Patient Seventeen (2017) Script

I often wonder about the nature of reality.

About our relationship to the creative force that forge the particles of our stars and intertwine them with the molecules of our bodies.

Who are we?

And where are we actually sitting within the architecture of our universe?

Are we alone?

Or is the answer simply stranger than we can think?

My name is Jeremy Corbell.

I seek to weaponize your curiosity.

And if you're ready to suspend your own prejudice, welcome to the world of extraordinary beliefs.

I'm just so tired of all this already.

My world will not be turned upside down.

I just wanna live my life.

I mean, who would wanna relive this?

Either people are gonna believe you or you don't.

It's kind of put me on the edge again.

Dr. Roger Leir did confirm I was gonna be patient Number Seventeen.

So you're gonna get this thing out?

That's what he's telling me.

And what did you know of Dr. Leir before?

Absolutely nothing.

I knew nothing about Dr. Leir until I was introduced.

Would you consider your life to have been completely normal up until the point where you've engaged these people interested in your story?

My life has been normal, but it did get thrown into a storm once I met these UFO folks.

When Dr. Leir and his associates told me that this could be an implant, now it's all been brought back up to the surface.

Wondering whether I'm seeing shadows or is there missing time?

Is this scarier than hell?

So you've met Dr. Leir. Do you trust him?

I don't trust anybody in today's world.

I just want all this to end. I just want it removed.

I don't have to worry about a piece of metal floating around in my body.

Good evening, everyone.

You're in the right place at the right time.

This is Coast to Coast AM.

We're gonna be joined by Dr. Roger Leir, one of the most important leaders in the search for physical evidence in the field of ufology.

As listeners of this program know, he's been on the program many times.

He and his surgical team have performed all kinds of surgeries on alleged alien abductees.

This mystery is kind of like a musical composition.

If you're missing a note or two, you probably wouldn't be able to make sense of it all.

I was recently introduced to a surgeon who claims to remove implants, nanotechnology, microchips, embedded by aliens.

Non-humans monitoring our earth.

He talked about abductions, scalar wave transmissions and a program to study or manipulate the human race.

Armed with a patient, a scalpel, black lights, and a stud finder, I was eager to verify the authenticity of this alleged offworld implant technology.

It's not broadcasting in this electromagnetic spectrum at all, but it's using scalar wave technology... and then when we use our electromagnetic devices, and pick up a radio wave, we're actually reading a harmonic.

It would be right about here, I feel something vaguely.

Whether that's the foreign material or not, I don't know.

We've got the X-ray with us right here.

If we lay it down on his leg, you see this little spot here that shows through.


So it would be about here.

So, you know, sometimes you talk yourself into something, you're not sure if you really feel it or no.

But you have to know it when you're gonna do it.

It's gotta be right there.

We have optics anyway, right? You have ultrasound optics?

Right here. Yeah.

I'll show him while I do the ultrasound.

We're not gonna guess that. We're gonna find out.

This is the ultrasound goo, so, I'm gonna strip and down this.

So, Dr. Leir, what are we experiencing right now?

Well, we're using ultrasound to try and locate the exact position of the object.

It's not easy 'cause it's not only superficial, but it's also close to the bone.

So we're using ultrasound to try and locate it.

That's it, right there.


Are you sure, doctor?

For me, this will still be a fifty if you just cut 'em.

We're going to draw the patient's blood, and then we'll put it in a centrifuge and spin it down and separate the cellular portion of the blood from the liquid.

And then, that cellular portion is then mixed with an anticoagulant preservative, and that's what we actually use to split the object down.

Then when we take out small pieces of the surrounding tissue, that goes into a pathology lab.

The objects, undoubtedly, are some form of metal.

So that goes into a metallurgical process one step at a time, while we're looking at it under an electron microscope, and some other test that we do to look for isotopes and non-terrestriality.


It is alleged that many of these mysterious objects that Dr. Leir and his team have removed, display bizarre characteristics, such as having nanotopography, and metallic composition described by some labs as "exotic meteorite material," not having being forged in the furnace of our own sun.

I don't think that you've been abducted recently...


As a surgeon, I know it's not your position to speculate on the origin of this object, but obviously, you know the story going around that maybe there is a correlation between the abduction phenomena and these types of objects.

Well, it's interesting...

I mean, I don't know if you wanna quote me on this, but...

I just don't believe it's alien.

I believe it's some earthly particle that's from some carpentry thing.

They whacked something, a little piece of metal flew off and stuck in them.

They don't remember it 'cause it was so tiny.

And then those people... Enough people have 'em.

People with abducted experiences also may have the metal.

So I don't know.

He's doing the analysis on the metal, so... I'm not.

And that's where the things come in.

I would reanalyze the metal, have another group of analyzers to look at it, if it was me doing it.

A foreign object was about to be removed from a man carrying this burden for over a decade.

Nefarious implant by an extraterrestrial big brother or a piece of childhood shrapnel?

I personally wanted to see what this foreign object was made of.

This piece of metal is in my leg... or whatever it is... it's been there for God knows how long.

So, it'd be nice to yank it out, do the experiments on it, and see what it is.

I have some people in my life that just shake their heads my girlfriend, my mom, and a few other people, are just saying, "Don't let him do it."

It's a small incision. It's not like they're going into my lung.

A few stitches, and it's a pretty simple procedure.

Small incision, big mystery.


Were you surprised when they used the device for frequency?

That what was in your leg seemed to be emitting a frequency?

That's pretty amazing.

If that test is accurate, well, this is really an implant.

Just by fluke we found it.

One thing led to another and here we are today.

It sounds like you've had some powerful experiences.

It at least led you to entertaining the idea that they are non-humans, they are visiting the planet, and that they are engaging humanity.

The memories were as a child.

I thought I had a couple of abductions.

My parents put locks high on the door when I was a young guy so I wouldn't drown in the pool.

And they'd find me outside and the locks were still on.

I remember waking up and being elevated on my back, straight up, and feeling my nightgown being pulled back, and my thoughts were...

I'm really going up quick.

You can feel the clothes on your body being pulled back.

So that was like the last time.

This felt like they were up to no good.

Have you ever seen a UFO?


Never have?

Not that I remember.

There's no insanity in my family and we're healthy as larks.

I mean, this has... somehow happened.

That's my little incision.

We spread it a little bit.

Now the question is, is it next to the skin or is it next to the fascia?

I think it's close to both.


Probably. I think it's subcutaneous. So...

It's probably between the skin and the fascia.

Look at it.

It's a little metal, that thing.

Let's see if I can feel a click.


Sometimes you can find it just by a little click.


Usually... what was that?

As I watched hopeful believers slice an opening into the flesh-suit of a living man, I began to reflect on exactly what was going on.

An alleged abductee, patient Number Seventeen, standing at over six foot nine inches tall, was a human monolith, a force of nature.

And like the old cowboys of past, an absolutely honest man.

One of those people, soft-spoken, stoic, who was genuinely looking for answers to questions that have plagued him since childhood.

And all I could think was...

"What the fuck is about to be pulled out of this man's leg?"

Can you see it? Little spot there?

-Oh, yeah, there it is. -The black spot.

-Yeah, right there. -That is it.

It looks a little bigger now. See.

So we'll get rid of some of the surrounding tissue around it.

No wonder it was so invisible in ultrasound.

It wasn't very big.


So that is the entire thing right there. I'll put it right here.

Right there, with a shot of white around. Little better.

Here. I'll show it to you.

That's the whole thing.

I'll seal it around with a sponge.

We'll put the soft tissue around that, and then that should go on the serum.

So do you wanna get a close-up of this?

Don't put it in anything till I dissect all the tissue.

I'll leave a little piece of soft tissue on there, so that when we use things like electron microscope, which we'll do at Seal Labs, that soft tissue will show up under the electron microscope.

So, Roger, it was a success today?

Oh, yeah. I'm very happy with the results that we got today, you know.

The object as it appeared... went through all the testing, we got it out, and now we're gonna look at it and see what, both, the biological and the metallurgical components are... that it's made.

And that will determine whether we have something that's out of the rose garden or something that's non-terrestrial.

Do not underestimate the cosmo-politics of an alleged alien implant removal surgery.

Word had spread and many faithful arrived with camcorders, and flooded the waiting room with anticipation.

Patient Number Seventeen quietly made his exit through the back door, avoiding the crowd that had formed to glimpse that which is yet to be explained.

Just as I'm learning more about music and harmonics, I'm also learning more about the nature of the cosmos and reality.

When traversing uncharted territories and exploring alleged and advanced nano-cybernetic transmitters, believed to have been embedded into a human host to monitor unknown rhythms, fields, and energies to transmit scalar wave frequencies to beings with hidden intentions, who either traverse space-time... or dimensionally shift into a reality.

There are key moments in your investigation that require a monumental leap of faith.

Or, of course, you can just go to your local scanning electron microscopy lab to actually see what it is that you have.

My name is Steve Colbern. I'm a material scientist.

I work on carbon nanotubes. That's my primary job.

And I'm Roger's head scientist in the A&S Research organization that he founded.

Must be stuck someplace.

There it is.

This is the official testing of the foreign body that was removed from you.

Are you curious about it?


-What do you-- -A mystery.

It is a mystery. Do you think we'll solve it today?

Yes, we will.

Is it shining on the inside, Steve?

Yeah, we see metal.

-Cool. -We got metal.

All right.

Let's put it back up.

Do you wanna remount it so that we got it sitting up on end?

Test it with a Gauss Meter?

That would be a good idea.

Hold on, Steve. Gauss Meter test.

Bring it up. Just hold it straight up.


-We're getting a little bit. -A little bit.

Not much.

With the power to look at the object at almost the atomic level, an alien landscape emerged, similar to topographical surveys of our star celestial satellites orbiting our solar center.

Structures and shapes began to take form within my mind.

Spectral analysis, seeking explanation of composition, measurements of features which looked like mountains and valleys were taken with great precision.

I was hopeful that today, patient Number Seventeen would be given some answers.

So, Roger, is there anything that surprised you so far from today's analysis?


That the visualization of something that may be a carbon nanotube, at a low magnification, it's kind of...

And what would prove that it's a carbon nanotube?

Well, when we look at the chemical components, which is the peaks on the screen, we can see that on that particular one, it's all carbon.

Then we'll have to go on with other testing.

It's called Raman spectroscopy, and a couple of other tests will determine actually if it is a carbon nanotube.

Will you be able to do that today?


Your first look at what, you know, they pulled out of you.

What are your thoughts?

This is interesting. I say it still could be just a rock from childhood or it could be a meteorite piece from space.

You'll just never know until a breakdown.

What you're saying is, "I'm just trying to figure out what this is."

The mechanics of this...

I consider myself a Christian, and if this thing's some space alien deal, it kind of blows everything I believed in for the last 50 years out of the water.

I mean...

Technically, I mean, God doesn't go around implanting people.

And earth...

Well, I mean, this just... kinda puts Christianity under question of, is it true or not?

In a way, I hope this is just a rock or something from the past, for my beliefs. But if it is, I'll kinda start rethinking...

Would it shake the foundations of your faith if this was something from another intelligent species?

It could.


Did you feel that we saw something anomalous today?

Yeah, it was definitely anomalous and it was very similar to several other objects that we've seen that were earlier from rock observations.

The nerve cells grow into the membrane.

This membrane forms the interface between the neurosystem and the electronics of the device.

What can you say implicitly from today?

That it's probably a sophisticated nanotechnogical device, rather than just a fragment of something.

These devices seem to be deliberately inserted into people, a portal of entry, and there is never an inflammatory response to the objects, which is highly unusual and unheard of.

So, when we get the path report back, that will tell a tale as well as to whether it's one of these anomalous objects we've seen before.

My working hypotheses with these are nanotechnological devices from off-planet that have been perfected by some society that has had this technology for a very long time.

We sent half the object in for ICP-MS analysis, and that will give us some isotopic ratios and tell us whether the material is from off-planet.

I mean, everybody wants to squeeze every last bit of information of every piece of evidence they can possibly get to try to solve the puzzle of what's going on.

While the scientific team was busy analyzing the composition, structures, and isotopic ratios of the surgically-removed mystery object, I decided to meet up with patient Number Seventeen, and find out more about his abductive experiences and his post-operation state of mind.

Do you think that this is sinister?

Like when you saw the eyes of those three oval-headed alien dudes, that you tried to tackle, in Las Vegas.

You said that you could tell it was sinister, you could tell it was--

They're not there to take you out for pizza, that's for sure.

I mean, they are there to manipulate you somehow.

Not to save you or give the cure for cancer.

They have their own agendas.

And if they didn't, it would be disclosed already.

I mean, there has to be something behind this to keep it this quiet.

Where did you come to that understanding?

Of course, their appearances are disturbing, but the sense... like when you meet somebody that's nice and friendly, you know, hey, it's a nice person.

These three people... things, in my room, you just knew.

Well, they're in your house without your permission, you know they're about to, maybe, take you somewhere and do whatever they want with you, I mean, how can that be a good thing?

There is no way they rang the doorbell, and said, "Hey, we're from outer space. Wanna have a beer?"

I mean, they're...

They're gangsters, you know.

Alien gangsters are doing what they want.

God knows what they're doing to people. At least I was caught and released.

What would you say to an alien that was trying to abduct you, if you could?

I don't know if I'd say anything rather than just treat him like any burglar that was trying to break into my house and mess with my family.

I'll shoot him dead and I'll take him down.

I mean, I think... they're criminals, they're doing what they want, and a lot of cruel things to people, and it'd be nice for... a little payback.

'Cause this is unreasonable.

How many abductees do you really need?

How many people's lives do you have to ruin?

I mean, man up.

Show your face or take off.

And for them to, you know, always take you on a deserted road, or late at night, they are obviously cowards on top of it.

So they're criminals, they're cowards.

If they're that advanced, they should just talk to us and explain things out, and comfort us, rather than...

Like mean little kids with a magnifying glass frying ants on a sunny day.

I mean, cowards.

So, "Leave me alone."

And, "I hope I can take one of you out when it's possible."

You fought back against these alien gangsters.

I mean, you did, that day.


I was ready to duke it out with them.

For some reason they just didn't wanna deal with it, but I was able to break that trance.

It's really a weird feeling. You can't move.

I was like, there's no way this is happening to me tonight.

And I was able to get up and go for it. Yeah.

That was pretty amazing, to tell you the truth.

'Cause most people can't.

So I was able to break through.

So they have weaknesses that you can break through, apparently.

Are you saying to me that you feel strongly that the experiences you had were real?

The experiences in childhood are real memories.

And what happened in Vegas with the two abductions were real.

But the fine details aren't there.

Like I said in earlier conversations.

I mean, they are doing mental blocks on people

'cause they know how frightening it is for the human race to deal with all this, but they still feel like we do with test animals, they can do what they want with us.

Do you feel that you were given a mental block from the experiences that you had?


There's no other way they could have made me forget about it.

So however that's done, I'm glad that's possible, 'cause just knowing they were there in my room, from childhood, sometimes as a young adult, and with this possible implant, you kind of feel violated.

I mean, these people are, like, kidnapping you.

You can believe what you want...

but unless you get other people to believe, too, it just seems like a fairy tale.

It means nothing. You know... but if you tell people the story, they look at you like you're crazy or you're a fool, or your religious friends think you're going to the dark side

'cause if there's aliens, there's no God, which means you're an atheist or something, so...

Everybody has their opinion on this.

You know, with all this going on, I'm just like a normal guy with extraordinary experiences that can't really be explained.

You know you've gone through them, but... unless you meet other abductees, or somebody in the line of work, nobody believes you.

Nobody really cares.

And they really just wanna put their fingers in their ears and walk away.

They're just afraid of the truth, maybe.

And then, when it happens to them, or they know somebody personally that this stuff happens to, then they open their eyes.

Everybody thought that the world was flat at one time.

Those folks don't want it to be true, or they're afraid of the truth.

They just weren't nightmares. They were real.

I joined patient Number Seventeen for his post-operative evaluation.

We were to confirm with X-ray that the entire foreign object was successfully removed and that the patient was healing properly.

As Dr. Leir explained that this surgery was a success, I started to get the sense that patient Number Seventeen was slightly agitated.

I guess you guys haven't analyzed the material yet.

Well, not any more than we did at Seal Labs.

Not every lab does every test.

But when I was talking to Richard, he was saying it's just a sliver of steel with cotton bits on it from the band-aid when they pulled it out.


We can see you're completely devoid of metal.


I would say, about two weeks.

And evidently, we have definitively removed the object that was there before.

There's no pieces left of the object.

So it was removed, what we call, in total, which means the whole thing was excised.

Ever had a case where you've had multiple objects in a person?

We did two surgeries on the same day.

And that gentleman had one in the back of his hand that was also a little rod, kind of a little C-shaped object.

And then we had a whole string of them that were about the same that looked like yours.

So I can still be tagged somewhere else.


There are these memories I have already, as a child, and then, in Las Vegas, a couple of visits was enough for me.

It was just frightening to see these images... I mean, you just...

I mean... it's just frightening.

I mean, you just know it's out of this world.

Most people want to remember.

You're kind of over it, it sounds like.

I just wanna get back to my life of joining my family and riding my dirt bikes, and move on.

We'll get the data here shortly, and see what it's made out of, and should be game over.

We'll know, one way or another, what the deal was with my leg.

Good evening, everyone. This is Coast to Coast AM.

We have sad news to report tonight.

Prominent UFO researcher, Dr. Roger Leir has passed away due to a heart attack.

Dr. Leir was a pioneer in the investigation for physical evidence of extraterrestrial contact.

Roger will be missed.

The isotopic ratios of most of these samples have been highly different from the isotopic ratios of earthly elements.

The materials come from not only a different place in the Solar System but a different part of our galaxy entirely.

This is a juvenile of that big one right there.

They probably turn dark when they get larger.

And this is cryptocoryne plant from the Amazon, and Amazon sword plant.

These three, and...

These fish are very aggressive.

They'll eat each other given half the chance.

So it's good to provide them places to hide from each other.

After we went to Seal Labs, Dr. Leir was in pretty good health at that point.

And he had an apparent heart attack and they found him near death, and he died soon after.

That was about six weeks ago now.

It's a great loss to the UFO community.

And he was a good friend...

He was a good friend and a great research associate.


Well, Dr. Leir worked hard in pursuit of the truth, and he...

He was striving to bring science to the UFO community and bring the scientific method to investigate UFO sightings.

And he was particularly interested in hard evidence of UFO sightings and abductions.

And that's why he got into the implant field

'cause that's one of the only ways we can get hard evidence that people have been visited by aliens, by these devices left behind in their bodies.

Do you still have patient Number Seventeen's sample?


I think most people are like the fish.

Most of the masses of humanity are like the fish.

They don't really know or care what's outside of their immediate sphere of influence.

And we need to be better than that as a race.

What are we looking to learn about patient Number Seventeen?

The isotopic analysis will tell us if the material's from our planet, so that's very important.

What if this thing is emitting frequency?

There's got to be a way to capture that data somehow.

The ultimate goal is to hack the Alien Internet.

We have reason to believe there's a complex web of communication between aliens and some supercomputer some place.

And abductees are also plugged into this system.

So it's the biggest story of the 20th and 21st century.

It's the biggest story never told.

It's the waiting that will grind you down.

It's the slow wear and tear of the mental highway.

If it's not true, you're crazy.

If it is true, the implications are even worse.

How do we navigate an experience that is real to us, but will never be real to others?

Do we push it so far down that we can discount our own perception?

It's one thing to ask a question, it's another to receive the answer.

Is knowledge power?

Or can knowledge be fundamentally destructive?

We've been waiting a long time to find the broad spectrum elemental analysis and isotopic analysis that you're gonna be able to read for us

'cause we wanna know as Patient Seventeen who often says, "Is this a piece of Tonka truck or just a rock from the ground?"

What was it that was taken out of his leg?

And this should be definitive in some way of what it was that was taken out, if it's anomalous or not.

We got quite a few elements here.

I see we have boron, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, titanium, chromium, manganese, iron.

Iron's the major component.

Cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, gallium, germanium...

Gallium and germanium are indicative of the presence of meteoric iron.

Got arsenic, strontium, yttrium, it's a rare earth element, zirconium, niobium, molybdenum...

Molybdenum's kind of high.

That's the highest I've seen in one of these objects actually.

405 ppm.

And we have some palladium, which is also indicative of meteoric iron.

There's quite a few precious metals like palladium, platinum, rhodium, and meteoric iron.

Lanthanum is also a rare-earth element, barium, hafnium, tantalum, tungsten, rhenium,

thallium, lead...

If you look at this, Steve, does it look like it's a cake-mix of...

They could have used this chemistry to build something here on the planet.

I mean, could that be a piece of steel fragment from something from my past or--

Yeah, it looks like it'd be very strong with iron mixed with all these different elements.

One, two, three...

We have 53 elements in object number 15, so.

Seems kinda complex just to be a man-made thing.

Do chemists actually put this stuff together to make steel objects here?

Yeah, this is a lot of elements... 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17...

So we have a total of 36 elements here, so that is quite complex.

Most industrial alloys don't have nearly that many elements in them.

And... so I'd say this was... an iron alloy with a significant amount of meteoric iron in it.

Based on this, perhaps 25% meteoric iron.

And then with that, some biological HERV-prototype coating on the outside.

When you say "meteorite," is it like, carbon, like our whole universe is created with, or is that a common element? Meteorite--

Meteoric iron.

They're the cores of planets that exploded.

I'm still trying to figure out-- You're the scientist, but what made that up that could've been in my everyday life instead of the implant.

I mean, it could have been a piece of a nail, or just an ordinary rock embedded in my shin in the past.

One thing that would be good to do when we get more funding, is to... just take a regular nail and analyze it at the same lab and see what comes up, but I can almost guarantee there'll only be about four or five elements in it.

And not of a complex structure like this, so.

I don't know if there's any way you could have gotten that from...

An accident from childhood.

No. Very unlikely.

Well, there was never an entry wound.

No recollection of an injury in that area.

So you have no idea how long that object had been there?

Could have been from childhood, but it started giving problems in 2005.

Now you mention it, I'm trying to remember what the pain was

'cause it felt like a railroad spike being driven through my leg.

But I'm trying to remember the point of entry.

It could have been in line of the pain.

I'd be riding my motorcycle on some mountain road, and it would start kicking in, the pain.

And it took all my strength to stop the motorcycle and lay on the ground without crashing.

So... then it just stopped.

Do you think the pain was to punish you somehow or to control you or anything?

Well, y'all know I've been a bad boy, but I have no explanation.

The electron micrographs of the object look very similar to the corresponding pictures of object number 15, that turned out to be a sophisticated nanotechnological device.

You're saying, Steve, that this is a highly complex alloy?

Thirty six different elements, some of which are rare-earth elements.

Yeah, it's got 410 ppm of yttrium.

And I know for a fact that no nail on the market's gonna have that.

There's all these different metals in it, they're highly complex, they were fabricated, they were put together.

It would be highly expensive, and probably difficult, to make a single object out of all these elements.

Yeah. Some of which are very rare.

Some of which are even toxic in small amounts.

I mean, this is a very strange object in Patient Seventeen's leg, that was taken out.

Yeah, no doubt, man.

You've talked to us about the elemental analysis.

But we also specifically got isotopic analysis.

Every element on our earth, or most elements on earth have more than one isotope. Isotopes being...

forms of the element with different atomic weights and having different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus.

The number of protons in the nucleus defines what the element is, and the number of neutrons in the nucleus defines its exact atomic weight.

So, in elements with more than one of these isotopes, there's a certain pattern, certain ratio of the isotopes, one to another, and that ratio is characteristic for elements that originate on earth.


What do you see in the isotopes?

Are they from here or are they not?

They were similar to earthly isotopic ratios, but off by enough, or I would tend to conclude that it was from off-planet.

So, you're saying that within these results for the isotopic percentages, usually, one to two percent could be a miscalculation?

How many percentages are we off by?

Zinc-64, we're off by...

We're off by about 2.5%.

So that definitely puts it into the for-sure off-planet range.

And the standard deviation of that measurement would be 1.25%, so there's not much variation or much room for error there.

So, zinc-64 and zinc-66 have isotopic ratios that are definitively not from earth?

Based on these results, I would say yes.

It's a federal crime to change--

It's not like the labs are messing around with the data.

-Yeah. -And they're looking at something that is not from here.

Yeah, I wanna emphasize this is not backdoor research or anything.

As you said, it's a federal crime to alter these results since we did pay for them.

So, they're actually truly mystery metals that are not forged on this planet?

If not, how do they know what it is?

You could forge them in this planet, but the isotopic results are pretty indicative to be from off-planet, so...

Well, our planet's a meteorite. It's a chunk off of something.

And then a meteorite, we think of it as this little ball thing floating through space...

Or it got evacuated from the core through a volcano, right?

It could be laying around, it might--

Well, there's parts of other planetary cores out there on the asteroid belt that are flying around somewhere.

Well, in my opinion, that was a nanotechnological device that was probably hooked into your nervous system, that's what caused the pain.

Made of probably meteoric iron, and...

having a lot of odd elements in it.

Guess I'm still in a little denial

'cause I wasn't expecting finding materials in this object that is from out of this world. Not at all.

Have you seen my report on object number 15?

It's similar to your device, and I'll stick my neck out a little bit, saying this is probably a device.

Is it the "Smoking Gun," as it says in the magazine article?

I would say so.

I mean, we would need a hundred tests like this to convince the entire scientific community, but based on the fact that we're trying to do this on, what to them would be, a shoestring budget, I think we've got some really good results here.

And I think that this is a strong indication that the object is from off-planet, and it's a sophisticated device, and we need to follow up with some more research.

I don't have any answers. I'm still... a Doubting Thomas on what this could possibly be.

But I'm not jumping for joy

'cause it just affirms that this whole story and this adventure is true, and it's just been a nightmare since childhood.

You don't want it to be true.

Not really.

It's a pain.

And you can't talk to anybody about it except for other UFO people, and it does... You just can't bring it up anywhere.

The media has a taboo, just like politics, most people have their mind set in a certain way.

There's no convincing them.

How does this make you feel? Are you surprised by these results?

Yes, 'cause I obviously thought it was something from the past.

We don't have control over any of this.

We're just being herded like cattle, and tagged, and who knows what they're doing.

It does require a period of adjustment and it's a door which you can never close again.

What happens to the ego when it confronts the truth that is poised to transform our belief systems?

And is truth itself a matter of interpretation?

All right. You take care, Steve.

-You too. -Good seeing you.

Good seeing you, too.

Remember, it's an exclusive club.

You are patient number fifteen? -Yeah.

-You never told me that. -I didn't?


Dr. Leir didn't want me to tell very many people.

I was supposed to be the scientist in this organization, but I went through the whole process.

I've lost my marriage over this whole thing.

That was a major factor.

Yeah, it's been a big deal.

I mean, I never would even entertain a lot of this stuff, if I didn't have physical evidence that there's something going on.

I've chosen to embrace it, in part, to get better treatment on the abductions.

And there's no sense fighting. I mean, they're far too powerful for that.

All they have to do is turn the mental control up to level 7 from level 3, and they can get you to do whatever they want.

Like Schrödinger's famous thought experiment, I simply wanted to know if the cat in the box was dead or alive.

Is this object anomalous or not?

The facts of the analysis do not lie, but the interpretation seems to be deeply subjective.

The hard scientific line, presupposed by the data, is easily bent by the worldview developed by those who seek answers.

Where was the doc when we needed him?

Where was the man who started it all?

Was he playing his symphony in the sky having found peace from his questions in the realms of the knowing, while the mysteries that keep us mortals in a state of insomniatic disturbance roll on?

I just wanna thank him for his understanding and his help, and acceptance of this whole thing.


And it's too bad he had to pass before... he knew a hundred percent what the item was, in my leg.

So a big thank you, actually. Thanks.

The next move was to get interpretation of the data from a scientist known as "Nano Man," a military-funded nanophysicist who might be able to shine light on our seemingly anomalous analysis.

Maybe he could tell me if there was anything to this data.

This came out of a man's leg.

There's been a lot of kind of assumptions about it, but now we have the hard physical evidence of the elemental analysis.

I just wanted you, as a nanophysicist, -to basically look at it. -Yes.

Is this a Tonka truck?


This sample is not a Tonka truck.

It is not a rock or a pebble from the gravel.

Maybe he picked up a piece of something in his leg and it's been bothering him.

He had a strange experience, and decided that he had an implant.


This is not a stone, or pebble, or a Tonka truck.

There is nothing I can imagine that could explain why this man would have a witches' brew of elements within a sample embedded in his leg.


Quite a lot of arsenic, actually, in the sample.


Yttrium is the material used in making superconductors.

We have a huge amount of yttrium inside this, and yttrium is extremely toxic.

Machining superconductors, you have to wear masks and gloves

'cause the powder is deadly.

There are just... really an astounding number of elements here that are quite poisonous.

Are these elements unique in any way?

Just the elements themselves?

Oh, absolutely.

This is the most astounding array of elements in a single sample I've ever seen.

I have no idea how you would make such a thing.

Even in your world of nanotechnology, where you do fabricate pretty exotic minute-scale machines and that kind of thing, this is still interesting to you?

This object has an elemental analysis of a complexity I've never seen before.


This thing is fabricated is what you're saying?

Oh, yes. This thing is fabricated.

Our most complex alloys, maybe you'll have five different metals or oxides present in an alloy.

This sample has an astounding array of metals present.

We're talking about something that is highly advanced and fabricated by an intelligence. Is that correct?


Straight up?

Yes, straight up.

This material had to be fabricated by something, by somebody, by an intelligence that was very sophisticated.

Somebody went to a great deal of effort to create this object.

I was told that there are four types of isotopes that are found on earth in zinc.

Those are the four that there ever was?

There is a fifth one in very small quantity, but they basically looked at the big four.

Okay. So, they're created here within our star system, the supernova that created our star system, -then our neighboring star systems. -Yes.

And they have certain ratios that are typically found as far as the concentration of these different types of zinc.

So zinc-64, zinc-66...

-This kind of thing. -Yes.

What ratios are you seeing there?

Are they out of proportion with terrestrial ratios and what does that tell us?

So, in any sample, you expect some deviation from the normal isotopic ratio of any of these elements.

But what we're seeing here is a dramatic shift in the isotopic ratios of this sample versus the average isotopic ratio of zinc found on earth.

This zinc is from some other part of the galaxy at a minimum.

I'm telling you, it's not from here.

This sample did not come from our solar system, much less the earth.

These isotopes provided us the evidence.

These are not naturally occurring on earth.

My mind is still kind of frozen with shock.

I did not expect there to be proof.

You're just nodding your head but I'm freaked out.

We have material that has been pulled out of a man's leg, that should not exist.

This sample could not have been made on earth

'cause the isotopic ratios do not support the idea or the theory that this sample was made here.

I mean, so you got the "Smoking Gun," but it's in the form of an isotopic analysis.

How do you make someone understand the implication of those numbers?

Or maybe you don't.

The 64 trillion-dollar question remains how did these ratios get here?

This is not a ratio of zinc that you would find, that would be naturally occurring.

This has nothing to do with naturally-occurring zinc in our solar system or in the surrounding solar systems.

Within our neighborhood of the galaxy, this did not come from.

These elements were created in a supernova that was manufacturing these elements in different ratios.

Do you think, from what you've seen, these isotopes show us non-terrestriality?

Yes, I do.

Would you consider this... scientific report of the isotopes, a "Smoking Gun"?

Yes, I would.

I don't believe any human made this sample.

I'm just trying to figure out my next step.

I mean, I guess we're at a point where we can say, big questions.

Yes. Huge questions.

This is the most significant pieces of actual hardcore data we have ever seen in the field of UFO and extraterrestrial in this wide world.

This is the single most compelling piece of data that's ever been generated.

So that's a mystery.

The implication of this is stretching my imagination.

This is just about the point where I feel utterly lost.

I've been investigating Dr. Leir's claims for almost a year now.

It's been one step forward, two steps back.

So here are the facts.

Patient Seventeen had a strange object taken out of his leg.

It was analyzed and interpreted by Dr. Leir's team.

They believe the object is proof of advanced non-human intelligence engaging humanity.

Patient Seventeen and I are less convinced.

I called the lab and they stood behind the results.

When I asked them if the isotopic results were consistent with non-terrestriality, they quickly admitted that errors can occur.

I presented the data to the head meteorite specialist at UCLA, and he basically told me that we would need more tests to determine the object's origin.

Innumerable scientists, from material specialists to nanotechnicians, have interpreted the data, and it's a coin toss.

Some find the composition anomalous, others say it's what you might expect to find in a common alloy.

Most simply say, "We need more tests."

With Dr. Leir gone, our only hope to further this case is to get our hands on the sample and continue the quest.

This has proven to be a challenge.

Please leave your message after the tone.

Hey, man, it's me.

I've been trying for months to get a hold of Steve.

He's changed his phone number, he won't answer any of my messages.

I just don't know if we're gonna be able to get the sample back or if we're gonna be able to figure out what this is.

I'm extremely frustrated.

I mean, I figure the only thing left is to go bang on his door.

You know, we've come this far, man.

We need to do more tests.

It seems that we each have front-row seats for this cosmic symphony, an ultra-dimensional theater where we are observers and participants.

We are actors on this multi-galactic and incomprehensibly mysterious stage, and the price of admission is simply your own curiosity.

The problem with peeking behind the curtain is that you can't unsee and you can't unknow.

Your curiosity becomes weaponized and from that moment forward, you become a mechanism.

A beacon radiating with desire magnitudes greater than you ever dreamed possible.