Phenomenon (1996) Script

Attila? Where are you, boy? Did you get that rabbit? Did you?

I'll bet you did. My mighty hunter. You vicious killer. That's my dog.

That's my beast! Come on, give me a kiss.

Wait a minute. Wait a damn minute.

Attila? And you call yourself security?

Don't change the subject.

Hey, George.

You gonna just stand there or are you gonna help me with these boxes?

Now what have you got me carrying?

Got a deal on solar panels and batteries.

Well, I told you I wasn't doing any more improvements on the house I'm selling this place someday. Yeah, right.

But I see you improved the garden anyway.

Yeah, and that goddamn rabbit still got in there.

I told you he went under your fence, George.

He did not. He did, too!

I put that fence a foot and a half underneath the ground.

Well, it's a mystery, George.

Anyway, this solar outfit, it's going to save you money and it's free.

So happy birthday. Thanks, Nate. Thank you.

Who's gonna put it together? Not me.

It comes with a manual in three different languages.

Forget it. Look, if it's a car I can fix it.

If it's in the garden I probably can grow it.

But this is way out of my neighborhood.

Hey, are you bringing a date tonight?

No. You?

Well, I'm thinking of asking somebody.

When? Today? You don't give them much notice, do you?

Well, you even ask anybody?

I always ask Diana Ross, but she never says yes to me.

See you. See you later.

Hey, Bill!

Hey, George. George, I forgot to tell you, man.

Hold on, hold on.

Doctor called.

Banes, will you let me figure it out?

At 10300. At 10:00. At 10100.

He wants you to look at his window. Man!

How're you doing, Lace? You look great.

Yeah. How are the chairs selling? I got one left. I need four more.

Wow. It's going a lot better than I expected.

Yeah, well, you know, people sit down a lot around here.


Here, I can get these. No, I got it, thanks.

Well, I'll help you.

Hey, Lace, there's a party tonight at the Elkhorn Bar...

Why do they call it that? There's no elk around here.

I don't know. They just always called it the Elkhorn.

Why? They got some poor elk's horn hanging over the bar?

I don't think so.

Anyway, it's my birthday today, and there's a party tonight at the Elkhorn.

I said that, didn't I? Yeah.

George! I gotta look up here at 10:00.

Why'? Well, that's Doc Brunder's office.

Have you met him yet? No. What does he want?

I don't know.

So, hey, you think you could come to the party tonight?

No, I don't like to leave my kids home alone at night.

I know a good babysitter. I just live really far...

Tito's wife. You know Tito. Tito? Tito!

Hey, George. Hey, that's nice.

Oh, God.

So that's the doctor? Yep, that's the doctor.

Would you please come tonight? No, not tonight.

Is it me'? No, it's not you.

Well, then I'll keep asking.

Man, I would love to get my hands on your carburetor.

I bet you would.

You say, "She sock it to you." Yeah, get back to work, guys.

Hey, Nate. Nate.

It's a scandal, you and Diana Ross. I told the press.

Oh, man. Yup.

She'd be so happy on my farm. No stress.

It's true. No media, no press.

Nothing. Just heaven.

Hey, you're not supposed to be buying drinks tonight.


George doesn't buy drinks tonight. It's his birthday.

Hey, Doc! Hey, you made it! For you.

Hey, hi!

How's everybody? Hey.

Still breathing in and out?

Hey, Doc, you gotta try this. You got to try that cake.

What? Tito's wife made it. It is macho bueno.

Macho. As usual.

Doc. Thank you.

Hey, Jimmy! You're welcome.

You're learning the moves, George, but you've never played amidst turmoil and confusion.

So, here we go.

I wish we could go back to checkers. Maybe I could win.

No, no, no. You have potential, George.

I always said George Malley has something extra to offer this world.

I said that the day I circumcised you.

He says that every birthday. It was a bad joke, I know.

You know you ruined my chance of romance today with that obscene stunt in the window. It was an outrage.

It was a disgrace! It was a criminal act.

Okay, there was a beautiful girl who walked right away from me.

It was so embarrassing. George, you talking about the one with the chairs? Yeah.

They are not all that comfortable. Well, I think they're perfect.

But you gotta learn how to sit in them. Here you go.

On the house, everybody. Happy birthday!

Jimmy. Jimmy, there's no smoking section in heaven, you know.

Come on. Don't start, Doc, don't start.

Pass those out. Here pass them out. Georgie, happy cumpleafios, amigo.

Happy cumpleafios.

Hey, buddy, cheers.

Happy birthday. We love you, man.

You all set? Yeah.

This is great.

This is great.

Tito, wait, wait, wait. Tito!

Thanks for coming to my party, man.

Happy birthday, kid. Yeah, happy birthday.

Yup, happy birthday.

Thirty-seven. Thirty-seven.

Anybody see that'? That light?

What kind of light? You know, there was a noise.

Did you hear it? No.

Could we finish the game, George?

Man, it was like an explosion, and there was a flash.

Like a plane? No, it was bigger than that.

I mean it was farther away.

You mean like a star, George?

Man, it knocked me off my feet. You fell?

Yeah, I fell! I was hit right The man's inebriated. I warned you.

I am not drunk, Nate. I'm taking your queen, George.

Now pay attention. Isn't that checkmate?

That's checkmate, isn't it? You mean he beat you?

You let him win, Doc? Birthday present?

I didn't let him win anything.

You're a little pissed off about that, aren't you'?

Play another one? You can get your revenge on me tomorrow, all right? Yeah.

You feeling okay? Yeah.

Can you drive, George? Yeah, I'm all right.

Hey, thanks, everybody. Happy birthday, buddy.

Happy birthday, George. That was a good party.

I can't sleep.

That's it!

What? I figured it out.

Jesus, George, what are you doing calling me? It's late.

I thought that farmers got up when it was still dark.

That's if you have cows. I don't have any cows, George.

Now, look, there's only one explanation for that rabbit.

What? You see, when I built that fence higher and deeper, he was already in there.

See, he was hiding. I fenced him in.

There's only one thing I can do now, - just let him out. Good night, George. Good night.

Here's Roger.

George, can I have my Bronco back?

I don't have any cash right now, but I need my car.

Well, I need some solar panels installed on my roof.

I don't know anything about solar.

Well, Charlie Shipper does, and he needs a well dug on his property.

You help him dig the well, he'll help me with the panels, and I'll fix your car.

Deal? Yeah, deal!

I'll call Charlie.

Hi. I just called about fixing my brakes. Yeah, yeah. Be right with you.


Come on. Tito, he speaks Spanish better than I do now.

Yeah, better than me, too.

Right. Where's the owner and operator of this vehicle?

You a cop? Our mom's in the store.


You got the brake on, sport? His name's Al.

And what's your name? Glory.

Well, I'm George.

Pop the hood, AI. Why?

You know how to start this thing? Duh.

Emergency road service, ma'am.

Your truck can't breathe, and your idle's too fast.

Sorry. Gotta go.

Where? You're not leaving town, are you?

No, just San Francisco for the day.

I used to live there. Ask me directions on where you're going.

As a matter of fact, ask me anything at all.

You could even ask me to come along. I'd show you the sights, the hazards.

What do you think? I think your idle's too fast.

San Francisco?

But you were born here, right? How'd you know I was born here?

Just now in the store someone said, "I've known George Malley all my life, "and if he said he saw a UFO, he saw one."

I didn't say that. You saw one?

But I didn't say what I saw. What'd it look like?

Well, it could've been.

That's mate, Doc. Wait, wait, wait, wait. George!

Now, what in the hell is going on here? What?

Look, you know, I don't know, Doc. I really don't know.

Just lately, I've been seeing things so clearly, you know.

And, you know, I understand right away. I concentrate.

And books, I can't stop feeding myself. I read two, three books a day.

Imagine that. And then, you know, I can't stop, and I can't sleep.

You know, ever since the...

I gotta go. Get back to work.

Ever since... The sighting.

Roger, it was a damn light. And a boom.

Now, did you hear it? Well, no.

Anybody? About nine days ago right outside here?

Was that 12:00, George?

George, come in for a physical, okay?


Two or three books a day? At least.

About what? About everything.

You know, all the things I've wanted to know about and learn.

Like what? Well, you tell me, Rog.

I mean, what have you always wanted to know about and learn, hmm?

Think about it.

CQ, this is WB-6. QLF, standing by. Searcher out of Harmon, California.

Is anybody in the void tonight?

I'm looking for Diana Ross, but I'll accept any voice in the English tongue.

Is that you, Diana? Hey, George.

Look, Nate, you haven't sat till you've put your ass on one of these homemade willow chairs, okay?

Now, I brought you a pair so you can put your feet up, or if you want a friend to sit in there, if you decide one day and invite someone over. What do you think?

I don't think they go, George. What would you know?

Looks like a swap meet blew in here. Talk about needing a woman's touch.

This is an emergency.

Hey, Nate, I've been working on that solar kit you gave me.

I am telling you, the whole field of photovoltaics is just in baby land.

I mean, you know, the idea that plants have been storing and using the sun's energy since the birth of the world, I mean, photosynthesis is a model for us.

And we're just scratching the surface of what we could do with these silicon cells, I'm telling you.



You just talk so fast, George, and you know so much stuff.

I'm sorry. But I can't help it, Nate. That's okay.

What is that?

It's just computers talking to computers...

Leave it, leave it, leave it.

Come on, the Morse code is going too fast for you to pick that out.

No, no, no, no, I can hear it. Bull.

No, I'll tell you what it is, a repeated pattern. They're looping a message.

"Watering the golds Friday."

Yeah, yeah.

Now who'd be sending a coded message like that in simple Morse?

Oh, man, look, I pick up like two different Air Force bases.

I think we better leave this one alone, George.

No, no, this is a different one! Listen, listen.

This one's much denser, but it's still a loop. It still repeats. Listen.

Seriously, I think we... I got to record this.

Where's your... I think we need to leave this alone.

No, no, no, no, Nate. What are you doing?

Well, I want to take it home so I can break it down.

Then we can answer it. Why?

Because it gives me something to do, Nate. All right?

I don't know if it's getting worse or it's getting better, but, you know, I have 12 hours of the night to kill.

And when I get tired of reading I do crossword puzzles, but they're all too simple.

Too simple?

And then everybody I know is asleep, and I'm awake at night.

Is there something I could do?

Hey! Why don't we just go outside and box?

I could split your lip again. You'll feel a lot better.


Hey, if you send a message, would they get it'?

Yeah, sure. Send this.

Send them, "Don't over water the golds." Say that.

Okay, fine. The golds? Marigolds.

Oh, yeah. No, no, no.

Say, "Don't over water the marigolds Friday."

"Don't over water the marigolds on Friday Right.

"We'll be watching." Yeah, yeah. "We'll be watching."

How about that? Oh, my God. This is cool.

It's okay, Attila, it's nothing. Static electricity, that's ail. That's all it is.

See, here, here you go. Okay. All right, okay.

Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, man.

Is somebody trying to tell me something?



Did you pee in the cup? Yup.

You still having trouble sleeping? Yup.

Any ideas?

How long have you been feeling this way?

Well, you know how long I've been feeling this way. Everybody does.

I mean, it's been over a month since my birthday.

Notice anything else or... Yeah.

What? Well, watch your fountain pen there.

What do you mean?


That's telekinesis. Yeah.

Is that okay? Do it again. Do it again.


You know, I consider myself a rational man, a man of science.

You know, open to whatever. But I feel like a child, George. I feel scared.

Me, too.

Well, whatever the reason is, I promise you we'll find it. Okay?

Now, let me see you do that one more time.

It's a monster, George. Yup, yup.

This old Frankenstein here gets 90 miles to the gallon on methane.

And that's made from my garbage and Nate's pig manure. Special blend.

Sure smells like it.

See ya, Georgie.

Hello, Lace. Hey.

These are a little bit different. I used a little bit of a wider branch on these. Yeah, they look great.

George, are these yours? Yeah, yeah.

I've been working on some special organic fertilizers.

Go ahead, taste it. No, no, no. Bite into it like an apple.


You got some on your chin. Sorry.

Maybe the kids would like some.

It's great. Thanks.

No, no, no. Lace, wait. Let me pick some out for you, okay?

If the kids like them, you know, you could make anything.

You could make some sauce or a soup.

George, I thought you were smart. Hey, what's she got anyway?

Yeah. Yeah, besides uncomfortable chairs?

My heart, amigos, my heart.

Hey! George, wait. Where do you think you're going?

You guys going home? You want a ride?

OKay_ Glory!


Glory, come on. Would you come on?

All right. Al!

Okay, I'm coming. Hurry up!

Are you scared? Move over.

Are those for our mom? Yup.

I thought flowers were for dates. Don't get spooky, Al.

Did she invite you?

Hey, wait a minute. Blue. I don't have blue.

Oh, great.

You guys know the name of this flower?

No. No.

A Delphinium belladonna. That's the Ranunculaceae family.

I didn't always know about names of flowers.

But it seems recently that I can pretty much name any flower I see.

Really? Yeah.

Like this one is Limonium sinuatum. And this is the...

Doesn't make them any prettier though.

Is that a garbage-bag tie? Yeah.

I was improvising.

Hey, now that's a good idea. Yup.

That's much better. Yu p.

Thank you. You're welcome.

My mom's around back!

Lace? Hi.


Now, you didn't nearly take enough tomatoes.

And I'm very proud of them.

Well, there you go. And I got you these.

Well, that's every wildflower from my house to your house.

Your kids helped.

Thanks. Yeah.

Hey, what are you working on? Nothing. Nothing.

Look at this. Wow. That's really great work.

Look at this. Beautiful. You want to walk?


I gotta tell, you know, you got great kids.

Yeah, they are great kids.

But you don't really know that yet, George, because you don't know them and you don't know me.

But I'm trying to get to know you. I know.

I really want to keep my life very simple, even predictable.

That's why I moved here.

I don't like surprises, and I don't like complications.

Well, what happened to you, Lace?

I'm sorry. That's none of my business.

No, no, it's okay. I'm stupid.

I'm so sorry.

So let me ask you something, George.

When a man comes over with a basketful of tomatoes, what is he expecting? Dinner?

No, no, no. Just hoping.

Trifolium. Look at...

You don't have any purple in the flowers I got you, do you?


Did you did you feel that? Feel what?

Come here. Come here, let's see. Okay.

Feel that right there. Feel what?

Oh, God. I think I know what this is. What?

Can I use your phone? Yeah.

Yeah, thanks.

Okay, yeah.

Just east of Harmon. Do you know which one I'm talking about?

No, well, I was told to call you, and I'm telling you right now that I picked up on some activity.

No, we didn't use any instrumentation.

No, I don't have a degree, and I haven't studied anywhere.

But I'm just trying to... Are you shutting me down here?

Is that what's going on? Are you trying to shut me down?

Look, I'm just trying to tell you that I felt the compression waves, okay?

ULF, ultra-low frequency waves. Now, they have the ability to make you nauseous and dizzy. Am I right?

Okay, well, that's what I felt, and I'm trying to tell you that I think that there...

There's an earthquake coming.


Listen, Al, why don't you put some masking tape on the cupboards?

And, Glory, take the vases down and the china.


This is good, Lace. I think you're a good cook.

No, I'm not. I only make two things pretty well, pork chops and turkey.

Which is this?

I'm just...


Al. I'm gonna kill you. I was just joking.

You scared me.

Not funny.


All right, can I say it now? What's that?

You've got great kids. Thanks.

And I thank you for dinner. You're welcome.

And good night. Good night.

Good night. Okay.

Shh! She's coming.

Tell her. No, you tell her.

He's neat. Yeah, he's nice, isn't he?

Yeah, but he thinks he saw a UFO, and he thinks he can predict earthquakes.

There may be a warning here.

But he never said for sure it was a UFO.


Let's get in the truck. Get in the truck!

It's over, Mom. I know it's over! Let's go now!

Did you feel it, huh? Did you get scared?

Do you realize the possibilities of this? Do you know what this means?

You felt it, didn't you?

You did. What is going on, George?

Wasn't that amazing? Tell me what's happening.

I don't know. I don't. I don't know what's happening.

I need the simple truth, George.

This is the truth. What's happening to me is the truth.

Oh, no.


I love those chairs, Lace. I love them.

You made them, okay? All right?

I wanted to see you, okay? I mean...

Bring them back to your shop tomorrow.

I'll give you your money back. I don't want my money back, Lace.

I just asked you for one thing, George. The truth. And you couldn't handle it.

George, haven't you called her yet? Never mind about that, will you, Nate?

Now this is the second one, gladiolus. Remember that.

How do you know she's still mad at you?

I know. Now, all right... Write her a note.

No, no, no. I found this. Classic five-bed garden pattern. Here Flowers. You should send her flowers or candies.

Yeah. Marigolds, gladiolas, roses, et cetera.

And I went to the library and I looked up the missile silo pattern at the Masterson Air Force Base, and I made my own overlay.

And here we go. There.

Yeah. See that?

That's their garden. You see? Well, that's old stuff, and it's declassified.

But now this stuff is trickier.

This is trigraphs and tetragraphs and ABBA class.

George. Yep'?

Why don't you just tell me what you want me to send?

All right. Okay, send this. Why don't you send this?

"Mind your garden. Frost coming. Luck on the Mozop."

You want to know what "Mozop" is?

That's okay. It's your game, George.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, you sit in this chair yet?

It's nice. Yeah, yeah.

You should give her a call right now.

No, let her cool off. I figure I'll give her about a year.

Pick up the phone and call her, George.

Look who's talking. Diana Ross fan club.

Have you said 10 words to a woman this year?

I'm sorry, Nate. Your transmission's finished, sir.

I've just been going through some things lately.

Everybody's going through something.

I know, but this thing's been hard for me to handle.

Let me show you something.

You suppose they magnetized you? I don't know, buddy. I wish I did.

What've we got here? Hurry up. Get in there, Doc.

Get right in. Doc, you better hurry.

One of you go to the garbage and bring me any food containers you find.

Somebody else go in the cabinets and look for damaged or swollen cans.

Food poisoning. I think.

Now what the hell is he saying? Who speaks Spanish?

That's Portuguese. They just came in last week.


He's trying to tell us something about Berto.

That's the little one. It's a little boy.

All right, some of you search around here for the kid.

I'm going to tell you that right now he could be pretty darn sick.

Now, Bonnie, wait. Get on the phone and get George Malley over here.

Tell him what's going on and tell him to stop at the library for a English-Portuguese book.

Tell him to find out how to ask where a lost boy is. Got that?

George Malley? You bet. George.

Go on, do it. Just go on, go on!

Don't you answer that? Not when I'm working.

I've been farming all my life, but this growth is amazing, George.

This is embarrassing.

You know I want to try this fertilizer in your south 40.

You just sprayed my boots.

It's the worst soil in the county. I can't even get weeds to grow in that field.

But I bet we could get corn to grow in that field.

You bet? You don't have any money to bet.

You spent all your money on chairs, remember?

George Malley? Yeah, I'm George Malley.

I'm John Ringold. We talked on the phone the other day.

John Ringold? Yes.

From Berkeley? Yes.

All right. Hi. Hi.

Hey, I'm glad you came by. Will your dog let me step out?

Yeah, yeah. Well, he just has a thing for seismologists.

So come on out. Thank you.

Yeah, this is my friend, Nate Pope.

How do you do? How do you do?

Okay. Well, let me get you a cold drink.

Come on in. From the university?


And we are very interested in how you were able to predict that earthquake, Mr. Malley.

Oh, that.

You see, I just picked up the subsonic frequency waves, right?

And course, I was standing on the fault so that made it easier.

And what instrumentation did you use?

Just me. If you think that's something, you should see him move stuff with his brain.

Nate, never mind that. You see, I felt the ultra-low frequency waves.

And they kind of made me dizzy and nauseous, right?

And that's how I perceived all this.

We've been studying quake prediction for 10 years.

There's no record of any person ever feeling the pre-quake activity.

Now there is.

We have some ULF equipment in our labs.

Could you come in for an experiment?

Come to Berkeley? Yes.


Well, my department would like to interview you and clear this up.

I would be so glad to come to Berkeley.

Do you think that I could meet with some other departments, as well?

I have some experiments that I'd like to show you. Come with me They're nice.

All right, well, let's see.


Yes, here. Okay. Now look, I've taken solar panels, and I've actually germinated the seeds that made these plants grow.

And trying to change the electromagnetic field, right?

Mr. Malley? I took incandescent light...

Mr. Malley. ...and I turned it into sunlight, which actually made these plants grow.

Mr. Malley. Now, look, I took pig manure, and I turned it into a fuel which I believe will actually run an automobile.

All I'm interested in is the earthquake.

We need to know if that was a fluke, a coincidence.

A fluke?

George, why don't you move something with your mind?

Maybe move his... Or something like that.

Look, Mr. Ringold... Doctor.

Dr. Ringold, look, I've got my garden out there and that acts like a lab, right?

And I've got everything that you see here, but I really need to talk to people like you, okay?

Hey, George! Hey, George, you home?

Please don't go, okay? Please, just please don't go.

Hey, George!

George, Doc says you better come right now!

What's the matter? Come on, man, it's an emergency!

You gotta learn how to talk Portuguese on the way over there.

I gotta go. Portuguese? Learn Portuguese?

Why don't you go along, Professor?

George, Doc's inside. He thinks it's food poisoning.

Hey, George.

Doc, George is here. He's gonna be fine, George.

But his grandson is missing. Now, if they ate the same thing, the boy could be a lot worse off.

You brought the book? Yeah, I have it.

All right, okay. Ask him where the boy is.

"The orchard." He said he's in the orchard.

Right, yeah, okay.

He said that they ate something bad and he thinks the boy is sick.

Tito drove the truck while I read the book.

George Malley, you learned the Portuguese language in 20 minutes?

Not all of it.

What are you looking for here, a kid? What's the kid's name?

It's Alberto. Berto, Alberto, yeah. Alberto? Alberto.

Let's spread out and comb these trees. Everybody, let's go. Okay.

Look real careful. Alberto!

Call out his name. Alberto!

Alberto! Alberto!


Where are you, kid? Alberto!

Where are you, fella'? We're coming.

Alberto! Alberto!

George, what you got?


He's not in the orchard. No?

He's sick, Doc.

He's there. There. Where is he, George?

Where? Over here.

Okay, that's good.

We're with you. We're with you.

What's going on?

You okay, George? It's not me. It's him.

Tell me where he is. I don't know. I don't know.

Look! There's a ladder under there! Come on.

He was right!

He's up here!

Doc, you better get up here fast.

Good work, George.

So is Wednesday good for you? Say, 2:00'?

Sure, Wednesday is good. Should I send a car?

No, John, I'll get there on my own.

And I'll have somebody from Solar Energy there.

And anything else? Yeah, Automotive.

Hey, do you have an agricultural school at Berkeley?


Well, how about for my fertilizer? I'll take care of it.

Hey, George.

That's the little boy's mom.

She's the only one who talks English, I think.

It's too bad she wasn't here earlier, huh?

Yeah. But I guess she had to look for work, man.

I want you to meet a very special guy.

This is the man who found your son, okay? Very special.

This is George Malley. This is Ella.


Thank you. It's okay.

Thank you.

I'll take you to the hospital, okay? Thanks, George.

Way to go, patrén.

Do you know what kind of work she was looking for?

Cook, I think they say. Housekeeper.

You know somebody who's looking?

All right, Nate. Thanks, George.

I found a housekeeper for you, a Portuguese woman.

She cooks, too. I think she's perfect for you.

I don't know if I could eat Portuguese food, George.

Well, she'll cook you anything you want, Nate.

And she'll try to make sense of that so-called house that you live in.

She speak English? Well, a bit but...

That's what we're gonna do. We're gonna work on your Portuguese.

Me? Yeah.

You got a problem with that? No, no.

I don't know if that's gonna work, George.

All right, well, let's try it. What do you want to say?

How about something like, "Can you come twice a week?"

Okay. "Can you come twice a week?" Okay.

"Can you come twice a week?"

That sounds complicated, George. No, no, you got your tape recorder and you learn it phonetically. No problem. What else?


"How much per day?" "How much per..." Okay, good.

"How much per day?"

I like that one. Yeah, yeah.

That one's nice. Okay. What else?

Okay. "Can you start next week?"

Perfect. Logical, right'? Okay.

Yeah, yeah. "Can you start next week?"

Beautiful language, huh? That's it?

Yep. Work on those.

You know, George, I might be pretty good at Portuguese.

No, oh... Never mind. We'll get used to them.

If you leave them alone they'll leave you alone.

It's a good arrangement. What are we reading?

This. What is this? Where did you get this?

From me.

This is not a good choice for bedtime.

Are you still mad at him? What's the difference?

He's neat, and they say he saved that boy's life at the orchard.

He's funny.

We are funny enough. We laugh all the time.

Look, we're reading Black Beauty, and we are not talking about men.

I've got enough to worry about. Too much.

What? Well, you guys for one.

We're not little any more.

I know you're not little any more, sweetie.

But you think that George Malley is safe and you're afraid of coyotes.

You've got it all backwards. Here. Find our place.

Go brush your teeth. I'll be right back.

Don't you have a report to do? Did it.

"They're everywhere." Al, do you really believe this?

Yeah. There's been a lot of UFO people coming into town since George saw what he saw.

The word's spreading, Ma.

You just believe what you want to believe.

Most people do. You get over it.

Hey, I thought we were getting ready for bed No.

Can we stop talking about him, all right?

Why do you hate him? Because I like him.

Told you.

But if he was sitting here with us right now, wouldn't you be watching him'?

Wondering what's he thinking? When's he gonna leave?

Is he gonna leave?


We don't need that.

It's okay. Shh!

He found the kid and left the... I heard he took 20 minutes.

Twenty minutes, he read the whole damn book, knew Portuguese.

You were there. He was, too! And then he went running around...

Hey, here he comes, here he comes.

Hey, George. Hello.

Hi. Hi.

So, George, how'd you feel that earthquake coming?

Voices tell you? Voices? Hell, no.

What else do you know, George?

Well, I know you're on the outs with Lisa again.

How did you know that?

'Cause when she's living with you she makes sure your clothes match.

Poor Banes.

Do you get messages, George?

Yeah, well, yeah, when Paulette delivers the mail, I do.

But today she was two hours late.

I think we ought to do something about that. Complain or something.

Earthquake, earthquake. Can we...

Well, Jimmy, it was...

I was out by Ash Creek, and I felt some vibrations, that's all.

How'd you know where to find the boy in that orchard?

Well, I don't know, Bonnie. I mean, come on.

Do you know what's going to happen? Roger, come on!

I'm sorry, I'm...

They say at the library you read four books a day now.

Yeah, well, that was last week, and...

I better go.

How many languages do you speak now?


If anything bad was gonna happen, you'd tell us.

Won't you? Hey!

Okay, I'll be there, all right. All right.

Okay. Thanks.

Hi, Lace. Hello.

I'm sorry I lied to you about the chairs.

I just wanted you to come to my shop, so you would talk to me, instead of...

Instead of always walking away from me.

What do you want, George?

I want you to come to Berkeley with me.

I've been invited to talk to some scientists about the earthquake thing and about some of my experiments.

You know, the fertilizer and the solar panels and...

That's really nice. I'm excited, but I...

I guess I'm scared, too.

I sure would like you there with me. What for?

Support. Confidence. A friend.

You've got friends. You know everyone in the whole area code.

I don't know, you know, since that orchard thing, it...

People are different now. They're... I don't like it.

You know, the funny thing is, is that you're probably the only one that's mad at me for a good reason.

You're just trying to make up Yes. I'm trying to make up with you. I am trying to get a date with you.

And I would love it if you stood by me while all those scientists and teachers ask me questions.

You know, I spent half of school in detention.


Wednesday. What time?

Leave about noon.

I'll be outside your shop at noon, if I'm coming.

And if I'm not there...


Thanks, Lace.


One second.

One second. Here I come.

You are Mr. Pope?

You are Mr. Pope?

I am Michaela. Ella.

You're Ella? Yes.

Wow. I'm sorry. Please.

Um... Maybe you need to...

Yes, this is the place. I cook, too. You need cooking?

Cooking. Yeah.

Good. Fine. Good.

How much you pay?




I speak a little Portuguese.

I don't know what you just said, but it sounded great.


Okay, tomorrow I come back. 9:00, okay?

I work, and we talk about money.

No, wait.

That's all I really know.

That, and, um...

Is that right?

You're cute.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow?

Tomorrow, then.


This is WB-6, QLF.

Diana, if you can hear me, I know you'll understand this.

I just met an angel from Portugal, here in my house.

You George Malley?

Jack Hatch, FBI.

Nate Pope sent a coded message to Masterson Air Force Base.

No, no, no, Nate Pope did not send a coded message to the Air Force base.

I did.

Well, who taught you the cipher, Mr. Malley?

Nobody. I just broke the code.

Who trained you?

As I said, nobody. I... Man.



Can't do it. You can do it, Mr. Malley.

Too complex.

We're releasing Nathan Pope.

It's about time. Can I talk to him?


Try this one.

You know, it was just a game, okay? I mean, a game.

You caused the cancellation of a top-secret training exercise, Mr. Malley, the scrapping of an entire cipher system.

You cost the government a lot of money.

So, bill me.

I think he's what he says he is, a fluke.

He's an independent, playing some kind of genius games.

I want him tested.

Can't keep holding him. Yes, we can. He resisted arrest.

No, he didn't. Yes, he did.

Test him.

All right, I'll start the questions and I'll be timing your responses.

And we'll be recording. Any questions?

What's your first name? My first name is Bob.

Hi. Shoot, Bob.


Name as many mammals as you can in 60 seconds.

Ready? Go.

Hmm. Sixty seconds. Well, how would you like that?

How about alphabetical?

Aardvark, baboon, caribou, dolphin, eohippus, fox, gorilla, hyena, ibex, jackal, kangaroo, lion, marmoset, Newfoundland, ocelot, panda, rat, sloth, tiger, unicorn, varmint, whale, yak, zebra.

Now, varmint is a stretch. So is Newfoundland.

That's a dog breed.

Unicorn is mythical. Eohippus is prehistoric.

But you weren't being very specific now, were you, Bob?

Well, I'll...

I'll try to be more specific.

You ready for the next one? Shoot.

Answer as quickly as you can. How old is a person born in 1928?

Man or woman?

Why? Specifics, Bob.

Okay, one more time.

How old is a man born in 1928?

Still alive?

If a man is born in 1928, and he's still alive, how old is he?

What month?

If a man was born October 3rd, 1928, and he's still alive, how old is he?

What time? 10:00 p.m.

Where? Anywhere.

Well, let's get specific, Bob. I mean, if the guy's still alive, born in California, October 3rd, 1928, 10:00 p.m., he's 67 years, 9 months, 22 days, 14 hours and 12 minutes.

If he's born in New York, he's three hours older, now, isn't he?

How do you do that?

How do you make that pencil move?

Is that a trick pencil?

No. I ask it to move.

I mean, I could say that I will it, but that would be more like a command.

This is more like a collaboration, a partnership.

Partnership? Mmm-hmm.

With a pencil?

Well, why not? We're all made up of the same stuff, aren't we?

Wood? Energy, Bob.

You know, the little pieces. Right, yeah.

I want to go home. How the hell can I get home, Bob?

I don't know. Sorry.


They say you haven't slept.

Who's that? My keepers? I'm all right.

You know, you're a pretty gifted man, Mr. Malley.

No, no, really.

We were hoping... Well, I was kind of hoping that you might find something that you enjoy doing, something useful in our world.

Your world? Intelligence.

No, no, no, no.

It's home for me, Jack. I'm jumping out of my skin here.

I mean, I want my life. I want my life.

What do you want?

It's not what I want. What do they want?

They want to feel safe. They don't feel safe with you out there.

Well, why would they?

They're having me break codes all night, secret codes. I mean, they're...

I shouldn't be listening to a code from Britain to Saudi Arabia.

I mean, these are our allies.

If you guys are gonna accuse me of a crime or keep me here, I'll tell the press.

Or I'll call London or Riyadh.

I know all the capitals now, by the way. You can test me.

My interest in Mr. Malley has to do with seismology and geology.

It has nothing to do with security issues.

I know, but that's not the point.

Mr. Malley has been released without charges, but he is considered a security risk.

Look, I'll be frank with you. He's an unknown quantity.

We'd feel better, for the time being, if he wasn't granted any access to the institutions where sensitive government projects are in the works.


Access even to personnel.

Lace, it's me.

Hi. Hi.

I'm sorry I didn't come through the front door, but I was so afraid I'd wake the kids.

That's okay, that's okay.

Are you all right? Yeah. I wanted to see you.

Nate told me about the FBI.

I'm so glad they let you go.

Yeah, well, they had no choice.

But they are watching me so closely.

I think I scare them.

You scare me, too.

I do?


Listen, George, it's getting really complicated. I just...

I just don't know what's gonna happen next.

I should probably leave you alone, shouldn't I?

I guess so.

I'll see you. Bye.


You want a beer, George? Yep.

Look, Nate, I am really sorry for what happened, okay?

I told them everything, George.

I told them everything about you, everything.

Well, you know, that's supposed to happen, okay? I mean, you know, it's...

You just think you're not gonna be so scared, and you're sitting there, you don't know what's gonna happen, and then all of a sudden something happens inside you, right?

And you don't know what it is but...

It's all right. It was my game, you know?

What'd they do to you, George?

They tested me.

What did they find Out?

I'm pregnant.

That's how it feels. How what feels?

Yeah, you know, to be full of ideas and you can't deliver, okay?

I mean, you know, you're ready to break out, and you can't deliver.

You know, this professor, he won't even talk to me.

He won't even talk to me.

You're not going to Berkeley, George?

Come on, me at Berkeley. That's a thought, huh?

I'm sorry, buddy.

You mean inventions? You got inventions?

No, no, ideas, okay? I got 1,000 ideas a day, every damn minute. Okay?

I got big "holy cow" kind of ideas and little "what if' ideas, all right?

Hey, I got ideas for you, Jimmy. Look at this. Look at this.

Your parking lot, it's laid out all wrong, okay?

Now, if you just follow this, right, you can put six more cars in, and nobody gets fender benders, all right?

Where's Paulette? Where is she?

Bonnie. Here, take this. This is a new route for her mail, okay?

Now, if she does this, she can save an hour a day and everybody gets their mail by 3:00. Imagine, 3:00.

And I got a "holy shit" idea, too. Look at this.

Now this may be the most efficient way to store solar energy, okay? Take it.

Well, what am I going to do with it?

What the hell am I supposed to do with it, huh?

You know what that light was? You know what that sound was?

Tell us. I'm gonna tell you what it was.

Well, tell us. It was a damn alien.

Don't say that. You don't know what it was.

I know what it is, Nate. You don't know what it was.

Don't say that! Well, tell us!

It's a goddamn mistake, is what it is!

Okay? It was supposed to happen to someone smart, someone that's scientific, someone who's a leader.

But it didn't. It happened to me George freaking Malley!

Look at him! Now, look at him! Look!


Are you okay? Yeah.

I'm sorry. Well, it's all right.

I'll pay for it. All right.

Bonnie, Bonnie, please, it's okay.

Oh, man.



Who was that? A customer?

It's Banes. Says he can't work here no more.


Well, why didn't he talk to me?

Little bit scared, I guess.

Jesus Christ. Look, George, it'll wear off.

They'll forget. Their cars are gonna break down...


Hey, Doc. Hi.

Energy vibrations? What is it? I don't know.

Telekinesis? What? What?

Yeah, maybe, maybe, yeah. You think it's getting out of hand?

Well, look, you know, I was mad, all right'?

I was pissed off. And I'm not mad now, okay?

Good. I'll sound the all clear, call off the paratroopers.

Jesus, George. Now, listen, you owe me a CAT scan.

I want more blood. Mmm-hmm.

Also, you look like hell.

That's good. Doc, what's the matter with everybody?

They won't give me a chance to explain anything. I look at...

I look at them, and they look at me like I'm a green bug or something.

Give them some time, George. Now, look, I have an idea.

Now, you look at this. Now, look at this. Look at that.

I'm a big deal at the Harmon Library.

I can take up to 30 books a night, okay'?

And I told them I'd be part of this. I said that I'd put out a table...

Pressure's way up now. ...and I'd sit there, and people could ask me questions. You know, meet George Malley.

What do you think? Like a circus attraction.

Oh, God, Doc, please? Yeah.

You know, see, I could explain to them once and for all.

I could share my ideas with them.

You know, and then I could get my life back together.

Come see me for that scan. Take it easy on sugar and salt. Okay?

And do like I told you all your life. Breathe in and out. Okay, George?


Come on, give it. No.

Give it. Come on! No!

You're not careful. You'll break it. AI!

Please, I just wanna look at it. What've you got there?

Hey, that's dangerous, sweetie. He bought it.


It's a piece of the mirror George broke.

Richard Smick is selling them at school.

Oh, you're kidding. It's hot. Feel it.

It's not hot.

Richard said the aliens probably took George Malley away and put this man in his place. This man?

Like he's not human.

That's really dumb, and it's really mean.

Can't they just look in his eyes and see who he is'? Can't you?

Do you remember when Daddy left, how people treated us differently, even our so-called friends?

Remember how much it hurt? You don't do that to people.

How much you pay for that?

A quarter. $1.

What's the truth, Al?

I paid $1. I was gonna check it with my magnets.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Do you see something really strange in there?

What? What?

A sucker.


You paid $1 for nothing. You're a goner.

Nice job, AI.



Hi. I just called you.

You did? Mmm.

Come in. Come in.

I'm so, so glad you came.

Well, I was just...

Why were you calling?

I found some things out, Lace.

Things are coming clearer to me.

I mean, at least, they're starting to.

Things? Mmm.

I wanna talk to the people, Lace.

I don't want them to be scared of me or frightened.

I mean, I wanna tell them what I know.

So I've decided to speak at the library fair.

Do you think that they'll listen to me?

What would they do, throw stones?

Oh, my God. Please sit down. I can't believe this.

Would you like something to drink? A beer?

No. What? What can I get you?


Have you done this before? Nope.


Up or down? Down.

Is it close enough?

You tell me.

It's pretty close.

You're running away?

Are you coming back?


Hope so.

Oh, hi, Doc. Welcome.

Did you improve your mind with all this reading?

Yes, Doc.

Lady Chatterley's Lover?

Yeah, well...

All right, well, you know, that's kind of a...

That's kind of a code book for anyone who wants to understand a woman's heart and mind.

I read it twice.

Can you...

Can you name the presidents forwards and backwards for these people?

No, but I can name some forward presidents and some backward ones

You know, I can really only tell you what I've read in these books...

He looks better.

...And things I'm thinking about. Yeah. Yeah, he does.

I seem to have an increased capacity for learning right now.

How do we know you've read all these books?

Well, ask me something.

I'll be glad to answer any question that you have, or a...

How did you break that mirror, George, without even touching it?

Now, I wanna talk to you about that, Banes, because I know you've been worried about it, and...

Okay, come here. Come here. Everybody gather closely. I'm gonna...

May I use your glasses?

What you're about to see is not a trick. Okay? It's just...

Well, let's call it an experiment in energy.


Well, everything there is... Are you getting this?

...Is made up of some living energy, okay?

See, now, all this is, is kind of a dance or a partnership between the energy coming from me and the energy of the plastic.

Now, that's it. See? Well, why can't we do it?

Well, focus, clarity of thought. I don't know.

Maybe you can, Banes.

What about the UFOs? What are they?

I don't know that, either.

Yes, you do. Yes, you do!

Um, this power began the night that you saw the object in the sky?

That was a light. Now, now, let me just finish this one thing.

Now, now, we're talking about a partnership.

Now, do you know what the largest living organism in the world is'?

Okay, it's a grove of aspen trees in Colorado, acres of aspens.

Okay, now, they thought they were disconnected, separate, but indeed they found out that they weren't, that there was one giant organism with the same root system.

What sort of light was it?

Now, that's not unlike us. Answer the question!

Why won't you tell us what you know about the UFOs?

Are you sure it wasn't aliens? Can you move the table?

How did you feel when you saw that light?

I think you know more than you're telling us!

Now, imagine if you will... What'd the aliens look like?

Have you seen the light since the 28th?

We decided to be a partnership... Are you hiding something?

Say, come on! Just put your hands on my boy.

It was aliens! Move the glasses some more.

Can you bend spoons?

Now, we know what you can do. Hey, leave George alone!

Why won't you touch the boy?

Please? He's dying. Just do it.

George! No!

George. George, can you see me, buddy?

George. George, you okay?

Mr. Malley? Are you all right?

Good to see you.

You look sorrowful. No.

What's the matter? Can't think of any more tests to give me?

How did you manage to get your pressure to come down?

Oh, I found my pace.

Simple thing really. Hard to explain.

Why, you figure I'm too thick?

What I figure about you is that you're stalling.

I'm not stalling though. I'm waiting.

For what? Reinforcements.

Well, you pick good people.

You bet.


George, George.

There's a tumor in your brain that's spread out like a hand.

Threads of it, you know, everywhere.

But instead of dysfunction... Now here's the mystery, George.

Instead of destroying brain function, so far, it's been stimulating it.

And we can't understand that.

You have more area of active brain use than anybody ever tested. Ever.

Because of those tentacles.

I mean, we've seen tumors like this before.

It's called astrocytomas, and it explains the dizziness and the illusion of light.

But the way it's in there, waking up areas of the brain, it's a big mystery.


And it's killing me.

Well... For sure?

We got a call from the best brain man in the country.

I mean, actually, he's one of the best in the world.

He's gonna study your tests and then talk to you.



The blood flow is in danger now, and you're gonna start to weaken, maybe black out.

We really don't know. It's...

But it's a damn lousy scenario, you see'?

Let me sit down here a minute.

God damn it!

Something happened about 25 years ago when you broke your leg and I set it, George.

I don't know what to call it, but somehow you got into my heart more than most.

And for...

And for a man who's never been a father, I sure feel like I'm losing a son.


Georgie. Yeah.

Can I do something for you, George? Anything?


Next spring, when you plant the south 40, I want you to use the new fertilizer.

I want you to put corn in that field, and I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking that it's just too tough a crop. But it's not.

I'm telling you, you'll get four to five years without rotation.

Now, trust me on this. Hey.

I'm gonna wait outside. Okay.

Doc, you wanna come with? Yeah. Okay.

Bye, Doc.

Now, he didn't say how long.

Days or weeks.

They don't... They don't know.

I'm so sorry, Lace.

I know how you hate surprises.

I tried so hard not to love you.

How'd you make out? Terrible.

Hey, would you love me the rest of my life'?

No. I'm gonna love you for the rest of mine.

George Malley? I'm Dr. Wellin.

George, I'm recording this because I'm going to be asking you some very important questions. You ready?

Not another test. No.

No, no. No more tests. A dialog.

I'm going to ask for your permission for my team to perform open-brain surgery.

But I don't want you to answer till we've had our dialog, all right?

But you said that this tumor was inoperable.

I think the odds are very small, say, 1 in 500, that we'd be able to remove enough of the tumor to even prolong your life. Well, why...

But what I want to explain is that this would not be a life-saving operation.

This would be... Call it an expedition.

This would be a voyage of discovery.

You're in a position to contribute as much to our knowledge as any man or woman who's come before you.

And if you were to wait and do this operation after I'm done with my brain, what would...

If that's what you want, yes, an autopsy, that's all we'll do. But it wouldn't be as useful.

The study of a living, active brain would tell us volumes.

All right, so if you were to do this operation, wouldn't it most likely kill me or at least shorten my life?

George, I'm asking you to try and see the larger picture...


...To realize what you have to offer to us, the ones you're leaving behind.

You could be our greatest teacher, George, hmm?

I can be your biographer, in a sense.

I can present you to the world. But that's not me.

That's just my brain. Do you understand?

Look, Doctor, you know, I might just have something to say in my last few hours. I just might have something to say.

What you're saying is that I have something to teach.

And yet you're willing to end me to study my brain under a microscope.

Now, is that all I'm here for?

What else? You're not a scholar or a...

I'll tell you what I am, okay? I'll tell you what I think I am.

I think I'm what everybody can be.

Everyone with a malignant, tentacled...

No, no, no. No, no, it's... That just helped me get here, okay?

I mean, anybody can get here. It's... I'm the possibility, all right?

I mean, I think you've got this desperate grasp on technology and this grasp on science, and you don't have a hand left to grasp what's important.

George. Now, George... If had to chose between a tumor that got me here and some flash of light from an alien craft, I'd choose the tumor, I would, because it's here within us.

What I'm talking about is the human spirit.

That's the challenge. That's the voyage.

That's the expedition.

You need to go now. I need my rest, and I wanna go home.

Hey, hey, hey. I tried to release my patient. Now, what's going on?

It's done. What's done?

We didn't feel George Malley was competent to make the decision.

He's a surgical patient now.

What did you tell the judge? That you could save him'?

I might prolong his life, yes. Bullshit.

If he were rational, he'd say yes. You know he would.

Now I know why you guys wear masks.

Yeah, if it was light enough, he could've been blowing on it with his breath.

He could've had a string, so thin, you know, like catgut.

And he could've had it on his finger and on the glasses, and he could've made it move that way.

Don't you think he could've thrown something at that mirror somehow?

We just didn't see it. No way.

That quake could've been a coincidence.

He just thought he knew stuff.

I mean, he just studied harder on the Spanish, that's all.

It's not like he really knew stuff.

Just studied hard at chess and made us think he was changing, but, you know, he never really changed at all.

Isn't that right, Doc?

I mean, he never really got any smarter. Doc?


How's your lady love?

We broke up.

Really'? That's too bad, yeah.

Now, George, he's got a love at his side, and she's sticking with him.

You know why? Because he bought her chairs.

That's pretty smart to me.

You ever buy Lisa's chairs?

God, Doc's really drunk tonight.

Every woman has her chairs, something she needs to put herself into, Banes.

You ever figure out what Lisa's chairs were, and buy them?


But you're right about one thing. George never changed.

Never. No, never.

Doc's making no sense tonight.

Yeah. Maybe he caught it from George.

Now, God damn it, Doc! Why do you have to tear him down?

What are you so afraid of? What have you got to lose?

He wasn't selling anything. He didn't want anything from anybody!

He wanted nothing from nobody! Nothing! Nothing!

And you people have to tear him down, so you can sleep better tonight?

So you can prove that the world is flat, and sleep better tonight? Am I right?

I'm right.

To hell with all of you. To hell with every one of you.

Hey, George. How you doing? Here you go. Drink up.

All right.

Good job.

Don't take the pudding. That's the good part.

Hey, is Cal around? Sure. Do you wanna see him?

Yeah, thanks. Okay.

Hey, dude. Hey, man.

How's it going? All right.

Can you stay for a few minutes? Sure.

Saved you some pudding again.

What a buddy. I love this stuff.

Night, dude.

Hey, Doc, you seen him? Seen who? What?

George Malley. He's out. He sneaked out.

We're looking all over for him.

He's out? Yeah, he flew the coop.

Nobody knows where he is. I heard it on the radio.

Flew the coop. Those FBI guys are going to have me driving around all night.

I'm gonna be home late again. My wife is gonna kill me.

I want you to take these and give them to Doc.

These I'm taking with me, because I haven't finished them yet.

They're for Dr. Ringold.

This I wrote for you, Nate. It's about soils, and some of my own thoughts.

Your thoughts? Yeah.

I could drive you. No. No, Nate, it's too chancy.

You can make it. Yeah. Nate.

I'll get it. Then you put the top on.

Leave me alone. I didn't do it, Al

Is that tight enough? Why don't you do it once more?

Go ahead. Okay.

There you go.

Good. Now you've fixed it.


You came here to die, didn't you?

But I like this place, and I love the people here.

You know, if we were to put this apple down and leave it, it would be spoiled and gone within a few days.

But if we were to take a bite of it, like this, it would become part of us, and we could take it with us forever.

Al, everything is on its way to somewhere.


That's a good bite.

Keep an eye out.

Have you seen George Malley, Ms Pennamin?

What's the point?

Look, it's not my call.

I haven't seen him.

You mind if I get in your truck? Why?

What's your first name?

Jack. How would you want to die, Jack?

Come on, let's go.

There you are.

I knew I'd find you here.

What are you working on?

Dr. Ringold's coming tomorrow, and I just wanted to finish this up.

Finish what? Just some possibilities.

Hey, come sit by me.


You scared? No.

I wish I knew what you feel. Oh, you do.

You've always known it, Lace. I'll show you.

When your children were babies, how did you hold them?

And if they had a hard time sleeping and you had to rock them to sleep, well, how did you do it?


Hey, look what I made back there.

That looks like a bed.

Are you expecting to get lucky?

No. Just hoping.

Hey, I've never kissed you there.

No. Keeping track? Mmm-hmm.

You going to sleep?


Are you? No.

I don't want to sleep unless you're sleeping.

I don't want to...

Lace. What?

Sweetheart. What?

Now, you have to listen to me, now. What?

It's happening. No.


No. Wait, George, wait.

No. And it's gonna be okay.

George. It's okay. It's gonna be okay.


Goodbye, honey.


Hello, I'm John Ringold. I'm here to see George Malley.

Oh. I'm sorry, John. George Malley passed away last night.

Well, I'm sorry.

He left these for you.

He said they're not finished. You'll have to do it.

I'll do my best.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Goodbye. Bye.

Thank you, sweetie.

Nate, they'll be waiting for you. We're coming. We're coming.



It's okay. It's okay.

Hey, Nate.

What am I gonna do with the drinks, though?

What am I gonna do?

It's not here. I'll tell you where it is. It's right there!

How'd you do that? How'd I do that? It's magic.

Can you hear her? She just kicked...

Have a cold one. Thank you.

You getting any rest? Not much.

Well, get it now, because there's no sleeping once the baby gets there.


Go on now. Think it through. Think it through.