Penance (2018) Script

Get back!

Get back!

I won't say it again.

Move back!

Come on, move!


Am I gonna die, Father?

Step back now!

Antaine Griffin, stop!

Antaine Griffin, stop!

Not in my church!

Leave, leave now!

We'll be back for him.


Ah, Father Eoin.

I didn't know you were a friend of Antaine Griffin.


I haven't talked to him for a long time, 50 years at least.

Well, he's back in Londonderry to cause havoc.

Do you want peace?

You brought guns into my church.

Are you trying to tell me that you're looking for peace?

Well, I can assure you that's the last thing that Antaine Griffin wants is peace.

You could help us to put him away.

You're misusing the pulpit.

Is that so?

I thought you didn't understand Irish.

Oh, I understand all right, but as a member of His Majesty's Constabulary, I use the King's English.

I hope Father Eoin didn't upset you with his sedition.

Oh, I've heard worse.

Theres' a wave of independence and so-called freedom sweeping the country.

Antaine, I believe congratulations are in order.

The Royal College of Music.

Walk on.

I don't believe the permission was sought for this gathering.

Was it, Sergeant Brown?

No sir!

I'd say that this gathering is quite possibly illegal and in breach of His Majesty's act!

Sergeant, if you will, explain DORA to these people.

The Defence of the Realm Act of 1914--

Without the expressed permission of His Majesty's Constabulary, and any group as such is therefore an infringement and deemed an illegal assembly.

Sergeant, the act.

Section 4A.

"If the assembly can be defined as a religious gathering, "then said assembly is therefore not regarded as illegal and does not fall--

And does not fall under the remit of said act.

They were dancing.


Brown, release them.

Come on, enough!


All right, back!

Leave the boy, Inspector.

Whoa, morning.

On my way to the Donegal Sizes.


And yourself?

Walk on.

Whoa, whoa.




Inspector Joyce.




Whoa, whoa.



Peadar, nay!



Set the firing range 150 yards.

Five .45 round, magazine-fed.

20-round mag.


Times are a-changing now.






We need four blankets.





You bastard!



Sit down.


A boy not much older than yourself shot in my church.

It was one in uniform.

Oh, a piece of khaki makes him less human, does it?

Feidhlim, you didn't shoot that boy, did you?

No, I did not.

That's it, Feidhlim.

First job, you'll hide a few bullets in your bedroom.

Then you start carrying an empty gun.

Another day, you put the bullets in the gun and fire it, and God knows where it lands.

Those people carry bigger guns than us.


It can't all be their fault.

I'm not giving you this gun.

If he wants it, he can get it himself.

Tell him that.

So, he still sent you.

Drop the gun!

Drop the gun now!

You're under a-fuckin'-rrest.

Arrest him!

This is for Antaine Griffin.

I'd like him to have it.

Okay, thanks for what you did for us, Father.

I didn't do it for you.

No need to worry, a deal has been done for you.

What sort of a deal?

Ask your priest.

Come on.

He broke the bread, gave it to His disciples and said, "Eat this, all of you.

"This is my body, which will be given up for you."

When supper was ended, He took the cup, gave it to his disciples and said, "Take this, all of you, and drink from it.

"This is the cup of my blood,

"the blood of the new and everlasting covenant.

"It will be shed for you and for all

"so that sins may be forgiven.

"Do this in memory of me."

Father, Father, Father!