Patient Zero (2018) Script

MAN 1: Okay, bud, that's just scary.

MAN 2: I just feel bad for him.

REPORTER 1: Scientists are investigating a new super-strain of rabies commonly known as Mad Dog disease.

REPORTER 2: Health authorities announced that they discovered their first case of the new super-strain of rabies in a human.

While the number of rabies cases continues to grow...

PRESS SECRETARY: The President assures the American people there is absolutely no reason for panic concerning these isolated cases of rabies.

MAN: derived from the Sanskrit word, rabhas, which means "To do violence."

DOCTOR: This super-strain of rabies alters the personality of the patients.

Acute aggressiveness, a reduced sense of pain and restlessness, obsessive behaviors.

The virus can transform an infected human within 90 seconds.

REPORTER: The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than nine million people infected with this new super-strain of rabies.

REPORTER 2: The Infected seems to be spreading faster than can be contained.

REPORTER 3: 9-1-1 operators in major North American cities

(SIREN WAILING) are overwhelmed already.

They have been told not to approach anyone who could be rabid.

POLITICIAN: If we don't adequately address this current outbreak, we will end up fighting for decades.

REPORTER 4: This super-strain of rabies is not fatal.

In fact, those infected are not dying, they're killing.

REPORTER 5: Alters the brain and nervous system to create a super violent species.

REPORTER 6: Never seen a disease evolve so rapidly.

REPORTER 7: White House is under siege.

The President of the United States has been relocated.

REPORTER 8: With the breakdown in communication...

MAN: Society is near collapse.

WOMAN: They killed everyone. Women, children.

REPORTER 9: Time is of the essence.

REPORTER: The few medical and military personnel left desperately search for Patient Zero.

Patient Zero. Patient Zero.

Morgan! Morgan! Morgan!


Time to make the donuts. Donuts.

Oh, too early for irony, huh?

Yeah, it's too early for irony, asshole.

Come on, there's work to do. The field's not gonna plow itself.


Oh, don't make me.

MORGAN: We are hidden underground in a nuclear silo.

We have been decimated by a force far worse than you could ever have imagined.

A super-strain of rabies that turns humans into violent predators.

We call them The Infected.

WOMAN: Look at me. Look at me.

MORGAN: There is no treatment.


There is no cure.

An enemy that thrives on violence, danger, rage and destruction.

Civilians or soldiers?

Soldiers. Coming in like clockwork.

MAN: A body bag.


Try to make it quick, champ. It's my kid's birthday.

Man, I don't know how you keep the days straight down here, buddy.

Oh, it's easy. 'Cause the little guy'd never forgive me if I forgot.


WOMAN: (OVER PA) At 0900 in Sector 2...

What's our ETA? Subjects have been scanned and are on the way. Good.

As soon as Morgan gets here we can start.

Dr. Rose, how are our prisoners?

Our patients are ready for observation.

Patients? When are you gonna get that we are at war here?

Kill or be fucking killed.

MORGAN: Good morning. Get any sleep?

Yeah, you know, here and there.

I'll get you a stronger dose. Can't have you working at a deficit.

Yeah, thanks. I'll rest when I'm dead.

Oh, me? Well, I slept really well. Thanks for asking.


Let's get this over with already.

At ease, Colonel. The party's just beginning.

Bring him in.

SOLDIER: Let's go.

Open it up.



MAN: Set him down.

The Fourth Battalion were 125 miles north when they came across a pack of Infected.

They were able to bring two in alive.

We lost five of our own while doing so.

Any reason to believe our location's been discovered?


SOLDIER 1: Left secured. SOLDIER 2: Right one secured.

SOLDIER 3: Waist?

Waist secured, sir.

All right, it's set.


What are we calling our first patient?

Joe Cocker. Nice.

A fellow countryman and a great performer.


And the brother could move.

Ready? Yeah.

I'm ready.

Time and tide, people. Come on. Let's go.

Hey, buddy. Yeah.

It doesn't look like Joe's feeling all right.

MORGAN: The few medical and military personnel left searched desperately for Patient Zero.

Hoping that from his blood we can engineer an anti-virus.



There is no reasoning with the Infected.

Communication is completely impossible.

Except for me.

I can speak their language.


I've been bitten, but not turned. (MORGAN GROWLING INDISTINCTLY)

First, let's lay down the ground rules.

Let me be perfectly clear.


I need you to cooperate in every possible way or your time here will be unpleasant. It's completely up to you.

I talk, you listen. I question, you answer.

This is non-negotiable. Do you understand?

Now, I'm sure you're surprised to learn that I can communicate with you.

How? I believe that qualifies as a question.

So you got a name?

I see here that you had no identification when you were brought in. (GROWLS)

I'm gonna call you Joe.

Joe Cocker. Why?

Yet again with the questions.

Let's review, shall we? I ask, you answer.


Where are you from?


Minnesota. Minnesota.

There we go. That wasn't that hard.

And when were you infected? It was the end of October.


It was the end of October?

We were putting up Halloween decorations.

You're certain?


You're sure about that?

JOE: Yeah.

Get me the Minnesota file.

Bring up all that data we have on Minnesota.

And tell Morgan to keep pushing him on that.

On it. What are his vitals?

Let me check.

Okay, and who bit you?


Geographically possible. Look, November, December.

It's not even close.

This is one of the earliest we've spoken to.

Come on, Morgan, give me what I need.

Tell me about the attack today?

We couldn't believe our luck when your soldiers showed up.

The feeling I felt in my gut...

You mean the burn? What?

You mean the burn, the burn to commit violence, to be violent, to tear someone's head off.

To rip someone's teeth out. You're talking about the burn?

Yeah, I know about the burn, Joe.

We're not that different, me and you.

Like lust.

I understand you, buddy.

And I wanna help you.


So how many of you were traveling today?

200, 250. 250? That's a lot.

We ripped your soldiers apart.

And if it weren't for these chains...

Hey, hey, hey, have you ever heard of Daniel Burnham?

So, Daniel Burnham was an architect.

This brilliant architect. Okay?

He designed all these famous buildings across the United States including, actually the first skyscraper in Chicago and that amazing building in New York City, the Flatiron. Anyway, his real passion was wine.

Danny Burnham shipped his around the world, twice, on these slow freighters. So, sometimes the wine would take years, and years, and years to come back to him.

Anyway, one day, me and my wife, we're in this really beautiful building that Burnham designed in like, nineteen hundred and something.

And we come across five old, beautiful, dusty cases of Daniel Burnham's wine. The point is, whenever Daniel Burnham opened a bottle of his wine amongst his buddies, he would read them the long list of all the countries that each specific bottle had traveled, so whenever they drank it they knew it wasn't just a sip of beautiful wine, this was a trip around the motherfucking world.

This wine is my only connection to the past, Joe.

To the world as it was.

Remember that.

You know, Joe, I've forgotten what fresh air feels like.

And sunlight. I hate this place.

I hate seeing you people in pain.

I hate not being able to help you, but I wanna understand you, Joe. I do.

(OVER SPEAKERS) Looks like we're making real progress in there.


Hey, hey, hey, hey. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Don't make me. Come on, man. Take it easy.

I wanna help you.


Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me!

What is wrong with you?

I'm trying to make progress in there. What is it with this dude?

Are you all right? No. Yeah. I'm fine.

What's he keep saying in there? For me to go fuck myself.

(SCOFFS) Tell him we'd all do that if we could.

KNOX: Why are you coddling that son of a bitch?

Please, Colonel.

When was the last Halloween?

Last October.

No, that we celebrated.

Oh. Um, a year and a half ago.

My Tommy was Spiderman.

I want some answers. Back off, Colonel.

What is the problem? Colonel, there is no problem.

I just need the subject to calm down. That's all.

Bullshit. Get him back inside and show that monster who's in charge, or I will.

That's enough, Colonel. This guy, man.

You're damn right it is.


What's he doing? Colonel!

Hey! Hey! What?



Now, he looks pretty damn calm to me.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Are you out of your goddamn mind?

He was wasting our time. He was from Minnesota.

He was infected Halloween night, that predates any previous record of infection.

He might, he just might, have been a link to Patient Zero.

(GUN COCKS) Get your hands off me.

You're gonna shoot me, Colonel?


There are a million more just like him.

What the...

Put the fucking wine away. Clean up this shit.

You're an asshole. Let's bring in the next one.

You were born an asshole, and you will fucking die an asshole.

I hate this fucking place!

You overstep your authority like that again and I'll have you stripped of your command.

My orders... Your orders are to protect my laboratory. What we do here is scientific research, not executions. You shot him to get even with me.

Don't even think about denying it.

You're upset that I put you down and spoke to you like a child.

But I have no choice when you continue to act like a child.

I get that you're frustrated, that you're posted to a scientific operation and not a military one.

I understand, but you do something like that again and I promise you will rue the day that we ever met, if you don't already. Are we clear, Colonel?

I'll take that as a yes.

He was traveling in a much larger pack than normal today.

250, he said, you know.

A wolf-pack stays big enough to hunt as a team, but small enough to feed everybody.

And 250 is not a pack, it's a goddamn army.

I'd like you to calm down. Take a couple of these.

No! No! I cannot take any more pills.

It's driving me insane.

I keep having these nightmares. These vivid flashbacks.

Stay still, I'm gonna take your pulse.

Yes, flashbacks, okay. Go on.

I can hear her scream, but I can't, I just... (SIGHS)

I can't reach her, you know.

Stop torturing yourself. That's all I do. Torture myself.


You know Janet and I had this thing.

We never liked saying goodbye to each other because it sounds so permanent.

So instead of saying goodbye, we would pick a random topic from the alphabet.

And we would recycle through all 26 letters over and over again, but we would never say the words, "Goodbye." That's cute.


Yeah, that's cute.

Don't you miss that? Don't you miss being cute?

Being human? Hell, yeah.

You're fine.






Hope you're being safe.

Excuse me.

Is it advisable to consort with someone who's been bitten, from a scientific perspective?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Or maybe this is some perverse line of research.

I don't know. You tell me.

Oh, my God. That's it. What?

You're upset that I care for Morgan, aren't you?


Excuse me? Colonel, I wouldn't have chosen you if you were the last man on Earth.

You know the first thing they teach a ranger about counter-insurgence?

Oh, please enlighten me.

When confronted with a group of suspected terrorists, and one in that group is a woman, you take her out first.

You know why?

Because you never can trust a bitch.

Is that a threat, Colonel?

Just sharing.

You know why I think that is? No. Let's hear it.

Because women always have to work harder to prove themselves.

Consequently, they invariably become smarter and more dangerous than their male counterparts.

Is that a threat, Doctor? Just sharing.





Don't do that.

Look, we need to see if it's working.


You gotta keep taking it, okay? Please.

Sometimes I can hear the music.


SOLDIER: Sergeant, coming in.

I keep telling you people, Patient Zero is gonna end up being some horny, sick fuck, who stuck his dick in some wolf or coyote's pussy.

You're a sick fucker, Scooter. I like it.

You tell that to the guy who contracted HIV by fucking that rhesus monkey.

That was never proven.

Because what self-respecting monkey is gonna admit to that kinda shit?

(LAUGHTER) Is everything a joke to you?

Whenever possible.

If I don't laugh, I cry.

I choose to laugh. Okay?

SOLDIER 1: Secure left side.

SOLDIER 2: Left side secured.

Center. Center set.

SOLDIER 1: Waist restrained.

SOLDIER 2: Waist restraints are set.

What are we calling the next patient?

We are calling him Pete Townshend.

Oh, well, tell Pete Townshend I am a big fan.

Even the solo stuff. I got you.

He's loose. Watch out! Watch out! (SNARLING)

Secure to chair!

Damn it!

What the fuck! Move! Move! GINA: Get away!



MORGAN: Scooter! Hey!

GINA: No! No! Hey!


MORGAN: Scooter!

KNOX: Get him down! GUARD: Hold it!

KNOX: Secure that son of a bitch!


Lock it now!

GINA: Hold on, Scooter!


Keep going. Keep moving through. Fuck! Stand up.

Get him up!

MORGAN: Scooter, keep moving. Come on. Come on. We gotta move.

Come on! Okay, get him on, get him on.

Morphine! Morgan, don't let me turn, please.

Gotta move. Move, now!

Stay calm, Scooter. Time! Seventy seconds.

Don't let me turn. Please, don't let me turn!

Sixty-five seconds. Scooter, take it easy, buddy.

Remember the faster your heart beats, the faster the virus circulates.

GINA: Scooter.

We're here, buddy. Give him another shot of morphine.

MORGAN: Close your eyes and tell me your happiest memory.

My happiest memory? MORGAN: Yeah.

My wife and I were in our town park teaching Tommy...


Keep talking, bud. Okay. It's okay.

(DRILLING) It's okay. It's okay.

Time? Twenty-five seconds. Go on, buddy.


MORGAN: It's okay, it's okay.

Time? Twenty-five seconds.

MORGAN: We're gonna be okay. Come on, buddy, come on.

GINA: Come on, Scooter. Okay.

Come on, come on, come on. MORGAN: Come on, Scooter.

Time? Ten seconds.

Don't let me turn. I can't live like that.

Stay calm. Five.

Did you hear me? I can't live like that.

Three, two. Tell Tommy happy birthday for me.

Promise me. I promise.


Oh, fuck.

Oh, wow.

Well, it's a good thing I jerk off with my left hand.


Good job, everyone.

I'm just gonna check you.


MORGAN: Is he breathing? Is he breathing?

He's gone into shock.

Tie him down. What?

We got to him in time. Tie him down.

He's infected. Tie him down.

No, we got him, we got him in time. Tie him down.

I'm gonna use an epinject. You know that's not gonna work, Gina.

Tie him down! Come on, Scooter, come on.

Come on. Please, come on, come on.






You promised him.

That's what he wanted.

That's what any one of us would have wanted.

He was a good kid.

He'll be missed.


What good is all your research,

when you can't protect anyone?

When you can't bring him back?


God damn it.


Come here.


MORGAN: Hey, it's gonna be okay.

Happy birthday, Tommy.

Tell your daddy we love him, and we miss him already.

Jane, I got Thai.


Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, what happened, baby? I'm fine.

I was trying to reach the top shelf.

The dirty tunes? The top shelf?

What are you crazy? No, no, no, come on, come on.

Leave that. Let's eat here.

What, on the floor? Yeah, on the floor.

You love it on the floor, right?

Yeah. (CHUCKLES) It's your favorite place, the floor.

You're such a big kid.

My big kid. Yeah.



This is not about Scooter, okay? Focus on the patient.

You need to stay on point. Date of infection, location of infection, where is Patient Zero, okay?



Gotta love The Who.

Let me be clear, I need you to cooperate in every possible way or your time here will be unpleasant. I will make it unpleasant.

It is completely up to you. I will talk, you will listen.

I will question, you will answer.

This is non-negotiable. Do you understand? Nod if you do.

Got a name? (SNARLS)

Okay, I'm gonna call you something.

I'm gonna call you Pete Townshend.


I will be asking the questions. Place of birth?

Place of birth? Fine.

You wanna play it that way? Let's play it that way.


Oh, here we go!

Oh, how does that feel? Yeah, you like that?

You like that? You like The Who? Boom!

You know, music has an interesting effect on you guys.

Your auditory system has been changed. You can't process harmony.

No harmony anymore. I mean, music.

The one good thing that we actually have left and you even screw that up.

And after what you did to my friend, Scooter, I got no reason not to play you every goddamn record that I own.

I got soul, I got hip-hop.

I got lot of rock 'n' roll, Pete. You hear me?

Do you hear me?


Oh, okay. That feel good? That feel nice?

Yeah? Place of birth?

Minnesota. When did you turn?

Over a year ago, October. October? You sure?

It was the day before my birthday.

My wife bit me. Where?

At home. And where's home?

Saint Paul.

You know anything about Patient Zero? Who?

The first Infected.

You mean the original? The original, yeah.

Do you know where he is? You know where he is.

You wanna listen to some more music?

Go ahead. Play your fucking music.

It didn't save your friend. It won't save you.

Nothing can save you.



Where is Patient Zero?


You know, give me one good reason why I don't blow your brains out right now.

You took my friend.

My best friend in here.

The only person who made me laugh in this godforsaken world.

Okay? You killed him. You took him away from me.

Morgan! Where is Patient Zero?

I can keep asking all day.

Where is he? Where is he?

Do it.

Do it.

Do it. Do it.

Do it.

MORGAN: Both subjects were turned a year and a half ago in Minnesota.

Which crucially leads us to believe...

So might one of them be this Patient Zero?

Uh, no, sir, both were turned by another Infected, but Patient Zero could be a part of this early Minnesota pack.

What we need to do is expand our search around the area where we found both patients today.

Why should we believe anything one of them tells us?

Because they don't lie, sir.

Are you saying that they have some sort of moral compass?

No, sir, our studies tell us that there is no such thing as deceit among the Infected.

Their responses, though almost always violent, are always truthful.

Why is that?

Well, we're still studying their neural control center to determine that, sir, but I can tell you...

We can't risk any more soldiers on another low percentage mission.

That's what it all boils down to.

We cannot reverse-engineer a vaccine without Patient Zero.

And there's no plan B, gentlemen.

No Plan B doesn't mean we have a good Plan A.

I was right about Vegas.

I gave Colonel Knox a report saying that we're seeing more and more evolution in the adaptive and strategic behavior of the Infected.

It stated that as long as the Vegas facility was exposed, then the Infected were bound to find a way in.

I dealt with it in the way it was warranted, sir.

Colonel Knox chose to shelve the report.

It was speculation at best.

And it played out exactly as I predicted.

(SIGHS) This has nothing to do with what we're talking about.

This has everything to do with what we're talking about.

I keep trying to tell you, the Infected are not just sick people suffering from a deficit.

Something new, smart and dangerous is evolving, sir.

They're learning. MORGAN: They're learning, exactly.

She's right, they're learning. They're developing new strategies.

They're becoming more aware. Traveling in larger packs.

Exactly. Like, how much longer do you think it's gonna be until they realize that we're down here? It's happening.


You're right.

It sounds like actionable intel to me.

Oh, no. Respectfully, sir... She was right about Vegas.

Thank you, sir.

Thousands of people died in that base, which is not something you should be proud of being right about.

What's Cheyenne got to say?

Comm links with NORAD and USNORTHCOM Alternate Command are still down, sir.

Dispatch squads for thorough sweep.

Sir. Time is running out.


Pull the trigger.

Good job.

That guy is an asshole.

We could have a baby, me and you.

Come on, Janet, what? You're not gonna talk about this ever?

Because I know how much you want your own child.

That's not true. I...

I want a child with you.

You know I love you for saying that. But you know it is.

You know, we agreed we'd wait until we could afford a surrogate.

Baby, there are so many kids out there that need a home.


What? What are you... Eat your pad thai.



JANET: I heard gunshots earlier.

Oh, no. That's nothing.

It didn't sound like nothing.

It's business as usual.

Well, I don't know what "business as usual" means because you never tell me anything.

Well, trust me, you don't wanna know because it's ugly out there.

It's uglier in here.


You know how in the movies when there's an alien invasion, everybody comes together to defeat a common enemy?

It turns out real life is a little more complicated than that, you know.

Everybody wants to kill everybody else for food or shelter.

There's more that's complicated.

Is it the doctor?

I can sense it.

She's pretty.


You know, I took for granted the simple things that made me human.

Like tears.

Hey, you are everything to me. Not everything.

Baby, listen to me. I'm not your baby!

Hey. Janet. I'm one of them!

I know you don't wanna hear this, but when I was out there, I liked it.

The simplicity, the freedom. No. No.

The violence. You have to let me go. No.

Please, stay away from me. Please. No.

You gotta promise me that you're not gonna give up.

Because we are getting somewhere here.

The treatment is working.

There's still hope.

Don't you give up. Okay?

And I love you.

All right.

W is for Waltz.

Remember when we took that ballroom dance class and fell all over each other?

I gotta go. Bye. No. Don't leave me.

Don't, don't, don't. Where did we leave off?

Uh... What, it's R-S-T. I think it's your turn.

T. T. T. T. Yeah, make it count.

You ready? Okay.


T is for tears. Okay.

You make me so happy. I can't remember the last time I cried.


It's good. It's good. Good. Good.


I miss my tears. I do...

Maybe we should take a day off the vampire routine.

You look like shit.

What? Thank you.

I'm fine.

What do the lab results say?

We still don't know why your blood is resistant.

But the antibody drug conjugate is definitely lowering Janet's viral load.


It's slowing down the infection, even easing the rage.

Okay, good.

But, uh, only temporarily. Look.


That rat was treated with our latest vaccine from your blood.

It was only five minutes in.

Well, the guy's behind you, still.

Well, he looks like an asshole, for a rat.



What I'm trying to tell you is, basically, we're still far off the vaccine.

A vaccine will prevent further infection, but...

Morgan, you gotta start listening to me when I tell you that there's no guarantee that I can bring Janet back.

Don't. Not this.

You're not listening to me. Please, don't.

I don't need it, okay. Not today. Give me a break.


I feel how you touch me. Gina...

I can see how you look at me.

I love you, Morgan.

I love that you still love her. I do.

But it's time for you to let go.

Whoa, whoa. Don't tell me what it's time for me to do, okay?

That is not your place. Just back the fuck up for one minute here. God damn it.

Oh, yeah, and by the way, she's not dead. Okay?

No, she's worse.



MORGAN: I'm sorry.

JANET: For what? For what, the shop.

The record store was meant to be our adventure.

Hey. Shh. It's okay. It's not okay.

What, we gotta sell our wedding rings to keep the goddamn lights on?

I mean, come on.

Maybe I should go back to teaching. JANET: No!

You hated teaching. The shop is your dream. Our dream.

You know, and I won't give it up even if I have to work 10 jobs.






MORGAN: Janet! Janet!





Tartakoff. Staff Sergeant.

Downey. Captain.

His name was Hank Downey.

He was one of mine.



No! No!



WOMAN: Get out of the way.

What's going on? Alarm in the crematorium.




Release him, sir. I got a shot.

Wait, wait, wait. Take it easy. Don't kill him.


Give me one good fucking reason not to.

Take it easy, Knox. Okay?

He says he wants to talk to the one who can understand.



Wrist secure.

Securing waist.

SOLDIER 2: Check secondary cuff.

SOLDIER 1: Secondary...

Waist secure.

Shackle secure.

SOLDIER 2: Three, two, one, release.

SOLDIER 1: Releasing.

SOLDIER 2: Move out.







The music's not affecting him at all.


Not a bit.


He's smoking. He's smoking.

He had a University of Minneapolis campus ID on him.

Professor Michael Jansen.

What kind of professor? Doesn't say.


Um... Be careful. I will.

You know, I love this song.


You wanted to speak with me?

I wanted to see if the rumors were true.

The rumors. Oh, well.

I didn't realize I was so popular. How do you know about me?

Well, you know us Infected. We just love to gossip.

So you were a professor?

By passion and trade.

Do you remember anything about your human life?

Do you remember teaching?

Of course. Don't you?

Well, I mean, how do you know I was a...

Mmm. Like I said, word travels. What subject?

Biology. I gave it up. Yes.

I would have to if I had to teach a bunch of high school Neanderthals.

Hey, don't hate on the kids. (CHUCKLES)

No, no, no. Thank you. I quit.

Good for you. I, however, am a lifetime smoker.

Oh! That'll get you in the end, you know.

Okay, so when were you infected?


Oh, here we go. When were you infected?

When were you infected?

When were you infected? No? You don't wanna play?

This is how you wanna play? You wanna play nice? You wanna play rough?

No, look, I got all day, all night.

Funnily enough, I got nowhere that I need to be tonight, so it's only a matter of time.

Trust me, young man, time's a luxury that you cannot afford.

So, the music doesn't bother you? No.

Is it supposed to?

Well, it has with every other Infected, yeah.

So because of the behavior of a few, you assume we're all the same?

Just an observation. Broad observation.

It doesn't take individuality into account.

Oh, excuse me. So each Infected is different?

Yes, well, why wouldn't we be?

Each uninfected is different.

Look at you. You were bitten.

The virus altered you enough so that you could communicate with us and yet, you're still not really one of us.

Are you?

No, I'm not one of you.

Anyway, back to business.

You wanna tell me about Patient Zero?

Why would I answer your questions?

And even if I did, why would I answer them honestly?

Because I'm asking so nicely, and I know that you can't lie.

Oh, is that so? I believe it to be so.

I mean, at least that is my understanding of your nature.

Oh, that is your understanding of my nature?

That's quite precious.

Believe me, I've seen a lot of you come and go.

A lot, but not all.

Well, so you're the anomaly.

Well, I do like to think of myself as special.


Don't you believe in exceptions?

I do believe in exceptions.

Go ahead. Please explain. I...

This should be quite good.

Free will, Professor.

I believe you lost that capacity when you were turned.

Oh, I see.

So, you're postulating that because I'm no longer human, that I don't have free will.

And yet, here I am conversing with you, enjoying a smoke.

These are hardly the traits one would associate with an animal.

In fact, I would argue that we're a more evolved species than you.

An evolved species that destroys without any conscience.

Yes, just like humans, who destroy chickens and cows without a conscience.

No, no, come on, man, that's food, that's sustenance.

What do you think violence is for us?

You wanna tell me how you became infected?


I was teaching a class the day it happened.

I had just started a lecture on medieval philosophy.

St. Augustine says that man must love because he is incomplete.

Loving is an act of good.

A unique human ability, granted as a gift from a higher power.

In St. Augustine's Doctrine of Love,

he states that... Um... (CELL PHONE BUZZES)

"To not love is to be incomplete, "to not love is to not be human." Excuse me.


Hello. Hello.

Yeah. Hi, honey, look, I can't talk right now, all right?

I'm busy... WOMAN: People are being attacked.

What? You gotta come home.

I'm really scared. Wait, wait, wait. Slow down.

I hear screams. What's happening?


Wait, honey, look, I'll call you back. I'll call you right back.




Help me. Help me, please. (SCREAMS)

STUDENT 1: Hurry, come on. STUDENT 2: I'm coming.

Oh, my God, what's going on?







MORGAN: What happened to your family?

PROFESSOR: What? MORGAN: Your family?

My family? MORGAN: Yeah.

You know what happened to them?

When the virus takes over your body, it's like...

Every nerve has been stretched...


Sliced with broken glass,

and doused in vinegar.

But even in the throes of this pain, I was driven by one compelling thought.

I needed to see my family.

AUTOMATED VOICE: Please leave your message after the tone.


Honey, it's me.

Look, I saw the news. Please call me back as soon as you can, okay?

I love you.



Oh, thank God. You're safe.

Honey, you're safe. (GROWLING SOFTLY)

I tried calling my mother but all the circuits are busy...



What's the matter?



PROFESSOR: I tore my wife's limbs from her torso like wings from a butterfly.

She begged me to stop.

And cried out my name.

But I couldn't until I ripped out her heart.



I wanted to tell her that I was no longer her daddy.

You're a goddamn animal.

Between the humans and The Infected, who do you think is on the top of the evolutionary scale?

Not you. See, I beg to differ.

Our brains have been enhanced by the virus.

Therefore freeing us from the limitations of what you call human.


Where is Patient Zero? Oh, there is none.

The virus started somewhere, where is he?

The rage.

The rage started here against the government.

The rich, the poor, foreigners, intellectuals, conservatives, feminists, freaks, name it.

That's where it came from. Shut up.

We became so angry for so many good reasons, and for none.

The virus has laid dormant in us since the beginning of time.

Shut up. And the extremes of modern stress have caused it to awaken. Shut up.

We're all, in essence, Patient Zero. Shut up. Shut up.

Shut up, goddamn it!


We're not that different, are we?

What on Earth's he saying to you? Sorry, he's debating with me.

KNOX: He's a fucking Infected. Yeah, I know.

Do you need a minute?

No, no, I'm fine. I'm sorry, the...

I shouldn't have hit him. No, you shouldn't have hit him.

He's being an asshole. Don't hit him again.

I won't. Don't let him get to you.

Go in there and take control.

Actually, I will bum that smoke.


How long have you been married?

Is that a question?

It's nice to be in love though, isn't it?

What, you gonna lecture me about love now?

What do you know about love?

Just because I killed my family, doesn't mean I didn't love them.


How's your wife?


Is she?

No, she's not. Thank you for asking.

I don't know if my wife's a human being anymore.

That's how she is.

I remember why I quit.


So that's why you're so interested in finding Patient Zero.

No, it's because you're a disease.

A disease that I believe can be cured.

Do I look sick to you? Yes.

(SCOFFS) I don't think that we're the disease.

I think that human beings are the disease, and we're the cure.

The antidote that has been given to Earth to get rid of the human infection.

How are those headaches treating you?

Oh, fine and dandy, thank you.

I know more about you than you know about yourself.

Those headaches, that's the rage inside you, yearning to escape.

Thank you for the educational talk.

But we are at war here.

If we're at war, I suggest you ask yourself who's winning.

Oh, you think you're winning? Hey, let me tell you.

However slight the human race may be, we will continue to fight.

We will continue to remain curious.

We will continue to find solutions and we will continue to adapt because that is what we do, and that is what we have done since the dawn of time, okay?

What, you see me rub my head, you see me pop some pills, and from that you figure out I got chronic headaches?

Geez, Columbo, like you noticed the tan line around my ring finger and from that you figure out that I was married, so what?

(CHUCKLES) You've been playing me.

You've been playing tricks on me.

Playing tricks like the way you Trojan horsed yourself in here.

You know, you claim that you wanted to talk to me, and that's what we've been doing, we've been talking, and talking, and talking. We've been going around, and around, and around in circles not talking about anything specific.

No, no, no. It's just random bullshit.

You're wasting my goddamn time.


Time which you claim that I don't have.

Gina, can you bring me your frequency detector, like, now?

What's going on?

You think he's transmitting a signal?


I don't know.




You knew about me, didn't you?

Just like the professor.

This whole goddamn thing was a setup.

Jesus Christ. You wanted it, you wanted to be captured.

Yeah, I know, and now I'm gonna make you talk, motherfucker.

Security, open 23.

Hey, hey, security. Open gate 23. Security.


Let's go. KNOX: Open the gate.

SOLDIER: You sure? KNOX: Watch our six.


Knife. Knife. I need a knife.

SOLDIER: Here you go.


KNOX: It was definitely sending out a signal.

But who the hell put the tracking device in this Pete Townshend?

I don't know, sir. A smart, a strategically advanced Infected.

He said it. The guy I was interviewing. Professor Asshole.

You know, they know about me.

They know what we're trying to do here.

They know that we're trying to stop them.

But they don't know where we are.

So, they planted a tracking device in Pete Townshend and The Infected are now tracking us.

They know we're here. Jesus.



Well, where are they now?

New body bags coming in from the field. Body bags?

Make sure no one gets in or out of this facility.




Papa. What is it?




SOLDIER 1: No! SOLDIER 2: Stop him!




We've been breached.





Go, right there. Go!

Move it. Move, move. Come on.


We gotta get topside right now. No, no, no.

I gotta go get her, okay?

Meet me.

MAN: Open fire!




Keep firing!


GINA: Hello?




Gina! Go to your right.


General! Run!

GINA: No! Move!

You bastard... Are you mad?

You coward.

Coward? Are you fucking kidding me?

I just saved you.

You are unbelievable.

You really have no idea, do you?

We're all gonna fucking die down here.



It was him or us.

I am, I'm sorry, Andrew. You're right.


I have to go back down to the lab.

Put the gun down, you can't save more.

I have to get my research.

I am not fucking around! Stay back, I mean it.

Put the gun... No!




No. Don't come near me. Please. Please.

Stay away from me. Listen to me.

Stay away. I'm not leaving without you, okay?

I'm not. Don't. Stay back. Please.

Listen to me. I love you. Stay back.

I'm gonna take your hand.

The treatment is working.

Stay back. Let me take your hand.

Please. MORGAN: Take it easy.

Don't come near me. Don't come near me.

I love you.

Let me take your hand, okay? Stay back.

Let me take it.

Okay? I got you.

I got you. You gotta trust me. Okay?

It's okay. I love you, babe.

Please. We can do this.

I'm gonna take you with me. I can't.

I believe in you, baby.

I believe in you.

I love you.

Come on.

I know you can do this.

I know you can.

And I love you.

I love you.


Take my hand.


Come on.








Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Morgan, are you mad? Yeah, I might be.

But I'm not leaving without her. Put the gun down.

No, absolutely not. No. Put the gun down, please.

Gina, listen to me. She could turn at any time.

No, she won't. The injections are working. You said so yourself.

Put the goddamn gun down. But not lasting.

Please, Gina, I'm not leaving without her.

Please, do this for me.


Thank you. Gina!



I'm going to the lab to get my samples.

(MOUTHING) Come on.






Okay, we gotta move. The garage, okay?

We go out the same way that we came in. Let's go.


I think I know another way we can get up.






Gina, are you okay? I'm okay.

I'm okay.

Oh, man.


Oh, my God.

What? You know where we are? No.


It's a massacre. What can you see?






They've seen us. They're coming.

Oh, goddamn it.

GINA: Hurry.

I hate heights.


GINA: Oh, no.


GINA: Morgan.

No. Morgan!




Thank you. Take it easy, guys.

We're almost there.


Move! Move! Move!


Oh, shit.

Move! Move!

Guys, you gotta keep going.

GINA: Morgan! Keep going!

Move! Keep moving, girls. (YELLS)

GINA: Morgan!




Oh, my God!

GINA: Morgan! Come on!

Hold on!

Morgan! Morgan! (GRUNTING)



Hold on, I'm coming!

Take my hand. (GRUNTS)

I got you, I got you. (PANTS)

MORGAN: Let's go.

Let's go.

Sorry, Morgan. I can't let you leave.

Your blood has something in it that stops you from fully transforming.

GINA: Morgan.

From reaching complete enlightenment. Morgan, what's he saying?

Shit. What?

They're here for me. GINA: What?

Ironic, isn't it? Morgan, we need to get out of here.

You're our Patient Zero.

Which means that you're a threat to our continued growth.

To our future.

GINA: We need to leave, now.

And that I cannot allow.

GINA: Run!






Your blood makes you weak, Morgan.

You're afraid of pain.

You're afraid to go to extremes.

Embrace enlightenment.








I can slow them down. Don't do this.

Okay? You're coming with me. No. No.

Hurry, they're gonna break through.


Save the baby. What?

Don't you sense it? She's pregnant.

You're pregnant?

I love you. Janet, no.

Janet, please.



No! No! Janet. Please. Please.

I love you. Janet!

Hey, Janet, please. Don't, don't. Janet!

No, please don't do this. No, no, no. Janet.

Janet! Janet!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

We gotta go.

Oh, fuck.

We gotta move.


We gotta go.

Morgan, we gotta go.


MORGAN: Let's go.

Come on.


So I can see it, where my bike is stashed.

Let's go this way.

MAN: Come on, let's go!


Oh, God.

We're never gonna make it this time.

Got you. Hey, listen to me.

Don't talk like that, okay? We are gonna make it.

Me, you, and that baby. We are gonna be fine.

We're gonna find somewhere better, but you gotta trust me.

Okay? Yeah.



MORGAN: However slight the human race may be, we must fight.

We must continue to find solutions and adapt because everything is at stake.

Our world, or what's left of it.

Humanity and a child.

Our child.