Perfect Sisters (2014) Script

Ever since I can remember... was always my sister and me against this big, bad world.

I am telling you guys, you are so ????? really cool.

So far I counted seven pawn shops...

...and 11 liquor stores.

Your gonna love it, it's got way more space than our old place...'s got really cool shopping near by theres a mall.

And it's a chance for us to make a fresh start.

It's gonna be kick-ass.

Could you please not say "kick-ass"? or dig or screw up?

Okay Beth, sorry that I not know the lingo, sorry that I'm not so hip.

Can ????? live with my dad?


I honestly can't remember a time, when sister and I didn't cling to each other like velcro.

God we slept in the same pit till we were 4.

Bobby didn't show up till boyfriend 5...

...maybe 6.

He's 7.

Okay you gotta get up and help now...

...can't do it all by myself.

Come on Brenda, okay!

Got ya. You gotta get off me you freek.

What's the rush ha. Hello.

I'm in new shock and...

...always say, I'm inspired.

Oh don't be sad.

Face up.

Okay, I say, that we do a "what if"...

Ya know like, like...

What if there is a hidden la bod party in the basement.

And not unlike the man who ????? Mary Shelly We build the perfect monster.

Did you say the perfect mother?

What's up baby girls.

We gotta do way less unpacking...

...and way more buying of that stuff at the mall.

Yes. That's just impractical.

Strawberry cupcakes, your favorites.

Shes so sweet, I like her. No.



What is that? Q Vang.

Money. Money.

Money is important but, Oh my god.

So many moms, so little time.

All of them good...

...none of them perfect.

????? a face.

Stop it.


I know that moving again was the last thing you girls needed.

And I'm so sorry, I hated it.

But, I know this is gonna sound really corny I really believe...

...we can overcome anything together.

Okay, okay can we control...

Look! the babys in there, what happened?

Sometimes when a Hamster mom feels like her babys are in danger...

...she'll kill them, so they won't have to go through the pain of someone else doing it.

It seems, not many people have skills that they ????? to deal with.

So, there aren't really many people out there who can understand us.

I mean, all we've really got...

...all will ever really have... each other.

Welcome home.

Speech. It really is gonna be great here.

Are you shitting me? Language Beth!

????? tonight but a, I think that's a start, right?

If you weren't working ????? right?

I'm really try'n...

...and I would appreciate just a little bit of positivity from you.


Wish me good luck! Good luck!


Now when you've lived in as many places as we have... develop an ability to make yourself at home faster than the average Josephine.

And the most crucial, of all interior design elements, is lighting.

I mean, good lighting, can hide anything.

Okay, so...

...what do you think?

Hottie or naughty?

Sometimes I'm amazed we share the same genetic material.

????? answer the question.

I've always known I was destined for greatness...

...and seinior year, that's when the clock starts ticking.

I mean, if your going to win the Nobel prize, a Pulitzer, and an Oscar...

...this is when you gotta start bring'n it.

Ya know Beth... are just a junior...

...okay, a little tiny caterpillar...

...who can't even begin to appreciate...

...the magnatude of my butterfly.

Okay, your welcome!

Everybody I know has always thought...

...why would something big ever happen to me? And I've always thought...

...why wouldn't it?

Suit yourself.

Oh, wow that's dark.

You want to be lovely, I want to be, twilight.

Actually I'd settle for just a twinkel spot.

It's amazing what one little summer break can do.

I mean I almost forgot how demanding public ?????

Oh my god, he is so sexy.

You think he'd have a shot with another ?????

Yeah, shit man I bet the captain of the football team is dying to step foot ?????.

Dear girl friend, whatever, I just don't want you to actually go out on a date with that skunk.

Goth boy at ten o'clock.

We should check him out.

Ya know ????? blow him and stop using mascara.

????? Those are the things you do.

????? What about you?

What's with her?

????? Come on.

First day at school.

Isn't that like so cute when juniors fall in love?

So cute. Ya.

So your mom moved to Wales to sum up right...

...but the two of you moved in with your aunt...

...because she still lives in the school district?

Yes, we discussed it as a family...

...and we came to the conclusion that since I'm a senior and Beth here is a junior...

...that it would be best if, ya know we.

So, if I were to call your aunt right now...

...she'd say, the two of you were, living with her?

That would be the case. We cannot tell a lie.

Your grades, are a...


Ya well we ah, we actually both speak four different languages...

...English of course...

...French, ah Dutch and ?????

[speaking ?????] Inside joke.

Well, wherever you live, Armstrong's...

...always happy to keep it's "A" students so...

...I guess everything stays the same.

On the path to greatness, one can't be afraid to draw a little attention to one's self.

Well I'm like, why?

I mean, he's the psychiatrist.

He's 12 years older than me!

He got me pregnant.

And yet I'm being kicked out of school?

I mean, Isn't that what happened?

Ya, then there was that thing with the A.P.A. Exactly.

So then, I'm like, ya know what?

Come on. Any of that true?

Define true?

How was work?

Okay, ya know, um...

...Sue's back, but I, missed at a good job but.

I got somethin' back You take such good care of her.

You're the best.

Love ya!

Can't belive she's blowing off ?????

She's not blowing it off.

I asked her to go tell them.

Wait, what?

For the shirt. ????? uniform.

Yeah, I know, she said I changed that.

And did you see how she looked, when did she ever gotten all hoe'd up like that for work?

So, given all that, ?????

Yeah, um, ya know I'm not really comfortable putting Bobby on a new drug.

Maybe this is a conversation I should be having with your mother.

I can assure you I'm going to be relaying all this to her.

Your drunk.

Where's the bottle?

Oh my god!

Shit, your getting ????? this morning!

No I don't it's too early.

It's 9. You weren't even working last night!

Okay you just missed Bobby's parent teacher thing so you could party!

This is not okay!

You have a family that needs you.

I guess it hurt a lot. Yes.

????? the move and the new job ?????.

Very sorry.

I'll try harder than hell... find ????? I really need to help.



...come here.

It's okay.

Est ل well.

I know this is gonna sound corny...

...but I believe in you.

And I think...

...that we can get through anything...


Bobby go up to your room.

????? your the hardest working mom in show biz.

Beth, go run her a bath okay, she doesn't need a crutch.

Sandra, what's happening with you?

I'm sorry.

That's okay.


...she had a laps...


...she said she's gonna try harder.

I say to hell with her.

Been through this many times. I know.

I know.

Can't feel myself anymore.

Bad stuffs coming.

It's okay.

Hows your dad doin?

Yeah, I remember used to drive car pool in second grade...

...always listening to Guns and Roses.

He's alive and well, living with his prefered family.

Enough about me, I wanna know more about this dark sorority thing that your wearing.

I don't know...'s like one day I realized that,...

...I wasn't who I was because I decided to be that way,...

...ya know? Like I was following the steps.


Better than bein' like everyone else.

Ya got that right.

Ya know my pathic father always wanted me to be an architect?...

...yeah, real bright, huh...

...we all talked about it and everything...

...but he never did anything about it.

He never even tried!


You think it's f ل cil?

Just leave everything and accomplish something,


The conclusion is that if you like it est ل n things do something to change.


I take only lemonade ي as I imagine that m ل s want something stronger.

I'm fine.

Hi. Hello.

You're not the girl that meti with... therapist?

I like to call it a relationship n were together about 6 months as ي that...

I want to buy a beer.

Thanks but I'm pregnant.

Right. Right, I understand.

I do not know what you're up, but you can not just go blue hair and dress like a slut and expect everything to change of nowhere.

Does not work as ي. No?

I know everything is a lie.

Do not believe the rest of your story is ask.

Well? You know Ashley?

?, Know what your life you've been m ل s prettier than me, m ل s rich and I, look at your home.

Have two parents who treat you like a princess .

You have a brother who does not believe you're his mother y do not you move to a place m ل s every year or ugly.

As ي that, just...

'm listening.

ي Just wanted to say...

What I like guys who look at me.

Cheers to that.


T seems that Ashley and are new friends.

I think so.

'm Very drunk. these depressed for a change.

Mean, ي telo adm.

Allows you had fun.


I think it was something bourgeois. Plain?


New house, or new.

My sister est ل love.

M ي or God.

M ي God or, in serious ل mam? Ma ana has school.

Put ​​that Bobby.

Leave it, come on.

Go to sleep.

're Drunk again?

Sorry to be a mother of shit.

M ي or God.

ل Mam? ? ل Mam?

ل Because your door is closed?

Mam ل opens the door.

, Mam ل!

God m ل ي or mam.

M ي or simply God.

What are you doing?

No please do not.

All ل be fine, please.

Here you will improve.

Do not blame yourself or a.

're Everything a mother could ي to expect from a daughter.

Now is your time.


Why not? Being ل n better off without me.

That's not true.

Not as ي.

I'm sorry.

Being ل s well, har ل s better.

Never seen anyone do something as ي before.

? Never seen anyone thank before dinner?


Sandra're a good person.

ي was I who wanted to return to fatten .

But then you know... I mean, seriously.

Is very Attractive. Attractive?


Obviously has a good eye for beauty.

Always say such foolishness as ي before eating.

Hey all.

A toast.

Happy d ي n action at Thanksgiving.

Wait, is unlucky make a toast with water.

As ي taking.

I can not take that.

Just pretend .


ي Just wanted to tell everyone that I am in this d ي a particular very grateful that all of you are in my life, and the lives of my wonderful daughters.

Health. Health.

God would not mention this but, n as est ل ي here.

ي Lose my job, was...

I let go, had cuts in hospital.

Oh sweetness.

I'm so sorry.

These corporations believe they can do whatever they please.

You know ?, know a good lawyer. You know, absolutely.

Est Sheila ل well you know...

'll be fine because my new boyfriend is a lawyer, as he ي ل advise me if I should do something.

A lawyer boyfriend, seriously?

The nor as a n do not know.

Wow Linda you are so positive.

're A survivor, n always find the solution.


I try but removals and all I'm a little short of cash.

Hoping maybe for a month or two

ي could pay them back with interest.

That's .

A d nde going?

Outside. Cu ي date.

Adi s cari o.

Drive carefully.

Sweets want you to know

ي that help to if I could but, just bought the house we are now illiquid.

We understand. Okay.

Do not really esper ل had hoped.

ي as could do something with it?

I love you. I love you.

's See you later, take care of your mam ل.

Watch your home.

It was a good dinner, thanks.

You know you could if you wanted ي as.

M ل s many times Linda?

How many times m ل s?

I love you.

I... go out, you want to come?

Come on.

Now it is a real action No thanks.

As you ي ل n is taking econ-economic problems?

Ll ل mame sexy again.


You know, like you said before.

Like or ي rlo.

Well, you are.

Very attractive.

That laughter.

I know that does not like me to Beth because I seen as a vampire or whatever, but...

I think t 're a good person,

say, har ي as anything for the people you love and I think that's weird.


've Had feelings for you since or years, since our mothers started working together.

Yes I know.

S ي?

If I'm not stupid.

You never say anything?

I dunno.

Because I always gust idea that intelligent handsome older man after me.


Not applicable not your feelings, it's just, Listen.

Not you like to get involved with someone like me.


Come on do not give me that.

've Known you forever, know who you really are and...

I'm in your school and this ي could be the last chance.

I think this is very hard.

Yes but

'm willing to try.

First, you have to describe my beauty in 10 words.

Different to "attractive."



're beautiful.

All right. You...




Tender .

Good wench.

I can kiss you now?

I think.


's Your walk with David?

I held your hand?

L is ة very sweet.

I do not know what to do with that.


I've been seeing the agreement residential default.

Once the due process or start have like 6 weeks which means we vacate the middle of January.

Just in time for my birthday years.

Well, I hate to destroy t sense of Beth sabelo all but mam ل ي to talk to her mysterious boyfriend and lawyer

ل seems to help with the rent.

Lawyer boyfriend is real?


I did not know that mam ي ل ي pod even to someone as accomplished ي.

Well, you can do it and apparently is older than her.

I like to give these brownies ي.

Your mother and I are going to dinner.

I made a brownie. I made a brownie.

I made these brownies.

Just take a bite. Well, I will.


Buenos d ي as.

ل l Cu are Sandra or Beth?

I'm which ي duty as drop.


What about you?

Off me.

What about you?

C ل lmate.

Do you wear so much makeup?

You are a beautiful girl as ي should not cover your face.

Like fun?

Please let me go.

Play the "what if."

What happened?

Me feel better.




What if we were like Bonnie and Clyde ?

ي masters could escape. No...

Distr ل eme otherwise please.


What if...?

Remember the trip to the lake?

When corr masters with mam ي ل along the shore, with Bobby and all.

That was fun,


A toast.

For the family in all its wonderful forms .

By finally have a real man at home.

Merry Christmas.

, Merry Christmas!

Come here ي cari o. Me!

Mam ل.

, Mam ل!

M ي or God.

Go do homework.

Jesus Christ.

ل... Mam I wondered if she could come ي an some friends.

Well deals.

Hey, d nde est ل or the child?

With his idiot father.

It's not an idiot, I know it but tico ل problem best of all is his pensi n receive food, right?

Love in the air.

I'm sorry. Come on.

In the end I think you will appreciate this because you...

I can see it in your eyes.

You got that look in your eyes.

Steve knows c How to Make a woman feel good.

Ah ي down, you know. ل Mam!

Like 5 times in a row.

You coming in or not?


These inside? Si.

Do not know if I enter or leave, must ي rmelo dec.

Do not show your cards.

I do not know what to do.

You coming in or not?





I'm out.

Come on Steve, let us lie.

Come to bed, come on.

Come on.

M ي or God.

I'm sorry.

ل Mam please go to sleep.

Go to sleep.

All right?

Go away.

M ي or God.

Sorry if I laugh, but

ل your mom is amazing.

Thanks Ashley.


ل My dad has a chainsaw in the garage cutting everything, one ل tree, a wall, a mother.

How about a mother's boyfriend?

Why not?

Est ل drinking again.

Hardly reacts.

I lost your job. Wait, come back.

Cu ل nd was diagnosed alcoholism?

Never, I think.

Went to a meeting No one makes you but said it was not for her.

Have experienced abuse or sexual f ي psycho?

Nothing worth the worth mentioning now.

They abuse your mother?

Still no.

But we've been through this we must anticipate.

Look, but you think no record of abuse.

Ni alcoholism.

They sound like a couple or as not accept the new boyfriend of his mother.

They have to document everything.

The outlet.

Signs of neglect.

Inappropriate behavior by the groom And then maybe we can talk.

Did he say?

That when I will do something the alcoholic lica hurting my children.


Pap ل want to talk to you about something serious.

Est ل ل Mam drinking again.

Unemployed or never again?

Again, he paused a while but...

But he reca ي do and...

I have no legal rights, her mother has full custody.

But we're your daughters, need your help.

Do not give me that.

Never take the time to visit me and now just know when you need money .

Let pap ل small as we were then, masters did not know what suced ي ي a.

Adem ل ل s cu When was the last time you ask for money?


What I said was not fair.

Can I talk to your mam ل.

But we do not hear me ل.

You can not live ah pap ي ل.

It's not that simple.

Now I have another family.

She's my sister, girls.

If I state something safe is the love.

That has nothing to do.

Gotta give m ل s time.

Just moved.

And she just lost her job.

Is a lot of stress, and what now needs is patience.

Y support.

Come on.

M ي rame.

Why let that happen?

I do it for you.

No ي as ten school today?

It's reading week. What?

I said it's reading week.

What a fool. Do not be a sabelo everything.

What ل s har?

T and your sister should change their attitude.

Because let me explain the situation n.

Without my

, your mother and your little sister to be ي an on the damn street.

Esc chame never ever touch my sister or my mother.

, No!


Beth, the hit, saw bruises all over his body.

I think...

What's left?

Come escape?

I do not know what to do.

'm Sick of this.

I'm tired of drag us all the time.

M ي Ranos, are beautiful, talented .

We have a lot of potential, I will be an amazing actress, your har ل s amazing things

ل s and be very rich.

I do not know, just...

'm very tired.

From waste our time.

Trying to survive.


Ayud ل ndola survive.

What if...?

Hi girls.

They have endured so much care and have one another.

And your small or brother.

And I am very proud of you.

They have a gift.


, Shit!

'll Be right back.


What if...?


Heard you broke.

S ي, I got tired. reach an agreement.

M ي talk about?

Sure Ashley everything you do is talk.

Dying gives no money?

There really enough money involved in insurance.

All I'm saying is if our mother dies somehow d give us nearly 100,000 dollars in insurance money.

I checked.

D nde?

With the number of p liza checked the terms l ي nea.

With that money we can buy our own house .

Almost 16 as we fulfill ي that

ي masters could all live together.

As one big happy family.

But if we lived with a family to be ي ي t with Martha.

They have money, which is good.

What about Bobby?

Send an ي Bobby with his pap ل, that's what he wants.


Doug never peg Bobby.

Only mam ل.

Come here ي.

Not to talk seriously about killing your mother for money?

No, but if it did, ي not just about money.

But because our lives be an ي better if she was not.

Come on, I'm kidding.

Want to play?

That sexy dresses you.

Thank you. So...

C har mo ي as an?

If you were to actually kill

says it does not give us ل n the insurance money for...


Duty ي ي masters out of here.


If we do we get drunk, take a bath and hopefully will drown ل.


Hi cari o.

Hello sweetness.

You're not drunk, we have no money?

Very funny.

Sit have to talk about something.



Do you think of our relationship n so far?

Not understand the question.


Things get serious and Steve think is the best we all live together.


L is moving ل ة ي here?

No, your mother and I discussed that be ي maybe if they all move to my place .

M ل s is large.

It will have an ي his room for each, m ل s privacy.

I think they like ي a.

What say?

ة l beats you for the love of God, saw bruising that leaves you.

And I know you know how to look at Beth.

No... me.

No mo you know these enga ando.

Not how you can be so pathetic all the time.

I can not believe I'm saying this but, type has money.

What? I know.

Esc chame, Vale?

At the rate we're going, we will be in a shelter in less than a month.

S ي, est ل fucked We have to maneuver around but is better than being in the streets , and Sandra.

No. We'll be out or something.

You say that as if it were not much, Beth.

You really think I do not fuck ل single once or twice?

- I'll handle it - I will have to control?

Yes. Well, will have to control.

But what about m ي?

O Bobby?

What's ل mam?

Prefer kill to see that other treats as ي.

Well, first of all that cal l est ل totally screwed.

Well, it who cares?

Clearly she does not cares.

What ي fucked here is your attitude, Beth Just think of yourself.

You ي sta ego and I think of all including mam ل.

Well, go.

Death by asphyxia or hypoxia.

Cardiac infarction.

Well, everyone.

B ل ل basically no matter cu much time the person is unconscious.

While under water for four minutes .

Then they do, if they can not technically be alive .

There is a varying degree of give or cerebral .

If b ل physically. In less than 4 minutes.

The last thing they need is a vegetable by mother.

Have the meeting here ي n of murderers?

Go away.

Well, we must first ensure that it remain conscious.

We MEETING club.

I'm sorry.

Like I said, we must first make sure conscious.

We can not take her to the bathroom as ي that should do it herself.

ي could get some medicine using my mam ل for back mixed with alcohol.

Turn anyone into a ي t tere.

If and I say...

Even if he wakes up and starts to resist we stop and look at ي that are helping.

With enough water make it.

If they knew that's what our club ي people to be crazy.

Perhaps we could for college.

Enough, right?? Sufficient.

I can not believe you do not take it seriously.

What is wrong?

You got mad in the bathroom today.

Est ل Bamos Only kidding.

Est ل well now have Justin ي as you no longer need me.

That's I ask is, do not est ل replacing.

Est ل well indeed, know what we can do I forget everything and I can take care of me m and t ي you.

? Okay ?, That's all.

Pay rent here ي, pay rent in my home.

You think it's fair? No.

Come on, v ل ي yanse from here.

Bobby won, you won!

Or co What's wrong?

For the love of God. Or co What are you doing?

I'm tired of this of this damn place.

Est ل s right? I'm out of here ي.


Why are you doing this?

M ي or God.


, Steve!

Okay, ten ي n as root.

Just tell me we can do to make it complete.

Bobby .

ل s Go with your dad this weekend.

Hey jate ل, ل s go for atr.

I know, sucks to be you.

Well, give them the responsibility to make a Reservation n for

7 Tony's, Vale?

And then we'll take the rest in recept ل asses various garbage in the park, Vale?

When we get home, I want to be to call 911 Someone must mourn and as we all know I'm a good actress .

As ي is cari o. Wait.

Girls, seriously do this?

Ashley if you want out now be a good time.

What ever.

No one saw you?



Esc chame, this seriously fucked est ل.

You know what to do everything better, right?

That's what you told me.


Est ل well do not worry.

Do not worry nothing happens.

Be careful.

I love you.

I know.

I love you too, asshole.

I go where Ashley alcohol, as ي that...

C mo is my identifi- false?

Wendy Goldstein. I just had my Bat Mitzvah.

I seemed to see you ah ي, right?


Do not worry, okay?

I'll be fine.

What are you doing up so early?

Well, I have an interview work.

I want to be on time.

As ي that...

Last night was crazy.

With Steve, do you?

ل not happen again.

View ل s .

As if he had never heard that before.

David. Hello.

Hello? What are you doing here ي?

Just back of school, ي wanted to see you.

Is not a good time.

Why not? ? Est ل All right?

ل If everything is fine but...

I told Beth ي to be with her all the d ي a.

Do you know?

Why I can not go with you?

Is a girl thing.


Wait, I can see ma ana?

Can not you get ي as Sandra with people.

David, stop.

'll See you later.

Est ل s right?

You're getting mad?

Remember when ل mam had fainted and one of their boyfriends wanted to fuck.

O that year or barely slept because another meth ي to our bed.

Or when Doug made... Basta.



I have a headache.



C arrived at the mo?

Har ل n you feel better.

Thanks ل Angeles.

Counting on that job.

What will we do?

M ل s Time pills.

Let mam ل.

There's a party tonight?


Going to party with me.

I like when you go party with me .

're So tender.

Ashley wants what we record.

What ever.

I worry kill her with pills and alcohol.

I have the timer for 4 minutes.

Time ba o? Just I start to feel good.

Let mam ل.

Time to cleanse.

I do not feel dirty.

Come on.

Let's get that mam ل.



I have these.

But our tracks and it is ل n, is our mother.

Whatever, just p NTELOS.


Sandra .

And remember.

Open hand.

Is easily injured.

M ي or God.

Ashley is not a good time.


, Beth!



Gone 4 minutes.

M ي God or 4 minutes.

Let's meet for dinner, OK?

Beth, wait. Come on.

They did?

I can not believe it.


Do not know, it's not like cre ي it was going to be. It's not like in the pel ي particles.

Convulsed say you?

Yeah, well knew that masters ي ي a har But for a minute it was as if awoke.

Do you mean? Tell me from the beginning.

P drete.

P drete, Beth left me alone. Sandra lmate c ل.

C ل lmate.

There are n alg problem?



Sandra, m ي rame.

Come here ي, ي m rame.

We must be strong, right?

Now is when we must be strong, m ي rame!

No, this is not real.

This is not real is just...

A fantasy ي a, like the game of "what if ..?"

Is real. It's not.

Is real.

It ?, But now all ل be much better.

I promise.

M ي rame.

Just do what you say

ل s and be fine.


My mam ل not breathing by Please help me.

I came home with my sister and not her...

I do not know what happens, please not breathing.

Env ي a damn paramedic.

Or something please.


Appears to be an accident.

We tried everything we could.

I'm so sorry.

There anything I can give them?

No thanks.

Est ل well.

We'll have to make some questions .

She was taking when we went, gave us his card for dinner.

We found when we arrived was very drunk to ba ass.

D nde?

Har ل n a blood test to confirm she was drunk.

Apparently vodka.

Who ba with shade to the outside?


Doug already LLEV everything Bobby to his house, which is great.

Being Bobby ل key have the support of his father during all this.

Thank you.

We try contact your father but still does not call us.

Now, as for you are legally old to live on their own.

But the state prefers to live with a friend or relative.

Your t ي has offered to receive them.

's Something that would work for you?

Apparently his school thinks already living with me.

'll Take that as a yes.

His compassion and sensitivity was envied.

And I think we can all agree.

That much Linda loved her children.

Hac ي at all for them...

Seems that they forget that was a pathetic alcoholic lica that salt with morons ي a.

Est ل well.

M ي or God.

Televisi n flat screen.


She likes these things.

Thanksgiving is amazing. Good.

I'm glad.

Do not, seriously.

I do not like criminals.

From ل cu ndo?

Whole school talking about what happened.

Was killed as said or was an accident as they say?

I almost forgot the best part.

Spoke with Donny on the party this weekend.

I wonder if your be ي ي as ah.


Donny? ? Donny b ي ceps?

Your ex boyfriend? ? Donny That?

No, God m ي o. Haber expected.

Est ل s okay with that? If I told you to finish it.

M ي or God.

Hi! Donny.

Donny is a great party.

I mean, I like foreplay.


Listen. Yes?

I have to ask you the big question, but thanks not marry yet.

Do you understand me? You know what I mean.

Oh that.

Yeah yeah.

We had to disappear your ass, you understand me it was like...

Do you want? She even helped.

Is a coward.

Just need a hand.

4 minutes to drown.

Does it feel to kill someone? I do not know.

Hey, let her get her things let's get moving.

M ي or God.

Sandra est ل crazy.

Is not controlled.


Let her have fun. If this comes to the police ي a we are screwed.

Just need someone to confirm them

no offense but want to be seen with your sister now.

Just go.

You helped us do that, no matter how much you distance yourself from it, it does not hide the fact that your helped us.

Okay, well est ل.

, Catelo S ل, ل s I Catelo!

Put ​​this on, come on.

Come here ي.

Look who is the town drunk.

Seg n what Ashley says both ended up at the same party Where you got drunk and confessed murder many times before you go as you ي

ي here I am.

Well it's time to go.

Let .

Remind me mam ل.

I'm just worried about you.

've Been through so much and these... you understand me?

That is marijuana?

You know...

David I...

I'm not the girl you think.

I guess What exactly?

D ي melo. That I'm good.

Well, you're not a bad person.

You're just someone who would have been a lot of bad things .


I remember her?



É cheating you.

And I still do.

I do not know let people care about you.

Just know alienate people.

David did something very bad.

I do not care.

I do not care if we're together, if we are friends or whatever.

I just want you to know.

What I care.

You've always cared about.


What if...?

say that his death was not an accident?

I do not understand.


S ي, I... is a guy suck on film while my friend sees ي a.

? Do you like that for you to worry about m ي?

Hey, ment ي.

If you remind me of her.


, Shit!

M ل s I care nothing, ask est idiot.

We did what we did to improve our lives and function.

You did nothing.

I did it alone.

I killed mommy alone.

I know.

I know and I'm sorry.

If you could go back to har ي different things.

Okay I har ?, ي a.

But you need stop talking about it, okay?

Please, you and me.

Of the two, we should stop talking about , Vale?

Yes, hello.

I think I have information about a murder n .

I only see you did not put anything is ask in cyberspace.

No conf ي ي as in m?

Hello? Hello.

Do you want?


I'm sorry.


I do not know.


For what happened to you and

what I said about you, what I thought about you.

Est ل well.

At least m ي you think, right?

Wanna go for a ride?

Yeah, sounds good.

Est ل well?

S ي, so good.

All right.

David act weird as well, like you're not your.

ي as not, it's just I...

The comment you made the other night, gave me around in his head.

I can not sleep at night.


What movie?


The other thing.

From the death of your mother was not an accident.

What ي as you refer to it?

I do not know.

Est ل well, you can...

Talk to me.

If you know and you care for m ي, right?

I do not know... not know mo c ي duty to act, you know?



S ي, it's like she does not care about anyone when she was alive and now all they care she's dead.

You say...

Someone mat?

Do not lose sleep or so, right?

Not like what we were doing again.

We are not serial killer, you know?

That's it.

Thought they were pure mouth.

I had nothing to do with it.

These girls est ل n crazy.

attention seek is not the first time.

Ning n of you thought that an ي deb report a possible murder?

I say that one of your friends phono micr us.

We have the confession on Sandra.

What ever.

Does not matter.

Minti about killing her.

ي as He likes to joke with people.

's Something pretty crazy what he says.

What I can say?

're Crazy.

There is a big difference between being a liar from a vein.

And a killer.

So were in the restaurant at 7:15 pm ?

I want to see my sister, d nde est ل?

Est another SUITE ل n.

Must see her.

Absolutely, when we finish here ي.

No, I see it now.

No m ل s answer questions without Beth.

This is your lawyer? Si.

Whatever you say.

Sandra admitting you have recorded everything.

Tell me what I need and then ي r

'll take you to Beth.

I see it now.

It's not that simple. Why not?

You do not understand, do you?

Beth est ل in trouble.

Why ?, It has nothing to do with it.

, Beth!

As we all know is something com n.

In abused people, especially used.

In confessing to the crime they have committed.

You calling?

Given the violation of constitutional rights of girls

ل fr ​​gil and mental state.

Request house arrest until trial.

'll Agree to that.

The way that these officers behaved.

He's lucky not take it all away.

The court withdrew.

Come ?, girls I told you everything would be fine.

ل All will come out right.

Have hot chocolate. -, S ي!

Who play?

I play?

Come on. No, I...

I think ي masters should not enter.

Why not?

Yes, God m ي or Beth swear I delete all mail, message, text, upgrade everything even ي Destroyed my phone.

What do you do now? You know what I do?

'm Seeing where relocate.

Because I'm turning crazy in this house.

Or co What are you doing?


Sandra Anderson and Beth Anderson.

ي come with the police to the county.

I have a warrant to search in these facilities.

Contraband or information.

Due to the suspect... T ي Martha?

Linda Anderson murdered. Is this a joke?

You'll get that, really? That's our cousin.

That's not ours. You can not do this.

If you want to take him.

Is the old laptop? I thought the shot had ي a.

I brought everything to make sure that had ي has been erased.

Ashley GODS presence testifies that the plan to kill Linda Anderson and believe, although I did not see it, the sisters are guilty.

A change will not be accused of complicity , or anything else's connection to the case.

All right.

Works for me.

I just...

I can not believe I involving this.

Only came together with me because I'm popular.

Are in much trouble, son.

It establishes you as part of this murder to provide medical They used it to drugging.

If you testify for tax ي a t may be reduced sentence.

I know I should not but ي to contact you, ي wanted to say I'm how they acted.

I love you.

Dir Never ي them anything about you.

Ashley and Justin did with the tax treatment ي a testify against you and for your protection n.

That coupled with forensic evidence computer.

I think it's time to consider plead guilty.

Try to work in the best sentence.

I want They leave my home.

Thought we did not have permit ي visit.

The police made an exception to ي n especially in my case.


Beth, I can talk to Sandra alone for a minute?

We do not do that, see ل s Sandra has proven incapable to be alone, as ي that...

I am who micr fono us.

Ten ي to do.

Next witness.

Since I can remember, always my sister and I were against the big, bad world.

And since I can remember The world was bad because our mother .

Given the overwhelming evidence.

The meeting guilty of murder in the first degree.

The sentenced each to ten years in prisi n m ل as maximum.

The judge said he had an ي many do you in worse situations than us.

Do not end up resorting to murder.

Do we do now?

I think pap ل ل appeal.

T ي Martha?

I do not think we want.

What if...?


Now that is not ل.

That is not our mother ل.

I guess from now on the only thing ahead is live one o'clock ET ask and horrible life.

The only people we can believe in we are ourselves.

As a condition n of the judgment and probation.

The court orders the following 10 years.

Elizabeth and Sandra Anderson will not have any contact ل n under any circumstances.

On June 30, 2006, Sandra was sent to c ل women's jail.

Beth was sent to a juvenile detention center n.

Being YOUNG offenders, the sisters were eligible for release conditional before half of his sentence.

Is I granted parole Beth in June 2010

Sandra was released in a house "halfway" in July 2009

Both Sandra and Beth est ل n going to school in a university.

Sandra wants to go to law school.

Because were minors at the time of the crime, their identities are protected.

Because were minors at the time of the crime, their identities are protected.