Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) Script

Aunt Katie brought you a present, Hunter.

Hunter, are you gonna open this or am I?

You wanna open it?

No, no. Don't push it.

Hunter, this is for you, from your favorite aunt, Katie.

From your best aunt.

That's true. I won't lie. I am.

Come here. Okay.

Hunter, show Mommy what your Aunt Katie gave you.


Wait. Is it the box or is it the necklace?

I got him a box. And also this.

Good-bye, Hunter! I love you!

Bye, Auntie!

Bye, sis. See you soon.

All right.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star How I wonder what you...


Is that you?


Stop! Wait!

Slow down, please.

You're so fast.

You're such a fast ninja. Oh, man. I'm so out of shape.

I hope they're giving out inhalers. Need some extra air here.

Looky here.

How you doing? Good, good. Good, how are you?

This is my friend, Ben.

Hey, Ben, how are you? How you doing?

It's a pound! My name is Wyatt.

I heard you and my dad went golfing last weekend?

We did. We did.

Did you get me some Kit Kats?

And then I got you some Kit Kats.

You did get me some Kit Kats. I'm glad you're starting to remember.

Go get some candy. They got a bunch up there.

The scarecrow?

I'll go get you candy-

Better watch out.

Not a scarecrow.

See? It's totally fake. It's just hay.

What kind of candy you want? You want chocolate?

-Lollipop? -Lollipop.

You want lollipops. Lollipops...

I just shit my pants. I just shit my pants. Don't say that.

Ben, that's why they're called "scare-crow."

Really went all out on the costume this year, huh?

I'm saving it for the party.

Hey, Wyatt, look. We have new neighbors.

Hi. Hey.

Guess we'll meet them another day.

Hi, Mrs. Nelson. Put down the camera. Hello.

Look at all this candy.

Don't even tell me you filled the whole thing.

Oh, my gosh.

That is a lovely costume.

Are you supposed to be one of the Village People?

I'm supposed to be... Those look really good, actually.

Thank you. Well, you may have one or more.

Wow, that's a lot of candy!

Hey, hey, hey! No, no, no!

You said that we were gonna get a third.

"---90 get ready. Sorry.

What's wrong with you?

Hey, now that she's gone, can I get a Kit Kat?


Who's ready for a... You ready for a bath, big guy?

Saw that movie you made. It's pretty good.

Thank you so much. Maybe I could be in your next one.

Yeah. Yeah, maybe you can.

I like your bank robber costume.

Thanks. See you later.

It's totally not a bank robber.

What's up, kitty?

Howdy, ma'am. What's up?

Got anything you want to tell me about Alex?

Any pointers?

What? Really?

Mom, we're gonna go now. Bye. Bye.

Wait, wait, wait.

Okay. Where's the rest of that costume?

Dad! Come on. Don't you wanna wear pants?

No. Okay, bye.

- Front door open. Love you!

Did you just call me your best friend? Yeah.

All right, well, that'll make me feel real good.

I'm sure Tanya wants a little bit of this and that.

Wait, this is the shortcut? Yeah.

I hope the new neighbors are as cool as the old ones.

Okay, let's find out.

There's a kid! There's a kid! What? What?

What the fuck?

Come on, come on, come on! Come on, hon! Come on, hon!

Come on, get in there!

Come on, come on, come on! Come on, honey, get it in there!

Let's go! Get in there.

Come on, Wyatt!

Would you get the game?

Wyatt, give me a wave!

Come on, come on! Yes! Thank you!

Go get it, honey! Go! Take it, take it, take it!

He's bigger.

Honey, that was nice!

Go, Wyatt! Come on, Wy!

Get in there! Get in there!

Very nice.

Can you tell me your name?


Yeah? How old are you?


Who's your favorite sister in the world?

Where's Dad?

He's on his way.

He's gonna be here any second.

Well, he missed the soccer game.

I know. But that's, you know... And he missed...

And he's missing half of lunch. I know.


Hey, guys.

Hey, it's Dad!

Oh, my gosh! Tell me you won.

Nope. No.

Did you score? Nope.

All right. Hey, that's okay anyway. We only got one point, and...

Look what I got for you. Okay. It's okay. That was a great game.

I got it all on tape, so you can watch it. That's what I need.

Where's the ice cream? Where's the ice cream?

Wyatt, I have an idea.

Wait, come here, come here.

Look, I want to show you something really cool.

You got it? You sure? Yeah, I do.

Okay. Don't drop it, okay?

Don't drop it. Is it too heavy?

Just go like this.

You can do it. You were almost doing it a little while ago.


I need more time.

Come on, hey, don't...

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck...

How much stuff could you eat and stuff?

No! That's not even close.

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

There's that kid again.

Yeah, it is.

All right, you guys, we're home.

Did he walk all the way home from the park?

That was really good. One more time. Hole in one.

All right, you guys, let's get ready. We got to go.


Okay, let me see what you got.

Line up.

Front door open.

What's up?

Hello, Ben. Did you just let yourself into my house?

The Hide-a-Key's not very hidden.

What's up, big dawg? What's up, little dawg?

Wyatt, honey. Wyatt!

You got to come upstairs and get dressed. Hi, Ben.

When are your parents leaving?

I don't know. Soon.

I wanna get this party started!

It's not a party, it's just, like, a kickback.

It's a party-

What is it called? It's a palate expander.

No, I... I can't understand what you're...

A palate expander.

Okay, I heard "pirate." What... Pirate what?

Palatal expander.

Oh, my God. -"Palate expander"?

Yes. Yes. It's a palate expander.

Why didn't you just say that at the beginning?

That's what I've been saying all day!

A puritto. A what?

"Puritto." It's a pizza rolled up...

All right. Honey? We're off.

All right. Yeah. You know the rules. Be good.

Hey, illy. I love you, too.

Same goes for you, too. I own a gun.

I promise. You own a gun?

That's right. It's a shotgun. Where's the gun?

Where is it?

My dad owns a gun. -"llly."

Don't lose.

Damn it!

I'm still ahead. I'm serving, I'm serving.

You girls are doing a fantastic job.

Oh, my God. Get out of the way. You're wonderful.

You're gonna block us. Ben, get out of the way! Ben!

Such gross people. You're such a mother figure.

Why did we not have them stay back and help?

They're so gross. That was stupid.

You're done? What?

You just done? Good to sit?

I didn't really ever start, personally.

All right, I'm taking a break, too.

Do you want to come sit closer?

I just hate yelling, and I know that I'm...

You hate yelling?

Okay. See? Isn't that much better?

It's more comfortable.

This couch, just, in general, is more comfortable.



Is that... Is it too much?


What do you want to do? I don't know.

It's kind of hot in here. We can go outside or something.

You could show me around.

Give me a little tour.

You want to go outside?


I have hot blood and I need to catch some... Catch some air.


Back door open.

Here we are.

Can you see?

This is the playhouse, otherwise known as my castle.

That's awesome. That's where I reign.

You have a castle? ls your crown up there?

That's awesome.

You should get your crown. I have to be rescued in it.

Can you come save me? What?


You know what? You know, I actually found it, so...

Yeah? Did you? Yeah, so...

And you're already on your way!

This is actually a lot dirtier than I was expecting.

There's just shit everywhere.

What the...

Wow, dude! Alex, there is a boy in your castle.

He's the kid from across the street.

What are you doing here, man? Are you okay?

...take you home, okay?

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

I'm gonna take him home, okay? You can stay here.

What's your name?


Thanks for cock-blocking me.

His name's Robbie And he lives across the street These are good facts.

And he comes into my tree house At 10:00 at night So what did she say?

His mom is single, and apparently she's really busy and she works a lot, so she's not really home, so I guess he's kind of lonely.

At their old house, he used to do the same thing and go play in the neighbor's playhouse.

What? In the middle Of the night?

Yeah, so he thought it was normal.

I know! Go over there and...

I know. Just... That's crazy.

Yeah, just, like, beyond the shirt.

Okay, no.

- Just like a quick boobie. What?

Just quick boobie.

Okay, I'm gonna go. This chat's done, and I'm gonna go make a snack downstairs.

No, no, no!

Take me with you.

Take you with me?

Yes, take me with you.

God, you're so needy!

Just be quiet. Everyone's asleep.

Why is it so dark?

'Cause everyone is sleeping.

So if I was like, "Yeah!", am I waking them up?

I don't think my mom and dad would want to go together.

At least you stay at home.

I have to go to Mexico. And that blows.

Mexico sounds really fun.

It sucks, 'cause, literally, I have to sleep in my grandpa's bed, like, with my grandpa.

And he's, like, a massive farter.

Ben! Gross.

It's, like, airy. I can feel them brush up against my leg.

Are you all right?


Something's happening at that kid Robbie's house.

Hey, Mom?

What's going on?

There is something definitely going on over there.

What's going on?

- I got to go. Wait! No, no!

Look, he's coming! He's coming! Come on!

What? Come on!

Look at him.

Oh, my God, I love this kid.

The socks with the sandals is my favorite part.

Front door open.

Hi, Robbie. How you doing? Come on in. Come on in.

Wyatt? Want to come say hi to Robbie?

Come on. Honey, come on. Come say hi.

Robbie, that's Wyatt. Come on.

Shake hands.

Have fun. Let me know if you need anything.

I love this kid. I know.

This kid is amazing.

He shook his hand! I know.

He straight-up, "Hello." Shook his hand.

What happened to Robbie's mom?

It's not good. She's gonna be in the hospital for, like, two or three days.

Really? Yeah.

So he's just gonna stay with us?

Yeah. I don't know what else to do.

He doesn't have anywhere to go.

He doesn't have any relatives?

No, he doesn't have anybody.

Do you even know his mom, though?

Like, it's really nice, but we don't even know them.

My pillow.

Okay. That's cute.




Careful with that! It's 100 years old. Shipshooba.


Toothbrush. That's good. You need that.

And special fork.

You know, we have forks here, Robbie.


Is this 100 years old, too?

Yeah. That is a very expensive fork, too.

What does it do that's so special?

It tells the future.

Be in my room.


How's Robbie doing? I think he's fine. I mean...

Are they getting along? He's a little weird.

I know. I know, honey.

But after what happened last night to his mom...

Good night, sweetheart. Okay, good night.

If it helps at all, my parents fight constantly.

Like all the time.

It's different.

My parents just...

They don't fight, they just act like everything's okay.

- Well... You know?

How bad is it? Do you think they're gonna get a divorce?


I don't know.

I think they're gonna try and hold it together for Wyatt.

Honestly, they're probably just going through a phase.

'Cause my parents go through phases all the time where they're, like...

They'll like each other for three months

-and then they'll hate each other. No, they just...

They don't even look at each other.

Like, I can't remember the last time they kissed.

Back door open.

I'm sure it's just a phase. You know what I mean?

- I'll be right back. They're totally gonna get...

Wait! Where are you going?


What are you doing?

Odd Robbie strikes again!

Fuck! Oh, my God!

He was just standing down in the kitchen right at the open door, just staring at it.

He was just... What a weirdo. It's, like, midnight.

- What is he doing... Robbie was?

...In my kitchen with the door open? Like...

He's such a creepy kid.

You know what? Wait.

Okay. Before I do this, I just want you to know that this is something that my computer does.

So when I show you this, don't, like, freak out or anything.

'Cause I didn't do it on purpose.

What do you mean, "Don't freak..."

Alex Chat"?

Blow your fucking mind.

Ben! You recorded our video chats?

Yeah. My computer automatically records all of my webcam.

You can't do that. What are you talking about?

It's a total invasion of privacy.

I didn't do it, my computer did. It's disgusting.

And you recorded me sleeping?

Again, it was my computer. It didn't log off.

Oh, my God. What are you... It has nothing to do with...

You think I just sit here and stare at it?

Yeah. Trust me, in a minute, you're gonna be thanking me that I recorded this.

There! There we go, it's coming.

What is he doing?

What does it look like he's doing? He's getting into bed with you.

Right? Tell me that's not creepy.

Are you not freaked out?

Yeah, I'm very freaked out.

You should be. That kid could have been...

Look at him! Look at him! He put his hand on me!

He's trying to cop a feel!

So creepy.

You know, I didn't want to tell you this, 'cause I knew it'd freak you out, but something else happened last night.

What happened?

You fart in your sleep.

I don't fart! Stop! You totally...

Hey. Oh, my God. The camera again?

I'm a Kardashian. Did you know this?

No, I didn't. Yes, I am, actually.

You look better than a Kardashian.

...six years old. That would freak anybody out, seeing their mom get taken away in an ambulance.

Yeah, I know, but I just... I don't know.

I think it was really creepy that he came in my bed.


Listen, he's gonna be here a few more days.


For just maybe like two or three, but we got to do it.

He doesn't have anybody. So...

He doesn't have anyone?

Would you get off the counter, please?

I would listen to her. She's got a knife in her hand.

Yeah, I've got a very large knife. Well...

And she's wielding it.

Inappropriately large knife.

What are you doing?

No grown-ups allowed.

I'm not a grown-up. I can come in.

Want to meet Robbie's friend?

Yeah. Who?

He's right there.

Cool! Yeah, I see him.

Who is he? You cannot see him.

What? Yes, I can. He's right there. No, you can't. No, you can't.

Hi. It's nice to meet you. Yeah.

Hey, guys? Lunch is ready. I know you're pretending.

Lunch is ready!

Okay, wait for me!

Hi, Ben. What's up, Mr. Nelson?

You, too, with the camera, huh?

What's up, guys?

You interrupted us.

You guys playing the Kinect? Yeah.

Playing some games?


Robbie, why aren't you playing?

I was playing with my friend. Duh.

I've heard about this guy.

He's your little, like, imaginary friend, right?

Well, it sucks he walked away.

Wow, that's just a creepy-looking avatar.

Is this what Toby looks like?


Look, he's back!

How are you doing that? Ben! What do you think you're doing?

I'm not gonna do your homework, like, for free so you can play Xbox with my little brother.

I wasn't! I was showing them... I was actually...

Hey, do you guys want to see something really cool that you can do with the Kinect?

Okay. Sure. Yeah?

You have night vision on this, right?

"I don't like seeing things that are cool!"

It's too dark in here.

No, just trust me. All the lights have to be off.

Okay, here we go.

That's awesome. What?

What's so awesome? You can't...

Okay, look at that, bud.

Isn't that cool? What is it?

I look like I'm an alien.

Kinect projects these tracking dots, basically.

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!

That's how they pick up your body movement

-and all that kind of stuff. Right.

That's really cool.

But you can only see it with the infrared. It's badass, right?

Watch your language!


Who wants to have a space dance party?

Me! "Let's go!

Space dance party, coming at ya!

It's gonna look super cool when we watch it.

It is kind of cool.

Robbie, wanna come...

Robbie, come dance with us. It's really fun.

Back it up more, I want to see how crazy he gets.

He's tearing up the rug right now.

He's cutting it up real nice.

Yeah! Yeah, smash!

He totally just smashed!

He's so funny.

What is Robbie doing?

Being a fucking weirdo as usual, just sitting there.

Look at that. You see that? What?

- Are you okay? What?

Look. Here, hold this.

See how it's moving?

See? Yeah.

It looks like he was looking at it, though, 'cause...

Yeah, no, I see.

Maybe it's, like, broken or something.

That is just... That is weird.

Can we please put this on YouTube?

No. Ben. I'm telling you. He'd be, like, famous.

Hey, Wyatt, Robbie.

Hey, you guys. Come here. I got to show you something.


Come here. I have to show you something.

Are we doing this again?

I have a video I'm gonna show you guys.

Look at the birds.

Wait, Wyatt! Wyatt! I didn't mean to scare you that much. Wait!

Hey, kid.

Wyatt, it's me.

Mom? Hello?

What the fuck?

Oh, my gosh! Mom. Jesus!

What are you doing? You scared me.

What are you doing in the dark?

I don't know what I was doing. God, I'm exhausted.

Would you help me with some of this stuff, hon?


How was school?

School was great. I got an "A" on my chemistry test.

It's 3:00 in the morning and I just heard a noise.

My parents are sleeping.

And here's Wyatt.

He's sleeping and dreaming. As he should be.

And, of course, Robbie is out of...


Are you okay?

Hey, Robbie, can you look at me?

How come you're not in bed? Are you scared?

Did you have a nightmare?

I couldn't sleep.

Can you tell me who you were talking to?


What was that?

Robbie, what was that?

What the fuck?


Did you see that?

Did you see that? What the fuck was that?

I know. What was that?

I don't know. This is what I've been trying to tell you.

Holy shit.

What the fuck is that?

Have you shown anybody else? No.

Just you. You're special. a light reflection or anything?

Here, pause it on it.

No, that's not an...

Hey, guys. Hey, Dad! Dad...

We're going to the mall

-to return something for your mom. No, Dad, come here!

It's right there. Is that Robbie?

Yes, he's talking to this thing, and now watch...

What is that? -...the next frame, it's gone.

What's gone?

Yeah, what is that? Can you do that again?

There it is.

Now it's gone. What is that?

What is it?

That is awesome. That's awesome!

-"Awesome"? What? No...

Yeah, you guys... Dad, it's freaky!

...are consistently impressive with these videos.

Dad, that's not awesome, it's completely creepy!

I can't even work my cell phone and you guys are, like, amazing.

Does he think that's fake?

Ever since he got here, crazy shit's been happening.

I know.

Ben. Ben, be serious. Seriously.

I am serious.


Okay, you know what? I'm sorry.

Good night. You're gonna stay in bed, right, Robbie?

Yeah? Yeah?

I'm gonna be right down here. Okay.

Don't let the bedbugs bite!

Jody's been posting so many annoying Facebook statuses again.

- Why? What'd she put up? She put, like, a duckface.

Like, she's posting all those duckfaces of, like, bad hair day, and her hair looks really good.

Wait, what is a duckface?

Front door open.


What? You keep breaking up.

You're frozen. You're frozen.

Where are you? Are you on your iPhone?

...the duckface.

Duckface? It's like... Like that.

...I have been battling a horrible... pictures of duckface on your phone.

What? I mean, your Face...

I can't... Ben, I can't hear you. What?


...I have to be really quiet because my parents are asleep...


I can't hear you.


My parents are asleep!

You need to stop hitting me!

Quiet! Stop hitting me!

Were you here the whole time?

I was here for a while. Jesus Christ!

I'm sorry!

Fuck, come on. It was a joke. Relax!

Well, Ben, it wasn't funny.

Okay, so I won't do it again!

It was really disrespectful. I've learned my lesson!

I'm sorry.

Can you be the one that believes me?

That I think that there's something in my house?

Okay, so there is a supernatural force in the house coming after you? Yeah.

Yes. So what?

Get out of the house? Should we go to a hotel?

No, I just want... You can stay with me.

You know how you recorded our video chats?

Yes. It's all chats, not just ours. I'm not a...

That big of a perv.


Can you do that to other computers?

Yeah. I mean, that's what I... Yeah, it's easy.

You understand that, in turn, you'd be spying on your whole family.

Right? Yeah.


You... You're being serious, right now? I'm serious. I want to do it.

I want to set up a camera so I can catch it.

So it's just gonna run all the time?

Yeah. This is an amazing computer for a six-year-old, by the way.

Yeah, he got my hand-me-down.

And then just face it towards over here.

That'll be good.

Where does your mom keep the laptop?

Over there, in the corner.

What does she use it for?

Recipes and stuff.


Is it working?

Yep. We are good.

I don't know if this "hole" thing is gonna work.

What? It's for sure going to work.

That's gonna be awesome.

As long as you keep it on at all times, you're good to go.

All right.

We're on the hunt. We need the gear.

Know what I'm saying?

Robbie, you good? Come on, hon, let's go. Get in bed.



Wyatt. Wake up.

Wake up.



Hurry. Let's go here.

No, he's going that way!

Get him! Wyatt!

Come on. Wyatt!

Wyatt. Wyatt.

Robbie! Robbie, get upstairs, please.


Your dad is asleep. He's gonna have a fit!

It's 3:00 in the morning.

We were playing, Mom.

So, did anything happen?

Well, I would know if I could watch the footage.

Let me show...

You need your username and password.

I told you your username is your email address.


Password, "Odd Robbie." Right?

I thought it was "BigBen."

Well, you don't need a password for that, right? Okay. So...

...then you export it.

Okay. And once it has exported... turns into a QuickTime file... Yeah.

...which you can then bring back up here and you can watch it as clips.


Okay? It's really complicated.

Did you want to watch it? Yeah! I do, I do.

Hon? Yeah.

Gonna be late, I got to go.

And when you-know-who is in here, door open. Got it?

You know it! Okay.


Who is "you-know-who"?

She thinks...

You're not allowed to be in my room.

Front door open.

I'm home!


Wyatt, are you home?







What is wrong with you?

What the fuck?


He doesn't like you watching us!

What? Robbie?

Robbie, what is going on?

Robbie, have you been in the house the whole time?

Have you been here the whole time?

I know you know what happened.

Who did it?


Don't come in my room again!

It looks like they put it straight into the drywall.

Dad, Dad, Dad, tell him that that one was swinging.


Tell him that that chandelier was swinging.

And, you know, I've got three or four other chandeliers that you guys installed.

...could have killed my daughter. She was standing...

I'm not waiting. I need somebody over here today.

Alex, would you please be careful. Don't walk on the glass.

Mom, I'm saying I don't think it was an accident.

What are you talking about?

I just feel like...

Mom! Listen to me!

I feel like Robbie brought something into the house and it's...

It's messing with me.

Sweetie, I know it was super scary. I've been hearing noises.

I would have freaking lost my mind if I was standing under it.

Just a freak accident, and I'm worried about that one, I'm worried about these in here...

This stuff started happening ever since Robbie got here.

Like, I came home and Wyatt's train turned on by itself.

And I heard noises.

Honey, would you just put that away for five seconds?

This is not really...

It's 2:00 in the morning and there's a bunch of cars at Robbie's house and I'm gonna go check it out.

Who are all these people?

Hi. Can I help you? Sorry.

Wrong house!


Please, just watch the video. It was at, like, 2:00 in the morning.

And there were so many cars across the street, and nobody's supposed to be there.

Now watch. Just watch.

It's weird.

Hi. Can I help you?


Did you know the sun is a star, not a planet?


Did you know there's only two planets that have rings around them?

Hey, Wyatt.

Do you want to see him?


Okay. Follow me.

Is he nice?

If you do what he says.

How do you know that that wasn't his mom?

You've never seen her. Because she's young.

My mom said that she's young.

Young as in, she's, like, 30 young? Young as in, like, not 300 years old.

Or like, "I'm an older woman

"and I don't want to make my age sound old"?

She's, like, 30, I think.

Oh, my God. Wyatt!

Come on. Let's go see what they're doing.

Hold on.

Wyatt? What are you doing, Wyatt?

This place is a mess!

Robbie's drawing pictures on me so I can see him!

No, no, no, this is so bad! Mom's gonna get so mad.

Oh, God, we have to clean this off. Jesus!

What are all these weird drawings on Wyatt?

Robbie, who is he gonna see?

Why'd you make this mess? You never do this.

Robbie, I asked you a question.

Then he said that he was gonna see him.

Who's he gonna be able to see?

He does not like you.

What? Who? Who does not like me?

You'll find out. Wyatt, why did you do this to yourself?

You have to take a bath. What the fuck?


I can't hear you.


They're all sleeping.

I'm sure.


Hey, guys.

Hey, what are you doing?

Wyatt, can I talk to you?

Can you pause the game, or...

Just let Robbie play. It's Robbie's turn.

Why did you get up last night?

Did you have a nightmare?

Don't tell her anything.

Robbie! He can tell me...

I don't like the way that, when your friend's around, you won't talk to me and tell me things.

I really don't appreciate it.

This is the video from when I caught them in...

Wait, pause! Pause! What?

Okay. Hold on, hold on.

Right there! Look at that. What?

This? Yeah. What is that? What is that?

What is that? Yes!

It looks like a triangle with a circle in the middle.

No shit!

Right there. That?

Looks like scribbles on his back.

No, no, it's not scribbles on his back.

It's the same symbol!

It's a circle in a triangle, Alex. Like...

This obviously means something. Yeah, it's shapes.

"Circle in a triangle."

Look, that's... That's close to it.

Try it. Yeah.

Right there. Holy shit! Yeah.

It's a "Hattusac symbol of fertility..."

-"...often present in sacred rituals... Wait.

"...whereupon a demon would take possession of a male..."

"In order for the demon to enter the host, "the Hittites believed three stages had to be completed.

"One..." Are you listening?


"The host will begin to exhibit signs of pre...

"Preternatural ability."

Robbie's been doing that. Been doing that a lot.


"The host would...

"The host would have to prove its preternatural ability to the demon."

What was he doing last night? He was probably proving that.


"The host will be compelled to spill the blood of an inviolate."

Who is? A being...

It's "a being that has not been profaned and remains pure."

So, like a... Like a virgin?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.

You're fucked.

You're fucked, too.

No, I'm not!

Yes, I have.

Like, three times. Really? Yeah?

Three times, four different girls. S'up?

I understand you're a little nervous, due to this.

We can get it out of the way for you.

But... No.

Just run upstairs real quick. Ben. Stop.

Hi. Welcome back to Cooking with Chef Mary.

I'm frequently asked basic questions about the kitchen.

After that, cut the bell pepper into long strips.

Finally, pile all of the red bell pepper strips together...



- Wyatt? You're ready to go. VoilĂ .

What, honey?

I can't find my tiger! Where'd you put it?

Honey, it's under your bed.

It's not there!

It's under your bed. Just look for it.

I am!

Most commonly, roasted for a variety of dishes.



I found it! bell pepper, you can add it at various points in your cooking to give your dish a slightly different flavor and texture.

The cool thing about red bell peppers is that they have more vitamins and nutrients than green bell peppers.

What the fuck did I do with the fucking knife?

Red bell peppers are not hot and, in fact, they're sweet.

So when you're cooking, if you want a sweeter dish, add lots of bell pepper.

And if you don't want a sweet dish, then make sure that...

...cut the top and the bottom off. And don't forget...

I'm insane.

...and run it vertical down the sides of the bell pepper.

Open the bell pepper up, and use the blade to cutout the white pith and the seeds.

Remember, the sharper the knife, the easier it is...

Want some cheese, hon?

Want some more cheese?

Wyatt, want some more cheese? No.

Did you hear that?

It's just Robbie.

Don't do what right now?

Talk about what's happening?

Don't start with the noises. Not in front of your brother.

All right, you guys. We'll be back in a bit. Okay?

Okay. You be good.

Bye, Mom. Bye,hon.

Front door open.



It's time to go.

Now? Yeah, now.

I thought we were going tonight.

They're waiting for us. Come on.

Are you kidding me?

Those little shits.

Front door open.

Hey, watch out! Fucking Prius!

You're gonna get yourself killed!



Hello, is anybody home?


Hello? It's Alex from across the street.

Is anybody home?

Guys? Guys, come on, we're not supposed to be in here.



What? What are... What are you guys doing?

We got to go back home right now! I'm supposed to be babysitting.

No! 'Yes, yes!

Wyatt! No. No, Wyatt, stay here!

...doing? Oh, my God. Mom is gonna be so mad.

I was supposed to be babysitting.

Hey. Alex, yeah? Yeah.

I'm Robbie's mom. I'm so sorry.

I didn't know you were home yet.

No, no, no, it's fine. It's fine. We've just been hanging out.

Can you thank your mom for me? You guys have been such a big help.

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

Okay, Wyatt, you're in trouble.

Thank you for hanging outwith Robbie. Wyatt.

Wyatt? Yeah?


He looks just like his mom.

Shake. I guess so.

Handshake. Wyatt, let's go. No, no, no.

Let's just... Can we just...

You can't just run across the street and not tell me.

That's so not cool.

What if you got, like, kidnapped or something?

We live in a good neighborhood.

She didn't even look sick.

Well, that's good. She's better.

No, like, she didn't look sick at all. Like she hadn't been sick.

Don't be ridiculous, Alex. Are you kidding?

You saw her get taken away in an ambulance.

What? She wasn't sick? She just did it for fun?

She did call. She called me and she left a message and...

I missed her call and then they just went over there.

She called you?

But how would Robbie know that?

You want some of this?

Oh, my God. You have to try this.

Robbie wouldn't know that. Come here.

Here, I need you to taste test.

You're happy that Robbie is gone, right?

You wanted him gone? He's gone. So there you go.

Hon? Come back upstairs, please. I'm sorry, just come back...

This knife... What are you doing with the knife?

This knife just came from nowhere.

Honey, just come back upstairs, okay?

This knife just ended up here. Did you see that?

Doug, please, could you come back upstairs? I'm sorry, okay?

Fine, don't come back upstairs!

Remember when you went to Robbie's house?

Why were you there in the first place?

I wanted to meet her.

What'd she say to you? It's so weird.

That me and Robbie are friends because we're both adopted.

Robbie's adopted, too?

How did she know that you're adopted, though?

She just knew.

What else did she say to you?

That my other family needs me back.

What? Wyatt, what are you talking about?

We're your family.


I can't hear you.

Okay, I will.

Very sleepy

Yeah, sure.

I don't know.

No, it's not.

No, it's not.

No, it's not!

My name's Wyatt!

It's not Hunter!

My name's not Hunter!

Wyatt? What are you doing?

Buddy, what are you doing down here?

You have a nightmare?

You all right? You awake?

What the fuck is Robbie doing?

Hey, guys?

Wyatt, where'd Robbie go?

What were you guys talking about?

He said he got me ready.

Ready for what?

I don't know, but he said it's my time.

What do you mean it's...


Come on, hon, the tub's ready!

Come on, honey. Tub's ready.

Come on. You can bring your movie.

Just put it over there. You want bubbles?


All right, Mr. Bubble!

Honey, what did I say? You're gonna get your computer wet.

Put it back here.

Are you good in there?

You got everything you need? Got your bubbles? Everything?

Yep. Okay. I'll be right back. Two minutes...



Yeah, we talked about it.


What time are you coming back?


Yeah, no, I got to go. Wyatt's upstairs.

Come on, honey, you got to get out.

Let's go, sweetheart.

Come on, Wyatt.

Come on. Wyatt. Wyatt.

Wyatt. Come on, you got to get out.

You all right? Okay, come on.

I'll tell you what, I have never seen our daughter so knocked out.

She is out.

Good. I mean...

I gave her one of my sleeping pills.


I had to. What?

She's been up for two days. Not prescription?


Holly, what the hell?

She's 15 years old, you don't do that. What...

I mean, are you fucking crazy?

I take them all the time. What difference does it make?

This makes me nuts!

You're gonna give her a drug like that and not ask me?

Hey, hon?

Honey? Hon?

It's 7:30, you got to get up.

Come on, honey. Come on, get up.

You're gonna be late for school.

Are you good?

I feel like I got hit by a truck.

Why won't it open?


Wyatt. Did you draw that?

What's a "Hunter"? What does that mean?

What does it mean? It's my name.

No, it's not. Your name is not Hunter.

Well, it used to be.

No, it didn't.

Yes, it did.


Stupid computer.

Mom, I don't want to babysit.

Honey, you're overreacting.

We're only gonna be gone for a few hours.

I don't want to be alone in this house!

You bitch!

- What'd you say? What did they...

What did your parents say about his original birth parents?

They didn't say anything.

They just got mad at me for asking.

They were like, "How dare you talk about his adoption!

"He's part of the family."

And I know he's... I'm not saying that.

...freak out and just start screaming and crying.

And he wouldn't sleep.

He'd just wake up in the middle of the night and start screaming.

My dad was the only one that could touch him.

That's ridiculous. He's not like that now, though.

That's what I'm saying.

Now he's starting to get quiet again.

He doesn't talk to me.

Okay, well, listen.

Even though it's a closed case, or whatever, I can totally figure it out.

Ever}/thing's on the Internet...

Are you sure you can't come over tonight?

We really got to watch the footage.

I know, I can't.

What? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I can come over tomorrow, though, and I'll figure it all out.

Get a solution to the problem.

That'll be perfect.

It ranks as weird, he says his name is something that it's not. You know?

Yeah, I know.

- Did you hear that? What's up?

The garage just opened.

Are your parents home?

I don't know. They shouldn't be.

Garage door open.

Can you see it?

Yeah, no, it looks like it's, like, stuck.


I hate this fucking house.

Okay, so I'll talk to you later?

- All right, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Okay, T-T-Y-L.

Garage door open.

Help me! Let me out, please!


Please open!


It's your Aunt Katie.

Open the door, Hunter.

Come on.

Open the door.

You're almost ready, Hunter.

Hunter, open the door.



It's okay.

I'll be here until you're ready.

Can't breathe...

I almost died! I...

The car turned on by itself! I didn't even have the keys!

Honey, it's all right.

I didn't have the keys, Dad! It's impossible!

Okay, honey... It was impossible! Can I just...

Just let me... Just let me call Ben and try to figure out a plan.

I need to show you! I'm not crazy! Honey, come on. Okay.

They just think I'm crazy.

Do you want me to come over?


I got to go, Ben.

Can I take you out to dinner?


I don't know. So we can talk, just the two of us, you know?

About what's been going on.

Dad, you don't even listen to me. There's no point in talking.

Well, I'm ready to listen to you. So if you want to...

I'm going.


How's the dinner going? Is she all right?

Okay. We can talk about it later.

What time are you coming back?


Okay. Well...


Okay. Listen... Well, if you want to call...

Oh, my God.

Front door open.


It's me. I've been trying to call you all day.

I found some crazy shit online about that triangle symbol and this, like, coven.

So, I'm gonna pull it up on your computer. Call me back. Bye.



Mrs. Nelson?


Look! Look at that. What are they doing?

Is that...

Is that your mom and Wyatt right there? What are they...

No, that's Robbie's mom.

You go on inside.

I'm gonna go over there and see what...



Why were you on my computer?


Ben, don't fuck with me.

Ben, stop.

Come out.

Just come out.



Wait, wait, wait! Stop! Stop the car! I need help!


Help! Dad!



Mom! Dad!



Dad! Dad! Let him go!


Let him go! Dad, stop!








Where are you?


Oh, my God!

Please don't hurt me.


Wyatt, come on, we have to go right now. Come with me!

Come on!

Wyatt, what is wrong with you? Let's go! Let's go!