Permission (2017) Script

Are you even...

Yeah, just give me a second.

Okay. Okay.

Okay? You want me to... Yeah. Just give me a second.

Just give me a second. Okay.


Oh. Ah. There we go.

I love you.

You're so perfect. I love you.

Just stay like this. Just...

Just stay like this forever.


I love you.

Oh. Careful. Careful.

See, I told you. It was quick.


Thank you. Is that a record?

I don't want to get anything on the sheets.

Will you get me something?

Phew. Towel.

Thank you.

There we go. Phew.



Where's the remote? Hmm?

You have the remote?

No, I thought you had it.

Oh, yeah.

Yep. Yeah.

I love you.

I love you.

Good night. Good night.

All right, class, I'm looking forward to your thesis drafts.

But first, Anna... 30 is a milestone.

Say goodbye to your youth.


Surprise, Anna. Surprise!

Happy birthday, Anna. Thanks.

Happy birthday! Thank you.

Anna, you are the most beautiful thing I...

I have ever seen... No.

Anna, I... want to be with you for the rest of my life, and I hope you do, too?

No. No.

No, no, no, no. Pbht!

Hey. Hello.

Happy birthday!


Don't panic. What?

Oh. 30's just the beginning... of the end of your life.

Ooh! Oh, it's big.

I cannot wait till you see this.


Oh, that is scary.

Look at that hair! Look at you.

You look so handsome. Whose arm is that?

Thought you could probably use some art for the new house.

New house? Somebody say new house?

Huh? Huh? Hey, we're right on schedule.

Okay. Okay.

All right, we're nowhere near on schedule...

Thank you. ...but listen, I screwed up, made a few crucial miscalculations, you know.

Just not this one.


That was nice. Thank you.

It was good. It was good, right?

Good save. It was good, right?

Thank you. Oh, my God.

You know what I was thinking about coming here tonight?

Summers at the lake.

Really? Mm-hmm.

Like how our parents left us up there, you know?

I mean, they should be here tonight, Mom and Dad.

Hey, look, they are who they are, and we love them.

It just reminded me that you covered for them, so thank you.

Oh, my God, and we'd gossip about boys... Yeah.

...and your crush on Teddy.

For Will. No, Teddy.

Ted... for Will.

Sorry. Teddy Fredricks?

Teddy Fredricks.

You remember him. With the giant neck?

No, he did not have a giant neck. This guy had a giant neck.

It was huge, Reece. He was just very strong.

He was like an orc.

You knew I had a crush on Teddy.

No, I did not.

My point is we were inseparable.

God, you guys met when you were babies.

We were babies!

First loves and still together.

Never been with anybody else your entire lives.

It's so crazy.

And it killed me because I thought... Come on.

..."I'm gonna be alone for the rest of my life." All right.

But then you introduced me to him.

Now, if you could just convince this one to knock me up, that would be lovely.

They should be here tonight. William.

Mm-hmm. I'm not trying to call you out in front of your someday wife, but when we were in the dorms freshman year, you told me you'd already amassed quite a few notches on your belt.

Really? Is that right? You did?

I-I lied.


It's a weird lie. Reece.

I was 18. We shared a bunk. We had a bond.

Come on. It wasn't enough to...

No, it's just I was a quiet farm boy, and you were so fucking cool and impressive.

I wasn't enough. No, it's not that. No.

It's just he had a tattoo, he had all the best drugs, he'd already fucked so many... you'd already fucked two Congressmen.

Together, as well as separately.

I'm a uniter. Oh, okay.

I wanted you to like me, so I lied.

Well, it's disappointing.

We've made up for it since.

Only with her. What?

You know what, Reece?

Our sex life, we don't need to because our sex life is... is really, really great.

Compared to what?


I mean, Anna, if you've never had anybody but Will, I say find out what another cock feels like.

What? Reece.

Don't you want to know? Aren't you curious?

You must be. I mean, really, come on.

The two of you are so perfect and constant and inevitable and fucking boring.

You practically already have babies.

Live a little! Okay, come on.

Don't you want to be the guy you pretended to be in college?

Aren't you gonna be a little disappointed if you die and you never were?

Anyway, look, there's no risk.

You two... You two love each other.

You love each other.

You're a monument to love that will stand for all time and I toast you and I love you.

Oh, cheers, Reece. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much.



Following that, I was...

Uh, I was going to... give you a set of keys tonight.

But the house isn't finished, so no keys, sorry.

Um, but I-I will say, um...


I could look at your face for the rest of my life, and, um...

I love you.

I-I love you.

Happy birthday.

You liked Teddy Fredricks.

Yeah, before you came along.

Did you journal about him and his thick neck?

Yeah, I was scared, but he... he wanted me.

Oh, how Victorian.

Wait, this is after we were together?

Yeah, it was kind of a standing offer until college.

Really? Sure.


Uh, we moved to Naples and got married.

I-I chose you.

But you were into Teddy. That is...

What? I was curious. I mean it's not...

You... You've been attracted to other women.

I mean... Yeah, not...

Well... Well, no, not more than you.


Okay. Points for that.

Mm. Thank you.

I suppose, you know, you just...

I w-wanted experience.

And I got in the way.

Obviously not.

You're a real tit sometimes, you know that?

Whatever. I shouldn't drink champagne.

Yeah, I think you just think you're way funnier than you actually are.

Nonsense. No.

I'm very funny. Oh, yeah, you are?

Mm. I think we can agree to disagree on that one.

You'd be lost without me.


Hmm. Hey.

What? Mm.

I meant what I said earlier.

About what?

About having a baby. I want to have a baby.

How about a puppy? Come on.


Can we have the bill, please?

Reece, that's not a waitress.

Oh, fuck.

Ow! Careful!

I wouldn't be jealous. Would you?

W-Were you thinking about... about this the whole time?

No. About... About...

No, I just... crush on Teddy Fredricks?

No, I'm just curious. I was just curious.

What do you mean? Hmm?

What do you mean you're curious?

Yeah. Are you asking asking?


I don't know. No, I...

I'm just... Maybe.

I'm just... I don't...

Why'd you say that shit last night?

I don't know. I'm sorry.

It was fucking stupid. I was very drunk. I'm sorry.

Sorry about Reece last night. He had a...

Oh, whatever. Yeah.

He had a lot to drink before we went out.

No. Really? Yeah, he did.

How many guys were you with before Hale?

I have no idea.

Well, like, a number.

More than you, considerably less than a thousand.

And Hale was the best? No.

Anderson Cooper... avarice bottom.

It doesn't bother me. I know he was joking.

You never think about being with anyone else?

No, not really. Not seriously, no.

I mean, with Hale, it's comfortable.

There's common cause. That's everything.

It's not like I feel like I'm missing out or whatever.

Shotgun in your mouth, if you live till you're 90, Hale is the last person you'll ever fuck?


Gun in my mouth, I say absolutely.

Ow. Ooh.

Yep. Yeah. Ooh.

There's a little more to go.

There you go. Good job.

You think it's, like, fate, what we have?

Hmm? What?


How's the sushi?

Am I holding you back?


Do I...

Are you satis... satisfied w-with... with me?

I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Look, you have one life, and I would never, never, never want to stop you from doing something if, when.

Theoretically, it would be okay, I think.

It would be... I think I would be okay.

Can you say what you mean?

I think that you should sleep with other women.

I mean, just if we're... if we're gonna be together forever...

You think I want to?


I know how much you love me and always will, so why shouldn't you, right?

I mean, if I love you as much as I do, then I shouldn't be threatened by that.

I couldn't be. I mean, I know it's just... Do you want to?

I don't know.

Monogamy is stupid, okay? Uh-huh.

That is... That is the part of what you said that makes sense, okay? Right.

Not that I... I mean, no, but you...

You're... You're right.

It's... It's bad design. Sure.

At least, it defies all logic.

It's just... It's just crazy that w-we've never talked about this, that's all, you know? Right.

I mean, we just did what we were supposed to.

Yeah, 'cause we were so youn. Right. How did we know?

I don't want you to want me because you have to, you know?

I want you to want me because you want to, not because I-I own your body.

Well, you can own a little bit of it.

You think I want to own a little bit of it?

Okay, so, look. Last night, that was weird.

Yeah. Are we gonna try it?

Okay, if we were gonna do it, what we... what would we even call it?

An open relationship?

No. The relationship's not open.

No. No. The relationship's just you and me.

Right. That's what I meant.

You can just fuck other people.


As could you, obviously.

I don't think it's gonna work.

Well, why not?

Uh, human nature, thousands of cautionary tales preceding you.

That's not us.

How come this has never come up before?

Been with each other for, like, a billion years and never thought about fucking someone else?

Well, no, of course I've thought about it.

I've been attracted to other people.

God, you've only been with, like, one person your entire life.

Ugh! It's biblical. It's Shari'a.

Fidelity has value.

It's why it's such a common measure for evaluating a relationship.

I get that you want to evolve beyond jealousy.

I don't think it's possible.

You want to be with Reece forever.

Is that a question?

Do you?


I would like to be with Reece for as long as we make each other happy.

But yes, given that, forever is ideal.

You remember Shannon and Jeremy, right?

They had, like, an open relationship.

Yeah, in college.

Yeah, and they're still together.

They have kids now and everything.

Doesn't count.

You're still attracted to Will, right? Yeah, of course.

Anna? Yes.

And the sex is still good?


I mean... I think.

You think.

You are saying that with all the years you've spent with Hale, everything you... you have together, the love, the trust between you, the intimacy, shared belongings, your life, everything, is so fragile that if he were to sleep with someone just once, it would erase everything you've built?

Yes. That's ludi... That is ludicrous.

Why is it such a threat?

'Cause he's mine.

You sound like a child. That is a child's answer.

William, I love you dearly.

This is very stupid. I'll see you tomorrow.

Go get him.

What's his name? Oh, it's Bowzer.

He's a little rowdy, but he's a good boy.

I meant, um...

Oh. Yeah, Aidan.

He's darling. Thank you.

This is actually the only place he sleeps, but Bowzer likes it, too.


You got any kids?

Uh, no. No.

Uh, too busy. I run a garden center.

Oh. Plants.

Yeah. Yeah.

It's like having a bunch of kids, right?

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, well, your dog's like a kid.

Axel, yeah, he's my sister's.


I'm Hale.

Hi. Glenn. Hey.

Shit. Again?

Third time this year. I hate this machine.

Hi, there. Let me know if you have any questions.

It's incredible. The smell.

Oh, that? That's cedar. He's, uh... He's sanding.

Well, I can smell it all the way down the block.

Oh, really?

I have an exceptional nose, though.

Oh. Looks like it.

That's a... It's a great nose.

Did you make this, this table?

Yeah, the two of us make everything right here in this store.

Pretty impressive.

Thank you.

Is that your boyfriend?

That? No, that's my... my partner.

My... My business pa... He's my best friend.

That's very cool.

Very, very beautiful.

Wait. Uh...

Want to take a piece of this?

You know, you can burn it like... like incense if you need a fix.

That's very sweet.

Thank you.

All right. I'll do that.

I'll see you around.


Thank you. You too.


I loved that.

Of course.

What? It was great!

There was so much talking.

I cried twice.

I know. You're so emotional.

Whatever. You love me.

Yeah, well...

Want to go out? Hmm?

Let's go out. Come on. Come on. It's late.

Let's go out. Let's go dancing. It's late.

Let's go dancing. It's not that late.

Let's go dancing. I've got orders...

We're not old. fill for tomorrow morning.

We're young and beautiful. Let's dance.

I've got work to do! Let's go dancing Tuesday.

Fuck Tuesday.

All right. Okay?

Tuesday. Okay. Good.

Can't believe you didn't like the movie.

Well, I do have questionable taste.

Hey, get back here.

What are you... I thought we were going.

What's the rush?


I don't know.

You sure you're ready for this?

Yeah. You?

What? Do you see anyone?

No. Don't be... Don't be so obvious, okay?

Okay. Sorry.

You look great, though. Yeah?

Yeah, fantastic. Yeah, so do you.

Thank you.

Uh, you want to go take a lap, explore?

Sure. Yep.

I'll go this way, you go that way?

Okay. All right.


I'm so sorry. Let me get that.

Shit. I'm sorry.

Thanks. Uh, I'm gonna take a break.



I like what you're wearing.

Oh. What do you do?

What... What do I... I... You know...

You live close by or... Hey, babe.

Well, no. They were out of Stella.

Hey. I'm, uh, the fiancé.

So, uh, you are...?


Nice chatting with you.


Sorry to... Thank you.

...break up the fun.

No, no, no. Thank you. That was, uh...

He was... He was, uh... Yeah.

It was awkward. Yeah, I saw the look on your face and...


What, a little... little strong?

Well, maybe. That's a... That's a big move.

Yeah, I'll admit, I might be pushing our fake relationship too fast.

Well, yeah, you might. I haven't even met you, so...

Vicious technicality.

Wait. Are you... Are you afraid of fake commitment?

Yeah, I'm terrified.

All this time, you think you know someone, and...



Yes, I will take a beer.

It's on the, uh, history of female composers.

Well, then, to finishing your thesis.

And you to finishing your, uh...

I don't know, laundry?

I'm Dane.

Oh, yeah. Hi. I'm... I'm Anna.

Oh. You dickhead.

What? You love this song? I do.

Hi. Hey.

Oh, I'm so... I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot.

Sorry. This... This... is my friend, Will.

Hey. Dane.

Dane? Dane?

Dane. Great name.


It's crazy... I lost my virginity to this record.

No way. So did I. You did? That's so weird.

So did... So did... So did she.

Crazy, huh? How do you guys know each other?

We went to school together.

Mm-hmm. Way back when.

Shit. I love this song.

You dance?

Yes. We should dance.

Will. All right. Come on.

Come on. We can dance. Let's dance.


Oh, shit, my jacket. I'll be right back.

Oh, okay.

You ready?

For what?

To go home.

You don't want to.

You like him, he likes you.


Well... what... what about you?

Well, I'll go home. He's pretty cool, right?

You are into him, clearly, so...

You know, he's a great dancer.

Well, maybe I'll just take his number or...

Our work here is done, guys. We changed the whole vibe.

Hipster assholes are dancing.

You guys got one more in you?

Yeah, I don't have such an early morning.


You know, I might... I might take off. Uh...

You know, you guys... you guys go have fun.

All right?

All right.

Okay. Are you... Are you sure?


I'll, uh, I'll see you, Anna.


I'll get her home safe.

Shall we?




This is cool.

What can I get you?

I'll... I'll take a... whatever you're having.


This is it.

What's, uh... What's this?

Uh, that was, uh... That was a long time ago.

It's yours? My old band.

You remember that song "Drops of Jupiter?"

Uh, y-yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, they, uh, they knocked us off the charts, so, um...


So, um... now you... do something with... computers?

Do you really care?

No. Not really.

Oh, wait. What?

Uh, I just, uh... I just, uh, um...

Can I just use the bathroom?

Yeah, it's, uh... You're almost there.


Demolition of 87 London Terrace was completed on schedule...

...despite the protest of many local residents and preservationists.

14 tons of dynamite were detonated.

Everything all right?


Just, um... one foot in front of the other.

You don't have to rush out.

Um... yeah, I... No, really.


Y-Yeah, I, um...

I have s-school tomorrow, so... Ah.

And, uh, what's that like? Your tomorrow?


I s-should go.

Uh, I didn't mean...

Oh, no, no. I wasn't say... T-That was, um...

I just... I should go.

I'll be staring at my phone until you call, but no pressure.

I-I should... I should go.



You okay?

Yeah. Yeah.


I'm good.

How was it?


It was, um... fun.

It was...

Is that okay for me to say?

Yeah, yeah.

It was really fun.

Well, good. Good.

That's... That's so good.


Yeah, he was... he was great.

It was... weird.

Different. Looser.

It was... just different.

But you... you're okay?


Yeah, I'm... I'm great.



It worked.


Yeah, just...

Um, like he was...

I don't know, like, um... everywhere at once and all over the place.

Um, but it was... it was just fun.

Like, am I s-stiff or...

No. No, you're great.

You're the standard.

Did you do everything?

A lot of things.



Yeah, it worked. It was just fun.


It went well? It was better than that.

Okay, please, spare me the details.

You guys are fucking crazy. No, he was nice.

He was nice to her. I'm glad of that.

And Will? He was fine.

I think he was fine.

This was all your idea.

He's a composer. He played me one of his songs.

Okay, you can't see him again. Why?

Look, sex is sex, and that's great, you know, but that's what you agreed to.

Just... Just be careful.

You realize this is a suicide pact, right?

You have to do it now. You're committed.

Otherwise, she's out there on the hook forever.

You're so dramatic.

You know that's literally the worst thing you can say to a gay man?

What are you staring at?



Oh. Hello again.

Hello again.

Um, so, I'd like to buy this table.

Really? This... Wow.

Yeah. Okay.

Well, that's, uh, that's great.

I know. I-I couldn't get it out of my mind, actually.

Let me just take your details down and schedule a delivery.

I'm available right now.

Oh. I... Well, I...

I'm kind of, you know, the store's open, and...


Well, why don't you just close the store?


I'm totally kidding. I could be free tonight.

Oh, well, I could also potentially be... be available to deliver this table to your address.

Well, then, it's potentially a date.


Oh, hey.

Were you watching porn?


You watching weird shit? No.

Animals or something? Tentacles, eggplants?


Nope. I got to go. I have drinks.

Bye. can make.

When our family's journey began, we decided adoption was the answer to what our family had been missing, a joy and love which I, at first...



The doorman let me in.



It's... It's Will.

Where do you want this table?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's perfect.

Oh, hi. Hey.

Cool place.

Thank you.

That's better, huh?

Can I get you something to drink, maybe?

Iced tea or white wine?

I'm... I'm fine.

I'm obsessed with this stuff.

You want to dance?

S-Sure. Mm-hmm.

I like this music.


You smell like my father.

What the fuck are you doing?

It's the middle of the night? We got kids over here!


This is Park Slope, asshole.



Hey. Hey.

I made dinner.

Oh, you cooked? Huh.


You didn't call.

Yeah, I'm sorry. Don't.

Just fucking don't do that to me.

Why? I-I went to the house.

Till midnight with your phone off?


I... met somebody.

And then I went to the house.

You fucked someone in our new house?

No, I-I went there after to work.

Right. But I'm suppo...

I mean, you're supposed to tell me when you're gonna...

I-I was worried about you.

I'm sorry.

What's her name?



Great. Cool.

I'm sorry. I should've called.

I-I didn't do anything wrong.

Yes, you did.

Lydia is... is great.

Lydia is probably a great person.

I'm... not angry with Lydia.

Earthquake! Earthquake!

Earthquake! Wake up! We have to go!

Get in the bunker! Come on!

It's an earthqu...

Oh, my God. What?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


Don't worry. It's gonna be okay.


I can't breathe!

So, Lydia... where did you meet?

At the shop. Huh.

She bought a table.

Excellent customer service.

Not my best, actually. Why?

Well, it was just kind of scary.

She was looking at me all naked.

S-She had big hands. It was weird.

Did you enjoy it?

I guess, after a while.

After a while? How many... How many times did you...

Oh, just once.


Oh, you lasted a while.

We did it on the table, which was weird.

I couldn't... I couldn't finish, so I... I panicked, and I faked it.

You faked... Wait, how is that even possible?

What did you, just spit on her back?

No. No, I just, like...

Oh, that's very convincing. Thank you.

Did you have to pretend with, uh...

Dane? Mm.

No. No. No?

You just... No.

What, you didn't feel like pretending or...?

No, I... I don't know.

I was probably just nervous and...

Right, right. It's just friction, right?

Right. You should see her again.

Hmm? Lydia.

I don't know.

You want to see him again?


All right.

Come on, Axel.

Axel, no! Bad boy! Go over there!

Oh, hi again. Hey.

Hi. Hi.

Yikes. I think I just passed out.

Is he sleeping any better for you?

Oh, God, no. No, no, not at all.

I tell you what... I would trade my apartment for six hours of uninterrupted sleep at this point.

Wow. That bad? Yeah. Yeah.

You know, I-I write, so my office has been turned into a baby's room.

It's a little tough with deadlines and things like that to sort of...

You want to hold him?


Yeah? Sure.

Take a seat.

Hey, Aidan, I'd like to introduce you to Hale.

Hale, Aidan.

Hi, Aidan.

Hi, baby. You must be so much fun.

He's so...

He's sleeping.

What do you think he's dreaming about?

Oh, I bet it's you, too. I bet it's you, too.

Where's the check?

I don't know. This place fucking sucks.

I'm never coming to Chelsea again.


Are we gonna talk about it?

Are you growing a moustache?

Um... yeah?


Yeah, I just thought I'd try something new.

It's a little bit like the... like the creepy kid in gym class.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Just... Just very fond of your upper lip as it was.

Oh, thanks.

It's a compliment.

Where's the fucking waiter?

I'm gonna ruin their lives on Yelp.

Reece, calm down.

I mean, don't...

Don't you think they're fucking crazy?

I mean, Will and Anna?

I mean why risk what they have, right, I mean, for some...

If they're not happy... Yeah, but aren't they?

Like, are they not happy, or are they just bored in bed?

Famous last words. Yeah.

I love you so much.

Reece, can we have a baby?

What? Why would you do that?

Why would you say that right now?

Why can't you just be with me?


Is he bigger than me?



Um, he's somewhere between... like this and like this.

Come on.

Are you... Are you thinking about his now?


I mean, yours is nicer, honestly.

Is he better, though?

Come on. You're being silly.

Was he? It was different.

Different better? Different different.

I don't know. He wasn't...

He wasn't careful with me, which is...

You and Anna ever talk about kids?

Why? Did she say something?


Just wanted to know if I'm framing out a nursery.

It's a closet.

But you want 'em?

Yeah, sure, eventually. Really?

When this is done and she's finished her degree, I guess it would be good.

Yeah, I guess that makes sense.

Hey, man, those... those braces aren't straight.

I can see it from here.

It's solid.

It's gonna be covered over. It's fine.

I'll do it myself. It's a closet!

All right. I'll redo it. I'll redo it.

It's fine. I'll redo it.

It has to be perfect.

Want to stay over?

We... We don't have to do anything.

What, we could just sit there in silence?

Sure, if you like, yeah. We could also talk or, uh...

Well, you could tell me about your thesis.

I can pretend to understand, and...

I'd love to, but...

Make you breakfast in the morning.

I should really go home.


No, you really shouldn't.

Sorry. I didn't mean to push it.


Just tell me you feel it, too.

One foot in front of the other.

I don't understand, Anna.

This thesis draft is far below your potential.

You're still writing like a performance major, not a music history scholar.

What's going on with you?

Anna. Anna! ♪ I'll find you... ♪

Are you all right?

Yeah, I just...

I got to...

Got to go.

Don't like that piece?

Sorry, I-I didn't see you.

It's all right. I'm barely here.

It is a divisive work, provokes a response. Does it?

I agree, there are far more beautiful things in the gallery at the moment.

Need a coffee? Want coffee?


Be right back.

Actually, I don't need a coffee.

Why don't you give me your number?

I'd like to see you again.

You gonna tell your wife?

Uh... no, I'm not.

So you... you have an agreement.

What she doesn't know she doesn't have to agree to.

You know, she might not mind.

Just... give me your number.

No. Look. Unless you tell her, you...

You have to... You have to get her permission.

I already told you, that's not how we are.

Well, I guess it's how I am.

Not according to recent events, it's not.

Look, I'm not gonna ruin my marriage for you, okay, so thanks for the fuck, but Jesus.

I'm sure you remember where the door is.

Another one already?

Yeah, it just... it just happened. Wow.

Oh, can you just...

You okay? Mm-hmm.

Should we just...

You want to... you know, should we just stop?

Is it worth it? Hmm?


No, I'm okay. Really.

You're okay?

I'm okay.

Well, if you're okay, then...

I'm okay, so...

You want a drink? I could go and...

No, I'm... I'm kind of tired. I want to go home.


Yeah, I don't want to...

You... You can stay... I might.

...if you want. I might do that.

Okay. Well...

See you at home.

Yeah. See you at home.

Done nursing that ice water?

Oh, it's... it's mescal.

Not anymore. Rocks?


Hey, I have to work tomorrow, so...

Oh, yeah? What's your work?

I teach high school.


Good kids, tough neighborhood.

And where's your wife?

My what?

Oh, that's my girlfriend. She's at home.

But you're here. So it seems.

Well, it you want to pull, all you have to do is stick around and drastically lower your standards.

Oh. Oh, God.


That's it? Mm-hmm.

I'm not asleep.

Good drink?



It's late.


Fuck. That's a lot of money.


They're all like this. Surrogacy's expensive.

It's not expensive. That's a fucking fortune.

Can we at least talk about it?

When you shave your moustache, you can talk about it.

Can you be serious, please? I am serious.

Can we try to figure this out?

You're so fucking stubborn. Don't I get a say in the matter?

You would if you ever talked to me.

Has it ever occurred to you that there might be a good reason why I don't want to do it or why I'm hesitant to do it?

If it's about the money, we can try fostering.

Foster kids come damaged.

Adoption... they can come take them away.

We have lives!

We have a life that we built.

Look at it!

Can you picture a child in it?

Yeah, well, I was trying.

You haven't thought about any of this, have you?

It's some... It's some beautiful fantasy for you.

Yes, I've thought... I've thought about it.

Come to bed... eventually.

She sign the delivery receipt?

Yeah. Good.

Ms. Gretel Winthrop?

That's a funny name.

She was nice, though.

Yeah? How nice was she?

I'm starting to fear for the safety of our female customers.

You come in for a bookshelf, might get more than you bargained for.

Not today, okay? Old bird like that, though, I guess she won't mind that you're an amateur.

You don't have to be an asshole.

I'm not trying to fuck everyone I meet. Oh, yeah?

What was the road to Hell paved with?

Remind me.

Because it's working, does that... does that threaten you? No, man.

Shit would never happen in my house.

This doesn't threaten me. Just makes me sad, that's all.

You still seeing that other lady?

Lydia? Yeah.


Care about her at all?

Sure. Of course.

What's she do? What are her interests?

Where's she from?


You know what? Fuck you.

I guess you know who the asshole is, huh?

You gonna leave me to drive back

'cause I hurt your fucking feelings?


Oh, my God. Hi.

Hi. Oh, wow.

You're... 12 hours early.

Oh, you meant 9:00 at night? I can come back.

No. No, you're here.

It's okay. Right.

It's just, oh, my God, the place is a mess.

We haven't finished.

Inga, det racker nu... det racker nu.

You can finish.

Finito. Okay.

You don't have to have so much attitude.

Did you see that?

Makes me feel so insecure about my Swedish.

I don't think that's Swedish.

Well, I mean, it might be a little Norwegian, but it doesn't matter.

Well, you just... you caught me.

I was in the middle of doing my new workout.

It's... a little bit of yoga and folding laundry.

I call it "yolaundry."

Well, I've never been on a date this early before.


So, um, here. Let me take your coat.

Oh, thank you. Yeah.

Did you have anything special in mind?

No plans, exactly, but, um...

You know, we didn't really talk much last time, so...

Well, um, you want to get to know each other?

Exactly. Yeah.

Really well?

Yeah. What's that look for?

You ever sometimes feel like just, you know, like going wild?

I mean...


Yeah. Don't worry.

I know the girl who made them.

Oh, I'm not... I'm not worried.

Yeah? Tell that to your face.

What are they?

Um, probably a lot of fun.

Are you serious?

Hmm? All right.


You're fucking lovely.

Hmm. You think so?

Mm. Yeah. Hmm.

You're a big softy.

Is that... Is that bad?

Mnh-mnh. Nothing's bad.

We should, you know...

We should, like, be friends, you know?

If you're... If you're wo...

Oh, wait, what?

Should I stop talking?

No. You're fine.


You're so... perfect.

The first time we had sex, I didn't finish.


It's not you. I... You're beautiful.

You're beautiful. I just...

I-I couldn't.

We should fix that. Really?

'Cause, like, you know, that's...

Sometimes that happens with Anna.

Who's Anna?

I want to feel like this all the time.

Why don't I feel like this all the time?

Because you have a stick... up your ass.

That was definitely your finger.

Shut up. Oh, my God.

I don't... I don't know if I can.

Yes, you can. Listen.

What do you want to do to me?

Ooh, whatever you want.

No. Sorry.

Shut up. Ooh, sorry.

What do you want? Hmm?


I... Anything is allowed.

But I... Do it.

Um... Just do it.

I... Come on.

But... Just do it.

You can do it. Just do it.

Come on. Come on. Come on.




I'm so sorry.

No, no. I'm so sorry.


It's okay.

I'm so sorry. No, no, no.

It's okay. Shush, shush.

I'm so sorry. It's okay.

♪ All along the way ♪

♪ I'll find you ♪

♪ I'll find you ♪

♪ And all along the way ♪

♪ I'll find you, I'll find you ♪

♪ And all along the way ♪

♪ I'll find you, I'll find you ♪

♪ And all along the way ♪

♪ I'll find you, I'll find you ♪

You look different.

I do?

I'm sure it'll pass.

I didn't know you could play.

Not very well anymore.

Thought it was what I was gonna do, but, uh...

Now, keep going.


What are you... What are you doing?

Since I know you're not gonna stay the night, might as well make you breakfast now.


No charge. Compliments of the house.

Part of the service.

You're really good, and to think all this time, I've just been using you for your body.

Is that what's happening?


Can I kiss the cook?

Come here.

I feel really good. Don't you?

I haven't felt this good since...

I don't know, since my divorce.

Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny.

Um, I'm Will.

I'm talking about my ex.


You idiot. I'm sorry.

No, you just think that you... that you meet the one, right, but there can't just be one.

How can there just be one?

I don't know.

I was a dental hygienist before I met him.

I guess I could get a dog.

I could...

I could travel.

Can I... Can I ask you something?

The table...

Do you really like it?

Oh, my God.

The table is so beautiful.


I love it. It's just so honest.

And I can love the table, and I can want to fuck you.

One doesn't diminish the other, you know?


And I think we should do this all the time.

Like, a lot. Like, once a week.

It's so... It's so good to do.


You should have some of this.

I really wish we had, like, a fresh coconut, you know what I mean?

Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Good? Mm.

Okay, you can be honest.

You have a kid?


No, whatever it is, it's fine.


I don't have a kid.

I keep thinking I'll never see you again.

Every time is like this, and then... then you vanish.

I see something in you.

So give me something.

It's 3:00. You gonna come to bed?

In a minute.

This some kind of punishment?

Not tired.

No, uh, the abstinence.

I have a headache.

For a week? It's persistent.

It's very big of you, this. How long is this gonna go on?

Go to bed. Answer me.

I just did. Go to bed.

Will, are you okay?


Why's the TV out in the street?

I moved it.


You should really see this.

The hell is going on?

It's really something, right? Hey, we should get a telescope.

How cool would that be? Okay, you're drunk.

No, come here. Just... Just sit down. Just relax.

Will. Give me your... Just give me your feet.

We have to talk. Just relax. Just look at the stars.

Just give me your feet.

Listen to me. I was just... Just give me your feet.

Shh. Give me your feet. ...with...



Were you with Dane? You smell like him.

Yeah, I was. I was with Dane.

It's pretty amazing, right?

Like, anything is allowed, right?

Yeah, Will... Anything you want, you just do it.

Just do it.

Sure. You know?

Whatever you want to do to me, you know, you can just do it, right?

I mean, there must be something you want to do to me you just always wanted to do...

No. haven't told me.

No. Come on. Just...

Why? Are you, uh... hiding something right now?


Because we know everything about each other, Will.

Yeah. I don't mean... Yeah.

So, what are you trying to say?


Did you know that I want a telescope?




So you have secrets that I don't know.

Well, don't you?


Anna, it's... I... No, I don't.

Will, just tell me. What is it? It's nothing bad.

Well, then, why have you never told me before?

I just... Will, come on. What?

I just always wanted to spit in your mouth.


Out of context, I guess it sounds weird.


I-I don't know why.

Y-Y-You... You want to s-spit on me?

I just think it's... it's sexy.

It's disgusting.

Why would you want to do that?

No, no. I don't want to...

No, I just... I'm sorry. I don't want to do it to you.

I just... Y-You don't?

No. Why not? What's wrong with me?

Nothing. Why don't you want to spit in my mouth?

I do. I will. I just...

Only if you like it.

W-Will, I-I want you to want to spit in my mouth?



No, no, no. I'm sorry, no.

No, I'm... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too. I love you.

I love you, too. I love you.

I love you. I love you.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

God, you stupid fuck.

Hey. I'm going.

You didn't notice.

Can we talk about it now?

I got to go.


You ever miss your life before having him?

No... is what you're supposed to say.

But sometimes, yeah.

I just used to have all this, um... my freedom, but it's been cannibalized by this guy.


But then he does something cute with a spoon and some applesauce, and it doesn't matter. Right.

But don't get me wrong... it is hard as shit, you know?

But you get through it.

You thinking about it?

Yeah. Yeah?

For a while.


Well, what's stopping you?

I don't know.

You'd make a great dad.

You think?

Yeah. I mean, don't listen to me.

Look at this guy... he loves you.

Well, thank you. And thank you.

Oh, hi. Can I help you?

You're new.

Oh, my God, you're so cute.

Uh, thank you.

Uh, was somebody helping you?

Will. Will was helping me.

Well, they're out right now, but if there's something that I can help you with...

Well, no, I mean, I was in before. I'm Lydia.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

So you're... coming back for more?


You know, I thought I would do, like, the entire loft.

Uh-huh. Built-ins, a coffee table, and maybe a dining-room table.

There's just so much glass and it's cold and it's hard and it's icky and ugh.

You don't need to know about that, but, yeah, but I just...

I need a fresh start.

A lot of work. You mean expensive?

I don't give a shit. It's not my money.

My ex-husband did incredibly well, but hey, fuck it.

My lawyer was better, and I wasn't fucking my secretary.

Like, what kind of a guy does that?

It's, like, what year were you living in?

I mean, the whole thing is gross.

I really should stop talking about him.

I'm sorry. No, you can say whatever you want.

You're very sweet.

You're going, like, "Aah, it's a crazy lady!

Someone adjust her meds."

They have. They did. Meds have been adjusted.

Can't you tell? Oh, no, I... I didn't think...

But, you know what, I just think the whole thing is, um...

I'm here because I think this place is really cool and what Will's doing is so honest and he just shows that you can do whatever you want.

I mean, you can start over again.

You can start over again, and it's, you know.

I know. Life is weird.

It's fucking weird. That's true.

Well, I will tell Will that you that you were... were here.

Thank you.

You're so... lovely. What's your name?




Thank you.

Dr. Bennett?

Hey, Dr. Bennett. I just, um...

I-I'm so sorry I didn't make it.

I don't know what's going on with you, why you're slipping like this.

You are on the verge of an amazing academic career, but it feels like you don't even want it.

What do you want, Anna? Get it together.

Hey. Hi.

You want to take a walk, get a coffee or something?

I've got a better idea. Come on.

What? What are we doing?

Breaking and entering.

What? Are you... Are you kidding? What if we get...

Come on. What if we get caught?

Come on.

Oh, geez! Look at that.

Not bad, huh?

Who... Wait, what is this?

What does it look like?


I don't know, some kind of gesture?

No. It's just a piano.

♪ So long, broken parts of me ♪

♪ I will fix you up inside my dream ♪

♪ "Ours is but to do or die" ♪

♪ Said Alfred to the charging light ♪

♪ So long, broken parts of me ♪ Aah!

What? What is it? Ugh. Cramp.

Ah, it's bad. Quick. Are you okay? Are you okay? What?

Let me see. Get up.

Play. What?


Oh, you...

No, you should definitely play before we get arrested.

Oh, I can't. Not here. Not at... No.

Please play. Please?



Anna... Dane, um...

I, um...

I-I can't stop thinking... Dane.

I-I'm an articulate person, so just... just let me...

Ah! You're incredible.

I love this, spending time with you, and...

Hey, listen, I know it's new and that it... it scares you, and I don't want to rush it, and I don't... That's... That's what I-I want to...

Will you go out with me?

What am I, 16?


Please say something.

Dane, it's... it's too much.

Oh, no. Fuck.

No, please, please, please, please. No, wait, stop.

I take it back. I didn't say anything.

We don't know each other.

I know how I make you feel. No.

Everything that... that you think that you're feeling...

Well, tell me... Tell me I'm wrong.

Everything that you feel, it isn't real.

You don't know that, okay? No, I do!

It's not real. This isn't real!

It's real to me.

Just give it a chance.


Why? Why?

Because I don't feel the same way.

Yes, you do. Clearly, you do.

How would you... You're still standing here trying to convince me that you don't.

I was fucking you, Dane!

I was just fucking you.

You're lying. Lying!

You're here.

Hi. Yeah, like clockwork, right?

You okay?

I don't know.

Uh, actually, um...

This might be dumb or whatever, but, uh... meeting you, it's helped me a lot.

Good. I'm glad I could help.



Hale, you, uh... Well, you know I'm not...

Yeah, yeah. No, that's not why I...

Oh, my God. ...said anything.

I'm sorry. It's ridiculous of me.

No, I can understand why... No, I... No, no, no, that's tacky.

I don't know why I made that assumption.

No, no. Really. You just listen to me.

Well, I'm glad I could help.

I don't know what to do.

None of us do.

The big secret.

Yeah, I mean...

No, it's...

Hi. Hey.

Where have you been?

Um, Glenn, this is... Reece.

Hi. Hello.

I'm the boyfriend.

I'm Glenn.


Well, I-I better get him home before he wakes up.


Nice meeting you.

You, uh...

You okay?

Yeah. Okay, good.

Who was that? It's a friend.

Oh, yeah? Friend? He's a friend.

A friend I don't know about?

He's just a friend.

Is that what this is? Are you and Glenn...

Is that why? Is that what the fuck is going on?

In a way, yes.

In a way, what the fuck does that mean?

I want to be happy.

Hale, years together.

All I get is a, "I want to be happy"?

You don't listen. Vagaries bullshit?

Are you leaving me for him? No!

No, whatever this is, this is the worst version of you.

Do something else.

Look, I'm sorry.

I went t-today to the place. I went.

I made an appointment for Thursday.

I want us to do it. I want...

I want to have a baby.


What do you mean?

You don't want to have a baby?

Yes, I want to have a baby.

But not with you.

Why not? Because you don't want it.

What the fuck difference does that make?

You never wanted one. I want one now.

This is not fair. You decided this.

You made this decision by yourself, and now I have no fucking say in it!

I don't know what to do!

You can't account for growth, Reece.

Thank you.



What are you doing here?

Um... if you want us to do more work for you, that's... that's fine.

That's great. Thank you.

Um... that'll be the extent of it.

Sure. Yeah.

That's fine. Okay.

I just wanted to, you know, face to face.

Yeah. That's sweet.


That's very sweet.

All right. You look great.

Thanks. Well...

Hey, uh... Anna, she's really beautiful.


Yeah. She's perfect.

Who was that?

Did I say you could leave the room?

Get back in there.

You gonna punish me?

Yeah, I'm gonna make you weep.

I'm gonna crush you like a little grape.

All right. Yeah, all right. Shh! No more talking.

Anna, you are my whole life, you are my everything, and I want us to be together forever.

Same again. Thank you.

I'm excited I get to have a whole nother bottle.

Mm-hmm. Okay.

What? Hmm?

Oh, nothing.

I was just thinking about that trip.

What trip?

You know, the trip.

You wanted to go on a trip.

Oh, okay. Well, yeah, sure.

But don't you want to wait until the house is finished?

Yeah. Right. Right. Absolutely.

No, totally. We probably should.

You know, um...

Oops. Wrong pocket.

It's for you. Wait, is that...

Mm-hmm. Are you...

It's for you. Seriously?


You mean you finished the house?

Mm-hmm. So now can we go on that trip?

No way! I don't believe it.

Let's go.

Come on. I want to see it.

What is it? Open it.

Open it. Gonna open it?

All right. I'll open it.

It's a ring.


I don't want to be with anyone else.

I know that now, okay?


I don't know who I am without you, Anna, and you're my whole life.

It's starts with you. Can't not be you.

So uh, will you...

I should, you know...

Will you marry me?

Yes. Yes. Yes?

Yes. Good... Good answer. Good answer.

Of course I'll marry you. I'll marry you.

Just get up.

I bet your mother wore it well.

Well, now it's yours.

Here it is! Hmm?

Now wait. It gets better.

You're gonna love this.


What do you think? It's pretty good, right?

Look at this.

This is ours forever.

What? Why would...

Why would...

Why did we do this?

So we could start a family?

This is...

Come on. You want to...

You want to come and take a look?

What's wrong?

I can't.

Can't what, exactly?

Come on, Anna, will you just please come inside?


Anna, I built this for you, for us, with my own hands, okay?

I need you to look at it.

Can you just look at it, please?

If I go in, I'll stay.

Yes. Forever.

Yes, that is what a house is for.

I just need to you come inside. I need you to come inside.

Will you just get in the fucking house, please?

Anna, I just proposed, and you said yes, okay?

It's fine. It's gonna be fine.

I love you.

I love you.

Good, okay. Let's do this.

Come on.

Will. Will. What?

The house, it's... it's perfect, but, uh...

I don't want it.

Just because the house is done, it... it doesn't mean that we should get married, and it... it doesn't mean that... that we'll be happy.

W-W-We'll be happy. We are happy.


Will, I know I've... I'm ruining your...

You've worked so hard and the house is beautiful, but...

Will, we're just... we're just playing house.

You don't want me.

What's wrong with me?



Anna, please.

"I don't know who I am without you."

That's what you said, right?

Don't you want to know?


We just grew up.

It's beautiful.