Pickings (2018) Script

(door creaks open)

Listen to me, lady.


You have no idea.

No idea who you're fucking with.

You bitch.

You're gonna pay for what you did.

You hear me?!

(spits tooth)


(lighter clicks)

Are you scared?

Are you frightened?

Fuck you.

Let me out of here.

Let me out!

(Dragging Chair)

Have you ever heard of Tony Robbins?

Well, if you have any interest in human psychology whatsoever, you need to listen to Tony Robbins.

I used to think it was bullshit to be perfectly honest then one day I came across one of his tapes at a gas station in Missouri.

This was back in the 80s when folks still had tapes in their cars.

The tape was talking about what it is that makes people do the things that they do.

It is the root of human psychology and it's what brought you before me tonight.

Every decision you've ever made in your poor, pitiful little life was driven by one of two basic human instincts.

Pain and pleasure.

You see, Tony says that we as human beings do whatever it is that we do, out of our "desire" to gain pleasure, or our "need" to avoid pain.

(Open Revolver Cylinder)

You steal because you're afraid of something.

Like coming up short on a loan or going hungry without food on the table.

Or you steal because you like the thrill.

You enjoy stealing things.

(Loading bullet)

You kill people because you like killing people, or because you were told to do so and you were too scared to say no to the person who gave you the order.

This is an indisputable fact.

(Lock Cylinder Latch)

You either act out of fear, or because you seek pleasure.

It's a human thing, there ain't no getting around it.

Which brings me to my point.

You, us...

Right here, in this terrible moment.

Now, you say that I don't know who you are.

But that is not entirely true.

Because as we have just concluded, you can only be one or two things.

You're either a coward or a demon.

A slave or a rebel.

A lion, or an itty bitty pussycat.

Am I getting through to you?

Go fuck yourself.

How about that?

You broke my fucking nose.

You see that?

This is who you really are.

Trying to convince me otherwise is very "un-demon-like."

I think I see a puddy cat.


Fuck you!

Let me go!

Or I swear to God, I'm gonna murder your fucking family!

(Kicking chair)

(Jimmy moaning)

(Jimmy screaming)

Jimmy, my boy.

This has been my fucking pleasure.

You have fucked...

...with a demon queen!


** (Western Music) *


For most people, the suffering of pain is as intolerable as death itself.

The agony associated with physical, mental, or even spiritual pain. is potent enough to drive sane folks into the edge of insanity.

And throw them off the fucking cliff.

(crickets chirping)

Those people, are most people.

And most people, seek to spend their entire life in search of comfort.

As far away from pain as humanly possible.

But a rare few, use pain with impunity to get those who are afraid of it to do their bidding.

For them, pain is used as a means to an end.

A tool in a madman's toolbox.

As a responsible business owner in Port City, Michigan Linda is required to make weekly payments to the local racket in order to keep her business afloat.

Needless to say, Linda has been lagging behind on her payments.

(door bell)

And when a Port City business is behind on its payments it gets a visit, from "them."

(ominous music)

(gun cocking)

(film burning)


(dog growling)

(dog barking)

(whip cracks)

(man sneezes)

Remember me?

Well well well...

Aren't you a peach.

What's your name?

Don't talk to her.

Don't look at her.

(music crescendos)

(lighter echos)

(swing music)


I'm going to give you a choice.

(Linda screaming)

It's not gonna be an easy choice...

(Linda screaming)

But, it is a choice. which is more than most people get when they try to back out of a contract with me.

Choice number one, you pay me $50,000 and I get the fuck out of the way.

It's an easy buyout, clean, fair, and to the point.

Choice number two You sign over ownership of your business to me.

And in return, I will wipe the slate clean.

That means you and your daughter Will get to go home alive and mostly unspoiled.

That brings choice number three.

I shoot you... (cocking gun)

...in the fucking mouth.

(Linda whimpering)

And cut my losses.






Mr. Frank, this is Sam Barone.

I have something for you.

(suspenseful music)

(birds chirping)

(ominous music)

(running footsteps)

(water running)

(pills rustling)

(indistinct TV chatter)

(acoustic guitar strumming)

(muffled guitar strumming)

(indistinct TV chatter)

(kitten purring)

[Jo] Oh...

[TV Gangster] Frenchie!

Stop complaining, and stop crying please.

(gun cock)

(dramatic atmosphere music)

(tension building)


* Keep a little song handy wherever you go *

* And nothing could ever go wrong *

* boop boop be doop! Keep a little song handy...*

You hungry, baby?


You want pancakes?




You ever say anything except yeah?



Thank you baby Jesus for keeping us safe and giving us yummy pancakes for breakfast.

Thank you for mom and Scarlet and Dawson and Sparkles and Uncle Boone.

And also please look after daddy and Lily in Heaven.

And make sure to tell them how much we love them and how much we miss them Thank You God, amen.


[Dawson] Amen.

(ominous music)

Let's eat.

Looks good.

(family chattering)

Oops, that's flopping all over the place.

It's a flapjack It makes sense Thank you, mom.


You are witty, this morning. I'm full of jokes!

Yeah, you had two cups of coffee already.

All right.

(dramatic country music)

* I am a dead man

(seagulls squarking)

* walking

(Door creeking)

* I see the light

* coming

* And it feels warm on my face, but I can tell *

* It's gonna burn me down

(old radio static)

(gentle country music)

* Dirty looks and worn out books *

* Flaming Lips and pin striped suits *

* He's a walking, talking, whiskey-toting man *

(mix shake)

* He chases me like the Princess Bride *

* Makes me feel like the world is mine *

* But when the lights go down... *

What is it?

[Scarlet] Something red.

Mmmm, not bad.

Not bad.

Told you.

Hey Dawson, cut it.

What ch'a doing?

What does it look like I'm doing? I'm working.

What do you want?

Get me a beer.

(Patron laughs)

Boy you better step it.

Step it, go on, get out of here.

I'm gonna be telling mom.

(dial tone)

[Boone] This is Boone's voicemail, baby.

Get excited.

(ominous atmosphere music)


(suspenseful music)

(child laughing)

(music abruptly stops)

(rock music)

* Johnny was a good boy who always did bad *

* He never realized...


Hey, let me ask you something.

What table?

Oh, I think it was five.


Always put the table number at the bottom, okay?

Hey, what's your name?



That's a beautiful name.

I hope you don't me saying this, girl. But you are just too fucking hot for comfort, you know that?

Let me buy you a drink, huh?

How about that? you wanna have a drink with me?

Could I get a biskey please?

A what?


A beer and a whiskey.

(Scarlet laughs)

Hey look, Scarlet, don't be rude, huh? I'm trying to buy you a drink have a drink with me.

You mean a boilermaker?

Hey! Coming right up.

Look, I'm talking to you, huh?

Hey, let go of me.

Aw come on.

Let fucking go of me, get your hands off me!

Come here.


(body falling)

(door creeking) Ahhh!

(revolver cylinder rolling)

(eagle calling) (gunshot)

(Theme music)

* Didn't wanna go and mess around *

* So I packed my things

* Left you some money and my ring *

* Don't want you to hurt from anything *

* I'm just trying to be kind

Hey, um, thanks.

Don't mention it.

[Scarlet] What ya having?

Same old.

Cowboy Joe?

Cowboy Joe.


That was awesome.


That guy, you kicked his ass.

No, hardly.

I just showed him where the door was.

You looking after your mama?


Your sisters?

Always look after family, kid.

Family always comes first.

You got it?

Yeah, got it.

You giving me lip, boy?

What if I am?


Can I see it?

See what?

Sweet, let me hold it.


You wanna see an ass whooping the day I let you hold it is the day your mama gonna whoop my ass to death with it.

I'd rather not.

Hey Dawson, go out back and watch munchkin for a bit.

Not now.


All right, okay, Jesus, hold your horses!

(ominous music)

(echoing chatter)


Hey, wake up.


You all right? I'm fine.



I talked to Doris.

She's been asking about you.

You know one of these days you're gonna have to actually say something to her.

Hey'a! Howdy folks!

(cheers and applause)

This guy again, really?

(guitar tuning)

Do not knock him, he plays for tips.

Yeah, and then he drinks like a camel and I gotta haul his ass home.

Yeah, but it's funny.

Says you.

(guitar strumming)

Well howdy.

(whistles and laughter)

Oh shit, what am I looking at?


This here goes out to all you fine ladies here in the house tonight.


(playing "Man of Constant Sorrow")

* In constant sorrow where I been born *

* I am a man of constant sorrow *

* I've seen trouble all my day

* I bid farewell to old Kentucky *

* The place where I was born and raised *

* The place where I was born and raised *

(cheers and applause)

All right, come on.

Out this way.

All right, where you going?

Nope, nope, we're going this way, see that?

Stay, stay.

Okay, here we go, we got stairs.

One, two, okay.

Right... come on, right over here.

This way, yup, almost there.

Awe, thank you, my lady.

Um, okay.

Hey, hey! (slap!)

What... what are you doing?


Get in there.

Watch your head.

[Yates] I love you, Charlotte!

It's Scarlet. Ow!


All right, bye now.

[Yates] I love you, Charlotte!


[Yates] Bye bye, baby!


(ominous atmosphere music)

(wind wooshing)

(door opening)

I'm sorry fellas, we're closed.

(walking footsteps)

(suspenseful music)

Excuse me.


On the rocks.

We don't serve drinks here after 1, it's the law.


Do I look like a guy, who gives a fuck! about the law?

Now, get me a drink. Before I lose my temper.

You heard him!

I'm calling the cops.


Put it down.

(gun rustling)

Put it down.


That's my boy, Jimmy.

He doesn't blink.

And I'd hate to see you get on his bad side.

Now, I ain't gonna ask you again.


On the rocks.

(dragging chair)

(scooping ice)


(glass galling)


What's your name, Kitty Cat?


My name's Scarlet.



Well, Scarlet. You're in luck.

We ain't here to hurt you.

Here to have a little chat, with the owner.

Where can I find him?

[Jo] Here.

(intense music)

(jingling spurs)


Well, well.

Hello, Dolly.

(Jimmy laughing)

Is there a problem here?

(speaking Italian)

You know who I am?

Should I?

Hey! Jimmy!

Looks like we got us a hardass here.

Seems that way.

Now you listen to me, blondie.

We didn't come here to hurt you.


We came here to talk to you, that's all.

But if you smart me like that again I'm gonna have to get real nasty with you.

What do you want?

Is that your office back there?

Now, why don't you and I go back there and have ourselves a little chat.

In private.

Whatever it is you're selling, I ain't buying it.

So I'm gonna ask you nicely.

Get the fuck out of my bar.


You're asking me to leave?

Is that what you're saying?

Jimmy, look at the time.

[Jimmy] It's getting late.

I guess we better be going, huh?


You're gonna be a problem for me?


You're gonna give me trouble, bitch?

(intense music building)

Who the fuck you think you're talking to?

Do you have the slightest goddamn idea who you're fucking with?

Now. You and I are going back there and we're gonna talk business.

So I don't have to drag you by your pretty blonde hair right in front of your fucking daughter and beat you to death!

You understand me?

(music intensifies)


Momo, Momo!

(gun loading)


(Scarlet screaming)

(Spaghetti Western music)


Drop it.

Get up.

I'm gonna kick you now.

(Jimmy panting)

(Western music resumes)

(stomping feet)

Fuck you!


Fuck you!

Motherfucker, fuck you!

Agh! Fuck you!

Wake up.



What the fuck?

(inaudible screaming)

(Momo grunting)

I don't feel so good.

How do I look?

Do I look okay?

(crickets chirping)

Listen to me.

Wake up!

[Jimmy] Momo.

(Jimmy panting heavily)

(loading clip)

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

You're in trouble now.

You silly fucking hillbilly.




(Jimmy crying)


Answer the question please.

You can't shoot me.

I can't?

You can't fucking shoot me!

Think I just did.

You know who I am? Huh?

[Boone] No.

Do you have any fucking idea?

Do you? Why don't you tell me.

My name is Jimmy Marcone Asshole!

Never heard of you.

Google it, fuck you, Google it!

Fuck you.

I have a fucking Crimepedia page about me, who the fuck are you?

No no no no!


Ah! Fuck! goddammit!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop fucking shooting me, man!

Stop lying to me.

I ain't fucking lying!

(deep base rumble)

I'm gonna have to put another hole in you.

I ain't lying.

(creeking wood)

What you gonna do with him?

We can't let him go.

You know what will happen if we do.

[Jimmy] Hello!


I need to get to a hospital!

I'm bleeding to death over here!

Come on!

Damned if you do.

Damned if I don't.


(Zippo lighter opens)

(dramatic western music)

Listen to me, lady.

You have no idea.

No idea who you're fucking with.

(Western music intensifies)


(keys clanging)

I say we tie these monkeys up, bag 'em, seal 'em, I'll drive them down the river.

You stay here and take care of the rest of this mess, yeah?

(ominous atmosphere music)

(engine revs)

(river burbles)

(lighter clicks)

(thunder rumbles)

(tense music building)

(insects chirping)

To my bright and talented star.

May you keep shining forever.

Love, dad.

It's getting late.

You get some sleep.


I saw you.

In the monitor.


I saw what you did to that guy.



[Dawson] They were bad guys, right?


Yes, they were.

(rain falls) (thunder rumbles)

(phone ringing)


Oh, it's you.

June bug.

How you been, sis?

We've missed you, you know that?

The girls have been asking about you.

May's been talking about you.

How's Boone?

Come home.

(water rushing)

(dramatic music)

(thunder booming)

(thunder rumble)

[Lily] Um, okay.

The Brady Bunch.

[Jo] Uh-uh.

What? [Jo] No.


[Jo] "The" Brady Bunch? That's a 'T' baby, not a 'B'.

Now, go on, try again, what you gotta pick?

A 'B.'

[Jo] That's right, go on.

B, um...

Beavis and Butthead.

(laughter) (Jo laughing)

[Jo] How do you? Do you know what that is?

[Marvin] What she say?

Beavis and Butthead.


(thunder, dramatic music)

(brakes screeching)

(dramatic music)

Baby, baby are you okay? Are you hurt?

Baby, baby, do you remember that game that we play when the wind gets angry outside?

Take it.

What are you doing?

Take it.

(music intensifying)

(door slammed)

You remember that game, you wanna play that game with me right now?

Yeah, the tornado game?

Okay, I need you to put your hands over your ears and I want you to close your eyes.

Can you do that for mommy, can you do that for mommy right now?

Yeah, good girl, good girl.

(Lily humming)

[Jo] May!



[Lily] Daddy!





No, no!

[Lily] Mommy! Don't!

Lily, Lily, no, no! [Lily} Mom!

No! Get off!

Get off!


(rifle cock)


(thunder rumbling)

[Jo] No, no, no no, no.

(Jo sobbing)



(rainfall stops abruptly)

(dramatic music)

(lighter click)

You motherfucker.



(Zippo clicking)

(dramatic music continues)

(fuse sizzle)

(exploding boom)

(noir jazz music)

I hear we own a new bar up on Carson Road.

[Sam] Sure do.

What happened?

[Sam] She wanted out.


Did you call Mr. Frank?

[Sam] I sure did.

Ahhh... good.

You did really good, Sammy.

I hear about that Gary Sims fella too.


Blew his fucking brains out.

It's amazing ain't it?

All we gotta do is knock on the door and they blast themselves out of the way.


What the fuck are you laughing at?

Nothing boss, sorry.

How's the wife?

She's good.

That's a rhetorical question fuck'o, I don't give a shit.


Okay Enough fucking around, let's cut straight to the chase here fellas.

Time's a-wastin'.

I got a job for you.

It's a bar.

A small, family owned joint.

At least, I think it's family owned.

Who the hell knows with a name like...



I sent Momo and Jimmy down there, to shake them down.

Show them how we do things around our nec k of the woods.

They're gone.

Who's gone?

Momo and Jimmy.


Gone how?

What are you, a fucking wiseguy, huh?

What do you mean "how"?

They're gone, missing, disappeared.

They're not answering their phones.

Their wives keep calling me up asking me where they are.

I got jobs piling up.

The phone's ringing off the fucking hook.

They're gone, vanished, vapored!

Should I paint you a picture?

[Sam] Holy shit.


You can say that again.

But, hey... anything could've happened to them.

They could've been snatched up by some cops, or abducted by aliens for all we know, yo - shit happens.

What if it's another family?




What fucking family is going to come here?

We're in the middle of buttfuck, nowhere.

Halfway across the country from any city worth working in.

This is Port-Fucking-City.

I say we...

(chocolate balls rustling)

(loud chewing)

What the fuck are you doing?

Do you know why I put these balls up here?


Do you know why I put these here?

You don't know why I put these here right?

You don't have any... don't you touch my fucking balls!

They're my balls!

You keep your hands off my balls!

You understand me?

You cocksucker, come over here!

Come here, right now!

Stand right here!


Don't you fucking "Leo" me!

Come here and get what's coming to you, or keep standing there like a snail and I'm gonna put one right between your fucking teeth.

I ain't gonna say it again, asshole!



Closer, step closer.

Right here, you see where I'm pointing?

This spot, step, step closer, closer, come on, come on, closer. You see where I'm pointing?

Don't let me asking you again!

Closer! Right here! Right on this spot! Right where I'm pointing!

(body falls)

You son of a bitch!

(Tommy sobbing)

Stop it, stop crying.

Go over there, over there, near the pole.

What are you limping for, you fucking moron? I hit you in the face!

Turn around, turn around, face the pole, I don't wanna look at you.


Fucking clown.


(muffled Noir music resumes)

Sammy boy I'm gonna need you to take care of this problem for me.

I want you to go down there and see what you can find out for me.

Do a little snooping around.

I wanna know who these people are, I wanna know who they're working for and I wanna know, where the fuck are my goddamn boys.

But most importantly, I want that bar, Sammy.


(music crescendos)

(birds chirping)

Good morning.

Good morning.

How'd you sleep?


Just okay?

Yeah, Sparkles snores a lot.

He does doesn't he?

You know who else snores a lot?


I don't snore!

Yes you do, you sound like a little piggy. like... (oinking)

No, that's Sparkles.


[Family] Happy birthday to you!

(cheering, laughing)

Happy birthday, Scarlet. Thank you! Thanks!

Grab some of this.

Emma, go give this to your uncle Boone.

Don't take no for an answer.

Uncle Boone, this is for you. Put it on.

Ugh, no thanks munchkin, I'm good.

[Emma] Please, Uncle Boonie?


That's beautiful.


Good job, Emma.

Okay, presents?

It's present time, it's the best time of the year.


What is this?

Can I do it now, can I open them? - Yes You sure? Yes Oh my good... Emma!

These are beautiful.

Thank you so much, oh my gosh.

Me too


Oh look at that.

Oh, I love it!

Alright, thank you, really, thank you so much, Em.

I have a big surprise for you as well.

It's at the bar, under my desk, in a pretty little box.

(acoustic guitar strumming)

* Trouble is

* Got trouble on my mind

* Trouble is

* Growing up takes time

* On and on, doing the best I can *

* Road so long, try to understand *

* Gets colder and darker the older you get *

* The day's getting longer before the sun sets.... *

* And I ain't done with this one yet *

* Follow my shadow wherever it goes *

* Walking in circles, I step on my own soul *

* Where we're all going, nobody knows *

* Left or right, I still got fight *

* You know how it goes - 'Out of mind, out of sight' *

* And I ain't dying here tonight *

* I ain't dying here tonight

* Still got time to make things right *

* Still got time, it's alright

(applause, cheering)

Scarlet, I want you to have this.



Mom, I don't want it, put it away please.

This can save more than just your life, okay?

You need to take it, and you need to keep it with you.

I don't want anything to do with that, I'm not taking it.

Do you understand the situation that we're in?

Do you?

Take it.


I'm not like you, mom.

And I don't wanna be like you, okay?

I'm not a violent person, that's not in me, that's not a part of who I am.

If that's you, that's your business, but that is not a part of my story, don't give me a fucking gun for my fucking birthday!

You hold your tongue.

I am gonna say this one more time.

You take it.




I'm not taking it, why is that so hard for you to understand?

You weren't around for the consequences of your actions, I was.

You didn't see the other side of it, I did.

You didn't have to go to dad's funeral, okay?

I did.

You didn't have to identify Lily's dead body--

Scarlet, that is enough!

I did!

That is enough!

You didn't have to explain to Emma why her mommy was in a fucking coma!

Guess what, I did!

Scarlet, that is enough!

Thank you!

Happy birthday, Scarlet.





(ominous atmosphere music)

(Zippo clicks)

* There ain't no grave, can hold my body down *

* Ain't no grave can hold my body down *

You mind if I join you?

* When I hear that trumpet...

By all means.

* gonna rise right out of the ground*

* Ain't no grave, can hold my body down *


Holy shit.

What's in that?

I call it...

"Adios, Motherfucker."


* There ain't no grave, can hold my body down *

[Jo] Oh, boy

(music intensifies)

* Well, look down yonder Gabriel *

* Put your feet on the land and see *

* But Gabriel don't you blow your trumpet *

* Until you hear from me.


I'll talk to Scarlet if you...


(Boone clears throat)

I'll talk to Scarlet if you want me to.

I don't know what much good it'll do.

(Jo coughing)

Her whole life her mother taught her nonviolence No guns.

Then all of a sudden one day you come in, let me guess, you just rolled up on her, You said, "here, Scarlet" you take this gun now.

You take this gun, you just might have to shoot someone in their faces.

No, no no no.

Bang bang, Scarlet.


Bang bang.

[Jo] She... fucking...

She hates me.

No, you should've seen her.

[Boone] She doesn't hate you.

[Jo] She hates me.

[Boone] Let me guess, you just rolled up on her.

You said hey Scarlet, here's a gun.

You just might have to shoot some people in their faces.


You are so dumb.

[Jo] You are so fucking...


(insects chirping)

Excuse me.

Can I bother you for a light?


Yeah, sure.

(suspenseful music)

(lighter sparks)

Thank you.

Don't mention it.

(paper rustling)

(ominous atmosphere music)


Dawson, what are you doing?


All right that's fine, let's go, mom's waiting.

[Jo] My name is Jo Lee-Haywood and in the spring of 1982...

...I murdered my father.

(ominous western music)

His name was Jesse M. Picken.

And he was a fucking drunk.

And doing what fucking drunks do Jesse would often drink himself to death and resort to violence.

Unprovoked, unnecessary violence.


After nearly killing my mother in a drunken stroke of rage, Jesse M. Picken had finally met his end.

At the hands of his three baby daughters.

Doris, May, and me.

Collectively referred to as "The Three Dames."

Broke, but ambitious, my sisters and I decided to go into business for ourselves.

Robbing banks, robbing people, and sometimes... murder.

Five years later, and our name became a brand.

My sisters and I were in charge of the largest Dixie Mafia in the great state of Tennessee.

(dramatic orchestra music)

But this all changed the day I met...


One day our car was stopped on our way back home from a weekend with our youngest daughter Lily.

(brakes screeching)

(dramatic western music)

Jake "The Baker" Lando.

A local crime boss who wanted to make a name for himself decided to build his brand as the man who took down the three sisters.

The infamous Dames Gang.

That dame was me.

He decided to put an end to my life and take my family away from me.


After four months in a coma, I awoke.

(heart monitor beeping)

I snuck into my own house like a thief in the middle of the night grabbed what's left of my family, and fled.

600 miles north.

To what then was considered the small boomtown of Port City, Michigan.

I bought a house in the suburbs, opened a neighborhood bar with my daughter Scarlet, and worked as hard as I could to start my life anew.

Eventually my brother Boone followed suit.

As for the man who tried to kill me.

(dramatic thumping)

Like old Jesse before him, Jake "The Baker" Lando met his end at the hands of the two Dame sisters.

May and Doris.


(birds chirping)

(echoing footsteps)

(suspenseful music)

(water running)


Dawson come on, let's go. Mom's waiting.

What are you doing?


What's that doing in here?

Dawson, what is that doing in here?

I found it, I wanted to read it.

Where did you find it?

Mom's room.

And you thought you could just take it?



Because I wanted to read it.

Well it wasn't for you to read, what made you think you could just walk into mom's room and steal her journal, what's the matter with you?

Give it to me!

Did you read it?

All of it?

[Jo] Scarlet!


Move it.

Come on, move it.


I have to go potty.

I'll take her.

No no, stay here with Dawson, here.

All right, quick quick quick quick quick quick quick.

Look, Dawson, I'm sorry for yelling at you.

Don't worry about it, I deserved it.

Well I took care of it, all right?

It's fine, I'm not gonna rat you out.

[Dawson] Thanks.

(ominous atmosphere music)

So mom's kinda a badass ain't she?

Yeah, that's uh..

That's one way of looking at it.

It's gonna be all right, okay?

Let me take a look at you.

You okay?


(screaming and gunshot)

(internal ringing)




(inaudible scream)

(rubmling base)

(somber music)

* Faith in a God I don't know

* Asked Him 'why', He said 'no' *

* Have you ever been so alone

* Men dressed up for Sunday

* They bow their heads for 'someday' *

* Have you ever questioned?

* I know

* We count our daily blessings

* Forgive and get trespassings

* The emptiness is lasting

* So long

* Amen

* Amen

* Amen

[Jo] To my bright and talented star.

Make you keep shining forever.

Love, dad.

(heavy boots steps)

(somber western music) (whistling)

Hello, June Bug.

Long time no see.

Who did this to you?


[Sam] Hello, Jo.

[Jo] Who is this?

I think you know who this is.

I think you know who I'm working for.

And I think you know why I'm calling.

You have her.

You have my daughter.

You and I are gonna have ourselves a little meeting.

Your bar, midnight.

If I see a cop, she dies.

If I see a gun, she dies.

If I see your hillbilly, redneck, cow-fucking brother, She dies.

You give me what I want and I will give you your little darling back.

I wanna talk to her, I wanna talk to my daughter, you put her on the line.

Do it!


(disconnect tone)

(heavy breathing)

(epic rock western music)

* Bite the bullet baby we all got our own enemies *

* Locked and loaded won't you pour * me out a glass of gasoline *

* Set me on fire

* Set me on fire

* Go ahead and pull it, bang bang, down on my knees *

* Set me on fire

* Set me on fire

* Now they say whatever doesn't kill you *

* Will only make you stronger

* But I say, whatever doesn't kill me, it better run *

* Bite the bullet baby we all got our own enemies *

* Locked and loaded won't you pour * me out a glass of gasoline *

* And set me on fire

[Jo] Pain.

For most people, the suffering of pain is as intolerable as death itself.

The agony associated with physical, mental, or even spiritual pain, is potent enough to drive sane folks into the edge of insanity.

And throw them off the fucking cliff.

But I am not 'most people'.

(dramatic music)

Pain runs through my veins.

It has poisoned my blood.

I've got the scars to show it.

Good evening.

Check her.

With pleasure.

Spread 'em.

Spread 'em!

She's clean.


My eye!

That wasn't very nice.

Where's my daughter?

All in good time.

Take a seat.

I'd rather stand.

I don't give a shit what you'd rather.

Take a seat.

Sit the fuck down.

Two men entered your bar to have a little chat with you.

They never made it out.

Where are they?

I don't know.

You just broke a very important rule!

You lied to me!

I'm gonna ask you again.

Two men, where are they?



[Micky] Yeah boss?

You got the girl with you?

[Micky] Yes sir.


Let 'er rip.

(Scarlet screaming)

No, no no no!

(Music intensifies)

(Scarlet screaming)



(Jo grunting)

Get her up, put her on the chair.


Look at you!

Hot damn girl, you got a lot of fight in you.

I just want to see my daughter.

First thing's first.

We're gonna make a little phone call.

Mr. Frank, this is Sam Barone.

I have something for you.

Hey, guess what?

It's for you.

Good evening.

I'm going to ask you some questions and I need you to answer them straight and to the point.

If you fail to provide me with a reasonable response, or allude to any issue you may presently have with this conversation, we will be forced to stop and start the process over again.




(button clicks)

Your full name please.


Phone number.

And your social security number.

I'm obligated by law to read you the following terms and conditions.

It's a standard transfer of ownership agreement.

It'll take a few minutes. At the end, if you agree, please say "I agree."

I agree.

(button clicks)


Thank you.

You got what you want.

Now where is my daughter?

Bring her in!

(ominous atmosphere music)

Mom, mom!

Eh eh eh eh eh!

Don't you fucking move.

You got what you want.

You let her go.

There's one thing I want just for my own fucking satisfaction.

Get on your knees or the bitch gets it.


You got too much fucking pride, you smug bitch.

I wanna see you cry.

I want you to give me everything you got.

I want you to fucking beg me!

Not to put a bullet through her pretty little head.

I'm gonna give you 30 seconds to convince me.


Please do not touch my baby.

That was weak!

Please do not touch my baby.

Come on, 20 seconds.

Do not touch her, do not hurt her.

[Sam] Jesus Christ this is weak, she does not love you.

You let her go.

Come on.

You let her go!

You let her go!

15 seconds!

Let her go, please, please let her go, please!

Seven, six, four, three. Please, let her go, please!

Please let her go, please!

Beg me not to shoot this bitch!


You want me to fucking off this bitch?

Please let her go!!

Then you fucking beg me!


Please don't hurt her, please!

Please don't hurt my baby, please!


Please do not kill my baby, please!

Plea... Please...Please!

Please, please!



Now you two Get the fuck outta here!


Oh, and wave goodbye to your bar.

Or should I say my bar?



Oh, and uh, enjoy... [Scarlet] What?

...the ride home to your fucking farm or wherever it is you came from!


This is the way it's gonna go down.

(deep base)

You don't make a move, until I know that she's safe.

And if you have to choose...

You choose her.

Is that understood?


Yes, ma'am.


(suspenseful music)

Get her, get her!

[Henchman] Oh shit. [Henchman #2] What the fuck?!

(gunfire, screaming)

(Sam grunts)

(bullet shells falling)

(Sam panting heavily)

(Sam groaning)

(footsteps on broken glass)

You fucking bitch.

You're gonna fucking pay.

You're gonna fucking pay for this.


You got my voice on a recording somewhere.

You got my signature on a piece of paper.

But the only problem is...

It ain't my bar.

I can't legally sell you something I don't own, can I?

So, when your friend, Mr. Frank tries to change the name on that title he's gonna be in for a little surprise.

Mr. DeVitto, we have a problem.

The title to this bar is hidden in a small box, in my office.

Wrapped in a pretty little ribbon.

With a card next to it that reads...

"You deserve this, baby."

"Happy birthday."

I gave it to my daughter, Scarlet.

It's her name on the title.

Not mine.

It seems to me.

That you.




Sammy boy.

Who the fuck are you people?

(Spaghetti Western music)

You come into my place of business.

You threaten my family.

You kidnap my daughter.

You murder my son.

(dramatic music escelates)




(dramatic rockabilly music)

(phone buzzing)

It's for you.

The fuck?

What the fuck are you doing?

(brakes screeching)


Who the fuck are you?

(wind blowing)

Are you scared?

Are you frightened?

It's okay if you are.

Folks like you, they say 'I ain't scared of no girl.'

Your boy, Jimmy. Your boy, Momo, Sam, whoever the fuck, they all say the same thing.

But when you put a gun to their head When you are just about to squeeze that trigger.

Human instinct kicks in.

And they start crying.

And they start shaking.

And they get real, real scared.


You got some pair of balls on you, lady.

Pulling a stunt like that.

Well, Jo.

I can't say that it's a pleasure to finally meet you, considering the circumstances.

Please, don't take offense.

(country rock music)


You better do what you came here to do.

I ain't got all day, toots.

Fuck you.


Pretty much.

Fuck you, too!


(Scarlet sobbing)

(dramatic western music)

[Jo] They say that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I'm a living proof of that.

And I've got the scars to show it.

Every scar you carry, every bad memory, is an indication of how strong you actually are How much you've endured, and how, against all odds, You survived.

People say you need to forget about the bad things.

Forget the painful memories, let them go.

But if you do that, you lost the value of the scar.

The pain was suffered and nothing gained.

Fear overtook you, and the scar you carry, has made you weaker.

Not stronger.

You just gotta realize that some scars will never heal.

Some memories will burn forever.

But when you see them, when you feel them, you gotta smile.

You've endured.

You survived.

(dramatic acoustic guitar music)

* When she was a child, she was a little wild *

* She didn't play with toys She wouldn't look at boys *

* She had a way of her own

* Now she's up and grown

* Ooo boy, nothing's gonna save you *

* Oh Lord, praise the one who made you *

* Ooh child, holy water tremble *

* You know when the night is coming for ya *

* Ain't nothing stops the sooner from the later *

* So life threw you down the wrong road? *

* Hold tight, baby, that's the way it goes... *

* Now they call her a 'Lady'

* The noise, it made her crazy

* Still the years went on by

* So did her alibi

* She got some kids of her own

* Now they're up and grown

* Look now, devil's got your running *

* From what? Baby are you stumbling *

* Don't blink, death is such a gamble *

* You know when the night is coming for you *

* Ain't nothing stops the sooner or the later *

* So life threw you down the wrong road? *

* Hold tight, baby, that's the way it goes... *

* Don't pick a fight

* With a dog who bites

* She gonna leave a mark, where *

* She'll tear you apart there

* You're such a fool

* And she's so cruel

* You're gonna sit and pray

* To live another day

* You know when the night is coming for you *

* Ain't nothing stops the sooner from the later *

* So life threw you down the wrong road? *

* Hold tight, baby, that's the way it goes... *

* The way it goes, the way it goes *

66, D-2.

(jazzy swing music)

Watch out! Wooo!

Let 'er rip.

I don't have a cell phone in my hand. (laughter)

[Jo] I realize that!

Sorry, hold on one second, sorry.

I'm sorry.

My my, you're a hot little piece of potato aren't you?

Hi, the name's Trace.

So nice to meet you, I'm new in town.

Single, not married or anything.

Single, ready to mingle.

I like wine.

What do you say you get me a glass of it, huh?


All right then, good, let's just cut the bull here.

I am not wearing any socks and I got the panties to match if you know what I mean.


Oh God, why did I just say that?

Oh no.

Oh, but then again, I am at that age where I guess you need someone, so I don't know.

What do you say you and I will just...

God dangit.

[Director] Cut!