Phantasm II (1988) Script

Eight years ago, my visions began... terrifying fantasies of things to come.

Through them I found you, Mike, and your friend, Reggie.

First, he took Mom and Dad.

Then he took Jodie.

Now he's after me.

Mike, that Tall Man of yours did not take Jodie away.

Jodie died in a car wreck.

He had a dream... just a nightmare.

Seems so real.

You know, partner, what we need is a change a scenery.

Where'll we go?

Well, I don't know.

I guess we can figure that one out when we get there.


Well, get on upstairs, get your gear together.

'Cause we leave when the sun comes up.

But I also found him.

The Tall Man.


Ow! Ow! Ow!


Burn, you son of a bitch.


Stay down, it's okay.

I don't know where he comes from... maybe another dimension.

His army of creatures.

He destroys towns and plunders their graveyards to enslave the dead.

Each day, I can feel him coming closer.

He knows I see him.

We've both seen what he can do.

Mike, we've grown up together.

I know you're out there.

Soon, my grandfather will die.

And my visions will become real.

I need you.

Mike, help me.

Well, I guess you could say I just really went over the deep end.

I mean, I got to the point where I couldn't distinguish fantasy from reality.

That's good, keep it up.

And I don't blame Redge anymore.

I mean... what could he do?

I mean, the dreams were really just taking hold of me.

Just tell him what he wants to hear.

And besides, since... I lost my family, Redge is really the only... person I've got.

He's the only one that stood by me. I gotta get outta here.

She needs me.

And now that I'm not having these dreams, I'm really looking forward to just moving back in with him and getting on with my life.

There are a lot of things I want to do.

It's been a tough seven years.

But you've come a long way.

Be well, Michael.

And remember... it was all in your imagination.

The fuck it was.


I was afraid I'd find ya here.

Come on, Mike.

Get up outta there.

This whole place is empty.

So, uh, come on, lets' go home.

Look at this, God damn it!

Now, that's the third one I dug up!

Now, does it strike you a little strange, Redge, that every single corpse in this entire graveyard's missing?

Well, what do you want, Mike?

I wanna stop him.

The Tall Man?

That story about me blowing up my own house because it was infested with midgets.

Mike, that wasn't real.

Your doctor said it was your own paranoid delusion.

Hey, fuck the doctors and fuck you too, if you don't want to help me!

God damn it, Mike, I've tried to help ya!

What the hell am I supposed to do?

He showed me things.

I think he wants me to come to him.

Why you?

I'm not the only one, there's others.

There's a girl.

She's drawn to him too.

But I'm telling you, man, without our help, she's gonna die.

He's gotta be stopped and I'm going after him.

I know I can find him.

But to kill him I'm gonna need your help.

Shit, Mike.

If they catch you here diggin' up graves, they'll put you away and you'll never get out again.

Come on back to the house.

Come on, man, we can talk it out there.

Dinner's waitin' for ya.

Aunt Martha came down and Celeste baked a turkey.

And you know, little Bonnie, she just can't wait to meet her Uncle Mike.

God, she's been talkin' about it all day.

Man, she's really, really high on seein' ya.

Welcome home, boy.

Redge, we gotta get the people outta your house, man!

The gas in there's gonna go off and it's gonna blow!


No, no, no!


Get 'em out. Gotta get 'em out!

Come on, we gotta get 'em out!

No, no, no!

You couldn't save 'em.

You knew.

Before it happened.

I'm so sorry, Redge.

Let's go, Mike.

We got things to do.

Mike didn't need to ask me anymore.

I enlisted for the duration.

He told me it might take us years to find the Tall Man.

And if we did, we'd probably die.

Yeah, maybe.

But not without a fight.

Lets' go shopping.

Redge, long guns are no good.

Let's go to work.

This guy worked at close range.

There's no use tryin' to tell anybody.

They'd lock us up and throw away the key.

We'd spent a long time on the road.

Northwest mostly.

It wasn't hard to pick up his trail.

Places he'd been always look the same.

Small towns are like people.

Some get old and die a natural death.

Some are murdered.

We have to be careful.

'Cause sometimes he sets traps for us.

Too damn late.

Let's get the tools and scope it out.

I'll check it out.

All right, I'll go this way.



Down here, Mike.

Hey, Mike, he left one.

Who are you?

Where do we find him?

Oh, my God.

Liz, what has he done to you?

Redge, this is the one I was telling you about... the... the girl in my... well...

Ohh, you play a good game, boy.

Come east, if you dare.

Get the fuck back!

It wasn't the first time the Tall Man had left one of his calling cards.

But that one was the worst, so far.

He must know we're on his trail because that hunchback apparition looked just like the girl in Mike's head.

We're moving east toward the state line.

There's one more town... Perigord.

I buried my grandchild and both of my children.

Now my husband.

It's so hard to live past the ones you love.

Hey, Grandma, you still got me and Jeri, okay?

I don't see much of Jeri, but how are you?

Are you still having those nightmares?

Um, no.

No, not any more.

Oh, I can't.

You've gotta be strong, Grandma.

You know Grandpa would have wanted it that way.

I'll try.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


I know how hard it is for you.

But remember, he's left a life of pain and trouble.

And he's gone to God.

He's going to rest now.

The last train leaves at six.

I've gotta be on it.

Damn it, Jeri, I need you to be here.

With us.

Just one more day.

I have to get back to Bruce and Stevie.

I've gotta get going now.

It's 20 miles back to the station.

Besides, Grandma's a tough cookie.

Thanks, Jeri.

I'm sorry, hon, I really do have to go.

Look, if there's any problem, just call.


Take care.



It's not a dream.


Where are you?

Redge, she's in danger.


The other, the girl.

Well, you said that six months ago.

Yeah, well, this time I'm certain.

We're close to her and the Tall Man.

Come on, let's go.

Geez, I slept half the day away.

I don't know, man, you say she's here, you say she's there.

She's everywhere.

So, maybe so.

But I'm still not so sure she's not just a wet dream.

Listen, Redge, we're close.

And soon, I'm gonna find her.

And him.

All right then.

My darling, I love you so much.

I'll miss you, I'll miss you.

Forgive me, Lord, but I must end the sacrilege.

I can't close my eyes to the things I've seen.

It must be stopped.


The graveside service is about to begin.

Blessed Mother.

It's just a tree limb.


Damn this wind!


Finally up, huh?


I had this dream about this girl.


Oh, sorry to startle you, pal.

I... I picked her up about 50 miles back.

Uh, Mike, this is Alchemy.

Chemy for short.

It's nice to meet you, Mike.

Hey, uh, Redge, could you pull over?

I gotta take a leak.


Redge, this girl's in my dreams.

Except, when she's in 'em, she's dead.

I think, for her sake, she shouldn't get involved with us.

Well, your dreams always come true?

No, not exactly, but pretty damn close.

Shit, Mike, have you looked at her?

You know, we been out here a long time.

And besides, it gets hard on the road.

Redge, you're thinkin' with your wrong head.

This girl... she's in danger.

Okay, okay.

So, she's in danger with us or without us.

Or at least with us we can protect her, right?

I mean, isn't that logical?

Yeah, in a horny sort of way, I suppose it is.

Works for me.

So, uh, Chemy, where you headed?

Um, to my hometown, Perigord.

It's about 20 miles down the Interstate.

Perigord here we come.


If you want her, come tonight.

Looks like a ghost town.

Things sure have changed since I left.

Oh, yeah, how long has that been?

I don't know, must be ten years now.

We're gonna have to find a place to hold up.

You know, my uncle owns a bed and breakfast on the other side of town.

And, uh, you guys have been really nice to me and I'm sure he wouldn't mind giving you a room.

That'd be great.

I've got them both.

Not my grandma.

Jesus, what the hell?

I'm gonna go take a look around, okay?

Maybe we can get in a window.

See it?



Too scared to come out.

Nothin' to do but watch and wait.



I can't believe they just abandoned the place.

And I don't have a clue as to how the hell we're gonna get in here.

Allow me.

I've been tracking this guy a long time now.

And we're gettin' close.


Believe it or not, you're gonna sleep safely tonight.

As long as I don't sleepwalk, right?

Yeah, well, just stay in bed.

We'll be back before dawn.

Will you wake me when you get back?



I've seen 'em before in my dreams.

They're the ones that exhume the bodies for 'em.

Looks like just one?

Yeah, well, I'm gonna circle around and make sure.

All right.


They have no need of your services.

Who are you... to question the word of God's servants.


You think that when you die you go to heaven.

You come to us!

Ahh, ahh!

For God's sake, girl!

What are you doing here?

I have got to find my grandmother.

Your grandmother's gone!

He's taken them all!

He's harvesting the entire town. What?

Your grandmother, your grandfather... we've got to warn people!

What's that sound?

You stay here.


Hello again.

And good-bye.




Oh, my God, Grandma.

I'm sorry, Grandma.


What the hell's going on here?

Huh? Uh, Redge.

Uh, this is Elizabeth.

I'll get the car. Okay.


So, then what happened?

Well, the priest saved my life and just a few minutes later I saw him get sliced and diced by some... flying Cuisinart.

So, you've seen it... his sphere?

She's seen it, Redge.

I told ya, I had a funny feeling about this place.

And he took my grandma.

Turned her into some kind of... dwarf.

Yeah, I know, we've seen it before.

He... he crushes them down and... you know, ships them off to God knows where.

Yeah, he got Mike's brother.

He got my whole family.

Well, I don't think we oughtta wait around this place, just waiting for him to come and get us.

You're right.

But I think we only got a couple more hours 'til daybreak.

And the traps on the doors should keep us safe.

I'll tell you what... um, why don't we just get some shuteye, and then we'll just bang outta here in the morning.

Yeah, I could use some sleep.

Come on, I'll watch over you.

And I'll watch over you.


I love you.

Her lips aren't moving.

We're chaining.

Wow, this is great!

We're different, Mike.

That's why he wants us.

Because we're the only ones who can see what he's doing.

I prayed so hard that you'd find me.

You did.

I love you.


God, Redge, I love your head.

What the hell was that?


Grenade went odd.


Forget it, Mike.

There's nobody out there.

Looks like Chemy's uncle had a... a cat or a dog or somethin'.

I... I can't tell.

Redge, who are we kidding?

I'm a 19-year-old kid.

You're a bald, middle-aged, ex-ice cream vendor.

Thanks, Mike.

Can't kill him alone.

No way.

How 'bout our families?

We just gonna forget about them?

We're never gonna forget about them.

But Redge, come on, we got people who are alive right now who are depending on us.

Ah, Mike!

Come on!

I'll get the gear.



Wait, wait, let me go with you, okay?

No way.

Take Liz's car and drive south a hundred miles.

Now go! Well, what's gonna happen to you?

How are you gonna find me?

I'll find you... if I'm able.

What's that supposed to mean, if you're able?

All right, load up.

You got it.

Well, shoot the fucker!


Aww, shit!

God damn, son of a fuck... Redge!

Hey, hey, seat belt's jammed, man.

Give me a knife.


Hey, man, ju... just give me the knife.

And there's no sense in both of us fryin'.

No way, partner. Oh, come on.

I'm not leavin' you now.

Damn it!

Okay, I'm free. Come on!

I'm clear, man. Come on, man, let's go!

I'm goin'.


Come on.

Let's go kick some ass.



Hydrochloric acid.

Let's just see him try to reanimate anybody that's embalmed with this shit.

Hey, Redge.

Come here.

What's that look like to you?

Well, it's round and it's got a couple a slits like one a those... brain suckers.

It's a keyhole.

Only this must be a doorway to his world.

We gotta catch one of those things so we can get in here.

Yeah, sure, Mike, you catch one.

Come on.

We gotta find Liz.

All right, I'll take the north wing, you take the south.

I'll meet ya back here in 15 minutes.




Come on, let's go!




Come on, you mother!

I think it stopped it.

Shit, I hope so.

Don't move, be still.

Those should hold it. Let me get the other door.



Come on, Mike, let's go, okay?

Are you okay? Mm-hm.


God damn it.

Damn it.

Here, hold this.

Hell do you want with that thing?

Don't worry. Be careful!

Don't worry!

I'm hopin' as long as it's embedded in flesh, it's safe.



Where's the rest of the guy?

I'll tell ya later.

Hand me this.

Here, I'll trade ya'.

Come on.

Here. Uhh.

All right, let me have it.

All right, here goes.

Come here, let me show you somethin'.

Come on.

Let's torch this place and get the hell outta here.




Behind you.




Suck on this.




Go and get the hell outta here!


Come on, get in, let's go.

Come on.

Come on, get in, it's Chemy.

We really nailed that son of a bitch!

Hey, hey, wait, wait, Mike, Mike, Mike.

Check out that coffin and make sure that whatever is in there is dead, all right?


That's the way I like 'em.

Hey, babe, you know you coulda run.

But thanks for stickin' with us.

You know, I been thinkin' about us.


Redge! Redge!



Listen to me, this is not happening.

We're gonna wake up... It's a dream.

It's only a dream.

No, it's not!