Pitch Black (2000) Script

They say most of your brain shuts down in cryo-sleep.

All but the primitive side,

the animal side.

No wonder I'm still awake.

Transporting me with civilians.

Sounded like 40, 40-plus.

Heard an Arab voice, some hoodoo holy man, probably on his way to New Mecca.

But what route?

What route?

Smelled a woman.

Sweat, boots, tool belt, leather.

Prospector type.

Free settlers.

And they only take the back roads.

And here's my real problem.

Mr. Johns, the blue-eyed devil.

Planning on taking me back to slam, only this time he picked a ghost lane.

A long time between stops.

A long time for something to go wrong.

Why did I fall on you?

He's dead.

The captain's dead.

I was looking right at him.

The chrono shows we are 22 weeks out so gravity was not supposed to kick in for another 19.

Why'd I fall at all?

Did you hear what I said?

The captain's dead.

1550 millibars, dropping 20 mb per minute.

Shit! We're hemorrhaging air. Something took a swipe at us.

Come on. Just tell me we're still in the shipping lane.

Just show me all those stars. Come on!

Those big, bright...


This is an emergency dispatch from merchant vessel Hunter Gratzner en route to the Tangier system with 40 commercial passengers on board.

We have been knocked out of our shipping lane and are entering the atmosphere of a planetary body in this position, X-38-stroke-5, Y-95-stroke-8, Z-21...

Fry, where the hell's our comms?

Rate of descent beyond known limits.

They trained you for this, Fry, right?

Deploy lower air brakes now.

Center of gravity too far aft.

Recommend purging ballast now.

What the... Was that a purge, Fry?

Too heavy in the ass. I can't get my fucking nose down.

Crisis program selected number two because it shows some oxygen.

Maximum terrain 220 meters over mean surface, largely cinder and gypsum with some evaporite deposits.

What the hell are you doing?

I gotta drop more load.

I tried everything else. I still got no horizon.

Better try everything twice, 'cause we don't just flush out... if you know something I don't, get up here and take the chair.

Company says we are responsible for every single one of those people.

What, we both die out of sheer fucking nobility?

Don't you touch that handle, Fry!

I'm not gonna die for them.

Air-lock doors not secure.


Seventy seconds, Fry.

You still have 70 seconds to level this beast out.

Shit. Shit! Air lock doors now.

Air-lock doors not secure.

What the fuck is happening up there?



Somebody's gonna get hurt one of these days.

It ain't gonna be me.

Here, Shazza.

So I guess something went wrong.

I'm sorry.

Get it out of me!

Don't touch it!

Don't you touch that handle!

Get it out of him!

No, it's too close to his heart.

There's Anestaphine in the med-lock in the back of the cabin.

Not anymore, there's not.

Get out of here, everyone.

Get out of here.

That'll teach me for flying coach.


Is anyone else having difficulties breathing?

Yeah, I feel one lung short. All of us.

I feel like I just ran or something.

There was talk of a scouting party looking for other people, but then we saw this.

What the bloody hell happened?

It could have been a meteor storm.

Might have been a rogue comet.

I don't know.

Well, I for one, am thoroughly grateful.

This beast wasn't made to land like this, but I think you did well.

Actually, the only reason we're alive is because of her.

Yes, I suppose you're right. Thanks very much.

Yeah, thanks for saving our dicks.

No, really. Thanks awfully.

Well done.

He just escaped from a maximum prison.

So do we just keep him locked up forever?

Well, that would be my choice.

Is he really that dangerous?

Only around humans.

The whole bloody container's upside down. It's all topsy-turvy.

Thank God it's not a total loss.


This is what you have to drink?

I'll need a receipt for that, for all of these. This is my personal stuff.

I don't suppose this will help you at all.

Unfortunately it is not permitted, especially while on hajj.

You do realize there's no water, don't you?

All deserts have water.

It only waits to be found.

I hope you're right.

All the more for me then.


What the hell are these?

Maratha war picks from northern lndia.

Very rare. And this?

That's a hunting blow-dart pipe from northern Papua New Guinea.

That's very, very rare since the tribe is now extinct.

They couldn't hunt shit with these things, would be my guess.

What's the point anyway? If the man is gone, he's gone.

Why should he bother us?

Maybe to take what you got.

Maybe to work your nerves.

Or maybe to just come back and skull-fuck you in your sleep.

He sounds like a charmer.

For you.

Let's just get... Here we go.

Yeah? Yeah.

Imam, if we're looking for water, we should leave soon, before nightfall, while it's cooler.


Excuse me.

I think you should see this.

Three suns?

Bloody hell.

So much for your nightfall.

So much for my cocktail hour.

We take this as a good sign.

A path, direction from Allah.

Blue sun, blue water.

Ever wondered why I'm an atheist?

It's a bit of a bad sign. That's Riddick's direction.

I thought you found his restraints over there, towards sunset.

Right. Which means he went towards sunrise.


Fully loaded clip. Safety's on.

One shot if you spot him, okay?

Don't tell me you're going, too.


What happens if Mr. Riddick spots us first?

There'll be no shots.


Seven stones to keep the devil at bay.

You're on a trip to New Mecca, right?

Once in every lifetime, should there be a great hajj.

A great pilgrimage.

To get to know Allah better?

Yes, but to know yourself, as well.


We are all on the same hajj now.


So did you see anything?

No Riddick.

Trees, and trees mean water.

Trees, and trees mean water.

You comfy up there?

It's amazing how you can do without necessities of life, provided you have the little luxuries.

Just keep your bloody eyes open.

I don't want that dog sneaking up on my bloody ass.

Yes, well, you dig the graves.

I'll hold the fort, old boy.


He could probably get you right here, right under the jaw, and you'd never hear him coming, 'cause that's how good Riddick is.

Tell me something, did you run away from your parents or did they run away from you?

It's a communal graveyard, perhaps, like the elephants of Earth.

He asks what could have killed so many great things.

Is this whole planet dead?


Probably shouldn't do this. It dehydrates you even more.

You're probably right.

You could have stayed back at the ship. Probably should've.

If we don't find water, you know what happens.

I wanted to get away.

I've never seen a captain so ready to leave her ship.

I think we should keep moving.

What did Owens mean about not touching the handle?

It's just between you and me, Carolyn. I promise.

I'm not your captain.

During the landing, when things were at their worst, Owens was at his best.

He stopped the docking pilot from dumping the main cabin.

The passengers.

And the docking pilot being?

I guess I'm a little more glad to be here than I thought.

Hassan. Suleiman.


Is there anyone here?

There was water here.


Lights on?


They are saying God is great.

Allahu Akbar. Yes.

This is the source of the water.

No darkness.

No lights because no darkness.

Hello, Mecca!

Tell me that was you just now.

What are you going on about?

He's been right here helping me.

Back of the ship. That noise.

You trying to tell me that was someone... else?


Oh, my God.

I thought I was the only one who got out of the crash alive.


It was somebody else.

It was just somebody else from the crash!

Crikey. I thought it was him.

I thought it was Riddick.

No juice.

It looks like it's been laid up for years.

We might be able to adapt it to...

Shut up.

Sorry. I thought I heard something.

Like what?



Piece of shit!

What did you do to Zeke?

What did you do to him? Just kill him.

Just somebody goddamn kill him before he...

So where's the body?

Well, do you want to tell me about the sounds?

Look, you told Johns you heard something.

That's fine.

You don't want to talk to me, that's your choice, but just so you know there's a debate right now as to whether we should leave you here to die.

You mean the whispers?

What whispers?

The ones telling me to go for the sweet spot just to the left of the spine, fourth lumbar down, the abdominal aorta.

It's a metallic taste, human blood.


If you cut it with peppermint schnapps, it goes away...

Do you want to shock me with the truth now?

All you people are so scared of me.

Most days, I'd take that as a compliment.

But it ain't me you gotta worry about now.

Show me your eyes, Riddick.

You'd have to come a lot closer for that.


Where the hell can I get eyes like that?

You gotta kill a few people.

Okay, I can do it.

Then you gotta get sent to a slam where they tell you you'll never see daylight again.

You dig up a doctor and you pay him 20 menthol Kools to do a surgical shine job on your eyeballs.

So you can see who's sneaking up on you in the dark?

Exactly. Leave!


Cute kid.

Did I kill a few people?


Did I kill Zeke?


You got the wrong killer.

He's not in the hole. We looked.

Look deeper.

Let me tell you what I think happened.

I think he went off on the guy, buried him in the hills.

Now he's got you believing there's something else out there.

Well, let's just be sure.

Look, murders aside, Riddick belongs in the asshole hall of fame.

He loves to jaw-jack and loves to make you feel afraid, because that's all he has. You're playing right into it.

Why try to explain this to you?

You're a cop. For God's sake, we've got to find his body.

Hey! I'll go.

Look, no one is going. Stay here.

Look, being ballsy with your life doesn't change what came before. It's stupid.

What, do you think I'm trying to prove something?

Well, are you?

They're hollow.

I'm in here!

I'm in here. I'm inside!

I thought I heard something.

Please, can you hear me?

Help me.

Give me your goddamn hand.

I heard you, Fry. I heard you first.

Come on.

Fry, are you okay?

What's down there? What is it?

Did you find Zeke?

You're all right.

Fry, are you okay?

Okay. Fuck!

That was so fucking stupid.

I don't know what the fuck is in there, but whatever it is, it got Zeke and it nearly got me!

Get it off me!

Watch it. Watch your head.

Finally found something worse than me, huh?

So here's the deal.

You work without chains, without bit, and without shivs.

You do what I say, when I say it.

For what?

The honor of going back to some asshole of a cell? Fuck you.

The truth is I'm tired of chasing you.

Are you saying you'd cut me loose?

I'm thinking you could have died in the crash.

My recommendation. Do me.

Don't take the chance that I'll get shiv-happy on your wanna-be ass.


Ghost me, mother-fucker. That's what I'd do to you.

I want you to remember this moment.

The way it could have gone and didn't.


Take it easy. Fuck you!

Do we have a deal?

I want you to remember this moment.

Just one? For now.

Click your fingers, and he's one of us now?

I didn't say that, but at least this way, I don't have to worry about y'all falling asleep and not waking up.

So, can I talk to him now?



Paris P. Ogilvie.

Antiquities dealer, entrepreneur.

Richard B. Riddick.

Escaped convict, murderer.

That's... That's a particularly good Shiraz.

It's... it's a lovely drop.

It's... it's very expensive.

By all means, please help yourself.

I mean, normally I can appreciate antiques.

But this, this is something else.

It'll work.

It's nothing we can't repair, so long as the electrical adapts.

Well, it's not a star-jumper.

It doesn't need to be.

Take a two-seater like this back up to the Sol-Track shipping lanes.

Stick out her thumb, bound to get picked up.

Ain't that right, captain?

Can I have a little help here?

I got it. Come on.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Do me a favor.

Check these containers out and, uh, see what we can patch these wings up with.

All right?

Insha Allah!

All right, all right. My turn.

Are you all right?


And we are getting there.

So we've got enough power for a sys-check, but we'll still need more cells.

How many are we talking about?


Let's see, we got a 90-gig draw.

The other ship takes 20-gig cells.

That would be five.

Five total to launch.

Thirty-five kilos each, huh? Fuck.

Well, that's pretty heavy.

Well, you know that old sand cat out there?


I might be able to get it going.

Yeah. Do it if you can, but if you need a hand...

Where did Riddick go?

Let's go.

You're missing the party. Come on, boy.

You're missing the party. Come on.

Oh, man.

All praises be Allah, for His many blessings to us.


It's the winner of the look-alike contest.

Who were these people, miners?

Looks like geologists.

An advance team, moves around from rock to rock.

Nice of them to leave so much stuff here.

Why'd they leave their ship?

It's not a ship, it's a skiff. And it's disposable, really.

It's more like an emergency life raft, right?

Yeah, they probably had a big drop ship take them off planet.

These people didn't leave. Come on.

Whoever got Zeke got them. They're all dead.

You don't really think they left with their clothes on the hooks, photos on the shelves.

Maybe they had weight limits. You don't know.

I know you don't prep your emergency ship unless there's a fucking emergency.

He's fucking right. Watch your mouth.

He's just saying what we're all thinking.

So what happened? Where are they?

Has anyone seen the little one? Ali?

Has anyone checked the coring room?


Come on.


Jack, wait. Wait!

Ali? Ali?




Other buildings weren't secure,

so they ran here.

Heaviest doors.

Thought they'd be safe inside, but they forgot to lock the cellar.


What, it's broken?

No. There's still a few hits.

Actually, you asshole, I'm trying to say that I'm sorry.

Okay, let's board this place up and get the hell out of here.

Whatever the fuck those things were, they seem to stick to darkness.

So, if we stick to daylight, we should be all right, okay?

Let's go.

Twenty-two years ago.


These coring samples are dated.

Last one's 22 years ago this month.

Is there something special about that, Carolyn?

I don't know.

There could be.

An eclipse.

You're not afraid of the dark, are you?

So we gotta get the power cells.

I've still gotta check the hull and patch the wings.

Wait on the power cells.

Until it's too dark to get back?

We don't know when it'll happen.

Let's not get overexcited.

Just get the fucking cells here, Johns. What is the discussion?

Maybe I should tell you how Riddick escaped.

He can pilot?

He hijacked a prison transport, made a run before I tracked him down.

Okay, maybe that's a good thing.

We can use him to help us navigate.

He also figured out how to kill the pilot.

You told me we could trust him.

You said that we had a deal, Johns.

You may have noticed that chains don't work on this guy.

The only way you people are safe is if he believes he's going free.

Let's say he stops believing...

You mean if he realizes we'll fuck him over.

Just listen to me for a second.

If we bring the cells up at the last possible minute when the wings are ready and we're ready to launch...

He hasn't harmed any of us. As far as I can tell He hasn't even lied to us.

Let's just stick to the deal.

He's a killer.

The law says he has to do his bid.

There's nothing I can do about that.

You hear me?

You're dancing on razor blades here.

I'm not gonna give him a chance to grab another ship or slash another pilot's throat.

Not on my watch.

Bad sign.

Shaking like that in this heat.

I thought I said no shivs.


This is just a personal grooming appliance.

Thanking you.

Looks like we're a few shy.

Power cells.

They're coming.

It's strange, not doing a run-up on the main drive yet.


Unless he told you the particulars of my escape.

I got the quick and ugly version.

You're worried about a repeat of history.

It has entered our minds.

I asked what you thought.

You scare me, Riddick. That's what you want to hear, isn't it?

Now can I just get back to work?

I've been meaning to catch up with you alone, unrestrained.

Do you think...

You think Johns is a do-right man? Think I can trust him to cut me loose?

Why? What did you hear?

Well, guess if it were trickeration, he'd just "X" me out, huh?

He'd kill me.

Then again, I am worth twice as much alive.

Oh, you didn't know that?

Your Johns ain't a cop.

He's got that nickel-slick badge,

and that blue uniform,

but he's just a merc.

And I'm just a payday.

That's why he won't kill me, see?

The creed is greed.

Don't waste my time.

We're not gonna turn on each other, no matter how hard you try.

I don't know what's gonna happen when the lights go out, Carolyn.

But I do know once the dying starts this little psycho-fuck family of ours is gonna rip itself apart.

Ever wonder why Johns shakes like that?

Ask him.

Ask why your crew pal had to scream so painfully before he died.

So who are you, really?

You're not a cop, are you?

I never said I was.

No, you didn't.

You never said you were a hype, either.

You have caffeine in the morning, I have a little morphine. So what?

You got two mornings every day. Wow, you were born lucky.

It's not a problem unless...

No, it becomes a problem when you let Owens die like that.

We have enough drugs here to knock out a fucking mule team.

Owens was already dead.

His brain just hadn't caught on to the facts.

Is there anything else I should know about you, Johns?

You know, I...

I'm letting you roll the dice on our lives.

It is not unreasonable...

Do you feel that?

That's my first run-in with Riddick.

He went for the sweet spot and missed.

They had to leave a piece of the shiv in there, Carolyn, and I can feel it pressing against the cord.

So maybe the care and feeding of my nerve endings is my business.

It's just that you could've done something, and you didn't.

Yeah, well, look to thine own ass first. Right, Carolyn?

Captain! Captain!

I'm not your fucking captain.

What are my eyes seeing?

If we need anything from the crash ship, I suggest we kick on.

That sand cat's solar.

Where's Riddick?

Leave him. He wouldn't wait for us.

Thought we'd lost you.


Hey! Where are you going?

I'm just gonna get a couple things. I'll only be a few minutes.

You wouldn't leave without me, would you?


How many are there?



People, just a suggestion.

Perhaps you should flee!

Let's go!

Come on, run!


Come on!

Get in!

Get down!


Stay there! Stay down!

Come back here!

Shazza, stay down!

Please, I really think we should go inside.

We have to be inside to be able to close the door. Let's go!

What is it, Riddick? What is it now?

Like I said, it ain't me you gotta worry about.

She should've stayed down.

If she'd only stayed down, she'd be okay. She wouldn't have died.

You remember the boneyard?

These just might be the fuckers that killed every living thing on this planet.

What are we gonna do now?

Are these the only lights we have?

Is this everything?

There's a cutting torch on the floor here somewhere. I just can't find it.

Quiet, please, everyone.

Why do they do that, make that sound?

Perhaps it's the way they see, with sound reflecting back...

Could be a breach in the hull. I don't know.

Come on, Johns. You got the big gauge.

I'd rather piss glass.

Why don't you go fucking check?

I'm not staying here anymore.

Where you going? Hey!

Sit him down.

You don't know what's out there.

I know what's in here.


Now we're trapped in a much smaller space. I hate this!

Extremely bad timing.

Just don't run.


Don't stop burning.

Take this.

Take that.

Hassan. Where is Hassan?


Is it alive?

It's like the light is scalding it.

It hurts them.

Light actually hurts them.


We'll burn a candle for him later. Let's get out of here.

So we got one cutting torch, we got two hand lights.

There's gotta be something we can rip out of the crash ship.


Anything over 45 proof burns rather well.

How many bottles you got?

I don't know. Maybe 10.

Okay, Johns, you got some flares.

So, maybe we've got enough light.

Enough for fucking what?

We stick to the plan.

We get the four cells back to the skiff, we're off this rock.

I hate to ruin a beautiful theory with an ugly fact, but that sand cat is solar.

It won't run at night.

So we carry the cells.

We drag them, whatever it takes.

You mean tonight, with all those things still out there?

All right, how long can this last?

A few hours? A day, tops?

I have the impression from the model.

The two planets were moving as one and there would be a lasting darkness.

These suns gotta come up sometime.

If these creatures are phobic about light, we just sit tight and let the sun come up.

I'm sure somebody else said that, locked inside that coring room.

We need to think about everyone now, especially the kid.

How scared will he be in the dark?

Don't use him like that.

Like what? As a smoke screen.

You deal with your own fear.

Why don't you shut your fucking mouth for two seconds and let me come up with a plan that doesn't involve mass suicide.

I'm waiting.

How much you weigh, Johns?

What's it matter, Carolyn?

How much?

Around 79 kilos.

'Cause you're 79 kilos of gutless white meat. That's why you can't think...

Is that fucking right?

Where are you going?

This solves nothing.


They're afraid of our light.

That means we don't have to be so afraid of them.

And you are sure you can get us there, even in the dark?

No, I can't.

But he can.

Stay close.

Okay, wait. Wait!


Looks clear.

You said "clear."

I said it looks clear.

What's it look like now?

Looks clear.

I'll be running about ten paces ahead.

I want light on my back, but not my eyes.

And check your cuts. These bad boys know our blood now.

Are we actually going to do this?

We stay together, we keep the light burning.

That's all we gotta do to live through this thing.

Are you ready, Johns?


Look, we're just wasting light here.

You give him the cells and the ship and he'll leave you all out there to die.

He'll leave all of you.

I don't get it, Johns.

What is so goddamn valuable in your life that you're worried about losing?

Is there anything at all besides your next spike?

Stay close.




This can't be happening.

Paris! Get back here!

Are you all right?

This can't be happening.

I was supposed to die in France.

I never even saw France.

Well, it's good to see you're okay.

Do I even wanna know?

Are we getting close?

Can we pick up the pace?

Wanna tell me what the hell's going on?

We crossed our own tracks.

Why have we circled? Are we lost?


Do you even know where we are?


Canyon ahead. I circled once to buy some time to think.

I think we should go now.

I don't know about that.

That's death row up there.

Especially with the girl bleeding.


What are you talking about? She's not cut.

Not her.


You've gotta be kidding me.

I thought it'd be better if people took me for a guy.

I thought they'd leave me alone instead of always messing with me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, sweetheart. Are you really bleeding?

You could've left me at the ship, Fry.

That's why I didn't say anything sooner.

They've been nose-open for her ever since we left.

In case you haven't noticed, they go off blood.

Look, this is not gonna work.

We're gonna have to go back.

What'd you say?

You got us out here in the first place.

I was wrong. I admit it.

Can we just get back to the ship?

I don't know, Carolyn.

Nice breeze, wide-open space.

I'm starting to enjoy my fucking self.

What, are you high again?

Just listen to yourself, Johns.

You're right. What's to be afraid of?

My life is a steaming pile of meaningless shit anyhow, so I say mush on.

The canyon's a couple hundred meters, after that it's skiff city.

So why don't you butch up, stuff a cork in this fucking kid, and let's go.

She is the captain. We should listen to her.

Listen to her?

She was willing to sacrifice us all.

What's he talking about?

This does not help us.

During the crash she tried to blow the passenger cabin, kill us in our sleep.

Shut your mouth.

We're fucking disposable.

We're just walking ghosts to you.

Shut your fucking blowhole!

Fine. Fine!

You've made your point.

We'll all be scared.

How much do you weigh now?

The verdict's in. The light moves forward.

Ain't all of us gonna make it.

Just realize that?

Six of us left.

If we made it through the canyon and lost just one, that'd be quite a feat.

Not if I'm the one.

What if you're one of five?

I'm listening.

What are they doing up there?

Talking about the canyon, I suppose.

How to get us through.

Battlefield doctors decide who lives and dies, it's called triage.

You kept calling it murder when I did it.

Either way, I figure it's something you can grab onto.

Sacrifice play.

Hack up a body, leave it at the start of the canyon like a bucket of bait.

Trawl with it. We got extra cable on the sled.

We drag the body 40, 50 feet behind us.

Nice embellishment.

I don't wanna feed 'em. I just wanna keep 'em off our scent.

So, which one caught your eye?

Don't look.

Christ. What the hell's wrong with you?

Slow down.

Just a little more space between us and them.

Enough of this shit.

You do the girl, and I'll keep the others off your back.

It's not too big a job for you, is it?

I'm just wondering if we don't need a bigger piece of bait.

Like who?

Leave the sled! Move!

Let's go!

One rule.

Stay in the light.

Remember that moment.

You should've never taken the chains off, Johns.

You were one brave fuck before.

You were really bad-ass.

The chains.

The gauge.

The badge.

I told you to ghost me.

Back to the ship, huh?

Just huddle together until the lights burn out.

Get away from us.

Till you can't see what's eating you.

That the big plan?

Where's Johns?

Which half?

We're gonna lose everybody out here.

We should've stayed at the ship.

He died fast. If we have any choice, that's the way we should all go out.

Don't you cry for Johns.

Don't you dare.

Blind spot.

Shall we pray together?

I have already prayed with the others.

It is painless.

It's pointless.

Because you do not believe in God doesn't mean God does not believe in you.

Think someone can spend half of their life in a slam with a horse bit in their mouth and not believe?

Think he could start out in some liquor store trash bin with an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and not believe?

You got it all wrong, holy man.

I absolutely believe in God.

And I absolutely hate the fucker.

He is with us, nonetheless.

Two of your boys are already dead.

How much faith do you have left, Father?

I only see one way.

That way. It's the only way off this rock.

Just keep the girl between you.

What about the cells?

I'll take those.


Are you sure you can keep up?


Do not look up!

They're killing each other.

Move! Keep moving!

Keep moving!

Riddick! Wait!


Get off her!

Get off her!

It's okay.

He did not know who he was fucking with.

Come on. Stand up.

Get up. Come on.

Oh, no.

So, where the hell's your God now?


Are we close?

Just tell me that the settlement is right there.

We can't make it.

Hide here! Now!

Why is he still out there?

He's not coming back, is he?

That's the last I could find.

Strong survival instinct.

I admire that in a woman.

I promised them that we would go back with more light.

Did you?

What, are you afraid?

Me, afraid?

Come on, Riddick.

There's gotta be some part of you that wants to rejoin the human race.

Truthfully, I wouldn't know how.

Then just give me more light for them. I'll go back by myself.


There you go.

Please just come with me.

I got a better idea.

Come with me.

You're fucking with me, I know you are.

You know I am?

You don't know anything about me.

I will leave you here.

Step inside.

I can't.

Sure you can. I can't.

Here, I'll make it easy on you.

Take my hand.

Come on.

Look, no one's gonna blame you.

Save yourself, Carolyn.

Come on.

That's it. That's it.

Good girl.

You listen to me!

I am the captain of this ship and I am not leaving anyone on this rock with those fucking things, even if it means...

Get that thing off my neck.

Shut up!

You'd die for them?

I would try for them.

You didn't answer me.

Yes, I would, Riddick.

I would.

I would die for them.

How interesting.

Never had a doubt.

Anyone not ready for this?

There is my God, Mr. Riddick.

Don't stop. Don't stop!

Come on! Move!

You know the way!

On board! Come on! Get on!






Okay, hold onto me. Hold onto me.

We're gonna get out of here. I got you. Come on.

Come on, Riddick! Get up!

Get up!

I said I'd die for them, not you. Let's move. Come on.

Not for me.

Not for me!

With so much prayer to make up for, I scarcely know where to begin.

I know where I'd start.

Riddick, what are you doing?

Can we just get the hell out of here now?

We can't leave.

Without saying good night.

A lot of questions, whoever we run into.

Could even be a merc ship.

So, what the hell do we tell them about you?

Tell 'em Riddick's dead.

He died somewhere on that planet.