Perfect High (2015) Script

Hi, judges.

We'’re the Lakewood High Rhythm Chasers, and this is our audition for Talent Nation.

[R&B dance music]

Ok, hold up, hold up you guys, that was awesome, ok?

But we'’re coming out slow out of that turn.

Amanda knows it. Show us, ok?

One, two, and three and four...

She throws her arms into that cross, and she keeps the line straight.

Well done. Ok? Let'’s do it again.

And five, six, seven, eight.

That'’s it.



Keepin'’ it turned up, Walker.

I just gotta work on that break down more, and get it tight.

Take a compliment, '’kay?

BT-dubs we need to come up with some more steps.

You wanna take a shot at it?


Alexis is great with choreography, too.


Just keep it cute.

Keep it cute, '’kay?

Shh! She'’ll hear you.


Come on. Selfie time!

Smile!Look, I really wanna go to this party.

Are you gonna come with me or not?

Not tonight.

What is wrong with you?!

Urgh! Fine!

Headed for Splitsville.Yeah, right.

They'’ve been together forever.

Cyberstalking tie-breaker.


He totally deleted all her pics from his profile.

Oh, that is breaking news.

Wait, wait, take it again.

Josh Rosen just liked our pic.

Ok, let'’s do that hottie step again.

One, and two, and three, ball change, step out.

Not enough twerking.

Oh, my goodness.

You wish you were cool.

Where were you today?

Mom called, but of course I totally covered for you.

I had some very important stuff I had to do.

Like what?

Saving kittens, brokering world peace, you know.

The usual.

They'’re saying our staff will just be absorbed into NorDel.

Ok, so what does that mean for you?

The buzz is that layoffs are coming.

Does that mean you'’re gonna lose your job?

Don'’t worry, honey.

I just have to wow my new manager.


Honey, we should talk about this later.

Why? So we don'’t hear you?

Honey, please put your phone away.Amanda'’s on her phone.

Amanda isn'’t on the verge of getting held back.

Uh, I can put it away. Easy.

I'’m taking the freaking Adderall again.

That'’s supposed to fix this, right, Mom?Hey.

Lower your voice, please.Why?

So I can pretend everything'’s ok like you do?

Ok, do you want to be grounded for another week?

I'’m just gonna do what I want, anyway.

I'’ll talk to him.


[Heavy metal music]

That'’s not going to work.

Oh, you mean you don'’t want some of this?

[Imitates music]

That'’s not funny.


[Music stops]

God. What kind of music do you listen to?

The good kind?

[School band plays]

[Audience cheers]

Let'’s go Lakewood!

[Music continues]

Let'’s go Lakewood!

[Hip-hop music]

[Audience cheering]

[Audience cheering]

Aah! Aah!

[Knee snaps]



You guys give her some space.

Don'’t move her.

Don'’t touch it, don'’t touch it!

Guys, come on. Let'’s get her up.

This will be very uncomfortable, but I'’ll try to make it fast.

[Gasps in pain]

We'’ve relocated your knee.

All done.


There you go.

You got everything you need, Bug?

Yeah, but I don'’t know if I'’ll be able to sleep.

It kills.

Well, those should help with the pain a little.

I was impressed with the way you handled yourself today.

I... I know it wasn'’t easy.

Thanks, Pops.

Good night.

Good night.

What up, bruh?

You probably want to see this.

Your disgusto knee pic got crazy heat.

What? Do I even know 185 people?

You do now. Everybody loves a gimp.

[photos snapping]

How long do you have to wear that brace?

Uh, like, two weeks.

But you'’ll be up for Talent Nation if we get the audition, right?


I'’m not missing that bad boy.

Hey, fall girl.

Status update: you'’re seriously trending.

[School bell]

Do you need help?

Uh, no. No, no.

I got this. Don'’t worry.

These crutches are not a crutch, yo.

[Laughs] Pun-tastic.

See you later.


[R&B music]

Clean it up!

Seriously, it'’s over-sharing.

How many knee pics do we need to see?

She'’s not like that.

She just feels left out.

Well, annoying everyone isn'’t gonna get her back on the floor any sooner.

Hashtag "getoveryourself."

You ok?

You look like you'’re hurting.

Uh, yeah.

I... dislocated my knee, so it'’s a little jinky.

I know.

I was there.

I'’m Riley, by the way.

Oh, uh, I know who you are.

I mean, because you'’re in my chem class.

Wow, those are really nice rings.


Whatcha got there?

Oh, um... hydrocodone.

That'’s no joke.

Sharing is caring.


Um... you want one?


I mean, if you don'’t mind.

No. No, no.

Of course I don'’t.

Thanks. Feel better, ok?



What'’s the matter, doofus?

Those are my steps.

Not anymore.

[mimics] Not anymore.

How'’s the leg?

It'’s better.

I mean, it still really hurts, but the doctor said that'’s normal.

Oh, can you refill this for me?


I'’ll stop by the pharmacy on the way home.

Thank you.


Have a good day, you two.

Love you, Mama.

Love you, too.

Bye, Mom.

Brooke, wait!

Hey, guys!

I'’ll be ready to get back out there.

Good, we could use some upgrades.

Well, aren'’t you happy I'’m gonna be back on the floor?

Of course.

You don'’t really seem jazzed.

How about now?

Do you want to sleep over after the game on Friday?

Yeah, totally.

[Crowd cheering]

[Hip-hop music]


Do you need a ride?

Uh, yeah.


Hey, Carson.

She can roll with us, right?


That dude'’s a tool.

Uh, yeah.

Seriously, dude. She sucks.

Amanda, this is Nate.

We'’re lovers.

Ri, that sounds ridiculous.

We are just hanging out.

I don'’t understand why people need to put a label on things.

'’Sup, Amanda?

And don'’t listen to her, I got her spun.

Uh-uh. Have you met my brother?

Carson! This is Amanda.


You'’re that chick who fell, right?

Yep. That would be me.

That'’s a crazy video.

Am I taking you home, or am I--

Oh, no. She'’s coming over.


Um, yeah.

But I didn'’t really bring anything to change, so...

No, you look good.

Girl, I got you.

And I'’ll do your make-up.

You have amazing features, you know that?

You would seriously look stunning.



Watch out.

She'’s going to make you her project.

Shhh. Mm-hmm.

Less dancer-girl, more girly-girl.

I like it. Let'’s go.


There'’s some red cups in the cupboard right there.

Now let'’s get this party started.

Dude, it'’s ok.

My dad never notices.

Well, what about your mom?

Um, she lives in Arizona.

That'’s, like, really far away.

Uh, yeah.

Honestly, I don'’t really know her that well.

She left when I was three, so Carson kinda knows her better than I do.

She wasn'’t exactly stable.

Wow, I'’m really sorry.

Don'’t be.

No, that'’s what friends are for, right?

To fill in the gaps that family can'’t.

That'’s a really evolved way to look at it.


No subtitles, bro.

It'’s not a rule, bro.

False. This is the good Bad Movie Club.

Not the bad Bad Movie--

Subtitles don'’t make a movie bad.

You'’re building a house of lies.

What'’s your favorite movie?

Um... probably "Say Anything."

That'’s a good one. Classic.

Uh, yeah, boom box!

Lloyd Dobler style!

I will cheers to that.

There you go.


Oh, I can'’t '’cause I'’m on meds.

Amanda, ok.

Literally everybody in this room is on meds.


Don'’t believe me?

Ritalin, Paxil, Lexapro.

Go science.

It'’s just BS, the warning labels.

And don'’t even get me started with big pharma.

Hey, are you still on hydrocodone?

Yo, Amanda.

Hook it up, girl!

Ok, if we all take, like, two and a drink, it'’ll be full out.

You should probably take one more though, '’cause you probably built a tolerance to it.


Yes, there we go.


All right, are we ready?


[Party music]

Oh, oh oh! This is my jammy-jam!

[Party music continues]


[Party music continues]


[Party music continues]



You'’re fine. Just take a shot.

You ok?

It'’s fine.


[photos snapping]

Ok, Amanda.

You sustained ligament damage from the fall, so you need to take it easy.

Uh, ok... but I can still dance, right?

Another dislocation could be disastrous, so you should rest it for a couple weeks.

Now, remind me what meds I'’ve got you on?


Ok, so...

Here you go.

Just be sure to schedule a follow-up in a couple of weeks.

Thanks, Doc.

Sorry, demanding client.

Ok, so what did I miss?

All clear.



What did the doctor say?

I'’m sorry, who are you again?

I'’m sorry about Friday.

I blanked about our plans until I got your text way later.

I totally suck.

No, you don'’t totally suck.

I would say it'’s more of a mild to moderate suckage.

Doc said I'’m good.


But what I really want to know is what was up with that pic of you and Carson Taft on your profile?

We kind of hung out!

No way!

Oh, incoming!



Ok, huddle up, huddle up, I have an announcement.

We got an email from Talent Nation, and you'’ve been invited to perform at their regional auditions in Chicago in two months!


Ok, ok.

It'’s exciting, but let'’s keep it in perspective.

We still have our regular season, so this will have to be on top of that with extra rehearsal on weekends.

What we need to do now is start working on the choreography, so if anyone has any ideas...

Oh! Uh, I'’ve been working on some steps.

Great, let'’s get started.


One, and two, and three, and four.

Oh, I like. I like.

Oh, sick!

Ok, wait, show me that.

Except for group to the left.

Oh, ok.

Yeah. Yeah.

That was awesome!

Thank you.

Girl, you have some serious moves.


Bitte. What are you doing?

Now, or, like, when I'’m 35?

Ok, 35.

Uh, I'’ll be hosting the fiftieth season of Talent Nation after we become the first high school team ever to sweep the show like an unstoppable victory train.


So what'’s going on with Bridget and Carson?

Don'’t even get me started.

She is toxic.

I can'’t even.

I think you and Carson should date.



Come on, Bridget'’s like a super hottie.

Do you see how hard she has to try?

You, on the other hand, are gorgeous.


Hold on.

No, dude.

She is not good for him at all.

She just strings him along, and he just lets her because he has a really big heart.

That'’s why he needs to be with someone like you.

Come on.

Do you really think that Carson would date me?

Um, yes!

That'’s why you have to hang out with us, so that he can get to know you.

Ok, try this on.

Dude, trust.


Oh, yeah.

Hot mama!

Dude, I am so going to be a stylist.

Did you know they get paid tons of money just to shop for people?


Do you not like it?

No, no, I do, I do, but...



Damn, girl!

She looks fierce, right?

He'’s waiting to hear from her.


Dude, we are not waiting for her.

We'’re gonna watch a movie.

[Movie soundtrack] And I'’m sorry for you.

I'’m sorry for everybody in the world, my dear.

They'’re all sorry.


I liked it.

She was not apologetic for her sexuality, which was extremely progressive for the time.

She text you back yet?


But Living Dead was way better.

I don'’t know, it doesn'’t really seem like a lot to ask just to answer the phone.

So why don'’t you have a boyfriend?

Um, indecision mostly.

It'’s really hard when, you know, all these guys are banging on my door like, "Yo, girl, come out with me".

So it'’s hard to choose just one.

You know what they say, life'’s about tough choices.

Dude, you have to be a film major so that you can work on The Walking Dead.

I have legitimate zombie skills.

I'’m not even kidding.

You don'’t believe me?No, I don'’t.

Get ready to get your mind blown.

Blow my mind.

All right, go.

[Zombie growls]



Starving zombie!

Really? That was golden.

Ok, Ri, show them why I love you.


Uneducated zombie?



I don'’t get it.

Classic bumping-into-wall zombie.

I love it.

Thank you.

Amanda, your turn. Do it.

You gotta do it!

Steppin'’ it up, she'’s using props.

[Undead growling]

Ditched-at- the-altar zombie.



Zombie bride?

Come on!

It'’s the I-just-saw-you-and-I'’m-going- to-alert-all-the-other- zombies zombie.


I'’m uploading this.

Ok, I love her.

Can we keep her?


[Dance music]

Great job, you guys.

Sharper, Amanda.

Like Ally'’s doing it.

Better, Amanda.


Ow! What'’s up, sexy mama?

Are you coming?

Dude, yard sale.


♪ Going to a yard sale Yard sale, yard sale, yard sale!

♪ Going to a yard sale

No, this is exactly what we all need.

A, um... A moon-shaped banana slicer.

Baby, I got you something special.

Put that back!

Hey, you ok?

Yeah, my medicine'’s not working as well anymore, so my knee'’s kinda hurting.


Uh, hi.

Could I possibly use your bathroom?

I'’ve got a monthly emergency.

Just go on in.

Thank you.

Yo, dude.


Check it out.



Come on, it'’s cool.

Oh, yes!

Yeah, ok.

Grab this, type it in, it'’ll tell you what it'’s for.


"For moderate to severe pain, may be used before surgery to sedate patient and reduce fear."

I don'’t know, dude. That sounds sketchy.

It'’s prescribed by a doctor, dude.

It'’s exactly the same thing as hydrocodone, but stronger, which is exactly what you need. So grab it.

Isn'’t she gonna need these?

She'’s old. Old people lose stuff all the time.

She'’ll just call her doctor and get more.

Let'’s go.

You girls find everything all right?

Yes, thank you so much.


How are you doing, fine sir?

I'’m doing well.

How are you doing?


Is it all right that I'’m doing this?

You mean I'’m not just imagining that?

I really want to kiss you right now.


So you can make Bridget jealous again?

Dude, bro, we need to sit up.

People are starting to look at us.

If we get busted, my mom will lose her mind.

My lady?

Oh, hello.

Sorry, did you ring the bell?

No, sir, I was about to.

I'’m Carson Taft.

Is Amanda home?

Uh, I don'’t know where else she'’d be at 9:40 on a Sunday morning.


Come on in.

Hi. Hi, there.

Honey, you don'’t want to be late.



Oh, thanks.

Nice to meet you.

Uh, what are you doing here?

I come armed with the breakfast of champions.

Which is...?


Well, I'’ll leave you two.

Thanks for the coffee, Carson.

My pleasure.

Ok, we'’ve got chocolate, glazed, a little bit of bear claw action.

And I got you coffee, too.


Um, I should go change.

No, don'’t. You look great.

And besides, we need to get started.

I brought subtitles.

You don'’t actually want to hang out here, do you?

Yeah, you'’re here.

Besides, you'’re all dance all the time.

You could use a little classic cinema and deep fried pastry in your life.

The universe only gives you what you can handle, Amanda.This way.

[Movie soundtrack] Anything can happen, don'’t you think?

Yes, of course.

Aw, it was so good.

I can never get Nate or Riley to watch any of this.

What about Bridget?

Bridget likes reality TV.



I know.

Um, so it was kinda her way or no way.

I have a hard time letting people go.

Even the wrong ones.

Is that because of your mom?

I'’m sorry. Riley...

It'’s... it'’s ok.

I mean, yeah.

She left, so it kinda hits a button.

You'’re really easy to talk to.

I mean, you'’re nice.

Is that code for I'’m boring?

It'’s code for you'’re amazing.

[Music playing]

[Music playing]

Boom. There it is.

We have to get you in there.


Yeah, um...

I was wondering if I could get a refill?

I'’m experiencing a lot of pain still.

Yeah, right.

Um... Ibuprofen.

Thanks, Doc.

Amanda, come on.

Sorry, coming.

And one, two, three, four, five.

Ok, stop, guys.

What was that?

I, uh... I just spaced...


Go get some water.

Look, I know everyone'’s tired, but if we want to get on this show, we need to get this routine perfect.


And five, six, seven, eight!

Hold one, two, three, four.


Why don'’t you sit this one out?

Ally can fill in.

No, I'’m fine.

I... Let'’s go again...

Oh, I'’m sorry.


[Knock on door]


[Toilet flush]


Come on, I have to go to the bathroom!


What'’s going on in there?

She'’s been in there forever.


Honey, unlock the door.

I'’ve been throwing up all night.

I'’m sick.

Aww. Sweetie, it'’s probably the flu.

It'’s been going around.

Robbie, why don'’t you just use our bathroom?


Oh, baby.

You'’re burning up. You know what?

I'’m going to call the school.

No, no, no.

I can'’t miss practice.

Oooh, she'’s alive.

You had me worried.

Don'’t get too close, I might have the flu.

I was sick all night.

No, it'’s not the flu. We'’re all feeling it.

Did you get a refill?What?

You think it'’s the meds?

It'’s called withdrawal, my friend.

No, but, seriously, I'’m really, really sick.

Like, throwing up sick.

Yeah. Sweating, cramps. We all have it.

We had some hydro from Nate'’s aunt, but we'’re out.

I... I can'’t dance feeling like this.

Everyone'’s counting on me.

I texted our connect earlier, we'’ll see if he comes through.

Oh, he says he'’s here.


How many you want?

Twenty-five each?

We'’ve got enough for four.

Got some cash?

All right. Have fun.

Thanks, man.

See you, man.

So are we going to our house, or what?

No, I have to go to practice.

I'’ve been really off lately.

But I'’ll stop by later.

I'’m just gonna take half.

[Dance music]

[Dance music]

Good, guys. Break.

Looks like you'’re feeling better.

Yeah, I guess it must have been, like, a 24-hour bug or something.Good.

I was worried about you.

Way to step it up, Amanda.

You'’re really killin'’ it today.

[Dance music continues]

[Music gradually slowing down]

[Movie soundtrack] I'’m just across the hall here.

One of the boys is...

So how are you feeling?

Uh, good.

Just kinda normal.

Yeah, they seemed stronger last time, huh?

I guess you built a tolerance.

Hey, hey.Hey, Dad.

You'’re home early.

Oh, yeah, I kicked off after an afternoon meeting.

Oh, Dad, this is my girlfriend, Amanda.

Hi, Mr. Taft.

Mark, please.

Pleasure to meet you, Amanda.

Oh, I got this from Florida State, is that important--

Wait, what?

I got in! They'’ve got this great film program.

And a great business program, which is what we discussed.


Right.Hell yeah, dude!

Sunshine, Miami!

Give me some!

I'’m gonna come visit. It'’s gonna be so legit.

You know, you don'’t have to let him pressure you.

I know.

Film is what you love to do.

I know.

And you should do it.

That'’s your passion.


Where'’d you go?

I'’m here.

[Soft, romantic music]

[Soft, romantic music]

[Soft, romantic music]

[Soft, romantic music]

Are you sure you want to do this?

Yeah, I'’m sure.

[Dance music]

Whoo! All right, which one of you idiots thinks you can outdrink me? Ahh!

Hey, um...

I'’m gonna go grab us some drinks, ok?


I'’ll catch up with you.

[Dance music]

Hey! I didn'’t know you were coming!

Wanna dance?

Um, yeah, maybe later.

Have you seen Carson?


Did you hear Bridget got into Florida?

Florida State?

Yeah. Are you ok?

Uh, yeah.

I'’ll catch up with you later, ok?

What'’s up, Amanda?

You guys in here?



What are you guys doing?

We'’re smoking it.


It looks ghetto, but Rick said you use less.

Come try.

You gotta stretch that skrilla, '’cause this stuff is crazy expensive.

Ok, give me some.

Hot, hot, hot!

So where'’s Carson?

Hooking up with Bridget.

Are you serious?

Sorry, I just got your text.

Wait, whoa. We'’re smoking it?

All right.

What'’s wrong with you guys?


She saw you, man.


We got here as fast as we could.

Are you ok?

[In tandem] I totally opened the car door...

Can we have some privacy?


I was at a party, and I had a couple of beers, but I didn'’t think anything of it because everyone was drinking, and, I don'’t know, I guess it got the best of me, so I got really light-headed and I slipped in the bathroom.

Mr. and Mrs. Walker?

Amanda will have some bruising and a pretty bad headache.

I'’m sending her a few acetaminophen with codeine for the pain, and then she'’s good to go.


Thank you!

We'’re just glad you told us the truth.

I'’m really sorry.

It'’s ok, honey.

[Music box music]


[Phone vibrates]

Who is that?



Hit me again.

♪ And many more...


Honey, will you blow out the candles before they melt all over the cake?

Ah, if she doesn'’t get the perfect Facebook then it never happened.

Facebook'’s for old people, Dad.

Yeah, yeah.


Well, we know you said you wanted cash for your birthday to go shopping, but...


You'’re not giving me cash?

You said you were giving me cash.

We thought, "How is she gonna get to the mall?"[Gasps]

Don'’t get too excited, it'’s just your mom'’s old Volvo.


She'’s getting the car?I'’m getting the car.

Yes, under one condition: that you drive Robbie to school.

Of course I will drive Robbie to school.

[Doorbell rings]

Oh, um... you should probably get that.

I think it'’s for you.

You guys are sketchy.

Happy birthday.

[On iPad] We have to get you in there.


[In video] Actually, owls pick up cats and they eat them.

Eat it!

I really messed up.

Can you please forgive me?

Honestly, Carson.

Why should I?

I mean... this is nice and everything, but is this supposed to fix things?

When I first applied to schools, I applied with Bridget.

And we had this plan that if we got accepted in the same school that we'’d stay together.

And when that happened, I don'’t know.

I got scared.

Scared of what?

It'’s like... I'’ve got this big hole in my life where my mom'’s supposed to be.

And I keep filling it with the wrong things.

And I can hide that from everyone else, but I can'’t hide it from you.

You really see me.

And that'’s... that'’s scary.

I messed up, I know.

And I'’m sorry. I'’m so, so sorry.

What are you doing, dingus?


I hear kids at Yale take this stuff to study.

Why do you think I'’m such a genius?

So what'’s it like?

I don'’t know.

I'’ve been on it forever.

Let'’s motor.

You'’re my new ride.

Yeah, you wish you could drive.

Hey, are you sick?

No, why?

You keep sniffling.

Maybe it'’s just allergies.

You sound sorta disappointed.

You think I want you to be sick?

I think you'’re really eager to fill in the gaps.

I'’m not.

I'’m part of the team, and that'’s what teammates do.

I know, I-I'’m sorry.

I'’m really tired.



You got back together with him?

I thought you liked Carson.

I did, until he screwed you over.

It'’s all good.

Look, I have to run.

I'’ll see you later.

Yo. Hey.

What'’s up?

Uh, we only got, like, forty bucks.

That'’s cool.

I got some new stuff that'’s cheaper.

What is it?

It'’s like old school oxy from Mexico.

They grind it up so you snort it.

My connect gets it on the cheap so it'’s like nine bucks a bag.

Everyone'’s switching over to it.

All right, yeah. Cool.




Have fun.

You want it? You want it?


Hurry up.

These baggies are dope.

That was really strong.

Isn'’t it?

Yeah, I got a crazy rush.

[Soft music]


Where'’d you go?

No, that'’s my line.

[Soft music]

[Soft music]

[Screeching tires]

Amanda, where have you been?!

I'’ve been texting you!

Uh, I was just watching a movie.

My ringer must be off.

Go sit in the living room.

Why? What'’s going on?

We need to talk.


Uh, your father and I have tried to be pretty lenient.

But we'’ve always been very clear on zero tolerance when it comes to illegal drugs.


This is unacceptable.

What do you have to say?

Want a hit?

That is not funny.

Marijuana is an illegal drug, and you'’re thirteen!

You'’re still a child.

[Echoing] I'’m not a child.

[Echoing] Yes, you are.

[Voices fade out]

Amanda is in charge.

She was drinking at a party.

How is that any different?

[Echoing] Because she took responsibility for herself.

Can you take responsibility for being a bitch?

Hey, watch it.


Now we can say we'’ve been to Paris!

Hey, guys.

We'’ve been doing heroin.

That'’s funny.


Hold on. Rick and his friends said that--

Text Rick and ask him straight up, what has he given us?

Text him.


Oh, he says he thought we already knew.


How is that funny?

I can'’t believe this.

What are you doing?

Getting rid of it.

Amanda! What are you doing?

Throwing this stuff away.

No, Amanda, why? No!


It'’s heroin.

Did you not hear him?


It'’s not some kind of prescription drug!

Ok, so we don'’t get it again!

We do it, we finish it this one last time and then we don'’t do it again.

It'’s addictive!

Stop it!

Give it to me! No!

She needs to give it to me!

Sit down!

This is completely mental, you get that, right?

I know that, but we didn'’t know!

Ok? Stop freaking out about it!

We'’re going to be fine!

Stop freaking out?

How can you even say that?

This is heroin!

I know what it is, it'’s already in our system!

We can'’t ever do this again.

I know.

It--it'’s just gonna be hard.

It'’s in our face all the time.

I need you to promise me.

Promise me we'’re never going to do this again.

I promise.

So, big audition'’s coming up.

Oh, you must be so excited.

You'’ve been working on this for months.

Of course I'’m excited.

I just don'’t want to have to talk about it all the time because it'’s exhausting.

Being an overachiever does seem hard.

That'’s not a problem for me.

Hey, don'’t sell yourself short.

I have to go to the bathroom.


I know what'’s going on.

Eating disorders are very serious.

I was standing outside, and I heard you throwing up.

God, it'’s just been so hard lately, and... and I'’m so stressed with school and the dance team and-- and I don'’t know how to feel or... or--

Enough with the excuses.

I'’m taking you to the doctor tomorrow.

My parents are always worried, which of course stresses me out.

It'’s just a lot of pressure.

It seems to me like Amanda'’s overwhelmed.

I'’d like to give her something to help her cope with her anxiety, if that'’s ok with you, Amanda.

Uh, it'’s not going to affect my dancing, will it?

No, it shouldn'’t.

[Dance music]

Um... uh, I'’m sorry.

Can we... I missed that.

Can we go back and--


Come here.

Sorry, coach.

I'’m just having, you know, one of those off days.

We have decided that we'’re going to teach your solo to an alternate.


The audition is only two weeks away.

You'’re not remembering your steps.


I know the choreography, I swear.

I just... I just need a chance--

This is just an insurance policy.

For everyone.

The team'’s been working on this for months.

Well, so have I.

I'’ve been working on it for months, too.

I just... you know, I--

We'’ve already talked to Ally about it.

She knows the footwork.




Amanda, wait!


They came to me! What was I supposed to say?

Are you kidding me?!

Anything other than "yes"!

You'’re supposed to be my friend!

You'’re supposed to be on my side!

That'’s not fair. It'’s about the team.

Right, well, I'’m still ON the team.


So I wouldn'’t get too excited.


Hey, what'’s wrong with you?

What are you guys doing?

Nothing. What happened?

They'’re trying to replace me.

I... I don'’t know what to do!

I--I can'’t think, I can'’t dance, I--I feel like I can'’t do anything anymore.


You promised me!

What do you want me to do? I can'’t function!

I can'’t take this!

I'’m sorry.

No, you'’re right. You'’re right.

I mean, maybe cold turkey was a bad idea.

That'’s--that'’s why we'’re all getting sick.

That'’s why I can'’t dance.

Maybe we should just taper off.


I can do that after the performance.


Do you... do you guys have any more?

Um... we just did the last bit.

Do you have any money?


I have these, though.

Yo, Rick.


Come in.

[Rap music in background]

Yo, what'’s up?

Uh, are your parents home?

Nah, they never come up here. It'’s chill.


Not my favorite bennies, but...

I'’ll give you half a gram for '’em.

No way. You can sell those for 15 a pill.

Two grams.

I'’ll give you a buck twenty-five, but that'’s it.

At least they'’re good for something.

Make yourselves at home.

I'’ll be right back.

I'’m gonna go to the bathroom.

Riley T.

You looking for something?




Wanna party?

Yeah, we can party.

Get this off.


Wait, where'’s Riley?

Yo, Ri?

Riley, where you at?


Whoa, are you shooting up?


What'’d you do to her?


She just wanted to get high.

She'’s my girl!

I know! I know!

I'’m not trying to play you like that!

Are you ok?

It'’s so good.


Besides, this ain'’t her first rodeo.


What, so you'’ve been sticking needles in her this whole time?!

Look, I don'’t know who she'’s been hanging around with.

Besides, if you snort it, it'’s just a waste.

You use less to get the same high.

Well, like how much less?

Like half.

I'’m gonna do it.


You sure?

Just once, bro.

I mean, just to see what it'’s all about.

I won'’t do it unless you do it.

Well, I mean, it takes less, right?

I'’ve spent everything I had.

Maybe this will get me through my audition.


[Slow, dreamy music]

[Slow, dreamy music]

I love you.

I love you, too.

[Slow, dreamy music]

[Slow, dreamy music]

[Echoing voices]

[Music continues]

[Alarm goes off]


Hey, come on!

Did you not hear that?

It'’s been going off forever. Get up.

Come on, you'’re my ride.

Why can'’t mom take you?

She left an hour ago.

It'’s almost eight. Come on.

Come on.


Ok, ok, ok.

Give me five minutes.


[music box music]



What'’s up with you, Amanda?

I just need a coffee, that'’s all.

No, something'’s wrong.

You can talk to me, ok?

I'’m not Mom or Dad.

I'’m fine. Really.

I'’m just... tired.



Oh, we started?


Yeah, I don'’t think so, Amanda.

Why don'’t you just sit this one out?


Amanda, let'’s talk.

I think you have a problem.

You need help.

I'’m going to recommend that you speak to the school counsellor.

Look, I--I know I'’ve been really sick off and on, but I'’m so exci--I'’m so ready to dance this weekend.

You'’re not gonna dance this weekend.


You can'’t do this to me!

This really isn'’t like you!

The team would!

Doesn'’t the team get to vote on this?

They already have.

Somebody went through my stuff!

All my cash is gone.

So is mine.

Did they get you?


Well, do you know who would do this?

Are you accusing me?

Maybe it'’s just karma.

Nobody did anything to you!

Except for stab me in the back!

But I guess stealing an opportunity from someone is better than not having one at all, isn'’t it?


They took my part away.

Are you kidding me?!


They'’ll regret it.

You'’re an amazing dancer.

I just feel like it was all for nothing now.

Come on, let'’s go.

Wait, wait, wait.

Gotta meet up with Rick first.

Riley, where did you get that?

Riley? Those are my friends!

No, they'’re not!

And I only got, like, fifty bucks.

But, yeah, that'’s good enough for tonight.

Look, they took something from you, so I took something from them.


What are you doing?

Have you been drinking?


Coach Yost called, she said you were passing out during practice.

I was having a hard time staying awake because I was up all night.

Why were you up all night?

I was anxious because they wanted to give my part to Alexis.

Oh, and we need to call Dr. Shaw and have my meds readjusted.

Hello! I still have not been able to eat, and drowsiness is a side effect!

Honey, I...

I know how much the audition meant to you.

But the bottom line is your health is more important.

We'’ll call Dr. Shaw in the morning.

We'’ll talk about it.

God! I'’m so sick of talking about it!

[Muffled screams]

[Heavy breathing]

I thought I was good at lying to Mom.

You'’re becoming a master.

I really just want to be left alone right now, Robbie.


Not until you tell me what'’s up.

Did you hear me?!

I want to be left alone right now!




You get any breakfast?

Uh, I'’m not hungry.

You gotta put some meat on those bones.

You'’re disappearing on me.



Oh, sorry.

Let'’s go.

Are you sure you didn'’t short me?


I don'’t feel like I got the full hit.

No, you did most of it.

Give me your bag.

Give me your bag!

Ri, chill out! Chill out!

I wouldn'’t lie to you.

[Blender noise]

[Blender noise]



Got drinks.


Here you go, brosef.

Thanks, man.

Guess what time it is?

It'’s upload o'’clock.

Oh, hell yeah!

Mmmm, frosty!

Pass it to Nate.

Pass it to Riley.


Let'’s check it out.

[Laughs] That'’s sick.

Nice. Dude, you have to upload that today.

Let'’s go.

Let'’s go.

Yo, Nate.

Yo, show me the empty.

It'’ll be like we finally ran out.

All right.

Boo, all gone.



She could use another mocha.




Hey, wake up!

Hey, wake up! Amanda!


Wake up, Amanda! Are you ok?


Looked like you were having a seizure or something.

I'’m fine.

Sometimes my muscles, they...


Hey, Riley! Riley!

Oh, my god.

Dude, she'’s not breathing!


Riley! Come on, wake up!

Wake up, Riley!

Hey! Hey!

Oh my god, she'’s really not breathing!

She'’s not breathing, man!

Call an ambulance!

What if we get busted, man?

Are you serious?!

Um... go to the hospital.

What hospital?!

Uh, Robertson Memorial, it'’s the closest!

What if it doesn'’t get here on time?

Just keep waking her up.Go!

Drive, Carson! Go! Go!

Come on, guys! We have to hurry!

You'’ve gotta drive faster, man!

I'’m trying, man!

Her mouth is foaming!

Her lips are turning blue!

Faster, dude! You gotta--

I'’m trying!

Just run the light, man!

Wake up!

[Horn honking]

Come on, WAKE UP!

Hey, stay with me! I'’m here!

Please, Riley...

She'’s convulsing.

What have we done to her?!

Come on!

We'’re almost there.


We need some help out here! Come on!


Are you ok?


How'’s Riley?

They won'’t tell us how she is.



Why didn'’t you notice, man?!

What about you?!

Stop it! Stop it!

Amanda, our family needs to be alone right now.

[Heart-wrenching music]

[Heart-wrenching music]

[Heart-wrenching music]




We understand that Riley suffered a heart attack.

That she passed quickly, and without pain.

There'’s a message wall for Riley in the south quad, and we encourage you all to visit.

Hey, Nate.



Have you heard from Carson?

I don'’t know where he is, and...

No, dawg.

Nate, are you high?


Look, I just, um...

I can'’t think about it.


I just, um...

I gotta go.


[Phone rings]

Mark, hi.

No, we haven'’t seen him.

Listen, I know there are no words, but it'’s still such a shock.

I mean, a heart attack?

So what was it then?

I don'’t understand.

Oh, sure.


That was Mark.

He hasn'’t seen Carson.

Have you spoken to him?

I'’ve been texting him, but he hasn'’t replied to any of my texts.

Riley, um... died of an overdose.

It was heroin.


No, that--that'’s not possible.

She was my best friend. I would know.

Are you saying you don'’t know anything about this?

Be honest.Are you kidding me?

Haven'’t I been through enough already?

She'’s lying.

I'’m sorry, Amanda.



[Phone vibrates]

Be cool.

My connect is here.

Shame about your friend.

She was fun.

Are you fun, Amanda?

Um, I just need a gram, and I'’ll pay you back.

Do I look like a loan officer to you?

Come on, man. Please. I'’ll pay you back.

I... I'’m quitting, too.

I just need to do it slower, you know?

But I'’m quitting.

I'’ll tell you what.

I'’ll hook you up.

I just need you to do something for me.

What... what'’s he doing?

Just taking a picture.

Turn around for me.

Hey, Riley was down.

What'’s going on?


Oh, my God.

You got any stuff?


No... is that all you have to say to me?

I'’m can set your little girl up.

I just need her to go see my friend.

Hey, you can do that, can'’t you?

Just come back and we'’ll be together.

Carson, do you know what he wants me to do?

Amanda, please.No.

Please do this for me.No.

Come on, Amanda! We need this, it'’s ok!

Get off me! You'’re not even you right now.



Let go of me!

Don'’t just sit there!

[Voices echoing]


Where have you been?

We'’ve been so scared.

Your dad is out looking for you.

Whatever it is, you can tell us.


I need help.


I can'’t keep doing this.

I can'’t...

I'’m so sorry.

[Sobbing] I'’m so sorry.

It'’s okay.



How'’s it going?

Uh, it'’s good, um... I'’ve been clean almost a month.

That'’s great!

Yeah, I think the really tough part is probably gonna be when I go back to school.

Yeah. Yeah.

So has anyone heard from Carson?

I think his dad moved them to Florida.

That'’s... that'’s good, I guess.

And, uh... and Nate?

He went off the grid.

I heard he'’s dealing, but I don'’t know.

He'’s a really good guy, Ally.

It'’s--it'’s just... it'’s really hard to stop.

Well, the team says hi.

We got our second call-back.

Wow. That'’s great.

And, um... you'’re still doing my part?

Yeah, but I added some new steps.

The routine changed.

Yeah, I... I think everything'’s changed.

I'’m not really sure what to say.

It'’s ok.

It really means a lot to me that you'’re here.

I know I, uh...

I said some stuff and did some stuff.

I'’m... well, I'’m really sorry.

I'’m glad you'’re doing what you need to do.

Well, before I bounce, we gotta take a selfie!

Come on.