Party Line (1988) Script

(Multicom Jingle)

(suspenseful music)

[Woman] Hello.



Uh-uh, I've never called the party line before.

Well, that's actually not true.

I called it once before, but I just listened.

Yeah, I like to listen.

(chuckling) Hello?

Did somebody else get on the line?

So, hi.

Oh, I could definitely get into that.

(laughing) You're sick.

Well, I don't know.

When do you wanna meet?

That'd be great, tonight, mm-hmm.

I'll see you there.


(moaning) When I'm in the mood, oh, I can be talked into anything.

(moaning) No, no preference.

You name it, I like it.

Inhibited isn't in my dictionary, sweetheart.

I'm not a tease.

I've gone out with plenty of guys from the party line.

I told you, I'm just real picky.

(jazzy music)

(both moaning)

(man chattering)

(both moaning)

Angelina, you naughty girl.

(Angelina giggling)

Doing it again, huh?

Hi, sweetie. Sweetie?

Who the hell are you?

Who could I be?

I could be Angelina's husband.


(Angelina giggling)

I swear to god, I had no idea that she was married.

You didn't say you were married.

See, I'm a free-spirited individual, right?

I mean, most husbands would wanna come in here and rip your heart out, but not me, I just wanna get acquainted, Mr. Curtis Wes.

(Angelina gasps)

You told me on the party line your name was Tom Brown, Curtis.

Shame on you.

Let me take a look at, oh, he's a family man too.

Aren't we just full of surprises?

You've had a couple of surprises yourself.

Look, why don't you just give me my wallet, and I'll get out of here.

I got a great idea.

Why don't we call the wife and kids and let them know what daddy's been up to, huh?

Why don't we tell 'em daddy's been fucking my wife, in my own father's house?

Look, I don't want any problem.

I'm sorry.

Look, just give me the wallet, let me get out of here.

What's the number, Angelina?

Okay, let me just get outta here.

I don't want any problem here.

I didn't know she was married.

No, I think an apology's in order here, don't you?

I said I'm sorry.

I had no idea she was married. You're supposed to be sorry.

Now say you're sorry.

Say you're sorry.

[Angelina] Good work, baby brother.

I think he's sorry now.

[Angelina] Now get Daddy's razor.

(upbeat music)

(car engine revving)

(speaking in foreign language)

I have your table right over here.

You're so lovely tonight.

♪ Master dancer ♪ There you go.

[Man] Thank you.

[Waiter] Have a lovely evening.

♪ Master dancer ♪

♪ Ooh come around ♪

♪ Pretending you're so bad ♪

♪ Word is out ♪

(vocalizing lyrics)

(gentle music)

(suspenseful music)


You scared the shit out of me.

Sorry about that.

How did you get in?

I'm the DA.

Your landlady recognized me from TV.


What's the champagne for?

Just my way of saying thank you.


Your work.

Your dedication.

Henry you're a nice guy and not a bad boss.

Thank you.

But I don't like mixing work with pleasure.

We're not at work right now.

(phone ringing)


All right, I'll be right there.

What is it?

Looks like another one.

Another body?


Damn, that's four this month.

I'll see you in the office.

(police radio chatter)

Oh DA's here.

Should be able to wrap this case up within a few minutes right?

Who found him captain?

The bum here.

I'm not a bum, I'm homeless.

Did you get a statement?

Well I guess you could call it that.

Okay suppose you tell me what you saw.

Well I was just standing here taking a leak and trying to relieve myself and I felt like someone was watching me and I can't do it when someone's watching me you know what I mean?

Did you actually see someone dump the body?

Well I turned around, I saw this red fancy sports car just taking off.

[Woman] Did you get the license number?

Are you crazy?

I can't see a thing without my glasses.

Well, did you get all that?


[Policeman] Hey, do something will ya?

Chief rocksit!

You got em.

Center court mister.

All right honey.

You sexy devil, I don't know how you do it.

I told you, Magic and I are just like this.

You wish.

I know.

You ready?

Come on Okay.

All right.

(talking at the same time)

Luck, luck. Skill.

(clears throat)

I think I hear my computer calling me.

You know I really hate to break this up but I've been in an alley looking at stiffs while you stand around shooting trash can basketball.

What can I say Lloyd?

Vice is nice.

Homicide is murder.

Got a flash for you Mr. Vice.

One of your playmates is back on the street.


Who? Well I'll give you a hint.

Always makes bail before the ink is dry on the reports.

[Both] Gonzales.


Two of his bimbos came in here with a suitcase full of cash, made bail about a half hour ago.

What a business, we put 'em in, they let 'em out.

Your shot Lloyd.

Find a book to stand down?

He really wants to nail that dealer.

He's too good a cop, he's wasting his time on a loser like Gonzales.

(soft piano music)

(clicking tongue)

You just ruined father's favorite piece.

Darling, you were father's favorite piece.


[Man Over Phone] I'm especially fond of lips.

Lips that like to explore.

Hey baby, these lips have been to places that aren't even on the map.

[Woman] Well my nickname is Sugar Lips.

Sugar, is that really you?

I've been calling this party line for three months trying to track you down.

Who's this?

[Man] Lenny.


[Lenny] Yeah Mr. Footlong.

The guy who could lick his own eyebrow.

I have a question for the woman who navigates without a map.

That's me.

Go on, say something.

Are you there explorer?

This guy's always on here.

I love his voice.

Uh yeah, I'm here baby (giggling).

[Lenny] You have the most charming way with words.

I was curious, are you as adventurous as you claim?

I could do things to you that would curl your toenails.

Explorer, I want to meet you.

Don't hold me in suspense any longer.


Shit! They're home early!

It's only nine o'clock.

Hi Mr. and Mrs. Simmons.

This is my friend Alice.

She just stopped by to keep me company.

Hi Alice. Hi.

How are you? Fine.

Everything go all right Jennifer?


Did Alison give you any trouble?

She went to bed on time?

Perfect little angel as always.

Come on kids, I'll give you a ride home.


Uh uh, this is the first time I've called the party line.

Well, that's not actually true, I called once and I just listened.

Um hm.


Did somebody else pick up?

No we're alone.

So, um, hi.

Uh huh.

(giggling) I could get into that, mm-hmm.

Well it depends, what type do you like?



Well um, what about later on tonight?

Huh? Yeah.

No, no I could get into that.

Um, well why don't we meet at your house?

Okay well then do you know Experience?

Mm-hmm that's the place.

Yeah I like it too.


Oh that'd be (laughing)...

You're wild aren't you?

I like that.

Oh hold on just a minute, hang on just a second.

Oh this one, this one is a gem.

You are gonna love this.

Give me a bite of that.

Hello? Hm?

No uh uh, I'm just eating something.


Uh huh.

Well that's what we'll do then.

So how am I gonna know you?

Do you have anything red?

A red handkerchief, oh that's perfect, yeah.

You wear that.

I'm looking forward to it too.

I'll see you then, bye.

So how are things going at school?

Great. Fine.

Any boyfriends yet Jennifer?

No not really.

Well, it'll happen, it'll happen.

Well here you are, home sweet home Alice.

Good night honey, nice meeting you.

Whoa, Jennifer where you going?

That's okay Mr. Simmons, I can walk home from here.

Oh don't be silly, that's a long walk for a girl your age this time of night.

No telling what kind of perverts are out there.

Good night Alice.

(suspenseful music)

Wait a minute Jennifer, just hold on a second here.

Can we talk for a minute?

Why you sitting way over there?

Oh come on, come here.

Mr. Simmons, why do we have to go through this every time I babysit for you?

Honey why don't you just call me Jack okay?


Hey come here, come here.


[Jack] Jennifer, hey what the hell.

(suspenseful music)


I'm sorry.

You pricked me.

You can't do anything right can you?

Thanks a lot Alice.

Of course he had his hands all over me.

What do you think I did?

I slapped him.

Oh I know, I couldn't believe their timing either.

Just what I was about to go make a date exploring.

I don't know it's tempting.

His voice just sounds so totally--

[Mom] You're not on the phone are you?

I warned you about calling those party lines.

I'm in bed mom.

[Mom] Jennifer, your father's gonna get furious when he gets that bill.

I'm not on the party line mom.

Look I gotta go, I'll talk to you tomorrow okay?


(fast rock music)

Good evening ladies.

(rock music)

Senior Gonzales, it's good to see you again.

Thank you.

(upbeat rock music)

♪ Praise the lord and pass the loot ♪

♪ Praise the lord and pass the loot ♪

♪ Don't cross us ♪

♪ You'll get the boot ♪

♪ We'll make you turn to mute ♪

♪ Just praise the lord ♪

♪ And pass the loot ♪

♪ You can pray for peace in the world ♪

♪ You can pray for your health ♪

(vocalizing lyrics)

(engine revving)

♪ Praise the lord and pass the loot ♪

♪ Don't cross us ♪

♪ You'll get the boot ♪

♪ Well make you turn to mute ♪

♪ Just praise the lord ♪

♪ And pass the loot ♪

(rock music)

♪ Praise the lord and pass the loot ♪

♪ Praise the lord and pass the loot ♪

♪ Get the boot ♪

♪ We'll make you turn to mute ♪

♪ Just praise the lord ♪

♪ And pass the loot ♪

(vocalizing lyrics)

[Man] You showed up.

How could I resist such a sexy voice?

You're sexier in person.

I've got a lot of surprises for you.

(vocalizing lyrics)

So um, is this the first time you've met someone from the party line?

Yes it is.

Why do I find that hard to believe?

I don't know.

But believe me it is.

You look just like I imagined you.

[Seth] Smile.

Hey what is this?

What do you want, money?

Here take it.


That sounds like something father would have you know that?

And this was his razor.

He kept it very sharp.

It has a nasty tendency to nick.

Please, I didn't do anything to you.

No but you had plans for me didn't you?

Does your wife know where you are tonight?

How 'bout the kids, huh?

Hey, what is this?

Action Seth, do it, he's boring me.


(upbeat music)


[Man] Huh?

(speaking quietly)


Doing business at public toilets now?


[Man] Somebody help.



[Man] You asshole.



(suspenseful music)

You're a lot of trouble asshole.

I know police brutality when I see it.

Police brutality, something like this?


(upbeat dance music)

(motorcycle engine revving)


I need your car.


(police radio chatter)

[Man] Oh here we are.


How you manage to avoid catching Gonzales what seven times in the same month?

I mean that's got to be a new department record.

Yeah well it's been tough captain, but somebody had to break your old mark right?


Bringing your girlfriends to work now Lloyd?

You know damn well if my girlfriend looked like that I'd still be home in bed instead of standing here talking to you.

Detective Dan Bridges, this is DA Special Investigator Stacy Sloane.


What makes you so special investigator?

Don't pay any attention to him, it only encourages him Sloane.

I've heard a lot about you Bridges.


A bladder to piss.

Six cases dismissed because of illegal search and seizures.

Three charges on police brutality, eight lawsuits charging you with harassment of--

I'm very proud of each and every count.

Each of those suspects was guilty.

DA's office is doing a full investigation on you.

I'm so happy to see that you two get along so well because you're gonna be partners in this case.

What? Right.

May I ask why?

After I do.

Hey Lloyd, I'm vice, remember?

I know you're vice but you're better off in homicide.

Besides of which we need more manpower on this case and since you so conveniently stumbled upon the scene, you can start right now.

Meanwhile, I'm going home, get back in bed.

I am out of here.

Hey captain?

You got a problem?

Yeah, yuppie cops like you.

I'm an assistant to the DA, not a yuppie cop.

I like them even less.

I don't really care what you like or don't like.

We're not here to make friends.

We're here to solve this case.


Look, I'm not a babysitter okay?

You get in my way I'm gonna leave you behind.

I can hold my own.

Just make sure you hold yours.

Fine. Fine.

All right so give me some background so I know where we're headed at least.

It's a bit thin.

We've only just started the investigation.

We're just beginning to see a pattern now.

There've been five victims, all of them married men.

All the bodies were in the Hollywood area.

That's all we have.

Look I want to talk to the rest these witnesses okay?

Be my guest.

Okay people I'd like to get a statement from any of you who may have seen or heard anything in regards to the victim or possible suspects.

Excuse me, I'd like to get a statement from you.

Excuse me.

If any of you may have a statement you could give me if you're a witness to the...

(gun shooting)

Don't get your panties all in a bunch, it was a blank okay?

Could we have your attention.

Great, all yours.

Are they any witnesses here?

Yeah well I saw that guy leave the club with a good-looking redhead.

I saw a woman get into that Mercedes when I first got here.

[Man] What did she look like?

Red hair, beautiful dress.

I didn't think anything of it till a few moments ago when I saw her tear out of here in a red BMW.

Yeah I think I saw her to too.

She turned left down there.

[Stacy] Officer get an APB on that BMW now.

Pull over anything that remotely resembles that within a five-mile radius.

Thank you.

Let's go Lieutenant.

What was the point of that?

I'm just doing my civic duty.


Thanks for waiting.

You are not going to spoil my good time.

[Policeman] I need to see some ID.


I need your name and address for our report.


Do me a favor would you?

You're sitting on my lunch.

Thank you.

Did you have to fire your gun?

It worked didn't it?

[Woman Over Radio] 117, 117, we have a red BMW with suspects at corner of Fountain and La Cienega.

Two blocks.

(upbeat music)

(vocalizing lyrics)

(upbeat music)

(vocalizing lyrics)

(radio chatter)

(tires squealing)

[Man] Damn that isn't her.

(upbeat music)

(audience applauding)

You look so sad baby brother.

Don't treat me like one of them.

Everything all right here?

Oh yeah everything's fine.

It's just a little family spat.

This is my baby brother Seth.

Seth this is...

I'm sorry I forgot your name.


Herk, surely you jest Herk.

Find something amusing with my name?

No I find it nauseating.

Seth, you know how I abhor violence.

Listen Herk, I'm gonna go to the ladies room but I would really love to dance with you some more later.

Maybe I could use a little fresh air myself.

♪ I need to satisfy just one thing ♪ I want to talk to the victim's wife.

Naw, let a uniform take her statement.

Won't be much good to us in our condition tonight.

(siren wailing)

[Stacy] Oh wonderful, a cop giving a ticket to a cop.

(siren wailing)

I know that sorry excuse for driving anywhere.


Hi. Hi.

I saw you on TV, you're with the DA's office right?

That's right.

Well well well, back in homicide eh Dan?

Word travels fast.

I'm psychic.

Guess I'd better let you two get going.

Make sure he gets home in one piece okay?

See you later Danny Boy.

Cover your ass Butch.



Short for Petoskey.

I thought it was against regulations for you to be involved with another officer.


No Butch and I aren't involved.

Just old fishing buddies.

♪ But tonight that's not the only thing ♪

♪ I must express to me ♪

(upbeat music)

(suspenseful music)

What the fuck do you want man?

(suspenseful music)

(upbeat music)

Come on, let's get out of here.

I think the police might come back.

I'm having fun.

I saw him leave with someone else.

Are you sure?


Relax little brother, didn't mommy teach you that haste makes waste?

Honey, why don't you come to bed?

Come on the bills can wait.

No they won't.

Most of these are overdue now.

When was the last time Jennifer sat for us?

Before tonight?

Two weeks ago, why?

What was the date?

The 15th.

You sure?

I should hope so.

It was our anniversary.

Uh, I'm gonna go fix myself a little snack.

I'll be right back.

[Woman] Hello, who's this?

[Man] Well who's this?

[Woman] Well I asked you first.

[Man] This is Samson.

[Woman] Samson?

Oh Samson you got a lot of muscles huh?

[Man] Rock hard baby.

Who are you people?

[Woman] Who are you?

I'm Jack.

I found this number on my phone bill.

[Woman] Well you got the party line sweetheart.

The party line?

[Woman] Uh huh.

[Woman] Yeah baby, let's party.

Hey Jack, you got muscles like Samson?

[Samson] No one's got muscles like Samson.

Yeah I don't know about this Samson but you haven't met big Jack yet.

Okay lieutenant let's hear it, why didn't you want this assignment?

Short and sweet, I don't like Wilson.

Do you know the district attorney personally?

I know he's an asshole.

[Stacy] What is that supposed to mean?

Let's just say it gets old putting my butt on the line everyday so there's some politician like Wilson can shoot me down over some technicality.

Those technicalities protect people's rights.

I'm talking about tracking down a cold-blooded child murderer five years ago while you were still sweating over grades in criminology.

Had the son of a bitch red-handed.

Wilson wouldn't prosecute because I didn't follow proper police procedure.

[Woman Over Radio] 117, 117 do you copy?


[Woman Over Radio] Respond immediately to a homicide at Experience Nightclub.

We're working on it.

[Woman Over Radio] No sweetie it's another one.

Run around in circles.

(police radio chatter)

Looks like the murder weapon was a straight razor just like our friend in the Mercedes.

Any witnesses?

Nobody saw anything, right?

(gentle chiming music)

(man speaking on TV)

(pensive music)

[Television Announcer] Weather, local news.

Authorities continue to look into the mysterious circumstances surrounding a double murder at Experience, The trendy West Hollywood nightclub.

The killings occurred within an hour of each other and seemed to be the work of the same razor wielding assailant.

The suspect was seen leaving the scene of the crime in a red BMW.

After the break...

I just saw it on the news.

You killed that other guy too didn't you, huh?


No wonder you were in such a hurry to leave.

And you told me that he left with somebody else.

I liked him.

Stop hitting me!

How dare you move on your own.

I had other plans for him.

You're blowing it Seth and I'm not going to prison because of your--

Stop hitting me!

You struck me, you little bastard.

Sorry Angelina, I didn't mean to hurt you.

Just don't hit me.

What are you doing in here anyway?

You are really sick.

I miss her Angelina.

(laughing) You miss her?

Well what do you miss the most?

Maybe it was the way she stumbled around here ranting and raving like some drunken old whore huh?

With a bottle of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Or maybe, maybe it was the way she bossed you around like a little mama's boy.

Seth darling, practice your piano.

Oh Seth don't play with--

Mother loved me.

Yes mother loved her darling little baby boy but what about Angelina?

What did she do when I went to her and I told her what father was doing to me?

She blamed me for it.

I say good riddance to both of them.


Now let me tell you something else you pathetic little mama's boy, you ever so much as bat an eye without my say-so and I'll be out of here so fast you won't have time to even think goodbye.

Don't leave me Angelina, I need you.

Don't tell me our little momma's boys' gonna cry.

Don't call me that.

Mama's boy.

Oh you're handsome, protect him.

Don't play with--

Stop it!

[Angelina] You're, you're special.

Mama's boy.

Mama's boy.

I said stop it.

You are a pathetic little mama's boy.

Come to mama.


(pensive music)

(soft jazzy music)

When'd you get in?


How you doin'?

A few minutes ago, I didn't want to wake you.

Gee I don't know if I should be grateful or hurt.

What's that?


Is Miss Sloane being tough on you Danny Boy?

Ah, this new case is giving everybody problems.

What's wrong?

No fingerprints, no witnesses.

This guy is either very smart or very lucky.

So tell me, how do you like working with your new partner?

It goes by the book.

She say anything about me?

You getting jealous on me?

Well did she?

Yeah she did.

Something about being against the rules for two cops to be involved.

I told her we weren't involved.


Just old fishing buddies.

Oh (laughing) well I think you got a bite, buddy.

Hey, I'll give you a bite.


(soft jazzy music)

(gentle music)

Ah, it's terrible.

Would you excuse us please?

This is your new partner?


Why didn't you consult me on it?

I didn't have a choice, Captain Barnes assigned him.

The man is a dangerous hot-headed jackass.

He'll get you killed.

He had a lot of nice things to say about you too.

He's unstable, he has no respect for the law and I want him off of the case.

Hey Shirley, it's good to see you.

Would you give me a break?

[Woman] Hey, I'm sorry, I tried to keep him out.

Mr. District Attorney, was it your idea to put Bridges back in homicide?

[District attorney] Don't you people have anything better to do?

I believe it was Captain Barnes' decision.

Any leads lieutenant?

No comment.

All right people please, uh, Lieutenant Bridges was assigned to this case because of his past accomplishments with homicide.

Well what about the West Side child killer?

It was you who refused to prosecute.

Yes it was, but I was forced to do that.

You see, it is my responsibility under the law to uphold the due process of all citizens.

Now perhaps if the lieutenant had been a little more mindful of the proper procedure those children might be alive today.

Oh you son of a bitch!

Dan if you weren't such an idiot sometimes you'd be much further along on this force.

Man you've really got to do something about your temper.

Why don't you take a seminar or something?

Save it Lloyd, I should have belted the son of a bitch a long time ago.

Well, I gotta admit, I've been tempted myself a few times.

The downside is I was beginning to get interested in this case.

Thanks a lot lieutenant, I was counting on you.

Yeah well that's the breaks.

Look I could still use your help.

Henry doesn't even have to know.

I'm going fishing.

What are you gonna do?

I'm on my way out to Bel Air to talk to some of the witnesses from the club last night.

Good luck.


(gentle music)

(pictures crashing)

(piano music)

(doorbell ringing)

Hello I'm Inspector Sloane from the District Attorney's Office.

We met last night.

Yes, I remember you.

I'd like to ask you a few more questions if I could.

I gave the officer my statement last night.

Yeah I realize that but sometimes you can remember more the next day after you have a good night's sleep.

Actually I was on my way out of here.

I promise I'll only take a moment of your time.

I told the officer everything I saw.

Uh huh, it was a red-haired woman in a red BMW?

Yes that's right, now if you don't mind.

Nothing else?

No distinguishing characteristics?

No, no.

But if I remember anything I'll be sure to let you know.

That's my sister.

Look she doesn't know anything about this and I prefer to keep her out of it actually.

Could you identify this woman in a lineup?

You have someone in custody?

No not yet.

Yeah give me a call, I'll be glad to help out in any way I can.

A Bosendorfer Imperial.

My grandfather had one of these.

Please, please do not touch that.

It's my mother's, please.

Seth, who's your friend?


This is Miss Sloane.

We were just--

Just talking about this beautiful piano.

Seems we have a mutual interest in music.

How nice.

Seth you really should entertain your friends at the house more often.

This place needs people.

Well thank you for your help Seth.

I really should be going.

Oh please don't rush off.

No I really should be going.

Well then promise us that you'll make time to come and visit us again real soon.

Well thank you, that's very nice.

I hope you're satisfied.

She doesn't suspect anything.

As far as she's concerned I'm a model citizen.

You're a model fool.

Please don't get angry (slapping).

Don't touch me.

(suspenseful music)



(engine revving)

[Stacy] Hi Ruth.

Hi Stacy.

I wanna check through CCI on these two people for me please.

Okay, it might be a while though, the computers are down again.

I'll be in my office.

Special delivery.

What is it?

Lab reports.

They apologize for the delay.

It seems that some idiot misplaced some of your evidence.

A wig.

I'm sorry what?

The hair we found from the Mercedes, it's definitely from a wig.

It looks like the same razor.

You know I'm beginning to wish I didn't let you head up this investigation.


Because we hardly see each other anymore.

Henry please, I have a lot of information to look at.


(exciting music)

(siren blaring)

Where's the fire?

It's a nice car.

The trouble with nice cars is there's always a temptation to see what they can do.


Let's see your license and registration.

That's interesting.

(suspenseful music)

(phone ringing)


[Man] Dan, I've got some bad news for you.

Butch is dead.

(smooth jazzy music)

Serious as a heart attack baby.

You name the place.

What's he saying?

What's he saying?

How about a cafe or something?

Someplace open.

That's right, Cafe Pacifica.

[Jennifer] Perfect, I'll see you in an hour.

[Seth] Wear something red.

What? Something red?

I'll wear something red hot.

But how will I know it's you?

[Seth] Red suspenders.

Red suspenders?

What are you, a fireman? well that remains to be seen hot stuff.

He says he's going to put out my fire.

You did it.

You really going through with it?

Still angry with me?

I like the way you handled that.

Good work baby brother.


This is the first night in a month I've gotten to sleep before the sun rises.

Who is it?

[Dan] Lieutenant Dan Bridges.

I want that son of a bitch.

I want him.

Dan, I'm really sorry.

Was it him?

Possibly, yeah.

What about the weapon?

The news said her throat was cut.

It was a straight razor.

They also found some hair on her uniform.

It matches the hair we found in the hand of last night's victim.


Who is it?

[Henry] It's me Henry.

Stay here and be quiet.

We don't need a scene.

You alone?

I thought I heard someone.

I couldn't sleep, I was watching television.

No what do you want Henry?

Well I wanted to talk, I didn't want to leave it the way it was at the office.

You missed me, admit it, come on.

[Stacy] Look we'll talk about it in the morning okay?

[Henry] Maybe I should take you off this case you know?

I mean you haven't been the same since it started.

Henry, leave, before I say something you might regret.

That I might regret?

Yes, that you might regret.

Get dressed.

[Stacy] Why?

We're not gonna catch this guy in our sleep.

All right.

(upbeat music)

There he is.

There are the red suspenders.

[Alice] My god, he is so cute.

[Jennifer] Who's that?

Well hello, fireman?

You sounded different on the party line.

Well you look exactly like I imagined you.

Oh yeah?


So you ready to do some exploring?

Hey, is that Mr. Simmons?

[Jack] Uh, excuse me, but I believe I heard you people talking on the party line?

[Seth] Maybe.

Well listen, I ah, I'm kind of new in town and I was just, you know, looking to meet some people.

I'm sorry to butt in, but to tell you the truth, she sounds an awful lot like somebody I know.

Three's a crowd.


But I have a sister who might like you.

Do you mind?

Not at all.

The more the merrier is my motto.

[Seth] Shall we?

[Woman] Why not?

Mr. Simmons is going with them.

Well can't we just go home?

This is getting way too weird for me.

I love champagne.

Makes me do the wildest things.

It brings out the beast in Seth.

Well it sure makes me horny.

Listen I've got a confession to make.

I've talked you all on the party line, but I'm really not the girl you thought you were gonna meet.

I knew it.

The other girl sounded like my babysitter.


Jack, are you a married man?


Well then I'd better get a little more champagne.

We don't want Jack to start thinking about the little wife.

(piano music)

Okay tiger, let's see if I can't tame that beast in you huh?

I'll ah, give her a hand.

(piano music)

I ah, thought maybe I could help.

That's sweet.

Jack, don't be in too much of a hurry.

I'll be right back.

Pop this.

(piano music)

You bet.

What's the matter?

Don't you like me huh?

Whoa relax, you're so tense.

Come on baby you know you want to party with me just a little.


Yeah, yeah.

Oh yeah.


Yeah, that's right.

See I know what you're all about

'cause I'm just like you.

Looks like you got a live one Seth.

I wish all your girls were this much fun.

So do I.

So where's your friend?

He's indisposed.

Then why don't you come and join the party for a little bit huh?

Oh let's have a little snack first.

Cold cuts?

[Dan] Okay we got two reports right?

We've got a sample from a wig.

We got a sample from a real head of hair.

[Stacy] The results from the pathology labs say that the razor cut according to the angle, it had to occur outside of the car.

The victim was in the car, a struggle--

[Dan] There was hair in the hand so there was definitely a struggle so either--

[Stacy] What?

[Dan] That either could be a transvestite or two people.


So where are we?

All the evidence leads to two killers, a man and a woman.


And all the victims were married men.

No wedding rings and dressed for a night on the town.

Except for the second victim at Fantasia.

He was single.

Yeah, but I think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like Butch.

So these guys are fooling around.

Yeah, they're going on blind dates, never coming back.

The question is, are they being set up or being picked at random?

I think they're being set up.

But how?


You got those phone records yet?

Yeah, they should be in, I'll check.

Ruth did you get the phone records yet?

[Ruth] Yes they're here.

Could you bring them in?

Sorry, didn't know you were here.

It's all right, thanks Ruth.

This is for three months?

Looks like our friends like to talk on the phone.

This guy spends more in one month than I spend in a whole year.

Wait a minute.

Look at this.

Nine seven six.

Nine seven six.

It's the same here.

Nine seven six. Nine seven six.

It's all over the place.

Party lines.

Looks like gender's not all our victims have in common.

(soft music)

(suspenseful music)

It's obvious these things are practically interchangeable.

They all called more than one party line.

Question is which one of these party lines is the link we're looking for?

You know what?

We should match the calls and see whether any of them were made on the same party line at the same time.

Good idea.

I've got a contact at the phone company.

(phone ringing)


I'll be right there.

Two more bodies just turned up in Malibu.

[Henry] What's he doing here?

Police personnel only.

Henry, I think I may have--

Captain get that man out of my sight.

Henry listen to me.

Stacy don't mess with me on this one.

Would you forget your stupid pride and just listen to me for a second?

No no that's it.

Now you're off the case and I want your files now.


Because I won't sleep with you?

What are you doing here Dan?

We're onto something Captain.

I can feel it.

You've been suspended, I don't want to hear this.

It's personal now.

You won't give it up will you, won't let it go.

Would you?

Let's go, don't worry about him.

(smooth jazzy music)

[Alice] He's way too old for you.

I just want to see if I can talk to him again.

You're not calling from my house.

My mom 'bout had a cow last time we got the phone bill.

[Television Reporter] We now move to other local news stories.

Oh my god look.

The following are sketches of the two victims whose bodies were found just a few hours ago here at Point Dune in Malibu.

If anyone has any information regarding the identities of either victims please call the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office.

This is Kimberly Lewis reporting to you from Point Dune.

KWIN news.

[Television Announcer] After the break, William will be back to give us...

[Jennifer] I'm sure it was him.

[Alice] I can't get involved in this Jennifer my parents will kill me.

Alice we're talking about murder here.

Besides I think we saw the creep who did it.

Oh now he's a creep, yesterday he was gorgeous.

Besides you don't know for sure if it was him.

Alice why don't you just go home.

I'll tell him I was there by myself.

You mean it?

Yeah, go on, go home.

Oh you're the best.

I won't forget this.

Can't believe that pompous ass.

How long were you and Wilson involved?

None of your business.


What am I doing?

I just spent four hundred bucks trying to stop smoking.

So what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna turn it over to Henry.

Just like that.

Yeah just like that.

Oh that's terrific, that's great.

But not before I make copies.

For both of us.

All right.


[Woman] Miss Sloane, there's a young girl here who was referred by the front desk.

I don't want to talk to anybody right now.

[Woman] She says it's about the murders.

Send her in.

Are you the woman that I saw on TV?

The one who's investigating the murders?

Yes I am.

What can we do for you?

I think I know who killed Mr. Simmons.


[Stacy] More hair?

[Jennifer] Yeah.


Good work Tom.

I owe you one.


Phone company records show that every one of them called that same party line.

You're lucky you didn't keep that date Jennifer.

Could you identify his voice if you heard it on the phone?


I think it's time we called this party line.

(elevator dinging)

When's the best time to call these party lines Jennifer?

Anytime, but night time's the best.

[Stacy] Are you sure you don't mind Jennifer?

[Jennifer] No.

(typewriter typing)

Not now, I'm late for my fundraiser.

[Woman] (mumbling) information, I can't look at it.

Thought you'd like to see it.

Miss Sloane is no longer on the case.

[Man] I got just what you're looking for baby.

There ain't a man alive that can top what I'm packin'.

Get lost creep.

I'm looking for a real man.

I'm looking for a fireman.

[Man] Honey I'll be whatever you want me to be.

I said take a hike.

[Man] Hey baby, I'm the man you're lookin' for.

I said a real man.

You sound like a eunuch or something.

[Man] Up yours too bitch.

[Woman] Hey sugar, why don't you and I get together?

I'll make you forget about men completely.

I'm sorry.

I think we should call it a night.

He'll show up I know he will, he always does.

It's just still too early.

It's late enough, your parents are gonna be really worried where you are.

No they won't.

I told them I was spending the night with my girlfriend Alice.

She'll cover for me.

Dan can I speak to you for a minute?


Relax Jennifer.

I don't like this at all.


First we get this 16 year old girl to lie to her parents and now we have her making obscene phone calls to complete strangers.

Something she's done a hundred times before.

[Stacy] I don't care, I don't like it.

Look, I don't like it either, but it's all we got at the moment, right?

I'm responsible. I know.

You realize anything happens to her, I'm responsible.

[Man] Party time.

Anybody out there want to party?

Mrs. Sloane, hurry.

[Woman] What'd you have in mind, party boy?

[Man] Yeah, I like champagne.

It's him! You sure?


Okay, see if you can get him to meet you.

Hey Boy Scout, this is the explorer.

Remember me?

Did he hang up?

Keep talking.

I was running a little late the other night.

Were you there?

I mean, I saw a man in red suspenders walking away with a woman in a red sweater and another man.

Was that you?

You sure looked hot.

I mean if that was you.

Look, I'm really bummed that I missed out like that.

Won't you give me another chance?

[Man] I think your boy scout hung up baby.

That's his loss isn't it?

[Seth] Okay Explorer, I'll give you one more chance.

But you stand me up this time and daddy just might have to spank you.

Bad girls should be spanked.

I promise I'll be good.

Meet me at Fantasia, 11 o'clock.

What's he going to be wearing?

And wear that sexy fireman's outfit.

Good, it was great.

You did great.


I've got a special date for us tonight.


Lady, the one who saw me leave the cafe with that Simmons fellow and the other lady.

I want to get her.

You're sicker than I thought.

No no no, I've got it all figured out and we can tell if it's a setup or not.

You can do whatever you want.

Where you going?


Just as far away from you as I can get.

You don't think I did this, do you?

I know you did.

Angelina, please listen.

You listen to me.

The fun and games are over.

You're blowing it.

It's just a matter of time before they catch you and I'm not gonna be here when they do.


Don't start that stuff with me mama's boy.

I'll be good, I promise.

Mama's boy!

Angelina, please.

Please don't leave me.

(suspenseful music)

Did I do that to you?

Let mama kiss it and make it feel better.



Uh, you're just like all the rest.

No I'm not.

No, I'm not!

Oh yes.

You're just like daddy, mama's boy.


Let go of me!

[Seth] No I'm not!



(suspenseful music)

Here you go Jennifer.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Can't I go with you?

Jennifer this is not a game, it's a very dangerous business.

How are you gonna recognize him?

Because you gave us a very good description.

And with his fireman's getup, I'll find him, believe me.


(sexy music)

That should get his attention.

(gentle music)

Do you like it?

I like it.

Sure you want to go through with this?

Might get tough.



Good luck.

(disco music)

Here you go sir.

[Dan] I didn't order this.

Compliments of the lady over there.

(disco music)

Excuse me.

Excuse me please.


What the hell are you doing here?

You need a positive identification.

I want you out of here right now.

What are you gonna do, arrest me?

I'm not going to play games with you anymore, you hear me?

Look Stacy's going somewhere.

Oh, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Don't move.

(disco music)


All right you want to help, do me a favor, just go in there and check it out.

And don't try to be a hero.

You see anything suspicious, I'll be right outside the door okay?

(disco music)

(water running)

It's okay, she's in there alone.

Hey, that's him.


Over there.

You stay right here.

(disco music)


We can go home now Angelina.

(disco music)

It's not him.

It's a set up.

Get out of the way!


(mysterious music)

She's gone.

Stay here, you hear me?

(engine roaring)

The Ferrari!

Who is in it?

A couple of girls.

One of them looked pretty loaded to me.

Blonde hair, red dress?

Yeah, nice ass too.


Son of a bitch.

Did you notice the license plate?

Yeah one of these personalized ego jobs.

Do you remember it?


Look, I'm a police officer, please try to remember.

I don't care if you are, please let oh my arm.

You son of a bitch.

Someone's life's in danger.

Please just try to remember that plate.

[Valet] It's over there on the clip, we just write them down as they come in.

(suspenseful music)

Please I need your phone.

♪ You don't need to say a word ♪

♪ 'Cause I know it's something ♪

♪ I've already heard ♪ Data control, Sergeant Thompson speaking.

Beth, I need a favor.

I need a plate number.

Plate number is...

Buddy you got a problem here?

I'm a policeman, this is an emergency.

That's fine, why don't you let me see a badge.

Here's my badge now back off.

That's a badge.

Get these people out of here.

I knew you wouldn't leave me Angelina.

(suspenseful music)

It's party time.

Dan you're suspended.

You want me in the unemployment line with you?

He's got Stacy and she's gonna die if you don't give me that address.

What's the hurry?

Party's only just begun.

Is this, is this what you're looking for miss investigator?


What do you know, the bullets must have fallen out.

I've got four here and I know this holds five.

Okay, I have a Bel Air address for you.

144 Palm Drive.

I got it.

Tell the captain send some back up.

Will do Dan.

Listen, please be careful.

Thanks, bye.

Who was that?


Get out of the car, police officer.

Out of the car, come on move it.

Move it!

(engine revving)

Hey, look at me.

I put this music on just for you, you never appreciate anything that I do for you.

That's better.

You weren't thinking of leaving again were you?

Father's gone, he can't hurt you anymore.

You and mother are safe now.

My family.

They've all gone bye-bye

because I killed them.

See, my analyst says I've got this Oedipus complex and that I was in love with my...

You don't believe that bullshit do you.

I almost had you going there.

Why are you shaking?

I did it for you.

I killed all of them for you, you believe that don't you?

Answer me dammit.

You want to kill me (gun cocking).

He killed mother.

He broke her heart.

He raped Angelina.

I saw him!

What else was mother to do?

I killed them for you.

They were all just like him.

They were all just like him.

(suspenseful music)

Let's dance, huh?

(gentle dance music)

We'll always be together Angelina, no one can touch us now.

(suspenseful music)


You all right?

Where is he?

He's dead.

I pushed him off the balcony.

It's okay.

Come on.

Can you get it?

There you go.


He was right there.

Oh my god.

Where is he?

He must be in the garden, stay here.

Don't move.

(suspenseful music)


(suspenseful music)

I told you we'd always be together Angelina.

Stop it right there.

There's only one bullet in that chamber Miss Investigator.

Go ahead.

(gun firing)

(water splashing)

Let's get out of here.

(suspenseful music)

(gentle chiming music)

(radio chatter)

Nice tux Henry.

Party's over.

I believe this belongs to you.

(radio chatter)

Thanks captain.

(helicopter blades whirring)

(slow jazzy music)

(Multicom jingle)