Persepolis (2007) Script

Ticket and passport, please.

Miss, I need your ticket and your passport.

Marji, stop running!

Look! Nioucha is here!

Marji, you've really grown up!

Did you bring me a present?

How is Paris? Did you see Bruce Lee?

And the Eiffel Tower?

Welcome to Teheran, my dear.

We've missed you!

Let me take your luggage...

Here, it's me!

Come on! They're waiting for us.

I remember.

Back then, I had a quiet life.

A little girl's life.

I loved fries with ketchup, Bruce Lee was my hero, I was wearing Adidas shoes and I had 2 obsessions:

Being able to shave my legs and to become the last prophetess in the galaxy.

If you put a pen under your tits and it gets stuck then you're in deep shit.

If we shake this one, we can fill a whole box.

Calm down!

They let me see him last week.

He wasn't a pretty sight.

They told me that they would release him. It's been 4 years.

Don't worry.

This regime won't last much longer. Sooner or later it will go.

Mom! Marji kicked me!

The dragon's revenge is a bitter dish best eaten cold!

The dragon is gonna get one in a minute.

"I, Marjane, future prophetess, have decided that:

"One, everybody must have a good behavior.

"Two, everybody must preach good words.

"Three, everybody must do one good deed.

"Four, the poor must be able to eat one fried chicken everyday.

"Five, no old woman will suffer ever again."

Marji, if it's gonna be like that, I'll be your first disciple.

Really? Great!

How do you know old ladies won't suffer anymore?

Simple, It'll be forbidden.

Of course, I should have thought about that.

What's going on?

Death to the Shah! Death to the Shah!

I knew it!

I knew it!

This is an historic moment!

He's finally gonna pay.

Yes, daughter. Your father will be avenged.

The Shah will meet his buddies in Washington.

As for myself, I think I love the Shah.

He's been chosen by God.

Yes! Absolutely!

God himself told me, And the teacher too.

The Shah wasn't chosen by God.

Lies! The teacher says...


That's what they say.

I'll tell you how it happened.

Truth is that 50 years ago, the Shah's father, an officer, wanted to overthrow the Qadjar emperor.

I'll do like Ataturk! I'll modernize the country.

I'll create a republic!

But the English heard about it.

Hello! Why do you want to create a republic?

When you could be emperor!

Me? Emperor?

Of course! It's better than president.

You'll have full powers.

A country like yours needs a strong man like you to rule it.

Hmm... It's quite true.

And also... you know that the clergy is against the republic.

Between us, he's right.

What must I do?

Nothing. You give us the oil.

We'll take care of the rest.

Now, I am the king! Everything that belong to you is mine.

He was an asshole!

Oh! Yes and no.

He was a dictator, but he did modernise Iran.

He loved his country, unlike his son, his successor.

I am the king now! I am the light of the Aryans!

I'll make this country the most modern of all time!

Our people will shine again!

Yes, the Shah's father has been very hard.

He put your grandpa in prison.

But his son was ten times worse.

Grandpa has been in prison?

Yes! He was a member of the royal family.

He was a Qadjar prince. The Shah's father took everything from him.

He went to prison mainly because he was a communist.

My grandpa was a Qadjar prince and also a communist!

My god! You're still alive. I was worried.

They shot on people! It was hot.

We escaped but we got caught later.

Those sons of bitches took my films.

We were at the police station. Marji was overexcited.

She was a pain in the neck with the proletarians, the class struggle and this bearded man, "Che Guevero."

The guy who was killed wasn't even 20 years old.

What is this country?

It's one hell of a mess, daughter. Death to the Shah!

Here it goes again!

Death to the Shah! Death to the Shah!


Go to bed, now!

Death to the Shah! Death to the Shah!

I understand your revolt.

We'll try to walk together towards democracy.

We'll build the future together.


They released you? Hello, Ebi.

It's Siamak! He's back.

Hello, Tadji.

We're so happy to see you alive!

Come in!

Don't stay in front of the door.

But it's Marjane! You've grown!

You were still a baby when I was arrested.

And now you're a young lady.

Who is this guy?

My father. He was in prison.

He's a hero.

Those scientists knew the human body very well.

They knew how to hit where it hurts.

I've been lashed with large electric wire cables.

My foot doesn't look like a foot anymore.

Why? Because there are nerves going straight to the brain under the feet.

It's an indescribable pain.

Our torturers had been trained by the CIA.

They were at the forefront of torture.

What about Hamid? What happened to him?

Hamid has been murdered.

As a member of the guerilla, it was hell for him.

He had some cyanide with him.

But unfortunately, he couldn't use it.

So he endured the worst tortures.

The one who loses will be tortured to the death.

Cool! What kind of torture?

He will be lashed with a big cable on the head!

But first, he'll have to put that in his mouth.

And chew three times.


Look, it's Ramine!

Farzad told me that his father was a member of the Shah's secret service.

His father killed a million of people with his own hands!

A million!?


We'll give Ramine a lesson in their name.

Yeah! We'll gouge his eyes out!


What are you doing?

Marji found some nails. We're gonna smash Ramine's face.

No, we'll gouge out his eyes!

Would you like it if I nailed you by the ears?

Go back home, get into your room and stay there.

Marjane, what's happening to you?

It's not a behavior worthy of a prophetess.

But God, Ramine's father killed people!

Marjane, this poor Ramine must not bear the burden of his father's mistakes.

Bad guys will pay sooner or later. Have faith in my justice.

Your duty is to forgive, not to make justice.


What do you want?

Listen, your father is a murderer, but it's not your fault.

And so I forgive you.

He killed communists, and communists are the devil!

The country was euphoric during the months following the Shah's departure.

Everybody had been a revolutionary and had fought the Shah.

The wine stain on our neighbor's face had changed into a war wound.

Our teacher, admirer of the shah, ordered us to tear off all the pictures of the royal family.

Political meetings were increasing and yesterday's enemies had become heroes of the nation.

It's in this climate that, one night, uncle Anouche appeared in my life.

From now on, everything will be better. Nothing will stop the people.

We'll finally have a free and fair society.

Proletariat will rule as Lenin predicted.

Uncle Anouche?

How long did you stay in prison?

Nine years, honey.

Really? Longer than Laly's father?

How old are you? Are you a communist?

Marji, let your uncle digest!

She wants to know everything.

It's a good thing to be curious.

Have you digested?

Go to bed!


Put your pajamas on and I'll come telling you all.

Did you see? They're preparing the elections.

People will want to keep their freedom after this dictatorship.

It will never be worse than under the Shah.

I'm ready!

You'll see, she'll eat your brain.

I'm ready!!

I'll start with the beginning.

I was 18 years old when my uncle and his friends declared the independence of Azerbaidjan's Iranian province.


Fereydoun appointed himself as minister of Justice of this republic.

Justice is the basis of democracy.

Men must be equal in front of the law.

I became his secretary.

It's just a beginning. We'll free Iran from dictatorship.

Province by province, city by city.

I'm sure of it!

It wasn't easy for me because my father was loyal to the Shah.

My son is a traitor! Go and meet my stupid brother!

You'll all be shot! Shot!

My father couldn't have been more right. One morning...

My God! Fereydoun!

I had to escape. I had no choice.

While my uncle was facing his destiny alone...

I walked for days in the storm.

I was hungry, I was cold, but I kept going.

I crossed Alborz mountains to take refuge at my parents home, in Astara.

Who dares bother me at this hour?

My God, Anouche! My God!

It's our son, he's almost dead.

My dear son!

My son...

My dear son, forgive me!

I couldn't stay, I was wanted.

I had to go into exile.

I swam across the Aras river and I arrived in USSR.

What did you do then?

I went to Leningrad.

Then to Moscow, I got my doctorate in Marxism-Leninism.

But I was missing my family.

I tried to come back by train with forged identity papers but it didn't work.

They arrested me. Then you went to prison?

Yes. You know...

It's important that you know.

The memory of the family must not be forgotten.

Even if it's hard, even if you don't understand everything.

Don't worry, uncle Anouche. I'll never forget.

Were you married in Russia?

It's late. You must sleep.

Here, it's for you.

I made it in prison.

It's made of breadcrumbs.

99,99% of the people voted democratically for the Islamic Republic.

It's normal. Each revolution has its transition period.

Half the country is illiterate.

Only nationalism or religious ethics rally people.

Mina left the country. She thinks it's too dangerous.

We found Mohsen drowned in the bath tube.

Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

Siamak and his family left. Those bastards killed his sister.

Maybe we should leave too.

You could be a cleaning lady and me, a taxi driver.

We'll get rid of the anti-revolutionaries.

Between them and us, there's only one law, the law of blood.

Marji? Yes?

They arrested Anouche.

I know.

Daddy! It will be all right, honey.

Do you want to do something for him?

Anouche can have one visitor only. You're the one he wants to see.

I'll go.

Ten minutes.

What a nice dress!

What a nice little girl!

Your visit honors me.

You're the little girl I wish I would have had.

But you'll see, one day, proletariat will rule Here.

I made another swan with breadcrumbs for you.

It's the first one's uncle.

Star of my life.

What's up my child? Don't be sad.

Shut the fuck up! They killed him and you did nothing!

I've nothing to do with it...

Shut up! I don't want to see you again!

Go away! Go away!

Go away!!!

One year after the revolution, Iraq attacked Iran.

Saddam took advantage of the country's weakness to strike.

The revolution and the army massive cleansings had weakened us.

In the name of the fight against the foreign enemy, the state wiped out the internal enemy, the old opponents to the Shah's government.

Arrests and executions increased.

Everybody was scared.

The new government established even more repressive laws.

Within two years, our everyday life changed.

And so did we.

Come on!

On the heart for our martyrs!

Sons and daughters of Iran, war killed our best children.

Truth will soon arise from their blood.

Who did they die for?

It's for us.

It's for us!

Hey! Martyr!

Martyr! Martyr!

Finish me off!

Satrapi, what are you doing?

I'm suffering, isn't it obvious?

Go to the class, immediately!

The veil is synonymous of freedom. A worthy woman must cover herself from the eyes of men. The one revealing herself is a sinner.

She'll burn in hell. Hey! Did you see that?

Wow! Our soldiers are dying for our country... Hey!


-Pfff! Abba, it's for the simple minded!

Go outside in close order! Come on!

Oh la la! Mom, what do we eat tonight?

What about some chili?

Yes, so we can fart!

Give me that!

I saw it first! Yeah right, bitch!


That's how it is as soon as a shop is empty!

Each must take according to their needs.

What business is it of yours?

Shut up!

Put your scarf back on, sister.

Hey! I'm talking to you!

Don't get too familiar.

Show some respect.


Women like you, I fuck them against the wall!

Get in!

Mom, are you all right?

Yes, darling. I'm fine.

Are you moving or what?

Shut the fuck up!

Mom, give me 50 tomans!

What for?

To buy a tape.

What about your Bee Gees tapes?

The Bee Gees suck!

Stevie Wonder. Julio Iglesias.

Pink Floyd.

"Jichael Mackson."

Lipstick, nail polish, playing cards.

Iron Maiden.

How much? 100 tomans.

50. 60.

50. 60.

50. 50.

What the hell is this outfit?

Why these punk shoes!

What punk shoes?


But they're sneakers.

It's punk.

I play basketball at school.

And this jacket?

And that?

Michael Jackson!

A symbol of decadence!

Not at all, madam. It's... It's...

Malcolm X. Are you kidding me?

Lower your scarf, you little whore!

Follow us to the committee. Sorry, madam.

My mother is dead. My evil mother-in-law is taking care of me.

She'll kill if I don't go back home. She'll burn me with the iron.

She'll force my father to put me in an orphanage.

Have mercy! Please, madam. Mercy...

Mercy. Have mercy, madam...


Our soldiers bravery has paid off.

Tonight, our army destroyed 63 tanks and 26 Iraqi fighters.

The blood of our martyrs is irrigating our sacred land.

Deserts of despair will blossom from it.

Dying as a martyr is like injecting blood in the veins of society.

Are you all right, Mrs. Nassrine?

No, I'm not. They gave that to my son at school.

They told them that if they died in combat they would go to heaven with this plastic key!

They've been told that in heaven, there's plenty of food and women...


Well, yes... He's 14 years old, he's interested.

I suffered a lot.

I raised my 5 children with my tears.

Now they want to take my elder son for this key.

I've always been faithful to religion.

I prayed, wore a veil and obeyed.

If that's how things are then I don't want to believe in anything.

It's me!

Have you known yet? They arrested the Rochanis.

They found some alcohol at their home.

Who are you covering yourself for?

For mister.

That's how we've been raised.

Don't worry.

I'll talk to your son.

Thanks to my parents, Mrs. Nassrine's son didn't go to the front line.

Between the fear of the bombings, the government's repression, and the spying of the neighbors, life was taking its course.

To make things bearable, people were partying in secret.

People were getting drunk at the parties. Alcohol was forbidden, so my uncle was providing the family with wine.

He has installed a wine production laboratory in his cellar.

Mrs. Nassrine, my uncle's cleaning lady helped pressing the grapes.

May God forgive me!

Going to these parties was dangerous but it was our only little moment of freedom.

Come on! Get out!

Identity papers, driving license.

Ok, ok.

Come closer.

Blow. You drank.


You're lying, you dirty westerner!

That's enough!

How dare you talk to me like that?

By the... Shut up!


I could be your mother.

How old are you, 15? My daughter is 13.

You'd be in hell if not for your wife.

Thank you!

Get in! We're going to your place to check if there are some bottles.

Grandma, Marji, you go up first.

Empty all the bottles.

But how? Don't worry, my daughter.

I was used to it with your father.

We had to hide the flyers.

Listen, the neighbor on the same floor is a bit old.

He has a heart condition. He could die if we make too much noise. Can we come to an agreement?

Hey! Where are you going?

I'm diabetic, son. I have to drink some syrup.

Diabetic? Like my mother.

Go ahead then.

Where are the others?

Their arrogance isn't ideological. A few bank notes were enough.

Tell me, did you throw everything away?

Well, yes!


It's his heart again.

They wanted to stop the communists in this neighborhood.

They threw a grenade. Taher couldn't endure it.

He was lying on the ground when I arrived.

Everything will be all right.

No, it won't.

He must have an open-heart operation.

They can't afford it here.

He must be sent to England.

I went to see the administrative director of the hospital.

It's unbelievable. Do you know who he was?

My old window cleaner.

I pretended not to recognize this moron.

Only people who are seriously ill can leave the country.

My husband had three heart attacks.

He must be operated or he'll die.

We'll do our best.

If God wants it, he'll get better. Everything depends on God.

I need your authorization for his passport.

If God wants it.

This asshole grew a beard and wears a suit.

And now he's a director!

My husband's fate depends on a window cleaner!

He doesn't even look women in the eyes anymore.

Fucking asshole!

I know someone who makes passports.

Calm down. It'll be all right.

Wait! I'm coming with you.

Where did I put it?

Ha! Here it is!

Look at that.

It looks like a real one.

A month's work, just for this stamp!

You smile. What's your name?

How much time do you need?

Passports are very much in demand.

I make a living with that. They closed my publishing business.

It takes 15 days, but I'll do it in a week.

Great. Be quick.

It's Niloufar.

This is Ebi, Anouche's brother, I talked to you about him.


She is a communist too.

Her brother was my messenger. I'm hiding her in my cellar.

It's the only place where she's safe.

Is he stupid or what?

He's gonna get crushed!

Here! That's what I said!

Don't look.

It's too ugly. Grandma, stop it!

What of piece of shit! The Japanese, besides cutting their stomach open and making disgusting monsters, they can't do anything else!

Grandma, do you think that uncle Taher is gonna die?

Of course. Really? You think so?

If he doesn't find any passport to leave, he won't make it.

He shouldn't have smoked so much.

What a load of crap! His heart is sick because his children are far away.

One portion of hot beans please.

Children always leave sooner or later.

But being separated from your 13 years-old children because of war is absurd!

It can break anyone's heart.

I'd be dead already if I were him.

May God exterminate those barbarians.

May God hear you.

Hello? Ha, Khosrow, is that you?

So, what's up?

They arrested Niloufar. I have to escape!




Niloufar was executed.

Khosrow escape by the mountains in Turkey and went to Sweden.

Uncle Taher was buried three weeks after these events.

The war intensified.

Let me pass!


Let me pass!

You can't come in!

But I live over there!


Marji! Mom!

Are you all right?

Yes, honey. I'm fine.

Where did the missile go?

It hit the Baba Levys.

What? The Baba Levys?

Thanks to the government, we don't have any political prisoners left.


We've paid dearly for our freedom. But we finally earned it.

Madam? What now, Satrapi?

It's the new government that ordered the execution of my uncle.

From 3000 prisoners during the Shah, we now have 300,000 with you.

How dare you lie like that?

Stop it!

Who was it?

The school. Marji put the religion teacher to her place.

Again? Yes.

She takes after her uncle.

Do you want her to end like her uncle, executed?

Do you know what they do to young women like Niloufar?

The law forbids to kill a virgin.

She was forced to marry a guard.

Then he took her virginity before executing her!

Do you understand?

If someone touches one of her hair, I'll kill him!

A little later, they decided to send me abroad.

Since I had studied at the French school in Teheran, I'd go to the French school in Vienna. My father managed to get me a visa.

My mother's best friend was supposed to take me in.

The day before my departure, grandma came to sleep at home.

Every morning she would put fresh jasmine flowers in her bra.

When she was taking it off, the flowers would fall from her breasts.

It was magical.

How do you manage to have such round breasts at your age?

Everyday I put them for 10 minutes in bowl of icy cold water.

I'll miss you.

I'll come and see you.


I'm gonna give you an advice that will always be useful.

In your life, you'll meet a lot of assholes.

Remember that it's stupidity that pushes them to be evil.

It will prevent you from answering to their nastiness.

Because there's nothing worse than bitterness and vengeance.

Always remain worthy and true to yourself.

You'll see, everything will be all right.

No tears. Think about your future.

Europe is opening to you.

When you'll arrive in Vienna, eat a sachertorte.

It's a delicious chocolate cake. We'll come to see you.

You're a big girl. No tears!

Daddy... Enough.

You must leave.

Never forget who you are and where you come from.

My daughter.

Mom! My little Marji.

Europe opened itself to me, but not like I imagined.

After a few days at my mother's friend home, she decided that their apartment was too small to accommodate me.

She found me a convent where I would be very well looked after according to her.

[speaking foreign language]




I found shelves of products that no longer existed in my country.

For a while, going to the supermarket was my favorite pastime... favorite pastime... favorite pastime...

Anyway! It was urgent that I made some new friends.

Fortunately, at the French school, I could understand everyone and be understood.

Do you have a smoke?

Quickly, the school's marginals were interested in me.

There was Momo, Thierry, Olivier and Eve.

My nationality and my history were fascinating them.

You saw a revolution and a war?

Yeah. Did you see many dead people?

Err... A few.



I was soon a member of the band.

With Momo, I discovered nonchalance, a forced nihilism concept and the Vienna's alternative life.

I admit that at the beginning it was a little difficult.

And after all, why not?

I was trying to convince myself that I had found my place.

But I remained different.

Holidays were sure to remind me of it.

Shit, Christmas again! I'll have to see my whole family.

All this because of an American invention.

Santa Claus is in red and white because it was a mascot for Coca-Cola.

I'll be bored to death in Monte-Carlo with my parents.

Monte-Carlo is still all right.

Me, I'm gonna see my father in Brazil, what a load of crap!

It's at least a 13 hours flight!

Holidays are scraps left to the pleb.

If the anarchists had won, we wouldn't work anymore.

Is everything all right, my dear?

Good. What are you doing for Christmas?


She'll be with some friends from school. Be careful.

Is there anything you need?

You're right, enjoy it. Kisses.

Eat some fruits and vegetables.

Is this a common behavior?


The way you're eating? We can eat in front of the TV. What?

The way you're eating? We can eat in front of the TV.

Maybe, but not in a saucepan.

So it's true, Iranians have no education.

Is it true that you were all prostitutes before?


It was the beginning of a series of moves.

I was flying from apartment to apartment.

First Eve and her mother took me in.

After that I was living with 8 lesbians.

Next, I was living in a maid room then at some friends home, and at the home of some friend of some friend, to finally end in Frau Doktor Schloss villa.

She was a retired philosophy teacher.

To sum up, she was nuts.

The rent is 2000 schillings a month.

You like dogs, don't you? Yes, yes. I love them.

Yuki adopted you.

Dogs have a sixth sense.

They recognize good people.

I decided to become integrated during the next year.

But sometimes, western culture remained a mystery.

Jawoll! Jawoll!

I had to improve my knowledge.

From Sartre to Bakounin, from Zweig to Freud...

I read everything I could.

But I understood that some things would be beyond me forever.

Did you see? That fat pig Waldheim has been elected.

Well, who cares!

I want to puke!

It can't last any longer. We must demonstrate!

All of this is hot air.

Life is empty.

When man realizes it, he creates games with rulers and...

Bullshit! Life isn't absurd!

People give their life for freedom!

My uncle didn't die for fun.

Fucking asshole!

My feeling of disarray was immense.

I was safe here while my loved ones were enduring the war.

I couldn't let go of this feeling of guilt.

I wanted to live like a girl of my age.

The time for changes was approaching.

Within a few months, I became a young woman.

It was a time of endlessly repeating ugliness.

First, I grew 18 cm. Then my face changed.

My face got longer, my right eye got bigger, followed by my chin.

My right hand became huge, then it was my left foot.

My nose got three time bigger. My breast grew.

My buttocks appeared, thus restoring my center of gravity.

And to top it all, a huge mole appeared on my nose.

You see, Yuki? I told you. She's a whore!

What shitty music!

There are only assholes here.

Bakounin wanted the socialist resolutions to be voted.

We wouldn't be where we are.


Capitalism is eating away our society, don't you see?

Yeah, of course. Well... Where are you from... Marie-Jeanne?

Yeah... I'm from... I'm French.

Ah. I wouldn't have guessed. Last year I was in Paris.

Excuse me, I must go.

Okay. Well then, bye.

So you're French now?

Grandma, stop it.

It was just a question.

I didn't know you were French.

Do you think it's easy to be Iranian?

People look at me as if I am a savage.

To them, we're just screaming fanatics, fighting each other.

Is it a reason to disown your origins?

Remember what I told you.

Be true to yourself.

Do you know what she told my brother?

That she was French.

I'm not kidding. Did he believe her?

What? Did you see her face?

He wanted to chat her up? Don't be ridiculous!

I'd kill myself if he went out with this ugly ducking.

Shut the fuck up!

I'm Iranian and proud to be one!

After 3 years in Austria I was finally feeling good.

Momo, Thierry, Eve and Olivier had left school.

I had new friends.

There was Birgit, a 30 years old hippie with the face of an old child.

She had a house in the forest where she organized "anarchist" parties.

The State could rest easy. Those so-called anarchist meetings were just a pretext to drink beer and eat sausages.

I met Fernando at one of these parties.

When I saw him, I immediately knew that he was the man of my life.

Marjane, are you here?


Last night, I finally understood, thanks to you.

You revealed me to myself.

If it doesn't work with you, it won't work with any girl.

I know it, now. I am homosexual.

Ha! It's good to say it.

Thank you, Marjane. Thank you.

You're welcome.

I swore that I wouldn't let myself be caught at it again.

I won't let myself be caught at it again!

Love is a conventional feeling!

But "Life is life", as the other losers sang it.

One morning in November, Markus came into my life.

Shall I walk you back?

I had finally found love.

Nothing was frightening me. The future looked radiant.

Markus was to become a great writer.

He was reading me extracts from his play in his room.

We were as one.

I bought some croissants!


Wait. It's not what you think.

Marjane, I love you!

I love you!

I can't find my brooch.

It's you who stole it!

Leave me alone.

I shan't let it rest at that!

Bloody thief!

Go to hell! I hate you!

You and your fucking dog!!!

Don't talk like that about my dog. Where are you going?

You won't get away with it so easily. Fuck off!!!

Bloody thief! Give me my brooch back! You won't get away with it so easily. Fuck off!!!

Bloody thief! Give me my brooch back!

I'll call the police! Come back!

How could I be so stupid? I was all over him.

I'm a stupid cunt, cunt, cunt!

How could I fall in love with this scumbag, this skinflint?

Can I drive you home? Sure.

I must fill it up the gas. Can we split 50-50?

This asshole's breath smelled like shit with his damned attitude!

Fuck! What a stupid cunt are you?

My eye hurts like hell!

Show me, my love. No!

Asshole! Writer, my ass!

With his shitty play! It sucked!

This son of a bitch had no balls.

He didn't take my defense in front of his mother.

[Speaking German]

Ja, Mutter. (Yes, mother.)

A gutless individual, yes!

Thinking of it, it was always me who was sent to buy weed!

This jerk was waiting for me in the car.

He wouldn't have been bothered if I had been arrested.

What a stupid cunt I was! A stupid cunt!

It was my first night in the street. The first of many.

I had lost some of my relatives in a revolution.

I had survived a war.

And it's a love story that almost got me.


Waking up, are we?

Well, that was a close one!

It's a good thing we found you. You've had several bronchitis.

I strictly forbid you to smoke any cigarette.

Your last name? Satrapi.

First name? Marjane.

Where do you live? In Iran.

In Iran?

Can I make a phone call?


Daddy? Marjane! Is that you?

We were worried to death. You haven't called for 2 months!

Daddy... Can I come back?

Of course. You won't ask me any question?

No, I promise you.

I'm putting you through to your mother.

Marjane? Mom, please, don't cry.

Come back home. We're waiting for you.

Mom... We won't ask you any question.

It's a promise.

Don't you have anything forbidden, Sister?

Pork, alcohol, playing cards, music, film, fashion, porno?

No, sir.

Rearrange your veil, sister.

Yes, sir.

You can go.

It's Marji!

My daughter... I didn't recognize you.

You're here. You've grown.

You're here.

I saw the Alborz mountains again. It had been snowing.

My father was wondering if he had to put the snow chains on the tires.

We had breakfast together, like before.

My mother had prepared my favorite omelette.

Nothing had changed, and yet, I knew that... nothing would be like before. We talked about many things.

My parents kept their word and didn't ask me any question.

I didn't feel very comfortable but I thought that the nightmare was behind us.

The future might get brighter once the war will be over.

The war is over for sure.

But people forgot why there's been 8 years of war.

Let her breathe.

She's just arrived!

No, no, mom. It's all right.

The West sold weapons to both sides.

We had been stupid enough to take part in this cynical game.

8 years of war for nothing.

A million dead for nothing.

The last days were horrifying.

A month before the armistice, Iraq bombed Teheran on a daily basis.

As if it had to be wiped out from the map.

Just before the ceasefire, the government got scared because some opponents had fled to Iran.

The government was afraid of the threat that represented the thousands of political prisoners.

So the state decided to put an end to it the hard way.

They proposed to the convicts to renounce their ideals, to promise to be loyal to the regime and to serve their sentence or to be executed.

Most of them were executed.

That's it.

Now streets are named after martyrs.

That's all that's left to famillies. Street names.

When you walk in Teheran, it's like being in a cemetery.

You've really grown!

You'll soon be able to catch God's balls.


Tell me.

How was Vienna?

Well, yeah... It was different.

Do you remember Mina?

Of course, she's my cousin.

She got married. She has two kids.

She's still as stupid as before.

And Shila, do you remember her?

Yes. She's ugly.

She has hair on her face. She looks like a gorilla.

And do you remember Mojdeh?

I remember everybody.

She got a divorce. He had a small dick.

Well, that's what Shahri said. She told Mehri who told me.

You'll see them all soon.

Oh no!

Well, yes...

You must be speaking German now.

Yes, a little.

I know how to say "Ich liebe dich."

Vienna reminds me of Empress Sissi.

You saw Romy Schneider?

Marjane... Stars are shining in the sky and you in my heart.

What a nun face! It's doesn't look like you lived in Europe.


Talk a little! Tell us.

I don't know...

How are the night clubs in Vienna?

Well... I didn't go out much.

I don't like night clubs too much. What?!

Did you have sex?

Well, yes.

Is it good?

It depends.

What? You had sex with several men?

Join a nursery school. Have your nose fixed.

I can't bear it anymore! It's 40°C!

I can't stand it any longer.

Damn hairdresser!

You're not worthy of my son! Oh! Anahita!


Marjane just went out.

All right, I'll tell her.

Good bye.

Stop watching tv! Didn't you want to try the exam?

You're ruining the best years of your life.

Go and meet people!

Everybody is pissing me off.

Out of 7 million inhabitants, isn't there one person who you don't think is stupid?

There was Kia, my childhood friend, I wanted to see him.

When I saw him, I understood my grandma's words.

He was almost dead.

Kia went to war.

He lost an arm and a leg. I spent a good time with him.

We even laughed. After that, I relativised my miseries.

Yes. For him, it's his whole life that's screwed up.

Yet, he laughed about it.


It's the only way to bear the unbearable.

Whatever I tell myself, I can't do it.

It's still unbearable.

What I endured lies too heavy on me, but who can I talk to?

You see? Hmm.

My relatives have suffered so much.

I was a stranger in Austria and I became one here.

I see. Your sickness has a name.

It's a nervous breakdown.

There are some effective treatments.

I'll prescribe some medication.

Don't you want to come with us? Some fresh air will do you some good.

No. I want to be alone.

Don't worry.

So, kiddo, what are you doing here?

Well... I'm dead.

My child, your time hasn't come yet.

Oh really?

My daughter, you'll have to pick yourself up.

He's right for once!

You've got much to do. Rise and shine.

Go and do what you have to do.

Don't forget that the fight goes on!

Yeah, yeah. The fight goes on.

Rising up Back on the street Did my time Took my chances Went the distance Now I'm back on my feet Just a man and his will to survive It's the eye of the tiger It's the cream of the fight Rising up to the challenge of our rival And the last known survivor Stalks his prey in the night And he's watching us all in the eye Of the tiger

I'm so hungry!

Didn't you eat yet? She's on a diet.

Are you nuts? Her cousin asked her to bring back an issue of Vogue.

She's reading it all the time!

It looks like you've caught someone's eye.

Enough! I'm ashamed.

We'll talk about the painter Botticelli.

Particularly the picture "The Birth Of Venus".

We could also... call it The Spring, like the other great...

...Botticelli's mythology shown at the Offices.

Hey! You, there!

Why are you laughing? Hey! You, there!

Why are you laughing?

Do you wanna bet that I'll take off my veil?

Yeah right! How much do we bet?

400 tomans?


At the beginning of the 90s, the time of great ideals was over.

After the Revolution, the government had put so many students in prison that we didn't dare to talk about politics anymore.

And the war was finally behind us.

We were looking for happiness so much that we forgot that we weren't free.

Grandma, are you here?

Yes, I wanted to see you.

How nice, you're all dressed up to the nines!

Are you in love?

Exactly, I had a date with him.

I got a real fright. Guardians of the Revolution charged.

Do you see how I'm made-up?

I was stuck. Then I remembered this guy who was eyeballing me.

You know them.

I pretended to be a little defenseless girl.


Yes, sister?

A man said indecent things to me.

Where is he so we can shut him up?

Over there.

That's him!

Aren't you ashamed? Don't you have a mother? A sister?

Would you like it if we insulted them?


I didn't do anything! I swear it on my mother!

What did they do with the guy?

They picked him up.

Do you think that's funny?

Yes, don't you?

I think that you're a fucking slut! That's what I think.

I had no choice!

Yes, you had!

Everybody has a choice.

Everybody always has a choice!

Your grandfather went to prison for protecting the innocents.

And your uncle Anouche!

Did you forget why he died?

What did I teach you?


Does this word ring a bell, miss?

Shame on you!

The lady with the bag!

Stop running! The lady with the bag!

Stop running! Hey! Stop running!

Madam, why are you running?

I'm 5 minutes late.

You must not run like that.

When you run, your behind makes indecent moves.

Then don't look at my ass!!!

Fuck it! Wherever we stand, we always see the same thing!

Anatomy lesson my ass! The only thing sticking out is her big nose.

Go to the central university immediately.

All the absentees will be suspended for 2 weeks.

We must behave correctly.

The flowers of the Revolution grew from the blood of our martyrs.

To have an indecent behavior is like trampling on the blood of the martyrs.

So, I'm asking to all young ladies to wear tighter trousers and longer cowls.

They must cover their hair and must not use any make-up.

Does anybody have a question?

If not, the session is ended. Yes?

Our cowls are short, our trousers are indecent, we put on a lot of make-up, etc.

I spend a lot of time at the workshop.

I need to be able to move freely to draw.

A longer cowl makes it difficult.

Our trousers efficiently hide our shapes.

Knowing that those trousers are in fashion, is the religion defending our integrity... or is it simply opposed to fashion?

You make comments about us while the brothers... have many different clothes and hair cuts.

Sometimes, we can even see their underwears.

Why is it that as a woman, I'm not allowed to feel anything when watching them, while men can get excited on our shorter cowls?

It's great. It's as if you had cut their little dick.

Take off this fucking cowl. It makes me claustrophobic.

I tend to forget it.

Don't ever forget it.

It's fear that makes us lose our self-awareness.

It's also changing us into cowards.

You had guts.

I'm proud of you.

I want to leave. To go where?

To the USA or to Europe.

Where in Europe?

I can't stand living here any longer.

What about us?

You'll come with me.

I don't want to leave. That's because you're still nostalgic.

Sooner or later, people will disgust you.

You can die in the West, nobody cares.

Don't worry.

We'll manage.

What's your relationship with him?


We'll call your parents.

Either they pay or it will be some lashing.

When your mother and I were 15, we used to walk together holding hands.

Oh la la!

And yet it was in this country.

You know, that's how the situation is now.

You have to be careful.

I think it's better if you're not seen outside anymore.

This situation is unbearable. We can't go anywhere.

We're like prisoners. It's not a life!

Yeah... We can only get married.


Did you cry, mom? No.

I always wanted you to be independent, educated and cultured.

And now you're getting married at 21 years old!

I want you to leave Iran to be free and liberated!

Mama, it's OK.

Trust me. I know what I'm doing.

One year later

Did you see the car key? Huh?

The car key. I left it here on the table.

I don't know.

They were here.

We don't share anything anymore.

You're the ideal couple to us.

Ideal couple, my ass!

What? You want my picture?


Not so long ago, you were saying that you loved him.

It's impossible to know... until we live under the same roof.

What will you do? Are you gonna get a divorce?

I don't know.

My sister left her husband last year.

As soon as she got a divorce, all men wanted to have sex with her.

The butcher proposed her.

Then the baker and the greengrocer.

And even the beggars.

Men are convinced that their thing is irresistible and that a divorced woman will accept since she's not a virgin anymore.

Stay with your husband as long as you can.

Something's wrong?

Don't get yourself into such a state!

Excuse me.

What is this sorrow for?


It's terrible!

What's so terrible?

I think that... I think that I don't love Reza anymore.

I think we'll part.

So this is your terrible thing?

I thought somebody had died!

You've no idea what you're saying! I have a heart condition.

And you're talking to me like that!

All those tears for a simple divorce!

Listen to me carefully.

I did it 55 years ago.

Back then, no one was getting a divorce.

I knew that I would be happier alone than with a damned nuisance!


No buts!

A first wedding is a rough work for the second one.

It will be better next time.

You're crying because you were wrong.

It's hard to accept your own mistakes, isn't it?

Where were you?

I was very worried.

Nima is dead.

Huh? What?

Nima is dead.

And I'm leaving you.

The time had come for me to leave.

I decided to go to France.

I had to wait 3 months for a visa.

I went to the Caspian sea with grandma where I filled my lungs with this unique air.

An air like nowhere else.

Then I promised grandpa that he'd be proud of me.

Then I went behind the prison where my uncle Anouche was resting, somewhere next to thousands of innocents.

I promised him to try and stay true to myself as much as possible.

Then, one day, the time to leave had come.

My father cried, as usual.

You're leaving forever. You're a free woman.

Iran of today isn't for you.

I forbid you to come back.

Yes, mom. Grandma!

My sweet little girl!

I never saw my grandma again.

She died a little later.

Freedom always has a price.

Ah! What a shitty weather!

Where do you come from?


Grandma, how do you always smell so good?

I pick up jasmine flowers every morning and I put them in my bra.

This way, I always smell good.

Wow! That's great!