Penthouse (1933) Script

Chief. Make it snappy.

The verdict in? No.

You're taking a chance.

You keep on writing. That verdict will come in alright.

No loopholes in this case.

I will beat The Times to the street this time, if it's the last thing I do.

Miss Colby. Ruth. Come here.

Get a lot of pictures. Gazotti and his women. Gazotti and his family.

Make a big spread. Okay.

Put some prison bars in front of that.

Make this a 3-column spread.

Gazotti sitting in the electric chair. Go on. Make it snappy.

We've only got 20 minutes to get it on the street.

Hello, Murphy? Got your 60-point banner?

Okay, put it out to print as soon as the page setup hits the lead.

Go to it. Get it out on the street!

Hey, Johnson. Put that in the chute.

Now wait a minute. Wait a minute. Hold the wire.

Hold the form. The verdict just came in. Gazotti lives.


Hold the press.

The verdict just came in. Gazotti lives.

Hey, what were you doing? Playing a hunch?

Unblock it.

Put on the other headline. "Gazotti Lives".

Stick on it. Let me know what happens every minute.

How did he do it, Chief?

I don't know. It was that Houdini lawyer of his.

He must have done it with mirrors.

Alright. Forget Gazotti. We got something better in Durant.

Spread him all over 1, 2, and 3. It's great stuff.

Society lawyer stuffs jury in his pocket and frees a racketeer.

Get pictures of Durant at Newport, Palm Beach, tennis matches.

Go on, get him. Snap into it. Sure.

Boy, this brings me out in the old sunlight again.

Hello, Lefty.

Hey .. where do you think you're going?

Today, you're coming right along with me, angel.

You can speak to me.

You don't want me, Andy.

Check the counsellor.

He's the guy that brought home the bacon.

Boy, I said you'd get plenty.

I'm sending a check for fifty grand inside of an hour.

Say, with you as my mouthpiece we can run this town.

No, no. Keep your money. What's the matter?

I don't want it, Tony. I had too much fun.

Can't you let me do anything for you? Well, you can drop me at the office.

I mean, something real. I gotta do something.

Maybe there's somebody you don't like?

There, there. Be careful now. Ah, you'd get me off.

Get that idea right out your head.

If you're ever guilty I'll help to send you to the chair.

I bet you'd let me fry if the cops had the goods on me.

You know it. I'd give three cheers if you got what you deserved.

You're a bad citizen, Tony.

Public welfare would be improved if you were rubbed out.

Yes, and you two fellows also.

Turn around there, you mugs.

Gee .. I never ran across a guy like you.

You'd put the burn-up on me and not only make me take it, but like it.

Why don't you reform and be my partner? Alright, I'll think it over, Tony.

After all, I ain't a bad guy, am I?

You are a menace to civilisation.

Boy, I like you.

Well you just keep on liking me.

Well, see you later, Tony. Wait a minute.

Let them take a look around. See if the coast is clear.

Hey, when are we going to celebrate? Not now. I'm taking someone to lunch.

Oh, Miss Leonard? How did you know that?


You probably know what kind of toothpaste I use.

You don't. You're an old-fashioned guy and use tooth-powder.

You sure go into things.

My boys looked you over plenty when you took my case.

I even know the mark you got for algebra in your second year at St John's school.

But you tell me .. what is algebra?

Ha-ha. See you later, Tony.

Alright. Goodbye Tony. See you later.

So long, angel.

Well, goodbye gentlemen.

I'll .. see you later.

Morning, Mary. Get Miss Leonard on the phone, will you.

Mr Carston and Mr Rutherford want to see you immediately.

Alright, when you get her say I'll be there in an hour to take her to lunch.


Well. I won my case.

Aren't you going to congratulate me? You know the way we feel about that.

Yes, but I won my point. I proved that he was innocent.

What's it matter if he was innocent?

He was guilty a hundred times before.

We told you not to take that case.

We've lost three of our oldest clients. Alright.

I'll bring you in a hundred to take their place.

We don't want to handle racketeers and gangsters.

Your father and your father's father built this firm.

How would they feel about you now?

Have you been to your club or talked to decent people?

You'll find we're not the only ones who feel this way.

Why waste time talking.

You intend to continue to handle such cases?


I know they don't make choice clients.

But I'd rather work for them than write wills for old people like Mrs Welton.

Who left a million dollars to her favorite Pekingese.

It wasn't Pekingese, it was a collie.

Gentlemen, gentlemen. Let's keep to the point.

There is a kick in fighting for a man's life.

There's mystery, intrigue.

I like the troubles of bootleggers, chorus girls and head waiters.

They're human. They're alive. And you refuse to give them up?

Absolutely, positively and definitely.

Then we'll have to ask you to withdraw from the firm.


You know me. We most certainly do.

We will not have this office used as a refuge for all the riff-raff of society.

Very well then.

We will draw up the papers immediately. That will be soon enough for me.

Well, Mary. So long. I'll see you anon.

Oh, Mr Durant. Miss Leonard isn't in town.

She isn't?

No, she's spending the weekend on Long Island at Mr Siddall's place.

Oh, that's a good idea. If anyone wants me, they can reach me out there.

Say what .. what is this?

We're your bodyguard.

I don't need any bodyguard.

Tony don't want nothing to happen to you.

Nothing going to happen to me.

That's mighty nice of Tony but you'd better go on back to him.

He'll get sore.

We got orders.

You just tell him thanks.

I don't need you.

Is that alright with you?




So long. Goodbye.

Well, you've got another guest. Yes, sir.

Where is everybody? On the veranda, sir.

Right. Bring those things in the car, will you.

Hello, everybody.

Hello, Jack. Hello.

Why this is grand after that old stuffy city.

Where is Sue? I think she's playing tennis with Tom.

Well alright, I'll look her up.

Never mind. I'll get it.

Welcome home.

Please, Jack.

I always knew you were beautiful, but I didn't remember how beautiful.

Well, I don't wonder you've forgotten. Let's duck the gang and go for lunch.

Well, I can't leave here. Oh, sure you can.

Hello, Tom. Hello, Jack.

That's it. Is it over?

All over. Did you win? - Yes.

Congratulations. Boy, you're a wizard. Thank you.

So that calls for a big celebration, doesn't it?

I've been trying to get Sue to leave the party for a while.

Well go ahead, I'll get another partner. No. I want to play.

Oh, snap out of it. I'll see you later, Jack. - Alright.

Alright darling, what do you say?

You haven't come near me in 4 weeks.

I telephoned.

You haven't tried to see me in all that time.

Now you suddenly turn up and expect me to drop everything.

Darling, I know it. I've been rotten.

But I've been eating and sleeping this case. Honest I have. Now what can I do?

You could have given it up if I'd asked you.

Darling, I don't like to rub it in, but ..

I won. Doesn't that make any difference to you?

No .. you know how I hate you working for people like that.

The lowest, commonest type of people on earth.

Gangsters, racketeers, chorus girls.

Darling .. I've had one battle today.

Don't let you and I fight.

You know, I've missed you terribly.

I love you more than anything else in the world.

You've got a funny way of showing it.

Right. I'm going to make it my business to show you for the rest of my life.


You can start right now. Promise me one thing.

Sure, anything. Give up these criminal cases.

Uhoh. Oh no, no. I can't promise that.

More than anything else in the world?

No, darling, this is different. It's my business, my work.

I can't be dictated to about that.

Very well. Oh Sue, really.

Don't act that way, please. I mean it, Jack.

I've had weeks to think this thing over.

I can't see myself married to a gangster lawyer.

Gee, I'm sorry you feel that way about it.

So am I, but ..


Let's call it a day, Jack.

Alright .. just as you say.

Get my things. I'm going back to town. Yes, sir.

Come here.

I thought I told you .. We know, boss.

Aren't we going to stay here, boss? No.

What is it? She not treat you right? Wait a minute, wait.

Everything is alright. Alright.

Alright. We'll be right behind you. Wait a minute. Wait.

If you've got to do that, get in here. You might as well be comfortable.

Hurry up, step on it.

Will you have a smoke?

Do you smoke?

Sorry I haven't got a drink to offer you.

Alright, put those things right in here.

Are you boys comfortable?

You got a rope?

Got a map?

Not good .. not bad.

Say. Say, you oughtn't to drink so much.

I'm celebrating.

Now, don't go crazy.

Just because your girl tossed you out on the curbstone.

Oh, so they reported that too, did they?

Why don't you lay off that stuff?

What you ought to do is to tie up with some friendly little gal.

Something loving around the house.

What do you say?

You can have any one of them you want.

Tony, you're a dirty-minded little rat.

There you go again.

Why, I like you.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

This dance music is coming to you.

From the Pinnacle Club at 52nd Street and Broadway.

This is the playtime spot of the elite.

[ Radio: ] "Come over and join the merry throng."

"It's a big night. Let's go, boys."


You know, I think you were crazy to do that this afternoon.

What difference does his business make?

Oh, it isn't only that.

It's everything. It's his whole life.

He likes different people, different things.

If we got married, he'd probably bring detectives home to dinner.

I know, but don't get so grand about it. He's human.

So am I.

Let's have a cigarette.

Of course I know I'm talking against my own interest but ..

What are your interests?

You know perfectly well.

You've known for years.

Tell me.

I've forgotten.

Don't use me, Sue.

What do you mean?

Don't use me to make him jealous.

I'm not.

I tell you. This whole thing has been over with me for weeks.


If I thought ..

Stop thinking that.

You are making an awful mistake.

He's a better bet than I am. Hmm.

Don't be so modest.


I can't remember when I haven't been in love with you.


Yes, dear?

Aren't there some odds and ends you ought to tie up?

You mean .. Mimi Montagne?


Oh, it doesn't bother me, but ..

But I would like to know if it's definitely over before we got married.

That's over right now.

I shouldn't like any trouble with that type of girl.

She won't make any trouble.


I'll make sure. Ha.

How do you do, Mr Siddall.

Hello, Lili.

Hello, honey. Be right out.

Hello darling.

What are you doing?

Mimi, I'd like to talk to you.

Oh, Lily.

Yes, ma'am? You can go.

Yes, ma'am.

What's the idea?

Mimi, you're a grand girl. We've had a lot of good times together.

But .. what?


Things have got to be different.

Something has happened.


You've got another girl?

No. You're lying.

Mimi, don't take it like this.

Holy mackerel. You come and tell me it's all over ..

And expect me to break out laughing I suppose?

We knew it couldn't last. I don't see why not.

You've no kick coming. I've been absolutely square with you.

I haven't looked at another man. I know. You've been grand.

But .. I'm going to get married.

Oh .. that's it?

Well, who is she?

One of those high-hat dames I suppose?

I'll show you. You can't give me the run around like this.

I'm not trying to. I'll take care of you.

I'll make a settlement on you. You can't get rid of me that easy.

I gave up a soft bird to come to you.

I gave up a guy that was nuts about me.

A decent guy.

Crelliman? Yes, Crelliman.

Oh Mimi .. a racketeer?

What of it? He's alright with me.

He wouldn't have pulled a rotten trick like this.

And you'll not get away with it.

I'll show you. I'll spread this thing all over the newspapers.

I'll show that lady friend of yours. If you dare ..

Don't dare me! I've got nothing to lose.

I'll do plenty.

Now see here, Mimi.

You can hold me up for money. I expected that.

And I'm willing to pay.

I said I'd make a settlement on you and I will.

You can take it or leave it. I don't care.

But .. if you want to make any trouble for me, I warn you.

Take care.

You dirty, stuck up snob!

I want to speak to Jim Crelliman.

It's Mimi Montagne.


It's Mimi, Jim.

"Well, where have you been?"

Oh, I've been around.

"How is your boyfriend?"

Who do you mean?

"Park Avenue."

You must be thinking of my twin sister.

I was wondering what you were doing.

"Same old thing."

Well, I thought I'd call you up.


I'd like to see you sometime.

"Any time you say."

What are you doing tonight?

"I'll be here. Why don't you come on over?"

I'll try to make it.



How's the little angel? I'm fine.

Where is Jim? I don't know, but I'm buying them.

Oh, I see him.

Hello there.

Hiya, Mimi.

How are you? Glad to see you.

Hello, baby. Nice to see you again.

Hello, Jim.


What will you have?

What have you got? Well, anything you like.

You know what I like.

A Martini, not too much Vermouth.

That's a very pretty dress, you have on.

Oh, this?

I couldn't remember what I had on.

Well, you look very charming tonight.

Thank you.

Have you changed your .. hairdresser?

You .. remember?

Of course I do.

Well, here we are.

Happy days.

So it's all over?

What do you think? I don't know.

Do you want me to put it in writing? No, that isn't necessary.

He ought to be here any minute now.

Who? Siddall.

Who asked him? You did.

I did? Oh yes. You did.

You wanted to tell him something. Tell him it was all over.

Oh, I see. You have it all planned.

You expect me to put it on a scene in front of this whole mob?

No, you can do that in private.

Private? Here? There are other places.

The roof for instance.

Just so that I know that it's all over.


Come on, let's dance.

Mr Siddall to see you, Miss Montagne.

Take his hat and coat and tell him to come in.

You're alright, Jim.

You're twice the gentleman he thinks he is.

Mr Siddall.

Hello, Tom. Glad to see you again.

I've come here to see Mimi. That's alright with me.

Don't you want to take off your coat? No thank you.

But you will stop and have a drink?

No thanks.

You don't have to act like that. Forget it. Forget it.

Let's get this over with. What is it?

There's a few things I would like to tell you.

But not here, not here.

Come on out here.

She's got a lot of nerve.

Busting in here.

It's alright with me.

I haven't got any strings on Mimi, and ..

Mimi hasn't got any strings on me.

Now don't be old-fashioned.

Why don't you drink up?

[ Gunshot! ]

What's up with the music? Did you hear that? - What?

Sounded like a shot. Yes, I heard it.

[ Scream! ]

What's the matter? What's going on?

Who is it? What ..?

What happened?

Mimi .. Mimi!

Jackson. Yes, sir?

Send for the police.

Good morning, Layton. Good morning, sir.

As a matter of idle curiosity, will you tell me why I slept at that end?

You said you wished to sleep with your head towards the engine, sir.

Yes, I vaguely remember I went to a party last night.

Where was it?

Right here, sir.

Did I have a good time? Yes, sir.


You were in a very generous mood, sir.

But I persuaded the young lady to whom you gave the grand piano ..

That it would be difficult to get movers so late at night.

Quite commendable.

I also persuaded the other young lady ..

That it might ruin the Whistler etching to carry it out in the rain.

That is all, Layton.


What time did they leave?

Right after you passed out, sir.

Well I hope you took over my duties as host, Layton.

Yes, sir. I took the big blond home.

I must say the young ladies conducted themselves very well.

There were only six broken tumblers and three plates cracked.

And five holes burnt into the rugs.

Come, take this away and get me a drink.

Mr Durant, are you going to continue this drinking?

I'll drink as long as I have a hangover.

And I'll have a hangover as long as I drink.

It's a vicious circle, Layton.

Mr Durant. Mr Durant. Oh, Mr Durant!

Will you please stop that screaming.

Return to the pantry immediately.

Mr Durant, Mr Durant! Yes, yes. What is it?

Mr Siddall, sir. He's in terrible trouble.

[ Doorbell ]

Answer that. Yes, sir.

Layton, where is Mr Durant? I've got to see him right away.

Right away!

Yes, madam. Right away.

Oh Jack. Have you heard what's happened? I've just this minute seen the papers.

I'll go out of my mind. Tell me about it.

I haven't had a chance to read them. Tom's been arrested.

They say it is .. murder. Now, now. Here, sit down.

Tell me.

Your picture is in the papers. What did you have to do with it?

Tom and I are engaged.

I see.

Rather quick, wasn't it?

I know if I had any pride I wouldn't come to you.

Only I was so desperate I didn't know what to do.

You see. I feel responsible.

I told him to go to her. I wanted to be sure she wouldn't make trouble.

They had a fight yesterday. He started drinking. I'm afraid he got angry and ..

Oh, it's so awful.

Everything is against him.

Yes. It sounds pretty bad.


Jack, you'll help him, won't you?

Won't you?

You wouldn't let them ..?

I know it must seem funny to you after those things I said about those cases.

But Jack.

This is different.

This is Tom.

You wouldn't let your feelings against me keep you from helping him?

You don't have to do that. What?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I am so desperate I don't know what I'm doing.

I'll go right down to the tombs and see him.

Oh thank you, Jack.

Layton, call after a cab.

I'll drop you home.

No, don't stop for me. I'll get home by myself.

Jack, I wonder.

Could you forgive me?

What do you care whether I forgive you or not?

As long as .. I do what you want. Why, of course I won't forgive you!

Why, you speak as though you hated me. Why not?

Why should you expect my love to last any longer than yours?

I never knew you could be so cruel.

You've changed.

Yes. I salute the maker of that change.

You're not the only woman in the world you know.

There's lots of other attractive women. Hundreds of them.

Oh, Sue. If you ..

A dreadful thing, isn't it, sir.

Yes, it is. Get ..

Get Lieutenant Stevens of the Homicide Squad and ask when he can see me.

Yes, sir. Do you think he's guilty, sir?

I hope not, for her sake.

But I'm afraid he is.

Hello .. who is speaking?

No, this isn't Mr Durant. Who is speaking?

Who is it?

He won't say. He says he wants to speak to you personally, sir.


Yes, this is Durant speaking. Who is it?

Never mind names.

Just a friend of yours telling you that if you know what's best for you ..

You'll lay off the Siddall case.


"Leave it alone. Don't touch it."

"If you do .. we'll strew your body from the Bowery to the Bronx."

"Got it?" Who is this?

Hello .. who is it? Hello, hello?

What is it, sir? What is it?

Someone just convinced me that Siddall is innocent.

Call Lieutenant Stevens and tell him I'll be down right away.

Here they are. Let's look at them.

Careful, they're not dry yet.

The roof. The body of the girl.

That's where she got it. Good looking girl.

Why do these guys always bump off the good-looking ones?

A private meeting, or anybody ..?

Well, well. Mr Durant, how are you? Glad to see you.

Nice seeing you, Steve. How are you?

Hey, you didn't think of handling this? Siddall is a friend of mine.

Lay off. Lay off. A man like you don't want to be tied up with a sore loser.

What's the low-down?

I just sent for him again. We got some new dope. Come on, I'll take you in.

Tell me .. have they questioned Crelliman yet?

Plenty .. Crelliman says he don't know why Siddall came.

While he was there he went out of his way to be nice to him.

Nice to the fellow that stole his girl? Ah, that was all washed up.

He didn't have any grudge. What do the others say?

Same thing. Crelliman was swell.

But the kid came in with a chip on his shoulder. He was looking for trouble.

A boy like Tom enters a nest of gorillas with a chip on his shoulder, huh?

Yeah. Can you imagine?

No, I can't.

Tell us again just what happened.

What did you do when you got on the roof?

Well, when we got out on the roof.

She told me that she didn't ever want to see me again.

She was through with me, completely.

She was going back to Crelliman.

And .. then as she was talking, suddenly she put her hand up to her heart.

And when she took it away it was covered with blood.

I seem to remember hearing something like a shot.

But I thought it was a backfire from the street.

Then, something struck my foot and ..

I was in a sort of a daze, and ..

I .. didn't know what I was doing. That blood and everything. I ..

I reached down to get it, and it was the revolver.

A .38?

I don't know. I'd never seen it before. She was killed with that gun.

But I didn't do it. I haven't got a gun.

You've a permit, right? Yes, but I never bought a gun.

Oh yeah?

Send in ..

Levitoff. Yeah, Levitoff. Send him in.

Didn't you stop at a pawn shop on your way home yesterday afternoon?

No, I didn't.


Did you sell a .38 gun yesterday afternoon?

Yes, sir. What time?

About 4 o'clock.

Can you identify the man who bought it?

Yes, sir. Was this the man?

Yes, sir.

Why, that's a lie. He's lying. I never saw that man before in my life.

That's all, Levitoff. We won't need you anymore. Thanks.

Well, what do you think now?

Isn't his story a beaut?

It's so crazy it might be the truth.

I'd like to talk to him. Okay.

I'm sorry he's a friend of yours.

He's going to get a nice, quick trial and a pleasant walk the chair.

Wait a minute, Dan. Someone to see him.

See you later old man. Yes.

Oh, Jack .. I know. Sit down.

I know, but they got me nearly crazy. They've been at me and at me.

Until they've almost got me believing that I did do it. Just now ..

I know. I heard it. But it's a lie!

At 4 o'clock when he said he sold me the gun I was walking up to the office.

Have you any witnesses? No, I was alone.

Well, did you meet anyone or go into any shop?

No. But Jack, I swear to you I didn't do it.

I know you didn't, old man.

Do you believe me? Yes, I do.

You're the first one round here that has.

Alright, don't you worry. We'll get you out of this.

You mean you'll help me? Of course I will.

Even .. even after Sue?

Oh, don't worry about that.

Mr Durant. Yes?

Buck up now, old man.

Oh, hello there. How are you?

How are you? Glad to see you.

I'd like to speak to you a moment. Yes, certainly.

Are you handling this case? Yes.

Oh, I see. I didn't know that.

Miss Leonard came to me and ..

I don't want to seem to be born again, but I will do anything I possibly can.

We've been talking things over and .. Yes, what?

You want it straight from the shoulder? Yeah. Those are the easiest to block.

We don't want you on this case.

We feel that you would only prejudice the jury.

You're known as defender of the guilty. That's straight enough.

Frankly, there's not much anyone can do.

We are going to try to get him off on a plea of emotional insanity.

Emotional insanity?

Then you're going to plead guilty? What else can we do?

Well, you might use that plea of insanity ..

For yourself. So long, old man.


"This is Jackson Durant, Tony."

Hello there, angel. How are you?

"Alright. Say, can you get me some dope on Crelliman?"

From the cradle to the grave.

"I want to know everything he did yesterday."

It's a cinch.

"When can you have it?"

Well, meet me tonight about ten at the Pentacle Club.

"Okay. Thanks, Tony." Wait a minute. What's up?

"Well, I'm interested in the Siddall case."

Uhoh. Lay off of that one. Lay off.

The guy's as guilty as they make 'em. "So I've heard. So long."

Wait a minute. You'll be losing your name as ..

Big boy is waiting for you. Good evening. Hello, May.

Hello, Molly.

Good evening, sir. Good evening.

Hello there, angel. How are you? Fine, thanks.

Sit down, get comfortable. Wait, somebody with you?

A couple of ladies.

You have to have two of them now, huh? Oh, yeah.

Look at that. Anaconda is up two points.

You know, I think I'll put a little dough in this here investment.

Oh, wait a minute. I'm not interested in stocks. Tell me.

Did you find out anything on Crelliman? Not a thing.

He had a perfect alibi for every minute of the time.

So has everyone else on his party. You're not sticking up for him?

You and Crelliman haven't buried the hatchet?

If I ever bury it, it will be in his skull.

Perfect alibis, huh?

Well that's that, then.

Wait a minute. I got a little surprise for you.



The one in the black and white.

Ah, pretty.

You care for that?

Ah, I have to work. Now wait a minute, pal.

She was at Crelliman's party.

You go to work on her.

She's a grand kid.

The kind you can take home for dinner and ..

And no hard feelings if you don't ask her to stay to breakfast.

And no hard feelings if you do, huh? Ha-ha.

Girls, I want you to meet the guy that took the scorch right out of my pants.

You know Lottie, of course? Yes, I know Mr Durant.

And this is Gertie Waxted.

How do you do?

I couldn't do better.

Well, that's just the way I feel about you.

I am expecting you two to be great friends.

You're not going to disappoint Tony, are you?

I'd be scared to.

Well, Lottie.

We got to blow.

Oh. That's too bad, Tony. Yeah.

Ain't it.

I hope you can struggle through without us.

Well, we'll try.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Goodnight.

There goes the big boy.

Stay here.

Yes, Mr Gazotti?

I wouldn't want for Mister Durant to get that check.

Yes, sir.

And if he don't have a good time I'm holding you responsible.

Yes, sir.

You don't have to go, do you?



You could get plenty for what's on your mind right now.

What did I call you?

A dirty-minded little rat.

And darned if you don't go out of your way to remind me of it.

Oh, you're a great guy.

So long, Gertie.

I hope no-one ever hurts him. He's alright. I like him.

Have a cigarette? No thank you.

Oh. May I cool your wine? Not yet.

Would you care to dance?

That's better .. I'd love to.

Music is certainly a wonderful thing.

I meet you and five minutes later you're in my arms.

Do you have to have music?

I don't know. Do I?

I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate and degrade me.

So you're the man, who put a grand piano in a girl's vanity case?

Oh, is that news all over town?

Don't worry. I heard you were alright.

You didn't demand a down-payment.

Well, don't you count on that.

If I give you anything, I'll demand payment.

I'd hate to be a desk.

You tired?

Did you ever do a dozen hours ..

With the cops questioning you to see if you slip up with your story?

If I were a nice refined girl ..

I'd be at home in bed putting on a swell hysterical act.

Instead of which, I'm here drinking champagne.

Well. That's life in the big city.

Where do you we go from here?


Of course, I'll stay here till dawn if you want me to.

I'd whole lot rather go somewhere and cook a dish of eggs.

You want me to take you home?

Your home or my home?

Anywhere you like.

I hate the thought of going back to mine.

Mimi's picture is in my room.

If I see that, I'll probably ball.

Were you great friends?

Like that.

I loved her.

Ah it's tough, I know.

Well then, your place is out.

How about mine?

You know, I've got some eggs at my place ..

That are just longing to be scrambled by you.

Well, I'd hate to keep an egg waiting. Let's go.


Is everything alright, sir? Yes, perfect, thanks.

I'll put you on early if you like?

No, no. We're tired.

I wouldn't like Mr Gazotti to think we hadn't treated you well.

Oh no. You treated us beautifully.

Would you tell Mr Gazotti that? Yes, I'll tell him. Thank you.

Goodnight. Goodnight, sir.

Are we alone? Yes.

Do you mind? No.

A nice place.

Yes, I like it now better myself.

Oh, I'll see about those eggs. Skip it.

Come on, let's get it over with.

What do you mean?

The cross-examination.

Really, I .. Don't stall.

You didn't ask me up her because of my fatal fascination.

I was Mimi's pal.

I was at Crelliman's party.

You want to help Miss Leonard.

It adds up too smoothly.

You want them to get the man who killed Mimi, don't you?

They've got him.

And I hope he burns for it.

Siddall didn't do it. I know that.

Then who did?

That's what I want to find out. Will you help me?

I'd do anything to get the man who did it.

The trouble is, I came to the party after Mimi had gone out on the roof.

I'm no good. I don't know a thing. Oh yes. You know a lot.

There's a lot of things you don't know you know.

Things .. that don't seem important to you.

But they might mean a great deal to me.

So you can help me by just going on talking.

You think I might tell something?


It might take weeks.

Well .. I'll be patient.

Make yourself comfortable. Oh, I want to show the house. Come on.

Over here is the porch.

There is where you can take your sun-bath.


Here .. the bar.

Over here is the ..

The radio.

Where you can drive yourself to distraction.


And ..

Here ..

Very nice. Hmm.

You think you can be comfortable?

Oh, yes.

Isn't it going to be pretty dull, just talking all the time?

Well, I'll try to break the monotony.


Why, but telling you how charming you are.

It will still be just talk.

Oh, I'll get you a drink.

Funny, no host would let ..

Hey ..

What is this?

I'm going back to my place.

Oh. Oh, please don't.

What's the matter? Don't you like me?


Then, why are you going?

To get my things.

Oh come on in here. I'll lend you some things.

Here we are.


I haven't much of a variety, but ..

You may have a preference.

How about that? Only pyjamas?

Yes, that's all. And you a bachelor?

What do you think, these? They'll look better on you.

Alright .. here, I'll take that for you.


It's getting late. I think you'll be comfortable.


Is it broken?

The crystal is cracked. Oh dear.

Never mind. I'll have It fixed for you.

I wouldn't have anything happen to that. It was Mimi's. She gave it to me.

One of the few things Levitoff didn't get.


Yes. A pawnbroker.

Poor Mimi always had her stuff in hock.

Why did she go to Levitoff?

Because he gave her more money. He was a friend of Crelliman's. Mimi thought ..

What? Have I said something?


One of the things I didn't know I knew?

Yes. What is it?

Levitoff is the one who swore he sold Siddall the gun.

I may be dumb, but it doesn't mean a thing to me.

Oh never mind. You're tired.

Go to bed.

I hate to quit on you.

But cheer up. Maybe I talk in my sleep.

Oh, that's an idea.

Well. Goodnight.

Tut, tut, tut.

Is that so?

What do you mean?

Tut, tut, tut.

Did I say that, sir?

You certainly did. You went: "tut, tut, tut".

Did I? Yes.

I mean I'm sorry, sir.

[ Doorbell ]

That's Stevens. Show him right in, will you.


Morning. Did I get you up? You didn't. Want breakfast?

No thanks, I must be on my way.

Get me some coffee Layton, will you. And take those things out of here.

Here is those pictures. Oh, fine.

Any reason not to talk? No.

Is that man of yours okay? Safe as the church. Why?

I've been thinking.

It don't look good me coming here if anybody should know.

Oh you came here to ask my advice about putting money into a musical .. comedy.

How'd you know I was sprouting wings?

You've been on the Broadway squad for 5 years. You ought to be ripe now.


My advice to you is put your money into government bonds.

You can't cuddle up to a government bond.

Well, that's right, too. Anything else I can do?

Not a thing. Thanks.

I hope to do as much for you someday. Oh, yeah?

I don't suppose you did anything when you told the Commissioner I was framed?

You don't owe me anything. Thank you.

Mr Durant!

Don't think of doing such a thing. You have everything to live for.

You idiot! Here, put that tray down. Come over here.

Come on, put down that tray. Come here, I want to try something.

Stand up here.

Now the bullet would go about through there.

Please, sir.

Don't be silly. It isn't loaded.

Go straight through there.

At that angle. Turn around.

Then it would come out there.

Please, sir. Here.

Come on, now. Get down.

A little farther. Farther. Alright. Hold it there.

Ah ..

Maybe she was sitting down?

No, there were no chairs. Come on, stand up. Stand up.

Hold it. Hold it right there.

Now that .. that bullet would go right straight through.

Come on, stand up.

Now I ask you.

I'd have to do this.

You couldn't do it, sir. No, neither could he.

She must have been shot from above. Come on, clean this stuff up.

Are you up? Come in.

Good morrow. Good morning.

I didn't want to wake you.

Oh, I've been awake for hours. I'm all bathed and everything.

You got another one of those?

Oh, I'm sorry.

Say, I'm hungry.

Why didn't you yell?

I didn't want to spoil your beauty sleep.

Thoughtful as well as alluring, eh?


Well, do you doubt it?

Well I did last night. I didn't exactly have to fight for my honor.

A few more weeks of this and I'll be out of condition.

Say, are you still in love with someone or are you just decent?

Well, maybe I think you are decent.

A girl who comes into a man's apartment at night?

You may have come here just to look at the Chrysler building.

That must have been it.

I'm going to take a shower. I'll be with you in just a minute.

I'm going out as sharp as a button.

I'm very much afraid I approve of your house.


And its appointments. Thank you.

And you.

Thank you.

And ..

And ..?

Now you may say something nice about me. Oh, that wouldn't be very difficult.

Mr Durant, please. Yes?

If you will pardon me.

Good morning, Madame. Good morning.

May I speak to you? Yes, certainly. Go ahead.

I mean privately, sir.

Of course.

Pardon me. He's positively upset.

Yes, he'll get used to it. Don't wait for me. Go right ahead.

Miss Leonard is outside, sir. Why don't you show her in?

But ..

Don't be a fool. I wish you wouldn't try to do all my thinking for me.

Sorry, Sue. Come in.

I hate to bother you, Jack.

But it's terribly important. But it's no bother at all.

What is it? What's on your mind?

I want you to get off the case.

Get off? Hmm.

I want you to get off it immediately. You're the one that made me take it.

I know. I know, but I've changed my mind.

Alright. Tell me what happened?

A man just called me up. I don't know what his name was.

He said if you didn't quit the case, you'd be killed.

Did he say more?

He said you're working for Gazotti, who has a grudge against Crelliman.

And that he's out to get even with him. That's their story, is it.

Please give it up.

I know you took it just for me. I don't want the responsibility on my shoulders.

It won't be on your shoulders. I won't give up this case now for anything.

But your life is in danger.

You're not worrying about that .. are you?

Yes, I am.

Oh, I know I've been headstrong and wanted everything my own way, but ..

I've made mistakes.

Bad mistakes.

I don't want to make another.

Yes, we've all made mistakes.

But they aren't irrevocable.

Don't worry.

Everything is going to turn out alright.

We'll get Tom off and you and he are going to be very, very happy.

I wonder.

Of course we'll get him off.

Hello ..

Oh .. sorry.

I think maybe I'm .. No, not at all. Gertie.

Come here, please.

Gertie, this is Miss Leonard. Miss Waxted.

How do you do? I'm afraid I interrupted.

No. No, you didn't at all.

Miss .. Waxted is here because .. Why try to explain?

You don't have to account to me.

Miss Leonard. No. Please, Gertie.

Please let me talk to her. Miss Leonard.

Miss Leonard. Yes?

I don't want you to go like this.

Not on account of me.

It doesn't matter about me. Well then.

But it does matter to him. He's in love with you.

He wouldn't think of another woman.

I'm only here because I can help on the case.

I must go.

I don't blame you for not believing me. I can hardly believe it myself.

It's the truth.

He didn't think of me for one minute.

I don't know why you're telling me all this. I'm not interested.

He can lead his own life.

It doesn't matter .. to me.

I'm awfully sorry. Oh, that's alright.

Let's finish our coffee.

You really can see the Chrysler Building from here, can't you.


Tell me some more about Mimi.

Oh yes. Where was I?

Well, when Mimi left ..

I wish I could do something.

About Miss Leonard.

Oh, forget it.

Sit down won't you.

Alright. Go on.


When Mimi left Crelliman, he didn't seem to mind.

But then you never could tell about Crelliman.

You never knew what was on his mind.

That isn't very definite, is it.

I don't think I'm much good. Never mind. You're tired now.

Sugar? Please.

Darned nice of you to let me stay last night when I had the heebie-jeebies.

If you knew what a relief it was not to have to look out on that roof.

What roof?

Well, my apartment looks right down on the place where Mimi was ..

You got a cigarette?

Looks right down on it?

Yes. It's right in front of me.

Let's not talk about it.

I'm going to get out of that place.

Crelliman can whistle for the rent.

I'm going to move. What did you say?

I'm going to move.

No, you said something about Crelliman. Oh. He owns the building.

He does?

Yes. Does that surprise you? Yes.

Those boys all sink their money in real estate now.

They don't put it in the bank where the government can check on it.

Why not give me your key? I'll go down and get your things.

Oh, that's terribly sweet of you.

I'll get them in a minute.

You'd be an angel. I'd love something beside that evening dress.

Say Layton, get my hat and coat, will you. - Yes, sir.


When I leave, I don't want anyone to come in or out of that door. Understand?

Yes, sir.

Did you find it? No.

It's here somewhere in all this litter.

Ah, here it is.

The Oklahoma block. Yes, I know.

Apartment 26A.

Now you'll find a suitcase in the closet and my clothes are in the bureau.

Bring .. oh, bring two of everything.

There is a little street dress .. a blue one.

No, there's two.

Two blue ones in the closet. You know the one I mean.

It has red piping on the collar.

A gourd skirt and accordion pleated sleeves.

Well .. in other words, you want the little blue dress?


Bring anything and a couple of hats. Oh no. I'm not bringing any hats.

I don't want you to go out at all.

Please, Mr Durant.

No, no. I've got to be frank with you.

I don't want you to leave this room for any reason whatsoever.

Until I say so.

Now you guessed last night ..

That I brought you here to question you about Mimi.

Someone else might have guessed the same thing.

And they might object? Exactly.

I'll take a chance and stick with you. You are a peach.

Am I? Oh, give me the watch.

My watch? Yes, yes. Give it to me.

Yes, to be sure. Anything you like. Would you like my bank book too?

I'm afraid you think I'm taking advantage of you.

I'm afraid you won't.


I'd like as much as you can give.

Not interested.

What's the matter? Isn't it any good? Sure. The watch is alright.

Well, can't we make a deal?

You don't want to pawn that watch.

You see, I know you, Mr Durant.

You don't need money.

I wish you'd take the watch and get out. Wait a minute.

What if I offered you 500 dollars? Get out.

Get out. Before I call the police and tell them you tried to bribe a witness.

Get out! Say, wait a minute.

Follow that black and white. Step on it.

What's the matter?

Where did he go? I don't know.

Where did that black and white go? I tell you I don't know.

Say what have you got eyes for, mug?

Hello, Mr Durant.

Hello. I want to see Gazotti.

Well, little Lord Fauntleroy. You want to see the big boy, sir?

Yes. Yes, my Lord.

What do you want me to do? Kick it for you?

Hello, angel. Hello.

That thing was driving me nuts.

Well, well.

Turn around.


You're telling me? Tell him.

He made me wear it.

He thinks it's "class".

Come on in, I want to see you. Gertie just phoned me.

She thinks you're swell. I think she's swell too.

Well then, it's fifty-fifty and nobody is hurt.

She's helped me a lot. Yeah?

Tony, they're letting out sewer contracts in Brooklyn.

You could sell your mind at a nice profit.

Now, angel.

Let it never be said of Gazotti that he intimated that a lady may be indiscreet.

Hey, did you get that lingo?

A gentleman would never insinuate that one of the fair sex may be lacking in ..

Honor .. Your Honor.

Boy, I can even talk like you.

Hey, Tony. You said you'd do something for me.

I'd give you my right arm and I ain't no southpaw.

Well, I want to break into somebody's apartment.

Second story stuff, eh? Yeah.

I thought maybe a friend of mine has a bunch of keys and one of them might fit.

Is that all? Yeah. Have you got any?

Say, the best in New York.

Now I want you to do something else for me.

Just name it.

I want you to make Levitoff talk.

Uhoh .. ask me something easy.

Is that all your promises mean? You said you'd do anything.

I ain't no miracle man.

Well you can try, can't you? I tried and he won't talk to me.

When did you see him last? About 15 minutes ago.

Well, ten minutes ago, a guy walked into his shop and pumped him full of lead.

No? Who did it?

I don't know, but it's a cinch Crelliman's got an alibi.

Give me those keys. Now wait a minute.

Why don't you drop this before something happens to you? Let that guy fry.

I will when Crelliman's arrested and charged with Mimi's murder.

Say the word, I'll rub him out.

Say, what good will that do that poor kid down there in jail?

I have to prove he didn't do it.

Crelliman framed him, put Mimi on the spot, and made it look as if he did it.

Say, you racketeers can think of more rotten ways of getting even with people.

You're not satisfied with just killing a fellow. You must torture him.

The more horrible, the better.

Come now. Don't put me in Crelliman's class.

Where are you going with those? Oklahoma apartments.

Why, that's owned by Crelliman. It's crawling with his mob.

Yes, I know that. But I must see Gertie's apartment.

If not right, I'll check the one above.

Who lives there? I don't know.

Now wait a minute, you can't take a chance ..

Joe. Joe!


Tell those mugs to stay close to Durant.


Is that you, Gertie? "Yes."

That guy of yours is off his nut.

Who lives in the apartment above you in the Oklahoma?


Murtoch? Why that's one of Crelliman's gunmen.

Why? "Plenty."

"He's going up there."

He's going up there?

What do you think we ought to do?

We ought to tell Tony.

You know what he'll do to us.

I know.

I won't tell him.

Don't think I'm going to.

Let's flip.

Heads you tell him. Tails I do.


Give me another drink.

Which way is 26A?

Down that way. Thanks.

I'm going out.

But Mr Durant left instructions. I don't care. I'm going out.

Begging your pardon, Miss Waxted, but I have my instructions. You can't go.

Oh I can't, can't I?

Well, who'd think of finding you here?

You would.

I just dropped in to see Gertie. I thought she'd feel bad about Mimi.

Is Gertie here?


What do you want?

Oh, that's all.

But since we've met like this I thought it would be a good idea ..

Well, if we ..

Had a little talk.

How would you and Gertie like to take a trip to Europe starting immediately?

With a retainer of 200 grand you could buy that girl a lot of pretties.

A pleasure trip?

No, not entirely. There would be some business involved.

I want you to go there and contract with ..

The best distilleries in England and Scotland.

It will take about a year.

Siddall would have got the chair by then, wouldn't he.

200 grand is a lot of money.

No. Not interested.

Well, let's sit down and talk .. No, I told you I wasn't interested.

You know, a sea voyage ..

Would be swell for your health.

You know a man isn't safe in this work.

How do you know when a taxi is liable to hit you?

And the shooting?

You never can tell when a stray bullet is liable to push you over.

You may be dancing sometime with that little Waxted girl.

The place gets stuck up. And she and you get yours together.

Like Levitoff, huh?

I don't know what you're talking about.

No .. I don't suppose you would.

But if you don't mind, I'll be going.

Have it your own way, mug. I tried to be nice and you wouldn't have it.

You wise guys can't learn a thing.

You have some luck and think it sticks forever.

Won't be lucky when I'm done with you. Your threats are getting weaker.

But my actions won't. Neither will mine.

Now wait a minute. I wouldn't do that if I were you.

That's a rap you'd find it hard to beat.

Well, what do you want?

Oh, I thought it was somebody at my door.

Did you get him? No. - Why?

He didn't come down.

Did you bring a man down from 26?

I answered the call, but he wasn't there.

He's still in the building. Get him.

If he's in one of the apartments, let him have it. The law is on your side.

Now you two, go to the 27th floor, particularly Murtoch's apartment.



Wait a minute. I said down. I heard you.

You want to go down? With the lobby crawling with Crelliman's mugs?

You socked Jim Crelliman didn't you? Yes, I did.

Well, anyone that hits him is a pal of mine.

Come on over here.

Get in there. Ride this down to the basement and get out the back way.

Thanks, old man.

Crack me in the eye so it won't look phony. - I can't.

Come on, shoot it. Don't be gentle. Wait a minute. You mean it?

It's for my own good. Boy, here it comes.

It was a beaut.

You're going to give me heartburn.

If you ever lose him again .. He got away.

Wait a minute. It's my fault, Tony.

Did you find out who lived in that apartment? - No.

I'll tell you it's Murtoch. One of Crelliman's killers.


He went out of there just minutes before you went in.

Where is he now? At Conley's.

Where is Conley's?

Why? I must talk to him.

Lay off this thing will you, Mr Durant. What's the address?

I'm not saying.

Come on. It's Something new. I must hear it.

I'm not helping you into trouble. Right. Stop the car. Let me out.

You can't .. Stop the car.

No, no, no. I know what I'm doing. You know where Conley's speakeasy is?

Yes, I know where it is. Okay, then take me there.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and follow him.

Deliver this grip to this address.

My man will pay you off.

Hi, big boy.

Hello, John. Hello, Mr Durant.

A glass of beer, please.

Hey, come on, hop up the service! Come on, will you!

Hey, tell the guy Murtoch to either shut up or get out.

Listen, Murtoch, you're not such a big-shot to me.

If you don't like this place, get out. Oh yeah?

You heard me.

Wait a minute now. Wait. What did I do?

If you dislike the place you can go out. You listening?

Say, don't give me no .. Come on.

Don't get bothered about it. I'll be back and clean up the joint a bit later.

I want to see you.

Now look here, Tony. What's the matter, angel?

Now I know why you didn't want me to come here.

You don't want me to see your little spy Waxted slipping Murtoch the low-down.

Well, if you can't keep your hands on my side, keep them off the other.

Another thing. You can tell your friend Gertie she needn't come for her clothes.

I'll send them down to her.

Oh, it's funny, is it? Sure.

A jealous guy is always funny.


You're crazy.

Not me, but you are.

Crazy about that Waxted girl.

Layton. Yes, sir.

What struck you? Miss Waxted, sir.

And I thought she was such a charming lady.

Well, I wasn't the only one fooled. Get me a drink.

But .. Get me a drink.

I thought you stopped drinking. Well, you thought wrong. Get me one.

I'll answer that.

Boy, if you only knew how good you look to me.

Well, it's good to be home.

It's a wonder they didn't run me in decked out like this in broad daylight.

Oh, don't be sore.

I know you told me not to go out, but I had to.

I don't blame Layton for being sore.

I didn't injure you for life, did I Layton?

I hope not, Madame.

Well, aren't you glad to see me back safe and sound?

I'm just amazed that you had the nerve to come back at all.

What do you mean?

I hate a double-crosser.

A double-crosser? I saw you with Jim Murtoch.

You're a very clever girl but you can't get away with it forever, you know.

May I suggest that you pack your things. I'll see that Layton brings them over.

I don't suppose you'd like to hear my side?

No, I ..

I don't think you could tell me any story that I'd believe.

So you're going to drink, eh?

Because I'm a double-crosser, you're going to drink?

Well. I didn't know I was that important to you.

You're not.

You can make a tramp out of yourself after I'm gone if you want to.

But you will stay cold sober until you hear what I have to say.

The trouble with you is you mix with gyps, double-crossers and two-timers ..

Until you don't believe anybody anymore.

Just because your girl ditched you, you think we're all the same.

Shall I have Layton pack your things?

No, I will do it myself.

Before I go.

I'm going to tell you something you don't deserve to hear.

I didn't want Murtoch to plug you when you went into his apartment.

So I called him up .. and asked him to meet me at a speakeasy.

I kept him there until I thought you were safe.

Now, I'm going. Gertie.

Tony was right.


How I've missed you.

Very stupid.

Of course .. you're a man.

You shouldn't have done that.

Something might have happened to you.

I knew.

That was one of the things I knew I knew.

You are the strangest girl I've ever met.

You're a new one on me, too.

Why did you do it?

Your life is just a little bit more important to me than mine.

I realized last night that nothing matters except you.

I was yours for the asking.

I don't know why.

You see.

I'm what they call "straight".

I know you are.

I thought I could be happy if I got you.

It didn't matter if you cared for me or not.

But it does matter.

No, don't kiss me.

Don't ever kiss me.

Not if you don't mean it.

Not unless you're crazy about me.

Tut, tut, tut.

Did you wreck it?

No, there is a mirror.

I want you to know this.

There aren't any fences around me as far as you're concerned.

I know what your world is.

I know I don't belong in it.

You'll be just as free as before you met me.

Well, why don't you say something?


You are fine .. you are nice.

But what?

But I couldn't.

If I don't mind, why should you?

You rate something ..

Something better than that.

What? Marriage.

You're asking me?

I'm telling you what you rate.

[ Doorbell ]

Just a moment.

My usual luck.

Hello? Oh, hello Tony.

Tony, I want to apologize.

I was all wrong.


But if Gertie ever double-crossed you ..

She'd be playing a harp with her pal Mimi.

Say, listen. Here's some news for you, hot off the grapevine.

Murtoch is due for a ride any minute.

Crelliman knows you're on to him.

And he'll not take a chance on Murtoch spilling anything.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Tony says they're going to get Murtoch.

I must see him before that happens.

I've an idea, but don't know if it will work.

What is it? I must get Crelliman out on his roof.

And have him there while I talk to Murtoch .. I don't know how to do it.

I can do it and get him out there.

No, I couldn't let you do that. Too dangerous.

Oh, Crelliman wouldn't dare touch me in his own place, would he?

No, I don't think he would.

I'll call him and say I want to see him about something important.

He'll buy. You think it's safe?

As safe as I am with you. And that's saying plenty.

Hello, Tony?

No, never mind. Gertie is going to help me.

Okay. Okay. See you later.

It's a long shot.

A hundred to one.

I'll take a chance.

Are you sure you want to do it?

If it comes to a showdown between you and Crelliman, I'm betting on you.

You may be betting your life.

When I bet, I bet all.

Shall I call Crelliman now? Yes. Will you, please.

[ Doorbell ]

Excuse me.

My luck is changing.

Oh, hello boys. Here I am.

Yes .. wait here. I'll be with you in just a minute.

Gertie is phoning Crelliman. Crelliman?

What's the matter? Is that a new idea to you? Wait here.

Yes, Jim.

But what about the boys who are waiting for me? Will you call them off?

Yes, it's very important.


In five minutes? Alright, I'll leave in five minutes. Thanks, Jim.

Good girl. That will give us just time to get there.

What shall I do when I get there? He offered me a job abroad with you.

Tell him I'll take it, and you persuaded me. I don't care. Tell him anything.

But get him out on that roof. Do you think you can do it?

I don't know, but I'll try.

Gertie, you're the grandest girl in the world.

I'd rather be the cutest. Goodbye, and good luck.

What's up?

I'll tell you on the way down. Know Jim Murtoch?

Tough hood. Knocked off Curly Masters. Couldn't pin it on him.

He knocked off Mimi Montagne and it can be pinned on him.

He wasn't there.

Didn't have to be, he shot her from his window. Threw the gun on the roof.

Siddall picked it up. Who can prove it?


What you trying to do, make a sucker out of me?

I'm going to make a Captain out of you. I hope you're not wrong.

Duck, duck.

Alright boys, frisk them.

Get them out of here quietly.

Come on. Down here further.

No shooting, boys. I want to take this fellow alive.

[ 2x Gunshots! ]

So, you're going to be tough, eh?

Give me that gun!

Take it easy, Murtoch.

Did he get you, Mr Durant? No. I'm surprised at you, Murtoch.

Hey, what's the idea? We just want to look out your window.

There's a law against this.

What you do, call the police? Wait. He must be tired.

Bring him around here. I want him to see the show. Give me his gun, will you.

What you doing?

Ready to bump off the guy who stole my girl.

That's my gun. Exactly.

Say, what is this? Ain't you guys Coppers?

Ever see cops doing stuff on the side? They want Crelliman out the way as I do.


Yes. That double-crossing Gertie is on her way down here.

When she steps out on that porch I'll get him.

Say, wait a minute. You can't do that here.

It will be pinned on me. Sure it will.

That's the big idea Murtoch. Now aren't you a bright boy to guess it.

You can't get away with this. I can't huh?

Now you be a nice little boy and I'll tell you how we can get away with it.

You were with Gertie in a speakeasy.

The barman will testify you got so ugly he had to throw you out.

You told Gertie you're done with Crelliman's dirty work.

You were to do your own and get him. It's a lie. I never said that.

She told me and I told the police. We came here to stop you but were too late.

We got here in time to see you shooting out that window. We looked out ..

And saw Crelliman dead his porch. I'll say it's a plant.

What if you do with 3 witnesses against you? How far will you get with that?

But Gertie is two-timing you. I'll tell them that.

Come on now, why not take it nice and easy?

You were bound to get it sooner. A man can't be a killer without being killed.

What difference if it's a bullet or the chair? It's coming to you.

I thought you had more nerve.

You can't do this. You can't.

Well, I'm a little disappointed in you.

Why if you framed me as beautifully as this I'd be lost in admiration.

You can't let him get away with this. Wait a minute. Don't you understand?

Crelliman has plenty on these men.

He's threatened to expose that they took bribes. He's a poor sport, Crelliman.

I know one man that did a killing for him and went to the chair for it.

As he couldn't prove that Crelliman was involved.

And Crelliman wanted him out of the way. I'm going nuts. Give drink, will you.

I know, and I feel sorry for you. I know it's hard on your nerves.

But you see, we have to get rid of Crelliman.

It's better for us to have a man all ready to take the rap.

Oh, you'll enjoy it, Murtoch.

After I've killed Crelliman and the boys grab your hand ..

And force this gun back into it.

That's a little touch that ought to appeal to you.

Honestly, I defy anyone in the history of crime ..

To point to a more complete frame-up than this.

Point number 1: you had to get Crelliman before he got you.

Point number 2: your window overlooks Crelliman's porch.

Point 3: we entered the room just after you fired the shot.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Would it be more artistic ..

If we said we entered the room just before you fired the shot?


No, we don't have to see you do the actual killing.

We hear the shot.

Crelliman is dead, the gun is in your hand and we break open the door.

Steve, I forgot one little thing.

As Murtoch struggles, we beat him up. That should be a very thorough job.

It's funny that such a perfect plan should show a flaw.

You bet it shows a flaw. When I talk to the jury, you'll ..

We don't have any jury. That's it.

Why have a jury? We don't need one.

In the struggle after our entry into the room, the murderer is killed.

He shoots at us, puts up a battle until we kill him.

That's simple, plain and economical. That's the way we'll do it.

Now, just take it nice and easy, nice and easy.

And we'll wait.

You can't do that to me.

There she is now. Shall we get our hats on?

Wait until I hear what she has to say.

Let her in.

Hello, boys.

Hello, Jim. Hello, Gertie.

You want a drink? No. No thanks.

Gee, it's warm in here. I don't see how you stand it.

Are you getting sensitive? I guess so.

I've been doing some work for you. Yeah?

Let's go outside where it's cool. I want to tell you about it.

It's alright. These are all friends.

I know. But I want to talk to you alone.

Come on, spill it.

Well, you know I've been with Durant.

He's crazy about me.

I've been trying to find out what he had on his mind.

Well, I found out. What?

Come on, let's go outside and get some fresh air.

Open one of the windows.

You found out what?

He's losing his nerve.

I've got him scared blue.

Telling him what will happen to him if he doesn't get out of this town.

He told me to come and tell you he'd like to take that trip you offered him.


And he's going to take me with him.

Just what I need. A nice little trip.

Yes, you're going on a trip.

But it's not going to be the kind you think.

It's a shame, Gertie.

If you'd kept your nose clean.

It would have been alright.

Are you kidding? No.

Jim, you couldn't mean that.

Get your things on, boys.

So I'm going on a nice little ride, eh? That's it.

Can I make one last request?

A man on his way to the chair gets what he wants for dinner.

What is it?

I'd like to take one last look at that skyline.

I've had some good times in this town.

So you're going to take a dive, huh? No!

I'm on the level.

If you think it's anything phony, come along.

Leave me alone, will you. I'm going nuts.

There they are. Bring him over here.

Hold him tight and keep your hand over his mouth.

It's only fair that she should have her chance to see me kill him.

He'll be dead in a couple of minutes.

It ought to cheer you up to know that he went before you did.

Wait. Maybe he's got something to say before his lights go out.

If he screams, shoot him first. I'll get Crelliman right away. The gun is ready.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute, will you? Give me a chance, give me a break.

I don't want to die or be shot at.

If I finger Crelliman, what would you do for me?

Quit stalling. We want Crelliman dead. I'll get him dead, give him the chair.

If he hired me to kill someone, he'd get the chair, wouldn't he? - Of course.

I wouldn't, would I? I'd only get life? That's right.

Well, I'll talk.

Alright. Put it down, Steve. Get it down.

Crelliman hired me to kill Mimi Montagne.

I did it. I did it from this window.

I waited until she sat down .. Wait a minute. Wait ..

[ Gunshots! ]

Take it down Steve and make him sign it.

[ Gunshots! ]




Gertie. Are you alright?

She's alright.

What happened, Tony?

I'm sorry.

I had to do it.

I had to get Crelliman.

But you'll get me off.

Won't you?



Take it easy, old boy.

I'll get a doctor for you.


What am I?

Call me that again.

You're a dirty little rat, Tony.

Yeah .. you're a great guy.

Mr Durant is back, Madame.

Is he on his way up?

Yes, Madame. Mr Durant is talking to the reporters now.

I've never known so much excitement. Telephones, telegrams, congratulations.

Much different to the last time.

I hope this will teach Mr Durant only to take murderers from the best families.

Can I help you, Madame?

Yes Layton, do. I want to sneak out of here as soon as possible.

I hate to see you go, Madame.

After that bump on the head, Layton?

I don't know how I'll ever explain that to my wife.

She'll say that I've been up to my old tricks.

Are you a family man, Layton?

We have four children at home? Four?

And another on the way home from boarding school.

[ Telephone ]

There it goes again.

Hello? Hello?

Oh is that you on the extension, Mr Durant?

Oh, excuse me.

Miss Sue speaking to Mr Durant.

So they lived heavily ever after.

Tell me, Layton.

Pal to pal, do you like her?

Well, she never struck me ..

I beg your pardon, Madame.

I mean she always seemed pretty and ..

Very nice. She never did appeal to the beast in me.



Take care of him.

Take good care of him, won't you.

I love him, Madame. As much as you do.

No you don't.

[ Door knocks ]

Entre-vous, Monsieur.


Layton .. call up the steamship lines.

Get a reservation for me for tonight. Cunard Line, the best ..

What? Are you listening to me? Yes, sir.

Hurry up and make reservations for tonight. Any line at all.

Well, Siddall is sleeping in his own bed tonight.

I satisfied the reporters and everybody's happy.

Only ..

Poor Tony.

Well, you've been a peach. You did it all.

Thanks for everything.

I hope you have a nice trip.


You little idiot. You're going with me.

Uh ..

I'm going with you? Why, sure you are.


Well, how about Miss Leonard?


Well, she's a bad sailor.

How about Paris?

With you? Hmm.

I'd love it.

They'll talk. 0f course they will.

Do you mind?

Not if you don't.

Tut, tut, tut.


The bridal suite.

For Mr and Mrs Jackson ..


Why, I can't marry you. I'll ruin you with all your friends.

I'm not even a lady. You're not, huh?

Well, you'll do until a lady comes along.