Pixote (1981) Script


I understand, my love, but it's crazy down here.

What do you expect me to do?

I've been here for over an hour.

I'll be right with you, miss.

Look, I'll give you a call later. Okay? Bye.

My son's been missing for over a month!

That's a different matter.

Right now, I just need your son's name.

José Maria.

José Maria what? José Maria da Silva.

Come on, keep moving. Let's go!

What's going on?

They're rounding everyone up.

Someone's dead and they're blaming us.

Pedro Socrates, age 15. Parents: Julio and Ambrosia. Correct?

Diego Emanuel, age 13. Mother: Mercolina. Father: Unknown. Correct?

João Henrique, age 10. Mother: Maria Ribeiro. Father: Unknown. Correct?

He's dead. Father unknown.


Anastàcio Pereira, age 17. Parents: Roberval and Severina. Correct?

José Otacilio, age 16. Parents: Fortunato and Julia. Correct?

Edmundo Pires, aka Marylin, age 17. Parents: Luis and Esmeralda. Correct?

Raimundo be Souza. Father: Pedro be Souza...

What a fucking mess. Everyone get up, now.

Get in line.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven... nine, ten, 11, 12, 13...

14, 15, 16, 17.

Back here again? You know how this works, right?

In here, no one gets a beating without good reason.

Hey, no slacking off!

In here you're a man, got that?

Or you'll have me to deal with.

Does anyone have any questions? No, no one has any questions.

Visiting hours are every Sunday.

No whores, only family members.

Take them to the dormitory. Let's go, hurry up. Quickly!


Stay very quiet!

We feel like fucking you.

Keep your mouth shut!

Don't fight back and everything will be okay.


I won't ask who is responsible!

I know nobody will own up!

But listen to me very carefully, I am nobody's father!

I won't put up with your bullshit.

You want to kill each other, do it outside! Not here!

Otherwise, I take the rap! This is your home!

You have to tell me everything or I'll bust your heads in!

Pixote, did you see who it was?

No, I was sleeping.

Fucking hell.

Here, take him to the infirmary.

You'll look gorgeous!

Watch out for Lilica.

Keep still! You got ants in your pants?

Hey, calm down. You feeling jumpy?

Want some of this?

Just a little.

Go ahead. Breath in deep and hold it in.

That's it. You've got it.

There you have it. The pleasures of a perfect joint.

Have some more.

That's it.

That's it.

Shit, man, I'm so fucking hungry.

I'm really stoned.

No worries, man. It hardly affects a pro like me.

Let's get out of here.


Fuck, that's one sexy chick!

That ain't no chick. He's queer.

That's Lilica. I would, though.

Do you remember now?

That guy's called Almir.

He's an asshole cop.

An old man was pushed under a car. And now he's dead.

Was that necessary?

Just to steal a fucking wallet?

Turns out the old man is a judge. Do you know what that means?

Fuck, man. What a screwup! Who could've known he was a big shot?

The commissioner is getting close!

The chief commissioner is roasting the deputy!

What were you thinking?

I want the names of the culprits.

Nothing will happen to you.

The law protects minors in this country.

You're all untouchable.

But with me, that excuse won't fly!

But if you won't cooperate...

I'll pick one of you as the culprit.

So what's it gonna be?

The old man died on Ipiranga at the corner of 24 be Maio.

Who hangs out there?

He doesn't know anything. This guy's full of shit.

The old guy died in the middle of the block, not at the corner like this fucking idiot just said.

Talk, you little queer.

Fucking whore, talk!

Listen, keep your mouth shut, you got that?

You watch my back, and I'll watch yours.

And when we get out of here, no one's gonna be able to stop us.

Okay, cool. It's a deal.

Get scrubbing, you bunch of pigs! Scrub that filth off.

Let's get rid of these lice once and for all.

And how about you, doll... scrub that little ass nice and clean.

What are you staring at? Nothing!

Do you like it?

Do you want to touch it? Do you?

How's it going? Take a seat.

What's up, buddy? Are you new here?


I've been coughing all night.

Drink it all up, before it gets cold.

You'd better drink it.

If you don't do it now, you'll have to do it later.

That's it.

You're gonna be tough when you're older.


earth... is... round...

like... an... orange.

Did you write it down?

Pixote, why aren't you writing? Come on.

Open your book. You're sleepy, aren't you?

You have to leave here being able to write and learn.

Write it down, Pixote. Don't be lazy. Let's stop wasting time.

Write, Pixote.






round... round...

like... like...



Tell us everything, crook!

I don't know anything.

Speak, motherfucker!

You want me to tell you what I don't fucking know!

No swearing, asshole!

You better tell us.

I've got all day. I'm in no hurry.

I know you'll end up telling us. Go on, what happened?

Okay, okay! I'll tell you.

Here's what happened...

I met two guys in the street, they asked me for a cigarette, so I gave them one.

It was a joint, wasn't it? No, just a plain cigarette.

They asked if I'd been involved in any holdups.

I said I had, so they gave me a gun and told me to hold up the bank.

There were a couple of guys there... getting cash out...


Yes? I'd like a loan.

How much do you need? Eight hundred.

How will you repay the loan? Savings account.


It's for my engagement.

Thank you and best wishes.

Hands up! Hand over all the money!

We need the fucking money!

There isn't much!

Why do you care how much it is? You just work here. Hand it over!

Quick, before we get caught! Don't kill me!

I'll blow your brains out, bastard!

Hurry up, or you'll get it!

Trouble, Dito!

For fuck's sake, I'm not playing!

Why the hell not? Pixote ruined it! He said my name.

Go fuck yourself! Suck my dick.

Cut that out. I've got something more interesting for you guys.

Naked women, check this out!

Imagine taking off her panties and sticking it in her.

Pixote's gone red.

That's enough. This isn't for kids.

Shit, Lilica! That's not fair.

You're hard already.

Go on then, take it. You've all got dirty minds.

They act all tough but have dicks this big.

I need you youngsters to help me out.

Don't give me that, Lilica. Only the big boys can help you out!

It's nothing like that, you idiots. I need a favor from you guys.

How about getting your parents to bring me a little something?

Weed? What do you think?

That's gonna be messy. I don't want any trouble.

It's easy for you guys.

Isn't that right, Pixote? Don't ask me!

I know someone who can help.

But what's in it for me?

No one will fuck you. No one will touch you.

We'll look out for you.

What more could you want?

All right.

But there's one more thing...

I want cash.

No fucking way! Let's play ball.


You'll do it, won't you?

Lilica, I've already told you, I don't want any trouble.

Let's get back in.

If you would like to receive a copy of today's message, request it using number 1720.

The subject is.. Jesus, the king who bestows happiness.

So, Mom, will you talk to the judge?

I will speak to him, son. But he won't let you out of here.

What's the point?

And what's more, why go back on the streets?

If anything happens to me in here, you'll be to blame. Think very carefully.

But what could happen, son?

Pixote, if your grandad shows up, are you gonna speak to him?

Don't even joke. I hope he doesn't.

Why not?

He fucking pisses me off!

When you heard me sing Sit down here, Roberto.

What's up? Are you nervous?

Yeah, well today is my big day.

Seen Fumaça's mom? Over there.

She never misses a single visit. Maybe she wants to be locked up.

I know, right? She's a fucking ugly old hag.

Ugly? No way. She has something for Fumaça.

Do you think it's couscous? She makes a mean couscous!


Your mother's here to see you.

Let's go. I'm not in the mood.

She came all this way to see you! I never asked her to!

Don't even start!

Sapatos told me to get you.

Tell that cow that I don't want to see her!

Aren't you going to talk to your mom? You ingrate!

She makes sacrifices and this is what you do?

Can I go? Yes, Dito, just go.

When did he get here?

Around two months ago, I guess.

They caught a whole bunch of them.

They beat the shit out of him.

Why haven't you come over? You know I don't like you anymore.

You don't?

Ever since I was a kid I did nothing but listen to you I followed your story And got to know your glory And learned it all by heart He's good! He even looks like Roberto Carlos, doesn't he?

Yeah, he'll be a great artist when he gets out of here.

And how about you? What are you going to be?

Because I'd read In entertainment magazines That you'd been Just a poor kid like me

But you know what?

I didn't need to be told that Because it was written all over your face What you'd lived What you'd gone through...

And what you'd lost

Grandad, look here.

I need help.

And? Can you do me a favor?

A favor? What favor?

Can you find me some dope?

Dope? What dope, Pixote?

Just a little bit.

I'm not getting you anything. Don't go getting me in trouble!

Take a good look at yourself, boy!

I am The Roberto Carlos of the poor I am that boy who loved you and grew up I sing where you no longer can

This is the life destiny gave me Why don't you join a band?

But Grandad, I can't sing.

You need to get me out of here.

Patience, Pixote. Just a little longer.

It's much worse outside than in here. Now, let's listen.

Since you won't help me out, I'll just look for my mom.

If you find her before I do, you let me know, okay?

In your footsteps Through where you have been

Can't you keep still?

What else do you need?

Why did you leave home?

My grandma started nagging me.

Listen, I'm trying to help you.

But I need you to trust me, okay?

Go ahead, tell me.

If I tell you everything, you'll tell the cops.

Pixote, I'm not with the police. I'm a doctor.

Promise you won't tell the judge?


Didn't I tell you I wanted you with the others?

I forgot.

What's going on? Transfer.

But he hasn't been evaluated.

That's not my problem. Let's go.

But I haven't told her my story yet.

If I don't tell her everything, the judge won't let me go.

Go, Pixote.

You can talk later.

What you've said here is confidential.

Go, Pixote. Do what you're told.

Almir, I don't want any trouble. Bring them back in a few days!

Don't worry. Have I ever let you down?

But friends of yours have screwed me over.

And I'm left holding down the fort. Don't worry about it!

Look, if anyone asks, they've gone on a trip, okay? Let's go.

Carlinhos, Mirandinha!

What are you looking at? Get out.

Come on, move!

No, not that!


No! Help!

I'm not sure. It could be any of them.

The only thing I'm certain of is that the boy was blonde...

They all look the same. How can I be sure?

I have no idea.

You said he looked like the blonde one over there.

He's got a murder on his record.

Look, it could be, but I only saw the boy for a second.

How can I be sure?

It's him, without a doubt. He's vicious.

That's your opinion. I'm not confirming anything.

Let's go, Mother. This won't bring Father back.

I understand this must be painful, but we're just doing our job.

What's your name, kid?


Cool name.


It was that man.

Go on.

There you go.

Have you seen my son? Do you know who he is?

Fumaça? That's him.

Do you know where he is?

Is he sick?

Has something happened to him?

I was winning! Hey, lady!

A bunch of boys got taken away.

Fumaça hasn't showed up yet. You better ask around.

Lady, I think you better have another son, because this one's had it!

Come on, let's go.

Two boys, who appear to be around 14 to 15 years, have been found dead.

Both bodies were riddled with bullet holes.

Authorities are currently scouring the main reformatory schools within the city.

The only clue is the uniforms the boys were wearing.

Move, let's go!

Come on, get dressed. Quickly!

We have visitors.

Any lies and you'll be back here.

Let's go.

Falling asleep in here...

These are the dormitories.

We work miracles with our small budget.

That's why it's not in better conditions.

Are the boys locked in?

Not since the prior administration.

This is our supervisor. A man dedicated to the boys.

Please excuse the mess, it's hard to keep this place tidy 24/7.

And this boy?

Shouldn't he be at school? He's sick.

Infectious hepatitis.

So, little man, how are you doing? Okay.

A doctor comes twice a week.

So did the boy's mother see him in the infirmary?

Of course she saw him.

She was here on Sunday and was told the boy had run away.

She's mistaken. I escorted her myself.

She was shocked at what she saw, naturally.

Sure, due to the boy's condition?

She was also told that the police had taken the boy away.

Cops don't set foot in here.

These boys are vicious. More so than adults when they fight.

Is it really possible for the boys to use such violence?

They'd have to be King Kong, right?

You may speak with the boy once he recovers.

Thank you.

We'd really like it if the press could spend some time here to appreciate the work that we do.

Pixote! Glad you're back, man. What about Fumaça? Where is he?

They took us somewhere and kicked his ass.

But why?

I heard he killed some old geezer.

Fuck, his mom was here on Sunday.

When she found out they'd taken him, she said she'd tell all the newspapers.

Shit's gonna go down.

What happened, Pixote?

That son of a bitch, Almir, took some of the kids to a field and killed Carlinhos and Mirandinha. Damn.

Then what?

They brought us back from the police station and put us in solitary.

We were there for ages.

Then Sapatos took me out and made me do the fucking cleaning!

I need to get out of here! Me too.

Take it easy, Pixote. I've got some glue for you.

Where? Go for it.

But get rid of the can after!

No problem. Thanks, Roberto.

Let's get out of here.

Hang in there, okay? Cool.

The boy's really not in good shape.

If he doesn't eat, he'll croak.

Isn't that what the kids say?

That's right.

It doesn't matter what you did out there.

In here, you're all the same.

The rules are what's important.

This is a family. This is your home.

Any problems have to be resolved here.

It doesn't matter who gets hurt!

It's like I say, don't air your dirty laundry in public!

What if a friend of yours ratted you out to the police?

I'd finish him off!

So, what's the point of small talk?

He's gone. internal hemorrhage.

It's what I feared.

Weren't you watching him? How did this happen?

He'd been beaten to within an inch of his life!

I did everything I could do.

Don't put this shit on me!

You bastard!

This will cost you your job, I'll see to it!

Why was he here? The police came to get him.

Shout at them, not at me. I had no part in this.

How could you take him in this state?

It happened on my day off.

I came back and he was already here.

Then who took him in? What did you want us to do?


I just want you all to go to hell!

I can't even look at you anymore.

Now they'll be on us like vultures.

This is the last thing we needed.

Who else... What's he doing here? How did...

That kid's out of it.

He won't remember a thing.

I won't take the rap for this.

This whole mess will be on all of you!

Pixote, make your bed.

Everyone has to help out, you hear?

Come on, get dressed.

The doctor says you can go.

Enough of this laziness.

Where's Fumaça? Who?


What are you talking about, kid? I don't know who you mean.

Swallow it.

...drafted by President Figueiredo, based on humanitarian concerns and fraternal bonds of friendship that unite Brazil and Uruguay.

In São Paulo, street violence grows day by day.

A minor, missing for two weeks, has been found dead.

The institute's director gave the following statement..

Fights often occur between these boys given their social backgrounds.

As for the specific facts surrounding the deceased boy, I have been informed that he was brutally beaten by one of his colleagues.

But the culprit has already been identified.

The offender, A. C., age 17, has an unfortunate police record.

Armed robbery, assault and larceny.

A typical case of a juvenile delinquent.

I don't know, miss.

I know nothing.

First, I went to see him and he wasn't there.

Then they told me he'd run away...

Later, when I went to see him again, they told me he was in the infirmary.

A boy told me that this was a lie, and that the police had taken him.

I don't know what happened.

I just want my son!

There is a lot of mystery surrounding this institution.

The boy's mother saw him.

I saw him too, in the infirmary, all beaten up.

He couldn't even walk, so how could he run away?

That's enough for today. After dinner, everyone to bed!

Son of a bitch! You want to see me dead?

I won't stand for this!

Piece of shit. You think you can get rid of me?

You're fucking mistaken!

Enough! You've caused enough trouble!

Sapatos, you son of a bitch. I want to talk to you!

Everyone to the dormitory! Dinner's over!

Don't fucking move! Sit the fuck down.

Come on, you piece of shit, I'll spill your guts.

Cut you into tiny pieces.

Sapatos, you son of a bitch! Show your fucking face!

What's going on here?

I didn't touch Fumaça! He was my friend!

It was you and your little friends!

You're high!

High, my ass. You're trying to frame me!

Don't get carried away.

Even if it had been you, nothing would happen.

When you turn 18, you'll be free and you can move on.

No one will touch you.

I won't even want to know you exist.

I didn't give your name to anyone.

I wasn't even on duty yesterday.

Just keep cool and everything will be fine.

Now, everyone to bed!

Let's go. This way.

Hurry it up.

Not so fast.

Let me go! You want to finish me off!

Shut your mouth!

What's going on? Who's there?

What have they done to you? What have they done!

They got me, Lilica.

They got me.

They took me to the room... and finished me off.

They fucked me up.

Where did they get you? Where does it hurt? Tell me.

Tell me where they hit you. Tell me!


Everywhere. They beat me with a broomstick.

Help me, Lilica! I'll help you.

I'm right here. I'll help you.

I promise nobody else will lay a hand on you.

Nobody else will harm you.

He's dying! He's not fucking dying!

You're my man, you're my life, you're my love.

You're everything to me.

I promise I'll always be with you.

Fuck, Lilica, he's dying! He's not dying, you asshole!

You're not dying. You'll stay with me, won't you?

I love you so much, I do.

You'll pay for this, you motherfuckers!

You'll see! I'll kill you all, I will!

I could be next, Dito. Let's leave. Let's run away.

Open the door!

Let's trash this fucking place!

They'll kill me!

Dr. Mario, I'm extremely worried.

What do you mean?

Was it really a fight between the boys?

What was the dead kid into?

Gay sex and other bullshit.

If there are no suspects, find one.

What happened here today will land us in a whole load of shit.

Look here.

That's the second boy who's died in less than 15 days.

You can ask Almir about the first one...

You want to know why this country doesn't make progress?

Because it's full of idiots!

Dr. Mario, the court judge has just arrived.

Very well, let's get this over with.

Tonight, a boy was murdered.

I want you to tell me all you know, as if talking to a parent.

I'm here to help you.

Why so much destruction?

Isn't this supposed to be your home?

A home we should all look after?

What is this madness?

Fights and even murders!

You came here to be reintegrated into society as useful citizens.

You are wasting a great opportunity.

And for what?

Can someone tell me? Why?

Can you?

I'll only leave here once I know the whole truth.

Only God has the right to give and take away life.

You can go.

They're all deaf, dumb and blind.

How awful.

They're trying to cover their backs because they all feel guilty.

You're almost 18, aren't you?

Were you friends with the boy who died?

Yeah, I knew him.

Tell me about him.

I don't know anything. I have nothing to say.

Do you want to talk in private? What?

Go ahead. The judge will make sure nothing happens.

What do you mean? Why did you do it?

Did he betray you? Were you jealous of him?

Come on, you can tell us.

It's a lie! You're trying to frame me.

You started this with your faggot shit. Right or wrong?

And then it got out of hand, isn't that right?

You animals!

You finished him off. You disgusting faggot!

That's enough!

Get out.

Get out!


You can talk to me.

Don't be scared.

Dear God.

That's the window!

Let's go!

Freedom's outside. Let's go!

Come on, let's go.

Fucking slow down.

Come on, man, let's go!

I'm staying.

It'll be worse for me out there.

Fucking idiot!

Let's go.

Stop, thief! Thief!



They took my bag!

Son of a bitch! Thief! They have my wallet. Get them!

Come on, Pixote!

Come and get it!

You know, Dito, I love lying here in the sun.

When I'm with you, I feel so calm. How about you?

What do you think? I don't know.

Imagine us in Copacabana, Lilica.

On a fucking great beach, the sun shining just like this.

Why don't you take us? Go on, take us!

I promise, Lilica.

When we hit the big time, I'll take all four of us.


Dito, I want to ask you something.

Go ahead.

Do you like me?

Of course I like you.

Then say, "Lilica, I love you."

Cut it out, Lilica. Go on, Dito. Say it.

Don't fuck with me.

I'll fuck with you.


Hey! Long time, no see!

What a nice surprise. Get in.

How are you? Good.

I thought you'd forgotten me. Forget you?

How could I forget you? You're my life!

That sounds nice, doesn't it?

What's happening? Come on.

Let's go!

Hurry up!

Fuck, Lilica, we've been here since 9:00!

Go on, Lilica. Go for it.

This is the peace pipe!

Go ahead, Dito. It's all yours. I'm all right.

What do you mean?

Why not? Not even one little drag?

I don't like guys who mess around!

If you're just gonna give me a hard time, then take a hike!

I just don't feel like it. Don't feel like it, my ass!

Pixote, show this asshole how it's done.

Go for it.

Fuck, Cristal, your car is awesome.

Thanks, Pixote. It belongs to me and my friends.

But only the best ones.


What's your deal? You think this is a free for all?

Leave the kid alone, Cristal!

What's wrong, you fucking fag? What the fuck do you think this is?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, my ass!

No one's watching a fucking thing!

What do you think this is?

Come into my home, drink my whiskey, make a fucking mess, watch this fucking movie.

What do you think I am? Some sort of brothel madam?

It's not like that, Cristal.

It's just that Dito's too much of a kid.

He's not into that sort of thing.

Give us a break. Give you a break, my ass.

I'm the one wasting time dealing with these assholes!

And you know what? I'm not making any fucking deals!

And you can all get the fuck out! Now! Out!

I said everyone out!

You can't do this to us. Dito was lucky to get this cash!

Fuck it, it ain't my problem, it's yours. Get out!

Cristal, please, help us out. Leave it alone, kid.

Don't you start.

Okay, fine.

Look, give us some time. We're going to have a little chat.


You bunch of assholes!

One, two, three, four, five, six.

One, two...

Hey, there's cash missing here. It's 5,000, what's the deal?

I need to move the goods first.

And where are you going to do that? In Rio. I know where to go.

In Rio? Okay then.

Look, I'll even help you out.

I don't usually do this, but I like you guys.

When you get there, look for my friend, Débora.

She's cool and has a shitload of clients.

Stick with her, you hear? Rio's tough. You snooze, you lose.

If you can't find Débora, go look for Raulzinho at the nightclub Cowboy.

You know it, don't you, Lilica? Yeah, I do.

You got that? Yes.

Then you're free to go.

And don't forget... you still owe me!

And there's another thing, no double-crossing.

Because if anything happens, it'll cost you double!

This is your opportunity. You either make a deal...

or you get dealt.

I'm so fucking hungry.

Don't worry. Just imagine you're having a nice coffee with bread and butter.

Dito, do you think we're on the wrong train?

Don't worry about it. If we are, we'll just get another one.

We'll get there sooner or later.

When I get my share of the cash, I'm gonna buy a board like that one.

And surf around just like this.

I'm not into the sea.

I like to be able to see the bottom, you know what I'm saying?

Guys, I talked to the lady, she isn't far. I'll go with Lilica.

You guys stay here.

What do you mean? We came all this way, we're going.

I want to meet the lady, too. What if she's hot?

Okay fine, come on.

Let's go, Pixote.

Yeah, it's good. I'll make a deal.

How did you end up here? By train.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Do you think I'm pretty? Yeah.

Is Cristal still alive?

I thought he was long gone.

Is this your first trip?

Yeah, it's the first.

Well then, it's 13,000. Right?

Did she tell you she lives here?

Then where does she sleep?

There's nothing, it's empty. That's right, kid.

This place is just for business.

Why? Don't you trust me?

It's nothing like that.

I think we should be friends.

If you're my friend, you can come to my house, I have a son just your age.

Would you like to come and play? I would.

Very well, this is for the stuff, and I'll pay you the rest later.

No way!

What's wrong, girl? You suspicious?

You know my number.

It's very simple.

I take the goods to my friend, he pays me and I pay you.

That's how we do business.

Did you really think I'd walk around with that sort of cash?

Fine. No way, Dito! No money, no goods!

I've told you... You're getting screwed!

Cut it out, Lilica. Débora's cool. Keep out of this, Pixote!

Well, it's up to you. That's the only way I do business.

You either accept it or you don't. I have a busy day ahead.

If we go for it, how long do we have to wait around?

For God's sake, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Then leave half of the goods, just to make sure.

Pixote, where did you swipe that?

Fuck, the water's great!

You're getting water everywhere.

That's no way to eat.

Didn't anyone teach you manners at home?

What home? You mean the brothel?

Watch your mouth, asshole. My house isn't a brothel.

That's enough bickering.

Do you think Débora's back?

I think we better go back. Dito's gonna be pissed at us.

But we just got here, why do we have to leave now?

I just want to know if Dito's got the cash.

I saw the best pair of embroidered trousers.

When I get my share, no fucker's gonna mess with me.

I'm not gonna die like Big Boy.

Don't tempt fate, Pixote. You never know what can happen.

Now, when I get my share, I'm gonna buy a brand-new .38, so I can do this...

Hands up, son of a bitch! Move it! I said move it, asshole!

That's how I'll stand up to those motherfuckers.

Everyone's gonna respect me. "Chico, the Trigger King."

I know who I'm gonna kill first.

That fucking cop who beat me up at the police station.

He beat the shit out of me, and I don't even know why.

His day will come, for sure.

He'll see. That motherfucker's gonna pay!

And what about Roberto? He should be here with us.



It would be a laugh if he was here.

But if he got in the water, his leg would rust like this.

I turn 18 next month.

Getting old, Lilica.


Things will get tougher from now on.

I can't get into trouble.

If I get caught, it'll be jail and beatings forever.

When I turn 18, I'm gonna change.

I'll ask Roberto if I can join his band.

I've got no way out, Pixote.

They'll always find a reason to come after me.

They'll always be on my back.

"Right? You fucking faggot!"

What more can a fag like me expect?

Nothing, I guess.

I watched a boy running freely I saw time Playing around that boy's path I put my feet in the river And I never pulled them away The sun still shines on the road I never traveled I saw a woman expecting a new life Time stopped so that I could gaze at her belly...

I knew that bitch would screw us over.


Son of a bitch!

How did we end up here?

Listen, this is all your fault!

My fault?

Was I the one who handed her the goods?

Get over yourself!

Aren't you the one who's friends with Cristal?

How does he come into this?

You just wanted to fuck him, and took us there just to show off.

Are you jealous?

I didn't do it to show off, Dito.

I did it for you.

Look here. I won't put up with dirty tricks.

Business is business. Right?

It depends.

Some deals need dirty tricks, others are nothing but dirty tricks.

Get lost, Lilica! I don't want to see you ever again.

Fuck, man. What's the big deal? What's done is done.

Just go.

You really want me to go?

Just say it again, and you'll never see me again.

Go on, Dito, repeat it.

Say it again.

On the cross One day I saw My sins borne by Jesus On the cross One day I saw My sins borne by Jesus On the cross One day I saw My sins borne by Jesus Pixote, Chico, come on!

Brothers, hell is near! Satan will descend among us!

It's all set. Raulzinho's waiting.

You take it. I can't.

I don't think so, I can't risk it.

Why not send Pixote and Chico?

If they get caught, they can just say they're begging for a handout.

I won't mess it up, Lilica.

Take it. Cool, let's go.

Go ahead. Don't hand over the goods without the money, you hear?

No more "pay you later." Okay.

I can't, I have to go to São Paulo.

Sort out some business. I'll be back in two days.

Hold on. Who are you? What do you want?

We phoned earlier. Cristal sent us.

Yeah, that's right.

No, no, I'm... Come in.

No, I'll be back soon. Let me see the stuff.

Come on, let me see the stuff!

Hand over the stuff, now.

Here we go.

No, I'm just dealing with something. I'll tell you about it later, okay?

Hang on a sec.

How much is it? 8,000, on the nose.

Fucking hell!

Okay, it's all good. I won't be long.

Fuck, Chico. Why did you give him the stuff?

You don't even know him. You heard what Lilica said.

Shit, Pixote. What was I supposed to do?

He asked to see it!

So you just hand it over?

Hey, Raulzinho. How are you?

It's all right, sweetheart!

Did you see who that was? It's that cow, Débora!

Let's get Dito.

No way, we can deal with this. Let's go.

What about the stuff?

We'll get it later. Come on. Okay.

Mrs. Débora, you okay?

What are you up to, kid?

We came to get our money.

We waited around all day.

Traffic was awful, I got held up.

But I'm glad you came, I've got the cash.

Wait outside, I won't be long. I'll pay you after the show.

No way.

Listen here, lady.

We're not falling for that again. We want the cash now, you hear?

Piss off! Get out or I'll call the police.

Then we'll take this!

Give it back!


Speak to me, Chico!

Please, speak to me!

Pay attention!

He can't even play.

This is how you do it, Pixote.

Go on, Dito!

Hey there. Hi.

This is Dito, and this is Pixote.

They're good guys.

I've got you, Dito!

Go ahead.

Look over there.

Check out that fierce brunette.

What do you think, Dito?

I'm starting to like this.

This woman's like a machine.

She can get at least 1,000 a day.

I'm only giving her to you because I have to leave.

And let me tell you, I'm taking a crap deal.

Let's get down to it.

Turn the fucking light off!

Don't be like that, we need to talk.

Close your eyes.

Do you think I'm stupid?

I was good to you, wasn't I?

Of course you were, but you know I have to leave.

It'll just be for a while.

They won't be trouble. Trust me.

Besides, you said you'd be up for it.

What am I supposed to do with a bunch of kids?

It's only for a while, I'll be back soon.

Don't start, you hear?

It's all right. Forget about it.

All I want to do now is rest.

Done deal. Now hand over the cash.

Check this out! Calm down, brother!

It's in perfect condition. Brand-new.

You'll just need bullets.

For another grand, it's yours. You're gonna need it.

I already have mine.

What do you think? Up for it? Of course I am.

I'll take it for Pixote.

What are you up to, kid?


Are you hurt?

Are you?

Are you sick?

Yeah, I guess I am.

What are you looking at?

Should I have kept the baby?

What baby?

That one!

What the fuck do you think that is?

A piece of meat?

Didn't your mom tell you about life? This is it.

It even looks like you. Look at him closely.

Stop fucking looking at me.

Get lost, or I'll stab you like I stabbed him.

Get out!

Get out.

Fucking fever.

Will it ever end?

I saw blood in the bathroom. I think she's hurt.

Hurt? I don't think so! She's just on her period.

Don't you know about that?

Every woman has it.

Cut it out, Lilica. I don't want any arguments.

Why so quiet?

You'd think it was a funeral.

You'll have to excuse me, but I'm not quite myself today.

Anyone want some?

I think I'll give some to Lilica.

She's old enough.

Isn't that right?

Now I can see you all more clearly.

If you know what to do, everything will be okay.

We'll split the cash in half, deal?

In half? Shut your fucking mouth.

It's a deal.

You know this could end in jail?

It's cool, Sueli. We're underage.

You can relax. There's no dirty tricks with us.

Of course.

Security is down to you... isn't that right, darling?

Who are you trying to fool?

Don't give me this tough guy act.

The last guy left a souvenir in the bathroom.

Isn't that right?

What's your name again?


Nice name.

Look, don't be angry with Sueli.

I'm just... all over the place today.

I've been told you're good people.

Pixote can be my little man.

How about it?

Wait. Come on, grandpa!

Here we are.

Isn't it great? Fuck, what a shithole.

I didn't expect a place like this. But it's much cheaper, right?

Besides, when making sweet love, it's who you're with that counts.

My love!

What are you waiting for, grandpa?

I thought you were horny.

Lean over there. I'll help you take off your trousers.

Go ahead. Want some talc?

Do anything you want.


You're so passionate!

You make me so horny. You make me horny, too.

I've never been so turned on.

I'm crazy about you.

I'm crazy about you.

Here, look. No, not there. Here.

Listen here, motherfucker...

Give us all your money. You can take it all.

Don't kill me, I have a family!

Let's see if this makes you cum. Chickenshit.

Take everything! For the love of God, don't kill me.

Hey, boy. Another Coke please.

For me too, please.

Sueli, did you enjoy our performance?

It was amazing, really great.

Lilica, can I have your steak?

Just take it. Take it all! You're like a bunch of pigs.

Is she pissed off?


They're queer, aren't they? Lilica likes dick.

But Dito doesn't. I've known him for a while, and he definitely doesn't.

Now I'll have chocolate ice-cream to finish it off.

How about you?


Cognac and marshmallows.

Enjoying it? Yes.

It's good isn't it?

Worth the money you paid? Oh, yeah.

How much is this car? I don't know.

You're rich aren't you?

Will you give me a car like this?

Will you? Whatever you want.

I want this car!

I'm going to have this car!

I want a car like this one!

Move it, now! Okay, okay!

Be quiet or I'll blow your brains out. All right.

Quiet! Not a sound or I'll cut your balls off.

Okay. Go on.

Nice and quiet!

Get in, move!

I think he shit his pants.

How's it looking? Better and better.

He'd beaten me up so much, I ended up in the hospital.

I said to him, "Shove your money up your ass!

I'll buy myself a house and a car."

That's when I came to São Paulo.

I worked in a nightclub.

It was so much fun.

I felt like a queen.

I would just dance all night long.

Pixote, change stations, will you?


Who told you to change it? I was enjoying that.

Sueli told me to. She's cool, isn't she?

"She's cool, isn't she?" That's all I need.

This is great!


Do you like it, Lilica?

What did you do there?

I was a go-go girl.

I would wear a tiny bikini covered in glitter!

It was to die for! In the shape of a heart.

I loved to dance. That's cool.

I'd spend the whole night dancing.

Like this.

Why did they fire you?

That's a whole other story!

This car's better than Cristal's, isn't it?

Yeah, it is.

You think the guy's hungry?

I don't know, Pixote! Why don't you go and check?

Fuck, what's up with you?

You're so touchy. Nothing. Nothing's up with me.

I hate drunk people.

Listen here, if she's drunk, it's none of our business.

You got that?

Stop talking crap!

I just don't like it, Dito!

Just give me some cash and I'll go.

Don't get mad, little fag.

Listen, Dito, don't talk to me like that, you hear?

I'll really leave. No!

No one's going anywhere.

What's the matter?

Don't you like my house?

Has something upset you?

Don't ruin the party.


Have you ever given someone a French kiss?

She's so fucking rude.

Doesn't anyone like to dance?

Did he really have to do that to me?

Stop me from going into the club?

Everyone was looking at me.

Every time I think about what happened, I just can't help myself.

I get so upset.

Pixote. Wake up.

Where's Lilica?

She left.

That's just as well. She was pissing me off.

Don't say that.

She was cool. Then why don't you go after her?

You'll make a lovely couple.

She never let us down.

You're the asshole now.

Listen, if you don't like it, then get lost!

The fewer we are, the better!

You can't make me. This isn't your house!

Want a beating, son of a bitch?

Your mom's the bitch. We saw her fucking Sapatos!


She's a whore!

You think I don't know that?

I told you she'd be the first on my list.

Why do you keep butting in where you're not wanted?

Speak up, motherfucker! Let me go!

What time is it?

That's just crazy.

Upstairs, let's go.

Gringo, you're a pain in the ass.

Come on, gringo! Let's make a baby!

Come and make a baby with me.


Have a seat.

Drink this.

Whiskey is nice, isn't it?

Sit there, fucking gringo! We'll finish you off soon.

I'll give you a little kiss.

You fucking asshole, don't push me.

Don't fucking push me!

A kiss?

I'll give you a kiss there.


Fucking gringo, I'll give you a kiss.

Move your hand!

Keep still, you fucking asshole, or you're dead!

Jump him, Dito.

Jump him! Don't say my fucking name!

Stop it!

Be careful, Dito!

Shoot him, Pixote!


I'm leaving, Sueli.

Dito was nice.

I know he was. Don't mention him again.

He's dead.

I was starting to fall for him.

I can see why Lilica fell for him.

My whole family is from Minas.

We could go there.

Come with me?

Please don't leave.

I don't know how to be... alone.

What's wrong, Pixote?

It's over now.

Come here with me. What's wrong?

It'll pass.

Don't worry, there you go. Sueli is here with you, okay?

It's all over. It's all over.

Are you better?

That's it, my baby.

Mommy's here with you.

Let me go, Pixote.

Let me go, Pixote! I don't want this!

Take that dirty mouth away from me!

I'm not your mother! You hear?

I'm not your mother!

I don't want children!

I hate children!

Go live your life. We'll each do what we have to.

Get lost!