Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015) Script

I'm scared.

Don't be scared.

Who is he?

He's gonna be your teacher.

This is a very good day.

Do you know why?

'Cause today is a beginning.

Your friend, Tobi? Mmm-hmm.

I've known him for a long time.

I've known him by other names.

Grandma Lois knows him, too.

I had to learn, too.

It was hard at first.

But it was worth it.

Kristi, you're going to grow up and you're going to have a son who is one of the chosen.

And, Katie, your gift is your strength.

A lot is going to be asked of you.

You're gonna have to take care of your sister and a lot of others.

There's a special girl out there, a lot like you.

And he's going to bring her to us.

What did you draw, sweetie?

Uncle Mike. Screaming. That's Uncle Mike?

Screaming? Mmm-hmm.

Remember what we're gonna do when he gets here?

Boo! Like, real big. Boo!


You want to practice again before he gets here?


Hey, hey, hey! Remember what we're gonna do, okay?


Spooky. Why is the door open?


Oh, my gosh! It's my favorite niece!

What's up, bro?

What is on that face of yours, Uncle Mike?

What? Oh, you like this?

You fertilizing it? Is that monsanto?

That's funny. Is this a rental?

This is ridiculous!

I can't wait to show you my room.

It's nice and cozy in here.

Two. You have two rooms?

Hey! How are you? Mommy, Mike's here.

Are you staying for a month? That bag is massive!

Is there anything in there for me?

Hey, good to see you. We love Mike.

Hey! You remember Skyler, right?

How are you? I haven't seen you in forever.

Good. Yeah!

Hi. Nice.

You look good. Your mustache...

She's not European. She's American.

Two weeks? Really? I thought you said two days.

He just got dumped over email. He's devastated.

Babe, his bag is his whole apartment. It's huge.

Just making a rainbow.

It's okay. Sorry.

Yeah, we didn't use that vase, anyway.

Here's Uncle Mike.


Why am I old all of a sudden?

That's exactly what you're gonna look like when you're old.

I love this. Don't encourage.

What do you mean?

Sounds so good!

Leila, save the rest for the talent show.

You come to the talent show.

I'm gonna be there. I don't have a date, though.

Because I left her in Chicago.

Kinda why me and Chandra called it quits, 'cause she didn't want kids. I'm like...

Oh, yeah?

"I do. So, I'm leaving." And then I left her. So, that's...

But, yeah, you know, I tried to tell her, children are the future.

Look at that little artist we got here.

I'm done with my card, too.


Yeah, Merry Christmas.

Happy fucking holidays.


Yoga retreat? Is that what you said?

Yeah. It's a week-long yoga retreat.

You're here for rehab, right? No, I'm not here for rehab!

Let's be honest. Just call it what it is. I'm here for a yoga retreat!

Vodka? Vermouth? What's your poison?

It's just yoga. And I thought it'd be nice to come up here and stay with these guys for a week 'cause I miss them.

Kids love those. Yeah, man. Check it out.

Oh, my God. This is our Dad's old...

Santa suit. Santa suit.

I've added a little number... Yeah? the costume. Oh!

No, that's terrifying. What?

That's terrifying.

It's jolly. He's a rosy red... He's angry.

Look at all the creases on his forehead.

He has a beard. I thought it would be magic.

He does have a beard. It looks... We might wanna run this by em.

You guys ready? Your Dad will get electrocuted.

Wait for it. Okay, step back.

Wait for it.

This is lovely. Leila, you gotta tie it in a knot now, tie it in a Christmas knot.

She's really got an eye.

I know I say this every year.

No, you don't.

We missed a couple... We missed a couple years, right?

My Grandmother gave it to my Mom.

Your Grandma.

And your Grandma gave it to me.

And you will have it one day.

You got it? Mmm-hmm.

Oh, em, that angel is gorgeous.


That was awesome! Give me a high five.

I love her so much.


I think I'm done over here, buddy.

Yeah, yeah, it's... Well, it's not abstract.

I think it's christmassy.

Looks great. It'll look great in the front yard.


The neighbors will love it.

It's just two robust reindeer going at it.

Two boys going at it. Hey, bud, no judgment.

Why don't you actually do some real work?

Go grab me a... You did a great job!

There's a string of lights in that box over there.

This box? This is just caulk.


It's caulk.

I think you got the wrong box.

What is that?

That must be from the people who used to live here.

There's tapes in here, too. What?

There's tapes in here, too. Seriously?

Ha! It's working.


Wow, this is creepy.

Too far.


Ladies and gentleman, award-winning cameraman...

It's so big!

...from outer space... What is that?


How do you hold that? That is huge.

It's so big! "It's so big!"

You look so funny.

People carried that? Yeah.

This is cool. We own this.

Look at our box.

Yeah, it's cool.

Hey, this thing is like...

I don't know if it's out of focus or what, but it's kinda like picking up some trippy...

That thing is ancient. Like these trails on the lights.

I'm seeing some sort of odd shape in the middle of the room.

Some sort of blurry thing.

I think it's out of focus.

This thing is so wild.

Oh, this is so weird. What?

I'm seeing something in the middle of the room.

It's probably just old.

It's bizarre. It's like a...

It's so weird.

It sounded like I was underwater when I walked into this thing.

What is that?

What is this camera picking up?

Hey, Mom. Got it.

She talked about it the entire way home. She loved it.

Mike is going to flip over this.

All right, sweetie.

You forgot to check.


Bird is guarding the closet. I'm gonna go in here.

Okay. Closet looks good.

Under the bed.

I don't see anything, except for you.

I don't see a teepee. I don't see a teepee.

The teepee. There's no teepee in your room. You mean the pink tent?

We're all clear in here.

Wait. One last thing. Will you hold this for a bit?

This thing is heavy!

Sleep tight. Sweet dreams.

I can't wait for Santa to come.

You can't? Well, you know what?

He gives extra presents to little girls who go to sleep.

Night, baby. Love you. Night, Mommy.

Where did it go?

Ryan? Are you coming to bed?

I can't see the thing anymore. I think it's gone.

Well, that's awesome. You fixed it.

You can come to bed. Play with that tomorrow.

No, I didn't fix anything.

We went upstairs, came back, and now it's completely gone.

If you come to bed right now, your wife is gonna have sex with you.


That's right. I will have sex with you.


That was supposed to be sexy.

It's okay! Stay in the mood!

This thing is absolutely sick.

It looks pretty sick.

The thing is... You find anything?'s completely custom.

I mean, I've been to 15 websites.

Nothing looks like this camera.

Traditionally, it has three picture tubes. Uh-huh.

This one has six. Oh, my God.

It seems like this has multiple focus rings.

Like, I see "Iris" and "focus," but this one right here? Yeah.

I have no idea what this does.

Why are you so into this? It's just a camera.

I don't know. It's sitting in my house.

I've never seen any of this before.

I mean, this box? I've never seen it before, Mike.

This guy.

I definitely picked something up.

That's trippy.


Okay. Can Mommy and Daddy come?

What is this...

Hey, Dad. Hey.

Is this the same thing?

Who were you talking to? My friend.

Your friend? Where's your friend?

Dad. I want to play hide-and-seek.

Count to 10! Count to 10! Okay.

One, two, three...

Where'd it go?

Right. The girls are out tonight.

We got the house to ourselves.

Why don't we take the night off?

I got to get this game out before Christmas break.

I was going through my bag.

Yeah? What'd you find? Dirty underwear?

I found a souvenir from my Belgium trip.

This is fine Belgian chocolate wrapped up in a piece of foil?

Trust me, it doesn't look like much.

It's been in your pocket for a week?

It's not about the presentation.

They put a lot of time into the chocolate.

Ryan, seriously, I know why you would expect that from me.

And I appreciate it. I know you pretty well.

I've been living with you for a long time.

Fair enough. I swear to God, it's not an edible.

He's talking to me.

Santa's the boss, man. He's got a jolly attitude.

One night he only has to work, and he's flying around in his sleigh with the magic reindeer. Mike, I just...

Sign me up, man. I wish I could be like Santa.

Why do you still have a VHS cassette player?

Did I ever tell you that I stole Dad's old pornos.

And I was like, "I need a way to watch these," so I got a VCR.

He had so many weird, European...

He has one where this guy wraps his balls in leather.

Do you know about the Internet?

They all from '88 to '92?

I don't know. Let's see what we got here.

Sit back.

That's not your house, man. Where is this?

I don't know, dude.

1988. 1988. Oh!

There she is.

There she is! This is gonna be so hot.

What is this? What are we watching?

Oh, my God.

Oh, those shoulders.

I'm a shoulder guy, apparently.

This is where it gets real good.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

Go back... Where'd your Mom go?



This sucks. Tell me when the lady comes back.

I'll put in another tape.

Yeah. Look for one marked "shoulders."

Fellas, how's the game going?

Who's winning?

Why aren't you guys talking to me?

I'm one of you!

Whoa! Ryan, I think this...

This is wild, man.

Hey, Mike! Next one's up and ready.

Give me some shoulder.

Check this out.

You sure you're up for this?

Uh... oh, my God, this is perfect!


It's an earthquake. Holy shit! Dennis, it's an earthquake!

No, no, no!

What is this?

How about "opening doors"?

Did they just film everything?

This could be a porn.

Okay. Think about it.

Focus, Kristi. Don't use your eyes to see.

- Use what's inside you. Okay.

This is a little different. What, is he hypnotizing her?

Concentrate, Kristi.

I need you to concentrate.

Concentrate on what, Kristi?

You see through him, Kristi.

Let him show you what he sees.

What the...

Let him take you there.

Let him show you.

I hate this family.

There's a room.

Is this girl...

Is she just taking minutes? Yeah.

For the meeting?

There's lots of colors.

I'm seeing colors, too, buddy.

There's butterflies.

There's a big bird over the door.

What's so funny?

There's a tent.

A tent?


What? Ryan?

Like the one me and Katie camp out in.

It's right in the little girl's room.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Why would it be in the middle of the room?

Come on. What am I missing?

The tent in the middle of the room?

Butterflies? A bird above the door?

Does this sound like anything?

Uh... boredom?

She just described Leila's room!

Oh, my God, man, you're so fucking high!

Mike, she's describing Leila's room.

Did you eat more chocolate than I did?

Is he there, Kristi?

Ryan, come on, man, turn this off. What are...


Is he in the room? Is he in the house?

Do you see him?

Why is he making her do this?

Who's "him"?

He's there!

Whoa! Did you trip a switch?

No, seriously, I didn't trip a switch.

What did we do, blow a fuse firing up that old VCR?

Okay, they're back. That was strange.


Did you hear that? Uh. Yeah.

Come with me.

Take your camera. Go check it out yourself.

All right, fine. Here.

Concentrate. I want you to focus, Ryan.

Dude, shut up.

That's ponytail. Do you get what I'm doing?

Wait. Is that the same stuff from the other night?

What's it doing?

Where did it go?



Mike, it's not funny. Is that you?

Holy shit.



"Mike, is that you?" "Mike?" Oh, my God!

You scared the shit out of me.

Ryan, I think...

This is crazy. I think my camera is starting to see...

I think I'm seeing something.

It's a...

It's a dipshit!

Do you see the dipshit, man?

There's, like, particles of dipshit in your aura, man.

It's right around your...

You're the dipshit, Ryan.

I'm calling you a dipshit.

Oh, they're here! Hey!

Hey, babe! Oh, Jesus!

That's Uncle Mike.

That's not a very good...

Hold on a second. Mustache.

A big pile of...

That's not a very good likeness.

So, what exactly do you do again?

It's kind of like feng shui.

I move the furniture around so that, you know, it's not blocking the energy.

Which I should probably do with your house.

Really? Why? Yeah.

It just feels a little different.

Is your energy blocked, Mike?

Mike's energy?

I'm flowing nicely.

If you want to relieve some sort of blockage...

I don't know what we're talking about anymore.

Tell her about the night we had last night.

Oh, I've just kind of been seeing and hearing some strange things.

You know, I've heard of Spirit Photography before, but I've never actually seen it in person.

What kind of stuff have you been seeing?

Just shapes.

It could be a spirit of some kind.

But most of the time, these cameras, they don't pick up on beings as much as, different planes of existence.

Somewhere where a lot of displaced energy would travel to.

But, you know, sometimes it's just a camera glitch.

I don't know.

It's weird, but I don't think this is a glitch.

I saw it in Leila's room, and then last night it was in the hall.

Guys, Leila's asleep.

We're taking off, okay? Should be back around 11:00.

Good night. Hey.

Be careful with that camera. Seriously.

Relax, Ryan.

I just want to see what this thing does.

Sky, you don't really think that thing sees ghosts, right?

Yeah, I think it's totally possible.


Whoa! The lights look so cool with this thing.

You should see that on mushrooms.

Yeah, I'm gonna need some wine.


Okay. Um...

Red? White? Like, Rosé.

Cabernet sauvi...

I think there's...

Hello? Is somebody there?

Hey. Jesus, you scared me.

It's just me. It's just me. I got the vino.

I think something's here.

What? I think I felt something.


Yeah, I looked through the camera, but didn't see anything.

That's a timer.

Hold on, I think there's a night-vision thing.

Oh, there it is.


Probably just the wind.

Do you see anything?


Mike, what do you see?

Let's go back inside. Come on.

What the hell is that?

Fuck! Something just flew out of the pool! Mike, quiet. You're gonna scare it.

Fuck that! I'm gonna scare it?


Let me see the camera.

Whoa, what is this?

Mike, there's something here.

This is so crazy.


Leila, honey, what are you doing out here, sweetie? It's cold.

Let's go inside.

It's cold, sweetie.

Yeah, let's get you inside.

What the hell?


The stuff with the pool was weird.

But she was way more scared of it than I was.


I mean, maybe we saw something, but the camera's janky.

We were coming around the corner, we turned and she was just standing there.

Did you ask her why she was here?

She was like comatose.

I don't know if she heard us.

It was like she was sleepwalking.

I don't know what she was doing.

She's not a sleepwalker. She sleeps real soundly.

Hey, guys, look at this.

There's a hole in there.

Are these yours? God, yeah!

It's my Rosary.

That's so weird.

Did you see her burying this stuff out here last night?

No, I didn't see her, but it's possible.

What are you doing?

You know how Daddy's got a new toy.


Kind of like you have all these toys.


Well, Daddy's new toy saw something very interesting last night.

I just... I just...

You just... did you feel something?

I don't want to talk about him.

Who's "him," babe?


Kristi, what are you doing?

What this button does...

Go back to bed. It's really late.

"Spirit Photography is something that..."




I don't know. Maybe I'm going crazy.

Yram ydoolb.

Yram ydoolb.

Yram ydoolb.

Lee? What are you doing in here?

Yram ydoolb.

Lee? Honey, is that blood?

What's on your hand, sweetie? You're bleeding.

What happened?

Honey, answer me. What happened?

You're bleeding.

Yram ydoolb.

Yram ydoolb.

What is she saying?

I don't know.

Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary.

Did you hear that?

Is she talking backwards?

Is she saying, "bloody Mary"?

What's bloody Mary?

It's a game kids play. What kind of game?

Originally in the game, you say it three times and a witch appears and shows you who you're supposed to Marry.

But when I used to play it, the way most kids play it, you say "bloody Mary" three times and a bloody witch appears and grabs you by the neck.

How would Leila know about this game?

There's no way.

How old were you when you played it?

I don't know. I was young. Maybe her friends showed her.

Go, man. Mike, what?

Check it out. Check it out, man.

I cracked the case. Right by the ferns, look.

They lived here?

They must've, right? Why else would it be there? 1987?

So, this is the same house where they filmed all that weird shit.

Whole place burned down in '92.

No bodies were recovered.

Says the whole family just disappeared, including...

Including their daughters, Katie and Kristi.

So, you think our daughter is talking to a ghost?

Leila's been getting up at night and playing with something that only she and this camera can see.

Kids do weird things.

It doesn't mean the house is haunted.

The people who lived here 20 years ago, they put up cameras and caught all kinds of things.

And our house is built on top of theirs.

Did Mike put you up to this? No. Look, look...

I feel like every time he comes over, you guys find some crazy thing that you wanna do.

No, honey, it's not like that at all. I promise.

I just want to see if there really is something here or if I'm just crazy.

Look, I'll feel better either way.

Fine. Do it. Yes? I can do it?

Yes, you can do it. For a few days, Ryan.

All right, Mike. That should just about do it.

Two cameras in here?

Yeah, well, this other one's a control to see if this one's picking up something special.

And we'll put the other one on the desk.

So we can watch your daughter sleep all night.

Nothing weird about that.

"And she said, 'Sarah, Ashley, I've never seen you look more beautiful.'

"and they turned and looked at their Mom and waved

"and said, 'thanks, Mom. We've never felt more beautiful.'

"the end."

Good night, sweetheart.

Mommy. Mmm-hmm?

What? Did I die?

When I was a baby?

No. Who did you hear that from?

I don't know.

Well, there was a cord in Mommy's tummy and it got wrapped around your neck, and the doctors got scared because it made it hard for you to breathe.

So, they went in there real quick and they got you out.

And there's nothing wrong with you.

So there's nothing to be worried about. Okay?


'Cause you're our little miracle.

And I love you. Okay?


I'm so sorry. Right. Uh-huh. What's going on?

Right. Okay.

Well, I'm gonna be there in 15 minutes.

She bit a kid. What? She bit a kid?

Yeah. She bit a kid at school and now I gotta go pick her up.

Is the kid all right? I don't know.

He had to go to the hospital. I got to go pick her up now. She can't stay at school.

They told me it took three teachers to pull her off of him.

And then they were telling me that the boy had to have stitches.

Like, this kid had to get stitches from our daughter.

Maybe what the teacher said is right.

Maybe we should send her to a psychologist.

She's not sleeping, em.

She's been really quiet.

I mean, I'm worried about her.




Hey, sweetie, what are you doing awake?

It's cold in here.

Get back under the covers.

Let's get you tucked back in. There you go.

Just go back to sleep, okay?

What was that?

It was nothing. Okay, okay.

Okay, sweetie.

Why don't you lay down and get some sleep?

Just get some sleep.

Hey, Lee.

I saw something in your room last night with you and Auntie Skyler.


What woke you up last night?

Tobi did it.

Tobi did it?

Who's Tobi?

Leila, who's Tobi?


It was this big, dark shape and it was just floating around.

And she called it Tobi.

She's not scared of it at all.

And I know you think I'm losing my mind here, but I think it's our ghost.

Emily thinks I'm nuts, but remember I told you Leila said her friend Tobi woke her up last night, right?

Yeah. Okay. Check this out.

This tape is from 1988.

Don't sit there. That's Tobi's spot.

Oh, sorry. Is Tobi sitting there right now?

They're talking about Tobi.

Sorry, Tobi.


Four years later, these girls have grown up a little bit, and we have ponytail. Mmm.

Tobi's a very important part of your life.



So, they stayed in touch with Tobes. That was nice.

No. Mike...

Dude, this is before Facebook.

It was hard to stay in touch with people.

You think it's a guy or girl?

Tobi would be a cool stripper name.


"Coming down to the main stage, "please welcome Tobi."

I'm telling you, the camera's not busted.

It's seeing something that's there. It's a piece of shit, dude.

And besides, Tobi is not a common name.

She probably watched the tape.

Mike, she's three feet tall.

She has no idea even what a VCR is.

She couldn't reach up there, put it in and hit "play."

And get the right tape.

That makes me feel old. Kids don't know what VCRs are?

What was that?

Did you hear that? Yeah.

You did? Yeah, man.

Are you seeing anything?

Holy shit.

What, are you picking something up?

Dude. What?

I think it's the icemaker in the freezer!

Does Tobi like ice?

I think we should let him out of the freezer, man.

Probably why he's so ticked all the time.

There's too much of a coincidence. That's all I'm saying.

Mike. Keep it down, man.

Everyone's sleeping.

The sound came from out there, dude!

Okay, give me the camera. Give me the camera.

Mike, something's up there.

It's different, though.

It's moving. Mike, it's moving.

Ryan, let's go. We're gonna wake Leila.

I just want to see where it went.

Do you see anything?

No. I'm not picking anything up.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Ah... Jesus.

What the hell, man?

Daddy, what are you doing?

I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry. It's okay.

Everything's okay, okay? Just go back to sleep.

I screamed because you screamed.

You screamed so loud.

You shouted near your sleeping daughter's face, so I screamed.

I couldn't see anything.

Know why I screamed? Why?

Because I saw this through the camera.

This seems more concentrated.

It's got more form. It's darker.

And, dude, I fucking felt that thing fly past me.

That looks like a face. I mean, it's not human.

But that's crazy, Mike.

Why do you still need two cameras in here?

I just don't think one camera can cover the whole room.

It's talking to her and telling her to do things, and it's not just in her room.

It's moving all around the house.

I just want to know where it's going and what it wants.

That's better.


Take me away. Take me away.

Lee! Put those down!

Put those down. Right now. What are you doing?

Did you turn the gas on?

Leila, you cannot play with matches.

You can't turn the gas on.

What are you doing?

Get back in bed. Okay.

Don't play with matches. It's the middle of the night.

Ry? Ryan? Ryan.

That Bible is my Bible from upstairs.

It was in the fireplace.

That's what she was trying to burn.

The Rosary that she tried to bury, it was also in the fireplace.

She said she was playing a game.

What kind of game can you play with matches?

She said she was playing a game with Tobi.

She just knew you had the book up there.

She probably doesn't know what it is.

I don't know. I put her back to bed and then I come down here, and then the Angel falls.

I don't know, it just... It doesn't seem like her.

It seems like she's different.

I didn't want to believe it, but I think Ryan's right.

There is something in our house.

Lee, I need you to tell me that you're gonna stop talking to Tobi.


Lee, look at your mother.

Can you look at me, please?

Tobi is my friend.

Lee, he's not your friend. He is not... no.

Okay? And Mommy and Daddy don't want you talking to him anymore.

Lee, promise us you're gonna stop talking to Tobi.

I promise.


So, the tapes start in '88.

Lots of Katie and Kristi stuff.

And they're living with their Mom.

Shoulders! Right.

Why does he need a bowl?

He wants to eat.

I haven't gone through all the tapes.

But the footage suddenly jumps and everything is real different.

There's nothing in between? No.

The Mom and her boyfriend?

They're completely absent in the footage.

Like, nowhere?

Not on any of the tapes.

And this weird cult is taking care of these girls now.

And they're calling this other woman Mom.

Is that a milk bath?

I had one more dream.

Who are these people? Jesus.

It's just that I had another Mommy.

And then she fell down some sort of stairs.

Tobi said you're on your way, sweetie.

You're progressing nicely.

What does all this mean?

I don't know. But this guy is their leader and it's like he's preparing the girls for something.

You'll make us so proud.

He needs her. We're getting close.

Still watching tapes? Yeah.

I just wanna see if there's a connection.

Didn't we watch this the other night?

No, it's a different night.

But she's doing the same thing.

They literally do this every night. It's like a ritual.

It's not a normal home video.

It's like some sort of training tape.

Is he showing you?

I'm not sure.

It's too blurry.

Just let him show you what he sees.

Let him guide you.

I think I see food.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's food.

It's just so messy and blurry.

I see

a TV.


I see a lot of TVs.

What the...

I think she's seeing this.

How is that possible?

I see toys.


I see bunches of toys.

I see people.



I'm pretty sure. I think they're brothers.

Whoa, dude. What the fuck?

I think they're watching me.

They're talking about us.

Stay with him. Only he can do this.

Some bizarre shit.

Only he can be there.

Daddy! I can't sleep.

What are you doing awake, huh?

What's going on? Tell me.

You're making so much noise. I'm making too much noise?

Daddy'll go up and make sure everything...

Bless you.

Okay. What the...

Wait, Ry, did you...

What the...

So, this is the tape I was telling you about from last night. Check it out.

You hear noises in your room?

Daddy'll go up and make sure everything's...

Bless you.

Wait. Play that again. So, here, I blew it up.

Look. Leila sneezes, and then Kristi says, "bless you."

Daddy'll go up and make sure everything's...

Bless you.

These people, I think they're watching us.

And I know these tapes are from 20 years ago.

But they can see what's happening here with us and with Leila.

There's a door?


Where does it go?

And I can go there?

All I have to do is draw it?


Oh, my God.

What is all this?

I don't think these are just scribbles.

I think there's a pattern to these.

Some of these look familiar.

I know I've seen this stuff before.

Those symbols on Leila's wall?

They're on the tapes too, in the girls' room.

That symbol there?

It's used by a coven called the Midwives.

You mean like Witches?

These Midwives go all the way back to the middle ages.

Oh, my God. They were into Devil worship.

They would use symbols like this to open these doorways to different places and times.

What is that? I don't know.

Sounds like it's in Leila's room.

What is that?

I don't know.

What is that?

Em, there's something coming from that recorder.

Be careful.

Honey, what are you doing?

Baby, what? What are you doing?

Honey. Honey.


What the fuck? Baby.

Lee, are you okay? Honey.

Baby, baby, breathe. Breathe, baby.

Calm down. Okay, good girl.

Breathe. Good girl.

What were you doing?

He's gonna take me away.

Who's gonna take you away?

Who's gonna take you away?

Who's gonna take you away?

What was that?

I don't know.

What is that? Is something out there?

I don't know.

What the fuck?

Just keep looking. I'm gonna go check on Skyler.


Mike, what are you doing?

Mike. Joke's over, man.

It's not funny, Mike.


Ryan. Ah!

What? What are you doing?

Oh, no. Did you see that?

What? No. There was somebody right here.

No, I don't see anything.

You didn't see it? No.


Look, she's sleeping.

What did you see? There's no one in here.

What the fuck?

What is that?

I don't know. I don't see anything.

There's nothing fucking there.


Get Leila! Let's go! Get out of here!

Oh, my... What was that?


Hi, please. Can I talk to father Michael, please?

Our house has been... We think it's like haunted or something and something's affecting our daughter...

I was on hold, but I'm looking to speak with father Alessio? Right.

I'll just call him back at 4:00. Thank you.

She's been acting strange.

And things have just been starting to happen more and more and we really don't know what to do.

Baby Jesus.

Here's Mary.

She's going to have a special baby.

That's right. She is.

Do you remember us coming into your room last night when you were on your recorder?

Well, when we came in there and put you back to bed, you said, "he's gonna take me away."

Who's gonna take you away?

Do you mean Tobi?

Would you please answer me?

Lee, please answer me.

Lee? Answer your Mom.


Where is he gonna take you?

To be with the others.

Hi. This is my wife, Emily.

Hi. How are you?

We're so grateful that you're here. Thank you so much.

I just hope I can be of help to you guys.

I think you can. We'll explain everything to you.

This camera picks up stuff that none of our other cameras can see.

It's wild.

And you're sure nothing unusual was happening in the house before you started to use it?


I've seen this camera on these tapes from 20 years ago.

It's like they were using the camera to see this stuff, too.

Father, watch this.

It started out small. Right?

I thought it was just a glitch.

It's getting darker when you see it through the camera?

And bigger, like it's growing.

Look at this dark figure that moves through the door.

Either of you ever experienced anything like this before, here or any other place?

Nothing like this. I found this tape of these girls playing bloody Mary, the same game Leila was playing the other night.

What if she learned this from them?

They would tape themselves doing these weird rituals.

You're doing so well. Tobi is going to be so proud of you.

You think this is the Tobi that Leila speaks of?

Yeah. We think so.

Has she used any other name besides Tobi?

No. Just Tobi.


Sometimes spirits will tend to hide their own identities, their true nature. They'll use another name.

From what you describe, from what I know, which is very little,

it sounds as if your daughter may be being stalked by a Demon or a demonic presence.

If this is happening, we should go.

We should get out now.

We need to leave the house!

I never noticed anything before.

Demons do not haunt houses, they haunt people.

If you leave this house, it will definitely follow you.

Demons feed on fear.

The more attention you give, the stronger it grows, the bigger it grows.

You run away, it follows. You can't just ignore what's happening in the house, father.

Would it be all right if I spoke with your daughter?

Would that be okay? Yeah.

We have a guest here.

He's our friend. He's a really nice man.


She's a little shy.

Does that name mean anything to you?

No. Why? Should it?

I want you to meet somebody.

Oh, here she comes.

Is this your friend?

Does your friend have a name?

Don't tell me. Let me see.


Tell him his name.

Is it Geraldine?

It's Bubba, isn't that right, baby?

Oh, I like the name Bubba.

That's a great name.

Bubba looks really hot.

Can I give Bubba a little bath?

Can I put some water on him?

Let me just give Bubba a little water.

Oh, Bubba likes it. He's very happy.

Can I give you a little water on your head?

Make you feel cool?

How about that, hmm?

Much better, huh?


You feel better now?


So, what are you and Bubba gonna do today?

You have a secret for me?


What is it, honey?

Oh, my God!

I'm so sorry. This is nothing like her.

It's fine. I'm all right.

Look. I just want you to take care of your daughter.

Okay? Okay.

I'll be back soon. Stay calm, stay relaxed.

She fucking bit a priest.

After what father Todd said, I went back and did more research.

I found this tape in the camera.

I thought it was blank. But look.

Wait! That's your house. - Yeah, Look at the date. It's three days before we moved in.

...very happy with this house.

It's a good house for him.

You hear that? I think it's that leader guy talking.

I don't know, man.

Maybe it's just a contractor or something.

This is a good space. They've done a wonderful job.

See, Ryan, he's just talking about the house, that's all it is.

Very good entry point in here.

No. He said "entry point."

The fact that we moved into this specific house of all the houses we looked at...

It just doesn't seem like a coincidence to me.

No, no, not Higgins. Hubbard. H-u-b-b...

Right, Hubbard. Katie Hubbard. That's what I've been...

That's impossible.

Because I'm looking at her card and your number is on her card.

They're saying they've never heard of her.

She never worked for them.

We weren't even looking in this neighborhood, remember?

And we thought the deal was too good to be true.

Yeah. Remember that?

Where did she come from? How did you meet her?

I called the agency today.

They have no record that she ever worked there.

Nobody had ever heard of her.

What? But that's...

What if, like...

What if someone placed us here on purpose?

If somebody conspired for us to be in this house?

Do you think that could be possible?

Where did she come from?

Sure you want to do this? Yeah.

You need some sleep, sweetie.

Wake me up if anything happens. Okay?

All right. I left a message with father Todd.

Hopefully he calls us back.

What the fuck?

Emily, wake up. What?

Did you hear that? Did you hear that?

Something knocked the camera over in the hallway.

You didn't hear anything? No.

Hey, sweetie.

Sweetie, sorry. Go back to bed.

Sweetie, go back to sleep now, all right?

Don't be scared, Mommy.

Stay here.

Ryan, what's going on up there, man?

What was that noise? I'm not sure.

What do you see?

There's nothing here.


I think I see something.


You see something? Don't move.

Do you see... Stay still.

Is something here? Is something here?

Mike, stay calm. You heard what father Todd said.

Just don't move.

Oh, fuck. Holy fuck.

Mike, run, run!

Something... I felt something on my neck!

I felt something!

It was fucking huge, Mike.

Holy fuck. I don't know where he went.


What was that? Shit. What the fuck, dude?

Wait, wait, wait. I see it.

It's over by the tree.

What the fuck? I don't know.


Oh, my God.

Ryan, where is it? Do you see it?

Emily, stay upstairs! Lock the door!

In the kitchen!

Shit! Fuck! What do you see?

Fuck me, Ryan!

Next time I'm just gonna stay at Mom's!


You all right? No!

It fucking touched me, dude!

Did you see the keyboard move, dude?

What the fuck?

I don't see anything.

What the fuck?

What the fuck's going on? I don't know.

Fuck, it's getting closer.

It's in the doorway.

Where is it? What? The doorway to the kitchen.

He came through the door! He's in the room with us.

What the fuck?

Hey! Fuck, go!

Jesus Christ!

Go, Mike, go, go, go!

Fuck! What the fuck? Shit!

I don't see anything.

What the fuck, man? What the fuck was that?

What the fuck is wrong with your house?

When you grow up, you're going to take care of your sister and a lot of others.

Because the two of you

are going to help us find other special people just like you.


What the fuck?

Em! Emily.

Oh, my God. What the fuck?

What the fuck did that to him?

I think it was Tobi that broke that guy's back.

It seems like he's getting bigger and more powerful, em.

I mean, what if they put him here to kill us like they did this guy?

We need to take it to the police.

You think they can help?

They have to be able to say something.

They have to know something about this.

You don't think they're gonna think I'm crazy?

Who gives a fuck if they think we're crazy?

This is fucking crazy.

Skyler will be home soon.

Mike and I will be as quick as possible. All right?

Okay. Just stay with Leila.

I love you. We'll be back as soon as we can, all right?

Would you like some tea?


Let's go downstairs and play.

Lee, come on. We have games that we can play downstairs.

No, I'm fine here.

How about me and you get out of the house?

Come on, we can go outside.

We can go on the seesaw, your favorite thing.

This is where I want to be now.

Let's go downstairs.

We can play down there. It's just you and me, okay?

I said I'm fine.

Honey, I don't want to be in this room, okay?

I don't really want to be in this room, so let's go downstairs.

Mommy, I said I'm fine here.

That's enough! We're going downstairs right now.

I'm fine here.

Is there someone in this room?

Leila, are you talking to somebody in this room?

Oh, my God.

Leila! Leila! Oh, my God!

Open the door. Leila, open this door!


Where is she?

God. Where the fuck did it go?

Lee, let's go. We're getting outta here. Go. Lee.

Oh, God! Where the fuck are you?

Where the fuck are you?

Leave my daughter alone!

What are you looking for? I know I saw it somewhere.

Just a tape, Mike. Just a tape.

Skyler, how's em? She need anything?

She's in her room with Leila. They're resting.

What are you guys doing?

I found this down at the police station.

Leila and hunter have the same birthday?

That has to be a coincidence.

Yeah. One hell of a coincidence, right?

June 6th, 2005.

Kristi's son is born on the exact same day as Leila.

They haven't found him yet? No. Katie is his aunt.

She killed Kristi and the Dad.

They even think she killed this family in Nevada.

Cops have been looking for her for years.

Wait. Here it is.

Look, there he is. There he is, right there.

I knew I'd seen this kid before.

Look. Look.

Tell me that's not him.

This tape is from 1992, Skyler.

So, the kid wasn't even born yet.

How did he get there? I can't explain it.

He and Leila have the exact same birthday.

What if this is where Tobi's gonna take Leila?

Hey, sweetie. Whatcha doing?

You waiting for Santa Claus?

He's not gonna be here for a few days.

Get away from me.

I'm putting this camera back in her room.

We need to keep an eye on her.

Look, father Todd said he would come back and help.

We just need to stay calm.

Come get some rest.

Leila, come play with me.

Leila? Leila! Where is she?

Leila! Leila!




What's going on? We can't find Leila!


I don't know where she went! Leila!

Leila! Leila!

Ry! That was Leila's room!

Leila! Leila!

Lee? Baby. Leila!


My baby, where were you, honey?

Hey, sweetie. Hey.

Where were you, baby? Where were you?

Cold. Talk to me. Talk to Daddy. Are you okay?

I'm going to set him free, Daddy.

Let's go! We're leaving right now! No! I'm not going.

Honey, stop it! We love you. Stop screaming.

I'm not going! I'm not going!


Do you see anything?


Let's make this quick.

In here somewhere.

Do you see anything?

No, I'm not picking anything up.

I'm not crazy, right? It feels different in here.

It doesn't feel as bad.

Yeah, it does. It's like a different place.

Should we call them at the hotel?

No, let's let them sleep. I bet they're exhausted.

Oh, em said make sure to grab a jacket for Leila.


Do you see anything?


Oh, wait. What's that?

Did that happen last night?

I don't remember seeing it before.

I'm not seeing anything.

You okay?

What is that? Don't know. Just found them.

Okay, let's...

Let's get the fuck out of here.

Ready to go? Just a sec.

Come on. We should get back. It's getting dark.

Look at all this stuff. Ryan's been going crazy.

This is the research he was talking about at the hotel.

Look at this.

Holy shit. That's like Leila's drawing.

It looks like it. "Revelations 5:6."

"The slain lamb will be used against God, "for the blood of the chosen ones will taint it

"and help give life to one of the seven princes of Hell.

"Each prince shall return through the blood

"of the two born of the same moon."

That's Leila and hunter. It's their blood.

What if the witches are using them in some kind of ritual to give Tobi a human body?

What? Skyler, what does this mean?

What was that?

What is that? Is that the door?

What was that? The front door's open.

Did you lock it? Yes.


Em? Ry?

Hello? Skyler...

I'm just checking.


What was that?

It was Leila's room.

Didn't we leave that door open?

I don't remember.

Leila? Leila?

What are you doing? What...

You've got to stop, sweetie. Leila, stop.

Leila. No, no, no, stop, sweetie.

Answer me. Leila, where's your Mom and Dad?

Where's your Mom and Dad?


I am the bringer of he.


Who's "he"?

Leila, no, honey. Leila, stop. Stop. Leila, stop.

Do you mind if I touch your hands, honey?

She just, uh, showed up here?

Yeah. We were at a hotel, six miles away.

We went to sleep for two minutes.

I have no idea how she got here. She was gone.

Can we have a chat in the kitchen?

Yeah. Hey, Sky, could you take her?

I've spoken to someone outside the church.

There's only one way to save your daughter.

But I have serious reservations about what they proposed.

Father, you are the only one who believes us.

You have to help us. We have to do something.

If we don't, we'll end up like hunter Rey and his family.

An exorcism is a remedy for someone who's possessed.

I do not think that's what's happening right here.

What do we need? What's happening?

We need an extermination.

Emily, do you have them?

We need to soak those sheets in Holy water.

It'll subdue the Demon and protect us against him.

Ryan, your daughter was born on June 6th, 2005. Right?

It's the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year, 2005. 666.

I believe this is no coincidence.

She's part of the prophecy.

The Witches on those tapes, the Midwives?

I think their job is to give demons life, to allow them to walk the earth.

They targeted your daughter to help them do so.

You understand how serious this is?

Yeah. So, we need to trap this thing using your daughter as bait.

Downstairs, we'll draw the key of Solomon.

Once the Demon is lured inside the trap, we're gonna cover it with sheets and burn it back to Hell.

The blessing of the father almighty be upon this creature of salt and let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hence and let all good enter.

In the name of the Holy spirit. Amen.

I'll go check on Leila.

The blessing of the father almighty be upon this creature of salt...

That's good. Skyler, make sure the line is straight. Okay?

Complete the key and make sure it's straight.

How's Leila? She okay?

She's doing okay. Emily's with her.

That's perfect. Can you help? Please.

Sheets and Holy water. Bring it over. Thank you.

I'll try to lure the Demon out into the circle.

We're gonna trap that thing.

Scatter salt around the perimeter.

All around the perimeter.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou as the prince...

Tobi? I think so.

Keep doing what you're doing.

We need to keep provoking him.

Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.

Father, something's happening!

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle.

Why is everything shaking? What's happening?

...and do thou, o prince of the heavenly host...

Keep calm, everyone.

By the power of God, cast into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits.

Body of Christ... Cast into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits.

Water flowing from the side of Christ, wash me clean.

Oh, my God! What is going on?

Emily, go get Leila. It's time. It's time!

Get in the circle. Get in the circle.

Everybody, get in the circle.

Come with me.

Everybody in the circle. Now!

Hail, Mary, full of grace. The lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women...

Hail, Mary, full of grace. The lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Jesus.

Father, what happened to her eyes?

Why are they black? Leila!

Leila! What's happening to her?

He knows what you're doing.

Oh, my God! What happened?

Ryan, what's going on?

Father Todd!

Stay in the circle!

What do you see?

What's happening? Ryan, what do you see?

Where's father Todd? You see him?

Where'd he go? What do you see?



Oh, my God! Where did he go?

What are we gonna do?

We need father Todd for this all to work!

Hold on to Leila!

Stay close! Hold on! Hold on to Leila!

Get back! Get back into the circle!

Where is it?

Get back! I see it!

Get back! Get in the circle! Get back!

Mike! Get the sheets! We got to get the sheets!

Come on, we've got to put it on him!

Emily, grab the camera. What do you see?

We got to say the prayers! Get the book!

Is it working?

Skyler! The Bible!

Hurry! We have to finish this!

Here, I have it.

"In the name of Jesus Christ, our lord, "Mary, mother of God, "behold the cross of the lord, "flee bands of enemies.

"We drive you from us.

"Whoever you may be, Unclean spirits..."

"Pray, therefore, the God of peace, "to crush Satan beneath our feet."

Oh, my God, it worked!

Lee! You okay?

Mommy? Daddy?

Sweetie, are you back? What happened?

You're back. She's back. It worked.

It worked? It worked!

She okay?

Yeah. Let's get out of here. Let's go.



Mike, no! No!



Leila, come back here! Come back!


Lee! Lee, stop!

Ryan, I dropped the camera!

Just go get Leila!

Leila, stop! Please!


Ryan! Ryan!

Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!

Leila! Leila!

Oh, God, what is this? What the fuck?

What the fuck is that?

What the fuck is that?

Oh, God. Oh, no.

Stay away!

Oh, God, what is this?



Leila, it's Mommy.


Oh, fuck!

Where is she?

You're too late.

What have you done with her?

The darkness. It's coming.


Where is my daughter?


Where is it?

Where is my daughter? Where is she?

You're too late, Emily. It's done.

He's real now.

No. No, you tell me where she is.

Tell me where she is!

Where is she? Leila!

Oh, my God.

What is that?

My God, what the... Oh, God.

Oh, God...

Oh, God. Leila!

Oh, baby, hi. Are you okay? Are you okay?

Are you okay?

I'm okay, Mommy.

They just needed one drop of my blood.

What? Where did they cut you? What did they do to you?

Oh, baby, your hand.

He's alive now, Mommy.

He's real, just like you and me.

Shh. What are you talking about?

What did they say to you, baby?

Oh, God. Stay back. Stay back, stay back.

Stay away from us. Stay away from us!

Go, Leila, go!

Please, you've gotten what you wanted.

You got what you wanted. Please, leave us alone.

Hi, Tobi.