Perdida (2018) Script


Here! I found it!

I found it.

HQ? HQ, do you copy?

HQ, we found an object likely to belong to the victim...


...we have to remember the uproar it caused in the police force in our country.

Because here the protagonist, the murderer, was none other than Pipo Larrabe, a boxing champion, loved and revered by the whole world, a man who had proudly represented the Argentine flag to the world, and yet, he ends up killing his wife, locked up...

We'll devote today's program to remembering him.

He left a mark in history.

In Argentine crime history...

...Pipo Larrabe, world boxing champion, was found guilty of strangling and throwing off of a balcony his wife and mother of his daughter.

Her name was Ángela Larrabe, right?

Ángela Larrabe, the champion's daughter, was a child when her mother was murdered.

She was the only witness to her mom's murder by her dad.

- What ever happened to that girl? You know, not much is known...

By now she's a woman, logically.

Last I heard she had left the country...


I'm with the Police, everything is going to be okay.

No! You can't...

Be quiet!

Be quiet.


It's okay. It's over now.

Velázquez, how are you? Fine, thanks.

Where's Manuela Pelari? Over there, sir.

How did you arrive so quickly?

I was nearby. What a coincidence!

What happened? Are you okay?

Yes, it's not mine.

The detective went in alone.

You would've done the same. Isn't that what you taught me?

I also taught you about teamwork.

You can't go in without a warrant!

You've put the entire operation at risk.

The perpetrator is on his way to the hospital.

She almost beat him to death.

The detective only cares about the perpetrator.

No, but I don't want him released.

I got a tip from a witness, apparently he heard screaming.

Chief, the cameras are here.

What do we do about the press?

Well, it's important news. You know the drill...

The mission was a success, teamwork, blah, blah, blah...

Okay? Six months of investigation, got it?

Pass. I'm not going to face them this time.

And yet you came prepared.

Okay, I'll handle it.

You're turning your partners against you.

Martín is a good cop.

Don't forget who your family is.

Good job, but it will be your last.

You can't save them all.

You get too involved.

It's the only thing I get involved in, Ramón.


You have two new voice messages.

Hello, Manuela. It's Clara Villalba.

I need to see you tomorrow during Cornelia's mass.

It's at 10:00, at the Inmaculada Concepción Church.

Me too. I'm so hungry!

Let's go.

Look over there!

It's so nice. It's snowing.

Good, we won't have to go on the excursions.

But I wanted to see the volcano.

No, Pipa, they're going to give us a bunch of homework.

No, she's right.

Anyway, I'm sleeping by myself.

I'm sleeping with Pipa, okay? Yeah!

Girls, let's go, it's freezing.



You didn't come to mass.

I did, but it had already finished.

Here are Cornelia's things.

The ones the Police returned to me.

I've been keeping them for years, hoping something can be done.

I want you to take a look, Pipa.

Come with me for a moment, please.

You're the only one who can help me figure out what happened to my daughter.

But you know perfectly well what happened.

The case was closed years ago.

The body was never found.

Due to the ashes from the volcano's eruption, it was almost impossible to go on with the search.

Sometimes, when I wake up, I forget she's not there.

And sometimes I think I see her on the streets, in some girl who looks like her.

Then I think, "No, that's not my girl."

She's a woman now.

A woman like you.

Some part of what I'm telling you must also happen to you.

If you submitted this obituary, it's because you're not over it yet.

You were her best friend.

Like sisters.

I'm not blaming you, but I can't understand how she could just disappear like that.

Out of nowhere.

Right in front of her friends.

I'm really sorry about what happened.

I didn't come here to criticize, or to listen to excuses.

I want you to do your job.

I want Cornelia back.

Clara, I know how hard it must be for you and your family.

But I don't quite get what you're asking. You don't?

No one gets it.

You're a cop.

You can look at the case again.

One more time.

See if they missed anything.

You're not wearing the necklace anymore?


I haven't in years.

I'll let you know if I have any news.

It's part of my job.

It's more than that.

It's part of your life.

Get up!

Come on!

Come on, man. Come on, Alina!

Who are you? Come on!

I'm the Police, man. Come on, get up.

Come on, take the drugs. Stop, okay.

Come on. Come on, go.

Go! Come on.

Take the drugs.

If anything happens to her, you're going to jail, you hear me?

Go on.





Don't think it'll look much better.

The picture isn't even digital.

I removed all the reflections from the glass. There you go.

That's why I wanted you to improve it.

I need the original.

I can't promise I'll be able to do much.

What about the obituary?

Can you trace who submitted it?

Did they pay by card? What was the agency?

Who is she?

None of your business.

Stop raiding my house, Pipa.

I need you lucid, it's important.

She vanished into thin air. We never heard from her again.

An accident.

If it was an accident, what are you looking for?

Is it a new case?


All cases are personal to you.


A copy to hang on your wall.

I know it's not a case, but you may need it.

Thank you.

I'll be taking your statement.

You'll be the witness for the break-in.

You promised me I wouldn't have to testify.

You know I hate... Stop it, Alina.

I've had a shitty day and it hasn't even started.

Father? Yes?

I'm here for Cornelia Villalba's photo.

It was on the lectern.

The girl from today's mass.

Yes. They just took it.

Who? A man.

He said he was here on behalf of the family, I don't know.

He just left.

Thank you.


You look so pretty, I don't know what to wear.

Thank you.

Can you help me? Yeah, I'll help you.

What do you think of Ariel?

He's cute, but forget it.

Leonora called dibs so...

I like this one.

Is it new? Yeah, I bought it the other day.

Let's see it. It's nice.

Let me help you.


Either way... he likes me.

Clara said you wanted to talk to us about something related to Cornelia.


And what does that have to do with us?

I'm looking over some stuff related to the case.

I'm looking for this photo.

One of you provided it.

No. It doesn't look very good.

She looks angry.

Cornelia was like that.

Maybe the photo was taken there. It seems to be from around that time.

I also want to know who submitted this obituary.

Was it any of you?

"Half of your absence is love."

What does that mean?

I don't know.

Any idea?

I don't know, not really from this.

Let me think about it.

It wasn't the Villalbas.

Clara thought it had been me.

The family didn't place the photo either?

Weird, right?

Look, Pipa, I don't understand.

Why are you doing this now?

And why not before?

Do you know anything about Cornelia that you're not telling us about?


What about you?

You know more than anyone that the matter was closed long ago.

There's nothing to explain. Cornelia got lost.

A puma ate her, or some other animal.

Don't you ever think about that night?


She died.

We have to accept it.

The body was never found.

And are you going to find it?

It's nice of her to care, right?

Then why didn't she go to mass? Leonora, stop.

If someone actually knows why Cornelia left the inn, it's not any of us.

You were always together, you were best friends.


We were best friends.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, girls.

But every time I think about Cornelia, I believe we are over the issue.

That's not the case.

Here we are, fighting like little girls, again.

Hi, sweetie!

Let's go, Rodrigo.

Can I use my PlayStation?

Yes, you can.

He attends our school.

Yes. My whole family went to Dullmich.

How old is he?

Seven, his birthday is next week, on the 18th.

You're leaving, Pipa?

Yes. I'll see you out.

No. Thank you.

It's done, Mermaid.

Is she lucid?


The last one you brought me couldn't even walk.

She better not have any bruises.

Four Venezuelans arrived today.

They're in bad shape. Then why are they here?

They're here on loan.

Treat them and put them to work.

I bought two sizes just in case.

Have you fed her?

Yes. You know how it goes...

The client has until 12:00, not a minute more.

Keep your eyes on her, and then... you put her back with the rest.

What about the Egyptian?

The Egyptian won't know a thing.

She's a virgin and she's mine.

She's worth her weight in gold, you know it.

That's what I'm referring to, she's a virgin.

If the Egyptian finds out... I've told you, I'll deal with him.

Whatever you say.

Have you done what I asked?


I came across this cop today.



She was at the church.

Who's the girl in the photo?

No one. A deal that went south.

None of your business. It is, if the Police are involved.

Can we talk about this later?

Let's go.

Do you know who I am?

Welcome to your new life.

The sooner you get used to it, the better.

If you don't want to have any trouble, do everything I say.



Now put this on.


Come on!

You too.

Move it.

This is a message.

They disfigured them so they can't work anymore.

What a waste.

They were our best girls. What do we do?

They're useless now.

We have to take them off the market.

Get going.

Come on.

Move your ass!

She and I are going to live.


How are you?

The doctor says he's going to take the bandages off soon.

What's wrong?

I have to leave.

You'll be on your own.

Now? Yes.

The Egyptian took flight. Spain isn't safe anymore.

What do you mean he took flight?


To Argentina.

Take me.

I've got an offer for him.

You want to go back to him after he ordered your death?

He's already killed me.

What else can he do to me?

What about her?

Lucrecia will come, too.

She'll work for us to repay us for saving her life.

It's dangerous.

The Egyptian trusts no one.

He trusts you.

And that's all it takes.

What about your pregnancy?

There's nothing left for us to do here.


Good morning. Good morning.

Where were you, Manuela?

The boss was looking for you.

Where were you yesterday?


New boyfriend keeping you busy?


Manuela doesn't have time for boyfriends.

Or to fill out reports.

She's beyond that.

I don't have time for your bullshit, Martín.

Here are some notes for the report.

Hey, look at that.

Now I don't have the time for it.

I'd rather you told us about you, about your life.

Do you like acting like the oddball?

I know where you come from.

You know nothing about my life.

Let me through.

You think you can get away with anything because you're the favorite.

But if the chief gets promoted... Who's going to cover for you?

You'll need some other "dad" to take care of you.

What's your problem, Seretti?

My problem is that we're always cleaning up your shit, Manuela.

That's my problem.

I didn't ask you to. You don't have to.

You must have a certain charm... that we're not aware of.

Don't be a smartass.


My office.

Crazy bitch.

Have you lost your mind or what?

I get that a lot lately.

Don't play stupid with me.

You can't attack a coworker in front of everyone.

You're provoking them.

You proceed alone on a six-month operative and then you disappear precisely when the DA needs to see you.

And now you lash out against the only person who covers for you.

Do you want to get suspended?

I'm having a bad day. You're having a bad day.

I need your support, Ramón.

Like I don't support you enough.

What happened?

Take some days off if you want.

It'll do you good, lower the tension around here.

No, it's not that.

I'm on a case.

What case?

Cornelia Villalba's.

I was at her 14th anniversary mass yesterday.

There's an obituary that no one knows who wrote it, and a photo that no one knows who took it or put it there.

Cornelia Villalba...

Yes, I know it sounds crazy.

But I'm sure there's more to it.

Like what?

Maybe she wasn't eaten by a puma or got lost.

Maybe she was killed.

Pipa, you very well know that I handled this case personally.

Nobody killed her.

It was a tragedy, a misfortune that took you a long time to get over.

There is no Villalba case.

We've gone over it a thousand times, too many times.

Many years. And I did it especially for you.

I know, but look.

What about it?

That's how she was dressed on the last night.

That blouse was new.

I picked it out for her myself.

Look at her neck.

She's not wearing the necklace we found the day of the search.

We each had one.

We swore to always wear them.

And what of it? How can you remember something like that?

Maybe she took a shower and forgot to put it back on.

No. She didn't forget!

She never forgot.

The conclusion was that she had come back with us.

She felt bad afterwards, so she went into the woods and got lost.

That's where the necklace was found.

But now there's another possibility.

What if she got lost elsewhere and someone planted the necklace?

That was the only proof of her coming back with us to the inn.

As well as your friends' statements, including your own, saying you all came back together that night.

You're looking for any excuse to obsess over Cornelia.

You taught me to look at the inconsistent details.


And I'm beginning to regret teaching you that.

I can't go along with all of your crazy ideas.

Manuela, you promised me that Cornelia would stay in the past.

You can't change what happened.

Plus it was my condition to help you.

Ramón, you're the only one who can understand me.

Give me two days.

If not, I promise I'll drop it.

I don't know, this whole time I thought you had moved on with your life.

God knows I tried with you.

I want you to start seeing the therapist again.

You can't be on the streets.

I can't go around covering for you all the time.

You have a department meeting, sir.




Not this time.

Forget about the Villalba case.

That's an order.


No! Why are you following me?

Detective Oreyana?

Ramón Oreyana?

Who are you? Manuela Pelari. Pipa.

Cornelia Villalba's friend. Do you remember me?

How can I help you, Manuela? I'm all ears.

You promised me something.

You told me Cornelia was alive.

At that time I thought she was.

You told me that... I remember very well what I told you.

But it's been four years.

The case is closed.

It's over, what do you want?

I want to know everything.

I need to understand.

Let me see the investigation.

Do you really think I can show you anything?

I owe you nothing.

The best you can do is take care of your own life.

Where do you live?

Do your parents know you're here? Teach me.

Teach you what? To be like you.

You have no idea what you're saying.

You want to be a cop? Look at you.

The first thing you need to do is stop consuming.

That stuff is ruining your life.

Teach me.

You owe it to me.

Well, we're going to begin, okay?

Please, state your full name, age, address.

To the camera, please.

Leonora Durán Esquivel.

I'm 14 years old.

I live at 2016 Superí Street.

You and your friends went alone, without the rest of the class.

Why? What did you think of your Geography teacher's idea of going on a trip to the South?

Because you went to explore the Tunik volcano, right?

Yes. We thought it was fun, not the volcano stuff, but traveling together all five of us.

And how was your relationship with Cornelia Villalba?

I've known her my whole life.

She was...

She's my best friend.


Best friends.

We were best friends.

Cornelia and Pipa even more so.

Leonora Durán was always... a bit jealous, she always wanted to be the center of attention.

What about you?

You weren't jealous?

They let me be in the group.

It's like "the" group at school.

You know?

Leonora's like our boss.

And Cornelia?


Cornelia only cared about Pipa.

Want some, Pipa?

Leo, Ariel keeps looking at you.

The idea was to do something fun.

Get out for a bit.

Ariel was going to take us in his truck and bring us back to the hotel in the morning.

You don't recall seeing anything out of the ordinary?

Maybe you met someone?

No, no one. We didn't do anything, I swear.

And what was wrong with Cornelia?

Was she feeling sick?

Did you drink too much?

I don't know. We drank, but she was okay.

And when did you decide to go back?

When Leonora decided to. She said it was late.

And then what?

Nothing, we went back.

And after that?


We went to sleep.

We went to sleep and...

When we woke up, Cornelia wasn't there.

How did you go back?

With Ariel.

In his truck.

And you never separated?




Would you, please, tell me again how you were seated in Ariel's truck when you came back?

I was in front.

And Cornelia by the window.

Who was sitting next to Cornelia, do you recall?


I was, I think... I was.

I was next to her.

And during the ride she didn't... she didn't tell you anything?


We didn't talk.

The music was too loud and...

And I fell asleep.

And what do you think happened after that?

I don't know.

Maybe... she left or she got distracted... or she got lost, I don't know.


My name is Ramón, no need to be so formal.

You're going to find her, right?

Don't worry about it.

I'll find her.

Do you want to take a break?





Wait for me.

Forensics has some criminals with tattoos registered.

But they're the typical tattoos, like the ones you get in jail.

But this one is different.

If he is archived, it'll be easier to find him.

Okay, look into it.

It's important.

The man in the church had one.

Also that scarf.

A woman at the church dropped it.

The day of the mass.

I know they're refining the search by traits.

Men, women.

The obituary is a dead end, it was paid in cash.

In what agency?

Recoleta. I talked to all the employees and no one remembers who submitted it.

And the photo?

It's got a slight mark on the left side corner. See?

I think it could be a blemish on the lens.

It's a fingerprint. If you find the camera, we'll know who took it.

We're going to go after the tattoos.

Breaking into police archives is a federal crime.

It won't be the first time.

Can you use my password? From here?

I always end up doing the dirty work.

Come on.

You're not staying over for dinner?

No, I have work to do.


Talk to me, what happened?

I found someone with the same tattoo.

She got here four years ago in a wretched state.

She wouldn't talk, no contact with the world.

The nurses call her The Ghost.

Oh, and she started painting a while ago.

Those kinds of activities sometimes yield positive results.

They start to slowly let out their inner scars caused by the violent events they went through.

Keep in mind she isn't used to unknown faces.

Any visits?

Not that I know of, but I can look it up.

Could you look it up now?

Yes, of course. Thank you.

No. Relax.

You have a visitor.

No! Relax.

Come here, relax.

Come on.

There you go.

Can I see your arm?

May I?

What does this tattoo mean?

She doesn't talk.

Don't waste your time.

Why did you write "Cornelia"?

Do you know Cornelia Villalba?


Leave, please.

Relax, Ghosty.

Come on.


Relax, Ghosty.

According to the files, this should be Nadine Basset.

But you can't see much.

Isn't there another camera?

No, this one was fixed last year.

That's all there is.

Yes, that's her.

She always comes on the same date.

And you're sure she's the only one who visits her?

In my time here, I've never seen anyone else.

She always comes on October 18.

And if recall correctly, she always comes at the same time.

She brings a cake, they blow the candles, and she leaves.

I thought you didn't have any information on The Ghost.

How do you know it's her birthday?

I meant the Spanish lady's birthday.

Is she a Spaniard? Yes.

And do you know if they are relatives?

Not that I know of.

Okay, I'm going to take the files and the security tapes.

If she comes back to the Cudet, call me.

October 18 is next week. She'll come, she always does.

I don't think we can build a case out of this.

She's the same person who was at the church, the day of the mass.

And the patient had a drawing with "Cornelia" written on it.

A crazy person's drawings aren't evidence. You know that. We've got nothing.

No, Ramón. It can't be just a coincidence.

Cornelia is not a common name.

I'll keep looking till I find something. We have to find Nadine Basset.

Look, I'm not telling you what to do with your free time, okay?

If you want to play private detective, go ahead.

But I need you here, working.

What happened with the therapist?

Sorry to interrupt, but everyone's left and I'm still here filling out paperwork. Maybe someone can help me out?

Manuela will help you. She seems to have plenty of free time.

Good morning, my lovely mermaid.

All good?

Have you been there long?

Long enough.

And the Russians?


And they're Albanians.

And you know what I think of Albanians.

I know what you think of the Albanian mafia.

These ones are friends.

And no one knows how to treat my friends like you, leave them with good memories of Buenos Aires.

Here's another 2,000 dollars.

I heard that you and Adalberto are dealing with something.

Buying and selling women is a man's job, I've told you a thousand times.

I don't know what you're talking about. You have no reason to...

It's personal business.

Since when do you have personal business?

When Adalberto brought you, I agreed to have you deal with the girls.

Don't make me regret it.


My Mermaid.

Personal business is over.

Yes, my king.

Here are the mental hospital's files.

Did you find anything?

No one named Nadine Basset has entered the country.

I'm still waiting on the information from domestic flights because the airports don't keep a record.

There's got to be something.

No photos, no social media, no bank account, no credit card, it's... just a name.

Come here, Ramón.

Have you seen Ramón?

No, I haven't.

Then what is it? A fake identity?

I'm almost sure of it. But I found something else.

You told me she was from Spain.

Yes. I found a town near Africa.

In the Canaries, a fishing town. Look.

Another mermaid.

Yes. A motif that repeats itself in various vessels.

Represents the fishermen's good and bad fortune.

The two-headed mermaid.

The same one from the scarf and the tattoos.

We have to wait for the airline information.

I need to find her on the map.

I'm on it. I'll have it done by today.

Give me the mental hospital's files, please.

I want to know on what days she visited her, or if she had any other visitors.

I want to know everything.

I need to be one step ahead.

If I find Nadine Basset, I'll know what happened to Cornelia.

The DA's office doesn't like to re-open cases.

And isn't your police chief about to get a promotion?

Did you leave the window open?

My cat's going to run away, Alina. Ramón!


Ramón! Come here!

Come here! Go on!

I found another obituary that you might be interested in.







Ramón! Come here!



No, Alina.



Manuela Pelari?

We haven't been able to talk to her.

She hasn't moved since we got here. She won't talk.

You know Manuela, there's too many people here.

We were waiting for you. What happened?

We're not certain.

A woman jumped out the window, but no one saw anything.

We will need the detective's statement.

Apparently, she's the only witness so far.

Got a smoke?

Thanks. You're welcome.

When did Forensics get here?

About an hour ago.

Call Gerez.

Pipa, tell me what happened.

I know she was like a sister to you.

I want to help you.

She was killed because of me.

Who killed her? Did you see him?

The guy with the tattoo.

Pipa, I promise we're going to do everything we can to...

Like you did with Cornelia? This has nothing to do with Cornelia!

This has everything to do with Cornelia, with you and with the force!

If you'd listened to me, Alina would be alive.

What are you going to tell me now? That she slipped?

That she fell down?

She was killed.

She was killed by the same people that killed Cornelia.

And you closed the case 14 years ago like you'll close this one too.

No one gives a crap.

Relax, please.

I'm not going to fucking relax!

The Spanish woman, Nadine Basset, went to the church on the day of the mass.

She went because of Cornelia.

They know I'm close.

I won't stop until I find her.

Let me investigate.

You know you can't.

The girl jumped from your house. She jumped?

She was pushed.

And where were you?

Looking for my cat.

Pipa, this has gone too far. You can't get involved.

The press will say it's personal. You know what the press will say?

That the Police are useless.

My friend was killed.

And I'm going to find out who did it.

With or without your help.

Are you threatening me?

I'm letting you know.

You leave me no choice.

You're suspended until this whole thing is solved.

You're in no condition to continue.

You'll have to give me your gun and badge, and leave as soon as possible.


You were right, chief. She just took a flight heading south.

That bitch...

We won't notify the Police there, will we?

No. If someone covered it up like Pipa thinks, then they're all in on it.

Should I get cleared to fly there right now?

No, I'll deal with Pipa.

Work with Homicide to find Alina's killer.



Don't talk with anyone until we're certain.

I regret the day you convinced me that I needed this bitch!

To deal with the business.

It's my fault. I decided to murder her.

That woman knew too much.

Yeah? Is that how you deal with things? By killing an informant in a cop's house?

Why do you think I run the business?


The cop has nothing. She doesn't?

No. She has nothing?

She has nothing?

Then why is she in the south right now?

I always find out, Mermaid!

Ten years under the radar, and now they're onto me because of you!

And you! You ruined everything because of a fucking whore!

You and I will talk. Now get out.

Get out and watch the door.

A woman's secrets and lies are more important than her own life!

I'm going to fix this my own way.

My king.

I give you my word.

Your word is worthless. I have no use for you anymore.

It's over, Mermaid.


Let's go!

No, you go.

I'm not leaving until you're safe.

I was never safe.

I brought you more hot tea.

So the case has been reopened?


It was a tragedy.

To think they stopped looking for her!

Some places around here still have ashes.

If you need anything else, ask me.

I'm looking for this woman.

She's always with a man who has this tattoo.

She's a Spaniard.

No, I don't know her.

I don't know, she could be a client, a lot of people come here.

And if I'd seen this tattoo, I'd remember.

I'd like to go to the spot the necklace was found.

Of course. Ariel will be here soon. He can take you.

Can I see the guest book right now?

I'll bring it right over.

Her name is Nadine Basset.

Seretti, from Trafficking.

Coria, Homicide. Nice to meet you.

We were waiting for you.

Are you sure he's the Egyptian?

Khalfani Sadat. We checked everything on him.

He's been wanted for over ten years, he's a big fish, that's why we called you.

Do we know when he was killed?

A couple of hours ago, Forensics will confirm it in a while.

Murder weapon?

A piercing object. But it still hasn't been found.


Excuse me. Go ahead.



Here it is.

Don't leave without me.

It was you.

You drugged us!

What did you do to Cornelia?

Why the fuck do you care?

Worry about yourself.


Okay, understood.

It's still not your turn. Let's go.




Mom! Mom!




Hello, Pipa.

You found me.

Or rather, I found you.


You're alive.

Yes, well, that's one way to put it.

But I haven't been Cornelia for the longest time.

Precisely since you abandoned me here.


Pipa, you were my best friend. You were more than that.

You were like my sister.

I trusted you.

And you left.

But that wasn't the worst part.


The worst was all of you moving on with your lives as if nothing had happened.

So I did what you all wanted me to do.

I stopped existing. I didn't leave you.

My life also changed after that night.

Pipa... did you suffer?

And I thought I had gotten the worst part.

You left me to be a slave.

A whore.


No, I'd rather you called me Mermaid.

At first, it angered me that you should start digging up the past.

But now I feel flattered that you searched for me so diligently.

It was a bit late, don't you think?

Well. Now that you're here, I'll tell you what happened.

That's why I've come here personally.


Hey, Mica.


I'm sleepy.

I'll be right back. Don't leave without me.


We're leaving.



You fucking cunt!

No! What the fuck are you doing?

Get off!


She never said a thing.

They told her if she said anything, they'd kill me.

Let us go, please.

It's over, bitch, it's over. You lost.

You'll never get out of here.

Leonora also stopped being Leonora.

The only difference is she wasn't a virgin anymore.

That's why they took me.

Do you know how much people will pay for a virgin?

At first, they give you gifts.

They treat you well.

But then you're cheap goods, just another whore.

But eventually, after many years, I got lucky.

They killed me again.

And I returned to Argentina.

When I returned, I went to see Leonora.

And I gave her that stupid photo she wrongly decided to use at the mass.

You didn't think I'd realize you weren't wearing the necklace, right?

That's why you wanted the photo back.


Why didn't you look for me?

You don't understand yet.

I stopped being Cornelia when I became a slave.

Leonora was the only person who could understand me.

And who owes me something.

If there's someone from my past that still has a relationship with me, it's her.

But no, of course.

You had to go and start searching again.

I never stopped looking for you.

Nor did your family.

My only family is a ghost in a mental hospital.

Don't cry, Pipa.

Don't cry for me.

I'm not worth it.

Nothing is forever, Pipa.

You know that.

Only while you're still naive.

And neither of us is.

The cops are looking for me.

They know I'm here.

Of course they do.

How else do you think this works?

No one's gonna save you.

Tell me where she is.



I'm here, Ramón!

The Egyptian is dead. It's over. Tell me where she is.

What Egyptian?

You'll never find out.


Cornelia's alive! She's here!

She's Nadine.

Stay here!


Is there anyone else here?

Pipa, answer me! Is Oreyana here?

Why, Martin? What happened?

Is Oreyana here or not?

Yes. Where is he?

He went to look for Nadine.

Let's go. We need to go.

Come on, Pipa, snap out of it.

Are you okay?

Let's go.

Pipa, it's me.


What did you do, have you gone mad?

Listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you.

I need to find the Mermaid.

She can't get away again! What?

Think, Pipa, you have to think fast.

Think of the best way out of here for both of us.

What way out are you talking about if you killed Seretti?

He should have stayed out of it. So should Alina.

But it's different between us!

Pipa, I'm going there, don't shoot.

No, don't come!


You promised you'd take care of us.

And you let them take her!

I trusted you, Ramón!

I taught you not to trust anyone.

Turn yourself in.

You know I won't.

This is absurd. We're going to end up killing each other.

You ruined my life.


I was taking care of you.

You're a monster.

Pipa, I didn't do what I wanted to, I did what I could.

One thing led to another. When I wanted to get out, it was too late.

But I'm the only family you have.

And you're the daughter I never had.

You're getting it all wrong. This is business.

It's nothing personal.

It is to me.


Let's go.

We're going out for dinner and drinks.

Want to join us?

I'll be right there.

Thank you for coming.

I wanted to return her things to you personally.

I knew you'd find her.

Now I'll be able to bury her.

I'm glad it's you who gave an end to this story.

Cornelia is dead.

And so are the people who killed her.

Thank you.

Thank you.


What are you doing here?

I'm doing much better. It barely hurts anymore.

Come in, Seretti.

We need more people like you.


The entire police force is looking for Nadine Basset.

I don't think she'll last long on the streets.

You were very pretty.

That's not me.


The Cudet is under surveillance, so...

If... But thanks anyways.

You're welcome.

If she shows up, we'll catch her.

She's the only one who can tell us what happened to Cornelia.

She won't return to the Cudet.

She knows we've found The Ghost.

Well, it's a possibility.

Today's October 18.

If it's not today, it's tomorrow, or next year.

Maybe. But I don't think so.

That was Clara Villalba yesterday, right?


I called her to tell her we're not going to get her body back.

And that Ariel confessed.

And Ariel is dead.


But he told me.




The half is seven.

Pipa? Pipa...

I forgot I had a birthday party. Take care of my cat.

Pipa. I wasn't expecting you.

Can we talk?

It's Rodrigo's birthday, and I'm entertaining.

I saw Cornelia.

You have to leave.

She told me everything.

I know you placed the photo.

She gave it to you when she came back to Buenos Aires.

And you also submitted the obituaries.

You submitted the first one in 2011. "One year of love."

And the second one six years later. The day of the mass.

"The half of your absence is love."

That's seven years.

Rodrigo's age.

And today's October 18.

His birthday.

When Cornelia showed up with a baby...

After everything that happened. Everything they did to her.

She couldn't take care of him.

And I owed it to her.

It wasn't your fault.


They took her because of me.

They threatened me.

They told me if I said anything they'd kill her.

You don't know what they're capable of.

Pipa, please.

If they ever find out that Rodrigo is hers...

He's safe with me.

You can't take him from me.

He's my son.

Come on, I killed you. You're supposed to die.

If you think I'm going to turn myself in, you're very wrong.

I didn't come for that.

Our story ends here.

You were right.

Cornelia is dead.