Party Night (2017) Script

I'm gonna miss him, he's so hot.

He's fine. He really is, like oh my gosh.

I don't get it.

He's the reason why I go to school.

You guys are ridiculous.

So Aim, what does your dress look like?

You seriously haven't even mentioned it.

It's pink.

Pink, wow I can almost visualize it.

Oh you two know I'm not into that sort of thing.

Which is precisely your problem.

Nelson likes it.

Yeah, he would.

You two couldn't be more perfect for each other if you tried.

Not that that's bad though, I mean you both are great, it's just that you act like you're 50.

It's prom night, you should be excited.

Listen, I wanna ask you guys something about tonight.

I know you both really wanna go to the school's after prom party but...

Yeah go on.

Nelson wants us to have our own after prom party, just us.

What do you mean?


At his uncle's house.

He thinks it'll be our last chance to hang out before graduation.

I don't know, I was kind of excited for after prom.

It's supposed to be a blast.

And what about Andrew and Travis?

Nelson's going to talk to them today.

He's pretty sure they'll both go along with it.

Come on, I think it could be special.

Better than hanging out with a bunch of people who really don't like me anyway.

Special because you want some alone time with Nelson?

Well people like you, Amy, you just don't go out of your way to reciprocate.

Just us for old times sake?

You know what?

I'm in.


It sounds like fun.

It sounds like fun.

Just us.

Me too.

Besides, some alone time with Andrew may be good.

He's been acting weird lately.

Two months and there's already trouble in paradise?

Let's just hope Andy and Travis go along with it.

Oh, Travis will go along with it as long as there's beer.

Oh, yeah.

Shit, fuckers aren't gonna bite, are ya?


Hey, John, it's Benson here.

Yeah, I'm down by the river fishing and I came across a few items that seem out of place.

I've got a girl's cell phone and sunglasses.

Well, hell it's pink, course it's a girl's.

No, I can't turn the cell phone on.

No battery.

What was that?


No, no, there's no sign of anybody or a struggle or anything.

It's just that what with those girls gone missing around here for the last few months, it just seems strange.

Yeah, I can drop 'em by the station today.

Alright, I'll drop 'em by later today or first thing tomorrow.

Honestly it doesn't seem like you're too concerned.

No, I understand.


I'll be down here a bit more fishing.

But I gotta tell ya, it's damn creepy out here when you're alone.

Yeah, you're probably right.

No need to worry.

Alright, I'll talk to you later.

Who's there?

Hey, unless you're old Jack Hardison, I suggest you get your ass off his property!

Why do you have your books?

It's not like anyone's gonna be doing homework on prom weekend.

I want to study for the biology test next week.


You seriously need to loosen up sometimes.

Please just tell me you are excited for tonight, right?

I mean like, oh my god, we got three hours until prom.

Of course I am!

I'm more excited for what happen.


Oh my god!

Didn't mean to scare you, I'm sorry, babe.

Just wanted to see if you a ride home tonight.

Aren't you guys going to get tuxes?

Yeah, but I still have time to take you home.

Oh, that's okay, we can walk.

You sure?



Well, I guess I'll pick you up at a quarter till six.


Can't wait to see how beautiful you look.


Is everything set for tonight?

You told your parents you're staying at my place and everything?

Yeah, they think we're all going to the after prom party and then I'm going to your house.


You know the more I think about it, us having our own little get together, the more excited I get.

It's gonna be fun.

So what's the place like?

What place?

Nelson's uncle's place?

Oh, I don't know.

I've never been there.

I just know it's by a lake.

Says it's secluded.

Mm, perfect.

Well, I'm gonna run home really quick and grab my stuff.

I'll be over at your house in a few?

Alright just, Amy, please hurry, you know how Liv is.




Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the red carpet unveiling of Hoover High's potential next prom king, the ever dapper, Mr. Nelson Hardison.

Looking sharp.

Seriously, folks, where are you gonna find a better looking kid?

Oh shit, I might've spoken too soon.

Yes, indeed, it appears that Nelson has some tough competition in the form of All-American jock, Travis Bock.

Come on, quit being gay.

Yeah, gimme that.

Come on, let the audience get a good look at you.

Come on, man!


Whoa, ladies and gentlemen, it's your prom queen.

Come on, dude.

Hey, hey is our Andrew shy?




We do look damn good.

Yes, let's hope the ladies think so.

Are you kidding me?

We look irresistible.

I didn't know this was gonna be a legendary night, man.

Alright, alright.

♪ Finally going to prom You look hot in that though.

You look so cute.

Thank you!

Like the perfect dress.

I really like the back too.

Yeah, see?

Now that's what I'm talking about, Amy.

You look hot.

You're just saying that.

Seriously, Amy, you look amazing.

Thank you.

The guys are here.

Oh boy.

You ready?

Yeah, let's go.

Molly, grab your overnight bag.


Let's get this killer night started.

Oh yeah, very surprising.

I just see them in the bedroom.

So, ladies, was your prom experience all that you wanted?

It was perfect.

Eh, it was nice, but what was the deal with the music?

It was from like 2005.

But the music doesn't matter, Molly.

It's the experience.

A rite of passage, right?

Our final gathering with our classmates before graduation.

Oh, what the hell.

Yeah, well they still could've had better music.

I agree with Amy, it was pretty perfect.

But the night is not over.

Yeah, speaking of which, if y'all still want to go to the after prom, I mean we still can.

Hell no, man!

I got the beer!

There's no way we're backing out of this house now.

I'm fucking hyped.

Alright, sweet.

Anyone else want to stay?

Alright, great! Yes!

Well let's go.

30 minutes and we'll be there.


So, Nelson, your uncle doesn't mind us using his house?

Well I mean, he doesn't exactly know, but I'm pretty sure he'd be fine with it.

Plus he's out of town for his job anyway, so as long as we don't trash the place, should be good.

You didn't tell me he doesn't know.

It's okay.

Promise, we're fine.

Well, okay, I mean I can't make any promises about not tearing the place up, my boy.

Especially with this one.

Shut up!

So what do you guys think happened to all those missing girls?

My guess is that they ran away.

Yeah, I mean who would want to stay in this shit hole?

So five girls just decided to run away within months of each other?

Why not?

I don't buy it.

So what, think a serial killer's stalking our area?

Come on, Olivia, there's no serial killer around here.

Yeah, man, I agree.

This place is definitely not that cool.

So a serial killer is cool?


No, I didn't mean it like that. You know that's not what he meant.

It's just that, come on, we live in hickville.

Nothing like that's gonna happen around here.

Oh yeah?

That's funny, because it does seem to be happening around here.

Olivia, calm down.

Let's change the subject please.

Guys, remember this is supposed to be a party night.


How much longer?

We're almost there.

Who's out here this late?

Probably someone fishing for catfish.

A lot of people do that at night.


Yeah, random fact of the day.


Nelson, my boy, this place is legit!

Definitely secluded like you said.

I was actually just thinking how creepy it looks.

Ugh, don't you start with that spooky shit now too.

Come on, guys, it's gonna be totally off the hook.

Alright, let's just get our stuff and y'all can check it out yourselves.


Okay, let's go.

Hey, Drew, help me with the bags?

Yeah for sure, man.


Live it up!

This place is dope!

Let's get this party started!

Travis style!

You sound exactly how your tuxedo looks.

Bro, there's nobody around.

Um, yeah, there's that person who was parked alongside the road.

Ugh, Olivia.

I say let's get inside.


Okay, let's go.

Ah ha!

Guess uncle never changes his old hiding spots.

Well, this sure beats the after prom party.

It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be.

Remember this is supposed to be about us being together not the location.

Yeah, I say we kick back, start having us some fun.


Nah uh, Amy, none of that goody two shoes shit tonight.


Okay, I want to get out of this dress before doing anything else.

Where can I change, Nels?

Take it off right here, baby.

Yeah, you wish.

Bedrooms are down the hall.

Just take your pick.


Mind if I can go with you to change?

Yeah, come on.

Amy, you want to come with?

Oh no, I'm okay.

This dress is actually pretty comfortable so.

I believe it considering it looks like a nightgown.


So Amy can be vulgar.

Cute, cute.

Andrew, come on, no, no, no, no.

We don't want a striptease, okay?

Relax, dude.

I'm not getting naked.

Oh, my, god.

Send in the duffle bag, man.

Yeah, we might as well all change right here.

Amy, get ready for a show.

No, no.


The shark is a metaphor for my penis.

Oh, my god.

I don't wanna see that!

What are you doing!

I feel uncomfortable.

I feel uncomfortable.

What's that smell?

This is yours and Andrew's room.

I don't think so.

The bed hasn't even been made.

I'd rather sleep in the truck.

Are you starting to regret this?


Of course.

A little.

This place what it gives me the creeps.

Yeah, I hear you.

But we might as well make the best out of it, okay?

Will you unzip me?


What the hell?

There's someone outside.

They're watching us!

I don't see anything.

Someone's out there, Molly.

He left, I swear.

Okay, okay, hold on.

Nobody's there.


I know someone was out there.

He must've ran off.

Maybe it was just one of the guys messing with us.

I don't know.

I guess, look, let's just get back out there with the others.

Okay, whatever you say.

Turn around.

We should play a game.

A game?

Like Monopoly?

Only if it's strip Monopoly.

You guys are such cliches.

Oh, okay, okay.

Oh, okay.


Okay, Olivia thought she saw someone outside the window.

It wasn't one of you asses, was it?

You saw someone outside?

Wasn't us, can guarantee that.

He's right, they were here the whole time.

You sure you saw someone, babe?

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure.

You think we should leave or call the cops?

No, guys, come on.

Could've been anybody, like a neighbor or someone fishing.

You said there weren't any neighbors!

I mean there are people who live down the road.

Maybe one of them saw us come up here and they're just checking things out.

But like I said, we're fine.

I came here every summer as a kid.


No use harping on it.

Come on, Olivia, relax.

Just don't expect me to go outside anytime soon.



Oh, what?

We should watch a movie.

What you got?

There's a bunch here, bro.

We got Mutilator, Slaughter High, Splatter University, Motel Hell, yo, these are cheesy as fuck!

Ugh, who watches this shit?

Are you kidding me?

Come on, these are from the golden age of horror, '80s slashers.

Man, me and my cousin used to watch these all the time, especially at night after spending a long day at the lake.

Fond memories, man.

Your parents let you watch them.


My uncle did.

He loved these movies.

Probably shouldn't have, but let us do it anyways.

You think?

The Mutilator, really?

Try to come to have fun.

Well I say we pop one in.

No way, guys, I'm not watching some blood slasher flick when I'm already extremely creeped out.

Well shit, I don't care what y'all do, but I am definitely watching one of those bad boys later.

Hey, hey.

Actually, I'm gonna go put the rest of the beer in the fridge.

Does anyone want to join me?

I will.

Y'all figure out what y'all want to do, okay?

You okay? Yeah.

Where's the light?

In the corner.

Oh, yeah.

You got that?


I thought you said your uncle hasn't been here for awhile.

He hasn't, why?

Then who has this milk, it's still fresh, isn't it?

Yeah, I guess.

He's out of town for his job, so I know he hasn't been here.

Look maybe we should just go.

This place hasn't felt right since we got here.

Babe, look, it could've been anybody.

You know, someone, I guess a friend or something.

'Cause I know he let people use his house in the past.

What if they come back?

What if?

It's my uncle's house.

I don't know, it's just kinda weird.

Look, we stay, we leave first thing in the morning like we planned, okay?

We could use some alone time.

Hey, let's not tell the others about this, okay?

Olivia's already freaked out as it is.

Tell the others about what?

Nothing, bro.

Did y'all figure out what you want to do?

What's taking you guys so long?

We are gonna go explore.

Spend a little time alone together.

Explore, outside?


We are just going outside to get some fresh air, okay?

I don't think that's a good idea.

Sounds like a plan.

Y'all should go check out the back porch.

It's a little more private.


Stay close to the house.

Ugh, whatever, dad.

We are gonna go.

Have fun with those two though.

They're fighting again.

This is so not a good idea.

Seriously, Amy, this is not Camp Crystal Lake.

You know, you worrying so much isn't making this a fun night.

Sorry, I just...

You know what?

You're right.

Let's go referee Andy and Olivia.

That's my girl.

You're safe.

No more worrying, okay?


Yo, I hate to admit it, but it is pretty creepy out here.



I think it's nice.

Hey, isn't the river just across the road?

Uh, I think so.

We should go check it out.

You know, a nice, romantic walk along the water.

You for real?

Hell no.


Why not?

It's pitch black out.

Come on, Travis, don't be a pussy!

Fuck you, Molly!

You want to go down there in the dark?

I'm not gonna stop you!

Come on, Travis, you don't have to be like this.

You could be with someone.

What, quit it!

Dude, what the fuck, Travis?

I am so sick of you thinking that I will do anything for you if you just blow me or fuck me!

Are you seriously complaining about fucking me?


Yeah, definitely!

That's all our relationship has become.

Me fucking you and then doing something for you or bringing you somewhere or buying you some shit!

Just to have you act like a bitch afterward.

I can fuck anyone I want to, Molly!

I kinda wanted more than that from you.

Spare me the perfect relationship bullshit, Travis!

If you want to go and fuck any of those other bitches, go for it!

Because that's what this is really about, isn't it?

We're going off to college soon and you want to be able to fuck other girls!

So fucking typical.

Whatever you say, Molly.

Whatever makes you feel better about being such a shitty girlfriend!

You know what?

Fuck you, Travis!

Oh, fuck!

Molly, where are you going?

Come on, don't be stupid!

No, stupid was ever getting involved with your loser ass in the first place.


Yo, I'm serious, this creepy rocking chair my grandma got at some garage sale used to rock by itself at night.

I saw it.

Yeah, okay, bullshit!

Next you'll say, oh my clown doll attacked me when I was a kid.

Wait, so you don't believe in the paranormal?

Well, I'm just saying, mostly all paranormal experiences can be rationally explained scientifically.

You said most.

So the rocking chair could've been haunted.

Mmhmm. Okay, whatever.

Give me a beer.

Where's Molly?

She went on a walk, okay?

You let her go by herself?

She wanted to be alone, Amy.

Ugh, can I get a damn beer?

You know, Travis, I'm pretty sure it's not okay to leave her alone.

It's fine!

Listen, it's not a big deal.

Well, I think it is, please go get her.

Fine, fuck.

I'll be the one to go get Travis's girlfriend.


I said she'll be back.

If she wants to be alone then fucking let her be!

Fine, five minutes, Travis.

If she's not back in five minutes, I will get her myself if I have to.

Oh, okay, great.


Can I get a fucking beer?

Thanks, Amy.


I seriously do not want to see your fucking face right now, Travis!

I'm serious!

What the hell?

Grow the fuck up already!

Just leave me alone.


Who are you?


I'm just...

Ugh, it's been more than five minutes!

Then why haven't you gone and found her, Olivia?

And Travis, can you stop being a dick?

This is fucking ridiculous!


Fine, I will go get Molly.

So we can all resume this wonderfully shitty party!

Thank you.

Shit, this little get together went downhill quickly.

You think?

I don't know why everybody's in such fucked up moods in the first place.


Molly, where are you?


I swear to God, Molly.

Come on.

Come on, Molly.

I'm sorry.


Man, Olivia, sit down!

You're making me nervous.

Well, why aren't they back yet?

Olivia, give them a few minutes.

They probably have some issues they need to talk through.

They want to be alone.

Yeah, and he was expecting them to be fighting like four year olds.

What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing, I'm just.

Give them some time, Olivia, they'll be back.

When they do, we should just go home.

This whole thing's been a bust.

Ooh, Molly.

I could show you how sorry I am.

Sex in a garage, could be interesting but...


Molly, no!

I hope Travis and Molly are able to work things out.


Well because, they've been together for awhile.

So that doesn't mean anything.

Yeah, Amy, not every couple is meant to be together.

They don't make sure they get into the same college.

I mean, isn't that kinda corny?

I'm not so sure what's corny about finding the person you want to be with.

Because, Amy, you're 17 years old, Nelson is the first and only boyfriend you've ever had.

You don't know if he's the right one for you.

Jesus, you're sounding like my mother.

The point is you're young, Amy, we should be experiencing a lot of different things, not playing house.

Hey, now.

Just because you're in a shitty relationship, doesn't mean you have to downplay what me and Amy have.

Come on, what about you and Andrew?

What's the deal there?

Didn't you just hear?

She doesn't want to play house.

She's going off to college and doesn't want to be committed to me back here in hickville.

You know that's not the reason, Andrew.

That's a shame.

We spent most of our lives growing up together, sharing with each other, depending on each other, and now that we are ready to graduate people are just so eager and willing just to move on.

You know I think it has to do with us wanting to grow up.

Be legal.

I have a feeling as soon as reality hits us, we'd give anything to go back to high school.

Jesus, dude.

Shit's getting way too deep for me.

Who wants to play some cards?

Yeah, let's do it.


First jack deals.

I like this song.

It's a good song.

Oh, don't downplay it, man.


You just lied.

You're totally bluffing.

No, no.

He has a two and a two.

That's all you got.

Yeah, what you gonna do now!

Then stop.

Anyone care to make this more interesting?



A little strip poker.


That's a good joke.

What are you dumb or something?

No, no, but speaking about stripping, Travis and Molly should've made up by now.

I mean they've been gone for awhile.


Do you think one of us should go look for them?

Let's finish this round.

If they aren't back then I'll go.

Alright. Okay.

Let's see what you got.

Nothing. Yes!

Fuck, you kidding me?

Take that, losers!

Oh, my god.

But maybe we can play two more hands after I go pee.

Bathroom's down the hall?


Hurry up, I need to win my pretzels back.

Not gonna happen.

Let's play one more hand before she gets back.

I want to win back my pretzels.

I only have four or five.


I know!

I got it though.

Well I am done with this game for sure.


Well we've played for way too long and I want to play a new game.

You see this the last one.

Look at this.

You're winning.

Oh, wow, I have great cards.

At least now, you still don't want to play though.

No, I don't.

I know I'm so good at this game but.

Alright, so new game, right.

We each get dealt one card.

No looking at it though.

You then place the card on your forehead, without peeking.


Then you basically bet on whether or not you have the highest card based on what you see from the others.

Easy, right?

Yeah, but wait, there's still no sign of Travis or Molly?


Well they have been gone awhile.

Yeah, I know where you're going with this.

Alright, listen.

How 'bout we take a break, Amy and I will look for them, you and Andrew just stay here just in case they come back.

Alright, man, sounds like a plan.

You coming or not?

I'm not too fond of that idea of wandering around here in the middle of the night, but fine.

Well we gotta find Travis and Molly.

Won't that make you feel better?



We'll be back.

Hope you find Trav and Molly.

Yeah, I just hope you don't find them in any a interesting situations.


What are you doing?

Come on, babe, we haven't had any alone time all night.

And what, you think because we are now I'm gonna immediately jump your bones?

I know I haven't been the best boyfriend lately.

I've just had a lot on my mind, you know, with graduation coming up and you running off to college in August.

It's just a a lot to take in.

Come here, baby.


I'm not exactly sure you deserve it.

Besides the others will be back soon.

Well we better get moving then.



Travis, Molly?

God, there's seriously no sign of them.

Where could they be?

I don't know.

Maybe they went down to the river.

I don't know.

What are you doing?

Oh my god!

Oh my god.

Oh shit.

Oh my god, babe, I'm so fucking close.

Oh my.


God, baby.

That's just how I imagined tonight.

What, fucking me?


Well, yeah.

But more just getting close to you.

You're sweet, Andrew.


I know being apart from each other is gonna be hard, and if I'm being honest, part of me is not sure if we should even try once I leave.

You don't even want to try?

I didn't say that.

It's just, I don't want to feel like we're holding each other back.

From what?

Olivia, I don't want to be with anyone but you.

I swear.

I'll wait for you.

I'll come visit you.

We can make this work.

We at least have to try.

We can try.

We deserve to try.

I promise not to be an asshole anymore.

I'm gonna go to the bathroom and clean up.

Sounds good.

So, we're good, right?

Yeah, we're more than good, babe.

Let's go find 'em.

Should we go tell Olivia and Andy?

Nah, they're probably enjoying some alone time.

Something smells fucking disgusting in here.

What the fuck?


Olivia, are you okay in there?


Except you just scared the shit out of me.

Sorry, babe.

Hey look, I'm gonna go grab a beer and put in one of those cheesy horror flicks, alright?

Okay, I'll be out there in a minute.

Well hurry up.

What's in there?

Nothing really.

Well it's been here a long time.

It was here when we got here.

Nelson, the keys are still in it.

Hmm, maybe we can take it for a spin.

Isn't that kinda strange?

Obviously, whoever this truck belongs to didn't plan on being away for that long.

So where is he?

I'm pretty sure he's around here somewhere.

Like I said, maybe fishing or maybe their truck stalled.

I just don't think it's as sinister as you're letting your mind think it is.

Then where are Travis and Molly?

We've been out here forever and there's no sign of them at all.

Look, maybe they're back at the house with Andrew and Olivia, okay?

Come on.

Let's go back.

So you can stop worrying.

Come on, you have to know all your friends are dead!

No, don't go in there, you moron!

Katie, it's me!


The hell is she doing?

Olivia, are you done yet or what?


What the hell, so now you're taking a shower?

Thanks for fucking telling me.

Look, listen.

I know you aren't having the best night.

I really did want this to be an awesome night for us.

It's been fine, Nelson, it's nothing you've done.

Just so dang creepy out here.

And with those missing girls I guess I'm just a little on edge.


You have nothing to worry about.

You really think I would bring you out here if I thought something would happen?

Did you hear that?

There's someone up there, Nelson.

Alright look, who's out there?

We're just looking for our friends, okay?

Come on, let's go!

Come on!

Oh shit.

What the fuck!

You scared the shit out of me!

Why didn't you answer us when we called to you?


I literally just came outside to find you guys.

Wait, so you weren't back there on the road?

Fuck no, man!

I don't even want to be here right now in this dark.

No way I'd wander down the road.

But enough of that.

Something fucking strange is going on.

What do you mean, have Travis and Molly come back?

Why aren't you wearing a shirt?

See that's the thing.

They haven't come back yet, and Olivia won't come out of the bathroom.

Why, what did you do to her?

I didn't do shit to her, Amy!

Look, she went in there after we messed around and she hasn't come out.

She won't even answer me.

I think there's blood on the kitchen floor.

Wait, what?

Just come on!

Shit, Andrew.

If this what you were watching then no wonder you're so freaked.


This shouldn't be playing right now.

It was over when I came to find you guys.


Are you in there?

Swear to God, Andrew, if you guys are playing some kind of joke!

Get fucking real, Amy!

This shit's fucked!

Come on!

Are you sure Olivia didn't come out of the bathroom?

No, man, not when I was here.

So she's still in there.

Okay, Amy, look, just look in the drawer and see if you can find something to pick the bathroom door lock, okay?

Andrew, what the fuck is going on?

This is insane.

I don't know.

Guys, come over here.

Look at this.

Nelson, why would your uncle have all these?

I don't know.

Maybe he's just interested, okay?

You know this is big news in a small town like this.

This is all kinds of creepy, dude.

I think we should just find the others and get out of here.

Oh, shit.

Okay, look let me go to the car.

Alright, y'all try to get into the bathroom and as soon as I get back we can all go look for Travis and Molly together.

I don't like this at all.

You'll be with Andrew, okay.

I'll be back in a flash.




If you're in there, come on!

Please answer us!

Olivia, we need to get outta here!

Alright fuck this, stand back.

What the hell?

We have to get out of here!

Oh, fuck!

Amy, calm down.

You need to hide.


We're gonna find him later.

You need to.

You need to go in a bedroom and hide in a closet.

No. And lock the door.

No, we have to get out of here! in trouble.


Good morning WDAR listeners!

On top of it being a beautiful day, I had the opportunity to hang out at the Hoover High School after prom party last night, and let me tell you it was a blast!

Check it out!

Check it out.

"No Home" by Giant Kitty