Pilgrimage (2017) Script

It's been a long time since we have a visitor Brother Geraldus.

Especially one who has travelled as far as you.

The authority of Rome knows no distance Father Abbot.

Not even to the ends of the earth.

This cannot be. - We receive no word.

My apologies.

Our holy father has many enemies Discretion was of the utmost important. Second only to haste.

You do not know what you ask.

Father Abbot. Rome has spoken. There is no debate.

These are dark days for the faithful.

Jerusalem has been lost for 20 years now.

Infidels surround us on every sight on every shore while heretics conspire within our mist.

our Holy Father believes the relic keep here, has the power to separate the faithful from the faithless.

To summon the wrath of God upon his enemies.

A power that could insure victory in the upcoming crusade.

You cannot hide such power.

You will see the safe delivery for our holiest relic to Rome.

Go with God.

It has no mark on.

They are afraid of it.

Even before the lightning, they would not go near it.

Of course they were.

They know what happen to those who disturb the relic.

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the stories, brother.

Or else you would not be so eager to remove it.

Enlighten me.

Before we have such a fine gold box to keep it in, other foreigners tried to take it. Norse men.

They brought up bloody tide to this shore for 200 years before they came to Kilmannán.

The monks were sleeping. The lucky ones would have died in their beds.

But they were awoken by a strange sound.

They ran out to the church and saw an angel striking the relic as if it were a bell.

The monks fled.

When they returned, they saw that a great storm has blown up.

Every single Norse ship had been dragged to the bottom of the sea, where their souls would know no rest.

Just beside the relic where the bodies of three Norse men, twisted and burned.

No one but a pure of heart can touch the relic and live.

No one.

How long has he served you?

He's been with us 5 summers. - He's not a monk.

He respects what we carried but he does not fear it.

But he's just a mute. A halfway.

He is not a halfway.

Diarmuid found him washed up on the shores... in a carrier with no oars no food. - In some lands that is a punishment.

Perhaps he's atoning.

He's obeyed every task asked of him, no matter how difficult or dangerous.

In all that time, he's never spoken.

It is not our place to ask why.

You should sleep.

I did not know you spoke my tongue, brother Ciarán.

The abbot said you were far travelled.

You have seen Rome? - A long time ago.

And the Holy Land? Jerusalem?

He says that water is no good. It runs through there.

What of it? - A place of the Sídhe.

They say that Tuatha day DenAnn come out at night to play among those rocks.

They cast spells into the water and bewitch travellers.

You are afraid of this?

You allow your course to be determined by Pagan superstition?

Geraldus, we should not tarry here. - We are soldiers of Christ.

Yet you would run from a mere scandaious?

In the name of St. Matthias.

Whose relic we are honored to bring to the feet of the Holy Sea, I bless and purify this water.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I scatter the demons that are tainted it, and consent them to everlasting hell, where they shall be bound in firing chains, and crush under the heel of God Almighty.


What is that, boy?

It helps ward off.. - it soothes the aching stomach, brother.

Will you try some of it?- I have no stomachache, herbalist.

You were to take us to the Merville's border.



All I ask is for a little faith. Is that so hard?

I imagine when you joined the monastery, They did not tell you would be a pack mule.

He's not a monk, my lord. He's a converso, a lay brother.

Some of my men think that they know you, but not from where.

A crusade, was it?



Perhaps you might settle the matter.

There's a small wage on it . - He is a mute.

He cannot speak. - bit his tongue, did he?

deaf also? - He can hear you.

But chooses not to.

A pretty box.

It is but a humble shell. Brother Ciarán?

This is unwise.

After Judas betrayed Christ, the apostles cast lots to replace him.

Matthias from Bethlehem was chosen.

Beholding the death and resurrection of our Lord, Matthias travelled North to spread the Gospel to the barbarians of Cappadocia.

There, he was martyred.

When the stones of the pagans broke his bones and spilled his blood.

Matthias gave thanks.

The rock that ended his earthly life caught fire and burned the men who murdered him.

They cried out for mercy, but the ground opened up and hell swallowed them whole while the body of Matthias was elevated to heaven.

And this is that rock.

Most impressive.

You talk of having some kind of agreement with these men.

I would like to know the particulars. - They do not concern you.

As regards the sanctity of the relic and the lives of my brothers, they're very much concern me.

You are not blind to what kind of men these are.

Yet you entrust all to their protection.

You were on crusade, brother.

It cannot be so hard for you to guess.

On the day of judgment, the worst of men will have the greatest of fear.

Unless someone can intercede them their behalf.

You mean to absolve them?

A powerful man does not become so weak on incurring sins.

The Baron is not a young man.

His mind has inevitably turned to more spiritual matters.

We are the only salvation.

The blackest of their deeds bind them to us.



Not to us, no.


Rua says that foreigners know nothing but war.

He says it's in their blood.

That they are descendants of the Norse men.

And they conquered France and England, and will do the same here.

But was there ever a truly peace in this land, brother?

Before the foreigners came.

That was a long time ago, Diarmuid.

I was just a boy.

A little older than you.


No, there was never peace.

Not here.

Not anywhere else in the world.

Not since the fall.


Some say it's not the natural way of things.

Peace needs to be grown, cared for, nurtured.

And that..

That is beyond the reach of most men.

You're up early little monk.

I always rise at this time.

Or perhaps you are a spy.

My Lord?

Sneaking away to tell your king's men about our route South. Is that it?

No my lord ... - No?

Then why do you flee?

I serve Christ.

But you serve your clan first, no? - No.

My father has always impressed with bias men.

Me? I have my doubts.

Anyone can wear the robes of monk.


Does something ail you, brother?

No. It was nothing.


Don't touch it.

Don't touch it.


Where is the rock?

Where is it? Where is the rock?

We must retrieve it.

Did you not hear the bell?

Did you not witness the miracle?

When those savages defiled rock of St. Matthias, look how God rode an instrument of vegence from the lowiest of his servant.

You are in the service of the Church, are you not?

"He who smote many nations and slew many kings .."

Come forth with an untroubled heart. These are enemies of Christ and He rejoices with every one you destroy.

Your work is not yet done.

Such is true for all of us.

What would you have us do?

Our escorts are dead. Our brothers are slaughter.

We don't even know where they are. - A cart, a prisoner.

They will have left tracks, will they not?

The young lord of Merville said he will return.

He has men, knights. We could wait for him.

And if the others return first?

It is our duty to try.

They're so many.

We can make a diversion. Draw them away.

How far would we get with the reliquary on our backs?

We do not need the reliquary

Only what's inside it.

I will carry it.

I will carry the relic.

One of you will have to free Ciarán.

No. We cannot risk the recovery of the relic.

Not for one man.

How can you say such a thing? -Because this was the oath we took.

These bodies. They are not our own.

That the Lord's to do with as he sees fit.

Or Brother Ciarán here insight of our eyes, he would tell you the same thing.

Even if he's alive.

How long before they notice he was gone?

We cannot leave him.

We shall pray for his soul.

What is he doing?

Brother Ciarán.



Brother, please be quiet.

You have to save your strength for when we run please.


Diarmuid, listen to me. You must go. You must leave. Now!

I can not leave, not without the rock, not without you.

I hope the Lord will forgive me but I threw it from the cart.

What? Where? - On a clear Galanthus.

The last place I saw you following. You will find it near cart track.

Take it and go East.

Keep it safe and keep yourself safe, Diarmuid.

Go. Go.

Where is the rock, brother?

You vowed to protect us.

And death.

I have vowed to honor .. and obey my King.

Your pope is quarelling with him.

A relic such as yours would be a powerful bargaining tool.

Presumably you will be well rewarded.

The King is not happy with our power that some of his subjects here have become.

He thinks they are too friendly with their cousins ​​in Normandy.

A wise man would do well to prove his loyalty.

And in doing so,

you would betray your own father's chance to salvation.

My father is a coward.


He would rather crawford to the church than safeguard the future of his family.

Where is the relic?

Brother, sooner or later it will make its way to Rome.

What difference if it spends a year or so with the king?

I do not know where it is.

You're lying. badly.

I expected better from the man of the God.

I've got this ...from a priest in Constantinople.

A strange man.

He used it to... persuave the Greeks ... to tell us where they had hidden all of the gold from the churches.

I never saw it failed.

Your last chance.


Do you feel that?

Those are your entrance.

Twisted around the arrow, like worms on a hook.

Would you like to see them?

You have suffered enough, brother.

I can give you a quick death. A merciful death.

Just tell me where is the relic.

You will die in agnozing death, and for what?

Even if we don't find the relic, another stone will do.

I will put in a pretty box and people will accept it.

Even the king or the Pope.

Think about it.


Is it?

That is.

You disobeyed me. I wasn't going to leave Ciarán there.

Do you have any idea of ​​the responsibility place on me?

Our purpose is ordained by God's office on Earth.

It cannot be jeopardized by anything or anyone.

Your duty is to obey.

Brother, there is a great war being fought all around us.

Our enemy is the devil himself, and in this war, He waits a life time and an eternity for a single moment of weakness.

Such as yours.

Do not give in to him again.


They will kill us.

We all alone.

They have knights and horses.

They will find our tracks. - Cathal.

And they will kill us.

We are not alone.

We are never alone.

Have faith.

Praise be.

God has heard us.

How far do you think you can get?

Twenty paces at most.

Or do you think you can walk on water?

It doesn't have to be this way.

Just give me the rock and I will let you live.

I gave the same choice to one of your brother monks.

But at last, it was unreasonable.

It shouldn't be a difficult decision.

Like your father.

Did you tell your fellow monks the reason the Church has trusted Geraldus Trencavel d'Albi. with such an important task?

Are you denounce him as a heretic, and when he refused to repent, you, his only son, sent him first to the wheel, and then to the stake.

After his land went to church, your future in Rome was secured.

Where now?

Tell them they will be paid once we reach to port.

Tell them.

Why do you laugh?! - Geraldus.

We are men of God. Doesn't that mean anything in this cursed country?

Keep your voice down.

We could force him. We could.

No, he will not. - Our need is great.

You will not, brother. - You disobey me again?

You are not worthy to carry the relic. There is something in you, boy ... something evil. - Wait.

Was there truth to what he said?

About your father.

He sheltered heretics.

Helped them escape trial.

I served the Church to the best of my ability.

My conscience is clear.

What else do you wish to know, boy?


I asked him to repent, but he did not.

Right till the end, he refused to believe that he had done anything wrong.

I learned something very important that day.

It wasn't his faith in the church that he lost.

It was his fear of it.

What are you saying?

No, push in the name of Christ.

Go with God.



Do you hear them?

Did you hear the bells?

The bell will inspire an army of men like him.

Men will retake Jerusalem. Men who will retake the world.

The Heretics, the infidels, the faithless.

If they will not hear the truth, they will suffer.

All doubt will be swapped away.

Stand with the Church and live, stand against it and be crushed.

What are you doing?


This is God's stone.

I'm giving it back to him! No!

The devil has you, boy.

This is my first time subbing There are some words I cannot hear clearly.