Patients (2016) Script

By whom this tetra's here?

Please nurse to the gurney in the hallway!

You're welcome!

All right, big guy? - It went very well, Ben.

Yes, the surgery went well, honey.

Yes, you drooling because of intubation. Yes, I'm coming to you.

But you are not alone here, I do not have 36 arms, so you wait.

From then on she never called.

And I hang there like an idiot ... between night shifts here in the hospital ... and the days in my shit shack and wait for their call.

Indeed, it is also so, that it is financially tight.

Is perhaps strange that I tell you that.

You breathe through a tube, are paralyzed arms and legs, But you listen to me.

And we must not judge each other.

Exactly, you listen to me. Unlike her.

Good day, Monsieur Vallier.

That's better without hoses in your mouth, huh?

Now you can say what we at last.


I beg your pardon?

245 small squares ...

The light ... ceiling ...


All right. I never counted hab.

That's good, Monsieur Vallier.


Yes, Monsieur Vallier? - I think I can move my foot.

So the big toe on his left foot.


Yes indeed.

It's good. I go looking for the doctor and tell him about it.

Thank you.

it is not jerky too much? - But.

Be all right.

We are there, Monsieur Vallier.

Is that hot! Is everything alright?

Hot. - You have a beautiful view here.

Something different than in the rue Gabriel Peri.

Good day!

He's a doctor Challes, I run this center.

This is François, our physiotherapist. - Good day.

Welcome, Monsieur Vallier. So I'm the head doctor here.

I care about your treatment, François is responsible for your rehabilitation. - Okay.

In the beginning, I come here once a day on your bed.

Once you have some stamina, we practice twice a day and then as soon as possible in the training room.

OK. - I'll be back in the early afternoon, to test your mobility and sensibility.

Since we do some tests. - Good.

Although it is too early to make statements about your mobility.

A nurse will remove you from the pavement her tracheostomy tube.

And we will take you the feeding tube.

Finally get rid of your last tube. - Yes.

Take a rest and set up a.

See you later. - Bye, Benjamin.

Thank you. - bye.

I care then once the paperwork and see to it that you get a phone, because there's no one ...

I will be back soon. - In order.

The physiotherapist acts sympathetic. - Yes.

This is important.

I like the view.

Hopefully you can enjoy it soon.

And Jean-Charles starts! - The candidate from Nice ...

You will see that there is a cafeteria, a newspaper stand, even a swimming pool ...

Sorry, the visiting time is long over.

You must go. - Two minutes.

So it's good times:

Your TV is connected and you have a phone.

We will come tomorrow during visiting hours.

Let's give you a kiss.

Bye, big guy.

Until tomorrow. - Yes until tomorrow.


Good morning, Benjamin! How are you? Does he sleep well?

Very pleased to Benjamin. Is nevertheless true, right?

Then I make time on his shutters.

I open blinds number one ...

And as the sun that I have is in fact ordered.

I open blinds number two ...

And of course number three. Benjamin has in fact several shutters.

So, how are you getting our Benjamin? - Call me Ben.

Ben! Very pleased.

I'm Jean-Marie, nurses, and will mornings care of you.

I make it to the TV.

I make on the TV and ask him the music channel one.

So, bingo, my favorite show. The day begins well. he drinks in the morning prefer coffee or chocolate?

He? No idea. I take chocolate.

Chocolate. Immediately! I knew it.

The chocolate is hot ... and since we have the chocolate!

That's it, Monsieur. I make time to be back later.

Wait ... me dizzy.

That was perhaps a little too fast. So back something, otherwise it is bad.

He still has problems with erection. - I've long not try.

That is normal. So...

Biscuit I had with butter or jam.

Butter. - Butter. Only butter?

A? Two? - Only butter. It's both.

No Please. - Only butter.

I buttere ... a biscuit ...

And I'm doing for him with love.

This is important.

Voila ... here comes the biscuit.

Let me know if I'm too fast.

Wait, that I create. - Let's go.

And ... yes!

Here's the chocolate ...

You're the boss, you choose.

Okay ... Something went wrong.

It runs, runs it ... and if it runs, Jean-Marie, then you stop it from the pillow, and Ben is again sparkling.

Still biscuit? - I'm full.

I next door rich breakfast and then come to the morning toilet.

Is he okay? - Yes.

Yes he is. Later, Monsieur Ben!

Shit, that there's not yet. - Monique!

This is our All grater, grater rubbing everything.


... a cucumber can be roughly rub.

That's in no time. - Perfect.

Do you like thick slices? - I love her. That's great.

And for 2,990 francs on telework order:

3615, Code M6.

On three. Jean-Noël, are you ready?

Yes. - One, two, three, and go!

Very good. Are you? No dizziness?

It works. - Carefully store.

Caution with his head.


Are you? Is it too cold for him not?

Why do you say "he" to me? Can not you "you" say like all?

Very good. Is the water warm enough?

He must only say it.

We start at the top.

He says know when that is, right? - Phew, that's cold.

I start up.

After that I wash their feet.

And in the end there is the small intimate wash.

Shit, "the small intimate wash" ...

Thank you. I want to know, do you realize that you finance this group?

Watch out though, Christiane.


Hello. - Everything okay?

So you're the new. What is your name?

Ben. And you? - I'm Steeve. What do you have?

Incomplete paraplegia. - Incomplete?

Cool. What can you move?

The shoulders a bit. - Uh-huh.

The left foot and the hand a little bit.

But not much. - How did this happen?

A sports accident, totally stupid.

Why are you lying on your stomach? - I have a pressure sore ass.

What have you fucked? - You can tell that you're new.

If you do not move, you get bedsores.

There's only one thing: relieving. Now I lie a month belly.

That hurts? - I do not betray, will see.

So, the sister wants catheters now. See you soon, Ben.

Bye for now. Welcome Home.

Because of "home".

That may be your home, full post.

This leads us to a very different version. That's why I'm here.

All right, you can find replacement quickly.

Within a year, we expect you back.

Shit, it hurts that you begin a season without me.

A little higher, please. What?

Christiane, thank the phone ....

What are you talking about? Wait, you're not meant.

That is how it goes. This is...

Christiane, the nurse, holding out the phone.

She offers you the handset? Yes, it is too heavy for me.

Understand. Crap. For me this is blatant genuine.

I am almost completely paralyzed.

I have zero privacy, am totally dependent. It's hell.

I did not know that it is so bad.

And to pee someone comes up with?

What do you think?

I can only dream to go to the bathroom.

The bladder is a muscle, and I have no more muscle.

To pee I get a catheter.

Insert a tube into the bladder, then runs it.

In the bubble? How come? What do you think?

By the tail? Sure, how else?

Not so bad. 30 centimeter tube through the urethra, already running it.

Stop it! I feel quite bad. Stop it.

Not so bad. Phew ...

Make the sisters?

Yeah, right. Are they pretty?

Uh, yeah ... Well you see ...

Do you remember Madame Bouchard?

History and Geography in the Fourth. From due sexy nurse.

So what of out, brother. - Christiane! What is?

What shoud that? An hour ago it was "in 10 minutes"!

Here are people, I have to go.

Christiane ... I'm done.

Do you know Toussaint and Farid? - No.

Hello. - Hello. Excuse the raid.

Can we go, Christiane? - Yes.

I look for you for an hour!

Until next time, Ben, nice evening. - You too.

Good morning, Benjamin! Does he sleep well?

Oh Scheiße... "Ben".

Ben! Has Ben sleep well?

I open him his first shutter.

The sun is shining, the birds sing. A beautiful summer!

The second roller ... and the third roller shutter.

More light and joy!

I turn it on the television.

Here come the music clip, and I drive him back up.

What is the mind? Less hoax? - Yes.

Very good. He comes up and up ... - Not too far ...

Jean Marie? - Ja.

Can you help for a moment? - Yes.

I will be back soon. He waits here, okay?

No, he does not wait, he does exchange operations in the park.

Such a crap...

Get rid of unwanted excess fat, with "Bio-Slim", the bestseller from our store.

Distribute the super active cream just to the desired skin areas.


So perspiration is promoted.

You can treat thighs and hips at the same time, by using the special film of Bioschlank.

Attempt to join my movement.

I bow, you bow. - crap ...

I stretch, and you're trying to stretch your leg.

Try it. - I push, do not you see that?

That's good, your legs have been relaxed today.

Oh yes? - Yes. It's good.

We are able to make more and more. - For example?

We can go to the rehab room make and correct exercises to an erection.

What does that mean? How does that work? - We strap you on a stretcher.

Then we set them on gradually so that your body gets used to the upright position.

Are you kidding? Mir is already bad, if thou wilt stand me a bit.

Do not worry, we'll go very slowly. - Yes.

This is important so that you can in a chair, so you can sit. - In a wheelchair?

Yes, in an electric wheelchair, then you can go out alone.

I really want to. When is that?

As soon as possible.

I'll show you something.

Mach times with your hand.

If you take as high hand your fingers to bend on its own. - So?

And now you can practice grasping with the thumb.

Oh Mist...

And now you're trying to approach your thumb forefinger.

So? - Yes Perfect.

I do not pull it off. - Yes, it tightens up.

Concentrate. OK then.

So? - Yes, it is good.


Yup! How are you, brother? - And you?

All easy? - Yes.

Here running around quite a bang heads. Is that really 'ne clinic?

Madness! Well, that at least you look normal.

You know what I mean. - Yes, sure.

All easy? - Yes.

I wanted to come last week, but it was chaos.

Here are photos for you. - Leg please go there.

OK. - How is the training? How are the others?

Well, now comes the championship.

Are you fit? - Sure, what do you think?

We have new offensive systems, the hammer genuine.

And you know who's sitting in front of you? The new team captain.

You are captain? - Yes.

In. - Good day.

Good day. - Good day, I am a psychologist.

Do you feel comfortable here? - Sure, that was my childhood dream.

I am very happy.

In order. Sleep as well, since you're here?

No. Now sometimes quite seriously: no.

I often nightmares, I hardly dare to close my eyes.

Aha ... - But not only since I'm here.

That was as a child.

And what nightmares you have the time? - I dream about birds of prey.

And caterpillars. - Hm?

Of caterpillars. - Yes. Birds of prey and caterpillars.

Raptors ... - And caterpillars.

And caterpillars.

There are certainly a statement. - You think so?

Yes. - That would be good.

Then I'll leave you alone with your friend. - Yes, please.

I'll be back. - Yes, when you want.

Thank you. - bye.

Bye for now. - Yes.

Impossible ... - What?

You're really sick.

Why do you say something like that? - No idea.

Out of boredom.

Good morning, Benjamin!

Does he sleep well?

No time for regrets, mistakes are ours alone Born to promote the progress to father children The morning makes wiser If one acts at night My flesh, my bones drags in any widths and grades The world is wide for some For others too small, they live in box Some spread love The others hate We grow up, the innocence is gone, the one put us in the cradle Fight my weaknesses strength my spirit, my soul holy Adam structured my DNA The error only belong to us alone No time for regrets. - No time for regrets ...

The error only belong to us alone ...

The lives of young people on the street to be dull I need neither tears nor Drama

we do it every morning now?

That must be fun, otherwise it will ungechillt.

There he comes. - Wow.

You look sexy. - Say, the stockings have to be?

Yes, otherwise you'll never make it out of the wheelchair. at least pulls my sweatpants over it, that is not so poofy.

The laminated at least something. - Very pretty.

What's this?

Socks against bedsores.

Jest. I do not go out today.

But. - No, I do not go out.

Please Sylvie, get to the TV, on M6, there is a steam iron, I buy, I do not go out.

Now even the waist strap comes. - Oh no...

You can not be serious. - But.

Come on. - but That will not.

Moreover, it is totally uncomfortable!

When you sit, you will rejoice over it.

Your abdominal muscles have subsided. The belt supports you in breathing.

He presses on the diaphragm ... - Okay, stop to zwerchfellen with me.

Why do you torture me? Am I a bad patient? A black?

No. So it is good.

OK. - Are you ready?

Very carefully, very good.

Slowly, relax.

That will not do. - But, try it, breathe.

Everything is turning. It's not working. - It is better.


OK then.


Better? - Yes, but.

Are you ready? We focus on something.

That's enough. - A little bit more.

Stop. - So?


OK then? Are you comfortable?

You see, now you are in a wheelchair. Shall I tell you all this? - Yes.

Wait! - Okay.

Slowly! Here is the battery, as the horn, if you want to overtake trucks.

And here is the steering lever: Left, right, forward, backward.

OK? - Yes, I got it.

Are you getting along? - Hm?

Want to go? - Okay.

Thank you, François!

Many Thanks. - driving off.

Sylvie, thank you!


Yes, man!

All right? - Yes.

With wheelchair! - Yes.

Since when? - Two minutes.

Since just now? - Yes.

You're coming along well. - Honestly, not quite.

I know my way here from zero. - Come on, I'll show you everything.

OK. - Let's look around us.

Shit, wait briefly. - Once ausparken ...

All right? You're Ben, right? - Yes. And what was your name?

Farid. Farid? Okay.

Everything okay? - Yes / Yes.

Have you been here long? - Now I'm here because of my hip.

But I'm sitting in a wheelchair since I was four. - Four?

Yes, these are already ... - Shit.

And what happened to you? - a sports accident.

Sports? - Yes No.

We were idiots at night in the pool. I jumped in too steep.

The classic. - I jumped in an almost empty pool!

Classically, that happens. I know several like you.

For real? - Yes.

I did not know that.

I thought something stupid would only happen to me.

Well, my friend, there are many idiots.

Here we meet a few of them safely.

There are many here? - Oh ...

Well, guys? - How are you, Jean-Marie?

Good. He has his wheelchair! Excellent! - Yes.

Have a good time. - See you tomorrow, Jean-Marie.

Hold eyes open. Very good.

Stop, get dizzy.

A bit more. breathe, breathe nice ... - That's enough.

We let you make a brace to keep your thumb in place.


Nonsense, the best is Zinedine Zidane.

You say that only because he is Marseille. - Yes, and Kabyle.

That is, double power. - François ...

Maradona is the best ever. - bullshit.

Oily hair, still looks like a pizza maker.

In tetra and paraplegics, the erection can trigger something.

Holy shit.

François? - Alles gut.

Look at that! Well that my arms are paralyzed, could experience something.

Holy shit.

Not that this happens to me!

Okay: Jean-Marie, Jean-Marie...

No, that excite me a bit.

I prefer to think of Christiane Christiane ...

Wait briefly. I have to go next door, then I'll take care of you.

I pick up later.

Wait for me here, okay? - Sure, of course.

What else?

I wait, I wait, I wait.

Damn it.

Oh my goodness.

Hello. - Hello.

Are you my new roommate? - Yes.

I saw you already with rehab. - Yes?

Helps you none when granting? - Yes, I wait for Christiane.

I could have guessed. - Motorcycles are probably your thing?

These are not motorcycles, but prototypes.

There's nothing standard that are designed specifically for racing.


But yes, that's my thing.

That is why I am here.

Hab before the curve too much slowed down, the rear slipped away ...

And my spine has copped it.

I fuck it. As soon as I'm healthy, I'm ready to go again.


And you?

An accident at the plunge.

What the plunge?

Yes ... in the swimming pool. I'll see times where Christiane remains.

Do you think the? - What?

The guy had a motorcycle accident, and everywhere depend motorcycle posters.

Do you think I would hang my poster of dives?

That does not any. - Welcome to the brain injury.

Brother, what is this? The madhouse? - Here are the with head injury.

Vegetate the here all so to himself? Wars at all what with?

Some talk, some do not, some understand.

Some have amnesia, others understand nothing.

Every case is different. Some are out completely.

Really? - You will laugh.

The since all sense of civility lost.

He does not filter what he says. Frontal syndrome that is.

In the canteen, he shouted again:

"Man, I have to shit!" - No!

I swear. - Sounds great.

Since I was four, I was in tens of centers and have seen strange things:

People with TBI, with burns, paralyzed, amputees ...

That interested me. Something you have to do, otherwise you kackst from here.

We propose here just killing time.

So, brother, rule number one:

You have to learn one thing: patience.

Especially her Tetras, you can not do anything alone.

I hope that you pick me, washes, can pee ... Unbelievable.

So I am looking tricks as I can fuck the hours.

What fuck? - The hours. fucking hours? - A call for example.

Since you can easily fuck 20 minutes. With a siesta you fuck one hour.

A tour with Farid fucks loose half an hour.

You've got it. - Yes.

That's why I play the guitar now. - I beg your pardon? Say that again. still you say "guitar"? - Yes, guitar, you know.

My father said, "guitar". How old are you?

But better than the motorcycle chatter. Last night, for example:

As he told in all seriousness of tires of grip!

You tell but from the pool.

I agree! When I was a professional, a passionate swimmer.

I agree. - I talk about leaps, PH levels, water level, etc.

Tell him about bathing suits, bathing caps and chlorine.

I'm saying: the same engine, the same principle is taken in the wave pool.

They are the same. - time for potty training, gentlemen.

But this is exaggeration, Cécile.

We turn yet only. - Can we?

Fang please contact with Eric, I see my clip to end.


The hand to the side.

Do you like the clip?

Hm? - Do you like the clip?

No, I do not really care.

But the singer's sweet.

You can view the clips the shit.

I see only your face, which is not the same.

But the stench is with us both the same.

I lie down on the page. - Yes.

And there you go. - Go ahead.

Thank you. - OK then?

Yes Perfect.

You see, if tetra or paraplegic when defecating we are equal.

I'll be back in 20 minutes.

Only in these moments I feel close to you.

We really stuck in shit.

Can I try it? - Go ahead.

Crap. - You should have anyway not make it.

Oh, Saints! - Alles klar?

Yes. Do not you eat you?

But, I'll just my medicine. - Okay.

Hello Hello.

Do you know Toussaint? - No.

His story is amazing. He does not even know his parents.

His name is Toussaint because he was born on All Saints Day.

Well ... - What?

I said, the guy does not even know his family.

He was always on his own.

He always hung around with the criminal types out of his district.

He could have crashed, but he has made it.

He founded a company and presented 'ne Muckibude.

And when everything was super: thud, car accident.

He fell asleep at the wheel. Now he starts at zero.

As Tetra he is always alone.

At last you left your room. - Yes, finally.

Stop the solitary meals. - You are the loneliness, Christiane.

This is your place. - Thank you.

I'll get you your fork. - What? My fork?

You get the same fork like me, newbie.

You're welcome, gentlemen.

I am Steeve, remember? - Yes, you had this thing screwed.

Thank you. - since Sits someone?

He will come.

Thank you. - Good Appetite.

The celery is disgusting. - There goes my real appetite.

Toussaint, alles klar?

Shit again celery! This is still annoying.

There are either carrots or celery.

"Celery" sounds like "Riz". And rice do you like black, right?

Very funny, you racist.

Christiane! A fork, please.

Do you cope?

After two bites, I'm completely at the end.

Do not worry, after two or three times you have the mood.

Christiane! - Listen, Ben ...

If you give the salt me, please? - Clear.

Earlier, he has fully pressed the button on the elevator alone.


Oh, you just fooled me! How nice. - your Tetra idiots!

All right, guys.

Christiane, you can not help on his first day him? you make yourself actually sometimes useful?

Let the taunts.

Could I have the dessert right?

The food seeth not like much.


These exercises throw at me.

I can hold me, watch. - Yes, very good, excellent.

Great. And now slowly. back arms.

Arms back, hands back ...

And lean on, okay?

Just ... follow ...

Still hold it ... great.

Good, excellent.

OK? Again?

Lean on your arms.

Press firmly and closer to the head.

And there you go.

Raise ... support you in your arms.

Bloody hell, watch it!

What kind of a jerk?

Be careful!

Want a in your face? - Very good.

Is that a frontal syndrome? - Who sent me just ... so an idiot ?!

That's terrible. - You son of a bitch!

Fucking asshole. - Just a little, Madame Gardette.

Damn shit, watch it!

Hello, Samir, how are you? - Hi, Julien. So so.

No, I'm Ben, do you remember? That's what I said before.

Hello Ben? - All right?

Do you hear again Bob Marley? - Yes, you know that? Do you like him?

Yes, as I said, for some time I've heard it a lot.

The guys from the neighborhood have brought me as a child to him.

Yes, you told me. - Hello!

How are you, Farid? - Good. And you?

We go out? It's not cold. - Yes.

Are you coming with me? - I'm going to my room.

For sure? Do not you want to? - No.

OK. - Bye, Julien.

Tag, Mr. Amlaoui!

Monsieur Amlaoui, how are you? Come with us?

Still not?

We ask again tomorrow.

The poor never says anything.

Have you heard his voice? - No.

Wait wait...

So happens to be the life. - you know the little one who is to come?

No who is that? - I saw her in rehab.

She is sweet. - Yes?

Do not say anything, do not say anything ...

Hello. - Hello, is everything alright? - Hello."

The stupid thing to girls in a wheelchair ...

You never know if they have a big ass.

You're right.

But it's good to have a pretty girl in the hospital.

That is rare. - Did you ever have a friend in the hospital?


Yes ... that happened very quickly.

'Ne little story ... nothing Great.

What do you mean, "nothing Great"?

Have you ever fucked before?

What shall this question be for? Sure I've already fucked.

Do you think because I sit in a wheelchair for so long, I've never been fucked? - Yes. you think I'm a loser? - No.

Your newly disabled does not respect us old hands.

Oh, my nerves. Come, it is cold. - Exactly, disappear.

When my mother: I've already fucked. - Farid, you nervst.

Come on, it's freezing. - No, I'm waiting for Max, we smoke.

Okay, see you later.

Farid, that whole "I'm the Virgin," "I've never been fucked"

I'll keep it to myself. - All right, I have nothing to prove to you.

I say any thing that remains among us. - Yes / Yes.

I keep my mates. Monsieur Amlaoui!

Farid is still a virgin.

Samir, you're not in your room.

Let's hear it. Nice, huh? - This is Bob Marley. Do you know that?

Do you like him?

Have a nice day, Samir. - Classify, Julien.

The advantages of gyms in your living room offers the Bodytrainer.

After only a few units on the Bodytrainer Your butt thighs is round, taut and the belly flat.

"Flat stomach" bullshit ...

The Body Coach: Your Fitness partner at home.

That, ein blitzsauberer Eric.

He parked one. - Should I help him into bed?

No, I can manage alone. - Very good.

Will you give me my clothes, please? - Yes.

He takes the clothes.

He takes the clothes and puts down the clothes.

I'll be back in ten minutes if he needs help. In order?


Damn ... Ben?

Where are my legs? - How do you mean?

I do not see her. Where are they? - You're Para, just shoot it.

I can not do it. Where are my legs?

A: Your leg has slipped under my bed.

Door, man! Let the fucking kidding! - Take it easy.

Take it easy. - Are my legs trapped in a wheelchair? just shooting it. - What's going on here? Wait, I'll help you.

Wait ... it goes like this?

Are you?

So, how did he attempt it mean?

Damn ... I can not.

He should recover, I'll be right there.


Excuse me.

The joke was ...

The Body Trainer is our best seller.

The recipe for success is this simple movement, this movement from top to bottom, which each can perform.

Life is a big parade It is a mystery Life is a drum roll The shattered what is important to us Life is a Farandole Where does it come from?

It is beautiful and crazy And ... it is good for us

Life, life ...

It leaves you wanting more Life, life ...

What is Ben, Steeve, do not you clapping?

Is still really cool. We should get a standing ovation.

Let's get out of here, guys, that's crap.

Are you coming, Ben? - Hm?

You deserve a second chance.

True, you're now music lovers.

Let him, Farid! - Slimer!

Life is a carousel It makes us dizzy, is full of pitfalls ...

Not bad, right?

What? This is really shit.

Yes, but he gives everything he's cute. I like people who give everything.

Where are the others go? - I do not know what do.

And you have nothing to do? - No.

Well, we still do a lap.


Farid says the accident happens often.

Even here are people to whom this happened.

And what happened to you?

Car accident.

Have you been here long?

Actually, no, that must be three or four months.

It seems like six years.

Honestly, time does not pass here as elsewhere.

Breakfast lasts two years.

The first song on the types took six, seven hours.

Where are the others?

The others have their tennis lesson.

Not funny? - No.

Admit it, you're on the musicians.

But, I've got you, you're swaying on your chair.

Okay, caught, I found it great.

Especially the fat with his oblique instrument.

Me too.

Well, there you are.

Hello, my name is Ben.

Eddy. Eddy?

I'm glad you're here. The guy in front of you had a loud motorcycle poster hung.

That's better.

Christiane has brought you? - Yes. It makes me really ready.

You almost killed me three times in a single room.

So Christiane ...

You have here good music, we will understand each other well.

Without that you're doing here. - Yes.

That's what I can bring me first.

Rap you about? - No.

With texts by other already.

But writing is not my thing. How did you end up here?

Broken cervical vertebrae. Incomplete paraplegia.

By a plunge in the outdoor pool.

Very classic.

Why are you here?

This is a complicated story.

At a party there was trouble. One type has targeted me.

I'm not afraid of firearms, so I continue to turn up.

Since he has shot.

A bullet in the neck. - N / A?

Have you made you already know?

We made already known.

He comes from Garges. And the shooter is probably from Corbeilles.

Better a psychopath as motorcycles. - Your Ishe comes, you slime.

She's not my Ishe. - Get me from anything.

We just talk. - Yes / Yes...

Yes, we are talking about - I'm talking also.

You talk to anyone.

Is it my fault that you're a virgin?

Hello. - All right, Samia?

Did you find the CD? - No. we go to the canteen? Yes? No? - But I've been looking for.

Okay, It's all good, folks. - That's quite something.

I find them, do not worry. - Cool.

Unless Éric has let go too.

If he has, we're screwed. - Yes.

I trust you, but it ... - "I trust you ..."

Me you trust? - Yes.

Beep, beep ... - You trust me?

Why not? - Stupid lovebirds!

Here's Lamine. That's what I thought, brother.

What are you doing now? Well, what I'm doing ...

I was on the squash court, as every Monday.

Joker. How's your hand? Better?

Yes, almost. not really, but almost.

The arms are strong.

Soon I'll be in the pool, that makes me happy. - That's good.

In the legs it takes longer. But I'll hold, I will not give up.

It will come. I can not complain.

Others here make zero progress. Really sad.

And you know what?

Here is a girl arrived, Samia.

An Arab, so cute, we are often together.

Moment mal, "oft zusammen "?"Samia "?

The guy does not miss anything. The guy is really strong.

Is in a wheelchair, towing girls. what Ah, I drag from anybody, we just spend time together.

Here any distraction is welcome. distraction is beautiful. Steering only from you.

Good evening, Ben. - Oh, here comes the catheter.

What? I'm going kathetert.

Since the tail? Yes.

30, no 40 centimeters tail high. Stop it! Stop it!

Not so bad ... I hang up now.

What is annoying is that they push it very far high.


Toussaint, we want to take us? - I stay here. Fang with Steeve on.

Alone on and off takes hours. And now even the swimming pool.

This is still annoying.

At least we fuck so a few hours.

Without swimming pool of the day would be really long. - But we make fools of ourselves.

You guys are no help.

We are already on the ass, and it still puts us the shame of.

Is not that humiliating Toussaint? -, I'm a shit's good, let me.

Toussaint, are you ready? - Stay away or I'll bite you.

Come on. - Did not you understand? I stay here.

A clarifying this with your physiotherapist. - but It's good that I'm here.

You whites are crazy to go in underpants into the cold water.

That's not for me. - Do not talk to him.

Black and bathing, which does not fit. - splashes nice guys!

Oh come on, you're here, the plan shear!

That's a guitar. He plays guitar. - He thinks he's the Gipsy Kings.

Gipsy Kings? So stop times.

Ben, will you give me times the salt?

Go then.

I'll tell you a story times, as you laugh you limp.

It's about a bus with disabled children.

So the driver sits front and driving ... on a mountain road ...

And the kids call back: "Faster, faster driver!"

He allows them the joy of being disabled is not great.

It accelerates.

In third gear, the fourth ... and the children: "Faster, driver!"

And he? He accelerated, is the gas.

He flies out of the curve ...

He rushes down the terraces and in the gorge.

The body squeezes him. And the children in the choir in unison:

"He's one of us!"

Shit ... No, that is real.

The story is good. - Super Joint, Farid.

Rollst you a long time? - Well ...

Since I was four. Did not I say that? - Come on ...

I do not smoke anymore. - Yes / Yes...

This is not yet. - But...

It's not my thing. But he is on it, looks at him you.

You're standing on it, right?

But I tell you, a few years ago I got two months purely caught me everything.

Shit, Gras, Shit, Gras...

I was full of it, brother.

Did your family never realized what?

Oh, my family ...

That is a long story. My father I hardly knew.

My brothers have their own thing going.

My mother's arms, had several small jobs.

She toiled up. - And the school?

If you are already sitting with four in a wheelchair, you's have not so with school.

But I was in school, even in several. I was in special education ... in "normal" schools, where you are the attraction in the beginning.

But after two or three months, you are the teachers and all matter:

"Come on, get up behind in the class."

This is starkly real.

You'll soon forget.

As a disabled person.

Hey, what is this for a mood!

Calm down, all right.

Sounds like the little princess Sara. - Exactly, Princess ...


Let me smoke me. - He is funny.

That comes from Shit.

Here, smoke, buddy.

Give also what to me so that I forget your story.

To make me forget all this shit and your visages.

Will you give me time, the salt, Ben? - No, this is not your joke.

But someone has to replace Steeve yet.

Where is Steeve anyway? - We do not know.

Today it is freezing cold. There's no heating here?

In the corridors it's like in Siberia. And I'm tired of swimming pool.

Toussaint, seriously, did you at some point ever mood for swimming pool?

But it is still annoying really to go in the cold at the deep end.

I come later times admire your athletic body. Is certainly funny.

So what do you want? You have a great arm muscles, but otherwise?

An upper body like Hulk, but legs like my 6-year-old sister.

Do you now have a 6-year-old sister? - No, but you have her legs.

Since you have to laugh, eh? He spits equal all out again.

It's good. - Give me water.

You talk just shit.

Do you know that? - You're shit. Give me some water now.

Your happiness, I'm cute. But it is not.

Give me water. - Now who's the shit, huh?

Do you see? I want an apology. - I'm not thirsty.

What are you doing there?

At some point, you start more fires. - No matter.

Farid! - I know where Steeve is.

They found him unconscious in the shower room.

He has a bottle of vodka purely whistled. - Who says that?

Jean-Marie, I want it to tell anyone, so keep it to yourself.

A bottle of vodka? And who opened the bottle?

We do not know. - Where is he?

In the ICU. He has a severe alcohol poisoning.

"To make me forget your visages", remember? - The bottle was empty.

What an idiot!

Maybe he wanted to forget everything for a few hours, not think.

He's drunk and exaggerated it. I do not know.

But one does not drink secretly in the shower a liter of vodka.

How to do that?

Yesterday we still have all rumgealbert. but we have.

So what you can not explain.

You can have people around you and still be alone. - But...

He went into hiding and did when we were all eating.

Could you make so what?

He has so decided. - crap decision.

You have to fight, believe, continue it.

That's easy to say, but sometimes it goes no further.

You did good, you do not make physical progress, Steeve.

Yes, but as long as there is hope, you have to try to get ahead.

This is a question of temperament.

You do not understand, you're not. Good for you.

You will never understand it.

What the hell. Forget it. I cut it off.


I spoke with François, he says it is going well. - Yes.

Do your exercises, are every time in the pool, it goes ahead.

Their upper limbs are strong, which is important.

The hands still need some work, and your right leg is also stronger.

Note that precedes it? - Yes I see that.

It may be faster.

But I see it. - I think it is going well.

This is not so at all on your floor.

How do you imagine the rest, next year?

Na ja ... if this continues, I hope to get out to run here soon.

I will probably continue studying sport and play basketball.

Gently, Monsieur Vallier, as far as we have not yet.

In your diagnosis ...

You'll have to slowly understand that your life is no longer as before.

A professional future in the sport ... must be called into question, so you have to accept.

It's hard to comprehend the admit, but you must, with the sport, as you run it, is it... past.

For you, the challenge now is to become independent again.

Excuse me, I do not understand ... Why should it be with the sport over?

Why do you think that? You said that it precedes.

And I see it yourself, the muscles become stronger by the day.

Why should it stop?

I'm sorry, I do not understand.

In neurology, we know that a muscle, which was not fully supplied several months after an accident, has little chance of full recovery.

I know it is very hard to hear that. but for competitive sports ...

Since we can not fool ourselves.

But this goal ...

It is a very nice goal to become autonomous.

You know, there are many great athletes, the bad accidents with serious consequences had.

And yet they have again ...

Joy found it to make an effort.

Hi, Julien, all right?

My name is Ben, Samir. This can be really easy to remember.

Sorry, Ben. Are you mad? - No, never mind.

But you can see that you have something.

Yes, you nervst. Let me simply alone.


Samir? - And?

Come back, sorry, come back.

I'm sorry, Samir.

That was not right. I was just watching at the doctor.

There was bad news. I'm sorry.

What told you the doctor? - She said... that the STAPS died for me.

What's STAPS? - That was... my sports studies to become a teacher.

Now she has told me, that it will not go, I myself what else has to think.

Even basketball should I beat my head.

Made you feel sad, Julien?

And... very sad, Samir.

What should I do now?

I feel like crying, but I can not.

I can not even complain.

Who am I to complain before what? Toussaint about?

The poor man can not even lift a fork alone.

Farid is in a wheelchair since he was four, what should I tell him?

And me...

My parents I can not say what I feel well, it would kill her.

With you I can talk, you've got anyway in ten minutes forgotten everything.

Is but normal that you're sad. You have to keep at it, Julien.


I have to stay tuned.

You're right, Samir, I'll stay tuned.

I know the doctors. It is their tactic, nothing to say.

And they are right. If they had Ben immediately said:

"You never play again basketball," he would have hardly hard way.

Then he was still in the same condition as at the beginning.

He would have made no progress. - He remains in a wheelchair?

Attention, it comes.

I'll get something to drink. Do you want something?

A soda, please. - And you?

No thanks. - Okay. See you soon.

Guys, I've got good news. - Hello, Toussaint.

Steeve comes back next week. - Really? Brilliant!

That's cool! - Look, your buddy!

What does he have? - Look at you talk to.

He's in shock.

We are already used to the sight. But he sees for the first time.

Is it crazy how you think it look like? Each missing a body part.

The one wanted to drink, but I did not know how.

I do not want to brag, but if I knows about what, it's rap. - Leave me alone.

Ben ... give me time over the salt.

Man, I'm really not missing.

What's with your hair? There was no barber at the hospital?

He's right. I advise you what:

Though the body is scrap eighth least to your hairstyle.

Why are you doing this to us?

As your therapist, I would strike. - He's right, the hair is the horror.

Flap their Spackos.

Not being able to jerk off, get really aggro.

So far so good? - Yes.

What happened to your hair, Steeve?

You ride this weekend or not? - We have to, yes.

Your poor!

Give everyone a kiss from me, I am unable to attend.

Very funny.

Do you go to sleep right now?

Yes, I'll take my clothes off and lie down in bed, watching the film.

True, it is a great movie with Serrault.

I'm not sure if Eddy agrees. Let's see.

Well then ... - soon, big guy.

Until tomorrow. - Take a break.

Bye. - You're safe tired, that must indeed be exhausting.

No, go already.

Drive carefully, okay? - Yes.

We'll call tomorrow. - Yes.


Mr. Vallier. - Hallo.

I wanted you. How are you?

I'm staying on the ball.

They were at Madame Challes. - Yes.

She knows you well and know that they now have to do some things clear.

I say to myself also.

But it was a tough one.

I think you are now strong enough for it.

Come quietly to me. Thats why I'm here. - Yes.

We do not talk about your nightmares and the caterpillar-phobia.


But this winter is really long. - Soon it will be beautiful again.

I hope so. Bye. - Bye.

I was looking for you.

Man, it's nice to see you!

For real? - No not at all.

But, of course!

It's not always a party mood here.

Because it feels good when you're there.

That's great.

That's nice. All right? Are you doing well?

Why? Yeah, I'm fine's. Must not something normal to say?

Sure, on a hallway where nurses walk past ...

I'm sorry, was scheduled a sunset and a small convertible.

But there was only wheelchairs and corridors, as I have taken.

Speaking just so open with each other ...

I am also very glad you're here.

It is fortunate ... you're here with me.


Nothing, Farid would call us now lovebirds ...

Please speak on, which was very nice.

We can sometimes do without Farid. Outside, he would not always be there.

Let's look outside again?

I do not know. Whenever you want.

Shall we meet there?


I am in favor. And you?

Me too.


Three four...

Some rolling joints, and I roll in a wheelchair No not like this.

You're not in rhythm, brother. - "The snare drum."

No, I said "bass drum" with the Bum! - Oh!

This is the bass drum. It will not work like that.

Music is so easy! - No idea.

Mist. He, Ben...

Has really a bullet copped?

Yes, apparently he is not afraid of firearms.

Why are here really only Assis? Only social events?

Here is just the scum.

Where are the normal types of coal?

Have the big shots no accidents? Or they have their own rehabilitation centers?

Farid, you've seen here before people from a normal life?

No never.

Why are not normal people here? Schnösel 16th Arrondissement?

What does this tell us? We are stupider than that?

I have enough.

Alles klar, Steeve?

No, that's enough me.

The can lick. Next time I fuck his mother.

We're screwed.

Farid? - And?

Be a dear and turning me a joint. I need ne Dröhnung.

No problem.

Do you see? Just Batty.

Yes, he's it. We must quickly what to do.

Right, it does not remain so forever. - Hello.


We can trust.

For sure? - Yes.

We can not do anything. - No, I need to think.

Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. He shot you, and we should do nothing?

What should i do?

This applies to the whole neighborhood.

If we keep quiet, it means anyone can shoot at us with impunity. not me on the bag. - We are fair game. does not bother me. We do not care, period. OK?

I'm talking to you. - Yes.

Is that arrived?

What can I say?

We do nothing, Saïd.

We do nothing.

I am ko You make me crazy.

We can rest.

Tomorrow I'll call, and you say, what to do.

Bye. - Think you okay.



Damn it...

Was it about the guy who shot you? - Yes.

Then they found him? - Yes, this morning.

Who are keen on what to do.

And you? - I can not get my revenge in my state.

I can do nothing for my wife and my son.

I can not go to war.

I need to calm down. - Can you do?

I'm out of their game.

How should I protect my family?

The road is blocked for me.

I no longer to belong nowhere.

This will help us find out who is behind our guests.

Good evening. - Good evening, I'm Jocelyne.

Good evening, Jocelyne.

Good evening, my name is Philippe. - Good evening, Philippe.

My name is France.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our great tetra boxes!

Welcome the counterparty.

To my right Steeve, "the rolling butcher"

17 kilograms, of which 9 kilo wheelchair. 18 bouts ... including 25 defeats.

To my right, Ben!

The "Tetra '93," he called. He has 18 fights, 18 defeats and 18 times ko in the first round.

You know the rules when Tetra boxes: One hand on gear stick, an unsheathed.

May gain of less Weak!



Kicks off!

Los, Steeve!

Natsuco! Natsuco! - The!

That's too weak!



I got him ready made. - Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

I made him ready! - Clear.

He made you flat.

Hard to say who the less faint of you.

The big winner is the tetraplegia. - Just wait, I'll make you the same flat.

Oh, come on. - Ben has clearly won.

Stop it.

Your Ishe is not exactly discreet.

She likes you and displays the open. - What are you talking about?

Ran as what? - What?

Did you get laid? - How is this possible in a wheelchair?

Tag, Mr. Amlaoui.

Did you hear him speak before? - No, although I've tried it.

He is also megaschüchtern.

He's not shy, look at him.

He looks sad and is always alone. Sadly.

Yes, looks like he was lonely. - Yes.

What did you want to tell me? - Because Samia ...

My therapist told me what you should know.

She had an accident.

The wrong with the car, but it was deliberate, she drove off a bridge.

Because of her ex, after the separation.

She did not cope.

And since you two can suffer well obviously, I thought you should know that.

Everything okay, Ben?

Ben? Everything okay?

Yes, yes, okay.

I have their response to Steeves suicide attempt did not understand.

We had a stupid argument about what he did.

But it is clear that they defended him.

I can be such an idiot. Real unbelievable.

How should I deal with it now?

She wanted to kill herself because of a guy.

You know, here Suicide is always present.

He can make you pure here or get out.

I turn a game, are you coming? - Yes.

Hello, Carlita. - Hello.

All right? - And with you?

Also. - Were you in the pool?

Yes. - Are you going to eat?

Yes, I'll just have my medicine. - Okay.

Shit, that there's not yet.



Jean Marie?


Anyone there?

Anyone there?

For pleasure No more running, no longer count take life positively Without thinking Just for fun

For pleasure You can also All plunk Suffering can, as we have suffered Come on, that's shit.

I come with.

Are you going? Well then, see you. I stay with the real brothers.

With my buddy Toussaint.

What do you do? - nerve not, just come with me.

Fooled me?

I come to you with sake to karaoke, and then I sit here alone.

How's it going, Samia? - Good.

Shit, that was unbearable.

Guys should stay we had, there's something to laugh about.

Too much is too much.

Why not come down Eddy? - He has bedsores.

He has three weeks lying on his stomach. - The nothing is spared.

Come, let us go into the forest.

As? The ground is soft, it is dark, we get stuck.

That's just the funny thing. - He is right.

Come on, come with me. - you serious?

Clear. - Why do you skin today at the time? Are you crazy?

Hey, guys!

Let that shit, what is this? - Do not cry, just come!

I have no motor.

Are just not Tetra. No half things.

Seriously, where are you going?

Where do you want to go? - Calm down it out.

What is he doing? Stop it!

Do not say that!

Come back on track! This is dangerous!

Oh, Mowgli knows his stuff, that's his forest.

It's nice here.

Very funny, you with your big wheels and the electric motors. What shoud that?

I saw you out in the jungle, beautiful gift, right?

"Nice present"? What do you quatschst there? "Jungle"? Over there we live.

Beautiful it is, if one of you's got a puncture.

Your batteries are in operation since early this morning.

Those are just details. - What's wrong with you?

Otherwise you calm us always, and now you zettelst to this crap.

You must soon do without me. I was at Madame Challes.

I will be released next week. - What?

Where are you going? - In a special nursing home.

A home for the disabled.

Why should you go? - No progress.

This is a rehab center. For me it goes no further.

I'm supposed to accept the relocation.

But the research continues, and even walking can come.

Walking is the least of my concern.

There are worse things than not being able to go. - Steeve ...

Think like a disabled person, not like a man who has no idea.

You hide behind false hopes in the research ...

Nonsense, what do you know?

You think like Loser.

How poor loser in a wheelchair, stuck in the woods.

I wanted ... - I think just to the research, okay?

I have hope.

Sure, that I do not mean. It is good to keep hope alive.

But releasing your hope in something else.

For example, on one's own family.

That is what likely.

You have to find new hopes. - Just.

You hard this because you have to align yourself again.

I do not have to do that for years.

I get along well. Even as a disabled person can do a lot.

You can experience a lot and have a lot of plans.

Wheelchair or not, what is the best plan for the future?

A family, right? We can do that.

A family? - Yes.

I want to take care of my child.

Three years ago it might have more than me. to piss except alone, I have little future plans.

We get special wheelchairs, Special Forks, Special phones.

Special hopes I do not see.

Your's really getting on the bag. So what Irresponsible!

Did you not have enough problems?

Get even air, we were only 50 feet away!

And what if the battery is empty? - No idea.

Me, yes. I have better things to do than to wait forever for you.

OK. - Next time you have to cope alone.

OK. - And I do not tell you good night.


The annoying, stupid ponytail ...


Are you sleeping?

Hopefully does your new home better than the truck.

Hopefully there are women. - I hope that too.

Speaking of women ...

Do me a favor and do not press you any longer.

Talk to Samia.

It takes place not simply that. - I know...

It's no good, I do not know what to say.

It's bad, but ...

I keep away from her, to protect us.

We get to hear so much negative.

I will save just my skin here.

How do I tell her that I lack the strength of a relationship?

The poor wanted to kill herself from heartbreak, and I will play the lover in a wheelchair?

Can not tell you that? - I do not know.

What's he doing here? Should not leave you?

Oh come on as soon as I'm gone, her howls like the fags.

Right. I'm going to cry. - Not me.

Hey ... do not forget us.

From time to time you should ... write to us.

Come on, cut it off.

Bye, Monsieur Amlaoui.

Bye, brother.

Take care of yourself, okay?



Slowly you can grab.

Your arms are stronger. Come along.

We try something.

Not really, right?

Are you sure? - Come over.

Shall I go up? - Yes.

Okay, perfect.

Leg arms on the rods.

You'll see it's all by itself.

Come closer.

Come on, supporting on me.

I'll help you up, beug you far forward.

And supporting you in your arms. OK...

Well, come on.

Lean on the legs, on the left, a good thing.

It's not working. - Yes, I am there. Try.

Wait. - The left leg in front.

OK. - Exactly, super, Ben.

The right...

Okay, okay...

Come on. - The right does not want to, it will not.

I fall out the same. - I'm there.

Okay, sit down slowly. Done.

I can not do it, I'm sorry.

Ben, you did it, that was the first step, bravo.

Your legs can do that. You have to overcome your fear only.

Short break, and again, will you?

Try as I can. - In your hands it worked.

Yes. - It will work.

Do you practice writing for?

Yes, every day.

I write one line Gs and Fs as a first grader.

Corrosive. - Write it something else.

Let's move on? - Okay.

Here we go. tighten abdominal muscles, raise ...


Damn it!


You're all small!

Hi, Julien. - No, my name is Ben.

Sorry, I have memory problems. - I know. How are you?

Not too bad today? - No, I hear my music ...

Again, Bob? - Yes.

As long as he's there, it's done us good. - Fine.

I drive off. - Take care.

Bye, Samir until later. - Yes.

What's happening?

Why are you avoiding me? - I do not do.

Do not hold me for stupid.

Why are you so aggressive? - I just want that you are honest.

Something yet. You go out of my way, not talking to me ...

No not at all.

We are adults. If I've done something stupid, tell me.

It's not you, you did not do anything stupid, it's just ...

The us has no future.

"The us", there's nothing. What should be there in our situation yet?

In our situation? In the wheelchair? - No ...

As a wheelchair user is allowed to be with anyone?

This view you hit at all. - I did not say that.

What then? Out with it!

There is much of what makes it difficult.

You have your past, I mean. There are many things...

Are you talking about my past?

I told you that you have to reproach you anything.

Okay, you think I'm stupid.

All right. You know what?

Think on. Just not change anything!

Will not you please try to understand short?

I'd like to understand how you think about my past.

Hey, sonny boy! Are you on chat?

I have to go. - As?

I have to ... - You go now?

We talk about this later. Promised. - Okay, cut it off.

Now cut it from only!

Who was the woman? - Let's go have a drink?

There is nothing. Let's go have a drink!

Not so stingy, we want to trigger, we have something to celebrate.

You want to kick off with two doses? - Do not listen to him.

There is only what the heck? - What do we say?

In the final round! - Yes!

That ye have done it without me! Bravo!

I'm really proud of you.

I had been there too happy.

I want a full report, clear the final? - You'll be there.

I'll get you a shirt. - Do you have jerseys for the 3rd league?

Not yet, but the design is mine.

You manage the loose. - If he does not play against Chartres.

You be quiet! He gets three out of ten litters in!

Three out of three! Three points! The last time you managed under Mitterrand.

Oho! - Horny bullshit, right?

Two doses was nice, but. - Well then, guys ...

Until then, Ben. - Thank you. Come by when you want.

We will be back. - Brothers! See you at the finals.

Bye. - See you.

I'll call you in the finals every 5 minutes. - That would be nice.

Then I can cheer. - See you.

See you. - Bye.

Okay, turn. Take up the leg.

OK then.

If you give me the salt, Ben? - Yes.

He ... Not bad!

Congratulations! Honestly...

Bravo, buddy.

Steeve, my Eminem CD, you can return to me eventually.

I've lost.

How's that?

Kidding me? It lends you something and you lose it?

Flap! I 'ne buy yourself new CD.

Why "cover"? - Yes, shut up.

How do you want to buy a CD?

In your fucking wheelchair? - Let's be good.

No. It's nice to take care of, and you are all shit. - I agree. So what?

Where do you get only the power to make such a stress?

We stuck anyway in shit.

Ben ... look.

Did you know that? - Yes No.

I knew only that she is making progress.

Ready for the shower?

Duschst you mich? - Yes.

Jean-Marie said, you shower now in her chair. you put me in the chair? - Yes. Jean-Marie has briefed me.


And off. - Okay.

Sit down.

OK then.

He says you're already well on your left leg. - Yes, it's better.

Is this OK? - Yes.

And off. - Okay.

Everything okay? Crap!

Everything okay? - No.

Crap! Wait.

Wait ... - Do not move.

Dont move. Crap.

Does it hurt you? - Yes.

I'll get someone. Dont move!

Crap! - Is it?

Yes, but I say yes: you kill someone else.

Lets you simply naked lie!

Well observed. Thank you.


The hand far forward over swing ... excellent appearance ...! manage now you's back in the chair. - Yes.

Remember to regularly stretch the hand. - Yes.

This is important, otherwise they bent themselves.

I do that, François, you know that.

Will you briefed the physiotherapist? - Clear.

It seems to me, only you understand my inclined body.

He gets your file, and I'll call him.

I tell him everything about your body inclined.

I somehow scared of home.

Want to stay here forever? After one year, you need to study further.

Yes. - Now you're making progress without us.

I hope so.

You have to go back to normal life. - Normal life are you, François.

Your stupid jokes, I'm sick. Good thing you're going home.

You'll still miss.

I have to tell you something.

I wanted you not just now spoil the mood and did not know if I would tell you today or tomorrow.

The home of Toussaint called.

He yesterday had a cardiac arrest and could not be revived.

I wanted you to know from me.

Cardiac arrest ...

I'm done for today.

If you want to stay here with me ...

What are you doing there? Do you smoke now?

No, it's for him. - Give it to me, then I smoke too.

You're welcome.

Thank you.

The one with the heart attack is somehow strange.

He was so depressed when he left.

As if he had given up.

Yes, as if he knew what's coming.


So strange, almost three months ago he was still with us.

How's Steeve?

I was with him. He does not get out of the room.

Whether one would tell us if it was not a heart attack?

No idea.

Maybe they do not say anything, so we do not have scared of the dismissal.

Do not worry, you're so far.

I do not know. I still do not feel ready.

Honestly, outside everything happens so fast.

And I need forever to come out of the wheelchair.

Where should I catheters me?

And it's not only that, but ... being disabled ...

Even the looks of the other scare me.

Do not worry, you get used to it quickly.

Thank you.

In the beginning, people see you only as handicapped without personality, featureless.

Then they talk to you and discover that there in a wheelchair a man as she sits.

And then they realize that there are among the disabled Langweiler, scum and pranksters.

Even idiots.

One is you attach all your life: your disability.

This will be your first identity. - Here...

Now you've really calms me Farid, thank you.

I fully desire to go. - Do not worry, you're ready.

Eddy is not there? - No, he had to treat.

But we have already said goodbye.

Mom, you give me the CD? The card also.

Which is for Eddy.

Thank you. - time for you to move out!

The view is unbearable. - At last you admit it.

Let's meet at the entrance, big guy? - Yes.

See you soon. - See you darling.

I wanted to visit the new. - Oh man...

"Welcome home" was your first sentence to me.

You were also here at home. - Yes.

It was my home, your home ...

It was Toussaint's home, Farid's home ...

We have not talked much about Toussaint, but ...

I know your idea is fierce ... - Let's be good.

I do not want to talk about it. - Okay.

Goodbyes are not me, I do not like them.

I just wanted to say goodbye to you.

And wish you good luck. - Thank you.

Well then...

See you soon. - I hope so.

Bye, Steeve. - Bye.

N / A? - All right?

I've seen your parents. You knock finally from? - Yes.

Make something of it.

Make yourself beautiful outside, not everyone has so lucky. - I know.

And call from time to time on. Do not forget me. Help me to fuck a few hours.

I'll do it. Every day, if you want.

Well, as you think.


So ... thank you for everything, Farid.

Oh, now that comes with the name. perhaps Want even violins?

Now it's cheesy. Get lost dear, go!

I'm here idiots seen, but you're the top idiot.

Get lost, you know her the way. - go, let you catheters tail.

Own tail. - But mine was already in use.

Bye, virgin!

Still there? Has he changed your mind? - No, he goes.

And did he perhaps seen Samia? - No, sorry.

The whole day is not it? - No.

Thank you, Jean-Marie. - Bye, Ben.


Shit, blocking the entire corridor with their shit turtlenecks!

Excuse me, Madame. - asshole!

Because you have to believe.

There you are, big guy. Everything okay? - Yes / Yes.

Do we want it? - Yes.

Are you coming? - I'm coming, Mama.

Well then, Monsieur Amlaoui, that's it, I'm done.

All the best, Monsieur Amlaoui. - Thanks, Ben.

Thank you. - bye.


Did you see?

And hop!

Thank you. - Can you do it?

Yes, now it works.

Caution with his head.

Do you go back a little?


Good thank you.

Okay, guys, to me!

The the!

We begin with the 10, 5, 8, 14 and 15 at.

Yes brother? All right?

And with you? Yes.

I'll call you as discussed. And are you fit?

Yes / Yes. I'll send you a text message at half-time and give you the state by.

Absolutely! If the captain is not too tense?

Now in the final the tension is already high. But it works.

You can do it. But your orange shoes are the horror.

What? Your offenders who are real shit.

Can not do that, brother.

No! You bastard!

Guys, there's Ben!


Why did not you say anything? - I wanted to surprise you.

All good. - How are you, Ben?

All right? - Yes. And with you?

All right brother? - Concentrate simple.

Do not worry, here's your place.

You can go crazy!

Hello, Ben. - When?

So, guys, you concentrate!

And off you go!

Saint-Denis! Together!

No, that's fine.

Look here.

Guys, good game!