Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014) Script

Look at them go! Into the final lap.

And here comes number seven...

Dusty Crophopper!

And Dusty wins the gold!

Go, Duster!

Dusty, you were just a small-town crop duster who overcame impossible odds to win the Wings Around the Globe Rally.

And now, you're an air racing legend.

Well, Brent, I've had an amazing team supporting me every step of the way.

The best coach, the best mechanic... and the best fuel truck that anyone could ask for.

Hey, wait a minute. You're a gas consultant.

That's correct. I've got gas.

Awesome pic, Dust, except your eyes are closed.

Racing with your eyes closed, huh? So, that's your secret.

Oh, yeah, you figured it out, Chug.

That was some pretty fancy flying, Dusty.

Saw it all on my radio with pictures.

Um, you mean your TV.

No, no. That's clearing up.

My bumper was nearly corroded right through.

All right. Disgusting looking.

Ah, yeah, it was all rusty and blistered.

I got it. Anyway, what else is going on?

Dottie gave me some of that Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment.

How's it look now? Looks great. Fine.

Take a closer look. That's close enough.

Oh. What was that?

Didn't need to see that.

Oh, hey, hey, guys, guys. Listen to this.

"After his Red Bulldozer win, Dusty Crophopper..."

That's you. "... returns to Propwash Junction..."

That's here. "...where he will be performing

"at their annual Corn Festival."

They mentioned the Corn Festival?

Oh, it's national news!

Seriously? That's great.

Yeah. The phone's been ringing off the hook here at the motel.

Gonna have to get out the inflatable hangars.

Oh, yeah, everybody wants to see you, Dusty.

It's gonna be the biggest Corn Fest yet.


Ready to do some flying? Absolutely, Skipper.

Don't stay out too late. Later, Dust.

Remember to open your eyes.

Hey, Propwash Tower, this is Crophopper Seven.

Flight of two, ready for takeoff.

Crophopper Seven, Propwash Tower.

Wind's calm. Runway two-seven clear for takeoff.

Have a great flight, fellas.

Crophopper Seven flight, on the roll.

Snap into those turns.

Tighten it up.

There you go.

Now let's work that vertical!


Dusty, are you okay? My engine.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, steady, there.

Propwash Tower, this is Jolly Wrench Seven.

We're a flight of two, five miles north of the airport... inbound for a precautionary landing.

Roger. Proceed direct to the numbers.

Wind two-seven zero at five.

Runway two-seven clear to land.

I don't know what it was.

I wasn't doing anything different.

Pylon turns, a vertical, like we do every day.

I feel great now, but...

I got a love-hate relationship with you, Dusty.

Love that you're my best customer, hate what you're doing to yourself.

Come on, Dot. You saw me at the Red Bulldozer race.

I kicked Aston Martin out there!

You're not even listening to what I'm saying.

And hey, Speed City Airfest is just a few weeks away.

And I think, if I get a little more speed coming out of my turns, really work that radial-G, I can definitely improve my time.

Yeah, I'm feeling it.

I'm feeling good about my next race.

Well, no damage to the casing or compressor blades.

See? I told you. Just a hiccup.

But there is... Dusty! Dusty!

What happened? Are you okay, Dust?

It's okay.

Was it your fuel? I tested it this morning.

I always take a little sip. Gets me going.

It's okay. I got quite a little scare there.

But Dottie here... Dusty!

And it's all good news, gave me the all-clear.

Your reduction gearbox is failing.

My gearbox?

Your chip detector had a cluster of steel shavings on it.

Flakes from the gears. That's what caused the trouble.

Well, you could just replace it.

Order a new one from A-G Parts.

It'll be here by the end of the week.



Your gearbox... It's...

It's out of production. Long since discontinued.

Can't even remember the last time I saw one.

But, Dottie...

Come on, can't you just build Dust a new one?

No. It's too complex. It has to be factory.

Well, I mean, there has...

From now on, you have to back off the torque.

Keep it under 80 percent.

What? 80 percent?

Dottie, you've got me cranked up to 140.

I need that to race.

If you push yourself into the red, your gearbox will fail. No, Dottie!

And then your engine will seize.

Maybe the test that you did was wrong! Dusty, listen!

But I've got a race coming up!

You'll crash!

You push yourself into the red, you'll crash.

Look, I'm gonna install a warning light on your panel.

A warning light?

If it comes on, you'll need to pull power.

Slow down.

But, Dottie...

You're saying...

I can't race anymore.

I'm so sorry.

I was making my descent To the old "BNA"

At gate number three Concourse A Can you believe it? She left me for a hybrid.

I didn't even hear him coming.

And there I saw a wide-body jet Make me pitch and yaw My runway romance At gate number three All right, boys, I got three Crudeweisers, and who ordered the Spruce Goose?

What? It's tangy.

Hey, sugar rims, you just fall out of a B-17?

'Cause you're da bomb.

Pickup trucks. Mmm-hmm.

Dottie's an excellent mechanic.

You know as well as I, she wouldn't have said what she said unless she was sure.

Hey, Dusty! Dusty! Hey, Dusty!

Dusty, hey! There he is.

Dust, listen, we just got off the radio with Ethan up in Grand Flaps.

Old "Grand Flaps Ethan."

He's got the gearbox?


But his buddy owns

21 service hangars. 21!

Twenty-one of them, and he's gonna check his inventory, and he's gonna put the word out for you, Duster.

It's a good start, right? Oh, yeah!

It's a great start! Can you believe it?

Because if that gearbox is out there, we're gonna find it for you, buddy.

And, hey, if you don't, it's all right.

Because the answer is "Yes." "Yes?"

What? Yes?


Yes, of course you can have your old job back.

Don't even have to bother asking. That's just the kind of guy I am.

Leadbottom, I'm sure Dusty appreciates your offer...

Of course, you got to start back at minimum wage, and you lost all your vacation time, gotta go through orientation again.

Leadbottom, please!

Once you acquire the taste for Vitaminamulch, you can't live without it.

It's like Mama's jalapeno chili. Spicy.


It's just that now is not the best time.

Come on, Skipper.

I can get his old sprayer back from that Germany place.

Have it cleaned up and bolted back on him in no time.

I'll tell you what, let me buy you a can of oil.

I'll tell you what, Dusty is the best duster I've ever known.

And I'm telling you that Dusty don't crop dust no more.

That's right, no more!

He's a racer. A racer!

He's gonna be back to racing in no time.

In no time!

Right, Dusty? Right, Dust?






Fire. Fire!

Somebody get some help!

The Fill 'n Fly!

I'll go get Mayday. I'll hit the shut-off valve.

Oh, I'm on it!

Had to get my glasses.

Now, listen up!

We gotta cool this down before it spreads.

Oh, yeah!



I got you. Thanks.

Now what?

I'm gonna need some help.

Now, pull!



"This Means Serious Trouble."

"Transportation Management Safety Team."

Mr. Mayday, were you at the specified point of attack, and applying an extinguishing agent within three minutes from the time of alarm?

Well, I...

I didn't have time to look at a clock.

Is that guy writing down everything I say?

Yes. Well, I...

So he just wrote that down? Yes.

And that? Yes.


Can you provide me with your self-inspection records and emergency procedure plans?

Oh, look, now, we don't have many emergencies around here.

Besides, we did get the fire out.

Is that your contingency plan, Mr. Mayday?

Every time there's an incident, you topple a water tower?

This was my fault.


I clipped the tower.

I flew out last night because I...


It was an accident.

It's clear this airport has no plans for an emergency, and equipment from last century.

So, unless Mr. Mayday gets refurbished, and acquires a second fire-fighting vehicle in accordance with CFR title 14, volume three, chapter one, section 139, sub-paragraph B, I am pulling this airport's certificate of operation for non-compliance of rescue and fire-fighting regulations.

Oh, Chevy.

Propwash Junction just got shut down?

With no active runway, how can anybody land?

They can't. That's the problem.

There goes the Corn Festival.

But I already finished my corncob costume.

Now, everybody, calm down.

Calm down? Calm down.

Calm down? Motel's booked.

This Corn Festival is what butters my corn.

Brodi, we've already figured this out.

Dottie, show them.

This is Mayday now.

I did the drawings.

We add a new 400-watt siren, a 2,000 GPM roof turret, a high-capacity water tank with integrated class A foam cell, and we'll have an all-new Mayday.

Get out! He gets rocket boosters?

That's right. Fuelled by good old hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide.

Of course, remember, that stuff is highly explosive, so you'll want to keep it away from any open flames.

But he's a fire truck.

Exactly. Go on, Dottie.

So, for Mayday to keep his job and get Propwash reopened, we just need to find a second firefighter.

What? At this time of year? It's fire season.

How much is another firefighter gonna cost?

I'll tell you how much. Too much!

If we hire one, we might as well hire two.

Oh, for crying out loud.

Gee, this tarmac is getting awful hot.

Knock, knock.


Hey, Dusty.

I just...


I wish there was, uh...

You know, I wish there was something I could do.

Oh, there's nothing. It's all right.

I'm old, Dusty.

Looks like my firefighting days are over.

Uh, no.

No, Mayday.

Look, there's still plenty of firefight left in you.

Look at...

I mean, right here, "Firefighter of the Year."

Huh, 1968.

Okay. Your Bronze Star.

Old and tarnished.

Like me.


Is this you and an old crop duster?

Hmm? This one, right here.

Oh, yeah.

Mendocino, 1956.

Oh, '55, '55.

Yeah, I was there. Yeah, I was there.

I got to witness one of the very first aerial firefighters.

Oh. Nowadays known as a "SEAT."


Yeah. A "Single Engine Air Tanker."


You see, instead of dusting crops, you know, like you used to do, they drop water.

Wow. Yeah.

Uh, Mayday?


What if I became our second firefighter?


Yeah. Dottie will fix you up, and I'll get certified.

What about your racing?

Look. Right now, we need to get Propwash reopened.


And you.

I don't know what to say.

Thanks, Dusty.

One, two, three, lil' jon-jon, and five.

Okay, that's it. That's the morning rush.

Highway's all clear, Duster.

Now, when you get to Piston Peak Air Attack, you're gonna ask for Blade Ranger.

Blade Ranger.

You got it. Yeah.

He's their Chief of Fire and Rescue.

He's an old friend of mine.

He can train and certify you.

Consider it done, Mayday.

And, Dusty, be careful.

I will.

Good luck, Dusty!

Take it easy out there!

You can do it, Dusty.

We're proud of you, pal!

Good luck!

There's a time In your life When the world ls on your side You might not feel it You might not see it But it surrounds you like a light Makes you stronger for the fight Never letting go Gotta learn to grow Watch me as I touch the sky Still I fly Now I know it's what I gotta do Find a dream that's new Give it all I got this time Still I fly

Oh, Harvey, it's just like I remember.

Winnie, how many pairs of tires did you pack?

Harvey, you spoiled it.

Now you spoiled the moment.

Breathe it in I'm gonna shine It's my moment Gotta live it, live it right I'm flying Flying so strong Hello! Welcome, guests, to the grand reopening weekend of the magnificent Fusel Lodge!

Ah, we're gonna wipe off those muddy tires, aren't we?

Yes, we are.

Oh! Good heavens! Look who we have here!

Never letting go Gotta learn to grow Watch me as I touch the sky Oh still I fly Still I fly

Argh! Stick shift!

Ripping! Whoa!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Drip, what the heck is the matter with you?

You nearly took off the guy's canopy!

But Blackout said it was okay to go, dude.

I did? He did?

Yeah, he was like, "He's okay to go, dude."

Hmm. Uh, I'm sorry.

I know you're busy, but I am looking for Piston Peak Air Attack.

You are there!

Copy that, jefe.

Serving beautiful Vee-Six Valley since 1958.

You must be the SEAT. Hmm.

We heard you were coming.

I'm Dynamite. This is Blackout, Pinecone, Avalanche... Hello!

...and Evel Kenumbskull over there is Drip.

Did you guys see that?

Hey, guys, what's up? I'm Dusty Crophopper.

Dusty Crophopper? Dusty Crophopper!

Go, go, go, go, go!

The air racer? Uh, hi.

Shut the hangar door!

I'm your biggest fan!

I have seen every single one of your races on RSN.


You're smaller than I thought, but that's okay.

Um, thanks.

So, what is a world-famous racing superstar doing here?

Um... Um, well...

I'm here because I'm between races right now, so I'm helping out some friends...

Oh, that's so sweet! Back home.

I'm Dipper. That's what everyone calls me, so you can, too.

Okay, Mrs... "Miss."

Miss. Miss, yeah.

Dipper. Yep. Dipper. Yep.


It was great to meet you.

I'm looking for Blade Ranger.

He's out scouting for spot fires. He should be back in a few.


The one the Lakota call Haokah beats his drum with the wind to make thunder.

With thunder comes lightning, and with lightning comes fire.


Yeah, very nice.

Windlifter, stop scaring our guest.

I don't hear any drums.


All aircraft, we've got a report of a wildfire.

Come on, boys, let's load up!

Patch, drop the needle!

It's an actual fire?

Yeah. It happens all the time.

You guys only hear about the big ones.

Fire is due to an unattended campfire.

Location, 10 clicks northwest, heading two-niner-seven.

Slow rate of spread.

Ten acres with a northerly wind on it.

I gotta see this.

Thar she burns, fellas!


All right, mud droppers, watch your altitude.

Too low, and you'll spread the embers.

Dipper, set up for a drop and vee the head of the fire.

Copy that. I'm away.

Windlifter, you're clear to maneuver.

Windlifter copies.

All right, Cabbie...

Let's get some wheels on the ground.

Jumpers, South Meadow looks clear.

Should put you approximately 100 yards below the fire.

Looks good, Cabbie.

Let's ride the silk elevator, boys.

I will never understand why you gravel crunchers want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

We're not. We're jumping out of you!


Everyone's down. We're good.

Cabbie copies. Be careful out there.

Dynamite, use that creek bed as a natural barrier to create a firebreak.

All right, jumpers, let's anchor into the bed and start building a line.


Who the...

Get out of this air space!

Oh, sorry. Sorry!


Ah. That ought to do it.

Well, back to work.

I gotta mix up a fresh batch of retardant.

Once you dry out, you can wing it on back to the lodge with the rest of the tourists.

I'm not a tourist. Actually, I'm the guy that May...

He's the trainee.

You're the SEAT Mayday radioed about?

Oh, for the love of... Come on, Blade.

He's not just some SEAT.

No, no, no.

Seriously. It's Dusty Crophopper, the champion air racer.

"Champion." Don't be shy. Come on!

Tell him!

No big deal.

He raced all the way around the world!

I did. I did do that.

The world wasn't on fire though, was it?

Was the whole world on fire?





Rip off his landing gear.

Wait, what?

Muskrat, muskrat candlelight It feels pretty weird without the tip tanks.

Tip tanks?

You couldn't exactly go flying into fire with fuel tanks on your wings.


Nope. You're gonna need these pontoons.

They may be old... Old?

But they'll let you scoop water right off the lake.

You're goofing on me. Do you have any new ones?


We don't even know what that word means around here.

I rebuilt these babies myself.

They're better than new.

Give them a go. Huh?

All right. Let me just get this...

Pop the wheels, genius.

The whee... Yeah. Pop the wheels.


That's it. Yeah, you think?

Yeah, I'm tall. Look at this.

Hey, you guys have a wall of fame just like the Jolly Wrenches.

So, what's the deal?

What do you have to do to get your picture up here?



Yeah, it's dangerous work, but that's the job of a firefighter.

Risking their lives for people they don't even know.

They fly in when others are flying out.

It takes a special kind of plane.

Fighting wildfire means flying low.

And that's why we have Augerin Canyon, our own little obstacle course.

All you gotta do is stay below the rim, and when you get to the bridge, fly under and pull out.

Flying low. No problem.

Overconfidence, the kind of attitude that can get you killed.

Okay, now, let's see you make it under that bridge.

Why did you pull power? You gotta firewall it.

The bridge, it's too close to the falls.

No excuses.

If there had been a downdraft, you'd be dead.

Make a normal seaplane approach.

Stay on the step while collecting water through the scoops.

Just like that.

Climb out loaded, return to your holding orbit, and drop as directed.

Copy that?

Copy that.

Okay, you've got 12 to 15 seconds to scoop...

Then 50 feet to climb out.

And watch out for the tree!

Indirect attack, parallel attack, direct attack.

Know what your fire is doing at all times.

Wind speed and direction.

Temperature, relative humidity.

And finally, all aircraft must be on the ground

30 minutes after sunset.

Flying low at night is the fastest way to get your picture on the wall.

Too early.

Too high!

Too low.

Those crops of yours, they die a lot?

Approach looks good.

Now, increase your air speed.

Redline it.

Go to max torque.

Don't back off.

Don't back off!

Oh, why did you bail out again?

If you don't push it, you're not gonna make it and you won't be certified.

Good job!

You just saved those folks from a nice vacation.

Propwash Junction to Dusty.

Come in, Dusty. Propwash Junction to Dusty.

Hey, Skipper.

Hey! How's it going?

This is tougher than I thought, but it is so good to hear from you.

Well, we wanted to radio...

Skip, let me tell him.

Oh, all right, Chug.

Tell me what? Okay.

That we...

Oh, I can't!

You tell him, Sparky.

Uh, well.

So, okay, there's this fella out in California.


The Skipper and I know him from back when we were stationed in Coronado.

Near San Diego!

We all used to go down to Baja.

Near Coronado!

Oh, boy, there was this one time we went to this bar, and Skipper put a hula skirt and coconuts on his...

Sparky! Right, okay. Sorry. Sorry.

The point is, he has one of your...


We got the gearbox!

You got the... You got the... Are you kidding me?

Oh, wait. It gets better.

He's going to ship it out tonight.

We'll have it in a couple of days!

This is the best news.

This is just what I needed to hear right now.

We'll let you know as soon as we get it.

Hey, Dusty! Listen to my new siren.


Yeah, I haven't actually hooked up his siren yet.

All aircraft, be advised...

Something's up. I gotta go, guys.

I repeat, Superintendent Spinner has entered the base.

What's going on?

Park superintendent.

He waxes himself... daily.

Honk, honk! Beep-beep!

Park superintendent coming.

I sign your paychecks. Anybody gonna greet me?

Yes, you are!

I got some oil pans to change.

Blade, Blade, Blade.

What do you want, Cad?

That's a big hill. Listen.

Do you think I like driving all around over here and up there, over there just to complain?

Answer... No, I don't.

But, I heard from some campers that one of your staff just soaked them with that red fire phosphorescent stuff that you use.

The deodorant.

Yeah, I'm sorry. That was my fault.

The team needs to train.

There's gonna be some mud spilled along the way.

Are you kidding me?

No, that's the way it works. No, you are not!

Blade, you're hiding a world famous racer right here at Piston Peak!


Uh, it's "Crophopper."


Dusty. Yeah, right.

Me, Cad Spinner. You, one fast plane.

What are you doing up here?

Well, I'm getting... Doesn't matter.

Tomorrow night. The lodge.

Grand reopening party. You're invited!

And I'm thinking, high-speed flyover. What are you thinking?

I'm thinking it'll be... It'll be dark.

Hey! There's gonna be a lot of VIPs.

"Very Important Planes."

How would you like to rub tires with the Secretary of the Interior of the United States of America?

I smell photo op! Flash! Cha-ching.

I smell something else.

Blade, Blade, Blade.

Can I explain something? Yes, I can.

Look, spilling mud on people makes for sad campers.

Big party at my lodge makes for happy campers.

You understand?

You've packed too many happy campers into the park and way too many into that lodge.

Oh, we've got a structural fire engine down there protecting it.

This isn't just about protecting the lodge.

There's low humidity...

He got the Park Service to shift 80 percent of our budget to his lodge restoration project.

This base is held together with baling wire and duct tape!

Maru had to rebuild that old tower himself.

It's better than new!

Hear me, fellow forest friends, dirty though you may be.

This is an historic weekend.

Cad, you got 30 seconds. Go.

Ah, I don't care how much it costs.

Yes, get the crystal glasses.

Yes, fluted! Were you built in a barn? Come on!

The lodge is only gonna be grand-reopened once.

I'm not gonna...

Could you hold on a second?

Then fire the old lady, and get somebody who can get them!

You're not the only ones who can put out a fire, right?

Will I see you at the party? Yes, I will.


Can you believe it? Dusty Cropslinger!

He's even more famous than you, Blazin' Blade.

"Blazin' Blade?" Shh!

What? Shh.

What, me, shush? Shh!

I just said "Blazin' Blade." Kilawu!


Tonight. Main hangar.

Tell no one.

Especially Blade.


Password? You didn't tell me...


You didn't tell me a password.

It's "Inferno."


Oh. Inferno.

Glad you could make it.

You like "Inferno"?

It was either that, or "Maelstrom," but that was so Nordic.

Park it over here, Dust Storm.

Our first date, and I saved you a spot.

Yeah. They're real.

"Howard The Truck"? You invited me here to watch...

Dude, dude, dude. Judge not a video by its cover.

I'm Larry H. Parkinglot, and I'll fight for you!

Hold on. Blade was a TV star?

139 episodes of law-breaking love.


Good move, partner.

Man, why you choppies always spoiling my fun?

Hey, you think it's fun running station wagons off the road, you punk?

If I had a nickel for every crook like you...

Hey, hey, hey!

He ain't worth it, Nick.

All units, we have a code 904-S.

Structural fire downtown at Studio 4x4.

L.A. Seven-Mary-Four, this is Officer Nick Lopez.

We're on it!




Are you all right, miss?

Hey, baby.

Ooh, I am now.


As much as it pains me to say this, you two jokers...

You did a good job.

Nice catch today, Blade.

Speaking of which, she's got a sister.


Good move, partner.

Dudes, let's watch episode 38, "Super Copter"!

"Super Copter"? This show stinks.

What are you talking about? This show is the best.

I'm with Cabbie.

Guys? Hey, guys? Quiet!


I just don't get something.

If Blade was such a big TV star, what is he doing here?

I don't know. We don't know!

It's a mysterious mystery.

It's like my fiance. He just vanished. Poof!

From my experience, this kind of stuff is classified.

Black ops!

I heard he went cuckoo on the set.

You know, probably top secret.


I'm sure he could tell us. Yes!

But he'd have to kill us. I don't want to die!

Whatever the reason is, it's his business, and we're not asking.

All aircraft and jumpers, lightning storm came through.

We've got multiple starts north of Skyline Drive, east of Coil Springs.

Lightning storm started a whole slew of spot fires and they've merged.

This is a big one.

Winds are out of the southwest with a moderate rate of spread.


Wait. We have an update. Rapid rate of spread.

Dipper, you and Windlifter load up.

Champ, wait in the hangar. What?

Blade, Dusty's been practicing so hard.

This ain't no campfire. Come on, I can do this.

You're not certified. Just give him a shot.

He's not certified!

We need every plane we've got.

I want to help.


Yeah, Blade?

Load him up.


What was that for?

The wall.

Dipper, move into position.

Split load. Coverage level eight.

Dipper copies.

Come left one wingspan on your next drop.

Champ, tag on and extend.

Split load. Copy that.

Too high!

It all dispersed.

Windlifter, finish off that ridge.

Windlifter copies.

Pull back!

Pull back! Let's go, let's go right now!

Blade, we got a situation.

The wind shifted. The fire jumped the line.

Can you make it to your safety zone?

No, no good. Our escape route is blocked.

We need a drop.

Copy that. Dipper, smokejumpers trapped.

Left flank, set up for a drop.

I see them. I've got it.

All right. We're clear.

Let's move. Let's get to the lake.

That's my Dust Muffin!

Champ, load and return.

We still got a lot of work to do.

Copy that.

Dynamite just reported in.

They're gonna camp out tonight and mop it up tomorrow.

Cabbie, how's it looking?

We got that sucker boxed in.

Nice work!

That's why we're here.

So, that's it?

Yep, fire is contained.

The jumpers will stir on it until it's out.

You did a great job out there, sweet SEAT.

Thanks. I saw the jumpers in trouble...

You broke formation in a crowded airspace.

Could've been you spread all over the woods instead of retardant.

Don't go planning your certification party yet, Champ.

Oh, man.

Come on, that's just Blade's way of saying "Good job."

Whoa. That was low.

Cad's VIPs.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

He's having a big party up at the lodge tonight.

We should go!

A second date? Wow! Room!

Uh, I kind of meant all of us.

You know, you and me, and Windlifter, and just everybody.

Oh! Okay.

Okay, okay, yeah. Mmm-hmm.

You're right, you're right.

I should get to know your friends.

But they're your friends.

Well, yeah, I guess. Yeah.

Let's not bicker.

Welcome to the Fusel Lodge.

Be sure to get your complimentary bumper sticker over at the Gift Garage.

Whoa! Look at this place.

It's so beautiful.

Dusty-poo, this is the perfect date!

Let's check it out before we check in.

Hey, there, folks. Hi.

Like to get your picture taken with the superintendent?

Uh... Ha!


Oui, you're all set with the Piston view deluxe honeymoon suite on our zero-emission floor.

Enjoy your stay.


They do weddings here. Did you know that?

Oh, this is so exciting, I'm gonna overheat!

Well, I'm hitting the spa.

The high beam steam takes off 50,000 miles, easy.

Welcome, Mr. Secretary, to the grand reopening weekend of the magnificent...

It's a pleasure to be here, Spinner.

And is it a pleasure to see you, sir? Yes, it is.

So, now, what's this I hear about a fire?

Uh, fire...

The Whitewall Fire is contained, sir.

Right. It's under control.

It's absolutely under control.

Thank you... Engine Pulaski, sir.

Who-ski? "Pulaski."

Right. Anyway, right this way, sir.

And if there's any other questions you have for me, please, I am your man.

Don't even have normal coffee here.

I had to get something called a "Highway Expresso."

What do you think?

You look good. Eh.

Tell me, how's the park's indigenous wildlife population?

The what? The wildlife.

Oh, the wildlife!

Well, if you come to the party tonight, there'll be plenty of party animals.

Ho, ho, ho. Huh?

I see. Yes.

The deer population is steady.

And we've had a healthy increase in the number of red-propped balsa thrush.

Ah, glad to hear it. Say, I didn't quite catch your name.

Ranger Jammer, sir.

Seventy-two years at Piston Peak.

Pleased to meet you, Jammer. Well, it's a true...

Bumper kisser.

Wow, look at that ice sculpture!

This could be our room if we were little, tiny pieces of ice.

Dusty Crophopper!

My buddies are never gonna believe this.

Hey, do my voice-mail.

Your voice-mail? Go!

Oh, hi, this is Dusty Crophopper.

"World racing champion." World racing champion.

Please leave a message at the beep.

Now, beep. What?

Do it! Beep!

That was awesome!

Move along.

Dusty! You have to meet the Secretary of the Interior.

Okay. I'm up for a promotion.

You understand. You're upwardly mobile, right?

Sure. Of course, you are. You're a plane.

Hey! Boat Reynolds!

Boat, loved you in Best Little Boathouse in Texas.

Excuse me, son. Do you work here?

No, not really.

Great, come over here.

It's our anniversary.

We honeymooned here 50 years ago. Can you believe it?

I was 50 years younger and half a ton lighter.

More to love!

And Harvey, bless his heart, is trying to find the spot where we had our first kiss.

Oh, that is so sweet!

You don't do things like that anymore.

Honey, honey, listen, I'm telling you.

There was a bridge, and a magnificent waterfall, and...


I love you, Harvey.

Hey, you know, that sounds like Augerin Canyon.

Yeah, that's right! Anger Canyon.

By Upper Whitewall Falls.

By Whitewash Falls!

See? I told you I knew where it was.

Hey, in honor of your anniversary, why don't you join us?

We'll buy you a can of oil, on me.

Oh, thank you, dear.

Oh, sure, sure.

I've been around the block a few times.

I worked as a taco truck, sold carwash curtain rings for a while.

Then, I got into RV tire sales.

Winnie here was my showroom model.

That's how we met.

It's true. Aw, nice.

For our wedding day, bought her the best set of whitewalls.

We wore off the treads on our honeymoon.

Yeah, oh...

Driving! Oh, driving! Of course!

She said "Driving."

Delete that thought. Deleted!

You know, Dusty...

Maybe this firefighting thing will be a second career for you.

Oh, yeah. This is a second career for all of us.

Windlifter was a lumberjack, Cabbie was in the military, and me, well, I hauled cargo up in Anchorage.

Yeah, a lot of guys up in Anchorage.

I was beating them off with a stick.

"Come here, boy. No." Boom!

Hey, big whirlybird, you haven't said much.

How about a toast?

Uh, Windlifter's not really much for speeches.

A toast to Coyote.

It was he who drove all day and all night to the base of Bright Mountain.

With much difficulty, he climbed the mountain to obtain fire, and brought it down to the first vehicles.

But in so doing, he burned his tires.

And when Coyote saw his blackened tires, he thought they were his favorite snack, and he ate them!

For he knew they were still full of life.

And it was in this way, he let go of the old, and renewed himself like fire renews the earth.

Uh, I'm just gonna say it.

You had me up until the part where he eats his own tires.

Best toast ever, Wind.



Propwash Junction to Dusty.

Oh? Huh? Oh? Oh, oh.

Come in, Dusty. Come in, Dusty.

Propwash Junction to Dusty.

Hey, Skip.


What's up?

Oh, did the gearbox come in?

Well, we...




Sparky, I'll tell him.

It was the wrong one.

The crate... it was mislabeled.

We've called every parts supplier, repair shop, and junkyard in the country.

Nobody has your gearbox.


I'm here.

I'm sorry.

I gotta go.


All aircraft, we've got two fires.

Hey, Crophopper.

Get this, Cad's fancy jet VIPs flew in too low over the burn area last night, blew embers in all directions.

Champ, let's load and go.

The fire broke containment and split in two.

Windlifter, you and Dipper take the Coil Springs fire.

Me and the SEAT will take Whitewall Rapids.

Windlifter copies.

Maru, come in. Yeah, Blade?

It's worse than we thought. Yeah?

Get on the horn to the lodge.

That fire is about four hours from their front door.

They're gonna have to evacuate.

Absolutely not!

Blade insists.

To be safe, you gotta get everyone out.

I've been working on this lodge for five years.

I'm not gonna evacuate now just to be "safe."

You got less than four hours.

Why am I talking to you?

Where's Blade?

Oh, he's out back sipping a motorjito.

Where do you think he is?

He's out fighting the fire!

If we're gonna save the lodge, we've gotta keep this fire from cresting the ridge.

I'll drop, then you tag on and extend.

And make it a split load.

That way, we can double up and widen it downwind of the ridge...

If you push yourself into the red, you'll crash.

Nobody has your gearbox.

Copy that?

Hey! You copy that? Huh?

Yeah. Yes. Copy that.

You gotta be kidding me.

Was that your whole tank? Yeah.

You just wasted all of it.

I was just following your orders.

I said, "Split load."

We were going to make a secondary line to protect that lodge.

It'll be fine. I can reload at the lake.

Negative! Return to base.

No! There's no time. Let's just get this fire out.

Hey, hey! You need to listen to me!

I'll be fine!

These crosswinds are too strong. Return to base!

This is what you trained me to do!

Not under these conditions.

If we're gonna get this fire out, I've gotta reload.

Pull up, that's an order! No, I can do this.

Oh! Ah!

I've taken in too much water.

My engine stalled. Stalled?

Keep your pontoons downstream. I'll keep ahead of you.

I'll get out on my own.

How you planning on doing that?

I'll restart my engine.

Just hang on. I'm gonna pull you to shore.

Got it!


Ah. Ah!

Are you all right? I'm okay.

There's too much coverage.

Don't worry, I'll get you at the next clearing.


The hoist, it's caught.

Uh! Blade...


Oh, come on.

You need to start your engine.

You've got clear water. You can take off before the falls.

It's your only chance.

Right! Right.

Got it. I'm good!

Now, redline it.

Push your engine!

Redline it!

You need more lift!

Redline it! Redline it!

Why are you holding back? Redline it!

Ah! Oh!

Why didn't you redline it?

You could've made it! What were you thinking?

What? What's wrong?

This ain't good.

Head down that path. Follow me.

Champ, come on!

In here.

An old mine? We can't go in there.

We'll suffocate!

It's our only chance. We'll let it burn over.

No, you go on. I'll keep moving.

What are you doing? Hey. Hey!

You can't outrun the fire.

You know what? I'll find my way out.

Like you found your way out of the rapids.

I didn't want to push my engine.

You didn't "want" to? Blade, listen to me.

This isn't about you. This is about life and death.

You need to follow orders.

I told you, "Split load," you dropped it all.

I told you not to reload on the lake, you did it anyway.

I told you, "Redline it," you pulled power.

You don't have what it takes! You don't!

Fine! I never wanted to be a firefighter anyway!

Then go back to racing!

Go win yourself another trophy, Champ.

I can't!

My gearbox is busted! All right?

That's why I pulled power.

I'm never gonna...

Life doesn't always go the way you expect it.

But you came here to become a firefighter.

If you give up today, think of all the lives you won't save tomorrow.

So, what are you going to do?

Is it a beautiful day here at Piston Peak Park?

Yes, it is!

Thanks for coming out, everybody.

And I'd like to give a special welcome to the Secretary of the Interior who is joining us for the unveiling of this commemorative...


The safety of the tourists is at stake!

Sorry about that.

If you could excuse me for a moment, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you.

Am I giving a speech?

Yes, I am, Pnewski.

No, sir, "Pulaski." Papooski.

"Pulaski." P'tootsie.


That's what I said. We're saying the same thing.

With all due respect, Superintendent Spinner, the smoke over the ridge is growing closer.

Yeah, perhaps we should turn on the roof sprinklers?

We must evacuate.

Better listen to them, Cad. They're right.

Come on, Spinner! Let's see that plaque.

Right away, sir!

We need to cancel the unveiling.

The longer we wait, the worse it'll get.

Who are you?

You're a glorified bell boy.

You're an overpriced sprinkler, and you're old, and you have a dumb hat on.

Who am I? I'm the Superintendent, and today is about me and my lodge.

And now is the moment I've been waiting for!

Now, that's just rude.

Fire! Oh.

Let's get out of here.

Quickly! Quickly. We must evacuate.

Don't panic! We must evacuate!

This is a mandatory evacuation, but we have plenty of time.

Keep moving.

Keep going at a steady pace.

Keep moving slowly, but carefully.

All right. Look, there's no need to panic.

It's really just a small, little fire.

If you all just calm down, you can come back next year.

Sure, you can all come back next year.

I'll see you right here!

Move along. That's it.

And remember, avoid the smoke, stay above the canyon walls, you'll be okay.

All right, next, please.

Out of my way, tail dragger.

Hold on, there, big fella. No cutsies.

You don't want to upset my buddy, here.

All right, ma'am, you're clear for takeoff.

Thank you!

Remember to avoid the smoke and stay above the canyon walls!

Move along. Quickly, please.

I'm sorry. I am sorry. That is all.

The train is full.

Remaining guests, please follow a staff member.

They will lead you to the main road exit.

All aboard!


Airway Meadow should be clear.

We'll take off from there.

Let's go.



Patch, come in, this is Crophopper Seven.

Patch, come in!

I read you, Crophopper Seven.

Blade is down. I repeat, Blade is down!

I'll send Windlifter to respond.

Stay at your location.

Okay, that's good. Slow, slow.

Good, good.


Good. We're good!

Pinecone, get those straps off.

Avalanche? Yes!

Push the ramp alongside the access panel and be careful.

He'll be okay, right?

It's bad, but, Maru, he's the best there is.

He'll make him better than new.

His hydraulics are completely fried.

He's losing fluids.

I gotta get him back to the garage, stat.

Dynamite, tow hook!

Coming right up.

I'm gonna need hydraulic fluid from the shed.

Copy that.

Blackout, we'll need another generator. I got it!

Try the main hangar.

And grab another heat lamp! Yes, boss!

The surface burns are bad, but the interior damage is repairable.

As long as we move quick, we got a good chance.

How is he?

He's resting now.


I've done everything I can.

Do you think he's gonna be...

Look, Dusty, don't blame yourself.

He should have left me out there.


That ain't Blade's style.

Especially since what happened to Nick.


You mean Nick Loopin' Lopez from the TV show?

It was just a routine day on the set.

And Nick, he was doing his trademark loop for a stunt scene.

But there was this freak crosswind.

Blade was the first one on the scene...

But he didn't know what to do.

His best friend was gone.

And Blade thought his life was over, too.

But he didn't give up.

He got trained, got certified, and came here.

Blade, he used to pretend to save lives.

Now, he saves them for real.

What's going on up there?

We're not getting enough water.

Hey! We're not getting enough water on the lodge.

Reroute the main water line to the roof sprinklers.

Oh. No, no, no!

The firefighters need that water to make retardant.

How do you know that? I'm the concierge.

It's my job to know everything.

I don't care!

Do you work for them? No, you work for me, what's-your-name.

Now, are you gonna do it, or do I have to do it myself?

Come on, come on!

I got it!

All right, everybody, stay calm.

Both roads are open.

Keep your headlights on low-beam and stay under five miles an hour.

And be careful!

That's right.

It's going to be fine.

Keep moving. We're gonna get everybody out.

Good gracious!

Watch out!

Pulaski, you hurt?

Are you okay?

No, sir. Pump's busted.

We're gonna have to find another way out.

That's the problem, Mr. Secretary.

There is no other way out.

Listen up, y'all, we got big trouble.

Wildfire jumped the main exit road and now it's blocked.

I know it's after sunset, but you're in command.

It's your call.

There's not much time.

If you're gonna go, you better go now.

And we'll need every plane we've got.

Load up.

We'll have you out of here in 60...

Huh? Uh...

Problem! There's no water pressure.

Main line must have burst again.

Hey, Patch, what's the lake look like?

Negative. No visibility.

Boxed in by fire and smoke.

All we have left is what's in our tanks.

Let's make it count.

We're headed straight into the fire.

Aren't we gonna fly around it?

The fastest way to the main road is through the fire.

Brace yourselves.

Hold on, Dusty!

Let's clear this road.

All right, now, be careful.

Slow and steady.

We don't want to see any fender benders around here.

Windlifter, do you copy?

Go ahead, Patch.

We've got two old RVs trapped in Augerin Canyon.

Two old RVs? Oh, no.

It's Harvey and Winnie.

We met them earlier.

They're looking for the place they had their first kiss.

Augerin Canyon. That's at the other end of the park.

I can get there the fastest.

The canyon will be engulfed in flames and you have no retardant.

I'll scoop off the river.

There's a clear stretch of water.

Windlifter, I can do it.

Go. And be safe.


Help. Help!

Winnie, hang on!

Harvey, Harvey, don't let go! Hold on, it'll be okay.


Good move, partner.


Hello, there. Ha-ha!

He's awake!

I'm a genius.

Morning, mud dropper.

How long have I been out?

Five days.

Dipper stayed by your side the whole time.

I like watching you sleep.

He's alive! Looking good, Dusty.

All aircraft, the superintendent has entered the base.

The superintendent has entered the base.

Well, you had us worried, Dusty.

Glad to see you're out and about.

You're the superinten... What happened to Cad?

Sprinkler saved the lodge, but not his job.

Secretary of the Interior did the right thing.

Put Ranger Jammer, here, in charge.


Maru, did you tell him?


Tell me what?

I replaced your prop.

Repaired the damaged wing ribs.

Hammered out what damage I could.

Even got your pontoons back on.

But your gearbox...

I know. Thanks for trying, Maru.

You're welcome!

What? Because you're fixed!

Wait. Really?

Yeah, that was the hardest thing I've ever done.

You've got yourself a custom-made epicyclic, concentric reduction gearbox.

A new gearbox?

No. It's better than new.

Crophopper, I'd say you've earned that certification.

In accordance with CFR title 14, volume three, chapter one, section 139, sub-paragraph B, Propwash Junction is recertified and open for operation.

Go, Dusty!

Hey, Dusty, I won, I won!

Duster, guess what.

I've been crowned official Corn Colonel.

And I'm his Private Niblet.

Can I wear my official hat to your race next Saturday?

Absolutely, Chug.

As long as the boss, here, will give me the day off.


Okay, Niblet, time to hit the festival!

Sir, yes, sir.

Hey, you think the deep fried corn cob on a stick guy...

Aw, Dusty, we're all so proud of you.

Thanks, Mayday.

What you did for me, for all of us, I want to thank you.

You don't have to thank me. Yes, I do.

To do what you did, it takes a special kind of plane.

Ladies and gentleplanes, turn your attention to the skies for today's featured aerial presentation.

The Propwash Junction Corn Fest is proud to present the Piston Peak AirAttack team and our very own world champion racer and firefighter, Dusty Crophopper.

Whoa. Huh?

Welcome to Death Valley National Park.

Is it hot?

Yes, it is.

Let's keep up the pace!

Avalanche, Blackout, move, move, move!

Did you guys see that?

Let's go! Let's go!