Paranormal Island (2014) Script

MAN: Isolated in the middle of Grass Lake, Illinois, is a man-made island bar known as Blarney Island.

It's been there for over a hundred years.

It started out as a trading post for booze running, gamblers, and gangsters who would travel up from Chicago.

Once they arrived to the lake, they would catch a ride on one of the shuttle boats to the island.

This made for a perfect hideout because the only way in was by boat.

Lookouts could see local authorities coming from a mile away.

As legend has it, the island is haunted.

It reportedly happened after a card game when two local bar owners found themselves competing for the same customers.

What transpired that fateful night has affected thousands ever since.

Here is one possible explanation of how the bar also became known as Paranormal Island.

Why don't you settle down, Sammy, have a drink.

It's 'cause my neighbor's a pain in my ass.

My, my, now I see how your little bar stays afloat.


I raise.

With what?

You already gave me your boat.


That boat was a pain in my ass.

Just like it's new owner.

Bet's to you.

But since you haven't got anything left, I guess that's that.

Hold on a second.

Enough's enough.

I'll bet you the deed to the island against the deed to your place right now.

Nobody leaves the table.

Too much for ya?

I've just been waiting for you to ask.

I call.

I got you!

You're out on your ass!

This is what you get when you put your bar right next to mine.

Now I'll torch that dump down.

Yep, once again, you did it.

Oh yeah, I did it alright.

I did it.

Came up short...

Straight still beats a flush.

Drinks are on my house.


I told you you should have called it and gone home.

No, no, no, that's not right, that's not right!

You cheated me, he cheated me!

You cheated me!

It was fair and square.

No, he cheated, he cheated.

Nice job, boss.

First off, a toast, to my bar, a mile away from reality.



Thanks for saving me the trouble.

Throw him in the lake.

As much as I'm enjoying the view, why don't you put that away and go start the boat?

I like seeing the little bastard's blood.

[eerie music]

[floor creaking]

I said, go start the boat!

[floor creaking]

Who's there?


I said, who's there?


Who's there?


[water splashing]

Did you hear that?

It was nothing....probably just the water splashing the dock.

You hear that?

Just some kid.

Sound, it echoes across this lake.

Let's go.

I don't like it here.

Yeah, yeah, ok.

Cori, Cori, come on.


[motor starting]

Come on, Cori.

Throw the rope.

It's ok.

Let's go!

I'm trying!

The line is snagged on something.

[motor revving]


Chopper 12, are you there?

MAN: Copy that.

Just looking at another rookie boater out here.

And Chopper 12, you are live in 3, 2...

Good evening to all.

We are usually doing traffic right now, but today, we're sneaking away to Blarney Island for a look at some real fun as we head across the lake.

WOMAN: You're starting early out there, huh?

It's never too early.

Skies are clear, water a cool 68, air temp still a blistering 82 degrees.

But I guess I should leave the weather to the pros back with you.

Good idea.

Well, it's going to be crowded out here this weekend so enjoy yourself.

And remember, a sober boater is a safe boater.

That's it?

No traffic report?

Oh, we're getting there.

What a rough job you have.

Now, get back to work.


Heading east now to take a look at the highways.

Sure you are.

I say we land at the island next time and get a closer look.

Do that and we'll never see you again.

Very possible.

Over and out.

Dude, it better not rain.

Where's your cousin?

Ron is the boss.

He's sending us a ride.

This place is cool.


Hey, nice purse, Bro.

Hey, relax, it's a satchel.

Hey, be careful.

How's it goin'?

Let's see if we can find our ride.

Whoa, what's with the camera, Bro?

Rule one, always be ready.

Not my number one, but alright.

Yo, two birds, one stone.

Capture footage of a reported haunted place, make a little bit of cash.

Well, what's that got to do with birds?


Yo, check it.

Townie chick.

Townie chick, Bro.


What's up, Doll?

[laughing] Doll!

Wow, I don't know how that didn't work?

Good try.

The camera freaked her out, ya perv.


I don't want to get fired before I even start.

I'm just doing a little pregame, ya know?

I'm going to do a little research, ya know?

Hey, who are we waiting for?

Yeah, listen to this.

So there have been over 70 some odd reports of boat deaths, drownings, or missing persons out here over the past 50 years.


Since the early '60s, there have been reports of apparitions and ghost encounters, yet none have ever been recorded.

I call BS.

Me too.

Hey, give me the camera.

Yo, this is what you need to be filming, Bro.

This is such bullshit.

Hey, when you gonna graduate, and get a steady job so we can get some real cash for our own boat?

We can get... what's this we stuff?

You are going to finally graduate some day, right?

Yeah man, I just gotta ace my thesis and that's it.


It's my report about disproving paranormal occurrences with video.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What are you doing, dude?

Ohhhh... you're busted.

No, that's not...

Dude, you're going to get me in trouble, man.


Oh, no she didn't...

No way.

I know you like that.

She wants me, bro.

Alright, Lori, let's go.

We caught a ride.

Should have gotten one from them.

Are you Ron's cousin?




Hey, I'm actually Ron's cousin.

Give me a hand.

How's it goin'?

You need our help with anything?

[motor starting]

Here we go again.

How long of a drive is it?


Weird people out here, bro.

You can say that again.

I got it, honey.

Usually people introduce themselves when they board a boat.

Uh, yeah.

You're the employees, right?


Pardon me, bartender employees.

I'm Carl, I'm your ride.

Grab a seat.

I'm Lori, this is Mike, and that's Jerry.

I won't remember those.

There's so many faces out here, they come and go...

Ivy, you work on the Island, too?

Yeah, I actually grew up right around here.


Hey, uh, Jerry, right?

Lose the vest.

The cops are going to think you're drunk.




You all start tonight?

Yeah, first night.

No training?


They are replacing the ones that didn't come back.

Nothing like live bait.

What happened over there?

There's always something going on out here.

Looks like somebody crashed.

Something like that.

That's too bad.

Hey Mike, cops don't like it when you videotape them.

This kind of thing happens all summer.

So many people partying.

So I've read...

Ron said there are a lot of accidents that happen out here.

Oh yeah...

Maybe because there is a bar in the middle of a freaking lake, Carl.

Yep, it's a bar in the middle of the lake.

The infamous haunted island bar.

Hey, you guys look ripe for advice, I'm going to give you some.

Get off this island after closing.



Nothing good happens after hours.

People lose respect for this place and act careless.

C'mon, after hours, that's when all the real fun happens, Carl.

Not on this island.

Wait, what time does this place close?


Lame...should go 'til sunrise, huh?

This place is huge.

Well, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Remember this... don't give anything away, don't steal anything, and get off this island after hours.

Gotcha, Carl.

Thank you for the ride.

Is it cool if we leave our stuff on the boat?


Ivy, I'm going to dock the boat around back.


How ya doin', Bud?

Whoa, Joe-Bob, we're the bartenders.

Uh, yeah, you can let them in.


What's up, how you doin'?

How's it goin'?

I'm Jerry, what's your name?

Nice to meet you.

Catch you later.

How you doin', bro?

Hello? Hola?

No, no, no.

Jerry, this way.

Hello, hey Sheila, they're here.

Uh, hi guys.

You must be the newbies, I'm Sheila.

Hey, I'm Lori, that's Mike and Jerry.

Hey, what's up, I'm Jerry.


Nice to meet you.

Cool, welcome.

Well, I'll see you guys out there.

See ya.

Ooohhh, Dude, check this out.

This is Blarney Island in 1932.

Yep, it's been here for over a hundred years.

Ha, creepy and homegrown right there, dude.

Not too many branches on that family tree.

[humming "Dueling Banjos"]


This one says, "Leave your guns at the door."

Yeah, except for Capone.

"Local man takes his own life."

Wait, he killed himself here?

Shot himself.

That's the rumor.

So Ivy, do you live out here?

Does your family?

Ah...yeah, they used to.

They moved and you didn't?

They decided to move back to civilization., they didn't.

So, your family moved, but didn't?

Ah, yeah actually, my sister Janet, and my parents, they drowned when I was a kid.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Boating accident?

Ah, sure.

You could call it that.

Well, I'm going to go find Ron.


What were you thinking taking them past the boat wreck?

I didn't, Carl did.

Great, just what I need, more scared off workers.

Look, just send them to the outside bar, I'll be there in a minute, ok?



Hey guys, Ron's waiting for you at the outside bar.

That way.


See you later.

Hey, hey!

You all ready?

Hi, I'm Lori.

I'm Guy, saw you earlier.

I saw you, too.



Oh my goodness.

Who are these for?

Good time.



Yeah, you don't like shots?

I do not drink when I work.

Well, you guys ready?

Welcome to hell, shots are on me, everyone.


ALL: Cheers!

That was good.


Still carrying that camera everywhere, huh?

Hey Ronnie!

Good to see you, man.

You too, Mike.

Thanks for the jobs.

Hey, great timing, man.

You called right when I had a couple of openings.

So it worked out perfectly.

Hey guys, this is Ron, my cousin.

The owner of the place and our new boss.

Welcome to Blarney Island.

And you are?

I'm Lori, I go to school with Mike.

Nice job, good work there, pal.

No, no, no, we're just friends.

No, no, I mean, you're still in school?

C'mon, dude, isn't that kind of milking it?

Hell yeah, it's been like six years, right?


Five years and I graduate this summer in criminology.

Ohh, Officer Mike.

Don't forget, we're still family...

No, no, no.

Not an officer, forensic specialist with a focus on paranormal.

Very nice.

After six years of college, dude, you can call it whatever you want.

Happy to be here, man.

Hey uh, you know you're really going to do great out here.

Oh yeah?

Oh yeah, for sure.

Can't wait.

Hey Roy, how about you buy us a drink before we start, yeah?

Lined up, ready to go.

Go ahead, and by the way, it's Ron, not Roy.

Yeah, right Chief.


Alright guys...

Cheers, cheers.

Are there any party animals in the house?

[crowd yelling]

Hey, if you don't have a drink in your hand, grab one and let's have a toast.

To the Island!


Hey folks, the last shuttle leaves at midnight so drink 'til they're cute!




Good to see you.

You too.

Um, I'm looking for the stockroom.

Do you know where it's at?

Yeah man, it's down there and to the, to the, yeah, it's down there to the right.

Left, it's to the left.

To the left.

Maybe you should actually, uh, try working.

Just a thought.


Think about it.

[clearing throat]



I'm Mike, bartender.


Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Hey guys... stockroom?

Probably here.



That's real funny...ha ha!


Hey! Hey! Turn the lights back on.

I can't see!

There's a bartender in the back. Hello?


Can someone please turn the lights back on?

[door creaking]


What are you doing back here?

Umm...looking for cups.

I'm a bartender.


Mike, have you ever worked in a bar before?

Yeah, yeah...I... few... it's my first time.

I'm going to ask you again, Mike.

What are you doing on the island?

I just... my friends and I, we needed a job for the summer.

Ron's my cousin, so...

And you're going to stick to that story?

Well, yeah.

But I'm also doing research for school.

Research? I got it.

No, I...I'm, I'm doing research on the paranormal and uh, I'm focusing on The Caretaker.

You are, huh?

I read online that, that um, that he killed himself and now he haunts the island.

So you're doing research to find out if the island is haunted.


Huh, I've been working here off and on since I was a teenager.

I never saw anything.

That's good.

So nothing, I mean, nothing, nothing weird or unexplainable?

People make up stories.

They make up lies and they tell a lie over and over and over again until you believe it.

This island is not haunted.

People make this up for publicity so more people come.

So you're saying that The Caretaker is not real.

Mm-hmm, yeah.

A lot goes on on this lake.

Most people don't talk about it because shit happens, accidents happen.

And then people make up stories to make themselves feel better.

There's nothing on this island.

See, I'm actually trying to disprove paranormal.

So this helps my case.

You are, huh?

So by not finding anything, you prove your case?

Yeah, exactly.

Whoa, what a world.

Hey, um, could I grab my camera?

I want to film an old guy like you talking about how The Caretaker is not real.

Whoa...The Caretaker...


Last call.

Why don't you go pretend that you know what you're doing and get back to work.

Nice, uh... talking with you, Carl.

Yeah, me too.



Easy there cuz, you ok?

Yeah...I'm sorry, I was just hustling back to the bar.

Alright man.

Well, tell your guys wrap it up.

Good job tonight.

Hey, thanks.

Okay folks, time to finish 'em up!

You don't have to go home but you gotta get the hell out of here.

And take me with you.

Here you go.

Hey Lori, you all done?

Hey, yeah, I think Guy got tired of redoing all my drink orders so he said he'd wrap it up for me.

Hey Sheila, that's it, we're closed.

Thanks, guys.

Hey, don't you get tired of guys staring at you up and down all night?

No, if they stop staring, the tips stop coming.

Yeah, I have the same problem with chicks checking me out.

I just feel like a piece of meat.

Yeah, if you'd actually bartend a little, you know, you might not lose your job on the first night.

Oh, he's fine.

We had a couple of kids quit yesterday so we really need you guys.


Uh, I don't know.

It gets crazy, too much pressure, it happens all the time.

But you're making awesome tips?

Definitely, but uh, we earn them.

Well, nothing's going to keep me from quitting.

Well good.

I am done.

Ready for one?

Oh yes, please.

You work here?

Uh yeah, I've been your waitress all night.

Yeah, I knew that.

Whoa, hey, hey.

Hey Mike.


Uh...yeah, so um...Ron... Ron said we are done.

We can chill.

Yeah, you guys should go hang out on his boat.

Yeah, let's chill, count our cash.

Give me that, give me that, Ron cashes us out.

Yeah, plus his 20 percent.

At least, probably more for you.

-- To the boat. -- To the boat.


It's done, time for some fun!


This is gonna be so good.

Oh yeah.

Did you even work tonight, Jerry?

I worked, I worked.

First night, you guys survive?

Barely, but I liked it.

Hell yeah, I could do that all day.

What about you, college?

You alright?

Yeah, I'm great.

Made a little bit of cash.

Got some time to make some more footage for my thesis.

So this summer's it, huh?

After college, off to conquer the world.

Yeah, got to get a real job.

Can't bartend my whole life.

Real job?

Yeah, I'll do this my whole life, so...

That came off wrong.

I just, uh, bartending isn't for me.

Oh, but it is for me.

It's a hard job, Mike.

Have a little respect.

You know, Mike, before you go judging people, you should probably understand them first.

Just because you went to college doesn't really make you a better person than me.

Oh, and I uh, I, I love my real job.

I just meant that it's not the kind of job for me.

I want something more tangible.

I want a family someday, so I need security, I need a career... A real one.

Whoa! Family, what happened to my homie?

I can't even imagine having a family or anything long term.

I don't really understand people like you.

Book smarts, no real life experiences, just opinions.

That's an interesting way to live.

No, I never said that my way was the right way for everyone, but if you plan ahead, life turns out better.

But if you live in a book world, nothing unexpected can ever happen.

Trust me, in the real world, things don't really happen the way you plan it, see?

How can you, how can you say in the real world?

I have news for you, this lake life, this isn't the real world.

You're right.

I should've planned my life a little better.

Maybe I could have planned for the loss of my parents and my sister, too, asshole.

Jeez, what's your problem?

Damn...we almost saw a cat fight, Lori.


Here we go, relax Francis, you know.

I mean, just...

I wasn't trying to like start something, I was just trying to prove a point.

Just sit, drink, and relax.



Are you okay?


It's pretty cold down here.

Hmm, yeah.

Temperature really drops here at nighttime.

Is it going to take any longer?

Yeah, actually, I don't know what he's doing.

Let's go check.

Yo, we're on the clock, right?

Ha! I wish.

It's kinda creepy when no one's out here.

What is he doin'?


Alright, this is the actual lake area reported to have seen apparitions.

We are in the middle, on the island, after hours.

But as I suspected, nothing out of the ordinary.


Earlier, we were able to read some official documentation hanging from the wall which initiates the so-called

"haunted bar theory."

Another case of stories of the past being exaggerated and changed through time.

Whoo, ghosts.

Once again, my theory is proven.

I have to pee.

I should go find Ron.

Yeah, see ya.

See ya.

Let's get another bottle, bro.

Empty, let's go.

Empty, let's go?


Back to the bar?


Alright, brother, let's do it.

I can get some more footage in there.

There you go.

Hey, wait up!



I'm gonna get you.

Hey Ron, are you there?

Trying to leave.


So what are you doing later?

Down, boy.

I gotta go to the, uh, to the office.

Intercom's not working.

Mikey, I could totally hit that.

I know, I know.

But you know what they say, don't shit where you eat...

You know what they say, when in France...

No, they say... it's Rome, Jerry.

Rome what?

What the hell, guys?

Hey...alright man, turn the lights back on.

I didn't do it.

Jerry, just turn...of course, turn 'em back on, man.

It's not funny.

Like I really want to be stuck in the dark with you?

Where's the switch at?

C'mon! Guys!


[door creaking]


Hey guys?


Hey Mike!


Hey, was that Lori?

I don't know, I can't see.

There's gotta be a flashlight here, right?


Lori, over here!


At the bar.

Just follow my voice.

Who shut the lights off?

Who do you think?


I didn't do it.

Hey, the power's been shut off.


Which means they shut it off from the mainland.

Where's Ron?

He's the only one that can do that.

So he's at the mainland?


He left?

Well, he's got our money.

Yeah, the cash is still there guys.

Let me just grab the flashlight.

Well, I'm having one on him first.


What the hell was that?



Who's there?

I don't have any money!




Yeah, it's Andy. Who's you? Ivy?


Who else is here?

No one.


I passed out.


What time is it?

It's like 2:00 AM or something.

No one else is here?

No, just us.

What, are you guys high?

Everyone knows we can't be here after the island closes.

Relax, we're going back soon.

Well, since we're here...

Wait, wait, wait, seriously, we're the only ones here?

Yeah, chill dude, it's fine.

Yeah, well uh, I've heard stories.

That's why I've never worked here before.

My man, have a drink, okay?

Let's make the most of it.

So hey, what stories have you heard?

Andy, shut it.

Just shit.

What kind of shit?

I gotta see if anyone else is here.

After party after all.

They'll be there for hours, trust me.

All right, cool.

I'm going to get some more footage and then we'll go.


See you guys there.

This island has been here over 100 years.

There have been many mysterious deaths and missing person reports.


Dude, are you serious?

Just give me a second, dude.

My bad.

The townies, I mean, the locals passionately believe that this ghost is real even though they haven't given or seen any proof of a real ghost...


Hey Mikey, Mikey.

Mikey, wait up.

Mikey, Mikey!









Yo, this place is creeping me out.

C'mon, let's get out of here, bro.



Hey guys...

Hey, yo DJ.

You were just by the bathroom, right?


By the


By the way, there's no boats at the docks.

Ours is out back.


On the lower deck.

There's no boat.

What about on the side?

Guys, there's no boat out there.

No way, man, come on.

No way! No Way!

Where's the boat?

Told you.

Ron's gonna kill me.

Where is it?

I didn't take it!

Jerry, stop.

He couldn't have hidden it in two minutes, man.

It must have gotten away from the dock.

With what, the wind?

Or the locals.

Give me that...


I didn't drop it!


Damn it!

This cannot be happening!

I don't think anyone would steal it.

This is bad.

This is really bad.

We need to wave down a passing boat and get help.

Yeah, let's wave down a passing boat.

Yeah, so we can get the hell out of here!

We got a better chance of him getting laid than us seeing a passing boat at this hour.

At least we're stuck on an island with two pretty girls.

It's not the time.

What about the shoreline?

No, it's too far.

No, it's not that far.

He can make it, right?

It's a mile away!

I could make it.

Andy, it's too far.

Okay you guys, this is how people die out here, seriously.

Relax, Grim Reaper.

It's a couple hundred yards away.


I think I can make it.

Yeah, and then the undertow will take you three miles that way.

Yeah, Ivy's right, let's not chance it.


You sure?

Yeah, man, it's just not worth risking, let's go.

C'mon guys.




Lori, what happened?

I saw a little... girl.

A what? You saw a girl?


Under the dock...

Under the dock?

Calm down, Lori, you're just seeing that shit.

Look at her... she saw something.

It's okay, we're going to walk you back inside, alright?

It's okay.

Have a seat.

Don't they have a phone here?

Does anybody got a cell?

No, there's no land lines on the island.

I still don't have service.

We could try the roof.

Let's try something, please?

It's worth a shot.

How do we get up there?

This way, c'mon.

We'll be right back, guys.

Just hang here.

Hey, come right back, you two.

So we're just going to sit here?



I know Lori could use one.

I don't want one.

Wow, I can't believe we have a bar to ourselves and both of you aren't in.

We need to figure a way out of here.

We're screwed.

Cheers to me.

What is wrong with you?

It might help you calm down a little bit.

I don't want anything.

I want to get off this island, okay?


See any boats?


Do you have a signal?

Yeah, yeah.

It's faint but... I can try.

There is nobody out here.

[phone beeping]

Cut out...


And now it's gone.

We gave it a shot...

I can't believe we're stuck out here.

I know.

We should go back.

One hell of a first day at work.

I'm sorry.




This is all your fault, Ivy.


Well, you're in charge.

I didn't do anything.

The boat's gone, Ron left us, whatever.

It's not my fault.

So Ron's coming back, right?

No, he probably thinks that we're home.

Ron is going to freak!

No, it's fine, okay, we just need to think.

Hey Lori...

So, what did you see out there?

Shut up!

C'mon! It's for Mike's thesis.

Stop it.


Guys, we need to find a boat.

So why don't we all go outside, comb the docks, see what we can find.

You might have a drinking problem.

Nope, no problem drinking that one.


Is there someone in the corner?


Right there?

There's nothing there.

You guys are losing it.

You guys are freaking me out.

Stop it, Mike.

I'm serious.


Do you guys see that?

No wonder they say this place is haunted, it is.


Who's there?

Can you hear us?

Mike, seriously, you're scaring us.

I see it.


[garbled voice]

Yo, did you hear that?

[garbled voice]

Shhhh, you guys hear that?

Who said that?

[garbled voice]


Are you guys messing with me?


He's coming...

[garbled voice]

Who the hell was that?

I don't care.

I'm fine not knowing.

I heard that, too.

Where did it go?

I'll play it back, I'll play it back.

You have to turn it all the way up.


Oh my gosh!

That doesn't prove anything.



We got to find a boat.

We got to go.

It's a boat!

Or bait...

Think we'd make it?

I would not try to swim.

Hell yeah, I can make it.

C'mon Andy, it's dangerous.

Relax, okay, let him go.

I think he should do it.

I don't know, man.

Dude, I'm going.

Andy! Don't man, c'mon.

Go, go, go.


Come on, Andy.


Swim buddy, swim.

Let's go, Andy!

C'mon, Andy!

Come on, Andy!

Yeah, come on.

You got it!

Let's go, buddy!

C'mon, Andy!

He's gonna make it, bro.

Let's go, Andy!

Did he make it?

Where is he?

Dude, where did he go?

Where is he?

Did he make it?


There he is! Andy!

He made it.

Ha-ha! Whoo!


Oh my God!

Hell yeah!

I told you I'd make it!


Hurry it up and get your ass over here!





[screaming and yelling]

Mike! Mike!

No, don't go out there!

Mike! Mike!

Get back here!


Mike! Don't go out there!

Mikey, let's go!

What's going on?

Lori...What, what is it?


Lori, what is it?



Is that you, Janet?

Who's Janet?

It's my sister.

It's my sister.

She's the one that drowned.


[whispering] The Caretaker's coming.



Lori! Lori!

Get inside now!

No, no, I can't leave Lori!

No! Let's go!

The Caretaker's coming, we have to go!

No, no, I can't leave Lori!

No! No!

Do you want to die?

Get inside now!

What are we doing?

What is going on?

We're leaving Lori?

What are we thinking about?

What is going on?

There's a legend that the Caretaker's soul protects the island late at night.

That is not real!

What do you think it is, huh?


Mike, no, no!

Mike, don't! Don't, don't!


I don't think so.


Someone's in here with us.

I know.


Janet, stop it!


Janet, is that you?

Is that your sister?


It's the same girl on the dock, she's in here.

Some kid ghost killed Lori and Andy?

No, I don't think so.


She's locking the doors to protect us.


Go, go!



Did you hear that?

Shhh, what is that?

Oh my God...

Shut up, Jerry!







Wait, what is it?

C'mon, up here.

It's a boat!

No, no, it's a trap.

We don't have a choice.

No, Mike, no.

Mike! No!



He'll be back.

The window.


Up there, there.


[motor buzzing]

Come on.

This one, this is the one.

We have to break it.

We have to break the lock.

Nobody's been up here in years.


What is it?

It's the Caretaker's old room.


Let's find something.

Watch out.

This is the Caretaker's room?


This is where he used to stay when he would come to the island.

Here's to single living, double drinking and...cheers.


Help! Help!

Hey, they need help! They need help!

You gotta help!

Whoa, whoa, bro.


C'mon man, you gotta get out to the island!

It's closed.

No, you don't understand.

My friends and I were left out there accidentally.


My friends and Ivy.

Just get out there before something bad happens to them!


Alright, alright, calm down.

We'll go check it out, but if you're lying, I'm calling the cops.

Fine! Call them! Call them now!

Let's go, please!

Let's go! C'mon! We gotta go!

They're out there, let's go, c'mon!

Shut Up.


Shut up.

You shut up! Let's go!

Settle down, settle down.

Let's go!

What, what are you doing?

Get in.

No! No!

I'm not going! I'm not going!


Shut up.

Get in.

No! I can't go!

I can drag you.

I can't go! No!

Shut up.


You gonna get in?

Wait, don't!

Now get in...or I'll drag your ass, let's go!


C'mon, get down, get down.

God, I can't believe this is happening.

I was so certain that this wasn't real.

What are we going to do?

I don't know.

Maybe if we wait here until sunrise.

Yeah, uh, I want to apologize for being such an insensitive asshole about your family.

It's okay.

Sometimes I wonder if what happened with my parents is why I'm still here.

Can't move on with my life.

There's still time.

Come on, we have to go, let's go!



Oh God, oh!

Oh my God.

It's the waste from the toilets.

[coughing and gagging]

It smells like a dead animal.


Oh my God! Oh my God!

Okay, go! Go! Go!

Door's open.

Somebody's here.

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock!

Shut up.

Hurry up.

Who's in here?


You better show yourself!

I'm warning you right now, you better show your face.

Who's out there?

I know you're in here, so just show yourself, buddy.


Who is that?

Show yourself now!

Stop messing around!

This is not funny!


C'mon, c'mon.

It's not gonna work, power's out.

It runs on a battery.

Oh, thank God.

Okay, c'mon.


Who is that?

That's Becker.

That's Becker the security guard.

Then there's got to be a boat here.

Look around.




Oh God, Jerry.

I knew he'd come back.

Come on, Jerry.

Oh my God, look.

What is that?

[garbled voice]

Oh my God!

He knows we're here.

We have to go now.

We have to get to the boat now.

Where's the boat?

The boat was just here.

Jerry! Jerry!

He just left us here?

No, there's no way.

Come on, get down, get down here.

[water splashing]

[camera chiming]



I don't hear anything.

I don't hear an engine.

Where did the boat go?


He's coming.

Shh, come on.


What do you see?

Oh, do you hear that?


This way.

Hey, who's that?

Over here!

It's Jerry.

Stay low, stay low.


Hey, over here!

Come on, come on.

Oh Jerry.

Over here.

Go, come on. Go!

Push it! Push it!

I can't, help, help.

Mikey, get me outta this.

Come on!

You got this.

Come on, you gotta go in!


Jump for it!

I can't swim!


Get him!

Climb on!


Grab my hand, grab my hand.

Ivy, Ivy, don't let go.

Grab me, pull me up!


No! No!


Mike! Mike!

[crying] No!




Is she dead?



Hey, hey.

You're okay, you're okay.

[little girl giggling]

It's okay.

Get us out of here.

Look! Look!

They saved you.

[talking and laughter]

We have another report of two missing kids.


Yes, again.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

I didn't hear anything about this.

Well, it was last night.

Wait, my security did a sweep, just like they always do, there was nobody on the island.

As they always, who was injured last night?

Oh, it was just a security guard.

He tripped over a chair or something, hurt himself, but he's fine, I'm telling you, there's no problem.

Okay, alright, um, well, if you hear anything, please tell us, or let me know, okay?

Of course, yeah, for sure.

Alright, I gotta get back to work.

I'll see you later, alright?

See ya.

Thanks, Shirley.

In local news, two bodies were found on the lake this morning in what appears to be a tragic accident.

Authorities stated a young couple went out on their boat for a swim last night and apparently drowned.

The boat was recovered some two miles away.

Advertisers are often faced with a problem of catching the attention of perspective...

A mile away from reality.