Patty Hearst (1988) Script

'I enjoyed a normal childhood.

'My four sisters and I weren't raised like rich kids.

'We were privileged - even over privileged - but not spoiled.

'I knew best what was right and wrong for me.

'Most things came easily - sports, social relationships, schoolwork, life.

'I grew up in a sheltered environment, supremely self-confident.

'I knew - or thought I knew - who I was.

'More a doer than a thinker, an athlete than a student, 'a social being than a loner.

'I was ever practical.

'I could see people and situations plainly, without frills

'and never doubted my ability to handle myself in any circumstance.

'Of course, there's little one can do to prepare for the unknown.'

'Mom? Dad?

'Dad? Mom? Dad?

'Mom? Dad? Mom? Dad?

'What are you gonna do to me?

'Mom? Dad? Mom? Dad?

'I'm not being starved or beaten.

'Mom? Dad? Mom? Dad?

'Mom? Dad? 'Who are you?

'Mom? Dad? Mom? Dad?

'What are you gonna do to me? 'Who are you?

'What are you gonna do to me?

'I am not being starved or beaten or unnecessarily frightened.

'I'm OK. 'Mom? Dad? Mom? Dad?

'Who are you? 'Mom? Dad?

'What are you gonna do to me? 'Who are you?

'I am not being starved or beaten or unnecessarily frightened.

'I'm OK.

'I'm OK. 'Who are you?

'Mom? Dad? '

'What you see is what you get.'

'We got to be very cool, the lady upstairs is sick.

'The landlady said, be very cool.' 'The apartment's a lot more intimate.'

'I planned it that way.

'Make yourself comfortable.'

... one day they totally disappeared until the senior prom, when in walks Father Michael wearing plaid pants and a tie-dye T-shirt accompanied by Sister Mary Fatima, SSND, in a white miniskirt, plastic go-go boots...

That looks weird, why don't you put on the chain?

Hey, I just hit some car. Can I use your phone?

Shut up and lie the fuck down!

Don't move! Face to the floor, mother fuckin' bitch!

Where's the money?

Shut your mouth, motherfucker! Steve!

Turn over, motherfucker!

Steve! Shut up!

Shut up!

Hey, you guys all right here?

Watch him! Watch him!

No! No!

Grab her other leg!

I got it. Keep quiet!

Shut up!

Don't look at me, bitch! - Cin!

Help! Help!

In there.

No! No!

Please, God... Please, God, please, God, don't bury me.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.

Blessed art Thou among...

Go, move, move!

Thanks for the rental.

Who are you?

What are you gonna do to me?

Don't worry, you're worth more alive.

Slow down. 'They don't wanna be seen.

'They want a ransom.

'It'll all be over in a few days.

'They're not going to kill me.'

It's just a closet. You scared of black?

Don't touch the dial. We only tell you once.

You wanna live? Not one sound.

Not one.

My name is Cin. Like the devil.

Cinque - I'm the general field marshal of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

What's that? Everybody know about the SLA.

How can you be so dumb? SLA killed Marcus Foster.

You are a prisoner of war!

We're gonna negotiate a prisoner exchange to free our two comrades who are now being beaten and tortured in the fascist prison system of America.

Patricia Hearst, daughter of Randolph A. Hearst, corporate enemy of the people.

One of five arrests made across the country by combat units of the SLA according to the Geneva Convention governing prisoners of war.

There's a revolution goin' on in this country!

The people have declared war on the fascist American government!

The revolution is happening right now, bitch, in good old, fascist America!

Against me?

A regular Marie Antoinette.

She didn't know anything about the French Revolution until they cut off her head.

Yeah. Any trouble from you and we hang you from the ceilin' by your feet like the dead pig you are.

Barnyard slaughter.

And don't be thinkin' rescue, baby.

FBI come, you get our first bullet.

Police come, you go.

Twig snap outside, dog bark, bird sing - Oink!

When will you let me go?

When our comrades are released.

Can I...

Can I please go to the bathroom?

A real Marie Antoinette.

Hey, Marie, you gotta pee, you say, "I gotta pee."

You wanna shit, you say, "I gotta shit."

That's how poor people talk.

I... have to pee.

Why didn't you say so?

Can I go to the bathroom alone?

Hey, listen up!

We do not keep our prisoners in solitary like the pigs.

Cinque has instructed us to spend time with you.

Our purpose is to educate you.

The SLA is part of a worldwide revolutionary movement.

Our comrades have risen in South Africa, the Philippines, Ireland, Mozambique.

The SLA is a huge organization.

Not only combat units like ourselves, intelligence units, medical teams - comrades holding straight jobs until the revolution comes.

This network of propaganda has hidden the truth from the people, the truth that this nation has suffered its first military coup.

'I see them captured, lined up against a wall.

'Two blacks, five women, three men.

'I identify each by voice. The couple... '

...male and female, equal.

To crush all forms and institutions of racism, sexism, ageism, capitalism, fascism, individualism, possessivism.

You're dead. You're dead.

Patty. That's what your friends call you?

Your rich, pig friends with their pig plantation names.

Let me tell you about interrogation in the pig prison.

There be beatings, torturings, electroshock.

So stop lying to me, bitch!

Why was your daddy in Washington the night you were arrested?

Did he see the president? The CIA?

The State Department? The Committee of 40?

You do know the Committee of 40?

Admit it, don't fuck with me, you bitch, who else is a member?

I don't know about his business.

What about his friend, corporate pig Howard Hughes?

Did he give your daddy the plane? What plane?

You wanna hang from the ceilin'? Cooperate.

The plane! He sold it years ago.

To the CIA?

I don't know! I'm 19, he doesn't talk to me about this stuff, OK?

You better think a little harder...


That pig governor Reagan fucked up the entire prisoner exchange.

They won't be tradin' you for anybody.

But Cin has a better plan - as a gesture of good faith we're demanding $70 of free food be given to every poor person in the state.

They'll be coming from all over to the capitalist supermarkets.

It'll be a people's food be-in, paid for by the pig Hearsts.

What if people don't come?

You have no idea what it's like to be poor!

They can't afford the luxury of your bourgeois morals!

Their babies are hungry! And you just don't understand.

Mom? Dad?

I'm OK.

I had a few scrapes and stuff but they washed them up and they're getting OK.

I haven't been starved or beaten.

I'm not being starved or beaten or unnecessarily frightened.

If you can get the food thing organized for the 19th then that's OK and would just speed up my release.

Today is Friday 8th, and in Kuwait the commandos negotiated the release of their hostages and... left the country.


That's it.

I hear you been disrespectful to one of our sisters about the food programme.

I... don't wanna hear about you... bein' disrespectful.

You hear me?

Or I'll be back here to see you about it.

'At $70 for every poor person, 'this good faith gesture would cost $400 million.'

Papa Pig Hearst.

'Patty, I'm doing everything I can to get you out.

'The original demand is impossible to meet, 'but in the next 48 hours I'll try to make a counter-offer... '

See? Your daddy cares more about his fuckin' money than about your life.

Are you gonna kill me? Up to the War Council.

'Donald DeFreeze, who calls himself Field Marshal Cinque... '

Hey, they know who you are.

'... reputed FBI informant who... '

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em.

'I sleep all the time.

'I have no strength.

'I couldn't stand even if I were free to walk away.

'My body's giving up.

'I see it apart, surrendering.

'Concentrate, one day at a time.

'False hopes and fantasies don't help one bit.'

Yes, you know me.

I'm the nigger you have hunted and feared night and day.

I'm the nigger you have killed hundreds of my people in the vain hope of findin'.

You know me.

I'm the nigger who is no longer just hunted, robbed and murdered.

I'm the nigger that hunts you now.

You have hunted and robbed and exploited us, now we are the hunters that will give you no rest.

Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people.

We're sending this tape with our final demand.

I want to speak to my six lovely black babies.

I want you to know... whenever you need me I will be there by your side.

So I am now.

Because no matter where I am...

I'm fighting for your freedom, your future, your life.

I wanna end this message with the anthem of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

My babies, Daddy can't come home.

I have to fight for you and for those who must stay home, or have not the courage, or lack the clear understanding that the greatest gift they can give their children is freedom.

I give you all I can.

Life without fear, love with a future, understanding that the price of freedom is daring to struggle, daring to win.

'The latest demand is far beyond my financial capability.'

Motherfuckers think we bullshittin'.

'The Hearsts will give $4 million for food for the poor

'provided Patricia is released unharmed.'

Are they paying? They won't once you're released.

Won't even pay for their baby's life.

The negotiations are dead! Dead!

'I hate to take advantage of what's been happenin' to the young lady

'but my children need food like anybody else's.'

'There was rioting, 'food thrown from trucks, fights with the police.

'More than 20 people were taken to hospital.'

Pig media bullshit.

The whole programme's a sham!

This don't look good for you, Patty.

War Council's called a meeting to talk about what to do with you.

It don't look good for you at all.

We were all like you, all had weaknesses in our upbringing.

So-called good homes.

My folks? Goldwater Republicans.

My dad's a furniture salesman. The SLA's my real family.

The SLA saved my life.

I'd like to emphasise that I am alive.

I am well.

And it's really depressing to hear people talk about me like I'm dead.

It begins to convince other people that I am dead.

Gives the FBI an excuse to come in here and try to pull me out.

I am basically an example. A symbol.

And it's important to remember that because it's important to the SLA that I return safely.

Mom should get out of her black dress.

It doesn't help at all.

And, erm... you have to understand the position I'm in.

I'm right in the middle.

If the FBI comes, tear gas comes, bullet comes.

They want you dead, Patty. FBI come firing.


So they can blame us. Say it was our bullet.

They want people to hate revolutionaries.

Killing you would be a coup for fascist repression.

Maybe we should let you defend yourself?

Ever fire a shotgun?

'Crack her open, baby.'

Oh, you look so pretty.

Well, thanks.

Yolanda washed your corduroys.

We never wear blue jeans.

Cin says they don't instil respect in the people.

Blacks never wear jeans, have you noticed that? It's true.

You know, everyone in the cell feels much closer to you now.

And part of being in a cell... is being comradely to the other people.

I feel so sorry for you being around us and not being able to join in.

Don't you have sexual feelings?

Of course.

Cujo wants to get it on with you.

Gotta get you in shape. You can't even walk straight.

One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... ten.

One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight...

Nine... ten.

Now, on your butts! Sit-ups!

You're kind of like our pet chicken.

Come time for Sunday dinner no one wants to be the one to wring its neck.

Other revolutionary movements give their prisoners a choice.

Fight... or die.

Join... or die.


Sex is a revolutionary act.

And obviously we can't go out on the street to find it.

So if anyone asks it's only comradely to say yes.

So you can fuck any man here.

Or any woman.

May I go to my closet?

'Don't examine your feelings.

'Never examine your feelings.

'They're no help at all.'

Take your clothes off, Patty.


'I won't cry out.

'I won't make a sound.

'It'll be safer here.

'The FBI were close.

'No one from the outside will help me.'

I can't do anything with my feet.

I can't. I can't.

I can't do this any more, OK?

Just shoot me.

Shoot me.

No! No!

No! Can't! I'm your calling card!

Passport to immortality! And I'm fun too!

Pet chicken! Sperm receptacle!

Really, really, really tight!

What can we do with her now? Any ideas?

Yeah, yeah, I got a...



Wait, wait, wait...

Here's your choice.

You can join us if you want... or you can go home.

Join or go home?

Of course, you may be assigned to another unit.

That's up to the War Council.

You mean... set free? Join... or set... free.

I wanna join you.

That'll mean you can't go back to your old way of life.

You'll be an urban guerrilla fightin' for the people.

Yes, I want to fight for the people.

It won't be easy to join an SLA combat unit.

Everyone here will have to approve of it.

It'll have to be unanimous.

How will we win? By violence.

What about the Weather Underground?

The Weathermen are wimps. They never kill.

What's gained by killing? The government becomes repressive.

It pisses off the people so they revolt. Who are targets?

Everybody against us is a pig. All pigs deserve to die.

All corporate enemies of the people. Like my father.

Only blacks can lead. Whites can't be trusted - historically they were traitors.

Why give up your rich, easy life? My life was shallow. Bourgeois.

Revolution's not a dinner party. It cannot be courteous or restrained.

A revolution is an act of violence by which one class overthrows another!

You're still bourgeois. My life is as valuable as yours.

What if we sent you to another SLA combat unit where you didn't know anyone?

I'd rather stay with all of you but the important thing is the struggle.

Why should we take you? What good are you to us?

I know the enemy.

I'm the expert.


Hey, Tania?

That's you, Tiny. Your new name.

The first Tania fought with Che in Bolivia.

You mean?

Take off your blindfold.

Welcome. You're now Tania, a guerrilla fighter in the Symbionese Liberation Army.

You're all so attractive.

I told you - all freedom fighters are beautiful.

Can you recognise me? - Gelina.

And me?

Easy. Fahizah.

Cinque, of course.




I guess you must be Teko and Yolanda.

You got all of us. Yeah.

Can we get on with the business now?

I still like the beauty parlour. More money in a restaurant.

Some fancy French place. Italian!

Not Italian, stupid - the Mafia.

We checked out this beauty parlour. We need money.

The good thing is you just wave a gun and they empty the register.

Rob a beauty parlour? You're all thinking like white people.

Don't need hundreds, need thousands.

We're gonna do a bakery. I don't believe it.

That's so brilliant.

Yeah, well, you're all so chickenshit bourgeois.

I wish I was black. I mean, I just wish I was fuckin' black!

Thousands of dollars from a bakery?

A bank. We call it a bakery cos that's where the bread is.

Check some out. Locations, escape routes, how many guards.

Welcome to the SLA, sister.

What a propaganda coup.

Time for a photo session.

Gelina, next shot. Tania.

Hey, Tania, smile.

'The cobra symbol, Naga, is 170,000 years old.

'It symbolises God and life.

'The seven heads penetrate a common body and soul.

'Survival lies in unity.'

The African names of the heads are Ujaama, Kujichagulia, Umoja, Ujima...

'... Nia, Kuumba and Imani.

'The enemy attacks one race or group at a time

'in order to divide, isolate and conquer.

'Our single cobra body cannot be divided.

'Cannot be conquered.'

Gelina was an actress. She did Hedda Gabler.

Not Hedda. Thea.

So she does the costumes and makeup.


Stolen ID cards. We get these babies whenever we can.

Machine guns, carbines and dynamite.

You'll learn how to use them.

Stolen. Duplicates. You need to borrow a car for a robbery?

The other units, they gonna help us rob the bank?

What other units? This is it, baby. We the whole army.

To begin with I want to inform the public that I wrote this.

I have never been forced to say anything on any tape.

Nor have I been brainwashed, drugged, tortured, hypnotised or in any way confused.

Mom, Dad, Stephen, I have been given the choice of, one, being released in a safe area or, two, joining the forces of the Symbionese Liberation Army and fighting for my freedom and the freedom of all oppressed people.

I have chosen to stay and fight.

'We had her 20 years, they've had her 60 days.

'I don't believe it. I'll never believe it.'

'Until she talks to me.'

You won't believe it when she does talk to you.

Boo-hoo Boo-hoo

'Yesterday Yolanda kissed me on my mouth.

'Today she watches my every gesture.

'My old life slips further and further away.

'Crush every part of you that was Patty Hearst.

'Think before you speak.'

What do you see? Not much.

Here, use this.

You've got to check rooftops, store fronts, other end of the street.

See there?

What? At this hour it could be pigs.

Undercover pigs pretendin' to be queers.

Huh? Check every car.

A stakeout. They circle round.

Also, first watch at night unplugs the tube.

So the FBI don't spy on us.

You know they can hook into these things and see into any room that has one.

Can you tell me how a TV work?


Then how you know what else it can do?

Hey, man, what is happenin', man?

Yo! Yo.

Yo, white boy, I'm talkin' to you, man.

I say, what you got for the head, hm?

Let me catch a square, baby.

Got some change for me, man?

Of course, there's a kind of pattern.

Cin mostly sleeps with me.

But sometimes he makes it with Fahizah, who adores him.

Or Yolanda. Yo also sleeps with Teko, who used to be her husband.

They're still married, but marriage is bourgeois bullshit, right?

Right. Or Teko will fuck Zoya or all three of them together, or just Zoy and Yolanda.

Cujo mostly masturbates. Or else fucks Zoya.

Gabi, who was Zoya's lover outside still makes it with her when Zoya lets her but that's not often, so... Gabi's frustrated.

Basically sex is a low priority.

We're just too tired.

Right. Fuck you up, motherfucker!

One hand. It's easier with two.

Keep your eyes open.

Inside the bakery...

I disarm the tellers. Fuck you.

I wanna kill pigs! - Pigs come, you'll get your chance.

I hope they come, man! I hope they do!

Do it again. Put it in there. Put it in. Go!

OK. Aim higher. You got to hit up here.

Aim for the stomach, aim for the chest, OK?

Come on, we'll do it one more time, all right?


You're dead. I'm always dead!

It's just not fair, you know?

Come here, look... I can't protect myself.

You're doing all right. I'm serious, you're doing good. You are.

You are, really. Listen to me.

I've been thinkin' that... maybe it's time that you and me got together.

What? I have a need.

Um, it's the comradely thing to do.

Right, comrade? Right.

Come on... Come on.

This is Tania, Patricia Hearst.

This is not a robbery, this is an expropriation of capitalist funds for the SLA, which is at war with the United States.

I joined... I joined the SLA voluntarily and I'm fighting of my own free will.

Venceremos. Fuck it up, you're dead.

Lie on the fuckin' floor. Wha?

This is a hold-up!

First motherfucker don't lay down gets shot in the head!

No shit! We're the SLA and this is Patty Hearst!

Nine! Number nine!

This is Patricia Hearst, Tania. Um... I'm Tania.

Lie the fuck still! SLA! Face Down!

Don't move! SLA! SLA! SLA!

Eyes to the floor.

Eyes to the floor, goddamn it!

Don't move! Fuck.

Stay down, pigs. Now.

Hurry! Not one word! You heard him!


Hurry! Hurry! Come on, move it!

Stay down! Exit two, then eight!

Two, then eight!

Exit three, then nine! Nine! Number nine, go!

Go! Nine, go!


We're on every fucking radio station!

Oh, yeah!

Patty Hearst this, Patty Hearst that!

That's the whole idea, baby! Identify!

Attorney General Saxbe called her a common criminal.

'I say nothing.

'I am happy to have headaches, happy to be constipated.

'Happy to be accepted rather than killed.'

Cin, can we count it now, please?

Oh, baby!

What's up, Tania?

Sorry, you know.

That I didn't say my whole speech.

The people love you, Tania.

Givin' up your past life to become a freedom fighter.

You are a symbol to them!

You know what my dream is?


Sure you want to hear? I guess so.

I wanna be like Che Guevara.

And Cin's like Fidel.

We're leading the guerrilla war, gunnin' down pigs in the streets.

A complete bloodbath.

Well, what do you think?

It sounds great.

Yeah? Yeah.

Here... this is for you.

It's my most valuable possession.

I wear mine around my neck.

Thank you.

Actually, I like art.

I studied it in college.

You know, if I'm like Che... and you're named after Che's lover...

I mean, maybe I could protect you.

We kill a lot of pigs together, one day someone might write about us.


Hi. Hi.

Know what the newspapers say? You really joined us.

We don't believe you. Why?

You know... We're watching you.

Think you're fooling us? You're not.

One day, you'll fuck up. And we'll blow your fuckin' brains out.

Lighten up.

She's no more bourgeois than you two suckers.

I'm really struggling to overcome my bourgeois upbringing.

Cool, baby, cos when the pigs come, we gonna fight.

We fight, we die. No jail.

What are we gonna do, man? I got a plan.

Move. Where?

LA. Revolution's coming this summer. LA's good.

Big. Big, good. Lots of blacks.

Lots of freeways. Lots of places to hide.

Know what we need to live there? Bikinis?


Who'll buy 'em?

We too hot.

Go and get recruits.

Ring doors.

Find some black brothers.

Teko, Zoya, you're on backup.

Right now. - Where will you go?

Gonna go round the neighbourhood.

Find some brothers and sisters.

Gonna start right here, in this buildin'.

The people love us.

Door to door?


Got doors slammed in our faces then look what happened.

Black Muslims. - Told you so.

You are beautiful, sisters.

Where's Patty Hearst? - Er...

She's dead. I'm Tania.

She don't look like her. That's her, brother.

Smile for the man, Tania.

People don't recognise you unless you smile, like in your pictures.

How's about some other blacks?

This is a white unit, brother.

I'm just here to organise 'em and whip 'em into shape.

Revolution is comin'.

This summer.

Here, here. As chief cook, I assure you, no recipe is complete without... Cyanide.

See you in LA. Checkpoint, I'll get in touch with you.

As-salaamu alaikum. Wa alaikum as-salaam.

Bye. Be careful. Thanks, little sister.

Kill some pigs. We will.

Stay alive, brother.

'There are no windows

'and I can't get out the back.

'Lf we're stopped by the police, they can dash out the doors but I'm trapped.

'Why is this happening to me? '

So Tania, what do you think of our little team?

Well, er...

Sometimes we're not so together.

You and Yolanda always talk to each other and so...

You know, you could join in any time.

Hey, let her finish.

It's like you have an exclusive relationship.

I do not.

I fuck who I want. Yeah. Anybody.

Yeah, well, I gotta get off with somebody.

Do you see what you do to this team? Sorry.

It's Teko's fault. He's still crippled by sexism.

It's great. Perfect.

No gas, electricity. Sounds great.

At last, we're really poor.

Pigs patrol here day and night.

So no lights, no sounds, no nothin'.

Just like prison lockup.

Quiet, invisible.

Waitin' to make our move.

I'm an animal.

I'm a machine.

My body is steel.

And last night I had a vision.

Don't need no more safe houses.

Revolution is happening too fast.

We go out at night, kill pigs, take over a different house every mornin'.

Team go out tomorrow.

Teko, Yolanda, Tania.

On top of everything else, I am a prophet.

I am here on this earth for a special purpose.

To write a book.

A real book with real truth and real knowledge.


Cos I have been there with the people.

Fought with them, touched them, fucked them till they saw God.

'I see him now and he says, "'Cinque, you are chosen to lead the people."'

There's a sporting goods store over there. Let's try that.

'Zoya says I can't be trusted to go out as backup.

'She's jealous. She just wants to keep me from going out.'

Look, I know you ripped the store off. What the fuck do you want?

Hey, get off him.

What happened? What took you so long?

What did you steal? Nothin'.

Don't you fuckin' lie to me. You must have.

Fuck you. Christ, I already paid 36 dollars.

Exactly. They're rippin' off the fuckin' people and we have a right to fuckin' appropriate.

That is fucking bullshit, you are just a fucking compulsive fucking kleptomaniac fucking moron.

Fuck! Fuck it! Enough!

Fuckin' enough, all right?

All right?

How's it going, brother? It's fine, brother.

We're the SLA and we need to borrow your camper.

Look, man, I don't want no hassle, man.


Give me your fucking keys! I can't...

I'm gonna blow your fucking head off. Teko, look, there's another car.

Get the stuff.

Hey brother, hey, it's like this, man.

We're the SLA. We need to borrow your car.

We're not gonna steal it, we're borrowing it.

Sure, sure, no problem. Keep it as long as you want. No problem.

God, those chicanos are great.

You know, boy, he knew we needed this car, man, he just handed over the keys, no problem.

The people are with us. It's no fuckin' problem.

When do we get back to the others? We can't jeopardize the safe house.

Shit. I left my gun back there at the sporting goods store.

I bought that one under my own name.

What does that mean? The pigs'll know we're in LA.

Really great.

Goddamn chicanos!

Jesus, we're in fuckin' limbo land. Hang on a second.

Hi. Hi.

That's a nice van. Thanks.

I see it's for sale. Yeah.

How about a test drive? OK.

You guys really SLA?

That's right, hey, Tania?

You should have seen it, I saved my comrade.

There were bullets flying everywhere, people screaming.

It was like Starsky and Hutch.

Far out. My friends'll freak out.

So guys, what next? Where are we headed?

First thing we gotta do is buy a hacksaw and cut off these fucking handcuffs.

Only tomorrow, I'm pitching this really big game. I...

Don't worry, kid. You'll be on the mound.

Hey, lookin' good.

Let you out here.

There you go, kid. No, that's all right. I don't need cab fare.

Good luck pitching. Good luck, guys.

Do you mind if I keep these as a souvenir?

Sure thing. Thanks.

How about we get a couple of pictures of Tania sittin' on Mickey Mouse's lap?


Just like pigs to glorify a mouse.

'... surrounded a house on East 84th Street, 'believed to be occupied by the SLA, the Symbionese Liberation Army.

'The self-styled revolutionary... ' 84th Street. Stupid pigs.

They're gone by now. - Yeah, but where are they?

'... is on its way to the scene.'

All the bourgeois pleasures. Motel, TV, room service.

Turn on the TV.

'... need more ambulances... ' It's live.

'... have some injuries if this keeps up.

'Your location, code three. Come in, Michael.

'This is control one.

'North king five five advises she is receiving fire.'

'There are two crews here. We won't be able to move for a long time.

'Did you hear the radio transmission from the police radio?

'They said to bring all the ammunition that they could pry loose.

'They said that they are better armed.

'They have more ammunition than the police do. It's hard to believe.

'That was the transmission.'

'Neighbours report the SLA members did not conceal their presence.

'Donald DeFreeze, also known as Cinque, 'bragged about the group's exploits

'and sent neighbourhood children out for beer and groceries.

'Information is sketchy, as you must have heard.'

'Is there any word about Patty Hearst? '

'The officers here have no way of knowing for sure

'but reports indicate that four young white women were seen here last night.'

They'll ask for Patty Hearst to come out.

What do you expect?

She's all they fucking care about.


That's Cinque's gun.

We should go right now! We'd only be killed.

We should fuckin' go anyway. Blast the fuckin' pigs.

Cinque! Gelina!



'They didn't even try to take us alive.'

'Shut up. Please shut up.'

'They died exactly how they expected to.

'Police thought I was in there.

'The reporter said I was in there.

'Lf I had been, I'd be dead, too.

'They think I'm dead.

'I am dead.

'Now there's just Teko and Yolanda.

'Everything will be worse.'

It's time for a change of names.

From now on, I'm Frank. You're Eva.

Yolanda's a people's name. You gave it to me.

Our people's names will still be our real names.

We don't wanna make any mistakes in public.

I'm Frank. You're Eva.

I hate it.

Tania will be Pearl.


Is it safe for me to sit up?

Greetings to the people. This is Tania.

I wanna talk about the way I knew our six murdered comrades because the fascist pig media has been painting a typically distorted picture of these beautiful sisters and brothers.

Cujo was the gentlest, most beautiful man I've ever known.

The people need something to believe in.

Neither Cujo nor I had ever loved an individual the way we loved each other.

Our relationship's foundation was our commitment to the struggle and our love for the people.

"Miss Hearst said that she had died in the fire on 54th Street

"and had been reborn out of the ashes."

The public really gobbles you up. Gobble, gobble.

They hate me. Yeah, but they love to hate you.

They're not gonna get me.

Hey, maybe Pearl should write her autobiography.

Or maybe we'll write a book.

Fuckin' bestseller.

The SLA speaks.

Like, er, what's her name?

The, er, feminist that you think is so cool.

Rita Mae Brown. Yeah, right, her.

'They say I'm a spoiled rich brat.

'A symbol of what's wrong with the capitalist society.

'I don't really love the poor, 'I'm cold, I'm a millstone round their necks.

'I'm not a good soldier.

'I'm not pulling my weight.'

Besides, we can't write a book here.

We gotta go some place quiet.

We're goin' there. It's all been arranged.

'It's safe here in Pennsylvania.

'Routine makes it easier.

'And Wendy, of course.'

You think someone could see us from that hill if they had binoculars?

This place really messes with my mind.

Everything around here's abandoned.

Busy, comrades?

We're resting. I noticed.

Our comrades have been killed and I come out here and find you on vacation.

So what have you been doin' all this time?

What? What have you been doin'?

I've been underground.

No bombings? Joe did the bombings.

When he was arrested, they stopped. Oh, yeah?

And what do you do now, hm? You vegetate?

No, I'm your baby-sitter.

Buy your groceries, keep you safe from your adoring public.

Are you in this revolution or not?


You made a mistake when you took her on as helper.

An Oriental sticks out like a sore thumb around here.

'For days, I'm in a world of my own.

'Talk to no one. Not a word.

'They say I'm thinking of my past life but that's not true.'

Ready for point-slack manoeuvres?

We gotta be ready if the pigs come, surround the house.

If they do, I'm giving up. They shoot on sight.

I'll take my chances.

End up in a pig concentration camp. They'll torture you, maybe even kill you.

Joe's there.

They haven't tortured or killed him.

I can't believe you.

You were born in a concentration camp, now you wanna go back to one?

Third World people need to overthrow their oppressors.

As an Oriental, you could be a great leader...

Don't front me off as a token Third World leader, OK?

I don't wanna lead anybody. Blacks, Indians or even Orientals.

Besides, all that crap about Third World leadership is racist and based on white guilt.

Oh, try it. I'll slit your throat while you sleep.

There are all kinds of women, Teko.


'I'm trying to get into condition, I really am.

'There's no place for selfishness or weakness in a revolution.'

Country life is bullshit. Got new comrades in California.

Friends of Gelina's. We'll show the world the SLA's not dead.

Great. I'm in shape.

The sooner, the better.

Hey, I've been in the joint. I've blown up buildings.

Don't tell me how to knock off a fuckin' bank.

I'm not questioning you. Teko's saying we're revolutionaries.

This is a combat operation, not a stick-up.

Otherwise, it's too dangerous. - You afraid?

It's not a question of fear.

Doesn't robbing banks increase our chances of getting caught?

So what? We won't get caught. That's it.

I know I'm stupid but what does robbin' a bank have to do with a revolution?

'I go deeper and deeper inside myself.

'I read, smoke, try to keep out of the way.'

We can all know everything Without ever knowing why Within each one of us By and by It's within each one of us To be wise Find your heart Open up both your eyes We can all know everything Without...

Well, what are you lookin' at?


We're fuckin' wastin' time here.

We're gonna do another bank, that's what we gotta do.

And this time, I'm taking charge.

Does anyone challenge my leadership?

Huh? Anyone?

No more banks. From now on, we're gonna blow up pigs.

The bombings are going nowhere.

No one here is properly trained. Morale sucks.

We need to pull a coup. No.

Kill Attorney General... Stop.

Why? Hang on a second.

Are you listening here?

What we need is black leadership.

When we had black leadership, things were different.

When Cinque was here... - A black man?

Yes. Come off it.

The SLA killed an innocent bureaucrat, kidnapped a 19-year-old girl and robbed a bank, big fucking deal. You don't understand.

Cinque was a great leader. A genius.

I loved him more than people like you can understand.

'No one's in charge.

'Every discussion is splintered by personal hatreds.'

That why you imitate Cinque? You feel so guilty about killin' him, huh?

Bullshit psychology!

We're gonna go out and we're gonna find a black leader.

And if the rest of you chickenshit, honky reactionaries wanna stay, stay.

Well, it looks like the guilty racists who think a black god will save them are leaving.

Well, us chickenshit reactionaries will stay.

Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people.

I never get used to San Francisco weather.

I love it but I can't get used to it.

Does that make sense?

I feel guilty.

Have you heard from him? Teko? No.

Yolanda? No. You?


It's not your fault. Don't take the blame.

Guilty white boy wanted to be tall and black.

Talk about Napoleon complex, really.

But, I mean, take you, for example.

You say you're against violence but... Hey, it's never simple.

I mean, look at Teko and Yolanda.

They hate each other and they love each other.

That's what a revolution is like.

Freeze! FBI, don't move!

... right to remain silent... Freeze it!

I'll blow your head off! Turn around!

Are you Patty Hearst?

You're under arrest. Hibernia Bank robbery, April 15th, 1974.

You happy it's over, Patty?

May I please change my pants?

I peed. OK, but we have to go with you.

Patty! Smile, Patty! Patty!

Patty! Were you brainwashed?

All right, let's go. Go.

Patty, this way. Over here.

This is the third time... Come on, don't do that.

You're gonna love this place. We've been holding your reservation.

How'd they find us?

Through the others. Course they got away.


Patricia Campbell Hearst.



You gotta have an occupation.

Urban guerrilla.

Hey, what's the matter with her? She so rich she can't come to us?

Coffee? Doughnuts? Thanks.

I read your book on the Boston Strangler.

Sexy case. Not compared to this.

No, cos this one's nuts.

Goin' after her for the first bank robbery, two months after her capture. Why?

Why not try the Harrises first? Patty is the kidnap victim.

Why try her at all? There's a deal to be made here and a simple one.

It's a textbook plea bargain case.

The public want equal justice for the rich.

There's evidence that the SLA killed a woman in the course of a felony.

Patty's your only witness.

You convict her, her testimony becomes worthless.

That's what you say.

That's what I know.

Now, off the record, no BS, in a military court martial - brainwashing, coercion - she'd get off in a day.

It's not a court martial. This is a democracy, we have a civil trial.

We're talking about court costs of five million.

Why spend the taxpayers' money on a bogus case?

Because America wants to know, everyone wants to know did she or didn't she, was she or wasn't she?

They want twelve jurors to tell them how to feel about this.

You tell them how to feel. It's obvious. They forced her.

Without the kidnapping, she'd have never robbed a bank.

Don't sell me, sell a jury.

How are you gonna get a fair jury?

In the sixties, every parent sent their nice, normal kid off to college and bingo!

It was like the kid got kidnapped by the counterculture.

Turned into a commie and said, "screw you" to society and his parents.

Lived in a commune and had free sex with Negroes and homosexuals.

So? So they think Patty did the same thing.

Didn't she?

Relax. This is a medical procedure.

You're only making it worse.

It's OK now, honey.

Everything's OK.


No, it's not.

I don't wanna cooperate with the fascist courts and so forth.

Bill and Emily Harris don't have power over you any more.

I wanna tell the truth.

To you, I mean.

Good. But I don't know what it is.

Don't worry. We'll get to it.

Now I wanna send in a couple of shrinks to talk to you.

No, please, I can't talk about it.

If they get on the stand, maybe you won't have to.


I can't.

I couldn't. Patricia, please.

Trust me.

It's scary, erm...

Like my memory's Swiss cheese. I don't remember.

I don't remember what courses I was taking at Cal or what I did at Christmas or...

Let's go through the kidnapping.

You were blindfolded how long? Did you witness lesbian activity?

You were blindfolded how long?

Did you witness lesbian activity?

Tell me about Cinque's seduction. Did you kiss him?

Was he circumcised?

When Mr Wolf came in the closet, did you resist him? Did you fight him off?


I just felt helpless.

Miss Hearst, one of my fields is lie detection.

Someone who was simulating would try to make things sound more favourable.

I'm convinced you're telling the truth.

The surprising thing is that you're here to tell it.

Very strong men, under far less torturous conditions, have just curled up and died.

Is that supposed to make me feel better?


I hear you're spilling your guts,

blaming everything on us.

I knew we should have killed you, way back when.


Any time.

Every time.

Right now.

Ready to proceed, Mr Bailey?

Yes, your honour. Please call Miss Patricia Hearst.

When the Harrises went into Mel's Sporting Goods, couldn't you have gotten out of the van and gotten away?

Where would I have gone?

And when you drove across country to Pennsylvania, couldn't you have left the motel room and gone somewhere?


Miss Hearst, I believe today is your birthday, isn't it?

Yes. You know your mother's birth date?

Yes. And your father, your sisters?


Between April 1 st, 1974 and September 18th, 1975, did you send a birthday card to any of those people?


In your recording, tape number six, you state, "As far as being brainwashed, "the idea's ridiculous beyond belief." Angela Atwood supplied the words.

Is that right? Yes.

At no time did you believe that you had been brainwashed?


Then those, in fact, are true words, aren't they?

I guess so, yes.

Do you now believe that you had, in fact, been brainwashed at any time?

I'm not sure what happened to me.

But you had them convinced that you were part of the SLA.

They trusted you. Is that right? Yes.

And to a large degree, you were acting, were you not?


Are you a good actress, would you say? Not particularly, no.

Are you acting now? I object to that.


Now, Miss Hearst, as to Cujo, who was, of course, William Wolf.

Did you, in fact, have a strong feeling for him?

In a way, yes.

As a matter of fact, were you in love with him?


But you did develop a certain affinity for Mr Wolf?

No, I said I had a strong feeling about him.

Well, what was that feeling? I couldn't stand him.

We ask you to reject the defendant's entire testimony.

She asks us to believe that she didn't mean what she said on the tapes.

She didn't mean what she wrote in the documents.

She didn't mean it when she gave this power salute, this clenched-fist salute after she was arrested or when she told a police officer that she was an urban guerrilla.

She says the "revolutionary feminist perspective" comment wasn't the real Patricia Hearst.

The Mel's shooting incident was a reflex.

And that she was in such fear, she couldn't try to escape in 19 months, while she crisscrossed the country or try to get word to her parents.

She couldn't stand Willie Wolf.

Yet she carried that stone face with her until the day she was arrested.

It's too big of a pill to swallow.

I ask if you would accept this incredible pill from anyone but Patricia Hearst.

And if you wouldn't, don't accept it from her either.

'Will the bailiff read the verdict.'

'Yes, your honour.

'We, the jury, find the defendant guilty on the first count of bank robbery

'and guilty on the second count of the use of a firearm

'in the commission of a felony.'

'Your honour, I request a polling of the jury.'

Poll the jury.

Marilyn Wentz.

Guilty, your honour.

William Wright. Guilty.

Linda Maclnnany. Guilty.

Jeri Jewitt. Guilty.

Robert K Anderson.


Oscar MacGregor. I never had a chance.

Beatrice Bowman. Guilty.

Marion P Abe.


I can't get used to the idea of my daughter in this...

I've seen worse.

You heard?

Supreme Court denied your appeal.

I know.

I'm firing Bailey.

I already met with another lawyer.

Whatever you think. I want you to have the best.

George Martinez.

He's not the best. He's not rich or famous.

But he is mine. Then he is the best.

George says we'll move on several fronts.

One, to reduce my sentence, two, to overturn the conviction and we're going for a presidential pardon.

In this public climate?

We're going to change the climate.

Change people's minds about me. How?

Media, interviews.

The press is a tool, we'll use it.

You sound like your grandfather.

I wanna confront people's prejudices about me.

I'm a woman and I had se...

I was forced to have sex with my captor so they think I'm a whore.

You see, people fantasized about me so long, they thought they knew me.

When I finally surfaced, real person, real story, I was inconvenient.

But I'm here.

And I'll let 'em know it, too.

I made it worse hiding from the press. I let people keep their fantasies.

I hope to let people see the real me, to demystify myself.

The whole thing scares them. You scare them.


No one wants to accept that their mental state is so fragile.

To be turned into a totally different person.

Not me.

I'm too strong for that. Just don't lock me in that closet.


You OK?

You and Mom?

My shrink says I shouldn't feel guilty.

Patricia Hearst should not feel guilty.

But I do, for all that I put you through.

Hearst. It's my name, it's your name.

It's given us a lot.

You know, I finally figured out what my crime was.

There was none. You were kidnapped.

Yes, but I lived.

Big mistake.

Emotionally messy.

Is that what you really think? Yeah.

Pardon my French, Dad, but...

fuck 'em.

Fuck them all.