Piranha 3D (2010) Script

Oh... boy...

That's a fast fish.

C'mon... C'mon! C'mon!

Look at that!

Son of a bitch!


Help me...!


Officer! It was a mistake.

Can't we work something out here?

No! Mistake or no mistake. you just destroyed public property.

And from the smell of your breath!

I suggest you take the ticket.

Maybe get a ride home with your friends.

Oh, I don't know, I was kinda hoping you might drive me home.

Touching a officer's uniform is consider assault?

Are you aware of that?


You look pretty hot in a tan.

It's not tan...

It's beige.

Hey, you think you can take it easy on us?

You boys take one more step!

You'll be pissing lightning bolts into next week.


Yeah! Pretty much your everyday in college.

Kelly! Hey! Hmm...

I wasn't sure you were coming back... for spring break.

Yeah! I'm... I'm here.

I can only assume you're here to get on one of those boats.

No, no...

I came down here to pick up my little sister for music lessons.

How bout yourself?

I'm just waiting for my ride.

Todd and his friends... We're gonna go check out some music.

Todd Dupree?

Remind me who you going out with again?

Guy have standards alright! That's all I'm saying.

Look! Todd's a really good DJ.


Let's go! Jump in, we're late!

Listen! He says he's got backstage passes for "Planners".

You should come.

Yeah I would...

But I'm pretty much under house arrest watching Zana and Laura...

Then too bad.

I'll miss ya.

Anyway look! I'd gotta go.

C'mon! Let's go!

Yeah, yeah and hopefully I'll see you again before you... or you'll leave...

Gonna make a move, Jake.

Hey! Asswipe!

Cool shirt!

Nice horn.


Nice boobs.

Thanks I have a training bra... but I do not like to wear it.

Cos it itches.

Tell me about it.

Who're you waiting for?

My brother Jake. He's 17.

He'll like your boobs too.

They all do.

C'mon Laura, let's go.

What happened to you?

Look. I don't want to talk about it okay. Let's go.

Hi Jake!

Try not to stare at her boobs.

Shut up.

I like your shirt.

Why? You want to throw something at me too?

No! Actually I like The Pixies.

Danni, Danni...

Where the hell is Crystal?

She's over there with Andrew...

They're gettin sunscreen.

We're just waiting.


Andrew! Crystal! we don't need sunscreen!

We need body paint! We need condoms!

We need ready whip!

You tell her 10 am tomorrow.

I want her bleached, blonded, booty at the marina.

Gonna get off my first shot by noon.

So bright and early baby!

Make sure those tities are nice and perky!

Who's this?

This is Jake.

He's a lifeful.

A sandrat huh?

You know your way around the lake?

Aah... Yeah!

You wanna job? I pay cash money.

Don't bullshit me Jake.

My guide didn't show and I need somebody ASAP so... somebody I can rely on...

Somebody with...

Ambition, Someone who's willing to take chances...

... If you know what I mean.

Mister! You talk funny.

Yeah, well you're short.

Hold on.

This is Derrick!

Don't you disappoint me motherfucker...

I'd... I told you...

I want the biggest god damn boat this poe den town got to offer.

Hold on...

Who is that?!


He's the director.

Oh! So you're like a ... an actress or what?

I'm a "Wild Wild Girl''.

What's a ''Wild Wild Girl'', Jake?

Cos we've no boats!

No! Fuck the waiver!

You sign the waiver!

So, Jake baby we gonna do this?


The job? Location scout.

Got us around...

Show us all the good spots.

The G spot. I need a local.

I need you.

We're talking life lessons here, Jake.


10 am. Tomorrow.

Don't be late.

And... wear a different shirt.

Guess we see you tomorrow Jake.

Actually! tomorrow he's ...


Why you're gonna knock if you're just gonna walk in?!

Am I disturbing you?

No, I'm just... doing homework and... and school work and research for school.


Have been telling me that you may have some other plans... for tomorrow.

No! What's she talking about...

I'm a 100% baby sitting.

What? No, no... we don't want a babysitter!

Yeah mom! Especially not Jake.

Please... especially not Jake...

I'm serious.

No! We don't need one now! Get out, out, out!


Mom! C'mon... Please! We have to talk about this...


Jake, you know I do not have a backup.

Yeah I know mom.

Yeah don't worry. I know how crazy this week is for you.


I'll take care of the nitwits, okay.

Remember, if you do not fulfill your responsiblity...

I have the power to arrest and... and imprison you.

Mom, I'm not 12 okay. playing the sheriff card isn't gonna work anymore.

No? No.

Like I said, I'll take care of it okay?



Get outta here.

Alright... Well next year I'll try to find another solution.

Alright. Alright!


Oh! And Jake?

Oh mom! C'mon on!


It's time for dinner.

Alright, alright... I'll be right there.

I hope I didn't wake the kids.

Oh god! They'll sleep thru anything.

So Maggie said that yesterday was last time she saw them?

Yeah, just before noon.

She said Matt took the boat out to catch some bass.

She drove around the lake all night looking for him.

Where's the boat? Over there.

You feeling like a skinnydip?

Yeah, I think we can make it to the end of the pier.

Meaning what?

I'm too old or I'm too heavy?

I think you're too chickenshit.

By the way, Gordon called last night.


He said the USGS recorded a heavy seismic activity beneath the lake.


They're sending in a team of seismologist divers.


And he said you will escort them out.

Jesus Christ.

Just been invaded by 20,000 kids... makes us a little busy at the moment.

You know. That's what I told them.

This doesn't sound too good.

So what time is the divers... gonna get here?

He said about 10.


C'mon just a little more.

Can't get it.

Give me your hand!

You think a propeller could have done it?

I doubt it.

Look at the bones, nothing's broken.

It's like something acidic... or toxic decomposition.

Well if the body's been in the water for weeks.

What would you say if I was thinking about closing the lake?

You know, just until we get an autopsy report.

The autopsy report is gonna take a couple of days.

It'll be easier to drain this lake then to close it.

It's a big financial week for our town.

Too old for this.

We're not lying to mom.

Yeah! We're not lying to mom.

Come on guys... every year it's the same thing.

I'm stuck here with you guys while...

I miss all spring break fun.

You mean spring break boobies?

What if I give you guys the cash for babysitting?

Sixty dollars and you got a deal.

Sixty! I'm only getting paid forty!

Twenty dollars deception surcharge.

Do not pickup the phone.

Do not answer the door.

And do not leave the house.

Okay? I'm counting on you guys.



After the dive.

Our presence is requested at the Kokamo's.

By the Arizona State Cheerleading team.

Hi! I'm Sherffi Forester.

Bob Gordon asked me to take you out to the site.

Very good to meet you.

I love the welcoming committee around here.

I assume that's technical equipment too?

Yes, Sam! Give those back. C'mon.

According to the epicentre coordinates... we need to go... here.


It's about 20 minutes out.

Ready when you are.


So you don't see many women working law enforcement out here in cowboy country.

You see a lot of cowboys though.

Yeah, Sure.



Who exactly are you babysitting here?

Well, it's a ...

It's a funny story actually, I...

I say tit!

You say eat!

Tit! Eat tit!

Look at those idiots.

It's a... terrible.


Hey! Sandrat!

I'm talking to you.



Where the hell have you been?

We got these girls souped up.

We're ready to roll!

I'm docking your paycheck!

C'mon! Let's go.


Now I see what you've been scouting in the last 15 minutes.

Well! Kelly it's nice to see you. I know you gonna get going.

Kelly! Kelly.

Hi! I'm Derrick Jones.


You know this guy?


"Jake is my boy"!

Jake is the man with the plan!

The inside, the knowledge!

Yeah wait!

Those girls aren't with you, are they?

Yeah! why? Are you into girls?

No, I'm just showing him around town... ya know just all the hot spots.

Jake, jake, jake...

The job is called location scout and...

Kelly you should come with!

Today we're gonna be making movie history.

No! She's got other plans already.

Kelly do you like champagne?

I... I love champagne, actually I love...

No, no, no! Wait a second!

I would love come on your boat Derrick, thank you.

I mean...

Someone have to keep an eye on the man with the plan here.

Right! Sand RAT!

C'mon, c'mon...

Let me... let me help you aboard.

Why! Why...

Hey! Todd, That's Kelly.

Hi Kelly! baby.

What happened to... ya know hanging with us today?

Is that your boyfriend or something? No, no, no He's just some guy from the school, someone whom he said to have backstage passes when he actually doesn't.

Have a good day Todd! C'mon Kelly!

Go on, have a T-shirt.

What the fuck?!

That's Derrick Jones...

Is it Jake Forrester?

Oh... fuck me...

Alright! We are off to shoot some wild porn... royal like with these "Wild Wild Goddesses" !!

But we will see you all...

4 o'clock Canyon Beach for the Lake Victoria wet t-shirt...

"Wild Extravaganza"!!

We told Dave we would stay in the house.

We told Jack that we'll stay home.

I told him I'd fish.

I can't if there aren't any.

The lake too busy!.

C'mon! Sand Island is really close.

I should've brought my trombone.

No way! Girl! Sunbath or something.

Well when I become a rock star... see if I like you be in one of my groupies.

Give me a break dude!

You PLAY the trombone!

Alright ladies here we go... a little bubbly! Thank you.

Here you go!

Finest's your... Shinaz has to offer.

You're kidding.

Here we go... yeah!

Drink up. Crystal.

Yeah! Join and cheers!


To our newest ''Wild Wild" Number.

You are beautiful.

That's why we came here. Derrick wants to capture innocence.

It's all about innocence.

Just like her.

Alright! Derrick's just making his play.

He might as well ask me out to breathe.

Show a girl a camera and she WILL perform.

It's like a law of physics.

I've seen that guy charm the pants off a lot of ladies.

She's not messing up your party! Is she?

Like I care. She's not my girlfriend.

Oh! And...

I'm.. This is great. I'm having a great time...

We're... going wild...

I'm... going wild.

Hey, Jake! How far is this place?!


Yeah, yeah we're almost there!

So speaking of going wild?

You haven't seen anything yet.





Why don't you put it somewhere...

Anyway you want.

Crystal! He's not even legal.

Hey, what's up guys?

Jake! Close that door! You're ruining our shot!

C'mon sandrat! Get with the program here.

Here they come, here they come!

Here come's my nymphs.

Oh my god!

Here we go!

Check it out! The fish with boobies.

If fish looked like that! I would fuck fish!

I would only fuck fish!

Here we go...

Looking good ladies.

You like this right? Jake?

You're the one that should be paying us today, not the other way around.

Zoom in. Zoom, zoom, zoom...

Get that ass.

Look at these Goddess of product... bitches. This is hot Andy!

This is so hot! This is what it's all about!

Beer, sun and naked honeys making out underwater!

Better than any aquarium YOU been to sandrat!

Uh... mom! Hey! Umm...


What... what's going on out over there? Cuz...

Naked fishes!

Well then how come you didn't pickup the home phone?

Ya know! I've been trying to reach you.

Why? I... I...

I'm sorry we've just been outside.

But I... I can get them if you need me to. Crystal! spin around!

No, no that's okay.

Oh my god!


Nothing, nothing it's just the...

It just the kids. They're...

Just pushed the tent outside and...

I... I...

It just really nice to see them... to see them playing with each other.

Put you ass on the glass!




Jake? Is someone there with you?

No, no, no. It's just the...

It's just the kids on the lake!

It's crazy here, you know how it is.

Honey, I do not want to Zane or Laura near the lake today, Do you hear me?

Alright! Okay. We'll stay in and...

We'll watch some TV. Whatever's on okay!

Alright! I gonna go. Thank you so much for this.

I'll try really hard to be home early, okay?

Yeah. Alright, alright I love you.

Okay I gonna go!


Kelly, where are ya?!




You just missed the rest of the big show!

There you go girls! Come on up! Give 'em some towels!

Wow! Good work! waste time for canoe.

I must've gotten my knots mixed up!

So you caught zero fish and you lose our only boat.

This sea is so full of accomplishment!

Jake is gonna kill us.

Somebody will see us.

Look! There's some boats just right over there!

Don't waste your time, they'll never see us.

They're way too far.



We need some help!


We're over here!

Somebody please help us!

Look at the size of that!

What is it? A... a cavern system?

Looks to me like a subterranean lake.

Probably bigger then the one above.

You see that gap right there? Yeah?

Quake open that one up.

Now it's a connecting passage.

A lake under a lake.

That's right.

Sorry! It's still your jurisdiction.

It's part of an old volcanic ridge all over this area.

That's the beauty of it.

We're gonna be the first ones to explore it.

You got it.

I don't know why you get excited over that crap.

All I ever see is rocks and sand.

You should probably warn them that it's not pretty down there.

Tourists treat this lake like it's a gabbage can.

How you guys doing?

Sheriff said that it's a regular treasure trove down there.


I got debs on these spent bubbles, bad body sprays and back issues of drugs.

I got debs on home appliances.

I got debs on missing college girls.

Oh my god.

This is the longest one I've ever seen.

Can you keep your mind on the task at hand.

It's at least 100 feet Novak!

Almost full visibility.

Descending fissure!

My PO2 is set at 1. 1.3.

You should see this.

It's unbelievable.

Novak, do you copy?

Yeah! Pretty good.

Okay guys you are about 90 feet to the entrance of the connecting passage.

Looks like single file time!

I'll go first.

No! I should do the prelim scout.

Your fat ass will get us stuck.

Baby! I'm like an eel.

I'm electric eel.

I get into such tight spaces.

It's shocking.

Huh! That's weird?

Here they are... but they're spiltting up.


Everything alright? I'm losing you a little bit here.

I'm heading a serious drop in temperature here.

It's at least 30 degrees colder.

You're probably at the mountain near the water lake.

Do you have any visual?

I'm entering the cave.


This thing seems endless.

You gotta see this.

This is incredible.

Sam! What are you seeing down there?

Something bit me!

Oh yeah, right! I thought you always love that kinda stuff.

Sam! Sam!

Sam! Answer me!



Something's happening.

What? You mean aftershock? I don't know...

Give me my flippers.


Your body is a temple.

And now it is time to give thanks to the gods.

Andrew, roll camera!

Kelly, you're up! C'mon!

Me! No! no, no...

No, thanks. I think very had to drink too much.

Please! You don't want to worship this beautiful altar?! C'mon...

I know you're partial to the champagne, but believe us you can trust Crystal right?

Hey! C'mon Derrick, she... she said no.


She said no thanks...

There's a difference...

She understands gratitude is the right attitude.


Trust us!

It... It's never cheating if it's with another chick!

Yeah! C'mon try it! C'mon.


Have fun!

Yeah! Jake! You're not gonna take away the fun now?

Like I said... she's not my girlfriend.

Fine! I'll do it.

Okay! Yeah!


Here we go!

First, you lick this salt.

Here we go! Okay!

C'mon over here!

Then you suck up the tequila.

Here we go! Sorry about that Crystal!

Here's your vitamin C!

Gonna get your lime!

Kelly! You don't have to do this.

I really don't think I need any of your babysitting here. Jake!





Alright! alright...

Let's switch places!

Good job Kelly!

Jake you're up!

Derrick excuse me! Up a little bit.

How bout we try Jake and Kelly?

What? What?

No! I don't think she. No! I don't think...

Oh! C'mon Derrick.

C'mon guys, we'll shooting... porno not a drama. Let's make a decision.


Fuck it! Sandrat... Let's roll, c'mon!

There you go! Thank you Crystal!

C'mon Kelly. Come on up here.

Come on by the bed!

There we go!

Let's get you some salt!

A little bit of tequila!



And... You're live!

Okay! okay!

Roll, roll, roll...


Sandrat! Sandrat!...

Mr. Goodman?

Mr. Goodman!

I'm coming!

I'm coming, hold your horses!

The store is closed!

I want to know what the hell this thing is doing in my lake!

Where did you get this?

Oh! In the middle of the lake.

Where they're two people dead!

Oh my...

Oh my! Yeah! That's right...

Oh my, oh my.

Excuse me!


Is that a fucking Piranha?

Carl! Not the only one.

Yeah! here, here, here, look at these...

There are thousands of them.

Thousands! And they're pissed.

You know I have heard of these happening.

It's like those alligators in New Jersey, Someone leaves them and then they breed!

What? No...!

Who release this fish into the lake...

What are you talking about?


Particular piranha, Vanished! Off the face of the earth!

More than two million years ago!

Emm... Where's he going?

Allow me... to introduce...

The "Pygocentrus Nattereri"

The regional Piranha!

They used to swim the entire Colorado river.

Right until the Piscusus epic .

I still don't understand how you found one.


We discovered a subterreanean lake through a rift, caused by the quake. But!

How could it survived for so long, cut out from the surface?


They must have fought each other to survive.


All those scars, on her scales.

Notice! The eyes.

Jesus. Like he's staring back at you.

No, no, no! Not staring... sensing!

God! Don't do that!

Piranhas hunt in packs.

Not for protection!

But overwhelming force.

They're organized, methodical...

The first bite draws blood, more blood draws the pack!

So how are we going to stop them?

Wait. I'm sorry, you're not actually consider going back out onto the lake?

They are killing machines but they're still fish.

You can catch them or kill them!

If there really are thousands...


Yesterday would have been a good time to start.

Oh Shit!

It's my little brother and sister!

Are they waving for help?

I don't know. They are supposed to be at home right now.

I'm supposed to be home right now!

Jake, jake, jake.

What are you doing?! You're gonna miss my money shot!

Okay. It's my family! Alright!

They could be in trouble!

You are gonna be the one in trouble, if I don't get my flying catars right now!

What the hell's wrong with you man?

What's wrong with me?

Oh, God dammit! You're missing it. You're missing it...

You're missing the shot!

No, no, no...

Wow! You missed it! What is wrong with you?

Listen! They are stranded out there okay!

They might need my help.

Boobies, boobies...


Listen to me.

My mom is the Sheriff.

Alright! Let's... swing by the island!

Throw the minerals in the boat!

It'll be great!

It'll be fun.

Take me up!

Help me!

Take me up!

What the hell is goin on?

Weapons of mass offensive right over here!

Let's see those dance.

Alright girls!

Shake those booties!

Shake those Hoolas!

Willy Wonka and those chocolate factory!

Yes, I need the National Guard...

I need the Coast Guard.

I need all the forces in your power to deploy!

Everybody back to the beach!

Move back to the dock! Everybody!

Move back!

Don't talk about Satan. Just take your boat back.

No more talk about Satan. Please!

Fuck them!

What the fuck?

This is the Lake Victoria sheriff's department.

The Sheriff has declared an emergency.

Don't worry, we got beer over here!


Hi! Get on out over there.

I need you out of the water now!


Hit it DJ Chocolate Thunder!

Is that Jake? Why is he here?

I don't know.

We're so busted. No!

He is.

I didn't even catch any fish!

Slow down.

Slow down! Okay! I know what I'm doing... alright!

Careful! It's not that deep!

We're busted.

Okay Jake! I'm not taking the fall for this.

It was all Zane's idea.

I paid you $60 bucks to stay home.

What do you mean!

How bout 40 we're call it even.

How bout you get on this boat and we go home!

End of story!

Just get on the boat!

Woah, woah, woah! We should've been at Canyon Beach an hour ago for the mother fucking main event!

C'mon! Alright! Go ahead! Speedo!

Be careful getting outta here! the rocks sometimes circulate the engine!

I want you to rest somehow, okay!

And keep Zane and Laura with you I don't want them anywhere near Derrick.

Wow! The water is just so clear.

What kind of fish was that?

I don't know.

I'm gonna make them take us home right now okay.

What is that?

What happened?

Are you guys okay?

I think we hit something.

Andrew! what hell's going on now?

I don't know! We're stuck on something!

Well! Fix it god dammit! Fix it!

There are rocks everywhere!

Yeah! There're rocks down here!

What happened?

God! I think something caught on the prop (rotors).

Okay, stay put!


Crystal, get the sandrat up here.

I said get the fucking sandrat up here!

What's wrong with you! Hey!

Why didn't you go get him yourself?

I just got here thinking... how this whole fucked up day has been your fault.

Wanna help me with the new bitch?

Don't do a fucking thing I tell you... you take us way the fuck off course!

I... I...

I... get it.

You're, you're new at this.

I'm, I'm cool with that man. Really!

I am... but, but...

But what you do to me...

What this is...

Aarg! There is a word for it ...

It's a... it's a...

It's a boat word...

What is it? Ah...


Is that what it is ?

Is this a Mutiny?

Relax Derrick. Okay.

I'm just...

I'm just going a bit wild.

If anyone should down there helping, it oughta be you.

Let me do that.

Let me do that!

Run to it!

Let me do it!

I need everybody out of the water now!

Get out of water! This is an emergency!

Get out of water now!

C'mon! Swim!


Grab my hand!

Oh my god!

My god!

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Throw me the gun!

It's fully loaded!

Get out of the water!

Thank you!

Don't let go!


Swim to shore! Get off the beach!

Get out of the water!

Give me your hand!

Fuck it! You're slipping!

Fucking whore!

Help me!

Get them out of water!

Get them out of water!

Come on!

I'm taking you to shore!

Hold on!

Todd, what are you doing?

Get the fuck outta the way!

Get the fuck outta the way!

Get the fuck outta the way!

Get the fuck outta the way!

Oh shit!

Get the fuck outta the way!

My fucking hair!

My fucking hair!



Hey! C'mon! You're gonna kill the engine!


Derrick! Hey!

Zane, Laura! Hold onto something!

Get... get back from the glass. You guys!



Come on!





Holy shit!

Let's go!

Hey! You guys okay?

You okay? Yeah!

Alright! Where's Kelly? She's on the other side.

Down there!





Get off the floor Kelly!

Get out!

I'm gonna will find a way to your floor!

And get you to the skylight!

Hurry up!

Hurry up your stupidness! C'mon!


Okay guys! C'mon, c'mon!

Get over there! I don't want you to see this!

They... they took my penis!

They took my penis!

Jake! hurry up! They're here!



Hurry up!

Can you reach the skylight?


C'mon, c'mon dude!

Everybody get out!

Everybody jump to the shore!

Get to the shore!

Everybody out!

No! No!


Hold this tight.

This is Sheriff Forester.

Mom? Jake!

I'm sorry, I screwed up. We're on the lake.


Where's Lauren and Zane?

They're with me on the boat.

Oh my god! Jake.

Whatever you do, do not go into the water!

You do not understand, Mom! Our boat is sinking!


Where are you?

What are you doing?

I'm coming with ya.

Let's go.

That's mom.



Stuck in rocks! Yeah!

How're gonna get the boat close? I don't know.

Use the rope.

Here! They gonna reach!

It's got to.

Jake! I'm gonna throw you the rope!

Attach it to the highest railing!

Okay, mom!

Back it up. Yup.

Back it up this way.

Watch out for rocks!

Yo! Watch out!

Kay! You ready?


Okay! That's good, that's good! don't go too far!



Keep the CB on the police frequency.

I've got my radio.

Okay! Just get there!


Mom, are you okay?

Is this everybody on the boat?

No! Kelly is still stuck down there in the cabin, we can't get her out!

We can't get her out!




Julie? Oh my god! Hey!

You gotta help me.

Can you grab my arm?

You gonna help me get out of here. The water's getting higher!

Can you reach the skylight? You better hurry! I'm fucking stuck!


You think I'd didn't try to pry that thing!

God dammit!


You guys! I'm scared!

Please help!

Mom, we have to hurry!



We all gonna die?

We're not gonna die. Okay!

I need your help! Please!


The only way to get through to her is the bottom of the boat.

Get to the rope.

What are you talking about?

We can't just leave her down there!

Once I get everyone across on the rope...

I'm gonna come back for her!

No! I'm not gonna leave without! Mom!

Jesus Christ! Jake!

The only way to get to her!

Is for you to get into the water and I'm not gonna let you do that!

Now! C'mon and get on the boat...

Listen to me! The reason she came on this boat!

Was because of me! Okay!

It's MY fault!

I'm not coming without her...

Okay! This rope ain't gonna hold much longer!

Let's go!

I'm gonna take Zane and Laura across and I'm coming back!

And we're gonna do it together.


Alright! We're gonna keep two of them between us.

You gonna go first.

Can you do this?

Better believe it. Got my pull-ons for nothing.

You have a lot of explaining to do.

Okay, ready?

Okay! Be careful! Don't look down! Let's go!

Just like the playground...

Hand over hand.

Don't look down.

Don't look down, alright!

Keep going. C'mon! You can do it.

Hand over hand!

I'm scared!

Keep going!


Don't look down.


Oh god!

They're biting me!

Oh god!

Get off me!

No! No! NO!

God dammit!

Listen to me! Both of you!

If you move fast!

It will NOT get you.

You have to move NOW!

Come on! MOVE IT!

You can do it!


Keep moving now!

Keep going!

Okay guys!

Good! You're here!

Good going you guys did it!


C'mon mom! Keep moving!

You okay?

Cut the engine!

What are you doing?

Jake! What are you doing?

What are you doing?!


Jake! Do not do that! Please!

After all they want blood right?

Let's give it to them.

Wet T-shirt...

Wet T-shirt...


Oh my god!

We're getting outta of here. Okay!

Both of us!

Okay I'm in!

I need you guys to pull us out!

As fast as possible.

Do you copy?

Okay! We're ready when you are.

Jake! What are you doing? They're gonna come back!

I gave them a scare okay! That's gonna hold them off for at least... couple of minutes.

Okay! I need you to tie these together okay! Why?

Just do it!

Jake! Where are you going?!


I need to you to hold your breath...

And we're gonna swim out of the bottom of the boat. Okay!

And I need you to hold on tight!

Can you hold on TIGHT to me?


Do you clear! Pull us out in 10 seconds! Okay?

Do you guys copy?!

Copy that! Ten seconds on your signal.

Get the kids down.


6 ... 5 ... 4 ...

... 3 ... 2 ... 1

Eh...! What's wrong?



Rud clear!

God dammit!

Is it in gear?



C'mon! You fucking thing!

It's gotta work! It's gotta work!

Oh my god!

Holy shit!

You alright?!




C'mon! You're alright! You're alright!

Breathe! You're okay!

You're okay!

You're okay!

You're okay!

Oh my god!

Glad to have you on board!

Jesus Christ!

Holy shit!

Look! Mom! Over here!

They died!

They're all dead!

You did it Jake!

I did!

It worked!

Hey! I thought dynamite fishing was illegal in these parts sheriff?



Yeah! This is Julie!

Julie... this is Carl.

We have a major problem.

Well! I am looking out at a school of dead piranhas.

Not all of them but I think it's a good start.

You don't understand.

The specimen you left with me... has no mature reproductive organs.


What are you talking about?

The piranhas that killed those divers... the ones you're hurting for...

They are not fully developed.

They're the babies!

Babies? huh...