Passenger 57 (1992) Script

Good morning.

Good morning, Doctor.

Mr. Rane, would you like one last look at your face before I proceed?

I never live in the past.

No, thank you.

I have to give you something for the pain.

There will be no pain.



All right. You know the drill. Be very careful.

This is Charles Rane we're dealing with.

-Where is he? -Plastic Surgery. Third floor.

He keeps changing his face.

If we blow this, we won't get another chance.

Move out!

What time is it?


I want you to tell me what time it is.

Twelve o'clock.

Get down!

Move it out there!

Stairs! Other way!

Don't move! Freeze! Don't move!

Charles Rane, FBI.

You're under arrest.

Enjoy the flight.

-There you go. -Thanks.

You're welcome.

Listen up! Shut up! Sit!

Do as I say and nobody gets hurt. You have the keys to the flight deck?

We're going to move there, nice and slow.

Don't make me use this.

Nice and slow.

There you go.

Real nice.

Real nice.

Turn it off.

May I ask you what you were doing?

I was improvising on your security techniques.

That's cute. That's real cute, Miss...?

Slayton, but my friends call me Marti.

Well. See...

...if this had been a real gun, that Angie Dickinson bullshit you just pulled...

...would've got your head blown off.

And endangered the lives of all the other passengers.

I was trying to save lives.

The next time a man holds a gun to your head on a crowded plane... follow instructions.

You do exactly what he tells you to do. Do you understand?

This is why I gave up my afternoon?

So a former security specialist can tell me how to obey a hijacker?

First of all, I'm not a "former" anything.

Second of all, I like what I do.

I get the chance to meet people like you.

I know we got a lot of information to think about, so class dismissed.

We'll hijack you again next week.

-What the hell are you doing here? -I'm doing fine. How're you?

What's wrong with your foot?

I appreciate you throwing some business my way...

...but you have no right to interfere with my class.

Look around. This is an airline training facility.

This is not the Secret Service. Calm down.

Now you're telling me my job, too?

What she did was wrong. Period.

There was a time you'd have let her know without blowing your cool.

It just dawned on me. She kind of reminds me of Lisa.

She looks nothing like Lisa.

I didn't say she looked like her, I said she reminded me of her.

-We gotta talk. -I'm not interested in coming back.

-Did I ask you to? -You were about to.

Don't tell me teaching security techniques to bodyguards...

...night watchmen and flight attendants is what you want to do.

It's a job, Sly. I like it.

Ramsey wants me to hire the best person available... head up the counter-terrorism unit. That'd be you.

I don't want that responsibility.

I don't wanna be so good-looking, but I deal with the hand that's dealt me.

Nobody can do the job better than you.

I knew you'd start this shit again. Give me my check.

-You want me to stop? -Yes.

Just say, "Yes, I'll take the job." I'll stop.

Dammit, Sly. Give it a rest.

No, you give it a rest.

This isn't about a job. This is about you.

Nobody knows better than I do how much Lisa meant to you...

...but you gotta stop blaming yourself.

You gotta get off the sidelines and back into this game!

I set up a lunch tomorrow with Ramsey at 12:00 at The Oxford.

I hope you'll be there.

I really do.

Hey, pretty boy!

Who's that pretty-assed white girl?

What's her name?

Attorney Phillips.

Have you found out where they intend to take me?

Los Angeles. But they won't say when.

It'll happen quickly.

Notify my people. They'll know what to do.

California has a death penalty.

It's a progressive state.

I'll have to visit it sometime.

The Feds' witness can prove you're responsible...

...for two airline bombings in the past year.

I'm responsible for twice that amount.

I'm afraid the most we can hope for is that I claim insanity for you.

Given your childhood history, we should be able to make that stick.

Never mention my childhood.

Have I made myself clear?

It is the nature of man to confuse genius with insanity.


...repeat after me.

Charles Rane... not...


"Charles Rane...

" not insane."


"Charles Rane...

" not insane."



"...Rane is not...

"...insane. "

Put some of this on the fire. Okay?


Fine ass.

Merry Christmas, motherfucker!

Open the register. Give me the money!

Shut up! Give it to me now! Open the register! Now!

Freeze! Drop it!

Get back or I'll blow this bitch's head off! Get back!

Get the fuck back! Put the gun down!

Put the fucking gun down!

All right. I'm putting it down.

You just stay cool, all right.

You're gonna be all right, baby. I'm not gonna try and stop you.

You shouldn't have tried to stop me the first time.

Oh, my God! Lisa!

Oh, baby!

It's going to be all right. It's not too bad.

Oh, what have I done?

What do you know?

Here he is.

-John Cutter, Stuart Ramsey. -Pleasure.

Nice to meet you. Mr. Delvecchio said you might not come.

Well, Mr. Delvecchio was wrong.

Let's have a seat.

Do you know how many airlines have been hijacked in the last three years?

-No. -Twenty-seven.

Almost every commercial airline in the world has had to cope with terrorism.

All except one.

The Israelis have never been fucked with.

They never let them on the plane.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

Unequivocally, without a doubt, John is the best guy I ever worked with.

The annual meeting of our stockholders is next week in Los Angeles.

I'd like to fly out a couple days early, have a brief vacation...

...before I introduce you as...

...our new vice-president.

That is assuming you still want the job.

I'll drink to that.

When you meet this board of directors, you should think of something really...

...impressive to say to start things off.

Maybe I'll ask them to fire you.

Actually, this isn't a good time to start with new plans.

Just be yourself: dignified and charming.

Sorry, sir. You'll have to go back through.

Are you carrying any metal objects?

Ever notice how the real suspicious ones never have any trouble?

Right. That's how they get on the plane.

Oh, man.

Sorry, I'm gonna have to check you myself.

It's that metal plate in his head. An old war wound.

You can go with your friend now.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Real quick. How do you do that?

Before you get on the plane, how do you do that?

-It's a black thing. I understand black things.

That's what I admire about you.

Even though you were being hit on by an absolutely beautiful woman... are determined to maintain your vow of chastity.

You'd make a hell of a Republican.

It is not necessary for you to walk me to the plane.

It's the least I can do. We're brothers.

Have a nice flight.

I have no idea why I am so nice to you.

Look, you got me here.

Are you satisfied? Now go.

Come on. Don't give me that sad-ass, puppy dog look.

I'm not. I'm giving you the grateful, deeply moved, Italian-American...

...religiously-inspired look. There's a difference.


Even though you won't admit it, we both know you made the right decision.

I'm only taking this job to make your life miserable.

-Is that right? -Yes.

This is where I get back at you.

Speaking of which...

...have I got a surprise for you.

No. No surprises. What is it?

Lips are sealed.

-Your lips could be busted. What is it? -Listen to this.

When you get to Los Angeles call me, because I want to hear all about it.

Hey, are you listening to me?

Have a pleasant trip.

Sly, you don't understand....

Have a nice flight, Mr. Cutter.

FBI. Thank you.

Mr. Forget?

"Forget." It's French.

Monsieur Forget, you'll be in seat 5-C. That's the aisle seat.

On the left. Thanks.

Norman, it is not polite to stare.

May I take your coat, sir? Thank you.

Any truth to the rumor that men in L.A. actually talk without cue cards?

They talk a lot, but whether or not they say anything is another matter.

I take it this is your first trip to L.A.? -It is.

I'm Sabrina Ritchie. How do you do?

Marti Slayton. Sabrina, what a beautiful name.

It is a thing most wondrous to be flattered by one of your peers.

I love the accent, too.

Between us, I've been trying to lose it for years.

It makes me sound cold and heartless.

Now that you mention it....

Always trust your first impression.

I have a feeling this'll be a very interesting flight.

I certainly hope so.

You taken the head count yet?

My fingers are beginning to point as we speak.

Champagne, madam?

Behave yourself. You won't get any toys in prison.

I never had any toys. My father believed they would warp my sense of values.

Is your father still alive?



Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight....

54, 55, 56, 57....

58, 59....

-Can I get you anything? -Nothing right now, thanks.

Looks like I just found my next ex-wife.

Make sure all carry-on items are secured beneath your seats...

...or properly stored in an overhead compartment.

I'm Marti. If I can do anything to make your trip more comfortable...

...please feel free to ask for my assistance.

Who needs assistance this early?

John Cutter.

He's a security specialist for the airlines.


I feel safe already.

Menu, sir?

Menu, sir?

Pardon me, Stewardess?

Is that man with the handcuffs dangerous?

There's nothing to worry about.

Right now, he's as safe as this handsome little boy.

-What's your name? -Norman.

If he tries to do something bad, I'll shoot him.

What if he shoots back?

I also have a secret decoder ring that protects me from bullets and spiders...

...but I left it at home.

Don't worry, I've got mine and I'll save all of us.

Give me a smile, I might get you a soda. If that's all right with your mom.

-Sure. -Orange?

You got it.

Thank you.

Excuse me, Stewardess, I've had the light on for a while.

Flight attendant. If you go to your seat, I'll bring you your peanuts.

All I want is an aspirin.

Here you go.

Hey, look...

...maybe I was a little hard on you in class but that was for your own good.

Is this the way you apologize?

This is gonna be a long flight.

You've got that right.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Maybe you can just do me a favor?

This ought to be good.

I'm not all that comfortable on planes.

There are extra pillows in the overhead compartment.

When anything moves faster than I can walk, I'd rather be behind the wheel.

Who'd have guessed you're a control freak?

-You won't make this easy, will you? -How can I make your trip more pleasant?

I just want you to check on me from time to time. That's it.

Take your seat and I'll see what I can do.

Champagne with your dinners?

Not on duty, but I'll have some tomato juice and I'll have the chicken.

How appropriate.

I'll have the steak.

Keep the champagne on ice. We'll celebrate later.

Sir, this is Mrs. Edwards. She's a frequent air traveler.

When I told her about you, she said she'd help you feel more comfortable.

It's a real honor to meet you.

I take this flight once a month. I have grandchildren in Van Nuys.

That's just outside of Los Angeles.

Maybe not just outside, but hell, Los Angeles is so spread out...

...who's to know where it begins and ends, what's inside and outside.

Wait till I tell everyone I sat next to you on the plane.

I watch your show all the time.

-My show? Never miss it.

And I love it when you do those jokes about, "Things that make you go 'hmmm."'

-Robert. -I need a special service in first class.

I'll send it right up.

I just loved it when you told off Madonna.

Who is she to tell you how to wear your hair?

Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.

I'll probably be in there a long time.

Oh, I'm that way, too.

I don't need this.

I don't need this at all.

Do you know the time?

Why? You got someplace you got to go?

How do you like your sirloin, sir?


Everybody, sit down! Be quiet and you won't get hurt!

Who's in charge?

I am.

Once again. Who's in charge?

You are.


Quiet! Quiet! Sit your ass down! Sit down!

What the hell is that?

Sit down, shut up or be killed! Your choice.

Ladies and gentlemen...

...I'm afraid your in-flight entertainment program has been canceled.

The weapons being carried by my staff are real.

So is their desire to use them...

...if provoked.

I'm prepared to do whatever is necessary in order to achieve my goal.

If you do as instructed, you will not be harmed.

If you disobey or interfere with their activities... will be shot.

Oh, man.

All right, all right.

This is your idea of a surprise?

Very funny, Sly. You better be there.

No, no, no. This can't be happening. Not now.

First this Arsenio shit, then this.

Come on, come on.

Hello. I got an emergency. My name is John Cutter.

I need Sly Delvecchio.

I don't know how to spell his name. D-E-L-vecchio.

-Gary's compiled those numbers and-- -There's a call for you.

Excuse me.

-Who is it? -John Cutter.




You! Back to your seat.

Please don't shoot me! I don't want to die!

I said, back to your seat!

They've taken over the plane!

Get everybody up here for an emergency meeting, now!

They've taken over the plane!

How many? How many?

Let's say hello to your friends.

All right, freeze!

Drop the fucking gun, or your friend dies.

I have no friends.

His name's John Cutter. He's airline security.

I'm sure your superiors would not like you to do anything rash...

...and risk the lives of all these wonderful people.

Stand up! Move!

Airline personnel assume a certain risk. It's part of the job.

But these passengers...

...they're so innocent.

What do you want?

I have what I want. I have control of the plane and everything on it.

Must I prove that to you?


...tell Mr. Cutter your name.


Cutter, meet Douglas.

Let him go.

Do you have any children, Douglas?

A daughter.

A family man.

He has a daughter who loves him.

And she, until your interference, had a father.

Drop the fucking gun.

I loathe incompetence.


Who are you? What're you doing?

There's always someone here.

I just get paid to send food upstairs. Give me a break.

All right. Look, we got a hijack situation upstairs, okay?

I need your help. Anything.

I'm not risking my life. You'll have to fight terrorists on your own.

Give me a knife or a screwdriver.

I think we should do exactly what Mr. Rane wants.

Come on!

You got to go.

See if you can find something to tie him up with.

Notify the Feds and alert Radar. Don't let the plane out of our sight!

Let me know the minute you contact the pilot.

Notify ATC about our situation.

I want a complete passenger list. I want it five minutes ago! Get to work!

-So what's the plan? -Make it to the avionics compartment.

Once there I can override the controls and bring the plane down.

What? This is a jumbo jet!

I know, but we don't have any choice.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it you who said... do exactly as the terrorists tell you?

He's not just a terrorist.

-How you gonna bring the plane down? -I'll empty the fuel.

Are you out of your mind? We could all crash!

-Exactly. -No! I won't let you do this!

It's too dangerous! You're certifiable!

Damn it, Lisa! I don't have time for this shit!

That man is one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

He has killed two people.

He will kill everybody else on this fucking plane if I don't bring him down.

Look, I need your help.


Tell me you're good at this.

I'm the best.

Then do it.

Charles Rane, the sophisticated British aristocrat...

...known internationally as "The Rane of Terror."

He's linked to bombings in London and Ireland...

...but because of his ties to the Middle East, he's been untouchable.

Judging from the fact he killed his father, he was a sick kid, too.

What his old man did to him...

...didn't exactly qualify him for "father of the year" honors.

You let the Feds put a terrorist on one of my planes?

-They didn't notify me. Here's his file. -They can do that?

The FBI shows up at the last minute, takes what seats they need....

They don't have to notify us. They're the FBI!

Jesus Christ. You'd think they'd put an airline hijacker on a bus or a train.

Why were they taking him to Los Angeles?

He was supposed to stand trial for the Trans Pacific bombing last year.

Guess he had different plans.

He will have to change them again.

Why is that?

Cutter is on that plane.

What's the problem?

We're losing fuel. One way or another, we're going down.

Then you'd better make preparations to land.

Why are we going back there?

-It's easier to jump off from the rear. -What?

It's easier to jump off the plane from the rear.

The plane's losing altitude. I think they're preparing to land.

-Where is it? -Outside Lake Lucille, Louisiana.

The airfield there may not be large enough, but it may be their only choice.

-How fast can we get a chopper there? -A chopper? Why?

I want you there as quickly as possible.

You mean on a helicopter?

I don't want the FBI or some country local talking to the press...

...about what's affecting this airline.

Get out there and keep me informed.

Atlantic International Flight 163. We're declaring an emergency.

Request immediate authorization to land.

Negative, 163. We're not a commercial airport. Suggest you re-route.

Suggestion refused.

Repeat, 163. We're not equipped to handle an aircraft your size.

-It's too dangerous-- -Shut up and listen.

It is too dangerous for you. See that the runway is cleared.

Call Atlantic International. See what the hell is going on.

Call the hospital, too, just in case.

Who's Lisa?


Lisa. You called me Lisa in the avionics compartment.

She was my wife.


She was with me when I tried to stop a robbery.

I lived.

I'm sorry.

Plan not working out...

...the way you wanted, asshole?

Don't flatter yourself. You prevented nothing.

Although it seems I may have underestimated you.

Dumping the fuel was quite ingenious.

At least Mr. Douglas's body won't have so far to fall then.

Maybe Vincent could hitch a ride with him on his way down.

You know, Charlie, I'm a little surprised at you.

Didn't your father teach you never to send a boy to do a man's job?

Speaking of boys...

...our stewardess friend must be feeling particularly unsatisfied.

Charlie, you ever play roulette?

On occasion.

Let me give you a word of advice:

Always bet on black.

Mr. Delvecchio, are you okay?

Could you please close the door?

The door is closed.

Do you want us to fly higher? It might be a little smoother up there.

This is fine.

This is fine.

You better buckle up. The landing's gonna be rough.

Let me give you a hand.

Biggest damn Cessna I ever saw!

Get somebody out to the runway. I'll be in the tower.

Patrick, just do something.

Please fasten your seat belts.

Brace yourselves for a short-field landing.

Flight attendants, take your positions for an emergency landing.

All Right, Listen up, The tower's going to need as much assistance as they can get.

You communicate with the airline staff, I will coordinate rescue activities on the ground.

How do we get down there?

We step out. Gravity'll do the rest.

As soon as it stops, we jump.

Mr. Delvecchio, I've got Mr. Ramsey on the line.

I guess we can't tell him I stepped out, now, can we?

Put him through.

I just had an idea about how to use Cutter.


If this works out you're to tell the press...

...we had a security agent on the plane as part of our anti-terrorist plan.

If it doesn't work out, don't tell them about Cutter.

I'll handle that. Understand?

Do you understand?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

I had such wonderful plans for us.

If she disobeys, kill her.

Let me go!

On the ground! Face down! Do it, now!

I'm security for the airlines.

Yeah, and I'm governor of Louisiana! Get your ass on the ground.

I'm already on the ground, asshole.

You're making a mistake.

I'm John Cutter. I'm airline security. The plane's been hijacked.

-Get the door. -Damn it!

The people on the plane are hostages. There are hostages on the plane!

This is Chief Leonard Biggs, Lake Lucille Police Department.

Tell me what you want, I'll tell you what I can do.

I want this plane fully fueled.

If I do not see a fuel truck in position in the next five minutes...'ll be responsible for a great many deaths.

I'm not fully authorized to grant any demands at this time.

Look out your window toward the plane, just in front of the landing gear.

I've just executed five passengers. I'll execute five more every three minutes...

...until you find me someone authorized to meet my demands.

Look, I want to help...

...but how do I know you won't kill the passengers anyway?

Get the truck near the plane.

As soon as the fuel begins to flow, I'll release half of the passengers.

You will be responsible for saving 100 lives all by yourself.

I'll make some calls.

While you're on the phone, I'll be killing more passengers.

Let me know when I should stop.

Now, wait, wait!

Do we have an agreement?

Fuel is on its way.

Check and mate.

Shouldn't we wait for the FBI?

Hell, no. I'm in charge until they get here.

You heard that man. I just saved 100 lives.

Let them damn federal boys see if they can do better than that.

-Mr. Ramsey? -Yeah?

Just got this on Rane. You're not going to like it.

Two years ago, Interpol thought they had him.

Remember the bombings in London, the three train stations?

Rane did it. He killed over 60 people.

Just to create a distraction.


This guy's got a habit of blowing things up just to cover his escape.

We've got over 200 passengers on that plane.

What do you think he wants?

Obvious, isn't it? The guy is facing the chair.

He'll do whatever it takes to escape.

I wouldn't be surprised if he blew up the plane...

...and then just disappeared in the flames.

Shut up! Would you get him? He's strong.

-There's four of them on the plane. -Shut up!

We caught him by the plane. He tried to attack us.

If I had tried to attack, I wouldn't be the one bleeding.

What were you doing out on that airfield?

My name is John Cutter. I'm head of security for Atlantic International.

I was a passenger on the plane before it was hijacked.

Head of security. Ain't that a pickle?

You won't mind me saying Mr. Cutter, you ain't done too good a job.

What is that fuel tank doing out there?

I'm negotiating the release of 100 passengers.

No! You can't trust him!

They're more valuable to him on the plane. He won't let them off.

He needs fuel.

He wouldn't trade the hostages!

Don't you worry your ass about what he needs!

He wants to talk to you.

This is Chief Biggs. The fuel is on its way like I promised.

I, in turn, shall fulfill my end of the bargain.

Chief, one of my men betrayed me and escaped from the plane.

Is that a fact?

A black man. Very smooth and convincing.

I would prefer to deal with him directly for his cowardice...

...but should you find it necessary to inflict harm upon him...

... I will not hold you liable.

The man in the plane says you're one of his.

People say they saw Elvis in a mall. You gonna believe that shit, too?

Look, he's a murderer!

Let me see some identification.

Doesn't say head of security. Says you're an instructor.

I'm former head of security for Atlantic International.

Put yourself in my place. What would you do if you were me?

Kill myself.

Wait one hour before resuming the flight. That'll give me sufficient time to escape.

Once the plane is back up, proceed with the original plan.

Let me go with you.

I need you to stay here and carry out my instructions.

-What if they deny us clearance? -Start killing passengers until they do.

Go on, move it!

Get going, don't stop! Come on!

What the hell is wrong with those people? They'll trample each other to death!

It's a trick! You gotta listen to me.

I've had just about all the advice from you I'll take.

Haul his ass downstairs.

If he gets cute, shoot him!

In the leg.

He might be telling the truth.

Do me a favor, honey. Fix me a cup of that special coffee.

Maybe a couple of Bufferin.

Dammit, you're making a mistake!

Shut up, boy! You ain't said shit I want to hear!

Hold it!

Chief, prisoner got away.

No shit.

Call for backup. I want somebody from every sheriff's office around.

He's headed toward the fairground. Want us to go?

Why? So he can get more practice whipping your dumb ass?

Take some men, and keep your damn guns holstered, unless you have no choice.


Come on! Come on!

That won't be necessary, Vincent. I'll take care of Mr. Cutter.

Secure transportation.

Meet us at the other side of the fairground in ten minutes.

-Chief Biggs? Dwight Henderson, FBI. -Leonard Biggs, Lake Lucille Police.

I need a concise report on the status of this operation.

Make yourself comfortable.

That airplane and my blood pressure ain't going a damn bit higher than it is.


Flight 163, do you read me?

Flight 163, come in, please.

Flight 163, do you read me?

Save your breath. They ain't gonna answer you till they're darn ready.

All we can do is sit and wait to hear from them or our men in the field.

Just hope that Cutter fella was telling the truth.

-John Cutter? -You know him?

What happened to him?

He said he was on that plane.

Beat up my men, headed towards the fairgrounds. We'll catch him.

I hope you got a good early-retirement plan.

Take Dean, Peale and Christopher. Get over to the fairgrounds.

You better see to it your men don't harm Cutter.

Because if he's hurt, I'll press charges against you myself.


Freeze! Don't move!

FBI! You're under arrest!

Let him go!

There's another one. Five feet 10 inches, he's got a tan jacket and blue, navy pants.

Check around.

Watch yourself!

Get him out.

Dwight Henderson, FBI.

-Heard a great deal about you. -Pleasure's mutual.

-You all right, man? -I'm fine.

What is wrong with you? That's your idea of a surprise?

You fucking put me on a plane with a terrorist?

Relax, nobody knew. The FBI didn't notify us!

Those two agents you murdered on the plane were friends of mine.

Thanks for telling me. I do enjoy knowing the people whose lives I've touched.

That's enough! You're gonna help us or I'll rip your goddamn throat out!

Come on.

While you're considering organ donations... might be wise to spare some thought for the passengers on board.

If I'm not released, you'll be clearing up their remains for quite some time.

What are you talking about, asshole?

My colleagues have instructions to start killing passengers in 20 minutes.

Get this piece of shit inside.

I'll station some of my men behind the plane with tear gas and masks.

Two agents will escort Rane up the boarding stairs.

You're just gonna let him back on the plane?

-So he'll think. -How are your sharpshooters?

-The best. -They won't get a second chance.

They won't need it.


What about Rane's people that are still on the airplane?

Just be patient.

I'm the only one who knows who they are. I can be wired.

I can signal to Henderson's men when it's safe to shoot.

We take out Rane first. Then will you have time for the tear gas?

My men'll go up the stairs when the first shots are fired.

We'll already have the door secured.

This sounds too crazy, John. It's....

Too much can go wrong.

Goddamn it, Sly! Listen!

I saw him take a passenger on that plane. He asked about his family...

...then blew his brains out all over the goddamn floor.

The longer we wait, the more people will be sacrificed.


All right. I'll go tell Rane. I'll make it look like he negotiated it.


Let me tell him.




You okay?

I'm all right.

Mr. Cutter, how kind of you to pay me a visit.

You've been a worthy adversary.

It's a shame we won't be seeing much more of each other.

Let me tell you something.

If anybody else gets hurt on that plane...'ll take more than a prison cell to keep me from ripping your nuts off!

I'd come to expect more from you than cheap vulgarities.

You and I both know I will never see the inside of a prison.

The notion of good over evil will not allow you to sit idly by...

...and watch the needless death of your fellow citizens.

You know, you got a good point. Maybe I should just kill you right here.

You wouldn't take advantage of a helpless man, would you?

It's never stopped you.

That's the American way, isn't it...

You should know. You're used to being taken advantage of.

I want them off the plane.

We share the same hunger. We're both killers. I know the breed.

I'm sick of your shit!

You need the passengers. I want the plane.

Put me back on board and the passengers will be released.

-Right. I'm supposed to trust you? -Trust your instincts.

My instincts are to wax your ass all over this floor.

Those are your emotions acting without the benefit of intellect.

The passengers' lives are in your hands.

Don't fail them.

Sit down!

Why are you keeping us here?

What do you want? For God's sake, let us go!

It's all right.

Don't give him a reason to hurt you. That's exactly what they want.

Just try and remain calm.

There we go.

Everything's gonna be all right.

All right?

Flight 163, this is Daddy.

I will be rejoining you shortly.

If I'm not safely on board within five minutes... are to continue as previously instructed.

Gentlemen, I'm ready to leave your lovely little town.

This is Cutter. Everybody in position?

Target is well within range. Awaiting your command.

That's a 10-4. Nobody does anything till I say, "go."

All right! All units stand by.

Now! Take him!

Take him!

-How is it? -It's okay.

-Okay, good. -It's all right.

Get this plane off the ground! Move!

Move around!

Biggs, drive!

-Where? -Follow the fucking plane!



I hope you enjoyed your stopover.

We'll now continue with the remainder of the flight.

If you don't want to wear your seat belts, you don't have to.

What do we do when we catch it?

-You'll watch me sneak on the plane. -What?

I knew you were crazy the minute I laid eyes on your ass.

I thought all you biscuit-eating boys knew how to drive!

Was that just bullshit?

I ain't had a challenge like that since high school.

I didn't know you went to high school.

This better be covered by the health insurance.

It's under the section on mental illness.

Bring it close to the landing gear!

I need a gun!

You need your head examined!

Keep this in good condition. It's my wife's.

Bring your ass back alive, do you hear me?

Miss the opportunity to get back at you? No way!

Let's do it!

I got a bad feeling about this. I got a bad feeling about this one.

Oh, man!

Flight Control, this is Lake Lucille. We have a hijacked aircraft.

I want every radar station in the Southeast following the plane.

They're on it already. Do you read me, Approach Control?

Mr. Forget, it's time to make the proper arrangements.

Your friend, Mr. Cutter, has left you in a rather precarious position.

Pour me a drink.

What do you want?

Anything wet.

Did you enjoy yourself down there in the lower galley?

You and your friend in that tight, little place?

Tell me, Marti.

Did the hero get into your...

...tight, little place?

You're repulsive!

You'll change your mind once we get to know each other.

You'll have to kill me first.

No, Marti...

...I'm going to kill you during.

It's almost time. What the hell is taking Forget so long?

Maybe he's having difficulty finding the trunk.


Who're you?

Cutter. John Cutter.

Chill out. I'm the good guy.

-Where are they? -In the back.

Can you turn the plane around and land at the airfield we just left?

I did it once.

Do it again.

You got it.

Center, Atlantic International 163 with you.

Something's wrong. Check the flight crew.

Why did you turn the plane?

We were told to head back.

-By whom? -By me.

What a waste.

Keep that on her. If she moves, throw her out the window.

Need help?

No, there's only one left.

He's all mine.

Open it.

Oh, shit! Shit!

Control Tower, this is John Cutter, Line 163, do you read me?

Yes, what's your status?

Single at the moment...

...but I'm working on it.

Cutter, this is Henderson. Have you disabled Rane?

You're damn skippy.

All right, Cutter!

Hey, Biggs... you doing? Is this you?

In the flesh.

That's a revolting thought.

Hey, there. Have you seen John Cutter?

Last time I saw him, he was with a flight attendant.

Okay, thanks.

Tell Ramsey I'm taking a vacation.


And I want a raise.


-Ready to go? -Where do you want to go?

Any place but here.

What about these reporters?

What should I do about them?

John, this isn't my bag!

Are you a representative of the airline?

Yes, and I'm pleased to report that our special anti-terrorist program...

...which was enacted under my supervision...

...was an extraordinary success.

What's your name?

Sly Delvecchio.

You all riding or walking?


Five miles to town.

No, thanks.

Did you happen to see my wife's gun?

Good night.

Good night, Biggs.