Planet Hulk (2010) Script

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three...


I am truly sorry for what we've had to do.

But we had no choice.

When you get angry, Bruce, when you're overcome by rage, you are a force of destruction.

O most divine creator, I seek thy hand,

and pray for the health of Sakaar, for we are a divided and dying world.

Through the ancient prophets, you have promised us a warrior savior.

You fear nothing and even the mightiest heroes of Earth cannot deter you.

A warrior who looks into the eyes of death and stands his ground.

The madder you get, the stronger you get, and there is no Iimit to your rage.

A warrior with boundless strength whose power knows no end.

We picked your destination carefully.

A planet full of vegetation and game, no intelligent life-forms.

There will be no one there to hurt you and no one you can hurt.

Warning. Guidance system offline. Trajectory altered.

I know you must hate us, Bruce, but you always said you wanted to be left alone.

May you finally find peace.

And this warrior shall strike down all evil, unite all kingdoms, and through his blood shall restore life to all of Sakaar.

O most divine creator, deliver to us our savior, the Sakaarson.

By order of the Lord Emperor of Sakaar, all debris of value which exits the Great Portal is Imperial property.

Isn't right.

First finders, that is the law. He belongs to us!

Enough. Now kneel.

The talkbots have reached your brain by now, beast, which means you understand me.

So, on your knees.


Close enough.

No, no. Miek no good. Miek dies easy.

Somebody break the door. Let Miek out! You, brick man, knock it open!

Sit down.

But Miek not a fighter. Miek a hider.

Very thin-shelled and very...

Hey, look. That one awake.

You, snap your chains! Free us!

That's enough, Miek.

You won't regain your full strength for a while, an unfortunate effect of passing through the Portal.

-I am Laven. -Where am I?

Inside an Imperial transport. You've been sold as a slave.

The Hulk is no one's slave!

Easy. Hulk, is it?

Those chains are Shadowforged. They're unbreakable.

You need to save your strength for the games.


We are en route to the coliseum, where our deaths are scheduled for today's entertainment.

Miek a hider, not a fighter.

Today, we are all fighters, Miek.

And we must stand together if we hope to survive this.

-You have a plan? -Yes, Korg, I do.

We'll use your strength and endurance to our advantage by having you hold the front line.

You'll be tasked with weakening our opponents.

Hulk, we'll need you to fight alongside him.

Hiroim, your battles during the Spike Wars are legendary.

You bring obvious skill as well as speed and agility.

I am proficient in hand-to-hand combat.

I, too, should be on the front line.

You値l serve best in second position, along with Hiroim and myself.

Miek, you and the other natives will join EIIoe in the final position.

No, no, no! We object!

We are hived. He is outcast.

Have you heard nothing I've said? We fight as a team or we die.

You demand too much.

Especially for one who has served the Red King.

How dare you question his loyaIty!

Commander Laven is only a prisoner because he joined the resistance to fight against that bloody tyrant.

It's all right, EIIoe. The time for talking is over.

We've arrived.

Greetings, citizens and Oligarchs.

Welcome to the Crown City Coliseum!

Allow me to introduce today's contenders, the gladiators.

Hoping they live longer than the last ones.

And now, allow me to introduce their opponents, red hot and ready to rumble, the Kronans!

No. It can't be.


Margus, I thought you were all dead.


Hulk! Get back over here!

Korg is down. Not so good.

You got your wish, Android. Now we're the front line.

-Good. -No, Android! Not yet!



We have to help him!

-We do not take orders from Imperials. -Let's get the one that's down.

We can finish it!

The natives are down.

Very messy. Should have been hiders.

Look out!


Korg, we can't defeat them. Only you can.

They are my brothers.

They used to be. Their minds are gone. Korg, please!



-No. No. -Margus, stop this.

You have to listen to me. Please!


Hurry! Faster! The Red King will see us!

Red King?

There. This is his planet. We just living here.

-Well, sire? -Not bad.

But what about the green one there? Does he not fight?

He'll fight.

-Finally! -What?

Now I know who to smash!

No, no! No, no, no! Wrong way.

A stunning upset, yes.

So, perhaps it's time for a brief educational interlude.

Let's explore the feeding habit of our planet痴 most ferocious predator, the Cavaranthus Mazorus, more commonly known as the Great Devil Corker!

Oh, fratz.

Impressive display, monster.

I'II have Primus throw an extra bone in your cage tonight.

Permission to execute him, my lord.

No, wait. I'II take care of this one myself.

The choice is yours, monster.

Die on your feet or groveling in the dirt.

Dirt it is, then.

Arm yourself!

You don't learn, do you?

Oh, I Learn.

Now Hulk slash!

You're strong, slave, but you're no match for me.

Is that so?

Finish him, my Lord.

No. No. The people would think their king unfair.

Behold! Your emperor grants this gladiator his life so that he may continue fighting for your entertainment.

He bled you, sire, in front of the crowd.

Is it wise to let him live?

Who said anything about letting him live?

We pass to next life one Laven Skee.

Friend to some, enemy to others, respected by all.

He died trying to unite us.

We must honor his death by becoming Warbound.

Warbound joins us, right? Like... Like a hive?

And Miek will belong?

Yes, Miek. Now...

You値l have your turn.

My name is Hiroim the Shamed and you shall know the truth of who I am.

Sacrilege! The divine creator has answered our prayers by delivering to us the Sakaarson.

Hiroim, it is written that we shall know the savior by his fulfillment of prophecy.

You've seen for yourself.

The Red King has struck down evil by ending the Spike Wars.

He is now uniting the kingdoms.

It was his Death's Head guards that ended the war, the same guards he uses to oppress those very kingdoms.

You forget, the prophecies speak of the World Breaker as well as the Sakaarson.

The Shadow priesthood must stand as one, Hiroim.

Will you not join us in shepherding in this new era?

When the real Sakaarson comes, if one ever does, only then will I herald his arrival.

May the divine creator have mercy on your soul.

They stripped me of my name, banished me from the order

and cast me into slavery.

Have you heard the whispers amongst the guards, Hiroim?

Some dare say the Hulk might be the true Sakaarson.

-Then they do so out of desperation. -How can you be so certain?

Because Hulk is clearly not here to save anyone but himself.

Miek's turn to bind!

Miek is Miek, and it all begins in larva time when...

Miek, not yet.

My name is Korg of Krona, son of O-Korg and killer of my brothers.

You shall know the truth of who I am.

We Kronans are the plunderers of worlds.

We take what we want. Nothing has ever stood in our way, nothing until we found a little speck of a planet green as the Hulk and third from its sun.

We almost missed it.

I wish we had.

We saw our first native and tried to capture it for study.

But the creature had other ideas.

He tore through the wall of our strongest cage.

And chipped the very stone from our bodies.

We were forced to use a weapon that was built to fight armies.

That's when we learned

he wasn't alone.

The two natives smashed our Warbot like it was glass.

Our only option was to flee.

Unfortunately, one of them followed.

We could not outrun the beast and only escaped by flying into a wormhole.

We crashed here on Sakaar.

And that was the last time I saw my brothers, until today.

A question.

-Miek's time? -Almost.

My name is EIIoe, daughter of ex-Governor Ronan Kaifi, founder of the resistance.

You shall know the truth of who I am.

-Sakaarson! Sakaarson! Sakaarson! -Sakaarson! Sakaarson! Sakaarson!

-Sakaarson! Sakaarson! -Sakaarson! Sakaarson!

-The crowd honors you, my Lord. -They do not chant it for me.

Hear that? They think you're the savior of this planet.

They're wrong.

Hulk, Listen to me.

If we win the next two matches, we値l have earned our freedom.

So, if you won't fight for us, at least fight for yourself.

And here they are, led by the fierce green gladiator known as the Hulk!

Though he defeated the Great Devil Corker unscathed, he earned his first wound in the arena from the King himself!

Now, let's see how he fares against the most lethaI marauders of the Chaleen Plains, the Wildebots!

Circle! Shields up!


Blades out!

Everybody move!


And don't be coming back for more.

Send it in.

It's not over yet, folks.

I give you the king of the Wildebots, the Eggbreaker!

Why is it called the Eggbreaker?

So named for its habit of seeking out and consuming native hatchlings.

So much for their Sakaarson.

State your business.

Lieutenant! My apologies.

Open the door.

-But... But the Hulk! Perhaps we... -Open it!

-Come with me. -No.


-What do you know of my king? -He's a coward.

He is no coward!

-He's the savior of our planet. -That's not how I heard it.

Then you have been misinformed

because I was there.

I was 13 years old when the Spikes descended on our world.

They spread quickly,

infecting every Living creature they touched.

Mine was the first village in their path.

We were overrun within hours.

I didn't understand it at first, but I had the power of the Oldstrong and it protected me from infection.




To survive their attacks, though, I...

I was forced to cut down my friends and my family.

And that's when the Red Prince arrived with his Death's Head guards.

He was Little more than a boy himself, but he saved me.

Nice story. Why are you telling it to me?

Because your actions in the arena are turning the people away from their king, and I cannot allow that.

So, what are you gonna do about it?

I've Learned that the resistance will make an attempt to break EIIoe Kaifi out tonight.

I can ensure they escape unharmed, as long as you go with them.

And this thing?

Go beyond the mountains, and you'll be out of reach.

It's desolate out there, but peaceful.

You値l never have to fight again.

Yeah, I've heard that one before.

Tell your king I'm not going anywhere.

If he wants to kill me, he'll have to do it in the arena in front of everyone.

-Close it! Close it! Close it! -Help me!

Hulk, what did she want?

It doesn't matter.

Go away, Miek.

What part of that didn't you understand?

Miek giving this for you.

-What is that? -Eye of the Eggbreaker.

Prophets say Sakaarson will look into eyes of death and stand ground.

To natives, Eggbreaker is death.

Hulk is savior.

-What is this? -It's our way out of here.

It took you long enough.

My apologies, Lady EIIoe.

Felan, it's you!

Come on, everyone. We're leaving.

Step outside, and you all die.

No! Not if we leave now.

-Hiroim? -He spoke with the Shadow Guard, EIIoe.

-I think he knows something. -He's a stupid brute! He knows nothing!

This is our chance! Korg.

If we win tomorrow, we're free anyway.

-And if we don't? -Hulk is new Sakaarson.

He saviors us.

Lady EIIoe, we're out of time.

We need to get you to An-Sara.


Divine creator, draw their souls gently into thy embrace.

No, no.


We love you, Miek!

You're the bug, Miek!

Flex your thorax!

This mob of misfits survived their first two rounds against all odds.

Will they earn their freedom after today's match or be the latest victim of the planet痴 most notorious outlaw?

The one-man army that nearly toppled Crown City.

Prepare yourselves for

Battling' Beta Ray Bill!

-It's him. -Who?

The alien who drove us off that planet.

He must have followed my ship through the Portal.

Does he have any weaknesses?

If he does, we won't live long enough to find them.

Forgive me.

You, I hold no guilt about killing.

Hulk, I know of you.

The halls of Asgard echo with tales of your rage.

They ain't heard nothing yet.

I act by the will of others, Hulk.

The disk in my chest and in yours demand that one of us must die.

You have my sympathy because it will not be me!

This is impossible.

By the prophets.

''And through his blood, he shall restore Life to all of Sakaar.''

You broke the disk. I'm free.

Hulk! You've won. It's over! You don't need to kill him!

The King has to Let us go now. We're free.


You saw it, folks, the greatest upset in coliseum history!

Despite three matches against Sakaar's most indomitable opponents, the victory falls to the gladiators!

And Look, the Red King is approaching, no doubt to congratulate our champions.

Each of you, well done.

Your emperor is very proud of...

Save your breath and give us what we've earned.

Not just yet.

As free citizens, you now have the privilege of proving your loyalty to the empire.

This is a traitor to your king.


I'm sorry.

AII you have to do is kill her, and you can walk out of here.

-No. -Really?

Does he speak for all of you?

-He does. -Yes.

We are Warbounded.

You all know the law.

Sympathizing with rebels is an offense against the crown punishable by death!

No more slaves, just free people, tied only by the bonds they have chosen!

Claim your freedom!

Hulk! We are no longer anchored to this world.

I can take you home.

Earth is no home of mine.

Death's Head!

Do not fight. Run!

I'm gonna say this once. It's over.

You come after me, and I'II crush you. Got it?

Well, wasn't that fun?

Now what?

We need to get out of here. They'll be looking for us.

We can follow these aqueducts to the mountain reservoir at An-Sara.

The Governor is a supporter of the resistance. We'll be safe there.

-Hulk, you're coming with us, aren't you? -No.

But you green savior! You need to protect our hive.

This ain't my hive.

But Miek knows having no hive is bad. Alone is bad.

Get out of my way, Miek.

Please. Please! Miek is Hulk痴 friend.

I don't need any friends!

Come on, Miek. We have to go.

I want you to hunt down and kill that monster!

Sire, I should not Leave your side at a time Like this.

You do as you're told.

Do you hear me? Now go!

There have been so many attacks on our safe houses and the underground, I was worried they'd gotten to you, too.

Well, when you've been in the fight this Long, you Learn how to survive.

Come on, Miek.

I wish it were more comfortable, but at Least you値l be safe here.

Thank you. I know you're risking a lot to do this.

Not as much as you, EIIoe.

Your father would be very proud.

You slaves, you were trilling for Miek?


-You need saving? -It is you who needs saving.

From what?

This is Governor Churik of An-Sara with news for the King.

I have the gladiators.

-AII of them? -Yes, my Lord, all but the Hulk.

They don't seem to know his location.

No need to concern yourself with the Hulk.

He will be dealt with.

And your orders for the others?

Kill them.

You should not be hurting Miek's hive!

Take care of this.

Miek stopping you!

If only you'd listened to me.

Now my king demands your head.

Funny, 'cause now I'm going after his.

By the ancient laws of Sakaar, I challenge you to fair and even combat.

And since you hold no weapon, neither will I.

You're... You're healing. You should be dead!

No! No! He was... He was my father's friend.

He was my friend!

What if you were wrong, Miek?

EIIoe, he bears the wounds of an attack.

We've been betrayed.

And we should be thanking the divine creator that Miek was able to stop him.

And you killed him? AII by yourself?

Miek a fighter, not a hider.

Now, you're sure the King saw you, Miek?

Yes. Big eyes. Very surprised.

Then he knows something's gone wrong with his plan.

We have to Leave, now.

No. This can't be. Hulk!


Listen to me! Those are Spikes! We have to stop them!

That ain't my fight. This is!

What about your friends? They're in that village, too!

I don't have any friends!

I once thought you were a man of honor, Hulk.

Now I see my king was right.

You're nothing but a monster.

This way! This way! Get behind us!

This way! Move!

Mommy, please stop!

We win this.

Whatever you say, bug. I'm with you.


Hulk, over here!

Miek, get back!

Not you!

Caiera, well done. You lured the Hulk there.

Sire, we need help! The Spikes have returned!

I know. I sent them.

-You what? -Don't be so surprised.

The Spikes have always been my greatest weapon.

They helped me find you.

And now they'll rid this world of that green monster and his friends.

You unleashed them onto my village?

I needed an Oldstrong as my shadow, and that was the only way to find one.

But... But my people, my parents! You killed them!

Unless you want to join them, Caiera, I suggest you Leave.


-Hulk needs us! -We can't help him now.

We've got other problems.

Get in the cave!

To the back! Quickly!

Go! Go now!

-I'm scared. -It's all right.

Just close your eyes.


Is he dead?


Excellent. Then I want his body brought back here and paraded through the streets.


Yes, sire.

What about the others?

They're alive. Hulk saved them.

That's fine. Bring them back as well. I'II handle their executions personally.

Don't Look so glum, Lieutenant. This is a great day for all of Sakaar.

My loyal citizens, you値l be relieved to know that the violent prisoners responsible for that destructive riot have been apprehended.

Unfortunately, the most savage of them all will not be feeling the executioner's blade, for you cannot kill what is already dead.

I'm not dead. I'm just mad.

He's loose!

Stop him! Look out!

Get him!

Move! Move!

AII Death's Head guards to my position! Now!

Wait! Stop! Stop! Don't kill me! Please!

That pleasure belongs to someone else.

Caiera, you're my shadow. You can't!

It's not me you have to fear.

It's your legacy.


Kill them! Kill them all!

Spike infestation detected.

I knew you'd come.

Almost didn't.

AII of Sakaar now looks to you.

What if they're looking in the wrong direction?

You are their savior.

I've never been called anything but a monster.

Hulk, those from your old world did not understand you. They did not know you.

Not Like we do.

We've witnessed your true strength.

AII my Life, I've moved from one fight to the next.

Now I don't know what to do.

Then allow me to take that journey with you.

They're ready for us.

He came from a place called Earth, exiled by the creatures who Live there.

They feared his power.

But here, that power was used to strike down evil, to unite the kingdoms, to restore Life to all of Sakaar.

And through him, may we finally find peace.