Pithamagan (2003) Script

Who are you, dear?

How did you come here?

Oh God!

Lord Shiva himself has taken birth. Have a look.

Why are you crying? ls it because your mother is dead?

Or is it because you were born in a cemetery?

This is the place where Lord Shiva resides.

You shouldn't cry.

You're born with death as the boon.

Do you know who you're? You're the son of Lord Shiva.

You're going to spend your entire life here.

"O crescent moon! You're born for a good cause."

"O flower! You've blossomed."

"No need to grow feeble."

"You've taken birth where lives end."

"Your dawn is here."

"O crescent moon! You're born for a good cause."

"Were you keen to live a solitary life on this earth?"

"With that determination did you ask for this boon?"

Those who want to see the face can look at it. l'm going to cover the face.

"Either it's a garden or a desert,"

"flowers are flowers, their identities will never change."

"Neither poverty nor affluence can change you."

"O crescent moon! You're born for a good cause."

Know who you're.

Tell me what are your belongings in this world.

Know who you're.

"Only the dead come in search of you."

"Human bonds mean nothing to you."

"Those who rolled in money,"

"those who were proud of their position,"

"those who were at the pinnacle of fame."

"Those who became famous and then became infamous,"

"you saw these attributes being burnt to ashes."

"You're the man of crystal clear mind."

l've none.

l never saw my mother and l'm the son of the cemetery.

My life is with the dead. l'm the common son of God and Earth.

Did you die to make me understand this truth?

You've left this Chitthan stranded.

Gomathi, how are you? Give me a packet worth Rs.10.

Can't you tender exact change?

Am l running a bank?

Do you want a bank to be handed over to a drug peddler?

The bank will be swindled. l see.

You usually take brandy.

What happened to you now?

What do you mean? Brandy for the work l do!

They had launched mini bottles 3 months back.

They've stopped them now. l've no other choice other than this.

Give me 2 packets.

Are you studying? l won't give. Why sister?

What sister? Look at the faces taking drugs.

Do you pull a cart or pedal rickshaw?

They take drugs to get rid of the pain.

What's wrong with you people?

Stop advicing. We are paying money, aren't we? Give it. l'll slipper you, Get lost. Talk respectfully.

What bloody respect.

Are you taking drugs at this age? Forget it Gomathi.

Our bodies will be finally eaten up by worms in the sand, let them enjoy.

Get lost.

Look at this face, idiot.

They've started taking drugs at a very young age.

Hey, what's it?

He's a cremator, isn't he?

He has come to ruin our livelihood. Get lost. l say get lost.

Hey, kick him out.

You shouldn't come to these places. Go there and eat. l say, go..

Won't you listen to me? l say get lost.

How dare you stare at me?

Why this wall-eyed stare? Throw him out.

You're eating as if you've paid for it.

Why are they fighting like this?

You people are simply watching the show, stop them.

Go away.

Get lost.

Have you also joined hands with him and hitting us?

He's a cremator, do you know that?

He's just walking into the shop.

What are you people looking at? Go..Go..

You've opened the eatery for others to come and eat, haven't you?

How can you call yourself a respectable elder?

How can you simply watch them fighting?

You don't interfere. He'll eat and go away.

Thinking that l'm preparing food from the rice offered to dead, won't the stinking villagers curse me?

Why did you open the shop in this stinking village?

Stinking villagers!

You're stinking like a corpse even when you're alive.

Only God knows how badly you'll stink when you die.

O Bravo! You want food, don't you? Come.


Scoundrel. He has ruined my shop in a short while.

Light the stove. lf you fight on the streets, police will arrest all of you. Got it?


My God. lt seems you've been starving. lf no one dies in the village, you'll be in a fix.

Hey, give him water.

Brother, remember my face, they'll bring me there soon. lf my body gets up from the burning pyre, don't hit it. l won't be able to bear the pain.

Just scold. l'll lie down.

Give it to me. Give it to me.


What man?

Get lost.


l got terribly scared.

Look at the way, he's glaring.

Hey, get up and go. Simply sticking behind me.

You'll not go?

Hello, what else do you need?

Don't you've any job? Why do you trouble me?

Job? l've a District Magistrate's job. Would you like to take it up?

Very good. l'm eking my livelihood by peddling packets.

Now you've also joined me? l thought of working as a servant maid leaving this job.

But they've branded me as drug peddler.

How do you expect me to get you a job?

Hey, where was he hiding? Behind..''hills''. l don't know, what's going to happen to you.

Drag him and come. Go man..Go..

How much money did you take?

Did you take it from the policeman or narcotics people?

Taking money from them is equal to eating their defiled food.

Sir, please leave him.

Sir please don't.. He did it unknowingly.

He did it unknowingly. Leave him. lt's enough, leave him. l say leave. He might die. l shouldn't see his face again.

Hey Lawyer, come here.

Lawyer, dump all the crimes on him for the cases police are hunting our men, and send him behind bars.

Hey, will you accept? Yes sir, l'll..

He has accepted, hasn't he? Why do you get tensed? You're already sick?


Hey, don't think l've become old. l'll chop each one of you into pieces. Hey take him.

My name is imprinted on the each and every grain that you eat.

Be loyal.


What do you want?

Do you want to get it only from me what you're selling?

Get it from them. l want a job.

What's wrong with your present job?

Not for me, for him.

Do you think the workers working here are helpful to me? ls he going to help me? No job.

Don't say like that. Even he's an orphan like me.

He was brought up in the cemetery right from his birth.

Poor guy, he doesn't know how to mingle with village people.

Police, money etc..He doesn't know any of those things.

What else he knows then?

You mentioned something just now, loyalty. He only knows that.

He's sticking around me like a dog for feeding him just once.

Hey buddy, take him along with you to the hills.

Sir, why take him to such a far off place. Give him some job here.

Hey don't order me.

By then, l finished my diagram and submitted it.

Greetings.. lt'll not come again if it goes. lt'll not go away if it comes once. lt'll not disappear even if it goes.

That is luck! You've got that, sheer luck sir.

There are popular heroes. l'm lucky and you're lucky.

Don't be afraid, it's not gambling.

Just whiling away the time.

You can win money while drinking a cup of coffee.

Watch carefully sir.

4 squares, 3 dice.

King, queen, diamond and heart.

King is our actor Shivaji Ganeshan.

Queen is our actress Padmini.

Then you can see a diamond and heart.

Pictures shown in the squares are on the dice. l'm putting these dice inside the tin and shaking it thoroughly.

And dropping them down.

Look what all have come!

Actor Shivaji Ganeshan, actress-cum-popular dancer Padmini.

And the world's symbol of love ''heart''.

Watch carefully.

Whether you've Rs.5 or 10.

You can place them on any of these squares.

Watch carefully sir. lf the picture that you've selected matches with the picture on the dice.

You will get double the money lf you've bet on the winning square. lf you've kept your money on the square which hasn't fallen.

That money will go to the company.

What does ''company'' mean brother?

Shouting at the top of my voice for quarter square meal. l'm that company.

Okay, we'll keep it.

What to do if we don't get it?

Have faith sir. Faith is Life!

Nobody is ruined so far after believing me.

But there are many who were ruined by not believing me. lt'll not be worth much if you keep it in your pocket.

You'll get silver coins if you keep it here.

Take it and go sir.

Come..come.. - Rs.10 on king. Rs.10 on king.

Rs.5 on Padmini. Rs.5 on Padmini, brother.

Don't leave any square empty. lf you leave the squares blank, they'll go to the company.

Pray to your family deity. Watch carefully. l'm going to lift it up.

Your family deity didn't cheat you.

One king, one queen.

You'll get 20 for 10. You'll get 10 for 5.

Try your luck, brother.. lt isn't necessary that you've to keep only Rs.5 and 10.

You can even keep Rs.50, Rs.100.

You'll get 100 for 50 and 200 for 100.

Keep sir.

Excuse me.

Padmini, Re.1 .

Let me roll the dice.

Actress Padmini! She got Rs.2 for 1 .

Have chocolate and enjoy it.

Shivaji..Re 1 .

Please keep brother.

Look carefully.

She has kept 1 rupee each on 2 squares.

She has won.

She has got Rs.4 for 2.

Like her, you can also win easily.

Don't simply gape. Please move away sir.

First he encouraged us by making us win. ln the end he has grabbed all our money.

He's throwing the dice in a different way.

Fun watchers, please go away. Don't stand here idly.

Hey, you've to buy your season ticket with that money.

You'll get silver coins if you bet with it.

Rs.10 on heart.

Girls, who's your family deity? Baagampriya.

Pray sincerely. She has kept Rs.100 on Padmini.

Look sir, Rs.100 note. People betting with Rs.1 , 2 quit the place.

Wow! she has won. Give me.

Girl, your family deity didn't disappoint cheat you. - Give.

Look sir, she won 200 for Rs.100. lt's all genuine money.

How come luck is favouring you?

Like this my company will go bankrupt. lt's none of my business. l'm sitting like this for a long time. My legs are paining.

While going, will you give me something.

Let us see to that later. First throw the dice.

100 on Padmini and 100 on Shivaji.

No, 100 on heart.

You've won!

She's very lucky today.

She won 400 for Rs.200 Do you come here daily?

Will you come to my college tomorrow with your game. Thanks.

Hey, catch her.

Hey, why are you leaving? l'm going home.

You're going home after winning.

Do we've to go to the streets with the begging bowl? Keep it.

Sakthi, poor girl! Brother-in-law.

Keep it.

Keep that also. lt's for season ticket, father will scold me.

What does your father do? Dentist.

A Doctor to pull out the teeth!

Say that he's pulling out the teeth!

So you people must have made lot of money in that process.

Let me pull out your teeth today. Keep it.

Now watch me shaking it.

Have you won?

You'll not..because l've shaken it that way.

She has Rs. 300 in the box. Keep it.

Baagampriya. l'll take away your share. lt didn't. lt's for the company. Take that chocolate money too. lt's in your pocket.

lt couldn't have fallen, do you want to see? See..

Hey, come let's go.

Hey cap shaped nose, l'll pluck out your eyes. Get lost!

We can leave her. But you look like a fool.

How cleverly you tried to run away after winning?

Brother, it's getting late for the train.

Give me Rs.10. l'll go away. Go away man.

Kick him like that, unfortunate fellow!

Never come here again.

Hey watch! Watch?

Yes, take out your watch.

Why do you roll that? Couldn't you keep it down as it is? l'm going to do only that.

You've lost!

Give your ornaments. l'll not. You'll not?

Hey, bring the rope. Let us tie her to the tree and whip her. - Don't..

Give me your bangles also.

Keep it.


Job is over.

What do you've in your bag?

What else could there be other than books?

Why are you becoming so brutal?

Oh God! l had asked you not to bring him, did you listen? ls he allowing us to earn peacefully?

He's irritating us here.

You Karuppan, will you be able to digest after having food with this money? l can..

Okay, you continue if you like. Leave it brother-in-law.

Okay, l'll give you a last chance.

Play by staking your bag. lt's enough if you win once.

Take back everything. Your watch, your money. lt's enough if you win once. You can also roll it.

Hey what's this? Leave it.

Come on.

You roll.. you'll only win for your noble heart.

He has said, hasn't he? Come on..

On which square are you going to keep?

Padmini. Keep it.


Oh God!


She is hitting you! Box!

Come, let's go. Oh god..

Why is she shouting so much?

What happened to you now?

Oh god, why is she behaving like this? Manju, get up.

Hey, don't start your stories, drink silently.

Hey, why are you offering him liquor again and again.

You know that he'll cry after having it.

Oh God, we are drinking liquor after grabbing money from a student.

We'll be ruined!

That goddess will come in my dreams and pluck out my eyes.

Definitely she'll pluck them out. l begged you so much.

But you've grabbed all her things. ls it? ls it? lt's a sin to join you people. ls it?

Why do you remind him about that often? Shut up!

Dear Sakthi, nothing much man.

You'll forget everything in the morning. Keep quiet okay. ls it! Why are you asking such questions?

Why are you smoking 'beedi' so cooly? lf it gets burnt, Do you know its worth?

Are you smoking 'beedi'? Will you smoke?

When did you start? You're reaching only now.

Hey, will you like to have tea? Greetings sir.

Hey bring tea.

What sort of a person you've appointed?

He's smoking beedi without knowing the worth of Cannabis fields.

How can l entrust this job to them?

Couldn't you give them the job after knowing their past?

You're blaming him. Look at the one who's coming.

He doesn't know the value of money, people etc.

Look, he's not greeting also.

Hey, boss has come, what's wrong if you greet him?

Get lost!

Hey, savage, do you've brains? Hey boss is here.

Hey, he's hitting me for asking him to greet him.

Hey, get down!

You've survived, haven't you? Then what?

Go away man.

You go.

Why are you just watching uncle?

Person who salutes will have a price on his head.

But he's not like that.

Why's he putting make-up for 15 mins.?


Truth never fails.

Truth never fails.

Truth alone triumphs. He has come again. - Keep quiet.

Truth alone triumphs.


Truth always triumphs.

Sir, ships sail on Seas, Planes fly in air, Buses ply on roads.

Exotic things which you can't buy even if you travel by them, you can buy them during this train journey.

Right from Arabian Dates to Anarkali's beads, you can get everything. l'll start the auction, anyone can bid. lf the company feels your bid is unreasonable, we'll give a great prize for the same amount.

Listen carefully.

Mother Theresa for Love, Aringnar Anna for lntelligence, Aishwarya Rai for Beauty.

Jackie Chan for action, Charlie Chaplin for comedy.

For perfume, it's Singapore.

This perfume is manufactured by a leading perfumery of Singapore.

Proud men and pregnant women, both can use it.

Let us see who's the lucky prize winner.

Cut off price for the perfume is 500 paise.

Fifty 10 paise. On the whole Rupees five!

Rupees ten! Ten..ten.. ten..

Rupees twenty.. Twenty.

Rupees Fifty. Rupees Fifty.

Rupees Hundred. Rupees Hundred.

Sir, my bid is Rupees Hundred and fifty.

Rupees one hundred fifty..once..

Rupees one hundred fifty.. twice..

Rupees two hundred.

Rupees two hundred..once, twice, thrice..

Buddy, get the money from him.

Which place do you belong to, sir? Aandipatti.

As l had told you already, he has bid RS.200 for a Rs.600 worth perfume bottle.

So, company can't accept his bid.

But still considering the confidence with which he made the bid.

To encourage him, My company is offering him a surprise gift. ln the film ''Alayamani'', great Actress, Nightingale of Kannada, this soap box was used by.. our Saroja Devi.

..Free! Accept it happily.

Smell it. You can have the feel of Saroja Devi.

Mad cap!

Silk Sari. A silk tradition for generations.

Tata is famous for lron. Tanjore is famous for Sugarcane This is a silk sari, woven by weavers of great Thanjavur. lt's a sari worn by Lady Mountbatten.

Though the lady who wore it is no more, the sari is still with us intact.

Hey, l'm a teacher of History.

Don't misquote History for your business.

Hey, He's trying to spoil our business.

Hey teacher! Till now you were sleeping, weren't you?

Keep quiet and sleep.

The cut off price is Rs.100 for such a great sari.

Rupees two hundred.

Rupees two hundred.. once..

Two hundred fifty Rupees two hundred and fifty. Aunty..

Rupees three hundred! Rupees three hundred..once..

Rupees three hundred and fifty! Rupees three hundred and fifty.

Rupees five hundred.

This rich Western lady has bid rupees five hundred.

Aren't you going to bid?

Why? A soap box to him and a lime box for me. Get lost.

Rupees five hundred and fifty.

A billionairess has bid for Rs.550. Rs.550..once..twice..


Bill Gates has bid for Rs.700!

Hey, it's Rs.600 only. Just Rs.600!

Okay, l think it'll not reach my price.

Rs.600, once.. twice..thrice!

Enough of showing your teeth, Mr. Bill Gates. Give me the money.

Take it!

Can company afford to sell a Rs.2000 worth sari for Rs.600?

No! lt won't!

Keep it safely inside.

Aunty, l can't sell Rs.2000 worth sari for Rs.600.

Whether you give it or not, get lost man. l'm on an urgent nature's call.

Yuck! For making a confident bid for Rs.600!

To encourage him, company is giving him a surprise gift.

A handkerchief, used by MGR in film ''Padagotti''..Free!

Frame it and keep it safely.

There's one thing in this world, you can never get back once lost.

That's time.

We see time to cut sugar cane. We see time to cut a man's neck also.

Are you finished, aunty?

Move man! No water in that toilet.

Oh my god! ..move!

Hey, your attention please.

We see time for marriage and also for the first night.

We can buy such invaluable time also.

Ladies watch.

Look here! The starting price is 10 paise.

Just 10 paise. Just 10 paise!

Do you know, it's worth Rs.1500?

Rs.1500! Rs. 1500..once..

l want to keep my cool like a good girl.. lf you irritate me..

What'll you do? Leave her man. Always troubling her.

Uncle, l'm sparing him because of you only.

..Or else?

Why are you unnecessarily talking to her? lf you argue unnecessarily, l'll burst your ear drums.

You'll do it!

Will my hands keep quite, when you do that?

Hey you Karuppan! Beware! You're his accomplice, aren't you?

Hey, why are you calling him informally?

Why should l respect you? Aren't you a street smart cheat?

Are you any better? Didn't you do the same?

Will you come to college daily and play with me, didn't you ask?

Uncle, take him away from here or else..

..l'll hand him over to the Police. Police! Come..come..

Hey you Karuppan! she's threatening with Police.

She's talking proudly because she is wearing Khaki dress.

Beat me.. l'm so scared.

Get lost girl.

Hey, why did you beat her now? Are you beating me?

Oh my god, she's pulling the chain to stop the train.

Hey, move.. move..

Hey, why are you running away?

Bloody white Sow! l'll not spare you without breaking your limbs. lf you're really a man, stop there.. Listen to me. lf you're brave, stop there.. Bloody white Sow!

Bloody coward! stop! l'll break your head.

Hello Uncle! move aside.

Uncle, fall into the pit and die.

Leave me. Keep quiet.

Useless fellow, he's supporting her.

Leave them.

What's going on there?

What's your name? Tell him your name.


Where are we now?

Where's that handsome young man wearing a yellow shirt?

Mad woman!

Take out Rs.500!

Rs. 500 for what? lt's because you went to shit.

Come on, move.

What are you doing here?

Buddy, ask them to start.

Water in Kondakudi river is just ankle deep.

Cross the river and deliver it carefully.

Come on, go.

Take those horses that side.


Hey, hold it strongly.

Go via Vattaparai.

Don't kick!

4352..4352 calling Koravachi post.

Yes, speaking from Koravachi post.

Cannabis consignment. from Atyut via Oramuthu.

Catch them.

They've escaped.

How long should we interrogate you?

We are just asking who is your boss and where is it grown?

Tell us and go away. We'll set you free.

We'll even give you money.

Tell us the truth.


Don't test my patience. l'll beat you to death.

What happened? Did he tell the truth? No. lt seems only you can make him speak.

Won't you tell the truth?

He's asking you, isn't he? Why are you roaring?

Under NDPS Act Section 20, Sub clause 1 , Sub-Section B, for smuggling Cannabis, and for breaking the hands of the policemen, and for causing serious injuries and for attempt of murder, Under lPC Section 324, 325 and 307, a case has been filed against you.


'Kalnar' Basil oil.

"An oil made from 18 rarest herbs."

What do you mean 'Rarest'?

"Taking birth as a human is the rarest thing."

"Taking birth without any handicap is still rarer."

Thank you very much.

O Lord! You rule this world with Tamil language.

What is cruel?

"Poverty is cruel."

"Poverty at youth is still cruel."

What shit profession is this?

Buy me a couple of pigs. l'll graze them and get you money. l'm fed up showing these nuts and herbs to them and getting money from them.

We must pay our house rent. Come on, sing.

"Having a disease is a very cruel thing."

This is said by Poetess Avaiyar and not by me. lf you ask any one which is the deadliest disease?

Many will say 'AlDS'. A few will say 'Leprosy'. lf you ask me, l swear on you, World's deadliest disease is Gas trouble. lt means letting out the Gas collected in you.

l'm not saying this for you people to laugh. Think.

Superb idea.

They are giving us chocolates for the balance change. lf we file a case against them in Consumer court, we'll get Rs. 1 lac.

Oh God! She's always after money. They've started the show.

Park the cycle and get the token fast.



My dear people, l'm going to narrate a story to you.

Come closer and listen. ln America, there lived a husband and wife with children.

Poor husband! He had gas trouble.

While sleeping at night, he let the gas out.

Because her husband, farted, she said that she lost her sleep.

The wife filed a case, got divorced and took away her son.

He could've appealed in the Supreme Court.

Was it to file an appeal or to let out his gas? l'm narrating you the story, am l not?

But here, our boys eat Peas in huge quantities while boozing, and at night lets out the gas in all directions. lf his wife ask him, ''why are you tearing the clothes given by my father?''

He'll say 'Get lost'. and he also says 'Barking dogs seldom bite'. lt means, if we let our gas out slowly, it'll stink.

Will it smell sweet if we let it out loudly?

ln a public place where people gather and talk, one guy will let out the gas.

Everyone will close his nose.

The one who let it out will say, 'Some scoundrel has exploded a bomb'.

Because he knows it first.

People will even accept murder charge.

But no one will accept that he has let out the gas.

But why? lt's the matter of his honor.

Your silence, makes me feel that many of you would've done this.

No problem.

Your gas trouble which hasn't been cured by any country medicine, just take a spoonful of the medicine l give you, the gas will come out with the fragrance of a flower.

The next problem we are going to tackle is..

Constipation. Yes, Constipation!

Constipation gives rise to many problems.

A man must shit twice, morning and evening.

Let anyone die in your house, you must not stop that. lf we stop it, we'll also stink along with the dead body.

Don't mistake me for talking about issues which stink.

Priest, do you want it?

No, l don't. l'm just watching. l know, you won't need this. Because, after taking bath, he'll go around the basil plant thrice and will eat a couple of Basil leaves.

But, we are not like that.

Like the dogs which search the lamp-post, we search for a place full of plants and creepers and we'll piss there.

Don't mistake me for praising a particular caste.

Many people from Brahmin family, hold high posts like Engineers, Doctors and Judges.

Because they know the importance of Basil leaf.

You also give this to your children.

Their memory power will increase. Vomiting and constipation will stop. lf they don't stop, l'll stop selling.

Come and get it, sir. Give me one..

Everyone, take it. - Give me. Give this to your grandsons and grand daughters.

Get me one. Give me some more. Come..come. lt smells like sison seeds.

This is the nature of our people.

You raise umpteen number of questions when we come to serve you. lf anyone books a room in a lodge.

And advertise in paper about the time and date of consultation, you'll go there on time.

And they'll grab you like a hen, and will leave you after swindling Rs.2,000 to 3,000 from you.

We are not like them.

Our medical store is right in front of you.

As l tell them the percentage of medicine, he'll crush them and he'll grind them into paste. Come and buy it.

She's coming.

Why did you bring the police now?

Stay here. lt's a gift to your children from us.

Come..come. Give me a bottle.

A bottle costs only Rs.50. Give me a bottle. - Come on.

Give it to me. Who else?

Brother-in-law, give me 4 bottles.

Come and buy.

You're finished.

Leave me, you pig.

Oh no! Why are you hitting her?

Why are you beating a girl like this?

Don't beat her. Oh my god!

Why are you beating a girl like this?

Leave her. You Karuppan! You scoundrel!

Leave her!

Hey, it's police..

Oh my god! Police.

Hey.. Hey Manju!

You thief!

Don't come..don't come. Stop.


How dare you bring the police? You useless girl! - Oh no!


Hey.. Manju.

Get up..get up.

Where are you trying to run away?

I won't leave you. l won't leave you.

Get down. l won't.

Oh God! Why are you running with a girl on your back? Put her down.

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

Go and catch her quickly. Manju..

Come, girls. He's running in the same direction. Follow me..follow me.

l can't..l can't. Get down.

Catch him. Don't leave him. Come..come..catch him.


Catch her..catch her.


Hold his hand..

You fraud!

Police..Police.. Beat him.


Listen to me.

She's trying to kill me and you're coming late, you fatso!

Oh no! sister..sister.

The head constable is opening the lock.

Ask him to stay aside. Get in.

Okay, see you later.

The place looks like a Star hotel. l'm Sakthi..Sakthivel.

Manufacturer of medicine without license, 420.

And you?

Come on, tell me.

Chit fund.

Chit fund owner!

How's that possible? l'm a compulsive liar.

But no one gets trapped.

How do they fall in your trap?

They see me and believe me. How can l be faulted?

Do people believe you, if you speak Tamil language incorrectly? l'll try this, once l go out.

Thank you Guruji.

And you?

Eve teasing.

He teased a girl. What? l only asked her name.

But they've put me in for 3 months. - Oh no! lnstead of marrying a girl whom you love, if you marry the girl who loves you.

Oh god! The proverb looks old, doesn't it?

Fraud may prevail on justice for time being.

But justice will win in the end.

No sir.

Whether she loves me or not, l'll live in her memories till death.

"Fate is powerful." l just slapped my wife for pocket money.

She put me in jail on dowry charge. lt's a lie.

What did he do at this age?

Don't you know him?

He has appeared in Sun TV channel too.

Ask him his name?

Saint Ambalavana Swamigal.

That's why his sitting posture is different.

What did Ambalavanar do?

Ask him what he didn't do?

He went to North to sell cereals.

This beard fellow sold cereals by speaking Tamil language.

Since his looks and language was different, they took him to be a saint.

This saint never kept quiet.

He harassed many women including foreign girls.

He could've stay put with that.

A 10th std. girl.

She went to get his blessings before going to Examination.

He harassed her too.

You stinking shit!

Your story has gone to dogs.

They accepted you as a saint. lnstead of eating the apples and oranges they offered you, and keeping everything hush-hush, you indulged in sex, and you're laughing.

You could do this only in lndia. lf you had sold your cereals in Dubai..

My son.

What's it father? We are all the birds of the same feather.


He's biting me. lt's alright, my son.

Alright? l'll slipper you.

Slowly. lt might slip and fall down. l'm telling you.

lf he had hit the policemen, does that mean, he's a big shot? Go and tell him.

Lock him up.


Beat him to pulp.

Lift him.

Get me some water.

Get me some water.

lt's nothing..nothing.

Sleep..sleep. They are not here.


You are fine.

lf you keep beating and biting everyone, they'll never ever release you.

Once you come here, eat well, build your body and go out.

There he is.


Swamiji! How are you Jennifer? - l'm fine.

Sakthi. Come here.

Sakthi, are you fine?

Seal your affection in a box and get me the beedi.

You know her, don't you? l know. She's Gomathi who sells drugs, isn't she?

Why are you shouting?

Why is his face swollen?

He should've been quiet.

Buddy, he dipped me in the Gravy vessel.

Shit! Are you not ashamed?

Will the Jailer spare him if he beats him?

Look here. l was beaten on the day l came here.

What were your men doing when you were being beaten?

He's hitting us in a different way.

Will everyone be like me? You know nothing about him.

He was born and brought up in cemetery. Poor guy!

Hail Lord Ambala.. Hail Lord Ambala..

You shit! l'm going to crush you.

Do it silently.

Oh! ls he like this because of that?

Do something. Come in and save my honor.

This can't go for long. l'll take care as long as l'm here.

Arrange to take him on bail.

Jennifer, l love you. l love you too. Take care.

You're a lucky man..


Oh my god! l'm unable to go out of the station peacefully leaving her here.

She always gets into trouble.

Why should it bother you if someone sells something?

You went to watch a movie. You could've watched it and come home. l can't live like others.

This Manju will punish anyone who commits a mistake.

Oh my god!

Did we had to do the penance at Tirupathi hill to give birth to you?

Useless girl! l don't care.

But one thing, l'll come home with an award.

No one should touch that. Shut up. l am worried about what he'll do after coming out of the jail, and you're talking about getting an award.

Hey cheat! Call me Sakthi.

Okay, come. Someone has come to see you.

Why are you coming here often?

Come inside, if your affection for me is over-flowing.

Polytechnic. Doctor..

l ask your forgiveness for giving birth to this useless girl.

Please forget all those things.

Have you finished asking for forgiveness? Let's go.

Wait. We elders are talking, aren't we?

You talkative girl!

You're still adamant after committing all the mistakes.

When l came to know about the incident, l was clue less. l've lost my peace of mind because of her.

Just say you've forgiven me.

Only then, l can live in peace. Please.. lt's all right..


You're repeatedly begging to a fraud.

What happened? Why are you crying? l didn't feel bad for being put in the jail.

She's calling me a fraud again and again. How can l bear it?

l don't know to which god am l'm going to tell all this.

Don't cry..Don't cry.


Look, he's crying. lf you hurt others, can you be happy?

Seek his pardon..Seek his pardon.


Have you gone mad?

Yes, because l gave birth to you, isn't it? lt's all right, seek his pardon. l won't.

Why? Why?

Father, you don't know about him.

He cheated me by rolling the dice.

He's a big fraud.

Hey. lt's a last chance for you. Tell me.

Rs.400 which you grabbed from me fraudulently.

And my H.M.T Watch.

Then the fine amount of Rs.500 which l paid in the train.

Then, l spent Rs.75 for coming here. lf you agree to return the amount l've spent, l'll get you released.

Oh God, Are you really an educated girl?

Or you're simply roaming around wearing pant and shirt?

Are you the President to order my release?

Why not?

Did they catch you? l handed you over to them.

Are these beatings not enough for you?

Sir, what's this? l was washing my clothes.

You called me and irritated me.

Beat her nicely and take her away.

Hey, what did you say?

A woman can do anything, do you know?

Hey, look at me. lf l don't show my mercy on you you'll die here itself.

Hey, what are you looking at?

Sir, you go outside.

Hey. lf you don't show mercy on me, won't l get release?

You're proudly saying, ''l only caught you''.

That day, l was carrying you on my back, right?

How much time would it have taken me to remove your skirt and run away?

l didn't get this idea now. l got this idea that day itself.

They say, ''Women's curse will not go in vain''. That's why, l left you.

Understood? Yes.

My son! This is a sin. Go to hell man.

He has ruined a small girl's life, and calling me a sinner?

Move away..Move..

Leave it, brother. Why should we get in trouble?

Leave me, this has become common here.

No..Leave him.

Listen to me..Leave him. l say leave him.


Leave him..

l say leave him.

Hey, jailer will come..Stop it.

Get on feet quickly!

He has come..Be calm.

Hey, lets go.

What's going on here?

Sir, it's nothing.

Then, why are you both rolling? l was trying to brief him how to fight.

You? Yes, sir.

Briefing him!

Bring him. sir..sir.

You'll reform only if l brief you.

Sir, l swear. We were just practising.

You arrogant fellow. Sir, l swear.

Sir.. Sir..

Sir, why have you put me in the dark room?

Oh God!

Sir, it pains.

Sir, please leave me. ..forgive me.

Sir, it's paining. Leave me.

Sir, please leave me.

Sir don't beat me.

"Who's he who has woken up my slumbering heart?"

"My soul is seeking his identity and his whereabouts."

"When the cuckoo was in wilderness,"

"and when it was unaware of the ways of the world,"

"did you come as its companion?"

"Will you be with it for its entire life?"

"Who's he who has woken up my slumbering heart?"

"Who's he who has woken up my slumbering heart?"

Where were we yesterday? And today we are here.

The future is not in our hands.

Were we destined to face all that had happened?

Or all this is happening, because of our destiny?

We are ignorant about it.

Is it okay?

Let us go.

I feel assured because of you. l'll take leave.

Chitthan, l can't stay here, even if l wish to. lf they release me, l've to go out.

Only 10 days, okay?


My son..my son.

Hey, put it out. He's about to come.

You're getting tensed as if it's school admission for you. ls he a master? l should'nt smoke in front you, my sister.

You've fixed him with a nice person.

Hey, get up..He has come.

Greetings, sir. Gomathi, what's it?

Who are you? Tell him, sister.

Sakthi. He was with Chitthan in the jail.

What do you want now? lt's been 3 months. lt's a surprise that he has been able to stay there so long.

That's why, l want to bail him out.

You're very casual about it. lt will cost you 2-3 lakhs, do you know?

So what?

He has gone to jail, for your sake, right?

Hey, how many persons have you told this?

Till now, no one. lf you refuse to bail him out, l'll not spare you.

Keep quiet..What's all this? You be quiet.

Go. You beg to him if you want.

I was wrong in bringing you here.

Hey Mahadeva, make arrangements for his bail. l'll give you one day's time.

Otherwise l'll reveal everything to the judge. Be careful.

Hey, go man. Take care of your, Cannabis fields.

Gomathi, what's all this?

That day, you asked for a job for an orphan.

And today, someone has come on behalf of him lf he does anything even for fun, do you know it's consequences?

Sir, don't mistake him. He talked like that out of affection. lf you be merciful and get him released, l'll be grateful to you.

Okay, l'll do the needful.

But one thing, don't allow him to be friendly with such touts.

Are we doing a legal business?


Come fast.. Let's go for a ride.

O God! lt's me.

That's it.

Hello.. Leave my hand.

Give me my watch.

Shall l go? Go. l went to jail because of you. But you're not talking to me.

How can l talk here? lf someone see us.

Let them see. You don't care for anyone.

Stop it..l've changed now. lt's evident by seeing you. What do you see?

You look more beautiful than before.


Nice fragrance! Which soap do you use?

Oh no! l'm feeling shy.

Did you ever think of me? No.

You're lying. You must've dreamt about me.

How do you know?

Since l dreamt in that mosquito infested cell, wouldn't you've dreamt in your house which has many air-conditioners?

What did you dream? l won't tell you. lf you tell me, l'll give you something.

What's it?

Wow! Puffed rice ball.

Manju dear. l'm coming dad.

Let's talk tomorrow. Tomorrow you've college.

Oh God, l'll say 'fever' and come to the milk farm.

We'll talk.

See you. Bye.

Who's to be bailed out? Chitthan.

How do you know him?

We worked together.

He's a smuggler of Cannabis.

Are you also in the same profession?


lf he doesn't appear in the court, you'll be arrested, do you know?


Sign a bail bond for Rs.3 lakhs, and take him.

Hey, Chitthan.

Am l a crow to put stones into this and drink?

Pour some more.

That's enough. We can't bear your tortures.

Old monk will not have any effect.

Oh my friend! You're my soul.

Don't think l'm blabbering because l'm drunk. l like you more than Manju.

Reduce your volume. She might over hear you.

Let her hear.

You get lost.

l was eagerly waiting for you.


But l don't like one thing about you.

You don't smile.



Smile.. l'll start crying if you don't smile.




He seems to be crying.


You scoundrels! At last, you made me to stay hungry.

Gomathi might've cooked something to eat. We'll ask her.

Ask her! Do you want to be beaten by her? Shut up and sleep here.

What happened?

Hey, What happened?



What shit did you drink? You stink!

Monk.. What?

Old Monk.

Don't you've any sense? You know, it doesn't suit him. Why did you give him?

Oh God! l'm going to leave you all.


You should've drunk within your limit.

Hey, did you eat?

Who's it?

Sakthi, did you eat?

Who's it? lt's me. Did you eat?

Who's it? l'm asking you, did you eat? Tell me, did you eat?


What did l do?

He's sleeping on empty stomach.

So, l'm trying to wake him up. Why did you beat me?

You're not allowing me to touch him. Go to hell.


You eat.

You eat.

You eat.

"Cool breeze is blowing."

"lt sounds like music."

"Cool breeze is blowing."

"lt sounds like music."

"lt's flowing through bamboos and creating music."

"The clouds are listening to it."

"A peacock is spreading it's feathers in a stone heart."

"lt's drizzling."

"The grass has laid a path and the rainbow has become an umbrella."

"The doors of the heart are opening, hearing the sound of the bell."

"The body is floating in the air with new vibrations."

"Cool breeze is blowing."

"lt sounds like music."

"lt's flowing through bamboos and creating music."

"The clouds are listening to it."

"Like the threads woven together, to make a beautiful cloth,"

"We are woven together with the bond of love."

"Like the mother earth which pampers and give us food to live,"

"only a few are blessed with such noble hearts."

"and this world still exists because of them."

"Till yesterday, l was alone with no one around me."

"lf someone accompanies you in the journey of your life,"

"it's the best deal one can get."

"Nothing is solo in this world."

"Flute is accompanied by music and flowers are accompanied by fragrance."

"Cool breeze is blowing."

"lt sounds like music."

"lt's flowing through bamboos and creating music."

"The clouds are listening to it."

"The heart is like the sky."

"lt gives you riddles everyday."

"No one knows the secret. No one understands this mystery."

"The hand that sows the seeds, also plucks the flowers."

"Who made a garland of those flowers?"

"Parrots swing holding the aerial roots,"

"and are gently narrating stories."

"Before asking for a lullaby,"

"the young jackal runs in search of mother jackal."

"A peacock is spreading it's feathers in a stone heart."

"lt's drizzling."

"The grass has laid a path and the rainbow has become an umbrella."

"The doors of the heart are opening, hearing the sound of the bell."

"The body is floating in the air with new vibrations."

Don't beat me.

l'm from Police department.

Get lost.

He's from the police department. He was spying on us.

Whenever we get into trouble, it's he who had blown the whistle on us.

You've not only got our goods seized, you've also found our place.

l struggle very hard to send the goods every month.

And you phone and inform someone without any strain.

Where's the phone? Who wants that phone?

Take him inside. l'll eat and come.

Go. You scoundrel!

You earn small salary, but you've given very heavy loss to the boss.

Useless fellow!

lf we bother about things and morality, we can't eke our livelihood.

Wash it.


Take this and burn it in a remote place.

"Think who you're."

"Tell me, what's yours in this world?"

"Parents are for the time being.."

"Your wife is for the time being.."

"Your job is for the time being.."

"Luxurious bungalow is for the time being.."

"Reservoir and service are for time being."

Do you've any sense?

Do you know what you've done?

He never realises..

What are you discussing so vehemently?

You Karuppan! get me 2 pots of water.

Will you do anything he orders?

You Karuppan, come here.

She's calling you, isn't she? Go.

What's this?

Your shirt is full of blood. What did you do?

Whom did you kill and bury? lt's nothing. Go. His shirt is full of blood.

Tell me whose corpse did you carry?

Why are you shouting now? Get up. Go inside. Go..

Oh God! He has done something terrible. At least you go and ask him. l know.

He has done nothing.

Someone else did it. He burnt it. That's all.

That's all!

You're saying so cooly.

Will he go to jail again? No. l told you, he didn't do it.

Then, who did it? Don't shout.

The one whom you put him up for a job. l sent him to work. l never thought that he'll do anything those murderers would say.

He has ruined his life.

What's the use of mourning now?

Where were your senses then?

Don't curse me.

The day l got him a job with them, l lost my peace. l had a hunch that something will go wrong when he went yesterday, l knew..

Do one thing. Take him to the police station.

And tell them that we are in no way related to that crime.

Do you want to expose everything yourself?

Nothing will happen, keep quiet.

Don't talk irrelevantly, he's innocent. lf this matter leaks out, Do you want to see the police beating and dragging him on the streets?

Don't cry and mourn so loudly.

The entire village might come to know about it. lf they catch him for the crime committed by someone else, do you think we'll keep quite?

Look, law says that the one who exhorts to do the crime is the first accused, and not the one who does it.

Nothing will happen.

He's full of mud and ash. Go and give him bath.

Throw it down. Get up.. Get up and take bath.

Add turmeric and pour on him.

Let his sins get washed away.

Why are you taking that?

Lets throw them in the fire and burn them.

Don't move.

How's it?


Gomathi, look. He's smiling. Karuppan, uncle come here.

Look, he's smiling.

You're smiling nicely.


You blabber a lot. Teach him.

Atleast, let him smile.

But don't teach him your tricks and mal-practises.

What's this sister?

You said you're going to leave this drug business.

Then how can l continue?

Lying and bluffing will end with my generation.

Sakthi, don't commit in a hurry. l can't stay hungry. Look at him.

Why are you always after food?

What bothers you? lf you eat a few grains and drink water, your hunger will subside. But l'm different. l told you to chuck him out. But you never listened.

Don't fight..Go.. Go..

Wow! this too.

Paari brought a chariot. Girls brought dowry.

A friend in need, is a friend indeed.

We've brought pens.

Say that again.

What do you see up there all day?

Don't stare at me, talk.

We paint with our hands. We speak with our mouth.

Come on say.. lt'll keep on writing.

They are shooting a film over there. Shooting!


You Karuppan, come. Sakthi, come.

Hey stop. Come fast.


Karuppan, it's actress Simran.

Silence please.

What different character?

Agaligai Who is Agaligai? l'll explain.

A thick forest and a saint. ..With long hair.

He has a water jug in his hand.

They are the one who live in forest wearing ''saffron dress''.



Sakthi, we stitch the clothes and then wear them.

Look there, they are wearing them and getting them stitched.

Shall l come to put the thread into the needle?

Come on, look at us. Take your hands off.

Beware! l'll burst a cracker in your mouth. - Listen to me.

You're shooting in our village and chasing us out! l'll spread the rumour that the actress is out of doors.

What's this? Get lost.

Oh no! What's that noise?

Hey Hanuman, chase them out. They are not going.

Go away.

Who's he?

He's wearing a cap, so, he's the director.

He's shouting too much. Yes.

Madam, you go and change your costume.

Later l'll tell the.. Okay sir..Okay sir.

You must learn Tamil language.

Or else l must learn English and make English films.

Hey go.

What are you doing? Leave her.

Who are you? Take the car.

Where are you taking me?

"Cigarette.. cigarette."

"Lets all turn into ashes."

"Chant 'Hare Krishna Hare Ram' in the morning and in the evening."

"Hare Krishna Hare Ram"

What's going on here?

You stupid! Why are you behaving like this?

Why are you keeping quiet?

One second madam.

Hey switch off the phone. l'll cut your neck. l'll kill you if you phone anyone.

Did you see? l told you l didn't want to shoot in this village, didn't l? lf we had given these dates to Director Maniratnam.

We could've finished the song in 'Ladakh'.

No madam. Director wanted to shoot in the forest.

Big forest! ls he directing Jurassic park? ls he a director? bald headed fellow. l'm in this situation because of him. lf he comes in future asking for dates, l'll slipper him. l hate this..l hate this.

What's this? Why are you talking continuously?

Shut up. Country brutes.

Keep quiet. We've kidnapped you but we are not going to rape you.


Did you see? Madam.

Look, what they are saying? l'm going to shoot them all.

Wow! 'Simran is an angry girl' published in a magazine is true.

You don't know about me. Better let me get down.

You don't know what you're doing.

Shut up. What shut up!

See.. What should l see?

See here..See there..


Oh villagers! Listen to this announcement, The girl who has left many young and old men sleepless, South lndian star..

With a tentalising waist, Simran is coming.

Come..Madam, come and see. it's Simran.

Why are you walking slowly? Come.

Without food this man is roaming on the cycle.

All of them become dull after seeing his face.

Come and dance here.

What? Dance? ldiots!

Why are you torturing me like this?

Doesn't anyone has sense?

Madam, why are you talking like this?

To tempt us to buy the soap, you're giving an Ad announcing that you're taking bath 27 times.

Can't you dance for making us happy?

How fair she is. lt seems she takes bath in donkey's milk.

What is she saying? She is saying you look beautiful.

And she said that you take bath in donkey's milk.

Say 'No'. No..

Simran madam, why is your hair brown?

You earn so much can't you apply coconut oil on them?

Madam, regarding your hair..

They say you're earning so much, Can't you apply coconut oil? Shit!

Leave me l'll go..

Hey! Why are you in a hurry?

You're right. Did we ask money from you?

We've seen you in T.V and theaters.

You've come here as Goddess, what are you going to lose if you dance here?

What are you seeing man? Translate it to her..

They are saying you've come like Goddess.

And they are asking you to dance.

Madam, why are you hesitating?

Even Mahatma Gandhi has come to this place.

When did he come? Hey you be quiet.

They say Gandhiji came here spending his pocket money.

Oh really? Yes..Yes. lf you dance here, we'll definitely elect you as Minister in the next election. lf you dance here, they'll elect you as minister.

Madam, look here..

These people have become very old, before they die, if they see your dance, lt'll be imprinted in their life history.

Before they die, they want to see your dance.

After seeing your dance they can die peacefully.

So sweet!


Have you noticed? let their souls rest in peace.

Why are you still hesitating?

You can dance infront of people of Singapore and Malaysia, Can't you dance infront of our country people?

They say you can dance in Singapore..

Don't cry..She'll dance.. She'll..

Don't feel..


Sing louder.

Fall at her feet.

Be careful..Come slowly..


Get lost.


"Goddess Lakshmi has come.. lt's me only."

"She gave lot of wealth. Have it."

"Our threshold will become pleasant. Excellent."

"Oh beautiful flower. Wow."

"ln the kind way.. Then?"

"She filled me with love. That's it."

"Oh saffron flowers."

"Oh lovely dove."

"Oh saffron flowers."

"Oh lovely dove."

"Oh maiden! Happiness is overwhelming by seeing you."

"Don't kick me.. Oh its paining. lt's paining."

"You scoundrel, don't apple polish me."

"Don't act too smart with me."

"After talking through your bewitching eyes,"

"Why are you running away?"

"After talking through your bewitching eyes,"

"Why are you running away?"

"Why are you not allowing me to touch your hand?"

"Why is it so? Dear."

"Oh! Darling.."

"Why dear?"

"Oh Fiance..Fian.."

What? Sakthi. Wait..Wait..Have this.

Hey, go and have a look.

"Did your kingdom of dreams become beautiful?"

"lt has been built and there's victory."

"Did your kingdom of dreams become beautiful?"

"lt has been built and there's victory."

"There's no law and order and the wheel of joy is rotated,"

"There, l'm the king."

lt's enough, come on..Man..

"Our souls attain salvation on seeing your smile."

"You're the strength of my soul, Oh! Lord Saravana."

"Chanting your name will lay a path to salvation."

"Oh Lord Muruga."

"Our souls attain salvation on seeing your smile."

"You're the strength of my soul, Oh! Lord Saravana."

"Chanting your name will lay a path to salvation."

"You're the knowledge that will lead us."

"The divine Lord who is praised by 63 saints.."


Take him away.

"Are you feeling shy to see my dance?"

"Shouldn't l dance for your song?"

Hey smuggler! Play the song.

"Shall l dance frantically?" Good competition.

"Shall l dance with Goddess Sakthi." Come on, buddy.

"Shall l dance frantically?"

"Shall l dance with Goddess Sakthi."

"You've the talent of bringing fire in your smile."

"You've the talent of setting the water on fire."

"Come and dance. Come and play."

"Come and rule the world."

Why is this song so lengthy? lt's an old song, madam.

How's it?

"Come and dance with Lord Shiva and Goddess Sakthi."

"Come and dance with Lord Shiva and Goddess Sakthi."

Move back..Move away.

Sakthi, get her autograph. l'll get it later.

Don't shout..Don't shout. Be quiet.

Be calm.

Sakthi, you dance well.

Will you come to Madras? l'll put you in films.

No, thanks. l can't leave him and come.

Oh they've come at the right time.

Madam. Nice crowd.


Madam, it seems someone has kidnapped you..Who's it?

No one has kidnapped me.

He's my friend, Sakthi. l came here out of my own interest.

Babu, come here. Yes, madam.

Explain to him.

Yes sir, it's nothing like that. We received a complaint.

She came here voluntarily.

Don't get scared.Tell me, who's it? No, it's nothing like that.

No problem..let's go. Come.. - Come, l'll explain to you.

See you, Sakthi,


You should send your wedding card, right?

Hey, lift him up.

Okay, it's enough. Hey, give him a big hand..

Are you all satisfied? Okay..okay..Karuppan.

Priest, it's enough. l'm feeling giddy. Put me down.

Forest was his world, and he was informing about the smugglers and bootleggers to the police, lt has been more that one month, there's no information about him.

Once in 10 days, he'll definitely come and see his children.

Did you lodge a complaint in the station? l had informed them several times.

As they are very busy giving security to some actress, they are not giving importance to my complaint.

Oh Goddess Sakthi!

Where's your friend? Hasn't he come?

They are over there. Why? l didn't ask about them, that Simran..

She thinks that she only has a tentalising waist, and she was showing-off like this.

You were also staring with a gaping mouth.

She was dancing because she knows dance. lf you know, you too could've come and danced, right? l can't dance like her shamelessly infront of others!

You're envious of her dance.

Me? ln the inter-college competition. l was the best performer.

Do you know how many cups l have won? lf you don't believe, come and see in my house.

Yes, she has lot of medals and certificates.

Hell with you! Go that side, we are having personal conversation, aren't we?

Why are you always with her?

Hey, don't insult my friend. l too give importance to my friend like you.

Manju, l've come here in search of you. Don't quarrel unnecessarily.

Why did you come in search of me?

When she put her hands on you, you smiled at her like this, didn't you?

You shameless fellow, Why didn't you go with her? l would've gone.

But, l didn't like to go there leaving you.

Don't act. You didn't like to go leaving him. l swear, Manju.

You're lying. You're lying. Don't beat. l've bought 2 cinema tickets.

Don't lie. - Listen to me. Don't beat me. l swear on our future child.

What did you say? l said, l swear on our future child.

Don't beat me.

Chitthan, it's nothing.

Chitthan, it's nothing. Just for fun.

Didn't l tell you not to beat me?

Hey, don't pull me.

Didn't l tell you it's for fun? Leave me.

Go..Go..Go, man.

On depending whom was l born?

When l win the time, come to me, man.

My tickets are wasted.

Take these and go with your mad friends.

He has come.

Greetings, sir.

Where is he? Who?


Has he started to kill and burn human bodies?

Sir, you're talking as though you were with him.

Hey, l'll tear your mouth. Will you send him or l've to drag him away?

What? lf you touch him, he'll put you in soup.

Why are you showing off unnecessarily?

Here he is..Drag him.

Look, this is an order from collector. He has asked me to interrogate him.

Don't make it a big issue, send him with me.

Say like this. lnstead, you're talking so rudely?

Okay l'll send him. l want to see the collector. ls collector your classmate? lt's a serious matter.

Ask him to come. Come here.

Ask him not to behave inhumanly during investigation.

Nothing short of this. He said he wants to see the collector, right?

Make arrangements, he'll say. l'll.. Look at me. l'll make arrangements. Come on.

Chitthan, come here.

He's our friend. Don't harm him.

Go and sit.

Did he understand? Tell him clearly.

Didn't he shake his head violently? Why are you asking like this? lt's very clear to him. You carry on.

l'm Madhivadanan. l'm Sakthivel. l see.

So nice of you.

Will you shake hands even with me?

But, policemen aren't like that, nursing the old enemity, now since they've got the opportunity, they are trying to dig out the old cases.

Look police are our friendly neighbours. Don't talk like that.

Okay, l'll explain everything clearly to you.

His profession is to burn corpses. lf his boss orders him to do a job, can he refuse him?

They've family and children, so they won't be truthful.

But, we aren't like them. We are orphans. lf someone gives us food and pay us Rs.5 or Rs.10, without deciphering his words, we'll obey him.

Sir, l'll cry only when l'm drunk.

Today, l'm not drunk.

Calm down..Calm down.

Hey Cheat, come here.

Wait, Tiger Dayanidhi is calling.

What's it? Sir.

Mahadevan asked you to meet him. Get into the car.

Why should l come?

Listen.. Wait, l'll tell..

Thinking that you've Collector's support, don't ever dare to give statement against the boss?

They all..

Today they'll be with you. Tomorrow, if they leave you, where will you go?

That's what you wanted to say, right? l know everything. Mind your job.

Cheat, he has given you money. Go and settle in Maharashtra.

Now 'cakes' are in great demand there. Do that job and lead your life.

Why should we prepare cakes?

Am l not an educated person? Give me respect.

Then be a lawyer not a broker.

Cheat, 'Make hay while the sun shines''. l'll give as much as you want.

He is in distress. lf you want, l'll make you his proxy. What do you say?


Greetings sir.

Did he take it?

No. l got nicely from him.

Have it.

Finally, what did he say?

He's not leaving Chitthan alone. l even provoked him to be your proxy.

But that stupid fellow asked me such a question, that l can never face my mother in my life.

Forget it. He made our men to become their witnesses. lf you want to stay alive with your family, instead of begging our men, surrender yourself to your opponent.

Oh God.

How dare you ask him to fall at his feet?

l'll slipper you..Be careful.

Atleast he abused me decently, But you're abusing me very indecently. look at my fate. l never got a kick even from my master. lnstead of being a lawyer, l can go to Maharasthra and prepare cakes.

Sir, shall l talk to Chitthan personally?

Hey, keep quiet. Now is he a problem?

Where is that man now?

"He is going to ogle at girls."

"He is going in search of his sweet heart."

Chitthan, clap. Yes, like that.

"Adding golden shine to her ordinary looks, she's charming him."

"Your eyes are filling up the void in my life."

"Adding golden shine to her ordinary looks, she's charming him."

Hey, listen to it.

"Your eyes are filling up the void in my life." lf l commit sins further harming good people like you..

God will punish me with a gory death. l believe in God. l don't know about you.

You don't cry. Atleast allow me to cry. l too believe. ls it? Which God?


A man who comes to kill another man, changes his heart and asks forgiveness.

According to me, he's a God. l've changed my heart. l'm not any God.

Don't talk like an atheist. There are many Gods roaming around.

We are not able to identify them. Believe in God.

Thanks and bye.

"A man drinking nectar of Love, lives eternally."

"Life's span is as long as your heart's magnanimity."

"Love is God."

Hey, go and bring the cycle. Okay.

You go..l'll drop her and come.

Hey, get down.. Let them go.

Chitthan, just 5 minutes.. l'll drop her and come.

When l tell you, you should obey me. l'll come immediately.


Sister, take him carefully. See you. Come.


Hey, he'll come..Come on.

"Adding golden shine to her ordinary looks, she's charming him."

"Your eyes are filling up the void in my life."

"Adding golden shine to her ordinary looks, she's charming him."

"Your eyes are filling up the void in my life."

"Town bus is empty."

"Let us go to a theatre.."

You scoundrel, are you blind?

You fool! ls this the way to drive?

Manju, are you alright?

Hey, who are you?


Hey, leave him.


Leave him.


Sakthi behind you..

Sakthi, come here. Let's go. Let's go, Sakthi.

Manju, you go..Go..

Sakthi.. Manju, you go. l won't. Go, Manju.

Listen to me. Go, Manju..Go..


What's your age, man?

Why are you troubling me?

Are you making our men as your witnesses?

You orphan, do you want me to go to jail at this age?

Hey, what happened? Why are you crying?

Who's it? What happened, Manju?

Tell me, Manju.

Where's he? Where's Sakthi?

What happened to her?

Open your mouth and say..

What happened to you? Where's he?

Open your mouth and say..something.

What's it? What happened?

What happened? Say something.

Go and bring some water..Go.. Make it fast.

What happened?

Have some water. No need to worry.

Go and see what happened to him. Go..

What happened?

Manju, tell me..Oh God.

Tell me, where's Sakthi?

Tell me.

Tell me. Tell me.

Tell me.

Tell me.


Chitthan, did you see Sakthi?

l'm asking you only, did you see him? lf he had seen him, he would've brought him here.

He won't go anywhere without telling us.

And she has fainted. l'm worried.

Hey you Karuppan.


Sakthi. Sakthi.

Sakthi. Sakthi.

Oh God, what have they done?

Sakthi is dead.


Look at Sakthi!

Father, Sakthi..

He has left us and gone.

Don't cry.





When did you get the information? ln the morning.

Who saw the body first? l don't know.

Say without crying.

Who else was close to him?

Say without crying..Say..

Look sister, that scoundrel is not coming near him.

Why did we allow this dog inside the house?

He is dead.

He's not even shedding a drop of tear and sitting like a stone.

Oh God!

Don't cry. Your Sakthi has become God.



Why are you touching him? Why?

Go..go.. Beat him and sent him away.

You ungrateful wretch! Get lost.

Leave this place. Why did you come here? Go.

Sakthi took lot of pains for you. Beat him nicely.

Why are you touching him?

Have you come to burn his body?

Go away..Go.

Get lost.

Get lost.

Whoever wants to see the face, see it. l'm going to close it.

My mother left me and died.

My Guardian left me and died.

But you..

But why did you die and make me shed tears?

"Oh! World is in Demon's hand."

Who has given him right to ruin?

Come on..Come and show your ploys.

Come and destroy those evils.

Violence that has tormented human beings.

Hereafter l'll not allow it to bare it's fangs. l'll put an end to it.

Oh human! l was born in a graveyard.

"Oh! World is in Demon's hand."

"Who has given him right to ruin?"

Hey, what are you looking at?

Hey, why are you taking it?

Hey, what are you doing?

"When poverty is chasing our lives,"

"why should arrogant persons chase us?"

"When our sins are chasing us,"

"why should our enemies chase us?"

"Oh Goddess Sundari.. Oh Goddess Bhairavi..Oh Goddess.."

"Both eyes are smarting by the glow of fire."

"The entire body is boiled to take revenge."

"Oh Earth and the sky! Bless him.. Destroy all evil."

"Future should have noble human beings!"

Within an hour, he should die.

Otherwise, we'll die.

Take the vehicle.



Give back Sakthi..


What are you doing? Leave him..

Oh God!

Hey! Where is Sakthi?

I want him.