Pele: Birth of a Legend (2016) Script

[projector clicking]

[crowd cheering]

- Welcome back to the 1958 World Cup

the greatest sporting event on Earth.

We are live in Gothenburg, only moments away from

the start of the final match of Group 4

Brazil versus the Soviet Union.

- It's so much more than just a game for Brazil.

And with all their losses in the last decade

the country's spirit has been just crushed.

We've even seen some Brazilian fans committing suicide

by jumping from the upper tiers of the stadium.

- But let's be honest, the Soviets are the reigning

Olympic champions and Brazil, I mean

Brazil should be counting their blessings

they even qualified for the World Cup.

- Brazilians are about to enter a stadium

filled with Europeans all rooting against them.

They don't stand a chance.

They're young, they're unorthodox

they got no discipline, and they're mixed race to boot.

- It's just sad really and now with all their player injuries

they are forced to play a 17-year-old reserve.

You almost have to feel sorry for Brazil.

- Lack of confidence has been a real problem for the Brazilians

and starting a 17-year-old is hardly the answer.

In fact, reports from the locker room say

the teenager was sick to his stomach

upon learning he would be starting.

Not exactly the confidence boost Brazil was hoping for.

- The 1958 World Cup in Sweden.

It's Brazil versus the Soviet Union, the World Cup debut for 17-year-old Edson Nascimento

the youngest player to ever play in the tournament.

And Ullevi Stadium is absolutely booming

50,000 screaming fans.

Millions more tuning in from around the world.

In only a few moments, it will be up to this youngster

and his South American brothers to keep

their nation's hopes and dreams alive.

- Today, July 16th, 1950 perhaps the most important day in our lifetimes for only in a few hours' time, 11 of Brazil's

graceful warriors will play right here in Rio de Janeiro

at the newly-built Maracana Stadium.

Brazil is tied to win and the whole city has been

shut down to prepare for celebrations

on a scale never before seen.

- Come on, Dico, let's play! - Yeah, come on, Dico.


I'm done shinin' shoes!

[instrumental music]


[all laughing]

- We need a new ball!

- Today's World Cup finals!

We bring you the even bigger big event

you've all been waiting for!

Welcome, Senhoras e Senhores to the famous Rubens Arruda street stadium!


- Today's very important game.

Keepy uppy. No, bounce!

[instrumental music]

- Keepy uppy!

[music continues]

Over the roof.

I got this.

[music continues]


- I got it! Come on!

Keep away!

Come on, guys.

Get out of here.

- Dico!

[music continues]

[both grunting]

Ah, Zoca!

It was a bad pass and Dico tripped.

And the sun was in my eyes.

No fair!

[all laughing]




[clears throat]

I finished shining shoes and was walking Zoca home when he slipped and fell in the river.

But you were playing football!

- You should know better.

You both go change and get back to shining shoes.

But, mom, what about the World Cup?!

- Don't even think about it. - The score is still tied 1-1!

The crowd in here is now chanting, "Brazil must win!"

And here comes Brazil now

giving it everything they've got.

Go, go, just one, go.

-- here with a header!

[indistinct chatter]

80 minutes in, the match is still tied 1-1.

Over 200,000 fans now on their feet, crammed into every seat.

Some eager fans are even watching from their roof.

And Uruguay's Ruben Moran now lines up for the quarter kick.

Here it is. Uruguay shoots!

Dico, Dico, what's the score?

Still 1-1. Final minutes.

He said still tied 1-1.

The match is winding down. Fofinho.

Hey, guys! What's the score?


Get lost, Zoca.

I'll tell ma you were here, listening to the World Cup.

Okay, just stay quiet.

- He shoots and it's goal! Uruguay moves ahead.

What happened, Dico? What happened? Did we score?

Score against Brazil. 2-1.

- And now suddenly all the pressure is on Brazil.

Ugh! Come on, Brazil.

- He's driving the ball forward as fast as he can! Oh, no!

The final whistle. We are defeated 2 1.

Brazil has lost the 1950 World.

All 200,000 fans

have fallen into a deafening silence.

[instrumental music]

- Come on, guys, let's go. I thought we were gonna win.



I'll win a World Cup for Brazil, pai. I promise.

[music continues]

If you're smart, Dico.

You listen to your mother.

You focus on school and avoid the football like the plague.

[birds chirping]

Yes, I get it. Football is romantic.

I should know. I met your father at a game.

5 goals he scored with his head that day.


Then we got married and I told him if he was so good with his head, he wouldn't play football.

They paid him nothing and dropped him

as soon as he hurt his knee.

No insurance, no severance.

You think your father wanted to be a janitor?

Spend the rest of his life scrubbing toilets?

- Celeste!

- Coming!

Now, Dico, can I trust you to finish this so I can hang the wash?

[door opens]

- The Bauru Youth Club?

Man, that tournament's for street kids. Why bother?

'Cause de Brito's gonna be at the final.

Waldemar de Brito, the scouts?

Yeah, it says here he's looking for players

for the Santos Football Club.

Puxa! Once he sees me play like Di Stefano!

I'm going pro, baby.

Wait till he sees me play like Puskas.

And I'll be like Mazzola!

And I'll be like Pele!

Who the heck's "Pele"?

The goalkeeper for Vasco.

[all laughing]

Bile, imbecil! His name's Bile!

- What idiot would think Bile's name was Pele?

- We can call this boy Pele.

Hey, Pele, stop this shot!

Senhor Jose, I'm sorry for my son.

Me? But he just -- Shh, Dico.

Shut your mouth.

I won't bring him again.


- "Copa da juventude de Bauru."

A tournament? Are you crazy?

You promised mae you'd be shining shoes!

Na! Zoca!

Maybe he's right, Dico. What if your mom finds out?

Hey, come on.

Let's show these snobby riquinhos how we play.

Fine, but I'm out.

I don't want mae to kill me. I'm innocent!

Come on, let's do this!

- Welcome to Round 1 of the Bauru Youth Club.


- Sign up here.

- To me. I'm open!

Why does it go so far?

It's full of air!

- Vai, Dico, vai!


[instrumental music]



- Goal! 1-0.

[music continues]

- Vai, Dico, vai!

That's the match.

And on Field Number 1, The Kings also advanced

to the second round.


- Sorry, they don't match.

The only thing I had were my mom's bed sheets.

Wait. You knit these?

Well, sewed technically.

Hey, your sewing is pretty good, Yuri.

Yeah, I use a double hem.

- A little more.

I guess I could take this out a bit.

- Vai!

Shirts make me feel all trapped inside!

[instrumental music]


- Goal!


[music continues]

- A goal on Field Number 2.

[music continues]


Everyone's over there watching the Kings.

- And final seconds now on Field Number 1.

Goal! And there's the final whistle!

The Kings win 8-0.

Come back tomorrow for the finals

where the Kings will take on Team Number 7.

Hey, They are called "The Shoeless Ones!"

[all laughing]

We need football boots.

Boots? How're we gonna pay for boots?

[speaking in Portuguese]

I got an idea.

[man yelling]



Hurry! Hurry! Throw it, under the fence!


- Go, Thiago!

[indistinct yelling]

Ladies and gentlemen!

Toasted! Salted! Packed with vitamins!

Today's special! Buy two get a free shine!

Free shoe shines! Free shoe shines!

Who wants a shine?

- Ladies and gentlemen, step right up!

Fresh from the Amazon! Step right up!

Peanuts! Peanuts! Peanuts here.

Wow, he scrubs floors and shines shoes!

Hey, Pele, how much for a shine?

Don't call me that. Or what?

Or you've got problems. Who? Fatty and his sister?

Hey, Yuri is not a girl.

Then why is he knitting, 4 eyes?

[all laughing]

Sewing technically.

Throw it away. - Now..

How much for a shine, Pele?

[all gasping]



[indistinct yelling]

Your teacher did this to you? Uh-huh.

Is this true, Zoca?

How dare she?

You and me are gonna have a word with that woman tomorrow after school!

Tomorrow? No, I can't!

Uh, I mean, you have work.

Celeste --

Let me talk to his teacher.

You go to work.

[instrumental music]

You know..

...when I was your age, I used to get in fights.

Especially when the older boys called me names.

But with time, I learned, a good player knows that fighting comes from insecurity.

The point is, Dico if you wanna play professionally you can't be ashamed of who you are.

- I couldn't believe it.

Not only did he keep the fight a secret but he knew all about the tournament.

And he even said he hoped I'd become a pro football player.

Wow, that's great, Dico .

What happened to your glasses?

I don't want them to call me names.

- Bingo! What? They're used.

And gigantic, you kidding me?

Any other complaints?

- Senhoras e Senhores , welcome to the final of the bout Juventude!

Today's match, the Kings, led by Captain Jose Altafini

versus The Shoeless Ones

led by Captain Pele!

[crowd laughing]

- Acalme! Hey! Acalma!

They're just trying to get you mad.

It's working.

- And please, give a warm welcome to football legend Waldemar de Brito!

He is scouting for the Santos Football Club!


- Teams, take the field.

- Kings!

Okay, everyone know the plan?

When in doubt? Do what they do!

Alright, boys. May the best team win!

Block the angle! Block it!

- Goal! Jose Altafini.

And the Kings, off to a quick lead.

The Kings up, 2-0.

Watch where you're going, Thiago!

- The Shoeless Ones, all tripped up!

- Goal! The Kings in perfect form!

A beautiful give-and-go!

Goal! Altafini 6-0.

Nice moves, Pele.

Hey, hey, let it go. It's not worth it.

- Acalme, Dico.

[instrumental music]

Dico, what are you doing?

- I hate these boots.

[all laughing]

[laughter continues]

- Hey, Dico!

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[crowd gasping]

- Goal! Goal! Goal!


Ladies and Gentlemen, The Shoeless Ones!

[intense music]

[audience cheering]

Freedom! Yeah.


Come on, come on, no time to waste.

Let's go, let's go. Come on, let's go.

- Senhoras e Senhores, hold on to your hats.

Ten minutes still on the clock in the second half.

Let's samba!

[percussive music]

My, my!

Goal, Pele!

5 minutes still on the clock.

[music continues]

[indistinct chatter]


Oh my, what a move!

Yuri! I'm over here, I'm open.

Thiago! Yuri!

- Caramba! Goal! The Shoeless Ones!

Goal it is. The Shoeless Ones again!

Down to one goal!

Come on! Come on! Let's go!

- And that's the final whistle.

The Kings win, 6-5.

We should have beat those guys.

Don't worry, Dico. It's okay.

[crowd chanting]

- Pele! Pele!


[chanting continues]

- Wow.

I bet you don't mind being called Pele now!

- Hey, boys, come here.

Say cheese.

[shutter clicks]


[indistinct conversation]

Dico, Dico, Dico.

Guys, I think someone wants their peanuts back.



[speaking in Portuguese]


Come back here!

I'm gonna get you! - This way!

[thunder rumbling]

[indistinct shouting]


Come on, guys, jump it.


Thiago! Thiago, come on.

[indistinct yell]

[intense music]

[speaking in Portuguese]

Come on! In here.

Down there, down there.

You okay?

I think it's sprained.

You could get outta here, you know?

We're both getting outta here.

Just give it a minute to rest.

No, not the cave.

I mean, you could get out of here here, Dico.

[thunder rumbling]

What you did today --


- Come on! It's gonna collapse!

Help, Dico! Help!

Come on! Come on! I can't! I'm stuck!


[thunder rumbling]


[dramatic music]

No, Thiago.

No! Thiago!


[music continues]

So we stole the peanuts to buy football boots.

But if I hadn't said we needed the stupid boots Thiago wouldn't have died.

It's all my fault, mae.

I killed him.

I killed him.

- It's okay, Dico. You didn't know.

I'm gonna be good now, mae.

I'm gonna study and do good in school.

I promise.

- Shh! Okay.

[instrumental music]

"Waldemar de Brito, football scout."

I think it's time he'll work with you in the clinic after school.

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct radio chatter]


That thing. Just do this.


[toilet flushes]



You know, when I was a kid

I had a mango tree just like that.

I taught myself how to practice with the fruit.

Green for shooting.

Ripe for finesse.


[instrumental music]


- Yuri! Yuri! Yuri, here!


[music continues]

- Es culpa. Es culpa.


[music continues]

[instrumental music]

- 12 is to 4 as..

[music continues]



[music continues]



Nice and soft.


Whoa! Soft.

Let's do it again.




That's it.

Acalme. It's okay. Breathe.

Don't try so hard.

Just enjoy yourself.

[chuckles softly]

Everything else will come.

[instrumental music]



[both laughing]

[music continues]


[both laughing]


[music continues]

That's it.

Try that one.


Now this one.

It's way too high.

Do what comes natural to you.

[music continues]


That's alright.

It'll come.


- No one can kick that high except with the header.

No, not a header. With your feet.

- Tomorrow, I'll just head something.

- Yeah.

[both chuckling]

Hey, Dico!

- Dico.

This is Mr. Waldemar de Brito.

How would you like to try out for the Santos Football Group?

[instrumental music]

Thank you, mae. Thank you.

[birds chirping]

You've had enough, Maria.

Go help your brother try on his new pants.

Okay. All set.

[door creaking]

What's wrong, Dico?

I don't think I can do this, Maria.

Maybe I should just say no.

- How'd you get the cake?

- An advance from Senhora Altafina.

How'd you acquire the pants?

I took an advance for the cleaning.

But mae bought you a cake.

Yeah, they're giving up a lot for this, aren't they?

You're right.

We have to be strong for them now.

He's only 15, Dondinho.

He's never even left Bauru.

Tchan tchan tchan tchan!

[door opening]

- Zoca.

I'll be back before you know it, okay?

It's time to go. I love you guys. Be good.

Go on, meu filho.

You go make us proud.

[instrumental music]

- Stay safe, meu filho!


Welcome to Santos!

Each of you will be evaluated

based on your execution of proper form and discipline!

Number 1 and number 2.

There's no magic in football, boys!

Whatever primitive style you played at home, forget it!

Here, you'll learn to master the techniques of the best teams in Europe!

Oh, oh, oh, oh!

That's exactly the kind of monkey business I'm talking about!

Ball on the ground!

Ball on the ground, boys!

- Okay, okay! Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Okay, okay, okay, back off, boys! Back off.

This is the list for the pro team now.

For the pro team.

And here's the list for the junior team, boys.

Junior team.

Yeah! Whoo!

- And the youth team.

Okay, congratulations, everyone.

Welcome to the club. Now, shower up.

Come on, here we go!

- "Edson 'Dico' Arantes do Nascimento."

- Now, the side-flip is for accuracy.

But for power, use the instep here, with the laces out.

Not the toe. Laces out.

You see what happens when you play with that primitive style?

We lose.

Watch how Hungary beats us in the '54 quarter final.

No showmanship, no beating their mark.

They just master the formations.

[indistinct chatter]

- Let's go, Dico! Let's go, Dico!

Let's go! Man, let's go. Let's go.

Come on, Dico! Come on, Dico!

Come on, Dico! Let's go! - Let's go!

Let's go, team! - Come on!

Laces out. Laces out.

[instrumental music]

Come on, man. Boy.

- He never scores.


[instrumental music]

[music continues]

- Well, well.

Leaving so soon?

Mr. de Brito? What are you doing here?

I was going to ask the same of you.

I'm no good, Mr. de Brito.

I can't play like the other guys.

And if I don't go back to school now I'll end up cleaning toilets.

Mm-hmm. And what's wrong with that?

Cleaning toilets? No.

What's wrong with not playing the way the other guys do?

Coach says the way I play is primitive.

It is primitive.

It has a long and rich history.

Then why does coach hate it?

Well, uh.. all started in the beginning of the 16th Century.


Huh? Come on.

If you don't wanna know, I'll --

No, no, no, Mr. De Brito. I do wanna know.

Please. Tell me.

Okay, like I was saying it was the beginning of the 16th Century.

The Portuguese arrived to Brazil with African slaves.

But the Africans' will was strong.

And many escaped to the jungle.

To protect themselves

the runaway slaves

called upon the ginga.

The foundation of Capoeira, the martial art of war.

When slavery was finally abolished

the Capoeiristas came out of the jungle

only to find that Capoeira

was outlawed throughout the land.

They saw football as a perfect way

to practice the ginga

without being arrested.

It was the ultimate form of ginga.

And before long

the ginga evolved, adapted

until it was no longer just ours.

But the rhythm within all Brazilians.

But by the 1950 World Cup

most believed our ginga style

was to blame for the loss

and turned against anything associated

with our African heritage.

And just like your coach has been trying to remove ginga from your play..

...we've been trying to remove it from our self as a people ever since.

But the ginga is very strong in you, Dico.

So you can either show us what happens when you have the courage to embrace who you truly are.

Or you can get on that train..

...and you will never know.

[train chugging]

[indistinct shouting]

[instrumental music]


- Keep it moving, boys! Let's go! Come on!

Go get ahead!

[whistle blows]

I said move up, Joao!

- Hey, hey! Whoa!

[whistle blows]

[music continues]

- Francis! It's yours!

Nascimento stay back!


Open your eyes!

Come on! Get up! Let's go!


Come on! Get up! Let's go, boy!

[instrumental music]

Wait for the formation!

[music continues]

[whistle blows]

- Goal!

[all cheering]

- Hey, kid!

Get over here!

What the hell was that?

I'm sorry.

Do it again.

[percussive music]

"Santos, Cubatao, Edson Nascimento, 4 goals."

- You the kid that scored 4 goals?

Zito, midfielder. Pro team.

So, uh..

You know what the best part of scoring 4 goals is?

You get to run out and bring me coffee.

Ancient Santos tradition.

[coin clatters]


And put some gas into it, huh?

- The youngster, Edson Arantes do Nascimento

nicknamed Dico

moved up to the junior team after

a few unbelievable matches

at the youth level.

Oh! What a move!

He passes one! That's another!

Now through the middle! The shot!

- Goal!


[singing in foreign language]

- You're not there, kid.

That's the wrong list, Dico.

Welcome to the pros.

- From a kid who, as word has it, was on the verge

of being cut from the youth team.

And now, suddenly, top scorer of the pro team

halfway through the season.

Fans now starting to come out in hordes.

As Santos racks up the wins, everyone eager to watch

the 15-year-old phenom and his magical style of play.

Oh my! This kid is something else! A fake!

Another fake! Now he's back the other way!

He ditches off of Zito!

Back to Nascimento. He's got himself into a pickle now!

Three defenders. He changes direction.

No, no! Wait a minute! He's still got the ball!

From outside the box! Goal!


Yes? Delivery for Dona Celeste.

For me? There must be a mistake.

It's a gift, mae!

Dico! - Dico!

Dico! Dico, Dico! Maria.

Hey! Hey, buddy!

- It's going to be in the kitchen.

[speaking in foreign language]

- It's going in my room because there's more space.

- Don't touch the stove, Maria. - Where's the fire?

Hey, hey, it's not a toy.

You do realize there is no gas in Bauru, right?

Don't break their hearts.

We can just use it as a table.


For you, pai!

Hey! Whoa! Wow! - It's a radio.

Yeah. I know what it is.

Now you can listen to my games.

- Oh, no, no, not in my house.

Listen to your games?

Are you trying to give your mother a heart attack?

We can listen to Team Brazil invitations tomorrow!

Don't you listen, Zoca. Aah, mae!

Besides, you have school and your father works.

Oh, mae!

- Does that mean nothing to you?

Come on, Maria. I'm 16.

There's no way I'm making the selection.

Mm-hmm. He's right.

No point to listen..

...just to be disappointed.

- Radio Bandeirantes announces the list of invitations

to the national selection.

22 of our very best pro players

to represent Brazil in the 1958 World Cup

and here they are.

Gilmar. Bellini. Djalma Santos.

Didi. Zagallo. Garrincha. Nilton Santos.

Orlando. Zito. Vava.

Castilho and Mazzola, who at 19 years old

would be the youngest member selected.

But also making the list, 16-year-old Dico Nascimento.


What's going on out there?

Dico? You look sick. Are you okay?


- Let me get this straight.

Top scorer gets coffee?

The youngest player gets lunch?

And the shortest cleans the showers.

Yep. Always the Santos traditions.


You think maybe Zito was making them up?

But, man, that's incredible.

You're playing with Zito and the pro team.

It's not the same as with you guys.

I miss Thiago.

Me too.

Where's Fofinho?

We robbed a store. What?

I got away, but Fofinho got one year in jail.

Yuri. I know. I know.

It's just -- you know how things go around here.

Hey, but I've been listening to all your games.

I still can't believe you made the selection.

You heard?

It's pretty much the greatest thing that ever happened to us.

We're all going to be pulling for you out there.

[instrumental music]

- That was a critical time for our country, meu filho.

Ever since we lost the cup in '50 we've become ashamed.

The spirit of our people is dying.

But now you can change all that.

I had Yuri stitch it on for you.

- Pele?


But that's what those rich kids called me to make fun of me.


It's what the people called you when they saw you play with ginga.

And when I saw you had something I did not.

Years ago, Dico

[thunder rumbles]

when I first became a professional footballer..

[indistinct shouting]

...I wanted to play with the ginga so beautiful

Brazilians would erupt with pride.

But when I finally got my shot

I was filled with doubt.


[crowd gasping]

And it ended my career.

But why?

Because I stopped believing.

Doubt can turn a beautiful ginga move into a dangerous one.

But you have to be stronger than I was, Dico.

When people say mean things about you and how you play you must never feel --

Ashamed, pai. I got it. Calma.

[bus horn honking]

[instrumental music]

- Tickets, please! Rio de Janeiro!

Stay strong, meu filho.

[indistinct chatter]

[instrumental music]

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Watch this. Watch this.

So, you're that kid that thinks he can dribble like me, huh?

Hmm, then you've got style.

[both laughing]

The name's Garrincha. - Hi. Dico.

This is Castilho. Castilho. Hey.

That's Mauro.

Hey, Mauro. Dico.

Vava. Hey, Vava.

Uh, Zito you know, right? Yeah.

[speaking in Portuguese]


- Hey, Zito. And Didi.

See you on the bench, kid.

The bench? But coach hasn't picked the lineups yet.

Uh, you sure about that?

There's your competition.


Good luck convincing coach to start you over him.

- Wow! He scrubs floors and shines shoes.


And I'll be like Mazzola.

It's Jose Altafini.

Yeah. But he goes by Mazzola.

'Cause he says he plays just like the legendary Italian striker.

Well, my family's Italian and I was trained in that style of play.

So I am confident I will bring some of the sophistication and class some others of the team may lack.

[reporters clamoring]

Garrincha, do you really think your ginga style

will hold up against the Europeans?


I don't see what's so bad about ginga.

Listen! Listen! It's okay. Silencio! Silencio!

Okay, okay, listen.

No one here wants to relive 1950.

I can assure you that this team will be civilized both on and off the field.

We will only show our best face in Sweden.

Alright. Let's take the photo!

[reporters clamoring]

[indistinct chatter]

Brazil is at a crossroads.

We either go down in history as the savages

or we enter the ranks of the civilized.

The President spoke those words to me this morning.

And I promised him that this team, that my team unlike those of the past would not make fools of ourselves and Brazil.

And you --

You may be 16 years old but you are now a sportsman for this great nation.

Ginga style might have worked for you back in Santos but it will never hold up at an international level.

But, coach -- I don't wanna hear it!

It won't happen again.

Say it.

It won't happen again.

What?! It won't happen again.

Get him a haircut and some proper clothes.

- According to insider reports

Coach Feola is struggling with his new recruits

during their first month of practices.

But since fans called for replacing virtually

the entire team after the disaster of 1950

and the disgrace of '54

the coach was left with few options

outside of inexperienced and unconventional players.

The bulky midfielder, Zito

bent-legged striker, Mane Garrincha.

And the youngster, Dico Nascimento

who made headlines last month for his outburst at the inaugural banquet much to the chagrin of Coach Feola.

Teaching Brazilians to play the same disciplined formations

of the European teams seems challenging enough.

But the coaching staff appears to also be encouraging

a more refined presentation off the field.

- Why all the fuss?

It's about changing that image.

We don't want to arrive in Sweden and have the world say, "Oh, there's Brazil."

Yes. But you are Brazilian, aren't you?

No. You're not listening.

I'm-I'm talking about the way others see us and how we play.

- Then how do you account for the reports

of the team playing lousy in practices?

Certain players still are not up to international standards.

- And you think they can be by Sweden?

Maybe we're lousy

'cause we're not playing the way we know how.

I really hope you're not saying what I think you're saying.

I mean, what if we just didn't get it right in '50?

All I know is that coach picks the starting lineup today.

Show him you can play the way Jose plays and you might have a shot.

But if you play with ginga --

I know, it's just my dad..

Your dad what?

Nothing. Forget it.

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct shouting]

[whistle blows]

- I want to see good, clean football, boys!

Short, sharp passes!

[speaking in foreign language]

You've got Vava on the wing!

Cross to the wing!

Take it from him! Take it!

Alright now! Spread it out, move! Here we go!

Zito! You gotta block that out!

Keep the ball moving here! Let's go!

[upbeat music]


No! No! What are you thinking?



- Dico!




- Breathe.


- Dico?

Are you okay?

I had a small collision.

- What?

What do you mean?


It's my knee.

It's my knee, mae.

They don't know when I can play again.

What happened?

- I should have stayed in school.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, mae.

No, Dico.


We made that choice together.

And it was the right choice.

Your father and I love you no matter what.

- Te amo, mae.

[speaking in Portuguese]

[instrumental music]

- Okay. Let's have a look.

Deep breaths.


It's still too swollen to say.

Keep ice on it for a few days.

And then he can play?

Maybe next season.

I am so sorry.

We'll take another look in Sweden.

If he's going.

- It's too late to replace him now.

Start him on rehabilitation.

Better bag some ice for the flight.

Shh! Everyone quiet! This is it!

- In our World Cup will be, Brazil.

Brazil's struggled immensely with their team's image

ever since they lost in 1950.

Then in '54 shamefully stormed their opponent's locker room

with broken bottles after losing in the quarter-finals.

The big question now was could they remake themselves?

Well, they brought in Coach Vicente Feola

for just that purpose.

And the reports we've received

have really surprised the world.

It appears Brazil hasn't learned their lesson.

Earlier this week, we heard about

players injuring themselves using that same

untrained street style that failed them in 1950.

Clearly Feola wasn't man enough for the task.

Expect Group 4 to go to the Soviet Union, followed by --

[door slams shut]

It's the World Cup in Sweden

Football football football

The greatest game on earth

- Stockholm, the jewel of the Baltic

and home to the 1958 World Cup.

Ticket queue stretching around city blocks

for the upcoming games.

Where teams from 16 countries will compete for the coveted

Jules Rimet trophy.

Last to arrive is Team Brazil

who only had to play Peru to qualify

after Venezuela inexplicably withdrew after ceding.

Practically giving the Brazilians

a free pass to the cup.

And there's the French National Team

one of the favorites to win the World Cup.

But not as favored as the home nation, Sweden.

There they are!

Stars Gunnar Gren, Kurt Hamrin, Sigge Parling Nils Liedholm, Agne Simonsson.

And it seems one lucky reporter has scored an interview

with everyone's favorite left-winger

Lennart "Nacka" Skoglund.

Nacka, how's your team feeling?

Perfect. It is our country, our fans and our time to shine.

How about Mexico?

Well, no team from outside Europe's ever won the cup on the European soil.

Do you really think Mexico or these misfits there will ever change that?

- Let's see what Team Brazil has to say for themselves.

It is fortunate these young athletes

play with their feet.

Because it would appear the cat's got

this one's tongue.

And stay tuned for a special report

on the wonders of Swedish culture and cuisine

after these messages from our sponsors.

Bunch of fascists, if you ask me.

They even got a King. Gustaf VI Adolf.

I mean, who's got a number in the middle of their name?


Hey, hey, hey, calma.

Drink, it'll help with the pain.

I added some of my special herbs to speed up the healing.

We'll teach that white doctor

to doubt the ancient arts.

The referees here keep the ball after every game.

Do you believe that?

I'll be damned if they keep the winning ball this time.

That ball's coming home with me whether they like it or not.

[instrumental music]

- The referee signals and the first match

of Group 4 is underway!

Brazil versus Austria.

That's Holla out to right wing Walter Horak

Austria, of course, not as strong

as they were 4 years ago when they took Bronze

in the '54 cup.

[music continues]

[indistinct commentary on TV]

- Earlier today, Brazil pulled off a surprising upset

against Austria in Group 4.

Gentlemen! Let's go out to the field.

- And here in Group 3, Sweden trouncing Mexico, 3 to nil.

- I have to admit, it looks a lot better than I expected.

But it's still extremely weak.

So you'll clear him?

It'll be excruciatingly painful for him.

I'll take that as a yes. We should talk about this.

Get him on his feet. It's too dangerous.

Even the slightest attack --

- At Rasunda Stadium, Sweden continues to dominate

with a 2-0 win over Hungary today

securing their place in the quarterfinals.

And in Group 4, Brazil, a heavy underdog

coming into the tournament managed to edge out

Austria in their first match

then survived England in a scoreless tie.

The first we've seen in World Cup history.

The match was a proper bloodbath

leaving three of Brazil's starting players injured.

Joel, Dino Sani, and striker

Jose Altafini, nicknamed "Mazzola"

who's leg injury will prevent him

from playing in today's match against the Soviet Union.

[indistinct chatter]

Come on, Joao.

- The Soviets are big and aggressive.

[indistinct chatter]

Easy, Zoca!

- Only started one black player before today.

But these injuries will force his hand.

And we've just received word that Feola will give the nod to defensive midfield reserve, Zito

bent-legged right winger, Garrincha

and 17-year-old Edson Nascimento

who comes in to replace Mazzola.

And who apparently is himself

recovering from a sprained knee.


Let's go. Pull yourself together!

You cannot go on camera like this.


Clean yourself up.

Come on. You've got to stand up straight!

Up straight!

Try to look older than you are for once, for God's sake.

You watch Didi and Zagallo for the shifts.

You've seen Mazzola run them.

And lace your goddamn boots up!

- Hey, Dico, there you are.

Listen, you must protect that knee at all costs.

It's very weak.

And don't even think about ginga.

It's too dangerous.

Lace up your boots. Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Let's go.

[instrumental music]

[instrumental music]

[indistinct commentary on PA]

[crowd cheering]

- See, the way it works is they are here to see us.

Not the other way around. Come on. Field's this way.

You might wanna think about tying those.

- This marks the first World Cup appearance

for Mane Garrincha.

There's our trusty midfielder, Didi

who towers over the young Dico Nascimento.

He is dwarfed by even his teammates.

Clearly the youngest player they've seen in a lineup.

And the crowd here having a grand time at his expense.

Don't listen to them, Dico.

[indistinct shouting]


[crowd booing]

[breathing nervously]


- The Soviet Union very physical out of the gates!

It's almost as if they're playing pinball

with the smaller Brazilians and enjoying it!

Our heroes now see a hole in the Soviet defense.

Garrincha pops one through the middle.

The shot, goal! Goal!

Brazil takes the lead, 1 to 0!

A stroke of luck for Coach Feola and Team Brazil!

The middle changes in the Brazilian lineup

seem to have confused the Soviets.

And newcomers Garrincha and Vava capitalize

unlike the young Nascimento.

The Soviets have really had their way with him.

He'll have to do a better job to stay out of their way

if he intends to walk out of here on his own two feet.

[indistinct commentaries]

[indistinct yelling]

- Dico! Dico!

- And there's another missed pass for Brazil.

But nonetheless, the Soviets have

yet to capitalize on these turnovers.

And with only a few minutes remaining in the match

it appears Brazil may just edge away with this one

which would pit them against France

in next week's semi-final.

[crowd cheering]


Hey! Hey! Hey!

- And the crowd wanted a whistle on that push from Nascimento

who shows his frustration after losing the ball.

He hesitated on his dribble there.

The kind of mistake that can easily lead to injury.

And here's France now, Raymond Kopa

lays one out for Just Fontaine.

Fontaine passes it on. Goal!


A goal for France.

We are on the boards first with the goal from Vava

but now France strikes back

and that has got to demoralize Brazil.

As the teams head to the locker rooms

after a very physical first half.

- When I say 4-2-4, I mean 4-2-4.

No 4-3-3, you understand?

If you understand what I'm saying, then you say

"Yes, coach, I'll do it. Can you say it?

Yes, coach, I'll do it.

- Eso.

Look. You wait for the set, then you release.

- Where's the center line? Where is it?

- Not tomorrow, today!

Come on! Up! Up!

- Let's go! We only get one shot here. Let's make it count.

I can't play like you.

If your leg is better, you should go back in.

It's not my leg.

My head is not right.

Your head?

My whole life all I ever wanted was to be European.

Since we've got here, I realize that I'm Brazilian and always will be.

That day back in Bauru you showed everyone that they're part of us.

The ginga

it was beautiful.

That's what we need now.

- The World Cup semi-final.

France and Brazil neck and neck

at the start of the second half.

Today's winner will advance to Sunday's final

where they will likely face Sweden.

France, of course, favored over Brazil

the only team from outside Europe still in competition.

- Hey, hey, hey!

[crowd roaring]


[upbeat music]

Watch the knee! The knee!

Stay back! Stay back!

[music continues]

[all cheering]

- Goal, Brazil!

What a drive and what a finish!

The 17-year-old with a humdinger of a shot

giving Brazil a leg-up in this second half!

Garrincha now approaching the area, knocked away by Jonquet.

A loose ball in, Brazil comes away with it!

Brazil turning the tides

now advancing the ball back downfield.

That's Didi feeding the ball down the middle.

It's a chip. Nascimento shoots! Goal!

Goal! Goal!

Goal, Brazil!

The young Nascimento comes up

with two dazzling goals back to back!

[all cheering]

And now the youngster is back at it

right over Marcel!

A touch and some kind of double fake. Never seen that before.

Marcel grabbing at the lad's shirt.

And now he makes Piantoni!

Orlando letting it roll by to Vava!

A little touch to the give and go back to Nascimento.

He stepped right over it!

Kaelbel didn't even see it go by!

He shoots! It's a goal! Goal, Brazil!

Goal, Nascimento!

An other-worldly display by the 17-year-old phenom!

- And believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen

Brazil is on their way to the 1958 World Cup final!

He's fine.

And, uh, he scored three goals.

Listen up. I got four days to get you in shape for the final.

Everyone take notes.

Sweden has been shifting from Pyramid

5-3-2 to 3-2-2-3.

And sometimes to metodo 2-3-2-3.

We play straight 4-2-4.

But if we're gonna beat these guys we're gonna have to shift formation as they do.

And this is how we're gonna do it.

If they go to 5-3-2, then we go to 3-4-3!

Let's go. Next!

Whatever they run, with the method of 3-2-3

we match with the 4-3-3.

There's nobody in the field over here.

Vada! Vada!

Everybody is here and nobody is here!

Never follow. Not ever.

- But, coach, isn't that their shift to 3-4-3?

- No. Skoglund sweeps to start Sweden's counterattack.

Didi, sweep only.

What is that? I said 4-5-1! Didi slide over!

You're running the 4-5-1!

Garrincha, roll out! You gotta be ready for that on the wing!

Coach? - What?

I don't understand how I'm supposed to be on the wing and covering Skoglund at the same time.

Because you --

- The Swedes have the edge over Brazil in almost every regard.

Experience, sophistication, strategy and strength

and even dirty play.

Last week, we saw West German captain

Fritz Walter's illustrious career come to an end

after this severe collision

with Swedish midfielder Sigge Parling.

Well, come Sunday's final

expect Parling's sights to be set on

the young Edson Nascimento.

- Nascimento scored an impressive hat-trick

in 20 minutes in the semi-final against France.

Coach Raynor, any concern he'll do the same

against Sweden in Sunday's final?

No, no. That's not possible.

No. Our boys will eliminate him from the equation.

- Coach Feola, Coach Raynor's offense outsmarted West Germany, Hungary.

Do you have any plans to contain them?

Well -- They can't.

[all laughing]

We will come out strong, score early and Brazil will panic just like they did in 1950.

They were undisciplined then and they are undisciplined now.

But what do you expect? They're abnormal.

You're referring to their mixed race?

No. I mean they are literally abnormal.

- Can you elaborate?

Well, yes, in fact, I can.

Djalma Santos, full back.

He mangled his hand in an accident

while working in a factory as a teenager.

The right winger, Garrincha, born with a deformed spine

and one leg shorter than the other.

The reserve, Castilho

he's colorblind and missing a finger.

Challenging for a goalkeeper, I imagine.

[all laughing]

[indistinct chatter]

- I heard about the press conference.

Everyone here is really down about it.

But this is exactly what happened in '50.

You can't let the doubt get to you.

I heard the guys are calling you Pele now.

Yeah. Jose started it. It's silly.

This is a sign.

Now is the time for Pele.

But Sweden's gonna be all over me, pai.

And did you see what they did to Fritz Walter?

They're brutal.

And smart.

- Dico.

You believed in yourself against France.

Now you must inspire your team

to believe in themselves.. Brazil.. the ginga.

Hey, Garrincha!

What the heck, Pele?

Hey! Lighthouse, no bounce!

Come on, kid! Time to wake up. Take a seat.

Have some breakfast.

You won't be able to do it alone.

- Zito, come on.

[talking indistinctly]

- Hey, where did that ball go?

Come on, guys.

- To the lighthouse.

[instrumental music]

[indistinct yelling]

- Nice one.

[speaking in Portuguese]

[music continues]


[woman speaking in foreign language]

- Anyone see it fall?

- Not me!

- Keepy uppy!

- Alright! Game on!

Come on. Go, go, go, go, go!

Let's go!



I'm sorry, sir.

Wake up, kid. To the lighthouse!


- Yeah!

Come on, come on, come on!

- Outside!

- Calma. You can do it.

- Long ball!

- Didi! You got Pele long!

- Run, Pele! Get there! Jump!

I can't swim!

I got you, Pele!

I got you.

- Grab my hand. Here you go.


We were so close!

[indistinct chatter]


Here he comes.

You see? That's how it's done.

Tomorrow you will play for the Jules Rimet trophy.

And if you play the way you played this last week you will lose.

And it will be my fault.

The truth is that shifting formations may work miracles for Sweden but it is not us.

What I saw at the hotel today that's how we play.

They say that we don't all play the same. It's true.

We certainly don't all look the same like they do.

[faint laughter]

But that's what makes us who we are.

We have one thing in common.

The ginga.

The joy and expression of Brazil.


So when you take the field tomorrow

forget everything that I told you this last week.

I don't want the world to see a bunch of scared Brazilians trying to play like Sweden.

I want them to see Brazil, just as we are.

I don't know if we will win

but I do know that we will show them a beautiful game.

What are you all sitting around for?

I did not say that practice was canceled!

[all cheering]

- Let's go, Brazil! Alright.

- After a night of heavy rains, it's a brisk summer morning

with clear skies here in Stockholm.

Fine weather for football

as Sweden prepares to host the 1958 World Cup final.

The Nordic Titans of Europe will take on

the less-experienced but ever-flamboyant Brazil.

Two teams with nothing in common

other than, perhaps, their yellow jerseys.

But of course, per the King's decree

Brazil will be forced to wear blue today

against the heavily-favored home nation.

How many goals will Sweden win by?

No one can say.

But everyone agrees

Brazil will need nothing short of a miracle

to take home the Jules Rimet trophy.

[instrumental music]

Over 50,000 already in attendance

and millions more tuning in from around the world

for the biggest sporting event on earth.

No team from outside Europe

has ever won the cup on European soil.

But that doesn't stop the rest of the world from watching

and hoping that one day that may change.

There's the King of Sweden, Gustav VI Adolf

with Queen Mountbatten arriving in their box.

And now the entrance of our host, Team Sweden.

British-born manager, George Raynor, pulled players from not just Sweden

but other European countries.

A bit of a European all-star team, really.

And on the other side Coach Feola and Team Brazil.

And there's our young star Nascimento

now being called "Pele" by his teammates.

- Fofinho, it's Pele!

- But make no mistake.

Brazil will need the rest of the team

to step up today against the indomitable Swedes.

The entire nation has shut down for the day

as every Brazilian from every walk of life

comes together to watch the big game.

[whistle blows]

- And there's the starting whistle.

It's Zagallo to Vava, Vava to the young Nascimento

back to Nilton Santos, and Parling lays into him.

Watch out! Oh my. No card there.

So either the referee missed that one

or he's going to let Parling play rough.

Garrincha looking for Nascimento

but he's marked by three yellow shirts.

Garrincha passes to Zito.

Stolen away by Skoglund!

Sweden' first possession.

And now Raynor calls for the shift!

Here we go, the Swedes moving quickly down field.

Passing it down to Parling, a quick touch over to Hamrin

Hamrin back to Liedholm and now Hamrin breaks down the right wing.

Liedholm sends it to Parling, Parling punches a swift pass

through Brazil's back bone and into the area.

Simonsson down the middle, Hamlin with a cross hitch.

Simonsson, just wide!

A brilliant attack from the Nordic Titans!

- And Sweden's applying pressure early on.

Gilmar will take the goal kick.

Trapped by Nascimento and now finally with an opportunity.

And here he goes, spinning his way

through Liedholm and Axbom.

Now's the time, meu filho.

- And Pele is back the other way.

Nascimento trying to do it all on his own!

Oh, my goodness!

A huge jolt from Parling.

- Sweden removing Pele from the equation just as promised.

They are determined to stop his one-man show.

And Pele still down holding on that right knee he recently injured.

- Brazil down a man and Sweden looking to capitalize!

Kurt Hamrin plays the ball up field to Liedholm

Liedholm straight to Lofgren.

Now he's alone in the area.

Goal! Sweden!

Liedholm! Less than 4 minutes on the clock.

And this is big!

[all moaning]

- Everyone expected Sweden to come out early

but no one expected it this early.

Confidence, our clear weak point ever since 1950.

And it's hard not to think of that tragic loss now.

- The fans remembering Coach Raynor's prediction

that an early score would seal the victory.

The King, the Queen, George Raynor and Team Sweden

they all want the Jules Rimet trophy

to stay on friendly shores.

And stay it will from the looks of things

as the victory celebrations begin here in Rasunda Stadium

even the eleven Brazilians on the field can't deny the --

[instrumental music]

[whistle blows]

[upbeat music]

[indistinct commentary]

[music continues]

[all cheering]

[ecstatic yelling]


[all cheering]

- Nascimento threw Sweden's iron defense

off their marks freeing up the lad's teammates

and Brazil evens the score.

A most unexpected turn.

And this is a Team Brazil like we've never seen them before.

Just exuding confidence.

[crowd cheering]

[whistle blows]

- It's Liedholm to Gren, back to Gustavsson

and now over to Hamlin.

Hamlin pushing it forward to Simonsson.

And now Raynor sends his defense forward in a full attack!

It's Bergmark forward to Liedholm marked by Orlando.

He passes to Simonsson.

Simonsson back to Liedholm and now it's Gustavsson again.

He sends it into the area looking for Simonsson.

- It's Gilmar coming out of the goal.

Gren crosses.

[indistinct chatter]

- Vava!

- Vava now marked by Axbom, Borjesson comes in

for the stop but now Vava dishes it out to Garrincha.

Bergmark's there, Garrincha fakes, leaves the flank planted.

Garrincha now all alone!

Svennson comes out to challenge.

The cross. It's Vava!

Goal, 2 to 1!

Brazil has taken the lead.

[all cheering]

Sweden caught off guard twice.

The Nordic Titans fall behind.

Brazil, 2. Sweden, 1.

And now, the entire Rasunda Stadium in a state of shock.

Expect Sweden to move fast and strong after that slap in the face --


Stolen away by Garrincha!

Brazil regains control! Garrincha dishes to Vava.

Vava fakes Gren, shakes off Bergmark

a beautiful, blind dish to Didi.

Brazil working in perfect harmony.

Ladies and gentlemen, something is shifting.

Brazil is coming alive!

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

Now in complete control!

And it appears they're smiling!

[indistinct commentaries]

Finally the world can see Brazil's beauty!

Our heroes now in perfect harmony!

It's beyond football. It's the most beautiful game!

[instrumental music]

[indistinct commentary on TV]

[music continues]

[crowd cheering]

[all cheering]

- Ladies and Gentlemen, the unthinkable!

Brazil, 3. Sweden, 1.

The fans here in Sweden, indeed, all of Europe

even the King and Queen now applauding the South Americans.

George Raynor's strategy no match for Brazil!

[indistinct commentary]

And here comes Brazil!

Nascimento fakes Hamrin

Bergmark coming in for support.

Now Nascimento sends the cross.

Pele sends a long cross to the left wing.

It's Zagallo, from the corner of the box.

Svennson dives.


[all cheering]

[instrumental music]


- Only seconds now left on the clock

and it's Didi with a cross to Nascimento --

[all cheering]

Brazil wins the 1958 World Cup!

[upbeat music]


[yelling in joy]


[all cheering]

[horn honking]

[ecstatic yell]


[music continues]

[yelling in joy]

- June 29th, 1958

the day Brazil won our first World Cup.

When the final whistle blew

I fainted right there on the field.

When I finally opened my eyes

everything felt like a dream.

It had only been 18 months since I first left home

but it felt like years.

My mother and father came out to meet me.

And dad reminded me of the promise I made

8 years earlier.

But I'll never forget 1958, the year I became Pele.

Our ginga style became known as The Beautiful Game.

And the Brazilians everywhere came to see.

It was our differences that made us beautiful.

[singing in foreign language]

[singing continues]

[music continues]

[singing continues]

[instrumental music]