Payback: Straight Up (2006) Script

Oh, I bet you got a lot of questions rattling around in your head.

How much money in the case? - Anywhere between 350 and half a mil.

And how much do you need, Val? - We split it 50-50.

How much? - 130 grand.

We'll hit them on Friday. - It's not enough.

And how much do you need, Val? - We split it 50-50.

It's my money. - Yeah, well, I'm up short.

My 70 grand, I want it back.

60 short. - 70.

70, Val. It's 70 grand. 70, you dumb bastards.

Help the homeless.

Help the homeless.

Oh, that's small change. Why don't you give me some big change?

Give a guy a break. What do you say?

Come on, now.

Oh, thanks, man. Oh... Hey, what the fuck!

What are you...

Son of a... Motherfucker!

What do I owe you? - $2.98.

Son of a... Hey! Hey, my cigarettes!

Oh! Sorry, sir. Pardon me.

Thank you.

$100, $200, $300.

Have a nice day, Mr. Johnson.

Excellent fit, sir.

And how will you be paying?

Yeah, I'll give you $900 for this.

Let me see that Magnum.

That's it.

$500 and the gun.

I'll need to see some ID. - Of course.

I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson. This card's been canceled.


Well, I tried it twice.

Do you have another form of payment? - Try it again.

Porter, you're not dead.

Where's Val?

Gone. Moved out two months ago.

Where? - Don't know.

Who's paying your rent? - Val.

Why? - Payoff, I guess.

What, you guess? You don't know?

Damn it! You've got a fucking lot of nerve coming around here all fucking high and mighty. What, you bring your whore with you, did you?

No, no, no. - Look at it!

Look, see. Look at that. That's before we met, baby.

Think about it.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

So, what are you gonna do, Porter? - I'm gonna get my money back.

You mean, what am I gonna do to you.

Well, that depends on you.

Where's Val?

I told you, I don't know.

Did he ever buy his way back into the syndicate?


How do you get your payoffs?

A messenger, first of every month, leaves an envelope with cash in it.

So, who was she, anyway? That girl in the picture.

I met her when I got out of prison.

I used to drive her, keep her safe while she worked.

What were you, her pimp?


We both worked for that asshole.

Not now.


You're cleaning up.


Val still wants to talk to you.

Sorry, babe.

Shall I tell him to call back again?

No, I'll talk to him.

Shut him up, anyway.


Yeah, same as always. You?

Yeah, good, good.

Why? You there now?

Well, don't sweat it, Val. I mean, we all look alike to them.

Same crew. The Chows.

Twice a week, Tuesday and Friday.

Always between 11:00 and 12:00, always the same route.

Chinese money laundering.

How much money in the case? - Anywhere between 350 and half a mil.

And how much do you need, Val? - We split it 50-50.

No, I mean, how much do you need to, you know, buy your way back?

Into the syndicate. How much?

You mean the outfit? - Whatever.

Jesus, you know everything.

Hi, sweetie.

130 grand.

The beauty of the Chows is they won't go to the cops.

They keep everything in-house, and they don't feel pain the way we do.

You notice anything about those guys, Val?

They look nasty.

Probably all kung fu motherfuckers.

Why? Did I miss something? - They weren't wearing their seat belts.

We'll hit them on Friday.

Hubba, hubba, hubba.

Looky here.

How's that vinyl taste?



The problem with kicking the Chows' asses, an hour later you wanna do it again.


140 grand.

140 apiece.



That's... That's what? That's 70 grand?

That's not enough. - It is for me.

I'm taking the next few months off. Here's the bag, baby.

Yeah, well, I'm up short.

60 short. Fucking slants!

Should've hit them Tuesday. Fuck!

We got away clean and got something to show for it.

Always be grateful for what you get. Rule number one, Val.


Yeah. Rule number one.


Everything's cool.

It's just not enough, all right?

It never is, Val.

Hey, baby, just put the money in the car, will you?

I can't fucking believe it. We should...

You know... You know what? You know what, Porter?

This is funny. This'll kill you.

It's always $140,000.

Someone ought to give me a Ph.D.



Jesus, Lynn, wait till I'm out of the fucking way!

Okay, everything's cool, baby.

Oh! Oh!

You were great. You were great.

Everything's cool. Give me the... Okay.

Okay, okay, keep the gun.

That's it. Everything's cool.

Just like we planned. Come on.

Don't fall apart on me now.

There we go.

Oh, I bet you got a lot of questions rattling around in your head.

I don't know, pally.

I guess wives get funny when it comes to girlfriends, huh?


I didn't get that.

You got it.

Come on, Miss Porter, I don't have all day!

Is... Is Miss Porter here?

Mrs. Porter.

Yeah, whatever.

You motherfucker!

Get up, turn around.

Come on. Get up. Come on.

What have we got here, huh?

How much in here, huh? - There's two grand.

What's in here?

Helium. What the fuck you think it is? It's heroin.

Oh, fuck!

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.


Val Resnick.

Where is he?

You wanna know where he is?

He's right here. Look. Look. Fuck you.

Wrong answer.

Shit! You motherfucker!

Fuck! - Val Resnick.

I never heard of him, man. Fuck.

Where'd you get the envelope and the shit?

Come on, man, they're gonna fucking kill me.

They're gonna kill me, man.

What do you think I'm gonna do?

Worry about me.

Oh, come on. Okay.

Okay, okay, okay.

Stegman... Stegman, man. Arthur fucking Stegman. Okay?

Where is he?

Southend Taxi.

Farragut Road, man.


You're welcome.

I'm looking for Arthur Stegman.

He ain't here. Something I can help you with?

No, you can't. Where is he?

I don't know. He ain't here.

Take a guess.


Take a guess about where he is.

Is he at home?

Why don't you go fuck yourself?

All right, here we go.

Hey, come on, roll it!

Wait a minute. That was mine! - It was not yours, man.

I get one more shot.

There's somebody here to see you.

I'm looking for Stegman.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Porter.

Well, Porter, that looks like assault to me.

Porter looks to me like the kind that likes to resist arrest.

Hey! - Whoa!

Fuck, no! Not in here.

Jesus, guys, he just... He wants to talk.

Am I right? Did I call it?

Are you Stegman?

Maybe. What do you want?

Your boy didn't make his delivery.


Whoa, Artie.

Hey, listen, don't worry about it. Why don't we talk outside?

Artie, you're a dealer?

Just forget about it, all right?

And don't touch my money, either.

Come on. Let's... - This is heroin?

This is heroin. - Guys, just...

Don't worry about it, all right? Just take it easy. Let's talk. Come on.

What are you guys looking at? Play your game.

And you're bleeding all over my couch. Come on, you. Come on.

Steggie's been holding out on us.

I'll check it out.

Val Resnick.

What about him? - You're gonna tell me where he is.

No. No. Even if I knew, the answer would still be no.

Now, where'd you meet up with my delivery boy?

At his drop.

Is he dead?

No, but she is. OD'd on that crap you've been sending her.


What do you care? - I'm her husband.

You're not gonna fucking kill me, are you?

Not in front of these kids.

Where is he?

I don't know.

That's the truth.

You see, this stuff gets delivered to me, too, you know. Last night.

And I won't see anyone again till next month.

Why all the trouble?

Well, he's afraid of the girl.

You know, I mean, of... Of Mrs. Porter.

Look, I don't know nothing about this, okay?

I know Val from the old days.

Three months ago he shows up, asks me to do him a favor.

I make an extra grand a month, so I figure, what the hell, right?

Now you come around threatening to kill me?

Believe me, that much a buddy of Val's, I am not.

He's in the city. That's it. That's all I know.

I got a game going on in here. - How do you know that?

He said so.

When? - When he... Then.

When he came around.

Said that he squared himself with the syndicate.

Said he was back in the big time.

Back for good. He was very excited.

Well, you tell him that Porter is back, too, and he wants his money, Porter wants his money.

Or I'll come back here and pay you a visit when these kids are not around. - Well...

When would I tell him this?

Talk to me.

There's a young lady to see you, sir. Her name is Pearl.

She's got two very bad habits.

Right now, I'm only interested in one of them.

Send her up.

Apartment 718, ma'am. Go right on up.

Send her up. What's the problem? - Hey, Val, it's Haskell.

Sorry to be calling you at home, but I thought...

Don't be sorry, sweetie. Just don't call.

Well, I thought it might be important.

I got a call from a cab guy out in the south end.

What is it? - Well, it's this guy, Stegman.

Shit. Hold on a second.

On your knees, bitch. I want satisfaction.

I'm on the phone, Pearl.

That's Mistress Pearl, you piece of dog shit.

I'm on the fucking phone!

Make it quick, huh?

So, anyhow, this guy Stegman called. He sounded all nervous.

Sounded like something scared the shit out of him.

He said he had to talk to you. I said I'd see what I could do, Val.

Yeah? Did he tell you what it was about?

He said to tell you Lynn was dead.

He said some guy came around talking mean and wanted you.

And that's all he said. I thought you ought to know.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you did right. I wanna talk to that son of a bitch.

Who, Stegman?

No, President Nixon. Of course Stegman.

Tell him Varrick's by the bridge.

Make it...

Make it 20 minutes, huh?

Steggie. - Hey, Val.

You know, I tried to call you, but you must have changed your number again. 'Cause I got nothing.

I never gave you my original number, Steg.

What did this guy look like?

Well, he had, like, dark hair, blue eyes.

He was like a real Cro-Magnon-looking bastard.

Well, if Lynn's dead, maybe he did us a favor, huh?

I know what you mean, except I'm out like a grand a month, you know?

Well, maybe we can work something out.

Did you get a name?

He said his name was Porter.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

He said he was there for Porter? - No. No, he said he was Porter.

Yeah. I'll tell you something.

I wouldn't want that guy after me, either. I know how you must feel.

What am I, a nobody?

No. - I've got friends.

All I have to do is point.

I pick up a phone, say his name, and he's a dead man.

And this time he stays dead!

All right, Val, try to keep it down. All right?

It's okay.

What did he say about me? - He just... Nothing.

He just said you owed him money. - Not why? Nothing else?


Why? How much you owe him? - None of your goddamn business.

Well, I just, you know...

I got the feeling he'd like to kill you, that's all.

Oh, Christ.



What did you tell him?

Nothing. What could I tell him?

You tell him about the money? The heroin?

He had it with him.

I just... I told him I delivered it.

You didn't tell him nothing else? - I don't know nothing else.

Nah. You gave him something.

A name, maybe. Someone who knows where to find me.

I swear, Val, on my mother... - Hey, fuck your mother!

Hey, that's not nice. Now, why don't you try to take it easy?

What the fuck you looking at? - Take it easy.

Val, don't. Come on. Not again. Don't do that.

What the fuck you looking at? - No, Val, no. Come on. Not again.

What the fuck are you looking at? - Val, come on, don't. Not again.

Come on, just forget it. - Is there some trouble here?

No, you know what? We're... We're just... We're leaving.

We're leaving.

You know what, Val? This one's on me, okay?

You see me reaching for my fucking wallet?


Hey, pal, is there a Michael here? - That's him over yonder.


I'm told you're the man to see about expensive horizontal refreshment.

I'm looking for a girl named Rosie.

Prostitution is illegal, and you're speaking Greek.

Usually these matters are conducted with more discretion.

Be discreet now.

What was her name again? - Rosie.

And who should I say is looking for her?

Just call her.

Rosie? - Yeah.

Give me the phone.


Take care of that.

Rosie. - Who the hell is this?

Porter. - Try again, honey. Porter's dead.

I used to drive for you, provide a safe work environment.




Come on. Come in.

You look pretty good for a dead guy.

How'd you hear about it? - People who know were talking.

Plus, I heard your wife was back in town alone.

She's dead.

I'm sorry, Porter.


Jesus. Surly Porter. You're the same as ever, aren't you?

This doesn't look like you.

Yeah, well, people change.

Stay. It's okay, baby. It's okay.

Come on, sweetheart. It's okay.

Meet the nastiest damn dog who ever lived.

What's his name? - Porter.

He took your job after you left.

He's just as tough, but he won't leave me, will you, baby?

I need a favor.

In favor?

Maybe you're not the same as ever.

I'm looking for a syndicate boy.

It's the outfit, baby. We don't say syndicate anymore.

Well, you know what I mean. Whatever the hell you call it.

Don't get touchy, Porter. What's his name?

Val Resnick.

Oh, that son of a bitch.

You know him? - Yeah.

I met up with him once a few years ago.

He can't use Star Service anymore because he beats up all the girls.

He almost killed one.


Does it matter? You quit looking after me, remember?

Would you happen to have a line on where he might be?

I suppose he's at the hotel. - Which one?

The outfit hotel. They're all there.

You got an address?

We're friends, right?

I mean, we used to be.

But I'm an employee, too, and I don't think the outfit would like me telling you where the hotel was, would they?

No. What do you think I'm gonna do? - How strong are you, Porter?

Personally, I think you are the strongest man I have ever met.

But I wonder if it's enough.

For what?

If I know you, you want this Resnick guy for something he won't like.

Yeah, I'm gonna kill him.

That's something he won't like.

What if something goes wrong, and they grab you and they ask you where you found out about the hotel?

Why are we even talking about this? You know I wouldn't turn you in.

I wouldn't talk about who told me what.

But what if they ask you hard?

I'll tell them it was a cab dispatcher named Stegman.

The Oakwood Arms, Union and 17th.

All this time, you don't even pretend to ask how I've been.

You need any cash or anything?

Get yourself killed, prick. I ought to tell him you're coming.

Hi, Val.

Where's my money?

No, it's not there. I took your gun. It's back here.

You look like a pro.

You keep your mouth shut, and you'll walk out of here.

My 70 grand, I want it.

I don't have it right now.

Where is it?

I gave all $130,000 to the outfit. I gave it all to them.

Well, tell them you gave them money that doesn't belong to you, and get it back.

Now, Porter, I can't do that. I mean, you don't know these...

You're gonna kill me whether I get the money or not.

All right, I'll get it. I'll get it. I'll get the money.

Just give me a few days, all right?

What the fuck are you doing?

Noon. Tomorrow. Say it.

All right.

You know, this may sound crazy, Porter, but no hard feelings, huh?

I did what I had to do. You could appreciate that.

Yeah, I appreciate that, you son of a bitch.

No, no, no. Don't.

Please. Allow me.

Jesus. God.


You bitch!

Let her work.

Me love you, baby.

Me love you long time.

Wait up, hon. Wait.

Tomorrow. Noon.

You and the money, be at the corner of 7th and Franklin at the pay phone.

Okay. Okay.

Where'd you get this?

Some hooker had it on her shelf.

I recognized you. I swiped it in case I could use it.

Did you hurt her?

The hooker, did you hurt her?

What does that have to do with anything?

I've got a few minutes.

So go boil an egg.

Can I help you?

Val Resnick. I got an appointment with Mr. Carter.


Turn around, please.

Listen, sweetie, you don't have to do that.

Turn around.

Thank you.

Very nice. - You like that?

It's down there. - Yes.

This isn't how Mr. Carter likes his visitors.

I know.

It's just I'm in a little bit of trouble right now.

Yes, Mr. Carter thinks so, too.

This way, please.

Philip tells me you have a problem you need help with.

Yes, sir.

Is it your problem who breached our security last night at the Oakwood?

Yes, sir.

Then he breaks into my apartment...

There's three ways that we can handle this.

One, we can help you.

Two, we can allow you to help yourself.

And three, we can have you replaced.

We have an investment in you, Resnick.

So assisting you would be, in a way, protecting our investment.

And that is always good business policy.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir, Mr. Carter. Thank you, sir. You won't regret it.


according to Philip, a man has come to town to kill you?

Yes, sir.

And you say that he's alone and that he's a professional robber.

Is that correct?

Yes, sir. He does payroll jobs, banks, you know, stuff like that.

What's his name? - Porter.

Well, what's his first name?

You know, I don't know it.

He never called himself anything but Porter.

Where did you get the $130,000?

That's why this man has come to town, huh?

The $130,000 that you paid us back?

Yes, sir, but only $70,000 of it was his.

Well, we never asked you where you got the money.

It was none of our business.

But now it appears it has become our business.

Here's his file, Mr. Carter.

Do you understand your value to the organization, Resnick?

You're a sadist. You lack compunction. That comes in handy.

But now you've allowed an area of your personal life to become a danger to us.

A man in our organization needs to be tough and self-reliant.

Were you to handle this problem on your own,

there would be no doubt that you're the kind of man we want.

I want to.

I want to handle it myself, Mr. Carter. - Great.

Until the matter is handled, I want you to move out of the Oakwood Arms.

But I don't have a place...

I don't want any more unpleasantness at the hotel.

Yes, sir.

That's it. Val's in the doghouse, Spider.

I'll fill you in on the way.

He loves me. Let's go.

He doesn't love you, Val.

Sorry. We've been reassigned.

Go ahead.

After last night, I'm safer without you. Look at me. Look at this.

What the fuck good are you, huh?

Get out of here.

Never forget a pussy's face, you remember that.

I'll do it myself.

Do it myself. You want it done right!

You got to do it yourself!

It's the American way!

Yes? - Did your friends make it to town?

Oh, yeah. Last night, baby.

Good. Now, did you tell them it was Porter took that payroll?

I did. And they want retribution.

All right. All right. Here's what we do.

Oh, shit.


Next time, Porter.

Looks like Porter's made some new friends.

Easy, mister. - I'm okay. I don't want to press charges.

Who were they, pal? - I don't know. I don't know.

All right. I don't wanna... Oh, it's you guys.

Our buddy Stegman says you got a line on a load of cash there, Porter.

250 grand, to be exact.


Come on, man. Get off of me. - All right, all right, all right.

What do you take us for, huh? Idiots?

Nobody'd go through all this shit for 70 grand.

We don't like trouble, buddy.

You look like a whole bunch of trouble to us.

We found a dead girl full of heroin.

There were signs of a struggle, and the coroner's not so sure it was an OD.

We got a witness, though.

A guy with only one nostril. Remember him?


Hey, don't worry, Porter. We're gonna give you immunity.

Room to operate, "Get Out of Jail Free" card.

All you got to do is get the money.

Oh, we can't help you, though.

It'd be against the law. - You understand, Porter?

It's my money. - Wrong, Porter.


It's our money, Porter. Me and my partner's money.

You be a good boy, we'll give you a piece.

It will be easy, Porter.

You got it?

Yeah, he's got it. - You understand?

You take it easy, huh? We'll be in touch.

Sure, thanks.


Jesus Christ, Porter, you need to see a doctor.


It's gonna sting. - Just clean it up, all right?

You hold it there. - Yeah, right.

I'll do it.

Tell me something, Porter.

When did you decide to leave? Was it that night we slept together?


It was the next day when I had to drive you to work.

You could have asked me to quit.

You could have asked me to drive you somewhere else.

Hubba, hubba, hubba.


Does it fit? - Oh, yeah.

Like it was made for me.

It'll look great in your casket.

You know what I think?

I think that all those stories about you being dead were true.

You're just too thick-headed to admit it.

Porter. God, I missed you.

I missed you.

Don't talk. Don't. - Oh, no, I...

I can't. I got...

Stuff to do. I got...


Where is he?

Porter. Where is he?

He's in the bedroom.

Is he hurt bad?

The doctor should be here any minute.

No. That's bullshit.

Porter, here I come, pally.



Get in there!

Where is he? - He's gone!

He's gone. He's gone.

Gone, huh?

I know you. You're that whore from the picture.


How do you know him?

He used to drive me.

Yeah? - Yeah.

I'm driving you now, honey.

You know what you are? - Educate me.


An ugly pig who beats up women on account he can't get it up

'cause he's too terrified of his own fucking shadow!

Is that right? - Yep!

Is that right? - Yeah.

Then I guess you must be the lucky girl.

Sweetie, I am gonna fuck you six ways from Sunday.


Forgot my cigarettes.


All right, Val.

This syndicate, or outfit or whatever the hell you call it, it's got a head man, right?

Who is it?

They'll kill me, Porter.

What do you think I'm gonna do to you? Worry about me.


Names. Come on.

Fairfax and Carter.

Fairfax and Carter. They run the whole city.

Fairfax and Carter.

Where do I find them?

Fairfax isn't in town right now.

What about Carter? Where is he? Is he in town?

Porter, it won't do you any good.

They're gonna... Jesus! You...

Frederick Carter Investments. 120 Commerce Avenue.

Hey, thanks. There they are.

All right. All right!

I'll help you out.

You're fucking nuts going up against the outfit for 70 grand, but I'm gonna help you out. - Yeah?

Here. Keep talking.

Thanks. I...

I can get you in there. Place is tighter than a drum.

How many guys in there? - But, well...

It's tighter than hell.

They got only one guy on the outside, though, so I got a way around...

You are crazy. You are a crazy son of a bitch.

That's why I love you. - Yep.

You got a light? - I... What?

You got a light?


Well, then what good are you? - Wait!



Is your name on the lease here?

The outfit. The outfit pays for everything.

I want you to gather everything up that you need, say goodbye to this place.


I told you he'd show up. - Give me my goddamn money, please.

Yeah, give me my money, too.

Give me my goddamn money, please.

Sure that's him? - Yeah, that's him, come on.

Thank you very much. - Thank you.

Yeah, there you go.

What you up to, buddy? - Well, our money's in there if you're still interested.

Well, not in the dough but the boat I'm gonna buy with it.

What's he doing here? - It's a ride-along, Porter.

You see, your piece of the pie just got a little smaller.

But don't worry, I'll leave you some crust.

What are you waiting for, Porter? Go get it. Go get our money.

You guys do me a favor? - We're here to help, buddy.

Well, they're probably gonna frisk me when I go in there, so I wonder if you wouldn't mind holding on to this.


You know, just for a little while.

Sure, Porter.

Hey, nice balance.

Shower bag.

Can I help you?

Yeah, I want to see Mr. Carter. - And who are you?

Tell him I'm the guy that whacked Val Resnick.

I'm sorry, I don't...

Didn't copy. Repeat.


Mr. Carter will see you. Turn around so I can frisk you.

So you popped old Val, huh?

Thanks. Left pocket.

Saving up? - Yeah, every little bit helps.

Follow me.

Bravo. Sit down.

My compliments. They were two of my best.

No, they lull too easy.


There's something you want from me.

Val Resnick gave you $130,000.

Paid us. It was a debt.

Well, $70,000 of it was mine, and I want it back.

I'm sorry. Resnick told me, but I seem to have misplaced your name.

Porter. - Porter. Right.

I won't forget it again.

The outfit is not unreasonable, Porter, but no corporation in the world would agree to what you're asking.

What about Fairfax? Will he give me my money?

Resnick told you quite a bit, didn't he?

Fairfax will tell you the same thing I have.

We're not authorized to do things like this.

Who is? Who makes the decisions? - Well, a committee would make a decision in this case. - No, no. One man.

You go high enough, you always come to one man. Who?

Yeah, Fred Carter. I wanna talk to Bronson.

Yeah, sorry to bother you, but I have a problem.

There's a man in my office with a gun who says he's gonna kill me if the outfit doesn't pay him $130,000...

$70,000. It's 70... Let me talk to him.


He wants to speak to you.

The speaker.

This is Bronson.

How much is this guy Carter worth to you?

Worth? What do you mean?

Well, either I get my money, or I'll kill Carter.

I don't like to be threatened.

I'm not threatening you, I'm threatening Carter.


An audacious man. Who are you?

My money, yes or no?


Carter? Carter?

Carter, what's happening?

Get some people down to Commerce street. Now.


Speak to me. Carter?

You just don't get it, do you, you dumb fuck?

I sure hope you're talking to him and not me.

Carter! Carter!

I just croaked Carter.

I want you to call Fairfax and tell him that.

Smoke them if you got 'em, asshole.

You've got 24 hours left to breathe.

That's one day to get your tiny little world in order.

Do you understand that, sweetheart? Do you?

Porter, Porter, Porter, get my money.

I see him, I see him, I see him. - Come on, come on, come on.

Right here.

I don't see any cash. - They write you a check?

They gave me the run around. I have to go and see another guy.

Last one, then we got a dead woman, an assault, and all kinds of stuff to talk to you about.

That means more paperwork, Porter, and we don't like paperwork.

Damn shame, Porter, but don't let the bastards get you down.

That's right, Porter. Don't give up.

Hey, can I have my piece back? - Oh, yeah.

Nice roscoe, Porter. Heavy enough to be a nutcracker.

We'll be in touch, Rocky.

Keep up the good work.

Rocky? Where did you get Rocky from?

Squirrel on the cartoon. Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Good to have you back in town, Mr. Fairfax.

I wish I could say I was glad to be back.

I was swimming with the dolphins this morning.

Easy, would you?

It's genuine alligator, for God's sake. What's the matter with you?

Sorry, Mr. Fairfax.

Hello, Mr. Fairfax. - How's it going, Charlie?

Well, between us and our neighborhood cops, I'd say we got him pretty well covered, huh?

Walter, wake up.


Wake up!

Keep those bags up, boys.

Who the hell are you? - I'm the reason you're back early.

You're Porter? - That's right.

Keep those bags up above shoulder level, boys.

You drop them and I'll drill you.

Well, what'll you have me do, stand on my head?

No. I want you to do me a favor and call Mrs. Bronson, see what we can do about my money.

Well, she let Carter die.

But that poor buck-toothed bastard is probably better off dead anyway.

She'd probably let me die, too.

No, with Carter she thought I was bluffing.

Try her.

All right.

You two are fired.

Hello? Yes, it's like this.

I'm standing in my living room and there's a man here named Porter who says that he expects you to pay him sooner or later.

Yes, of course.

She wants to talk to you. - Put her on the speaker.

This is Porter.

I should probably have you just shoot Fairfax and then hire you to run the city for me.

Too bad you're just a punk with the right balls-to-brains ratio.

Honey, I wouldn't even get out of bed for 130 grand.

You people aren't listening. It's not 130 grand...

No, you listen. You got no place to go, Porter.

You're finished. Do you get what I'm talking about?


Hey, what the hell are you doing, man? - Fairfax?

Are you okay? - Yes. No, it's all right.

He's just killing my alligator bags and shooting holes in my suit.

Man, that's just mean. - Okay, Porter, I give up.

Where do you wanna pick up your money?

King's Cross Station.

Send one man with a blue backpack full of cash.

I'll be on the platform.

What's the name of the stop? - It's the end of the line.

For you, too, sweetheart.

You just signed your own death warrant for $130,000.

I don't... I don't get that. What is it, the principle or something, huh?

No, I just want my money back.

And it's only 70.

70? What do you mean it's only 70?

Only 70,000?

Hell, my suits are worth more than that.

Listen to this. "Ocean Ray Sundancer.

"Vacuum-flush head. 80,000 bucks."

I'm telling you, you ain't gonna have it.

You wanna bet? - No, I don't wanna bet.

I'm out $150 already.

$150 I'm getting my damn boat. Better come down with something.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hicks, Leary, we're Holland and Vanowen. Internal Affairs.

You boys wanna back off? We're on a stakeout here.

You wanna step out of the car, please? - What for?

I think you better step out of the car, Detectives.

What the hell's going on? - I don't know.

Is this your badge, Detective? The one you reported missing?

Yeah. Where'd you find it? - Where exactly did you lose it?

Does this belong to you?

It's Porter. Follow him. - I got that motherfucker.


Get in, Porter.

Close the door.

Now set the roscoe on the floor.


See, I am gonna turn you in to the outfit for a reward.

And maybe they'll be so impressed that they'll ask me to join, and I'll be on easy street.

Medical, dental.

I'm just... I'm gonna walk you right in.

Porter on the hoof.

Unless you get rambunctious.

Then I'll just have to take care of you myself...

You're not gonna fucking kill me, are you?

Let him go.


Hubba, hubba, hubba.

Hey. Hey. Hey, Porter!


Hey, come on!

Hey, handsome. This is a loading zone.

So move me.

So move.

You Porter?

Over there by your buddy. U-turn.

We're taking a new position. Get in.

Where to? - Relax and you'll survive this.

Keep your hands where I can see them. Take the next left.

You know, I think I fucked you once.

Oh, yeah?

What do you think the odds are on twice?

I'll meet you at the L in 10 minutes. - I'll be there.

I don't think your odds are good.

You got anything to say?

No, thank you.

Then just stay here.

Don't move.

You got any friends here I should know about?

You should try the men's room.



Step back here. Come on.

The guy says you should drink this.

What guy? - Me.

Take it in your right hand.

Sit down.

Where's your piece?

Lunchbox. - Open it.

Close it.

Get on the train.


Here it is.

Open it.

It's all there. 130 grand.

It's 70, you dumb bastards. Open it.

Hey, Phil.

Jesus, how'd he make it?

Come on! Move it!

You think you can make everything okay, don't you?

How strong are you, Porter?

You know, this may sound crazy, Porter, but...

You just don't get it, do you, you dumb...

We'll hit them on Friday.

Someone ought to give me a Ph.D.

What are you gonna do, kill me?

Please. Allow me.

What is it, the principle or something, huh?

You look pretty good for a dead guy.

Come on, baby, we got to get you out of here.

Come with me. Come on, baby, we gotta go.

Come on. Porter? Come on! Come on!


Fuck! God damn it!


Oh, Rosie.

Red. Red.

Come on. - Rosie.

Help me out. - You're okay. Okay.

Backpack. Backpack. - I got it, I got it.

I got to get you to a hospital. - No hospitals.

I know a guy.

Is he a doctor? - No.