATIE: I wanna show you something upstairs.

JULIE: Hi, Lisa.

Wait, what are you showing me?

I got some new beads for my birthday.

Beads! Oh, let's see 'em.

Hi, Kristi. How are you?


What's that?

Oh, don't mind this.

You know Dennis and his cameras, he just puts them...

Just ignore it.

JULIE: 8:30 bedtime?

KATIE: No, no, no, 10:00.

8:30. Nice try. Mommy, please.


(CHUCKLING) 9:00. 9:45.

Bye, Mommy. Bye, guys. Love you.

(LAUGHING) Look, it made a triangle.


You ready? Yeah.

Good night, girls! GIRLS: Good night.

See you later. LISA: Bye, Julie. Bye, Dennis.



Are you tired?

Um, not really. No?

Can you tell us a story?

Hmm, sure. What kind of story?

A ghost story.

Ghost story? With a ghost.

Okay, um, let's think.


I'm a ghost!

Hello, Dennis! You found the ghost.


Comin' to get you.


Got you!

Good night, Lisa. Good night, sweetie.


Hi, Dennis.









How'd it go? Fine, it was good.

Yeah? Yeah, they were great.

The girls were... Give you any trouble, or...

No, no, no, no, it was good. Um...

But my mom's meeting me, so if I could just...

Oh, oh, yeah, sure. Oh, yeah, give her some money.

Um, here you go.

Thank you.

You're sure everything was good?

Yeah, no. Thank you, guys.

Okay. Bye.

Okay, bye. Thanks.

I don't know.

That was weird. Yeah.


KRISTI: It's so high.




What are you doing?

Nothing. Why are you up?


Why are you up?


Kristi, go to bed. It's late.

Is that the babysitter? DENNIS: Yeah, that's Lisa.

How come I never met her?

I'll put in a good word.

See the sheet? Yeah.

Watch this.

Gone. Holy fuck.

Am I... Am I right?



Did you see that? ...fuck!


I'm not crazy, right? I'm not crazy.

That just happened.


What the fuck is that?

I don't know.

What is that? I don't know.

I'm telling you, it's...

And she didn't say anything at all?

She left the room, like...

Did you show Julie?

No, man. What, are you kidding? She would flip out.

She would go nuts, and, you know, she'd make me take the cameras down, and I can't do that.

I really want to figure out what this thing wants.

Got to keep taping this shit, though, man.

I know. I am.

You got to keep taping this shit. I know.

She got blown in the face.

Yeah, yeah.








I don't want to talk to you anymore.

I'm going to bed.



DENNIS: What the...

What the fuck?

Hey, how's she feeling?

We need to go to the doctor 'cause she's burning up.

Oh, no.

Yeah, she's really... She's really that bad?

Yeah, it's bad. All right.

It's like, I've taken it a couple times.

Do you want me to go with you or...

Well, I mean, I don't know. Who's gonna watch Katie?

I can call Randy.


DENNIS: Hey, man. Hey, hey.

Thanks for coming over. No problemo.

KATIE: Hi, Randy. Hi!

JULIE: Randy, thank you so much.

DENNIS: We're gonna be at the hospital for a little bit.

RANDY: Okay.

Anything you guys want...

I know where everything is. Okay, great.

Yeah. All right.

KATIE: Bye! Love you. Bye, Kristi!

You have everything? You have papers and insurance?

JULIE: Yeah, I have it.

DENNIS: Thanks a lot. KATIE: Love you. Bye.

RANDY: I'll lock the door. DENNIS: Okay, thanks.

Thanks again. I'll lock it.

All right, be good, Katie. See you.


RANDY: Hey, hey. KATIE: Hi.

So what's wrong with Kristi?

It's like a really high fever or something like that.

Oh. Is it contagious?

I don't think so. I haven't gotten sick.

Okay, good.


What do you want to do?

Can we play Bloody Mary?

I have no idea what you're talking about.


I really don't think this is a good idea, Katie.

You made a promise. You have to do it.

Can't we just play, like, doll house... Get the camera!

...or somethin'?

(SIGHS) Sorry, Dennis. Not my idea.

Come on.

I'm comin', I'm comin'.

(CLEARS THROAT) So you say, "Bloody Mary" three times.

Mmm-hmm. And then you wait a little bit and then you turn the lights back on and then you're supposed to see her body in the mirror and she's gonna try to kill you.

Try and kill you. Good game.


I don't know why you wanna play this.

One of us is gonna be dead by the end of it.

I guess it's a one-time game. Okay, let's do it.

Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.

Randy! (GASPS)

Nothing happened. (CHUCKLING)

You turned the light on too soon.

Oh, come on, Katie. This is stupid.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no! You can't leave!

Let's just go play doll house or something.

No, you didn't do it right.

What did I not do right?

You need to keep the light off longer.

Okay. Okay.

All right. You wanna play Bloody Mary?

Let's play Bloody Mary. Okay, ready?

You're not gonna see anybody play Bloody Mary like I'm about to play Bloody Mary.


Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.

(WHISPERING) Okay, can I turn it on now?


Quiet. Sorry. Sorry.

How about now? Shh.

(SCRAPING) Oh, wait, wait. Shh.

What? Did you hear that?


I know. I heard it, too.

(SNARLING) Ow! Holy shit!

Oh, my... Are you okay?

(STUTTERING) Huh? Mmm...

Are you okay?


Does it hurt? Um, no.

Uh, I just scratched myself or something.


Did you hear that?

(SHUDDERING) Uh, yeah.

It's okay. Nothing...


Close the door. It's okay. It's all right.

(DOORKNOB RATTLING) It's all right. It's okay.

(SCREAMING) I don't want to die! Randy, I'm scared!


Holy shit! It's okay!

(SHRIEKING) Randy, I'm scared!

Holy fuck!




(SOBBING) RANDY: You okay? You okay?

You okay? You okay?

(SOBBING) Oh, my God.

It's all right.

Oh, dear God. Please, God.

Please, God, be with me. (SOBBING)

It's okay! It's okay!

I don't want to play this.

You're fine, you're fine, you're fine.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Stay here.

I don't wanna play anymore.

It's okay, it's okay.



Shh, it's okay.


RANDY: Holy fuck!



Nothing happened. You okay?

Nothing. You're fine.

I wanna get out of here. It's okay, all right.

We're gonna get out of here.

Come on, Randy! Come on, Randy!

Stay here.


(WHISPERING) Dear Lord, be with me, please, be with me.


(CRYING) Randy, I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

It's okay.

Come here, come here. I'm sorry!

(CRYING) It's okay. Huh?

Please, please, don't tell. It's okay, it's just like an earthquake.

I'm not gonna tell. I'm not gonna tell.

(KATIE SOBBING) It's all right. It's okay.

I wanna go downstairs!

Yeah, let's go downstairs.


DENNIS: Randy, Randy, where are you going, man? Relax.

Randy, Randy, take it easy.

Randy. What... What are you doing?

What does it look like I'm doing? I'm getting all my stuff.

What... What are you getting your stuff for, man?

Relax. Sit down. Dennis.

Get the camera out of my face.

I told you, I felt something in the room with us and then I felt a claw dig into my side, okay?

Okay, okay. When you say "something..."

Great interview.

No, Dennis, I'm done. Fuck. When you say...

Where are you going? I'm going home!

Look at the fuckin' books. This isn't, you know, Casper, the fuckin' friendly ghost you're chasing, man.

I'm sorry you got hurt. This thing is dangerous!

I'm sorry you got hurt, okay? Jesus fucking Christ!

I'm sorry, but... What are you gonna do? You're just gonna quit?

You're acting ridiculous. Relax!

Dennis, no, you're acting ridiculous if you're not gonna get the fuck out.

You have to tell Julie, okay?

Just watch the fucking tape, Dennis!

What's up? DENNIS: Hey.


Um... (SIGHS) I need to talk to you.

Okay. All right, sit down.

Here. Sit down, Jule. Okay, where do I begin?

...from the '30s. Look at the necklaces.

That's crazy. Yeah?

It's the same symbol.

Isn't that the same symbol from the girls' room?

All right? These... These women, they were, um...

Oh, my God. ...part of a coven.

You're really something.

I... I... I really need to... To tell you this, okay?

KATIE: Kristi!

You'd better run!


You sound crazy. Do you know that?

Hang on a second, all right?

Do you know how crazy you're starting to sound?

Would you just give me a second to explain?

They would have these ceremonies and they would wait till the girls were old enough to get pregnant and then they would... They would... They would take their sons.

Oh! Oh, right.

And then they would brainwash them and they didn't remember a thing.

That explains it. Dennis, I'm not listening to...





I need to show you something. It's all you do!

There's shit...

You don't even spend any time with us anymore.

You just sit here and play with this shit all day long.

Could you just wait one second? It's like you're obsessed!

Just wait one second. I need to show you this, okay?

No, I can't. I can't wait.

No, no, no... I can't wait! I can't!

Why not? Because...

Because Kristi's upset all the time...

Mommy? (SOBBING) What the fuck? I don't...

What? What? What?

Toby pulled my hair.

What happened? Who?

Toby pulled my hair.

(SOBBING) This is your fault.

Okay? This is exactly what I'm talking about.

Hey... I didn't...


No more cameras. No more ghosts. This ends tomorrow.

Julie, I... You gotta watch the fucking tape.












Wake up!


Katie, go back to sleep.


(WHISPERING) What was that?




What's happening?


(WHISPERING) Toby's here.



I'm scared! (SHOUTS) Mom! Mommy!

(SCREAMING) Mommy! Stop screaming!

It's okay! Just ignore it!


Just ignore it!







(BANGING) Kristi!

Kristi, help me! (PANTING)

Kristi! Please... Please... Please help me!





Let her go! Let her go!


Toby, stop! Stop, Toby!


(THUDDING) I'll do it.

Just let her go!




KATIE: I'm scared. I want Mommy!



KRISTI: (WHISPERING) Grandma's house.

No, we're not going to Grandma's house, okay?


We're not going to Grandma's because there's no Toby, sweetie.

Yes, there... There's no Toby and there's no ghost.

Hey, don't run away from me.

Hey. There's no ghost and that's the end of it.

I don't want to hear any more of this talk, okay?



What'd she say? She said no.

JULIE: No. No. Mom, we're not coming over.

Okay? We're staying right here.

Because I need to get things back to normal.


All right, Mom, I gotta go. Someone's at the door, okay?

I'll call you back. Yeah, okay.


JULIE: Hello?





(SCREAMS) Dennis!

Dennis! Dennis, get the girls! We're getting out of here!

DENNIS: Girls, wake up, we're here. Wake up. We're here.

Yay, we're here.

JULIE: There's Grandma.

KATIE: Mommy, I'm tired.

Go park by the garage.

Oh, God.

Are you okay?

Come on. DENNIS: Let's go, guys.

LOIS: Hi, honey. Come on, go. You go with your mom.

Oh. I've got your sister. Come on. Come on.


LOIS: Sleepy girl is what she is.

Go on in the house. I've got apple pie and I've got... You want water, I know.

DENNIS: How're we doing?

Put the camera down and come and eat some pie.

Oh, I'm fine. Come on.

DENNIS: It makes me feel better to do something.

LOIS: Okay. Okay. DENNIS: Feel useful.

LOIS: Are you okay?

How's it going, kiddo? LOIS: What is going on?

Good. How you feeling?

...not talk about it right now. We can talk about it when...

Just... Let's just drop it.

DENNIS: Hey, Kristi? What?

Don't touch the painting, okay? It's okay, I'm not mad.

Do you like it?

What's the matter?

LOIS: Kristi! Come and get your pie!


JULIE: Hey, guys.


What's going on? You playing some dress-up?

Doesn't she make a beautiful bride?

Very. Do you want to put this on her?


Try that.

(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) So, who's the lucky guy?


DENNIS: Wait. What did she say?

Let's go. It's bedtime, girls. Let's go. Just having fun.

Julie... Mom.

Come on. I don't want to hear Toby's name ever again. Okay?

Julie, it's just pretend.

That's it. He's done. He's not in our lives.

He's real. Toby is... Let's go.

I don't wanna hear it. DENNIS: Kristi...

Can you take them to bed, please? Let's go.

Come on, sweetheart.

Take Grandma's stuff off and let's go to bed.

Dennis and I are gonna be right next door, okay?

We're gonna leave a light on and everything, so you can find us, and everything's gonna be...

Gonna be fine, okay? I love you so much.

Love you.

DENNIS: Good night, guys. I love you so much.


When are you gonna stop taping us?

Not until this thing's over.

When's your mom gonna let us sleep in the same bed?

I can't stop thinking about it. I can't.

I know.

Just close your eyes and try to get to sleep.

Come here.

We can share a pillow, too. That's fine.








Do you hear that?

Like cars?

Sorry... It's my mom.

She's always up at night. She can't sleep.


Oh, my God, she's so loud.


Do you want me to go check on her?

She's gonna wake the girls up. I'll be right back.







(LOUDLY) Julie?


Hey, Julie!




(SOFTLY) What the fuck?





What the fuck?





DENNIS: (GASPS) What the fuck?

Fuck. Oh, my God.




What's wrong?

(GRUNTS) Ju...


(WHISPERING) Fuck. Fuck.




KRISTI: Mommy?


DENNIS: Oh, Kristi! No, Kristi!

Dennis? Come here, come on. Let's go, Kristi.

KRISTI: What happened to Mommy? Is she okay?

DENNIS: Oh, shit. Come here. Go, go.


Dennis, I'm scared.

It's okay. No, Kristi, don't talk.

Is Mommy okay?

(SHUSHING) Quiet, okay?

Be quiet. Just don't, okay? Just quiet, okay?



It's okay.


It's okay.




DENNIS: Kristi, please, please, be quiet.


(WHISPERING) I'm gonna go check, okay?

Stay here.


Come on, Kristi.

(WEEPING) What was that?

We're gonna get out of here, okay?

Come on, let's go.

I'm scared.

We're gonna get out of here. (KRISTI SOBBING)

Up. Shh! Okay.

We're gonna be okay.

(WEEPING) I don't know.



Katie, get away from there!

Kristi, listen to me, stay right here, okay?

Don't move, okay?











Come on, Toby.

LOIS: Let's get ready.