Pee Mak (2013) Script


I need help.




Pee Mak Pee Mak Phra Khanong

It's been a long time and

still no one has come to our rescue.

The Enemy has surrounded us and broken through our lines.

Our forces

have taken heavy casualties and thus are dying in droves.

If this keeps up, I think we'll definitely be defeated.

Why the hell are you talking like that?

So old fashioned!

You're in the past, dude!

Private Mark is injured.

Hey Mark!

How bad is it, doc?

You'll be okay.

You've only sprained your leg.

Sprained my leg?

Sprained, and he screams.

I thought it was worse.

Will I make it back home to Phra Khanong?

Nak, my wife probably gave birth already.

Is it the end of the line for us?

Damn it!

Don't give up!

Didn't you hear of The Battle of Bang Rajan?

King Leonidas.


They fought thousands of enemies.

Uh... But in the end everybody died, right?



I haven't finished.

Then think of "Rocky".

Rocky Road?

It's yummy! Where is it?

Where is it?

Not now!

How about the "Last Samurai"?

During his final battle He fought so hard his blade shattered.

He didn't even think of giving up.

We've still got our swords.

We've still got our bodies in one piece.


My apologies.

Just swords then...

So why can't we fight?


Kill them!

Kill them!


I forgot they had guns.


Are you okay, Mark?

Hey Shin, since we're all going to die anyway.

Can I ask you something?

What's with the hair?

When I was little there was a bubonic plague outbreak.

I almost died.

So my mother swore to god if I survived I would keep this hairdo for the rest of my life.

I'd rather die than live with this ugly topknot hairdo.

It looks like a dog's ankle.

What about yours?

I'm a trend setter.

Stop shooting at us! Assholes!

Mark, do you have any last words?

No I don't.

No matter what I'll make it back to see my wife and baby.

I'm not allowing myself to die here for sure.

Nor will any of you.

Pee Mak...

Pee Mak...

Pee Mak...

Why did you come out? Get inside! Hurry up!

Pee Mak...

Pee Mak...

Pee Mak...

Pee Mak...

Too many people playing. I won't let you in.

Why not.

No cash, no play.

Get on with it.

Are you going to shuffle until dawn?

Why don't you go put on a card show.

Is your dad David Blaine?

Hurry up. Come on.

Hey! What's this?

A natural 9.

Shit! I got 0.

What? I got 1, pay up.

What's wrong?

My wound hurts.

I can't believe that you've survived.

Man, you must be invincible.

I'm grateful to all of you for bringing me back here.

We're the one who should be grateful.

Without you Mark, we'd be dead already.

Actually you should pronounce my name as...




Forget it. Just call me "Mak" then.

The only person who called me "Mark" is my daddy.

But he's back in the USA with the missionaries.

Everyone in my village calls me Mak.

You make my head spin!

Hey guys, we made it to Phra Khanong.

We're here?


Where is everybody?

Thank you, Manoon.

You're welcome.



Nak, honey...

I'm back.


Is Nak taking a shit?

Hey Nak... Where were you?

I was really worried.

I thought I'd never see you again.

Don't cry baby.

You won't look handsome.

You know... when I was at war, I missed you so much.

I missed you a lot.

I missed so much!

I missed you more than anyone in the world.

Man... Mak is pussy whipped!

Baby, did you miss me at all?


Why not?

Don't you love me anymore?

Are you crazy?

Of course I missed you.

You're mean.

Don't joke like that.

So cheesy.

Nak, what about our baby?

He's playing over there.

Where? Let daddy see.

Wow he is handsome just like his daddy.

You know I gave him your favourite name.

Really, Nak?


Dang, my boy.

What's so cool about the name Dang?

Go figure.

My servant has a cooler name.

Hey you guys.

This is my wife, Nak.

Hello there.

Nak, these are my friends.

This is Aey.

Ter, Puak and that's Shin.

And what are you guys going to do now?

I guess tonight will be hard to find a boat.

We'll stay here for a night.

Why just one night?

You can stay here until the war is over.

The house opposite us has been empty since my Aunty passed away.

There's a boat for you to use too.


His Aunty won't haunt us?

She'll haunt you till your hair falls out.

We'll stay here for a night. Don't want to be a bother.


They're welcoming us and you just turn them down?

You have no manners, Aey.


Mak's wife is so damn beautiful.

Hey... careful, that's our friend's wife.

You know I'm a bad soldier.

How come?

When I was at war, I never thought about Siam.

I never thought about my country.

I only thought about you.

This soldier should be executed by a firing squad.


You should be.

You know, I waited for you at the pier every day.

I'm here now.

I promise that I won't go anywhere anymore.



Does our house have fireflies too?

Wow so beautiful.

That's a Krasue ghost.



Why are you joking with me like that?

You know I'm really scared of ghosts.

What are you looking for?

I'll wear my Buddha amulet.

The doctor took it off when they bandaged me up.


There's a lot of blood on it. Just put it away for now and I'll clean it later.


My wife is the nicest person in Siam.

And you smell great too.

At this temple...

There are seven toddy palm trees.

The Hill Myna is out,

but hasn't returned.




Hey guys look. They aren't scared of people.

Lovely, eh?

Yeah. So lovely.

Lovely? My ass! Damn.

Do you have to be animal lover so early! Can't you see we're still sleeping?

How can anybody sleep with your chirping?

And this damn bird eating.

Go eat somewhere else.

Go away. Fly out of my house.

Hey wake up you guys.

You're here early.

Any later and the market will close.

What's on the boat?

The bodies of soldier who died at war.

The cemetery is full.

So we have to return the bodies to their families for burial.


Keep rowing.


Snake head fish. Fresh! Big and small. We've got them.


Today the market's very crowded.



We got desserts and cookies too.

Aunty Nim.

May I have 2 cookies and 2 of those snacks?

Mak. Yes?

We're all out.

Damn it. We won't get to eat any.

Uncle Aum. Uncle Aum.

Mak... I want to buy some fish for Nak.

I'm not selling any!

Today is a Buddhist holy day. I'm releasing them.

Sathu. Go go go.

Don't get in the way.

Do you think he did that right?

What got into him?

Liquor store.

Aunty Priek... Aunty Priek.

Wake up! There's customers here!

Aunty Priek.

Don't you remember me?

Have you got any work for me?


Fucking nothing.

How many staff do you think we need for a small liquor store?

You think I need salesmen? Mixers? Waiters?


Bartenders? Dishwashers? Bus boys?

I've got them all already.

Please drink up.

She's even got an escort.

Very good.

You look familiar.

I'm Mak.

I just got back from the war.

If I didn't meet Nak first, I'd probably hit on you.

You're looking good.

As pretty as your ghost!

You really don't know Mak?

If you want to know, bend down and look between your legs. You'll see that Nak and your kid are...


Shut up! Ping.

You're drunk. Go rest. I'm not drunk.

Why won't you let me go? Go. Get up. I'm not drunk.

I'm sorry. When she's drunk she talks nonsense.

Get inside. Nak! Nak!

Nak! Let her come. I'm not scared!

Nak... Let her come.

What's wrong with her?

Don't you think everyone's acting weird?

Yeah. What did Aunty Priek mean anyway?

Why do you have to look between your legs?

Yoga exercise?

My mom once told me, if you look between your legs you can tell if there's ghosts.

You mean...

Nak's a ghost?

That's crazy.

She's too hot to be a ghost.

Yeah, as beautiful as that, even if she's a ghost I'd still have her.

Why did she talk to Mak like that?

Because she was wasted.

So everything she says is nonsense.

Where the hell is Mak?

How come he isn't here drinking with us?

You asshole, Aey, you've spilt all the booze.

You go get Mak to come here.

Hurry up.

Why me? I'm scared.

Because you drank the least.

It's been over an hour and you didn't even finish one glass.

Right... We're all drunk, so you go.

Fucking shit.

Get going...



Nak is Mak here?

Hey Shin.


Is Mak here?

He's sleeping.

I'll wake him for you.

Please come in first.

Where's Dang?

Nak, are you okay?

You ran out of coconut husks?

Shin! What the hell is wrong with you?

Puak. Slap me... please!


That was hard.

You told me to.

Where the hell is Mak?

How come he isn't here drinking with us?

Aey, you asshole, You've spilt the booze.

Shit. Deja vu.

What do you mean deja vu?

You go get Mak over here. Hurry up!

No. Why me?

What are you scared of?

If Nak is really a ghost, then kiss her like this.

There's no such thing as ghosts.

You wanna bet?

You won't get me this time.

The war drums sound like rolling thunder as we set out to protect our homeland.

Our thirst for battle is greater even if there's no elephants to ride.

Dusk fills my emptiness with thoughts of love for my beautiful dearest.

Roused to the point of release I raise my white flag in sweet surrender.

I get a rag out to polish the sword. Yay!

What's with you, Shin?

Where's Mak?

Nak's a ghost!

Nak's really a ghost!

What are you babbling about?

If you're drunk. Go vomit somewhere else.

Really I went up to Mak's house.

His house looks rundown and abandoned.

Maybe Nak's feeling lazy.

But the crib was swinging by itself.

Maybe there's a strong breeze.

You're imagining things.

I wasn't!

I saw Nak upstairs but she could reach the ground to grab a lime.

Maybe one of her arms is longer than the other?

Don't you know our arms aren't exactly the same length?

Look at mine. See? They're not the same.

Or maybe Nak is just using a stick to pick it up.

You're drunk and your imagination got the best of you.

Hey! Do you remember our marching song?

Let's dance. Ready.

The war drums sound like rolling thunder as we set out to protect our homeland.

Our thirst for battle is greater even if there's no elephants to ride.

Dusk fills my emptiness with thoughts of love for my beautiful dearest.


Can't we sleep a bit longer?

Come on. Help me.

I don't know what's going with the villagers.

Only you guys have been kind to me.

Hey, Shin.

Aren't you done freaking out?

What's wrong with you?

Ter, get up and help us.

Yeah Ter... go get the axe and help Puak.

Ask Mak where the axe is.

What now?

I went up to Mak's house.

His house looks rundown and abandoned.

My mom once told me, if you look between your legs, you can see if their's any ghosts.

Uh... I'm looking for the axe. Do you know where it is?


I looked between my legs. I didn't see a thing.

So stop freaking out.



How's that possible?



Damn, I'm not even finished shitting.

Shit! I saw a body behind the house!

Hey Ter. What happened to your face?

I saw a body behind the house!


There's a body behind the house!

What the fuck is he mumbling about?

Thank you.

Oh my...

Nak is a ghost!

What are you talking about?

Nak is A... What's going on?

What's wrong with your face Ter?


Hey did you get stung by bees?

My mom told me to use herbs to heal it.

Nak, can you make some?

Let me see.

Thank you.

Mind your step.

Nak's a ghost!

I saw a body behind the house.

She really is a ghost!

Ter, stop talking crap.

What are you saying?

Pumpee Pocpoo. I can't understand.

Nak's a ghost.

Hey you guys!

It's raining! Just go inside!


What happened to your face?

What paper is that?

Bee sting.

Let's see it.

See what?

The paper.

What paper? I don't have any.


Bee sting.

Let me see the paper.

Bee sting.

Let me see it now.



He said "It's about to rain. His clothes drying outside."

He'll go home now.

Puak how did you make sense of that?

I don't know.

Let's go get those damn clothes.

I almost flirted with a ghost.

What are you doing?

Packing my stuff and leaving. We can't stay here.

Are you sure, Ter?

Of course. I saw it with my own eyes.

The ruby ring is exactly like Nak's.

Is the ruby big?

Jerk. That's not the point.

When you looked between her legs why you didn't see anything, Ter?

I don't know.

I looked there but I didn't see a thing, except her hot pot.


I mean the pot in the kitchen.

Oh... You idiot!

You're supposed to look between your legs!

Oh really?

Why didn't you say so.


Do you think Mak can read?

Of course.

He looked really shocked.

Look, he went inside.

I know everything already.

Why didn't you tell me?

Did you think I'd be disgusted?

Who told you?

Whoever told me isn't important.

We promised each other there wouldn't be any secrets between us.

I didn't know how to tell you.

Are you listening to yourself?

What if you couldn't take it?

Why wouldn't I take it?

I used to be like that too.

If he knows the truth, why does he look so in love?

I know.

Shit... I know why.

He says Nak is "gross" not a ghost!

If she is gross then so what?

But if you are really gross that's disgusting.

You've never had an under arm zit?

I had one last year and it was gross.

Shit, we're wasting time.

Let's pack up and get out of here. Hurry up!

Hey why are you taking so long Ter?


I can't abandon him.

What's wrong with you now?

Leave Mak with a ghost?

I'm not going. No way.

You saw Nak with her long arm.

So you go tell Mak.

How can someone that beautiful be a ghost?

Anyone here?

Anyone home?

Hey Ping.

Why are you crying?

Can anyone help me slaughter my cow?

I'm sorry too.

You must really love your cow.

When you're hungry you can eat anything. Don't think too much.

I once ate my dog. It's not like that.

The cow is for a funeral offering.

Whose funeral?

My mom.

Aunty Priek is dead?

That day at the market.

When she told Mak about Nak.

Nak was very angry and killed her.

Her body was found floating this morning.

Shin and Ter?

Damn it.




What's up?

Mak, I have something to tell you. Do you know that your know you wife is...

your wife is beautiful!

What's up with you?

Oh yes, I wanted to say that your wife is very good looking, like Miss Universe.

I just couldn't wait to tell you.

Wow you guys are so sweet.

You didn't have to make it into a big deal.

Oh no. We had to tell you now.

Next time, there's no need to rush.

My wife will still be pretty tomorrow.

See you.

Pee Mak.

Why don't you invite your friends to eat here?

Make yourself at home. No need to be too formal.

Go on.

Everything is delicious.


I saw your mouth watering.

So eat up.

We're full already.


Yeah. There was a buffet at the market.

Come on.

Nak will be sad.

She worked so hard in the kitchen.

That's okay. Next time.

Okay... up to you.

I'll eat myself. You guys are missing out.

I shouldn't have eaten so much.

On second thought we should have a bite.

Wow! This dish looks good.

I'll try a bit.

Here you go.

Very nice... delicious.

I told you.

You must try this one.

Huh? Try this.

Try it.

Puak eat it.

Just try it.

Eat up.

Yeah... just taste it.


Where did you learn to cook, Nak?

Le Cordon Bleu?

Shin why don't you eat anything?

Yeah Shin. This one is yours.

That is Nak's signature dish.

Go for it Shin.

Yeah... a big bite.

How was it?

Damn good!

My Nak is the best cook.

Hey, anyone wants to hold Dang?


My Dang. My son.

Peekaboo! What's up baby?

Want to play with Uncle Shin?

Oh yeah Shin. You love kids.

Let's play with Uncle Shin.

Here we go.

My boy.

Oh Shin. Dang really likes you.

Kiss me Uncle Shin.

Kiss me Uncle Shin.

Kiss me Uncle Shin.

See he keeps smiling now.

Come to daddy.

Come here.

Let's go!

Go? Go home!

What are you doing?


I know you guys feel like playing charades?

Like we did at war right?

Okay, I like that idea.

Nak, please join us.

Let's play charades.

Charades. Okay?

Hurry up Shin.

Just watch me.





Throw away?







Oh... a cook?

A beautiful cook?

Damn what the hell?

Nak's kitchen?

Mak's kitchen.


Mak and Nak's kitchen?


Will he guess right in this life time?





I told you so!

What's with the spear?



Armpit hair?


Sweaty armpit?

Smelly armpit?


Bumpy armpits!


Not that either!


I wonder what Mak's IQ really is?

What is it? A bed?

A bed, right?

Bamboo bed?


"A spear near the bed" (Danger nearby)

That's right!


Who the hell came up with that phrase?

You dad must be Shakespeare. That one was hard.

A bird? Fly?


Shirt? Correct!



Dog tongue fish?

Dog tongue fish wears a shirt?

What the hell is it?

Ter, what is it?

Oh Nak? No.






Oh, I know.

"Dead-shirt" (Desert)


So easy, Ter.

This is a shirt and she is dead.

Dead-shirt, pronounce as "Desert".

No. That can't be right.

Shin's answer is wrong, right?

Yeah... Shin is wrong.

How can it be wrong?

This is a shirt and she's dead! So it's "dead-shirt" (Desert)

Yay... Something's wrong with your brain!

What is going on?

So what's the answer?

Let me see the paper.

What are you doing Ter?

I'm still very hungry.

Oh I just realized I was cooking rice at home. I'd better go check.

Yeah I was about to remind him too.

So let's go before it burns.

Hurry up!

How about the shirt? Forget about it.

Why don't you tell me the answer first?

I've given the right answer.

Right my ass. That was only close.

Hold on!

Shin hurry up.

Shin come on.

Wait up.

Holy shit.

Shin hurry up.

Hey wait up!

Ter hurry. Ter!

She's right behind you!

Come on Ter. Hurry up!

Ter untie the boat. Let's go!

Paddle hard.

Why the hell are we turning?

Shit! We're back here again!

Go that way!

Why are you turning again?

Where are you guys going in such a hurry?

Don't you want to finish the game?

I didn't get a chance to play yet.

So what phrase would you act out?

MYOB Puak, what does it mean?

It means "Mind your own business!"

Did you even have to ask?

Just go!

Damn it. I think Nak is onto us for sure.

She won't let us live.


You go check.

You guys get out of my house right now.

What's wrong with you Mak?

You guys are no different than the villagers, who think that my wife is a ghost.

You have to listen to us.

Your wife really died already.

Everybody knows it.

My wife isn't dead.

Ping lied to all the villagers.

They said when I was at war.

Ping tried to seduce Nak.

When I didn't show any interest, he bad-mouthed me by telling all kinds of lies.

Everyone believed him.

Now everybody hates Mak too.

I get the picture, but you didn't have to change your voice.

So that's it.

So Ping fooled all of you too.

You're the one who's being fooled.

Watch your mouth!

Stop being an idiot.

You have to believe us.

We are telling you this because you're our friend.

I don't need any friends like you!



I think... we'll really need to do something drastic.

I kicked them all out already.

What did your friends say?

I don't care what they say.

They can't talk about you like that.

If you're really a ghost then I should be able to see through you.

Let me try.

Hey... I can see past you.



Super cool.


What did you do to get this dirty?

Let's see what my darling prepared for me to eat.

Mmm... your cooking is as good as ever.

Nak... you're too beautiful like this to be a ghost. Right?

Wait up!

A Ghost!

Why don't you try to scare me?

Common stick your tongue out.

Scare me.

You're no fun. Boo!

Damn fatso... don't make me smack your head.

Are you really going to wear that mask?

Why not?

It's kind of funny.


I begin to get sad, looking across the sky.

It's nearly dawn, the light is faint.

I know our time is coming to an end.

My heart is breaking but I don't know what else to do.

I want to cry... and beg time to go by slowly... I need more time.

To look at each other. I wish I could freeze this moment forever before we have to part.

If Dang wakes up and no one's home won't he cry?

Don't worry.

Dang doesn't wake up in the middle of the night.

Look over there!

10 cents per ball.

If you can knock them all down, you'll win a doll.

Baby, watch this.

I'm just warming up.

This next one for sure.


This is the one.

Go! Yay... I hit it.


Baby, look... fireworks.


See Nak, I told you. I can aim good. I'll get you a doll.

Told you. Even as a kid I could always aim good.

Oh... so many people.

We'll have to skip the ride.

Let's go play something else.

Look, there's no cue.

Hey! You're right.


Do you love me?

What kind of question is that?


Don't you love me anymore?

I love you.

Too much?


Love me too much?

Hey baby, look!

There's a haunted house too.

We can go after this.

Aren't you scared of ghosts?

Who's scared?


Come on out. Ghosts? There's nothing to be scared of.


If one day I die can you live without me?

Why are you asking me this?

Just tell me. I want to know.


If anyone's going to die then I want to die first.

If I don't have you. I can't go on.

But if I die first, you'd be able to find a new husband easily with that big ass of yours!

Haunted house.

Please keep the doll for me. Okay.

Let's go, baby.

What kind of a ghost goes in a haunted house.

So who will be scaring who?

I brought some powerful magic.

Like what?

Holy rice. I got it from a monk.

Very sacred. Very good.

By the way, where is Aey?

Where is he?


Where have you been, Aey?

I had diarrhea.

You were gone a long time.

Baby, don't be scared.

Play with me. Play with me.


I think I screamed too loud. So I scared him away.

Sorry Mak, this is for your own good.

Play with me. Shin you're the look out.

Hurry up Ter. Puak hold his legs.

It's stuck.


She's onto us.

What are we going to do? The door is stuck.


Too late. She's coming.

What now?

I have no idea.


Why are you jumping?

That damn boy did. He was so energetic.

Play with me.

Play with me. Play with me.

Play with me.

Play with me. Play with me.

Play with me. Play with me.

You don't have to.

It's up to you.

You think Nak was fooled?

Too many props.

What the hell?


You guys aren't customers!

Or did you get off work already?

Why doesn't anybody tell me?

Damn it. Letting me hang upside down that long might give me a stroke and kill me.

Okay, let's go home.


Hey! You over there. Time to go home.

The one who dressed up like Nak's ghost.

Wow so trendy.

Are you new here?

Let's go home.

Ter, where's the holy rice? The rice. Hurry up!

Come on.

What the hell are you screaming for?

It's just a fake hand.

Screaming like that freaks me out. Look.

Hey untie him. Come on.

What's going on?

Nak is really a ghost!

Not again. It's all in your heads.

Just like this hand.

Mak come here.

What is it now?

Shit, you scared me.

Holy shit.

A lizard!

I thought you saw... Her!

There are others around here?

You guys won't let this go.

We're telling the truth.

If you don't believe us then try looking between her legs.

I did and saw nothing.

Maybe you didn't do it right.

You have to look down between your own legs not between Nak's legs!

Of course.

Who would be that stupid!

My wife isn't dead yet.

Hey Mak... wait up!

Mak where are you going?

How come he looked and didn't see anything?


Mak! Where are you?



Is this Mak's blood?


Help me.

Mak, is that you?

Are you okay?

Help me.

I'm hurt.

Help me.


Help me.

Help me.


What's wrong?

I'm in pain!


Shit! His wound's bleeding.

You've had this wound for so long how come it's not healed yet?

Do you have something to pressure it?

Shin, something isn't right here?

Yeah, I know.

It's way to past the rainy season, right?

You idiot. Not about that!

About Mak looking down between his legs and not seeing anything.

So it means...

Nak is still alive.

But the body I saw in the backyard, has the same ring as Nak's.

Shit, come to think of it, The ring I saw is on the ring finger of her left hand.

So what?

It's a wedding ring.

So that means that Mak should be wearing one too!


Ter, what are you doing?

Damn Ter! What the hell are you doing? You're hurting him!

Ter. Mak's wound is still raw.

Damn Mak, you scared me.

I thought you had your ring on.

My wedding ring?

Well my hand hurts so I wear it around my neck instead.

The bodies of soldiers who died at war.

The cemetery is full now.

So we must return the bodies to their family to bury.

You've had this wound for so long how come it's not healed yet?

No matter what I will make it back to see my wife and baby.

Run! What?

It's him. Run!

Ter, what the hell?

What the hell?

Wait for me.

Shit! The body I saw was Mak.

I've been living with a ghost all this time?

So Nak really has been bad-mouthed then.

What about when I saw Nak's arm stretch all the way to the ground?

Or... maybe Nak used a long stick to get the lime.

Yeah, it must be that spear then.

Damn it.

Are you sure that Nak's alive?

Then we have to take her with us.

You really want to risk that?

How could we leave her like that?

A woman all alone and so vulnerable.

I don't care. No matter what...

Nak and I will run away together.


I mean run away with us.

Always thinking with your brain in your pants. I can't do that man.


But Puak does have a point.

If one day.

Nak is haunted to death.

We're all partially to blame

for not lifting a finger to help.

The living cannot live with the dead!

Hurry up.




It's been a while, how are you?

I'm so sick of those villagers.


How could they believe Ping.

I tried to talk to them but they wouldn't listen.

I just busted more than a few lips on your behalf.

Please accept our apology.

Now we have no doubts about you being alive.

That's okay.

Shin. What are you scared of now?

Come here.

Here... Touch her. Trust me.

Come on.

You can actually touch her.

What ghost has skin that smooth?

What about those dried leaves?

Damn you.

She's health conscious. How do you think she has such a nice figure?

Everyone eats organic foods now.

This is why she looks like a model.

But there were worms too.

Come on...

Organic means no insecticides so there's worms.

That's how you tell it's safe to eat.

You never studied about Hygiene in school?

Where's Pee Mak?


Well, the front line has made its way here.

It's very dangerous.

Mak told us to take you with us.

That's right.

How come Pee Mak didn't come with you?

The way here is very difficult.

So he's gathering rations and waiting at the waterfront.

Yes, yes...

So let me get Dang for you.

Let's get into the boat.

Come on Nak.

Not too far now. Mak should be around here.

Puak the boat is sinking!

Holy shit. Too much weight.

What should we do?

Just toss what we don't need.

Come on! Toss it Shin!

Hey! Sit still!

What now? It's starting to sink.

What else can we toss?

Is Dang necessary?

Yes. Of course.

The paddles. Give me the paddles.


Hand me the paddles now! Here! Give them to me!

Is that better?

The boat isn't sinking anymore!

This story is ending well.

But how do we paddle now, stupid!

Why did you them them away?

They're so far now.

Should we swim to the other side?

I can't swim.

Shit. It's Mak!

Pee Mak.

Where are you going?

Mak. Leave us alone.

You're dead. Just let us go.

What are you talking about?

Mak died during the war, but he doesn't know yet.

Yeah. Just forget about him, Nak. You can find a new boyfriend now.

Am I wrong?

What the hell is wrong with all of you?

Where are you taking my wife?

Pee Mak. Let's go.

Hurry up.

Come on.

Pee Mak!

Pee Mak!

Pee Mak!

Pee Mak! Pee Mak!

Pee Mak!

Pee Mak!

Pee Mak!

Shit! Where is he?

I don't know.

Help me! Help me!

Pee Mak!

Hey! Can a ghost drown?

Don't let him fool you.

Pee Mak!

Help me! I've got a muscle cramp! Pee Mak!

Why don't you help him?

Help me!

Ghosts can have cramps?

Please help him.

He must have taken an acting lesson.

Help me.

He's not dead. Help him!

Give me your hand, Mak!

Pee Mak!

Calm down. Are you alright?

What the fuck! Why did you run away from me?

We thought you're a ghost.

Why did you scream when we threw the holy rice at you?

Because it struck my wound.

If it were you, you would scream too!

Shit! We've got the same problem again.

The boat's sinking.

Dang is still necessary, right?

Sure he is.

Keep paddling.

Come on. Faster.

Come on!

Paddle. The boat's taking on water.

Hurry up!


Wait for what?

The boat is sinking.

At first I thought Nak was a ghost and Mak was human.

But it turned out Nak's alive and Mak's a ghost.

And in the end Mak isn't a ghost after all, just human.

So now who is the ghost and who is human?

Ter what are you grumbling about? Yeah...

I was confused since the beginning of the sentence.

Their names are so similar. Mak Mak, Nak Mak.


If Nak is still alive.

And Mak is still alive.

So whose body is it in the backyard?


Why do you have the ring?

Aey is a ghost!

Why is it when we realize something there's always flashes of lightning?

Damn it. Who cares!

Ter, kick him overboard.

Hey come on. Let's go.

The boat's taking on water. Let's go.

Let's go.

Aey, I'm sorry. It wasn't me who kicked you. It was Ter.

Shake him off.

Let's go! Come on!

Paddle harder. We're not moving.

Faster. Damn it!

Paddling with our hands to escape is useless.

Here you go.

Thanks. Give it to me, I will paddle.

Give me the paddle. I'll do it.

Give it your best Ter! Row.

Ter, why did you stop?

Ter, why don't you keep rowing?

Ter, keep rowing. Hey hurry.

Aey will catch up to us.

What is it now?

Ter don't stand up. The boat will flip over.

What the hell?

Why are you standing, Ter?

Mak, move.


Shin, move.

Me too? Yeah you move aside.

Which way? Right.


Only Puak? Shin you move left.

Left. My left or your left.

Just pick one!

Which side? Any left side.

What left side? - The left hand you use to wipe your ass!

Which way? My wound hurts.

Mak did you move back for what!

Move. Move where?

Move right. Okay.

Shin, move to the left. Left.

Which way? Move whatever way.

Which side. Which side?


Put your head down.

Get you head down to your feet! Hurry! Down farther.

I'm sore now!

The drums of war sound like thunder as we set out to protect our homeland.

Why are you singing now?

We're playing good.

And why am I dancing along?

Roused to the point of release, I raise my white flag in sweet surrender.

I get a rag out and polish the sword!

Nak is the ghost!

Let's go!

Mak, jump! Mak, come on!

Mak run!

Me too.

Mak! Come on! Let's go!

Let's go!

Ter, hurry up!

Give me your hand. Ter! Hurry up!

Mak hurry up!

Mak hurry up!

Shin, jump now!

Shin, jump now!


Shin now! Just jump!

Shin, jump!

I told you I can't swim.

Just jump now!

Shin jump!

Now hurry up.

Help me. Come on.

Didn't you say you can't swim?

Your stroke is like Michael Phelps!


Mak, get out of here!

I'm not going.

You're crazy! Sorry!

Why did you do that? It hurts!

How come you didn't pass out?

In movies I've seen they do that and they always pass out!

What the hell is wrong with you!


Is he dead? I don't know.

Just drag him away! Run! Hurry up!

What should we do now, father?

Remember, no matter what happens.

Don't step outside the enchanted thread.

People aren't donating very much nowadays.

We've been waiting for months to get it fixed.


I almost shit my pants!

Now I did!

Father, what's next?

Don't worry. I’ll handle this.


Mak, don't!

Listen to me, baby.

Don't listen to her!

You're a ghost!

Stop the sweet talk!

Father, please do what you have to.


Please give me the holy water.

Don't hurt my wife.

Don't. Don't hurt my wife. Let me go!


Do it father! Pee Mak!

Please help me!

Let me go!

Fucking Ter!

You spilled all of it.

It's okay.

Shin, please give me the holy rice.

Let me go!



Shin! Nak!

Chir... chirp... chirp.

Hey look! So tame. Eating from my palm.

Why not try eating with your feet then!

This isn't the time to get an animal lover on us. - That's okay.

As long as we stay inside this holy thread, we'll be safe!


What the hell! Whose hand is it?

Shit! Which way to go?

Is that you Shin?

What's up with this?

It's time for me to go.

The monk already made it over the wall.

Turn the other way. I'm getting cramps.

Hurry. Nak.

Pee Mak!


Pee Mak!


Pee Mak!


Pee Mak!

That's enough!

This isn't a name calling game.

Let's go that way.


Aey, please let us go! We used to be friends.

You know I didn't do anything to you.

Ter! You're the one who kicked him off the boat. I told you not to!

I'm not a ghost.

I don't believe you. Don't come any closer.

Don't push!


What should we do now, Ter?

Puak, you are still wet right?

Of course. Why?

Shin! Mak!

I'll count to 3 and push Puak towards Aey.

1. Can we talk about it first?

2. Shit!


I hate all of you.

Everyone jump him. Jump for what!

See? If you're human why'd you scream when the holy water touched you?

I screamed because you guys are on top of me and it hurts!


Get up! Get up!

Get up!

So why does the holy water not hurt you like Nak?

I told you I'm not a ghost.

How come you've got the ring?


I needed some money.

I saw it with my own eyes. The ruby ring is exactly like Nak's.

Is the Ruby big?

Where's Aey?

Where have you been, Aey?

I had diarrhea.

I'm sorry, I needed the money to gamble.

I had you all wrong. I'm sorry.

I thought you were a ghost.

But really... betting... and you watching too many movies and always making presumptions.

Aren't you guys forgetting something?


That Nak is still standing here?


Mak! Let's go! Run!

It's stuck!

This one's stuck too!


Please just let us go!

You're a ghost, so stay in your own world.

You can't be with the living.

It's unnatural. It's sacrilegious.

It won't work out. It's not okay.

Don't you understand?

Don't mess with me!

What happened?

Nak disappeared!

It's stuck too!

What are we going to do?

If I make it out of this. I'll donate lots of money... to fix this damned roof!

Puak, it's not the roof.

Mak, run!


Please don't hurt us! I'm really scared.

Even in your normal form I'm already scared shitless.

Now with your head upside down like Spiderman.

Why do you keep getting between Pee Mak and me?

What have I ever done to you?

Because you are an evil ghost!

Why did you kill Aunty Priek?

I didn't kill her.

She was drunk, fell in the water and drowned.

I don't believe it!

You're a beautiful big fat liar!

I told you. I didn't kill her.

Let's go!

I just wanted to be with the person I love.

Why do you guys have to be in the way?

That isn't called love! It's called selfishness!

Right! Mak can't go anywhere anymore.

The villagers are all scared of him.

I'm scared too.

Why don't you go where you're supposed to go?

Just like Mak's Aunty! She didn't come back!

Neither did Aunty Priek!

They've probably been reincarnated and got married already!

You died already! How can you be with Mak?

If I can't be with Mak in this world, then Pee Mak must go with me.

What the hell are you standing there for?


Are you that scared of me?

I'm sorry.

If I ever hurt you,

I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

Don't cry baby.

You won't look handsome.

I'm sorry...

for lying to you all this time.

I just wanted to be with you as long as I could.

Even if it's just for one more day.

Do you still remember what we spoke about on the ferris wheel?

I'm sorry...

you can't get to die before me.

Please promise me.

When I'm gone.

You'll have to carry on.

Nak... you don't have to go anywhere.

You said you lied to me.

You didn't lie to me at all.

Even though I'm a fool,

I'm not so stupid that I wouldn't know that my wife was dead.

I'll go send off your friends.




Where did you go to get this dirty?

Let's see what my darling prepared for me to eat.

Your cooking's as good as always.

Nak you're so pretty, how could you be a ghost?


I realized it since we were playing charades.

Even if all the villagers avoid me and nobody wanted to be my friend.

And even if I have to eat dried leaves everyday.

I would still want to be with you.

Thank you,

but it's impossible.

Why not?

We can't just pretend that nothing's changed.

All this time we did fine together, but I'm dead.

The living and the dead can't stay together. It's not natural.

If that's so, then my love for you is just a freak of nature.

When I was at war.

Do you have any last words?

I should've died that day.

No one thought I'd make it,

but I found my way back to you.





Pee Mak.

Even you died already,

but were still able to come back for me.

You also used your powers to help me hit those cans.

So we could bring a doll back for Dang.

How is it wrong that we can love each other this much?

Aren't you scared of me?

You know I'm scared of ghosts,

but I'm scared more of living without you.

Just one thing though, don't ever hang upside down like that again.

I almost had a heart attack.


I'm really moved.

I promise you, no matter what happens, we'll be friends forever!


If you die and become ghosts, I won't be afraid.

But I remember you kicked me off the boat.

Come on, we all love each other.

Nak... Nak, do you love me?

I love you.

Do you love me a lot?

Nak loves Pee Mak lots and lots.

I love you Nak.

Too much.



I wish I could freeze this moment forever before we must part.

Baby. I love you.

Give me your hand to hold and to keep in my heart warm.

Let me look in your eyes, so I'll never be lonely.

This shelter shouldn't leak anymore.

Ask us for help anytime!

Come on, dear!

Mind your hands.




You? She?

It's head for sure!

Is that right?

It's got a head!

Melon head.

Exploded head.

Potato head.

What kind of head?

No head!


Headless! Mak is correct!


I got it right! The first time ever in my life.


Aren't you happy for me?

The haunted house is even spookier!

Come on, let's play!

How do they do it? It's so realistic!



Come on!

I'll show you myself!

You throw like a blind man. You'll never hit anything!

This time, don't help me, okay?

Brothers and sisters!

Mak has gone too far!


We can't have this unnatural thing going on any longer!

Yes! We won't!


We'll get rid of them tonight!

Who's coming with me?


I'm coming too!


Hurry Uncle or you'll be late!