Pet Sematary II (1992) Script

= cut!

Thank you very much, Renee.

I'm sorry, he grabbed me.

I'm sorry, he keeps missing my arms.

Frank, why don't we give this up?

Frank! We're never gonna get it.

I can't see a damn thing down there.

I'm working blind!


Sorry, Renee.

= tell me the truth.

You get off on seeing me suffer, don't you?


Water everywhere.

Can I get a cigarette?

Guys, we've gotta sort this out.

You think you can hit your Mark this time?

Look frank, it's not a matter of hitting the Mark.

There's not a damn thing down there to see.

Ok, look, but I need...

= Jeff.

I'm right here, mom.


How long have you been here?

Couple of minutes.

How was your weekend with your father?


He wants to come down to the set for dinner, if it's all right.

Ti mean...

What I'm really tryin' to say is he misses you.

Dinner would be great.

I just don't want you gettin' your hopes up, ok?

We're tryin' to work things out, but...

I know, mom.

Ok, people, quiet.

Final touches, now's the time.

= t think it's showtime.

= Jeff?

I love you.

Roll, please.

A camera rolling.

Castle of terror, scene 13, take 33.


Action, Renee.


For Christ's sake, cut!

= there's a dead short!

We've lost the neutral!




I know this is hard for you, but I think you made the right decision.

He was a very old dog.

He had a good life.

Dr. Matthews, your son is on line one.

He says it's an emergency.

Can you take...

Excuse me.

Jeff, what's goin' on?

I am the resurrection and the life, sayeth the lord.

She who believeth in me, though she were dead, yet she shall live.

Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.

I know my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand until the latter day upon the earth.

Friends, let us bow our heads in silent prayer.

Friends, our service is now concluded.

Here we go.

Come on, folks, keep it back.

Show a little respect, now.

Show a little respect!

Keep it back here.

Excuse me.

Ti know it's a difficult time...

Obviously you boys didn't hear me.

Show a little respect.

You probably don't remember me, chase.

I'm Gus Gilbert, town sheriff.

I remember you.

I hear you're movin' into the summer house.

Do you plan on stayin' full time?

Just wanted to get my son Jeff outta la.

Start things over.

Yeah, deepest regrets.

Thank you.

We got six of these big wardrobe boxes here.

You sure you want them all in the attic?

Jeff, what do you say we give the clothes to goodwill?

We'll keep the rest, just the clothes.

= you're the one who wanted to move.

= all the Renee boxes in the attic.

All right.


I'm Marjorie hargrove, your new housekeeper.


Is something wrong?

No, sorry, you just look different than you sounded on the phone.

Please, come in.

I'm real excited to be working for you, Mr. Matthews.

Well, we're glad to have you, Marjorie.

This is my son, Jeff, and you can call me chase.

You know, I adored Mrs. hallow.

That one goes up here in the attic.

Say what John? = look out!

I'll get that.

This is gorgeous.

This is what she wore at the emmys, isn't it?


Don't touch her stuff.

It made her crazy when people touched her stuff.

I'm sorry.

= it's ok.

Hey wait up, I'm comin' with.

That's great.

I could sure use your help.

Let's go, come on.

= this isn't too bad.

It's pretty bad.

God, how long ago did this guy retire?

It's been a few years.

A few?

What's down there?

= t think the kennels are in the back.

What happened?

Are you all right?


I'm all right.

I just got spooked by a bunch of furballs.

Oh great.

So, now I've opened up an orphanage, too?

= well...

If it's ok, I'd like to take one.

All right, I'll tell you what.

You clean up these old kennels and she's yours.

All right.

Thanks, dad.

Come on, kitties.

No, zowie!

Zowie, come back.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey!

Drew, you get a handle on that dog!

Sorry, he gets kinda hyper.

That's all right.

Thought it was lunch.

How are you, chase?

You met my boy?

= no.

Drew, where are your manners?

He's a cool-lookin' dog.

What's his name?



What happened there, zowie?

Damn dog stuck his nose in on my rabbits.

They ganged up on him.

I swear that dog is dumber than lobster bait.

Is he gonna be ok?

I'm not really set up yet, but I'll take a quick look.

Come on, zowie.

It's ok, boy.

Up on the table.

Good boy.

Let me look at you here.

Let's see, when I was younger, 1 thought cats were the girls and dogs were boys.

Yeah, well, there's three more girls where that one came from lookin' for homes.

= not our home.

Facial lacerations, they'll heal up pretty quickly.

I'll give you some antibiotic ointment for that.

Drew, you listenin'?

It's your dog.

He has corneal abrasions, scratches on the surface of his right eye.

These eye drops are gonna help, but it's still gonna take some time, so try to keep him away from those rabbits, huh?

= thanks.

Hey Jeff, did you hear your mother and 1 used to be sweethearts?



Prom, homecomin'.

Whole nine yards.

Course, that was a lifetime ago.

J I'll tell you why » j everything looks different in my eyes j j no need to lie j j I know everything 'cause I got spies j

= check it out.

J you lost your mind j celebrity boy.

J it's all in the papers that you signed 7 j damn dotted line [j you will take your seats and settle down, please.

J; Everything looks different I'm not blind j I've got spies j hey, what's Hollywood like?

Excuse me, at the back?

Would you settle down, please?

Hey Brian! Wait up!

What's the hurry, junior?

Where you off to?

Sorry about your mom.

Papers said it was pretty gross, gettin' fried like that.

Who you got there?

When you bring a friend to school you're supposed to introduce them.


What's the cat's name, junior?



Don't you think that's kind of a pussy name?

Can I hold her?

Promise I'll be real careful.

Jeff, you ever seen a kitten run before?


No, I mean really run.

Like this.

= shit.

J; He said he killed that boy and now his eyes are wet j j so you take another life snuff it out like a cigarette j well that shit makes me sick j j I wanna jump right outta the line and revolt j; j jump right out of line and revolt j she'd have the baby but'cha know she's just 14 j j don'tcha kill your baby girl, that baby belongs to thee j j well that shit makes me sick j j I wanna jump right outta the line and revolt j; j jump right outta line and revolt j j all the time j j all the time j j all the time j j just standing in a fuckin' line»

you havin' fun yet?

J jump right outta line and revolt j j jump right outta line and revolt j j jump right outta line and revolt j j I wanna jump right outta line and revolt j gimme the cat, all right?

I would, but there was a little accident.

She was trying to get away, and her head got caught in the spokes.

Yeah, it was pretty gross.

What's left of her is back there in the pet sematary.

You heard about the creed murders yet?

You heard about the place where the dead rise?

Just back there, Jeff.

Just down that path.

Come on, Clyde, just tell him where the cat is.

= t told him where the cat is.

Shut up, dickwad.

What are you gonna do, fat ass?

You gonna sic big bad old Gus on me?

What do you think, Jeff?

Maybe you could go dig up your old lady, bury her back there.

And maybe if you pray real hard, maybe she'll come back. Yeah, right.

Punk. You showed him good.


This way, fat boy.

There you go.

I've never seen anybody punch Clyde before.

He pissed me off.

Sorry about your mom.

She sure was beautiful.

You never really think your parents are gonna die.

= sometimes I wish Gus would die.

You shouldn't say that about your parents, not even your dad.


Gus is my stepdad.


What was all that stuff about people coming back to life?


It's just an old ghost story.

Hey, let's get outta here.

I agree.

There you go.


Thank you.


How was school today?

= it sucked.

The first day of school is always the hardest.

You're not my mother.

= Jeff.


Live action resumes at the cumberland county civic center this Friday...

Drew, I don't remember invitin' zowie in for dinner.

Just until he heals up?

= don't start with me.

Hi, beautiful.




Stop it.

= you're breakin' the law.

Turn it off.

Your mother spent the last hour cookin'.

Now you stop being a little jerk and show her some appreciation.

Really, Gus, it doesn't bother me.

Atta boy.

There you go.

Not that much appreciation.

I thought we were gonna tone down on your flabby ass.


I'm so sorry I'm not the stud you are.


Knock it off, guys.

You better watch your mouth there, buddy.

I'll take that hey and shove it right back down your throat.

You understand?

Where's your boyfriend? =I don't know.

= Jeff.



You all right?

Do you think mom and you would've gotten back together?

= t think so.

= it still can't believe she's dead.

= goddammit.


Goddamn dog.

That dog is history.


You hear me, boy?


Don't shoot him! What, drew?

What did you say?


What have you done?

Come on Amanda, stop lookin' at me like that.

He's had ample warnin' about that dog.



J it can't be real j j I look into your eyes and I see nothing there j

j I hear you fading away j

j who do I tell, whatcanldo/ j your soul is lost somewhere j j why can't I be there too j j I feel you fading away j

j I feel you fading away j

j I finally scream, I wanna run away j j I wanna tear this world apart j I wanna cry, I need somewhere to hide j j the only place I know j I was just going by your house.

Where's your bike?

Zowie's dead.

I have to bury him.

I don't wanna go out there alone.

All right.

I'll go get a shovel, ok?

So, where do you wanna bury him?

I'm not gonna bury him here.

Then why are we here?

There's a better place.

It's back there somewhere, through the bog.

Come on.

It's supposed to be up there.

What is?

The old Indian burial ground.

Drew, come on, it's an old bullshit story.

You said so yourself.

= but what if it's not bullshit?

If I bury zowie there, and it works, he'll come back.


Drew, look.

I know your dog died, but get a grip, man!

You're freaking me out!

If there's even one chance in a million it'd work, wouldn't you just wanna try?

Look, let's just get this over with, ok?

If this doesn't work, you can't ever tell anyone I did this, ok?

You've gotta promise.

Well, you need any help?

You have to bury your own.

That's the way the Indians did it.

It's like a rule.

I've never had anyone die before.

But I guess you get over it.

I mean, eventually.

= no.

No, you never get over it.

Look, maybe we should get outta here.


So long, zowie.

Wanna get in?

Your mama's worried sick about you.

Take off in the middle of the night, you don't show up for school.

What are you tryin' to prove?

I'm not trying to prove anything.

I was burying my dog.

Life is full of lessons, buddy.

No one's above 'em.

Not you, not me.

Now get in the car.



Drew, you unlock this door right now.

Unlock it, drew. What did I do now?

Open this door, drew Gilbert.

Where do you come off lyin' like that?

“I'm burying my dog.” You think a lie like that's never gonna catch up to you?


You say your goodbyes, mister.

Zowie's goin' outside, and you are grounded.

That's the new law, buddy.


Honey, I'm gonna call the vet.

Hey, drew.

Jeff, why don't you give him a hand, huh?


Hey, zowie.

Let's go up here, pal.

There you go.

Lie down, lie down.

There you go, boy, there you go.

How'd it happen?

Some psycho got trigger-happy.

All right, I'm gonna give him a local anesthetic so I can clean up the wound.

I'd like to take him home tonight for observation.

Can you keep him at your place until he gets better?

Yeah, sure.

= come on.

= listen.

Maybe he wasn't dead when we buried him.

He was dead.

You know he was.


I'm waiting for you!

= no!

Is he gonna be ok?

= t don't know.

It's been three days.

His immune system should've responded by now.

Shh, it's ok.

I'm not gettin' a heartbeat.

He must be so weak it's just not registering.

Jeff, let's take some blood.

Yeah, there you go.

Good boy.

Listen, why doesn't he have a heartbeat?

Maybe it takes a while.

Happy Halloween, Dr. Matthews.

Guys, take it easy.

Evening, Gus. Evening, Ralph.

These your girls? = sure are.

Trick or treat. Happy Halloween!

Behave yourself.

Have a good night.

Come on, girls. - Bye.

Ok, wait.

No, just hold still.

Hold still, hold still.

Just make sure you're home by 10.

If Gus finds out I let you go...

= t will drink his blood!

Don't worry, mom, I'll be home.

Where is everybody?

Jeff, honey, mommy's here.

= look at this.

Junior here practically shit his pants.

Check his shorts. Oh, no.

Mommy's here, Jeff.

You gonna run home to daddy now?

= fuck off.

What a blast. You see the look his face?

You're home early.

= just ran outta smokes.

Lucky Mel!

Where's the boy?

= in his room.


Goddammit, Amanda.

You want me to be father to that boy, and every time I lay down the law, you let him break it.

Now, where is he?

=-t don't know...

Where is your son?

Pet sematary. What?

Pet sematary.


That old Louis was one sick puppy.

Diggin' up little Gage.

Maggots pourin' out of the dead kid's eyes.

Ellie creed was the only one that lived.

Then one night she freaks out.

Hacks up the grandparents with an axe.

Police found her lickin' the brains off the blade.

Threw her in the psycho ward.

All she could say were two words.

Pet sematary.

Here's the best part.

Two nights ago she escapes.

Man, I hope she doesn't show up here.

Shit, we wouldn't even recognize her.

Not if she was wearin' a costume.

She could be one of us.

Oh, my god!

What? What?

= shit.

It's drew's dad.

It's Gus.

He's gonna kick my ass.

You boys better not be drinkin'.

Drew, get your ass out here, front and center.

Thanks for screwin" up our Halloween, dumb shit.

= you little shit.

Get outta here, Jeff Matthews, this is between me and my boy.

I warned you, buddy.

You broke the law, now you have to learn the lesson.


no, zowie, stop!

Drew, call him off!

No, zowie!

Call your dog!

Drew, call him off!


Is he dead?

Oh, man, Jeff.

We killed him.

Are you sure?

What are we gonna do?

We can bring him back.

We can, can't we?

It worked on zowie.

All right.

Oh, god.

Drew, do you know what time it is?

Did Gus ever find you?

God, what happened to you?

Nothin' happened, mom.

We just ditched Gus, that's all.

= you been drinkin'?

Drew's mom called hours ago.

The other kids were back by 10.

Where the hell were you boys?

= just out.

= just out?

Hold it!

I've been lettin' you get away with a lot these past few weeks, but I will not stand for crap like this.

I don't care if it's Halloween, it's a school night.

Don't you ever do this again!

Dad, listen...

I'm really tired and I just wanna go to bed.

Go on.

We'll talk about this in the morning.

All right.


Drew, buddy.

Lost my keys.


Found "em.

Ti need a shower.

Honey, I'm sorry about tonight.

Please come to bed.

Cold as ice!

You smell bad.

What did you get yourself into?

Oh, my god, Gus, what happened to the...

Gus, stop it.

What are you doing?

Stop it, don't!

Gus, let go of me.

What's wrong with you, Gus?

Stop it.

Let go of me, Gus!


= picture this.

Gus comes down to breakfast, and he doesn't say a word.

He even kinda smiles, like he forgot he hates me.

And you know what he does?

He serves me an extra helping of pancakes.

I asked him if I was still grounded.


I asked him if you could stay over tonight.

And he nods.

It's like we're a family.

A real family.

Chase, this is Elliot rudman.

I've looked over the blood specimen you sent me on canine zowie.

Could you give me a call?

Are you open?

Yeah, come on in.

We saw your sign, do you have any kitties left?

Yeah, you can take your pick.

They're back in the boarding area.

You can go on back, right through there.


You ready?

Let's go.

Hello? Rudman, it's Matthews.

Matthews, was it your idea of a joke to send me blood from a dead animal?

I didn't get that.

I said, next time it might be a good idea if you take a blood sample while the animal is still alive.

Rudman, can you just give me the lymphocyte count?

= it's normal.

There's nothing here to indicate that the animal died from an immune deficiency.

= died?

There's some kind of mix-up here.

This dog is alive.

Not this dog.

The cells are completely deteriorated.

You took over for yolander, right?

Yeah, why?

'Cause the last person that sent me blood from a dead animal was yolander.

This is not blood from a dead animal, rudman.

Oh, my god.

What happened?

What happened?


Oh, no.


How's it goin', losers?

Jeff, drew.

Saved by the bell. Dad has to bail him out.

Can I spend the night over at drew's house tonight?

Yeah, that's fine.

Listen, guys, I got the tests back on zowie, and he's not well.

Don't ask me how, but he's gotten out.

So if he finds his way home, I want you to call me.

Whatever hour, ok?

Sure, dad.



See ya.

You would be so much more interesting with blue eyes.

State your business.

Dr. yolander, I'm chase Matthews.

I just took over your offices in ludlow.

I sent out a blood sample for analysis and they told me that the blood was from a dead animal.

You might as well come in.

Why are you bothering me with this?

Can't you just let it be?

The pathologist, he said that you had a similar incident with a cat.

Creed cat, that's right.

Bastard's name was...


Let me guess.

Your dog's tissue isn't healing, uh, pupils aren't dilating.

Maybe you can't find a heartbeat.


I thought it was some kind of blood condition.

= there's no blood condition.

The dog isn't sick.

It's dead.

And so was creed's cat.

And so was his wife on the night she was killed for the second time.

Now, you want some advice, my friend?

You get in your car and you get the hell out of that town.

J when I get mad' j and I get pissed j j I grab my pen j j and I write out a list j j of all the people j that won't be missed j j you've made my shitlist j

J for all the ones who bum me out.

J shitlist j j for all the ones who fill my head with doubt j j shitlist j j for all the squares who get me pissed j shitlist j j you've made my shitlist j j shitlist j

j shitlist j

j shitlist j

Goddammit, Gus.

This isn't funny.

Where's your boyfriend? =I don't know.

Don't lie to me.

I'm gonna give you one more chance.

I don't know. All right, that's it!

J time, there's never time enough j j when love is made to wait j

j we didn't know that they j j would tear us apart; j but nothing, nothing j could tear you out of my heart'

I can come back, chase.

Do you think everybody that came back would be like your stepdad?

= t don't know.

Maybe it depends on what you were like.

Before you died.

See you at school Monday?

Yeah, sure.

Hey Jeff.

Do you ever think about running away?

= all the time.

See ya, man.


Well, well.

Look who's here.

Have fun, junior.

Here we go.

Guess your dad's not here to save you now, is he?

I'm not afraid of you.


You ever see a tire take off a nose before?

Neither have I.

Might even kill ya.

The wheel might chew right into your brain.

You could visit your mom.

Jesus Christ, Gus.

Go home.

I said go home.

I was just fuckin' with him.

What are you gonna do, give me a ticket?

I mean, shit, Gus.

Come on.

You can't lay a finger on me.

What are you doin', man?

I'm just fuckin' with ya.

Stop it, man.


Stop it!


This is the police.

Come out with your hands up.

No, zowie.

It's me.

Stay back.

Forget somethin', drew, buddy?

Drew, buddy.

You have the right to remain silent while I smash your head in.

You have the right to an attorney, but you won't need one 'cause you'll be dead!

No, z, zoowie, I ie, it's me!

No, zowie.

Get back zowie!

Oh, god.

You understand these rights, drew, buddy?

Or are you just too fucking stupid?


Gus killed Clyde, mom.

He's trying to kill me.

What are you talking about? Let's go!

Oh, shit.

Drew, daddy's not done.

Mom. What are you saying?

Gus is dead! What are you talking about?

J I want to die just like Jesus Christ j j I want to die on a bed of spikes j

= oh no!

J I want to die come see paradise j j I want to die just like Jesus Christ j

Mom, look.

God, what does he want? He wants to kill us.

What do you want?

Gus, stop it!

J I want to die just like jfk j ji want to die in the usa [j

drew, what is he doing?

Bye, drew!

I'm takin' you up the hill, Clyde, buddy.

That's the way the Indians did it.

In local news, tragedy has struck the town of ludlow.

Friends and neighbors came to pay their respects to drew and Amanda Gilbert, who died in a head-on collision on Saturday.

They are survived by Gus Gilbert, who is sheriff of kennebago county.

Those poor people.

Did you see Gus at the funeral?


= t feel so bad for Jeff.

How's he taking it?

= t haven't talked to him.

He's been up in the attic all afternoon.

In other news, the disappearance of a ludlow youth remains a mystery.

Clyde Parker was last seen on Saturday afternoon.

His motorcycle was found off highway 62.

Hey, what are you doin'?

Getting things ready for mom.

Mom is dead, Jeff.

You know that.

= she doesn't have to be.

What are you talkin' about?

I can bring her back, the same way me and drew brought zowie back.

What you're sayin' is crazy, Jeff.

Zowie didn't die.

He did.

We buried him.

There's a place in the woods.

If you bury something there, it comes back to you.

Oh, come on.

We did it on Gus.

Don't you lie to me.

Fine, don't believe me!

Chase, you have a phone call.

It's the caretaker at the cemetery.

= I'll call back.

He says it's an emergency.

Something about your wife's grave.

We're not finished.


No, I'll be right there.

What happened?

= t don't know.

Can you stay here with Jeff while I take care of this?

Don't let him leave this house.


I'm sorry to disturb you, Dr. Matthews, but I thought you might wanna come over and have a look for yourself.

It's the damnedest thing.

= Gus did this?

Yes, he stuck around after the funeral, told me that he had an order to exhume your wife.

Now, I didn't think much about it until I saw him drag the body out of the coffin.

He put your wife in his pick-up, and then he drove off right through Amanda and drew's headstones.

I swear, this is the weirdest thing that's happened since Louis creed dug up his boy.

You bury your own.

= Jeff?


Jeff, are you ok?

I hate that dog.

I'm sorry.

You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.

If you feel you have reached this number in error, please check the number and try again, or ask your operator for assistance.

What are you doing, Gus?

Well, I was buildin' a doggy door.

What's goin' on around here, Gus?

Why did you dig up my wife?

"Cause I wanted to fuck her.


I hate it when that happens.

= no!

Got a permit for this?

T didn't think so.

Let me know if this hurts.

No brain, no pain.

Think about it.

Remember, chase, I had Renee first.


= Jeff?

Did you really think you could be like me?


I came back for you, Jeff.

We're going to be together again.

We can try again, chase.

Oh, my god.

We can make it work this time.

= no.

Don't you love me any more, chase?

= you're not Renee.

Renee's dead.

Get away from her, Jeff.

Get away.

Jeff, honey, why don't you go downstairs?

Your father and I need to talk.


I love you.

I love you more.

Hey, junior.

= shit.

Wanna play?

= Jeff!

= uh oh!

Looks like daddy got a boo-boo.

Now, where were we?

Here it comes, buddy.

Here it fucking comes.

You're gonna die, junior.

You're gonna die!

Eat this, asshole.

Come on, dad.

= get out.

I'm gonna get you outta here, dad.

= come herel


I'm melting!

Jeff, honey, what are you doing?


you're not gonna leave me, Jeff.

Your father and I are trying to work things out.

Jeff, I don't wanna be alone.

Come back, Jeff.

I love you.

She's not your mom, Jeff.

She's not your mom!

Let's go.

Stay with Mel!

Dead is better.

Dead is better!

Dead is better!

Stay with me!

Stay with me!

= you all set?

Let's go.

I never had anyone die before.

But I guess you get over it.

I mean, eventually.

You never get over it.

J I just want to walk right out of this world j 'cause everybody has a poison heart, a poison heart

J no one ever thought this one would survive j j helpless child, gonna walk a drum beat behind j j lock you in a dream, never let you go j j never let you laugh or smile, not you j j well, I just want to walk right out of this world » j 'cause everybody has a poison heart” j making friends with a homeless torn up man j j; He just kind of smiles, it really shakes me up j j there's danger on every corner but I'm okay j j walking down the street trying to forget yesterday j j well, I just want to walk right out of this world » j 'cause everybody has a poison heart” j I just want to walk right out of this world j 'cause everybody has a poison heart” j a poison heart, a poison heart

J you got a pretty face j are you thinking on the whole damn place j j you twist yourself so deep © j you can't get out j j I wanna see you dance j j I wanna see you crawl j j I wanna see your face j j smashed against the wall 7 j ride on, ride on, ride j

j ride on, ride on, ride j

J you can't get out, you can't get out” j ride on, ride on, ride j

j ride on, ride on, ride j