Pauline at the Beach (1983) Script

REMASTERED USURYfps변환및 싱크재편집 : 먹는게낙




"A wagging tongue bites itself ".


I think the neighbours have left.


It should be very peaceful here.


It's wonderful that there's no phone.


When I'm here,I feel I can spend hours and hours

  without moving.


Won't you go to the beach?


Yes, to swim.


But it's not a place I like to stay.


For reading or working,it's better here.


I prefer the beach.


You'll be disappointed.


I want to go to the beach.


I haven't been this year.


What about in Spain?


We swam, then we'd leave.We changed place every day.


Sounds great!At least you had variety?


We never stayed long enough.


I was with my parents,so I couldn't have any fun.


Your trip wasn't fun?


Interesting, but not fun.


What do you call fun?


First of all,being with kids my own age.


You don't know any here.


I'll meet some.


Most have left by now.


No, well I hope not...


It's no fun going on holidaywith your parents

  even if they're nice.


I've always made friendson holiday, except this year.


Boys or girls?




Which do you wantto meet here?




You'd prefer boys?- Not especially.


You'd like to find a boyfriend?


Just a friend.


A friend...?


Come here.


Tell me...Have you ever been in love?


I'm sure you have been.


There must've been a kid in school

  whom you said you'd marrywhen you grew up.


Sure, when I was very little.


Since then?- Nothing.


Let's say, a few boys have...impressed me.


Well then?- That's all.


What happened?You must have impressed them too?




It's mostly peopleI saw only for a moment.


So I don't know.


What do you mean?- Like last year,   in Italy, I was in a restaurantand a boy at the next table

  kept looking at me.I mean, we both looked and smiled.


Then he left.


A boy your age?


A bit older, about 16 or 17.


I was 14 last year.


Was he Italian?- No, French.


Then you can see him again!


Maybe. The carhad Paris licence plates.


So you expect to runinto him on the street?


I doubt it!


If you saw him,what would happen?


I don't know.


Would you dare speak to him?- No!


Would he dare?


Maybe.But he doesn't really interest me.


There's very little chancewe'll ever meet.


I pictured meeting him again,but I didn't believe in it.


Now it's too late.It's probably better if I don't see him.


I see...


In fact, you'd like to meet someonewho didn't leave...


Not at all! You're pretendingnot to understand.


No, maybe I'm too old.


No, you're not.You even seem to be my age.


I can't believeyou've been married.


Neither can I.


Maybe I wasn't really.


I mean...


I never believed in it, deep down.


That's why it failed.


It's cold!


That's Pierre!- Who?


Pierre. A very old friend.


I haven't seen him since...before I got married.


What a surprise!- Yes, it is.


Do you know my cousin Pauline?


No, she's never been here before.


You haven't been herefor at least five years.


Precisely! What a memory!Well, I'm back.


I come every year.


Have you been here long?


We just arrived.I have the use of the house.


My brother went back to Paris.


I see him now and then.He says you work very hard.


I spent all of Augustpreparing my collection.


So now, I've come here to rest.


Have you finished school?


Yes and no,I'm doing graduate work.


Are you here alone?


Yes, until school starts,with Pauline.


Her parents left her in my care.So to speak!


And you?


You look like a real expert!


Ever done it?- Never.


I could teach you.


We won't be here long enough.


You could get the feel of it this yearand continue next year.


It doesn't take strength,   just balance.


I bet it takes skill!


Hey, Pierre?


Traitor.You promised to teach me.


You don't need lessons.


Is he a good teacher?


The best, I recommend him.


Marion, Henri.


My cousin Pauline.


Is it as easy as he says?


No, the other day he lent mehis board, I found out how hard it was.


You do much harder things.He rides breakers in a dugout!


Really? Where? In Africa?


The South Pacific, where I live.I'm an ethnologist.


Here's my daughter.


Meet my daughter, Marie.


Your hair's full of sand!


I was Brittany-wrestlingwith Gaelle.


But it's done standing up.


We fell down.


She pushed you?- We both fell.


That's not Brittany wrestling.That's Greco-Roman.


What? Reto-no-man?




Go take a shower.I'll be right along. Hurry!


She's funny.


Are you all free for dinner?My house is there.


I thought we were goingto a restaurant.


They're no good around here.


OK. We'll help you cook.


Thanks. Want a hand puttingyour board away?


No, I'll do it later.


You'll meet us there?


See you. Let's go?


See you later.


Is that it?- Yes.


She's the one who keepsmy feet on the ground.


I mean that geographically,in a specific place on the map.


Because of her,I own real estate! The irony!


My brothers wantedto sell our villa.


I bought it for Marie's holidays.She lives in Rennes with her mother.


Wednesday, you'll take me home?


Sure, honey.Are you in a hurry to leave?


The holidays are nearly over.


Time goes too fast with you!


With you too.


That's sweet.


Go to bed, love.I'll kiss you goodnight later.




Doesn't your workpin you to a place?


I spend time in places. But,I don't have a permanent address.


I'm a nomad, I go where and whenI want, without asking anyone.


But, you don't live alone there?


Yes. The last few yearsI've had affairs, nothing permanent.


My ex-wife needsto identify herself with a home.


I don't have one.This house isn't really a home.


It has no furniture.


I can't stand a woman whomakes me think of her as furniture.


Glad to hear it!


But that's what she did.


I wanted her to be...

  as free as I am,as light and movable.


To have no luggage,physical or mental.


She had a daughter!


So did I!


You didn't take care of her.


Yes I did.I raised her the first two years.


She wasn't a burden?


Very little.


Less than your wife?- Much less!


Then keep her.


I have no right, legally that is.


And a child needs roots.


She can uproot herself, later.


Didn't you say you lived alone?


Yes, but...


I'm just waiting.


Waiting for what?


That unpredictable thingcalled love.


I've never really fallen in love.


And I want to.


I let myself be misled by a man

  who convinced methat he loved me and I loved him.


I believed him.


But it wasn't love.It was being faithful.


Being faithful meanta lot to me. It still does.


I believe that to really love,you must think it'll last forever.


But we all make mistakes.


You won't make any more?


I don't know. But I won't believesomething's love, when it isn't.


Love burns.I want to burn with love.


When it's worth it, I hope.


For whom?


I don't know.


It'll happen, I don't know when,but quite unexpectedly.


Maybe never.


I hope not. But I'll burn.


But, will you knowwhere to aim your flame?


No. I said it would happen

  quite unexpectedly.


Then, you'll make another mistake.


That's true. I could.


You're free, now. Enjoy it.Don't tie yourself down.


That depends to whom.


Freedom doesn't interest me.


I don't think the way you do.


What bothered me, if I may say so,   wasn't being attached,   but being attachedto someone I didn't burn for.


I've never burned with love,except in dreams,   as girls do for a movie-star,   a prince, an athlete, a faceglimpsed and never seen again.


But it wasn't love.


I've probably set hearts aflame.


But they belonged to people


I didn't care about,so I never noticed.


Men may have killedthemselves over me!


I hope not.


If they did, I never found out.


But, strange as it may seem,one thing has never happened,   to spark a love in myselfand in another,   instantly and reciprocally.


But I don't despair.


It'll happen one day,   and suddenly,I'll go up in flames.


Maybe not suddenly. Just as well.


Passion that flames too quickly,burns out too fast.


No, it must catch right away,take you by surprise.


And after that?After the surprise?


After the surprise, it's all surprises.Why worry about "after"?


Because love, like life,exists in time.


Yes, but in the present.


You live in an improbable future,so you don't live.


What? You don't know me!


I do a little.I can guess, see through you.


So what?


Let me ask you a question.


I gather you live alone?- For now.


Do you like it?


No. I'm like Marion, waiting.


To burn with passion?


For a deep and lasting love.


I believe in it, even if you don't.Meanwhile, I live.


Live? You live on hope?- Maybe, but I live well.


Better than if I compromisedwith someone I didn't really love.


I'm in the same boat you both are.


I lived with a girl.We stayed together too long,   and a few months agohad the guts to split up.


And now you're looking forthe ideal woman?


I'd say,   someone I could trust,   even if at first...


Forget it!


Even if what?


I've said enough.


Less than I did!


And I! You said the least!


No, I don't think so.


That's right,Pauline hasn't said a word.




Let's see. Are you waiting, too?


Of course.


You have hopes?


Sure. At my age,I'd be dumb not to.


Have you ever been in love?


You told me you had been.


I did not. Maybe I made it up.


Then tell us.We won't hold it against you.


It's not interesting.


Yes, it is.


We talk about it.Why won't you?


Because I don't feel like it.


Even if it's interesting to you,at my age it isn't.


And at our age?


Obviously, since you talk about it!


Doesn't it interest you?


Yes, I learn things.


Then you're not being fair.We could learn from you.


You don't need to.You know enough.


She's putting on airs!


Be nice, answer.Have you ever been in love?


Who with?- A boy.


Your age?- No, he was old.


How old?- Twelve.


I was six. He was very old for me.


Is that all?


She's putting us on.


I don't agree with any of you.Except maybe Pierre.


Really? What do you think?


I couldn't get all excited aboutsomeone without knowing him.


You must know peopleto love them.


People?- She always says that.


Boys, then.


To love them,or be friends with them?


Both. It's the same.


Yes, it is.


No, it isn't.


Anyway, I'll never fall in lovewith someone I don't know.


How do you know?What about that boy?


Which one? The twelve-year-old?


No, another. It doesn't count,it was like a dream.


You're right. Love is a dream.


Not entirely.


Her feet are on the ground!


You said love must be shared.


And you want it to happenright away, at first sight.


People's superficial aspectsdon't interest me. The deeper ones do.


But you sense them underneath.


Love is when, beneath the surface,   you see in a flash,a person's whole depth.


But you said one can make mistakes.


That's true. But what can one do?


She's seeingright into our souls there!


No, for that I'd have to be in love.


For the moment,you're all quite opaque.


Even Pauline.


Let's go dancing?


Where?- There's nowhere to go.


The Casino!- It's awful.


Doesn't matter!


We'll have fun together.


I'm going home!


Pierre, don't!


OK, but I warned you.


Isn't it great that we met again?


I feel younger suddenly.


You haven't changed in five years.


Neither have you.


I still love you as much.


So do I.


What's got into you?


Kiss me. You used to before.


Before? Before I got married!


So much has happened since.


You said you hadn't changed!




If I'd loved you,I'd have married you.


You saidyou'd made a mistake!


With you it would have beena mistake, too! It's just as well.


Come on.They'll wonder where we are.


Wait! Listen to me.You must understand.


If you believe inlove at first sight...


Tonight all my old love resurfaced.


I realised no other woman madeand still makes me feel like you do.


You're drunk!


If you're my friend, leave me alone.


I don't want to hear about love.


That's all you talked aboutall evening.


In the abstract.


You might as well know.


If I ever love anyone again,it won't be you.


I can wait.


No, I value you as a friend,but love can't be forced.


You may change your mind.


Why are you so biased against me?


Listen! Stop talking about that.


OK. But I had to get it off my chest.


Pauline, Pierre wantsto dance with you.


Let's go to my house.It's on the way. For a last drink.


Let's go to my place.Pauline's tired.


OK. I'll follow you.See you there.


What's that?


I haven't finished it.


Let me see them all.


We're late!


Did you sleep well?


I got up at 11:30...


No, don't touch it.I'll show you.


Bring the sail up very slowly.


Careful! Stand behind me.


Very slowly.


Let the sail flap, cross your hand overand hold it like this.


On the sand?


Stand like that.I'll put my foot there.


I lean back?


But feel the wind filling it.


And my arm?


Try again.- It's very hard.


She's too much!


I've seen worse!


I've got it now.


It's very hard.- It's all balance.


He doesn't know what to do.Can I show her?


You know how? Got a board?


I don't like those things much.I have a sailboat, in Granville.


Your hands aren'tin the right place.


Like that.- With your hand...


It's really hard.


The wind's against us.


You been here long?


We just arrived.


Place your legs right.


Is she your sister?


My cousin. Cute, isn't she?


Who's he?


Pauline, watchor you'll never learn!


Pauline, your turn.


That's all for me.


Coming tomorrow?




See you later.- Stand straighter.


Watch for the wind.


Were you waiting?Am I late?


I came to see you alone.


I'd be embarrassedin front of the others.


Then come in.


I'm ashamed of myself.


It never happened so fast before.


What could be better?


You wanted to go up in flames!


If it was reciprocal.


It is.- I doubt it.


I'm only your latest conquest.


You see things in termsof ownership and possession. I don't.


We spent a wonderful night together.


Let's spend more,as many as you want.


Why? You don't want to?


The logistics are too complicated.


Why? What's stopping us?


Come to my place.


Move in.You'll be more comfortable.


And Pauline?


She can come too.Marie's leaving. It's a big house.


No, I'd betoo embarrassed to tell her.


What's wrong with her knowing?


I'm responsible for her.


Don't be silly.


She needs a boyfriend.


It's time she lost her cherry!


All right?


Of course not.And Pierre's acting so jealous!


You told him?


No, he hasn't a clue.He asked me to dinner tonight.


Without me, of course.


I don't mind.Will I see you later?


No, I'm dining alone.


I'll stay homeand go to bed. I'm tired.


Pauline needs sleep, too.We'll meet tomorrow.


I can't tomorrow.I'm taking Marie back home.


I won't be backuntil late afternoon.


Come to my house for dinner.


You come to my house.


It's my turn to invite you.


Will Pierre be there?


I'm afraid I can't avoid that.


I like him a lot.But he's impossible.


It's all so complicated.


No, it's very simple.


Learn to live for the moment.It'll make you stronger.


I'm so weak!


Come on.


How did it go?


Pauline, come back!


Have you had breakfast?


Why did you pretendnot to see us yesterday?


Your Henri gets on my nerves.


He's not mine. He's yours.You introduced us!


He did it himself!I barely know him.


We talked about boats one day.He knows a lot. But he's no friend.


You can't keep him off the beach.It's as much his as yours.


Maybe more.It's in front of his house.


Why swim there? You have a car.We could go elsewhere.


I like it there.I'm not avoiding anyone.



  he's there?




When he comes, I'll leave.So you'll be alone.


You're out of your mind!


I don't get you. You want to be freeand you see that guy!


I'm free to see who I want.


He's not interesting.


You're wrong! He is!


Since you insist.He's more interesting than you.


I hate to say it,but in all sorts of ways.


Compared to you, no.


Compared to me?I'll be the judge.


Why are you making a scene?You promised not to.


I can standthat you don't love me,   but that guy's justtaking you for a ride!


He is not!- He's the one who said it.


He takes them as they come.


You don't mean more than another.


Listen,   the more you knock him,the more interesting he gets.


So let's drop this,and stay friends, OK?


I say it as a friend,watch out for him.


Maybe he's dangerous,but danger fascinates me.


Don't say that!


It's too bad you're not my friend.If you were, you could help me.


Help you how?


To resist this fascination.


Your jealousy makes things worse.


You once could've prevented mefrom marrying a man I didn't love.


You'd already dropped me!


Because you were so jealous.


If you weren't so jealous,and had a girlfriend...


I live alone.I can still be your friend.


Go after Pauline.


I mean it!


She's just a kid!


You're teaching her windsurfing.Why not love?


I hope you're joking.


Anyway, I don't stand a chance.She only likes guys her age.


Boys her age are stupid and brutal.


You'd do her a lot of good.


I'm not that dedicated.


Are you alone?- They're out there.


Are they going far?


She's a great swimmer.She can go for miles.


And you?- I did OK as a junior at 25 yards!


Want to swim?- Not right now.


Then let's sit down.


Did you think I'd come?- And you?


I knew you came here.


You came for me?


I wouldn't walk five milesjust to swim!


Maybe to see Marion.


Are you crazy?- Admit you like her.


Sure, who wouldn't?But she's not exactly my type.


I like more natural girls.


Was that guy her boyfriend?


Her brother?


Think so?- I don't know.


They look a bit alike. Anyway...


He's a friend.


She's married, but getting divorced.It's your big chance!


That chick's not for me!


Do you have a girlfriend?- In Paris.


I was seeing a girl here,but we had a fight.


You got a guy?- Loads!


So there's room for one more!- Won't be you!


Who said I applied?- I don't like to be touched.


And all those guys?- They don't dare.


They're not boyfriends.- Let's go for a swim.


Pauline! Come here!


Gone swimming yet?


We were just going.


I'd go with you,but I have to go home.


I was in Rennes.My car's in the garage.


Marion not here?- She's with Pierre.


Out there. See?


Where?- There.


Ah, yes! Amazing!


We were supposed to meet at six,but I got back early.


I bought this on the way.


I had the tune in my head.Remember, at the casino,   they'd destroyed it.Do you know it?


I'm going home. If you want,come hear it.


Go on. Don't worry about me.


I have to stop by the post office.I'll be back.


If you leave,push the door shut.


There's nothing to steal,anyway. Bye.


I like that guy.Is he your cousin, too?


No, we met the other day.


He picked you up?- He's a pal of Pierre's.


Isn't he your cousin's boyfriend?


She only met him two days ago!


He's more likely to get herthan the other guy.


I'm for Pierre.He's younger and more handsome.


Marion and he are great together.


That guy's going to get her.Want to bet?


Anyway, you won't get her.


Hi there!- How's tricks?


OK. Give me some peanuts.


Here. Haven't seen you in a while.


I was away.At my brother's wedding in St. Lo.


I may not stick around.- Why?


August was booming,but now I'm bored.


You're not going swimming?- Alone? Let's go together.


I have to mail this letter.I'm busy later.


Tomorrow morning?- I'm not here mornings.


So we'll do it another day.


Henri, I was looking for you.


At my place?You should've waited.


No. Do you know what's happeningat your place right now?


What? They're dancing.


Dancing? They're in bed!


I don't believe it!What did you say?


I was so taken aback,I was speechless.


Fine. Leave them alone.- Really!


Upset because of her parents?- No, just myself.


She shouldn't be picking upidiots on the beach.


But she won't listen to me.


He's no idiot.They're great together.


That girl's funny.


Candy apple?- No, thanks.


Then let's go.- No, not while they're still there.


Here they come.They didn't have time to do much!


See you later.


Wouldn't it be simplerif you moved in?


No, I have to watch Pauline.


I don't want her to bringjust anyone home.


At my place I can throw them out.


It's better if you come to my house.


For dinner?


Do you mindif I leave at 6 a.m.?


It's the best time to work.


And that wayyour little cousin won't know.


I think she already does.


I'm glad.


The embarrassing thingis telling her...




Are you coming with us tomorrow,to Mont St. Michel?


Mont St. Michel?Tomorrow? You're joking!


Pauline wants to see it.


She needs something to tellher parents when she gets back.


Besides her amorous escapades!


No. Tourists bring outthe murderer in me!


And your little cousindoesn't seem too fond of me.


I think...

  she wanted meto fall in love with Pierre.


Come here!


The girls went to Mont St. Michel.


I just stopped byin case they hadn't.


I was going sailing,but it was put off till tomorrow.


Come for a swim with us.


OK. I'm coming.


Do you like it?


Come on.


Hey! The girl's coming!


Tell her to hide! Hurry!


Forgive me,I saw the TV on, so I came up.


Good. I went swimming.It's chilly today. Let's go down.


In that wet towel?


Right. I'll change. Wait downstairs?


We're disturbing someone.




Too bad for them if you know.


Hurry up! I want to get dressed.


Now you lend your bed?


I lend nothing.


I was on the phoneand they snuck up.


I was chasing them outwhen you came.


I was right to be wary of that kid.


Where's Pauline?


Luckily, at home. Resting.


Better not tell her. Right?


If that boy triesto see her again, I will!


Don't upset her for nothing.


I hope I'm not disturbing you?


I came now,since I can't come evenings.


Why not say you won't come!


No, I can't. It's physical.That guy literally repels me.


Well, he attracts me.


I loathe him. Do you knowwhat he reminds me of?


A snake.


I'm more like a snake,with my serpentine figure!


I mean he's not attractive,he just has you under a spell.


No, I've bewitched him.


Has he scored?


What an ugly word!- Not the word, the act!


Pierre, please!


The answer is yes!


Why go so far to getwhat you have right here?


I feel so close to you.


Too close!


I don't want someone like me,but someone who complements me.


You're perfect.You don't need anyone.


Everyone does.


Love is what allows usto fulfil ourselves.


Love? Sleeping with a guyyou'll never see again? That's love?


We'll see each other again.


People in love can goanywhere on earth in two days.


I'll go see him,or he'll come see me.


I'm not crazy.


I was crazy when I lived with a guywho followed me like a dog.


You're like a nice dog, too.


Don't be too sure.


If Henri gets away from me...


No matter!


I'll dream of himwhile we're apart,   and enjoy being with himeven more.


Better a fewintense moments with him,   than sharinga comfortable life like yours.


I need to feel exalted.


Exalt yourself alone,with your calling.


Calling?- Your work!


It's in Paris, not the South Seas.


You're a flowerthat only blooms on home soil.


Next you'll accuse meof betraying France!


The things jealousymakes you say!


You're into dime-store exoticism!


Enough of him! He's forgotten you.It's your attitude I deplore.


Attitude! I don't have an attitude.I love a specific man.


You don't!- I love him and he loves me.


No, he does not love you!- You don't know!


No, you can't know.- I tell you I do...


And I can prove it!


Visual, physical proof!If only I'd had a camera...


What do you mean? When?


Yesterday, at his place,while you were away.


He was with the girlwho sells candy.


You saw them?


I was passing behind his villa.


She was naked in his room.


Was he there too?


I doubt she was alone!


Think I'm making it up?- No, you're not.


It's quite true.Because I was there.




Luckily, I stopped by Henri's placeon my way home.


The girl was there,but with Sylvain.


So he lends out his room?


No, we had to chase them out.I... We went up,   and they hid in the bathroom.


Was Pauline there?- No, she was home.


Did you tell her?- It's better not to.


If you'd made a play for her,this wouldn't have happened!


If you both went for moreinteresting guys, it wouldn't either.


You both like guys who don't care.


Henri cares!


See where your snooping leads.Just stop it.


I have nothing more to say.


I'd sworn not to see you again.I'm leaving.


Listen, Pierre. You're incredible!


You want to tell people what to feel!


I'd like you so muchif you weren't so jealous.


Well I am.


I am because...


Because I love you.


To hell with it. I'm off.


You're leaving?


Take Pauline.She wants to go to the beach.


So you can be with him! Go on!


But don't sayI'm curtailing your freedom.


Pauline, you coming?


Believe me, she likes you.


A lot more than you think.




Perfect!Lean back against you.


That's it. Perfect.You can feel the wind, right?


Let's stop there.We'll do some more later.


We'll get a bite to eat, OK?


There. You're not cold?


You don't want this?




Have you seen Sylvain today?- No, I haven't.


Thanks, bye.- That's OK. Bye.


If he was here, you'd see him.


It's strange. He told mehe'd be here today for sure.


When did he say it?


Two days ago. Yesterday,  

I was at Mont St. Michel,he was sailing.


The day's not over.we'll borrow a dinghy.


Look! The sea's lovely.- I don't want to.


What is it?


Don't cry just becausesome creep stood you up!


He's not like that. You don'tknow him, and he's done you no harm!


Let's buy candy.


Want something?- Some peanuts.


How much?- Five francs.


I have the exact amount!


Listen...You haven't seen Sylvain?


Sylvain? I haven't seen anyone.I just got here. See you!


Why ask her? She doesn't know him.She'd say anything.


One never knows.


You're acting weird...


You're making fun of me.


No, I'm not.I was just trying to help.


Something's going on.


What did you all tell him,to keep him away?


I never spoke to him.- Not you, Marion or Henri.


You're imagining things.


She'd do it.She's turned you against him.


That won't stop mefrom seeing him.


She didn't say a word.


All right, she did.


OK, you asked for it. I have nothingagainst him. I don't know him,   but my advice is to watch outfor guys who cruise around

  picking up girls on every beach.


He's not like that!- How do you know?


And what do you know?Anyway, goodbye!


Listen, Pauline!


Let go! I don't want to hearyou say nasty things.


Thanks for the windsurfing lessons.I'll learn later.


Come on, let's go eat.- I'm not hungry.


Why do you all criticise me?


I could criticise you,Marion, Henri, too...


Marion doesn't want youseeing shady types.


She sees a few herself.Henri's very shady. So are you.


You're all shady and tricky.Sylvain is on the level.


On the level?- Yes, and you're a dirty hypocrite!


What if he was with another girl?


Go ahead, invent some more!


When? Now?- Yesterday.


I didn't want to tell you,but you're being had.


Ask Marion what he was doingwith the candy girl.


He was sailing.- He was taking you for a ride!


Ask Marion.- Let's go.


Not now. We'll disturb her!


Sorry to bother you,   but I've been called a liar.


He says such vile things.- Only what I was told.


What? You didn't tell her...


It's not true? You didn't say that?


If I told you, it's becauseI thought you could be discreet.


Forgive me.


I didn't want to hurt you.But you've been had.


You're old enoughto know the truth.


Why did you tell that story?


Especially to a gossip!


I didn't tell him. He saw the girl.He was spying.


That's not true!I wasn't spying. I passed by.




Listen to me. Nothing happened.


He really cares about you.


Nothing happened between them.I swear.


She threw herself at him,dragged him into the bathroom.


It's a pity Sylvain isn't here.His sailing trip was changed to today.


He had no way of telling you.It's too bad I didn't see you.


Why don't you mindyour own business!


See what you've done?


Did she find that guy?- Do you care?


You asked me where he was.I don't give a hoot!


The kid was worried.They had a date.


Shouldn't worry about guys.Is she his sweetheart?


You didn't know?- I don't know him. Well, vaguely.


Vaguely?- What are you saying?


No, nothing.


Do you know Henri?- His buddy? Maybe. You a cop?


His fiancée saysshe caught you with him.


With Henri or Sylvain?


Sylvain. That's what she said.- I don't care what she says.


So it's true?- Who cares! Only the truth hurts.


Then it's a lie?


None of your business.I don't know you.


Anyone who gossips about me,I'll get my fiancé to beat him up.


I've got a fiancé, two even!One here and one in America.


They don't let people badmouth me!


But they let you chase guys?


Me, chase guys? You nuts?


I can have as many guys as I want!But I only like them real handsome.


Then you like Henri?


He's not bad. But I neverchased him or anyone else.


The girl heard you were with her guy.


Who the hell told her that?The blonde?


Yes. Is it true or false?


False, of course. Can you see mewith that little kid?


So you were with Henri?


Quit prying! That chick made it up!I wasn't with anyone!


Who were you with in Henri's room?- I never was in his room!


Who told you?- Who were you with?


Who told you?The girl? How could she know?


I was behind the house. I saw you.


Bunch of cops! Maybe I waswith Henri. So what?


Do you have to broadcast it?


Think of that poor girl.I don't want to upset her.


So he told you to go into the bathroomand pretend you were together.


He said nothing. I went in there.


So I wouldn't get caught in bed.I hate that!


And Sylvain?


He pushed him in.I didn't know why.


Now I get it!She saw us through the door.


What could we say? I was ashamed.I was blushing.


I was only wearing a towel,my swimsuit was drying downstairs.


So he got off scot free!I don't like doing that kind of favour!


I don't like being used.Is she your sister?


Who? Marion? Well, yes.


I thought so.You won't tell her?


No. But I'll tell the young girl.


Her guy will tell her.She your sister too?


No, a cousin... My cousin, that is.


It's none of my business,but I'd say they keep bad company.


They're cute,especially the older one.


Too bad you're her brother.You'd make a nice couple.


Are you free tonight?- Tonight?


It's my last day.I want to celebrate.


All my pals have left, except my fiancé.But I see too much of him.


No thanks, I can't.- On me! I have money...


No, really...- Cos I'm a peddler?


You're crazy! Tonight.... I'm...


...invited to my cousin's.


Too bad. I'll find someone.Have a nice time.


Have you seen Pauline?- I think she's at Henri's.


It's not the time to explain...- I've nothing to explain.


What did you tell them?We shut up and you talk!


I didn't say anything!- Then your chick did?


Pierre did.- That guy?


What does he know?


He was behind the wall, spying.He saw her in my room.


He saw her with you, not with me!


He only saw her.Which suits me fine.


Not me! I won't take the rap!


I told Pauline the girl hustled you,and you turned her down.


You bet you did!You're a real bastard!


We're young, so you use usto get what you want.


That's disgusting!


Where do they live?


You don't know?Three miles up in the hills.


Go ahead! Be my guest!- Where exactly?


Well, I know how to getthere by car. Let's see...


I'm warning you, by tomorrow,Pauline and Marion will know it all.


Tomorrow's different.


Some things one must break gently.


Did he break it gently to Pauline?


Just because one girl's crying,why make both cry?


But the wrong one's crying!


It doesn't matter.


I really don't get you!


You've got a fabulous girland you mess around with that bimbo?


I guess I'm not prejudiced.And that bimbo is a real turn-on.


Maybe to old guys!


Thanks. OK, so I'm old.


Listen, all my life I've lovedand been loved. Now I'm fed up.


I'm resting. I'm throughwith passion. Marion annoys me.


Then don't chase her.


She's chasing me!And one can't pass up a girl like her!


You don't give a damn?


No, I like her,I'm even fond of her.


But I hate making people cry.


In fact, I'm too nice.It really gets me into trouble.


I hate seeing you so sad.


I shouldn't have told Pierre.


I'd rather know.And, I'm not that sad.


I liked Sylvain,but I wasn't really in love.


I didn't like him.


To each his own.- You took the first comer.


What about you?


Let's not argue...


But you could have done better,even here.


To get some experience.Do you know who I mean?


He's old!- He's young and handsome.


Some girls my agelike adults. I don't.


Pierre's very nice to me,I don't mind him,   but I wish you wouldn't talkabout him like that.


But I'm flattering him.He's very attractive.


You take him.You'd be great together.




But love can't be forced.To me he's a little boy.


To me, he's old. As old as Henri.But nicer and better looking.


You see,  

I can't convince you to love himand you can't convince me either.


Everything badyou say about Henri

  and that I already tell myself,won't make me drop him.


Like what?


I don't know...


That our love is impossible.


That I'm mad to fall for someonewho lives so far away,   who loves me lessthan I love him.


Even though...


I think he's hooked,despite his pretended indifference.


I feel my love is so strong,   that I'll make him share it,if I'm given enough time.


I want to make himreally fall in love.


So that if I suffer, he will too.


Why make him sufferif you love him?


In love one must share everything,pleasure and pain.


You say that love can't be forced,   yet you wantto make him love you.


Love me more!


But I'm sure he's more in lovethan he lets show.


Who's there?


Telegram for you.


I have to be in Paris this afternoon,I'll come back by train tomorrow.


I'll drop you at the beach.Pierre or Henri will bring you back.


I don't want to go.


How are you?


You didn't come today?- Marion had to go to Paris.


She left you alone?She could've driven you to the beach.


I didn't want to see anyone today.


OK... I'll go.


I wanted to apologizefor yesterday.


You were right to tell me.- Your friend must be furious.


Henri must've told him you talked.


You didn't?


No, he showed up as we were leaving.


What? You haven't talked to him?- I don't want to see him again.


That's terrible! It's Henriwho was with the girl.


Henri? You saw her with Sylvain,so did Marion.


Henri fooled us all. He's diabolical!


He pushed your friendinto the bathroom with the girl.


Sylvain agreed to it?- He didn't dare speak up.


I doubt it. How do you know?


The girl told me,and it makes more sense.


Have you seen Sylvain today?


He wasn't at the beach,neither was Henri.


Maybe he is now. Shall we go?


No one.- Let's go to Granville.


He must've gone sailingwith his dad.


Let's check the port.- No, they'd be back by now.


Let's go anyway, we'll find out.


Do you know where he lives?


Here in Granville.But I don't know his address.


He doesn't have mine, there wasno need, we'd meet on the beach.


Shall we go eat?- OK.


What's on your mind?


No one toleratesother people's choices.


You don't like Marion with Henri.


She doesn't like Sylvain with me,I don't understand Henri and the girl.


They're the only twoI do understand.


Because it suits you.Suits me too, but still...


When couples are well-matched...then it's OK.


Then Sylvain and I are OK.We're well-matched.


I've nothing special against himbesides what happened yesterday...


But you can do betterthan a kid like that.


Because he's young?


I wasn't like that at his age.


What were you like?- Tender and romantic.


He's tender too.


You both fell for the leastinteresting guys around!


Not interesting to you,but to us they are.


Yes, sure.


How come you decidewhat others are to like or dislike?


All right,let's say Sylvain's OK.


But not Henri!


She can't love him...or she's insane.


Love's a form of insanity.


No, you love what's good,and good for you.


There's no mistaking true love,and she did.


She says it herself,she's done it all her life.


What infuriates me is seeingpeople create their own misery.


If she loved what was good for her,  

I'd be the first to approve.


She always goes forwhat is most remote from her.


Whereas I feel so close.


When I saw her again

  the sense of familiaritywas so strong.


I knew she was for me,that she was part of me.


That's it, you're too close.She knows you by heart.


You hold no mystery for her.You're not strange.


I don't want to be.I hate anything strange!


When I met her she loveda strange guy, worse than Henri.


I knew it wouldn't last,that I'd get her eventually.


Then a third guy showed up...and he got her.


Do you know him?- Her husband?


I met him when I was little.He's not strange.


No, he's ordinary. She marriedsomeone ordinary but not me.


You missed your chance.You didn't assert yourself.


I hate asserting myself.


I want to waittill she comes to me on her own.


So wait.


I'll wait.For as long as it takes.


Till...she loves me.


Or if it's too long,till I've stopped loving her.


Quite possiblyI'll stop loving her someday.


By then she may love me.But it'll be too late. I'll be even!


In fact, you don't love her.You want her to love you.


If you love someone,you want to be loved back.


Her not loving me and loving Henri,doesn't make me jealous,   it puts her below the levelwhere I can love her.


That's so pretentious! Do you thinkyou're the centre of the universe?




But if she's attracted to peoplewho are the opposite of me,   if she's not made for me,as I think I'm made for her,   and if the convictionmy love is based on, is destroyed,   then I stop loving her.It's that simple!


You were here?


Hadn't you left?- For where?


We thought you'd goneto Paris with Marion.


No. Where were you?


We went to the regatta...


I think we all haveimportant things to say.


My place is quieter.


I have to take Pauline home.


It's early and it's on her way.


First, she'd likea few words from you. Right?


OK. Come here, Pauline.


I hope you didn't believe that storyabout Sylvain and the girl.


Marion made it up.


He was with the girl.


Yes, I was. It's all my fault.Kiss and make up.


How could youlet him talk you into it?


It would've made trouble...


Hasn't there been enough trouble?I don't matter!


You're all disgusting! All of you!


Let's get going.


Let's drinkto our reconciliation.


Are you still mad?- Not with you.


With me?- Pour!


With you she is!- Why, I wasn't involved.


I hope she forgives you.




You think I'm Machiavellian,not at all!


I did it without thinking,  

I thought you'd hide behind the door.But you didn't.


Sure. Now it's my fault.


I hold nothing against you.


You were free to do anything,even tell Marion.


Me tell your chick?I'm not like him, a rat fink!


What?- You're a rat fink, so shut up!


Who cares aboutlittle creeps like you!


Big idiotswon't keep me awake nights!


So go to sleep!- That's enough!


I said we'd all make up.


It was my fault, OK?Now let's forget the whole thing.


Right, let's forget it.


I'm going back to Paris tomorrow.I have to get to bed.


Come on, Pauline.- Henri will take her home!


No way! I brought her,I'll take her home.


Let go.- Tell him you're staying!


Would you let go?- Answer! You staying?


Watch it, joker!


That's enough!Fight outside, not in my place!


You OK?


Great! She's in no shape to go home.We have to wait till she calms down.


What time is it?Weren't you due home at eleven?


Yeah, I'll get in trouble again.


Pierre, take him home.- You do it.


He lives near you, it's easier.I'll take Pauline home later.


I brought her, I'll take her back.- Don't be grotesque!


Please take Sylvain home.


He'll get in trouble.Henri will take me home. You mind?


Not at all.You can spend the night here.


There's lots of room.


I'll take you both home.


Why? It's twice the distance!


An extra five miles! Coming?- I'm staying here.




I'll sleep here.Henri offered it. I accept.


Are you joking?- Not at all.


I don't want to go home.I'd be afraid alone in the house.


No, I have to take you back.- You don't have to do anything.


I'm responsible for you.


You're not.I'm responsible for myself.


True, my parents did leave mein Marion's care.


But she left me in no one's care,not yours or Henri's.


You don't thinkI'll leave you alone with him?


Pierre! What's got into you?


I'm not the big bad wolf.I won't eat her.


Then stay.


To me, it's an unfriendly actthat has spoiled our whole evening.


You're the one who's not a friend.You never think of me.


I'm on holiday.


Just because my parentsaren't here doesn't mean

  anyone can tell mewhat I can or can't do.


I do what I feel like doing.Henri invited me. I'm staying.


Well, good night.Coming, Sylvain?


At least give me a kiss.I hope you're not mad.


I'm sleepy. I'm going to bed.


Who? Who?


Sandra? Yes, love, great.


Me? I'm fine. How are you?


Where are you?


'Kiperon'?What does that mean?


Quiberon! Yes, it's near here.


I'd like that a lot.When? Tomorrow?


Yes, I'm free as a bird.Marie's with her mother.


Why not today?


Yes, OK.


Give me an hour to get dressedand I'll be there.


What's the boat's name?


"La Revoltosa",red and black, twin masts.


See you soon. Bye.


Did I really hurt you?- You caught me by surprise.


Sorry, I just wantedto wake you gently.


Don't be a hypocrite!


I'm a man, you're a woman,with nice legs. Is that more honest?


I don't understand men, especiallyold ones. They're never straightforward.


Not you or Pierre. Sylvain is direct.


Do you love him?- He hurt me.


If he'd cheated on me.But to play your games...


He didn't.I told you, I pushed him.


Breakfast will be ready in a moment.


Here. This is for Marion.Give it to her.


I got a phone call.I have to go to Quiberon.


I just have time to pack,and drop you off, then I'll be gone.


When will you be back?- I won't.


I'm going to Spain on a yacht.


We'll be gone a good two weeks.- And Marion?


I'd gladly take her,but there's no room.


It won't be comfortable,it's not a cruise.


It's very hard, with real pros.


Wait till she gets back at noon.


I can't, it'd be too late.And I hate goodbyes.


Then say you can't face her!You're a coward.


It's not cowardice.She wouldn't understand.


I don't get what you seein that other girl.


Only a pervert would chase herwhen he's with a girl like Marion.


Marion is very beautiful.She has a perfect body.


Too perfect, like a statue.


The figure all women want.She's an ideal.


I admire her,but I'm not that attracted,   less than by a womanwith imperfections.


Perfection is oppressive.


If genetic scientistsmanipulating chromosomes

  could create an ideal womanlike in Huxley's "Brave New World".


I'm sure that womanwould look like Marion.


In time all womencould be made to look like her.


Imagine the worldwith millions of Marions!


That other girlis much more artificial.


Her behaviour, but not her nature.


That's not true! Marion is likeno other woman. She's unique!


Unique? Sure, good thing too.


All people are.


Her uniqueness is so perfect,it tends toward universality. Get it?


No, you don't.


Kids your age don't thinkabout such things.


This will be easier to understand.


Marion threw herself at me.She didn't give me time to desire her.


Learn to let yourself be desired,or you'll be unhappy.


And another thing.


I didn't cheat on Marionwith Louisette, but the reverse.


I met Louisette first.


We'd kissed a bit,but I'd never gotten her home.


So when the opportunity arose,I made the most of it.


I'd think with Marion,others would be forgotten.


No, I stayed true to my desire.


I felt involved with Louisette.


You were much more involvedwith Marion.


Physically, but not mentallyor by the desire I felt.


I'd met her firstso she had a kind of right.


But you don't understandthat either.


A bit better.


So, what shocks you?That she's a peddler?


Are you prejudiced now?


I'm shocked you're not in lovewith Marion, insanely, like Pierre.


He doesn't question it.


He has no chance!- Why? He's as good as you!


You don't like me much, do you?


Rascal!- Hands off!


Don't worry.We're leaving in five minutes.


What did he tell you?


That he was goingon a boat without you,   because it was uncomfortable.


You bet!


Just as well.I don't really like goodbyes.


What will you do?


What can I do?


I mean here.Won't you be bored?


One's never bored in the country.


Why don't we go home?- Already?


I have to tell you this. Yesterday,on the train, I was thinking.


I said to myself that in fact

  we have no proof of what reallyhappened with the candy girl.


Henri could've been with her,   and made me think it was Sylvain.


I hope that isn't true.It would be...


...too horrible.


But you...


You shouldn't be upsetby something that may not be true.


I'm not upset.


Tell yourself it isn't true.Convince yourself.


I'll remain convincedof the opposite.


That way we'll both be satisfied.


I agree entirely.