Pitbull. Ostatni pies (2018) Script


I can't see the money.

And I can't see the truck.

Maybe you'll see it once I find out who you are.

Don't you have real Russians anymore?

Only wogs and Poles?

I've got six-hundred thousand bucks.

Does it matter where I was born?

I don't believe foreigners.

As you wish. Wait.

If you're not Russian, then maybe you're not a bandit either.

Maybe you're not a bandit as well.

I can see the uniform, but I don't know who is underneath.

There's a way to find out who we are.


Choose one.

What for? You'll see how real Russians prove they're not moles.

If you blow your head off, I won't get my stuff.

But you'll see that you're not dealing with a rat.

Do you know a cop that would do it? No.

Me neither.

Have you done it before?

Four times.

I never have.

You thought they were blanks, huh?

Let's drink, Pole. Let's drink.

I'm nauseous.

Couldn't we do it later?

7am is already late for this guy.

But there's no road here. How will I drive our kid to the kindergarten?

It'll have been built by the time you give birth.

It's here.

It's shit, not a plot.

There's nothing here but snow.

Junior has the layouts of the house and the pond.

Junior, show us.

Firearms, grenades, explosives, fuses and means of communication.

All for you. I'll take everything.

Take it. Count it if you want.

FSB! Freeze, bitch! Get down!

Put your hands on your head! Come on! Good boy!

Wake up!

Come on! It's late!

What's going on?

Can't you sleep? Aren't you going to work today?

Sure I am.

Fuck, my boss is going to kill me!

I'll wash your mouth with yellow soap! I love you, grandma.


You won't get clobbered by Wołomin motherfuckers.

You'll be swindled by cocksuckers.

You should write pop songs, you're wasting your talent.

Now, when I'm free, white and rich, I'm entitled to a bit of happiness.

Park it properly.

The sleeping princess deigned to come?

Good morning.

Stop showing off. Ulka's been waiting your tables.

You're paying her because I'm not going to.

Don't you worry, boss. We'll settle with each other.

Where to, you fat pig?

To the loo. You'll go when I let you.

Now move your ass and help the Russki wash dishes.

Good morning, what can I get you?

Latte and sparkling water. Thank you, I'll be right back.

What the fuck are you doing?

The tableware cost me two hundred!

Clean this up, you dumb-ass! Calmed down a little?

Get the fuck out on the street!




I'm not in the mood, mate.

I know a good place.

Better than this crap?

So what's so special about this place?

It's all mine.

I have a straw owner, but it's mine.



It can be ours.

If you've never owned anything, now you can.

A casino and a cafe.

And coffee.


What if I wanted to have a casino, but not you?

You'd have to kill me first then.

It might have been even more difficult.

I may want you without it all: the casino, the cafe, the coffee.

I may want the guy for who he is, not for what he owns.

Didn't you think of that?

I didn't.

But give me a chance.

Let's see what we're like and if we're good for each other.

I'm Mira.



I've been looking for you.

I want my old man to get the green card.

Blue. The green one is American. The blue card.

Why, does he hit you?

He shields himself.

Shields himself? How?

He protects himself from the Earth's magnetic field, water veins...

How does he do that?

He covers himself with a cast-iron bathtub in bed.

Bathtub? How?

A bathtub turned over like a cast-iron turtle.

He keeps it in the bedroom and there's no way to bathe.

Chief, we've got an intervention.

That's very good.

Who notified us? Jadźka, the supervisor.

She heard a window breaking.

He'll be making an inventory again. It's this Karaś, I'm telling you.

What are you doing?

We'll put the blame on Karaś.

Fuck! What blame?

You'll be cleaning this!

What the hell are you doing?

Do you want us to get a heart attack?

We were drinking, but we didn't steal. Karaś is putting it all on the tab.

Show mister inspector... How many times have the police told you to fuck off the only store in the area?

Where are the people going to buy milk this morning?

Couldn't you fucking walk to Jastarnia for a break-in?

Mister inspector, we were thirsty.

The fatty broke more than we consumed.

Shut up or I'll gas you. Cuff him.

Don't take it off.

Carefully! Easy, it's not armed.

It's not looking good.

It was 15 years ago.

The charges were dismissed and the investigation was discontinued.

It should've been erased long ago.

Not in our papers.

What did you do in Dąbrowa Górnicza?

Burglaries, domestic violence, drunks, disturbing the peace.

Why should I hire you with this record?

I'd spent 20 years here before you.

I met Goebbels in Katowice. He told me nobody filled his shoes.

And your code name, Methyl, could you change it?

What for? I don't drink anymore.

Where to? To work, not to a whorehouse.

Do you have to? Now, when Majami ran and left it all?

He got suspended, but the investigation has to continue.

That's your job, right? They found a loser to do the grunt work!

Don't wait for me.

It'll end badly, you'll see!

Don't slam the door!

I looked after it.

Sure, give the bum his vodka money!

Find a job, you lazybones!

Gawełek! Get the fuck off my guy!

Give me. Wait for the bum to go away.

Give it to me!


Jarek, what's going on? What's going on? Jarek!

What's up? Somebody's car broke down.

Who was inside? Some guy. He wasn't lucky today.

I know these plates. He's one of us.

Soczek lives here. With his wife. Who?

Majami's former partner. Whose?

Gawron's changed, hasn't he?

He's in love.


Hi, sister.

Where's Gawron? In his room. I think he's asleep.

What an ill-mannered boor.

What's up?

The legal eagle has reached the escort from our convoy.

He's open to cooperation for at least eight grand.

Why eight?

He wants to buy a 50-inch TV.

Give him something from our collection.

Eight grand! I get the runs when I hear such prices.

Me? With bangs?

I'd look like Dominikowa!

Bring us some whisky.

If you think you married a babe, a pilot and a waitress all in one, you must've traded heads with a cow.

I like her. A strong character.

Junior, bring us some whisky.

They used Semtex.

There's not much left of this Soczek.

We sent it all to the lab. They'll do it for tomorrow.

I ordered the recordings from the parking lot's CCTV cameras.

He took over all Majami's cases.

Didn't we give him any security after that German gang's threats?

Majami's security wasn't automatically passed onto Soczek.

The recordings are worth watching. I just realized they are, thank you.

Gentlemen! One of us died.

The culprit has to be caught.

We have to promise that to one another.

It's a priority and a matter of honor.

We will use all the available methods complying with the law and regulations.

Also these rarely used. I mean a direct infiltration.

That's why I invited a colleague who graduated from an FBI course.

So that we understand each other well. Undercover cop.

Excuse me? A mole. An officer playing a bandit.

Some of our guys don't have a problem with that.

Good. I'll show you gentlemen something that may explain the topic well.

Some hack wants to see Goebbels. Doesn't he know Goebbels' not here?

Wait! I'll check.

You wanted to see me? Are you Goebbels?

Yeah, I am. I wanted to see you.

I work as part of a convoy.

We're travelling to Sztum tomorrow.

I was offered...

I was offered...

Offered a bribe. Take it or inform the commissioner.

He's just drank coffee with Sugar. With what?

With Sugar, the bandit!

Why are you telling me this? All the crims in every slot say you're a fucker, but not bribable.

Mateusz Wółkowski, alias Hycel, 41.

Should I introduce you to the topic? I know it even though I'm from Dąbrowa.

The one ruffian working in Russia, not the other way round.

He killed three policemen in Kaliningrad and ran away to Poland.

Fatally struck a policeman in Suwałki.

There's an international arrest warrant issued for him.

FSB arrested him about half a year ago during a purchase of weapons...

Annulate it then. My people are working unnecessarily.

Majami's suspended, Soczek's dead and Goebbels left, so I'm "your people".

Easy, gentlemen.

It just so happens that I have this arrest warrant with me.

Due to the lack of a current photo, it only includes a facial composite.

Here you go.

But that's Despero. Who?

Inspector Desperski. He left Warsaw about 10 years ago.

He works in Słupsk or Wejherowo. He indeed looks like Desperski.

He beat up a guy from Internal Affairs.

He had to be relegated after that.

Hycel looks like Despero.

Our undercover cop.

We've got one shot.

Prepare the blockade.

A motorcycle!

Get down!

Police! Freeze!

Get him!


Repeat. Once again!

Hi, Despero.

Oh man.

Methyl. Hi there.

Howdy, Nielat. He's Quantico now.

What happened to Goebbels? A stink with your inspector.

Goebbels left with him to Katowice.

They met with Methyl there.

He said the department is in ruins and they'd hire anybody, even me.

Did he let it go? Apparently he did.

Did you let it go? I had 10 years for that.

Did he say anything?

I want in on my desk tomorrow morning. Do they have anything?

I'll go take a leak, you have a talk. Stay, it may concern you as well.

CTs eliminated the motorcyclists on the highway just before the border.

One of them testified perimortem. About Soczek?

He testified in Arabic.

Oh, that's problematic. In Poznańskie, they speak German, mostly "hende hoch" and "nicht sliesen".

One of them recorded him.

He'd come in handy for you.

He gets twice the money in the squad. The investigative service is romantic.

Show him.

Mateusz Wółkowski, alias Hycel.

He's run over the officer in Suwałki. Is it a joke?

The Russkis arrested him 6 months ago. They're keeping him in solitary.

He's been operating in Russia. Here he's known for ruffian notoriety.

And? I don't know the topic.

And get the fuck out of Jurata to play a bandit in Warsaw.

Me? You mean me?

Yeah, you. At first, they wanted me, but supposedly I'm too short.

Quantico, what's going on?

The idea is mine and only mine.

And who knows about it?

Us, the commissioner, and Barszczyk.

Five people total. Just five.

Unless he smuggles a message from jail. Then Wołomin and Pruszków will know that one Hycel serves his time and the other pretends to be him.

No message has ever been smuggled from where the Russkis are keeping him.

We'll send out a fake saying that he's being extradited to Poland.

Get it?

And why would I agree to that?

A 780 zloty bonus, that's one.

I'm not even mentioning how romantic it is.

They need to cop it. They do, no matter what.

Haven't the CTs absolved them yet? They have.

It might have been a gang's revenge and we're done, but maybe not.

Maybe someone hired them but lies in wait himself.

We have to make sure we've got them all.

Can I sleep on it? Sure.

What about us?

Bryza is empty this time of year. They have a discount, 580 per sack.

Don't say a word. I'll guess. You're a swindler. You - an alcoholic.

But they don't arrest for that. Call Despero.

He's not picking up.

"Some of us can't wait for spring.

On February 24th Ryszard N., 38, exposed himself in Skaryszewski Park in front of a group of students from a nearby nursing high school and repeated his stunt in the afternoon in front of a hairdresser's salon.

Council for minor offences evaluated Ryszard's performance for 3 months of imprisonment."

That's not much.

The councils were abolished in 1990. You've been carrying this for 27 years?

It's still clean!

Come in, inspector.

Especially that it's kinda your place.

I'm in.

We found them.

Are they the same ones who threatened Majami last year?

We don't know. They all died during the arrest attempt.

They're dead?

It won't bring Jarek back.

It won't.

Maybe you've seen something? Maybe you'd recognize them?

Nothing. Not much.

Jarek went out, I ran to wave to him, and then this blast.


I've told him so many times not to take over this Majami's case.

Have you seen any motorcyclists?

I don't remember. I was deafened.

Maybe I'll recall something later.

Yeah, call me then.

What am I supposed to bury?

I don't know. Some mortal remains.

Maybe the uniform?


Good morning. Morning.

Howdy, dear ladies. Where's Gawron? Plotting with Junior inside.


This Kowal is so polite. Be careful, okay?

About what? Be careful.

Mister Kowal is married, just like you are, I think.

Jesus, you two are a perfect match.

There's a good stretch next to Mława.

I'm glad you're here.

You'll go to Mława with Junior.

Repeat. Once again!

Do you understand anything?

Only the CT. "Noch einmal", "once again", something.

We've got the translation.

"I didn't make it to kill your officer. Allah is great, there is no other god."

Soczek didn't die of fright. Do you have the parking lot recording?

There you go. They'd been tampering with the car.

Did the van leave during the day? It didn't.

We've got the third eyewitness then.

The widow, the neighbor with the kid and this cuckoo here.

Barszczyk is questioning the neighbor. Print it for me.

I was mainly worried about my child, I wasn't memorizing details.

Who's this?

Gawełek. Our neighborhood bum.

Rummages through dumps, collects cans, makes a mess.

How do you know it's him if you can't see his face?

Because no matter the season, he wears this military coat.

Who are you?

The Nutcracker.

I don't know you.

I'm Lupa. Serving life.

That's quite a lot.

I haven't even entered my new cell yet and I already found a fag.

Why me?

There's nobody else here and the hacks disgust me.

Your life sentence may not even be five minutes long.

What the fuck?

That's how long it'll take me to take the cuffs off, open the door and smash your stupid dome.

Where's Quantico? I don't want to do his job.

On a mission.

Where will I find Gawełek?

He used to live in a squat in Grochów.

Now he hangs out in the basement of this house.

I haven't seen him in two days though.

We'll manage.

You're clever. Thief? Why are you wearing these colors?

Fuck, let me go!

I've got an escort. What do you mean?

A bribed one.

How could such a jerk like you bribe an escort?

Not me. Gawron.


That guy from Pruszków?

That one.

You're strong! Do you work out?

I kill horses with a hammer in Italy.

What about this escort?

He'll get sick and they'll stop.

Gawron's crew will set us free.

Will you put in a good word for me?

Do I have a choice?

There are no lightbulbs.

They're all closed.

He's not stiff. He's been dead for three, four days.

So this is this Gawełek of yours?

Let the undertakers take him to the lab.

I'll go get that janitor. What you looking for?

Police. Do you know him?

Sure I do. It's Zachariasz. Zachariasz who?

He's loaded like a freight train. And who are you?

I'm sweet Gawełek.

Who decorated him like that? I did!

Let the drunkard see what he looks like when he wakes up.

He guzzled all my booze so I dressed him up with the pine.

And where's your Capote, the one you always wear?

Peddled to a sucker for two hundred the day before yesterday.

Two hundred for such a rag! So it wasn't you on the other side?

Heavens, no!

There was such a fucking gas explosion there would be nothing left of Gawełek.

Why do you call yourself "Gawełek"?

That's my name!

Would you recognize the sucker? I sure would.

Zachariasz witnessed the transaction.

He won't ever recognize anyone again, even himself decorated with the pine.

It's them.

Easy. Don't provoke them. Everything will be okay.

We'll stop shortly and you'll puke. Do you have something to do it with?

I took scrambled eggs in my Thermos. Okay, cool, it will do.



Are you transporting Lupa? Yeah, but with another one.

He was supposed to be alone. It's not me who decides.

What's he doing? Making up an alibi.

Should I put you to sleep as an alibi? I'll do it myself.

You're fucked up. Take his keys. Hurry!

Keys. Hurry, we're making a show.

Jesus! I can't do it, guys.


What the fuck is going on? Who uncuffed you?

He's suspiciously skilled with a pick. Off him if you've got a piece.

I wasn't told to do so. But he must be a rat of some sort.

So? Are you a rat?


What? I'm Hycel.

If he's Hycel, Gawron will be happier to see him than you.

At least check if he's not wired up.


Lend me a coat. I'm all red here like a hoodlum.

Yes, we're done. Done, I'm telling you.

Just like Kowal said. Gawron is happier to see you than him.

Have you gone fucking mad?

I'm serving life.

They can't give me anything more.

I'll come in handy more than he will.

We'll pull off to the forest and you'll off Lupa.

What? This fag who claims to be Hycel?


Seven, six, five, four, three, two, I'm leaving one.

Reloaded. What the fuck?

Gawron paid for me.

Hycel has to prove himself.

Why doesn't he off you then?

Junior! Let him off Kowal!

Fuck, have some dignity. He's tried to off me once already.

Five minutes ago. Was it a joke?

Yeah, true.

Why? How could I know it was Hycel?

There's a fag and he's not using cant.

I understand, but Gawron told us...

A 9mm misfiring? Nice. I guess it was empty.

I won't forgive you, Hycel!

Okay, let's go. No offense.

What's up? What happened to your head?

Alibi. They took him, so it's alright.

What now? We're staying out of touch.

How's it going? He pointed one out, but he's not sure.

Wiśniewski Marian, alias Mountain, convicted for 15 years imprisonment.

Released after nine years last year. Do you know where he got his alias?

No, I must've had already left for the States.

He strangled a kid to steal his mountain bike.

It's him.

Him? Are you sure now?


He looked more like a hoodlum than a sucker from the very start.

We're looking for a hoodlum then.

They called from the forensic lab, will you drive there?

Hey, who are these babes? Who could they be? Ukrainians.

Howdy, Ukrahookers, we'll be slaying these pussies soon.

Sure thing! You'll talk to Gawron first.

You've been in Russia, so you're not exactly in on the topic.

I know a thing or two. I differentiate Pruszków from Wołomin.

Keep it up like this. We let you go.

We should get something in return. I can pay you back.

Do you have some money buried? How are you going to pay up?

Half the city is mine, the other half belongs to Wołomin.

I'll be taking from the other half. Do you know Wołowina?

Obuch, Lalunia, Krawat? Aren't you afraid of them?

The only thing I fear is God.

You ransomed Lupa out of prison because you want to off someone.

I'll do it and we'll be all square. We'll get back to this topic.

It's a phone. Pick it up.

Kowal will fix you some gear and dough.

Turn up the sound.

I'll borrow it at 10%.

According to the Warsaw police, today in the morning next to Mława two criminals convicted, among others, for murders and attacks on policemen escaped from the prison convoy.

They are Krystian Nowacki, alias Lupa, and Mateusz Wółkowski, alias Hycel.

Lupa? Huh?

No offense, Hycel.

Ukrahookers, move your asses!

Or I'll turn the TV off! We're going upstairs!

What's this? Not "what", but "who". Soczek.

It's a part of the left temporal bone.

You can see this fragment, unusually regular for a crushed bone.

It's a bullet hole.

In my opinion, it's a 9mm caliber.

What does it mean?

He either lived with a bullet or somebody shot him.

The explosion ripped up an already dead body.

Excuse me.

We're looking for a culprit, not an eyewitness.

Mountain shot Soczek before the explosion.

That's why the Arab said that he didn't make it.

Why do we need a scandal with Wołomin?

It's peaceful now and everybody benefits.

They want to join us! We don't have too many people.

We've got Lupa and Hycel now. Hycel!

You can't be sure of Hycel if something goes wrong.

Everything will go wrong if you keep poaching their guys!

Grandma, I made you hot cocoa and a yeast cake.





Oh my God!

Grandma, where are you going?

In your nightgown only! Give it to me, you'll get tired.

Where are you going? To visit your sister.

But I don't have a sister!

I'm not Helenka, I'm her daughter.

Don't you recognize me?

And aunt Jadzia lives in Canada. How? You're not Helenka?

Just look at me.

I got it all wrong.

So Jadzia is in Canada?

She's been there for a long time. We can visit her if you want.

But not today. Come.

I made you hot cocoa and a yeast cake. What about Helenka?

Mom died.

A long time ago.

Come. It's chilly in the evening.

You'll catch a cold.

If not to the cemetery, then maybe to a nursing home at least?

Fuck off, douchebag.


Your brother-in-law is a boor. He is.


Two guys from Wołomin want to change team colors.

Obuch and Lalunia.

There has two of us, too.

What about Lupa?

He's nervous and shoots quickly.

We need peace and negotiations, not cussing and bashing.

And Wołomin will talk to me?

I'll talk.

You just be there, that's enough.

It was supposed to be two each. They want to join, we set the terms.

We're all going. But it can get nasty.

And what the fuck will they do to us?


Greetings to the Wołomin underworld.

Hi there. Hi.

Who's this? Hycel. He's with us now.

The one who offed the Soviet cops? Respect, Hycel.

This is Lalunia.

You talk then, I'll have a bourbon. We've got vodka.

Vodka gives me heartburn.

Sit down. Pour it, Lalunia.

Hey, Obuch, what's up? Help yourselves, I'll be right back.

Pour it. Tell them that dry joke.

Ambulance's riding at night. The driver and the paramedic...


What's up?

I rent a room, arrange everything, and you disdain?

You want bourbon?

My vodka's no good?

No, why... Come drink with us then.

The bartender's coming. He sure is. Come on!

Hold it. It's nothing, just a scratch.

Is this emergency? A shootout at the Antoine Motel.

Two heavily wounded people. Who's speaking? Gallus Anonymus!

Hold it. You can do it. Good job.

Give me the tablecloths! We have to staunch him.

Let's get the fuck out of here. I'm not leaving him here with Obuch!

Fuck! Hold it, Kowal.

We're getting the fuck out of here, you called the cops!

Give me the fucking tablecloths!

Hold it. You'll be in hospital soon. We were playing for the same team...

Quiet! To Wołomin...

Don't say anything. Just lie. Wait for the ambulance.

Put Lalunia's prints on the Glock. Let's get the fuck out of here.

They'll change your alias for Sieve! Mask!

If you can breathe on your own, you can be questioned as well.

Did you Obuch and Lalunia? I don't know these guys.

Wołowina won't forgive you. You wasted two of his gangstas.

Next time you may not be that far from dying.

What Wołowina? Wołowina from Wołomin.

Where's Gawron? I don't know Gawron.

Chairman Gawroński left. Where to?

I don't know. When is he coming back?

I don't know. He said something about Szpilka's fight.

Did you see how Szpila whacked him? No, I didn't. Which one is Szpila?

Fuck, put this phone down!

Hey, you, move! You're blocking our ladies' view.

Shut up, fag. Fag?!

Hey, you, calm down! Because?

Because Mr. Szpilka is angry that nobody's watching him.

Back to your seats or I'll call the cops!

Sit. Calm down.

What are you doing them? Fuck you!

They don't know about Kowal.

They're not sure who whacked these two.

They'll get it once they know that Kowal is busted up in hospital.

Thank you. I'm going home. Wait. There are seven rounds left.

Hycel, will you drive me? But I wanted to watch the fight!

Drive her! We'll tell you all about it.


Calm down. Okay.

What? Do you want to ask me something?

No, I don't.

Why do they call you Hycel?

No reason. Why do they call your husband Gawron?

Because his last name is Gawroński.

Is your last name Hyclowski? No, Wółkowski.

You should be called Wół.

Is there a Mrs. Wół?

No, there isn't.

That's a pity.

She'd be the Wół's gal.

It's nice talking to you.

We're going to Masuria tomorrow, so we'll talk more.

Yeah? What was the fuss for?

We were to stay out of touch. We know who offed Soczek.

Marian Wiśniewski, alias Mountain. I know the case.

There's a link between him and Gawron. Anything else?

You've got Mountain in your inbox. Who was shooting in the Antoine Motel?

Me, Kowal and Junior. Wołomin started.

Can we jail Junior for murder?

Firstly, he'll claim self-defense, and secondly, we want Gawron, right?

Subject discussed. Look at Mountain and destroy the card.

Good morning, Mr. Chairman.

Is the floor booked? Of course, just like you said.

You occupy four apartments.

There are 12, so I thought...

They're supposed to stay empty. Don't think too much.

What will we do with Antoine? What?

We can't leave it like this, they wanted to whack me!

We'll talk about it in Warsaw. We're having fun now.

Darling, try this.

It's good!

You're cutting too much. It's fine, you have to be strong.

We're looking like morons at a village disco.

I'll let the rabble in. No, don't. Hycel told us not to.

Hycel doesn't make the rules here.

Come in!

Easy, let them have fun.

These guys were obeying someone, they weren't lone kamikazes.

What can you do?

You can't do anything! Youth.

Just don't drink.

And be careful.

Have fun, Mira!

We'll pay!

Leave it. Chairman Gawroński will pay.

Leave him! Save Gawron!

He's dead!

Take the piece and give me the keys.

Give me the fucking keys! Fuck, wait!

Jesus, they let you go.

I was afraid they'd arrest you.

Careful. They've just stitched me up.

I have to report to the Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw.

Where's Mira? I'm here.

Do you need anything? An alive husband?

I'll go take a nap.

You should try as well before we leave.

Who is it?

Who is it?

What are you doing here? What happened?

Mira asked for her purse, she says she'd left some medicine there.

Is she okay? What purse? There's nothing here.

But what... Help!

Fuck, finally.

I need an ambulance to room 1131. Immediately.

Why here? For our sins.

I can't enter the station until the case is not closed.

The case is closed.

We're finishing the mission.

Gawron's dead and we'll arrest Junior for what happened in the Antoine Motel.

Gawron didn't order to off Soczek.

It's weird that Mountain shot Gawron. Maybe they argued over dough.

Gawron didn't recognize Mountain. What?

He saw him for the first time ever. I'm telling you what I know.

Gawron didn't order to off Soczek. Do you have proof for that?

No, you don't.

We assume Gawron's the commissioner.

We'll go after Mountain as the culprit using standard methods.

Mountain will come back to kill Junior. We're lucky that Despero was around.

There's going to be a set-to between Pruszków and Wołomin.

We can have them all. Both gangs. I need three months.

That is out of the question. Two then.

Six weeks.

A month.

And before you use your gun next time, you'll call Quantico first.

Understood? Sure. Obvious obviousness.

That He'll resurrect the bodies of our brother and sister...

How long's this party going to take? Fuck, Ananas. A while, okay?

My deepest condolences.

I'm sorry we meet in such circumstances. So sad... Such a tragedy...

I couldn't make it to the cemetery. The cops had their spy there.

My condolences. Get stuffed with them.

You were supposed to guard us. Leave him. He guarded us two.

I'm glad you're here. Go talk to Kowal.

Did you call me? Yeah. Where's Kowal?

He said he was going to get a dress.

I want to change.

So what do we do? We wait.

Give me one.

What? Are my hands shaking?

No. Mine are shaking, but I don't want to show that.

Here you are.

Good, because I need access to Gawron's desk to get papers.

I also need the passwords to the company's accounts.

I know it's bad timing, but the business can't wait.

I guess we don't know each other.

Oh, sorry.

This is Mira, Gawron's widow, and this is Ananas, my new partner.

You're from Ożarów. You used to work for Wołowina.

Does it matter? Now I work on my own.

You mean you work with us now? Don't fucking interfere.

I picked up the frock. Show it to mister Ananas.

I don't give a fuck about your kit. Take the papers and let's get the fuck out of here.

We won't be fucking waiting for her garments.

Will you let me check the desk?

And if you could give me the passwords.

Fuck me.

What now? Still making peace with Wołomin?

We're forgetting about my husband and it's all fucking right?

Kowal will provide you with the peace you didn't even dream about.

Come on, fuck, it was just a decoy.

Say one word and I'll off Wołowina. I'll whack him myself.

I'd have to wait for that until I'm fucking dead.

Hycel will off him.

And you just fucking think. Where are you?

With us or in the lime?

With you. Always with you.

Say a word and I'll whack Mona and marry you.

Kick my kinsman out the door and help Kowal with this shit.

Jump in and pass me the stiff.

Wait, I'll help you. No, take these canisters and torches.

Is it gas? if we burn him, it's going to be like a crematory.

No worries, it's just acid.

Have you ever dissolved a guy? Nope.

Start from the legs then, it's less disgusting there.

Mind your hands 'cause it's fucking caustic.

Breathe in and withstand it.

If you make it without puking, I'll buy you a whore.

One more.

Crap, not a job.

We should find you something to do.

Do you want five hundred? The new note.

What for? 'Cause, you know... No, no way.

I like to watch ladies on their knees. Walk a stretch and I'll give you money.

How long a stretch? Not to Wołomin, just the whole carpet.

This long?


Once more? Enough.

Samanta, I'll give you what I have. Everything.

4850... if you come back to me on all fours, but underneath the carpet, because I hate to watch chicks walk on their knees.




They're not from the Teachers' Union.

Have you seen "beating the carpet"? What?


So you're such total badasses? Then play with me, not the whore.

Fuck off, lout, or we'll fuck you up without the carpet.

We're doing this one on one. Five of you and two of us.

What's up? Put your stuff on the bar! We don't have anything.

My stitches came out.

Be so kind and walk 'til the end, the hoodlum is waiting to pay you.

What makes the smallest profit? Nicking from lorries.

Thanks, Mona, we'll manage.

And bigger?

Protection and brothels, kidnappings, but only done on a massive scale.

And the biggest? Drugs.

No. Hycel?

Robbing the country. VAT.

But then we're stealing from a thief with more hitmen than Eastern Europe.

We'll earn the most stealing from everybody.

A bank. You want to rob banks?

No, moron, I want to build them.

No more bets, thank you.

Black seventeen.

New bets, please.

Last bets.

No more bets.

Black two.

Boss, I've got a personal request. Speak freely, these are my partners.

I need a loan. Let's see.

I put 111 grand on your tab, but you're not paying interest.

It's going to be 159840 zloty now.

And you want a loan?

Adaś, who's your father? What does it matter, miss?

I can write you 79940 zloty off, lend you 50 grand and make you a bank's executive.

The salary...

How much is the euro now? 4.35.

Say, 43500.

My father is a deputy to the Sejm. And?

And a vice-chairman of the Banking Supervision Authority.

Because you see, there's only one problem.

We don't have this bank yet.

The Authority motherfuckers rejected our application.

I'll kill that turd.

You'll mess the polish up.

I already did.

Is it gross? Not as gross as your husband.

It's him.


What if he starts to you-know-what? He's so stout he doesn't get hard.

Do you have something in the glove compartment?

What happened?


He doesn't get hard indeed, but he likes to play with toys.

What toys? A bottle after a Russian rotgut.


He said he can meet with us.

But only in his office, because he won't get eavesdropped on.

Should I drive you to a hospital? No. Go home.

We don't have female personnel here. Grześ, search them.

Grześ can keep his hands to himself.

He can search the bag and the coat.

I don't have a lot of time for you, but the brat put in a word for you.

The Supervision Authority's consent costs one million euros.

Can be done. Annually.

To my account in the Cayman Islands. And I don't want to see you here again.

It's not really honorable to have such contractors.

Eyes on the road.

We don't have female personnel here. Grześ, search them.


I told you I don't want to see you again.

The Supervision Authority's consent costs one million euros.

Can be done. Annually.

Motherfuckers! Are you interested?

Or should I send it to Newsweek? The ISA will take care of you.

Shut the fuck up! Bottle-lover. Or he'll shut it for you.

What will you look like on TV without the prosthesis?

The Authority has a week to change its decision.

Bugs finished people more powerful than you, pig.

And you're a fucking weak dick.

If you want to stand up to us or off yourself, we will off your kid, broad and mother in Starowa Góra.

14 B Starowa Góra next to Łódź.

Understood? Let's take a selfie.

Old one fucking done.

Cheers to success.

Once you have this bank of yours, will we take care of Wołowina?


Because if we don't settle the score, they'll think we're wussing out.

Do you know how much bacon my husband brought home annually?

You don't?

25 million.

You'll see how much we get in the bank.

Without all these bombs, pieces, cops sniffing around.

We'll leave all this crap to Wołomin.

Brothels, bazaars, drugs.

We won't be smuggling heating oil and peddle it as diesel oil.

In 10 years we'll buy ourselves a gas pipeline, get it?

And you want to give it all to Wołomin because they offed your husband?

How do you know it was them? 'Cause Obuch tried to off us, and...

True, I don't know for sure.

We'd have to find out. Find out then.

Have you seen the one who put an iron to your head before?

No, where would I? Why are you asking?

You told me to find out, so I need to ask around.

It's taken, can't you see?

What are you doing here? I came to talk.

Give Mira and Junior my condolences. I'd do it, but it'd be inappropriate.

Rather inappropriate for you to do it.

Do you think I'd be here with a chick if I'd ordered to whack him?

I'm not a "chick"!

True, I guess. What happened with Obuch and Lalunia?

Lalunia conspired with Junior and this I know for sure.

See, Kowal, it was Lalunia, and you said it was Obuch.

I didn't talk to Obuch myself. It was Junior's idea.

I know nothing about Lalunia.

Junior? How? Yeah, him.

Where do you know Mountain from? I don't know the guy.

I heard a thing or two, but I don't run with kiddie killers.

Where can I find him? I don't know.

Unless I hear something by chance. Listen.

We're entering the banking sector. Mira wants to sell you everything.

Sell how?

Our turf, guys, contacts. For free?

For a lifetime protection, but we need a guarantee.

I won't give you my mother but I can give you the old man.

The old man? Your father? Yeah, my father.

If I fuck up, you'll whack him, but I won't, so he's covered.

Set up a meeting with Mira.

Good morning.

God bless you, Bishop. Welcome.

The door!

There you go.

I wanted to open an account. Of course. 2085 zloty.

This coin goes to our vault and secures your deposit.

Just 65% of the coin, to be exact. I'll pay the rest then...

Of course.

I hope the curia's money will be safe here, Bishop.

Thank you very much, goodbye. Thank you.

Good morning. I'd like to open an account.

Your ID, please.

Chairwoman. Executive.

What's up, mate? Assets.

Well done. Ask your father's friends if they want to be branch executives.

In Poznań, Kraków and Wrocław. Skills?

Same as yours. Or better.

Oh fuck. What? Something's wrong?

This place is packed to the rafters. When are we closing?

In 15 minutes. At 6. I'll go have a smoke outside.

Don't push! How long can we wait?

Move, please. Let me go!

Excuse me. I've been standing here for ages!

Excuse me.

Go fuck yourself! We agreed to stay out of touch.

Will fish me out of the Vistula? What's your problem?

It was you who approached me. And who came to the bank?

What bank? I'm here of my own accord.

They have a good pension offer.

In Argentina, for fuck's sake. It's a Ponzi scheme, don't you get it?

Do you know what's the CEO's name?

Fucking Gawrońska. It's our bank.

But they praise it on TV, advertise it all the time.

I have to go withdraw the money. Wait. Not now and not in this branch.

Go tomorrow. To Łódź or Tricity.

An offer for officers? Old fool.

There's no Hycel.


I've never seen a bandit looking so alike an officer.

I don't know what you mean. You do.

There's no Wółkowski.

You've been working as Hycel from the very beginning.

The policeman was hit by a drunk priest and they only added it to the legend.

So many years for the Russkis.

Who's a fool now, Despero? I didn't work for the Russkis.

It was the Interpol's operation. I don't have to know.

Why did Goebbels want to frame you? Drugs.

I was a whore.

I know what it's like.

What now? Goebbels trusted me and you don't?

According to my knowledge, Wołomin didn't hire Mountain either.

Who did then?

I don't know.

Where's the chairwoman? At the accounting department.

The vice went out for a business swag. A business swag? Okay.

Thank you, it's all for today. You'll finish it tomorrow.

Pull the pants up, sort yourself out. There are cleaners on the stairs.

I go in and you jump out like this? What's it gonna look like?

I'm very sorry. Don't apologize. Get the fuck out.

Do you want to finish? The line or you?

The line's already out.

Aren't you afraid I'll rat you out to Junior?

Are you going to rat out that you sent me to this fat pig too?

You're high. We'll talk tomorrow. Asshole! Hosebag!

I keep thinking, but I don't know.

Why did you let the crowd onto the dancefloor in Olsztyn?

What? Should I repeat?

Mira let the guests in too. I personally forbade you to.

Fuck off.

Fuck, you mad, asshole?

I'll tell Junior to off you for that.

Listen to me! Let me go!

It won't stop itself after all you've sniffed.

You'll bleed out like a sow and they'll presume it's the drugs.

Why did you do that? Let me go, you moron!

I wanted to have fun! Why?!

I already told you. I feel faint. Let me go. No!

Why the fuck?! My husband told me to.

Hycel, let's go home.

What the fuck are you doing? How will I find Mountain?

Hide the piece... You sent a thug to off your brother?

You're not worthy of shooting. Just a rope and a tow hook.

Lucky you. I need access to Mountain. Tell me where I'll find him.

You're getting something wrong. Open the window behind you.

What? I don't want to make a mess.

Hycel... Open the window, you fucker!

Do you know who I am?

How many guys did you see me whack?

The waiter and Lalunia. How many else have you heard of?

Four cops. Six in total. I'm counting.

It wasn't me. How could I?

Five... Wołomin sent them.

Four... I swear on my mother.

Three... Two... One... I have his number, fuck, don't shoot!

Yeah? We've got things to fix in Masuria.


Tomorrow at 11 am in the shoe trees stall.

His uncle sells shoe trees at a bazaar.

I am to bring him 5 thousand euros at 11 am.

What now?

You wanted Gawron to think that Wołomin is going to war with him.

How many more orders did you have for Mountain?

Just Olsztyn.

But I had to take a hit this time.

So I shot myself.

Come on, fuck, don't you believe me?

I admitted to killing my brother, would I bullshit about the others?

True, I guess.

To solitary, huh? I'll take him to the spooks.

We're taking Mountain out at 11 am. Shoe tree stall at the bazaar.

The CTs in a refrigerated truck will wait there the whole night.

Just make it logical, not a furniture van next to a grocery.

Leave it to me. Worry about your story for the gangstas.

I drove him to the station, but I don't know if he got on.

And? That's it.

Did he say when he'll come back? He never tells me anything.

How's the business going?

We're opening branches in 11 voivodeships next month.

We'll exceed a billion by the end of the month.

Did you set up a meeting with Wołowina?

Saturday, an unused motel in Łomianki.

Four from each side.

If Junior doesn't come back, there's only me, you and Kowal.

Why wouldn't he come back?

Fuck. I asked you.

FURNITURE There was nothing else left yesterday.

Easy, in order to see it he has to come here, right?

Won't these guards scare him off? These guards are ours.

Do you have a trade permit? Yes.

Can I see it? Yes, please.

The target is walking your way. Green coat, black hat. Small, thin guy.

We're taking him.

Police! Get down! Freeze!

The vest got it. Get him!

Freeze! Police!

Freeze! Police!

Freeze! Get down! Police!

Wait, wait!


Where are they? Shoot in the legs!

Don't shoot!

Is that how you approach an armed guy? Let it go!

Did Junior blow my cover? Yes. Tell me...

Fuck the rat.

It was me who whacked his brother at his direct personal order.

He gave me five grand. Did the cops hear?

They did, they did!

Testify more for me. Did Junior pay you for Soczek?


I know you offed an officer like half a year ago.

Was it at Junior's command? No.

Whose then? Fuck, Mountain! I'm not a rat, you pig.

Is the ambulance here? It's coming, but that's the end.

Did he testify? He offed Gawron at Junior's command.

The CTs witnessed this, but he didn't admit to whacking Soczek.

Hi there, Kowal, what's up?

I'm driving around looking for him.

A shootout at the bazaar? I didn't hear it. I'll be there soon.

Gotta go. Don't go back. Mountain's done.

Don't inform the station yet.

The widow wants to deal with Wołomin. It'd be better if I was there.

You have to come back one day.

What are you doing here? Mira invited us.

Are you Hycel? Mahmud. Hi.

I'm glad you're here.

Deputy has problems with the police. Everybody does.

He'll send all his guys after me.

I won't be covering for you anymore. I want my part and I'm leaving.

Leaving far away. Today! Who said so?

The commissioner. Metropolitan?

Of course not! Chief!

Let's say I'll give you five. Or ten. And you'll go to Israel.

How long will it last? Please, give us time until Monday.

You may come in handy in the future.

Will you walk the deputy to the car?

Will you off him? Who?

The main cop of all the cops.

Alright. No, you hesitated.

I didn't. It's not for someone who hesitates.

Maybe I thought for a moment, but it's not just any patrolman, it's a fucking police commissioner for the whole fucking country.

Alright, subject discussed. Somebody else will do it.

Who? The Chechens?

Maybe. Go take care of our guests with Kowal.

Do you remember we have a meeting with Wołomin tomorrow?

Why do you think these wogs came here?

Enough. We won't stay up all night! He told me it was urgent.

The operation was to end a month ago. That's insubordination.

He said it was urgent. Where is he then?

Where have you been? I smell alcohol. At work.

Have you been drinking? I had to, but I'm still conscious.

The meeting's cancelled.

I'm closing down the operation.

We'll talk tomorrow, when you sober up. 9am in my office. Done!

They want to off the commissioner. Me?

No. Your boss.

Evacuate, evacuate!

What the fuck is he doing? They're ceasing the operation.

Get in the cars.

Have you gone fucking mad? The operation's cancelled.

What happened? They killed the main one at night.

Who gave the order? The metropolitan.

Get out as fast as possible. Fucking fuck.

There's nobody here. What?

No witnesses. Nobody saw them. So what?

We can continue. The three of us?

We'll call our friends. You mean who?

Our mates.

We're all here.

The widow and the Chechens will slaughter these guys from Wołomin.

Better them than us, isn't it? Right.

Do you think they'll surrender when they see us?

We'll have to shoot! So we'll shoot.

At best we'll have to kill them all. Is that the plan?

That's our job, isn't it?

We can do it, they can't.

How many will there be? Six and probably Kowal.

I'll try the CTs again.

Barszczyk? if you don't send CTs, there's going to be a bloodbath.

No, we're not going back, we're in the middle of...

The motherfucker hung up. Alright, let's go to work.

Before Wołomin comes, 'cause we won't count them then.

Seven to three, what do we do? As usual, we'll ask them to surrender.

Careful. They'll be here soon.

I'm entering the dance hall.

Police! Hands up!

Two down.

Will you manage? Take Kowal. It's just my arm.

Police! Drop your weapon and get down!

Your buddies are dead!

You haven't killed anyone yet!

Five years in prison are better than death!

You're a soldier, but not a fool.

You're not a bandit. You're smart!

You're only doing it for the money, but there will be nothing but death!

Fuck, get down! Hands on your head!

Fuck, Hycel?

Call an ambulance to the pool, now!

Fuck, Hycel, you're a cop? Yeah, I am.

Don't say anything. You'll be in hospital soon.

But a cop, Hycel? I'm not Hycel.

I'm Despero from the counter-terrorist squad.

That's good.

I was worried you're a rat, but you're just a cop.

Hold on, Kowal.

Carry them if you don't want to fight with Wołomin.

In Warsaw today there was a shootout with handguns.

An unidentified man or men fired in the direction of a Skoda car.

An identical car is owned by the chief police commissioner, General Mateusz Z., Give me some smokes.

Who lives nearby the crime scene.

Do you know that there are more cops killed than bad guys?

Don't get involved with a cop or you'll become a widower.

He's been taken to the intensive care unit.

And you - with a gangster, or you'll become a Jane Doe or a widow.

I've been with a bad guy for 6 months. With a cop, I was a widow after two.

You got hitched with a cop? I was supposed to get hitched.

They killed him before the wedding.

Blew him up with a bomb.

A bomb? What was his name? Jarek.

But they called him Soczek.

He was so sweet. Soczek who?

The one with a pregnant wife? He wanted to throw her over.

He worried about the kid. The bitch said she'd rather drown it.

We fell in love, what could we do?

Why were Majami and Soczek such good buddies?

They both dated gangstas' ex-chicks. Exactly.

Check the thug who dated Soczek's widow before she became his chick.

Now? Now.

Check Soczek's widow and see what's her ex's from Ożarów name is.

Yes, now. I'm waiting.


Okay, thanks.

Piórkowski Stanisław, alias Władek.

Mountain was in jail with him for the last four years. In one cell.

Don't fuck with me, not for this price.

He has to come down 20%.

I gotta go, I've got a guest.

Do you have any news for me?

When are you due? In 10 days.

Listen to me.

We can't prove anything to you, because Mountain is dead.

Just tell me: how could you order to kill your child's father?


You're giving birth in 10 days

and you ordered a thug to off him. Your husband.

How will you look the kid in the eye? How will you raise it?

Are you sick or what? And you're healthy?

I've seen many things, but killing a husband and father... it's going to remind you every hour that you ordered to kill his father.

Are you going to put it in a barrel too?

What's happening?

Nitro in my pocket and an ambulance.

He promised me everything, and when I got pregnant, he wanted to throw me over for a whore with young tits and ass.

Neither me nor my damn brat mattered.

You want nitroglycerin?

Die, fucker.

Wait, I'll help you.

As you wish.

I've got 42 suitcases of dollars and a ticket to Israel. We can buy a second one at the airport.

Yeah, true.

If you don't like Jews or the climate, I can send you a few.

You probably can.

We're alone. It's just us. You don't even know how alone.

Maybe we'd fall in love with time.

Maybe, if you'd hesitated at least once.

Keep an eye on my van. What do you have inside?

Subtitles: Zofia Syroka DI FACTORY