Plastic (2014) Script

How it started shouldn't matter.

How things end, that's what's important.

Well, that's the theory.

Sorry to keep you, Mr Barker.

That's not a problem.

I just need to run you through a quick security check.

Could you please tell me your mother's maiden name.

Tilly. And your date of birth.

Sixth of July, 1962.

Excellent, Mr Barker. You've passed the security test.

If I could just confirm your order with you before I put it through the system.

The number.

So, you've placed an order for six limited edition 18-karat gold rings and four pendant white gold necklaces.

Delivery will have to be made to the address that the card is registered to, so you'll have to be home to sign for the items.

Of course. If you could deliver at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow that would be great.

If you could actually grow stubble, you wouldn't have to wear that thing?

You think that pubestache you grew for Movember counts as facial hair?

Don't make me laugh.

Right, do I have to tell you to drive carefully?

Only if you value your paintwork. Go learn something.

Go make some money.

65 million years ago, a comet hit this planet with the power of a million Hiroshima bombs.

It wiped out the dinosaurs, and from the ashes rose a whole new world order.

A fitting metaphor for the global recession we still find ourselves in.

When demand is so low for a prolonged period, a whole generation of educated and trained suppliers, that's you guys by the way, may never work.

Many of you will achieve good degrees but never actually get the careers you want.

Can I try these on?


Well, how am I supposed to know if they're going to fit?

You can look at the label or buy 'em. I'm not bothered.

How much for the iPod dock?

They're 100.

Wait one second, Daniel, you're third year business studies.

So what?

So fucking haggle, brother, that's what.

Yeah, yeah. So, what do I get for 60?

Not one of those.

Come on, that's a good offer.

So was 100 before he stepped in.

£70 and I'll take the jeans as well.

80, you buy the dock and he buys the jeans.

Can I try them on first?

Well, mate, yeah, if you must.

Jesus Christ, has your mate got an aversion to underwear?

All dirty, I'm afraid. Mum's not down till the weekend and I'll be fucked if I'm doing my own laundry.

How goes it, Mr Yates?

Good thanks, Dion. How about you?

Busy. Always busy.

What d'you need?

I'll go for three.

Listen, you know I spoke to my boss. Told him I got much respect for you.

Man reckons he might be able to put you to work.

Always looking for people to open up new markets.

The guy two rungs above me is pulling in like half a million a week.

Cash. In hand.

Your boss... Tell him I'll think about it.

Thank you.

Rafa, Rafa, quickly! The toilet's overflowing again.

Get a mop and a plastic bag. It's like Baghdad in there.

We got a customer.


So you don't know how to use the new till system yet, do you?

I keep saying it.

Until you can be bothered to learn this stuff, I serve the customers and you clean up what they leave behind.

All right. Good.

That'll be £65 exactly, boss. Anything else?



Lucky girl.

I see you like Ferraris.

Take another look.

This is as close as you're ever gonna get to one.

See that girl out there that you're gonna be using these on?

She like personality and looks, or just money?

What do you think? She's all about the money, dickhead.

Then why is it she's chatting up the guy without the Ferrari?

You showed him, eh, boss?

D'you want me to come back round there and fuck your face?

Swipe the card.

You gotta, actually.

Chip and pin now.

And that's you done, then.

Thank you so much.

Good shift?

Usual. Shit. While you guys are out having fun I smell petrol fumes and deal with fucking wankers.

Feel like taking it out on someone else?

What the... Christ!

Evening chief. Good performance for a guy your age.

Budget not stretch to a hotel room?

Off you get, love.

Can I leave now?

Don't wanna finish up here?

You've seen the state of him. Yeah, I have.

Now give me your wallet.

Fuck you.

You getting all this?

In high definition, mate.

Now, here's what you do. Write down your mother's maiden name, pin number and date of birth.

Go fuck yourself.

This is 4G enabled, mate.

I can have this on the Internet in 30 seconds and send it to your wife, see what she's got to say about it.

"Go fuck yourself", sounds about right. Probably followed by, "I want a divorce," and "You've never made me come."

Well done.

Now, all we ask is that you don't report the cards stolen for 24 hours whilst we do a spot of shopping.

Just relax and let the insurance foot the bill.

And we'll take that briefcase if it's all the same with you.

You can take the wallet, you can take the cards.

But I can't give you the case.

Don't act like I'm giving you a choice.

Grab it.

No! Yatesey, fuck!

Shit. Is he fucking dead?

He'll live. Come on.

Holy shit. Look at this!


What's this?

Always wanted one of those.

That's mine, that is.

All right.

There's like fucking five grand in here. What's that, 1,250 each?

Only if we split it four ways.

Cards go into the pot, that's standard, but the money's ours.

I don't know, mate. We're supposed to split everything.

You think they'd do the same for us?

They got you stuck in a petrol garage five nights a week.

You need to start looking out for yourself, mate.

Stop letting people take the piss out of you.


Marcel, it's Harry. We've got a serious problem.

All right, lads? Five cards cloned from the garage.

And we rolled a mark.

Picked up another two cards with pin numbers for both.

You should watch the video, mate. It's fucking hilarious...

Shit! What?

I lost a life. Game over.


Someone please tell me why's he wearing that.

It's fancy dress tonight.

Wait, don't tell me you lot forgot.

We're still going to that?

Surprisingly epic.

I'm going to the bar.

She the one in your class, isn't she?


The one you said's been checking you out, which I don't believe.


Then what you doing here?

Stop staring at her like a serial killer and talk to her.

I'm working up to it.

She's nice, mate. Almost as fit as Fordy's sister.

My sister's 15, you fucking paedo.

Give her my number and tell her to call me in a year.

Yeah, will do. Cheers, Rafa. She's been dreaming about meeting a bell-end that works in a petrol station since she was a little girl.

All right.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

You snooze, you lose.

I swear my man's an apex predator. Watch him go.

Look, hang on, hang on. New world record!

Arm touch in under five seconds.

She touched his arm? Big deal.

May as well have been his cock, mate. Yatesey won't fuck this up.

What the fuck?

What are you doing? What's wrong with you?

Leaving a girl like that at the bar, mate?

You should have taken that shit down. You're a fuckin' predator.

That right there is a five date shag, Raf.

Three hours chat for a kiss good night at her front door.

I'm not looking for a girlfriend right now.

I like her, don't get me wrong. She'll get done, just not tonight.

Charming. Right.

You going in?

This'll be good viewing.

Sam, good costume.

Thank you. Where's yours?

I didn't have time to change.

I had to come straight from work.

You got a job. I know. Grown up, right?

What do you do?

It's pretty wild, I'm a data processor for a credit card company.

Which one? X-Cred.

Any chance you can increase my student limit?

Yeah, you're the third person to crack that joke tonight.

Was it funny the first time? No.

All right. OK.

Note to self, gotta work on my chat.

Pathetic. It's like watching a little boy.

Come on, let's fuck off.

Want a hit, boys?

Let's do it.

Sausage fest, mate.

You'll just get stoned and talk shit with a bunch of crusties.

Girls out here. Dick soup in here.

So my cousin, he graduated from Newcastle with a first.

He applied to every law firm in the country with roughly 6,000 applicants per job.

He now works in a bar.

Fuckin' same story everywhere. So how did you land the X-Cred gig?

My dad used to work there.

Anyway, what about you?

I've seen you and your friends around uni, with your designer clothes and your cash.

One of my friends said she bought a stereo from one of your housemates and there was boxes piled high.

You're very suspicious.

What do you guys do?

We're entrepreneurs.

What kind?

Trade secret.

You're a lucky fucker, Yatesey.

Luck's got nothing to do with it, Daniel.

What kind of a twat goes all in on two pair?

Who wants to come and share this with me? You're not invited, cunty.

I'm crying on the inside. Honestly.

Should we go? Yeah.


Nice one.

Whoa, better.

Can three people play?

Frankie, we're leaving.

OK, one minute.

That's me. Then I'd better get your number.

I'd like to see you again.

You better give me your phone, then.

This is your email address.

I don't want to make it too easy for you.

Good night, Sam.

Did you get what's-her -name's number last night?

She gave me her email address.

That's a bit gay.

Yeah. You know where she works?

No, I wasn't the one talking to her all night.


She's a data processor.


Mate, she could be a gold mine.

Probably, but I'm not interested in her for that.

I like her.

There's just something about her. Quality.

I think it's that she's fucking fit.

Right. Break a leg.

Mr Barker? Yes, mate.

Sign here please, guv, you've got a package.

Open it up, Mr Ford.

Looks like it's all here.

Come on in. We've been waiting.

As a statement of intent there's nothing quite like forced nudity, gaffer tape and hired thugs.

Cuts out the time-wasting questions that usually go hand in hand with these situations.

I don't think you've met my friend Harry.

They have.

Now Harry here is good with numbers.

A fucking genius.

But like many brilliant men he has a weakness.

He loves to pay for women.

I keep telling him, "Spend some money, get a nice girl".

But he never listens. He likes them cheap.

Fucks them on street corners or in the back of his car.

Now I'm not here to cast judgement. His cock, his business.

What does concern me is that last night he was carrying something that belonged to me.

Something sensitive.

There are files on here, business accounts, that I can't risk falling into the wrong hands.

I keep telling Harry to be careful.

I shouldn't have to but I still do.

But I know he is weak so I take precautions.

His phones, his laptop, this tablet here, all infected with spyware.

I can locate them whenever I choose, operate cameras via remote, listen to what is being said...

Tariq, take over.

English, fuckhead! How many times do I have to say it?

Speak English.

Sorry, boss.

My builder, my cleaner, now even my fucking heavies are Polish.

Half the price, twice the nuisance.

That's enough. Any more and you'll kill him.


So I don't need a dead body, I need an accountant.

I value profit over corpses.

I had to cut short my daughter's birthday party to deal with this.

I'm a busy man and I value time with my family above all else.

So you four are going to have to make it up to me.

While we've been waiting, I've had a chance to look over your operation.

Credit cards, blackmail, identity fraud. Quite impressive.

I'll make you a deal.

This is a list of things I want.

Things you are going to get for me.

You complete this list by, let's say, 5:00 p.m., and deliver the goods to me.

It's a lot.

There's no way you can...

Think of it as a challenge. If you succeed, maybe I forgive you.

If you fail, you get a visit from these two.

Pick him up, let's go.

They were here when we got back. They came out of nowhere.

Sorry, what the fuck did you guys do?

Nothing you haven't done a hundred times yourself!

I kind of doubt that.

It's a long list. We're gonna need nearly all the plastic we've got stockpiled.

So we're doing this, then?

We collect the list, we get him off our back. There's no other play.



We've got the gear. Where do you want it?

All of it in one day. Very enterprising.

How much do you think it's worth?

I've no idea.

Take a guess.

£50,000? £60,000?

So, if I said you owe me 200,000 a week every week that would be fair?

Gives them time off for the weekends.

Look... You asked us to do something. We did it. End of story.

For someone that knows credit card companies that well, I'm surprised you don't know how they make their money.

You have a debt. Interest is incurred.

You've paid the interest. The debt still stands.

But this'll happen every time we make a delivery.

Debt never touched. Doesn't seem very reasonable.

Everything you've seen of me up until now is reasonable.

Out there in the darkness, that's unreasonable.

You pay me my money, every week for as long as you can. The day you can't...

Now, I am prepared to make it easy for you.

If you can't convert plastic to cash, I can take merchandise off your hands.

Jewellery, electronics, drugs...

How much?

To pay off the debt and make you walk away?

You won't like it. Probably not.

Two million pays off your debt, buys my forgiveness.


One condition, you pay in two weeks. All of it. No exceptions.

Two million. Two weeks.

And that time frame is inflexible. I must be clear about that.

Personally, if I was you, I'd stick with the weekly payment plan.

The balls on this one! Doesn't give an inch.

Well, good luck. See you in two weeks.

I'm rooting for you!



The keys to your van. How else do we transport goods?

Fuck's sake.

Congratulations, you're all walking home.

You should have consulted us.

He did. You lot didn't have the balls to make a decision.

What, and like he made a good one?

It was the only option. You know that.

Sooner or later we would have fallen behind.

At least this way there's a finish line.

Two weeks and he's out of our lives.

Or we'll be dead. Either way, it'll be over.

What? Doesn't make it any better!

This way we've got room to manoeuvre.

Surely it's impossible to make £2,000,000 in two weeks.

We need more cards. Bigger spenders.

How do we build up the spending profiles when we're flying blind for this long?

There's only one way to do it.

We need an inside man.

I know who we need.


Look, I don't want to do it either. We don't have a choice.

Are you two gonna tell me what the fuck you're talking about?

Make a decision.

Thank you.

OK, remember Frankie? She's a data processor with X-Cred.

So, what are you doing?

I'll start by hacking her email.

Can you do that? It's Webmail. Please.

All right, mate. So, what's the point?

Most people have something in life they want bad enough that they'd break the law to get it.

We just need to find out what it is and exploit it.

This is bollocks. Worked on you.

What's that supposed to mean, it worked on me?

You hacked my fucking email?

Yep. And Rafa's.


You knew about this?

I picked you both out.

What gives you the right to go through our personal shit?

You work part time for The News of the World, or something!

I haven't heard too many complaints over the last year. It made you rich.

You doubled my student loan, mate. It ain't exactly buying me a Ferrari, is it?

How things started shouldn't matter.

How they end, that's what's important, right?

To be continued.

Fucking right.

Find anything?

Think so, yeah.

Reckon you can make that work?


Hey, Dad.

How you feeling?

X-Cred has said he's in breach of contract.

They say he should have informed them sooner about his illness.

They're refusing to pay medical costs. We can't afford the hospice.

He'll have to go back on the ward.

So he can die with people around him, coughing and snoring.

Mum, doesn't he deserve some dignity?

No way... Frankie?

Sam. What are you doing here?

Stalking you of course. I've been in that bush for the last two hours.

Bloody hell. Doesn't look very comfortable.

Yeah, tell me about it. I was just trying to walk off the cramp. Busted.

Nah, I'm just passing through. Tell me you're not on your way home.


What would I have to do to get you to come out for a drink?

Cheer me up.

I needed that.

I'm glad I bumped into you.

Do you believe in fate?

And now you've ruined it.

It was only a matter of time.


Thank you.

I'll get this.

We can split it, if you like. No, no. It's on me.

Thanks. One condition.

You forget about that fate line.


You got a secret trust fund or something?

I wish. Well, how'd you get a black card, then?

You asked me how I make money.

Take a look.

It says Charles Burnett on this.

And tomorrow it'll be someone else.

You're a thief?

An opportunist.

Don't you want to know why I do it?

No, not really.

Medical bills. That's how it started...

My brother. He got sick. About as bad as it gets.

The doctor said he was terminal.

I didn't agree.

Private treatments, mostly in America.

And the costs soon stacked up.

I couldn't afford to pay the bills so I had to figure out a way that I could.

I knew it wasn't right but if me risking everything gave my brother another week, shit, another day, of course I was gonna do it.

Fuck whoever told me otherwise.

It turned out the first doctor was right.

Dad's not even a human being to them.

He's a statistic.

A set of figures that no longer work in their favour.

I can't do this, Sam.

Why not?

Because stealing from the company which you work for, whatever way you look at it, is wrong.

There's no such thing as victimless crime.

Someone always has to suffer.

The best way to justify it to yourself is to find someone that deserves to.

And it seems to me that your company deserve it more than most.

How does it work?

I'm sure I'm telling you what you already know, but credit cards operate on smart neural networks so they can spot spending patterns.

That's why we try to build up a profile for each cardholder.

We can access the electoral register, hack their computer, steal their mail.

Then we buy expensive items with the cloned cards and sell it on.

How much can we make?

With you on the inside? No limit.

These are good.

With Frankie on board we'll have access to the personal details of every client in the X-Cred database.

I'm gonna get everything you need to clone some big-hitting cards.

Frankie's finding us overseas customers, we'll go where they spend and staying within spending patterns.

Why abroad? Why not in London?

Because the customers I deal with are based here, in the UK.

Right. So use another country's accounts to avoid being suspected. That's smart.

Got to cover my tracks.

So where we going?

Five cards. All linked to big spenders who hit Miami at least three times a year.

Combined credit on the cards is three and a half million dollars.

Fucking hell. Who are these people?

But if you boys wanna go out, hit the town? That's fine by me, but stick to cash. These cards are strictly for the job in hand.

My personal advice would be to keep a low profile.

First up, Yannick Kieffer.

A banker from Luxembourg in town selling bearer bonds.

Credit card limit, $500,000.

And we are aiming to take him for every penny.

What if he's out shopping at the same time as us?

Won't they notice two different card transactions?

Of course they will. That's why we've got to keep an eye on him.

Could you hold the doors, please?

Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.

Y'all having a good day?

Couldn't press nine for me, could you?

Thank you, sir.

We've got him on GPS. He's heading for his suite now.

Let's get spending.

Is that the top of your range?

It's a difficult choice.

What'd he say to you?



When he first made contact. How'd he get you to join the team?

He promised me a Ferrari inside a year.

Oh, yeah?

And how'd he know that's what you wanted?

You reckon that's the laptop they used to hack your email?

These aren't your friends, Raf.

Yeah. Group's getting bigger.

Our shares are getting smaller. This whole Marcel thing... doesn't really inspire long term prospects for this crew, does it?

What are you saying?

I'm saying everyone has a price. A magic number.

When you've figured out what yours is, you let me know.



You think they're going to be OK?

They're good at looking out for themselves.

How long have you known Sam?

About a year.

He came to me like he came to you, "Join up and I'll make you rich."

Yeah, he makes a convincing argument, right?

He likes you. Do you know that?


Yeah, I think so.

And how about you?

Not sure.

Come here. I want to tell you a secret.

What do you mean "a secret"? A secret about what?

I can't, actually. It's really bad.

What do you mean "bad"? Oh, come on. You have to tell me now.

Come here, then, and I'll tell you.

Go on. What?

You only did that because I'm right in front of you.

You seemed pretty keen at the party.

Yeah, I was, until you walked off mid-sentence.

I'm not walking off now.

You think he's all that he seems?

Sam? Hmm.

Come off it. We've all got dirt on us, Yatesey. I'm not so naive.

You fucking look the part.

I thought we were playing nice.

I don't need your shit, Yatesey.

I know exactly what you need, Frankie.


Yeah, I do.

But not from you when you're on something?

Want some? Cocaine?

Yeah. No.

He's on the move.

All right. Almost done.



We did good today.

Yeah. Couldn't have done it without you, Frankie.

That stuff's like stocking fillers compared to this outfit. Look.

Gets pretty boring just watching an orange dot all day long I searched, "Miami" and "jewellery" and "exclusive" and it was the first thing that came up.

Before or after you logged out of Youporn? I'm just trying to work it out.

After. Your sister was doing a private cam show.


Ama Dablam jewellers...

That's a $400,000 brooch, right there.

They've got this new, like, coloured diamond collection.

But none of the cards have a history of spending there. It won't fit the profile.

It's a shame.

Right. If that's us done, I'm hitting the town.


Uh, I don't think that's a good idea. You can do what you like.

We're in Miami, I'm having a mad one and that's all there is to it, mate.

What about you, Raf? Champagne and strippers or mini bar and a wank?

Uh... The first one?

Thought so, mate.

Oh, wanker, wanker.

Hold on.

Look. If they're gonna work hard you've gotta let 'em play a bit.

I'll make sure they come back in one piece, yeah?

All right.

Hold on, dickheads!

You know, you should watch out for him.


You know who.

Yatesey? Most girls love him.

Not this one.

You all right, babe?

Fuck off.

Champagne! And none of that cheap Krug shit, either.

Something to impress these hookers.

I'm a dancer, not a hooker.

We'll see.

You cold?

Yeah, a little.

I can't believe I'm here. It's insane.

So, would you have given me your number if you knew you'd be out here doing this?

Well, I didn't actually give you my number, did I?

All right, your email address. You know what I mean.

I'd probably have told you to get lost.

I'm glad you didn't.

Yeah, me too.

The funny thing is I could actually get used to this.

What? Drinking in public places?

This is what homeless people do every day.

Frankie, you should set your sights a little higher.

What are you talking about?

I know, I'm rambling.

You're completely rambling. Yeah, I know.

Talking shit, a little. Total bollocks.

You going to kiss me already?

We need more fizz.

I'm broke.


I'm brassic.

Fuck's sake.

Go get us another two bottles of Cristal.

Oi, Yatesey, what are you doing?

Fuck off.

Yates, that's one of the big hitters.

Then I'm sure he can afford a bottle of champagne or two.

I can't believe you took that card off Sam.

Sam? That's his name on the fucking card, is it?

Where's the booze?

The card was refused. They, like, kept it, or whatever.

They fucking what?

OK, time to go.

OK, gentlemen. We need to have a word with you.

Ah, mate. I've forgotten...

Come on, you guys! Out the back, quick!

Oh, fuck!

Go! Go!

Rafa! Rafa!

Don't follow me!

Don't follow me! Fuck off!


Back off!

Come back here!

I'll get you! You motherfucker!


Fuck you!

Fuck me!

Let's go! Let's go!


Sam, it's me. We need to talk.

Well? What is it?

There's been a...

There's been an incident, mate.


Yatesey took one of the cards.

Which one?

I thought it would be OK.

No, Yatesey, you didn't think at all.

Come on. Give it back.

They kept it. It got declined.

What did I say? What did I fucking say?

These cards were strictly for the job in hand.

No, no, no. For fuck's sake!

What is it?

We've lost Max de Beer.

How much?

That card was worth one and a half million.

Where the hell were you? Strip club.

Clearly you haven't read the fucking brief!

Max de Beer is gay. He doesn't do strip clubs.

Not much of a tits and ass man, if you catch my drift.

Kind of half is, surely?

Not so much the tits.

That's really clever, Rafa. That's really fucking clever.

If you're so fucking clever, why do I have to break it down for you?

Three and a half million minus one and a half, equals two!

$2,000,000. We owe Marcel £2,000,000.

Maybe now you can see the fucking problem!

What do we tell Frankie?

You're asking the wrong question, Fordy. "What are we gonna tell Marcel?"

That should be the only thing on your mind right now.

You look stressed?

Rafa's got an idea, mate. Here we go.

You might think I only rate a petrol station, but I'm smarter than you know.

OK, let's hear it.

We hunt the big fish.

Order up what we owe Marcel and much more.

We go after Ama Dablam.

Something like this could set us up for life.

Except none of the cards we've got have any history spending there.

We don't need a credit card to get what we want.

We need this guy.


What am I looking at?

Prince Zafran of Brunei.

It's not a bad match, mate. I reckon we can pull it off.

OK, so you get me out to Miami, you lose our biggest card now you want me to help you rob the most exclusive jewellers in town?

That sounds like a great idea.

Yeah, it sounds bad when you put it like that.

I just don't see the point. You know, we have plenty of money on the remaining cards, why bother with this? We don't even need you.

You're lucky we even agreed to cut you in.

Lucky? Any day I wake up and I'm not you, believe me, I feel lucky.

Oh, shut up.

Look, this is once in a lifetime shit we're talking about.

We get this right, there's no jobs at companies we despise, no 8% unemployment, no carpet-bombing CVs for postgraduate jobs that don't even fucking exist.

This could be all of us set up for life.

What I'm asking for is you listen to the plan.


Prince Zafran's young and uber-rich.

It says here he's about to pop the question to some French super-model called Natascha Claudet.

Now what do you reckon Ama Dablam are gonna think if he starts enquiring about jewellery?

That they might get the engagement ring contract.

We get them on the hook and we get them over to London.

We're gonna take them for $20 million without even using a gun.

How much is it gonna cost to set up?

It's big money.

So let the plastic take the hit.

OK, so this is the room you wanted.


It's not much, but it's mine, so don't fuck it up. Comprende?

Mustafa Riald, the prince's private secretary.

You got a number?

Right here.

What are we waiting for?

Hello, Mr Riald's office?

Hello. I'm calling from Ama Dablam jewellers in Miami, Florida.

May I speak with Mr Riald?

I'm afraid Mr Riald is travelling at the moment.

As you know, we're one of the world's leading jewellers, and as the imminent engagement of Prince Zafran...

I should stop you right there, sir.

The engagement is pure speculation.

It's a secret, I get it.

But we would like to arrange a private viewing of our latest coloured diamond collection for the prince.

Sorry, did you say you that you were one of the world's leading jewellers?

That's correct. Clients such as...

Sir, if there is to be a royal wedding, only the best jeweller would be required.

Perhaps Mr Riald is in a better position to make that decision.

When's he back?

Possibly this Saturday, but he could...

I'll call back then, thank you.

Right, Riald's not in Brunei and his P.A. won't connect anyone to him.

And that's good? That is good.

Have you an image?

Yeah, picture's up.

All right, Yatesey, do the fan.

Good morning, Ama Dablam. How may I direct your call?

I would like to speak to Head of International Sales.

Certainly, sir. Your name?

Mustafa Riald, private secretary to His Excellency, Prince Zafran of Brunei.

Just putting you through now, sir.

This is Steve Dawson.

Mr Dawson, I wonder if you could be of assistance.

Sir, I can barely hear you.

Apologies. I am speaking from satellite phone on the Royal Jet.

How can I help you, sir?

Do you know that Prince Zafran will be announcing his engagement shortly?

No, no. I did not know that. Good.

It is confidential. I assume your discretion is assured?

Our business is built on trust, sir.

That is why we have chosen Ama Dablam for His Royal Highness to consider an engagement gift and perhaps even the wedding rings.

Sir, it would be an honour. Any piece in particular?

We expect a private viewing of your recent coloured diamond collection.

Of course. Are you in Miami?

No. We will shortly be in London for a two day visit.

We would like to arrange a private viewing there.

The Royal Jet and staff will be at your disposal.

Well, the thing is, Mr Riald...

If it's a problem we would consider another jeweller.

I'll make it happen.

Very good. I will call you tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. and arrange everything.

Hi there. Can I help you?

Is this baby available for charter to London?

She can go to Iraq if the money's right.

We promised him the Royal Jet. We'll need staff.

So, find them.

And do us all a favour. This is the modelling capital of America.


So make sure they're not dogs.

I, uh, like what I see.

And you like what you touch.

I guarantee they give happy ending!


Uh, I just need them to be hostesses. You know, polite, smile, not say too much.

And, uh, it's quite important they don't do happy endings.

OK, we got his jet and the staff.

Now we need authentic costumes and decor.

Uh, I should probably do that guys.

I'm writing my dissertation on Middle Eastern culture.

Middle Eastern? Brunei's next to Malaysia, you bell end.

We'll need transport back in London.

Needs to be fit for a prince. I'm on it.

Looks like I'm in line for a big commish from the Brunei royal family.

Doing a showing in London shortly.

London? Wow, I'd love to go there.

Well, maybe we could arrange an extra seat?

Get you out of accounts and onto the front line with the big dogs.

You can do that for me?

Yeah. A pretty face never hurt a sale.

Sam, how's Miami?

How'd you get this number?

You think I wouldn't keep an eye on my investment?

So what are you doing out there?

I hope you're not thinking of running away from your responsibilities.

I'm working on a way to get your money.

How is the water?

Well, make sure you work hard.

I'd hate for anything to happen to your new girlfriend.

Tariq tells me she is quite beautiful.

Did she enjoy her swim?

Sam, hey! This is Tariq. Tariq, this is Sam.

You OK?

Yeah, fine. Tariq's over from London. He wanted to know what's good to eat.

I was telling him about that burger place.

I want to know where is best place in Miami to find a good restaurant.

I could ask anyone on the beach, but I choose her.

She is a very beautiful lady.

If I cut her face, maybe not so much, huh?

Doesn't bother me, I can fuck her from behind.

This is best position for me anyway.

Put the fucking razor down.

Fuck you!

I want you to give my friend Sam a reminder from his friend Marcel.

Tell Sam if he doesn't get Marcel his money in three days, very bad things will happen.

Not just to him, but to the people he cares about.

Can you remember all that? Huh?

I see you soon. Huh?

You fucking scumbag.

Frankie... Don't touch me!

Where are you going? To get some answers.

So how much do you owe him?

What? Marcel.

How much money do you owe him?

Sam's told me everything, but I want to hear it from you.

How much money do you owe to him?

It's a couple of hundred... Two million.

Who is he?

Who the fuck is he?

Frankie, we don't know.

OK, that's the truth.

All we know is he's dangerous and he wants his money.

Why do you owe him money?

Because we fucked up.

You told her about Marcel?

I haven't said anything.

She said you did.

You fell for that?

You recruited me to pay off your debt?

Is that what I am to you, Sam?

That's all anyone is to him, Frankie.

Don't feel special. He did the same to me and Raf.

Did what?

Ever wondered why Prince Charming always seems to know exactly what you're thinking?

"Oh, he's so sensitive. He just gets me."

They hacked your email.

That's what they do.

How did you put it, Sam?

You needed to find something you could exploit?

I'm guessing it was something juicy.

You gonna tell us what it was, Frankie?

Maybe he's just got a really big cock.

Frankie? Fuck off, Sam!

Aw, the one that got away.

Come here, you fucking prick!


You dug your own fucking hole, Sam!

Back it up.

Calm the fuck down!

This isn't over. Yeah, count on it.


Fucking nice one!

Frankie, come on.

Please, I just want to talk to you. Let me explain.

Frankie, wait. Where are you going?

To catch a flight. Please, don't go.

He said you needed something to exploit.

What did you find?

My dad, wasn't it?

And that story about your brother...

I made it up. Fuck.

What kind of a person does that, Sam?

Frankie, I liked you way before any of this stuff ever happened...

Fuck you!

Frankie, for what it's worth, I'm sorry.

No, it's not worth anything.


Sam, calm down.

Where is he? Calm the fuck down.

Where the fuck is he? Calm down! OK? Calm.

OK, look, I'm sorry. OK? Really fucking sorry.

I am, about all of this.

But we've got a bigger problems right now. Yeah?

Yatesey's a prick. OK?

Shown his true colours and after this, we drop him like a stone.

But right now, we need him.

OK, Frankie can wait, mate.

Marcel won't.


Hello, Mr Riald's office.

Hi, there, this is Steve Dawson from Ama Dablam.

I'm afraid he's very busy at the moment.

I'll bet he's real busy with the engagement of the prince, right?

As you say, sir. I'll have him call you back.


Well, it would be an honour to be invited to the wedding.

Well, yes, I do have someone I'd like to bring along.

Yeah. Well, thank you.

Listen, he can call me back. OK? Yeah.

You're invited to the wedding?

Wanna come?

I wanna come.

Right. Hurry up before he shags her.

I have Mr Riald on the line for you.

Riald? Yeah, put him through.

Mr Riald, thank you so much for calling back.

Good afternoon.

As you know, I am very busy, so I must be brief.

I am just letting you know that the Royal Jet is waiting to take you to London.

We're grateful that the Brunei security services will be present, but our insurers insist on our own team accompanying us.

We'll be bringing some beautiful additions to the current collection, including a choke necklace and bracelet made from yellow and black diamonds.

Truly spectacular.

Excuse me, do you have any nuts?

You know, nuts? Nuts.

You understand?

OK. Let's roll.

They're at the hotel. There's one steel case strapped to a security guy.

I'll put in my call now before they can relax.

Hey, we've got a couple of hours before the meeting.

Do you wanna grab a drink?

Well, I was gonna have a shower but...

A drink sounds good. A shower sounds better.

Yeah, it does.

What? Are you playing games?

I just said I was gonna have a shower.

Which means I'll be naked.

Who's playing games?

That's great.


Mr Dawson?

Mr Riald.

I trust your flight was acceptable?

Uh, yeah. Yeah, the flight was great. Thank you.

Thank you so much for laying on the special entertainment.

It was really appreciated.


His Royal Highness' diary has dramatically changed, so we need to bring forward the schedule.

Meet you in the foyer in 30 minutes.

Thirty minutes. Game face.

Mr Riald?

Mr Dawson. Good to meet you.

You too. This is Beth Johnson, my assistant.

And this is my security attachment.

Very good.

His Excellency is on a tight schedule today.

So, can I speed things up and get the viewing under way?

Your Excellency, the Ama Dablam team is here.

This is Steve Dawson.

Your Royal Highness...

It's a real privilege to meet you, sir.

I should like to view the collection on the way to my next meeting.

His Excellency would appreciate a private, advance viewing.

In the limo?

I say "appreciate", it's more that he insists on it.

Of course, not a problem.

Give His Royal Highness the case, please.

I will be riding up front, you and your team can ride in car two.

You're handing over the collection without an escort?

Thank you, Miss Johnson. That will be all.

But that goes against... Beth, go to your room.

Steve, you can't do this.

Don't ever question me in front of my client again, OK?

This is the way the prince likes it.

That's why I'm head of International Sales and you're just a glorified secretary.

Fucking prick.

We will return the case at the prince's next appointment.

I'm going to be late.

Wait for it, Fordy. Now!

What the hell? Stay with the limo! I can't, sir. It's a red light.

Get out! Come on, move, move.


Rafa in limo one's left us. Limo two, where are you?


Limo two with you in five seconds.

Come on!

Come on, come on.

We're good to go. OK, let's go. Come on!

Looks like they bought it. Keep it nice and slow.

For a minute there I thought we were being robbed.



Ta-ta, fuckers.

Where the hell is Riald going?

Which way do you want me to go, sir?

With the diamonds! Sir?

The fucking limo, idiot!

Oh, no. Bollocks.

Is there a problem, sir? No. I need you to pull over.

Is there anything I can do, sir?

Can I borrow your phone please, mate?

You what?

I command that you surrender your mobile phone.

I need to make urgent call.

Royal business. Yes, sir.

It's a UK call, right? Yes.

Yes. And private.

Hello? It's me. My battery died.

I worked it out. What?

Your magic number. How does 10 million sound?

What are you talking about? Two way split.

Got a guy waiting to take this stuff off our hands. It's all been arranged.

I don't think I can, mate.

What did I tell you about letting people take the piss out of you?

It's time to step up, Rafa.

I'm ready to give you what you're worth.


I have decided to walk to my next meeting. This is yours.

Shall I drive those cases to... No, no. Not necessary.

You are finished for the day.

The fuck...

Jesus, what the hell?

Come on! Move. Get out of the car!

Get out of the fucking...

Come on, move. Come on, come on, please.

OK, what the fuck is this? Look again!

Look the fuck again.

Oh, God damn it!

Oh, fuck, fuck.

Oh, here we go.

Yatesey, everything all right? All good.

Where's Rafa? He's with me.

I thought we were meeting up after... Yeah well, you know what thought did.

We're just calling to say goodbye.

You've got the diamonds? Not for long.

I've got a buyer lined up and ready to go.

What is going on? What about Marcel?

Your problem. Goodbye, Sam.

He's done it, hasn't he?


What? Come on, let's go.

Our statement from you, "A prince and his royal secretary

"just stole $20 million worth of jewels

"without using any force."

Did you gift-wrap it for them? Excuse me?

The jewellery. Did you have it gift-wrapped?

Cos you might as well have done.

Are we suspects? Of course not, Beth.

We're in charge now, thank you, Mr Dawson.

What do we tell Marcel?

Maybe he'll give us an extension.

Not if we're talking about the same bloke, we're not.

What's that?

Do you think I'd trust Rafa with $20 million?

How else do we keep an eye on them?

Good call.

Right, he's heading east.

Marie de Guise Hotel, Park Lane.

OK, well that's ten minutes away from here.

Yatesey reckons he's already found a buyer.

Mate, with that amount of money at stake he'll have to bring some serious muscle to the table.

Right. I know just the guy.

Sam, we were just talking about you.

Yeah, what? Do you have my money in your hands?

Yeah, well about that... We might need an extension.

Speak. Sam? Sam, it's me...


It was Tariq's idea to pick her up.

I think he's got a bit of a crush on her.

If you consider that he got his last two girlfriend's hooked on drugs and working as prostitutes, you might realise this isn't the ideal relationship for her to be in.

I want my money. Today.

Any later, I give Frankie to Tariq.

And when he's done with her, he comes looking for you and for your friends.

We'll get you your money.

It's amazing what a little extra motivation can do, isn't it?

Now, tell me, where can I collect my money?

Obviously you checked into the validity of this Riald character?


Well, yeah. Kind of.

What he's asking is, did you ever call Brunei and speak directly to Riald?

Of course he did. We were invited to the wedding.


You're pathetic. He knows.

Am I going to lose my job?

What? The prince used my phone.

"Royal business," he said.

Do you have any idea who it could have been?

No, but the number is still here.

You sure about this? These guys respect me, Rafa.

They run a cash business. It's perfect.

Hello, you're talking to a millionaire.

You reckon I won't find you?

I'm counting on it. You're not as clever as you think.

Sit down with the stuff. Sit down.

Mr Yates. Meet my boss.

Only name he goes by is Mr X. Good to finally meet you. Come in.

They're here.

Any problem, you call me.

What the...

Come here!

Where is she? Where is she? She...

She's in the boot.

Stay there.

It's OK.

It's OK.

I just want to get the fuck out of here.

Please. I'm only an accountant.

Give me your phone.

And your jacket, now.

All right, go. Go.

Frankie, we have to finish this.

I can't protect you. I'm sorry.

Frankie, run.


Nice. Very nice.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, bruv.

Dion tells me you're pulling in half a million cash a week.

That means I've got enough stuff for three month's wages.

I'd like to see it. I see the money, you see the stuff.

He wasn't asking.

What the fuck?

You're out of your depth, Mr Yates. There's no shame in it.

Should I remind you that there are cameras in the lobby and the lifts?

Only if you want me to tell you we came in the back and took the stairs.


Don't worry, it's a .22. Only little.

Fuck's sake, Yatesey, just give them what they want!

Shut up, Rafa. My fucking leg!

Last chance.


He's not going to tell us anything.

Not with a gun in that idiot's mouth.

Now you and me, we're kindred spirits.

You know what I see in your eyes?

Nothing. It's like looking in the mirror.

You expecting someone?

Well, then answer the door.

And if it's anyone other than an old lady wanting to change the sheets, I'm gonna ventilate your head.

You gonna invite us in?


Triangulation puts them at Marie de Guise Hotel, Park Lane.

Call for backup.


DCI Hartley, ambulance required at the Marie de Guise Hotel now.

Shots are being fired.

Clear everybody out! Get out, go, go!

We've got to wait for backup.


Where's the backup?

Stop right there!

Right, he's on the move. Let's go.

Yeah. Marcel's here now. Get down.

Get us the fuck out of here now!

Fuck you!

Armed police! Drop the gun, right fucking now!

Hey, fuck you!

He set me up!

Soon as we find somewhere quiet, I want you to pull over.

I'm going to cut that fucking bitch's throat.

You sure you know how to use that thing?

Looks like one of those point and shoot models to me.

Get out! Get out of the fucking car!

Get out of the fucking car!

What are you doing?

Yatesey, you prick!


Get off me!


Yatesey! Yatesey!


Sam! Sam!



Sam, Sam we need to go. Sam, we've got to get you out of here.

Yatesey's here. What?

He's here, he's got the fucking diamonds!

Check the other car. The fucking door's jammed.

Fucking check the other car! I'm not fucking leaving you here.

You have to try and get out.

Fordy, I'm not gonna fucking make it, mate. Go!

Go, go!

Fuck. Fuck!



Sam! I'm sorry...

Call an ambulance!

One casualty...

Back behind the tape, please!

I backed the wrong horse.


I didn't get that. Say that again please, over.

Fuck it.

Look alive, Rafa.

Someone's made a dirty protest in the gent's again.

It's like a cluster bomb's gone off in there.

Gimme a break. It's your turn. No, no, no, my friend.

I serve the customers, you clean up what they leave behind.

You don't like it, I call your parole officer and tell him you've been stealing.


Wanker. Oh.

It just doesn't stop. I didn't get out of here until 2:00 last night.

Before or after you went to the bar? I came back.

Oh, really? You need a little...

And Jeremy, how is he? Telephone call for you, sir.

For me? Yes.

Back in a minute.

Hey, I didn't ask for...

Double glazing salesman. Calls me in a restaurant.

How does that even happen? Did you buy any?

You all right? Yeah.

I think so.

Yeah, you done right by her. That's got to count for something.