Phil Spector (2013) Script

Phil spector interview.

Roll 28.

Ok. Good. Go.

Good. Here we go.

There. Yeah.

What is this?

He's wearing a button that says "back" to mono."

"Back to mono."

Yeah. All right.

"The wall of sound."

All it is is, it's reverb.

You cook it down.

You mix it down time and again.

Oh, that reverb... what it is is, it's mud. It's...

Good morning, maggie. Hello.

Excuse me. Could I have a glass of water, please?

Of course.

Thank you.

He has us in there... 40 musicians, 20 hours a day, working on one note... One note... Until it's perfect.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Not at all. Not at all.

Excuse me. Here you are.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Wasn't much of a singer, but..



Where's she staying? Someone!

Get her bags to the hotel!

Get her installed. Whatever she needs!

New york's on the phone.

About what?

Your television show.

Television show... it can wait.

The gun, the blood spatter, that whole wall.

Lana clarkson, suicide threats, depression... james, you know what I'm looking for.

Did they feed you on the plane?

What do you think I am... crazy?

Get her something to eat.

I don't need anything to eat. I need a doctor.

Nick stavros, rpi... Linda kenney baden.

Hi. I won't touch you. I'm very sick.

I need the case laws on televised, federal and california.

Grounds for exception, grounds for appeal.

At least we can slow them down.


Could you get me a cup of tea, please?

Here's the part never cut in.

Raw footage.

Phil spector interview.

Roll 28.

That was fantastic.

Some wonderful material.

I'm so grateful to you.

Oh, thank you.


Who is the girl in the picture?

I don't know her name.

Phil didn't, either.

Phil... he can attract a girl?

Why not? He can attract a girl.

He can get her to his house.

Afterwards, he's on his track.

How can he keep her there?

You tell me.

With a gun.

He thinks he has to have a gun..

I think we've covered just about everything.


Some questions at... Ok. All right, all right.

Linda, please.

Come on. We've got 3 days' worth to do in half an hour.

How far this goes back.

To the desert.

To the moors...

Thank you for coming.

You said that.

"Telegraph," london, fax to phil.

Day of the shooting.

"Lost genius of rock 'n' roll".

Yeah, I know about the article.

What you don't know... Read the article...

He's been cold sober for 10 years.

Cold sober. That night, house of blues and lana clarkson.


Article sets him off.

Hmm. That's a shame.

It sets him off.

Yes, but how does that help your case?

My case, in court tomorrow, all right?

How does it help your case that he's nuts and he's drunk?

He still put the gun in the girl's mouth.

We've got right there... Yeah, I read that.

Maggie, play her the fucking audiotape, first officers?

I read it.

I want you to hear it.

Phil and the first officers.

Let's go. Uh.

This piece of shit!

I don't know what the fucking problem was, but she certainly had no right to come to my fucking castle and blow her fucking head open!

I don't see the case.

No? He's drunk. He's enraged.

He mouths off to the cops. Why is he enraged?

You heard it.

Is that a man who just shot somebody?

That's hearsay. They'll never allow it into court.

"The people vs. Cruz".


"The people vs. Lou."

He put the gun in the girl's mouth... No.

He pulled the trigger.

Where's the blood? Where's the massive blood spatter?

I don't know where the massive blood spatter is.

This is my vacation in venice...

First-class tickets, 5-star hotel.

You know, we have a meeting with him tonight.

Not me.

You're here. Why are you here?

I do it for a living.

I'm listening.

62 grand worth of a vacation.

My hourly rate, out of the office, door to door, 24 hours a day.

30 grand on top, and I'll give you 3 days, if that's any use to you.

Thank you.

So is that any use to you?

You give me your assessment.

And you put back my vacation and you pay for it.

Stop negotiating.

And I need a shot.

Will you find me a doctor?


James, drive her to the hotel.

A doctor when she gets there.

You walk her to the room.

Other side have those outtakes?

Not yet.

They're filing to admit the testimony of 5 women...

Yeah, I read the grand jury testimony.

This is gonna be your office.

Oh, 5 women. Count them.

5 women on oath before the grand jury.

"He pulled a gun on me. He wanted sex."

Cold sober for 10 years, and now he's just getting...

Well, so what, bruce? You ever hear the phrase "to hell with it?"

You've got a gun nut.

He goes around waving loaded guns.

You've got 5 women come out of the woodwork...

"He did the same thing to me."

You've got the chauffeur.

The chauffeur is on record...

"I think I just killed somebody."

Well, exclude the woman.

How? On ewol?

You bet.

No, I say the judge allows it under caitlyn.

In which case it's reversible.

I'm doing a tv show.

Really? About the case?

No, independent of the case.

Oh, great.

Now, the chauffeur.

Bruce, bruce, bruce, he shot the girl.

He shot the girl, all right?

He's a freak.

Those are the public who don't hate him.

He's a genius.

He transformed the entire music industry.

What's that... what's that kid's name... james?

James. James?

I'm linda kenney baden.

Could you tell me what this is?

I'll give you a dollar if you can tell me.

Is it something to do with music?

Why would you say that?

Because the case has to do with music.

No, no, no.

The case has nothing to do with music.

No. This is an insert that allows a 45 rpm record to be played on an lp phonograph, ok? Now... Ok.

What is this?

Something to do with an early computer.


Put it on your key chain.

It's a piece of the past.


This kid doesn't know what a phonograph is, a 45, a... a transistor radio.

Nobody on the jury is gonna know anything except your guy's a murderer and a freak.

The girl killed herself.

Well, maybe, but I don't want to take that case.

There... I don't like that case.

There is no evidence.

There's no blood spatter on his cuff.

Well, you've got... as to the blood spatter...

There is no blood spatter on the back wall. Why?


Linda, the bullet lodged in the skull.

The skull was intact.

All the blood in the brain matter had to come out of the mouth toward him.

Exact model of the coat he wore.

Exact model.

Blood spatter?

You find it. Go ahead.

It's more than a pinpoint, bruce. I read the report.

It's more than one, and...

And it is inconsistent with anything but a defensive...


A defensive movement. And the angle of the shot is inconsistent.

The only way he walks... I think he's not guilty.

Of course you do. The only way, however, that he walks is what?

She shot herself.

That's right. Why?

She was depressed.

We have a history of e-mails, comments...

They let o.J. Go. They let michael jackson go.

They are not gonna let him go.

They will be trying him for the murder of o.J.'S wife, and they will find him guilty.

Put on the tape.

The girl was crazy, linda.

She made this tape to promote herself as an actress.

Go ahead.

Dead broke tower, the one and only...

I need some groceries at the hotel, please.

Little richard.

Richard, which do you prefer?

"Little" or "richard"?

Folks just call me whatever it is that jumps in their head at that moment, then come out with it.

There was this one man at a club I was playing down in memphis, my house at one time.

And I'd like to thank you, dizzy, for having me on the show.

Well, dizzy, follow me?

Yes, richard, I do.

Your car is here.

Well, its... thanks.

Dilly. "Richard" or "little," whichever you prefer.

Tell us, las vegas, what we...

The girl, bruce... you show that in the courtroom, what do you get?

You get sympathy.

Your only realpolitik, your only shot is to attack the girl, and that's a loser because the jury turns away from you like that.


I got a guy... Sure looks guilty.

You tell me, what do I do?

Sex symbol... He changed the tune as he came to me.

He's entitled to a defense.

What would you tell your students?

Would you say, "don't take the case if it offends" your sensibilities," or is he presumed innocent?

Because you're screwed up, because you read the same gossip everybody else did, so you think he's guilty.

All right, they think he's guilty.

What are you going to do about it?

I won't attack the girl.

Oh, yeah. Gonna happen. Hallelujah!

Hallelujah. Yeah.



I can't try the case I wish I had, the defendant I wish I had, and I inherited the jury.

In a locked room, he shot the girl.

What can I do to defend him?

He's got cancer, linda.

You don't go to a dermatologist.

You got cancer, you come to me.

Now, what is my case?

Bruce, new york's on the phone.

It's urgent.

I won't attack the girl.

Then you tell me.

The doctor will meet us at the hotel.

Thank you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The guns were about the girls.

This guy, his feet size is zero.

I mean, he couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a money machine.

Now... now he's the starmaker.

He's fucking the ronettes, darlene love, cher...

Who the fuck knows who he's fucking... angela lansbury.

I don't know.

Now look. His power is starting to wane.

Do you think he's gonna give that up?

He's following ronnie around.

She goes for a cup of coffee, he's got 3 private detectives on her trail.


The whole thing was about, "how do I keep these broads?"

But he didn't want to keep them.

That's true.



He didn't know what love was.

He knew what pussy was, and that's as close as he came.

What's your favorite of all the things that you mixed in those days?

Well, I mean, "river deep", mountain high."


That was the anthem.

Fantastic. Yeah.

Probably one of the greatest recordings ever made.

At least, that's what phil would say.

Yeah. So I suppose you guys were editing everything with a razor?

Well, it was the old days.

You know, you got to clip everything, and it was mono, so you know.

Quarter-inch tape?

Quarter-inch tape, reel to reel, 8 track, live sound.

It was more realistic to be live than there was mono.

I've always wanted to know...

What's the difference between rich...

His father.

He says his father shot himself when he was 5, but philip was 5 in 1944.

He didn't shoot himself when he was 5.

He killed himself when phil was 10... 1949.

How? With a gun?


Took the gas pipe, went into the garage, turned the car on.


You ever meet him?

No, ma'am.

I'm linda. Please.

Here we go.

mr. spector prefers you to walk.

Just the woman. Just the woman.

It's ok.

♪ Anybody here seen my old friend abraham ♪

♪ and can you tell me where he's gone? ♪

"Abraham, martin, and john," 1968, and then they threw in bobby... bobby kennedy.

Now, we know lincoln freed the slaves, dr. king fought for equality, john...

Screw the nazi spy and anything else that would hold still for 10 minutes.

What the hell did bobby do?

He fucked with the teamsters.

Get over here.

Now, if you look at the dates, "abraham, martin, and john" was recorded june 2, 1968.

That's 3 days before they shot bobby.

They went back, chucked him in as garnish.

Traiga bebidas a la sala de música, por favor!

Sí, señor.


Now, teddy... teddy kennedy drowns a girl on martha's vineyard.

Walks away from the scene of the crime...

Hid under a blanket 72 hours...

A teenage girl who he had befriended...

Drowns her in a volkswagen... 300 million americans, nobody says "boo."

And p. S... teddy kennedy, what in the world had he ever accomplished?

His family tossed him the bone.

"Oh, you can't get your masseuse license?

"Here, sit in the senate 40 years.

Have fun."

A girl shoots herself in my house, and that is the legacy my children will live with.

Come on in.

If I go in there, will you keep me there by force?

Here we go.

So where's bruce?

Bruce had to go back to new york.

Ah... ooh.

He went back to new york.

God, you keep it cold in here.

No, I need it cold.

You know why I like bruce?


He got john gotti off.

Stone killer, mafia chief, bruce walked him out of court, guilty as errol flynn.

Oh, you are cold.


Come on. We'll warm you up.

Here. Here you go.

You know, I always wanted to get out of all of this.

You know?

Lawrence de arabia... He got out.

You know?

I wanted to be an interpreter in the united nations.

People scoffed at that, but... It's a matter of record.

I always spoke spanish.

You'll find it in my love of the latino beat, in my songs.

After the beatles, there was still a lot to do.

I didn't want to do it.

Just didn't want to do it.

You didn't want to do it? Why?

I'd done it.

What more was there left for me to do?


The girls, the money, the fame. No.

You know, I thought I'd move to belize.

Is that a fantasy?

Everything I've done in my life has been a fantasy.

I made it happen.

I couldn't keep you here by force because they took all my guns.

You know, it never escaped me that people thought, or were taught to think, that I was a clown or freak of some sort and that my accomplishments were somehow not to be admired.

But in their breadth of number, the sign of a freak.

But I understand.

It's called "envy."

I believe it's even mentioned in the bible.

Extraordinary accomplishments, linda, transforms the grateful into an audience and the envious, linda, into a mob.

You watch.

See if I'm not right.

It stems from a feeling of inadequacy which is a lack of courage.

Yeah, I understand.

I had it, too, but I dealt with it by doing something.

You know?

What was I to do?

Did I tear anybody down?


They were no threat to me.

I was too busy.

It's pretty, eh?


Here you go.

Thank you.

Why do you have so many guns?

I might need one.

Why would you need more than one?

I don't know.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?


How many feet?

But they're gone.

And I'm not going to shoot you, so why don't we sit down?

Mmm. Thank you.

So how do you feel about guns?

How do you feel about them?

I can take them or leave them.

Yeah, but if you leave them and somebody pulls one on you, well, there you are... Anybody ever pull a gun on you?

You think I shot the girl, linda?


You're smart.

High praise, indeed.

You think I shot the girl?

Your chauffer is on record.

"My boss came out. I think I just killed somebody."

Tomorrow's "times," today's "times," you're quoted as denouncing "the hitler-like d.A."

And his storm trooper henchmen."

Do you let people screw with you?

That's the white piano. That's where john wrote "imagine."

Lenny, lenny bruce, he would sit here at the end, talking about the fourth amendment.

That's how nuts they had him at the end.

Shooting smack, talking about the commerce clause.

Wisest man I ever met.

There's john, john lennon, clubbed up with his wife at the dakota, prior to which he was living in 21/2 rooms in the east village, head shaved, hadn't bathed in a year and a half.

This genius.

What's this?

Thank you, vernon.

Do we know him?

As your attorney, I must counsel you not, whatever the provocation, not to talk to anyone.

They're indicting me for murder.

All right, sorry.

"You... you lost that loving feeling".

What was it?

Are you kidding me?

What was it?

It was... it was the greatest song ever released.

I sold over 2.5 million copies.

You say the jews invented the music business.

The jews didn't invent the music business.

I invented the music business.

7th avenue, new york, there's a statue, a little old jewish guy, yarmulke, bent over a sewing machine.

He's that guy who invented ready to wear.

I invented the music business.

Where's the statue of me?

Where's the presidential medal?

Sidney pottier broke the color barrier?

Are you kidding me?

He was playing superman.

You want to know who he was?

He was an uptight frightened white guy's version of a black man.

I put the ronettes in their home.

I put black america in the white home.

The first time you got felt up, the first time you got somebody's hand on you... guess what.

You were listening to one of my songs.

Did you kill that girl?

I thought attorneys never ask that question.

I'm the christmas help. I'm going home.


"I think I just killed somebody."

My chauffeur at the time barely spoke english.

I came out, having seen what I saw, and I said, "I think I should call somebody."

Is that true, philip?

That's what my mother used to call me.

Did you shoot her?

Lana clarkson?

Listen. Listen.


Let me tell you about lana clarkson.

All her life, all she wanted was this thing.

It was a drug. She thought it was called "fame," and to put here in here, in hollywood, with this drug all around, why don't you put a diabetic in a chocolate shop?

Why don't you hire a recovering coke-head to work in a meth lab?

Did hollywood kill marilyn?

She killed herself with help from an unfulfillable longing.

Or maybe she just got drunk and lost count of the pills.

Did you ever do that?

Lana clarkson, at her death, had more prescription pharmaceuticals in her than walgreen's.

No, no.

The toxicology screens showed she had only...

Bullshit. Bullshit!

I looked in her eyes!

She had the equivalent of two vicodin and some antihistamine.

Come on, the prosecution...

Do you think I don't know a hophead when I see one?


All right, that's it.

She was gone.



I can't go on about that stuff.

I'm done.

Gonna wear that cross tomorrow?

It's a mayan artifact.

I have a question, linda.

If jesus was so big, why did they kill him?

Because he was the son of god.


Because he was still the son of god.

"Still" is not news.

Somebody is "still" the greatest beauty, actor, record producer... you can't put that in the paper.

What is news, then?

News is that he likes little boys, that he's a thief, that he cheats on his wife.

Or in the absence of any fault, that he's just too goddamn big for his fucking britches, which is why they killed christ.

See this here?

"You lost that loving feeling", this was...

This was the best song ever released.

They told me it was too long.

Came in at 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

Nobody could release a cut over 21/2 minutes.

So, what did I do?

I redid the labels.

"Running time 2 minutes, 48 seconds."

I didn't change the length. I changed the label.

They played it. It made everybody rich.

It's not, linda, that you have to go against the tide.

Some people... some people, that's all they can do.

You understand?

Our friend lawrence... 5'4", s&m freak.

Greatest general that ever lived.

End of his life, he retired, took on a false name, enlisted as a private.

What did he want?

Money, fame?

They made him sick.

What he wanted was what he had in the desert.

What he wanted was privacy, you understand?

They say I'm standoffish.

I'm not standoffish.

I'm inaccessible.

Always have been.

Is it... is it that I don't like people?

I don't know.

I never spend any time with them.

Ah. Ok.

Ah, special for you.

Thank you.


I can't even do this for you.

My hands are shaking.

I'm taking these drugs, neuroleptic drugs.

And a side effect is, it mimics ms.

So I can't play anymore.

I don't see how they thought I could have held a gun.

Number 42 on the "rolling stones" list of the 500 greatest songs of all time, "be my baby," 1963, by phil spector.

Spector is arraigned today in los angeles superior court for the murder of the actress... Cut it off, will you?

Bruce is in the car with phil?

That's right.

It says he said, "we should call somebody."

Yeah, well, that's what he told me he said.

How do you get that into the record?

You break the chauffeur or you put him on the stand.

Spector? Mm-hmm.

How can you do that?

You can't.

I thought you were going home.

It's the only hard evidence they have.

Everything else can be argued both sides.

He's a freak.

They're gonna convict him of, "I just don't like you."

Well, you break the chauffeur on the stand.


As a cop, I'd say da's got the chauffeur jammed up.

On illegal immigration?

No, you're not using enough gun.

My money, they told this guy, look.

Here's a video of you helping a woman.

Oh, look. She don't walk too well.

Has she been drugged?

Oh, and here you are helping her to go into the house of this man who was paying you, from which house she emerged dead.

Guess what.

You're an accessory to murder.

They've got your guy jammed up tighter than kelsey's nuts.

Well, then he's gonna need a good lawyer.

Back, back. Step aside.

Stay back.


Giovanetta ricci of teleitalia.

Phil, I'd like to be inside your mind for just 5 minutes.

You wouldn't like it.


mr. jackson.

Thank you, your honor.

Good morning, everybody.

We spent a lot of time over the last few days talking about what you've read about the case, what you've heard about the case, what you know, what you think you know about the case.

This is my opportunity to talk with you for a few minutes about what we expect the evidence to show, the actual facts in the case, to show.

And that evidence, ladies and gentlemen, is going to paint a very, very clear picture.

The picture of a man, philip spector, who, when he's confronted with the right circumstances, when he's confronted with the right situation, turns sinister and deadly.

You all right? Yeah.

The evidence is going to paint a picture of a man who on february 3, 2003, put a loaded pistol in lana clarkson's mouth inside her mouth, and shot her to death.

This is what the evidence will show.

But to understand more fully, more globally, why philip spector would have done what he did, how lana clarkson fell victim to this man, you're going to be introduced to evidence of the defendant's very rich history of violence, a history of violence against women, a history of violence involving guns.

Ladies and gentlemen, in other words, through the presentation of the evidence in this case, you're going to be introduced to the real philip spector.

On february 3, 2003, at about 5:00 in the morning, a single gunshot cracked the silence of the normally very quiet community of alhambra, california.

Hey, phil!

Hey, phil!

Back to mono!

Back to mono, phil!

Back to mono!

Back to mono, phil!

Back to mono.

Thank you for saying that.

You're welcome, and that's blood!

That's lana clarkson's blood!

That's lana clarkson's blood, you fucking murderer!

You freak!

Fucking murderer!

That's her blood!

And so therefore, what?

It comes down to whether she shot herself or he shot her.

But... Wasn't nobody else in the room.

What if it were impossible that he shot her?

The we're back to, why did she kill herself?

And he had pulled guns on women in the past.

He ain't putting that toothpaste back in the tube.

That information is in the air.

It's not going back.

And you've got the... We've seen all the...

We've seen... you got, um... can you play that video?

Of course.

He locked the door and he held me there at gunpoint.

He said, "if you leave, I'll blow your head off."

I was standing there in the lobby, in the door.

I turned around, and there was a gun pointing at me.

I said, "stop that."

This is going nowhere.

Why is it going nowhere?

Because the only way to walk our guy out of the court...

Because the only question those folks want to know is, if she pulled the trigger, you had better tell me why she did beyond all doubt, because I do not like your guy.

Those people in there, all their lives have got the short end from the more powerful.

There's nothing redeeming in our guy.

Given the choice, they're gonna go for payback time.

On what evidence?

You don't have to convince me.

You have to convince them.

I thought you were going back to new york.

I'm staying on for the hotel food.

Get on board because our case is she's a suicidal pillhead, and we have letters and we have e-mails, and we...

I turned around, and there was a gun pointing at me.

I said, "stop that."

I said, "put it down."

"Stop. Just..."


He was screaming, "you're not going.

"I'm not unlocking the door.

"I'll blow you away.

I'll shoot you."

Now... now how many of you think he's guilty?

What if, with all the facts that seem to be against him...

The girl fucking shot herself.

What if we have testimony that he'd said in public... that phil spector had said in public to lana clarkson... You're on record as saying you're never happy unless you're unhappy.


So does that make me so unusual? mr. spector?

How many millions of people..

That's good, and how many millions...

Freud was, god bless him, essentially a confidence man.

He didn't invent a cure. He invented a disease.

Phil! Yeah?

Where do you want it from?

Take it from measure 14.

Freud said there was no cure but that perhaps he could transform unbearable unhappiness into simple human misery.

Jack daniels can do that.

Phil, where do you want it from?

Oh, man.

A job can do that.

Please, guys!

What are you guys doing, man?

Hey, malingerers, what do you want?

You want one of them lounge chairs, floats in your pool?

When did this come in?

A little... We just got that.

Are you cold?

Listen, you want to rest, go ahead.

Rest until you feel like picking it up at measure 14.

I don't care.

Let me know.

You know, freud... Freud?

What's freud gonna do?

What is he gonna do... Change the past?

Tell the fucking client to indulge his feelings?

I... you know what I say? No.

If he's got the courage, let the guy go out and make something of his life.

It can be done, you know?

Phil, where do you want it from?

Yeah? Yeah. Oh, barry, what do you want?

You want it from measure 14?

No, you know what I want?

I want you motherfuckers... I'm coming.

Hold on a minute, all right?

Here you go. Hey.

We'll be with you in a minute. Don't worry.

Don't be stupid... Ok, motherfuckers.

I told you you should finish college, huh?

Join the marines, anything rather than throw yourself on my... Phil, ok... Boundless mercy.


Take you in from the cold... and you know I did.

You should consider it a mercy I killed a lot of you, save you the shame, walter, of ruining this simple fucking song.

Oh! What... Oh, my goodness.

Send out for chinese.

We're gonna be here a while.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. See that?

Lesson learned.

Ok, pretty. We're ready for you. Mwah.

Oh, you moved.

Where were you?


Let me see. Oh, yeah.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Let him go out and do something with his life.

Phil, what do you want?

Uh, play till the lemon chicken comes.

You're sick?

End of a case, if you're not sick, you're not working hard enough.

It's not the end of the case.

You're killing yourself.

Oh, what? I wish I could say the same for you.

I was in new york.

My caseload is not lim...

I have clients I left in new york, all right?


What is it you love this guy, all of a sudden you're working yourself to death?

He's our client!

Oh, that's right. You told me.

He covered you with a blanket.

Here you go. You're a cheap date.

Oh, fuck you, bruce.

You've got a case that should have been thrown out.

The cops and the da are trying him on the o.J. Case.

The prosecution has nothing.

Except everyone's conviction that he's guilty.

We've got ballistic evidence.

They trot up their experts; We trot up ours.

At the end of the day the jury finds him guilty, and we have wasted their time... Unless we indict the girl.

Is he guilty?

Not beyond a reasonable doubt, but why don't you just show the yokels your two-toned shirts, your cufflinks, fix your tie, and say the law protects all equally?

Is that untrue?

It's true if you win.

Not true for freaks.

But for him, off he goes.

Is that what this is about... freaks?

Very good, bruce.

That's right. That's right.

It's all about me. It's about me.

You know, the poor geek, the bookworm...

She gets judged in the schoolyard, doesn't get a fair trial, except our guy does, and the facts do not support a conviction.

I don't give a shit who he is.

I don't give a shit what he's done before.


Marvin gaye... his father shot him, right?

Sam cooke... in bed with some girl, husband comes home, bam, bam, bam!

End of story.

Who gives a shit?

Lana clarkson shot herself. I was there.

Now they're treating me worse than they treated mark david chapman.

His name plate reads "what a shame," and he shot john lennon.

And I, who happened to be in the same room when this girl shot herself, I am a monster the likes of which never saw the light of day.

You... you want to explain that to me?

So, what is it, then?

What are we talking about here?


What do they hate about me?

I'm alive.

You know the saying "the good die young," right?


Because the file is closed.

I understand. Have you said that... This is the story.

The girl exceeded her shelf life.

She's in l.a. she's down on her luck. She is broke.

Spector didn't help her?

That's not his job.

You're thinking of christ. He's not christ.

He's a guy. He wanted affirmation.

He wanted sex.

68-year-old guy. It's the same thing.

What is he... pussy-crazed?

Ok, she's working in some bar.

A guy comes in. She brushes him off.

The boss says, "do you know who that is?"

So, what we have is a car crash.

She's lonely.

What is she supposed to do?

Hire the goodyear blimp?

"Please help me. I'm lonely"?

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

What, are you arguing my case?

Why would I kill that girl?

You were drunk.

I was drunk.

I was drunk half my life.

These women.

Who are these women?

These women come out and say I pulled a gun on them.

Where were they at the time of the supposed offense?

No. They came out of the woodwork years later.

They came out at the time.

No. Bullshit.

They... no. They didn't even press their case. Come on!

They came out when it was in their interest to come out...

They came out when there was something in it for them.

What was in it? Publicity.

What did lana clarkson want?


What do they all want?

People... people think it's contagious...

You can get it by hanging around someone who's got it.

I don't know this, and that idiot whom I would have helped...

Why not?

Came in here and ruined my life by sticking a gun in her mouth.

For... for what?

For what?

For what is this retribution?

For what am I being punished?

For being the most successful music producer in the history of the world.

And if you think that's bullshit, then you're not as smart as I know you are.

I am... I am so sorry that that girl, that her life was full of suffering.

I'm sorry she died.

I didn't do it.

The state says the gun was in her mouth.

If he were 10 feet away, could he have done it?

The prosecution says you didn't go to her, you didn't touch her.


He throws up his hands to avoid the paint.

His coat has one spot of paint on it, 10 feet away.

This is an exact copy if the coat mr. spector wore on the night of the shooting, with a replica of the blood spatter... 4 spots and 2 pinpricks...

Of blood on the coat.

You're free to examine it if you wish.

Here is what happens to somebody standing within arm's length of such an explosion.

When the shot comes from inside the mouth, the brain explodes.

When the skull is intact, as here, the brain matter the blood, is ejected through the nose and the mouth.

It seems to me mr. spector had to have been standing a minimum of 10 feet from the event for him to have avoided being painted... painted with brain matter and blood.

What do you think?

Ronnie spector interview.

I believe... I believe that phil at one time was very much like you or me, and at the start... at the start of his career he was talented and devoted a very serious musician.

But as the press began to write about him as a great, an icon, or a genius, he began, yes, to be affected by it and it affected him horribly, like a drug, for it confused him.

He was tormented... not by the adulation, no, but by the question... is it true, or is it deserved, and what would the answer for that be?

There is no answer.

Thank you.

Thank you very much, mrs. spector.

Uh, this interview was recorded at everclear studios...

Irene, can you get me the 911 tape... you know, the chauffer?


Put it in the room for me, let me listen to it?


What are you reporting?


My name is adriano, and I'm phil spector's driver.

I think my boss just killed somebody.

You think your boss killed somebody?


Why do you think he killed somebody?

Because he... What's the speech pathologist, the brazilian, you know, the interpreter?

Uh... Have you got his number? Yeah.

Here, let me show you.

It's this guy, this guy here.

Would you get me a meeting with him?


Oh, yeah, sure. Just give me a second.

Of course.

Just got it... 5 pm.

It was nice meeting you.

You, too. Yes.

What did they have you doing in there?

You're with the defense team?

I work in the office.

We were just watching these cartoons about what the blood would do and so on.

You mean like movies?


And what do you think?

You could show me "dumbo."

Hey, what does that prove?

Anyone can make cartoons.

Thursday, may 7, 2009.

Retired lapd officer joseph smith.

Colt detective special.

In attendance, retired federal officer michael brown with ms. linda kenney baden.

One round.

38 plus "p."

Hollow point, 110 grain.


Clear the range.

Then they say, dr. spitz, your various credentials...

We should add my publication.

Oh, yeah. We will add your publication.

35 years in forensics.


Now, in your career you have investigated...

Over 10,000 instances of gunshot wounds.


Yes, gunshot wounds to the head.

Good. And then they show you the diagram, and they say, have you ever...

In 35 years, that wound, the angle of that wound is absolutely inconsistent with any but a self-inflicted wound.

I'd put it simpler.

I don't understand.

I would say, "I've only ever seen that as a self-inflicted wound."

That's right.

In 95%, that is a self-inflic...

No. dr. spitz, you cannot say 95%.

I beg your pardon.

I was just using that as a figure of speech. 90...

Shh, shh.

Good, but you know, to the prosecution, you say 95%, on cross-examination you've just admitted that there's a 5% chance that it is not a self-inflicted wound.

Is there a 5% chance that somebody else shot her?

There is no chance.

Then do not say 95%.

That was just a figure of speech.

Sure, dr. spitz, but you've seen 10,000 case, right?

5% of which, the prosecution will point out, is 500 cases in which that is not a self-inflicted wound.

It is a self-inflicted wound.

The we require you to so testify.

Now, dr. spitz, we're gonna take a look at the bullet itself.


That's good if they let you use it.


Oh, the tape?


No, no. I'm not planning on using the tape.

No. Listen, it is impossible that philip took that shot.

If he had, his coat, his hair, his everything would have been covered in blood.

We've got to break that thought into the jury's mind...

He could not have done it.

So you don't show them the tape?

No. No. I'm gonna build it.


I'm gonna build a bulletproof plexiglas chamber and put it in the courtroom.

I'm gonna put the wound dummy in the chair and a ballistics tech in a lab coat and have him pull the trigger.

When they see the booth and the coat, everything covered in blood, the jury sees that, we just broke their thought processes.

We won the case.

The judge will never allow that.

"Culpepper v. Volkswagen."

I've got a hearing tomorrow at noon.

She shot herself.

You bet she did.


Not our problem anymore.

It's been decided it's inadmissible.

What does that mean?

It means you can't legally base a demonstration on a theory.

You know what? Why don't they get a carpenter in there?

Get a carpenter in there, build me a coffin, have the judge nail me in.


Get it over with.

Philip, the california law... They see that demonstration, I walk out of there free.

It's been decided the judge will... and can legally disallow it.

Therefore, to make a request doomed to failure is...

Why would I kill that girl?


Because she wouldn't what?

She wouldn't what?

She would have done anything I asked.

That's why she came here.

No. So forget why.


What did I do? What did I say?


"You hold the gun and you put it in your mouth.

I'll pull the trigger."


Because I want to prove my power.

My power was she got in the car.

That was my power.

Some wretched, stunted jewish kid, a poor kid, who could have, over the years, any fucking woman I wanted...

Oh, I'm gonna throw my life away for her.

Why not?

She was a cocktail waitress.

In the old days, the cops, they showed up, she shot herself, they throw her in jail for fucking up my evening, dead as she was.

I want you to put me on the stand.

One-way ticket to the gallows.

I want to tell what happened.

What happened?

You got 12 seconds?

I was drunk. She was screwed up out of her mind.

I took her home.

She asked me... she asked me did I have any guns around the house?

I said, "why?" She said, "I find it exciting."

Many women do.

So I showed her the guns, I went in the other room, I came back.

She's got a gun in her hand, and she's smiling provocatively, right?

She takes the stupid gun, puts it in her mouth.

I scream, "no!"

The gun goes off.

It's interesting.


The various looks, the wigs.

A lot of people think they're wigs.

That's called prejudice.

Brindon, where are they?

They have gone.

We must tell torvald.

He was with them.


Shall I alert princess isa?

No. Better to take a dagger through the heart, for the news would kill her.

Brindon... 95%. Unbelievable.

My boss came out of the house and said, "I think I just killed somebody."

"I think I should call somebody"?

You want to know the case?

Our guy used to be a big shot. Now he's nobody.

The girl... she's living the dream.

Should have died 10 years ago when she could marry money.

Too late now... she's every woman's nightmare.

She goes home with a fella. She ends up dead.

Let your guy go? Why?

What was he doing there with her?

That's not what he's being tried for.


What time does bruce get in?


What if it were an accident?


Thank you for coming today.

Thank you.

How are you? I'm well, thank you.


My name is michael brown.

Jenny o'brien.

I'm a retired federal officer.

I've spent most of my government service occupied with ballistics, which is the study of projectiles and firearms.

This is a model of a firearm, a revolver.

As you see, it cannot fire anything.

There is nothing to fire.

It's solid plastic. That's all it is.

This model... I won't call it a toy, because it's not a toy...

Is designed for purposes of demonstration.



Basically... it's a garage door opener.

Now, here is one thing this model can do.

If the trigger is depressed, it sends a signal...

The light and the alarm go off.

You all received your checks for coming in today?



In addition to your honorarium, in addition to that, if you can insert the model in your mouth without pulling the trigger, you'll receive $300.

You understand?


Wrapped in plastic.

Completely sterile.

Please remove it from the plastic.

Now without pulling the trigger, insert the model in your mouth.

Close it.

For god's sakes, what the fuck are you doing?!

Take it out! Take it out of your mouth!

That's our case.

And what does forensics say?

Forensics says the gun was inside her mouth, handle and trigger guard down, which means that the front sight was up.

Now, somebody yells, "take that gun out of your mouth."

She pulls it out fast.

The front sight gets caught on her upper teeth, hand keeps pulling, depresses the trigger, the gun goes off.

It's not in evidence.

I'll put it in the closing.

It's too late. I'll tell you why.

Everybody at that point assumes that he's guilty.

Linda, all of this, the rubber gun?

I won't take the rubber gun to court.


It's so clear. The judge didn't allow clarkson's diary.

He won't allow... Linda, the point is, all right, they think he's a monster.

You take the skull in, they're sure.

Monster. Lives in a cave. Look at the skull.

They turn away from your client and his evidence.

I make them look at it.

You're thrashing, linda.

I'm telling you that if she put the gun in her own mouth...

And she did...

And I am telling you, the only way you can introduce all this fucking ben-hur is in support of direct testimony.

Remember procedure, which testimony only comes and could come on direct from mr. spector.

Are you gonna put him on the stand, or should I just fucking go jump under a train.


Take care of yourself.

Thank you, ben.

People say diet is bullshit.

Diet is not bullshit.

I want to talk to you about tomorrow.

What's this?

That's a note from bruce.

A note?

"My personal numbers" in case of what?

In the case you need him.

These numbers are in new york.

Yeah. Well, bruce went back.

Look here.

This is the statement... Bruce went back to new york?

Yeah, sure. You knew he was going back.

To do his television show.

No. He didn't go back to do his television show.

He left me to do... Philip.

Philip, you told him you didn't wish him to...

Do you recall the closing?

You agreed, the judge agreed that bruce could retire before the closing.

Retire from the case?

Yes. Well, you agreed.

What, I agreed? What do you mean, I agreed?

I agreed to what? I agreed to what?

It's relevant to this?

No, no, no, no.

No. This is unethical.

He withdrew in open court, philip. You were there.

I didn't understand.

Well, you discussed this.

When I paid him $1 million to defend my life?

You and the judge and bruce cutler, remember?

You all talked about this.

I thought he was going on a trip. Come on!

"These are my new york numbers"?

He has other clients.

He left me.

He left me to do his television show.

Don't break my heart.

And I paid him $1 million, and I foolishly expected from him, loyalty.

For... for what?

For life?


For the duration of a trial, in which he pleaded with me to give him the job.

Why did he want the job?


Because he liked me?

He despised me.

He wanted the job because I needed him, because I was weak.

He was strong.

He wanted my money.

I don't understand that?

Philip, you agreed in front of a judge...

I thought he was going shopping.


Who was there to tell me different?

Who? Who could have? I'm ignorant.

What do I know about these things?

Who could have sat me down and told me and explained it to me?


My lawyer.

That's who.

Who's gone.

You let him go.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're upset.

I know you are.


What do we do now?

If you testify, we get to do the demonstrations.

I don't get that.

That means I've got to put you on the stand.

All right.

You do understand what that means?

I get to tell my story.

It means they get to tear you apart.

Well, you defend me.

You ever know anyone who was disfigured?

I mean, you know, some serious hard to look at?

After a time... after a time, you come not to notice.

Can you turn on the lights?

All right.

It's impressive.

All right. All right.


The defense calls philip spector.

Place your left hand on the bible.

Raise your right hand.

Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you're about to give in the matter now before this court is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

I do.

State your name.

Philip spector.

Please be seated.

Now, mr. spector, I would like you to describe, in as much detail as you can recall, the events of the night of february 2, 2003.

Uh, I had a date with a girl.


Could the witness be more specific?

Could he state the name of the girl, please?

Yes. State the name of the girl, please.

Her name was lana clarkson.

Would you speak up, please?

Lana clarkson.

I had a date with a girl named lana clarkson.

Now. mr. spector, did you kill lana clarkson?


Did you put a revolver in her mouth?


Did you suggest that she do so?


Did you threaten her? No.

Did you keep her in your house by force?

No. She wanted to stay... Objection.


Did you keep her in your house by force? Yes or no.


All right.

All right. Good. mr. spector, your attitude is... Objection, your honor.

Is this the prosecution's closing?

As if not... Sustained.

All right. As we continue, and I thank the court for its patience, and I would ask mr. spector if he would be good enough to discard the tactic of "I don't remember," as the jury, I again assure you... Objection, your honor.

Objection sustained. mr. spector, would you please keep your voice up?

It's been a long day, your honor.

I suggest we reconvene tomorrow.

Your honor, I object to the defense's tactic of interruption, and I ask the court's indulgence that I may close out this line of questioning.

Yes. Your request is granted. You may continue.

Thank you, your honor.

Ok. mr. spector, you have testified that.

"I came back into the room."

"She had the gun in her mouth."

I screamed no!

Have you asked me a question?

I'm about to.


Where did the gun come from?

Objection. We've testified.

Where did the gun come from, mr. spector?

You've testified that you had 9...

9 firearms on your property to which you have admitted.


Was it one of these?

Objection. Overruled.

Or is this, say, an outlier which you have forgot?

As you forgot the incident with debra robertie in which you, in joking, pulled a gun on her?

All right, no.

Wait, wait, wait.

I have a sheaf of affidavits.

One moment, please.

Of your behavior around women, with guns.

Of coercion, assault... Objection.

Of coercion and battery, unlawful imprisonment.

Your honor, the evidence in this court... Incarcerated?

Your honor, mr. spector has never been accused...


And this is the essence of this case.

There is no legally admissible evidence, which is to say there is no evidence... All right, all right, all right.

And I would move for a direct...

I have a tape... I have a tape of your wife ronnie spector, in which she testifies to your repeated cruelties and assaults.

Physical, verbal, and sexual.

No, no, no, no. Your honor, mr. spector...

Shut that fucking thing off.

Ok, let her come into the court.

Where did she say this in a court of law?

Have her come in here, let her... let her come here and beat me.

Let that psychotic bitch come forward in court and swear where she can be cross-examined...

"He threatened me."

Turn that fucking thing off.

"He beat me such that I..."

That sick, no-talent... "He kept me from my children."

Turn that fucking thing off!

If I hadn't found her... "He locked me in my room."

If I hadn't found her in the gutter, what do you think?

Do you think these singers made those songs?

I made those songs.

Your honor.

Ah, fuck this.

Fuck this whole thing, this fucking charade.

And what do you do?

Who are you?

How dare you?

Who... who do you think you are, to come in here and accuse me?


I understand. I know what's going on.

Philip... Shut up!

Because I'm paying the lot of you for this whole thing.

I understand that this semi-talented nowhere, this backup singer, to whom I gave everything I own...

My life, her life, my children.

And to have you come in here quoting her libelous, non-sworn, cowardly bullshit!

What does it cost her to lash out at me?

Or you, for that matter?

Philip, this is a rehearsal.

I know it's a rehearsal!

Damn it! What do you think I am?

An idiot?

Do you think I'm a fool?

Do you think I don't know what this is about?

I've played this game a million times before.

I know how the game is played!

I've done this my whole life. What do you think?

They kill men for telling the truth.

This is the truth!

All right. All right. All out.

Everybody out. Uh, but...


I worked my whole life.

I worked my whole life.

All right?

It's not all right.

It's not all right. It's not all right.

It's certainly not all right, philip.

If you go off like that in the courtroom...

And I know you put the woman up there to see if I'd go off.

This is not going off.

Not re-fucking-motely.

Would you like to trust me, philip?

You might want to trust me, because I'm the last person who both, "a," believes in you and "b" has the power to help your case.

Oh, is that why you brought back...

Shut up, philip. Now listen.

You know the difference between your different behaviors.

I act the same with everyone.

No, nobody does.

You didn't act the same around your bands.

You didn't act the same around the beatles like you did with an autograph-seeker.

You can control your behavior.

Why is this important?

Because if you don't, you're going to jail for the rest of your life.

The prosecution is gonna do everything in its power to enrage you because that's all they have.

That is what we are doing here today.

They have no facts. They have to break you.

You see, if you go off, the jury will say, "he did it now. I'm sure he did it then," and they'll put you away.

I had no trouble with the beatles.

And you will have no trouble with the d.A.

If you recall that you want something from him and you will go free.

Now, I want something from you.

I want you to give up the pills, give up the wine for the 2 or 3 days you'll be on the stand and keep your composure, just like you did around the beatles.

I mean, if paul disagreed with you, did you scream at him?

On "let it be"?

I was proved right.

And you will be proved right here if you keep your composure.

But if you don't, you won't.

I promise you that I will be prepared mentally, spiritually, and that I will make a good impression and... keep their respect.

I understand.

Thank you.

You know why?


Not for what they think of me, but what you think of me.

Thank you. I take that as a great compliment.

Vicky, where's the car?


All right?

Yeah. I'm just saving it... you know, saving my best work for when we're rolling.

I'm a little tired, too, I think.

Best I go home and rest for tomorrow.

No, I get it.

It... it don't start getting better till it's gotten bad.

I'm equal to it.

Hey, guys, you want to see if the car's ready, please?

I got it.

Anyway, thank you.


This was a good idea.

You rest up. We'll see you tomorrow.


So thank you all.

Let me just say I know you were paid to get me prepared.

You did an excellent job.

You were paid to perform, and your performance was perfect.

So can I do as well as you?

Tomorrow, we'll see.

If I do, it's because of you, right?

Thank you.

Linda, you want to go to the car?


What you're doing, linda, is good.

It's what I always tried to do, so I know what you're doing.

What am I doing, philip?

You're defending the artist.

I know you're not well.

I know what this is costing you.

That's what I go by.

I've met a lot of crazy people in my life.

I've met very few sane ones that I could talk to.

All right.

Here we go.

He don't look good.

He's tired.

Are you going to keep him up on the stand all day tomorrow?

I'm gonna keep him up there till they all get used to him, after which he will no longer be an oddity but a beloved eccentric, and they'll be telling their grandchildren how they helped to set an innocent man free.

Linda, hi.

You know my wife kelly.

Linda kenney baden.

No. Hi.

How do you do?

Honey, the tickets.

The tickets... I'm sorry.

I'll be right back.

So how long have you two been married?

I've been following your trial.

How could you defend that man?

What does your pin mean?

Medical aid for africa.

And are you active in that?

Yes, I am.

So you're compassionate.

All right.

So would you hire an ex-convict?

I might.

So suppose she was convicted of, say, theft and she comes to you, she tells you her story, and you judge she deserves a break, so you give her a job, and then after a year or so, the household money goes missing.

Do you suspect her first?

I would of course check... Of course you do.

No matter how much you're committed to "presumed innocent," you will suspect her first.

I work in the music business.

I know something about your client.

He's a terrible man.

He's not being tried for that.

Do you think he shot her?

I don't see how he could have.

Can you prove that he didn't shoot her?

Well, that's not my job.

By the way... I got them.

Did you know that your husband is cheating on you?

That's ridiculous.

And that's called "giving him the benefit of the doubt."

It's good to see you, linda.

You, too.

Good night.

Good night.

Do you think you'll get him off?

Yes, I do.

If you get him off, what will you do when he kills the next girl?

[Alarm ringing]

As we near the end of a long... a very long trial, phil spector, once the darling of the music industry, having sold millions of records, now facing a jury, charged with the shooting death of actress lana clarkson.

What are we seeing down there, patty?

That's right, bill.

His name is in the record books, and we all know his music, but the trial, the charge, have nothing to do with his profession but of course with his personal life.

I know this is the day that you've all been waiting for.

You've been waiting on his arrival, and here, yes, here is phil spector.

Ready. dr. spitz, you understand we won't be getting to you for several days because... Yes.

We will be examining mr. spector... I understand.

But I thought it was important for you to hear the testimony on direct.

Are you gonna keep him up there all day?


When are you doing the demonstrations?

I've got to introduce it on redirect.

Uh, excuse me.

Not 95%. I understand.

That is self-inflicted.

Yes. Sorry. Excuse me.

Yes. No, no, no. Not yet. Not yet.

Um, hello? Listen. Hello? Listen.

I want to inspect the ballistic test materials tonight, ok?



When we've got him... No, no, no, no.

Either way. Either way.

When he's on the stand, I... If you see me do this...

Ok? This. Uh-huh.

You come from the back of the court and you pass me a note, only make sure it's not blank, because fiedler might ask to see it, so it should say.

"Communication from bruce cutler.

New york. Urgent."

Can he keep it together on the stand?

He's got to, all right?

We're here outside the state courthouse, where phil spector has just made a rather spectacular entrance.

Stay with him... stay with him as long as you can stay with him, and then get the reactions of the crowd.

Is he out of his mind?

Follow him. Follow him through.

Follow on phil.

Oh, my god.

Phil spector has just entered the courthouse.

As you know, reporters are not allowed into the courthouse, but if you stay with us, we will be out here waiting for his return.

We will be back with you. We'll have the news of the day.

Stay with us.

We will be waiting...

Folks, clear the way.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Let me through.

You on that side, you on that side.

Coming out.

I need you at the perimeter.

No one without the yellow pass passes.

Get back.

Give them room on the elevators.


What is it?

Well, it's pneumonia, philip.

Oh, pneumonia?

Oh, man.

You got to take care of yourself.

Look in the mirror.

You're concerned about my appearance.

Look in the mirror, philip.

I know. I wanted, linda, to look my best today.

I know you're concerned about my hair.

My hair... listen to me. My hair is an homage.

Philip... To jimi hendrix. Yes? Who suffered... Look...

Who suffered, who was persecuted philip...

Please, just don't make a big thing out of this.

This is not as outrageous as it looks.

Philip... Linda, what is it?

It's not a big thing.

Here, let me just tell you.

I spent quite a bit of time on this.

I've been up since 4:00 in the morning, right?

And the truth... the truth is that backlit, this...

Listen... Listen to me. I know about these things.

I know these things. I'm an expert at these things.

What things?

Show business, linda.

Putting on a show.

Will you grant me that?

Sure. All right.

The amount of time I spent with the ronettes, the crystals, with darlene, with the bobby socks, with tina, on their clothes, on their dresses.

One might have even whispered at the time, many things...


One might have even... listen to me. Listen to me, linda.

One might have even whispered, "this man is queer."

Further, had I been queer, it wouldn't have mattered because I never cared who put what into whom.

What business was that of mine?

I'm quoted on that.

Yes, we're coming.

I presume they want us back in court.

Yes, that's it.


I want you to put your mind at rest.

When I'm up there, should they mention my hair, and they may, I'll be proud to tell them just what I told you.

All right?

I'm ready.

All right.

I'm ready.

All rise.

The superior court for the county of los angeles, hear ye, hear ye, "people vs. Philip spector."

The honorable judge larry paul fidler presiding.

All having business before this court come forward and you will be heard.

Be seated.

ms. baden, I believe you wanted to call one more witness for the defense.


ms. baden, I'm waiting.

[Clears throat.


Yes, your honor. I'm sorry.

The defense calls... The defense calls dr. werner spitz.

Excuse me.

All right.

Excuse me.

Philip, we'll just... Let's see tomorrow, we'll see how it goes.

Raise your right hand.

Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you're about to give in the matter now before this court...

Phil spector has arrived. Take a look behind me as his mercedes begins to make its way down the drive.

You can see his driver going at a very fast speed while the protesters are yelling "justice for lana."

Here he comes as he makes his way down the street, up to his mansion, and he's pulling up to... Go ahead.

No, no, no, no, no.

Stop. Get back.

Hold on.

On the driveway...

I've got one for you.

All right.

Why the barbed wire?

To keep people out.

Nobody was trying to get in.

Why does the monster live in a castle?

Why does the minotaur live in a cave?

I mean, he could live wherever he wanted.

Why does he live in a cave?

Why does the minotaur live in a cave?

To keep himself from doing harm.

But he came out.

I believe he is not guilty.

Are you sure?


But I have a reasonable doubt.

This is brian jennings.

Another day, another turn in the saga.

Phil spector retired for the night to his home that that he calls his "castle."

And we'll leave you for tonight, too.