Pinch (2015) Script

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

(door bangs)




What's for dinner?

[Mum] I'll sort something out in a minute.

There's nothing in the fridge.

Do you wanna go get some chips?

What about money?

I think there's some change on the bench.

[Boy] Alright.

(dramatic music)

(change clinks)

(dramatic music)


Just a kid, don't worry about it.

(radio music)

So what do you want?

I'll have a large chips thanks.

(change clinks)

Are you gonna pay for that chocolate?


I'll call the cops.

Yeah right.

I'll pay you tomorrow.

No you won't.

Come on.

This isn't a soup kitchen.

You'd better pay me tomorrow or else.

(dramatic music)

[Reporter] Police had seized 1.5 million dollars worth of amphetamine and ecstasy after a drug lab blew up in the eastern suburbs.

(gentle music)



[Mum] I just can't keep up with these bills.

I can get a job.

No, your school is more important.

But we need the money mum.

No your education is the only that you need right now.

And money will come later.

What about your operation?

I just have to wait my turn like everyone else.

[Boy] I can get a job and I--

No you're gonna finish school and that is final!

We're doing okay.

But we need more mum.

Come here.

My boy.

(gentle music)

Come on.

Use the fence.

(tv blaring)

You smoking again?

(tv blaring)

What's for dinner?


(tv blaring)

I'm ordering pizza.

With what?

Yeah no wonder she went and left you.

What'd you say?

(gentle music)


(gentle music)





What can I do for you?

I'm here for the job.

Sit down.

So you ever wash cars before?


You don't look like much of a car washer.

Think you can handle this?

Don't you mind him lovely, you got a license?


God damn it I knew those morons down at the papers would fuck this up.

I told them specifically to put in there that the guy had to have a fucking license.

Jesus Christ.

I really need a job.

Mum's sick.

What's the matter with her?

She needs a new kidney.

How about we put you on probation for one day?

Jimmy out there'll get you started.


You Jimmy?

Yeah mate.

They told me to come see you.

I'm on probation.


What you'd just get out of jail?

No for the car washing job.

Well mate we got a heap to do so you start on the interior.

(dramatic music)

I've seen that guy before.

Is that right?

He's a dealer.

[Jimmy] What do you know about dealers?

I see him down at the shops all the time.

Well let me tell you something mate if I were you I'd keep your mouth shut.

I'm just saying--

Well don't or you'll get hurt.

(dramatic music)

You flapping your gums again mate?

Yeah well I hope not.

(dramatic music)

(paper crinkling) (dramatic music)

You're 1,500 short.

No way it should all be there.

What the fuck are you guys doing up there?

And you look like shit.

You told me you were gonna clean up your act.

And you promised me another seller.

Get Jimmy in here.

Hey Jimmy, staff meeting.

You too Jake.

(door bangs)

So Jimmy have you thought about that promotion we've been talking about?

Yeah I'm not doing it.

Hey we loaned you money.

You gave me that money.

Well let's just call it a retainer.

I don't fucking care what you call it I'm not doing it.

Hey (smacks) watch your mouth mate.

Look let's cut through the shit.

You either pay us our money, you push some product for us or we're gonna kick the shit out of you.

I'm going to fucking jail for you guys.

Well in that case Jimmy, we're gonna have to let you go.

(whacking) (crying out)

Now if I were you, I'd be keeping my mouth shut or you'll be dead.

And now pick up that tooth and fuck off.

Now fuck off!


Rhonda wants you.

(dramatic music)

Jimmy's a thief.

And I'm trying to run an honest business here.

You look like you've got an honest face.

(chair creaking)

(dramatic music)

Go on.

(dramatic music)

You see Tommy when you have money everything works out.

(dramatic music)

(door thuds)

(bell dings)

What's up?


Can I grab a large chips, two fish, some squid rings and some chicken nuggets thanks.

Big spender.

Got enough to pay for it this time?


(register clicks)

Did you pinch this?


I got a job.

Yeah right.


[Tommy] At a car yard.

What as a rubber scrubber?

It's better than being a dish scrubber.

Piss off.

Wanna come to the drags?

You insult me and now you're asking me out?

(phone chiming)

Hey mum.

Yeah, yeah no I'm coming now.

Sorry, I gotta go.

Well what about the drags?

I'll call the shop later.

Well what about your order?

(register clicks)

(dramatic music)

(electronic beeping) (dramatic music)



She needs to rest.

(engine rumbling)


You're late.


I'll get the tickets.

My shell.


You been to the drag before?

[Girl] No.

[Tommy] It's pretty cool.

(engine rumbling)

I love this place.

(engine rumbling)

The shit these guys do is crazy.

Donut burnouts til their tires go.

(engine rumbling)

[girl] I'll root for red.

Red always makes the car go faster.

We'll see about that.

(engine rumbling)

Hey your race cars losing it.

This white one.

(engine rumbling)

See I knew that was gonna happen.

It's the one point eight.


They're two up.



The red and white.

(engine rumbling)

[Girl] What is that?

Red and white, red and white.

(engine rumbling)

It's frigging smashing it.


[Girl] So what's wrong with your mum?

[Tommy] She needs a kidney.

[Girl] Shit, that's serious.

When she gonna get one of them?

I'm gonna buy one.

Yeah right.

You'll need mega bucks for that.

If I had money I'd get out of this shit hole.

Where would you go?

[Girl] As far from dad as I can.

What's wrong with him?

He's a loser.

Aren't they all?

My dad wasn't.

He was cool.

What do you mean was cool?

Is he like a douche bag now?

He died.


Hey look I better go.


Can you keep a secret?


These guys at the car yard, they're into something dodgy.

Like what?



I found up they cook meth up at the landfill.


I know where it is.

Piss off.

I know exactly where it is.

My dad used to take me out there when I was a kid.

We should pinch it.

We could sell it, make shit loads of money.

Are you kidding?


He's probably drunk again.

See ya later?

See ya.

(dramatic music)

(door thuds)

(dramatic music)

(keys clinking)

(dramatic music)

(clasps snapping)

(dramatic music)



Oh shit.

(window grinds)

Are you mental?

If dad wakes up you're dead.

We're pinching those drugs.

I thought you said we were gonna get killed?

I need that money and I need your help.

Oh shit Tommy I don't know.

Well, it was your idea.

Yeah but shit I was just talking I mean they'll kill us if they catch us.

Remember you said if you had the money you'd get out of this shit hole right?

Well now's your chance.

I swear I'll get you outta here.


But I want a cut.


Pick you up tomorrow?

(window grinds)

(dramatic music)

(waves splashing) (dramatic music)

(phone chiming)



It's the old bag at the car yard.

Well hang up.

(phone beeps)

(dramatic music)


Hey I need a break.


Don't ignore me.

What are you doing?

I'm having a break.

(chip bag crinkling)

Do you have to use that all the time?

Have you ever held your breath?


Well trying it so long that every bit of oxygen leaves your body and tries to take it with you.

That's what it feels like.

(chip bag crinkles)


Give 'em back!

We gotta go.

Oh you're such a pig.


(engine rumbling) (rock music)

(door bangs)

(engine rumbling) (rock music)

That used to be a suburb once upon a time til the greedy bastards came and knocked it down.

And that's where we're going.

(gentle music)

Did you get a good look?

It doesn't cost anything to look.

Yeah that's what you think.

So have you got a girlfriend?


Have you?

I'm not into chicks.

That's not what I meant.

I know.

I don't have a boyfriend either.


Yeah, and I don't want one.

We should go.

You know you can't go anywhere without me.

(dramatic music)

I have to pee.

[Tommy] We're never gonna get there at this rate.

Well have a cry about it.

And don't look.

(birds chirping)



(birds chirping)

(gun firing)

(dramatic music)

What the hell are you doing?

Where did you get that?

From home.

(gun splashes)

What'd you do that for?

That was dad's!

You never said anything about guns!

It was to protect ya!

I don't need anyone to protect me especially some boy like you!

And stop filming me you pervert!

(groaning) (moaning)

(rock music)




(crying out)

Cooky open up.

(crying out)

Fuck off I'm busy Don't fucking stop.

(moaning) (knocking)

[Man] Cooky open up.

I've got the cash man.

(crying out)

Come on.

Come on.

Close the fucking door.

(door bangs)

I ain't going up there.

Don't have a choice.

You didn't think this was gonna be easy did ya?

Didn't think we were climbing mountains.

That's not a mountain.

It's a hill.

We can wait here til dark.

Well may as well have some fun while I wait.

Your old man taught you well.

My old man taught me nothing, neither did my mum.

(dramatic music)


Go on, interview me.

I wanna be interviewed like on tv like when there's a robbery.


I'm the only witness and the whole world wants to hear what I've got to say.

Go on ask me.

Ask you what?


Do you miss your mum?

Don't have a mum.

Well everyone's got a mum.

Yeah well mine left me so I don't have one.

So where'd she go?

It's none of your business, next question.

So why are you helping me?

Because, it's the ticket.

[Tommy] To what?





You alright?

So what happened to your dad?

What do you mean?

You know, how did he--

Car accident.

Do you miss him?


Do you miss your mom?


She may as well be dead.

Dad may as well be dead too.

You know you'll miss 'em when they die.

No I won't, I'll be free.

And you'll be alone for the rest of your life.

I'm already alone.

No you're not, I'm here.

What if we get caught?

We won't.

(dramatic music)

(phone beeps)

(phone buzzing) (moaning)

Oh come on.

(groaning) (phone buzzing)

[Cooky] You like that?

[Woman] Yeah, yeah.

[Cooky] Oh, oh Kashaz.

(phone ringing)

There it is.

I don't know Tommy.

(chattering from trailer)

I don't know about this.

We've come to far now.

[Cooky] Go on then.

I can't help it if I'm fucking hungry.

(door bangs)

You haven't fed me.

[Cooky] I've been feeding you for two days.

[Woman] I want takie duck.

You're a fucking pain in the ass.

I'm leaving you down the hill this time.

You're a fucking pain in the ass.

Just get in the fucking car.


Piece of shit.

[Cooky] I'll fucking give you a piece of shit.

Fucking ready to go going down the fucking hill.

You happy?

You know I'm in the middle of a fucking extraction there.

[Woman] You promised me fucking food.


(engine rumbling)

Alright then.

I'm going in.

No, no, no stay here and keep a look out.

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

(keys jingling)


(door bangs)


(dramatic music)



Have you found anything?

You're supposed to be keeping a look out.

I am.


(engine rumbling)

Someone's coming!

(dramatic music)

(engine rumbling)


Where are ya?

(lighter flicks)


(ominous music)

(liquid splashing)


(ominous music)

(dramatic music)



You alright?

[Girl] I can't breath.

[Tommy] Here.


Did you get the drugs?

[Tommy] No.

What do you mean no?

Come on.

Come on.

(gravel crunching)

Dude this is good shit man.

Fucking best batch ever.

Where's the fucking bag?

Oh here.

[Cooky] No the money bag.

I gave it to you this afternoon.

Yeah and I left it there.

Well it's not fucking here I don't know where it is.

Stop playing games.

Where is it?

I gave it to you this avo.

Fucking hell!

(whacking) (crying out)

Get up! Get up!

(whacking) (crying out)

You better tell me where the fucking cash is or you got five seconds left to breath.

I haven't fucking touched it.

(whacking) (crying out)


(dramatic music)

[Cooky] Fucking where is it?

Where the fucking money?

(whacking) (crying out)

(phone ringing)

(banging) hey.

Ah fuck.

(phone ringing)

Cooky's catering.

[Rhonda] You're late with your delivery.

(banging) (cries out)

I've had a few delays but I'm working on it right now.

Get me out fucker!

[Rhonda] Who's that?

Ah we've got a problem.

Jake's, Jake's got light fingers.

[Rhonda] Please explain.

Jake's taken the cash.

Put him on the phone now!

I'm not sure I can do that.

[Rhonda] Put the little bastard on the phone right now!

(electronic beeping)

Jakey my darling.

You're not stealing from me are ya?

Rhonda no, no I wouldn't do that.

Tell him to let me out will you?

[Rhonda] Tell him where the money is.

I don't fucking have it.

Tell Cooky where the money is or you get it.

Rhonda I wouldn't lie to you.

[Rhonda] Cooky I wanna talk to you in private.


Don't even think about coming home without it.


(electronic beeping)

Well I need to have a fucking smoke and clear my fucking mind.

You are fucked now mate, I'll fucking tell you that.

[Jake] I'll die Cooky!


Let me out please!


Cooky come on mate.

We're family.

You better tell me where the fucking cash is.

[Jake] If I had it I would have fucking given it to you.

That's no bullshit mate.

Well this should fucking teach ya.

Yeah hey, you're gonna give me the fucking cash.

I'll fucking tempt you

[Jake] Cooky!

Now come on mate!

We're family.

(gas splashing) You got two minutes to tell me where the money is or I'm gonna cook ya and you know that's my fucking specialty Jake.

What are you doing Cooky?




Oh yeah can you smell that?

[Jake] Come on!

I'm lighting the barby.

If I had it I would've given it to ya!

No bullshit mate.


(fire whooshes)

Oh fuck oh fuck!

Oh shit!


Fuck me.


Oh no the fire extinguisher!

Oh fuck!


Oh fucking Jakey.

I'm fucking sorry Jake.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! (fire crackling)

It's cold.


Where's your hoodie?


I think I left it.


In the van.

We have to go back.

No way.

If we don't we're dead.

If we go back we're dead.

Oh this is not good.

They won't know it's us.

(water boiling)



Where the fuck is he?

You need to sort that boy out.

Now don't blame me for his shit Rhonda he didn't ever listen to me.

Nobody does.

Then make him listen.

(dramatic music)

Fucking hell.

You should have told me Jake.

Just tell me where the fuck the money is.

It fucking wouldn't have happen Jake.

Fucking hell.

(dramatic music)

(tires squealing)

(dramatic music)

(door bangs)

(garage door clatters)

(cries out)

[Rhonda] Where is it?

I had a few problems.

I'm afraid that he's gone and now is like fucking go go gadget fire extinguisher and it didn't fucking work I fucking cooked him.

What do you mean you cooked him?

Cooked, crispy and he's fucking fried.

Oh God!


I'm stupid, I'm stupid.

No you know who's stupid?

I'm stupid because I'm listen to your crap since the day you were born.

I'm so sorry mum.

I didn't mean it, it was an accident.

Is there anything you haven't fucked up?

Why do I have to do everything?

I should have had a fucking abortion.


Get up Brendan.

Look at me.

Now she didn't mean it, you know how she gets.


Look I need you to do something for me.

I want you to stay here and you watch the office for us til we get back alright?

Alright, yeah.



(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


It's late.

(dramatic music)

(switch clicks)

(gentle music)

(birds chirping)

(hood bangs)

(door bangs)

(engine turning)

Son of a bitch.

We own an entire car yard and you've picked the only one that doesn't work.

I sell 'em I don't fix 'em.

Well obviously you do neither very well.

This is stupid.

We got way to much heat on our ass to be doing this.

You know we be gotta think about just maybe letting this one slide Rhonda.

I mean just let it go.

We can make up the money somewhere else.

Are you out of your fucking mind?

You're asking me to let 200 grand slide.

I'm not going bankrupt again.

(engine rumbling)

Yeah okay we're going.

(engine rumbling)

(door bangs) (gasps)



So where you gone?

So that's your dad?


You look like him.

What was he like?

I don't remember much anymore.

Hey, I gotta go see mum.

But you can't go looking like that.

Why not?

You're gross.

[Rhonda] Oh my God the doors open.

(doors banging)

(dramatic music)

Oh shit!

I think I found Jake.

(dramatic music)



I just need new shoes.

You can afford whatever you want now.

What about this one?

It's not bad.

Not too shabby.

It looks good, she'll like it.

You should go soon.

Well, well, well my little lovelies.

I was just visiting your mother.

And I thought I'd return this.

But it looks like you've already got a new one.

Hello my name's Rhonda Tommy works for me.

What's your name?

What's the matter, cat got your tongue?

Let her go.

Seems like I've got something of yours.

I'm glad to see you're spending my money wisely.


Sorry visiting hours are over now.

Oh I'll give you a bit of privacy eh?

(dramatic music) (electronic beeping)

I love you mum.

(dramatic music) (electronic beeping)

Is everything okay?

(dramatic music) (electronic beeping)

(door clicks)

Where's my fucking money?

What money?

Oh come on you can save yourself a world of pain and just tell me where it is.

Look I don't know what you're talking about.


Don't you wanna see your mum again?


(dramatic music)

Cooky, that kid Tommy's got the cash we've gotta find him.

[Girl] Tommy stop.

You alright?

Let's just give it back.

No, come on we gotta go.

No, let's give the money back.

It's to late Grace.

We can't do that.

Yes we can.

If we give it back my mum's as good as dead.

Yeah and if we don't give it back we're as good as dead.

I'm not giving it back.

I don't wanna die over money.

Hey look, look.

I'm not gonna let that happen alright.

Come on.

Where have you been?

What do you care?

I'm your father.

Oh so now you're my father.

You've been gone for two days I've been worried sick about you Grace.

And as for you you little shit I should kick your ass for taking off with my daughter.

Don't drag him into this it was my decision.

I don't give a shit he can go.

No he can stay.

He's got five seconds to drag his ass outta here.

[Grace] He's got nowhere to go!

I don't give a shit.

It's not a bloody half way house now fuck off.

Oh my God what is the matter with you?

I hate you.

(yelling) (dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

(muttering in sleep)




(keys jingling)

(dramatic music)

[Tommy] Cheers mate.

(dramatic music)

Look who we got here.

You've got something that doesn't belong to you.


You made me kill my mate.

No I didn't.

(dramatic chord)

Yeah mum guess who I got?

Yeah I've got him.

Yeah he's here.

Here, yeah.

Yeah okay we'll be waiting.

(dramatic music)

Mum's pissed off with you.

Yeah you could've got double beef you tight ass.


(dramatic music)

It's time for desert I reckon.

Ever heard of a speed ball?

No I don't reckon you would have eh?

Bit of mister white.

Little bit of mister brown.

Don't you fucking move mate.

I've got my eye on you.

Hold my horse it's time to get on.


(gasping) (eerie music)

(dramatic music)


Oh no.

(crying) no, don't.

You stupid, stupid boy.

Bruce, Bruce help me he's not breathing.


It's too late Rhonda.

No, no get the car we gotta get him to the hospital.

It's too God damn late!

Well don't just stand there do something.

(crying) (dramatic music)

It's not too late.

(crying) (dramatic music)


What do you want?

[Tommy] Is Grace here?

You got a fucking nerve showing your face around here again.

I have to see her.

[Dad] What's the problem now?

Nothing just is she here?

She's pissed off again.

(dramatic music)

You better tell her to get home.

(dramatic music)

(ominous music)


(ominous music)

Tommy's not here.

(dramatic music)

Now why don't you just tell us where the money is and we can all go home.

I swear to God I don't know where it is.

Try the bedroom, go on.

(crying out)

See the thing about money, it doesn't lie, it doesn't cheat, it doesn't steal, well it's your best friend.

Quit being a stupid little bitch.

(crying out)

You've got my money and I'll fucking kill you for it.

I'm gonna ask you a question about my best friend.

(crying out)

And if you get the answer wrong...

(gasping) (laughing)

Oh cut it out she's just a kid.

What difference does that make?

Well what are you gonna do kill her?

Brendan was just a kid you killed him.

Did I hold a gun to his head?

No but you just as well pulled the fucking trigger.


Get a grip Bruce.

God damn Rhonda, our boy's dead.

Yeah and if you hadn't babied him his whole life then none of this would have happened.

Oh yeah all me huh?

Well let me tell you something you weren't exactly mother of the fucking year.

You know what?

I've had it with your fucking shit.

I'm gone.

You don't have the guts.

Let me tell you something it don't take guts

'cause I've had it really had it.

Money, money, money, money that's all you think about.

You didn't care about me I don't think you cared about Brendan, you're the one that killed him not this little girl.

In fact you killed every fucking thing we ever had.

We never had nothing.

Well we had Brendan.

But I guess that wasn't good enough for ya was it?

I can't give you what you want Rhonda.

I don't think anybody can.

You gambled everything you loser!

(door bangs)

(dramatic music)

You're nothing without me!

(engine rumbling)

(dramatic music)

(crying out)

You see?

I got nothing to lose.

(door bangs)


Oh look who's turned up.

She's got nothing to do with it.

All I want is to help me mum.

Oh, isn't that lovely?


Well all I want is me money.



Where is it?

It's in the roof.

[Grace] (gasping) Tommy, I can't breath (gasping).

(dramatic music)

(bangs) (yells)


(dramatic music)

(crying) (gasping)

(sirens blaring)

Shh, come on.


(dramatic music)

I should have took care of you I know that.

I just wanted to be your dad.

(sirens blaring) (crying)

I love you so much.

(crying) (sirens blaring)

I'm sorry.

Oh Brendan.


(birds chirping) (gentle music)

We need to take you now.

(crying) (dramatic music)

I love you so much.


I love you mum.

I'll see you soon.

See you soon.

(crying) (dramatic music)

(dirt scraping)

(wind chimes tinkling)

(dirt scraping)

♪ You're still inside my heart since you went away from me ♪

♪ You're still inside my heart but you're still miles away ♪

♪ Well I can hear you breathing when you breath on me ♪

♪ 'Cause this is life it's coming down for you and me ♪

♪ In this life and it's coming here ♪

♪ It's calling you and it's coming down for you and me ♪

♪ And I have felt this ♪

♪ (music muffles out singing) ♪

♪ Someday we'll be together again ♪

♪ Someday ♪

♪ Someday ♪

♪ You waken in the hours ♪

♪ You waken in the hours ♪

♪ You wait with me and someday ♪

♪ Listen my friends coming here ♪

♪ It's coming here and they're coming now for you and me ♪

♪ And I would never be lonely ♪

♪ Never be love sick ♪

♪ Someday ♪

♪ Someday ♪

♪ Someday ♪

♪ You wait in the hours ♪

♪ You wait in the hours ♪

♪ You wait with me someday ♪

♪ Someday ♪

♪ You wait with the hours ♪

♪ Someday you wait with the hours ♪

♪ Someday you wait with the hours ♪

♪ Someday ♪